Wellsboro agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1872-1962, June 12, 1872, Image 2

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The tollowing namoil peroone offer 111, , niStsiti011 as
wand Llate~ for the oitleept lielow—bilbjeLt to
Le klectuicat of ttie ltt publican Comity Com e alum
Ft At PUOTllONorm,y,
H. U. COX. l'abcrty.ft
I,:iirS It. CA10),
FOR Erni:aTn KlT'', Itr.connvii;
11A I.l'll MILK LEY, Knoxville
JAS. 11. li SIARD, AVllsln.ro.
Pon Cot— iv TIOIAI,1:11)-:11.
c r... :1111.1.F. . Tiogn.
)1. 1, . I'l3 RPM?, I),,rfieltl.'
It. It. ItOSE: ) Thilivnft•
.lAML3 M. WILKINSON, t'harl',L.le.•
BLIE7'. BALDWIN, '11,,; , ,n..
ii. ROWLAND, K'ellabnro•
H. 11. - 1101..1,AN.M, I.lloenliorg. 4
1 W. '1 11 DIM. taiVrimoir•vllle. 4
P. C. l'Al': liEl.l-04 We11R1i0i , ,,. 4
1 , ,,ii 0.4.3.N1Y t`..NlPrstklsLit;
A. U. WESTBROOK, 'Nowt."' .. '
1 - .I)OAR I. INNIR:, Ja,llsAsm. . : .
I ritTeettully solioAt the tAmport Of 1)W; Urin . 11• Ii.
'anti o)f 'l - Yr
%,A a eqWthlitt,,:'l',ir olth t• of
iteelstpr awl It, c0r,111 . , latb),:ct to tO Mxibion of tlu
II( imbliotm Comity Cwavoitt,ii.
May 'At, 1N74, imial;t3 1.. IWANI3.
It I,h ,1,•et.:,1 a ,filegati - - to tho
(..tao-tittip.ll.ll Oaiveuttun. v,,116t the rallotaa.t.“
irty I k. • 1 T1J()3.1.19,
Kam', .1p) 11, 3. 187?.
'El)c Aeittitat.
NV EliN ESItaY , AINE 1 t 4 7 2 . 4
Republican Nominations.
J, von :ooviiixou,
of .M6)itvanirry Comity
r:oft 1517P11E&LE Aupor,
neadprti County.
OR Aullrrear GENERAL,
Weie7o`Couttty. ' .
COB CO;:..111.1p1EN AT LARGE,
OF 1141,1 AVA ;
LEMUEL TODD, of Cuatinua,,wvi
' LINN BARTHOLOMEW,'Scriunnua. .•
WILLIAM H. ARMSTRONG, Ltcoutr i f; ;
I\l - 430rip_1141.. ,
The members of the lteibllcan,a.ounty ecuuntittee
nre requested to meet at my °Mee Tioga r Ttoda Co.,
Pa., on TUURSDAIt JUNE 20th;•1910, at I,' o'clec t lt
P. M., to transact such huskiest; as may be necessary
for the fall cautpalgn. A general attendance Is requir.
Juno 7,1872-2 w
fold closedlast Saturday New.Yor
For President, lILY.SSRS S. GRANT —that's
ur man.
_ •
This Picture, and
Aup(austtoxqrt ne1.,130
Strikes for less.hoii sto conAtute a day's
work, and in some cases for an increase of
wages in addition , continue ti? be bile order
of the day in New York city. A few con_
cessions have been made.
Now bring out your Liberal-Sorehead
Copperhead, ringed,'strealied and ariecklet
free-trade-protectionist, grand e]iptic-centr
petal-double lick-aotion, anything-to-heal
Grant combination!
Not a great while ago !Iota& Greeley kid
Grant never bad been beaten and 'never
wquld be. - Horace was hinwelf flied, and
not an anxious candidate for the Democrat
ic nomination.- ' • - '
There was a fearful storm in the vicinity
of Canton, 111., last Thursday night. Along
the Illinois river great quantities of prop.
crty were wished away. The damage to
the crops was very groat; and n great deal
of live stock was drowned. The loss of hu
man life was happilssvery small, but two
aQatlis being reported, although ninny hou
ses Acre SW cpt olt F ; .
Here is something
t t r ntwir highly' impor
tant, if true. The Tcowjprk, „rmti , r , pub-,
lisl l
4; a lettex all the .way)lrota. iiirAiiiing
Tereitory to inform fin astonished world
that " Mrs. Morris freely expresses herself
willing to forego all the
,advantages to be
t is
in of oati kraYe'lfot'the'
next four years, if Hornet etley can be
elected President.:' . .
"My! ain't it ‘-tel'Fililo What . 6114,11. We
NVe place at Mast-head to-day thp,nante f? f
Ut.vsstas S. GRANT for Preeldent,':iind!Of
11ENitv IVlLsort for Vice Preaident i ,flud we
arc sure we express -the - ahr:ost .
sentiment of the ltepUblicitus f
county when we say the ticket is one that
- deserves and will receive their enthusiastic
support. It is admitted that no bettcr ticket
could have been formed than that which led
u.4 - to victory four years ago, but it- is felt
that the present is in some respedke a strong
, r 0111' A s for ourpelyet,we ,have already
e , .11e4..cd /our :'ifr.tSVll9otl foi
Vi( e President. Ile was our tirt choice, as
he ha. proved to he that .of a majority of
the convention. 'Henry Wigon needs no
,ntroduction to the people of this county or
of any portion of the_, country. No man
will inquire who her 4or - 39tat he
will question his ability; 'and no man Vito
nor himself at heart a rogue will impeacli
Lis political integrity , or his Personal purity..
lie lc a noble man and an admirable candi
We devote a good share of our columns .
this week to theiir l oceedings of the Phila
delphia Convention. We believe we:could
print nothing more interesting - to our politi.
:al readers, and nothing mbrtreatitying' to
the true Republicans of the county. Let
every voter carefully study these, proceed-,
ings, and especially the admirable platform
put forth by the COnventioy. The Conven
tion, during its two clays' sessions, was
- marked throughout by thelmost perfect hari:
niony and the most-contagious enthusiasm
bright omen of the ciunpaign it inaugu
rated. Compare this meeting of Republi
pans at Philadelphia v4llo.ll';ttilde4anil
dicker, the barter and cheating of the po
litical rag, tag anti, ob-tail, of that ",tlis
,i:raedd and disgraceful" mob at Cincinnati.
Contrast the straightforward acticm44lo..,
line With the intrigues onlifirAtirets; the"
illftirs and the . Browns of the other: :Lay
thb platforms of the two side side, mut
i•ec if Cincinnati is in tin-yqiiffilAirtie
ferret]. indica upon what the success of
each *het implieS,'' amid then iieeld'e 4 licZ'
tween ttem as genuine Republicans and
honest:patriots. We have tiniiilT.Ariaceol4
eomment this week; but little
The ticket and thdplattortil:tictdikietthern'j.
telves ' Just consider Ricn.-
1 3 ,111I.AtiEr.ritiA, June 5.—A little affei
noon ex-Gov. Clathn of -3tlussuchit'so,tts ear;
ed the Conv - ention to. order, oind spoke as
Cientlethen of the Cons ontion: Elected
aceordiiig to the usageg of the Republican
party in conventions of tlitt....people held_ in
every State, you have assmubled for the pur
pose of placing in n()ininatitai candidates
for She two highest otlives itt the. gift of the
American people. Von iepresvit a patty
founded on the broadest prinCiplcs of erec
tion), justtent and humanity, and whose
achievements - 11:t\ e hoe» the wonder and ad
usirati(lo Of 'the civilized Wlnhi. The prom
ises made four yuars sine(' It procrres , 4 and
, raforM have been faithfully eultilled,k in the,
guaranty by tli, , ilation Of equal rilits to
all; in the'rednetio» of the putdic'expendi,-'
I ures,apd the public debt; in' the decrease
of the pulilie•burdenc; in the improvement
of the ;piddle credit; in the .etabli;lnucut
ot•the jcul,lic faith that no art ofrepudia
tion Avail evm: ,lain the statute hook, and in
seem Me; [wail , aria CirthOr, thOottgialia the
unl fliklily
You are !Annul , sled to (i.
o .those principles tutil pilrposes hid), have
brought such betteticeut re,;ults to the fin :
lion. We will notlear that the people Will
desert those who have been faithful in their'
high trust s: for other men told other orgaiti
zations, although they may adopt our prin..
riples and promise to adhere to our policy.
Let Aifw go forward with eintlitlent flth that_
oti ettlyq,' - vill tritimpli,lAvkithitan thci,
traoxreete4 defection::, over all eombintt
itothe, how,v s ek,§lillfully Thitfriftl, hetufse !
in its contiitudirsut;tess ardlk'fifitretl the lieSt-
interests and highest hopes of thit.count,ry.
In. concl i nsion, Mr. Clatlin called upon
Rev. Alexander Heed, of Pitilialeipitii3;*lto
addressed the Thrtine of Grace,,
vine blessiiig on the nation and this assem
blage of representatives.
Michael as cmporafy chairman.
Hum H. S. Lane, J. S. Platt,of, Virginia,
and*--=--- Lewis (colored) of Louisiana -e;iin
ivied Itiri to the' chair. 7Applituse.l
Mr: Mllielinel said:; (lentlowa _of .11m,
Convention; I thank you foittbe;prlyllekc of
presiding over your deliberations even for a
brief period. ' I shall enjoy the honor of
priAiling' over such an assemblal,ie as this.
fiath the mere gratititd, because as a dele
gate Ifroul: l'enntAlvania rind; n r i cAhlent
it gives nit; an iieession to wel
come you our State and city; to say to
you all how glad we are to Isai*er2y9Witineing
Low cat,efellY"We shall endeavor toro
mote your comfort while you remain with
us; limy desirousqlnit. Whent.yoifleave,;u6
you will leiti - e with such impressions as will
erOiee yn fr6quently to return.: Under
any ci rc u mit an ces, he.
,prese n g Rt . !
so many diltinguisintillneri Trott' all 'parts of
this mightV which grows,and stretch
es so rapidly and wonderfully that in these
recurring I 4uadrennioi conventions -new
States, new Territories, and in thiS case,
happily 'for the cause of humanity arid pro '
.4ress, the new race—new atieast in posses
sion of -political rights and civil functions,
and soon to be endowed with all the attri
butes of equar r -are trepiesehted.' , /App
plause.] !,,
Under any ":ci cumstances you: presence
-TieOrld 14, to us a source of satisfaction, and
it is especially so, in view the ,purpose
which has brought you hither: , The mill-'
contents who recently met at Cincinnati
were without a constituency; the,Detaperate
Who are 13 noick tolileet at Batimorp "WM be
- without principle' , Therfortner, having, no
;Motive in common but personal disappoint
intent, attempted Ate fusion of the' repelling
elements, which has resulted in an explo•
sion; the latter, degraded front the high es
tatgtliey- once occupied, propose the :than
(l44kinent. of their, idgittity, . which means
. death. Unlike the . first, you are authentic
exporints Of a great' national organization,
based "uponprinciples as firm as marble, as
broad am), general as the casing air. [App'e.]
Unlike the last, your object 18- to preserve,
not to destroy. And, gentlemen, differing
from these in character and aims, you will
diff'er no less in the nature of your delibera
" Depart in Peace."
"On to Richmond I"
Niagara Negotiallons.
On thp subject which has most perplexed
and Mutt continue °to perplex their coun
cils,, in yours, ratkr let mo say in ours,
there will lie absolute harmony. .IVith us
the selection of a presidential candidate-is
a foregone conclusion. In that regard the
people have decided for us in advance, and
we haverbaly to put their
,will into proper
shape by' formally noihinating U. S. Grant,
and, with the blessing of God, we shall not,
only make that nomination without demur,
without, debate, without disgent, but we
shall make it uncle]. such auspiees,as will se- -
cure its complete-and altundant hitification
at the polls. [Great applause.] . _
It does not need, nor, considering my,
temporary-occupation of this' chaif„ would,
- the suitable, that I abduid,entek into any
elnboratc .cOmmeritary as' to .the merits- of
our candidate; but this I will say; that' not-'
withstanding all the Indignant - venom, that,
has been spit at him, alit the' 'odioas - talutit'
nies that have been heaped upon • hira,! and
all.the disgraceful slanders that have. hem
circulated in regard to him, Gen_ Grant' at
thisltime enjoys-more -of the cooridend of
his Countrymen, and is belieVed by them to
be honester, truer, and a , better man than
any of his detractors. [Great' cheers, and
.thrOwing, of hats.] ,1•Icr,mi!!1 in ouv day higt,
been, more causelesalWlniore''iliamelessly
vilified, and no one willtibe more thorough
ly vindicated. The great heart ofithe A.mcr
lean people beats responsive 'to trittlt, and.
justice, and as they have tritit und - :testa
and, trusted dim, as they knOyetlikt'ilint
- a. 9 been'wise and faitliftll;
they have seen the nation progpeftiiidet ills
rule RS it - never had prospered before, they
will stand and: defend,. and, when, the,
tti tie go; avenge
!Trim. rApplause.] Rememtuarin o
trials which alone with his fellow- 'skildlefi
he underwent during the war; his sagrifice
of ease and comfort; his perils by (lay mil
,by night; his exposures, by means of which
'those who now reviloldra zwere'nble two
cure luxurious repose at cisafe'distance from
, they are quite willing he shotAti - in , ,..
dulge riOptice ears and cigar:# and sea-tide
lOiLerifigs,...and they 'ineariltd furnish, him
with the opportunity of enjoying these for
'av least font - tears to come, .„ • „
• As to the Vice Presideno,llVdonlif, gen
tlemen, there will be various preferences.—
Some of its will:atfirst favor one; sOmp an
othol.lint we shall strike to obbaip the host
*and when' the "einee 'ultimately
made, I trust we shall
-all feel that_Lwe suc
eeeded. •
1p regard to Le platfOrAt ; I:43: se t tit opted
it is pot for no to anticipate, butonlong with
the:toilier,:important doctrines it will un
d'oubtely contain the widest'-recognition
human freedoin, [applause,' and the clear
est affirmation of the dutiesAtich
_the Orr..
eminent owes to its laboring niabses, how ;
eyqr and wherever employed' - 'toitn 'or
country; and'Witli such candidates and such
Wcreed, w - hetitif We'have to encounterihe
decaying remnbutet of "u. once-powerful:par
o y, but now so feeble that it is crying
ortlyto the enemy for succor, or anincon;,,
g Nous ill , a.gsorted factions, with'
no I)(3nd 'of union• but the greed of ',Ofticc, or
all -of- them conibined, 'we 'shall go forth
cowiefing And t,p, conquer, - [tiyilacheers.]
Threctertipornry Secret aries were appoint
%‘ hen the Chaittlian ordered a call of
the States for alCommittee on' Credentials,
Mad ono oft Permanent Organization.,i :Each
1-7 t ate' delegation nameirthe respective -Mem
ben. •of the committees, Pennsylvania se
lei-ting L. D. ihomakeron credentials,, And
Charles Albright phperthatitent organization.
- A:motion was Made and carried that the
Territories be, called for members of the
Committee on Permanent Organiiation.
.• The committee were permitted to retire to
It was moved and carried that the com
mittees on resolutions and rules both be
named in response to one call of the States,
and Pennsylvania named Gil W. Schofield on
the Committee on Resolution's, and A. W.
611fillan on Rules.
- ,
,Gen. John A. Logan hiving appeared in
one of • the boxes he was loudly called upon
for a speech, and after some time came for amid great applause and addressed the
Convention. lie did not' think however
that this was a propers,timejor place for him
to make a speech. A - vbie6—" We want a
feNtr*rds from Logan."
Mr. Logan remarked that if litho people
i could have witnessed the enthusiasm of the
nvention affthe_ r nanie pt Grant,: it
would have g . .ftuldened their hearts):=- l After
c4l; Years of trial therOvact'finifo'etithilalf-
SsiirkE.Gen. Grant than when his name was
first presented for the Presidency. - It only
proved that he had done ell, and deserved
the,eugomium, !Well (I' /Rea:lshii faith=
fultiettkant; thou hast b een
en faithful oVer
few things, we will 1 11 40 thee miler .over.
any.,orkiGen:, LOgarliettired ambloheerit,l l
: , .]str.ll-Bperukft, at=-ti l e 'irutt!gagort
Now York delegalati, ,i4illeitupoir: the. °kid
oaVand most venerable Member tOniettli'filtor,
them to tho • Conve.ol4. - , ,peoprigti , to
tide':, IGreiit:,applause find
cull st said the tire:had nearly come
First Ifni.
'« but
again when' the Ameriedir people would
choose their President: Whir shullit
[Voices—" Crna."l 1 thinls I agree with
,you, been)), Grant
_is the- saviour of
ecifintry; . .end libil3sedlitiin :Se
referred Griiint."46 ineAtiriihip , ,.Atervtos.
whet) o ttfe - natiOn almost 'di:spired of (site
cess In the war, and stated that by his Pttf.
s i s t ea t . po c y, whi e h.aoieved final victory
and the surrendq.uf - the rebels, Grant had
- bleS;.ed thieciiinay; and now we want to
give him time to finish - the work by, el-milk
ing Rukluxism and saving the negro. llav
jog P l mlo a good Piesident once, be will
make a good one formiollter term. Just as
Lincoln, the seeonil
hail' bel t )) re elected, so will Orittit
third Saviour of his country. lie told-how
signally had failed all efforts to show him
coYmPt in anything. Ile loam Talc,
sonic mistakes;liiit tic was liodAt, 'true, Mid'
putt: , We want Crant f, tot. years immer,
mull the anti-slavery battle shall have ta-en
fought= out. lb. is, doi.ng. -We:: bccil
him until We reach a final triumph in the
great strugele. [Cheers.'
Senator Morton was loudly called for.—
He came forward, took a 'scat Stu 14 front
of the stage, and made an eloquent speech,
eliciting enthusiastic applause. We omit it
for want of space. : .
The Committee on Organization twins;
ready to report it wag agreed they sLunhl (14)
:) without. waiting ; for the Committee on
Credentiak • , 140 , •••:,011
,'A South Clarolina delegate expressed the
cmittlieation with which he "had heard Out-
vin Smith, and now asked that the liouthhe
'heard thro u gh the Governor of South Caro
lina. : '
Gov .Ox ;
t. 04 )Ic, ,lllo4l.4tfnriteArid.lPitaiiied
40 -.
his:Alit-0 I • the' ticket, and referredto the' -
slanders to 'which Gen. Granyialibeatilhil.r..
jeeted, 110(1 compared his Cxperietic;e lit this
rpstieet. whit till t
, cif Aya4ipgwo 'ln 4fti4 Wti
Scit,ii: I Wet)] ogi z d" i lie - Pregideift.,, AV '11( ) . S ' C' VC:-
acaion be tonsidered a necessity_ If Gen.
Grant hall faile&as President, Gov: Orr
liked such[ failure's. He claimed , that his
Aliministration was tiguecelskttli lthine. aull
abroad. • He dilated at some length on the
.operations of the Kuklux in the South; sus
tained the Kuklux legislation,
.atid claimed
that the IaWsUL - iiilY•and fran)y executed.
__ ; Gov. Oglesby:was called upeat tit h e next
Ilovernor of, Illinois, and iiiiviinl to' the
platform, fie paid a graceful compliment
to Gerrit Smith, who lie said had stood lie
fore the Convention to-day the impersonitl
-cation.- of American dignity and hoitev(i
-'lWitii: "Tie referred ter Ida also as the ktvot
agitator, witO, hing, before tlip.HeOlilit'ak
party -was horn„liad'eliiimpibtred., the - rights
'ollie &WWI roildefil,,yights, attltme when
moat all Of ' iis were young and useless.
_Timsp,caker eloquently eulogized General
Grant, and expressed his grief ,when a :feu - atm' from the' nolil&State, quilt•l..);_tkeil the
early cradle ht Liberll ,- .pronounced against
-o_eti:,Gratt the instil ing sentence that - he
-had been once a "to ner." [Clieers.l He
eloquently sketched the President's history
as a cadet, at a' laboring man, as a soldier
'arid afgeneral, the saviour of his -country,
and its President. - Grant Inidheeri an enig-
from his birth, and to-day 'lie is purer,'
greater, and nobler still than we litive ever
thought him. Speaking for Illinois, which
gave, us theinimortal Lincoln, [great cheers]
Gth . ! Oglesby desired to express the utmost
confidence in Grant's high patriotism, good
sense, and purity. We will trust him four
ears longer without suspicion or 'doubt.
liThere were great -cries :for, Gov. Hawility,
of Connecticut, who was _brotight . ;foryiard
and took the platform miiid *Ail:cheering.
He thanked the Convention for their' kind
ness, bat:begged to be excused at this time
front making any remarks, and be permitted
.to--call-for the report of the Committee on
Or '— - ' ' '
,Mr. , Bareuk, Of California, asked that the
colored race might be heard through one:of
its own members. William H, Grey, oft A
rkansas, came to the platform. He said that
this is probably the first instancein which
had Appeared before a National Convention
'a representative of that oppressed race Which
I had lived among us for two hundred' and
fifty years, and had so recently been lifted,
through the grace of God, by the hand of
man, out of their political degradation.
He proceeded with some well-timed re
marks, which he delivered in good style,
and gracefully complimented Gerrit Smith,
whom he'had seen for the first time to-day,
and the sight of whom had revived his faith
in that; humanity Which is 'divine; 'Ho ad
vocated the nomination , of General Grant,
Whose name was a tower of strength in the
South: The -colored people of the SOuth
are a unit for Gen. Grant. The colored peo
ple'knew there was no chance for them out
side of the Republican party. -
Mr Elliott,' of South Cor...liam, it niemner
of. Congress was called out. He'stood here
,Withthe_colleaques of his race as evidence
of the acconiplislintedWoVi.o*l4l.4.lolt:
and as an example 6- ortlie justice of the
American people'. He pledged the earnest
upport of nitie hundred thousand colored
votes to the - Work ; of AliCaniireutiok : 1 ;
' Mr, Iltiirki,'(c6lored,) of North Carolina,
responded to the call, but said he had no in
tention to do, more than acknowledge the
kindness of the convention, but pledged his
State to give tigood account of herself. The
political, salvation of:riot, only the negroes
' but of .all. the Werliingthetstit) the Smith - was '
bound twin the success of the Republican
party, The name of no man can delude us
into -treachery to principle. .
Gen.,lbriglit, chairman Of the Commit
t4c4reri'ermanent Organization, reported
for permanent President Thomas Settle of
North Carolinti, - Mid re Viet( Tyrbsidebt, 4, , ivit
Secretary. from each State and3TertßOW
those -or Pentisylvania being respectively
XL W. Oliver And H. li. Bingham. • •
• 'Judge Settle came forward amid_iong-
Continued cheers. When quietness was re
stored he said:
Gentlemen bf the Convention ) I, thank
, you ! :for ktlie distinptlon of,ipreSidin6 over
the-deliberaticina orthe , tir 6tital party in
ylo,greatest power on earth, and I accept it,
not so much as any personal tribute to my
self;: butes' the right handof lellowship.ex
tended froui oilr magnanimous 81041.1361' ilia
orth l to the ,erring, wayward, punished,
reel/ended and patriotic sisters of the
South. amulet:kr, APPhilt.s..Yrli -We I have
Iligh,fitttlea . to perform. c i We have assent
.bleitiditiirothe man who shall administer
-theliktys of- le greattrepublie dor 'the next
font. - years. But our duties are plain.' -We
,SliCaild be recreant to every trust, and fail
to respond to ,_the v,ibrationsla every patri
-1 ,otie„lietirt,,it*e-ilid not; with - one voice;
I ibruocthe soldier att4OtSOM SA4ratitk
I Lfor4he goat, Piesideii4:' We' of the Smith
_iecognlze and deigand.hhii-1q 1a 'rigeetisity!
'We - kno* that It JO,li: 3 ltece : 4o , Lti&easttry
fpr he law and orilerXtbat.portien.a. the.
country. He is4,lleceisity to the Ireedorit
of all men. [Renewed applause.]-':• "'
, kis got proper thei - Valiouledetain you
with 'anyextended'rernarks this 'evening. I
_shell therefore assumultheillitifigithieldiiii .
'-lime imposed uPon Me, and t ah e li ,bp very..
,glactol .the - opportuniktqo addfew you at.
greater length-later id thelid.s§ l oPi 4-40.100 3-
cur laborYstieM have ceased.
_, „,.--
'A 'notion to I adjourtiqintilAti; h! - id: I&
iiioriour. was c a rried,•'andrthe'CotinVeritiort•
-separrued with enthusiastic -menifvstatiOns•
regarding their afPreeable Saslon:" '=:'---- • '..
The **io',,ii4....
PHILADELP.tiIic ,Acadenty
of MuOe' 'was defisely, packed, at:10 o'clock,
when the Convention assembled.; -The 'Of
thuiasna was Irotnense;. '
. • At 10:80 the chairman called the tionven.
tion tiiii . rder, raid Dr. Harper invoked ,the
Divine blessing. •,' Y -- - '
- ----Mr. Denver stated that Oregon had been
redetmed. She' had gone ~Republican—for
Congress and-tho Legislature. [Cheers.] t‘ ,
Mr.. Pendleton, of lowa, from the com
mittee op. credentials, reported that all the
States and Territories were represented in
full: There was no coritest'excePt in Dako
ta and Utah. l'hey decided to admit ail
fotir - of the Dakota delegates with two v es
between them ,, and they admit the G Uld
'aclegates from`Utah. ‘• Report adopted.
The Chair ordered, the, roll •called ,for
members of the National'COmmittee. o
oinit the nameS of the Committee here, but
shall print thedrhereafter.] „
. • Mr. Personal of Alabama, offered Ilireltio
lution extolling peace, but warning Eng
land that we will upheqd and 'firmly main
tain our rights; Which was referred to the
committee on resolutions. •. • - '
Mr. Millet:eel Presented it ,ennnntinien
tion ) to the, being. resolutions
from the nibn League of America, and
they were ordered .read. Theyilleklorch4hv
'principles • of the liepubliean — earty,'
Urge thatubbibine.c; of faitlifullY Stand 4
by i landmpholdingrtlietn tigainit - all 'foes pr,
treac.her7.. An expression._ sustaining
-vernal right and tuiti:ltuklbiclrekisra
tiqum4ll forth applmlSe:"
I'H ° itterKAMO,t l o44-:4 l 4tAierng
ready to retort neetles.wers titadn-hr:V4i
Varier avlsfr::Shiurbakild:of dpat,
t 9 4 ef
arson iatAinssour4;.;rt. r, isyucit.,•jeoloredj
of- lifissilslpeir (inc ‘Gles.. , ‘Es -fri: Noyes- of •
,•'• meyest - ,iicffeAl,'tojelspea e- co
da(' proceed to nominate ,a Presltienk. Car
chearitie:t4 - •
Mr. Cullum, of Illinois, said: On behalf
. _
of the gtdiif e llepuhliean patty of I:116101s'
and of theiUnlon, and in the name Of lib
erty, loyalty', Itt,tlee, law; in the interest of
konomy,;:goil goy !rionent, peace, and the
bAnnlitrof 611' before the law; remember
ing with; 0'40,134 hit nollievethenta as a
lieifeld and hit statesmanship in
Abe Presidency, 1 renominate Ulysses B.
Grunt. (Great and prolonned cheers, the
Convention rising:, At'itV i lig AMU dkerchiefs,
and the gallery ditto.'
Mr.t Winalfitil, of Niity. said The
'Conte of the de•tingniiilli-d ‘editor who wn
stottlinat44 Cinciti nal i asks yoll to -pause
before you wake the noulinatiou tvhieh is
aweleetion, until she ealfsecoull'that•
rimf teats ap,o "he ained Gen.
firant be(-Ituse Ale ri•t•opuhtitt her ob4ri
tion of gratitude to Mtn. To-dtty she in
(jorses Jam, heeate , e lia4-been Ailed •tinti
f(ituid true., Ile refetN•ed 10 :It/tuner's eita-
ion ol against ;laid, jar the pur
pose (it idei.ox log t hat St ittitoir'tni titictAn
both "(knew, (-bald thoroughly and trusted
him utterly, noConly to crush out the rebel
ion in his own silent wityiAltit ttlso to nego-'
tiate the great rebel surrender and its terms.
Front his grave the (load- 'Blanton' rebuked
the in ing Strittrier. • .[C.leers.} New York
inaorses s Grstit's nomination dud tislcis God's
bletising , nn the cause.
rill ealled.tor,cach ballot resulted as
follows. As earl) State AV an called the chair-
unity/ its delt.:44tiolt in a few terseisenten
tes.arinomiced it slntinitinains vote; iir Pon.
tiratit. Each : etinotthectitent was a signal
for a ppl a iih.4. • Nebraska:i it , announcing. its
vote said: 1 ",,tieltrieskti 'giros .sox-votes for
the man w,ho:will - tantliettide of :Horace hi
I.4o:*at.:o;flemonratieicorrOption and ,dam
'lll#4ll:'-b,-1 rktuiVtiseiid, f (nesting , the 1 . -votp
.4,44,1.,4.1- ~il i „, gnvo it„for.Ctra'nc :the:man
; whom Gree l ey saithriefir., butt i'beertAisaten'
!l never world be. When Gen. Burnside
t t9 vote it or Ith . t . e. ; Island he Ribs greeted
'With cheers , conti nuing , 4011 , be, took the
platform wliere he cast,cight.,.,voteS for his,
old comrat e in '
„arms, , ,Mr.• ,MaCkey, of
Smith Carol ni,,said theAlelegationi of that
- regenerateds
tate, whose.-first, gain - at Sum
ter made Grata a,pogsibility_ * instructed him
to cast her Vote for that' grEat s,iddier.,,
, All the,States tindTerritoties havinglnen
'otliett,... the. eltikitioan ant:TOM:ed 'that,.tbe
entire vote; I'o lit all; havipg,.‘hecAl.;fasti-toX
ULYSSES S. 'GRANT, he was,the,nomtnee.
of. this Convention as its .
ctia . tlitlate for. the,
Presidency. '.The convention and, t ,galleries
arose to their feet,amid..great cheering and
the waving of 'hat's apti:hiinifittircifiefs. The,
[ band playeiVieyeral:excithig pieceg, and the,
i excitement Wllo,fnlppse,the wholp IConven,
thin joining '!q, simpug,#?)ie4,l, t.lohn Brown,l,
was plityed. ' T,five cheers- were for,
" the black Men „w r hp :slood_by, vri s heys.aa
they were noirehingtolne, sea,?, , artd they
vc... giyettWitiA a will. „., <, :
, t
The .Cliahl?ltto said that the Committee,On
Resolutions were ready, to
,Tepoyt,., 1,, ,„ . 1 .1„
The - connnitteq, failing to appear,( Mr.'
Craighead, of Olpp„ moved :to RusPend- the
rales end proceed, to ,the npuiination, of, a
candidate for ViePr,esident of the United
States, which was agreed t 0::,. ., s.
. -
• Morton M'Mtchael,,of i rennsyJyardai took
the platform' And 2 proceeded ':to .nominate
Ilenry WilsM),. : oX : ,-,ltiassachusetts..- He
claimed Pennsylventa, as , tlle place :of-.the
birth and baptism of the Itepublicao party,.
and as first in the field and in the fight when
the rebellion raised its head, becaus of:all
the loyal States it was nearest to 4 scene
of war. But how had she been_- requited 2
F.Oi'ycars ago she presented,,a,war Geyer,.
,nor as a candidate for the ;Vice Presidenti! t
nomination. Ile was defeated,.but she went
on faithfully and gave her,vote for : the•tick-.
'et. He then Drobb&leil,With sotnOemarki
on the tariff queition,' W hielt*,e r .e.ifitiodgile.
to, reporters. He 'We's tirlderelood,"tb: com
plain that Pennsylvania had ni) 'repiesenta
tive in the Cabinet. He
.was fregtlently.in
terrupted with, '" NAM° yOur candidate."—
In conclusion, be Resented 'the' patne of a
statesman to he whole country—an honest,
able man, whp always labors' for the labor
ing man. , I name Henry WilSon, , of Mas
sachusetts. , I
The nomination was seconded by Mr. Lo-
Eng of Massachusetts and Mr. Ray of New
Mr. Thompson of Indiana nominated M.
Colfax, which was seconded by several oth-
CTS. , , ,
Gerrit Smith rising was greeted with great
applause. He complimented highly Gen.
Haylefand Schuyler Colfax, but expressed
a preference on this occasion for' Henry
Wilson, as the special favorite of the work
ingman and of the colored voter in the
North. Several other candidates wertran-•
nounced by different gentlemen..
The Chair announced that the Committee
•on r,
J.,eso.uticins .weie piesent___avd st , t i
question w 'ether Tne -- convention would
now hear their report; and-declared it car
- Mr. Seboffettlef „NrinsYlvania, chair
doilio the corriinfftee t annottmed that the
secretary of the "Cbuintittee, Gen. - Hawley,
would read the resolutions. He, 'said the
committee lad but a Short time in whick.to
'eowildeeffinige number of, questions; so if
the gentlemen ,of the, convention did not
find in the platform everything they desired,
he hoped they. would, rest assured ; that it
was not excluded fFonl eny *djspositiOn to
take up and act .upon all. ,
Gen. paVey • read, the Platfurrn as, fel
likes i•'
The Republican party of the United States, assemb
led in National Convention in the city of, Rbiladelphia,
on the sth and Gth days' of lime, 1872, again declares
its faith. appeals to Its history and annthinces its, posi
tion upon the questions-be/ore thoJcourdry.
First—During kileyen years of its auvreknacy. Atlas
accepted, with grakurcourage, the solemn duties of the
qmars. It supprcrd a gigantic, rebelron," emancipa
ted four millions talaves,kleCreed the ctittil citizen
,ship of all, and e lablished rnnivpreat suffirrsge,, , ‘ Et-
Whiting unparall&l intinulptictx. I 4 ,cFliMuilir ,pun-:
fishedno man for axitttlind d eneos, and wartrdY Wel
comed all who pf,otlett that- 'loyalty • liyhtsbsying 'the'
laws and dealing juatly with choir snefighhcire..i It has
steadily decreased) with ,a firm haed,,the relphttint,tlia-'
orders of a great wik4;'Bl.Bl Initiated, a Wits_polldy to
wards the Indiana, Ttnr Patina railroad' ifildilintlar
'vast enterpriselagaave.been generously aided indanii
teeSSitth.v oladeleted :PO, :Pub/Jo:A*l l4 w rieet.TWOO-1.
actual uottlatst. iminigranou ProteePaand ca ooo raB
and a full acknowhidginent of the tishirsitzed citizen's
rights secured froth 'rnpearnplastere., l alutdforhi na
tional currency haft been provided,. repudiation lrotnt
ed 4 10Wri. the national credit sustained order the most
Wofirsordinary burdens, suet 'new Bonds negotiated at
lower rates. The rovetitieg have 'been carefully col
lected and honestly applied; s Despite the annual large
reduction of the Ides a t fAr .ti r ,,". v 444011 has
tt: l PaT i o u ftil a ZIA 1 41 C' in r eon drc:at: a'Presi de yiirO a nt
financial crisis has Pli3ol/ avoided,snd peace andijilerity
prevail throughout therland. t . Idensping ;foreign mgt.
ctilties have been peacefully amilsonoriddy comprom•
ised, and the honor and 'power idthe nation Rept to
high respect throughodt the world.: This glorious
record of the past thejparty's bestpledge for the' M
ince:- Wes believe e, peoplo.vidt not !entrust the gcw
ernrnent to any y or'combination,pf 4 4 conmos-
Wi t aMakttioose wlih Have' tealstbd ry steri of
MtViO t ireM, '' ' 7i!..1,, 1.-: "I „, 1
Second—Comple liberty and exact equality In the.
eittryntent .01 4 'iai !civil, poldical, and public rights
ShOuld be Catablfithed add lifffMthallY mailithitiOd thre
.ont the lhaten, b adtclent lizidappYoptlattilitate and
Faleetil legislation. Velthlrittitlaw nos its adrutnis,•
traitor' should , admit of an 3 diacidmiljotion. in respect
sto .the ncitizen', , byeaner( of lien s 'cieeti, hops:, or pro-
Omni. ciiilditLonciofervdtddh. ..,,, .. i.; t. t n-, •,.
Third—The recentametokunnts' to the rtatiehal Can
slitution should bet cordiAtlY 01184 09 1, becouB4 ttlitY.
d iighMmit mer4ly tolerated heL7tusethe'rare law.
and should be carried'ontlitOoordine th their spirit trs.
.appropriate legislaticen. the' enforeementof which csin
be safely, tri nCIPY, OAP, .PO7 Will , OcPtireitthose
, aniendroeine. 4 - •
'Poitrill.. l •ThS timid government should seek'-'hi
, nialatgfilati honorablapeace, 'with all tiattbainroteat
ing its citizarts everywhorcy:ausi isymPithlailig with all
petsple — Whh , strive lei greater liberty. • , •
By7h—Any system of the,clvirV
herce,'nuder which
- the subordinate rind Mins of the Orono:dent 11;v con
sidered rewards fOr Mere; , Ratt7staii is fatally &mak=
slicing; mid we theieforo favor.* fgfoinn p t the anteln
,by laws Which shill ibbilah itio'elllO oridiOnagO, and
make honesty,. efiltilanhy Mad ' Adetty, thi? einnintiar
qualifications for pnblloposithins:",.l .:...i , s •
Sizth.*-Weez6oppees.d to forting grants,Of the puir:
He h ol d s t o eeeptestions and, ptonopollea n and Amapa
thattito national • - ‘loetudiatiletit apart =/' /Yet ome
for• the people. , ,-%;•;14. , t
• 4reettlA-a-The annual revennee,'aftei.prying'the cur.
rent debts, should furnish a moderato balance for the
-principal, and the revenues; except ooz:ouches may be
derived• from aux on tobaboo arid Honig: be , Meed
by duties upon importations, the duties of which ,
should bo so adjusted as to aid, in ?mining ream:nem.
Bye- wages to labor,and preintite the 11 1 1114h:tes t growth
and prosperity of the whole conntly.
Eighth—We hold in undying honor the soldiers and
sailors whorls valor limed the t ßnicsi. t glior pensions
are a sacred debt of the nation, and the widows and
orphans of those who died for the coMitryaril entitled
to the care of a generous and grateful people:' We fa
vor such additional legislation /as will• extend the
bounty of the government to all , aux soldiers and sail
ors who were honorably' discharged; and who in the
line of duty' became disabled, without regard to the
length of service Or the cause of such discharge.
Ninth—The doctrine of Great Britain and other
European powerscormernlng allegiance,; "Once a sub.
Ject, always a subject," having at last, through the ef
forts of the Reembllcen party, been abandoned ; an4'
the Amerfcan idea of the inellvidnal'arightto transfer
his allegiance having Wen accepted by.the European.
• nations, it is the duty 'of orn"government to "guard
with" jealotre, 0-are the • rights of adopted Citizens
against the asentuption of unanthortzed iclaimit by
their former governments, and we urge the ooutinted
and careful encouragement hod protection of
far', immigration. ,
Tenth—The franking privilege ought to be &belittled
and the ,vra,y prepared fora • speedy,mlustion in The,
rate Of postage. i ,
Eleecnth—Among the cpleattone Which pleas' tor at:
tentiO4 ita that which concerns „the reladorat tit-capital'
aurtitabot, and the ItOkubliagi gartp„vseognlsp Abe
itof ad shaping legislation as tOll4i‘llB follprotection
and - t the amplest ctrl cateal,' and 'ter labor; tho
satattm ilrottpltali-lhe It lopPttrtatiittert; trod Itt`juitt
share ofj.ho mutual rine of lthea o trq intit set ti
I Xiorefht-,--We. bold that C6itgrtVaiid
;)iev.aorrly.fe !Al erten iniperetfeet drittin thefr
Arts ra.-C 144 . suPProseittu tretteenibbs
Amends:shone M, - certain gtup, an ,
t aw trurprotectionst thebaltet box, and therefor War
,arteritiLled to the thimkirer the " 4 •
vlirparth.,We denounce. a regadititiothof the '
4 1 4 lietul:florin Or disguise as a Ilatieng Plierte,
,Witness with pride the„rnaoction of the pri t,
the debt. gruLet Moe Oi*ofillmtii*ii the cep
*ad vontldently tirp&t.that our , eitellaut Indlo cur.
raga 1111 be , partelloby, a ,speed,y 4esumptitin.lor
specie payntentit ,
rol'ontletork-Aie republican party is mindfut'o l itrY
obligations to the t o women of America for their
noble devotion to the cause of freedere. Their adreb•
. •
sion to Wider fields of usefulness is revolved with sat.
bad/ 0 4.0 10 the )(Most demands of tiny class of eat
sons foradditiomd rights. shotdd be treated with re
apectfungmaideration. ' 't ~)
ircenth—W o heartily approve the action of Corn;
gross In extending amnesty to thoso lately in rebellium
and rejolc+ In the growth of peace and ftaterual feel.:
lug tbrouglioUt tito land. - ! :
Sixteenth-- e rho Republtean party propose to respect .
the rights reserved by the people to themselves as care
fully as tie powers delegated 'by them ni the States
and to the Federal 'Government. It dbulPProres of
the resort to unconstitutional laws fur the purpose of
removing evils, by interfelenee with rights itoi sur
rendered by the people to eta' • the Stale .or National
dqveriitunt. ~ _ ' ' , '
Seventeenth—lt is the duty . f the general govern
ment to adopt such measures a will tend to encourage
Ateerit.tut commerce and ship-'t nib - ling,
Eighirettf.t —We believe that t to modest patriotism,
the earnest 'purpose, the soon 1 judgment, the' meal
cal tvledoni: the incerruptildo literarily and, lb,: illu,t2
trolls services of Ulysses S. f inut, have commended
imo,to the heat of the Attie leant people, anti • with
him at our head we start to-cla • upon a new ittsrel to
victory. .
Gen: Burnside moved he adoption of, the,
platform as a w,hole, ;Nide)). was ciirried,
with half a,dozeit dissenting votes.., , ,
Gen. Noyes eathe for Ward and "secOritled.
the nomination of 'Mr.. Wilson. ' Mr. 'let:k
han', from a part of thl Ohio delegation,
said he would fail of his duty' if he failed to
second the intinination of Colfax.
The roll was called fortthe thst
During,the Call the clod man' of each dele
gation , accompanied it.l
vote' with u , few
words, the friends of cii It candidate receiv ;
ing with cliemi the announcetnent of Atie
preference for their favorite. The,annottnce
meat of PetinsYlvania,46lid for' )VilS'oti call-,
ed forth great cheers, 're also, the vote ,of;
Nem York for' Colfax. At the .lose of, the
roll call the Vote street—Wilson, 3t3;141,,,-.lol
fax,. - 321 - 3.• Tennessee, gave Mayntii,sl„. 24;,
Texas, lArty 1%10 ~ Virginht, . TAT is
.22.. -- n. ,; ;, .
1 , • ; ThreC , hundred , and ' 'say en imsev en , i * pre
Iteedsgaryt'' to' 'it',',Clioi,eo - Virginia : tit, Juts
jinictufe chatigekl l'Wenty of her votes from
Letiis to Wilson, and the remaining typ W.
Colfax. ThiS, gave' Wilson 4841; and: Isis
nomination was`lisstiro. -. r . ~ ,
Various-States Inirpedly i:hUngedlo Wil
soni,until ex-SO'ntitor /Li 0. Lane of Indiana
moved that ; the nomination. of that good.
man and distinguished, patriet;lienry Wil
son, he made Ursaninioue,,which was carried'
withgreat cheering; 'and now. again the en
•Aire.audience arose to tlieit. feet, frantically
applauding the result, and ending with three,
ebeers for,the Completed ticket. 1 • 1
A-resolution of thanks to Philadelphia
for,its hospitality was adopted, also
to the ollicerir of the' COnventiqn. , ~; ;
'Tlipk3liair officitilly,aunpUnced Mini ,Uiye
ses S. Grant and lieti'fy Wilson were the
nominees for President stud Vice President.
A. telegraM Svits read from Vice Pre,sidettl.
•Colfax thanking his friends for their sup
port and indorsing' their, eomintiont, • ,
Tlia,Chairtntin thanked the 'members ; of.
the, Couv,entiosi for their:kindness, and then
adjourned,the ,Convention without day. ; .. ,
"They Themselves heinglYibleisesill
The New,York /yaqqa, is oue of 'the abletot
.and most' thoughtful journals of the literary
and class ptiblished ‘iri this toun
-yijr. It . sornetirnes'goeirtfrong; hat 'we be
Rove it is habitiially honest in, its opinions,_
and fearless in expressing them.. Its editor,
tin Godkin, was an active and able leader
in l iiii) late " liheial"- MoYement ,which cul
minated at Cincinnati, and his paper reflect
'ed bliposition with its usual alflify.' lib,
went .iiito that fnoveMent as a genuirie, ; i, re-,
riorMer,"qtnd h
e came out of it with a new
libitiihr or two Fia• •to l ass conventional and
'Politicalpurification. " ' ~, ~;
:If, any Republican has,the least ; doubt as
to the corrupt influents that controlled that
convention, or of the' resent '"motives, and
tendencies of that movement, l ‘Ve commend
to him this testimonY, of one :of its chief
friends and patrons.
.7e especially call his
attention to Mr. Godkna s 'opinion' of Giret
ley's " Great One-Term PrinCiple." Hero
are the extracts from the Nation's editorial
" We suppose that a t greater degree of in
credulity and . disappointment than ; was
caused by the nominations at,Cincinnuti has
not been felt in this country since the news
of the first battle of Bull Run. The coun
try had been led to apprehend that the can
didate most dangerous to Mr. Adams, Mr, ,
Teumbull, and the gold. men of the conven
tion was Judge Davis '
and almost no one
outside the hall of the convention was fear
ing that it was4o Mr. Greeley and Mr. Gratz
Brown that. the convention was to fall a
DIMS/ :Et t,lat hnwp or woo what hociliesp
pene4 to as it, and wh tever beearno of ; the
disappointment and tag mortification:.with
which the news WAS receiVeif, 'the Apexohm
, li,V bad lo venial., I ;,a ~, ;-. - i .g
" This upshot of the Movenient, in laver
of a return to cOnstitutiOnal,metheds,, of
good sense and justice in the managemeqt
of the debt and thei sariff, of dignity Ana
statesmanship in the conduat of our foreign
relations, of honesty ke, thiministrtAion,- of
solid from . hack politicians, is ck result
which will certainly to most hutnan minds
seem, to say the'least, curious. The nomi-- which may, be made by the Demo
crats if they shall ,nominate, the Reunion.
'and Reform men if they shall nominate, the
Philadelphia Republicans when they nomi
nate, will in our jtalgatent have to be very,
extraordinary nomin tions it ,Greeley :and
*own, are to t secure ,hnd keep, the, ; united.
support of,:tb.e,best fri i 6nds . pf the,moveinent'
Wbte4 * .lifi-,z /: 1 4 .4 ,wcti frePr**( l 'so m nlgek bet
ter a Month ago4banhe does to;itAy. 4 .-, ~
~ ' Of ; the newspapers ,which were, Strong,
..eaufoAltho , true Liberal 4ecorlit movement,
some are indicating their intention to sup
port the Greeloy and, 41rown ticket,
.tind a
good many,of them pre .on the. ',fence. ~ All.
such4ournals have 'reprobated tlie_Oandon
id trickery „which secured, } ; lief convention
for theso,two candidates.' -
~''' That . the nomination, , pinch
,as ,it 'sur
prised:people in geneial, was neYerlheless
carefully prepared., Will no doubt, beoome
mere, and, more ,Eppareilt, Mr.; IlicpcUr.
Moore and Mr. Walthi Rutchins,diff not ,go
,out IA Qinchinatr i to , look after. Judge)3el
den:l.-without , haiing, a; elear. .conception!of,
ovhat It;was, the .Indge wanted,.aml .what At
. was, on ,ibe.other lima,. which, they ,wanted.l
Xor ; do wel:suppoie that,, a month or so h ago.
the r,G
organizationpf,,,`,PioneereAey i Clubs?
;in numerous , iver4 Pf. , ,tblit eitT Where ;our
;fellow citizens of 4.raili descent proactive in
. political 'was. done vagit:ely„apd, without c10)1-
Bide,ratiOti. „ Ir i f i kue4Ylt,Y , le. • ..American - poi:
itjcs l iois. pot, as a :rule. been,
.Whatelrev I pflY have -lief* (the cbatnoter , el
;undirected, Irish "phlitics. , m.,general,lii We;
see that Mr. Ben., ; WV, t i e ;owner of, the
Daily New ? of-thiasi ii pn Tuesday last. s3.t.i
ganiv3o - a very auccossfal, Democratic raid.
: cation ineetinglll,4o4 City,and patriotically
demanded a 13tate,convention Of the Deraoc
xacyltia.,urge .on the ,National, Democratic
COnvention the `adoption .of the Cincinnati
ticket.'',, , , 1 , iI ,i . f : '.: , ~ - ,' !il.
~.!` Thera matt 6ie.plagif t in Ole .;.o,incinuati•
:platform which wq frannot pr 'anko +lO lisle could ,
most of the rennangpr i ‘and Pint As.tho.onei
term, resolution,', which the, Tribune. affirms
tot beay 'nciple, and thet ;Eve72.04714b4t1 de-.
clams:to e a peliticitl,fetch, and whichwe'
take leav to .coniii,do a bit, of ,ad captanclum,
that, ill not meet .-
,wi h much consideration;'
though e dare say, , a shall Itear la; good ,
;dealcabo it fel' some, time to i cop:m' i It i lts4,
nevert s riled , fo 14.w , arth„whilo to ague
this question at , all seriously,, because the
country has quite recently had .one of the
strongesi illustrationsimaginable of the,dau';
ger that ,anight 'attend . a change .of Presi:
',dents ateertam crises t and becatuse there is
something childish lin demanding . that' a
great people shall bind itself not to employ
Ate servants and directors just as long as ~at.
finds , them useful." I
, „ _W.4agniGrox, June 4, 1872.
• • Lockaikr'eseraccrt.‘ , :":
Logan's apeech•wh eh was delivered yes
terday was very , effective; aud , 'when
with fiery eloquence, portrayed the Sacrifices
which our citizen soldiers made in the camp;
andfrisked Whether the doctrine of •Sumner
should be aictepted,i , excluding - these-men
from the walks of state,smanship, ' the- galle
ry were moind to invpluntary applause.
Sumter Logan: may not altogether please
.ihdse who aretshocked by an tatigtaixiiiiati
,ol4at unitetorical expression, buClor the
masses he-is one of To most effectivn •ora:
tors of our land., • • = •
'; strstionef3, quattalbiki: 1
"iVeValt Plkinidi;kor 4 9 11016:the
,preten ed.quotation„of iBenator443utunett.of
u,agathlbed.rol)*k. Eitsaon against Cien..
0 1 ;aPtlirix0 itAdepency ,of •whiclkbe ought:
nO/e,WilaW, ligellj considered ri„
l'olatien of &,4d ffikill{.t4 -repeat public
Atmprilajiteorkverggipp, ,of limirrg men, hul'
A(l4.ctan ATthPir grave* forAlte,
rap i , an Pt. Shuldertn Another, is tatrocions,
0 11 4
• 41 , PgePic4V:the &Ong in Oepublican 44.4
elti4.lB coOdefit,:a4d.puumaes, attack has:
40118401 fin 4)l}erMan i telaUsittam , ,Viblehia
4s, grilti!Ase‘fA4 it :unexpected,
GABrittioii l ", LET TEE.
The letter of Lloyd eartliON
which 11% wrote in response to nr. Stininer's
itpeecli;Js considered the most effective 'bit
of, eritleisut.yet published., Thu Old aboli
tit* war horse stands by the Ad_ party', and
th . e,old ilagiTand cannot,be seduced by- any
specious plea whatever to go over to the .en
wgimoN FOIL
It is quite likely that henry Wilson will
be nominated for the Vice Presidency in
stead of Schuyler Colfax. It is considered
it'dettionstrittion against Senator Suninei to
Place his colleague upon the ticket. Wilson
is supported by the tiermans Mid the labor
ing men. The elidnees for his nomination
have increased : very considerably within the
last forty-eight hours.'
To be in the fashion one must soon pack
up and be,otf to a annumer,resott, The ton
of 'Washington are,boand to make iirtrip to
Lake George, which the wand of beauty's
Aculaess has matte, for, this kasOn at least,.
the Mecca of Yusidoit's voturies. The b m
iner palace know]; as Furl AV ni Homy
WWI bat . ; jOst been opened utUte the prince
ly, tuanagiipicid. of 'l'. ItoesMe lion,
era and proprietors of the Arlington of this
city—the grainiest hole). that our people
'have ever known. To not know of the
3plendors of this grand eslablishownt, to
b e ignorant indeed, and this your readers
shall not be. - , .
- Near Saratoga, Lake George is the half=
Way halt on. the now • popular route from
New•Yul'kto. tiontreal, •way of Lake On- •
luta, a route tntoKeelled torpieturesqueness
anti beauty! eFert - Henry has 'ac
commodations fel . NO guests, I with a toett
tipn, proliably not surpassed in the-'world.•
••• Put yr.NT1.91 , 7: • •
rel)111: Hie flumbey of. tiOegates‘ t Itai 'have'
visited:Washirigtofr on !hell- way to
,delphia it wmild seem that , the' Convention
will be one' of the most fititnerous gather-ings-that httL ever assembled tt 'sunilar
.occasion. It is e'stinlated ' the' inimher
of.stranOrs l cviii retteK faun 'thirty to' forty
The public -debt during thelnAt 'month
was only.decreased a little over four turn
ions. , The reason ofla less reduction than
.usual is; that warrtints'Were drawn' for ss,=
000,000 to make the •qUarterly payment of
pensions, and further sums on account of
the deficiency appropriation' bill, besides
several unusual
Congress has extended the', time of ad
journment to the 10th instant, and, the ses
sion will probably be further • PrelOnged,,
recess will 4)e• taken on'AVednesday to at
tend the Philadelphia ( {_kinvention. C. Di. '
. . ,
• . .
In 13cin,kruptcy .
NIA Newberry E.-Calkins, a Bankrupt under the
Ac of Congress of Itlarch 241; 1i307, having applied for
l Diseharge frorn hliotbis debts, and other claims
provable under said'Act; tot order of the Court, notice
babereby given to all persons who have' preyed their
debts, and tither persons interested, to appear on the
29th day of dune, 1812 , at 10 o'clock, A. M. before
E; timith; P. 44., Register of Said Coat, at his office in
Tioga, Pa., to show cantle; •if any they baize, why a
'discharge should not be granted to the said bankrupt.
And farther, notice,is hereby given, tbat t the .second
_and third moetiuga of 'Creditors of the said bankrupt,
renuiraLtiy the 21tivand 28th sections of said Act, will
be held before-Ibn said Register at the same tithe'
and plaie. - .C. McCANDRESS, Clerk..
' Juno 13,-2w.
.I? ! . AIMWI:S'‘S•.. - SHAVTY.
,/..tyou want a nice aElliOrtinenA of
TtOG-4, PA
•If you want Drciaa Good of all kinds,
• call at BALDWIN'S Shanty
it. 7911 giant #3l'h Alpaz-a, can for the Graud butuheas,
at it ALDWIN'S Shanty
. t , . •
'lf Yoti"want au Ottomatt
' ' call at BALDWIN'S Shanty
it you want Ladtea it Gents' unarm Ware,
• • ,•oaN of BALDWIN'S . Shaniy.
If you waut.uOtiplis and trimmings, • z
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Yvp want knit doc4a,
tt yoti•vratit Ra4'alia
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It you Airitiit BooN Find Shoe's,
• t-7 /
.. ~
ttlik ; ,
: :
LT4934 t'w,a)ft,a sot 41)1611es. ; t. • ,
't. ; ; ;',, ';:t call at 132 4 , D1V1NT Shanty
' . „
frOBVI r
• •'` 41 .
. 1 ' " AOl 4ALDWiITS Shanty
• •''
yotzi,tvrwt ISadyt thliittiOs, •
• j ; ~; ;,, t• • call At BALIFIVMS Shanty
iliouan"Cti stilt of Clothes /pare youi. measure.
= ''"" 4.L.ALoww•B shaqtx
3 :r. v . ,
F.,c7o ß liclult Vo i rOr 4ate,i
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If -
?t.. • • • CAB it BALDWIN'S Sllauty
it' Vint Ivaiit prices Shatcant be bent, "
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That's whata the Matter,
, ,
We ere auslons to sell these goods before e lesve,lhe
13bartti. I . ~x. L. BALDWIN dr CO.
Nov. 1, 1871.
E. B. Youlto
E. 13. Young & Co.,
(9umeisors of Hugh Young & CO.)
Booksellers and Stationers
and Pe,tkters in
Window Shades,
• 4, Wl*low Fixtures,
• -MualcAl lustrumente,
*anima Notlon.a,
• Picture
,r;a4itie a
• - Pictarea, all aorta';
• - Fletttre Cord / •
-,1 „ • . Law-Blanks.
.I .l nitice Blanks j
13latti ilooke,"ail Mies."
iii Virtues,
Newspapers; IS
:.1 . , ,-, I Writing Drake,
4,44 iip klociiip,
'LIM potpie; k
" a
boos; '
r )
otirlino '6840,"
4 -24ew Telo toillloa at Ono Dollar - Imonth:
Alintra DOW* Ot 76 ciqulo o,illonth. „
T —Onboorlytlono for a wook;,or month, or year.
--Dtdera'fiiißoOlth tit:4 In Adak iirothaly attended to.
— l -An XttretiOnycliogelrettilvett 'froth: govtlorli ay"-
e o.d aiy ..,„,. • "
: , -Itre are Agents 'of the Anchor Llno ann
Line el U. S 1 Mall OcesnSteainerii ;Passage tlakets to
and from any Pant Ih Enrope at the loweskrates. :"
—Eight Drat. Bold on any baiik in *Buropo at mule
rent rated of Exchange -
Jim 24, 182%-/Y.
call BALDWIN'S Shanty
call at BALDWpi'S Elhanig
t• 1 ..' t
1 t • t
Bucin Yotrzio
E. B. YOITtitA 11; 94,
New S:tiles'
$lO, $ll, $l2, 14, 111, $lB, •$2O, $22, $24, $25, $2O, $213.
Nevir Spring Shamale,
.$ t •
lOwer prices than, las t seaeon v.:e have full pieekst at $1,121.4, $1,26, 11,60, $1,75,
iu great variety. Plaids, Stripes, and Solid Colors, In extra qualities
spring Dre ss ' Goods.
We shall keep a still,iiirger Muck this year than ever bet re, as we now have ample rooni to show
their New Goods in this department eeeived almost daily ' I
I '
I 1 -
algths and Cassimerds. '
• 1
We shall keep in our new Sales Room a very fine stock ofWoolens for men and,boys' suits, a niuch
larger stock'than we have ever kept.' u m a. '
I ,
We have also red our hoop f3kirt stock up into our ;new sales room, and shalt keep a very flue
stock of uew styles at low prices.
t I 1
.. ,
Nottingham Lace Curtains in great variety, 2,% to 4 yards long, at from ti2_„2s to $8 per pair
Josepritine Kid Gi yes.
An entice new stock of spri4 colors. This Glove is-warranted , to he equal to any Glove in the United
States either as to St or quality. Our stock is very large indeed.
lew Prints, New Gingharns,
Black Pure Mohair,'
our regular make, equal in color and quality to any in market, and still sold by us i.vithout auy ad
vance in prices, making Them the cheapest goods in market.
ne of the Main advautages - to us in opening the NEW SALES ft.oolll, is the indreased relent it gives us
our Boot and Shoe stock. We are now !situated so that we can keep a still LARGER STOOK In this len,
i )
nd we shall add new lines of Goode in most desirable makes as our trade calls forl them. Wu shall sell pll
work VERY CHEAP and give every one that calls on us good pay for then tune In looking at our goods.
Corning, May 1, 1872-U.
The Regulator,
Boots 4t!i,z Shes,
All the people, In toga Oottply wit°, wish to inuko,purchasou iu this lane arc tuviteil to conic and
Look, gat :my , SitcboL.-.
The closest Myers will be eolvirt'eed that this is the place tQ ply'
out money' economically.
Corning, April, 4.72,
The eubseribcre - have now in iii6eit in their
An entire MAY Stock of
Black Silks
S'-,co, $275 per yard
Japanese Sinks
Hoop Shirtic.
Lace Curtains.
Nottingham Lace'
by the yard at 37Y,e. 44e, boe, 52;4c, .75c
choice (styles,!
Boots and Shoes ,
id /lOW
The assortment Is . eottiplete in 'every departmeut.
Fancy Goods,
and' oompuo prices
C 3, 3CO Sit
OM 41