Wellsboro agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1872-1962, January 14, 1873, Image 1

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VOL XL -NO. 2.
glie stittottor
alrEint Tinataz-ps
3341... 1 1ft1e.11113 ervzrox i crlr, •
A. boom • A. X. ROY
ZgirTWICIAS a--SVO,OO per annual La advance...ol
.114216,4 Or .4-Dr.,I32iTZSING.
Um*. i ill lit La. 81 41a. gaol Mel 1 Col.
1 Wea k $1 00 SI 00 $8 00 $4 00 $6OO $2 00 214 00
2 17ogla 1-60 SOO 400 600 70011 00 18 00
8 W. 48225 200 200 6 00 600 800 la 00 18 00
(--' 1111arAti 860 400 600 700 900 16 00 20 00
3 gozas 600 000 900 10 00 12 :0 20 00 93 00
3 ontlis 600 800 12 00 13 00 15 00 23 00 83 00
8 5152185 800120018002000 22 00 95 GO GO 03
1 940. .12 00 le GO 25 02,26 00.83 OD 50 00 100 OD
ittleserlisenaents ars eeletilsted by the inciti in length
a solemn, and any less ewe is rated u a full inch.
Iceeign advertisements must be paid far before In
ge :don, except on yearly ea: thee* when heit.yeast:
payments in advance will be required.
3centses lioness in Ilie ZditaAltr colmarm, on the
seenal r ees, ibesnts per lino ensh insertion: Noth..
to g in* ext for lees tUn $l.
ocus, liortoss in LOVA' Golan:in, 1-1
0 a ents per line if
more theM Ziausesl and ea seats for a notice of Ste
itnes or les.
Aroatre=mana 3tesaware and Dzszstainsertsti
f see I but all Maser, nation will be charged 10 sada
M Isla. •
out Vann 00 peiefat *boys regain rites.
Itnizus Um 6 14,41r`ar lass, $6.90 pa year.
Business Cards.
a. B. Salieflailla.
Batchelder at Johnson,
tlaanfacturses of Mounmsttte, Tombstones, Table
Tops, Coulters, dm. cal and two. Shop. Viraln at.,
oppealta rountlry, Wallstxmo, Sta.—July 8, 1.5T2.
A. Redfield,
tams pzomptly attended to.-131ontrurg, /171. noun.
ty, Paraya., Apr. 18124 m.
1. EL. Seymour,
kisitISNRY,. A.T LAW. Ticsa Pa. All btisinozs en.
!rattluil to leis Ws will , rar. , olve -promyt attention....
as. 1. 1972. . , , -
Geo. W. Merrick,
LAW.—Oilice in vow= & Cono . a
Zona AVtator 'Wilco. 2d floor,
Wellebcat'L AL—Jead. L 1872.
Mitchell & Cameron,
aTTOBITEYS LT LAW, Gann and Insuranoe Agents.
Oals Converee Viinbtrn'e brink -Week, ovcr
Conveses Oegcxers tUtte, Welbiboto.
Win •in A. 2toue,
&MENU AT LAW, (rnar C. B. Bsßo's Dry Goon
s"'4lte, Wright As Batley's Blocas on 'Urdu stmt.
TfaMame, Jan. 1, 1372.
- , •
Z. D. Taylor,
MB& WUTES t p4FUOaS AV .1) E.SGARS at Wka:saes
seati AsiaL /Tu. BOour. Ecuss .7:=l,l'Aboro, It
rs!!ti, 9.3472.
Jeans2t Emery,
Lwow= - A: LLl7.—ellofionggt;3 Cvart Ho=se,
70,'1 Pinlro 11IvoB,
MVIMP/ 1 9 atluala too-Jazi. 1, 1871
J. 0. Strang,
Office wilia J. B. Niles, Zsia.,Wellsbozo, P€.-Jeu. 1, • 72;
C. IL Dixtt,
..Teeth =do with the ;mew ms's.
b:tter eatisfeatih :bra :Ay th ihg
its use. Ora* in Wright ,ts c
hioeh. Wale
hbroi Oet. 18, 1,72.
3. Niles,
Ana= AT LA47....91111att0nd promptly to bus-
Inas ea:mated to Ists oars Sn tha court:in of Tioga
and Potter. O cu t 2» Avamna,Wallexco,
1,1819. . •
JUG. W. AdtPx^.-
411:103M AT LAW, Koz.s.l AUL cataty. Ibt.„
OW.Weesza pozol sandibe. t0...4T= 1, 1872.
C. L. Peek,
anoint. Ali" um. Au cadiapp-cewgr ovectxt
cam wishsse.ith, ass tl.O. %loge. Co.,
JB.ZOI4a -
Dulir la Ors6srv. Mize. Ana Clizass *am Table Cut
lery.- sm4 Plitsd \Tara Also Table and lioaso Zur
isals Giaas.+WellAboro, Ps., Bopt. 1872.
Juo. Wo Gaerrxel,
einVl=lt AT LAW.—AII raglans ezt - astil to Liszt
S lbe r..-czaray 131: exor iscu.th
Q labs= - 101.='s Tiaga,_7:l4,sr,==. 4 q,
hlaZag - Crag 14 1 4=4 .
AST near WiroUir4
coat s. Asets=cani.
Siam= L.
Wrz... B. emitb„
?3CNSICCLI ATTOBiEY, 3car.r.t7 analurarszee Agent.
th - antritthr.s mt, to the above toldrate t;',ll re.
dePro' promot v.:tattoo. Telp.a
tills, Pa, Jaz. 1, 1672.
4. 0. heeler'
sh•qintly aticad tO oolloction 8.11 claim in
Tibgs Coant,y. Oa-is with litairy Bherwood & Bon,
sloat side of to public num%Llaboro. ra. •
at. id, 18T4.
Baines GS Roy,
JOB PRVIVIIIIS.—AN kinds of Job krtating done on
exert notion, and In the hut manner. °Mesta Bow.
en & Cone'a Illook, 2d floor.—.. Tan. I, 1272.
Terbeli & Co.,
WBOLBSALE DB I GGIBT, and dealers in Wall Paper,
scronena Lamy • , Window Glans, Perfamery, Pouts,
OUR, go..—Cor • IL Y. ann. 1, 1972.
Sabiusville House.
tili.teMILLE, Ting% Co., Pls.—Berm Proprietore.
This house haa been thoroughly renovated and ia
now to good condition to anoomidate the traveling
• public in a atiportor rim' rater... Jan. 1, 1873.
D. Bacon, H. D.,
PEIVECLAII AND BITEGEON—May be tourid at his
elate tat door East of Bilea Todd'a—Main ;street.
Will attend proroptl,y to all oalle.—WelLsboro, Pa.,
Jan. 1, 1e742.
A.. U. Ingham, Br.l. D.,
HOWP.OPITHIET, 091oe at We reddens* on the d.v.
enno.—Welleboro. Pt., San. 1, 1872.
Seeley, Coats At Co.,
BALNEXlS.lll.noivir.it, VA*. 09.1 'AT:: money
depctit, iliaccomt , =tit, sae. t eani'm
York City. Callscdona promptly =Ade.
aIO3O,AS , =lay, ()fowls.Vusz. - Cru......tvALL
:c2. J., 1672- DA.vw °Dos, Eloxvli'ls
J. Parkhurst a Co.,
W01t,212.1a,c , :re5, , - i
1972. • IGNIi Pairaigl/13.t154 •
C. 7.4 P. 4.77.407
.11, act, C.cse, tc•
ev:2. )::,:et.
I.Br O L, ,
_ .
tt .e.ry (
LEtt$lllAT.-411-s Worm bar Stta2 , lB sad ,•,b•
pouo gragral.4 =at at. r.Ls engage. is tho
r. 7 std. ZstoiSe-5 bunin.us int:2a bon.7, tt.e.t
eta oan ba fottaa ft b.ar sera, aaxte.oot to it*
, 05,00 , 249.14 Z. Z. br.%
abatg3 oS t 39 ter.X.2.g ea 3 trimming dertzlmant&a...-d.
'orgl firr attsztica 1;0 12,71-tf.
DI. Teo a Co.
it. i• tumnfteur4.4q sellersl breads of oho Lee C'..gere
Arhtc.h re win et" fi.P7V335 th.rt cenr.ot E_it . 4 ".:vao
/ cuk onsto=ers. We us: none b 7,1, Vas beet Ccunect
last, Henna end :era TO'4.o=N2. e make our om 3,
Cdgios, and for tbse :meson ma wet: at Clem. We
he9e a general essortment of uod Chewlng end
Smoking Tobexce, mutt'. Pi from cltly to the
knee: Hoene:num, Tobscoo 2 utte" .to ...5741.4'
We and reteil.-Dec. 44,1872
John E. Anderson, Agt.
11"4,68. Iron. Btse. NaEs, gouge Trir"mings t
oh !es' To; Agrkaltaral Lmr,leatuents, cstrustra
Owls, &Cm 871n$1, Rime. kc., ?.?cynn" -rad TOW
Onthrr, Piste Wets, filLz.st=lA.m - nrxiton, -, Thipts,
?amps :.veoott Ens& fton—ti.s beet ir4 'Age. Drecu:l4:-
taxer C 4egler La Tin, CciPlv: r Sheet•lr=
&:.• alolag in I. cal Iroa. elirprk warrens.
• teCL—lnn. MS.
Welisboro Hotel,
ank COB:latt ST. $t THE AVE:ST/2,
- Wellston) ; R.
COL. 811 - NITEL, Proper.
2hls la a popular Hetet:lately kept by B. H. EnlidaY•
4 °
24 VI Om win Uwe AVPain.a • 62 rnako .it n fret.
house.. VI tb.e ataito arrive surd depart from tills
Root bostlfir lb etlemisan. Agrlitroa7 at•
Wellsbore ° & Lawrenceville RA R.
'Time Table No. 4.
Takes Effect lioaday June 844 ' 1872.
amigo mina. ' (tome Bourn.
/9 t 4 etsalom 1 8 9
p.m. p.zB. 4.m. a.m. p.m. a.M.
160 336 1000 Ar. Corning, Dep. 800. 7.6 8 00
12 23 430 880 L'eLlle 900 840 618
1918 493 8 44 Dep. Dunning 9 11- 848 028
1908 419 MAO Lathrop 913 360 683
11 48 4458 26 Vega Value 999 904 863
U 23 Et 62 819 Etenur.ond 963 918 718
11 13 343 803 1.%.11'4 Creels, 962927 7 23
11 07 340 BCO Holliday 067 080 720
10 67 882 762 Middlebury - 10 013 988 7Ea
10 49 3277 47 Nilo Valley 10 08 '0 43 747
10 36 319 789 - Stokeedala 1010 9 51 769
1096 310 780 Ds. Wellaboro, I.xr. 10 25 1000 810
2 69 Obarlestoa, 10 62
2 G 3 Bamealt, 1/ •
• 130 Antrim, 11 45
A. U. '42,081:07, Bap t.ll
Blossbarg& eon
Time Tab
Won Effeot Mon.
tDIM= =oat count(.
0:1 ...... ; .100 a. n 2.
1116 8
" L 5 ...... 20 p. m,
MOM' roans sLossnuno.
48 p.
So. 8 720 p,
Catawissa Rallroad
Poo, root of Pins Street, Viiiii.rnepark iii,
F. A..10/12(0911.
Mail dep. William "port. 9.00 a. w.
Accommodation dep. Wil o Avnaport, ..... ...0.09 p. m.
Alan arrive at 19111.1ame.poti 13 10 p. in.
Accommodation arrive at Williamsport,.....9.2syin.
An additional train leaves Depot at Herdic Ilona%
Wtosport, at 9.05 a. m.--for 14filton, PhiladOdbia N.
York, Boston and intermediate points. Peturnius,
direct connection is made at 97111.1amepot'with trains
for the west. .
No change of &ma between Philadelphia, New York
and Williamsport. Ci 0". WEBB. Stip%
Erie Rai uay.
Tam 'LISLE Arorrip Ji.mc aD, MI
Hew and improved priming Room and Sleeping
.Coaohrs, combming all modern improvements. are
run through on all trains between New York, Roches
ter, Bafialo. - liiagara Salle, hunpexuaion Bridge, Cleve
land and Oinotnnitl.
STATLONt. No. 1.
N. York( Lvofl 00 a m
Bing 4 M, " 666 m
Elsa a, 4, B3B 1 4,
" 7 01 "
Elorz . v/10, 4,
Halle% a
nag. Falls u
5 Stmdeys, from Owego for Ear= Ls
yin Way.
q - is a. ra.. exaapt Bundapa, fro= 27.aqr.sbalar.a lbr
1. - Drialellsva:e and NVE,7.
6 60 a. tr.., daily it= 6uaco. l-, ..?•te. far EozaellaTille
and Way.
110 p. sa., exo2pt Sum.den, from L1=1:1. for Atoz,
to Batalo and vita.
220 p. at, except Srazdays, from Blnghcaritori
HorizollsTilLe and Way;
STATZONE3. 1 No. Ll*
Duulsiris, Lvo 12 28 pm'
151it5.5"...:13, 1 46 7 1L ur...
Bur,slo, " 293 " I • 7 411 "
Horrasvc, " 603 sup.i 10 60 "
.B,o4.t.fister. " 4. CO P ELI 1 80: s'
Corning. " 726 " 457 •• 3C.8 pr..:
Minim " 808 0 619 " 11245 •
lituirnita, U /0 10 " 716 ss J 266 ••
Salvia:ls," , 700 arr 1, 8 909ai 965 s•
la3x.ranrc....; ,- .L..:4,a—z, ':::;1.4.1278 EAPCV7,I2D.
6 06g. ra., exctrit figuadays, &cal EomeiliviLLO Itsr
Owego and My.
6 CO a. La., 16. say **r3 iloraarrillsior 4116qUeltrar.a
a=d Flay.
720 a m., excapt . &Miry% from. Zornetsvilla far
Binghamton aad Way.
'TO.) a. m., esnegt BLva..aya, from Ong* fo: St:44l:e.
hums and Way.
2 CO p. m., szoept Suu6sys.' trona ?gated Post tot
s.haira and Way.
1 BO p. m., except Bundaya. from Eccnellirrille
Suaguenanna and Way.
%Tetm:Zc a. mdeys esospUd. .bevrean Snagra‘wrna ett d. rtYrt,
-17:casts ti til - p6M' Wont, of
att. ze:3s, for at.la In theoMon 1;1, - o Co4=-
Log spat.
Phis is the only authorised Agency ofth&pie Bail.
way Onzapany for the sale of wistwa Tio7iets is Cczn
lnicoge will be &caked oily 92 Tickets Er..no)=sd
ett. tze
0:0 aY. ABBOTT,
Gon'i Bast'; Art.
Herc Cez.trza Esaway.,
5 315 WEI" E.:". 4 UPEat. E.% Trot. C=21;1120 1579,
Ulowa :
7COCIEWAZD. solmnoisre ,
Biman Eacxess, 6OT p Bnlto. Bzpram 816 IP
Zen S 16 p za I Blnias lawees, 8 lb p 21
r.` , 10 1 " , 0r . t yZyi, /0 20 azu Za.:l 662 era
B. B. FISEE, CTen'l
An. 1,1872.
Forelsm a4i,l Domef,llc, liqucta
ITZTE.S, az., &a
Apra for Flue Old Whiskies,
zem.l. Ism • CORNING, N. Y.
Houghton ; Orr 4r, Co., .
. V.ZOITZA - ORE, PA..-.
- bleavitsciaarete Nkf ,
- 't, '- - ,k
t 2 : ' --" r ii - /
Buggies, Sulkies, /
/ .
eLIAIQXT.O. AND 808 21,11.D5.
We are propiired to ilh anything in our lino on shot t
notice anti in the b4t - nianzer. 2,s:tiefactiou guaras.
tact!. / nororrioisr, ORR da CO.
RARI - 2.aGf3 kCOLES, Ageata Wellaboro.
stony rczk. July 1. JAM
/ s' - --
Tr..l !IFT- SErlins reAcFp,l7
"1 17 .7" CIWCZY.F.A0 9,
Lateak,lzigoved, hence rm BEF"„
Evan Varicair POSITII,IE.,er
Read' serging rev.:lo Zmyr6Ted,
lgriLL be pat out on trial for .partios wistrlng,and
sold on may, monthly payments.
Before purchasing, call and examine the VZOTOR.
at L. I". Truman's storeinViellaboro, rat
• • Wee.L:r.2 5.11k f 7rtsk. Cotton lo.a noodled of oil :ids
ocantsztly on hand.
a.—/aacbinef of all kladirogoired ro*asatile
laws •
aim 9. 147 1 / 4 So
'6lk C 011 4 ,2
gi,to •
*Ad. 1
2 ”,
• .Ati'
- \
f s f!c om . •
Ing .Tlega. Bc,
a No. 82.
ay June 84, 1872.
No. 1 ... . 45
8. ..... ....10 80 m.
"16 ...846p. m.
No. 9. . bB6p.to.
" 4 .... 00 a. pl.
No. a 1146 a. M.
ON, Sap't B. & O.
' trOIC, Bulet Slogs B. B.
Westward. et
Nu. 13.
I Own
9 85gm
128 J..
120 am
10 87
8 &Map
'l2 06s.
/26 . 50/
960 "
980 "
800 "
u =ZZL~rE4:'AI.'iD.
• . Ar47"=711
63:a I
825 ..
10 80
12 01
1110 ..
'„6 o e
,MMS43S, Agezzt.
,New s Boot.
New Shop, Stook, And first,
A ITYTHING trot", A Varl.l r.:tok tort ZL.I. Clatter, Seat
JCL lino at
Ladies' lid and Cloth Bai
morals and Gaiters,
Ditto Children's • •
and Misses,
nits' 'Cloth, Morocco, and
Calf Gaitirs. Oxford
and Prince <Albert
good lino of OVEEISHONO, ead a fail flue of
M Aa,oo to 815,00, sta. worts tits isszley svery time
Lihtiter` and Findings
lowest rates, Is; ustitl.
I ha undersigned having agent twenty 'yeare of hie
r t
I in Welleboro—..much of the time on th 3 utool of
tenet, drawing the cord of affliction fcr the good
of soles, belleyes rather in haremaring than blowing,
. erafere;ho will °Lily l'etlakrii to his old customers
a. c.s many now ones as choose to give him e call,
th the may be found et his now shop, next door to B.
T. Van Horn's ware rooms, with the beet and chew,-
ea stock in Tioga eounty. 0. W. 5.E.4.1113,
elle - bozo, 4pril 24, 1872.
7.t No. 8:*
630pw. 700y=
8 OC) e.m. BtOcm
656 4 ;
6 /7 ..
6 20 "
5 6S "
108 e
7 23 aft
1145 am
1250 pm
IE6 "
10 52 ^
7 V ER
12 €5v.72
495 pm
1 15 1,
gi4m7r-craw BA T
. 22.2"CLIEV
0 -1 7
• angm.
1. is grr-titlas 'So r.s to ittl4 . tUs prColtc Lt.": Dr.
. C. Wishrit's:?:l2l37.ret Z'S: 7.rrhattfor —r- - outr.r4
V.sztses, ban gain,. tr. e=vit:tis re.717...t.t0a
• ,- .lr) Mitt:to to tho 2,tcttflo ottst, 6::•.C. f :a. thancs
• - ate of t`.2.e lint ftzatL:el uf Earozn, : of t..%..-vagh
. za alcuo, but by 1 . ...1. , :tams t1....r.cr,;:u0u. t2.....; 1 .hatte
?lip louttltt-Nlz.r.d urri.e. itt 12.,,,•:. 4 1.7e. -7 1C9 t.s
'eta) Ica!, so e... , our ro:”.•: - 4: - .c.'zs La t=b3t, to
B.t Tito. 2.
1000 pm .-
1012 Eau I
F ly the deharz-t• hole_e its Toutis
- at. e ,
Vot b 7 stirspNl. - ir v.igt, !t ra 3 .:i7 locr.l.:_g ,
nate tAli' V.V.Z.Z • t!) tO t:1.1.: , t CC "....:3 zr_b . ..celt.L . ,7 ir.a . •
~21fter". . ..4 Ccout ths thz.: ,.. .t cr.l t o.--?:=1„.."41: tubas,
64:• 4 . t.zes 4-ribatice..
1 - */-
la. :..t. re=olms t!...4 - 3
, C/V 15.3 a ir.:' tt?.4.{.0:6” (Vit.:. al
' • cos 004.12) oar thi iz.--:,... r•._.5...-aLzeze =4
• • otfs..l tr.bos, aselift t24:ll=git to sei axe. thror c.l
• - tby soctre.cms, r..” 1 ratlem the b10".4..
* - el. It is *ea erne equlZs, Lobel* I,poyso zrat
~, , ar ...2.l,_h_.=_•• r. , . 4 - 6 - ,, ....4-..4 ,, :CAg r1456(11... 621
. , OWSIC:b.. a Lc; a Encthlr.i.; e. - ,71...- cm, the sto..-zcaV,
cc earl liver arA tr.t
•us micas, thin rectab.t..B^ to encry prat , t 2 tr-is
• «, =1 !a Its !..171,itc;!0.1:-. =C. Ir. - -- Lteazg efitcts
geiv.ei c re*r_tAtot , . ch!.... It .tr.v.st b. , K3. wove
t •- i7Z.•,) Ar 6 lal .)(.qC . J3
ideorafn antewea.
_ =Ur n 7 Lunnediets .L.-w.tout s 7 eJ2r.JI not
tbsg curetive ?wallies by the ta9 of cheap sco.O.
.FAY xt.
1. L. Q. Q. Wiehart'a Oflce 1-aa•lots tire open cn
. ond 9, 9a, Tuezdzkto anti Wodnuodzsyn frpm 9 xi. ra.
I . na., ter conan.N.tiou by Dr. Wt.. T. Melee.—
. bita uro useoulated tv 9 ronerlif.rg rih:tleiene of
... owledrd ablP.t7. 1 - .Y.z opertur.;ty le not of
by any other in:Kit:V:l:n in the o'.ty. ---
Ea 7. ii, 'r
9 B. iccurs
DigSaiieiS aflfi StatigflaiSf
4 71 z Zogfr,
. '4l.=Acnr Male
77:at-ow - 2"..r. , .—‘64 0
!3:6l.rzotr. a. cla,
• • .: 77 ertfcie in GC: Ulm+ of trade.
1 .
...• act Sofa Dantes et One Das: a inoZtb..
•' 1 - DaZies at 75 Car.te a raw:Z.7
..- z.n. oripttons for a Treel , x - znontb t or year.
, P • wa far Books not In Itoc;r az-ore:47 attended %,..
. 4.
....'. • Depress I; 'EC: .. , -,E3 r0 , .T.. - . - 2 - _. 'Nom - ... , 74 - .7 Z,§ .117.
.6 ' ..
• .
•-• •, e- re Agento of the Anat.= Line a.ed Ine ;anion
• of i v. S. 3.Ea:.1 Ocean S••••=er.s. .7.'essego teise to
1 3
d • ant print in Europe at tkes Prgest rates..
',!. t Drafts erld on tr.. 7 Zan - a La Zara . ; aat war.
Pi -, i..,187.2 , ••17.. t.„ 9. 'Toni& & c-,..;`,
4 . ,
l' l r' %IS:11117)a `..4 7,1 '7. - ntnli , i , 1
'.....71 ../' F., ~..,„0... e; ......'..P.itE,..,r,,A.:' K ^
. '
... : = 17.7:.,.. f4 ,T IT ' I7 1 . 8 7 .T :Cr r 4 la varranled to
oz. win:ea tte4 Ina% Crr 9
. " ' 10 Mal 7 1 9 Ma% iiVobaro, Pa. ,
i . .
Shoe, Leather
~,~ ~:~ ~
nil TOP. ztra..D kGL'N
cifiv, work
to piloa tram 04,(30 to S'SZ, pegged end aimed
770 R 7:a.1;
~Frey ctf CbP3a-go.
C 11 17 : 1 .71 AL -7
- t 7 ti net,
4 ! r
j- • n-1 e•-.
(Succassazo at 7 , 11;0 , `i:C.:ZIIR fit
W. tiv-7,..-s to
4-i7 - 1--63`•:ama3 a elan.
"I•.r*aras, 4.1 sons,
• Coe.,
TAR Elltztn
k .
4 1.2= nabs. all slaw, -
2.1awir,z;41.-0, :aperzest
"attlr.g. Ders,
Lalista geo4-1,
" A, Scene for a Study,
';'clito lay the-snow ovor roof, over wold-;*
l and il l u a d i t i ll n ed g el e eiTi c' hTt in crc t u h e s h fr or in stts:;told,
Wore the *bite raiment tiropped trona on his
nut a little 'window, natio or.d.
Gleamed cherrily red on the wanderers nigh.
A. painter rumeott on his va.y. eat night;
"What a scene for n atuoy," tan rrelnterisa.,',2)
;Tairix gli=atirs that raby "'
fringe iteavel o'er bean;
0 moan thou art ghotitlyl 0 world thou art whites
IA t at the scuitiow 01 warm and red."
ao luilooked—but whatever his eyes might goo
His pencil told not, hie lips vtoro dumb.
I might guess, but who would listen to roo:
C;o: A. t a d th yo e u d gc s m o , t y t o h l e i Eralu'aßt°lver has
alloy ld ou th i•es i cr,-,lig•froo
And you two meet in tho world to edam
Ben is the study the painter wrought;
A. little way off that window glowe,
And the prints of the children% feet are bro
L'p to the doorway, athwart. the ?snows;
And the moonbeam fella Us an afterthought
Mod silvers their pathway who now T€ 19033.
Cold shows the world acid the sky round a . •
And warm breaks that ruddy light betwee
Of the painter's thought I need not doubt.
For longliko Lis study hie life had bean;
Ah, long time bin lot was to waLtt without,
rtoin the one light apart, in a wintery a
But I hope, whore the white flakes freeze zit
I hope, Tf here the winter le over and goul
For the :old of the night that went before ,
He almost forgets how ho made hie moat,
And almost forgets how they had closed the dodo,
And doomed him to welt in the world—tdono.\
Coming home late ono eventurt, I plat
Doctor t:3aul at the door, radiant. "k've
done a good stroke of work this Iseek,fLa
throp. Found a good situation for:6on
"In town."
"Yes. Why not?"
" What sane human being would ever
tether Ben Pilley in a town?"'
The doctor's countenance fell, but httre
covered himself.
"You're hungry, Tom, and cross. Eup
per's waiting.' 1\ ow"—after he had salted
himself and unfolded his napkin—" it was
the merest chance of luck! I heard )f a
clerkship vacant in the Pennsylvania Juan
tral Railroad' office; remembered that the
Pilleys were hard up—" 1
" As usual."
"As usual—and nailed the piaci:l' i for
Ben." • 1 ',
,' You4cl
don't mean to say that you wo
put Bliley in a milroad oM i
1 1' It is Pegasus in cart-harness, surelen
ough," said my wife, scornfully. "I 'his
own profession my cousin Benj w amin r 7
as ban of the first astronomers in the ole
country; among the young men, of bon
" Certainly, certainly," said the d tor,
deprecatingly: "The position is, lit cw,
c is
a miserable make-shift for a man of Mr.
Pill,eq's learning. But it was a case,of--
well, bread and butter, madam, to state the
thing plainly. The Pilleys,
,since Ben lest
ilifi school, really have been in that etndt
flan, that—" 2inishing the sentence ply a
solemn draught of coffee and &shake oa the
head.' r;: r
"The auestion is not the fitness o the
°face to Jaen, but Ben's fitness for a/ of
fice," I said. "Railroad work deman, as
I ur.clerstaucl it, above a.ll things, pro pa
tude end accuracy."
"Benjamin will probably fulfill any .c.bli
piton. into which he 'p.a../ enter." saidl,my
wife, ceidly. "Lly family ttsuali? do." c
:Now the Pilleys han •on. 'the very °ter
most branches of Mel cent% family tree,-=
But the doctor and I fide no reply. N7e
knew what it was to t nen root or twig of.
that sacred growth.
" I only hope he may not lose the chance,"
saidl Saul enxiously. "Ee was daze here
two days ago."
"Ben is dilatory,
with an awkward ls.tti
"But when he sees th
tur/ity in business matte
it: Anybody can do ti
"I thought you like
said the doctor,uneasil .
-...:'lia 4 ,u..T.i..s_kradiii!-21/ :77P-71 1 -- :44'..7 fae:2;gt
which I had for 7, re1l cnt here in cur ola
days of courtship. 1 1-arned to knew ban
tolerably well when w: went out fishing to
gether during last su mer. I never knew
a sweeter morel retur:. I never recelved
fro :m any ms.r.. ,so man gli.! . .s.7.ses of noble
thought or :high intuiti n. iz.is wife iii. ad
mirably suited to him., 00. Ehe is a zleam
of sundhine for eny'sh: 67 7. , .1?.0e."
": rn.l.iy ne7er saw ..1; t:lat in Ben," said.
my wife, turning e.ge.i.,st herself for some
inscrutable reason. " e's clever enough-,
2 grant you. '4l:ere's : tTedition in the fa:n
ig, though,,lhat he we , born a day tOolale,
and has never caught 1.1 with the lor, tl-re.
Ee even put of: takir. , a 7.1 cllilejsli d'se.ases
until he was grown. i Thy, lest fall the sb-
Elld ' creature had the thrush—the tbruF..ht
And as for his c - if., of Lli the incapK-le,
indolent— I can he,- e:ecything about
that vicman, Dr. Saul, ut her folded hands
and good humor, and hat drives me fran
tic. IBunshinel.'
" You'll have them in
as neighbors. I took
1 scud Saul.
' "You can look upon
1 missionary ground, and
Pilley will bring them
I suppose." I ---
.. .
" St least I'll attend
set in order for them."
et that moment, and 1
" There they are! Ti
gurgle of a laugh if
children, as usual, all t,
We rose in confusion
Now Mel's heart would
he come as a guest. I
prised when 1 reached" '
with a swarm of yours ,
ha, while she ,lau idled
gell their mother wit!
"So good in
this :way, Easy!" Sp
inter eye ae to where
they were to sleep,
".It wss Ben's doin,o,l
graphed tar him to cc'
but lie said no; he we
family, and show you
with , deci4on and pro
with the Reuel rttnnim
a lausch.
":hut wltere is Beni'
"'se lost one of
largesz, tr " tihic, I believ‘ ,
baggPze people - would :
he sent us before him.
Ben, tall r•r,ol this rs
usual appearance of hr.
by c! v:: - .1er!, - .7 lad into
mor, came, in.
" , ,cd bless you, Co
doetor's hand and tn,
frtt touch. Tilt:'6
fellnw as gentie and s
CL:CI27": t
metherly hiss er
already the patches o
Susan end the children
stilllperspiring in their
water stood in her eye.
tress. •
"Now conid anythin
cried:Ben, tinging hat
ner. "All here toget .
no hope of seeing the
tell you, doctor, that o'
plank to the drownin€
nigl gone under. M
Berl "We're always :u
.:cep and Jim, and /11°1
wits enormous slices
We're ail Inltstervei.
brin— lunch."
ht, about the lo
"Ohl it will tutu u , sometime. x put
t'ae• matter into the hart sof a catrmart dt - rrm.
there, an honest, retie leAcoking
couldn't stay all nigh . Whet, bcc,smc, of
the check is the mysteiy., I did. Izot put
into the unlucky pocz, Sue."
wiZe laughed, k., the baby slump
of auger. •
"Eh? How's that, pilleyt"
"A pocket of mine out of which noting
comes at the right se son. Cost us dear,
though,. lately. You I . eard of the chat:teal.
lost ta A—Collega? No? Vacant chair
of Astronomy and IN at rat Spenees.
Saul," energetically, theft observatory i.
consider equal to that f any in the coun
tl7. They've one lens there which z men
would give years of hi life for the chance
pf - using,"
"Was the profer4o I p.geTO t 9 3war
" IV WO ar4 - 1404401 Va.
rz ." r, —. v. ci..
confess," said nl,
:b. and glance at me.
neceesity of Banc-
era, he will etpire
Piney, Latbictivim
Pontefract's Woods
No, 20 ifvr them,"
Itbe whole family as
go' to \Tort. la It.—
p in a Week or two,
o having tho house
The door bell rang
,er face changed.—
r at is Susan Pil - fey's
.11e3 alive; and the
'Ming at once!"
and followed her.
i warm to a Thug if
was not at all sm .. -
he ball to find her
, PiHeys clinging to
d kissed and hug
the sincerest - , aftec4
I Oil to o_lll . lllSe us ill
iculatiou . meanwhile
n Voir: box of Lt house
'f1,12 (.I.,ctoz. tele
lie up is t Tuc:sduy,
21d thc
nil the, ne could P.et
ptuess—for onca,"
accomnaniment of
he eb.ee.ks for the
and those s:.upid
lag.e 8, diff - culty; so
Here he cualea," 2.3
•:ez, v:ith the
;nu 17. - ben- , 1 -0,07,--r_
131" rtiz.l-1; the old
, .
ta . ,17.1.y Vi 36 a
,elaulns -n
e d to Iler, gavelim
e eyp ;Ica EEen
hie coat., end that
jtiLv es it wes t were '
inter clothes. The
1 , 'with all their 3e e •
1. be bettezt:lrn this?"
Viand valise i, one cor
er once ir:orel I had_
doctor to-night.
er o- <<£s the
you're * lust
t aera,
), • •
ticking them cti
f beadEtt;?, !pan
I fc—Po'" eo= ,-
rsa-.7 to
• -
trankr i=terr,osed
4 . .....!'
=_ - ~ -~,=
.. ~.
tntistdea wrote to me making the proposi
tion, and, of 'e urse I accepted. It was just
after I closed y school. I put my letter
in , this pocket No, I did not neglect to
Send it, hot NV en I sent it I forgot to put a
stamp on ft. t was too bad, too bad!"- 2
growing serious . "They wafted until their
patience gave out, and then Boebtn, a ar
exalt 'Thom- -Bonn, - was pushed in be hie
friends. A month afterward myletter came
out of our village post office, qutto clean
and fresh."
"The salary was . large, I suppose?"
"Yea; 'but one can make/money any
where. But such a lens—" /
"'When will your furnitu,re be here, Bu
sy ftesid llell i cent, to liz/e.k the awkward
Ben and his wife glanced at each other
and laughed. "To tell the truth, we' have
none," said Susy. " Ben being out of work
of any sort for so long--you understand.--
It's all gone, somehow."
" Oht we'll - soon bring a few traps to
gether," said Ben, rising from the table.—
.' Well, boys, I am delighted to be with you
once more. Iye been anxious to fln - d out
what you thirt,t of Darwin's last step, eh?"
I was obliged to leave home the neat
morning for ; a'couple of days, and when I
returned the Pilleya were established in
No.; 820. 1
"1 We willld op in and look at thein,"Sald
Saul, who bed eOlllO to the depot to meet
When wee shed the door the vigorous
Sound of a vio in met us. The floors were
carpetless. T e furniture consisted of half
a dozen chairs, a table, and iron bedsteads.
But, the windows were flung wide open to
admit the balmy evening air. And the chil- i
dren in - the, winter clothes tumbled over
each other in and out while Ben fiddled, i
and his wife n seft and sweet as a May rose,
eat placidly beside him.
"But I *more and more in love every
day with your,' Pontrefact's Woods," said
Ben after the first welcome was over.—
"Stifled? Not a bit of it! There's some
thing vitalizing in the very pressure of hu
man life abou you. ' It's a stimulant. Why,
at home you ..now bow I used to creep out
of Ivo* and be off to the woods half the
time. /I cord [not help in Lathrop. Na
tare had her rip on me. But here, when a
thousand or d i re of us men set off to our
labor in the °ruing, I feel quite as though
I was marchi g , in en army. I keep step
with humanity,leh?"
"What about work when
_you reach the
" Obi - We mere bagatelle," indifferently.
"Plenty of Unto for study. I've found a
treaties of Tan 'Shuts, by the way, in the
Plailadelphie ~ibrery that I've wanted for
" What do yu think?" said Saul anZiOUS
-1 after we had ;gone out.
"As I did at prat. It was a mistake.",
"They wo^.lo have starved if I had 'not
b ought him he i re."
t' L'etter for! a man to stave than. to at
te pt 'any other work than his own. There •
is so much fence wasted. Either the man
or the work ends in ruin."
"Very gooski n n theory. Bet what about
the starving viofe and children? Besides."
contineed au4; when he found I had hoth
ing to say, " the chief of Ben's department
tells me that the work is, as he says, a mere
bagatelle to hint. Z - 'll:ey it no drecniing
book ;corm, after air, but a man of sound
ability, and large grasp of thought."
I said no moria, having certainly no right '
to interfere. Bat the belief was an old one
with me that every treater workman in the
world is fitted by God for an especial tapk,
end czuits it at btis Devil ft;:any considcre.non
of comfort or even life. Locking
.. e. Ben's
story through the horror tl.-e., nt.n_leted it,
the belief has deepened into superstition,
I had no opn o rtunity of oozing how -he
porfornee_ `'is rcutlea nntll a month or two
later, 'when I rent out to a suburban station
on the road to ;meet Yeiicent, who, with the
baby, had been down in Maryland for a
week, She had telegraphed mu to expect
her on the 9:0 p. m. express train from
Baltimore, and I went out an boar before.
Z found Ben pixisr.g on end down the little
~,lag.p.,,'-', r•.:t i , no citney dts'y in L:. , 2,, 47: - .No- -i
2116,inet, raLdt....t,.4.-1,- : -•-- I. ----, .-, f-e la- I
.1 .r, ~ ....:2...:...i ',.. -,_
tember night. I
' ;es, =is IS my;:ost. now," after wring
-1,-g =7 nr.nd hetn,. --:-.. "1 was sent out ten
days nno—r. kie.o of - Tiro :notion. : belle Te.
`There's more reancnitbll..ty involved. Come
It , nail leck et oiy . snucg.ery," watching my
r.rri.,rize with boy:E, cle;ig,hr.
.14e neat tit
tie oM. :,
ce - .7r5 137,..w^:'e.r.C:., '2l' 72:25 and now
era tn the wlndows : some ;me drawing were
on tae ;,‘;•rli.s, and rare books on thoo.esk.-
-T ., e yi:S.l:2 lay near his hand. .
"..16,nt7 c., t:rrne for E7.;/;...y. 11 men is
drawn to - ii!s reel w , ,. - •: . '2.: by r. 20::: of gravita
tion, eh? One can't sell cli of one's
' right for the Mess of potter.e. But What
'or;=rs you here 2.': r.:-:17.:?”
I icirt lii -, .1f .e.l was coming, and I could
not help being gretiled by nis pleasure.—
He . s\ as e.grw.efal. affectionate fellow, and
1.-:aa,ent'z little, 1.7.)...zi.; - :.es3 to them had made
him food of bar,
" I had no Idea she saes corning back so
Pontecrsit's has Seemeft
and lifeless vithout her, espeelelly to Srsy.
Oa the ;...10 express, eh? That's one of the
Leo:7l3st tzainti, us ai y. I.3reak of. eoiuc
1107,•e7 9, l'e.7e them. 1 ,- ;,?.dy for
yo it wife, while . j=e re Sart2t" to a col.
cacti boy lounging on the mass," run off to
the V:11},i7.3 ‘,':catt3 leo cream. ycu
rnscatt t",tie'll l l .:e thirs`.3 , V th the heat and
dust," turning to me.
`Luis Tvus al3 . ears ave., I )u.t I often welsen
Ai! the cold sw - eat of terror
fEt2-: C..tet - tm..1 . ; that .1 ain. again
p.tanti'nF en ift
breaking the fragrutit syring.P, bunches froth
the bush arid )catcaln. , .. Ben with an errtut , ed
as e and fro,
" Have you a ti.):Lo me
at the molt - teat tale tctet2t•aph cper;:ter put a
' Station I'iye minutt‘s inte.'—
wi'.ll. <11,ti0 . ...)2., , t1 look, ther crumpling,
it up End. tiqT•ttip , 7 it inlet V'f.l",...Catit
pOC:;t: L. Dici you lard not n car
t.iturc.'l4 ss CabEd:all here that I kno7;
.: L t..,.at run. arotizil
1.17.9 corr.e.r—"
"r# your cli9patcht" I Haicl uneasily.
" a s 4, s nothir.g4 1. 3 11 look into it In a
minc.,:e:" zux. off li.i.e u. boy, was goes
a short time 5.1.r15.1 rett:.rn:=.l:l, bring:ng a slov
enly Irishman ores:ling T7hip. " Here.
Le as. .t:::•lag .up
,your Pote, the.
At mor_ent the 'Yew Ter:{ czpzets,
beavi;yi den, =. - sent the:de:lllg by c , r. its
way I slcod watchLer,- ; idly
the .;:ae the windt;:va made
V.QIo: hgeinst the
t..7.c ,f;S -A;
ter the car?, iloidiil7 the open
g in his i r_ce
ally rite .v1:-a des...ja r^,eens ft2.c9 to
face on fan hip:hwev.
" t•.ts . c.: youdone?" ‘. r
"1 (7,5 , 3 cot .: - .?ad ell ti dispatelt.T
I took It was from the tralr, which
=.y wize wv.s to cor;:._ , - "EtEtion. l'To. 15.
la:e1 tr,-ek
"I ht..7e 1:ev: Yo:k
cue. T.l - tv
v wo
via meemeet.t mi!es tic.•wn ;:cetV."
" sva car. telegraph no-v."
is 2:0
to "
, turr.e:::.. tl7e
came cut of hiagave him the
ing quietly:
"I uf-g1e , ...1ct,7 atop the .7:Tew 7.oth. trait.
7cu see done',"
fcl:ov±ed r:e down the :ernera:er
Low heard behind us a sudden outcry cf
mentaHoices, and then an awful iItISD, as
the cOmprenension of what was yet to come
tint cool , l no; be helped Etl'aC:&" thew d - o..mb.
rernen ,, .:e.r r...ncerstard!rg ; too, that
they - rere Gendir - F, irl t:ie cit 4or l s•;.7scon4
to help. 6or..•__e or the ofEcials ptlfied us la
a fewl - ,romen - .s. driving furiously.
I Tfarised or: con:, the road, and Ben fol.-
10. ed. me. laborers from. 9::out the
etation came up alcmgside of us.
"If it had eeii dßyligh'," eaid one in a
eubtlued. tone,' " there might have bees a
chance; but at n." , ght—"
"lxrr both extras, any goia' at their full
wed' — "
After that thsy.-ve:-.1 silent, hurrying, on
beside us. .The night was dark. We came
at last to where toe road mad.... a Sudden
ber.dlaround , a , Mli; L7eio which a creek
glimmeredcp other side pf
the bend the begtt" 100 ti; bariPs WO?
between this end
. , •
„_ , •:- . I- - . i --•-. r ."-
. _ - t - • ..- ,•: •;.- - _ ,I ,
__ - N.0...4;#4..‘ • 4 , -
,•- - .-1 ,' f , -, A., :, -.; - -- L l -,.- .
I • _
. i - ,_ ~„,.„.. , , -:,.. ...,... ~. •- 6
.-. 1
i- ...._.
"I s the buggies of the men as rode
down i " said ono Hof the Irishmen. ".The
trainstave met beyant."
./They went on. , I stopped, Ido not kndw
, for how long, holding my face agathet the
clay of the cut in the hilt. I rem timber
groping with my band , and thinking had
a woman's hair In it, or a child's. I crept
t•rOurAtha ben(l,7ently, and down the.
There on the side track , laid a longtrain,
the engine snorting and puffing—drowsy
but composed women's faces peering out of
every window. From one of the first Mel
leant looked, curiously, and Sandy beat on
the glass with his} hands. Groups of men
were ;standing along the road, all talking at
"Jake Redmund's on the engine this run,"
said a brakeman to a crowd near, "and
that's all that oaved us. Jake sees the light
of t'other train turning the hill, and switch
es back. He hadn't an inch to spare, sir!--
Jake's got the best eye and band on this
road, and he'll be promoted for to-night's
work, or it's an Infernal shame. Both them
trains saved! ' God help us! -here's one man
that seems to be dead!" stooping to lift a
body from off the muddy track. As it was
turned up to the lamplight, I saw Men's thin
face and half-open mouth.
"Piney has been dismissed from the ser
vice of the company," said Saul a day or
two after.
" Of course."
" Then the company ' were exceedingly
unjust," said Melicent. "Ben never would
have neglected a dispatch again, whoever
might, that is certain. What does the com
pany expect him to do? starve!"
" have good news for you," the doctor
said, his eyes shining. ".13oehm, it seems,
would not leave Bonn to take the professor
ship, and it is given to Ben at last."
"There fa poetic justidel" Melicent said,
with a triumphant nod to me.
"That Ben should be rewarded for sell
ing his birthright for the mess of pottage!"
Though I was better pleased than she was,
after all.
Ben Piney holds rank nowo in the world of
science, where business till or railroad
kings would be looked up as but com
moners or Pariahs. .
But he takes as keen delig in trout-fish
ing as ever, and is every wis4 he same old
Ben to ray mind. Melicent 1 hag just come
home from her usual fall visit to them.
" They have every , comft and luxury . ,
of course," sheave disconttedly. . " Cul
tured society outside, and lovely sCenery,
and all that. But the elegant house is all
upside down, and :the servants rule, and the
children go tutnbling e.boutin their summer
clothes these freezing day's, and Eusy sits
smiling with folded hands, and Ben fiddles;
and they're as happy as kings =A. qiieezu.
It's intolerable!"
7-zo arozen Welts of Brandon,
About a mile soutAIR of Brandon, Ver•
wont, there is situated a well forty-one feet
deep, the water of which has the peculiarity
of remaining frozen all the year round. In
1.859 the owner of the property began the
usual ezcs.vations for watet. After passing
through four feet of clay and ten feet of
soil, a bed of frozen gravel, sixteen fee; in
thickness, VMS :encountered, which rapidly
changed to mud when czi,:osed to he.st.—
Furt',.,r46o .6 - penetrated another bed of
clay, and iinally,a layer of clean gravel, in
which water WS:3 found. An the winter
months approached, 6 ice began to form in
the ell at the rate r..sf_from two to four
inche over night, while during the succeed
mar, tLough the we:lnn:if:ll:led open,
ioc,asional of ice 7culd n.:ppea: on
the surface.'
Eventually the well_ WES' abandoned, but
since it has remained unused it is fonnd that
if the cvinter ice is not removed when the'
weather is quite warm, the water remains
frozen during the hottest months. During
last April ice twenty , Inches in thickness
was taken out, but es the atmosphere at
that time was chilly, freezing egain took
place. On July 16th, 1872, the temperature
in the shade was nik,- - .lty-Eve deirces; at ts,vo
e....-,1; iITML t. A was
r. 1 " ., ~ ~..c ..,.. e • c , 1 ,.., ~..•,,, .„i•,
the mer"r7,-... - ., ........,.-4,,,
_,_ ir...- 42 . ... a , , .....• 1
,-,;;;.1„ - \% 4 5 w.,._eT " - it.,,-, ;,:triltir.g
frozen grenel. L. Zan endeavor was mere
successful, - but the ex7s.sime.nt, was never
conanleted, though weifearr. It will be once
more undertaken during the nest summer.
Tho.ro.is considerable 'specultaion in sci
entific circl:sz az to why !this narticular lo
cality, possibly twp hundred feet squa:e,
should permit the wint.er cold to descend
through from twelve to twenty-nine feet of
clay and Ora: el, end freeze a mass cf. ma..e
, rial averaging fourteen feet thick, and Tel . ,
not affect any other spotEcomposect of slini
lar strata.. 1-tofe.s.r.br Er...'fi(2: is of opinion
ithat th e pl ., :inoir,enoa is du e to Piac:al re
mains. The 'cads of era 7 which intercept
the sun's heat, end besid„?... chz*., cff suzface
water, together with fav,rorable arrangement
Of the stic.ta in connection lcith its clip, and
the proximity of the out roppinglim‘,stor.e,
it is believed, have pr ntected the frozen
mass from thawing for t ousands of years,
while the remainder Of the gi.P.eier has long
since melted away, leaving only its moraines
in the neighborhood. M. Ularence Ster
ling,' cf Bridgeport, Connecticut, who huh
already anent some time in the lave.: , tization.
of the sn'ejt>ct, proposes nest year to carry
down the iiith well to '.et - reuter distance.—
—Ecisr.f,' - '::: .Z.nzerxcin, , ,
The Deaa of 1872.
The deatinroll of 1512 contains an unusu
ally large number of eminent names, and
among them some 1. ho r,:ave - in their seve
ral positions, hardly leftitlicfr peers behind
them. Among the ru/e0 who have passed,
away, the most comf.plevous Were: the King
of Sweden and Nor..-ay,', lviao, dying in the
prime of manhood, was Inkoroned for by his
whole peOple as one of the best of_ the Swe
dish kings; President Juarez of - Mexico,
who, after a long and' troubleuis career,
sleeps well; President J:j. Balt. - 1. of Peru,
who died by the hand of the assassin, and
his successor for four days, the usurper Gu
who paid the forfeit of his rash am
bition by a violent death; Earl Mayo, the
Mvernor General of India, who also fell
by the hand of a fanatical assassin; and
that " power behind thethrone greater than
the throne," the. Archduchess Sophia of
Austria. Ther; were. also several persons
of noble birth, who had.le".erted some influ
ence in European afTairs such as the Prince
of Wassan, brother of the King of Holland,
and tte Prlncesa of liohenlolie-Langenburg,
half-sis:er to Queen Vit:i..ori,..
The cleath of I-loraeo Greeley, co . short a
time after his defeat as a car_d:da:e. for the
P.lesS•fency, took away One who had ruled
more hezrts than Inca', of; the princes of Eu
rope, and whose awry was none the less re
gal tea: it was neither iby election nor by
the so-called divine rig 4 of kings; but his
rAcre wp-3ropriate piece would perhaps be
amcr.7 either statesmen or jotarnelist3, in
both of which classes int was specially emi
nent. - ,
Of the 'deceased - rtafthmen, ard political
leaderq, t: - ..e first -niece belonze emph , :ticail
W na a. •
to ill!a. F.677.?:rd, .nd : l i . enezt to X...,.., i -
zini; titer these, hut wi{h - a lone interva ;
we should name Pri-iceGagaria and Count l'ilul_!r, br...th of ,1?.-.ssie; Count Hegneo
burg-Du; Prgrnier of Bavaria; the Earl of
Lonsth4o, J. B. :Im-E.:bee:be, of Holland,
:huahal Valliant, thel.arquis of Kira:ores;
and, of our own cour,tr.•rnen, the ve.nern,e
Ralph I. Ingersoll, Eciw'Ard Etanle -,- , 0 ? -,..ret
Davis, J. 1- , . Grime; Stephen Cawell. A.
Vi-, Re.nciall, and others'' .1. ;:or should thee
I,A>, omitted Irum a Liz.lt place in this list one
who was an author ad ipu blicist as well' as
s. statesman, the late Dr;;Francis Liebe::
Of puma:744lJ there are several names of
the fast rank among the dead, especially
Hoface Greeley. James Gordon "Bennett, and
James P. Epaflimir, fennders of the 2. T _
line, the I.7cWra , ana - the 77cr.7.0: ; and ;.2..broz I,
Theophile Gautier. Adololle. Gueroult, 41-
ward.• Wahr , ..ms, end -S. F. Dufour. Con
spicuous, also; among! the second class of
journalists were sucb men as Pty. Dr. W.
B. Bond, Rev. Henry FoWler, General W.
'Schouler, John .P. Brace, John T. Walshe,
of the Mobile Rsc:7:ter,' Redney IJ. Adams,
and Isaac Platt.
Of eminent ckr„c. , :ymen . deceased the list Is
long. In the Catholic hie.rarelaY, .Archbish
op 6palding of Baltimore, Bishopsr..VGill
of Richmand and O'Connor of Fittsl:urg,
and Vicar General Costey. of 117.1timor.e.
were all dlitinguis.bed for` their ability
while among Protestants, Bishops I.lpfold of
Indiana and - Eatitio.urti of Ma§pachteett%
• •
kf: PifiiilP lotP ''-'
.i•-t. -
. . . ~. ~....;..,.... ~.,,, ~.; .. -4. ---, • .
. ,
pal Church; Rev. Drs. G. W. Eaton, Sopa
thanjVade, E. Turneye end . G. B; Ide in
the Mptist Church; Rev. Dreg Specs, Gur
ley, and Saunders IA the Presbyterian
Church; Rev. Dr. Bead toad' Peter Cart
wright in the Methodiat'Eplecopal; and the
two Bishops Logan and Vanderhorst in the
African Methodist Chrirch, were all men of
Abroad there are fewer eminent • men than.
last year, though come who could not well'
be spared. FrederickDenison Maurice, this
Bishops of Jamaica and St. Asaph, (Drs.
Spencer andeShort,) and the venerable Dean
of Montreal, Rev. D. Bethune, are the most
consnicuous of the English clergy. Card!-
: nalsiQuaglie and Amanand Pere Gratry, of
the Catholic Church, and Dr. Merle d'Au
bigne, eminent alike as clergyman, profess
or end historian, are the names of most dis
tinction on the Continent.
Of philopophers, Fenerbach and Trendel
enburg have passed away. Of tdentiate,
Professor S, F. B. Morse, Professor ; Albert
Hopkins, (a Fellow of the Royal Society,)
Gen. Hartman Bache, : Profesliora , Daiaiel
Treadwel4 S. H; Dickson, 'J.:W.. Frazer, E.
B. Dalton,:D. O. De Leon, S. Jackeon ' and
Drs. H. E. Buckley, C. A. Lee, T. A. Cros
by, and J. D. Wheipley are worthy of no
tice; while in Europe, Mrs. Somerville, 3.
Babinet, Pictet de la Rive, Dr. F. Wel
witech, Professor Goldstucker, Sir Andrew
Smith; and William Henry Smith were, all
eminent in their several departments, - I
.dre mourns the loss of several distin
guished names: Thomas Sully, J. F. ICen
aett, Joseph Ames, end Thomas Buchanane
Reid. George Catlin, the famous collector - :
of Indian curiosities and painter of 'lndian
scenes, mu'enbe included in this category.
In the drama!fo prole:siva, and connected
with it as dramatists, there have gone Ed-,
win Forrest-, Bogumil Dawison, John l Poole,
and Franz Grillpurzer, as well as a host of
lesser lights. -
Among musical composers, -two limes;
both venerable for age and eminent fqr their
compositions in sacred music, have left us:
Thomas Hastings and Lowell Macon, In
other departments of authorship, Professor
James Hadley, Professor Thos. C. Upham,
Jesse Olney, the distingUished geographer,
Professor Lieber, -already mentioned, Na
thaniel Morse,'L,L.D., for some years Presi
dent of Columbia College, Rev. • Henry
Fowler, Henry. Denning, H. H. :Browne
ell, Saleur Tain J. P. Brace, Mrs. Cathe
rine Williams, , nil Mrs. S. P. W, Parton,
(Fanny Fern,) were the most noteworthy of
our losses. Abroad, we note Sir john Bow
ring, Dr. Merle d'Aubigne, Charles Lever,
F. Gerstaecker, Robert Prutz, S. Haber
stiel, E. M. Oettinger, A. Hilferding i Pere
C-ratry; and Karsten Mulch.
The deceased jurfehrin our own country,
though several of them men of fair 'abili
ties, were not, if vie except David: Paul
Brown, of Philadelfenia, and Chief Juspice
Weston, of Maine - of national reputateon.
The number of our great seldiers was
still:further, diminished by the death of Ma
jor General Halleck eed. l'neeler Gen. Mead.e,
and the venerable Generale Sylvanus ThaY
er and Hutt - Mat Bache, while one of the
ablest Cenfeclekate commanders, Gen. R. S.
Ewellalso diked. Brigadier General An
drew 'Porter, Of the United States Voluzi: -
teers, and Gen.. 1. - T r umetrey Men - I:ell, of the
Confederate army, also passed away. Th'e'
M.:".f., f.',...M:r.`-12t, dezeased ioldiere au:mi.ye:B
l'e:feeshel'Ve.illseete q?.:".":7. - Pia,ll:2lfsti:er, ernl;
in the English navv, AdmiteleSie James.
Scott. I
E.2' e.^. the 27ifiartflincy : .hin we End Ale
narnes. ce! Isaac Rion, rearam Beal, John
David Wolfe, Liceene'e: Iceman, 2:nese:l
Stergis, i guincy Tufts, -E. D -- / Emereon, Rev.
John necurase 1 Joeee end Jokeh Per.se.
Other names or. note, earcliy susceptible of
elseein'eatien, are those o: 4,:::: - .":3 ::iii;, Jr.,
Eraetee Conaing, Ace 7 ,7leitney, Jct.:G:ll%n,
J. -, ,e1. Scranton, John a Brown, of Con
stanilaople, and George P. Putnam; the
were:mown I:chile:len
We write these sentences near the time of
the year; what otiaerrinent names -may
be added to the list. re the last hour is
struck we cannot ear Ise, bat :essuredly the
heat ben bee= eeeliclenr.—Lesee:e•Zee ereeer.
JAG 1:5 - •
ed and the e:::;:. , t ic r.: ca for the deac:
end mortally wou.nded•of the late politioel
,570 oL.r. share belo-,v.—
I° zny' crin v. - _ezt :et them szncl their
contricutions to the ;T.,ibe.ral National CC:::.-
mittee, v:ho have tllta>werlt 1:-!E:nd of M.E2:.-
ing t i o,ifbtozes for the departed:
77C7.:Z0..Z7.; "
(Etc /) B: 7z) (14.2
ttra 2`o9ozrez4s.l,l;::.
lf:t t'z.7.7 'cc:a a beer. 111=,
CCL:=I ,
M t::: "Tient" ::;;.:, , ,rPto tt , lfs'ahnt , .ez
12 :e. left tts rurry f..: b;r3 r.zzty.4 c=el I
Ero love Ala count:,' much, but z.....):o'himnir;
Vraor:zt:lan him oa t.L.o eb.elf.
71 - 210:7. •
Pants net, hind friends, tint onward rase;
ete.e.e. to read the. toralieter.a of an a:la 7
-- zertnywourif.
Uera Ile3 a meal (the do'il halo rightly caught him)
Who lccol lili ac.urt:y p:.ct f.:: what It b:ought him
1 .......
LONG' Jo 'Z.-'i.! •
I! r ''''e wr . hia b0,',1!" . -
-.. L - Lall . bla rout. !',
B.'s toyed Ilia toddy— •f '
Mao, that's all I „ . .
• A jc,; - ..c.nallt who ttlyrAla,lied is UlO
TSeI here , end gr:es cc•ns_•istincv its 0.'13. ,. .);
We co to say' ills' truth T:11.3 pie, 1
GAL: wi"-ASLATOrs. •
11 1 2r0 •
wolid jogs on Nvithonthim
His nemzo., the on - , white tbi.T shoat 111 - 41;
Hie 131...0„:, ,, y ott,ers' ° •vicrlvi NV,I/0 did achieve,
(Lie ~Lt no w0,.1: olorxe
By othi-t,' , 5',-tu.-1 must i is s.'!as reprieve—,
(110 01 his Own.)
Which ca b.e'ct choo3e no 'wirer conl.l ever toli—
Ana now Lc e rcetln: he's in heaven o hell. 1,
"Poo: T,37ein ma.e<sla"—or vas when Ihing havp t
But noon 1r czeo quite ravaged, v.) feu. I ,
Ebro Ilea poor Tray, who found, ut solemn
Ho* in bed compuzy good names aro Ent. •
and. great Jra's lila are;
9, but sin 21117 a lyro.
Hia Porn Apollo%
1;3 orgln. rlEyea
of noble wayo:'
ok.o rio'or reooivo4kla Freoe.
171.17!?er kis fc . ...e.tu,
Let ;Lion co=ciezm
o nzaci:; 117.1.^.1. 1,
frcze.c= tau: gisizt
• U.:: ,c.,1c::0 . .. 12 az - al:as
zt:croz.f.s of the tzar. I ,
la cr. V. CV e:3itt
To f7.r.... ti:: C::,47C
AM.4 . r.g.vi .20.4 .i1i , ..", •
7.3:.t, C_;..'S.lt•.l":E.'
7.....0 W.:..Ct.. t.) 1:..' 1
i...:ES, ISit«. tzecs k
.rikir,t 1:9 - . , ,i': t'zi.l -
An:. Gov;, V...'.t.:0 r‘2'
2.Sand LV.V.; tit.•:,:r."
. v;a3 crot
Co tee tbo•:o iz!a btpr,
eznir.g,:mebagatMtllt , B
C. 2 of Cr.ccr.
ostgaf3.7C Trrea'a tnti-to
!n doubt,
I your
,nr.er!ri. trao`..s " our
CZ= f`2. , a b' tat
bacco tr , icte,
0, Trt:sit you're.
11.nd troLlblect
S . .nce 7:7ur
, left no
1 "Es htrd to 'ace.:
axe, 1 hr,0 , 71 -,-'--
zzr.el:sn2; ce. ' 1
Conr.o:e yourvai!.
tbcy, sci
F.:ould tthe t;)
17 . 1 n t;:,e pßzt,
: E,slr:. ~
lICW, i 0770.7
It r.tv be tr: - .3
Thi eta tilt., 1, - 07:
Go:~.© little 11;7:
1 : 1 11(.r ittt
I (7 "lA, 74
vor,, ,
the - new California 1 cde,
Ir. fol1:' Lacy'enter into the
I 7 ..5;r71711 - v•
I:iv Vf
•;,,„-z ,„,_ •
7?,ecorfr:rrf,:, quiclity of
deelcse themselvei mar•
sus ; " The raftrriege of
4eir emtus from mizzers to
According to
child:on or gro
m',-:•,147.2 r.t..!:.te
sslvs3, mprrle,C,
-C1:11 , 37..cn ambal
aze have only ti
:- y.
or y.or the la -
ZairlOrS changes
iince of Gertns.ny i 3 o. con•
land it is. helleved fnat• his
It 0 ::(3. C 3 he is,. -,vill ezrvive
nt, of:thp c.etth.of. tittlEak,
, . ti.... 0 crews. ~-.7lll,dlizoive
deifek_o4pties thcii* isaiti'
' d ' ' trli' l alli 2- ' , 3 Uf a
c4ca9l - 4 a w r. .
'The Grown-p.
finned invalid, •
L.-iperifil father
him. an the ev
Inror and Ills sQ
upon Plinee - F'r
to be a. man, of
0 i 0 Se . dool OtaarlaißiCttlOtt
Zn Pmso the
fill NM)
f i r
ads 4r,41-4,*
, .r
i 1
wHou go. 994.
COOAng Hay or litraW for Irelles t :i_
• A. correspondent or the- Toronto Mb
*mites as follows on ado subject:
'One of the most clever find , experiorme
veterinary surgeons once told me "neVerlee
cut hay or strew for horses aborter than
leOlf ieni?;.'! .I had been ttertig secli fala
ra i
y horses, and they' bad been muctetro
led with colic, or griping, . pains in. the litOille
as b and boweLs. Tuld not biteable whir
hdre.es that bad alw ay s previously Deer=
from thee tendeney, should now be so
to its reitira. on such small provocation. e ~.
I / trivial], torte-of things as -- 0. 'remedy
and finely called in the doctor. ' Hein qui4
how I fed'them, and. oti_hearing that i
cut feed, and that I was in the habit of cut. '
ting it very short—about a, quartet*to a
an inch in lengtheehe at once con
the practice ass causing the evil .comp
of. His theory was "that holm, Irbil"
hungry, and being fed withal:torte= haertre
straw, on which damped meal - had
winkled did. not atop to grind the 4g?
thbroughly, end, consequently, it passed
to the stomach without being properly nutsh ,
ticated, and Its this state' proved v!ii.j , labs.
ties to the stomach and boweleelve •
I discontinued- the practice' .Of abort out
ting„ and. the fits of colic ton ',became s
rare occurrence in our iste.ble. Vier!) is no
doubt whatever of the' soundness' of en
theory—and indeed, on any aecoUnt,ehter
ought not to be swqiewed 1 without Deng
ground entirely into 4 state lit for digestion.
This evil is not felt with ruminatintse
mats. ,In their 'case the food after
awallowailis returnees ley the atotuach,,
again undergoes mastication; .end the thise
it is cut the less work has the o 2 Or _ cow to
do in reducing it to a state fit for digestion.
Any one rho has examined the cud of a'
ruminant jest previous to swallowing a see.
and time, will at once appreciate the differ
ence, A hungry ox will eat hay' twice' as
fast as a horse; in fact, it has often been a
source of -wonder to - me, when looking on
and observing how these anineals."tmer in
the hay," and how lith e chewing itsete be
fore =allowing, why they were not often.
choalzed with suchun anageablemontlatail;
but I novel' had' - one .who 20 , suffered, al- .
though, like all farmers who feed mots to
cattle, I have often bad them choked with
turnips _ \
Green rood for Fowb.
Mr. Wright_, in his book ore poultry, that~ 'N
tallta of the In:Tot - tar:co of green food tci
poultry that is confined: , - •
Toe last requisite in flew-shape of diet is a
regular supply of green, food. Ei3Xt3 again,
fowls itept on grees will need no attention ;
but for, birds penned up tho daily provision
of it is 'an ahe01.....ke necessity, though moat
beg - I:mere are igoerant of -tt, .We well re
nietab:: in our early experience bow our
fowl:, died, we could not at &at tell why;
and one fine Buff Cochin cock„whose only
fa it Bras a strong vulture hock, 170.9 in per
ticuiEr greatly regettech - An experienced
friend let U 3 into the secret, arm after that '
7.14 had no cii.tcultv in keeping fowls, am
where it is often said they cannot be kept La
health, viz: in eyard paved with large Sag
stones. The best substitute for natural gran
is a large fresh turf, thrown in daily, to eitClia
fe:.:r or nvo :2°...m5, and even in towns It IS
even pc:rzible to procure this by giving ail.
:Iran. a few pence evrey week to keep up a
ular supply. 'Where turf is not allowed to be
taken g:eu' :may be ant or pulled, bubo
this oars must bu cut into green chaff with
alter.= or a chafi? machine. 'Me latter lau
is now ,-, - le actually n , anefod . , ,for years a
yerf.. oriy 2i: by ttn.ny-feet, divi ed
Into Fix pea?, paying EC; MC child a few p oe
to brin3 fresh-cut grass daily, getting It tip
and rsteg tI with their cot. !Mat
.o.'otTiatOGyer. -
ns P7.17.cc0--kr 01 Prying. he Ute pl4O.
ozor,hy at' fryiog is to have the fat at e, boli•
iv neat bcfc:e. anything is per: tato It as
ins ;net..? y, TvErtn. . it peuetretcs, end. the
fcca i 3 "grecey;" hot, it fs the perfection of
one tattpt• , -
f.,":ear.a.tarte:, one cup of sweet milk, sad 1,
ell: in 40 unt - ..,1 taloa enough. ' Theo fti
• • .
ITC'3-••-7. at rii. , ;c•is this
size c): oN . into a eitillet; Ter GO=
bee: E. In, tuning nearly ez the - time r
tin c.cze. fne Laze:. in cre side of- the
....111=2"., end fz..• a little artmr. =Mr, cc
, -7eter for 2av - 7.
£ li2'l34:X.—Chop 2,pound or iwo
7en; Lidney ez • any ether tender meet
fne; ons cr MO eggs EX.ci a -little
bntte: re - zr perk: cone I.e a =ton;
ce.ezon szat end pepper; ' Do Ib.eut
m@bal:s•a::.:czt the size cif an egg ead tcy
• ; ::Crn. arerf....7 —Trice air, cupfuls of
cornmeD,l. fo . o.r_capfuis of Whaat EOM', two
c:...;pfula Of mola,:-sea, two teeopoontvlo•of
sad a rattle atat•;' . mix .this well Werth!
er 7 iato dough; •then maks two
e9kes of it, awl. put
_ihto tin or iron „Rauh
',Ma bate our hour.
'Y Bret Ore am.—One coffee cup of,
1, - ,1.; -a boi - i, a gelatine, the juice and.=
rcel bf 'One lemon; one-pint and a, half of .
Milk and one coffee'cup • of white sugar'
Ikemlve the .: gelatirte in the wine over thi
;ire, grate tha peel and addthe juice, o
the lemon; after it has dissolved, add -the
auger; let it simmer, strain it and .then add
the milk; stir till cool and put in It' mould.
Co: n. .iii al Bread.—Bour over-a pint' of
nioacorrneal ono pintof - hot new milk;
beat this well and add, a little salt .then etlr
in a large spoonful of nice,- Sweet, lard, beat
1, , ,v0 €l2e very light and stir in 'also, this
...o:tt bi NV el ~, b.2;ttea and of the consistency
of rather thin batter;-add more milk sholakt
it bc, too thicic, then mix in a large spoonful
of yeast; butterthe pane and set It to rise
in thew; %lien risen, have the oven of a
moderate la , Jat and put them in• i bahe two
hour anti a hslf to atlight• brown. Serve
hot. -
iippki dr0.1,;;/.-I.l.alve tart apples tine take
out tha cons. 801 l them till very oft In a
lr.rge proportion of water; then let theap ,
pies rasa through a jelly-bag, without
squeezing them, Weigh the liquor, and to
wen pint of it a pound of white sugar;
tizen boil it slowly till it becomes a thick
; jelly, which is ascertained in the saine matt
-1 net as currant jelly. If you wish to hisveit
o;', a red tinge, put in, when taken from the
fire, tOitzif.) grant:or/7 or beet juice. If you
wltu to have it a straw cobor,, put in a little
tincture of saffron, If green, use tb.e es
2-)rer:szfL juice of spinacb.leaves. Let it peso
tit:o - I,ili. A.ho jelly-bag again; -wharf cool,
tura iv inti) glszcszt:
'lv .Z:7l 7:-'.V:'; .E.Q:ned • Bur.itr...—Rezcidel. but- ,
ttr ri.v.s , be gieztiv improved and made
s'-,ea:. by tia.!: :: - .ollowing process: Melt the
3 ,, ,-t,.- at ~ t 0 i..,...b1,. gi,--1.., -.- 110 , 3 4..1-re, in
fct till nearly hailing. Btrain ciearj through
c.oth., ttna thorougaty wash with water, to
wl:icli has bee:::acsdeu a little solution of
chloride of soda, or, as it is commonly call.
, 2 , J, ::,•-, , , , :tt!rrAo,ue's solution. Finalky wash
wi;it clova water. Butte:: 50 trims `Mated
77; . .:1, :.,''.) S'::::S'..P.:',.l gC.O6. f.o:cooking Purposes;
lx.. it, - ,9' ,.l 1. , ..r c, have its) ilaver et the Alia,
:•2::. , 9 .V.C]e. L
.F;T:,;r .E. - z".?.? c; 7:cf,:rt,gattlMag . 'cute
.2c:rT.a. ----- 1 7 .:zpici,:ons of. is . erostine iezpr3
aro. Ifeq - .7..e:r.,-,pzocatced in the attempt, to
er.:in€, -- a...=.u. ..reur by blowing - down tie
o::.:ti...izy. TO ;3 i 3 `.:l -very de.ngerous prac•
, t'xe, ?...:.-J. s:-,c-,:.Y.1 =.1.177a7s be . -. ::.•!..ded, Eke
tiet::::?.a :cc:.`: tan 1:: 2 accoMplished 'much
r.:..ore cert.t.:.:2:y E....7v.; safely by giving a warp
z-2,f.:::.:.:17,z 2::::c:c a E,i_ - . 1.... -,t,: - . 5 . :1‘;,:t1L: at ,right,
itir_gie,2 to tl.te •..",of. th-,1 chi:mi.:v.. Tiled:eft
tittis ores te.tl draws the Scurry away from ilia
wick., when the carbonic acid imme.diately
tolow the cfeparting fame also extingttialtfut
1% - te, ree..-b.ot c',aarred.end of ..tha wi0,,,%, ,
cf boiled p•:' , ll.itOes,-maabed
. ±..xed with .threo bueasia of 4tiely
fiztar. ,l makA zs much pink:
cril - ,atity fed. ir, rni Ito
2outhend, 1"...nr,1c.nd,, the othe: (14, t,
y:q. - ;;:ng girl tboht 32 3•ens old. wee bathing,
whet-. vile was slized.with cramp or feiiktriefiS
65.sappeca - .:,:i under , the Waves. • Atisis
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