Wellsboro agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1872-1962, July 31, 1872, Image 4

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Chemistry of a Hen's Egg.
Within the shell the animal portion of the
egg is found, which consists of a viscous,
colorless liquid called albumen, or the white
anti a yellow, globul fIV mass called t he v ite My
,or,yak. The white of the egg consists Of
two parts, each of which is curelopoll inch's
find. metubranes. The outer bag of :Abu
\ men, next the shell, is quite a thin, watery
body, while the nest, which invests the
yblk, is heavy and thick.
gut few hdlisekeepers who break eggs
ever distinguish betiveen the fire whites, oi
know i llf their existence even. Each has
its apliropriate office to fulfill during-the
progress' of. incubation or 'hatching, and one
e i
acts, in the mysteriOus process, as unpiirtant
a part: as the other. If we remove this
glairy fluid fronrthe shell and place it in a
glass and plunge into it a stripe of redden
ed litmus paper, a Idue tinge is immediately
produced which indicates the presence of an
alkali. The alkali is soda in a free condi
tion, and its presence is of ,the highest con
sequence, for NVltiiotit - it. the'liquid would be
inmluble. ,
A portion of the white of egg when dilu
ted with water, and a few drops of vinegar
or acetic acid added to it, undergoes a rap
id change. The liquid becomes clond- mid
flocculent, and small hits of shreddy matter
fall to the button of the vessel. This is
pure albumen, made su by removing the so
Iht held in combination by the use of tlic
acid. A rpinch of soda added to the solid
precipitate redi9solves it, and it is liyalLi
liqUid. : ... • .
'I here is finother way by which the allm•
men is rendered solid,, and that is 4 the
application of heat. Eggs plated in boiling
water pass from the soluble to the insoluble
state quite rapidly, or, in other words, tin'
albumen both of the white and-theyolk la.-
«nnes "coagulated." .
No contrast can he greater than that bc
tween a boiled and unbolted egg. Not onl t
is it changed physically, but there is a change
' in chemical properties, and yet no chemist
can tell in what the change consists. At i
true that water extracts a little alkali, and
a trace of sulphide of sodium, but the ab•
straction of these boi'lles is hardly sufficient
to account for the Change in, question.—
Rre, , iele &knee. _
Barn Architecture. ~
There are'few department:,.,
regard to which we have more frequent in
quiries titan the construction of farm build
especially barns. No
. one can travel
over the State and observe the gradual im
provements which are taking place in the
tarn building uitlibut ft feeling of gratified
pride in thig indiration'' of enterprise and
protperity. Who does not remember the
old Puritan barn, oblong in shape, of a size
adapted to the extent of the farm, without
ft in ndation, witlyait cellar, Ni ith an under
pinning that allowed a free On ulaliun „t
air atound the of cattle and liui es, the
Ade: 1101110 d, boari,
hto, had :lirnnli.o a: to admit the wint,l anti
light and allord f (tuundance of vetdihition
che.. i ,e old settler. art cict:eiiiunally lnet
with ;it the piezieut day, and they serve to
e:oind us of ;he du s of our fattier.;, and to
.tierea,e our 'confidence in the poweN of en
.foranee of our doinebtie animals.
It is gratifying to know that the march ut
hamovement has begun.' The farmers 01
the preseu day, many of than at least, have
opened their eyes to the necessity of illl
lolo% C1111:11f, and most barns that are now
built arc furnished with. a cellar, which is
considered indiepensittle ill the economy
.tml management of a farm. An enterpris
ing farmer would as soon think of buildina,
a home 1N- idiom a cellar as a barn, nor is It
thought important to leave the wide cracks
that formerly existed to let in the cold winds
upon the stock and mound the hay mow.—
It has been-found by .experience that hay
keeps better in a tight barn and close mow,
than where it is exposed to sifting winds
Warmth saves food.
Besides the details of construction arc
more carefully studied so tts to have every
thing arranged conveniently, while neatio,gt.,
and outside appearance are seldom over
looked. There are certain general prinei
pies which may be considered as of nuiver
• .t t application in the construction of a barn.
:'ome of them are alluded to in a very semi
I.le and practical report on the subject sub
mitt ed to the lieekshire Agricultural Society;
I.y tlrren Benedict, who after enumerating
and descrilting the many at:NV barns AN hiCil
base been httilJ in llerkshire et'atlity during
the least season and recomntending them a$
modcls to, those who intend to build, says:
. .. _ .
"The four principal purposes to be, ac
complished in barn arebiteetaire are : com
modious storage for the crops, comfortable
quarters for the stock, convenient pet fOrnk
amp of labor, and the econonmfal 4a‘she2 of
manure Many of our farms Itac too nizinY
outlmit4lings, a barn here, a barn there, a
!r:t nary in one place, and. 4, hennery in still
unit ter AS a general nth it is more evo
mint cal and convenient to have all -the otb
ces of ihe barn toiler one root*. 1 'tiff rot
“Ili ?iin --Wi>o f:rmer to us once, 'many m o
jolt to more shingles than tin y can ~iipport.'
The s:tine roof will cover a lwascinent and
two stories as well as one story, awl the less
-atling you expose to the weather the better.
We f leAre particularly to commend let.te
ments to barns. They give .1 solid fountla
lion on which the sup( .:?at teture can he
t4.areti without fear of be.wiling lopsided or
traveling Off with the winn er's w iml or frost.
They furnish warm stabl ng for stock, safe
housing for roots, and shelter for manure.
There is a possibility, howevt.,r, of securing
w armth in basement stables at the expense
of light and air, and consequently of the
health of the stock. V a have been in some
basement stables where the air is so foul
that w e were conscious of breathing poion.
', 1 animal can thrive where there is not a
; . ~1 circulation of fresh air. This can be
• ..,1 red by having ventilating tubes run from
l-ezen3ent to the roof of the barn. With
t.,,,, should be connecting tubes bringing
I. -It air from'some I ‘ , \ , .ia• elevation.
Next to air and '.Lod, we place sunlight,
,-,-entlal to the l,.„111 of the stoek. The
turior animals as well as al Li! delight in a
,on kith..\ cow basking a dm sun and
;hewing her cud demurely with her eyes'
half shut, seems to be in the paradi:-e of cows.
l'reciqely what is the subtile influence which
•,unlight exerts on both vegetables and ani
mals, ehownsts have beep unable fully to ex
plain, but that there is an influence, and a
.powerful and salutary one, all must have
observed, The plant growing in the shade
i:, pale and watery, deficient in woody fibre
and mineral elements which give it strength.
To the animal the stmliglu is still more im
port:to, as its orr - anization is more delicate.
It thy one m ishes to know hOw congenial
to man - 1.4 the light of heaven, let hint he
shut np in a dark room or dungeon for a
few days. The fanner who confines his
..tack in dark stables day after day, is not
only depriving them of much enjoyment,
hot of one of the greatest essentials to
health and thrift. The stabl6 should there.
hay be on the south side of the barn and he
ell glazed."
We - ztre glad this subject is attracting in
p m
i.ea , c4.l attenih , ,w I, and we shalj, hoe fro
mut to time to iiresclit 4 more I) • less minute
.icseliptions and dctail of improved barns,
~ .,,oie oi which may serve as. 11 guble for
(host' who arc rebuilding-or building - anc , .v.
--.1/ .•• ,. • ,,.. 7'tqqatv iloi!-/itait .
The Pi rcheron Hors'.
A correspondent of :1 N. 'Y. paper hat: heea
veatio:r a herd of recently impottedl'erche
r, MS, writei: This horse has a b e autiful
head, a t TUC Arab eye and ear, fold is as gen
tie as a two year old filly. As an evidence
of their great: kindness of disposition, ten of
them stood on three sides of a :Anon stable,
and there was not-the least sign of kicking
or hit or any sort of roughness, and with
• oleic exception they all allowed them-
Helves to be approached and petted by total
strangers, without an expression of dislike,
ant rat her the emu ro ry. We believe the im -
port ation of such animals is of very great
t-ervice to the country. Our large cities ore
iksatiable in their demand for heavy, fast
walking, - powerful, tough, draft horses, for
the express and railroad freight business. r ----
ktur agriculture is demanding heavier tenths
and deeper plowing, and the spirit of our
people is too fast for the ox. We want the
power of the ox with the speed of the horse.
Nothing should give • a greater impetus to
the plow than the, tact onnouncedk and de
montarotetl, as we believe, by the Commit
tee of the N. Y. State Agricultural Society,
who made the aWards upon plows at the
gteat - Auburn Show, and subsequent trials.
This fact alluded to, is that a great • increase
of speed in the motion of a plow buttilightly
increases the power required to pull it.—
Hence, powerful, quick-moving teams are a
vast economy of force. The Verclicrows mire
bred for Leavy, quick draft, and differ from
the Norman horses, in having a more recent
infusion of Arabian blood, and in being
somewhat lighter, cleaner limbed and lima
quicker in their motions. The Normans,
now bred, are improving in these respec ,
while they are not allowed to lose weigh t.
Either nick well, with large, "roomy,"
coarse Mares, which should be sound, good
milkers, and lifavy feeders.
, •
A,, 7 _ —, _ ; • , -
'-' ' ' . NOthing Re Leather - 7 t.-
In early days our fathers wore
Their home-made bucksklrthreeches, . .
Cut out by guess-work measurement, _
With leather whangs for stitches.
And now their sous are celled again . .
TO rally 'neath the Monter . .
Borne by those men of leather craft.,
The Cobbler and the Tanner. ;
The Nor,th and South, the East and West,
. : Will Work and sing together.
Aud march to &rime' vietoryr. ~. -
.I.*Or noihieg vas:walla leather 1 ',
~ ; , 1.. l ! ',- • • .:, i
We have rome jobs on ruciajttel pelts, '. =
And have the hands to do them;
Our Grant will neatly- curry tins',
Anti Wilson wiz It to them! . .
The chopper up at Chappapia
play go on with his planning;
We'll let him furnish all the Hai k, .
But Grant will do the tanning-I
The thln-Ained .-begs wilt uppers 'hake,
The tough old bides the nether; •
The bolting, tne-haul crowd will do, 1.,-.;
E'er nothing but split leather! -
The ''later Franklin," statesuiau.•sage.
Philo:oo6r and farmer,.
Retired in eool and ruts! sit.tile..?.
AS days grow long and uarmer, -
('an milk the gentle. butternut.
That grazes tound with belt on.
And pail out butter snett. to:
To spread Lis watermelon!
Jr he may seize his rt... 143 gem
- In :.tunny, iatl y weather,
i--!I the world how shoe-is .zq 1.1 - 4.4+;
ue itp,ties of smelting lepther I
To spoil so hue a husbandman,
tt Ito, perched. up tu rho ri ,
Writ( qtlitt.l3 What' hr• to - er
It slimly were a pity.
No, b4 - liint laced the 13/A.lt-i,101.11 dad'.
And Poland-Cl:hut gobbler—
We'll burden with the A.:ilea of dtilu ,
The Tauuev and (i.e Cobbler!
• The grand array of Coinmohwealths
They'll bind, an with a tether,
Phut uo'ur again slunll Woken Ist,-
Fur pothinglnhla liGo lcallict , d •
7- 4
'Thd'virtitit; - and hoz.ealy -
Of lloratie they poke at its.
As If the tliateinuatt frit°.
?aisle bite a l'invintiatna I
And while ho Heels a Beason 6/lE4'l
of rural peace and gniet,
Ilk, wand' is Ids only drunk,
Vine dut his only diet!
firs old white Ltd and old white coat • •
linve served all lunda of weather;.,
Ent they ale his priuriples—
'l hey ttIII not trear like leather)
'i Lo squad that songht u.d Chappacpm,
'Co marshal 'heath hhi petition,
-Will he slime:hied toineet.oirr flag, -• • -
And find there is Al en. on I
That flag is bone by gallant bands,
Voin• million votes behind'il
Alas I where is the mongrel hope?
••eio West"—they caunnt hint it
Like Grant, when in the Wilderness.
We'll - in spilt, 01 weather;"
And ••;:i this line we'll fight it mit"—
. Thmn bothing is like I,:ither•l
Then, Freedom's temple, rear it Light
and II we need a can-stone,
key to thud a 'woken aech,
Tali( Healy Wilson's lap-stem) I
guard it we must. hav, a wan
Who ue,, r halts or I.;;M,S;
vl . /11•1113 - soldwrzi fr.ed and true—
None belwr than Idl3 sees I '
I he Tulin( r and the Cobbler are
The men to ' e l b together,
'NH 3'll 'taut tin /10.1, and Imp it, too
-1..411111g a iki t 1Ib• lesth. r
1-, 1,5,,,,1a,11
G. F, TT_ is at Long Branch.
i;eneral Burogicte is at Saratoga.
Nilsson, will be ntarried,9n,thk;9l.lt,
Madame Leutner touch iligh'Creasilj7
I:;tokes is said to have spent $7;500 on'Alis
A son of Rachel i cazhier in iiAftir - sic Iles
General Freniont and u ife ale sit Mount
Franz Alit and Janinniehek have rsailed
for Europe:
I Eunice Greeley has been done in sugar by
a Kansas confectioner.
The Rothsehild9 will have, :a family re
union at Frankfort next month.
Dion Boneieault and his wife will spend
the summer in this country.
The Russian Crown Prince and his con
sort will visit London next month.
• • •
Mi:o.sqci6son's troussenn will be one of
tlielni)st, elegant even made in Paris.
Chief Jusl ice Chase has been visiting the
llon li. Lawrence, at Newport.
lakey Hall sings Greeley campaign songs,
and Llth Teihrtne — lets up" on Gilkey.
A New York paper compliment;► Mrs.
Ilarry as "the sweet-faced sing,e - r of Boston."
That once superb but now slntttc•red tenor,
poor old Brignoli, is singing in London.•
For the information:of the Democracy--
C;ratz Brown is not a relation of old John
Mr Edwin Booth will begin a this teen
' 4 4.).'N S I :ming- tour in Neu England on the
ISt h of September.
Vice Pro-talent Colfax has t , l'o-u tip his
house at IVtethington, and rear w 4 house
hold god s t o South Bend.
"li G. stands for 'Honest Government."'
—Goltl,l, .lyi. ".11 G. stands for 'Hate
. 3, 41.,,.......1
Grant '" -Republicans genefia'.
,I.is.-, Ida Greeley is ‘tlescribet. a. n ex
ceedingly accmnidished, graceful, well-re. d,
and sensible young lady. .
Mis‘ , 'Kale Field has• been engaged to
write for the Paris Amerieun, Register, ajour
nal of vceial interest to-Americans abroad.
Tin- tirst . appointment of a colored man to
a Federal office in Connecticut is that of
Lieutenant H. - Layne-to be a letter carrier.
at New Haven.
)1 :Oa me RodersilorttsPeahs six languages,
and writes English peons which are tuna
sought after by composers.. She is now at
Mrs. Lincoln, widow of the•P , , •~ident, has
presented to the, State of Illinois tt very val
uable oil portrait of the late Col. E. D.
Baker, a favorite son of Illinois.,
Joseph Barnes, of Evansville, Md., lately
deceased, left $400,000 to found a sphitual
education institution, and now people want
to know what that is. - 'c
The friends of Mr. Forrest will be glad to
learn that he is rapidly gaining his health,
and will probably be able to resume his pro-,,
fessional eugagt.ments in the fall.
I'o 019 various, footmen and pages, who
have been in . her service not less,than'tven
ty years, Queen Victoria has presented sib
vermeils's Nvhich will be worn by the recip
Miss Matilda Phillips; a younger sister of
Miss Adelaide, the well-,known Ancert Can
contralto singer, was to have made her
debut in opera at Milan, Europe, on the 22d
of June.
It is rumored that Commodore .Tudkins,
weary of the bore of doing nothing on land,
is about, to reAime the position of principal
old salt of time (3unard line, and taken emu
neind of the Scotia.
James Recionth says that he knows that
Gratz Brown labored and fought for the
election of .James Buchanan, and that he
once heard him say, "I like slavery as a so
cial institution myself."
- •
Bishop Benjamin Bosworth Smith, of
Kentucky. presiding bishop of the Ephico
pal Church in the United States, has ceased
from active duty, and is about to remoVe
to Philadelphia. He was consecrated just
forty years ago. Bishop Mellvaine, of Ohio,
was consecrated in the same year, but "the
laying on of hands" wa r s first performed on
Bishop-Smith. •
J. C. Cover, United States counsel at
Fayal, Portugal, died recently on the bark
Fredonia while en route to Boston. 3lr.
Cover resided at Lancaster, Wisconsin, and
had published the Grant County Heratd at
that place for over twenty years. He was
formerly an ardent, Abolitionist, and had
bei.n au influential Republican since the or
g4ization of the-party.
Thomas Crabbe, Rear Admiral in the
United States Navy, with which hehad been
connected over GO years, • died at '
Ida,- resi
dence in Princeton, N. J. recently, laged
44. He as borne in Maryland in 178.§, and
afterwaid removed to Pennsylvania, 'from
which State be entered the Naval Actiderny
in 1800. lle was mado Captain in 18411, and
from 1850 to 1855 had charge of vitious
foreign squadrons. In 1862 he was Made
Commodore, and in 1866 Rear Admiral.
The story of a.Toledo blade is told as fol
lows in a Toledo paper: "Gen. Joseph W.
Brotin, formerly of Toledo and now of
Cleveland, has received the sword wprn by
his brother, Gen. Jacob Brawn, at the battle
of Sackett's Harbor, in 1813. Immediately
after the- A battle, Gen. Brown took off his
sword and presented it to Capt. •ittnutel
McNitt, in compliment to the bravery of the
Captain and his men in the det:peratte en
gagement. Capt. McNitt, at his death, left
the sword for the first son who should re
ceive a commission in the military
. service,
who proved to be Samuel, who m 1870,
thinking the sword should be with the fam
ily of its distinguished bearer, forwarded it
to Gen. Joseph W. Brown. The sword is
au old-fashioned one, having a leather.fteab
bard, brass mounted, an ordinary military
sword of that da7 for a general officer. It
was made in Lngland, and procured by
Geri. Jacob Brown before the war at
Montreal. It is the intentio of Gen.
Brown, to present the sword to the Histmr
lad Society of the State ofliew York."
v s 41 °1
/ 4 4 t
Dealer in
faF ~.
'V • ,
all kluda,
TIN ; icolnas tram,
. t
Parlor, Cook and Moo
_Stove - s
for wood or coal,
Table and Pocket dutlery,
af all kinds,
Petroleum Fluid,
(the best light in the world) and every article connected
. with the
Hardware Trade.
It 's south side of Main street, next door to
C. C. ➢Esthete
A.pril 8, 1878.
111111 IS celebrated Stallion will stand this season the
j_ following places, viz
Will be at Vermilyea's on Mondays 2 o'clock p.
until Tuesday morning; Westfield. Tuesdays 1 o'clock
p. In., until Wednesday' mot - nips; Wednes
days 9 o'clock in.. leave 1 o'clock p. in.; Osceola
2 o'clock p. m. Wednesdays till Thursday morning
Beectiefe Island, 10 a. in. till 12 in. 'Phut adayis; "Law
renceville, :Thursdays 2 o'clock p. tn., till Friday
morning; TlOga, 10 o'clock a. In., till 2p. In. Friday,
Wellsboro, Friday 0 o'clock p. lu., till Monday morn
This horse was recently owned by L. B. Smith, ant'
has a Pedigree, second to no Stallion in Northern
Pennsylvania; tieing a half brother to the famous Prot
ter George hl, Pa/chin and Lady Thorn; a blood bay
16 hands high, and weighs 1050 pounds.
TEBDlS—Twenty•ftve dollars to Insure single mare
or forty dollars per spati. Ten dollars for single leap.
Owners who part wltb . their mares before foaling
will beheld rtsponsibletkr eervlce of horse.
- - • T' 7 J. WHEELER.
Wellaboro, Slay 15, 1872-3 m.
2, g
,ts..en• 0
2 n
e ..
ro tf.
- = l / 4 - <„,
-0 0
f 3 4
-a 8
ts g. 0 5.
lIAVE Just returned from'thricity with the large.
stock of
ever brought into Wellaboro,,
conideting of
Ladies' Kid and Cloth Bal
morals and Gaiters,'
Ladies, Misses,- Children
and Baby's Shoes.
Gents' Cloth Boots 1. Shoes
Prince ./filbert Cal Boots,
Boys' Calf '4. Kip 1390
Youth? BodtS.
In fad, all &Inds of Blois' and Virothen's wear kept
a a fi rst-clime Shoo Store. The beat sewed Woman's
Mom ever offered in this market. We defy the world
If you don't belays 11111, try de. Wo buy orgy tbu beat
dock, and hove as good Cordwainere as money can
REPalilaid il‘mo nedtty, toatliilth Ilispateb:
Leather and' Firidings
of ail hinds constantly sn bap
• : &•—•
Cash paid for Hides, Deacon Siiins
Pelts. and_ Furs.
Havingjnat tilled up ourshelvea witbs choice stock,
sosersonally selected
offor- tis market, We respectfally
licit a fair share trade h d teibnall profits and quick
returns," we believe to be a good business maxim :
and we bold the best goods, to be the cheapest. We
beep no shoddy. Our asulortment is sufficient to meet
all sizes and tastes. We invite our patrons and the
pliblio generally to call and examine one deck. No
trouble to show goods. Always to be found; one door
north of O. B. Kolley's Stoie s Blain Street, Wellsboro,
May 1. 1872. DERBY * F/SHLER.
GW. WAVLE, would say to big MEW", that
. Harness Shop is constanUy Mew with
Heavy : And
,Ligto.- Harnesses,
imada in a substantial manner, and offered st prices
that cannot OW to snit.
The best woikmen employed. and noun but the best
zrutterbil used. •
Repairing done on Dhoti, notice, and In Mabee' num'
Tier. Call and see,
/an. 1,111724 T,
Suitcd to 'tilt anti, addition/ 'wide almost daUy, to
to witut of DM' - fIt)ODS of any kind or varier , We
.-Ala./LAC:VIVIBLE3 et, C:J.el,
and to b4th uY either ut these dep.AlueLts, we are not excelled In this sec
order It desired by the most
We take, wide lit out CAltPla 11E.VAIITIl14i4T dui one of the institutlo
about 100 rolls of all otices [rota 3i coats to 0.60. we eau suit almost an .1
and twee nood puss our viliso to and adrartety. Almost the attire stock
std we shall sell as uuo• to old tifloss as pouathte. None need watt to tow
' •• - : - • advanclog to market.
Cornicg, Much, 1832.
Fahey Cassimeres, Ready-Made Cloth'
1. r" I have marked thou dowu to very LOW price/ for coati: Now ta th
aothtng cut and nada" ordor, thud a perftet ft guaranteed.
June 1, 1842
The Largest Establishment in Northern Pa. !
11 AXING facilities for buying inattbandling largo quantities of Goods e
lowest Jobbing prices.. In our retail department Goods are gold. at
prices. A largo stook of •
Transfer Ornaments, Strip,
Jan. 1, 187%
- -'-':7 '.7 10 .Ci ~ ':i ; il i'
New Spring Goods in
iva uuw Lave a full and very complete slot
, 4 . s , •
St 3 PIO and Fancy Dry
SEILL,ED W 0.144141
The citizen* of Tinge bounty are cordially invited
The Cheap One-Price C
No. 2 Union Block, Welletio
William Wihoo
W. J. Horton & B
New Spring
that thy haven't time to write a
I '
47c)x-rm rt. 3PX3IIII.IELCYMI
.11 , 110D11 •ISLINVIMI W,
and Brushes for Carriag
' 4 • i
_ •
. Cutter Ornamenting
A full ilito of all apses of Good itipisortaluing to our buitinesa
, ,
leas just received lots of
auvb as
Boots and Shoes.
and waiting on customera,
Corhing I
of-' L
ell we jusite the attuutiou of al)
•a a /medially of .
of the town. aura as it couiprista
cuabuuer to quality eta price,
as purchased before thu advsuou.
sticutpur, us they' are coutinuslly
to (AU and star us
BM/TS WeilTß:
sh Store,
S, Elillsßol-
.tig, Hats, Caps,
i itime to secure Wood bar ktillP
. z-,)
them Co offer silent at the
esnall advance over wholesale
• K.
ug Pencils
kept to stook. (a,
In the wonderful medicine to which the
deleted are, above pointed for relief, tho die
coverer 11.cllore8 be lies combined in harmony
more of .hatme'e most sovereign curative prop.
ertiea, which Cud bits instilled into - the yogv
table kingchen fur healing the sick, then were
ever befoto combined in ono medicine. The
evidence, of this tact is found in the groat
`variety of most obstinate diseases which it bee
-been !Mind to conquer.: In the cure of Bron
chitis. eitisiero Illouglisi, and the early stake
of .Consumptlosi, it has astonished tho wadi.
cal faculty, and ominevt physicians pronounce it
the greatest inedleal discovery of the agm. While
16 cures the severest Coughs, it otrengthena the
'system and 'purities the blood. By lie great
led thorough blood purifying properties, It cures
ail , Humors from the worst Scrofula to a
Common Blotch. Pimple or Eruption. . Mar•
curial disease, Mineral Poisons, and their effects
ero eradicated; and vigereue health and a sound 000-
stitution established. Erysipelas', Halt Illieum,
Fever—boar', Sealy or, Hough Skin, in
short,l,all the numerous diseases caused by bad
bleed„. are conquered by this powerful, purify.
-ink , and inVigoratink medibine.
It , ~ y ou feel :dull, drowsy, debilitated, have
sallow color of akin, or yellowish brown spot'
on -face ;or body, frequent headache or (Biz'.
ness, .bad taste in month, internal bent or chills
alternated with hot 'flushes, low spirits and
gloomy forebodings, irregular appetite, and tongue
coated,. yea are suffering from Vorpid Live rr or
üßillommess." In man y cases of '. Ller
Complaint" only part of these symptoms, are
experienced. •As a remedy for all such c sea
1 1 ,
Pr. Pierce's ,Golden Medical Discovery has no
equal,' as it offecte perfect cures, leaving the
liver strengthened and healthy. For the are
of Habitual Constipation of the Bowels .1 is
a never tailing remedy, and those who have
Used it for this purpose are loud iii its praise.
The proprietor offers $l,OOO reward for a med
icine that 'will equal it for the cure of all the
diseases for which it-is recommended.
Sold by druggists atl, $1 per bottle. Prepared
by R. V. Pierce, M. D., Sole Proprietor, at his
Chemical Laboratory, 133 Seneca Street, Buffalo,
M. Y.
Send, your address for, a pamphlet. .
June 2li, 1872, Itot-ly
HAVING returned ffrAn a vibit Ea6i, I am now pre
pared, with anew stock of goods and instruments,
to.otier superior inducements to those in want of any
thing in any line. Artificial teeth beset tett on a new
and superior base, at low rates Teeth extracted with=
out pair. Preservation of the natural teeth a speciality.
Work warranted. Terms reasonable.
A. 13. EASTMAN, Detnist,
Wellsboro, Pa. 1
Jan. 1,1872,1 f
Change of Buse,
Stock of goods
AT .111DDL1.'M , IV- Cr:A - PEI;, . •
BJUUQT for and to be ut (+mitt
ilaycd nut -
P i ty an pat WI," is it It inuathi, atilt whon
lived np to, the true do. Liu t 1.,t• Loth •,.11t•I and buyer
1 tute.td to Hell g..(.415, at Kna.all tort.tßs, i.a.411, and
at iliac V POTTER.
Xtuttearj• 1, 111 tf
ri ROUGE WAGNER, Una Just received a antiaxls';aB
sortment of all lambs 6f
gt nukatamrx
and to prepared to manufacture . lu the 131`1-.1 . STYLE,.
and on the ehortest notice. Persons wehling. Clothing
will please drug In and act• my anal.. tioo.l FITS and
the beet of work guaranteed.
Jan. 1,116713-1 y
GCBaal 11131111111 Ce Agency,
CO.. PA.
J. H. & J. D. Campbell,
A liE prepared Issue ]'.liana to hi, t lass Com
panteaa on all hinds of insurable 11 nvei ty against
Fire and Lightning at reasonable tab's We ti a% el anti
examino all %ha personally in the,. oni.t.es of 'IMO
and Potter. V.IPBELL,
Nelson, Feb. 7, 1872-Iy. J n (Ample LL.
_ - •
Tioga Marble Works.
rr HE undentigned is now prepared to tete, te all or
.ll dere for Tomb Moues and Monuments of either
Italian, or .Rutlancl Marble
of the latest style and apprOved workmanship and with
He keeps - constantly on hand both kinds of Marble
and will be able to suit all who may• favor 'him with
their orders, on as reasonable tennis us can he obtained
in the country.
Ladies' Furnishing Goods !
fflrl. in the Cone House Store. A largo Edna of Goods
just received and will be sold cheap.
Mrs. E. E. RIMDALT, will have chargo of tho Millin
ery department, and will be glad to see her old friends
and now ones at all times. Drop in and see our new
Dec.13,1,11-Iy. MRS. A. B. GRAVE'S.
B. S. A. HILTBOLD world inform his friends
AL that ho has moved his carding machine from
Wellsboro to his place of residence, one-half mild west
from this red school house near Brewster's. Alt work
In the lino of carding will bo done promptly and well.
Bring on your wool. S. A. IFILTBOLD, Prop'r.
June 12,1872-2 m
(Successors to J. R. Muker.)
Deniers in,
rZorrsr C24-c)c)clfs
of every aeacrlption
hi abundance, all kinds and freab.
The public' la cordially invited to call and 10,h thxough
our largo stock, as we aro selling at low Nulls for
ready pay. We shall receive
constantly from the city to I.cep our assortment ful
and complete.
July 10, 1872
• Good ' Livery!,
- V
4 1
AN VALEENDURO A CO, would SO ' to their
V friends that they ha e a good Livery established
In Wellsbore for the ace mmoilation of their friends.
Good Horses and Carriages
nandalways on ad at moderate rates. j i
Stable on Water thee., opposite Geo. Derby's real
dance. , C. G. VAN VALKENBURG.
June 26. /KZ 0. 5 411. !KOWA. i
.4driz,inistraten.'s Nonce.
LEWERS of Administration cm the estatelof E. D.
....Shepherd, tate of Rutland, deceased, hav ing been
granted to the undereigned. all persons having claims
against said estate are hereby notified to call for set
tlement on, and those owing the same to Make imme
diate payment to ANGELINE SHEPHERD.
Rutland, Jane 28. 1872-6 w. Afters.
• Vinegar Bitters are:not a vile Fancy Drink,
made of Poor Ruin, Whiskey', Proof Spirits and Refuse
Liquors; doctored, spiced, and sweetened to 'please tho
taste, called "Tonics," "Appetisers," " Restorers,"
&c., that, lead the ,tippler ott to drunkenness and ruin,
but are a trne Medicine, made front the native roots
and herbs of California, free from all Alcoholic Stimulants.
They are the- Great Blood Purifier and a Life-giving
Principle, a Perfect Renovator and Invigorator of the
System, carrying off all poisonous matter and restoring
the bloOd to a healthy condition, enriching it,; refreshing
and invigorating both mind and body. They arc easy
of administration, prompt in their action, certain in their
results, safe and reliable in all forms of disease.
No Person can take these Bitters accord
ing to directions, and remain long unwell, provided
their bones are not destroyed by mineral poison or other
means, and the vital organs wasted beyond the point
of repair. '
Dyspepsia or Indigestion. Headache, Pain
in the Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of the Chest, Diz
ziness,- Sciur 'Eructations of the Stomach,
.Bad Taste
iu the hfouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of the.
Heart, Inflammation of the Lungs, Pain in the regions of
the Kidneys, and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are the offsprings of Dyspepsia. In these complaints
it has no equal, and one bottle will prove a better guar
ainee- of its merits than a lengthy advertisement.'
For Female Complaints, in young or old, - .
married or single, at .the dawn of womanhood, or the•,
turn of life. these Tonic Bitters display so decided am,
influence that a marked improvement is soon percep.;"
For Inflammatory and Chronic Rheu—
matism' and Gout, Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Bilious,
Remittent and Inteimittent Fevers, Diseases of the
Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, these Bitters have
been most successful. Such Diseases are caused by
Vitiated Blood . , which is generally produced by derange
ment of the Digestive Organs.
They are a C.ientle Purgative as well as
a Tonic, possessing also the peculiar merit of acting
as a powerful agent in relieving Congestion or Want
!nation of the Liver and Visceral Organs, and in Bilious
Diseases. .
• For Skin Dlacancta t Eruptions, _Teller, Salt-
Rliettin, Blotches, Spot; Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Car
buncles, Ring worms, Scald-Head, Sore !Eye; Ery
sipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the Skin, Humors
and Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or, nature,
are literally dug up and carried out of the system M a
short time by the use of these Bitters. One bottles
such cases will convince the most incredulous of their
curative effects. :
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood whenever you
find its impurities bursting through the skin in Pimples,
, Eruptions, or Sores; cleanse it ,when you find it oh
j, stnicted and sluggish in the veins: cleiinse it when it is
foul ; your feelings will tell you when, Keep the blood
pure, and the health of the s stem will follow.
Grateful thousands proclaim VINEGAR BIT.
TEES the most wonderful Itiv gorant that ever sustained
the sinking system.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms, halting in
the system of so many thousand;, are effectually de•
i ar
str d and removed. Says a distinguished physiol
og here is scarcely an i lid i vid ual upon the face of the
cartl i whose body isexempt from the presence of worms.
It is not upon the healthy elements of the body that
worms exist, but upon the diseased humors and slimy
deposits that breed these living monsters of disease.
No system of Medicine, no Ilersinfuges; no atithelmin
itics, will free the system from worms like these Bit
ters. .
llleCLnnicul Dluenuest. Persons engaged in
Paints , and Minerals, such as Plumbers, Type-setters,
Gold•beaters, and Itliners, as they advance in life, will
be subject to pfaralysis of the Bowels. To guard against
this take a doge ot WALICIIreS VINILGAn IliTimus mice
or-twice a week, as a Preventive.
Itemittent, anti Intermittent
Fevers, which are so prevalent hi the valleys of our
great rivers throughout the United States, especially
those of the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Ten
'nessce, Cuinberland, Arkans.as, Red, Colorado ; Brazos,
Rio Grande, Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Roan
oke, James, and many others, with their vast tributa
ties, throughout our enfire-country:thiring the Surrimel.
and Autumn, and-ieumilcably co during seasons of
tithisual heat'-arid: dryness, are invariably accompanied
by extensive - derangements of the stomach and liver, and
whet abdominal viscera. There are always more 01 less
obstructions of the liver, a weakness and irritable state
of the stomach, and s great torpor of the bowels, being
clogked up with vitiated accumulations In their ti eat
mem, a purgative, exerting a powerful influence upon
these various organs, is csseiWally necessary. , There is
Ito cathartic for the purpose equal to DR. J. Mrs LUER'S
VINEGAR BITTEIRC, as they will speedily remove the
dark-colored viscid matter with which the bowels are
:oaded, at the same time stimulating the secretions of
the liver, and gsttaerally testoling, the healtliyforictions
of the: digestive 'Organs.
Scrofuld, Evil, WI .de
Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled Neck, Goiter, ScrofOons
Intlatnmations, Indolent Inflammations, Mercurial Af
fections, Old Sores, Eruptions of the Sete
Ltc , etc. In these, as in all other constitutional Dis
eases, WA 1.1:11R . S. VI NIIGAR lan EMS have shown their
giest curative powers in the most obstinate and intract
able cases.
Dr: Walker's California 'VI n egar Bitters
let on all these eases in a situ ar manner. By purifying
the Blood they remove die Cause, and by resolving away
the ell - reefs of the inflammation (the tubetculat deposits)
the affected Path) teceiVe health; and a permanent cute
:s effected.
The propeties of DR. W Al.Klll2'i VI NT:6A R
Bt - rrnß3 are Ali
event. Diaphoretic and Carminative,'
Nutritious, Laxa ivc., 'Diuretic. Sedative, Counter-ltri
tant, Sudorific, Alterative, and Anti-Bilious. l
The Aperient and mild Laxative properties of
guard in all cases of fit-Hokum and malignant revels,
their bithrantie, healing, and soothing properties 'nowt
the humors of the fitters. 'I heir Sc:dati:e propel ties
allay tiltin in the nervous system, totomach, and boNN e ls,
either Ift om inflammation, trio I; colic,
,cramps, etc.
Their iConter-Irrifant influenc,_, extemb throughout
sydty. u in. Their Diuretic pro`perties.4l4 on the Kid
neys, correcting and regulating die flow of mine. '1 lieu
Anti-Bilious pr9perties stimulaM the liver, in die sect e-
Bon of bile, and its discharges through the biliary ducts;
and are superior to. all remedial agents, lot, the cure pf
Bilious Fever, Fever and Ague, etc.
-Fortify the body againstdisease by puii
fying all its fluids' malt VINCG.VR lIITTIMS. No epi
demic can take hold of a sr.tein thus forearmed. The
liver, the stomach, the bowels, the kidneys, and the
nerves are rendered disease-1)10ot by this great invig•
orant.(t. Direetione. , ---Take of the Bitters on going to bed
at night from a half to ono and one-half tvine•glagsttill.
Eat good nourishing food, such as beef steak, mutton
chop, venison, roast beef, and vegetables, and take
) otit•door exercise. They are composed of purely veget
able ingredients, and contain no spirit.
j.WALKER, Prop'r. ItJR. McDONALD &z. CO.,
Druggists and Gen. Agts., San Francisco, Cal.,
and cor. of Washington and Charlton St , New York.
Jitay 24, 1672-3 m. r
Every yehr inereaes the popnlarit
of this valualde Hair Preparation;
which is due to jmerit alone. We can
assure our old 4iitrons that it is kept
fully up t °IV high st andard ; .and it
is the only reliable and perfected prep
aration for restoring, GRAr OIL FADED
HAIR to its youththl color, making it
soft, lustrous, and silken. The scalp,
by its use, becomes white and clean.
It removes all eruptions and,dandruff,
and, by its tonic. properties, prevents
the hair from falling out, as it stimu,
lates and nourishes the hair-glabds.
By its use, the hair grows thicker and
stronger. In baldnes=s ,it 1 estores the
capillary glands to their normal' vigor,
and will create a Hew ;..:+;rowth, except
in extreme old age. It is the most
economical HAIR. DRE:?.SIN4; ever used,
as it Ve.quir< , : , , fewer ITO i eat i o»s, •an d
givjs the hair a splendid; f - dossy ap
pearance. A. A. Hayes, 1N1.D., State
Assayer of Mass:tau:set ts, says, •" The
Constituents allt, purl, and,, ca rethlly
selected for excellent quality ; ancl I
consider it the 13EsT PrzIiPARATtoN
for its intended purposes."
Sold by all Druggists, and Dealers in Medicines
Price Oho Dollar.
Buckingham's Dye
As our ReneWer in many cases re
quires too low , a time, and too much
care, to -restore gray or laded Whisk
ers, -we have preilared this dye, in one
preparation; ivliicll will quickly and
effectually accomplish this result. It
is easily applied, and produces a color
which will neither nth nor wash off.
fold by all Druggists. Price Fifty
Manufactured by R. P. HALL & CO.,
Jan. 1, 1872
ro n f ow receiving from New York, a fine assortment
• I
which oho offers to tho public at low rates. Leery
thing usually found In a
Fancy Store,
- .
win tm kept on hand sold low for cast'. The W 1
cox and albba sewing machines for sale. to rent.
lan. 1, 1872. MRS. A. J. OSTELD.
- House and Lot for I ale, 1
THE undersigned offers for sale his HO e and Lo
on ?Jain street, In Elkland, l'a., at a ver • low price
Bald lot contain/lone-half acre, and is undc good cud
tratlon, ,For lama, &c.,apy to the sub. erlber.
tilailier PL• sob , 21,16741. 0. P. OLBCOO,E.
A. Re R.
In from Ono to Twenty
—s '
• Atter readi t ,g t .
or - ot „
.511/FF Mt NS if II r IN . •
• It wls the,fir-t Apa
The Only+
that Irotatttly etopn trx - iosi „
InClanimatlons, unit turns t nyr•• •i,"'• •
Lung?, Stomach,
ors: :Ll,Okatiotl,
HO matter. how violent/.r rut:alit,
itHEUMATIO, I:Seth i-144101i Intim., Crop; •„,
Neur:Ogic, or proAmted %VI d,•,,.1' -
) RADWAY'S READY fik - :,L {L •
INFLAMMAI'IO:7 i>l"i‘rd;
INTL:LABIA:rpm 01,"‘ LoV.
• CONEII. , :vIHz
BOLE vmoxr, 1111,1,u•ci.T ,
I , ALNTATioN Op 1H:
CATAIt 11 0 1, 1 , 4
NEURAffif.', V.CI ,
The rippbc•it ion of the nerov
parts where the /ruin or r•lfilk •
Witt crntifort.
Twenty. Limo In hal't'-a turabl, „
core CRAMPS, h1'. 1 ,;;;,1,,, •.!
IIEARTIWIRst, hICK EA 11.\1 . fp .
:ld an INTERNAL l'AIN:;„ 1
' Travelog -4 tthould. cal,:
Ready Itellef with Mio. A f,
preveut flokneAs or pa 11 1 ,4 froto
!Alter Riau French 'Aral/ay rr . ,„ ,
?EVER t,;;
FEVER, AND AGUE Cm, ti r.o
.not a realedol agent in thl. , wood pr,,, n
nod Ague, and all other ,, „
Dhold, Yellow, and (Aker (.1.•1•
so gold: as ICA (MA
Fifty coifs per bunk.. Sold I.y ,
§TRONO AND PUNE 'Mull 111,4 )01) ,
OF FLESH AND WED 111 T-cl, :
1313AUTLF C0511.14EX lON I: I; Li,
• s.
lIAS .MADE TILE MO,iT AST‘kNI ;Ii I •,e,, ~;
tau QUICK,„ 1 , 0 liAl'lll ARE '1 ill,
THF; itopy UNDECCoEs, I :,14.1:
F'LUENCE OF"111 '1 It Li 1., ‘i ts
Every Day an Increase io Fic'
and Weight is Seen and pelz.,
Every drop of the SA it;4A I•A ELI A ., 10.
ENT communicate, throne!, the t a I
and other tittid3 and Jule, Bof the vs •t•!li, „ •
for It repairs the ora't'e of the a i4t
material, Scrofula, t:t1,1,11,:, Ct•it
disease, Ulcers In the 'fl,fo.,t, Mouth, 'lva..,
the Glands and other putt of the vs ,
Struinotis Pipthargt foes the
forma of filao 111Se:tic:I, El
111.1311, Row Worn., Sail WI( nal, Its .
tip. , te, Worm. tio• I'l,
11 ornb, and all a eak, tiled h er .,
fisveats, Sperio, :old all , a
pie, are %Nail') the I t urall , lt. la, ,
era Chemistry, and a_ f, l / 4 ., Oney t tit
person using for ettitr thel fotn,,
potent power to cure the`
If the potted, doily I.+on - 111 a-, T. neat 1 I a,
Oral. comiteod , -,
ceeds In arresting tec , ,e. :., mot ter, „
pew matt:dal „
:DAESA t'A EILLI A N and CI. 7
Not only tinti the FAL...0..11111,1,1kt: I.r • , -
Old! known rented i ❑ agtm th , C u ,
lOUs, COIVAIIII6I3IIIiI, MOIL p 1.1,. t I 4;
1503itiVe ewe for
,iftinary, and Wrollth ills: i n. o', :1
litOpteme of Water, Im:wit Ito „_
ease, Albunsinurt.t, and in
dust deposits, or the wider 18 •li. •
Rib:dance:3 tike the whit. ()tan t;
talk, or there Is a daik• .1.,
white bone•dmit, ale! ah. At.. r t•
horning BenFatioll when pa' t -taa alt r
blnall of the Bach and alb, the •
tor ItOrpts—ko, 'Tape, tic.
Tumor or
Cured by ifitadway ' s
. 't\, RI A'
On. nAnn-AY • — I lIIN, IA 0, +n
bowel.. All th e Da tars ;
tVOry thing (1131, `I . .
M: your Rottol‘eat;nrol la. t tt !t•
la It, be.atuth I hurl la t
of the Itte,olt eat, and one of It ttl at, . o
tie, of Nomr ,tat .13 11.9 u f • • . , t
[Von sod ft.! t“lar; ~..tilt, oi „
for twelve ye'', he NI c , ri. illll,{ q • - Al •
bon'ef , , beer 'the roma I aVitt i t
other ! . You LLIk.:II I: It 1),,,1
peff%Ttly t.i-tel , s, 'O.:7:111.111, 1y r.at- I 1
lrg , e., rig, I.tte, 1•111•11,', r.e ~.1 I I-• I.
‘N .1. :: roit 11, t 1
.0 rtir ..,1•:.1 ill, NI. I l'
Idler, 13 , . do, 1 - ,11,1..., In : 061, r, t
ilemitte,he, Con-tlieitnoll. 1 .. 0 -1,.• 11 --
Dr-tio,el t, P,11i01,11( .... nil:1'111 1.
th,l - Prvtle., Pile ":/.1.111, Derw.,... 0.• ,
.A.1....r Wm', 10(0(1 to 1.11...tt a la. 1.• • ._
hie, colitzuning un.nierewl - ,11.h...r..!.. ,
Lir Obier:e the tulh.e.v.i.i. +004. 1
Disuiders or the Di;:e.:.i \ e De,..te.,
('..mt1p1t1ee,1,.. ,-- ul Ll,, F0i1... ,
Aeldity t'l the. Ft N.. ..A., N......., 11. .-;..
1-011.. e, or NV/ te:lit in the Et1011,..1., 1- ':: I:: :
Flotters4;r at It.'PAol .th. himo•ob, .- 1, •
ilurrle.l.l - 11.1 Daleoll l',olhia . 1101...1'.•
VSaiTe;allng :en 'at,: Wl.• :a i.a ~ 1 ,.,,,,
VI 1.1/I, nl.• a:i 0% do h..f...• II ..'.ht 1..
th. 11,1, D.G......:, el th r i0......0 , i•i •
e11..1 I or:, [ .. . au/ to the Fa!, t'a'i, I.„. te, 0..
ii•tti. 11.11 , 11,(1 at the He h.
\A 1 - 01' dine:[ of P..VLIWAV'S rill: ~
tentfiett. all the. a1....ve-lewle.l .h.0r1.. I
i„I h.", ;..0411 IA D1:0". , 7:.1'
DEAD " PA I.IF. A Ni) 'FRI' I ' .
.qatn , ,, ta R&M% AV & CO.. N....
IQ' L. I.hforintiti..l, it'..,th th..a.
The high Ft . eti 11::-(11:_..it:
'' 'il'ii? , VI: ,I, I% ', , t it ..
11 . 1/1
/ ' •
I ord•I tr,rirr
rr I rl
r . '
i al:I I i 91, , ,
1 , 2 : imp qt.
• •,
•,, •• kNI),k
1 ::1.. 4 ..-411
ra:“ .1 ill N.,. I. t•
tl Yll 11,1( w.l ,r 1 o 11 . 11,: At 1 1 , 4,11,1
1111 1 t/ -.lltl I,lllr 111 11011 , 1,11 i. 1_01.1( 11, 7 . 11 ,
t . In hi -It ..
\ 41 1 . 1111 1 h ,l l - t• 11:.:
thaw our
011 SLIA I (.Y"P.VdtI ..(11/ 1 1), 1 alttl
the , 1111,1 , .....it
Ida p.,mts, alit; Lay, Land:, 3 1114.10
tiii %ad in July. lie is ono of the to a 1,
.111.111liali, 1111 1 3 country has produeuti.' lit. 1., 1
of (twat LA.r., , m;th, and actutu 1
iy itt dos. , proximity to two of tiw
mus nm Utt Natitun : //ambletuniomm anti I,t
and tb, the st re mt trotters, these Wogs , at
far abode an competition in this or any pa, tL - t, ,
A hettt r infusion of 1d,,0d not in
than in ToW W.'s a b.rlithab
bid,, fair for a brilliant future,i-Mall re=p , , 11
Kneet:,o, and true hid it will 1,,
lie appre,Lth
Jadons n. have arrived at, a g
mcre`tdAlted gabble about the horse IF,
count, and anything of value In
inn. COSS. labor, long reseavel,,thiumht
•"flie American Trotting llegigter," 111(11
that lit known of the pedigree id Trottin , , 110, -
ancetora and descendants, aRh a tecord of ,
lisped perfurimincen in a Inch a nule aa-, ti
paced in I. IO or less, from the torli. .t
(dos,. of 1808, and roll record of the l!rtert,,a ,,
1800 and 1810, giving complete summit;. -
thumsand cult t. , . an 'larva t,,Q
true origin of this Anietean Trotti-r lir:
Fae la algrec are quite t
work impositign in a
Nl,%lnage, the compiler oftlie HIV! I, an
l'rottitig Register," t;IVCB a iii.ttt ti,..1 1 .t„.
tlie Mali:ill:,
" 114 WAN RA" will hi , shown in hail.—
that think of patronizing lion L, tt, tli - 1, ,
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Apra 21, 1672:41
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see. At the request of numerous patrons, l hat
termined to stand him where he can he fouwt
Wales by those that wish for his service.
E. A. TISII, Plots.
Wellaboro, May 1, 1872:-3w.
Bo7'o ,OP(linance.
BE it ordained by the Burgess and Connell oil
_ll3Boro, and it is hereby authorised by the s
that the Burgess shall be uuthorfT;e'd to import! et
not exceeding the RUM of ten dollars upon all pee
who permit any nuisance to go unabated for earl
after belle° has boa giveM L. )lABRISO
INV Cl,O 1072-31 v. Cie
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