Wellsboro agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1872-1962, January 21, 1873, Image 3

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    The Truth about liie ilottnlY,Thllliibp.is.
\- r
A. C A:ce .—A 1...,:, ... t .- li , ¶ mg, peen put in'
ia ciliation that thv Coutuy Conxatis&lonera
;ntend to erect anew Court ,Hanse,. the un
jetaignesl take thi:=, means , of aSsuring the
1)e ople of Tioga county that there is riot one
panicle of truth in any seeh rumor.
On the contrary, !.re are, now engaged in
...bniring the old Court Ilimge, - and tind that
;t : 2fin he put in good c ondition at an expense
~,: Iwt more than three or tour hundred d01i...
i... When there repairs are ,effected, which'
4111 I•fl in a few days, the Wilding will -be
~,,,l ti
,vr te•next generation.
Itie ,cher county buildings are in good re
pui; . \.nd •are ample to accommodate thepub
, •
.v. bitt4i of the county.
Jou ltExronn,
T. 0. flows,
E. 'HART, •
Co. Oonnera.
.Idtkuary 10. 3873
Pike's toothache drops care in 1 minute
'4/Llding's Glue; ui.) to the sticking poit.tt.
Foi,SALE.—A new-milch cow, by
Jan. 14-2 w. FELLows
Yrs. Sofield offers the balance of her cloaks,
fats. shawls, nubias, and Germantown wools
at cost. Germantown wools at cents per
Mr. _ Charles Magee, at the Wellsbpro
Virarehouse, sells Antriin Coarse-Screened
Coal at $3,50 per ton at the yard, or $4 de
livered. He also has Plaster for sale cheap.
The A.thenman Society of .the 5: N. S.
will give an entertainmentconsisting of
dramas, tableaUx, recitations, Ocal Riad in- -
strumental music, January 24th, 178, in
Union Hall, Mansfield, Pa.
The ladies of the Good Templars,Lodge
of Wellsboro, will give an oyster supper at
- 11 r. T. D. Elliott's hotel on Friday eve.,
Jan 24. The proceeds to be used in furnish-
Ing the lodge room.
ELECTION - TlG*,ETS.—We'are prepared to
print tickets for the local elections to be held
pelt Friday., We have full facilities for do
.cg the work quickly,•accurately and cheap
ly Bring along your copy_i
The School Directors .of the county will
Agalie take' notice that Mr. E. Horton, the
County Superintendent, will be at his office
.n this village during the first week of Court,
or the purpose of distributing school repoits,
Janke, &c.
ough ora cold join the crowds that arerhur
ing to the drug store for Hale' s Honey of
•vr *hound of Tar. It is agreeable, quick to
ure, and absolutely infallible. Sold by all
202oDoNT.—This word, which has been
taring everybody in the face for the past
sw•years, and is now getting into nearly ev
*body' s mouth, is a preparation for cleans.
.v.beautifying and preserving the teeth,
ad arresting the progress of decay.
LosT.—A ladies dark etch fur collar, on
he road between Vhitneyville and Mans
eld. Thee finder Will be rewarded on ra
ttling it to the owner.
East Charleston.
One of the placed to buy groceries, provis
ns, flour, bolts: and- shoes, crockery, &c.,
c., is at Irv. flignion Block, corner of Main
id Crofton streets, Wellsboro,
Also one gOod young horse for sale.
Jan. 14,1878-4t* L. B. REYNOLDS.
HERI I / 4 [46 LECTI7II3.—Josh Billings says
othing shallprevent his being in Wellsboro,
arilaary He writes the lecture ,eom:.
tt e ee thusly :--
"Dear One :—En Klosed please And Ten
• ollars—if yu kin. My price is 80 dollars
.d 40 cents. I may discount the 80 dollars,
•ut shall insist on the 40 sents. /
Yures afficitshion'ately,
JOSE ,Brieralloser:
Josh evidently luves figgc
All those engaged on
~ 'ther 'side of the
emperance campaign," ,hpxvever passively,
•II be intereste4 in apiece which is to be
ved at Bowe l ies H. I this evening and
.s i t Thursday eveni g. " Ten Nights in a
-r-rcom" is a piec which' is already well
own and thorou hly . appreciated by the
•ople of c:tro. The amateurs who
()pose to play
_t next week are fully corn
tent to rend 1. its scenes naturally and viv
y If yo want a good seat, select it ear
, i
1 -- . . . . . . . . . . . 0 . . . . . . . - - - -
The 7 ..lsboro Dramatic Association are
give public entertainment at the Opera
ease ne week from this evening, the 28th
stapt, which will prove highly interesting
1 , 1 who attend. The play selected for the
.6ning is "Our Atherican Cousin,"—a com
fy which is a general favorite with all lov-
of OLe i lighter drama. The character of
ord Dundretury alone is one which would
sake the fortune of any writer ; or any actor
ho could conceive or embody it. It is well
'sown as the favorite• role' of Sothern, and
se which he has rendered proverbial for
Alums imbecility. The whole piece is well
st, and has been in rehearsal for some time.
' a have no doubt it will be excellently
eyed. Let us give the boys a bumper t
James G.Clatk the renowned Lyric Poet,,
•raposer and Balladist, will held one of his
Yenings of Song," at Boweitzs , Hall, on
iday evening, January 81st. Mr.Olark has
een before the public sixteen years, and is
•e only Original Ballad - Singer in America.
: e is the author of "The Monntains of Life."
The Beautiful Hills," "The Old Mountain
ree,"- "Moonlight find Starlight," "The
;oattaan's Dream," and other lyric poems
nd musical compositions which have made
is name familiar to lovers of poetry and
ong from Maine lo California.
He has the rare gift of wedding his poetry
) most beautiful music, and als , c., of giving
expression in song. Ae-a.poet, he is noted
,): the beauty and perfection of. imagery
and rhythm; ai a-cOrnpOser, for the wonder
l adaption of the music to the sentiment,
d as a balladist hek t as. probably no super.
The Utica Herald says : " His pen and
:is voice have done good service against
i;.very and intemperance. At - the close of
as of his songs before the State Temper-
Zee Convention, in Albany, a few weeks
iLce, - 1 , 4e. Rev. Theodore Cuyler, of Brook
-7r,, retharked that he 'wished -there were ten
&'.xisand such men singing truths ifi to the
.ts of the people.' " \ -
offer the folloWing for sale:
ii story frame dwelling on Nieliols-st.,
i finished, containing 8 rooms ; lot 'one
in size, with a never failing spring,gooci
en, good .barn and come ftuit tree=
$8,50.0. This prvi.,?.rty for' rent at $269.
The large frame and grounds,
of Queen and Main streets.
dwelling (new aril yet unfinished)
2 lots 60x200 feet each, corner of Win
street and Fellows Avenue. Price,
new, well finished.]l story frarn.4
elling on West Avenue. Lot , 30x250 feet.
ice, $2OOO.
A 1± story frame dwelling with 12 rooms,
Main street, below Lincoln 'street, with
well, cistern, horse barn, and gOod
en. Lot 60x250 feet. Price, 52,600.
property for rent at $175.
listory frame dwelling on State street,
Avenue) with lot 61/x250 feet. House
iy new. Price, $l6OO.
frame boarding hoUse, on Main street,
opposite_ the Cone _House. Lot 60
.et, known as the "hart Property.—
Boarding House is now for rent at
he three story frame building known es
's Block, containing 2 stores, divided in
upper stories by , a common hall way.
iecond story rooms suitable for dwell
the third floor occupiednOodge rooms
; property is in 'ilia centerll of busines,
is owned by two parties, who will sell
whole together, or the-half interest of
to suit purC s haters. Price $lO,OOO.
"ile town /Oa for residences or man
s PlaVoki l iitititirtiiike /Who
extension, ,on East. Avenue: Price accord
ing to the size and Situation.
Two lots 60 z. 200 feet—one On the corner
of COne Street and East .4venue,Aho other
adjoining.' Price for corner lot $OOO,
for ad
joining lot $5OO, both togetheT $1,000.-
- Desirable town loti for resiAinces Or for
manufacturing purposes, situate on the Fel
lows extension near the, Depot. Price va
ries with size of lot, and sitimtion.
Twenty lots of one acre - each fronting on
street, situate near the extension of Central
'Avenue, on the farm of Robert Austin. -
.Price, $3OO nlot, or the whole for $2,000.
Several good lots on Pearl street, south
the Academy: Price accordirigio size.
A farm- in Delmar, township, 75 acres,
30 acres cleared, a good double log house,
and a good, .30x42, frame barn, and small
orchard. Price, $1,500.
A ;good farm• of tabout 106 acres, well
timbered, with hemlock, eta, about a mile
from the Court House. 40 acres eleared,with .
about 20 acres of meadow, well Watered by
a smallereek. No buildings. Price, $6O an
acre. If not sold,.the clearing will be rent
ed for pasture at. $l5O.
A wood lot of 21.4 acres, within 60 rods of
the Borough line, on Pine _Creek Road.—
Suitable for a pasture when cleared. Is well
watered. Price, $7lO. • ,
A wood lot of 83 acres, timbered, good
soil, and suitable for pasture when cleared.
Is within half mile of Court House. Price,
For terms of sale, and for fluther infer=
mation consierning the above, apply person
ally orby mail to Huon Yorrso,
Real ,state and Insurance Agent,
-.No. 1, )3owen's 810 k.
Cy ' Aoitator.
,21, 1873
New A.dvertisements.
Prospectus—New York Times.
List of Letterr.--G. W. Merrick.
GrocerTfor Bale—W. M. Inge= & Co.
Diesolution--Lutz k Kohler.
Administrator's Notice—E. G. Koib and J
„ man, Administrators.
Et R 1 3T. V' S.
—Don't forget Josh Billing's le Lure nett
Friday night.
—The official majority against license in
Clearfield county was 480, /
—Now they think- they s have gas-coal in
Keating township, Clinton county.
—A late number of the Bradford Reporter
contained thirty-one marriage notices.
—Rev. Sidney Mills, of Lawrenceville,.
has gone to Virginia t i o spend - the winter.
—Mush and milluarties are the latest nov
elties in the social line. They had one in El
mira the other day.
—A meeting/of the State Editorial Cox i.-
vention is ca4ed for tomorrow. Place, Sen
ate Chamber; Raraisburg.
• —The township election in Charleston next
Friday will be held at the Youngs School
House instead of Dartt settlement.
—An escha.nge says there was some relig
ious interest in a congregation at Big Flats
during the week of prayer: That's queer.
Lliany of our exchanges z eome to us with
a6counts of falls and broken",hones, -resulting
from the slippery pavements all over this
' —The Bev. Dr. Brack is ont of town, and
will be absent for a couple of weeks probably.
Service will continue usual at St. Paul's
—Josh Billings is to lecture at the OperF,
House in this village nest Friday night o.n
"What I know Elbout Hotels.", If you want
to know all about hotels, go . and hear hi n 2.
—The Count - Board of 'l.lnderwri'ters
were to meet at Tioga yesterday, Since the
late great fires inenrance rates have been ad
vanced all over the county, we understand.
—We have receiv_ed severstl letters
too late ipr insertion or consideration this
week. They will receive due attention here
after. All copy intended for publication
should be mailed so as to reach us by Friday,
if possible.
—Mrs. Deering, of Lawrenceville, slipped
from the door-step a few nights since falling
upon the ice, where she remained insensible
for half an hour Vefore being discovered,and
did not. become conscious for more than
twenty-four hours.
—Dr. Brown, late of the Bellefonte Repub
lican, is out with a manifesto declaring th.o
Republican, in the hands of other men, a,
frattd. He claims to publish the true Repal.-.
Titan. •It is bard to tell which is which be
tween ' em. Things are pretty badly =Wed
down there.
—lf you loose a watch, or udOg, or a child,
or if you desire people not to trust your wife,
you rush to your local paper, knowing that
every one will read the advertisement. But
you will plod along in Imsiness, year Eider
year, without calculating how much you are
losing by not Eratlertising.
—There has been a change of proprietors
and of itame-in the Williamsport Epitomist
establishment. The paper is now called the
Register, and Messrs. ,Galbraith & Bierly
are announced as editBrs and proprietors.
These gentlemen propose to make the Reg -
ister an independent newspaper.
• • —An exchange says that horses are now
shod for roadwork with the heel-corks set
lengthwise of the shoe on the fore feet, in
stead of crosswise, as formerly. The new
fashion prevents the horse from &lipping side
wise, and is highly in'favor wit'a owners of
valuable horses who have tried. the change.
—The Potter Journal and "'News Item, of
Coudersport, comes to us this week enlarged
to seven Columns to the par . ;e and handsome
' ly printed. It shows good taste, ability and
,--enterprise in everything but its name, which
is,too long for the biggest kind of a news
paper We wish the improved paper abund
an success
—A correspondent at Blossburg inform ,
us that 9. man by the name of Welcome Ric* . ,
was killed, the 16th instszt, by the falling of
a tree, on the lumber job of Peleg Doud,
some three miles soutl, dr that place. MI
Rice was a middle aged man, and lived 'in
the town of Sullivan in this county. Re
leaves a wife and five chill.iren
—We have received no Galaxy for Febri.l.-
ary, and. find it, as usual, full of lively, en
tertaining and instructive reading. The ar
ticle by Carl Benson on "The Unmorality
of the Scientifi.c. Dispensation" is especialt7
no:ewer:by, relating - o.s it does to the con
troversy now boing waged between the thf..-
ological anc, scientific schools of thought.
7-Everybody who reads the newspapers
must have often laughed over the shrewd.
and pithy sayings-bk "Ash Billings," whim - 4
under a grotesque exte"ftirsltide many grains
:of true wisdom. Those:who - 1111 - v - e so enjoyed
the kindly humor of the man will be
to see him in the flesh, and they will hav,
an opportunity at Alto_ opera House rnrxt
Friday evening.
—The:residence of J. F. Rusting, at Law
renceville, narrowly escaped being destroy
ed by fire on Sunday - week. The fire caughti
in the roof of one of the wings and follower,
the rafters until it reached the roof of th'f
main part, of. the house, and had it not
for the timely efforts of many men who
just returning from the churches.,it must :.:ez
tainly have been destroyed.
—We are indebted to Mr. A. B. Ee.stirittL,
music dealer, of this_ village, for numerous
musical publications. Among other good.
things -ive find aWaltz,a kolka, and ,a Lnreil
by Hinkle, 'a Polka by Pp.cher, a March
Skaats and a Waltz by Atuse.. Besides the
pieces for the piano, there are numerous sen
timental and pathetic songs and bath:cis:v.li
new and some of them excellent.
—On the:l3th instant the Cowanesql.
iey Rail Road Company held an electit.l.: 1
officers and directors, with the f0110wn.4.-, re
sult: Joel Parkhurst, President; S. T. Hayt
Vice ( President; C. L. Pattison, Semtary
and Treasurer; John Parithuht, Rubert
Etsramod, E. F. Brutal; Aploaiaii4; A.
121.Gorton, J. A.!Nungcrfoid, 13. tiorrunce,S.
T. G. li. BaxterX. 0.8. Nirtilktir,
Goff, and Joel Johnson ; Directors. '
It Will pay: yoit,tit the' end of the year to
youi neWsp‘aper... No Volume inyour
library will afford 'you niore 'pleisuCe„rnore
profit, or more lasting'benefit for your busi
ness than your - loCay paper. It kives.you
'dates of local events which you cannot pro
cure elsewhere, ma'rtiet : for the yeat.
round, trfarriakes, obituaries, In short
your paper is a higtory, of that p'ortion - of the
world whichyotiand your family and friends
Occupy.. '
—ln another column. will be found the
prospectus and terms of the New York Times
for 1873. The - Ti2nei is.'a sound Republican
journal and a good, newspaper.; It is inde
pendent, iigefous, and judicious in its emu,
ments upon the curreht topics of the day,
and deservesithe support of all good citizens
for its bold and effective warfare upon the
Tammany clique, js well as for its vigorous
support of Republican principles and candi
dates during the late campaign., com
mend it to the favorable consideration of all
our friends.
mENI3.---It has beer extensively reported by
the gentlemen who are so eager to cut up the
county and remove the county seat that the ,
last Grand Jury made\ a presentment in fa
of erecting a neiv Court House at Wells
We have letters from different parts
of the county showing that this story has
been repeated by men who'are by :Courtesy '
styled " Honorable," and that it has had its
effect in deceivingithe people\and frighten
ing them into the support of` the rernoval '
project. No doubt the people Who has been
misled by it will be surprised to 14rn that it
is as baseless AS the other yarn, which is
generally coupled with it,—that the Commis
sionerswere, about to levy a tax for the pur
pose op replacing the , building which '\t,. is
asserted the Grand Jury had so condemned.
is the fact. The Grand„ Jury made
no such report. And, that the people of the
thole county may 'understand just how\
uch truth there is in the story, we propose
to state what the Grand jury did report.
The report begins by stating that thjury
have made an examination of the public
buildings of the county, and find-the County
House for-the Poor in need of some repairs.
They .mention the dilapidated condition of
the plastering upon the walls, and the bro
ken condition of the:furnace. They find the
condition and treatment of the inmates satis-,
factory. They find most of the rooms in the.
large building cleanly to a reasonable degree,
and the furniture sufficient. They recom
that the inmates of the insane depart
be furnished with some con tant at
to look after their necessar wants.
They are informed that the Railro d Com
' pany offer to build a sidingefor twenty-five
dollars, for the purpose of unloading coal and
.other freight, near the County House, and
they suggest that this offer be accepted by
1 the authorities.
The above is a fair abstrtret of the body of
their report. The brief remainder of it we
print in the exact words of the original as
follows :
"It is also evident, from the alight exam
ination they were able to give to the Pro
thonotary's Office, that the records therein
contained have very insufficient protection
against tire. They would recommend that
• this office be put in a fire-proof condition.
"The Jail and surroundings were found
in all respects in a satisfactory condition.
"They would further recommend that
witnesses in attendance upon the Grand Ju
ry should be furnished with a comfoltable
apartment in the Court House, while await
ing their turn to'testify.
"All of which is respectfully submitted.
Joss DicKissos,
Our readers are now, in possession of all
the recommendations of this terrible docu
ment of which they haVe heard so much. It
is a solid foundation-for the $lOO,OOO story,
isn't it? The Grand Jury, advised that some
broken plastering be patched up and the
furnace be fixed at the Poor House ; that the
Prothonotary's Office be rendered fire-proof
—a thing that can be effected at a slight ex
pense—for the better protection of the pub
lic records,-and that a room in the Court
Nr-caco apart t.3r witnasroz- whao in at
tendance upon the Grand Jury. This is ab
solutely' all they recommend in regard to the
public buildings. But it's awful I Let the
paupers shiver over their broken furnace and
their damaged plasterj - ng, let the public rec
ords burn up ; let the witnesses cool their
heels in the Court House hall, while we fall
to work like men of sense, and cut up the
county, and give away over three hundred
square miles of territory, over six thousand
inhabitants, over $B,OOO annual income, and
build entire new county buildings at Law
renceville, or some other border hamlet, to
avoid the outrageous extravagance recom
mended by this inconsiderate Grand Jury;
WWI NOT ?—Edifor Agitator, Sir: A
great deal is being said about removing the
county seat. I have some ,thoughts on the
subject, which with your l&ive I would like
to present to your readers.
It is said that Wellsboro is too far west,
giving the eastern townships just cause for
complaint. But if Wellsboro is too far west,
then sureb! Tioga is too far north. Again,
it is argued that Wellsboro is corrupt; that
office-seeking, whisky-drinking, theatre-go
ing, &c.,are on the increase. Nay, it is even
asserted it is not safe for the county to
risk its buildings and other property in such
a place, lest the whole should in common
share the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah.—
But is Tioga any safer than Wellsboro in
this respect? lam afraid not.
But, sir, there is a place, not yet named,
Which has all the requisites for a beautiful,
convenient, and acceptable county seat.
It is not too far west, nor yet too far east.
It is not too far south, neither is it too far
north. It is just precisely the place. It is
beautifully situated in a pleasant valley sur
rounded by grand old hills, picturesque
groVes, and pretty green fields. It has an
abundance of fresh air, and pure, sweet wa
ter. It contains grace and beauty, health
and comfort, religion and morality. In short
the inhabitants are all very good, and some
- -of them a gr/at deal better.
And, sir, the place of which I speak is
Cherry Flats. As to the building of a Court
House, &c., suppose it should cost a few
thousand to fix things, it will soon be made
right by the care and economy with which
the business would be attended to in a place
where the atmosphere is so honest and true.
Depend upon it, sir, if any extravagant of
flee-seeking gentry should come to Cherry
Flats, they would mend their manners or
clear out. And so I hold up both hands for
Cherry Flats. What say you, Mr. Editor?
Two yoke of oxen will draw you and your
traps over here in half a day. Come on!
OUR JANUARY MAW.—We came very
hear losing our sleighing last week. The
weather on Wednesday was quite warm, and
the snow settled rapidly. There was ice un
derneath, however, and the slipping contin
ued good. Brut on Thursday rain fell near
ly all day, and Thursday night it came down
in torrents. The speedy result was the melt
ing,of the . . snow, a rise of water in all the
creeks, ice jams, and a sudden overflow.—
The high water caused considerable incon
venience in this village Thursday night, but
didtto serious damage.
Pine creek was much swollen and the ice
was piled up in the Narrows so that travel
was much impeded at that point. 3feii were
set to work the next day clearing out the
road, and now matters are at rights again in
that region. The waters of Crooked creek
also rose very rapidly and carried off three
or four bridges. On the river considerable
damage was done. A bridge was carried
away in t'lossburg, and the railroad tracks
were obstructed at Cook's and at Dunning's
so that no trains ran south Thursday night.
The next day, however, the weather turn
ed cold again, snow fell, the swollen waters
subsided, and our January thaw was over
leaving us with excellent sleighing which
now bids fair to last for the next month.
ceived too late for publication last week a
resolution adopted 'at a meeting of a few of
the citizens 4 of
,MapOtield, held on. the' 9th
idstant, to eouslier. the move to divide the
:county. and 4ange tjfe
understand the rneetitig
.interest- : of Tioga, 'tkhd the
nifleant as,showing that ev
was, hot -in favor ,:of rem
buildings to that - village.
luilonas - adopted: '
"Resoked, That •sve are
ton ot. the county as protA
movel of the county meat
the Tioga and„ that
mined by a vote of the pet
after the division',"
We are not
to 1
olutioti did not shit the - al
the division scheme, for
that' a vote Of the people
seat after the division wo
their favor. A .subroission
. votels just what they dot'.
RitrunLboms• Bonomat
lowing is the ticket nomi
caucus, to be voted for nt t
tion next Friday:
Let every Republican voter be on hand,
next Friday, to vote this - whole ticket. It is
worthy of every man's support.
irTsoN.—On the 27th ultimo, the Court of
Common Pleat. of Tioga county being in
session, ,F, E. Smith, Esq., announced the
death\of Hon. Wm. Garretson, late a mem
ber of the Bar of said county; whereupon the
Court appointed F. E. Seth, Henry Sher
wood and\ Jno. W. Guern ey, Esqs., a com
mittee to prepare and repo t resolutions ex
pressive of -the feelings o the Court and
members of the Bar upon this melancholy
event. The committee reported the follow
To the Honorable,
the J edges of the sev
eral Courts in and\ for the county of Tinge:
The committee to\whom ou assigned the
duty of presenting to the ourt an express
ion of the feelings of the court and bar upon
the recent decease of , William Garretson,
Esq., for many years a member of this bar,
respectfully report that they have attended
to the duty, and beg leave to offer the fol
lowing resolutions for your l 'apProval:
First, That in the death of\ the Eton.Will
iam Garretson this bar has lost one of its
oldest and most esteemed members.the Court '
one of its safest advisers, and one whose pu
rity of life, whose exalted character, and '
honorable practice, have given new lustre to
our profession, and afforded an ,example
worthy of imitation.
Second, That we recognized in man
of rare and varied attainments, of a i• ,tho
lie spirit, a friend to learning, and one' who
was ever ready to sacrifice himself and is
own interests to the good of his fellow me;
and one who was eminently deserving Of
that highest praise, " The noblest work of\
God—an honest man."
Third, That we sincerely condole with his
family and immediate friends in their grief
—softened, however, by the reflections that
the friend who has gone before them, car
ried with him the esteem of all who knew
him, and by the remembrance that the world
bad been made better by his living in it.
Fourth, That we request the Court to order
that these resolutions be entered at large up
on the records of the Court, and that the
clerk be directed to furnish copies thereof
for publication in the county papers, and to
such committee as your Honors shall Ap
point to conveyithe'same to the family of the
deceased, and that- as a mark of respect to
the deceased these Courts be now adjourned.
Satravrools, -
The resolutions were unanimously adopt
ed, when appropriate and feeling remarks
were made by, F. E. Smith, H. Sherwood,
Jno. I. Mitchell, and Henry Allen, Esqs.,
upon the life and character of the deCeased
whereupon the Court appointed C. H. Sey
mour, Henry Allen, and M. F. Elliott,,Esqs.,
a committee to convey to the family of the
deceased a copy of the foregoing resolutions.
It was then ordered, that out of respect for
the memory of the dece'ased, the Court do
immediately adjourn.
ARNOT.—Editor Agitator: On the after
noon and evening of the last day of the year
just closed, though a disagreeable snow storm
was raging, our little town was on the move
toward having the new and beautifil church
which has been in progress of erection
.pince August, dedicated te the worship of
Almighty God. Several members of the
Wellsboro Presbytery were on hand to take
an active part in the dedication and services
of installation which followed. The sermon
was preached by the Rev. J. F. Calkins.
The Presbytery finding it,in order to install
the Rev. J. Ludlow Kendall, the members
of the church having put a call into their
hands for his acceptance,and he having con
sented to undertake the pastorate, they pro
ceeded, after the prayer of dedication by the
pastor' elect, to install him over the said
church. The Rev. P. Campy Moderator of
Presbytery,put the questions both to the wiz
tor elect and the members of the.church, and
then solemnly charged the newly constitu
ted pastor. The Rev. J. L. Landis charged
the people. Then followed the installing
prayer by the Moderator, who also extended
the right hand of fellowship, when - people
and pastor congratulated each other by
hearty hand-shaking, the choir meanwhile
singing a selected piece very appropriate for
the occasion. Thus did we dedicate the First
Presbyterian Church of Arnot, and consti
tute the first pastorate. May the Lord in His
mercy and providence bless the union and
accept the gift of dedication I
In the evening all came together again to
enjoy asocial entertainment, being permitted
to feast on every manner of good things for
the palate, and what was better still, listen
to such music conducted by Mr. Peter Cam
eron as is rarely found coming from church
choirs, showing evidently a vast amount of
culture and training. Then the speeches
from the Reverend gentlemen present, J.
F. Calkins leading off, were most happy and
social in their tone, fruitful of the best re
sults. Men, ungodly men, were touched,
yea, went away convicted and are now re
joicing in hope of life everlasting. Among
the most commendable productions of the
evening was an oration from Mr. John F.
Pollock, a promising young man under care
of our Presbytery, having nearly completed
his theological course at Princeton Seminary:
The programme for the evening was not com
pleted ere the old year glided into the new,
and 1872 was no more. The Rev. J. F. Calk
ins led the congregation in thanksgi;ing and
prayer, and after uniting in singing
Praise God from whom all blessings few,
Prate Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Mln above, ye heavenly host,
Praiso Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
—the pastor pronounced the benediction,
and a more happy and harmonious company
never sought their homes,
We are indebted •to the kindness •of our
very kind friend the Rev. J. D. Mitchell, D.
D., for the composition of the hymns sung
at the dedication. We dared to expect a
large delegation from your town, but was
disappointed. However, all the parts were
well performed, and we could not wish for
better sermons, charges, speeches, or music.
Yours Respectfully,
J. L. K.
Arnot, Jany. 7, 1873
TER.—What is the most momentous que'stion
which shall decide the moral and intellect
ual destiny of the people? This moment
'can decide this question •in a manner which
will cause the very-hills - to echo a thatilt3 7
,giving,=that - ghall resound from . villago to
village,:froni stata::?to:itatitiliem shore to
shore. ;fat the saes who are gave, who
onty sent. • ,We
'as vat in_the
ressitatiOri is siel
r Cr
n such, o meeting
lying th • o-,county.
Here is the reso-
; favor of a
Ichied, and the ,-re
to ..,ulne pt) ton
•,,oint. to be deter, -
pki - of the cdunty
tear that this'res"- -
tive intinttgeri of
here is no 'doubt
/ring the county
ld - np . t result in
of that poipt to 'a
t Want.
't' 1L —The f
ated nt the 1
ie Borough el
For Burgea •
Lucius Tim,
. For Ct.uncilm l
Joseph Ribe
Norman T. Ott I
William Bat
For constab ,
Elisha J. Pu
t ole,
For Assess°
Hugh You 1 1
For Assibtaut Ass
John Diekin ,
Pharez Houg l
For School Dire.
James H. Bo
Chester Robi 4
For Audito
David Came on.
For Judge of Elation,
John Alexador.
For Insisector of ectiou,
Andrew- Sturi•ook.
have horior l - wholove,their' Scams or their
uonntry, ripe in the strength of their might,
and ge
I-with' manly courage,' we are for
teioperant;,_ for her we will labor for her
we will live. We will drive the - dark de
mon Aum; from - our tiresides,and towns, so
far away that it 'shall , find a watery grave in
• -- '
ie i.i•irny—i)i•ean
Intemperance destroys the intellect, and
renders the meral.sensibilities so obtuse that
the niostatrocious Crime is smiled upon. It
iiiieetiless to depict the horrors and sorrows
caused by intemperance; .any.peraon having
any kind of intellectual captitty Understands
it.. Are persons capable of making laws, of
executing them,'of adjusting 'the tights and
defending the liberties of ., the people, whose
reasoning facilities are rendered dormant by
the 'use of ilitoxicatlitg ,beveragei? Is it not
huMillating Nought that in many parts of
our land, more-Money is spent for turn than
for bread or - educatien9 And we'• a civilized
people! professedly "even Ch i ristianized
When - I hear men say--," There's no use
trying to dote "down license; they will get
liquor somewhere; we can't stop the, drink
ing," it Makes my very blood chill. Do
these men, have seals, or are they as sense
less as the brute, to talk in this heartless And
childish manner? Strong minded men; you
forget. Let it be women, weak women,who
have not strength of purpose, who indulge
in such c.o,wardice. You are the strong;
you should 'be• capable Of facing, and con
quering the most-formidable foe. I pr4y you
do not resort to Such shallow subterfuge, or
the women And children will discover your
weak paints, and forget to do you reverence.
Father, you' have a promising son who
you hope. will be the staff of your declining
years; , whom you would delight to see a
man of influence.. 0, stretch forth your
hand and save him from the disgrace of the
r gutter, the terrors of delirium, or a pauper's
Young men, with arms of kindness shield
the tempted. onset" ...Inspire him, with..bope;
tell him that indecision ;note will be his ruin.
Sisters, to you is given :,the beautifulinissi•
ion of elevating the moral standard of so
ciety. I With pure and noble purpose and
earnest endeavor, you can win the young,
the true, the noble, from the path of the
drunkard. Though you cannot vote, you
have an influence which God' has given you
for good.
Fathers, brothers, friends, in your hands
rest the scales of destiny. The right or wrong
shall weigh down, as you will it. 4et the
piteous wail of the drunkard's child reach
your soul. \Let the idiotic laugh of the ine
briate reach your better nature, and rouse
you to vigorous action. The inevitable hour
has come. Prove yourselves the friends,
not the enemies i _of the human familyt C.
There will bo tempereuCe meetings, at the - places,
and times; and by the speakers named below:
TtrzsDAY, 34. - strarr 21. st.
Fall Brook, S. B. Elliott, Prof. Amerman, and Rev.
Mr. Lamkin,
Farmington, Prasbyterlin Chula, Rev, Mr. Raw
eon, and others.
Lambs Creek.t. S. Seirinenr and S, B. Elliott.
iieeneyviEe, G. W. Merrick and J. W. Mather.
' WitarrEanav,.J'antranit 22d.
Welleboio",Bowen'a Hall, Rev. D. W. p. Huntington
' and others.
Osceola, J. P. Biles, Rev. Mr. Cairns, and others.
Cherry Flatts, Rev. X. F. Calkins, Gen. R. C. Cos.
Stoheadale, Prof. Winters, Col. Allen, J. W. Slather.
Round Top, (k. W. Merrick, and others.
Delmar, Kennedy Seh. House, Rev. N. L. Reynolds,
' and others.
Local committees and others interested are re
quested to post the necessary not* and make ar
rangements for the above meetings.
NVOIXOTT—HAETIIieB.—On the h.of Jan'y.lB73,
at the house of the bride's parents;in Welleboro, by
Bev. J. F. Cslitins, idr. Theron D. Wolcott, of Williams
port, and ?lies Eveline )7 listing% of Welleboro.
' •
PETIT—§ - ricrtutc—On the 13th inst., by the Bev.
Charles Break, D.D., at the residence of the bride'e
father, August Yetit and :Vary, daughter' Of - .Toby J.
BREWSTER—REDELttD.—Iri Blossburg, the 12th
bastaut, by the Rey. Harvey Lamkin, Mr. F.Z.J3revitter
of Cherltstou, and Miss Ells Redfield, of Blobs.
StARV/N.—lu Covington, Jan. 14th, 3.873,
yOungetragughter Ittir IS. ind Lamle3l.arvin, aged
three yetu. it and Seven months.
Owl looked 4urzong . ilia cherub band,
And one was wanting there.' -
BOLLINS.—In. Charleston, Jan. 11th. Survive, wife
of Charles Lullins, and daughter of Chauncey and
Lucinda Hall, aged 26 - years, 9 months and 1 day,
111118 ALL.—In Charleston, January 18th, 1878,
Daniel 14naball, aged til years.
CRANB.—In Charleston. Nov, 29, 1872, Mrs. Jane Z
Crane, aged 41 years, daughter of the above.
PLCULEY.—Ir. Delmar, Jan. 9, 1873, larttal Plum
ley, aged §7—TeVc.a..
E. R. lIMBALL, Retail Gro'd'er.
1 , ---
1 wr, :Aeon% JA:AVABY 20, 1873_
Flour, per bbl.. .. 9 ©sll 00
Buckwheat Sour, per cw- 3 50 4 OU
Wheat, W,44.1 3 per bushel
Wbeat, red„ ‘ ” —
Wheat, spring, :, -
Buckwhhat, 70
Corn, shelled, .. 40 40
Oats, 40
Batley, ~ . -4u •
Rye, , ,.
.... eo
Clover seed, - ~ _ .
5 60
Timothy seed. .• 450
Beans, 2 00
Corn meal, per cwt , 2 25
Feed, per owt 2 00
Potatoes, per both 60 75
Apples, green, per bush 60 00
Onions, per push 1 EU 1 75
Turniiri, per bush .26 80
Pork, per lb 6 10 -
Hams, per lb 1.1 15
Should ers, per lblo 12g .
Butter.per lb $0 80
Cheese, por,tb 12X 16
Lard, per lb' —12 i 15_
Tallow, per lb . • 8 - 10
Honey, per lb - - • - 20 20
Beeswax, per lb SO
Vinegar, per gal 40
Eggs, per-dozen 25 26
Lried apples, per lb 8
Dried peaches, per lb'
Dried cherries, per lb • . • AO
Dried blackberries, per lb is , 20
Dried raspberries, black, per 1b... '46 60
Dried raspberries, red, per lb 20 25 .
CraLberries per qt 20
Hay, per ton - 19 •
Wood, IS inches, per cord 2 00
Wood, 3 feet, per cord 3 00
Coal, hard, per ton d 75@7 25
Coal, soft 300, 800
Ground lister, per ton . ' 8 60
Sugar, "A" coffee, per lb —13 g
Sugar, ,yellow, per lb - , 12g
Sugar, brown, per lb —— . - 11@12
Teas, green, per lb 60c@l 60 I
Teas, black,: per lb 80c@1 25
Kerosene, per gal CP '
Wool_ per lb_ , . _ ~ 65 —_
Special Notices.
MAHE. Molizy flet and honorably, $l2 50 per day
$75 per week, bylt once applying for territorial rights
(which are given -free So agentej to sell the best, strong
est, most-usefuloind rapid selling Sewing Machine, and
Patent Button 'Hole 'Yorker, ever need or recommend
ed by families, or buy one for your own use; it is only
$5. --Sent free everywhere by express. Address for
particulars, CAT - ELM Superintendent cor. Green.
with and Courtland ate. Ni Y.
Oct. 16.1872-Cm.
TOTICE is hereby given that the Executors and Ad•
1,4; mthistrators named below have filed' their tio
counts in the Registers Ofilco for "flogs county, Penn's.,
and that said accounts - will be presented to. the Or-
phans' Court for said county, at a session of said court
to be held at Wellsboro. on Monday the 27th daY of
January, 1919, at 2 o'clock p. m., for allowance and
Account of Erastus Cooper, Marla Cooper and Wm.
R. Freeman, Administrators oi the estate of Jason
Cooper, deceased.
- Account ot Margaret S.Wileoii, Executrix of the last
will and testament of James R. Wilson, late of Rich•
mond township, deceased.
AecOunt or Erastus Rose and filfain L: Roblyer,
Executors of the last will and testament of Hiram
Robb'er, late ,of Rutland township, deceased.
Wellabor°, Pa., Dec. 31,1872. - riegistdr
Applications for License.
NTOTIr.D is herby given that the fel:owing named
persons have made application for' Tavern -Li.
cenees and Eating House. Licensee, and. that the same
wiji be presented to the Court of Quarter Sessions the
27th day of January, inst., at 2 o'clock p. m., When all
interested may. attend if they think proper.
Solomon Bunnell, Wellaborc.
_ Samuel H. Thompson, Covington.
Job 2,larsh, Liberty.
Robert C. Sebring, Liberty.
John A. Martin, Blossburg.
H. C. Vermilyea, Gaines.
J. 0. Pine, Covington.
Ira Kinney, Middlebury.* -
Lewis 'o4:nett, LaT7reneeville •
itiward isely, Lawrenoeville.•
George Close, Westfield.*
. Vies Nf. e • Tiog ' '
A. B, 4 Gra-es,
S. A. Stall,Vellsboro.
Nathan R; Shappee, Tioga;
M. R. O'Connor, Wellsboro.•
J. Stod4ard,
- John Mctiarter,. - 417niorr:
• :Sint* Hopas t
- •
E. 13oyden; Weiiiboro.*"
d. S. mo:44lJecili.
Pal. Is ISTS4w, ' . • .
1101140 LECTURE CO, t,
kilmnrot I—..Queort Mitabeth.'!'
JOSH unraases,.. aarr.2l, 1873.
111.3011'S STEREOPTICON rm. 7.1:78.
OBREP CONCERT • - • 17,2873.
SEASON TICKET, Reserved Seat, $2.00.
GAS% 1121111ICK,
sosAuti. suer.
I. D. YOUNG,; xasev.
N. W. www.
v. D. PACKED. '
liors.—Otring to the continued' ill health of Mr.
MacDonald, the date of hie feature cannot at present
bo nred.
Agents make $l2 50 per day,'s7s pe;week.!
With the New Patent Button Hole Worker.
Patented June 27th, 1871.
A most wonderful and elegantly constructed Stem
ma ISAcmtkr. for 'Family Work. Complete In all its
Parts, Uses the Straight Rye Pointed... Needle, SEW?
TilltEdlMlCe, direct upright PosrrivE Moms, New
,Tension, Self reed and Cloth Guider. Operates as
Wirral, and on a Tsang. Light Running, Smooth am.,
noiseleaS like ail good high priced machines. Has
Patent Check to prevent the wheel being turned the
wrong way. Uses the thread direct from the spool.
Makes the P.:maam° Lock. sTrron, (finest and strongest
stitch known;) Una, durable, close and rapid. Will
do all kinds of work, fine and course, from CAMBRIC to
heavy Cloth or lawrnEn. and uses all descriptions of
thread. This Machine is HEAVILY cottsrattoritn to
give it STHENCITIt; all the parts of each Machine being
made alike hi/machinery, and beautifully finished and
ornamented., -it is very easy to learn. Raiid, - Smooth
and Silent in operation. Reliable "stall times, and • a
PaACTICaIs, SCTEI42I4/0, 411NOLIAZUVAS. ialitlMON, at
Greatiy Reduced Price.
A Good,_Chesp, Family Sewing Machine at
The first and only success in producing, a Valuable,
SUbiltantial and reliable low priced Sewing Machine.
Its extreme low price reaches all conditions: Its
plicity and strength adapts it to all capacities, while
its many merits make it a universal favorite wherever
need, and creates a kapid demand.
I can cheerfully and confidently recommend tta
tufa to those who are wanting a really good Sewing Ma
chine, atalcrwprice." Mra. J. p. Niru.sor,Nneaellonl
Park, Co., N. J.
- .Price of each Machine. "Claes A." " One," (war
ranted for five years by special certificate,) with ail
the fixtures, and everything complete belonging to it, in
cluding BErar-Tnana.nrso NEEDLE, packed in a strong
"Wooden box, and delivered to any part of the country,
by express, anzz offurther charges, on receipt of price,
oxrY Frvz DoY•T +Pi Safe delivery guaranteed. With
each Iffachine we will send, on receipt of $1 =tea, the
new patent •
One of the most important and ,useful inventions .of
the age. So simple and certain, that a child can work
the finest button hole with regularity and ease. Strong
and beautiful.
firitcw. Tawas; and Extra Inducements to Hata
and FENALE Agents, Store Beepers, &c., who will es
tablish agencies through the country and• keep our
Macamas on /exhibition and Sale. COUNTY
'RIGHTS given to smart agents EWA. Agent's complete
mad furnished without Any EXTRA. MARGE.' Samples
of searing, descriptive circulars contnlning Terms,
Testinleniahl, Engravings, &c., &c., SENT. run; We
also supply
il r
Latest Patents and Improvements for th I Farm and
Garden: Mowers, Reapers, Cultivators, Fed Cutters,
Harrows, Farm Mills, Planters, Harvesterii, hreshers
and all articles , needed for Farm work. Rae Seeds in
'rage variety. Norway Oate. The wonderful multi
plying EorimAN Cons $1 per hundred, tec r ; &c.. All
money sent in Post Office Money Orders, Registered
Letters, Drafts or by Express, will be at our; risk, and
is perfectly secure. Safe , delivery of all Tr goods
.. An old and responsible firm that sell the hest goods
at the lowest price, and can be relied upon by our
readers."—Farmer's Journal, New York.
Address orders, .
A. CATELEY, Superintendent.
, Corner Greenwich and Courtland eta., New York.
Oct. 16, 187243 m.
General Insurance, Agency,
NEtsca, Tioca Co., PA.
ARE leaning policies in the following Companies
against fire and lightning
.in Tioga cnd Potter
counties :
QUEEN, .........Assets, $/0,000,000.00
CONTINENTAL of New York ~..........2,602,6 26.27
HANOVER, of New York 983,381.00
GERMAN AMERICAN, New York 1,272,000.00
WYOMING, of Wilkeabarre, Pa 219,698.,2
WILTramspORT, of Wireeport. ...... .113,068.00
All busineas promptly attended to by mail or other
wise. Losses stUnetod and geld ct - our once.
Nelson, Dec. 10, 1.872-Iy.
To one of the handsome new stores in Opera 'aldolf.
=Miss slam reoeived a large stook of goods, A
COlthilltir4 11'
Gr. la it) .1E 7Et.
BOOT 6 ,i saogs
Ready-Made Citithinsgo
V431Z11111 scean,
befii sal the lot of
ever broustt into Wellaboro
and Gents' Fur Collars.
. . . .
1 1 People haling Butter ilia Grain to dispoae .of. will
ifind it to their interest to give me a call before eating
f elsewb.ere.
Retadabir tho Macs,
coalai soln_ll,-,3240z,
~ I v -~ .:
„- J .Y
Oct 29. PB7'-it.
Circular, ' ang and I .4fule* saw
Tartra l 'es, qtarin,
every descripti'on in, Iro
COrnlng, Silguet 2c, 1872.-1 y
The enbscri• •
and other winter goods at greatly reduced prices
We shall keep an nuitsually large assortmens of ate
of elLklnds, Coreettl, Notions, ,ko., and sell
Micuortet a•
This etockme keep up iu our regular line, at all
before - for ,later trade.
Jan. 14, 1873. .
We have Shed the Shanlrty,
And 'Matt have but time tc say to'
anstamen that we
i. 4
Oct 16, LBD
- ~ •-•-
rimin un'6.eralgted •Auditor appointed by the Cu-
I. plans' Conr of Tioga county to make a distribu
tion of the Mime, s ariellot l from a sale a the reel eii -
tote of Frederick. %rutty, deceased, in proceeding
partition, will attend to the' duties of his , appoint
ment at the office of Elliott ,t.-. Bosard, in Wellabore,-
Pa. 'AI Friday, the Slat day of Jauusry, A. D. 1873
ta fire‘lock p. tut, • JAMES H. /30.9A"RD, _ ,
ase..l, 18734 .. w, - - Auditor.
7'', pursuance of an order of the Orphan's C.kmrt of
:he county of TWi3s.;; dated the 27th of December.
IAT/, The undersigned, Trueteeund er the , last will;
of /clan Fellows, deceased. wt/1. - on .Saturday, the leti
:ay of February, 1579, -at one o'clock p. us.. at the,
Court Bowe Wellaborv, expose to, ea/8 •the follow-
fri v
1:4 _describe/llamas. late the property ocsaid dece
dent, vl : All,that lot of land eituate Welleboro, ; TAN
tioge,county, Ps.. bounded on the north by Ber k ; , 1 1 ,, t
F Eeiciey; on the east by the higntray: on the south! w e a'
Charles /dealer and. George English; and on the ; t h e "
w,:zt by Benj. F. Kele eyi-cont:ining•6l •aeres and if 1), Sfa
I..erchte.- [.spa_ .11do, all that other lot 'of land situate in Delintr.
- county. Pc.',' bounded the" north.; ' '
befitude devised by sal,T ./;Olin Fellows teErastue::
I'47J:re, Eforece reltowa ant/ litlld k alt l°,
Ekes by O. L. WilcOa; on th 6 -south , - by lands in pe: , -•
seseion. of Stephen Etiissell; and "on the', weetbs ti,B! , ,
- contidemg: AVe aerie:of land. Terms ll
...2.l;rl;ll.4lo;tdred doUers: - nt . time trt saleviAlse• • reustaludey
fu-ttro *eta atintsiVsyntents, with'lnter6t: " ~"""
jau. 2411114 N. • 'OPT) t
• "-
„ .
11. YI. TOW. ,
arqtaglaliary ci =de tepainGt Pro=PUS'
Regular Depar
" J. PAR
no3A, PL
r Elegatit New store
Is Mitt tall of
at theloweet yricet to be found
Ca/1*1,..y . 0u. will kuow k.oNi f.:19 yoilz4elve9
~~ i
•r L. 2.ALD7 ?r a co
Trustee's Sale.
WO now $
0 entire et
4*, Nadia.
- Ca
to or fro ,
Mail Lin
47.1. 41
i nn !IfccU
! shit
k _NS. C
"Co l I
Dulles a
my oak ,
Nov. 1
e good
of aver!
Bats, B
Wools, ;
orts pa .1
1) at.'
11E0M0 o 1
tA g n.=
lots, ce •
bgalldin •
Prico $; 6 l ,
Zin r
Ma i
'prov • '1
1 '
t.cr T
May 1
to a g
'and Sz
, ,
'ai r
1 1.4pt0 I
I 1:
de; ;ea
{ said
aar , ll '
ft ADi
• 1 51 , /i
' Fey
Afi115,.410.4101 : 60
and Caethqs-te
and Brciasi:
et vesaver.bli retea334
ELT skuptictos,.
Kept Full.
! i • our regular Winter trade. a •.„;,,: an • •
tn. r GS. : :if: Ic•r,- .
•• -. I
• '
3.lllSLltt' - Tirgin El 4"' ' k
at the lowests:3mb =Sad 1144110:. ' '
I - , . , • :."
7 3131.0.043 '
l e now a much better aneortmmatikuitaA
& Co.
CONGEST BLOcg, c oantimi,
Capital Represented $40,p00,000.
of Hartford ; Conn. f
of New York. •
LIN, of Philadelphia.
t: ,.,,
. OF NORTH AMERICA, o r Rldita.
YLVANIA, of Philadelphia. -
, of Brooklyn, N. Y.
:NG 1695. CO.. Money. Pa.
written in any of the above leading eichii
standard ratea. Lo;sea proultitly tit al
, No, II Bowen ' s 41ook. HUGH TO oa.
.1872. . .
ri.' A, J. iontras
LD. resimtflilly emagIALTI tO the
o has now si . • r
_ _ "-:- • F
tiry and Fanfly fitioda
lla s.2rlptior., for the ladles,
Ja c.;sninti - of
net% Moves,Caps, Raillery.
terino, and bloaltn Unflerwasr.AntrnagiltrSta
ephyra and Pars. Thankful for. t y ttsr
onage of the past, she hopes, to tantltrOat
of the same, - ; .1 Jaz: 1, 111.
. a 34
Is LUTIOI•i.—The firm of Mule tr Hays hiivo
soli.ed partnership in cos ec willed- Of •~1~
I•f i the junior , partner , W -I.
. be continued as m ass' - undl e t l i
- - - ' .D. P., lIIIRISIT % •
I.ur , Jan. 14, 1878,-3t., ,", - , • ,
.. . . .. . ,
h;use, with frait'aisd shade trees, oat %WA
ne tudt-acrelof: and three good building
li. - 'batted in thelllllage of Itnoxville, EA,
. .. ?To. . 3. Dairy farm-of . 000
: •tt the dame; one mile west, 'on the env--
•er acre. • Terms easy... .' . , .... -:. .
AS.'l 2 lllll CIMIC.AhIiTCOII.
Address D. ANGELL/ •
Farm, for
ri . tou township, on the road leading lllisSe
v,ln Hi:tiers, in Copp Hollow. to the State row.
aglaud School House, 81% , etc:res; 8()
r!lad well watared. Good frame bottle and
ern. with underground stable.
'tug to bear; ail grafted ti aut. .
hood plata, pear, and Cherry trees,, or Car
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on the prerialles, i.rr -
241.TCHELL & C 11021,
wenabortp. Pa.
nsfield iron Paints.
rrwEtvE strAtin
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int eld Fire-Proof filetallio
I ' 'PAIL'S - 9r, ,- . - •_:. . .
1 _.L.t , ..; usr. OVER TRIP= "IEALCS,-.
, .. ,
, i‘re th 6 cheapest good pakots to the market.—
s eVurabbs and aOlieslve, and the darkershatV
r• t extent, fire-proof. They ate put up lit:lW
ifrom five (5) to fifty (f 9) pounds, Vaunt/ in. 014 , _
.ackages of from Ave to ten gallons, InLtedfoZ
; ate nee. • "- • •
1 ttentton of pera about to ptilat is resiviat
! fled to these goo d, the base of which is ireo.
Address JQIINII. FCT.N.O.I /sl3lta
1 4,--din. Alansfif.dd, %logs Co.; I.
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.1 Or LETTERS remaip.tz% Uat7 1 , 91% 915cer Ist
I Ilstioro, Pa. Js7l
!tea Buck, L.' 8., Brink, M. 3. Lou l, Uto. D.
Chas, C. Nioltorton, Lydia Stottis, 4 4i?9".„49
for any Of the above, phfuat 4ay they axes
If not called for in thixty
to the Dead Letter Of , -
GE9. W. P;
I ,l ln clitii str,a,tors' . Notice
ElTEtts of Adtaiastrutioi of., ttia qathte. .f Lewis
orb, Ist.s 4.1. Lay.r.‘lte-iyille.. Itag“, county. •Pii . .
ed, b..ittr.g Leen 4:-..ut , .: d To ov-. .ladersigned by
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• F.DVV.c.I:O 'tit. KOLB;
31.;DbON•0. BERNAIiv . -"-
rtueeville, Yr.., Jp,ley. 21..`1875,.-6w.* Oat
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JUST. it/Ik (,k, AI -EL - .
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-Ry T. Aft.l24E. STOCK (.).V 1 4 E .#7,ri,it..)3ao
'LOTII, CSBS.IMiIt, VEth V,GS, AND . -, 1
$, which I v:111 sell very cly*, 6 , 1 , Fog oAsa,
he beet assortment or 0"00134 aver 'bzola
soro, of variowi sty/E 0 ;: ' Resat tall grad'
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