Wellsboro agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1872-1962, February 25, 1873, Image 3

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Fite's to - otlmehe.drops•euto iti-1 minute.
• • -
fipaldfu . es Glue is up to the stieking',poiut.
Clekt~itt, Stove; find Egg Coal has' ad
v'an cod „ 6( . .1 cents per Ton at the, Wel labor°
Coal-, , ydrav - • t '` C. mAGEE.
V i ropiteilo,Pa„ r e breeryi.2s, 1873.;*
Theffple:c . ids • , Rev.
make - laid - a donation' 'at his "residence - , iia
Tites'dsy ovenfifg, - March 4th,
1873.. A..gOidial irivitOtion -Oxfondcd to
00kitrisprror wben
a tow drop of kale s' Honey Eforc4ounti
card 7Fir`,aSfll inevitably cure coughs,•colds,
catarrloAittienza, and every oilier ailment
liladiag to:that awful malady. Sold by nll
We'are *Living daily new Spring rrintis,
Pereale.s; ;Gingriams, early Spring press
Goods i „Table Linens, Towelling, Lace Cur-,
tains,•&;e4 'Which we are selling cheap. I.
J. A. PAR50N13 . 454 CO.
Corning •
eiprlssiott, * lbut we think'arined to embellish
and• presefy.e them to a ripe old age is de
gidpaly mere beneticird• and appropriate—
this can only be done by the fragrant "Soz
opiAir." For cleansing, beautifying aid
preserving the teetli, sweetening and Purify=
tot the brkath, alms no equal.
bait), fp;rs ale some desirable' fari4'
dwellingseibuil ins lots, -stores, &c. Also
dwellings to r t. Persons desiring .infor- t
formation as t location, prices, terms of
sale, &c.,, will p ease call at my office: or ad
dress HUGH Y o ZtrkG,
1141 Estate and Insuranctr:lgent,
No, 1, B91;1011'S Block.
1 .
SPRING' STYLES.-31. t!q. Perry, No. 22
East Market street,Corning, is the first in the
field with one of the dnest/stocks ever brought
to this market, embraein all the earliest
spring styles of French,
,E glish, and •Nrner
lean manufacture . It is t o place to . get a
first class snit made to order.
J. L. SCOTT, Cutter.
Corning, Peh: 18th, 1873.
Anotioit.--The subscriber will sell on his
prenusas, near Hollidaytow ft, on Wednes
day, March 5, 1873,seventeen cows, two three
yearolds, nine yearlings, two hogs, several
swarms of bees; and a quantity of farm pro
duce, and household-furniture. Also2o or'2s
bushels of winter wheat, shelled corn, oats,
and buckwheat; which will be disposed of at
privatt sale. Terms—all sums not exceeding
ten dollars cash, all sums over ten dollars
and not exceeding thirty, with good security,
six months, all over thirty, with good secu
rity, one year's credit will be given.
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LITTELL AND GAY, Boston, Publishers
Home Affairs.
New Advertisements.
Commissioner's NOttee—F. E. smlth, Matt Sing
F. Wr ght;Coba'ra.
•Freea and Plants-31.8. Prince.
For Saio=R. M. "teensy.
`Egyptian Corn—a.tus Cooper.
Admlntitletor's Notice—Anna Brays, FrAnds Clem
one, Adm'ra.
'Sotto's-4i. O. Cox.,Prithrmotary.
List of "Attars-JD:W. Morrlctr. P. 3T. #
Cabinet Nate-It. L. Strviclin, A g t.
/lair Work—Mrs...Frey Campbell.
—Sena us the local news.
There has been n law suit at Willtcsbar
e about twenty-two inches of land.
—Last Sunday and Monday were notably
old days oven for this exceedingly cold win-
Masiid Ilutehes ) on, Sr:, of Copp's
°How, fell dead suddenl,y last Thursday,
bile sawing wood
—Miss Anna E. Dickenson lectured hero
last evening. She lectures at Wickham's
Tioga, this evening. - •
—We are under obligations to Mr. Charles
G. Gray, of Covington, for a copy, of the
American Institute Lectures.
—A New York State judge recently charg
ed n . grand jury to indict tho.e who shear
their horses in th© winter season.
—The •`Mush and Milk Sociable" held by
he taptist soci . ety JastTriday evening WAS,
-e understand, a decided success..
—Last Thursday evening a man named
ohn Eyniker was killed by the cars, near
corning, while walking on the track.
'—A hiborer on the graveLtrain, near this
Wage, had an arm smashed while coupling•
rs, a few days since. His name was James
—There wa3 a terrible conflagration a
aintid Post, N.Y., last Sunday night, bUrn
g the greater portio4 of the business par
f the village.
—The Deynocrat says that Ellen Steger, a
ressmakef at Antrim, was burned to death
few evenings since by accidentally tipping
ver a kerosene lamp.
—A special court 13 appointed to be held
this village on the third Monday in May
it, by lion. F. B. Streeter, President
dge of the 13th District.
Bituminous coal of splendid quality is
now being mined and sold on Littlo Pine
eek. , People around English Center use
in preference to wood.' It is sold for $3
er ton.
—Stephen Bencosky, a Pole eniployed ns
section hand between Arno,. and Blossburg,
63 run over and killed by the cars, at the
tter place last Thursda,Y night. Thus died
more victim of intemperance.
.1/issl3 i ell Johnson, aged five years, resid
: at,BloSsburg, pieced patches for a lai-ge
.fit, on the Singer sewing machine, and
rented them to her,grand other, who re
es near Jersey Shore. - ho can beat
—Rev. Dr. Huntington ,delivered ,his lee
re on "The YounglAten for the Tiines".at
chuith last Friday eV,ening. The
.eakera" ideas *ere most original and un
- clineygd and were admirably expressed.
is matter of regret that his audience WAi .
k larger. •
smm gain M 1 l owned by John
'Mums of Wilmot, Bradford county, was
lown up by tho expjnion ofthe boiler last
hbrsday. Two men, employes - of the mlll,
ere instantly , killed ancl'•three ethers tV'ere
rionsly lifr,i; 'Williams the Vio
.•efor, had an arm broken.
- the Williarniport
Elmo who tribulations havecielteit
so much interristilnie finally tie ti;i de-:
posedfrtinthOninistry'and siisPende
the communion of the church hythe PresbAr.,
tery of INoithuntherland.': Xeir ga,v
not i ce of an appeal to the Synod "of - Tfarris-:
eonnty, has voted.- down Loeal Op
tion by: 604 intdority,i-40,reportedrthe , drat
county, - yet h4ard that way.,. Thal
vote in St Illry's :stOodißori - Aieehl'e,'2lo;
against, 15: 13enzinger township, 265 for,"
and 3 agal*t. Poi totknstiip gave 4,ottt. 70
for Heel*, and litilamty tewnship_-ooyO 104
forlicense. I! - -•
—Jacob's'. Praniatic ~,Troupe played to a
'fair audience in BOWen'slEfall-'-'or rather .at
"The Academy Saturday
evening: Thertwo fareei were well:east and
admirably played. ' • Jacob—as Pitney the
Ba . ion—excel led all his, prey ions:et:torts," and
"brought down the:house"
. 437.0"iy time. in
deed, each indiyidUal player acted well his
part, and all Who , atterided-Were more' than
-4-A Williamsport paper hai — this foxy In
col item: - "The twin boys of the well known
farmer, Mr. John Lind; of Itattioo Tioga'
• have been 'successful in fooling an
other fox 'into 'their' trap. This make.thir
teen they have caught this winter. The last•
ono was caught with each of his fore feet in a
trap; ThO•foxes ortioga are.getting down
on the boys. . Ono old fellow in particular
got his back up, and played a trick on them.".
--An old man' by • the name of George
Smith, living in Sullivan township, went to
Troy a few days since; and becoming intoxi
cated was -confined in a• cold lock-up over .
night. When , brought out the next morn
ing, he, was found ' to bo suffering 'severely
from the cold, but paid his fine and started
off, and died the next day, the physicians
agreeingin th© opinion that the inhuman
.treatment to which fie had been subjected
caused his death.- '
+The Lock Haven Repulqican mentions
the death of Jacob Hammersly of Hammers•
ly's Fork, at the great age of. ninety-five
years. Mr. H. last - summer was Been in
field_ploughing with a yoke oroxeii, looking
more vigorous and better able to work than
many men not , 'half his age. - He Settled on
Fettle Creek more than fifty years ago. He
never saw a railroad' or locomotive. He
was a geed citizon, and will be mourned by
numerous friends.
—The Mansfield Advertiser says that on
Sattirday evening, the 'l6th instant, a Miss
Maher, residing in Arnot, while sitting at a
sewing Machine engaged in sewing, was ap
proached by a domestic who was mopping
the floor, and who accidentally hit the lamp
with the handle of the mop, knocking, it in
to Misi Ave lap. Ifor apparel was Instantly
on fire, and hasty efforts were made to put it
out, but she, was so badly burriS4 that she
died of her injuries on. the following night.
—Bowen Cone's Hall has recently been
entirely renovated, repaired, `repainted anti.
decorated. The seats at the back end .haq
been raised, and the stage supplied with now
scenery. - The workmen engaged—includ
ing Messrs. Steinmann & Wivel—have dis
played great good taste in their respective
branches of the detorative art, and -the Hall
is now ene'tif the pleasantest in the 'county.
And to crown all, some of our dramatic gen
iuses have dubbed it The Academy of 41u-
Can we say more? Not much!
—A blacksmith named Peter Gaylor e ' aged
about forty-five years, 'and a resident of Lib
erty, was found frozen to death, last Friday
week, on the plank road some five miles
beyonff.English Center. When he left home
he had a bottle of liquor in his pocket, tbd
when his body was found his coat was off
and in his band hc-grasped the bottle, whtch
still contained a little whisky. The jury
summoned by Squire -Wood, of White Pine,
rendered a verdict that "the deceased, Peter
Gaylor, came to his death from the results of
intoxication and exposure to LIDS inclement
'weather," and that his death was solely due
; the causes mentioned. Ho-leaves a wife and
several children to suffer - in poverty, for the:
irtiliveretion:-Or hiletraerl `'ciild"lhtHor, in
yielding to the demon of intemperance. -
—lite Addison Advertisei of last week
tells this story of a stabbing ffltray at Knox- -
ville: On Friday evening, 7th intß.t., a stab
bing affray occurred in Knoxville, Pa., re
sulting in the infliction of two serious wounds
on the person of Mr. J. E. Beach by-'a
Frenclfman named Bolyea. Bolyea who
was In a-state of intoxication, was making
considerable noise in a, ball-room where a
dancing party was being held at, the time,
and - had been requested several times to keep
quiet, when finally Beach took him -down
stairs and then returned to the ballroom:
Some time after, ( Beach started togo home,•
and as be passed out 'of the hall door was
assaulted by Bolyea with a knife, who inflict.
ed two serious wounds in kis thigh. Bolyea
we's arrested,- waived an examinkion, and
was held underbail of $BOO to appear at May
Term, to answer the charge of assault and
battery with intent to kill.- •• -
Lust Friday night more than a year bad
passed since our village had been damaged
by fire; but its exemption from loss in that
way was to he ascribed. solely to good for
tune, for no means had been provided to pre
vent conflagration or to limit the extent of
any that might break out. In such an event,
the village has been and is now in a state of
utter defencelessness. No doubt every cit
izen who heard
. the alarm last Saturday
morning, and found a fire was raging on
Main street appreciated this fact most folly.
That a large part of the principal business
street of Wellsboro was not swept away on
that occasion Is due not to thd foresight and
precaution of her citizens, but to the acci
dental fact that there was no wind blowing
that ni`airt. BUt for this favorable state 01
the weather the fire would undoubtedly have
passed the brick bloclt i by which its progress
was stayed, and consumed the entire bossi
ness' part of that side Of the street. The
chance for the recurrence. of such a fav
ble combination of circumstances can be eas
ily- reckoned by considering the extreme
rarity of*tue s h nights of perfect clam" In this
latitude. •
It is
,etdent that it won't do to tempt for
tune age% in- that way, and it is high time
that a vigorous and organized effoit• teal
made to provide for the extinguishment of
fires, unless our business men are prepared
to sit down; supinely and witness the de
struction of their property without raising a
finger for Its preservation. We are glad to
believe that the'feeling is general that an ef
fort should be at once made to provide -the
Means l(br fighting ..fire, and we .trust it will
not be allowed to die out Without bringing
forth substantial results. If Certainly
we shall .have only ourselves to blame, fur
theiseene of last Saturday morning "lias giv
en us sharp warning of what-we may expect
hereafter. We hope never again to see a
tire engine standing in our streets idle and
useless while valuable property, is burning.
The first thing needed is the organization
of an efficient lire department. The old en
gine may not be of the best, but it is claimed
that if kept in-repair and_ in working _order.
it is capable -of doing good service. It
Should he at onee,put in good condition;
new hose should be procure; and a com Pa-.
ny organized to_ operate. efficiently all the
appliances we now have. In addition to this,
a hook and ladder and bucket company
should be organizedand fully equipped., In
the present condition of our village, with a
large part of our business street builtof wood,
such a' company would be able -to -render
prompt and most efficient service. The want
of just such an organization wits severely
felt last Satuiday. few hundred dollars
wilt procure the necessary -implements, and
When once, obtained theylare easily kept, in
repair and are always ready in the most sud
.Of course it - is obvious twever,ybpay that
the village needs a better supply of water, t
but to procure requirq time and a
considerable , outlay of nippy, and We are
considrring nqv ?nly those Means orpro•
teetieu which can obtuined - ut once and at
milli 'expense. . . ,
In addition to the measures above suggest.
ed, it is evident that it is high time fire lirn
its were established in th - a business • part of
the village prohibiting'the future ereetimor
;Food builttin _ . Riv • •be •
luiAii - R 2 tip Oithia tfi b
pp as re su, :n.,
-tiar brielc stores 1,164'ith,4 - bUralng bolding,
and:rellpetti'upon tlie - iiipbtOlkypsutt;4t - tbo'
block bad not' tolid - wb"eralt_didi , con- ,
in:the 4:Minton:that riOniOrawded ; struct«
dyes should - be allowed on the:business pit,
of Main street.; The - old; frained bit ,
Votli,sidesaf the.strecit are doomed to de;
struction:„ ' Sooner or later they will all pass,
away, in dime, and :anioke, and, ashes, and
When they go :they. should 'be replaced by:
, buildings rot •solid brick and atentyWhicii,
will not prcive a.eontinual source of danger'
Praa--_liEST.ttnertoN OP- - T 145 ,Praqt . Slrk,
VANX.e. Housg.—About two o'clock last Sat
urday, Morning the old hotel standing en the
Corner of Main street end the' .Avenue,- op
posito the Publiti sqnarei was discovered to
be on lire In the, 'roof of the main building.
'An Marra Iv_as at 'once sounded, bringing 'to ,
the spot most of the citizens of the village;
but it wasievident front the first that, with
our-preseut lack of Means for, extinguishing
fires; the old hotel was doomed 'to .destruct
ion. Attention. Was immediately turned to
the removal of the furniture froth the, burn
ing building. .The location of the fire
vored this, and many willing bands made'
short Work of the operation though, as a
matter of course, much of the property wai
considerably injured in the removal.
No more favorable time 'could have been
:found_ fora lire, there being not a breath of
air stirring, and the surrounding bitildings
being.covered_ with the snow that had' fallen
the day befdre. But there was some danger
that the fire might extend to 'some of the
small buildings in the rear, and as a precau
tionary measure 'two,, of these were, torn
doWn and drugged away from the burning
building by means or ropes.
The back Part of the hotel extended' along_
Main street one hundred and 'twenty feet
from the corner, the extreme rear end stand
ing close against Williams and Converse's
new brick block. There was some danger
thatihe heat Might set this block on fire,
and'it was certain to damage it somewhat in
any'event, se an effort was made to tear down
that part of the hotel. But there were no fit
appliances fpr such work, and no ,substan
tial progressfras made'at it. The result was
that the lire'burned directly up against the
_solid brick, wall which fortunately resisted
its action and limited its progress in that di
rection. The brick block did not 'e3eape a
severe trial, however, the side wall becoming
so hot that the plastering in the third story
was cracked, and some of the roof timbers
taking lire.. But they were promptly extin
guished, and the block sustained no lasting
The building burned—the Pennsylvania
Hotel—waslowned by Mr B. B. Holliday,
of this village, and• although very old was
quite a p44ductive piece of property, the
annual rental being $BOO. There was no in
surance onihe building, nor on 'the furni
ture in it belonging to Mr. Holliday, and his
loss, is about $4,000. We understand the
landlord, M. R. O'Connor, had an insurance
on his stock and furniture which will cqver
his loss. The lot burned over is a very Val
usblp one, extending 120 feet On Main street.
It is not yet determined what use it •will . be
' put to; but We trust that before another
winter a substantial business block will be
,erected upon it. It is certainly tot) valuable
to be allowed to lie in its present state any
great length of, time.
THE 017TRAGT. AT Kfiiroxvrta.E.--Editor
Agitator: Obser j ngan'article in your pa
per of last week spgard to an affair that
transpired at one of kur hotels a short time
since that reflects severely on the landlord
as well as on the honor of our loro, I desire
to make a short statement, that none may
•suffer unjustly. The heinousness of the
crime, however, I do not desire to palliate.
.The girls, it •seems, resided somewhere in
Potter county, and Were in company with
their uncle and aunt, on their way to Ith
aca, N. Y. They stopped at the Eagle Ho
tel in this place, where the outrage was com
mitted. The landloid, Mr. Gibson, the next
earnestly desired to have the par
ties arrested, but the uncle of the girls very
'earnestly requested him not to do so then,
D.S. the sleighing was fast going off, and it
was very, important that he should get to his
journey's end-as soon as Possible, and an ar
rest would be likely to detain- him a day if
not longer, and he could just as well attend
,to it when he came back, which would he in
A weelcor so, and earnestly desired the mat
ter to be , deferred. So Mr. Gibson finally
consented, supposing that for such a crime
the paities could be arrested anywhere, and
they were permitted to get out of the State;
and before the affair came to the ears of the
authorities all the parties, the accusers as
well as the accused, were out of the State.
As the , uncle hasnotyet put an "appearance,"
it is but, fair to presume that he has conelu
.ded that "the easiest way was the best way,"
and haS t ipne home some other way, thus
taking it out of the power of the authorities
to do anything, for want of the principal
witnesses. CITIZEN.
gnoiville, Feb. 20, 1878.
REtiozotts.—The Tiogn, Baptist Associa
tion held a very interesting Quarterly Meet
ing with'the East Charleston Baptist Church
on the 12th and 13th instant. Rev. P. Rey
nolds .was chosen Moderator, and J. Dock.
3teader; Clerk..
Very able and impressive sermons were
preached by Revs. P. Reynolds, Ross Math
ows,"N. L. Reynolds, and C. K. Bunnell.
One very important feature of the meeting
was a' free conference, in which—following
the sermon in the evening of the day
-event -four spoke;. also following , the ser
mon on' he morning of the - second day, in
which about the same number as in the even
ingspoke. The meeting was characterized
throughout each session, by an unusual in
terest and great spiritual power. At noon
of the second day the Association adjourned
to meet hi Quarterly Meeting with the Chat
ham and Farmington Chureb or
„the Wed
nesday before the last SuridaYinay.
Rev. N. L. Reynolds, remained. after the,
adjoarnment.of thit Quarterly Meeting,,andl
preached iffthe evening, at which time fif
teen persons requested prayers. ,
Tn NORMSI. Scnoot. AT MA2isBqLD...
Prof. Charles IL Verrill, Principal of the
State Normal- School, has made a report to
the State Superintendent from which we con
dense the following information:
The whole number of pupils enrolled du
ring the school year -1871. and 1872 in the
Normam schoohrproper, was two hundred
and' twelve, and in the Model •school (sol
diers' orphan) two hundred and one. The
school is now over ten Years of age, it
having been recognized December, 1862.
During these years three 'thousand pupils
have been enrolled in thee - Normal and Mod
el departments, and one' hundred and 'fifty
tluiree have graduatek the first class graduat
i g. in June, 1866,
and numbering fifteen.
IS fore the recognition in 1862, the institution
'w s called the Man. field Classical Seminary,
it chartered name, having first started in
s boo' work January 7, 1857. The graduates
hve taught from one - to six. years In -the
State; the average length of time they have
taught in this State is already-more than that
required by law in order to receive State aid;;
about_seventy s iire now teaching in Penosyl : -
vania, and fifty have received the
Diploma, satisfactory certificates from boards
of directors indorsed by County Superin
tendents havill in every case been present
ed. to the hoer of examiners. The pledge
to teach two years in the State, 'Made --by
those who receive fifty dollars upon gradua
tion, is very generally fulfilled, and in most
cases is .cheerfully complied witht but it
sometimes happens that when the two years
are past`more lucrative positions are Offered:
in. other 'States, and as a matter or course
any accept -them. During the 'last eight
years not less than twelve - hundred have
been - Aonnected with -the 'Normaldepart
tnent, wire were preparing to teach.. - True it
is• Very fewer thispainber •hava trraduated,
but sonic have remained
_two or three years
in the school, if !Etrent
uuher'have remained
ofie'Year,Ao a very large number_ one or
two terms, offoUrteen - weeks 'each,
Atictet }School ,. . — TheModelAchoOl;;fer the
iiik five years, has been - .-the Soldiers' orphan'
school located
,ati Mansfield; .by special nr—
rangenierig the members Of the graduating
classes have been iilloWed. to teach. iii-. this
~ e hool,,atid also obLierirq
_OA teaching chine
there. , -,-; , . .. - - . .
of ho r 2
Departmentst triz .—There :ate
eight . departments or instruetimi in 'the'
sehonlaslollows t One of seienee and art
of. teaching, inel tiding-
_philosophy. 3 :
one of`tinatedt" langnnges and • Englislt
onalot z.ralatheMatlidis
snags,botanyand y o ogy one°
i roed
ing andeloeution; one of vectl.ataihatru
mental music;
• one of penmanship-4rid
*wiping, and one of drawing iitid - ainting.
`,The instructor at the head of a department
is responsible for what is acebtrip ished.
his department. ,
Reading ,and = Geoterai Calturie.-*The en-
Thsavor has been made, to impress y ungpeo-
Ple with the necessity of •doing e mething.
outside of textbook work, .A. read ng-room
has been sustained 'for iseme year .by the•
students, and ninny takes interest
what is going (min, the world; two' -literary
societies, the .Iyormat Literary Athan
ecan, each having good though as. yet small
libraries, are supported by,the students.
:The instructors give every, aid and encour
agement possible to, these valuable Means or 4
culture." Lectures are frequently given 'be
fore the students, on various eubjecrs. Two
years ago a course of twelve lectures Was
given during the Winter Season, by gentle
men living in this - and adjoining counties.
The subject of reading and eloct.tion re
ceives much attention ; and many oportun.,
ities are•given the students to cultivate, his
ability of speaking extemporaneously.
Moral V and RelzgiOta •Vulture.—in addi
tion to the regular Appel exercises morning
and evening, Bible classes assemble! every
Sunday morning, and a Sunday evening,
"prayer, circle" has been sustained by the
students and teachers fertile last eight years.
Vocal and Instrumental Mitsic.--In this
department there is a regular school for mu?
sic, and students are privileged to take a reg
ular course for graduation.
Arrangements are now made so ',that all
the students have a "daily exercise in vocal
music free of charge.
The,Future of the Sehool.—Porne valuable
improvetnents have just been made on the
building. A good slate roof has been put
on, and many other much-needed repairs
have been made.
The foundation has been and the
brick work is now being done for a new
building, the size of which is, main building
78 feet in length by 48 feet in width, with
two wings, one 36 feet by 69' feet land the
other 36 feet by 75 fea t both wings Having a
front projection of lb feet, and, one wing
having also a rear projection of 16 feet, This.
building be fbur stories in hight, and
heated with furnaces. The first floor will be
used for dining room, kitchen, pantry, sitew
ard's room and servants' room, and one side
of the building (basement side) will' be used
for vegetable and butter cellars. The first
floor proper will be used for model school'
room and class rooms for same school, par
lor and reception rooms, preceptress' room,
preceptress' class room, and room to be used
in case of sickness. The second and third•
floors will be used entirely for ladies' rooms.
It iS expected by these additions, with
some extra room thus given in the' present
building, 200 or 250 boarders can receive ex.'
celleut accommodations.
The Principal elopes his report by recom
mending that the State appropriation to those
intending to teach be one dollar per week
instead of fifty cents, that students sixteen
years of age be eligible to the appropriation,
and that suceessful teaching in any educa
tional institution shall be sufficient qualifica
tion for the master's diploma.
HED.l4O'n ficaAssic:-- 7 The Will • zasport
R,egi#er speaks:of the proposed no* county
project as followsi: • • •
lre are opposed- to the farther dMsion'of
this county, as proposed! by Mr. Peter Her
dic arid his precious -abettors; beCause the
scheme, if successful, promises to entail ex-.
penses and consequently- taxes upon the cit
izens of our northern townships, which
wbuld bo unjust and bUrthensome. I -
To take away Jackson, Cogan House, .146
Intyro and Cascade, or nny of them, would
be disadvantageous to the citizens without
bringing them any. adequate-xoturn.l As the
,citizens of these townships iire generally op.
posed to the division it may be will for the
Legislature to look to the causes: - of -*
There is no necessity for this diviiion pro
posed—np good excuse even, for it. It has
not its orpgin among the pilople. It is simply
a pet arrangement of ambitious parties who
have not the true interests of the people at
heart. These schemers hilve viewed the ter
ritory—they have 'said how_ snug a little
county (big enough to hold 'their calibre)
could be made by cutting off parts of Ly
coming, Bradford and Tioga, with headquar
ters at the everlasting Springs of Minnequa.
They have contemplated how good it would
be to represent the bantling in the Legisla
ture and wetir the title oi,a. Solon. Then
they concluded to hams, new county. The
people, who would have to bear the expense
in the event of the success of this caprice,
have never had anything to do with it. They
are averse to it. '.l:hey expect their repre
sentatives to expose the plot, and defend
their 'rights against the infringement of a
legislative enactment. which- Would: benefit
but a few and burthen the many.
THE PINE CREEK Rona.-,The Act of As
sembly incorporating the Jersey Shore, Pine
Creek & Baal() Railway Company - wa4' ap
proved Feb. 17, 1870. It required work to
be commenced within three years,-towit, be
fore the 17th of the - --present month.; There
is not much doubt that work was conimenced
in May last Within the meaning of the Act,
by' the organization of two • corps Of engi
neers and their subsequent active operations
in locating the route of the road, and by the
latiors of three attorneys for. procuring the
right of way in Tioga, Potter and Irltean
counties. Rut this was a matter of too much
importance to leave an open question in any
pdssible contingency. Application was there
fore made to the present Legislature for a
supplementary act extending the time when
work must, be com menced on the road.
The influence of Senator Strang, which is
always promptly and effectively exerted in
favor of every interest of our county, aided
by oar townsman, ex-Senator
,Olmsted, and
aratsted by Representatives Jones and , Mitch
ell, secured the prompt passage of the Act,
and we have .now the pleasure of assuring
'our readers that Pine Creek is out of danger.
Mr. Ross, 'the untiring President of. the
Road, ,is now in Philadelphia, re-organizing
his forces with success.
We cannot, in a newspaper article, explain
tl* difficulties he has had
. to encounter nor
tllt. changes which have ten- place lin the
interts and purposes of ' the men who
agreU to furnish all the money required to
construct and equip our Road. Suffice it to
say, that the revolutions and combinations
in the management of the Erie Railway
caused so much delay in furnishing funds
that Mr. Ross felt constrained to make other
arrangements for the construction of the
Road., • -
These are nearly completed, : and there i 5
little doubt that early in the Spring! active
work in grading will commence. Tcienable
him to complete the negotiations not pend
ing he is obliged to take up the original plan
of securing land subscriptions, to. the stock
of the Road. Ile has already Secured twen
ty thousand acres.
This Road is conceded to be an important
link in our chain otimprevements by all
railroad men who have given even alcasual
glance at the subject. It is the shortest and
best route from" Philadelphia to' Lake Erie.•
It is going to be built. Coudersport, - within
two years from to-day, will he situated on a
leading railroad from the seaboard -the'
Lakes. Patience, friends,. and 'no, more:
doubts about fidelity - of - the men. -iihU
have been. are now working for this grand
enterprise. 111‘.ers. Strung `and. Olnisted,,
from the day the orOject first took shape'irett
'bill for the incorporation of the COmpany
,down to the present, have done all that was
'possible for any two Men to do under the
circumstances.. And Mr. Ross, sincelhe be
'canto connected with it, has loft nothing un
done that his active brain could suggest for
the furtherance of the prospects of the'Roati.
Werejoice in the confident belief that
their etqrts are to be crowned with, "success,
—Cotaisport Journal.
BARNES—BULI.—At St. Thomas's church. Bab,
N. Y., February 19, 1873, by Rev. 0. R. Howard, L. D.,
Mr. Augustus "k'. Bo.lllet3.'Or Wallet/ore, Pa., and Miss
Sarah T 3., daughter of William 11. Bun, of Bath, N. Y.
STROLAIA.BROOKS.—At the residence of Mrs. C.
A. Brooks, 'February 18th, 1873, by Rev. W. 11. Bute
saY, Mr. John-A. Sinclair and Miss Julia A. Brooks, an
ofl.lstar, Bradford Co.; l'a. '
BENJAMIN,ROLAND.—Tn Delmar, at the house of
the bride's father, by Rev. N. L. lieynolds,.Mr. Win.
Z. Benjamin and Miss Maggie Itohtiti.
LOVE—ciLEAsox.—At the residence of the bride's
mother, in Osceola, Pa , February 111th 1873, by.glder
II D. Kinney, Mr. G. F. Love, of Ohutiuun, and fditut
A. 0. Woman. of Osceola:
DKVIS.—rAt his realdea.ce,leston, !Feb. 8;` 1873,. Davis. aged 87 rears and /8 days. Mr.
Davis wawa, aativa of Wales, i •
Mac Moircr fast and honorably. $n 50. per day
Via per week, by at once applying for territorial 001%
(which are given free t' agents.) to sell the beet, strong
est, most nseltaandrapi4 selling Sewing )iaehine, and
Patent Butter, Hole Worker, ever used or recommend
oci.by fumiliep, or buy one for your o*n use; it is only
$5: Sent fr.%) everywhere by express. Addreos for
particulars, A. CA7m,xlt; ‘uperintendent Cor:preen.
wieli mid Courtiand sta. N: Y.. L.
Ott. 15.1872-6 m.
...N:..z .. .... ,„
Adminuttra or's Zotccle.
JUT . or 'Adixkluf,6*,3 04. tAe ;estate of
J.' ktu. Yoll; , l4td Btonburg. Ina culnitTi PiLt
tler.F4 3 sen, AlaVlng beext granted to the ur.deratgued •
theEtitialinevr TioglCODulltY, all persons indebted to
WO:estate aro estettto teattt , payment, thosn
btkiring4latinp e. 7 tatiold. estate rtlipresenttito same
"tca the - uzideirsigut4tu 1
7 t 7 . -7 squarelra ,nt.e.stnsra
• • -
„a, - ft' , ArRALL 4Reta,il - cer
. ..„. :17,61,t980n0. ranamtni 24, Ms'. _
; . • DEA ., ,LE11,13 PAE S'oll SELL AT
Elour, poc tbl -• • • . - 94 817, 00,
Duckwhoat Hour, per cwt • 823 , .•}41.
.. - Wliskt;btbi,teiper bushel - ' '
IVheat, red, - - • • "' ' •,'
- Buckwheat; - 44, • - • "- . -
shelled, ; Nr ' 00' • .00
OAte. - -4. ", ~ •- '
, ,f •:r• 8 0:
Bye., ' - 44- 7 2 •-•
•Oloverisecd, 4 4 ; • . , 50
Timo - 4 ` 60, :
Corn scoal,Perkcw_t • ' ' 226
reel, PeP,0,V704%) , ...! • • ........ 2 00 .
Poiatbets, per, . . ... , , 00 '' -76
Apples, greell, per' buith . 60"., - 00
Or4ona, per, bush •' 150 „ . 1 '
Tninips, por ... . ; 25 - I -430.
Pork, porlb - - • -- 6', , 10
001110. parni; - ,;', • 12 ' 'l6
Should ors,. Per lb • • , 10 - lag
..Butter,per - ' 25, • 28
Cheese, perlb ' ' 2211
Lard, per lb • •12J 15 -
Tallow, per lb '• 8"
tioney, per lb • - ' ' ' 'oo' ' „
. tlooswax, per .....:...::.. „ •,
Vinegar. per, gal , • • - ' , " 40. ,
Eggs, per dozen.... - " : _2O ;
Dried apples,,Por,lb' • " „ • .
Dried 'peaches, per I
Dried cherries; per lb - " - '4o' •
Dried blackberries, per ib ' - 20
,Pried raspberries, black, per lb, 25 -80--
Dried raspberries, red, ' "20 -"- 25 '
Cianberrhis per'qt • - 20
Wood, 18 inches, per cord 2 00
wood. 8 feet, Per cord —, 8 00
Coal, bardiper ton. , 0 7667 25
Coal..soit • • ' ' 850 50
Ground plaster, per ton ' ' 50
Sugar,....t.'!•coffee, per lb ` • , .'!, 13,q
Sugar, yellow, per ib' ' ' - • • • 12)4
'Sugar, bream,- per lb - , 11612
Teas, green, per.• lb ••''' ' 60001 60
Teas, black, por lb • 80041 25
IterOsone, Per 13 8 1 - • ' 4O
Wool. per lb
' IIitIGGBkAtTMVAITTOB la compbsed of - Ammonia. -
Chloroforzis, Spirits of Camphor, Tincture of Ltipu
iln, • Oil of Juniper; and Alcohol. Thia compound is
•tineqinilled in the annals of -tnedielms -for—the-qurq of
riervuna qr flick Head aelle, Neuralgia, Trembling
or Witching of, the Nerves, and all fleryous Diseases.
it Will 00Unterect all, poisons, banish-pulp dete.eure
acaley eruptions, Itching, humors, &c. ; is equalizes
the circulation, invigorates the 'system, increases the
action of the heart, without exeittng - , the brain, cures
Heartburn, Palpitation and Fluttering of the Heart,
Dyspepsia, &a Briggs' Alleventorabsolutely pelmet's.
ea more curative properties than anrather prepare.
don. Physicians, chetaists, and others are requested
to examine and test the remedy, and $lOOO will be
paid if ;Wind different trona representation,
at , Mach has been said and writ-
COUhaess ten, and - msny,•remedlei have
been offere d or the relief and onro or throat and lung
diseases; but-nothing has been so eminently success
ful, or obtained such a 'wide celebrity, as Briggs'
Throat sad:Lung Ilea*. • ,
Let them ache, cut your boots,
Co ions.
,curse them and, make up your
mind that you can endure their torments as tong as
they can torment you, but -take the advice of an old
chap whoAka t e tried %but got worsted by the corns.—
They ire' Worse than
_. coon in a barrel; never stib
rerider; but „tightit out, on that line' summer and
winter, • z m u,74, ingrowing iind other, snail
pleasant vett-are gathered into the relief hitch•
ens, by using DBMS' Vain and Bunion flemeilier,
Alleviator and Menthe:
1) have beer a terror .to mankind for cert.
'A 100 boles, and almost everylittemnt to cure
them has bean baffled. By unceasing study and .ex
perituenting,-Dr. Briggs has discovered an absdlute.
cure for Internal ■ bleeding, external, and itching piles
Briggs' Pile Bemellies are mild, safe and sure.
, . .
by the follotvlng Druggists z---llastings &Coleo,
WeLlaboro; Boni. Dorrance Elkland; C. , P.Loonard,
Lawreneovillo;D. Orcutt & Son, Painted Poat; V,er
tullyea'& 'Warren, Weatileld; . B. 'IL . Borden & Son,
Tina, and 0. Thayer & Co., Nelson.- -.
Sold by the following General Dealers:—P. J. Presho
and Wm, S. Gregory, Erwin Centre; Seely N Crandall,
Nelson; GJ Parkhurst, Elklaud; Crandall Bro's &
Co., Clark Itimballi N, Straight & Co.,- and It, f; P.M.
Crandall, Osceola', Wood & Seovell, linozville; D. W.
Reynolds, Cowaneaque Valley; E. U. Stebbins & Gee,
Sabinsville; y
W. Recker, Little MarshN. C. Potter,
Nnoxville;'d. W. Potter, lliddlebury Centre; Joseph
Guile, Lawrenceville; Dodge, James & Stokes. Stokes
dale; Dodge, James & Stokes, Welisboro ; Jesse Locke,
Bunions, Bad Nails, and other die.
ail eases of the lest, Scrofulous and
Cancerous! Humors. Piles, etc., skillfully treated at
the great central Chiropodical and Healing Institute,
No. 697 Broadway; New York. DB,. T. BRIGGS & Co.
Feb. 11, 1873-1 y. .
'BLOSSBIirxe, Tioga Morey, Pezda.
Poznato'r Dito'a Baximas. -- W. E SMITH, •
• .
Troy. Pa. Ploasburg, Pa.
Feb. 4,1873-tf.
For Spring Planting-4873.
O N . e ga E count y f o al i l i r ep o i t e t n eg l o s n to o e f k thj people of Ti.
Also Vegetable Plants or all varlPties, in their seas
on. Asmagus. Rhubarb and Strawberry, Plarit4, Apple
Trees, Quince Rushee, .T,arches and other - ornamental
Treys and Shrubbery.
Dield Pumpkin, per Th., 25 cts; Mammoth MIBBIBII
Sunflower. per lb.. $1.,0r 1 oz. 10 eta;• Sweet Corn,
parly or late, per quart 15eta; Onion Sets per quart,
25 eta. •
can alao farniala very fine Sugar Maple!. grown in
the , opon field. -
Correspondence or orders promptly attended to
74111 . b0r0, Feb. 1873-tf.
HiS the hieg6t and Wet selected stack of ••••
ever brought Ira° Weather°, coataliting cf
kid and Cloth.:Bahnor
als and Gaitere,
Ladies,gisses ) Chigren and
Baby's Shoes,
Gents' Cloth .foots and B4oes,
Prince Albe - rt: Calf Boots,
Boys' calf & Kip Boots,
. Youths" l*jots.,
• .
I -
In fact, all kinds of Mews'. and toznen's wear kept
in a iiritt=clase Shoe Store. The best sewed Woman's
Shoea, ever offered in this market. I defy the world
il2 _
If `3`012 don't believe it, try tae. buy only the beet
stock, and have as good Cordwaluera se money can
iIEPAIBMG ! done neatly, and with dispatch.
Zeathei and Findings
of alljantis corultanUy on bane.
Having -just filled . op my shelves with is choice
etock: personally selected for 'this Market,3 respect..
`fully.solicititifsir share of trade.' profits and
quick ?Statists:" X believe to be a good business mis
ters emd thoiktite best - goods to be the cheapest. I
keep no shoddy.' "110 assortment is sufficient to meet
all sizes and tastes, 1 t Invite our patrons asoff,
nenetally to call andtL eiteniinenly Ito
trouble:. to show _goods. Alwaye , tn. be loan% one
door north of .0. D. Kellere store.' Maio street,
Wellsboto, Pp. . - • • .7.0/111 11813.44,
Fob. 4. 1873-tf.
, tse
DtAtElt In Calgreat Ware of all kinds which will be,
sold lower that the lomat. Ile invites all to take
a /eO3 hla gouda before parchasluit..oliewbere.—
Iteturrabetthe place—opposite Hartt's Wagon Shop,
West.Blain 84ect, tl clisboro. ',ob. 25,18734 y.
A : g ood lianas. with -fruit wig shade trees, oat bind,
lugs, one balf-aare lot; and three good bulledng
Tots. centrapVocated in The rilli , geoof Eninv!ile,
Also,an,A, o 1 Dairy , farm - Or -116 aereS. Clued"
buddinAs 973 the Bathe;; one .west;
Price 150 -
-,,;:.;: • ..-. r, ,'',F , ;..;-:f i-Cy. -
::•" -, :::; :i IititIiIONSVEACRESs , '
--, ~.... `,Z.: - .
101V1 : & - IBBILIK11111113
-•: , ,,5., , : , -,:-i.. ionitair , ,,, .- ii iTifti r ~,,.,t.i.
Bwhntort4go.,Rivel l lt;it,.oo..
~.::_,On .tO4 Te#o, Otegt.,44'iief o - ;Intermit. • ..',
al ;
'Vim:436lB'4lW pip iii!oi. iiii itind'and . priireinprtbs
mueli within the limit of this gesprOile dit. • Bilit#Y
terms are not offered. and prosawy ne . will be.
Cmaimans' g iving ti4u , tun ,Partiou c tirs, grAti4: Caa:
for all that arewanted to rod, and air ate, i - '
Cencr.,3Y.zst'and_t*ite. - Fr,tendasol follow. --- r
' 4 fincrionst , Ifir,..showing the eat location:o
lowa lands is'auld at.' ad Mitai awl of Nebraska' /adds
at algae prick. i,For Moulins arid 1.14 re apply:to •
• ,-, -- ', :- sZend Commissioner, .13untiikitoil, Ord. `
' ' Jtiiid 'please sa , in what - Paper 'Ws ad.yertissamen
' Feb. 18, 1873.45 y. --.- • - - ' .' '. i
EVULY, 1147/4E, _
A gents Pak° $ l2 5 40rP3T576 'pa week
*4' t6.l.4iv:gaieo BAtton
Patentea June q'ith,ll3ll. '
i f.
A most wonderfui and elegy tly constructed Sm .
rso htscartre for 'ramify IVor : , Complete in all its
Parte, Ulna .the Straight Rye Pointed .."breedice s SErst
.TnunAtetio; dliect upright ostrivZ MOTION,New
' -Tension , Self Feed and - Cloth Guider. Operates Pt
watEL and oh a TABLE.' Ligh
i nnning, Smooth an,.
noiseless like all good high, ced machines. • Ras
Patent Med: to prevent the iv eel being turned the
wrong way. Thee the thread direct from the spool.
- Makes the ELASTIO Loon STITCH, (finest and strongest
"stitch known;) firm, duralltploso and rapid. will
do all kinds Of work, pis Enid - course, from Osamu° to
heavy Uloth or LEATBER. and uses all descriptions of
thread. This Machine' is meavux. cormrsuoran to.
give it srtinziorn; all the parts of 'each Machine being
made alike by machiniry, and beautifully finished end
ornamented, it ie very easy to learn. Rapid. Smooth
'and Silent in operation. Reliable at all times, and a
- PBACEMAL,' Sormunno, hinonanlcar. lirvmrrlOrt., at
, Grieatly &dated Price. ; •
..; . •
A 00o:4'C:heap, Family Sewing Machine at last.‘.
'The first and only suacestf in producing a valuable,
- substantial and reliable low priced- dewing Machine.
Its eatreme low price reaches all conditions. .Its Aim.
, plicity and strength adapts it to all capacities, while
.its many merits make it a universal favorite wherever
wed, and creates krapid demand..
#. I can cheerfully and • confidently 'recommend its
use to those who are wanting a really good Sewing Ma
'chine, at a low price." Uri. J. P. Wrwet, Rutherford
'Park,liergen Co., N. J.
Price of each Machine. "Close A." ~rt ine," (war ,
ranted for live years •by speiiial° certificate,) with ail
the fixtures, and everything complete belonging to it, in
ducting SELF-Thunarano NEEDLE, packed iu a strong
wooden box, and delivered to any part of the country,
by express, FUZE Of further charges, on recelptof price,
ONLY Fria DoLness. Safe delivery guaranteed. With
.each Machine wo will send, on receipt of $1 extra, the
'new patent
One - o f the moat important 'and useful inventions of
tho.age. So amigo and certain, that a child can work
the finest button hole with regularity and ease. Strong
and beautiful.
&war, Tsars, end Extra Inducements to Alarm
sad Emus Agents, Store Keepers, &o:, who will es
tablish sgemsies through the country and keep our
lisrw Maonctues on Arhalition anti Bak. Cortlrrs
Warm given to smart agents HEEL': Agent's complete
outfits furnished without any mama CHARGE. Bamples
Of sewing, descriptive circulars containing Terms,
Testimonials, Engravings, &c., &c., BEET FAEE. We
also supply
ACIEICULTIMAi., iilETEll63ll4th.*
Latest Patent's and Improvementi for the Farm and
Garden. Mowers, Reapers, Cultivators, Feed Cutters,
Harrows, Farm Mills, Planters, Harvesters, Tbreshers
and all articles minded for Farm ork. Hare Seeds in
largo variety: Norway Oats. T o wonderful multi
plyieg Rex - malt Come $1 per h dred, &c., kc. All
Money sent iu Post Office Mono Orders, Registered
Letters, Drafts or by Express, wit be at our risk, and
is perfectly, secure. Safe delive y of all our geode
- • An old and responsible firm th t sell the best gOods
at the lowest price, and can be relied , upon by our
readers."—Farmer'sJourruti, New York.
kddreas'orders, _
A. CATELEY, Superiptendent.
Corner Greenwich and Courtland eta., New York.
Oct. 15, 18724 in. -
Buckwhat, Bran s ,
Ashton!. Onondaga Salt
•QT Tur,
ALSO kept constantly en Yuma ma for rola.
LATE, sum:dm, BRICK,
dement Lime &Fir' 0: Bri,ck.
On and after this date; I' shall sell Antrim 3 C . e
Screened Coal at 83.60 per Ton, at the yard, or 00
per Ton, delivered in the - village.
Thankful for the very liberal patronage that I h ve
received in the past, I beg a continuance of the a cf.
I remain a faithful friend of the public. 9
- • ' ilespectAilly,
Wellsboro, Jan. 28, 1873.-3 m. - CIIARLES NAG .
P. 8-Parties intending to use plaster the coming
seasorrtactuld well to purchase now, as the supply
is likely be limited.
In another c olumn, adverUsepient about
3. 11. &J. X 6). CAM rigELL
A 11E issuing polletis in the following Companies
against "fire and
- lightning in Tioga and Potter
'counties :;•-•i- • -
QITZEM. is ..Assets, ;10,000,000.00
corangwrit Oflfeit York 2,609,626.21
RANovEtti:or Nett. York • 983,881,00
OXEMAN AMERICIAN, Nevr York 1,272,000.00
WIDISMG, of Wilkesbarre, Ps. 219,608.42
WILLIAMS/VRT, of Wm'spOrt 11 . 2,006 00
All business promptly attended to by mall or other.
Ise. Losses adjusted and paid at our °Mee. •
Nelson, Deo.:10, 1872-Iy. •
e No"
Errnlts iit Addiwatrationist mi . - estate 046.1 E
Ju Roth, late- of' , ..Lawrorteeville:_ Thiga'only; Pa,
deaf ased, having beeu'gta'Ated ,Wthe tinders nt by
the Register of Tioga comity, all nOrsous lade It tc
said estate are revested to.toaka payn.aent,,aeil.olo46.
having ,elidies; against: said 'eatitte:`, wl ,11 •/ 3 t 0 90-PY:
nine tollie nitderaigned'in,lattieneevilie, Pa. "
. , -
kowwure 0. Komi. -
, ..-.
• --- -, -- VDSON C. BEEMAN; ''
Lawrenceville, Pa., JaWy. 2L 1673,-Ow.* Adm'ra
$5 TO $2O refot 4 ajoiddln
Agents wanted
, ~„
younS or old, malio ;Moro money at work - far as' in
their sparemoniltnta, or , all thee tinny; than at anithfug,
else. Particulars free. Address(l:l3thifslerre'feCo.A
Portland. lifainn., Sept. 24,1842-Iy4
.F.a,rio for, Sole.
mac subscriber offors,fot side 'hiss farrd Situated - in:
Ji •Nelaoh Township, continuing -100 acres ;- 80. int•
proved and &bent 60 clear' from stumps ; wen - watered
and fenced ;in good state of cultivation'. good frame'
house and ontbuildings - .; '. three good barns ; •an or, :
chard of fbM'grafted 'apples. and' a 'atigar.btibh •Of
about WO trees. • Uo..fittna is one-half mile ..from tlto
4111 age of 'Nelson, with ito stores, shops. and 01,r/robes:
corro, will4m,sold
,the •farm if •n• anted: The,'
'T o Will ' cheap. Terms; one•half Casb, ,
pro balance pa time. Poasttlitifedi will be given in
Womb, .1873.•'...4Pplytotileaubadriberon the - premises.:
Nelson. •21 .
Nelsen Dec , • "A. NV: LUGO.-
• 1874 8m
SEE' in l
- •
Administrator's Notlae.—
Ti - ETTERS : O adininlstrattoron the genie of Marcia
Jul Davis. late of IJulett township. Tlc,ga collet*, Pa.,
deceased. Lave, beEn &silted to J. E. Cleveland, re--
siding in tiotor,_ county, and State aforesaid, to whoko.
all perantitt Andebted-to - said =estate - are' requested to
reake,ptopeut, - and , tboio baying ela9ns ut demantUti
tivill $e lukown tha'aanie ultbouttelay. - _
Teb,-19 - '11373w* ' - - • -
xecutor 6 - otiec• - ' ,
Ta .ETTnti Testatnehtativ:on tie:ettete of 'll6Bll
J Oztile,.late of, Itichmontl township, lloge
, .. de , "eled; having beengrautedie the ut , dereig - pett•
:,by the liegieter of Ttoga - couttyiell 'poieeestidelitttt
t/ the eistate ; ore. reegltested- 7malso,:leyttients
thosiiiiieteg'elaimaktifiallii4o ) 4W - ext l o o -v4/ 12 '
this name for settle:l3lo'llV , * i k tni 14 t i)*
er oltitaia,,D:dviOisonsetat:'statf
tD NBDidEatk LANDO.,
• - ; _ • -;: " 17
toarzinagii zwe,
' ' •, _ . ,t --- -. :: ••,. ~ •:•
STOOL ENGINES . .ANti -, : , BOILERS;.-,,,
Circular; dakg ,Saw :711i?4,
Tannekes„ Shafting' ; Geari i ng and Castings of
evory description:in, l'On awl ! . •
rir 3 "oDinerlat ati klatla mlrcat vronaptly , and at numb% tataa.ooA
' -
Cronin& August 28,1872:-1y
P A - I - N:T11):1) 0 ST - . J.-11:0',14,:-„W..0:4-X--S,'
WE ST OXlr. On c , l ‘ g ' ..,.... 7 -
''.; ,--
MA*UFACTUR--ER- - - OF --: : -i:- - ".'' -: - - ', , 7".--f'
OVA:TER lYtti EZ3 SUITED TO ALL BRADS OF WATER,- tdNPiiiir/R0.31.3,841DGE./40 . NA 40.
elk experience by Our air. MIL Calkins of over to envy .
years as a alathinist and Foreman, ,
• by kLy personal supervision, to ;make
strtly firit -dass ' goods. -" - • - _
- • Administrator's notice.
LETTERS of Administration on the estate of ADE
LINE SLOSSON, late of 'LawrenCesille, Tioga
county, Pa., deceased, have been granted to-Horace
B. Packer, • residing in Wolisbbio, county, and State
aforesaid, to whom all persons indebted to said es
tate are requested to make Mytnent, and those having
claims or demands, will psalm known the same with
out delay. - ' HORACE 11. PACKER, ,:••
Feb. 4408734 w. -
-C2). '4DIE,C" , „ M-13.
• '
SLIPS "Jan. 6
. ..Dufetiab of the Heathen."
.101114 G. BASE:... Jan. 17
'"Love, or 'ranked Laud,"
"A Day an& a Mg* . In Congress:"
MSS rirx,tkN EDdießTOii
"Gossip, Wisps fad Cure:"
, i , Grand Concort
-Clus. "W. BROWN,
. „ , • - al: /Ins.
; B. B. Cticlin.or,,
• - L. R. DECKER,
04 1 4 music gill be In attendance to "en tertall
audience befoke lectures.
;Life, Fire, cozg_,4c.pidentdi.
AspErg,,G:VER .15;,00 4 1.0,00.• • -
-Alemania, of Cleveland. 436,033.44
New York Life and Flre• Urn —21.000.000 •
Royal Ins. Co, of. Liveritoo 10.615.601
,Lancashire, of Blancliestzr, 10,000,C00
Ina. co., of North Ameriegt,itatti.d..:.",lMll;los
Franklin*Fiie Ins. Co. of Phila. Pa. 1 2.1387,462 2.5
Republic Ins. Co. of N:Y.. Capital, $750;0u0
Niagara Fire Ins, gonut, 1 ,1(4 - 3 •
Farmers Mut Fire Ins. Co. York Pa 909,889 le
Plicenix. Mut. Life Ins. Co. ofAArffer4,ct,. - z5,081M -644
Penn'a Cattle bui. co. of Pottialb. 44 041
• littursitaflitOn difett'd by Milt '01" othb - se,
' , .i . 4 : 4;'' 1 1• . -,, -, ,e
r . m .. •
on en ktude of Property. AlHossea promptly VA.Natell
linit=l3t Oleo.. ti . s . -
Igosctiotluiriia sibir 4 viato-kNicirin3
MI thtreetta dOor fryingti .d.;-ICtioxrilloPaP-
- Jan. 1. 1873-tf. I - ! . out:
' X'.l'".7 -1 ' I.'" e" . 41:::•...•: .7". t.• ''.. .. '. '.. -'4 1 ^...•. ,
--......... :.‘ .•:.t' . •,i."..', z.: • i : ' :..: -• :,
tottiiiiiVr:iia . iiiilsi9ii.o - i(diiiiC:wiiiiiiiiih . wait
I. airttairean b'e"had tiirgivwone'Preiliiiiiyiestkilol
pain, are found at, . .
A."1 1 : - .Tis - Vra - at7B3)eAta,llifrace -
.where the new liqutd Nitrous Oxide is continauly ad
ministered with the happiest redults ; also Ether,
Chloroform And th 4 linrcOtiooSiiraq is tta2dlWlien pre-
, • ,_•*„ "
from one to an eatite , set, imeVte4: • on s ho rt 4. Rum: —
Spesial.fittenliou• given .to disea4sa Of,tßEMenth.
Preservation of the natural teeth` a speeigityi ~Worl.
Warranted and terms reasonable, - Oppiesite -.Cone
4 0 4 N. M r itiliftilorC's i's. , ....J -.- .• .:.X.04 ft 1 r 3. .. -f • r-
.DUL TUTU:3 PILE BPEt.4IIO -Is i.farranterd
evarrafpo of ein:tstiptitiort:',,tua4l: Attlwoo, m9ll4) refandeff.
"- Boid by,jopn 13. Pierce, Wellporo, Pn.
„.... ' ; 0 3" 1 0(it. I, Igrk-sro'oi. -
E 1 Yii(I ) ,A.N...CII.IIISI
BE eubscribEr offers - to the Fermora through the
connty the Egyptian govI,A)-1414), Upon trial was
sound to ripen If -planted atoll tice , Taatbf ,July. It is
estimated, from itis 'very. prolific gualititS, to
yield-150 bushels/WT=l'o; and weighs;Drmensiire,
I ca onuds to the bushel. , Tbia, porn t _wast produced
;frora some procures] direct teem Me.tloues, our Con.
I 'Mier Agent. directly (II ,hia return - trout - Egypt— It
inscda no different culture front that of othervarietiee
mid isilbellouth two cropscan he' raised ou.the Riae .
;grottud one year.„/t Peara have grown upo one yntra . .he Lam of a free - , and
stalk—average• from G to
PS care. For domestic use it is Imparalleledil When
ground and properly bolted, it is equal in color and
lirieness to wheaten Ail Afore/go. crop,,lfy seg.
ing in drills' dr hnistfleast (for early feed,) there is no
kind of Corn so well adapted to milch cows; and'uoue
that will yield halt' the value in at or corn. -
- It can be successfully grown- in any Stsite'..'..
grder -that all -mat rdeelvi seed, we
have reduced the price to ono dollar a package, A.U3
person who 'will get up - a eltib of flyS, will recelto a
'package gratis-1G pack - ages for' Slut ad pacli4 ,- es for
ns2ol 10') for VP. - One pool:ago trill contain crough to
plant the fellowthg 'Getman ;Iron] ging, tslau,
Mr:cello/4a for p.anting it, Address, -
- r.PASIT;) r;POPEP,,
Feh. 25, ka.„
1 4 IP 2 1 L 1'' Z I 1 I ,
;2 .i lie' I 1 •
Insurance,lical EstateiSteamstilir
29 3. iloweree Bionic:
g.r.Drafts sold payable in any city Or town in Europe.-
Ila• Cabin, Second Cabin; or Steerage Passage ticks!, -
to or from any town in Europe from or to We.ilaboso.
by the Anchor Line, or the Willialua and Quinn; A.a , •
Bail Line of, ocean Steamers.
cßeal Estate bought and sold on Commission.
nz.T. desire to call particular . attention to the LAW!
anco facilities afforded by the old and well known
'Wender° Insurance Agency,
. ,Capifal, peptentel $49,b00„000. , - •
/ETNA, of IHartford, Cann.
HOME, of New York.
FRANKLIN, of Philadelphia. ' - , - , • r
INS: CO. OF NORTH 'AMERICA, of Phil's!. • _4:-
PENNSYLVANIA, of , Phlladelphla.-- ' • '_
pHEN IX, of flrcipktyn,..N .Y. , .
_., ~. .:
LYCOMING S. CO.:" Munty, 4 P a. .._ . ` ~
Policies written in any of, the ab ve leading' cat , . 4
panics at standard rates, Leases ruptiy . pain , ti!'
my office, N 0 . 48 Bowen's /Dick: UGH YOUNch : ,
.Feb. 3
.... Feb.
.;;Sob .
a the
. , _. .. ... .
. ••"' - $lOOO -REWA313)1 : ::: :_
ter '- - A reward of Ono Thousand Del- ..
t: 4 :-`, - lire rill ' tie ,paid toy any:Pnyaititu= ...
Et`,vho will produco, a inedicino ,ttuti f j :1!.•-.
Q , lv,3a supply: the Wants 'of thci people '4v iii•i,..
•g th tithe article known as ' r ' '1 ,- '..., • , _
Lk 1,
•-[ - .ll3r:At".:' Va,lirno.,33lS: ~- .- ,
' •
Blood , Cleanser-or:: Fanatea!--,
beitk-a-aituirtr;.7a , lAtjer'!..:kite . iitt
i e,
a better Budorlile, d bettel.24s
and is every3vsylietter than Mb; pan.e,:ee-a.ttleo . '
to how lon it has•bean : iti Nippon .; hole..' lt,tely
I kb q" E W ca i , . 4 P.lq4sz.ntivc;
ponEvr vecorrev.q.:- - • •
$130% w• • 4:7.,
of wU Aro Data at
mediCine that I t rattnentliLegrO,Mpre,cassilte
..fiiestirpliessZecdialf ickor Neevous7llesditegek
Liver ottsD orders, 4:aursdiee. E M
atispx.inGent,.- Dyspepsia; Chills atid
Worms, Voile Tumors, ;To ers - , Meas. : Bons:
the ibithi;tdde and Ylead, d Frau t tx Coate4inli r .
than „ ,
• , DR. EADltrintik -•-• • • '
Blood Moonier- or Plinaoeg,
wiiii3h is used morn extensively - prdotielnit phys F..
duns than any other popular 'medicine known:: .
'.l2ST•Prepared by Faiarney's.Bibs.&-CO., WaYlaoo.-
rft.,' • 'mi . °. Pa, ,ind. Dr...P.,i'lanniiy„ $1
:krto.;; • morth Dearborn Street, Chicago,
. e y
51.25 - perbottlo; for sale
- • Wholesale and - Retsil Dealers,and •
ey iipitioge &Coles, Wellsbt,r?,
2873-Grat. • ••• • -• • 4
...wi,_-_staolis4els - .. , -.:,.
- ; - :,: - .:,',-a\ - ;•:; - -;,, , .!-,.. , :-.
- • - - ,
~. ~~~
~_, .
L.EfUG-11 YOU 7G9-S
--MAW . Mart) Lti 1.860..
herpy given . that 'a: - epi ciirt g art of. ttjianogg
Pleaxyill be held at the Cadre liiittaeiti
4viriteeLbitio .mllll/fides. the 19 lit day'.of may riette`-'' •
'kfore ITon. Farris D. isticeter,,Trettident :Judge +4:42...
the 13th Judicial Districtilor the trial of all cavil*:
ertinett to,said court. • slt, C.' COX, '
• Feb. 20,1873: - - • :,:Prothonotarp: " =
Or I:F,TFEII . 3 remaining it:Oho-Poet 00104 . 4.. _
IWellsbord FL:Feb:22,l.BlB;k._ -
Jahn lielcorne, Candle Ring, Win. Augestue Pierce. '
Tr,-, Vella F. S orman.Clitti. Squire:a, Milo !I:Who:614 1 •
staden. Ii rietAiecker..-
iu calling fo any of the 'above; pleaie - attY theta's'
advertised; au give date or advertisement.
fet r iFt,te, ' day's: they will be sent to rho-Diagt
LcAteibillee. GEO. NY. 2,141 - titlC.K.,*`; •
. , „
• Mr
Er dl7lNti returned' to lieltebiirci,-
II ea her trade hlAhe: trianufacture fat ,••, •
AU/Fie/AL' EfiS/B
res,te etf nay- to -her 4rierids: that •cm
wcfuld s be' Vad •to aeo P all lite twill& (aver:het 1111114:.
their She can bu limed' at the tom ofJaL
iolMon, the Barber.' - Febt'2C.lo3-tz
. . ,
.fin,. Co:titt
Sessions. of TiOad"
o matter of tt l'etitOn for LIAO eicotioilk s'new s p.
1 Township otit of parts o tlio Townships of PA/4.-,, - ",
.oar, Chaileatt and htorrlai . ' ' ' ,
Tho undvrii gned„ Conamisaloners appointed krsalli t v;
Court to inquire Soto the propziety 0' granting, URI' -
iirayel: of' dits, lhot;tlehers-in , thie case ; etc., W14:13210t, - f.i.
St the offic.i of the.' Pull - :l3ivok Coal: Coniponic. at An ,•
trim, 16,, taid: , :caunty. on VedneSday; the ivtti day !ttr,
march, A.l). 187 a, ut 11 o'olOelt a. in., to dlisioliaigertiliv
utiea at their; appointineut; at Itailoh..tinut all partleir,
littera itc4 will lm heard. • , • -• 4 , 11511T13.- „••
• 2 t
• „ ,„
rob.' 3;1a.72t
r • .7.lter
ilor,*"%atLtetsAo43 Attrtlfi,:lo 7:
' .61 " °I13 1"1 ! " 0 4 atm ot,c , vatOrk":
,ip4.l,;?YPoi i e ,ftwo Veva_
0„4.3A, ,tvt??orclstirettYlv.dif.iinvidaitiiukuj,
,storct buildip 0. and IvaPP'-'. ; teatumk tic • " •
•"tiuvlship iarcbltscr.vait
, ! . - -- ;,F:';;-. , : , '-:,:','
~." ~ .- SU
'iy':f ,'- Via,:
a. 4_, t1 c,. :
P 2221
._ ~ ~ ~~
;~ r ~< „,
Ls. ~,..: p~.~f