Wellsboro agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1872-1962, May 08, 1872, Image 3

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yon want a now §tyle Bprini9lutWl, call
at Mrs. Sottohi's.
If you want genuine kid gloves, 2 button
and single button, call at Mrs. Sofold's:
Go to Wickham & Farr's
. Tioka, .Ta., if
you want to see a splendid stock Arid; .buy
4 00(1.: cheap. Kay
. , .
FOR SAI.E.-A good building 10t40.4 Queen
Street. Als6 a house nud lot.
March 6, 187245. - H. IL' WOop.
Collins & Co.'s Cast: Cast' Steel kloivii
on is $5 each. For information' how to
them address Co - maws & Co., 212 Water
St., N. Y.---Feb. 28; 3m. ' • -
LAST NOTIC'E.-1111 peysons-irouPted io
anther by note or book account, roust set-,
tie at - once. - WiluotiT & BAILEY
Wellsboro, May
Messrs. Derby _& 'Fishier have for" sale
Reynolds Brothers' celebrated ladies' shoes.
URA: shoes are Ilvell ynown - as the best
m anufactured this;tside of York. Call
in and see thorn. -
sraelcAL.—Dr. : lip Do Graff operated
u pon n little child for club foot, *urion an
old lady for cataract, / and removed a large
tOO4 , from the bladder of a young mah, yes
t 'rday attcrneen.—Elmira Advertiser:
"MURDER ILL OUT."-If tho person ho
tr,,,k trees froth my nursery last fall without
properly remunerating me, will within ten
days from ()ate rgmit to lily address the sum
~f SlO in pAymetit for the same, no exposure
\l' be made. ' • -
Ab l y 8, 1872. wollaboro, Tioga Co., Pa
Tito Times says Dr. Walpole has lost his
beautiful chestnut mare. She died suddenly
in harness, it is supposed from botts or pin
worms. If the Doctor had used Sheridan's
ltratry Condition Powders, he would, no
doubt, have had his mare to-day—they aro
death on worms:
Chapped hands are very co ion with
those who have their hands much in water.
A few drops of Johnson's Anodyne Liniment
nibbcAl over the hands two or three times a
by, will keep them soft and white. Fisher
men, sailors, and others will do well to re
member this.
We have received a now advertisement from
Nfk , hrs. Wickhanv& Furr of Tioga too late
for in=ertion in this week's issue. That firm
Ert, one of the finest stores in the country,
and it is well filled with a fresh stock .of
dry goods, groceries, clothing, hats and
c.tp,. boots and shoes, all of the best quality
and Which they will sell at[prices to suit the
Madam .1. Schissler, from Corning, will
be at the Cone House, in this village, on
,AV he , lay, May bth. with a large stock of
Ilannm Hair, Switches, ,and long Water
) Curl , . Old hair worked over in the latest
, tole and neatest manner. Madam J. Sehiss
ler is unsurpr:.sed as an artist in hair. Re
member, Wednesday, May Bth.
Wiill , bt.rn, May 8,-2w
EN rERTAINMENT.-TIICTO will be an en
t,itainment given at the Baptist church, by
Prof Thompson, Friday evening, May 10,
0,1,-icting of choice painting, chromes, ear
crayon drawings, and sketches, tab
-I.;aux, songs, reviews, magic lantern scenes
tatuary, Bible events, and cariactures of
Weft:hero citizens, also a cariacturo of the
forthcoming railroad jubilee. All who love
the tine arts or fun will be sorry if they stay
:may. Admission, 25 cents; ,Children, 10 cts.
It 1, worth your while to visit Mrs. &dield's
Millinery- and Furnishing Store if you want .
~n 4 entire outfit. You can get it there, from
.1•1w1 and hat to the smallest article worn
I,by a lady. She' has returned from the city
\‘ltli a full and well selected stock. New
, tylvb of ladici and childrens' suits, beauti
f,d,v and fa:111(1;10)1y made, 'hutch cheaper
:Ilan could be sold lust season. Tlec ladies
nt o (radially invited to call and look at her
and they will find quality,
and price.: to quit
S'o,m our pleasant lawns will be vocal with
I,lu. merry chatter and laughter- of the jolly
i , oquet parties, and white and green, red
tied \ blue, black and orange, will knock each
other\nbout the verdalnt field of battle in
right lively fashion. Ah! the victories lost
and won \ on that field, whet() lustrous eyes
and dainty\boots and sensible short skirts
inect do congKegatel But we didn't set out
,entimentalize, but only.to tell the devot
ee, o! the intranClog game that they can find
gjeat variety' ot\croquet sets_ at varying
price.. at Hastings &,\Coles, on Main street in
the , village
• \
Goon NEWS TO TUE S s o - ...DIERs.—To my
numerous customers and patrons, I would
respectfully announce that eieTy volunteer,
aen-commii.sioned officer, privat, musician,
artificer, who enlisted in the military service
nf the United States prior to July d, 1861,
meter the proclamation of the Presnt of
:Id, 1861, and were mustered bqore
.lu,st4 6, 1861, into any Regiment or CORl
paay which was accepted by the war depart \
11/Nit, are to have the full bounty of $lOO,
%%lie have not alreadyreceived it. The un
,ler-tgned prepared , with a full sets of
1 , 1:m1:4 approved by the Government. All
i,h to avail themselves of said - Act
fl (.all and see ma at my office, or address
ie.. Their busine:zB will receive prompt at
11'. B. SMITH,
Knoxville, Pu.
MRy g, 1879.-4 w
undersigneffoffers for sale the follow
,thehold and other effects, to wit :
, uttci, ne, , , blanket, whip, mop-
%% R :itch. curry comb, brushes.; garden
al , kucmts, plimts and flower barrel
tIN• ; tubs, wash boardL, and'keneral
As.. , rta...nt h;tAen ware; lamps and but
t. - ;ix and wood Law; crockery—inclu
'itilz: lar4e )thc.ter , .;gilt china covered vegeta
,l:..be•;, lion (Mina fruit dishes, line chant
""'-''• ill: &c. ; buperior tca and
er plated ware; japanned
I ilts and tray; line castor,
:11'd covers; 11, 1 ,1 e. mats; superibr
1.0,i, colincd napkin;; large linen
au;uvloth ; child's chairs; superior camp
marble top and other tables, lounges;
Lmg:ct; mirrors, spittoons ;1 paper
t" arcs ; indow shades; parlor vases
ornaments ; statuettes, brackets,
-mall piece; two ten-day clocks; rug
kli:1 ihgr.nn carpets; mats and rugs; croquet
rcekin g horse, child's wheel barrow, ex
it,: v.a4i,n arid sled—and other articles too
teetition. Tite..te effects will he
'll t , ,1 at it,•tyttic .ale at the Recto iy daily
t"lit i t.t 1 o'clock p. in., until Saturday next
w titlt itht. at 1 o'clock p. tn., when the
bat, tw e on hand will be sold at public Fide
t rc , ervc at the Rectory.
J. K. KAncimt.
.4' 7..;-„gitator.
\VEDN,ESDAY, MAY 8, 1872
Ilome. A. n
Briefs. I
- 1 ,. _ froz L . 1- inch thick last , turd} y
1.1011 in thi, villaie.
- -7'1.0 latter part of last week was all st
,-, Ply IN•1111t. a 4 lfarels. - t
r•vpry body wants to know "what
do y.,n know about fartning?",l
--Col. Bogard - of Osceola is building a largo
4L,1 commodious dwelling hone.
are indebted-to -lion. Henry Sher
w"oil for valuable public documents.
—A literary sociable will be given in the
Baptist Hall this Wednesday evening.
--The News says that the new depot op
-I,o,ite the village pf Tien has been coin
. •
— Nlogs:rs. W. C. Kress & Co.; have corn=
menced preparations for their new block on
tha corner of Main and Wain streets.
enthusiaatie-meetingAvas , heldiyi-Cam~
don, N. Y., recently to induce . Elmira to
buOd her road to Lawrenceville through
Heady Hollow- and Caton Center. The pee
pt of that town offer to give the right of way
a ) d land for depot purposes.
—The men who run the Elmira Advertiser
Seem to have been.born under lucky stars.
A while ago Fairma'n was presented with a
silver service, and now the same infliction has
been made upon Sam Taber to the tune of
'about $lOOO "in silvbr, find gold.". _This is
lynira,'S recognition, ?iif Samts ser)dces, in
procUring the coming Republican State Con
vention to be held there. We congratulate
both parties—Sam on the silver, and Elmira
on Sain.
—The Fall Brook Coal Company's new
steam.saw Till at _Antrim is now in full run
ning order. The boyp , tried ft the other day
just to see what it could do. The , saw ran
exactly ten hours, cutting, thirty-six thous
and two hundred'and sixiY-two (26,262) feet
of hentlock lumber Without any extra exer
tion of the mill. The' only difficulty was in
handling suoh 11, quantity of lumber. The
Company's sawyers think this the largest
tour of sawing ever performed in the county,
and we conclude they are about right.
liiivla tlie'bi‘sest-nittitiietl ;mid best blooded
pair of horses in this section pf the State. ,
—Tho Yalo nouso at Sabiasvillo is a good
place to stop at. The table is good, beds neat
and clean, 'and accommodatiOns . excellent.
—The people of Millertown, Jackson town
.skip,_arc_yery anxious to have the proposed
railroad from Elmira to Lawrenceville pass
through theiiplace.
—The' dwellingltotis Leonard Gil
lett, near Clirry' was - destroyed . by
fire on Mondaylastrtegetlier with nearly all
its contents. Light insurance.
G.!s nomiriation,44eases ; the Demo
crats of this village immensely : :-.:that is, they
say it.does. But the Republicans - don't take
much stock in the Philosopher:
—The Tiega News inan says he noticed the
return of a gentleman of that, village "to the
bo - soin of his; family." Grecians! Do they
- allw,spectators on such occasions 7;;;
—Col. A. K. McClure will deriver the ora
tion,' and' A. S. Hooker, of the Nprthei:p'nei
gazette, read , the poem, before Y the Alumni
AS.Sociation of the Mansfield State Norther
School, on the 10th of Juno next.- ,"
—Fred Bunnel has given the finance com
mittee of the Railroad celebration a fine'cow
and calkto be sold if needed to help pay • a.x
penses, and if not ; needed for,that purpoicpto
be - given to some poor'', widow. Everybc4y
thiiit knows Wellsbornknows Fred Bunnbi,
and everybody that knows Fred Bunnel
knoWs that this isjust like him. Ho generally
"goes the whole hog," but this time he has
gone one bettor. May ho never lack milk
for his punch!
—One of our State exchanges says the la*
require that till township and borough audi
tors shall publish annual':statements of the
township and borough finances, and inflicts
a penalty if they are not published. Suits
were lately brought in a neighboring county
again 4 the auditors for neglecting, while in
office; to publish an annual statement of the
finances of the township. The cases were
tried, and resulted in the defendants being
fined $5O each for neglect and refusal to pub;;
lish I'M aforesaid. •
—Fires have been raging extensively in
different parts of the county during the past
ten days. A gentleman who drove from An
trim to this village last Sunday week found
some difficulty in getting through in some
places where the fires were hurtling near the
road. The smoke was so dense in the valley,
the first of last week that the weather resem
bled Indian Stimmer for a couple of days.—
But a rain on . Wednesday cleared the atmos
phore and-probably checked the yes.. We
are informed at Fall Brook the fla ne.s came
so eli)se to the Company's magazi e on the
hill that fears were felt, for its sa ely, and
men were set carrying water to dampen it.—
Around TiotTa the fires were also extensive.
—Probably before this paper reaches the
hands of our readers the new iron 'bridges
on the W. L. R. R. near this village will
he completed and ready for the passage of
the cars. There are three of these bridges at
this end 61 the road, and while they differ
decidedly in style they are all fine 'specimens
of that. kind of work. The first is a short
truss girder of 47 feetspan. The second, with
a span of 76 feet, is-known as a deck bridge,
that is the track runs over the top of the
bridge, the truss being below. The third is
what is known as a "through bridge," and
ha, a span of 83 feet. All these bridges are
built by the Kellogg Bridge Company of
13uflido. The iron is all tested,Up to a strain
of 60,000 pounds to the square inch, and is
capable of sustaining at least three times the
greatest weight that can ever be placed upon
it. The work of putting these bridges up i
superintended by Mr. W. G. Bond, who
takes the contract for that part of the work,
and who is a gentleman of large experience
in that line. The bridges arc all built
upon most substantial masonry .of solid cut
stone, and taken all in all, they'areprobably
as enduring and as creditable pieces of work
as can he found anywhere in the country.
Tars NRXT TERM of - Cow - yr it to bei• held
on the 4th Monday, the 27th: - -day, of this
month. An adjourned term was set down
for the . 3d Monday, and a travorse jury was'
,drawfor that week, but that term has en
tirely fallen through, and there will bo no
Court at aßat that time, and of course the
jurors, although summoned, will not be ex
pected to attend.
The ing•is a list of the jurors drawn
to serve at the regular term, beginning on
the 27th instant ;
Richard BroWn, Middlebury; George
Crippin, Farmington ; John Cook, .Bloss;
Jeremiah Dockstader, Charleston • Joseph
A. Darling, Sklppen ; Charles hberentz
Delmar; lra M. Edgecomb, Westfield;
Ephraim Francis,
; Charleston Daniel *Gee,
Mid llebury ; Thomas C. Horton, Delmar;
Jolla Hoagland, Jr. Covington,- Jason
11 ig•gins, Noss ; A. S. S. Lend°, Westfield
boro ; Stephen Lane, Brookfield ; Benjamin
M chord, Tioga ; Ira Post, Covington ; Geo.
W. Potter, Middlebury; Hezakiah Stowell,
r., Welsburo; Israel Stone, Delmar ;
James Smellem, Moss. CharlesSeott, West
field • Solar Satterly, Charleston; Albert - F.
Tuttle, Tioga boro; Byron C. Whited,
Nathan Austin, Charleston ; William A:
Baxter, - Nelson; Winthrop Beach, Chat
ham ; Sidney Beach, Chatham; Peter Bush,
Brookfie.fd ; Simeon Bacon, Delmar ; Sam
uel Carpenter, Middlebury ;. Linden Case,
Knoxville ; James Cady, Ttoga ; John Dick-
WellsbOro; Benjamin Dorrance, Rik
land; Wallace W. Dunham, Knoxville;
Oscar F. Ellis,'Wellsboro; Simon B. Elliott,
Mansfield ; Andie Folio, Wellshoro ; James
-Moss • Byron B. Holiday, .Wells
born; OharlesHerringtoni Delmar; James
Itamilton, — Jackson; William 'Knight, Fall
Brobk • Hiram Kilbourn, Middlebury; Gad
Lamb, Richmond; Miles G. Lee, Coving
ton ; Ssmuel W. Love, Chatham ; John
Moore.. Covington; Henry Mowry, Farm
ington ; John Murdaugh, Mansfield; John
Parmitier. Jackson ; Valentine Beep, Law
rence; Charles Rumsey, Sullivan ; Lewis
RAndall, - Union ; Peter Beep, Lawrence;
Silas S. Rockwell. Covington; Stephen A.
Randall, Union ; Josiah Reese, Charleston ;
.1 oseph Riberolle, Wellsboro ; George Reese,
Charle,ton; Merrill Mr. Staples, Middle
bury; Isaac Smith, Lawrence; William
Si o mom., We,ttield born; Joseph Strange,
Sullivan Robert W. Stewart, Lawrence ;
Salem 1.h0ma ,, , Brookfield; *William F.
Uroll, Tinge; William Van Dusen, Farm
ington; Seth Whitaker, Richmond; Nelson
W !Jitney, Charleston ; Sanford Withey,
Thomas B. Anderson, Bloss; Horatio N.
Aldrich, Westfield; Lyman Beach, Jr.,"
Mansfield; Hiram Brooks, Charleston; Wal
lace Chase, Ward; Robert Custard, Jr.,
\Mor`ris; Caleb Dewitt, Sullivan; Robert
Dick, Fall Bro.:)k ;_,Williaut A. Goodside,
Tib va •, Samuel H. Gaylord, - Bless; James
lloa 1, Richmond; Jacob Hartman, Cov.-
ingtot • Charles IlouOton, Delmar; Wil-'
Ram La e, Jackson •, Henry Landis, Bless;
Robert i,cNish, Fall Brook; Thomas J.,
Mooers, Moss ; - Franklin Inscho; lirbok'-'
field ; , James\ratterson, Fall Brook ', Apollis
Pitt; Richmby; Emerson T. --Roxtord,_
- Westfield ; Au 'ustus-- Rhine,vault, - , Elk ;
4 3iisit
James B. Red el Farmington ; Stirlf9rl
Strait', Lawrence; hn M; Shaw, Famisw.
ton •, Rufus Scott, C mer ; Loren A', Scurvy
WellsbOro•,: Elijah' Stebbins, , Clymer;
Reynolds Sigsby, Rutland; Wilham Soper,
Rutland ;
Robert Trull,'C , arleston ; Thad—
• IL . .
- e te 15r
V.; 4. • -
-- • -
Albert. A. Westbrook Tioga. Hugh Yoditg,
Wellgboro, .
Thefolloiylngs,i,s , fhnfrinl list for thnterm:
111 int Itadta - Va.'Abram Johnsi'inii,
Resktp»,& Ger4ley,,y4.Dperfleld.TotiMihip.
Richard 'Kritsen vs. Z. Mallory • & wife,`: t
Johns Brat EdintiiidFtitilk9or. -
utd, Babrwin vs, W.. K.. errs,Adw're
W. 11. Slosstm,y4i. li, J,Grantl*At
Solomon Blank. vs:Geo. CliaMbern:74 - .:
Ilex Mitchell vs. R. W. Wheeler.
DeundaWondiV.lE 3 / 4 1tWolidt.
,R. IlamnioU-Se CO. ' Vs. W.'l 4 ,' tke 1
Ella R. Kimball vs. 1). Hart's Ex'rs.
M. G.. Locey.fet al. vs.. Farr & Potter.. ,
C. L. Wilcox vs. Ella R. Kimball.,!:, . .
C. L. Wilcox vs-Cliarle,A,K,imbA/L • .
IL °Vella:C:lS. 112BOnel. i et
Sarah Seel ye vs. C. H. L.
Ford, et al.
Smith & Hal) vs. James Friends.
CharlekTples •f:5. 1 .1%. Cm:when - Az tttilfp,„)
Mary Rhiliroad ' •
Shauber & Johnson vs.,Bleksburg C. Co. &e.
J. B. Potter vs. Henry M. Lattin, of al.
Sylvester Webster vs. Thomas Stone.
G. W. hymes vs. Seymour Keeney.
S. Babeeek's Ex'rs vs. Henry-Cotton.
4ailioad Celebratjon in Wellaboro I
The of Wellsboro have determined
to celebrate i the opening of the Railroad and '
the advent of the Iron Horse in our village..
The new iron bridges _are nearly finished;
in a few days the track be_, p to the
depot, which 'Wllllbalo'inPrelediii 7 goo'd time,
and by the middle of the month - , , everything
will be in - good working order; tlnicars will
be running regularly into our . ,y_qtage, and
Wellsboro will be in full stcaricOnection
with all the rest
_of the bitsy wbilit.; Wells
boro fully, app - re:Clakai th'e signitlea#,be.,Of that
fact in her history, andls'"dtiskiikdri,iii.make
the day empliattels- gettiiro)t4flay—,a
defy to be given ,up o,44l4**ditdoiili*Ar—
a day of thorougy- . oo,l4 . 4;egAtti4V,litaity
congratulation., over 'Op iidolt , .iiiiik:49lle,
and of pleasant "anticipatioti
.:!ivr:;tlk . littur
prosperity and growth that wOrkiriiigits::-
(The:day!upon , which .the' oeleliratioE will
take place is nokryet known; but a 3 "'soon as;
the date is, settled public announcement will
be mad9,by Ittunlyo And thsgektie Koh
Whenever ftlakesplace thoFe ,e a gent
erid "
goodtime, , witl ,good -,speaking, goo 4
music and everything Calculated to slake
celebration interesting,and '4061a - thing: ;
The general committee met. last F r riday
Appointed the following sub-coittead
and officers:
;2.l.litrsbni 0ftb5*y,,,R91; 2 4;4.
Assistant Mnrsbals, Lieut.
Rniloy and. W. A:fitone. . •
t Oorom itte9 on poeoisittion;q; T:P44:Migh!t`
Robinson and. A. V.010y.:. :.1
Committee of - Illyfution4;
Williams, A. F.lBaixi.esitild
:Coin - mittee on Reception of Guests, 3. B.
Nile's, John I. Mitchell, J. B. Potter, J 04.,
B. Bpwen, J. li. ,Bosard, M. BIAIIIFO, 11.
1-lastitttE tind ,W alter; §h erivociiV
On l ßiniaker and *i'eakliag;` . llprii
Wilton, J, 14;.1Chia and •Mi,PAltikott:C-;•
Finance Committee, John W. Didley,
B: Potter and J.•R, Bowen: :11 _.
On Programme, AL: Bullard,; ?tion.,.
Wil9pol3.•.t..,Holliday i • N. T.l.Ohiisidler,
A. E.: Niles stud HOmIH. \W. , Willtem * Wik,,&:,
On Hall and bancing, V. Pursell, L.
F. Truman, 4 - ,
and C. C. :Mather&
11. W. 'Williams wasAtyipointed - 46'
president the banquet.
lust Friday evening,' after the arrival of the
night train, a few'gentlemen were assemWd
in the office of the Wellsboro Hotel, kept 1)4 .
Sol l3unnel, when suddenly a , kerosenelamp4
hanging from the • ceiling fell 'to the floor,
and broke. Of course the ()limas in flamer:
in an instant; and made a blaze as larkii as
good sized bonfire. It looked for e. little
while as though the old houie was doomed
to a thorough cleaning out that time; but
the dames were soon subdued, without 'ma
terial damage except to the Counter and floor
which received a pretty severe scorehingYi
This Witb a narrow eseope not only for the
hotel, htit for the whole business street' of
Wellsboro.' - Being it large three story wood '
building, connected directly with the long:
row of old frame stores, its burning would'
almost inevitably insure the destruction of
that whole side of Main street astir east
least as Crofton street, even in the stillest
weathu. - The only wonder is that all that%
region of tinder boxes has not been' burnt]
out hang ago, arid we advise every foment
there to keep_ reiisonably inspred'Ut
good eompithy, and_be Vat
a minute's notied.t
ren, ors.,Tii6l}
hear with feelings of sorrow, of the death: of
„Miss Adelaide Ladle - v; fertherW . Preceptresgt
of the State Normal 'School of Mansfield Pa.
Tor some years a delicate frame has 'been
giving way tinder the pressure of too - much!
work of an. unusually :vigorous brain,_ and
she only found relief in the high, pure rnonni,
tain air of,tbat;most rerhantiti -raglan- 'Aleut. ,
Asheville, North Caroline.. She died in
that place April Bth, where-she had remained
(luting tho winter. She was a native of
West Chester, Chester, county, Pa., and a
sister of .T.- H. Ladley, at one time a resident
of this place, but now- -a foreman .of .the
0 e'cgo - Miss Ladl4 Wes
able for a °lough culture and a refined
mind, that sta Iped her everywhere -as 'the ,
true lady, combined with a heroism and
sc4lf l saerifice that was truly wonderful. Af-;
ter 'leaving Mansfield, she made a tour-in
Europe, and on her return she was emptoyed
as translator and writer on .the New York,
TiTVCS, andafter the death of Henry J. Ray
mond, on Harper's Bazar. She also con
tributed articles to Harper's llfaaazi'lle illus
trative of European subjects. She also lec
tured in various parts of the coUntry, -- and
w;11 ahvnyc i•eeeivefi with the welcome so,
•readily accorded to true talent. Hei extern;
pore lectures were romurkablo for thqir
fiance of language, aild, , bauty andr-truthf6l
Hess of thought. With one exception we
know of no lady lecturer who- could' excel
her. Few of her friends and pupi!it knew the
true heroisla that ,embodied itself in her
thirty years of beautiful 1ife,...,-.,Trartiozette.
COVfl OTON ITp . — Dec; r, AOlat •It
has , been so longsinee)rOd liaVe•inentioned.
our little town, that I am almost ttfraidlyca
hove : forgotten that there is such a plaice in
existence. But 'Covington does exist, al
though it has nut gotilong quite as far oti the
road of improver/Milt as some of its neigh
boring villages.
Now that spring has fairly opened, our
farmers have commenced thelr, farining OP= ,
orations in dead earnest, and = although the
past winter has been a severe one.:•upon wirk i
ter grains yet the crops in this locality are ,
looking tcgreat deal, bettor than they were,
expected to.
• Some evilly disposed porsons, on the after ;
wion of last Friday.'builta fire upon Victor
tilay's hind situated near the river,- and be.;
.Are its progress could be arrested it did con
siderable damage to the fences. •
W. J. Evans has sold his farm to Win.
Richards, and has purchased Geo. Cleve
land's house and lot situated in tlje yiltage.
Price Brothers have opened a boot and
'shoe shop in the depot building.
John Walker has opened a 7hi g ness..shop
over 0. F. Price's shoe shop. 5: D -'"errest
has ef:tablishe.d a paint shop in the building
foimerly used-as a dwelling by what is
kn,own here as the "Happy Family."
• %Housekeepers sometimes get- into trouble
by be;ng out, or soda, and now the Covington
glas., company have been compelled to sus
pend operations for the same ; reason. Oper
ntions will not be resumed for l ,some time. •
The good Templar's lodge in this place is
doing a noble work; new accessions are,rc
ceivf4l at nearly every meeting.
Ed. ,Cooley's house caught fire Sunday
morning and burned•down bkore anything
Worthy of mention could - be' saved.
Covington, April 29th, 1872. •
- WELCII—EDWARRS-.- - Attlit residence Of tiie,,brides
rareuts iu Charleston. litsyltb, 1812; by life'. Rev. 01
S." - ilirsiisue, hrr. Stcplieu Welch, of Richmond, and
Mi ss yelivie s, rAlwarile, ct Cbariektonn.,
The printers were tenerotislY timid:Akre/Ll' '
401111,13C;14.—in PorinfftQn Bort h on aatway. ATot
271b,,; . 1572. putipwiati riariaaroptiori, Nre. k:rearia L.
wig, ) vf J.C. Jobueou, iu the tbirty.ulatti year of ;her
CAMPBELL.—Iu Morris, April 12th, /872, Samuel
Campbell, aged 87 years.
UV rbl
WV14.9110A0, MAY 7. W 72.
, DEALERS ' P""FOW'• 2 O4I4. ea
Plour,.per bbl 80 6 0 8 @f6 1 4 1 00
Butkwheat flour, par oast OO
Wheat, white. Per bushel ' •
Wheat, red, "
Wheat, Spring,
Buckwheat. "
Corn, shelled.
Clover seed, CI
- .- - 8 60
TimOthy seed, •• ,
Beiwor, 41 - ,,,: ngsi V - . 0.. 411 , nt,.. :, 1.. ; .,,(,.1.4„ , tav . :, 4
Corn meal, per owt. 4 -. , . 4iikt.: .4'i 10 , ' g , ...si :,..1 4.415.. t - i
Peed. per owl 2 00
Potatoes, per, bush 60 . 60,
Apples, green, per bush 2 to ' 2 00 '
Onions, per bush 1 50 1 7.5
Turnips. per,busb •
.; ...,.., 't,-, f a- ..,,, t _ f r i „.. 4
Pork, Wikl.Veia l ...
~, 7
' : Hams,
Shoulders, per 1b....
Butter, per lb
Cheese, par lb
Lard, per lb
Tallow, per lb
R ooo 4tDer 411..4„..-
Beeew z, per lb
Vinegar, per gel
Eggs, per dozen .
Dried apples, per lb
Dried peaches, per lb
D,rted cherries, per lb it
Dried blackberries, per lb . 8, 4 1.2 K, ,
Dried raspberries, black. per lb., 4.. ?v4A 1 ..n iir '
Dried raspberries, rod, per lb 2a 25
Cranberries per qt 20
Bay, per ton ' 15 00
Wood, 18 inches, per cord 2 00
Wood, 8 feet, per cord . 800
C°4 1 „_„,, ,, b0T. ~,04,8V 4/I-J.., • J.-, • ~.. I, :,.,.... ....,,,,margf 2g. ~
uuiat i alis.,-•- • v . , - .%
_.....,,, • ,;-.t..... t.,-:. ...-,,,,,,,,,,,g,, , , 0L420..v..•
Oro 4 141:toR,wilido:.-.k.i,144,,r , ..t.,,—...:,..•.:,4;$ Mk le
8 4:4311,1 4 -A 11 9.4h P 6 r14 0, -- ".....-.
iMiiar, yellow, per liti
... Lot
Sugar, brown, per lb _ , 11012
Teas, green. per lb —75c.1 60
Tom, black, per lb . & .
.•"' 1 26 '
/Oregano, par 10 11 40
Maple sugar 15 18q20
Ia e 442 . 08i1OURMBLityII8k0...11 tior4 7 _o2 t ,
thougt part - 4111 - ot arek enough to be confined to lita
room or bed, nevertheless feels biruseypityiticitilyii.
aro to atten liOtitkio,ll l / 4 7,.ti c iwt
ITbere is a falling or general breaking .dolt pt Itke
prom, but no Symptoms sufficiently mar ou to be
0 seed as a disease, yet peculiarly trying to the. Sint
l+r. The feelings cannot bu expressed—Ductal'
"_den't understand it; they may proscribe hopefully,
yi , t, blindly, and without result. Idnummes His=
BT/mos is the bat flezesdy for these nameless dia..
Otters. TRY IT Alith BE ,, C I = O 4 11e1d,41
Diugglete. Price ono della
°May I, 1872-Im.
• victim of early indiscretion, causing nervous de
Vdlity, premature decay, &0., having tried in vain every
adyertised remedy, has dlsooirered a dimple means of
il4f-cure, which he will send free to 111.0419 1 441i11ibt4
erh. J. H. REANIIB, 78 Nassau at., New York.
tan. 1, 1872.
the Hon. H. W. Williams, President Judge for the
4t Judicial District of Pennsylvania, and W. B. Smith
and D. McNaughton Ewes, Associate Judges-ins TWO ,:
Comity, have issued their precept. bearing date the
48th day of April, 1872, and to me directed, for the
holding of Orphan's Court, Court of Common Pleas,
General Quarter Sessions and Oyer and Terminer, at
,Wilisboro, for the County of Tioge, on the 4th Monday
Wiley, (being the 27th day,) 1879, and to continue two
1 74 ek 8 . ' - "„ViSIT - afzi1,„,,,, 4 ;?.'-
5. ..,,,,,,„4,4:J. ; ;.:
Bone° is thereloreAscreloymPVA .4094. the Uo4.olndl
17 Ju,tices of the Peace, and Constables in and for the
connty of Tioga, to appear in their own properporsons,
1 with their records, inquisitions, examinations and re
membrances, to do those things which of their offices
and in their behalf appertain to be done, and all wit
nee/3es and other persons prosecuting in behalf of the
CoMmonwealth against any person or persona, are're:
gefred to be then and there attending, and not to de
; paft at their peril. Jurors are requested to be punch
; us/ in their attendances at the appointed time, agree
; ably to notice.
Given under my band and seal at the 81 eitirs °Moe.
' In Wellaboro, the Bth day of May, in t(, a
year of our
Lord ono thousand eight hundred and seventy two.
i .3..
*. 0 r I 1 , ' .'\ '‘' ') ri' t !.. i k ' :/143 1 3/.1 9'•,
. .
-3 I Application for License.
XIOT/CE 18 HEREBY GIVEN, that the following
'VI named persons have made applicatlen for 'tavern
Licenses and Eating House Licenses, and that the
same will be presented to the Court of Quarter Ses
sions the 27th day of May inst. at o'clock. P. M.. when
all interestA4 may attend it they think proper.
• Edward Gregory,Liberty.
J. M. Gibson, Knoz.vWe.
Eugene 0. Martha, Osceula..t7,
• Samuel EMlSFAlttiedi,piiiiiin• - ;k
William sage, Illbsiburg.
Samuel Vaughn, Bleasburg. „
William B. (Rimers, Blossburg.•
Robert Traver,
B. B. Potter, Middlebury.
William Black, Morris.
W. C. Burger, Wellaboro.
D. W. Hibbard, Rutland.
• E. L. Boynton, Jackson. • ;•-•
Earrno /WERE.
W. L. Reagle, Blossburg,
James S. Mitchell, Blossinug.
Ilurlay At Haya, Blossbnrg.
_ Barnard A. Murray, Blossburg.
- Robert Eager, Blossburg,
Stephen Bowen, Bloats.
Mrs. Charlotte Mouse, Blossburg.
I • Martin Tully, Blossbnrg.
Ma l y 8, 1872.-Sw. 7, , J. F. ip9Notrhumt, CVk.
rani - *awn' - Party:
4110 be given wIOICHAWB HALL, IN TIOGA, PA.,
L l on Wednesday evening, May 22d: 1872. Your
And Lady are respectfully invited to attend.
Hemorary Committee.—D. L. Atkin. 0. B. Lowell, J.
8. Bush, 11. 8. Johnston, T. A. Wickham, E. M. Smith,
F., Smith, T. L. Baldwin, C. B. Fem..
Committee of Arrenoements.—Sol Bunnel, IL p, Shat
tuck, C. Tremain, R. Fuller, 0. W. Ilazolettie.M.Alder.
' Nail Committee.—S. Wile, A. B. Meade, 3.11. Bagley.
Music by Bishop'A Full Quadrille Band, Admission to
Hall; $l.OO Supper at Smith's Hotel.
An Ordinance.
DA it ordained by the Burgess inkbolincil of Wells
lit bore, and it is hereby ordained by authority of the
same, that from and after the 23d day of April 1872,
the Pound fees be doubled, making 50c for each and
every animal impounded, one-fourth to be paid to the
liqrough Treasurer to be used in repairs on tho pound,
aild three fourths to the pound master.
J. W. VAN vALKENBuact.
liffiy 8,18724 w. Olork.
DSOLUTION.—The firm of Stewart & Duman:
has disolvod partnership, and sold out their on
tire stock of goods to L. Dainaux at Co. The books of
Stewart S.; DILMAITX are left with W. A. Stone for settle
;inept ind collection. STEWART k DUMAIEri.
Welleboro, May 8,1872-3 w
Cash the true Basis of Business
The qubscribor would bog leave to call attoutiou to hi
Spiting Stock of Merchandise
DRESS G00D5 , ,,..
_ G00D5,. , ..
• -,' Shawls , Lace.4;-.
. - 'lild Gloves, Paid
as they contain many bitgallatilany'll whleehat' A
notbecn before offered in this market. The public
are invited to call and see Tor themselves.
. _ _..... __
~, ,
im-cyndt di hircb' - g iVen Hutt ,the Execulors, Ael
il minfiettitors and GUardians named " below' nerds
hied their accounts in the Register's Mee for Tioaa
County. Penn'a., and that the said accounts will be
Presented to the Orphans' Court for said Comity at ja
session of said cool i it) hold at Woll b ,on
ni if MI
day.. the 27th day /13724tA P',,C
ntr o
allowance and cunt o ."i 4 . 1 , ' 11 , tr i
Final account br Oa tvlami tetratrix of the
estate of Lysander Scott, late of Charlestoke, doo'd.
Final account of Daniel D. Doinadministrator of the
estate of James Doan, late of Chatham, deceased. [
Fintil'accountbf B. Duman.; Guardian of Angeline
Porter et al., minerriehildrSrtst :AWE kg..rtleFolatc.! Of
Charleston, deceased. ---_-___ .e ye: , LI , 51. :,.' ' , '
General account of H. N. Williams, Guardian o f
Charlotte E. Lunn et al., minor children Id Wild/r
Lunn Into of Ward townshi , deceased.
Fitted Fit of H. N.Williams, QV of ;Aler
t:We E. milpsolltrefhlforf Inellek 'ctattid. 1
'Final c unrofTl:N. Williams Guard nof Alvira '
Lunn, minor chlld of Wilder Lunn, deceased. i
Final account of W. W. -.Bentley, late Guardian f
Florence A. and James T. Bailtiey,,, nape; ylktriut f '...
Isaac W. Bentley, deceased. N " 11, .4 f. - '• - 1 Si ,
' r,Psailal account of Levi B. Shelve, administrator of
thdestate of Waterman Mclntyre, later of Jackson
towx4ip, deceased. . 1
account of John 11. Wlls= and James T. Float
ladin fatrators of the estate of Butler 1311}04441494,
Covington, deceased.
;Ascount of Emmer Bowen, administrator of the es
tfljohn Howland, late of Deerfield townelei,p;f4 k
dl - i
-:' Final acsxnant pf giund 4. 11 9 1 4,44 1 0 1 p1a1ri0r.uf tha,
in'lr I , l l burzl 4 1 10 17 , lilestlGoloo - 114 Pawnalilp.'
NiA t a4T4t-4. 7 ,e94o 7 hitneY, Executor or thie
11A a - testament* Betel. Goodwin, late or - Mist•
cllebury township, deceased. I
Final account of Robert Campbell, administrator of
the estate of D. V. Miller, 'late lof Delmar towns,.
.00143 j'flj:i.:..a.
eouvniao wasmi ar
1 fie
lo sb y 1t ~1 1
- I
10 /2j4
26 23
14 16
• 124: 16
8 10
- , ,
Special Notices.
Tioga, May 8,1872-2 w
wlch he is now receiving, and which he off i ers t for 4
at lowest market prime.
noimeketresE r will do well toenlarEifet Edoek pt
t e 4. 1 01
Collets, TiztecOt7a . 'Ttiol
Linen, and 'Window
‘"; which will Vi i niVoirttkorAttentitii,qt, I
'1"l4 ladies will find it to their interest to look through
his stocker[
-'.:-. - )10, - 0$0 Cleaning.
roue. )1 az #.
nwl him
... 40
• SOl
Oh ..S
. 4 , ~,Al l,Z ker
' horn 10 °rata to * toy.
ti>';! , ;l) 1.-A:',',l - .',A':'(-,.# A,, - . A. t:,_::4'
• a:1
15 16
12 16
seey • A; I. •
ZUS 4 : - X.1414 11 • •
Bt' ern. ; -Hollanda„ Buff Holland %
•-•:, • •
Idlest 440 beat paterne and duo-4pm).
Ornament Your Hopes!
• ef
i'ictures, 'Cloonios, Oil Paintings,
Engravings, Photographs,
Colored Prieto, Stereoscopic Views,
Buotios, Ovqls, filieffsre,
= i• I
in ttoaavood, Mt, Black Walntit. Velvet & CozoPlatte.
• . r;i-,..T_':,,,,n? iti;lviAris,
'Mt - di , ' cati<6l) ,
. . _
,Picture Cora"
Picture Nails. CrOquet Sets,
Fish. Hooks and Lines,
litrra.—We reeeLva a Bally Eniesa P. 444 1d Vela
alie "of BoAlt ipeSU PPM Att
revole uut ontud Lu our largo
°LW 1 1 2 144 P, ic
lOC butteries, doseti mad other wan rooms.
Origai AWAY.
ttoin 40 canto to 16 teats s sou.
Plato or pitintod. OUt and Boontittilly najahed.
- ,
Green Painted Cloth
tor Curtains ot ODY desired /*ABM.
--.i.: ,, — , kt- -, :7 r-!!. , '''.':lf'"i?;'-'l,r
3 , :.t. t:o ~,-;,,!,1.,,..,....c,
Cloth Shades for Stores
\ say desired Isaiah and width; made to eider
f ~~t
e. new stock In liege variety
Picture Frames,
ii , i,.: Ir it
~ ie
' .,..._.,..,
". .;;. '_V "1: : ' i,' - 1 -
I,li P ' `
It 1:1' 1 . 1; 7.' ii. " q4'. V.l V,l4,tt 'k e. 4 '
%., .:1 ~ i .: : 1 .F.l t $,,,.,.. qi, On •`',l .., r , i; v;,=:, •: t
„, 4 ,4 ii k 1 1 4'
•i c r
kit z/?p,,
viot44l - 4,04 iiiends
in. 404 erbsanterp. thictelie 101.40 w, 161444 on - ,tl
'iioll%l4 of*lioinaltlng Attracts; ,orbps* obe to pro
-1411"04 sllki patDreegalakieg :41:ont t 011.04
diet 14 tho lAteetotyle; Cutting' and Abfitig done et
• okott ttektite;ebti'verraiiited to eve idea' sothillettion.
OM and see. MEW NAILMORX. -
W 4lll o o rot May 1 .1R7A414 . 4.: -
. • ,
I_ 7 • • • ,
./I.4lZMit,72l3FraVOr" • 9 NOtiCB. ,
ADMIND3'fIiATION eti the Rotate of
Lk John )1. blued tutu of Choittietu. nog* Volt sk t 7. Ps.,
deoemied beTiUg beihe eNtilefl to. the umteratottuA; aU
.. ) , 0310 1 )a,havl.. , oftitroti svptiot.i mad- reinter are -hereby
noittiod tv 'NU for sogerf ion' "op. /and those owing: the
Natoli to Alike Ii ttuodiste payinente to - •, .
, • „JOAN N. MELD. - .••
.04114uoit.*ay . - .I.4olbiAtitstor,,
isrtitli.somtnistrattoik lino mixt° trviiiiir
ibualiWia..latemt Lawrence 'llegs•
granted to the undersigned. an Par
aepi has alma egulnarsahl estate s i re !wrens no.
tided to nail torsattisnient on, and the persona owing
Eisano,.to tusk* Immediate payment to • • • •
• •• lIIQRAOR EOM Adm'r;
laAvroine. :, ills, 1,1872.-41 t.
I , . ,
To tho Friends of the Bible Cause
.I) GSO. N. tioI.CIISA
,of Wallsboro. Pa.„ has
Watt duly appointed sibolletting MA Clamming
Agent we Ttogs, County Sada Society, totsupply
She destitute unit ILO were!, a Owl, and to collect
foods rei. ea Sttrixiise.' Money pad to biro , either by
congregatons, or ny individusl parsons, may be cred
ited to snob oburaitetuss, may be, designated by the
olxdzibuturs. ,
Fricratte at the }AI° Society throuithout the county
ace (Israel* elliatted to co4porsto in the necatel eu
terprisei • - -"V, D. DUCK. Privet:
' 13. T..thtill'iPLlat, Vice Prea't.
) li:11r. WILLIAMS, Sctey.
Weluiboro, Pa , . May /. 1679-3 w,.,
• •
well known Stock Horse will .stand for Mares
ing the stwinin at the subscriber's Stablq to
tillabcire. His stotlibi eo well known there to no nu.
- cesslty:_at reraarke: ' It la sittfielent, to say, tor road
aterin"_t are not eurPateied. or for power of ender =
mace. =its /lonia - lea cool blear weiglie 10001bs., is
gond, and land in ,harneas, hie feels prove tho moat
serviceable at any liars° in lips section for all purpo ,
sea. - At tha • roqueat of numerous petrons, I have. du.
tinstitiell tnstosittlitra where ho can , be .found at all
thneisbyllicroe that wish fur Joie aervioe
1 .E.. A. l / 8 11. Proprietor..
Wolin • oto. 4,1'11.4812-pw,
ritHlii celebrated, best blooded stallion ever kept In
JL this wioinity will @Mild' this soseon only, at the
atidle elf MUoe O'Connor in
ThisAumse is nut kept for profit, but to improve tho
;breed of horses in Maga comity. His stock combines
11strtingtli and enduntuoe. He 19 half tmother to
Nrea isisediu the Mafia of Nowlersey,=
kande kigh, dark bay. weigh* 1.100 Pounds, and
when 4 yeers'okt a mile in 2:80.
His terms heretofore milloriniy ,havo bosh $4O ; IRO
ty the sesson..and 180 tie Misuse. I "This soason Lie
I serriee wilt be'4l o 4oT,titoli ./eatO.cliSh in advance or
N. IL- 1 4.1ay Will be attended by the polite and gen
tlemanly civil-engineer known profeasionallyas “Bkar
bualcar," alias
April 24, 1814.--9 m. °HAULM WINTON.
The Thorough= Bred Jack,
'ria.i1f11. 1 41.416 " 311:.
THIS celebrated Jack will stand for mires the at
oning eewm, at t fhs farm of the
.subsorlber, In
abont two . ndloa north of HOlidaytown, Tioga Co
PICDIGIUM—Don Juan la El 'etas o*d. and 14 hands
high: Ells sire was Imported from 'Matta. Spain. to
Routuoity. from there to Atissouri.' at an expense of
Crop, thotumed dollars ; and waa braeght from Kis
itouri to Pammylvania by Wm. B. Smith. His dam is
a thorough-bred JOnat; both of the Andrew Jackson
Oaf*, and be 1a a sure foel.getier: • He weighs 0001 he.
•Qwaers Of Insteetwhiblag the services' of's superior
mama should net, ll to secure gm services of Don
Jeep,. HU stOck : rtut be seen at the term of the sub
scriber:' Persons coming from a distance can be ac.
oortunalated with keeping 'for .mares at reasonable
TEM.-$lO tors , single mare:- $8 by' the season ;
$5 by the loop..
Apo% personlisving a mare iruntratLand piwting with
hair - before the time of foaling, will be held iweethite
tile for the insurance metier unless it Is proved that
the mare was not with foal. Insured mares must be
returned regularly to the Zack, or the owners will be
charged the insurance money:l Insurance money due
March let, 1878.
JA317,11 13. BROWN,
lilildlebury, April 84, 1872-Bm. Proprietbr.
New Boot, Shoes, Leather
New Shop, New 'Stock, and- first.
class Work!
AMRING bora a Rand Oaek to n Kid Gaiter. , Mat
lima of
Ladies' Kid and Cloth Bat
*toral,s and' Gaiters,
Ditto Children's •
• , . and Misses.
Gents' Cloth,- Morocco, and
eall.Gaiters. Oxford
and Prince filbert
A go 4 line of OVRI/8110?2, and a full of
ranging irk video !Com $4,00 to $7,00. Fogged and lowed
from $5,00 to $15,00, end !North thci teensy - every time
The undersigned having spent twenty yews of hie
life in WeUnborn—much of the time on the stool of
penitence, drawing the cord of affliction for the good
of toles, believes rather in hammering than blowing.
Wherefore, ho will only remark to his old customers
and as many new ones se choose to give him a call,
that ho may, be found at his now shop, next door to B.
T. Van Horn's ware rooms, with the best and cheap.
setstoak in Moto county. 0. W. BBABS,
Wellabor°, April tll, 1871
Y.1:~'7 , t
Y N~
.'s :
t • , ...I,:i li'‘; ;tel<
.. _
IA I zi-,P..:''t .',l - k - 4
- ,y - ..f . 'i'i;:• - ieT:4 l - ;'-. :'--
sly` . - ~~' _.. -~ ~ =`' ..:;ra~ :~
Mfmiitisctio7?s N'otiee:
.! ~icidiabu . ~y, per,.,
Leathitr and Findings
. .
at tholowcetr tO.. as usual
ST. IDexibt,r,l
Wholesale and Retail 'Dealer. In the choicest
floods otthe beat qualities in •
New In stylea end Elegant In Designs
• I
Bronze, Parian and Lava Groups, Statuett
„Busts, Vane, &c. Bohemian, Berlin,
Vienna, and Majolica Vases, -
. Co logne Bets, Pan - loxes, I
Card Receivers,
Froncd.k (Ansa Shades and %ands for Waa
-1 work Art 4 Pen/cries, &c.
Fine Willow • Goods for 'Wax, Mosaquad , Shell Work
A fall Mieortnient of Waxwork Materials.-
White Chhia Tea Sete
of MS plecea $7,00.
A vet" large and choke assortment at wholtaale and
;CHINA HALL, No. 8 - La fit., ELMIRA, N. Y
May, 1. 1872-Ct.
Auditor's '.7Votica.
rpti.E 17ndlitaioned havii4 Leen appoitied an Auditor
to ail ; dishibtitioii of the fends a i sing froin'thol
mile of the teat eet.te of 'David Holotander late 'of,
I.)harltoton towilohip, dereaatil. in' he haudii of BC F.
Matt. Fag:, Trustee; 1411 atteLd'ie tho titities of said
appointment mid hoax the parties interested. at Ida bf,
nee In TiOgabora on Wedneintay. the 2 - Id day Of. May
asst. at 2 o'Orock p. in.\ ,Allpersons interested are re:
gaited to present their olittina nature the_ Auditor at
be debarred from" coming ifilin• a. abate of *Rid' funds:
' ' •
Tioga. Mary. 1;112 4w. " • AmAiter..
I'OTME,—The etlisens of Wellshoro are requested
111 to keep their cattle shut up after Ulla data. Iu a
short time there will be a pound rovided for cattle run-
; •litrast Timm
E. B. :Young, Co.,
(Illuoofman of thigh Toiintaf Co.)
Booksellers and StOioners,
Wall Paper, •
_ 12vta1ow Shades,
Window Ilattizes,
~ . .
Yankee Notio
- Pictur ns e
fillmeP and alasJ,
Pictures, at sans, - .
Picture SW, _ •
Law Maras.
Jaitl4:* /Hunks, , '-. ~,
Blank Books , all ali{ l ~
Wowapapors, =lnes,
1 ~ . Artists latkOd)
Luv tioolis,
sud ives7 article is our lino of trade
—Maw York Dallies at Ono Dollar a month
—Elmira DaMos at 75 Centsi a month.
—Subscriptions tore week, or uMuth, or year.
—Orders for Books not in stook promptly attapdad to.
—An Express pentane received from New York erv•
ery day. 0
—We aro Agents of the Anchor Line stud 4e Lilco
/Ana of U. a. ocoan Steamers. Bassago Lie els to
laid from any point In Europe at the lowest rates.
—Sight Druils sold on any Bank In linropd! at Otto.
seat rates Of Exchange
/an. SC 18724 r
APkIOATION will be Ilia& at tbo noxt Court of
Quarter iZtession by the Board of Sekund Dlreotori
/Borough or Blossburg for a deoree to (=palm
them to borrow money In ext..erdauee rind for the use
sat forth in an act of Aeeembly approved the 21st Gay
oggpril. 1871. M. BLY,
Blossburg; April 17, 1872. Pres't of Board.
;All the OLD STAND on Main Street, , corner .01 Cra •
lia UNDERSIGNED has now on hand a full atoek
FEED currass,
mind idi other articles usually found ill a ()owlet° am
soittmant of hardware. i •
I Invite the publlo 'to oail and examine for them
Ail 1 7, 1872
Petroßum Fluid,
3. DElTiat
tee beet light inthe world) and every article connoted
with the
Bore Blook, so lb Aldo of Man street, next door to
C, C. Idathero.
a '
anu Doiders LI%
Medical Books.
Religious Books,
E. B. YOUNO IS§ 00.
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Job Work
done to order nroulOy and well
Sash, Doors and Blinds
at Faotory Prices
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Parlor, Cook and Office
for wood or coal,
Table and Pocket Cutlery,
of "All kinas,-
Hardware Trade.
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'oval oracle, diphtheria. cramps and pains • itt . the
• f nSigeationi, driuntee,' dymentery, a utnitter
he, cholas %embus, oho/do ko., as by magic.
da an external application , for , freat bites, 'chilblains,
bruises, felons, riterozottlatxt; tack beittlealte e
o, neuralgia, pains itt the aide, beak and loins,
in mean of six years, it ban been found to be sect
end to no ;trepanation over Offered to the public. ' I '
Tee proprietor of thie medicitte feels Val xrautql In
=teeing it robe the beat IT rholly for the above
I in the market._
nuulatturea luA put up only' by Dr. AI. L. .13r.con,
„Ps. =lO agontri-;-Thillott, Scarq• Burbauk, U 9
OLsmher street, New York; D.
,T,prbort Co,. itilor.
riluir. N. Y. , ~ 1,187 T....
.4dinditistrator's' Sale. .
Nonms 18 IiEItEDF OIVEN that by virtue of an
order issued out of the, Orphan's (Joint of the
county of Tioga, April 6, 1872, the undersigned, admin.(
!ablator of the estate of Mize Kress, deceased, will on
the Bth day of May next, at JO o'clock a. M., at the
court Donee, in Wellaboro, expose to sale by priblie
outcry, the following described real estate, to Mit:
AD that lot of land sitnaled fn Wellsborough, la said -
county, beginning at a peat ou the South side of East
Avenue, on the line between Ann, Morris, ono James
8. Bryden'el estate, thence south 3 degrees weal 256
feet to a post; thence north 75,4 i degrees west 174
feet to a post.; thence north a &Trete: east 266 feet
to a post on esid Rest A venue; thence by said Avenue
south 76).1;degrees oast 3171t4 foot to, the place of begin
istrig--contaluing one acre more or less.
Also, anothoi lot of land In Wollabora, beginning In
the oentro of Ewa Avenue at the northwest corner
of lot belonging to the estate of James B. Dryden de
o:mood; thence north by lands belonging to the estate
Of the late litanuel W. Morris 11.0 perches; thence
East by lauds late of ,James I. Jackson 22 perches;
thence by laud into of Ceorge Aleyaod south 19.2
perohos to the center of the road; thence, along the
centre of the road to the plow of beginzling—:contaln.
leg two acres and alloWauce.
Aim), a,lot of land in the township ofDelmer in said
county—beginning at a poet on the State Iload, which,
post is also a corner of land conveyed hyl I:3l , ,rauel W.
Morrie, to Edwin Fellows; thence by the road north
8 degrees west 3f perehea; thence north 15 ifegreps
east 39 posoltea to a post; thence by land of Daniel
Kelsey, east 22 perches to a post; thence south 70.5
perches to a post; thence by law!, of Edwin Follows,
West 91 porches to the place of beginning; eonicu m n g
12 sores and 90 porches, and allowance, be the same
more or less, being part of a treat of land Surveyed in
puronttnoo of warrant 308 to l'eter Jannary,
Alen another lot adjoining the above et.iicribial piece
of land conveyed by the Executors of Isaac 'SW. Morris.
to Itnael Clreenleaf—beginning at a oat', corner of
Daniel Kelsey's lot, and by the same east 83 purehes
to a bsob corner, thence pertly by lot nurveyod ter
. Ertietne May, south 70,9 perches to a post, also the
northeast corner of a lot sum%) ed for Jonathan A us
tin, and by the aurae west'93 perches to a pest, and by
land to name of Petit' January, north 70.3 perches to
the place of beginning—containing 58!4 scree. being
part of a tract of laud surveyed in pursuance of Lottery
warrant No. 83 granted to James Stewart.
Also another lot of land in the township of Delia
beginning at a sugar trop the northeast corner hereof,
and a corner of laud of Jacob Duryea; thence north
88 degrees west, 182.8 perches to a post Use southwest
corner of said Duryea's land, and, in the line of land
belonging to John Fellows; thence by' land of the
heirs °Naha Followis and by land of Caroline Hurd,
south 2 degrees wort 60.11 perches to a post, the south.
west corner hereof; thence byland of Herford Butler,
south 88 degrees east 122.8 panties to a post; thence
b) lend belonging to the heirs of Israel Merrick, north
2 degrees Eaat 60)( perabes to the place of beginning—
containing 60 acres be tha.same snore or leas.
• Terms, )..; at time of sale; annually thereafter.—
Payment of the same to be scoured by bond and most.'
April 17, 1872.-4 W. Administrator.
L a t . t
(lead. Quarters -
Drugs and Medicines,
(Patout or othervaiso)- v Also for
P=3, A gEaM e MiSaffi c ht
ChoiCie Cigars,
and TOBACCO. Also for
4 ;:) , C: l4 3ECk.W9 t•
Religious, historical, Medical, Legal, Blank or Sou
N. B. A. foil assortsuout of tho hater. Also; an'
asliont assorttuoat of
•rgiCr C 3 orler3,.
On Teas, Sugars, Coffee, Sprap:3tolnaaes, Woe, apicke,
*oda, etc., we will not be beaten in price or gnaVty.
Vire will sell choice Teas by the,eheat, or sugar by the
barrel, at en low tignree se the Fame caul be bought at
thin side of New York.
of the newest styles, and lamp elltrastoys that pill not
Fancy and Toilet Articles.
AHD JEWELRY, • N9111 , ,i3
A 1.1)
Wo hold twenty dosirablo 'Filings lots for sato In- tho
oeni,ral part of the town ; and will alto loan money at
m a enable rates.
N. B. Dr. W. W. Webb lira his offieo in our store,
idler° he may be consulted Mr &Mee or treatment
Jan.ll. 1872-tf. HASTINGS & COLES.
The sillia.criber Itekvequitagily on I#4llo.
Pnr° Drusgs aati meflioLuo4, Cilongteole,
Paints mei Oils, Lamm !Stationery,. T a i t _
kee Notions
Tlbo, Jut. 1. 1872
e tratOrSsVotice.
j granted to Ulu sabhcribore ort,tho eztatout' Lltieh
ard Childs, tato of iltorris township, decnaabd, all per
sona inflobtod to acid eatato anti those harrivg claiwa
against it will immediately salts with
Adnet et litzttYoo.
April 19,
Oentlemon prow:woe of the forty. third section
of the not of May Mb, 1.864, yon are hereby notified to
meet in Convention, at the Court house, in We'labor°,
on the first Tuesday In llay, A. D. 1874, being the Tth
day of the menth, at 1 o'oloot in tbo afternoon, and
gegeot viva ttOdc by a majority of the whole member of
direetors present one parson of literary and soientiew
acquittance:AS, and of skill and expected:toe in the art*
of teaching, as County Superintendent, for the three
succeeding yearn: determine the amount of compen
sation for the saute r and;oortify the result to the State
Superintendent at Harrisburg BA required by the
thirty-ninth and itirtleth Bastions of said sot.
i B. Honor, .144
Co. Supt. of Tioga County.
April 111th, 18744 w.
Insurance! Insurance
Hand in: Hand'
Mutual Life Insurance Company, .
11100RIIMATED FII33III7ARY 23, 1867.
Ckar l t'd ,l Capital $300,000.
Stock and Mutual, combining Security with Profits.
fluppose you aru already Mimed in a first-class com
pany, and from any camas Whatever, (say after ten year
ly payments) you do not or cannot pay longer awl die'—
,your lusurance gone find your money wasted. Not so
'ln the ;," all Policies are Nox-rou-
Tbia company Which ranks among the mo=t popular
and. successful Life Inintrance Companies, grants pol
icies on all desirably plans, both with and without
Traveling Priveleges Unrestricted.
Au policies are incontestible after one year from any
of the ordinary causes.
Look to your Life Insurance. Please 'amino the
following Comparative Table. It is Runlet tiles alleged
by Agents of Ober Companies that the C mpany - they
represent is Miler than others. While in unhesita
tingly assett iihr bellfe in 'the Roundness nd iitubility
of all companies, wo desire to present t. o following!
for the IT peclion of those desiring to Min to :
Of the following companies, compare thi annual pre
miums chargedi by evil for an insurance i n life at the
age of ; d 0 years, payable at death : • .. .
Annual premium Ten annual.
for life. payments. ~..
Travelers' /16,Si , ..f ii.1.'21
liana. ... ori 71 4.2,60
Home —.23,30 ' MAIO
Equitable ... 512.70 60,07 , •
Washington 22,711 , 45,07
INIVItu-liand, .`. .1. —16,80 82,60
If not Mundy insured - take a policy with the
.•11k.liTi-07-It AND."
the hest Mutual Company in the Tin l ited Staton.
Jan. 1, 1872. A. M: INCULtIif, Agent.
For- Sale.
ABOUT 110 area of liusl known as the William IG
.Cl Mitchell farm at Mltehell's Creek, Tiaga Co., Pa.,
with three - dwelling houses, a ate= Saw Mill and
Barue and other bulidiugs:---buo of the beet locations
for a lumbering or other mauutheturlng establishment
ou the Tioga Railroad. '
Also, adjoining a lot of about 1135 sores, about SO
agree in pasture. Would make a good farm—timber .
enoych on it fur fuel, lumber posts, tko., to pay for it,
AP to about 750 acres of timber laud with some
provom.ents, about a mile east of the aboVo tl6:soribeet
lands—valuable for Ilenklock ll,uk, tintbor, and .faller.
tug lauds.
ALia two lutB of la:ad 'of 0 ,, c , rakot, Miltatc , d - n.l
tAliaaytowti, in the tovoit3tur ci .11111,Antry- , ; (gi
„Atlbli there IFt a St(1 , 111. bark, era.
'lapse desiring to ' puruhaA4.