Wellsboro agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1872-1962, May 01, 1872, Image 3

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''' - tiCAL _NOTICES,
Go to Wickham Farr's 1 1.togit, - Pa. l
vau want to see .a splendid stock 'and
ro< cheap. - May 1.40. .
FOR SALR.-A good building lot on (tam .
Street. Also n house and lot. Inguke.,of
Match 6, 1872-tf. H. IL.
Good gingham for 12 cents at Horteina;
. ~
CoIlii): , . S.,- Co.'s (3ast:.,Casi Etteel Pltinii
R h- 13;5 each. For information how• to ob
ttuct them si'ddross (.501.1. - pqe & Co., .2)2WAter
.y —Feb. 28, 3m:
:. , t •AN. • • . .
Standard A sugar for 12.ie. at tfortons%
irieC: cor sate at the kiln opposite the Fair;
tirotth(l. Also nine village lots, from two to
three littadretl dollars per lot. Inquire of
-J. F. 31AnanAtnr..
Wellsboro, April 110-41v0.,:.
SQL DI gm BOUNTY. —AII Soldiers; enlisted
b e fore July 22, 1861 are entitledio $l6O, who
Slave not already received it.
tit W. A. Stone's office over .Kelley's
April 24-2 w. •
LAsr NOTICE.-1111 persons indebted to
az , either by noto os book 4,ccount,rxtust,set-:,
tto at once. lynforts
Wells*iro, May 1,--3w
5,110u1d not hesitate to recommend to
tuiv frieful of ours, Parsons' Purgative Pills;
thev Art{ scientifically prepared, and aro
fahipted to all the purposes of a good purge
it\ e medicine.
The ladies of the Union (Baptist arid Meth-
Sabbath School at Cherry Flats pro
pee, having a " calico neck-tie party" at
the hotße of Walter M. Brown, in that place,
F» , hly evening, May 3d, 1872. BverYbody
: (I t idh' sheeting for 12).e. at Horton'
I),(itltlity the best remedy that his ever
I,oll,h , eovered for rhournatism, swoole» or
stiff joint; , , flesh wounds, sprains, bruises,
~,t „ n d burns, is Johnson's Anodyne: Lini
.L(,(t We use it, and always recommend it
variotios (If goods at liortons'
( c 1 RT. —Tremain Brothers and Pierson
give a Concert in Bowen Cone's Hall
the tirA week of court, to aid the Odd Fol
lows to purchasing an Organ for their Lodge.
Tice troupe always gives a good entertain
aanit and we trust it may be liberally pat
The best, the largest, the simplest, - the
to run, and the one doing the greate c it
' ,mg,. of work, is the Domestic Sewing Ma
chine. Agents of other machines care not
come in competition with it. You chn see it
et Dr A. B Eastmans office, No. 13 Main
to Iliirtons for nice dress goods.
P BM(' LE.—The undersigned will sell
at the Epit;eepal Rectory on lValnut street
in thi vlliage (in Saturday, May 4th, 1872,
at pm . his household effects
includwg table=, chairs, bedding, 2 ten-day
ei.ci“, mirror:, kitchen furniture, &e. Also
a good buggy, a cutter and 2 sets of harness.
Terms—Cal, ( . J. K. KARCIIER.
Wk , liAlmre, ay 1, IW2.
Nrye gOOdS at Horton Brothers
Lever.—On the ?.Bth ultimo the under
igned lust in the road between this village
and Pierson's a fish pole of four joints, with
!ante-wood tip. It was in n brown drilling
care Any person returning the same to the
'tore of Charles Sears or to this office will be
liberally rewarded. H' N. BORDEN.
Wrlhiboro, Slay I, 18727.
Madam J. Schissler, from Corning, will
be at the Cone House, in this village, on
Wednesday, May Bth, with a largo stock of
Human Hair, Switches, and long Water
Ca 11... Old hair worked over in the latest
sl\ le and neatest manner. Madam J. Sehiss
ler ii unsurprssed as an artist in hair. Re
member, 'Wednesday, May Bth.
Wellsboro, May 8,-2w
HERNIA lc SeemY.—Notice is hereby giv
,•z, that the tattutal meeting of Ihn llermaic
`octety for the eleotion of a Board of Mann
gPr3 will be held on Monday evening, May
t;th, at 8 o'clock, at the Society's ball in Bow
en's block. Thu Society will also take action
at this meeting Unregard to a public library
and free reading room. All persons interest
ed in these projects are invited to be present.
By the Managers. J. 11. BosARD, Sec'y.
If '3 , on want to get the use of the latelst and
l,ett publications 'of the day at a merely
dnical price, just drop in at Hastings &
toles, and CX11»11110 the fine collection on the
lielves of their Circulating Library. Messrs.
H. C. are from time to time adding to
(heir stock the freshest and most notable
nets books, and ore 'determined to keep it
fully op to the demands of the reading corn
have known lain& Iry absorbed by the
v,leikmatt game of croquet as to play, not on
ly all day, but far into-the evening by moon
light, and that failing by lamp light. We
t reeommend such exclusive devotion to
thu value as this; but at the same.time there
sh no doubt it is one of title most.' healthful
f , orniN of out door recreation, as it is certainly
th, iin,t entertaining. The full af,iplinnees
inlaying it, together with the niost up
-I.oriA ed ruin 3 or tho game, will be found at
A: Coles. Ir
has epme at last, and the trout sea
already upon us. It becomes every
I.,ier of the "gentle art'' of, trapping the
I,.!ekled beauties to be fully armed and
equiNoed as the angling code directs. And
Ws knew no better place to find whatever a
6 -herni , ,a needs than at Hastings
avpi have a \ cry !Urge and tine assort
went "ttrode, baskets, lines, books, Ries, and
o...r.‘rythin g else in the fishing line, which
day propi.,e to sell at thejewest prices at
11)0 ' 10 i4k. or retail.
l' +l'n THE TPXE- Mists 015'
Th , ull , :oriber wonld beg leave to call the
Spring stock of merchandise,
a•fuch hie now receiving, stnd which he
offer,n f, r i'B , ll and ready pay at lowest mar
ii , nl,vkoopnrs will do .wOl to examine
st•ek of carpcts, oilcloths, tablo linon,
a.“l window drain - Ty, which will be found
kortl , y uCatu n tion.
11,44 1:1 , 11.• trill find it to their interest to
I.,bk thr.ligh hibstock of dressgoods, shawlS,
\'"''• 1 % 1 0 gl ,, veq, and hosiery., te, they eon
barg,ains * many of which have
rml before - offered in this market. The
iid)h c aro invitld to call and see for thekn-
Titom AS 11... k EN.<
p i e Nitatot.
Tiorne Affairs.
inevArtrits Oro llliitg Choir stores
Q. ail Kinds fin' the spriog
f•' tiqlllllt. 11011E13 of lira. S ' iiynfierui
ua , huriad at Tioga recently- (Nu v,ork of
itil il ti .l .!tidiary. Lose about $5OO.
- -The Financial Statement of the Hermitic
SliOW3 a balance in the treasury,
alter defraying all expenses, of $59 90.
-6:datum Babb, a resident of BabVs
U rt( l ‘, sliest very suddenly at. J ers.oy Shoro
Tilun , 4lay last.
TLc ( ,- 1 - cra\ulling. in front of the Fowl
ilrY oh Main (itreet t .l4s disappeared from its
lute tqte, and niay now:Vo 09.fui.i.n its appro-
Pruib: place in the Watkins now.
4-The Borough Fathers arc .now
in thv right direction.. A pound is being
''. , n".!ructed tc» "stray a nirrialS," 'and bridges
eroiu IYa)lcs uro bring rapidly
The 13th of May is the day fixed for the
11 " - t train ou tbe W. 4: L. tty pet rut)
Into l'ilellsboro.
— lion. John I. Mitchell, has our thanks
for ur
laB7 copy of ate £egislutiv,e Hand-Book,
—Court sets the list Monday in Ibis
kia-" • •
, nel !hes ul:operatm at hut livery
barn a patent "Clipping Machine," which
cuts the huir from a o horse, and leaves the
animal as sleek esa now shaven man.
—Rev, N, L. Reynolds and Laugherßacho
artt changing their barns into dwelling hens-
As - aocommodat6:theo k inereasing
•- •
, =Prof.'Verrill of Mansteich and. tev. J.
1.,; 'Landis of CondersporkluitAfieen chosen
deiegates.to the General , PAstyterian As
sembly,to be held in Detioit,ln May. •
-=The dwelling beige 'of,: Mr. Edmond
Cooloy„ of Covipgtsin township, was des..
troyed by fire carly ! tin Sundtikanerning hist.
No insurance. •
—Our old friend,. col. Emory, droned in
to our sanctum the other dity from -the city
of asnali-pox, whopping cough - Sic: " (Will
iffmaport), looking hale and hearty. 71f ay
the Colonel yet nitiny Bibgek. of pen-
Mance, and enjoy life to a good old age.
—Mi. 3 - :.13; Hotchkiss and wife, who have
for some time been cminected with the Da
venport Asylum at Bath, N. Y., have re
turned to their former residence at this place.
—Mr. C. B. Kelley, Derby do - Fishier, and
also Itastings . 'St Coles; have recently placed
their busiriess prominently before the public
by way of large and fancy letters painted on
their front window glass.
ple think newspapers dear, that three or
four cents a week for food for
,the brain is
too extravagant ; but a-glass of whiSkey is
mantifactured from abdut seventy grains of
corn, tlin,yahte of,which is :too, opal te, be
estinititdd. A glass of this triiiturii sells' for
a dime, and if a good brand is worth more
money. - It ftres the brain, deranges and
weakens the physical system., On the same .
BOoboard on which the deleterious beverage
is served lies a newspaper. It is covered
with a half million typo; it brings intelli
gence from the four quarters of the • globe.
The newsPaPer costs the least, yet it is true,
there are a large numhe'r 'of people' who
think corn juice cheap and newspapers dear.
DI It ECI'l NCI IiIIiTTP.ItS. .I.' osim aster Gen
oral• Creswell , in a .eirhular jttst issued,
states thowing to the rapid.inet;ease in the
mails andi l the establishment of new, post-of
fices thro ghout
.cotintry, the Depart
ment fin it necessary , in order to facilitate
a i
the distri ,ution, and ,to secures.apeedy , trans.
mission of the heavy mails now passing, par
ticularly over the trttlik lines of railroads, to
request of the, public that in all cases the
name of the county as well as the post office
and state 'be superscribed upon letters, eirdu
lars and newijiliptirs, 'and other matter to be
forwarded by mail. : .
RETICRNMO TO Virmsnond..-- , The Bath
thurier of last week says, - "Mr. Ira D.
HotAkiss-and,hii estimable wife, who for
the past six years have filled,in a most 4Atis
fitetoy manner the positions of Superhiten:
dent and Matron of Davenp - Ort----Peinale Or
phan Asylum in this village, are C o —leave
this week for Wellsboro, Pa., near which
place Mr. H. has purchased a farm upon
which he will reside. They will be greatly
missed from Bath, but the good people of
Wellsboro will have gained in our loss two ,
most worthy, welcome citizens."
A NEW DEPARTIIRE.—We learn that at
the election in Muncy township, on Friday
last, Charles Mortimer, cplore'd, was elected
Justice of the Peace, And - john Webster,
colored, was elected Constable, by the dem
ocracy of that township.- A "new depar
ture" truly for the democracy of Money
township. Dennis MeAttorney, ,an Irish
fellow citizen was also elected a Justice of
the Peace.—Luminary.
We clip the following Item from the Wat
kins Express on the 18th instant :
"Samuel Kissel, driver of the stage run
ning from Jersey Shore to Cedar Run, was
brutally beaten bY some. desporadoeS at Ce
dar Run, last Frida y morning. Ho was ter
ribly bruised, but bid Ourtea are not dan
gerous. The men, who - attacked are
said to be eight in number,—one of them
having been :.hot at Wellsboro a few weeks
W Init this last clause; means we don't know.
There has been but one man "shot at Wells
boro a few weeks since," and we don't be
lieve be was engaged in boating Mr. Kissel
"last Friday." If he was, there are more
things in heaven and earth than are dreamed
of in our philosophy.
A..NNOTINCENI !MTS.—The follOving tariff of.
charges for announcing the names of candi
dates for nomination to the respeetive,OTlCoB
mentioned, and for printing cards and tick
ets, has been agreed upon by the Republican
papers of Beav'or 6itinty
Congress $2O Commissioner......
Senate 15 Associate Judge
Register & Recorder... 10 Auditor
Co. Superintendent..., n
Cards and Tickets, ber 1000, sb,
We publish the above for tho information
of our political frionde - who conitemplato
running for officelhe present campaign, that
they may tee and "know our charges to 'be
small compared with those ofadjoining coun
ties. While otheXpapers are charging fr9iil
$5 to $.2.0 for announcements, and $5 per
'thousand for tickets, we aro charging only $4
for announcements, And s4,per thousand for
For the information ,qf those persons twho
"eontemplate fliillouncir?g their names in this
paper the present campaign fur office, the
:honey must accompany the order to, insure'
Tfix NEw itiaptown.,--The Elmira Ad
re)%tiser says that a number of gentlemen in
terested in the contemplated road between
that city and, this county met at, the officeuF
G. 31.--Diciin, in Elmira, last week lifendaY,
Enough money had been subscribed arid was
paid in to Warrantthe.organizatron of a com
pany under the laws 'of this State, and a com
pany thereupon' rganized under. the name
of the " Elmira State Line Railroad .Cotri=f
puny," and the fdllowing named' gentlemen
appointed as Directors thereof: G. M. - Diven,
Silas Haight; It, Clark, R. T. ! Turner, E.
P. Hart, J. - T. f ßathluin,'S,-T. .geynolds,
W. Rathbone, Lormore, Wm. R. Jtsik
son, S. , T. Arno(' S. H. Wadsworth; arid
Win. M. Gregg.
The officers chosen were, S. T. Arnot,
President; G. M. Divert, Vice Presit and
Treasurer; S.. T. Reynolds, Secretary.
An executive committee was elected com
posed of the. following named gentlemen: -L-•
S. T. Arnot, M. Divers, J. D. Pl A rlv,
H. Wadsworth, Wm. R. durisou, arida mr :
The executive committee were empowered
to complete the organization of the (7 ompany
and to employ engineers to make the • neePti
nary and prelimidary surveys.
will now have the long-talked of road
between Elmira and Tioga county.
The 'Managers of the llermuic Society yo
speetfully make the following financial state
ment of the liermaic becturp Course for
1871-2 • :
Aninout rucoived for season tieketo :.;0
Amount reeetved for other tickets
For Quilitetk Club
" nary A. Livermore
" Frederick D0ug1aa%........ •
" Panama
" "Petroleum y. hasty'
Georte valopolotr • • •
f;1i.ar! , ..3 "Carleton" t'ottin
it Alma .P,, Dial/loon.
U. Chapin, • , •
Total receipts 1 ~,,,, .18.14 . 01
To Quintette Club *2OO GO
" Frederick Deugittso ll9 00
. ~ ,
" Mary A. Livermore ' 100 00
" William Parsona .109 00
• " "Petroleum Y. 2,lasby" ' 110 CM
" George Vaudeuboff 125 00
Clisrlea "Calic,o." f2oflin 25 00
" Alma E. Dickinson........ 159 00
' " Edwin H. Chapin . .'... .;.. '. 1(16 IR
Special trains_
ji'rc.o carriages to divot
A. 1 4: I:pi. , pplyting)
powen etentf. 01.4 vcng•• •
flu ....... .....
Advertising in 8 papers .
13alance, in.Treasosor's bands
Tot i al
• • $5
.. 5
Clerk 5
Poorhottilo Director a
,Sts; co
. 90,5.)
.. Fie 00
.. 11 2
.. 112 cu
129 25
10 00
61, RO
2 50
58 25
yn 04)
1. 09
- ii LICE 641
- TAR Y 1 BOBAnlv•
P. IV - 01
tavon 44.
Join; I. I.l.rroara.r..,
Board VA:magas.
RAILROAD Nett tut ;AA,
Court Rouse last Saturday evening to con ? :
sider tho abilve question. After' considerable
discussion, a conimittee of thirteen leading
citizens wasiiNgii f ttiatii - wii,ifiati:;uid bo
done in thO uat er . That ,
Ilionday er (*Mg; 'kip& nia otinforottt
gooil deal t,f InSiilii
maknly in relatiOntothe qtnistinit,vollb",
and means." The general impression scent
ed to be that the gt444:44lPijilicilAktin,
vote the money necessary to carry through
a successful and
,creditalAo celebration, . in-,
eluding an address ,by,.sen lo :alEMPOl4a:
gentleman, a banquet .to the inviteA
of the Occasion, music, decorations,. 4ce.. It
wits estimated that about. the sum of MO
would be needed from'llie korough.authori-.
ties for those purp(s64. tit,
- The Burgess and Council were to meet the
next evening, and the committee finally ad
journed to await their action in the premises,
Without deciding - upon anything definite So
as we go to press it is undecided whethet.
Wellsboro will celebrate or not, and the de
'cision of the question seenko to rest with the
"'lt.l.lo*.viLLE Prnts. —On Wednesday,
April 24th, - James Duncan, who recently
joined the LO. Of T. here, hired Will-,
tam Thompson's horse and carriage, went to
Elltland and got pretty well stenmeb nod ,
started fee', home, euttning the ho`riie'
miles. Finally he got thrown out of the car
riage, btealting one of his little fingers is.nd .
injuringj,hii ribs. The carriage was pretty'
thorouglqistove up, requiring thirty &A- .
Lars repairs.
—Mr. WI: D. Adams, ottirespeated eit*on:
and miller,lldst his beautiful' daughter;'
little rese-4nd of the family-, on Friday :. Oa;
—A 1 ber
Conklin while ; 'driviug.:t2irot
bridib:ivith, a load ASIOWV4I,
fell off tho load, and - wifs soyohi4:
'y the hind whool passing across'
tn. A. 4,
the ohnso l
Oli the 27th
ly injucod
1t abcloui
l eighbortug., Countles.
I E. litinhtim, Egrt: 4 , recohtly ,
into ptirtuo:vallip with 13 ? -
1 liorueltsv il le. ;;
--NV illit
Butt), lily
--Thu to
help build
, n of Urbana has been bonded to
the Beth. an 4. Hernmendepoit.
Rai !road
to be a special election in Corn
ill the 1677 - 'F.
Reglecting to ,qualify. ,
ing on Tit
TillAeo to
N. 'Drake
: rhe
ident of th
- otiNtr,,Ditniol K. Pratt,
Second National Bank of:l.llrni
-0,, city qttypliaktevqr on the
rte, died in
23d instil?)
• • •
rundage, one Of the settlers,
of Urbana,- Steuben county, N 4
lite suddenly a few days • since at
iglty years,: , • .
l ik d
d us nn ype„!, ton en
, esti4iBrinitiwio,.*ifc 4 1. '04 9 0
n his farm to comeback And
• rro,
of the tow
Y., died q
the ngeof
,county, g
untGe for
,yder of Sweden township, PO:ter
Quay had fifty b ugh ols of oats 'itol.!
i:4 granary. Thq thieves : ,wore:
bound over.
)n Ynn..tri*iPBl l f,T'P `!- 1 .. 3. 9 ( 1 11 - 1 !
LI sold to Auburn parties fdr $4,-
1 -` •
est iliac is A dna }lt yron
is late.o7Yaer aidonntinitci.rnelir.
—Mr. S
county, re
en from 1
er" has bet
500. His.
lurite - s for
$5 OM
e owned and occupied 'by Peteii
er, OnZresliiiititon stiiet;
ught firii.buit week.. 6unday:
y consumed. • Loss two .thousanti
mala thousand .4011ar.5,.
—A liou
C.; I:lutist:v.;
ellscille, c
Pas entiro
dollari. I
LDnrin the severe gale on the 180
Mrs.,Bardra Tierde of- •Oswuya was lifted
frova . the round by • the wind and , thrown
down with Audi violence as to '6acture her
arm and injure her inaferially about tlio 4etta,
---A little (laughter' of ThomasDcan of
Cameron while playing - Mbar
track a t . .‘kt days since was ‘ struck try Itain,
thik)wn down,'and her foot so badly Crushed
that it hadlto•be,aniputated.
, —The wffe'ofjohn.Wotkina a al.pprP time
since started from Penn Yon for - her 'home
in -Benton,' and was not heard from. ,for 'sev
eral days, when sbe waa.found dead ima ftold
by her hthiband Foenrchipg
Her di!athiis attribute(Vto• ethi-diseaao:
- - - - -
—Two men . named John Sp'cllman:_ and:
Martin Love weva walking on the. Railroad
track last week Monday-,netti the depot in
Elmira when, they; were struek by a freight
train. Spellman was instantly killed,, and
Love lust iiisltift,fpot : begid,es, being coneid
erably brUised and hurt. otherwise, • .!•
SrtYder..`of, loft
hr'home Fm M(iffaky 86L ;; iltet .the Il
subject to fi ts of ip'.4ii!iity soinetiplea, 'and as,
iihe has not returuCd,Amr friende are anxious
for ber welfare. Any information given to I
D.,,,Cogswell concerning her will be grateful
ly received by I;er. frAgndri.
young nilin'alione we y y earn of age,
named,Burt, in the employ of the Erie Rail
' way C ; oulpaPy at Corning, lost a leg last week
Monday. He was engaged-la coupling gars,:
and was in some manner thrown down. The
car wli j eell ran oversmeyofAiis legs;?ertOirlilf;
it so badly that amputation became necessary.
, -
, —An adroit burglary vas perpetrated in
the store of Cadogan & Nich4sop p„ few
nights duce. The store was. cot:Pica by 4.
set of small jock-screws by which the lock
wiu pgslq.4 pff,, • The lock, of the attfe , :door
was en'tered by drilling a' hole in' the tippor
part of the lock', through which powder was
inserted, and the result Of the eiploShin 'Was
that the door was, thrown wide open, and - the
lime'. part of the safe exposed to view. Tile
inner, part pm lap of the safe wtts,oprt-;
cd, and the ddritent4; s4irie s4do or 46D0 id
,goocl. fur
Ifornellsz idle. ,
s , lowa, Nebraska, iitaaiaa,Valliatirbia:i.;,•
Advertising, alone does not ` prt4tiC9 pi Sci p, Tp.,
41ifiag %Ode& „tif ktauoave;iniritudi nytyi( i oar
else largo advertising wilt eventually go it more harm
Wan:good. If you hive anything Which* Yoif *now td
be good, advertise it tharevphly, und you will :be sure to
succeed ; it it is poor, don't praise It, 'tor people mlll
soon_diecover yd , u ':iro lying.
Sttchis the policy of the Buiturieron Ii t OUTE, 'Pibleb
Tuna three grpal reg:ouP fUe wept", st; To CiAiP,":_.
ha, counet.;p.pg 4vith the great PaCidg /1.0F014, ,
Llueolu, tine capital of liebraskka, tilla all that , batlUtifril
region south of the Platte, illled with R E. lands nut
hornebtralF. ail, Co St. Joseph; fraiisits City,'aird all'
Himbas points,
These reads aro splendidly built, have the bast brld
'es.. ears, the Miller, platform and coupler, and
the 111140 - '4r break (to prevent the loss of life thit
every ;Where else happectingi. Pullman's sleepers,:
Putlinln dining 4413, large and powerfnl engines kto
tii,al4, %Mick time and go4d Fditacctipab)), grod Itie qtr p
word tee Ilea equipped roads te, Gap bleat., ; So Watt;
you desire to go safely, sorely, 'lluickly and 'comfort
:4.ply to any point ht Rontli ern Town, Nehrtisliti,' trona*.
of 01) lice Plire 31:1P go "ily'prAibr,
Burlington., -
All who wish part
, icidar intormattor, apil a largo.
map, .810N - tog correctly The ft
, At Wet, -bid skid(
railroiti, connections, can obtaln`theni,- and any other
knowledge, by addrisidrig' General TrulUonger Agent;
D. & Mo. R. R. It., 13orlimis.leo. ?""P".
far OF LETTERS remaining in. the Poatoffice at
lebero. l t , 27, 1872.
Harriaim :colgiv;,,pipare4r
egmption. Jor.l }Wrote, Jacob Hack, Charlee geenty,
Itfaiery 2, Flora Wileon,‘ Lydia WllaOu. ; t
In eullltig for any of the aboyo, "dean say advortiseq,
and give date of advertisement. G. W. biznartnr; '
WEBB—KNAPP-04 tlict 28th ultimo, jn pyivana
14.441,44 JexiitMvoat.
rim, ntaftliTaf.t4tc , :y 3/4,1". -
DLM B —PROW I4- - - In 11 3 4 e 01 4, on We of April.
1972, 1.1 the Her. Jain Cwrnn, Mk: acorns Vt. MU slid ,
Sling Viol? Bro'cvn, liotli-of 'Woodhull EVeroben
ATI AW--ROW—iiiht Puy. J. V. Candrt, on the 20th
a April 1879.. Mr. Thomas A. Sttaw anti Bfir s i Inn.% M.
Bow. tottt of Wellaboro, Pa.
NOBLES—ENGIJS/iLo3kibe after: F.; Calklug'
axid"pilufa Janis' Ettglitflat both`ff
honr. ! . , • ,
the 'lceiclenee
I,ride fatticri ou the Oh Snst., byY,the,fter, O. P.
; V•Tttaln „ s, ashistkd LY the Rev 8, Thfillshl '1,31/31 , 0p,
5h1+4.“04, of npaistant Geologist' in New
Stun , Surrey, and Mix Jeanie KnapP, 4
'11)1:0'COOLVI . 2 1 ,d ' CA
icrlT of' Villtithspoyf,',atftl"lttlifit
I •_•uucoll: clalthriter ItiAritied, Ffyi!,%ft.farr;eeti;
coligzajAge, ywr,hrolher of the gull/. rehp,
104. h,„. Williaumpoit Standard iu his choice c •
noo .7Puity She is a capilfij teacher, ttp!'l, jvo
believe now improve Me Ituae In doing 6 po.
Mica mindonary work.
80W2.1 7 -In Vartaingtort. March 29th, WM. Grant
eon of George W. and Amanda M. Bowen, wed stn
months. and twenty saran days.
,""Ill' I GGELL-i-In Tiogs, the ilith Umlaut, of he
• • -e. after along and fistula] Mures, Ada WO, out
f hire. Dp le s D. Mitchell of ilatb, w. Y , aged 1
..1'014.0 3 •
0.0 fades the lovely blooming &MINI , *
,) , ,Fretitt srutiling soltwe of au hour. t „
j BO adore our transient ci4ofoitai sly, '
.17 d Pleasures only bloom to die.
`` •
• 4 please copy;.
C1'611,1..114. April at. 1819. Ada
'aide. daughter of Calvin L. ebd fiobefir
pars,ett i um mouth , its daps. d 4 )
Another precious gem iu kaaveu—
liowitranaleut tae bur Way—
A fe* brief years to tot was given.
'lied thou wee relied away.
ELLA A. llowarrsox.
uudEusevaill) WEIMMIX Ulf •
1 1 1='E.' R. guaBALL, Retwil grocer
WII " Au f k .WKWON",•,
Flour, Pdr ih) ageio 50
Buckwheat flour, Der 040 00
Wheat, whits, tee buiduid
Wheat, "
Wheat. swing; ."
'Corn, shoAe4. "
Oster, "
Barlet„ •
Cloves seed,
Timothy seedy ..
Bestaso . , ..
Corn Iona), per owt
Peed, per owt
Potatoes. per bush;
'L li ples, green,' per bush
Onions, per U.ft
Turnips,' Per 1 1 1 1 11 1
Pork, per lb. J.... ; ;., ,'.'
name, per lb. 1...:' .:::::
Shoulders, per il l, . •
Sutter. per 1b.... I': ..-:::
!Cheese, par 14)
klerd. per lb.,
Tellow, per is
Hooey, per 1b
Beeswax, perlb
Tilleffer• ;Per lea ...
Sas, per dozen -,:.: ~ ..-: ir.e,tot. ......) sia
,Pletied apples, por lb 12) 16
Mlpoaches, par lb - 15
eberrios, per lb 40
Willgekb•#-ries, peal)? ti li !
'Dried raspberries, blab); p0r1ir.;:f...;=. ,- ., 25 28
11rie'd raspberries. red, per lb 20 to
Orsiiberriee , Per qt VD
'Hay, per; ton ------ ------' -- -- --.;-.6....— , 15 , 00
Mood. 18 Isobel), per coed 2 00
Wood, 8 lost, per cord .... • --,.. •
Coal, hard, per toti ..... f 6' — ' l 3 Firl -705 ,
. 4 _..., - ~ ,,Ar 4
Coal, 094 6
Ortaapd, tee. per ton _ 860
Sugar. url odlree, per lb ~.,
Sugar. 101lOw, per tb •
411414 NUM). per lb .
Teas, cl A er , ) : .per lb
Team, . per lb
Buroesati. pst gel
aleph) auger .
: ,_%;piacial N o t Wi)
. .
/a ' a q ou frequently asked by a patient, wl) ;
''. 4l -
,Iliougb..i4tps not sick enough to be confined to li
room or bed, nevertheless feels himself physically na
-1 ablo to attend to his usual avocations.
1 --
1 - '..Th.MM a flans or general breaking dorm of the
I system, but no symptoms aufticionUy marked to he
' clitaltiid.rilt dlsease, yet peculiarly trying to the auff-.
ork . , feelings cannot he expresaod—Doctoirs
‘l ll x
1 :'.doit`t..un. rstand it; they may prescribe hopefully.
i - f
- yetlilt - , and without result. 111,411.zWit /I
)104yiniakit ; the but Remedy for these namelessi l
oi - ders:'''YllY IT AND BE CONVINCED I I Sold by I
Drugglata. , • g/rice ono dollar per bottle. l'
il - 1 •i 453121m.
i .l , 4
" . .
' i'47- • 4,,,, , - ,
,-, iv- torD - Qttaittit ...,-,,,,A
, itatitil r ,
iIV of early indiscretion, causing *emus a,
biiitq,promatntodecay, &a., having tried in min em u !
reniedy, has dieroorared a simple means i o
skike . nsithteh ha Neill loathe. to his teliole.a .i.!
. *DMZ, 18 Nissan it.. New York.
A.iCl4 It Sansnmt.— American Chent'ufs and it
Protticlien a reciatect by the Professors a the crteb a
tettquersite3 in Sweden. I,lr. Macho. Blr.—At y ur
rug ' , I have tested Hall's. Veitetablts Sicilian ll if
fletai ist:, in my practice at the,"Suramittistt liesplts ." t
an ay, twill nailer*/ 'BM rif 4 0 1 I, ti%er .. „., all
color. UM entirely harmless, an ill 4 v 1014014 r I. -
.64Y1,41111144tuch cases. , ,
, 1
.:::::, - .01:: LI , Professor of Chemistry and meitivise
ifioCatte• m. pay, 1868.
, Trod' t hwheet medical authority in Sweden, --A I
!Aye h , oc4slon to aen 'length e rtions. who. ur
ikane e„ vaidierffial ii Vegetable Sicilian Hair
Renetkr. - Su know that it has restored the original
color of the iitt„.gelkjaAtelticelilArpt ; timemoft , !
the Itching d' ndruCtfutf iiecomlianfesliferflilli itig - '
0ff,151; hat „ I consider It my duty to acknowledge
tha', eto Mr. Whs.
azsitura to orr
4- - 3 ) VIN
i.„ - — t, Sysician-in.ohief to ar Itriny e gni, Psy.,l er
t:,7,11 , e! f of his we.
firooknotx, !July. 1868,
OuirodeVit cottspe of living begtta a condition .
the b 44 thirequireft eecaSteaslrOlPt Tittl inlity'
i heco est OM lim
NI ns& alogg(4l, upiS laimtil t
tits 3Th mind sympathizes with It mad both I.
Warrlites.M'eitted-togather. Threatoro the vital e e
gies, ,purget th;ti system--eleause the blood-_
Ayer's Pills:I (Gissgiow (Ky.) Free Press.
-.,;:..-:•.; 1 Pictures, Clivorus)4oil Niritiop i ,
Wholesile and,l l Aol:i s tler in t h e
, G it li ? ic li,.. t 1 eFit, Ap r atif i dgQ, ~ toowli B 4 ~,
!,;,, ---;;;.;::‘,. fioods of 1130-Dp 194ttetie ) ty:
;,' ii.,, . ----
- l'"'- '
r : 4l ' 11.'2
M. 9143 8 o ‘ 33dopee,
, . .
Nev4lla Styleo ant* )I,lewd in Dcair,
Bronze, Pden and Lava Groups, Statues e
,A - Brists, Vases, &c. Bohemian, Berlin
• Vienna, and 'Molica Vases, • •
9ologne Sets, Puff Boxes,
Card Receivers,
. ' &c.
Flrclih Wes Shades and Standq rip
vork and Ferneries, ike'? , 'a •
Fine WWow! Goothi for Wax, Musa nod Bhcii
, ,A lul► assortment of Waxwork Hfateriata.
iNto China Tea Seto
of f 6 ylecoß s7,oti
Avery large and choice assortment al whaVa.
OIIENAsitALL, No. 8 Lake St., ELMIRA
May, 1.1:872-Ct.
. ...,. 0,- ,- . 1, !,4X 4 4.:
4iitdito7'S - JV OUtee.
' RE 'Undersigned _having been appoi, ted a» Audi
to melte (Retribution of the fund% arising tr JIB t
'as iof ill teal eFtate pc Nvift Ifutriap• pr tate
Ch e. township, deceaped, in the hiuula on M. T.
EltlO I, fP.A .. Trustee, will attend to the duties tbf said
app tin tin t Bud hear the parties Intereated, u hie of.
110 tit li.ogn Bora ou Wednesday, the 22d day f Muy
neXt;ta/ l'eloelt p. in. All persons interested re tg.
quirefete rceptutlheir elsil before tilts A t (.4 ot ~,
be d 'ev ar rqd from coming hi r othrre x p ititia, -- , , -- ~ ..
-- ~,, 3 ' e s ' it -"'% I zi < tf . 1 .- , •
Tiega, Itiay 1,1872-4 w. , 6 ,. C,,,.4 uir. 4 p. :7,
..,:•-• kf - •‘1 V. i
v-orresig hereby given that the s,
1,74 Inlnis , tnstors and 'Guardians nsim..d bele, have
Wed then-accounts in the Register's Office fdr 'nage
County, Atm% fenittliat the ittlittAleroUngt. l lll4l,oo
vrf,afigted g io the thiphttipt' Conti Or qgft:otit
ao# ll 4sl ol Aatrihilirt la ho arll'ansildt2o, - Au dS pit
day, the 21th day of May' 1872, at 2 o'clock p. +(a., fur
allimatich eonarmati , on.
FinaA aunt of Zylpba Scott, Adrniniatottri. of the
estate of 1;3-sander Secti, :I.r i E nt leT a ide; M. 44
Final account of nutlet .0 „ Ott of '
ciliate of James DoatiAlfe of
• Oust actount of 13. Innuaux. Guardian of . t .gelin t l
Poftir et lal., minor children of Able Porter, late of
Charlestoh, deorasel
GeneraL account o ; . N. wittisms, o ust tan
Charlotte iE. Lunn .et al., minor ehthlryn ,vt Wil
I,•rn l.tp.tpl li4r4 iliernedb, do:OWL , . .• .-, ttl•
• Tug iteontrof it: IL - Wffutrois. Giukaiih , 'lAAJ,
folkwr..4,lion, minor chilli of 'Wilder realm, 1 peva ,
' Virog 0. uut Of R. N . Williams Mardian of Al
Lunn f lini or . kid of Wilder . pain, denesseri.
4 4
g.V i flr isqll ß r ie %lo l
Fl co . •am : e ley; A
Isaac W. Bentley, deceased.
Partial /mount of Levi D. Shelve, adminiat ator or
'the estat of 'Waterman Mclntyre, late 44 Jac kson
Mu rt eh ip, deceased. , Itf (A fA lit 14 "VI: i . I .t o rMdliVi '' ' 141.4i4 r,a4sAii k n ti
A , illi of io,h t iVili.9P , stt J • wit A # o b i ir t i r, u w iati m 0.4
6 tors ° to o ti* r mire Etpl, , lirre o . • . • f .. 1.. .. •
ii ' 1,61 64 • o
risa . ti!) . ..
Loving , debeased. - •
-, :4eaopn of Ember Bowen, administrator of the tl.-
tli eas te s ot wJo n Dowland, late of Deerfield to
~- .6,4tta% CilfTtilo '811.4/ ',)
Ana tuteount of Muni Allen, adminishato of be i
4,,... t klei T lFTl MP ° . 4 11 0 of ttiOttildM otOliiiii
mmiC .
va ono, or Jeremiah Whitney, Eset u rof 4h_q
listN*4lPa d testament of Ben):•titoolpepsf , 1:;!) , Kflf::
"fildhtirfit Frnship, decently!. • ' " • '
Final a .' ut of Itobed,tamnbell, stingoo ritpr 4
e t ou
ditiVitat of azttniMAAlN 91 Met •t 117domageti,
>9.1!.. D E.
Wellaboro, Ma 11672.4
V ira
. to•s
. sitr 00
. 40 60
. 60 •
1 60
- 11116
1 00 1 21$
1 50 / 58
A eX
; t.A . Lovelipt 12
litat • 13
to tftssu
M. DE); 'ln
I 4
taa 05..u;"1 lath altitiiB,'
- Waal Slostroor
.„4„ • „.„•:, •tet.s 17:4 IIL • :
a. • C> el:7Dt
,1 . 1 5 ,4 butteriet ' 4 ifets'and , otkuir email vbaum.
' ' - /ano AWAi.
I •
1p VIA) Ai (1; 1 A 10,
9 00
Paper 4 :Shadee I
:71,:::4111 5 VS) rif • 7,F• c! • : t ttlttl) 1„ i I
:10 itt:t 14 , 41 troz64o puitatat ZII oeuts4mou..
iiiatlev..s 4.0..04 14: $ I 1..
P.. •,i tie:, 1,444
r 1 --
s , o'll_ 4 lst 1s41:- • - 14,j, I,,AAS
Cloth Shades
Plata or PantedJallt sad Besotifullilitilalidet'
from $,51) to $30,00 s pair.
Brown', Hollande , Buff Hollande,
White Hollende, Green liollanda,
8 koic
Green Painted Cloth
for °urbane of say desired length.
I :vii L: a.Ltx_
t 1. 1 .4,1
- •
W 74 t. 4 VAL
ioto 41 , 4 •
Cloth. Shades for Stores
any desired length and width made to order.
.0 `.'‘‘.,.;,,, ‘,,..‘ ‘....V.-.. • ',:.li
<. ~ :~5~,
g2.&xii vii..,:4:,a .1. ,-- !::t
Ornament Your Homes!
Colored Prints, StereoSeopie Views,
a new stock in large variety
Eir. }t,: `t
wo-!lioture Frames,
_Rustics,. Ovals, Square,
in nOlaWOOll, Gilt. Black Walnut, Velvet & Coßralle
..1,, if..;:ii VT 4 , -- 'I i , i 1 ' l , - `' 'l';
,0.10W1.1,,,i , .2'1•
Curtail!, .Cord,l Tassels,
",: rioture Croquet gets,
,'"-N- 94414 a.. 9 o.?ad 1004
T Parlor Games,
" Pif o. 4 1 t-94' kt.ei
!i --- elkli' gl If
711 o bei l `, O.
IdavgTl yi .LPv,3 .. il.
oier t :
$.1•1..rj6 , 1 • J,L);1": _`.l.'
144; 3.' 1- • - TI„
':, tlflA.'.sMltUzltriND 'a qi‘,.-.lkg.t:
); -
E. B. YOUNG & Co
114414704 t. -
Jf:': 1
a' • .' '
- D . „.• „.. ~ , t. 'A
4_, : _ ‘ l 4fr-417 , i t qA, r
Rots. D. vr. NASA ' ''' • ' IMA114" - 3140 . - - Wift,
/3/.1 464 S i am% • •010 • • 1... tog, ots,
camases ana ... :. .- 4 4 , J.: 4 ' 4460
pared to do MIAs • • ••• ‘ ••• ..-• • b.
And In thilalest AI • . - 179 . 4t1uip . • fitting op. :on
abort 131.1t0e. wad , •• MI itig146 1 046 4 •4411.664166.$
ate Ind 114"iktr „1-I,,,,metti.-Arar.%blegtv,
liaborta„ 1,
•f• r • er t r teX, 4.041 t • •
.11driftrats , pa,.,qesi
or AD
te ISTRATltAtippihp_pllt=l Mad l i a l trof ObathstontdOt trithelf,
detested having beeti (ranted to the undersigned., all
persons having claims Flatbed said estate are hereby
notified to OA tier settirtficuicrili iiid Moto taring , the
•e to make luau is a payments to
' Jortai N. itRA ik j a ,,
'Chatham. Arty . 1..-13 . pilot. .
Adminz 4
f lirhatti of etkuittletrettoil pn the estates otErving
Bostwick, Aatw of) Lawrence bavnallip.. liege Co..
Ys., having beau glutted to tire underaiguwt , a ll pe
•as havitia claims ifkgaitist said Estatoare hem* no
tified to call . ,tur sdlitainenton, uteMo :Demount miring
the sour, to uoiko jnotieeklote paymout to •
, ! • - aus j acp, nom Adin,',r.
Pfo, lisp I, 161.-est. • ,
To the F04)14'617 the:Bible Cause
111011. V. GEO. bi. _TECKEE.. of. Welists re). 'Pa.. • has
1:16, beau duly appOhtted a Scilleitiug ale titorotteditg
agent Ws the Tioge o fountyablo• Books • tai supply
the destitute with' t e `word of God. to' collect
hutch' roe that pury ,a. Money paid to htto, either by
congregations. oy bYjhuthrldosi persons, may be cre,t
ited to such churctiss as Intiy net :designated, by EA.
contributore. I -
Vsteods ol the Bib
ire Wilestip tiaticitt
Society iiirthiql!oill
1 to co.apeiaiefiritho il e edtul mi
l). D. iftielt:Preel. - '• •
I . IIV.DITAADVEIi; Vide rtee't.'
titian YOUti;G,
•1, 181:21.9Ne. •'" ' ' • '' '
Welleboro, Pa.. Id,
101714(1 1 BE Alti)
known Stock forme wilk Mind' for Nava'
during the season at the subscribers %table in
Welisboro. His stock is so well known there is no no.
ceseity of rentifts. 11l by sufhefent to may, for rood ,
stars %ey siirinnseek or for power of...endiar•
ante. 'llls Hideo fa n ypal bhiph, weighs lksAlboi, is
sbund, and 4i)04 his • i tutraisn, We. prOvo,thellicsi
sert!iseablei (T Any Istrso.in this Bastion for all purpo
ses. At the raqueet, f tounerous patrons, I have de •
tertnined sbindlhn Wits° be found at all
tiuita by th oll 9 ,4 ** l # 4 t . °l :l 34llbe t vic t
- „ ~
tk ,ll Tellsboro,.!b47 ;‘ ,. ,5 .13- S'l • • ' •
....... lifF,tLAX HORS:E. - 2 -.--:,
ealsteated; lutaulCided stained kept 1n
1 this vicinity wilt stands this season . 2 enly. at the
stable of MS ()Wink& sti.... n ' ' ~ :
1717'410n#1 — "16104 , 1=a, le i lea,,:, , .
, .
This horse is not kept for profit, but 'to Ituprore gm
breed of korsesAn 'Myra county. - Bet stook combines
speed. strength i and endurance. He Is half brother to
Patehin," was raised in the Mats of New Jersey, Is Id 1.4 .
hands high, dark bitlo weighs! I . ll ,X l Puubrili. and lretioa
wbea 4, yeatcoltlis Mile 'lu 340. . ,
His term* heretofore uniformly have beep $3O ; foe
by the mesono, mod kW to *mum Th is season hla
sondes will be VG:tieb.-amirei cash in advance - or
approved uota.
x. . .
D,....my will 7 ttandat by, Pe pOiXo 111 4 ki7
tlemardy civil-engineer latownk pguFgaelnetaly se "nut
bunker,",allas :
April At, 1872.-801. 1 ~ : , OIpittLES,iMITON.
The Thorough 'Bred Jack,
TIHIS oelsbrateitlenit S&P Mind for moron the en
suing 11411111 on, stthe farm 0f . .. the .intbaosibtmlin
41Ere44 ) , - 4
about two miles north of Holidaykno, 'nog& Co.
Patroamt —Dos s k B.7ears oltl,And lE bands
high. Ms sire AL itOLDOrteld liinh Matta. - Olean. to
Ecataohl. Bien' there to Ifirsoort; at Cu expense of
three thousand dollars ; and was brought from 161 W
sour! to Pennsylvania by Wm. B, Smith, His dam is
• thorough.bred Jeimet. bath. ot, i4e Andrew Jfekeen
stook, awl ho Is a sere foal-getter.. He weighs' sOOlims.
Owners Of :Mired veiling the serriceli of a stiperior ,
animal should not till to entre the serviese of Bon
Juan. His stock can scan at the farm of the sub
scriber. Persons comity frdni ,
'distaried Deft be Sc.
oonunoastpel keep ng for •rosses at reasonable
Taitus.-410 for a mareo $8 by tho season ;
$5 by the !top.; a . •
Any person havLugcs, maxi Insured. and parting with
her before the time of foaling, will be heart accounts.
ble for the naurunce , i money Weiss it is proved that
the mare visa not with toast Inintred - morass matte
returned *War% tothe ;lack, or thp owners will be
charged the titturelien insinksia,:Monity des
March Ist,
JAMIIS li. suovrtri"
istuatabofi, Apritic . Zsopriator, = •
.. •~
I .1 :,.
- •
C 4►, p4fd
Blotfif mut Elgu i
14 4P
:ti d F
'Tuiothy Bowl, fgt. Otftt fit
x_+ 37c J ;
Cloviar and
1 ' '
4-...44r431 I
it; Shoe, Leather
, ~ ,
(25 ,W.,,, lE3eags
; 1:N 114 E. FPitp Aci,p.xx,
i,; I 1 —4-1.
New Oiei),,,NeW '8,t'c 1 ?(..1 4 , and. Brat=
I Plass. Work 1 . .
Arn.lo7,!lNG.frHl la Mind flick Ws Rid 43411er. Et*
Z!ffaoti ! Piel and Cloth .Bal
' / i, - i!TtPefas'and Gaiters,
_ • - Pitt° .Children's
' , -•‘; and Misses, . • •
Genic' 616th; *Oil(Aos9o, ftna •
aatirOfiitOPS; Oixford
1044 Plitnee 41berp
rief9.` ' I
A gtxl line at 0WFA5H. , .. 4,,, 414 a l tuUpaa of
Xiii:461.111..:/1 1 0 . 1;k SA,OO 37. 0 0 r Pkig ,3 4l 41.. I A 4 Vtio l l•
QIJFiToW*6 O . I 'S,.
I.6 t uit tpcw.,i4 iv , d.won,4 tb..mowlovoy time
Leather mid 1'1;1(1441i
al the Unreel 10011 at! ur rgi.' • •
The omit twenty yeas of bta
ill Wollsboto—intioli of the time on Abe' stool or
ofnikonceistiriovnittlie cord ettlietbaulfF the Wm*
solo% tellov.is nassilikwthaS!
Miliemriaii; tie will only remark htir ciuitomerS
curl as inutoy, key!
. oneit .ehoom, him' a Celt
14t praybe fauna at Me nen! &bop, next floor 10,8,
T. Van troru'e wen rooms, with the best and theato
eet stock ti Tiorin county. C. W. mos,
wewboto. mara
, •
~.,1 --,.
. .
A ti,..,„,
s - ..
1 ~ .
:., i ...
, Yovigh Iltrav TorMu
' E. B.
Young„qo,„ . ,
tr. !•• nu: .. ..g . •1"..t. ll'ilitilir:;* lkii.:l'
okseilers ;aft --Stathigirs,'
and Desists JAL , # , '.(
SI.. I
ZYlcdow Siudos—
VATkei4Yftlia r an.
. ,
r . Tt .
claim ilmaaas mut Glaiar
Picturaa, all aorta. ; • •
' Piaaarropos4,,'
. Wank liuulua, sll riser.
• Nowspspors, )lagasinea.
Writhog Dooki,
; A4thiti Uepda,
Medical Books.
Reny/Lou* Book.,
Teri ardote in our hue of trade
,i, ---, "Taw Yuri Dailies at Ono D olla r a niontb. '
—Mania Dailies at 76 Canto a aim*. ;- .
Hubsociptions for a week, or radrith, or year. •
• -.-04era.ror Docks not in stock propiptly_attandalt to.
, . whoa reoelverf :teem Naw Xork ev•
laY -
rpm's .
'' • .:.,. e are'Aipatita et the iftushor XII ie.& and the Onion
Llini:Of11.111. Mail Ocean titeatners. Dimino tickets to
and front any point In Duropa at tha lowest ratan.
—*Ott Drafts wail on any Dank' n Ilurope at our
rant. rating or it:change. t ' '
asii:',44, 1872,1 y. • - E. D. YOUNG a co.
PPLICAT/Oli Will he made at I the nest Court of
211. Quarter Session by the _Board of School D dors
°T IM, Borough of Blosaburg for a decree to e power
them to borrow Money in accordanee and for e tine
_sot forth in an act of Assembly approved the 2 at day
of April. }Ali. M. ELY
Bloaatiurg, April VI, 18/2. 'Patel of B rd
ftioci - vcreta-e•
40.14 D STAND blklttoriu Atrook ?oivnei, of Oration,
v ITI4AERSIGNED has now caLikand a fall stock
of all auto to I,
1.165. CI3OIY.BABS, bIiaBI3 , CITT; IarALI
. .
1 • .
and a other artlelea umrally found li r a comploto no
seetarasui of hardware. ' I "
t 1 r
1 ,
.14.1 4 , the public to °all and owamilie tor , them'.
iiikvep. 1 i ,
1' 1 •
. i
.1 I
' lliiirork.'1 Iiiirork.' . •
.: ::•,,,, : a,.... to order promptly oud wall.
Saab, Doors and,Blin,ds
at Uotary,Patoaa,
A ll It. *E2
J. R.
Dialer iu
of all'ktude.
Parlor Cook and
for wood or coal,
Table and Pooket
of j
Petrofina" Fluid,
(the best 114t4ka thu wcitid) i a t tgeo i ery article connected
Hardware Israde.
Boy's Btoate,'lviutti fiuto of street, lit ( I .9Qt• to
, „ ; o:satatborii,
44411!.127% J. B. AlirriLßBON.
W1LL14 , 14 ROBE TB.
Wiat is
.tirg you tric.4 sp
Inti../ and ratfAt'inildfttit
I' I • ....rely' 4,1 CIA'
- rls;)1 1..
sal ( plus -
gt o moka l tudloplappi. / I t 1.. tljAit Moo, Aitiuniq
oomplfaitio, cUixlers, ;nor , cholera be.. re by mastic.
affilottiOtt ice - fr ost obilbierss,
lifoutec itournstiszEvitick
neurli/gio, p4toJ in t110,1140‘ .tenknloi IQlitl, , • -
in s'praOtteii of six vivo; it bits boon founcl to teo,...soc
ond t 4 ne propoution ever offered to the • ,
l'imelnoMetor , of Nilo n 1,016104 feels. Warrantedit tole, Ow, best: remedy • for tho above
=lll the market. • -
t~otjred sets yal up
dl ?!.
,!kabbala sieuje—ltsliett, Eleatize A: Burbank, 1.110
61m:taw street. New York W. D.,Trobell & Co., Ger.
plug, K. Y. 47413. 1, 1072, ,
Acinvinisirato - r's Sale. -
XI °TICE IS lIEREBY GIVEN that by virtue of an
'II order issued out of tho Orphan'a Gond of ' the
county of Tioga, April 5, 1872, the undersigned, admin
'istaritor of the eatato of Eliza Kress, deceased, will on
the Bth day of May next, at 10 "o'clock a. in., at the
Court Gouge, in Welltiboro, expose to sale by piddle
outcry, the following desoribod real estate, to wit:
All that lot of laud situated in Wellsbcrough, is said
county, beginning at, a post on the Booth Side of East
Avenue, on the line between Anna Morrie, and James
S. llryden'e estate, thence south .S dogma west 355
feet to a post; thence north 7 , 5 S degrees west 174 ji,
feet to a post; thence mirth 9 degrees cut 255 feet
to a post on said East Avenue; thence by said Avenue
soutb.lsijdogrecs east 317434 feet to the place of begin
imiug--containing one acre worei less.
land Also, anotber lot of in Well oro, beginning in
the centre of Put Avenue at the , northwest corner
of lot belonging to the estate of James S. Dryden de
ceased; thence north by lauds„belonging to the estate
of the late Samuel W. 21orria 11.6 porches; thence
East by lauds late of James I. Jackson 22 larches;
thence by land late of George McLeod south 19.3
perches to the center of, the road; thence along the
centre of the road to the place of beginning—centain
ing two acres and allowance. „
Also, a lot of hand ha the township of Delmar in said
county—beginning ate post on the State Road, which
post is able a corner of land•cOnveyed by Samuel W.
Morris, to Edwin Eellbwik; thence by the road. north
S degrees west 34 perches; thence north 15 degrees
east 32 perchea to a post: thence by land' Of Daniel
Ilelaey, eaat.32 perches to a post; thence south 10.3
perches to a post; thence by laud of Edwin Fellows,
iLcat 31 perches to the place of beginning ;- containing
2 acros and 68 perches, and allowance, be the Berne
ore or less, being part of a tract of land surveyed in
ursunca of warrant 303 to Peter January,
~ Also another lot adjoining the altave described piece
id land-conveyed. by the Executors of Isaac W. Morris,
to Israel Greenleaf—beginning at, a post corner of
`Daniel liebutyli lot, and by the saute out 93 perches
to a beech corner, thence partly by lot annoyed. for
Es'asUis May, south 10.3 perches to a pbst, also thu
northeast corner of a lot surveyed for Jonathan Mis
tin, and by, tho same West 93 porches to a post, and by
d iri name of Peter,January. north 70.3 perches to
e place of beginning_--containing
,38.34 'acres, being
art of a tract of land surveyed Ili pursuance of Lottery
arrant No. 83 granted to James Stewart.
Also another lot of land in the township of Delmar,
inning at a sugar tree the northeast corner hereof,
d a corner of land of. Jacob 'ints; thence north
degales west, 132.8 perches to a pos the southwest
rues of said Duryea's land , suit in • e line of land
longing to John Fellows; thence y land of the
heirs of,John Fellows and by lend of 'uroliuo Hurd,
south 2 degrees west 60t( perch , ato a oat, the south
west corner hereof; thence by land of lierford Butler,
south 88 degrees oast 1318. porches to • a post; thence
by land belonging to the heirs of Israel Merrick, north
2 degrees East 60% porahea to the place of beginnthg--:-
containing 50 acres be the same more or less.
.34: at time of sale; ii, annually thereafter.—,
Payment of the same to be secured by bond and mort
gage.W. O. KRESS,
April 17, 1872,14w.Administrator.
—OO zoo
'Read '.quarters
roit -- -
Drugs and ]Med icines,
(Patont or othorideo)—Also
,@ 4O TO rt - EAi) QUARTERS FOR-&11
Choice Liquors, ' Cigars,
and • TOBACCO. Aloolor
Religious, Historical, fklotlical, Legal; Mani( or
N. B. A. full - assortment of the latter. Also, an 6:-
sellout assortment of
&C. - , & c.,
Grr c•c3 e rick sis.
On Teas, Sugars, Ootree, Sprup, Molnar:ea, gpioes,
Boda;etc., wo will not be beaten in price or quAity.—
We will sell choice Toes by tLie oboat, or augur by the
barrel, at as low figureo,tu3 the same um bo bought at
this sip° of New York.
of the liewebt fityleti, eud lamp 011uitioyu That will 11(.4
Fancy and Toilet Articles.
We hold twenty desirable village lots for sale lu the
central part of the town ; and niU also loan 111011 U at
reasonable rates.
N. D. Dr. W. W. Webb has hie Wilco in. our store,
where he may be consulted for advice or treatment.
Jan. 1. 1872-tf. 11A5TINGS &
auliscrabar bow. oguAtantly on bluati
?""' Puro Druri and ' fifoclioillab
?sluts and Oile, Lamps, Eitationexy, :fall
' hoe Notiono
Tioqa, 3.'an.'l, 1872
granted to the - atibsoribers on the estate of Rich
:A Childs, late of Morris township, deekused, all per
sons indebted to said estate and those having claims
against it will immediately Settle with
April IT, 'TI-Ow Afters, at Ifauvoo.
Gentlemen: -fn purtmence.of the forty-third section
of.ttio set of MaY;t3th, 181.1. you are .hareby nolaned 104
In Convention. at the Court House, hi Wollebozo,
on the fret Tueiday in May, A. D. 1872. being the 7th
dor of the month, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, and
afoot vim wax by a majority of the whole number of
flareotors preeent, one portion of literary awl; soiontifio
acquirements, and of akUl and ()nodal:leo in the art
atm& g, as County Superintendent, ter„ the three
aneeneding ware: determine the amount of coinPan
notion Leila same; and oortity the result to the State
Superintendent at Harrisburg ea required by the
thirty-ninth and fortieth Bectiotut of Bald aat, '
li. llosToN.
_On. Stip*. of Tioga County.
littoivl/10, April 1879-4 w.
Insurance t Insurance:
• Hand in Hand
Mutual Life Insurance Company,
opnoE, No. 112 B. 4TH ST., PHILADMIIIIA.
Clun'l'd Capital $500,000.
Stock and Mutual, combining Security with Profits.
Suppone you are already insued in a drat elasa com
pany, and from any cause whatever, (say after teat year
ly PaYmental you do not or cannot pay longer and die—
your inanranco gone and your money wasted. Not so
In the "HAND-IN-lIAND ;,° all Policies are No.-Pon-
This company whieh nulls among the Most ,populat
and successful Life Insurance Companies grants pot:
ides on all desirable plans, both with and withelit
Traveling Priveleges Unra trieted.
All policies are incontestible after one ) from any
of the ordinary causes. j
'Look to your Life Inguralice. Please examine the
follping Comparative Table. It is sometimes alleged
by wits of other Companies that the Company they
represent to safer than others.. While wo unhesita
tingly assert our battle in the soundness and stability
of ail companies, we desire to present tbo following
for the inspectien of those desiring tO insure :
Of the following cempauies, compuro the annunl pro ,
miums charged by each for to insurance off life at tht.
age of tlf years,,payable at death :
I Annual premium Ton annual
fur• life. va) motifs.
,$16,84 •
—T1,73 4 .2,ut)
~s6tAil 60.uit
22.70 4e;,;17
2'2,70 r 0,97
16.& 32,6 e,
Ii not tarcady inaurea itika a linlicy with the.
the beat Alutual CoNAny in the Mato, fitslos•
Jan. 1. 1872. A. Itl.'lN(lltA3l,, Azont
For "Sale.
A MAST 110 tierce of laud known 'Ail the William iR
.114/ iditchall farm at nlteholra Creek. Tioga
with three dwelling housee, a aiamn taw Atilt Ana
Varna awl other buildings—one fof the lit local:loan
for a lumbering or other tou.nufacturlug cataiMatuneut
on the Tioga Railroad. I •
Mao: adjoining a lot ' of uhOut area, about "t 0
ISAVetI in pasture. Would rlaie a. good farm--tinibqr
eriouth on it for fuel, Itnabor isasts. So.. to pay for
about 710 sarec.t.t timber Lind with mono int,.
Provemonta, utout a mile wet oft the above deueibts.t,
banderr-Ni l JUltble for Hemlock Ilakk, timber a':l tarn:
bag lends.
ALTO two lota of laud of one acre Nola, situated at
110111:laytowu, in the towneliii) Ulthlishary—on
ibh thero is a sieve. barn,
Time dealrin to introhao incituro of Mrs. Jand
Alitehell on the ft n:Tust at Mitchell's Creak.
Jan. 3 0 , IM-tr. Tioa‘ PA,