Wellsboro agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1872-1962, May 01, 1872, Image 2

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Mr. TAS HORTON. Jr., offs rs hLuise/fsti , a canal
date, for •election to the office of County Superin
tendent o ho Sehoole of nog* County. .
April 3 , 11f12-tf.
_ . .
.9,pril p 4, 1872
Tito& 11. EDIVAILIG,
lhar .91r :—I have columned a number of the
school directors of thittruill,, , and they earnestly
desire you to become a did& 'for County Superin
tendent. •••
We Miro confidence In you, and hope you trill re
spond tki our call. Yours truly,
• . 1 Si ;;;;Tf,k4R#grii.
Covington, Tioga pa,
In compliance with the above, I. THOS. H. EDWARDS,
of Charleston, Pa., hereby .announce myself as aca d:-
date for the Oleo of County ,Spperintcndent of
Schools of Tioga County. ` Aptil PT, 'DM; •
I Wish to iv elected a delegate to the approaibing
Constitutional Convention. I solicit the comport of
my friends. • •• TIIOIIAB L. - KANE—
Kane, April. 8, 1872.
- ; ;
tty Aiii*.a,
Republican Nominatiobs.
104 (JOVIiTINcrit,
Montipmerit County., ,
.rea; eIIPRE3tH 311D6P 7
rf Bratifiord County.
of Warrtn 'Cqrtnity.
HARRY WHITE, dv bcorAvi ;
LI:NIVEL TODD, pe, t'ultisitaiduKD
.7. r/LII.A.DEtL7`II/.4. ;
WILLIAM LILLY, , 41Annozx ; -
tV I 1.1.1 M ll.' AIINISTItON(1, LT1'05112;0 ;
( .11 AM I)Ar/9, 311)Nni , f; ;
A M F-t 7 1.. ILEYROI.LB,
,{EI). V. LAWRENCE. WrAbuncoloN ;
DAVID N. WHlTE,'At.x.Villastr
W. 11. AMEN', Lklumi
Gold chwma lost Saturday in New York
Senator Fenton left Washington last Mon
day, in company with Trumbull-timl. p
ton, for Cincinnati. Good bye, Reuben!
Jong farewell! .
Just imagine'''. G. toiling away there at
Cincinnati to build a platform on which he
Can stand with Wanton Marble on - one side
aml Brick Pomeroy on the other!
There is an old English notion that May
)lew is a great source of beauty and strength.
Is that why the lost sheep are to meet this
May morning? Alt! it's the "141oiatain
I)ew" most of them would prefer, we fear.
The leaders of the Cincinnati Convention
ists,-and so far they aro leaders without fol
lowers—are mighty political magicians; let
us see if they will be able to find a charm po
tent enough to live Republicans from their
allegiance, or to induce Democrats to change
at once their principles and their name. ,
Accounts from Naples of tlie,2Gtli ultimo
state that the eruption of z Wunt Vesuvius
Is increasing and becoming more serious.—
The ashes and lava threaten the villages on
the mountain side, A. number of persons
have been burned by the lava. The people
ie flying from the town of Torre del Green.
Thousands are encamped in the fields.
columns , of the AorrAfon aro largely
Oevoted this week to political matters." But
tin; poliiicnrclrcles iinFet — ici
largely from tho most significant discussions
of the day. Voters at least mill find, the
tirst page anything but dull reading. Such
writers as Beecher, Curtis, Wilson, Morton
and Sickles are seldom dull whatever the
The House committee to investigate the
r•iile of arms has made a report. The con
clusions arrived at arc all to the effect that
no blame attaches to the Government. In
the first place the committee Bay that the
net of Congress of July 20, 1868, authoriz
ing the sale of unsuitable arms, gave, by a
fair interpretation of its letter and spirit,
full authority to the Secretary of War to
sell and dispose of the arms and ordnance
stores in question, and that in doing so he
violated neither the letter nor the spirit of
this law. It is'also found' that thq'ptoceeds
of the sales were promptly paid into the
Treasury, that no sales were made to any
known agent of either France or Germany,
and that no act was, Alone ,by the li3ecre.tary
of War or any of his subordinates calcula
ted to impair or violate any international
obligations. lit conclusion the committee
tind that no opyhd of the United States
(:o% eminent was peenninAly bonefitted by
the sales, and that the only party retply-Ifen-
Hit fed yeas the GovernMent, ' iir haVingi dis
po,-cil of unsuitable arms ut the blitest
itiarkei price, to the =Mint of 440,000,909.,
The tribulations of the new uti•Granl
patty are just Iwgianing. lieretofore, eve
ry unto who dunned to speak at all for that
faction has been able to prophesy snuaa It
things to his heart's content. No two of
the leaders have agreed in their statements
of Ivllat, wottld and what would not be done,
and hardly any one of eminence enough to
attract criticism has agreed with himself
for three consecutive days. Now, however,
all dill u ill be ( hanged. We must hay.
t•O n let hi ng fixed and tangible—SCoMetigt:
that won't dissolve in the handling. The
trouble is:to fix tip something 81111 1 60 MT
strong, to suit the original come-outers like
.tiliit'ry, Dana, and Brown, and sufficiently
milt to agree with the stomach of the latest
bon Liberal babe. Cursing Grant might
do I ) It limited extent; but most menprefer
theiVfood in not quite so concentrated a
form. , - Only heroes and geniuses likee 4 yit-ttd
lingo and Horace Greeley out stand such a
diet long; sontething MA quite Vfl Aillllla
ting must be furnished for common. folks.
\Von, no doubt the wise men at Cincinnati
will provide Let us- contain our poufs in
A tetuatkable ease of :the literal fulfill
ment of a dream has recently been• made
public. Mr. J. C. Clytnfto, of Vienna, Ili.,
in a letter to lion. Horatio •King, of Wash
ington, I). U., with whom he had long been
in correspondence, mentioned incidentally
that he had tlyearned for four consecutive
nights of being murdered. This was in the
month of March last. A few days after the
receipt of that letter by Mr. King a Chicago
dispatch appeared in the papers announcing
that J C Clymer bad been murdered near
Vienna on Friday evening, March 29th. The,
similarity of the names, the 'identity of the
initials, and the locality mentioned, at once
,attracted Kingis attention, and led him
eo believe that thelonan rcferted to was his
correspondent. But all doubt upon that
bubject was soon removed by two letters re
ceived by Mr. King from the postmaster of
Vienna. That gentleman wrote that Mr. J.
C. Clymore went from his home on the mor
ning of March 29th, expecting to return
at night, but was last seen in a &solute pint
of the country late in the evening. The
-next mornin. bin hat I an tern, and part of
.1 -
his pantalpona,,and two clubs toucaro with,-
blood and hair were found near w4lre 11 , •
near - -
was last seen. There were - tuarWOf his
baying been dragged to the edge of a stream
_by the roadside, the water there being ten
- feet tfeeiV,"With . lolifiaiiiistsitir 4 - 1 . . ;1:
Mr. Clymore's neighbors turned out by the
hundred to search for his body, but it was
not - fOund'unlil April 12th,, Avbert it:
tioatinf.strytith i skTke_n i Af q ;-..
Mr. King, ifrcom . 41111 tots
. conics, is a ietitletninilhoVe
is 4Ouched for as no!:,Herested,iu, spKtual. 2 _
ism, or tinctured with uper'ititiotia fatty
the supernatural: We are m i d informed
. Of
the-nature- Of. Mr Clymore'..4 tbusiness;•but;
the leltei of !the Vienna `Ubstka4ternieoiOnS
that - he was 'believed by some people to httve'
large amonhts of Money' . ,hands - at
times, and Oat litbad told hi , ' Orange dream
to the last man he talked o witi.k., PrgifliblY •
these facts explain , the whop Mystery of the
recurring vimou. One main flictor of the
problem is illr. elymore's general .tempera—,
meet and state of'heultli, and of litesenotit
lag is raid. There are hostel of men with
not,only dreams, but wafting present
iments of impending danger4;•nrid they iirid
thein falsified every day, and forget all,about
them. It is nay 'Alen Acme' • n , iloti sun
IMPPepii'M conie,to pass, that any remark
is excited. But ail-,vclir when Well authen•
ticated, as this one se +is to lie • ,'are of ser
vice to students of psych' ogy.
, ‘''
The Anil-f/rnfit Pa ' : ...' i' ,k'j
' This first of May is the day app 'Med for
the meeting of 4 tliktliAnp.itti;,, co r 4 *(4) : ' .
It is. needless to say that its proceedings ill
receive the, critical attention i.QI .I.lll.)v,Polft t
cotintryand for variousit4lolib! 'Tlielitet
is,• piaittpeople have been puzzled to make
out jillst :what these disorganizers would he
at. Launched nA i hlify„emleyefn ,move- 4 . ,
meat, they: havii'scen.Mr.iGreeley and then
of, his kidney diligently...npolding the eon
vie • • ‘
ntiOn mainly into. an, ixpOpent, = . of the
" One-term Princkple"- 7 which is simply no
principle at sill, 'hut .billi- an' expeiittlit "61
government which Abt. people have nevea,
yet seen fit to adopt. They have seen the
T rilm ne of' Ntilv Vciric ( until:ha :of tittietig4;; -
whose notions of " ReVenue Reform" are as
wide us the poles are asunder, joining hands
in its support, and warning all Democrats
that it was and is tolernain a movement en
tirely within the ranks of the Republican
party. At the same time iheyliave seen the
leading Democratic presses of the country,
unmindful of these snubs, openly cricour
.'aging and applauding t 144 p i cateruled,effort
to purify and reform their invincible' ene
my. They have been the Chicago. 7Yines—,
copper from top to bottom—earnestly plead
ing for some iceognltion by that convention,
and for the surrender of at least the. Vice
Presidency to the party which must furnish
the bulk of the voters to place the new
fledged party in power. They have seen
men calling themselves Liberal Republicans
here in Pennsylvania putting forth the dec
laration that " all tages imposed should be
with a view to revenue, and _so adjusted as
to protect the industrial interests of the
whole country"—whichtheans free trade if
it means anything-'--and coollyignoring Mr.
Greeley's " Great Principle." Noting all
these diverse utterances and cross-purposes
of the apostles of the new political dispen
sation, they .are not a little mystified as to
why the movement was ever started, 'and
whither it tends. .
But there is, after all, a unity Of
and harmony of sentiment running through
ei'ery utterance of all these men, whether
"Reformers" like lif'Clure, whose pledges
are not good for ninety days' Wear, or trim
• '
like Storey of the Chicago Times. They are
all agreed in one thing, and that is hatred of
grant.. Napoleon used to say if you scratch
ed a Russian you would find a Cossack Un
derneath; and it is equally true that if you
scratch a Cincinnati Conventionisr to -day
you will find 'n hater of Grant beneath the
thin cuticle of Liheial Republicanism. The
refrain of all their doleful ditties is Grant,
Grant and his nepotism; Grant and hismil
itary secretaries; Grant and his horses;
Grant and his cigar; Grant and Tom Mur
phy; Grant and iii4reien`deil Civil ,gevice .
Reform; and) now, finally, Grant and the
halting Alabama Treaty. These, We believe,
are all the substantial arguments at present
urged why we •should nrit re : elebt-Orant
always excepting Mr. Greoley's , " Great
Principle." It remains to be seen whether
they will prove , potent enougktoipduce, the
people to commit the administration of the
Government to the hands of those, who
within the last ten years, were doing their
utmost to destroy it. For no sane malt
doubts that the
, success of this Cincinna ti. movement dePende on " ta support 'of the
- _ -
DemoCrats, and that any Adrainistption M
thie. country must necessarily shapb - itp
coarse to please the bulk of its supporters'
The case of the taiLivaixging the jdog
never yet been found. .
It is no doubt tree that hatred is one of
the strongest inilinost..lastingof thehuusan
passions, and that with certain inittas
venge becomes almost n religion ; but it is
Just sonitil fkArishe's h6t in the ;
qiifitic :It tuvw remnine to be seen whether'
e .:,1 ielitmei partyji rorthed 'having:
Lail ta4ll , i
" ay. tunitvo, uattsq. original, and ond."
j.ersonal hatred of one man, For it o&nto
iniposkihie to .find . onY live politipaliostle OR
which the engineers of the -new faction
tigTee except opposition to Gen. Grant.—
They proelaiin daily that he is the only ob
stacle to party pc= andlarmony—that if
he will withdraw,., yvi , ii ; •ho ogreno anti
hively as a June morning in the liepiiblicart
p. This Is a full confession, so far as
tl-q liepublieans are concproarl, that the only
04(.0 of this movement, is a TherAepolime.
What Congress did last Week.
'ihe of 'Monday's session was spenat by
the Senate in the consideration of the North
Carolina Senatorship, though a strong effort
W:IS made to take up the hill for the repeal
01 the duty on ten and coffee. Mr. Pool
;vac in laver of Mr. Abbott's claim td
ie Rueter .from North Carolina, and
Edmunda, and Stockton against it.
In 11w House several imp,onant bills were
ittiradtteed and referred to approptiapeom
mittees; among thenhop,o by Mr. Wood to
prevent the expanWat and contraction of
the cutrency,,one by 1d . r.,K411y. ip :ygtatjpp
to the tariff, and one by Mr. Maynard to re ,
duce internal revenue. The contested elec•
case of Gooding vs. Wilson froth the
Fourth ilistrict of Indiana :Ives, taken up,
deltittl, and decided in favor of Mr. Wit=
hull, the sitting member., A message was
received from the President transMitting the
American counter case under the Treaty of
WaNbington, and it was referred to the Com
mittee' on Vorelgn Affalo. On motion of
Rattics, the Preside wasrequeStell to
send to the House the ease es presented by
the British °Orem:trent under th,e 'treaty,
and all papers relating thereto. The Copl
ntittee on flutes submitted All initeAdnierlt
to them so as to deprive'ex-meinhlFs Dj the
privileges of the floor of the Houst; Yawn'
interested in any bill pending before con
gress. After some debate on the pro Posed
rule, the House _adjourned without action
~~ f
fi "~~,
... ........-:-...--"-- • r _ rg. ,> . 'i: •
Prt "4 Sc . - ed. - - 4 If
____, ,o 4 . ip. 13, 1 T a fill . , „ itt _ilia he sustained, id , e 1.-
1 - 111 - tr
,o• ~ - , , , ~- r 1 ;:i,,:tut 1 f' - ': 'Hint of the seitsion,'iticiOng
Pa„7.,3 o qe ..,,i , l .- ,t r ,, I . " lie i .1. "1 i tCI p ::',ri14041.. ,_bill, the Appoqi,oiint,t
'ptitie'rt ' . ' • t • g a 1.,'. - 1. -,'. di, i , .nstWiMill Conventionc- ill- be,
.. ,
expiration of the morning hour the No ' 1 „,„,., , 0cket s tko_Les_d,L-Backit Co. /
~. ,
~ , .tl‘
4 1 ••
Carolina election Case came up, and the res• fit/ it IVASIIINirros 1.117 E
itiafr . 'iffarTed Ulth 6.*ita i hrti f" - the. cell/. i .-4' ' 7'' .-
iV.l;:n iiiii : ioN, "Ap"ril ,3, 1812. - " "
wittee declaring Mr. Abbott not ent#IFSAo i- I 44, OLuriete titigattOutbW 411
a sent was adopted. .The deficielkf dill : -7-
' Col. A. K. .If t (!lurTe has 'just written a lel
as taken u ) altd - debated* anti - the - Senat e ileltoTtre - PlillinlelpititiErt niii# Bulletin, and
le t u Sl9 l- In the /1 :2 e : 14 bill , * lvas intr° ' ; for the reastiit , that. tlm , Bnlleinhavould Rut
duedcrtinli r+ forted kolflilligsk VrgO!rtf a kl, ibigt. its column& wilbt•sticit: falsiihniAilbaii i
:, t.
cutitt449iton between the United States I p rinted it in ,the New l'oek - "l'tiane, cbargi
s and Asia. The proposed title iikiiindirtt ek-'r • ing upon Prdside.nt Grant , personal support
members oflqttgcrellroniAke v iiimyf ‘ theit . otat24.9lry-21nd corruption in i Philadelphia.
House When they are interested in any peud- , 'the reputation of •A. IC Al'Clure as a most
L i ng, measure was debated, liiesirs. 'l3ahle, i dishonest and corrupt ) politician has •been
Near3 c pust. Having, just before his election
and Sehofitld supporting Mkt Bingham! anti: qtAtaklished till - Oi , er 'Pennaylvanitifel• many
in the Pourtli district to the Pennsylvania
committed. A long and exciting discussion 1
ButleroP Poiteit,.. Ax WM subsequently re.
~....1 Slate Senate, announced his adherence to
followed , onithe bill grsiling to •titrk , c4l!fo, i
;gen. Grant {or tile Presiteney to prevent s'
Ficifie Railroad Company'tfie use of Val defen •
w _
. .. ~ t hic hung over, Jthri tialtipvilaPiet
the island ot Yerba Buena, , but without any
1 the • wiCoMpromising . politician for pay re:
impertane ai:tion the. House adjourned till
`sorts, by way of excusing his inconsistency,
evening to,consider the pension bill. I
to those well known to be groundless aeon
'fill/11'e Senate, last Wednestleyp 2 114:1U1131- 1 a itions upoii one so far tibore him"4l hot
-1 e . ty, and 11,1)114 that no comparison
om there is
seal' Was' atlmittetl ~. to. his: seat as Senator ,
I etween the' , two that would not be a Blau-, r North,Caroboa, id , plage qf Mr: ,Ab i
cur On the .President. The Ttibune hasten*
hoft. Mr. Sherimin paid . that vow, fo r the 1
t give•currency to the libel , bypnblishing it
first tint ;since 1861, every seat was tilled its•
~ i . i uroau , m
eolumus,'in'ilie hopnytkat this
and every State represented, a fact upon
easy mode og defamation ay help' its eat
which the Senate and country JvAgiati.:,weil •tor to secure the Presidential (Agee: , What
.cOngriitulete ,themselyes, The deficiency a cominvu fr y i s this on the ii,eteui6riaio
bill was i ,carisidered, but no real progress was
purity and ieforM hi office with which tliese
made, when the Committee on Privileges, unmitigated office hunters have become so
IN:id Election a Made a reP"Drt. o l l . the IfirAt,of suctleoly arid 'oddly blatant!
the Senate to amend revenue bills originated ' ' .' '
by the House. Quite a stir was produced.
4n the-House by a.repOrt.froni the Coninit
tee on Printing re , etenmentling the publict
ion of 21,000 copies of the American case
1-1-4atted 10,the'caniiitt arliitridbvi. 'Mr ;
an .the printing .to,,lriChida. the,
counter a 0 !Ind' all ', the - , Cerrestiendepeo.H.
Semi' Fof the, menilieraf! suggested that it
would cost slooso. Mr. Co'i wasted to
know 'whnt was tlie.use of printing the case,
when'the Glovernmentw,4l) i gqing tg tkat
,down, ; . Air. Roberts saidtlre woul bin,
backing doWn. • lifr Butler thought it. Was ,
- a gone ' “
n gone eIII3C, 1111(.111.L.Bunks sal e‘: .4 .no
%11493issnine that. After furtiter.cliscus;
Sum the resolution was agreedlULT. , "ll4l , ii s
olution of the : Committee'. on.. Foreign. .64 1 -..,
fair S -in the .easb of ; Dr.. Howard 'was taken
up. It recites that in the judgment of the
House pli. HoWard is a citizen of the Uni
ted States, and thellfesideitt simild leptteto,
his unconditional release, and the restora
tion 'cif .10 property confiscated by' Spain.
A. debate ensued, and the Honse - adjolitited
it'itliciat action.
In the Senatei ori horst - n
''. ' l T lr" ''la,V;F* l i ..i l nio
presented . the petition Of the CattlilDepart
ment of the State of New tintit for an ex
tension of two year's, lif;Alta„ privilege. 'Coil
lured by,.the tariff act of 1870 in regard to
theiinportation of Machinery' and other ap
pliances for steam cab i lc. toying upon the
Y0rk....._ .L 'deficiency
canals . of New 'The bw
was taken up. Mi. Al torn of f ered an amend
ment to 3lrdlllorrill'.s.. ending amendment
providing thatitsT , siona should not ap:
rc i u
fdy to judgments her fore rendered by
the Court of Claims, which- was agreed to.
Mr.• . Frelinglinyien - moved ' to amend Mr.
Alcorn's amendment so as to make . it apply
only to asses kitwhfclOtlnts . heen loam' as
' a proven factthntth,.bk4ants, had given
aid of comfort to tte'retellinn, Which was
' agreed to bY a vote of 22 to 8: ' Mr. Bayard
offered an 'amendment providing that proof
of not having given aid or comfort to the
rebellion shall be required of . any party to a 1
suit cogniztible)'by the" Court . of , Claims
founded on a eoptrect with the United States
made since the suppression of the rebellion, i
and it was agreed to,,,,ArLamendment was
ItIIVI/16lt yl agreed
...2,1,ig 41.1l11.• ILI !AU, ~...,.......
heretofore rendered in which. the -question
of loyalty was not passed upon, the Court
on application may certify es to the cuestion
of loyalty as showirby-evidence on record.
Mr. Morrill's amendment as amended was
then agreed to, and the bill was reported to
the Senate, whenan amendment was adopt
ed increasing the salarY of the Seogrul Comp
troller of the TfeitSPFY to $5,000; and the
Senate adjourned without lthal action. In
the House a resolution was adopted calling
Rr.Olte President foz a copy of the British
'collider case. The case of Dr. Howard was
taken up. Messrs. Wood and Roberts fa
vor@ll tits rCiAliltiOn. • ./ge-sPrs- ,AY.Mar4 and
Poland opposid it._ . I.llr, Banks inove,d to
add to the resolution: ,`,;„ Unless it obeli be
established to the satisfaction of , the , Presb
dent that from any cause sald'Howard had
forfeited his right to protection' by; thetiov
ernment, or taken an oath of allegiance to
the Governmept, of 810." After further
discussion the'Hgqsq44l,lOprped. — ,
.;,. .
In the Senate, on Friday, , a bill was re-'
ported diricting the postmai4e.,.(leneral . to ,
increase the Present iteartirihifiliiail service-
terNayil to it semi-monthly service for ten
Yeari, at a cost. not exceilfM3l3 W0,1) 00 per
tnnum: 'Mg deficiency bill was taken up,
the pending question, ,being on concurring
in an' amendment io equallie the pay of the
Men .employed in government workshops
Under'the eight hour law. After some dis
.-J ,--• • ••• 7-0, -, , ~ A.,
evasion the nmendraeritylviteielteeteil,:‘ , -and.
.the sec , ,,tion was passed as it came from the
i prqviding,lnr, the. settlemerd of all
'ecOtints fe;ifitti,4rheitl;4lft Wiirkitten-46-
ployed by the Governmentfrom the 25th of
'3,ITP I , o,the 19th of May, 1869, without,
t•allrilient on account of the reduction of the
'hours of - labor by the eight hour law, when
it Mph be;inade in tinker t iliat' , that Wsialthe"
sole cause of the reduction of wages. The
amendment of Mr. Morrill restricting the
jurisdiction of the Court of Claims in cer
tarn cases, as amended in Committee of the
Whole on Thursday, was disagreed to. The
Senate adjourned. In the House the reso
lution relative to pt. Howard came lip, and
was adopted by a vole of 143 to 43. Mr.
Pilwgs,lnade an effort to go into Committee
of the Whole en the Pirift MIL 4 concgr
rent resolution, was offerd by Mr. Dickey
for 4 - Anal' nitiotirmicleliV oil the 20th. of iitft.r.`
The resolution was opposed by several mem
hers on the ground that important bqsine ss
from a number of committees was.yet bib&
acted on, and could not be before that date.
The resolution was rejected by a vote gf 83
to 106. Mr. Bala reported a bill from the
Judipiary Committee to remove the political
disabilities from some persons. The
Hpiiiift• then went into Committee of the
whole on the tariff bill, the tirk reading of
which Was dispensed with, Anil the geheral
itiAatP is !-P he 493 ed ft 4 PriArtY nP , 4. The
ViollsP P 4 01 1 61, 0- " ' - ' - '
be remembered that on one oc,c*prflag
winter the House of Representatives at RAT
risburg adjourned over for alleiled" of four
days, without the, concurrOce e tiVama, , Bah.
ate. It was assailed at 'the tiflw that the
Muse had by this act put amend to its law
fel juiless again oonvoked by the
Governor. No igheßinip Was paid to the
subject by the lion* tiO;,y flip issue
is plainly raised by a dispute betw664 4711
street railway companies in Philadelphia.--
The Union Railway has obtained agrant for
Certain pi , l),eg,es op Market street which
are ,14)4,egyin*Iti o tlin line that has 'ay-
Ways irnwon:thid, Iherguldifiap'.! t 54,04.
'Wean thet_will be tiiken Ay..pho Rpp t a
11 ) p-m ig ot-_ , iitre,. 6,oinpLiqy altii4sl4lo
grant to the' ,
PR! . liPe itaypi.d r h ‘ ecitusa
Legislature n. Op 141 4 11 110 4
had no legal existence in C4MBgrikiV4lce d X
the unlawful adjournment of the Rouse,—
This point will doubtless be seriously press
The l'Alyitersburg (Neat Virginia) dele
gates to thelLiberal Republican Convention
*ere nOminutect at' a meeting with 'Could
.not ba found, aud,the reaolutionatelegrapit
'edtohe capital were adopted by myths.—
this ii;an:',old political trick, and the earnest
utenner c in 'which One of the Parkersburg
editors inquired after the meeting was the
funniest part of till : " yisti . thoseannioni?ced
as present Could ~ to,i,nel e nttut :of the
meeting, and it evidently. emanated from the,
imagination of that Seeretary whin reported
'. ..:., Aeint ItAVA.U . INVESTrGATtOIq: '
..,. Secretary ill'elieiq,Pn, hist night "*as pii. the
witness stand, hofore the naval investigation
committee, end made a gbnenil denial of the
chfirges pf the New York Sun, and a de
'tense of _leis construction of the laWs relat
tug o elainis. - 1.11 reply:to a iilicition, 4
said thq, he is,not worlit nit inneli,,to-4ay as
yAe.p,.jileille. into the DePartmen4 Matte'
.!hidia l iver intio N a dollar beyond his salary
since he came iniand that he has:;spentthis
, ~ ~
n NuNt
I conic., and alittle more,
n of the Nayy De
in :t,
salary, his private
during Ins admlnistrm.,
,igecretitiy RobeOn said t., in view of
the fact that no charge of corn has
been proved against hitu In this in .tiga
tiOrl, but that, on the contrary, each c,rge .
had been followed, up and shown to be false]
by the mouths of witnesses cognizant of the
transaction; he.hadlt right to eipect from .
the.committec and every honest man, whiat ,
ever might he their differences 'of co . 4 . 4nipn,
as complete a vindication as the changes
against him had been gross and outrageous.
The committee adjourned` until Wednesday
'night.. ' ' , ' • '
'IOW could any prefer, u more just
claim to exonerationby the unanirnoua voico
of a committee by whom chatitaa against
him ere investigated? and yet it has bawl
intimated that a partigan minority - repqt
will be nand() against him: 31alignjty and
menilacity'citanot go further,
Yesterday in the
_House Mr..,Spber; of
Pennsilianis, introduced a very ; proper bill
against the payment of salary and expenses
to unsuccessful contestants for seats in Con
gress. This bill 'or ono similar" deserves
prompt passage, es the practice Which it is
loss of uiifl ; o~ Qua of time which ought to
be employed in legislation: The payment
of salary tind expenses induce litigation and
contests whgyp prttbaltio pause exists,
and should not be allowed la Suture,
The whole text of the counter ease or re
ply of our Government to the ease present
ed by Great Britain, before the tribunal at
Geneva was yesterday sent to Congrtss and
Pad in OIP Soggte. It I§ fa* IP.lgtli.V, and
from our standpoint appears Coneluaive. Ite
publication will give the people a clearer
understanding of what the State Depart
ment and'counSel are doing in this impor
tant matter.
The Sem:stilly of the Treasury is allfiel4
at his home in 'Clyotqe, , 40 Judge
son is occupying his place as acting Scow
tary of the Trews*.
This body assembled at its second session
yesterday, and organized the lower branch
by ye *ming Mr, g l ow), ffirplp T laeltli
ei, and electing Maurice Peehin chief clerk,
Tile ouncil, for want of a quorum, ad
journed until to-day, when it is expected an
*imitation will be completed, and both
houses will be reAdy for. the, fiantiacgon of
business. The, message of don. Cooke will
be an tutpresting paper for tho!ie Ithq
sire the immivencient of the capital of the
oatiop,,ns be - n 3 00040 enlisted this
iniportAnt Oauife
,iThe Unitedl3thtes Supreme Court: yeateT
;day made decisions on two actions for tbo
payment !If gotpa, glvfbi , for the of
aklyea ke
. Georgla and JArkansas4. Maintain
'ifiellie-validity Of:the eialltracts the same titt•
if the Soutliekti`Witl*Fo.rieVei'.oecurr4-
The Chie:fdissented,
Gardiner G. Hubbard, ':
one of tho incor.
porators of the Postal Telegraph, Compan7i
,plagOth'aitall l PO'ligPTP by `lfpuflip 'Com
mittee on Appropriations in fuvor,of the
adoption .of the bill introcluped by M.
Palmer, of Tows, incorporating a postal tel
egraph company. The committee will hear
the President of the Western Union Com
pany in opposition to the bill to-day.
Politico aid, Politicians,
' William Lloyd Garrison is unequjyocafly
in favor of there-nomination and re-elec
tion of PlPiiiii3nt grant,
Mixon eveiyhoay who is gqipg Mein.-
nati is anett r ' L sotpgthing or other. Which
satisfactorßY accounts for the milk In the
The Irish of Vicksburg, Missis
sippi, nominates O'Oonor 41211 litulcoek for
President and Vice President.
Says the Chicago Tournal: "If such . flies
as Trumbull and Sehurz choose to walk into
the parlor of the Democracy, they will
doubt be welcomed and made much of after
the usual spider floddort." ,
The Chicago Tribune, which has been sup
posed to be particularly sweet on Judge Da
vid Davis, now denounces the Labor party
," grand fraud."-
mho Cojinfittio. (8. b. rilamiz pap t 4 a;
the Xew York World "does only harm ip
misleading pnblic opinion in the Noqii,.
when it aliows a BOutk . Carolina correspond
ent to 44Y tbiriPPOrn the pputh are'
perfectly ,litng tq ft fpfCloise or
ner, or anybody else; in opposition to Clen.
The Chill; Post says: " Since the great
American o ce-seeker has been nominated
for the Presideneyl . by. the young Irishmen
of New York, he signs himself ' Horace 0%
Greeley,'-and talks about opening a sham
r6l( citiafry at Chappaqua."
The2Dayton Jourgqi Eityg Horace Greeley
has already gOno'Sapir on MO oclitoildlic4
defined his position MT.:4Od tblhnui 'clP
,:tiati 'Convention In a ipe'ech — ma 'at
l * One r Mellow * he. said: " I Shall no* go
t f Oint . (l w pipqnpag Con't7
add 4s . conbAuyncp§., g'9O4 ig
that iie pldtosOplier has 14 !apt" teackw
polijtlyn •c'otielOsion: The censpiiiipicte
of tiie Con`4Atioit • o) , ' i#4RP
him a free-trader.
• *5) :3 , 1• - -
• s • i *
p.;7144' • •
Wanirr 'kJ
i o ta
xvimakavet sepulMPgthAtf.'
ickaltdigit , 440404 um_
Frank Leslie has done goo
of late.'!. - -
th ,ti
4-4 nilm ` Vcrily immigep, o
tWv - wclWitticpittplellt I to ffy
of many colors. It is no anno
the Inteniattonalists 'AVM . ' be !tag%
fiC l 4O . f•lNVilgthra fis t l lPrk ik •P l " l
‘Vi n arrig l9 6 l :4l.lgrAiip " uta r gy Y :, 044 4 '
' The Chicago .Post , prop lends
lag conundrum:' nator.
proud ' ' race/Vs. the wld 'clic
sconedreg ‘iho- used to' nob
before the ,kvar, and wh
burned the colored orphan
cd•itnoffond . og - rtegmes to
• - it !;
the New Arorg. Ecentn
remarks: "The utter dis
DerOoeratic 'party is,theLo
. of , enutpcip4tipg the pee
,of its.specer and of 014
And mseful public Career n
able and worthy public n,
entringled.in its orgallizat
The result' of the recent
duced the LOnisville .Coy.
gage in a little ,healthy
isays: " The,Demo,eratie,
through its corruptions.
iof , our ascendency -at •
years of wAnton,,,self-el
folly.l • ,•;
The Baltimore' Amen' in strongly -adVO
'cates the re-tomination if'grant and • Col-
fax. It anticlpates'eomlimentary Votes to
the favorites of severalstates , and then a
unanimous chilli& of e present ipcum
Vents. It adds: "Thole is ; unity in the"
shout; there is the reminiscence of success.
Nor let It be forgotten these are lucky men;
as the word goes, and the people have ; eon
lidence,in their habit of success."
Hon. Jeremiah S. Bllck, of PennsylVa-'
nia, regards the•Cincinti: ti movement as of
very little consequence He thinks those
R,epubllcang who meet! at' Cincinnati will
have,to,burn their bridges behind them arid
sink their ships. If Sonator Trumbull be
nominated, Democrats would support Pres
ident Grant, just as readily. • Trumbull was
the anther rem sof the truction 'slits, and"
the'Denieratle'paity c nld have no syinpri
thy with him. ' • f
The Philadelphia u "a says; " Tko,se
gossips . wlin are pretend ng that' Andrew; 04.•
Curtin is coining home rpm Russia to -,tee.
part in the oppositien t i.o, President °rept
are much mistekett, • Ils knowetne ;well the
feelings:of' the people, o ,Peensylvania, volifl•
still love and honor, him; to think of Alum- ,
cloning ,Grant. ,Their Personal atul , official •
relations are of the most friendly elon'aetar t ,
inel,'and if Governor, Curti contes,home igtime
for the campaign,, it -w' I be,Ppacivecate,not
its' oppose the re-440U° of our worthy ?M
idi:lnt!' '- • ~ i ••. .'... ...1 - ; , -, 1 - 0:S. , - ,c- , .
, • • -• -' *,- --,--' -.;••
• The New terk 1Y ' say:'. l , ,, rufkpok,..
1" crate will boon seek Po , °I'M
Govetnirient;either openly g'r'in disghleo,-
Those who friim discontent with a portion
of the acts of the' Administratioh - aA in;
dined to help them, do Weill° rement;
ber that the Democrati party did, for New
York what no party ev r before didfor 14
State. It 'debauched' t e Legislature; -.
pelled the acquiescent of the Executive
. 7
oppression • and 'corm tion, anilconyi d
the judiciary 'into an instrument of ."1 Us
tice and extortion. his was a One cal
overthrow of the safe sr& of the Consti
tution in every depa traent,' is the patty
that produced Twee Barnard, and the
Legislatures of 'lB7O 'd
1871 fit to be trust
ed with national refer i'" • . • '
But tittle more than a year ago lift Gree
ley. wrote; •" So far we can judge, the
Republicans : aro ge erally ' satialledith
GM- , laratiVa• Admixtip radon, and' 'imbued
to renew , his lease o power.- If there is
not much enthusiasm u his behalf, there is
a very general-convict, en that he •le a safe
and prudent Executive. Not: hearing of
any formidable or serious effort to prevent
his.re-nomination, it cams to us •unwise lin
l i ,
those. ho 'favor it to agitate the matter.—
The meeting.of Cong esa next December is
quite soon enough fo I that. General Grant
tea" ot been quite tw years in 'power. Du
nag those two years any war clouds have
loolosci op, the horizo , yet peace with for- .
eiga' nations and with Indian tribes has been
happily preserved. he taxes' have been
t ! „
largely reduced, yet wo• hundred millions
Zia'. "I t Y' l l t ai de. l . 3 S a u v A li3 ee g Ed d ligfc!W i t
and twenty millions er annual for pensions
to the widows sod orphaos , of oth, great
struggla. We doubt whether any Govern
ment ever before de oted so large a' propor
tion of its annual.inome to thepayment of
debt. He misunderptands human nature
who fancies that theo facts will not tell in
a Presidential contesi."
• The St. PautDispetch says; "Of one thing
y 4u
Demodrats can be as red—they ono accept
the Cjoeintptt[pomii tips, or auger irrtriev
able defeat. If the suppose that the Lib
eral' RepuPlienha pro oar to support a third
tidlcet lu'orderto rid 'a Democratin'eandi
date into the White tlonse, they arc terribly
mistaken.' The Liberal Republipans are
just as well able to endure four more years
of Grioatifan as are the Detre:molt& ,
9 0ser, to iAtwp a ttopahlioaotioket,of thew,
a /
0 , 1 qml if all the temente. of ; opposition
to rant are united, tmill 'he elected. , The
Liberal TWO/leans will net, however, be
:simply a Democrat c eat's-paw; And if it
-becomes evident ( we
,do not believe it
willythat the Democratic party of the coun
try Indorse the sentiments of those who ere
endeavoring to lie-wgepiee q ecgrtlipt. Tqml
1 1 1 / 2 1110 :Ilicliigr Wltilel Mrle, the pg will be
up, ' I
'The Washington ,Chronfele says: ''" One
of the most remarkable documents wehavo
lately seen is a tabulated' Sheet, ' illgued by
Mr. Boutwell AP Secretary 'of the Thasury,
giving the successive monthly reagetinns of
the national debt duOpg theprOom A.dmin,
lotratioo. pit the Ist of Xerch„lB69,,,the
total amount of ourr national indebtedness'
was $9,625,482,260, 01. Orkthe at of April,
18'72, it was. $2,21081,51 84, "showing a
reduction,in 87 Months' a no,181;780 67.
The annual interest Otargehasbeen:r,educeff
420,484,552. Thnpolley ofontilebt redac
tion 'sinew beyond reiinlrdviipy,..'• :The Atl i
ministrati9.4 flint, Ml 4, kocilDtillgii:linott ,TO7
' sultwand at'tlio 'egila titatr Out down taxes
$100;000i000 per ai*riinlititi giveri most sat- .
brfactory,Preof oritiiintegitlty.. iind financial
eanacity.l 'tidbit - itowalit.thik oNikirbajan
ems all the slandersheile'Deniebratli-std
sore-headed Republicans whohtreebeeh per:
sistently 'engaged i defaming the AdminlB--
tration eyo,r, @oleo t 0 repent 0(481044 Con
gress cointrieneed, ew i Hampshire and
Connecticut , hive ordell very eignUleant
comment/int:9n the., l .6kbev9 text' : ' r
OY.f), 0. IiBBBY.
C. M
ll=Ju o i t it returned froni the city with th'e ktriept.
..t 4 .I3(IOTS:',AND - SHOES
c,I L .
... o brolliihtto Woliciro,
' ' '. : • ':, . '
.c *ig, Al , - • - ' •
~ and 0101,1, Bal-
Ywora s nrdc - „i - ters
Ladies, Aff.sises, Childrenand Biby's" Shoe .
Gents' Clot Boots ,S. hoes,
Fame al ertOir ; ll ' ots,,
Boys' Ca 1,4 , letp 11 Loth ,
rou s' , 8,70t5.
, 4
In fact, all
In a Ilrat-cl4r
0408 ff Vier r
If 744 don•!
stock, and
Ca8)1 pa
g ii 4 1,14 0 / 14-- -el—, al:elves with a choke stock,
4916 tad' fo l t , thig . 9t, wo Isspeotfully
Clitiiiiiit *bai °Made: 1 . progt4 4 4 4 004 ,
returns'," wd . Wove it) tis:A, g 1 401(0;Mursa:
and Ap bolt) th, bost iooctsv to 4 tbo cheapest. ,Wp
keep nd shoddy.. Clurivaldtftetit tit anZeient to Mtlit
;Ili - 4 ..ini a tootcs. ie ' hayita Out pars` and ;ha
fl RP ti rock. 'No
FEl,AlteleA: zitanc, so
.1. 0 0 4Pqr
otP - or 0. P. : 1 . C .Q1 4 1 8 1 6k F' , 3i i i i il §lt e 9l l RiirePr.P.
Pi t
ay 1,18 m OWN al FiIiIIIIIII.
00y lout , (6 hit
daturist atwor
publican party;'
'• now be New.
I . ' 6 C
' .. i . .. * ll / 1 11 C: ir.
4 , 4 ` •
''..5 t k
IA 4 , 4- ii • P
4 1, P 'ill ,x ,- .! ' 0 ''' '',lit'i i
1 h '.-, . --- ef • , , , —,..-v,
, - , 7,, - '- , ti* - , -
' hat "Mr.
al service
1 polati
if vcia
need that
ly - !Tetaxw
e follow.
a. of the
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-the war
asylum and hang:
lainp p WI" f ':
" .11781' ettiiiellitli
ntegrat on of the
ly means 'ittr - otifee'
e fro i
ti theld
°ringa healthy.
1 large numter 'of
en who are now
electiond_ has in
i'er-Joiti4sal to en
retrospection. t
arty lost its pow r
l'he lastfour yea s
r t ashington Were
ion • and wicked
JORN ; va 51
and Won:Lei:ea wear kept
Ale sewpct Wopidn'a
market. Wo'drfy tqe workl
49, We buy oiq the beat
rilwainers as money can
arulAFlth dispatch.
!ouatly ou nand.
s, Deaeon Skins,
r k)11011KI, I A 41
Y 1
„; • ;
, 1
Jo' +- 4 •+ . I
second Stock
'all' and Winter
4;;t.C:) I CIITZIES,
; •. - and Are lie Mag than at their
Just call and sao what a good ass
JsA. 1, 1879.
ar. 3E1.. Illetarls.ear
has a full simortausut of new goods, au
FOREWN ANL Diakilik'
Wbleb will be told very cheap
it] M Dimas aooDa, iturscate, ALL'
umg c ; 0" P..„
1000 a,
Glovol, Hosiery; knit Goodasad No
Choioe Groceries.
• - ;
az= icte
/1 . 4 4 11 al (I)4 O O WW 6 AR CIVAI I I I 11U1)
Culr paid for BUTTER. or nlnOped on Co
'Plano eaLi *ad leak , oar Stook over.. • You
wile *an wrosily and willing to allow goal'',
Jew 1, 1811,
ALL kindii, styles gild sizes of Pictures 1
exeputed in artistie manner 'at D. H. Hi
eryqrimoalte Cone House; Wellslxiro.
Portraits on;
P orcelain Plates. Nothing fluor' can be offered than Mesa beautiful Por
celain Pictures in a velvet case or frame. Their soft
ness and delicacy arepportor to aoTtblog produced
on iron or paper. it u want a •
Good Picture
0 1
of yourself, go to Nramoro'a. '
U you want the very beat that can bo
Naramord'e. 1
If you want somothing that loots like you,
If yon want an old Dagnorrootype,
Ambrotypo, or other Pictures copied and ea
dp thid 8q roanpu 4 aw a qp Giber ra
will be flitiehed in India Ink, Oil or Water Cc
Persona wishing pictures of groups an
Will receive especial attention.
fArgo easorhnent of "ramp' And Fog
opoonsil on lipnii• Alilefildes of
folotpres Framed -to
‘' N. 13:—Dottl mistake the plea), over
Dental Rooms.
40124. 1872.41.
..k.voatftaes. Notic;.
L ETTERS Testamentary on the estate • f Willleat Barns, • late of Jackson township, Ti. • county.
Pa., thinasetl• Ilarbag been granted to tha qtdare4Pll
all venous lulring clam against said r eetatoai
these owing the iiamo; azo hereby notilledl to call for
settlement on the executer at his "nsidenk i ia dick
son townehip aforesaid. 30111 -
Jackson, PL. Ann 17, 1872-61,* , Exee'r.
CIIOOL NiAlnik-A•The Deialltr WW I . PteClers
VirtZ e rY %to VOA ta l e AM: P atin:
•rcir,: t effl of oontractinith teethes • for
MIX= .41 'Ulmer ve ooi Duo
podia Ger whits t o•th rft es neity
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7 , 1 4 wimisouniiia,.....4
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~/(‘ ;
rtlaent we have
wiOcusla & reps.
wilt ai•
J. U. B
ken and
, go to
0 to NU-
S urged. he
chil4roti o
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r,F~jj.?s ~, t'
- 417 . 44,3 . -
t.,"; • 13,4
i 144 64
j." 3 114 11,
4,...t;i? :,°ll, 744
' 1
$lO, $ll,
Da all the no
at still tower prices than las season : we have fall views at $1,12X, $1,24, MISO, $1,76, $2,06,
$2, 2 5. S2,EZP, 12,76 per yard.
in glint rule
We aball koop a stillttleiri
We ehall c'eeki In our new Ba
our Ho
We have also.move
An entice new doe
B 1
our regnilar make,
One of tho main adv
for our Boot and Shoe!
and we shall add new
us in opening the NEW 8.i.T.7 , 1
e are now situated so that wo oa
sea of, oods in most desirable makes as
id give very one that calls on us good pad
' 4ex
Corning, May 1, 187
I 1
olci ,
All the peep
'he *gest bn
. _
orning, April
• An.
bseribeorbiave now LEt toeic !bar
Sales' 'lb oom,
Awentlro now Stork of
$l2, 14, 'sls, $lB, 420, $22, $24, $25, $2O. $2B
' Spring Shativis
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Blank Silks
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in; Dress
tock this year than ever before,
w Goodil in this department reed
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es' Room a vei) , fine stock of Woo
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I oop
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ck Pure
t.for and quality to anyin nuirket,
• vices, making them the cheapei
oots and
- Reg
18 1:10W
he assininaorit, isicompleto in ov
at Shoes,
, Fancy Girds, &e.,
Oognty who wish to Mica Pure
oolL .
sad com IV() prices
era be eenvi iced that . this is)the place to pay
out money economically.
w t
' 3 , _+':- 4 t,
, A .s
re, in extra. qualities
: we now have ample reins to show
ed almost daily,
'one for men and boys' milts, a much
leg room, and BMW keep a very fine
ong, at from $2,25 in $8 per pair
%c, 76c
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k is very large indeed.
and still sold by is witholit any ad
.St goods In market.
ROOlif. is the increaaod room it gives us
. keep a still LARGER STOCK in this line,
our trade calls for them. We shall sell All
• for their time in looking at onr goods.
. Y.,
43 , department
lasses la this tine arc invited t come toad