Wellsboro agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1872-1962, April 24, 1872, Image 1

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4c Aeitator.
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VAN lEtbat. I A. F. DAANE/
ir roas :-42.00 per aurnAtip s 4vp,m i x,. _so
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yo 12 00 18 00 25 00 28 00 85 00 00 100 00
„ejsements aro calculated by the inch in length
tam s, ail any loss space is rated as a toll inch.
o iso advortieemealts must be paid for before in
,,,,,, except on yOATIY contracts , when half-yearly
~end in advance will be required.
. agtfo Novicas In the Editorial columns, on the
l ag°, 15 oents per lino each insertion. Nothi
meted for lose than $l.
%it 'Amer.% In Local culanin,l6 Conti per Era IS
tho five linen ; and 60 cents for iv notice of five
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• 0.3111814111 Of 11/11ILTAXIIS and DHATHO inserted
,xl all obi t tuary notices will be charged 10 cents
Noneaa 60 per centabove regular rates.
tae Gins 6 Mies or leas, $6,00 per year.
Business Cards.
It. S. Bailey iSZ Son, ..
a g u tter ..specialty. Our hotel and frunily
t ables obtain the highest tnarket prices
mo and (Ord Dairies. No. S 0 south Water
ylllvdeip /—April 10, 1872-33n.*
A. Redfield,
ivtuttly attended to. Office over Wrn. Roberts
ore Stero.—Welleboro, Pa., Apr. 1,1872-9 tn.
C. H. Seymour,
asa AT LAW, Tioga Pa. All business en
,tti to Ids cam will receive prompt attention.-
Geo. M. Merrick,
WU AT . LAW.—Office in Bowen & Cone's
wross hall from Agitator Office, 2d floor,
daro, 11.—Jan. 1. IEI2.
Mitchell Sc Cameron, .
OM AT I.AW, Clalro and Insurance Agonts.
, la key's block, over Van Ordor's liquor store,
keto, Ps.--Jan. 1, 1812.
William A. Stone, -
EMU AT LAW, over C. B. Eelloy's Dry Good
e, Wright tr. Bailey's Block ou Main street.
born, Jon. 1, ltirA
AI,- C. I). Emery,
kttikiYS AT LAW -"Oilier opposite Court Heine,
I Purdy's Block. Williamsport, Pa. All business
wily attended fo.—Jan. 1, 1872.
J. C. Strang . ,
0 . ith 13. 1 filet), Welloboro, Pa.--,lan. 1, '72,
J. B. Niles,
VEY AT LAW.—Will attend promptly to bus
. rtrusted to hla care 1u tho counties of 'Prowl
Nor. Oftleo on the Avenuo.—Wellsboro,
Jno. W. Adams,
Van Gelder & Barnes,
.[FIEFS.--AY 'kinds of Job Printing done on
%tire, and in the brat manner. Oilice in Poiv
inook. Mtioor . ..-- . --Jan. 1, 1137:i.
W. D. Terbell & Co.,
DRUGGIST, and dealers in Wall Pape
~amps, Window Glass, Perfumery, Pair
.—Corning, N. Y. Jan. 1, 1872.
D. Bacon, M. D.,
+ND BURGEON, lst. door east of Lao
lean Street. Will a
p. onct promptly to
lboro, Jan. 1, 1872.-
_ residence on the
ian. 1, 1872.
'bb; M. D.,
ico--Opeulng of
:oledee Drug Storo.—Wellaboro,
Seeley, Coats & Co.,
Ecoxville, Tloga Co., Pa.—Receive Ink
, 3,lllBconnt 'lota*, and sell dratta on
ir oellevtions ivompUy made.
J. Parkhurst &
Kllilaud, TioSa Co., Pa.
Joni( PAM:Rum%
Sabiusville Hotel,
D Churchill, Proprietor.-1
a plc:du - m(1100n to acoormedate the Lim.
lu a impeder manner.—Jan. 1, 1872.
Petrolium House,
l'A., Geo. Ologo, Proprietor.—Good
on for both man and beast. Charges
'fld OW attention given to goads.
lets' Temperance Hotel.
IiONIIOE, hav%iig purchased this hou
oh In future ss ticke past, strictly on t
incipale. Ere aeoommodatipp, for
clusgea remonabla,--Wollsboro,
Union Hotel.
1101 IN Proprietor, Wellabor°, Pa.—
ptramutly locatod, and has all tbo cow
I wan and bawl Cbargoa moderate:-
ellsboro Hotel,
Wellsboro, Pa,
/ oue morning (raiv It was and wet— 4 -'
A foggy day in 14inter time)
on the !.0114:1 matt;
Not old, thou& Pomething past her prime:
Majestic in her Verson; tall straight;
And like a Roman matron's was her mien and gait
The ancient spirft is not dead;
5 • .914 tithes, thought I; are breathing there; -
'Primal was I amt. my country bred --
Such strength, 4 dignity so fair: ,
She begged art alms like one in poor estate.; •
I looked at her again, nor did-Any pride abate.
12 in
When from theieAofty thonehtel'Woke,,, ,
.What is lit' said I, ghat rid boar'
Beneath the covert of your cloak, „
Protected from this cold damp air?'
She answered, Goon ea she the quettion heard,
eimple burthen,a little singing bird.'
And, thus conthining, ebe said: • ,
'I bad a son, who many a day ' ' •
Hailed on the sess, but be is dead;
In Donmrirk he was cast away; _
And I have traveled weary miles to seo
If aught that ho hid owned might still remain for me
.The bird and cage they both were his:
- my, lion's bird; and neat and trim
. Ile kept it: many voyages
' The/ singing blr g thad gone with him; , .-•
When last hoe ed, ho left the bird behind;
From botlinga, as might be, that hringupon his nalea.'
--W. Wordsworth,. .
It was only a little child's face p9eping
out through some plants that were in the
window seat. But it was such a wee, sweet
face, with such 'a quaint child-look upon it,
that I could not help it, but with that non
chalant Bohernianism incidental to artists, I
stopped in the street, drew out my , sketch
book from my pocket, and began to sketch
it. The Fates were propitious, for the child
kept her position, watching me as if under•
a charm. With a rapid hand I drew in the
surroundings, bat when I came to the sweet
child=face my 'pencil grew gentle, I touched
tenderly the soft, rounded lines, the little
rings of curly hair, the earnest, 'wide-open
eyes; I wanted to linger over each line as it
made the likenthis more perfect, but I fear
ed she would mpve wad I.would lose •it all.
She was just the kind of child that you
want to take in your arms and cuddle, and
talk soft, loving nonsense to, while the ear
nest eyes gaze at you until you could cry.
It was 'a quiet street in the sleepy old
town where I was spending the summer
and there were not many passers-by, so I
sketched until I had fin shed my picture as
far as was necessary in detail; then, in sor
row at having to leave, I turned away. As
I 'sv6nt"l•kissed my hand to the child.- and
she returned it in a quaint little•way that
suited her well.
I went on to my lesson, for I was helping
out a very slim purse, and lengthening my
stay in the pleasant country town, ,where I,
had come to recruit tiny health and paint
from nature, by . teaching the noble art , of
drawing to a class of: young ladies who had
not among them tbe.capacity of. an ordina
ry dray horse: However, as they wanted
to learn, I wanted to teach them, and so
spent a pbrtion of my-precious time every
few days trying to explain to them that the
top of a tumbler was not square, and did'
not have four cornera, and that books lay
flat on a table, and did not usually stand
festively on one corner.
I had taught before with good success,
but I hadnever had pupils like these, never!
I leaned over them explabling and „correct
ing their errors, seeing outside the green
trees waving in the sunshine, making deep,
dark shadows within themselves, and light
flickering, dancing shaddwic on the grass
beneath them; saw cloud and sunshine idhas
ing each other over the mountain's side,
knowing all the thousand and one beautiful
effects the great painter Light was making
on his wide canvas of nature; while had
to stay cooped up in this small room, losing
the outside glories, while .1 tried
. to teach
girls what was impossible for theist.
But reflecting that each one of these les
sons enabled me to stay a few days longer
in this county place I had so longed for,
kept me from telling them, as I was sorely
tempted to do,, that no earthly consideration
,would induce me ever to give them another
lesson. That would have been a proud and
happy moment to me, but fate was stern,.
and I could not aflbrd to indulge in it.
•It was particularly difficult to endure
them after I had been sketching that lovely,_
old-fashioned child; and'it was only by the
force of conscience that I refrained from
taking a pencil and doing their work in-
I stead of showing them how.
At last the lesson was over,• and I was
turned loose upon the beautiful world flood
ed by the golden afternoon sunshine. Hop
ing again to see the little child who had- so
wiconsciously won her way to my heart, I
went home through the same street. But
she was not there, and did not appear, tho'=
I walked up and down until I was ashathed
of myself.
Baffled in the actual sight I longed for, I
went to my room rejoicing in the knowledge
that I had a charm that ,wonld .bring het .
back to me almost as vividly as her first ap
pearance had. been.
I took out a canvas as soon as I reached
my little sanctum, and though twilight was
Approaching, spreading my palette, I com
menced to paint. It was a pleasant task I
had sot myself, and I worked earnestly un
til the darkness gathered-so thickly that I
VMS obliged to stop.
The next day I was unable to ext4ed my
walk in the same direction, so I looked for
ward'to my lessons on the day after with a.
zest.that I had certainly never felt for them
before, and when the time came started off
with a quick step that would give me time
for loitering in case I found the child at the
Ity, Pe
to him
Jr south
uty, Pp .
e, ill re
She was there and recognized me, kissing
her hand, which pleased me so much that I
went through my lessons with a compara
tively easy mind, and though I missed her
as I returned,:l, went back to my .painting
with fresh ideal.
As the days passed on'the picture gained
upon me so much that I 'determined to make
it that much talke,d and thought of :painting
that shotild bo sent to the •Acaderny; so I
worked hard epon it, seeing the chihtwhen
ever I could.
It, seemed a:little strange to me that the:
only sign of life I , should see about the
house was the child at the window, and
that she should so often be there, evidently
watching. ;
One day, having to give my lesson earlier
than-usual, I found:that she was still at the
window whea I wentj.lome f so I quietly al
tered my hours That I - might See her twice a
day instead of onco.
I had come to have quite a feeling of mys
tery about illy' child-love, that I would not
break in any way by. asking her name or
anything about her. ' Ali I kneW I wanted
to come to me through her; and I knew no
one in the town to Whom I would care to
Mention such a pleasant, foolish little affec
I had no kith or kin in the world near
enough to care :for me; and had grown up
among grown people' without- the sweet
influences of childish„voices and baby
touches, so that I niissed - them r -nut
life. The mere my art-life grew uperrnie
the more I wanted children about me, and
tilled .noy sketch books with them. This
Tittle onelmd a look that reminded me of
my only
. Siater, who had died Just when she
was leavingher childhood -behind her, and
who now seemed to live again. •
Once or twice passing;. the house earlier
llaniusual, I found my little Medd outside,
and slipping her tiny hand in mine_aho
would walk along by my side a little way,
then turn back. She was as, content to aslt
iio i l uestions I was, and so our friendship
progressed. Sometimes in passing I, put tt
little bunch of flowers on the window for
her; sometimes She would slip a clover blos
som or adaisy in my hand. Our advances
on each side Were coy add reserved, for she
never spoke, and when,l spoke-to her she
angwered with a little nod,
One day she had placed in the window
panes her letter cards with pictures on
them, three or four ineach pane, as high as
she i could rpaeh. As I passed, there was
the dear littlelface as usual -peeping through
the flowers, and she pointed to the cards in
a grave amused way, that was irresistibly
entertaining. That night . I drew , a little,
picture for her, and put it on the window
the next day.
4ly palming' ivas almost dono, and it was
Puirdtto tell widcb of tits two I loved best,
the child or picture, whim i @ token
, - •
'ewe 'rf- - :_ •Nr .r, , .;,„ ,•• , , r
, , •: • r r- r .-, . • ~ ~ -:•,,, ~, :., - • -,r:•, • 0 fai , -. •• •••• . , •
' } li •
4 • • . .
". ' •1 1 . • •
1 11 1
; ).-.. . •• .Cl 4. • AA .. ' -' , Z f . '.:::, 1, : ,4 * 4 qi 4. ! %,, ~
.t. . , : „, , . .
• ~
... .
~ r . • 4 • .
', , '
1 1 ..,, A g t ,'
~i 4 ( , . • ' i t . l\ .... , -,, A i,,it, '
' I 4 '
* ,
„, , . .
' ,
,it . , 1-,;,. " : t,' f
.i l: li f il l . r 1
) ver.,..,..r
_ngt,.;,;,,:fip....1„.„.„.....,...,_-:....,__...,-..•-,-,' 31-,VA:..... -9j . '‘ ''
I' ' '
~ .
•••---, . . , ,
—,,, ,41 2.1 aztiti ---u„,.,.,. 7. -,-...,„,_, ..., - ~ : ..; ) v . ?) 4 A '.
. c 1 • . ,
...-.3......,.„. ..0.•
~:. ..„ .. •
My Chil&Love
hick and bad to Eitaioiti"aiy-tied for titee' dr
thoughts (.11Velt particularly :on. 'the
little -one, and I Missed het-mere and mere,
My landlady - was - very kind- and 'attentive
to me, but it. wits the kindness - of charity;
not of love, and - I felt very-lonely. Ticiant :
ed my little fricrid, 'and 'fancied that if her
soft tingtirs - could touch My hot, aching
bend, cit would ciare me. c • •
At 111 ; 4,, Rfl 1 lay,alone-the.fourth night in
the 'early'twilightony
,door .partially open,
so that niylaridlady could hear Me if I call
ed, I. Was startled at' seeing- a.• little white
. figure come softly into my room and up to
the side.of: my bed.
I looked in surprise for a few moments,
then recognized my little friend. •
" Why, iriy. ih4rlingl" I said to her in
low voice, lest my landlady should 'think I
called and comein and interrupt us. • ".Did
,you know how much I wanted yoti that you
'clinie.to me? Bless your dear heart for the
thotightl" . f „
She elindied ort , the bed and slipped - her
soft•little hand-in mine, as she was wont to
do., She did not speak, but I thought noth
ing of that. I Watched her silently, pres
ently noticing that f3liq had on a night dress.
I did not speak rif, it, for her dear fingers
werßstroXing my hair,' and there was fall
ing over me a delicious sleep., the
..first that
had touched ;rayi 0/46 since 1„134,,been
sick, arid I•conl4 not bear to break „itt;so I
just watched' her clear - eyes which were
looking down at me, and let . the, rest' °yet
,poWer my senses ... , • ;
When I awoke it. was far on in the night,
and the moon - was shining brightly : In my
room. As I lay watching 2t , I felt the same
quiet;that the little one's presence luid given
me, and soon turned over and fell,asleep, ,
- When I, again,_awoke it Was broad day
light, and my landlady was standing by the
bed with my . briiakfaat tray.
" You have Jtha a good long sleep," she
said, " and look almost well again.','
" Yes," I answered, "my little friend put
me to sleep soon after she came in. When
did she go?"
" Who go?" she asked, in astonishment.
" The little child . that came to see me last:
night." „ „
tf Law I no one came to see you last night;
you were feverish and out , of your bead.—
But, it is cooler now," and she, laid her hand;
on my forehead. , I shrank back as the
gera came down so heavily and unlike the
gentle touches thathad last been there..
I made no answer, to her assertion that no
one had come in; but when she had arranged
my breakfast for me. and .left the. SPOIL
began to wonder which Was right. The
more I wondered the more uneasy I , grew.
It had not seemectstrange to me the night
before that, wanting the child so In she
should come -to , me; but now'in the da'light
it began to look rather singular that she
should , have come at all, not knowing who
I was, or where I lived, and particularly
that she should! come. sp,litte,in the:evening,
and hiller night dreg. -" •:.-- •
With thinking of it, I. grew., so anions
that as the Ulm; came around at which I
'usually saw hei, I could • remain in bed no
longer, but aiose, and after drersing went
to her house. , When I cattle in 'sight- of it;
I saw a man carrying in a little' caftan. My
heart sank Within me, and with it shiver I
hastened on. - The door was open, and I en ,
terbd. Bewildered, for a moment I stood
still, not knowing which way to turn, then
went into the back room.
There lay my darling .on. •the ,bed, still
and white, with a few flowers in her; lit s tle.
"Ohl when did she die?" d cried, unablo
to keep the tears from my eyes or voice.
gentleman} whom I had not
ting,on.the other side' of the bed, lifted ,up
his •haggard face, and with a desblate; heart
broken 'look, answered me, hardly •showing.
any surprise at my question:
. .
"Last night,' at twilight."
That, then, was the way.she had come to
see me; and unable to stand any longer, I
dropped in the chair nod watched'hpr With
solemn eyes. - Presently the gentlemen lift:
ed up his head • again from the pillow she
lay on, and looking at me, asked:
Afe you the new friend shelold me of,'
of whom she seemed so fond?"
I nodded my bend, and presently; when T
could speak without crying, told him bow
our friendship bad commenced; how, while
painting her picture and seeing herso often,
I had grown to' love her as if she had been
my own flesh and blood;
,how the night be
fore, wanting to see her so much, she had
,(3inte , tonine in the twilight, and sitting on
my bed, silently put me to sleep, with her
little fingers and wise eyes. •
He burst into tears as I told him, and
said: .
"My darling little angel! Everything
she, did was done silently; she has never
spoken." •
Then he told me how she had, a short
time before she died, signed to him to:give
her the little picture of the Christ-Child I
had painted for her, and after kissing it and
making him kiss it, she had died with it in
her hand.
fie showed me how she told hint of me,
by taking her place at the window and theyt
imitating everything I had done, ending,by
kissing her hand. That she kept for a sign
for me, and in 'that way kept him informed
of the progress of our friendship. If a day:
passed without her seeing me, she would
tell him by kissing her hand and shaking
her head mournfully.
" She was my only darling," he said with
a sob pitiful to hear from a man. '!All I
had on earth to love, and now she is gone!
;3inco the time she was born, and her moth
er, (lying, put her in my arms, 1 have mqvg
left her,for a day, and now she has left me
forever. Whenever I went out she stood at
the window watching for me when I came
hack, and then, cuddling in ,my arms, never
left me."
His voice broke down, and for a few mo,
molts there was nomad in the room - MVO
his low Sal*. to comfort the poor
-father mourning for his lost darling, but' I
die} not . know what comfort to give, for
was too inhoh grieved myself to giro cOnso
lotion to another.
Alter awhile he went on talking to me
about the child, seeming to find more relief
in that than in anything else. __Bo told me
how anxiouidy he had watched for her first
Wards when she was old enough to talk, and
'watched in vain,
for gradually the convic
ition came upon him that his little daughter
was speechless, and be loved her if possible
more tenderly than before. She made up
in loving ways and tender little actions for
the absence of Werds„ and at last. he came
not to miss them •• , - •
They, had in' the stand, Alice shim
she was six mouths bldg with her old ntirse,-•
who took care of both' of them. They had
few acquaintances, for the child seemed - to
shun strangers, and he titabeeit satisfied to
live with his books and his darling, for they
ball been all In all' to each other.• •
I Went bade to my room after my long
visit to the poor bereaved father, -feeling
that. the'sunshine had gone out of my , life,
for the ddaili_of , the little child had shown
me b w
ow she as - woven into my heart, En
tering my room, the first thing that greeted'
Inc waa the picture of her on my easel,, and
with a thrill of Joy I felt ono of the great
blessings Of my'art.
The picture vas like her, and feeling its
value myself, I knew it would also be pre
cious to her father; so, unable to part with
it 4 determined to make him a copy of his
darling as she had daily waited for his re
~jt was some little relief to my s'errow:Vie'
painting this picture, and worked at it
diligently All the time 1 \VHS 114 at her
house. It rested me to sit by her bed and
watch the calm sleep in which the little
dumb lips had found speech,
I wentrw h her father and•the old nurse
when she' was;earried to her resting place
among the flowers she so much loved, and
then I went back to my picture with a little
lock of her hair, my only • outward sign of
When ,in a few 'days the painting was
done I carried' it to her father ; and found
double gratification in the, Pleasura iF gf4v.o
him. Then, my Work in the old town he:
lag over, I went, back to my city' studio,
carrying with me, as tokens, of my child
love, the ring of curly, sunny hair and tho
Picture,- too. near to my heart now to be
trusted out of My own keeping. - -
I have since painted pictures that won
praise from men, women and critics,. that
the world,called flue, 'but none that came so
entirely 'from my heart, or that alWaya - con
tinued to touch it so nearly, as the painting
of thc little child I found always watching
-, ,PRIt 24 • ,"1872::5
itv the ohr - towe,-,Arhuse curneht eyed and
bright; . *lzitvect mite ,Iwpt ley ,I.yolp„lultming,
thnt•the 40,ere
' r APRIL.
heatAhrituiL all
'l'Le r ecOat.h. witUru'pleaiimit
And see the deism., IIJ c hdt.py thittasi.
O'er iteklifol azure go, '•• „
Indio all the fIOITOIV from the eat th 1
Seems meltlltg with the snow. . ,
- Tho rot:di:Land the blue-hird sino , • '
• ' , .Crer meadows hi(:11 and Lar.l";
They cannot kuoW )61.1t wol f ousiblOcm
I- 18 softly Madding `•'.
• But all the joytheii hOai ";
• Beams pilot i ng
And we will sing,-thouub all our days 2: ;
Been: ditr)s nith path and lose: • , ,
WU know 'that witirrow's litmus heat.; 2:1 •
t Oolitsurnea t alona our &can:. • 1, • 02,
We kiuriithai our dear Father's it•Tfl
°Woe both but crown and, emu.. , :222
4;7' •
Oil, while benratb the
tower ire lore the hurt • 1; "
Ana b‘nglithi, - • ,
'Still era. • '
'Prattle; Ged l ior all tlity good we •
' ' ''Aud'thist him ?Or the rift I -••• , •
- • • • - "(—/faiper'ii
t • !.. I,
*I.SS i 7 Going .to-lled.,
It. is: itAtliitig iifileient4 , - - Cominouplade, •
unworthy:be. - prose'or irerSe,lo go to bed in
r oni .; ;w he re • ,
"Einual busy flapeu 'play ibrou:gii too fr(qib-taid eo4lS''" ,
as .your. sleeping, or,:rather,,tyour, waking,
companions: - It is 4.tcrlmpa, Somewhat
diningtan invlted,gupst,ufl* & oul)tptuouu
ble with no ready:stomaPit:nor palate. XOl4
stir the replenished grate, look ;vaguely intu
the fallen ashes 'which; bear witnesS; to the
white - umityrdom of, t:oai, (for you
have not the soft, delicious pemonsiou of
the sleepy, eyelids weighed down with, their.
proper night.deW). that it ia your lied-Hour,,
think languidly of the useless. yesterdays
and 1 the Unnecessary ,to-rporrows, 7 bring
Idacbeth's,soliloguy, it may be, to Your dirt.
vate ,benefd,:sayang; • .
To-tiorrole. - siFid to-morrow, and. to•morroW, •
()napaln fills petty pace fctnu dnY.to dal„ .' •
To the m or ao
(your clock , striking twelve to echo the : . last
- •
. " Ana all om yesterdays have lighted fools
•The way to reetleso bedal Out; nut, brief I ondlel"
In liew . o f! - the,figitrative'enntlle,' yint turn
off the fluttering gad- it;' and, ea . you classi
cally phrase it, you ",turn in,". careful not
so much of new'inorning ',sunrise as for'
the fresh Morning Sun, 7Vincs,,of 'Herald.-
None- more of you need be- kiietve until
half-past eight a. in: of the CoMink'day - ,
when you think lazily first of breakfait,:(if
one had but an appetitel)'and then' - perb(iPi
of buainess—somekchat'hered; 13Y'
bleated and; thifeerblesged Int"fit
whom hardy choiceter
even when least smiling—Fortune, has made
his bed and smoOthed . his pillow -In 'a •Cold'
room! He sleeps in ;Abraliant'l4;:botiiinv all
the year, indeed.' To-him are giVen„itigftt
by night; such now sensations
.us IlieseJor"
which kings might throw away their fohlielt
kingdoms. - He conquers his paradise at inie,
shuddering Although l p;. aithful leap anti the
gentle tropics over this feathers nu
the covellidstoreathe their tenderest influ , -
ences to confirm its enjnytnent... • • ' ''"
:"Presuming yorriattlf to be that hiiiipy per
seii,.reader i .We beg to see
.. Yott safely 'and'
snugly to bed. You have passed: yonr •tive
fling until the approaching 'lbedtitne in the'
.close, secluded company of 'your 'books;' it
intiy be;yciti have had the-best. Ituturip - soci
ety, into whose first eirelea,no , ecrettionions•
cards .conduct; of Seine ftivoihn ItOvelist;'
you have shared and "enjoyed , tll6`,SlVeerest
and tenderest thonghtS and thetixquitilie ppit
tures of some dear Poet, the', tet'se
or gay and graceful language of ,SOlite-rare
•essayist; perhaph you, a hitelieMr; (foe if
you are a married man this Whole.,Subject
of going to bed fella to the graitta •anddis• - .
appears in 1111111511 of rosy mist,)' have' been
traveling in the 'good-humored etimpatty of
that charming An - fel - lean 'couple, ri3asil and
Isabel, on "'Their -Wedding
may be that you have had fitful C,onitnunhar
vial: all of these, old and new; (and Nature
makes the old new forever hi bettidderland
happier temperaments ;) but' You'' cUiuo • tit,
last to a stand-still; Or we',Maty any a sit-Still,
unbidden. Your sitting room 'must 11..cOm
fortable, of course; it' is Wintd, w and what
you fancy lobe cosy;, your feet are . mitt%
.your ,fancies: wandertng' - ibrengh : the,
glowing. caverns of the' Tn 4 flumes before'
you into that vague frontier' of dream-hind
we call reverie. Suddenly and
think it is time to go lobed: lota thought
'melted away, and was a dreaM;li rii'dnrent•
ago. It would not' take you long, to fall
"Sleep, the wide blessing," you 9iiyi. ]3lll
of course yen tits in nti haste to 0 'to bed:
You are ajone‘,"ttnd - a faint shivei.' crawls
up between your 'shoillders. 'Via is 'a
ghostly passage in Macbeth to recall at's . such
a moment—we mean the kneeling inCident,
which thrills the fearfully starlied read,tkof
Shakesitesie 'With - a certain conficieusneitS of. ,
guilt; and makes him feel an itai4isdry
while King Dunean's inuider is . ahndth:Fring
through the house: 'hen you
was a sudden wind 'which oluichtitfttiesesh ,
es, (the house being 'old' - is
ghostly - interreptions,) Suggifsi ed . that'
terribly wide-awake Pase:4ll ) e'• *loch itatun
you soany years ago in eyhtteit.
It is a good thinglo gate hod; 'it Weill bo
a good thing then to go to: sleep. - '
Sancho I'anza said soinething--w hat was .
it?--- , about "sleep"; and, like j urd Dumheary;
you stagger through ludicrous' ,menial tuil
quotations before yen reach Satieho's happy
proverb. Yes' "Blessed be the man'
Sleep, .the wide blessing," you
whoSe quotation maarks shall yon' fold around
this expression ' You have it --color
idge I You recall what Other poet's toirh eve'
said about sleep. First, ShrikesPeare . :Who'
has ninny tender 'paiisagesregtirding
one, for i nstancerin Macbeth, itselfwhich'
he makes it se - sacred in pertiotittleation s :"" -- -9
"11Inebotli doets,nturtior Sloop, n
, ttio tuoocpt
Bleep that knits upiho raveled sleeve'of Care; •
Ti, death of each flays life, sore laborte"taith,
Atlas of Merl otinds,.l j ,'•
Aitd the delicious little prayer in !Beaumont'
and Fletcher's &atria, which scannilit brit%
a hushing atinciaphere . of Terind t chtsli tinti
dew about one to Itipettv it, r octiniTiO Yeti!
~.! ;: • • ~;
”las.re.eaarratotteatep, easifr of r.tl \w.%
Drot4eraoa itreetly titylialfAfapetie' ' '
On this toil :prince piallilictra
•In MtlAlhowora.:,give uothibg Lhst 1p toad;'
Orlpsirtretteittii;t4on?bc4rA etteD , :topre4. l ., Aar,
Ana se spt iii itavaut; tVort Pahl;
PaeB i.y his troubled Renew; slog Ma palm
Like hollow, murmuring wind or sitreerain:i:
.Into this prince gently, oh gently -
{And kin him intostuotberl like a bride!"
WolllllWOrttl'S r-co tt xi rig ttv et col at ts•
to Wind,' t1e0111 . 111431 • 2 ,
_"4 liaCk of sAcep Mut pas,. 1,34 •;
'chfc after one; the sound ofrrain and bred ' 7 t •
liturunning: the fall of. watera, w4ln ~nl,d Rem.", •
and ending:, .
Without thee *tit le all the'retirning'is'weaftbl:.•
(tome, blessed tattle" between dayatel dog, '
Dent mother of•freaythoefiltte avid 3gyoatt,lmattl:..l
Then, with an awakening intereht la the
drewsy . subject,, Spenser's, famous . !Louse
of Morpheus" arises in your fancy, •and de.
siring to re-read the description newly,' you
reach down Moxon's edition of Eliza 's
retire, and wad with italics hero and' 'there
in, your voice. Knowing where 'you Make
thian,;4 - 6 repeat them likewiso: • • 1
`..110 making tipc,ol Way,brotigli aKtOra.:l air,
And through thr 'dor 4f loafei-s wide and ",
Altmplonlit'sl,o 'dal, hastily
[He : to 1 4 1; a blirr,y,L.:
. Amu the bowoß iii the • full MATT:
And low.'whore dthruleg day ri + •ver , •
Itie dwelling' fit; Mare Tethys 141: wet be
Doti, Lir wash, and dyntlius ifill (loth eh rj,
In silver chili his ercr-arobniny .Arad, ,t • ,
•"111,110 god Night over him bar intuit ,) d o t',
dpread. ,
"Miol3o double gator{ ho tlndoth Joan!. fast • ,
The pne fairtrani'd of burniaht ivory.ri
The other.ull with ellvor Gverq;t; --
.Arid wakeful dops bcfore them' ht.
ihratchiug,to baidah Care. their %manly, ", ••-
Who oft is went to trouble getillo Sleep., , - 4 -
By them the Sprite doth quietly,
And unto ootfiea. wheal dtowie,Lt '
In drowsy fit be dude; qftwUling roukel kiaeo
[The next stanza is the - One, yon remem
ber, of which Ilazlitt wrote! " It la' to it
the honey:heavy dew of slumber' - had set
tled on' hls,pen p writing these
"bud, more to tun him in but altunber nuft. -
tricliling'ntream from higli rock tumbling down,
And erer-drlezling rain upon the loft, %-
Mixt with a murmuring wind, mud, like the sawne
Of :warming beat, did Cad him in a SWOWIIC.
' - • '" :
er, r, vonixopies Z,:bublout
but WILMA ti,it
Ittikbt ttoartlt;ia hut rti.relebs Quivt ~es,
111 (11 , ttruttluilUitou far frimi:eldniies."!.
What a tisms4 til(StiO Hiceftil
dogs" atilt the as,suiiiiireln 'the lastliiie quo
.,ted give to hieep! Ytiu , :yourself,. Bllllll , lwar
- the irately xlog'p ininest - ';burk if :tiny one
tomes near your door, and the, inviloioti,t,iliktil
'heithel' rimiest nor" make you afriud.--..21:2i
'plchink) Journatl
;- - •
The Loudest t
•thit 4 y -on 'Record."' '
.) , 1, • ?-. i ' Jo ., •
`there:Ny*B l one° a certain king 'who, like'
I ,rnany'eastera kitiga', 'Wus'very "fond of hear/
ing • stories; totik. " To , this - amusement "he
gave up aIA h sue;iali but yet he - was never.
satialltd . The !exertions .of his courtiers
;,,were of in liiiin. :ffle,at lost made a prpcla-,
lyetitle : it that if ia ty Men Should ' tell ' hurt a
sttrry4ligt,shOul lest forever; he would ger
tp Tip make Aim, Ms .heitand give 'him :the
prmicess,-his daughter ,in maniage• but if
a»y,ene,rillould pretend be,lind such a story
Jim", .itioulil fah r +thiit is, ,if the story - came
to In, e,a,cl-411g.wlis'Ill have hill head 'Mit off:
"kOr.sucla4 prize" ass a i beautiful princess
, and a kingdOnvinarip candidates' appeared, 1
and ilrgailftd Ithig stories some of Illein,told,
BOnei pf'thern lusted a, week, some lasted h
,inotith,land 'son - ii3 siiii' niontbs. 'Doer fellows, ,
they , 101•Sptin - out ‘. as 'long 'as'they possibly
could, hip, all iiiiialri. , Sooner or later ant}.ant}..
'cubit: to another, the,
uninek atory-,tellpr*.tatil Sholr; hands.. OOP-,
pad oft ;It,itist came man who said,. that
holed a story,fiiiii - , - Wrould last - forevei; if
thiy,Majeety• t wopldbe nlefliied"to'g,ive' him a
trial.' : They Wilhitid limp Of , :litrAanger; ,
they told.hini ltow,,turpry others . had :tried'
and lost Weir heads, but ho said he was not
; afraid; and so ,he was brought before the
,king. Hewes al mum of a very composed
nand,dcliberate !day ). of - speaking, and after
making:,Pil ite i AitrY Stitallations far bila'l
ctiting, sliiiikiii '-and - sleeping, he thus be
:gen:, .• : i .-. f !'f '')' f, n ' ' '''' ' '
'0 king, There was once a king who was
Igre:at tyradt;,and "tle.siring to increase his
richs,he seip,d l Upon ilib corn hi,' his king- I
d'em'and put it into , kin' 'immense granary,
'irltich Was:built, on purpose,- as high as a
mOtintaiir.', • 'his he. did ''or -several years,
utitittlin granary waaqtdte full to, the top.,
lie then Stopped the doors, ad windows on ,
all sides. But the 'bricklayers hail, by acei-
dent; left r a small bole near the top of the
grarial i end there came a flight of. locusts
.and tile, ; :to got. at: the,corn, but the hole
Wad so . snall tlnit only One locupt could pass
.through'itt - u time. tio - one loCust wont in
and etutied off pnegralifof corn, and theti
another locuat'Apent in and carried , Off ano
liter grab of. c:,(tt. Alld Alien another locust
wont In and carrled;,off.. another grahr,of
corn. n- : " i
Ile lid gone On ,t nt
'thus 'fro morning till , 1
night (except .when he was' engaged at his
uen's) for' uNut -a -trionthi ivhen.,the: king
.igiiii3O,ibp,ratiter . it,ired with his locusts,
itilidifiteriqpied his story with: _ _„.-_ .
' ''' - ',We,ll;,,well,hve have heard enough about
klio'Nctiattt; i l tel ,will Emptiest; ,they , helped
thelMielver: to &Ile ' Corn they wanted.- - tL''
dell uS ,•iv , lott happened afterward!! '• • '•, '
L,TO,Wilielfthe story-teller answered delib..
Crately: .1 '' , . . ,
" If it please ;your majesty, It lailinpiissi-
'titet° tell ivlintihapperied afterward • before
'Vigil - what happened first.-." ; • ,:•• • '.& .., -,; •
• "' 'And thin he went on again: "Arid then
another loettet wont in and earned Off ano
ther'gr.likr of 'coin; and then 'another locust
dnt - iii - ndp denied 'our another _grain of
1 - d : Ille kilig 'likened with' unconquerable
Patience 'for 'O)4 months more, when--ho in - -.
tcrrupted Ilme again with: • ' '•• '"- .•: ,
''''Q friend; I fam weary,with your locusts.:
' Ile*
.sOOrt go you think ithey will be donor'
'..."`Tti 'Miley the story-tellet-made answer'.
" 4-. '" O. king,. hi iican 'toll?. :At 'the ' Bahl to'
,WlliclitirrY htor bus:Come the locusts have
,Clelited - a 'slim 1: plaeto iv may be a , "'cubit
(iiii"ttyli.y straind4llo "finle, , iiiid lime itir is
still 'dark ,w fl .ti en is on all sides. , But let
the Iliag-lieve iiliti6lee, quid no , doubt we
shall cutu,"tti,=;ibeend of them in time."
...: ',nein elweeraged the king listened out for
itiii.itYko Whole, year, the story-teller - going
pin slill'es lhaerai "' L .• '' •
'And another locillit went hi and • canied
'off 'simpler itritiapf corn, prat then another
lecuat,wcntin and carried 'off another grain
;Or eiini;•linil then another Mena went in
sirdearried al tmether(grain of corn,' and
then'antatiof locust Tent in and carried out
iii.6theioin,dif corn." ,
, . _ . _•
he,phor king could stand :it no
longer an
_ „ that ,ia thought- fake-my daugh
tor, take y kingdoM; - tate anYthinveliery-'
tbing t ou :ICtlme ficarno more of the lo:
casts.', '• - ' • • • • •
And sO' h6'l.4orkteller was married' to' the
ltitig's,dihCe i ,•cind"iias declared heir hi
the thrtal ,act nobody- ever expretsetl , ll
wish 6; heAr ther- i*at !of tbe-story, for he
said it Willi,ll.llooliSible to come to the other
part of, it had done with . the loc.itata.
: J , —, , , • •
;flood Ntleq'the; ,Honiesteader. .
e ten , is !a -Swede; ~and was. horn
• , ~,, i --
orefathers, even to, .tinie, yetos 'of
,tatiims, had *been content) with,
1 and nothing, more"— . • . ••• : • .-.
..n'ufralou;vropagato,atorot,". •-:•.. •
rro •higheri- but so intis. Was 'his
Soj strong the harAers around
id N :as !WM-score years , •old ba
ld •fivOrkliisimasago to Atnemien.
awl lie..reached lowa with his
iendiless; stopping flrat in Mount
' - .1 -.,:e :i ,••• •• , c . .: '
,orkiug:t4ere at his trade of wag
!, litr: became 'Convinced that his
•''of 'further advancement was to
ebraskahomestriad without delay.
i - ';t' 'snaking this' 13oon his own is
lig to encourage others.
, .._ .
, e , - now
,itit `,rin.) prl . . . •
-Nils Ny.
ihnny gen
!..i . only,,t 1111
fore lie co
Two le fir •
'wife, and,
:on tnak in
w_..eo re
Ilia to,ooe
wgirth telt ,
,1, ,
. ,
•1 le wall ed front his Lome to Lincoln, /307 ,
milea; tam g.tlie,track - let,thellutilugton mid.
.Allsgatiriil mei Railkcatd„ ,This,,joerney lie,
fleeonlidla fed in,iabont ~ fifteen dept.. : TAt
:LineolOh - foliq, „.. r itheitey:in the Immigran Ca
, Ite,st, , 'Ohtt kli gsprOtildee(by the 33,•and.left
Iftailrtatil , ti.oin - )anyi Where land,huntertt may.
lodge - antfilivej Without charge . while Beek
leg-farnis. .. r, ~,,. ,-,
~ : :. •
Lonkim , at thoiptaps of .public lands in
'the -.Unite d 8 cites- .Land , Ottlee therk .he
judged:Vatic , oto,,tty to affonl 'the most de
sireible la4nesleaerks.; Ilie, therefore walked
ou - thltheryttAty,lililes 1 arther. , Having
'plcketi:enti , thd farnt,'Whiili,sulto4 ; :him,, best(
a- all those iitill,%olcant, lie ; ret mould to Alte
Lana 0114c 1 :at d ' tileklils claiin AG =t,'„Opp 7z
;ton - 111'41.1;i • 1874 wtyingl4l4. .in feed. ~ . /iiii.
lititheseeln .-ebettsists,Pft , O, cores,, in Alle :4)4th
stw ti on : i if. Ito 11l i 1 i tgeineil Oil -in the 3(1 range,
AN4 . Bt, `Of th litlidiritt9pal,tnerhlien. •,1 ~, ;,,
wii/A. 'illtitii 4 ' " "
Effpnivii g - ,4ilrizto they arm of lira choice,.
he made hittidryhitproveinents for a month. :
He llnishe 1 hlin a thig-Out and sleeked 12.
totis•of , wi d hay n „ 1 • ~; , -,p3 z ,, ~,:, ~ -f „'
Ills'itp wasAew (Amply; save.,one (lot ,
r i
lac mot si-hfilf; but .lie= walked 'to. Lincoln,
and-theme hotne; who, ha,i
-daily; In 'i n r bolibid'hint abotAttyepty thileii.;
. goon aft r , roaehing,hOnie,,- at the, mint
1 ,,
4' aoiCnliu idrisfinlle walk, .4 learned that
his bay stacks; haul, been, burnedhy . a prairie
tire : , tarringno plew, he Batt u
beenunable to
• mak c'• it lire-break ~ttrottnd., them., , ilut ,Itir
seethed , to bikt ' -lest ~ nothing of heart' or,
hope: tlireughout,ol, hui/. to lupe ; ronittirte,4
as jolly-as Mark i'tcp . ley in Chuzziewit.' :.,. ,
• ,'• Throng' all t4q.,yv he:
worked heorked at Ids'
•triule,!sometiteea' beginning his toils at :tw,o
o'cloalaila leo. to 4 )4:Wrig, ; TIA)4 ,he
_lin ißli 04 f
•therts. good a. Weggenti. ~. - • -„, 1, f.., 1 i I ,
' 'Live be tnileti. cifr for,. rt rutile , : and, her
3,01: 'Thanl patting ons „h
~l'seard..hi ,w;ife, a l
bat es.l: Of mili:, a - harrow, all 'of' wood ;
Made. by.. I iintiqt, 'liiiill ~ titne other need
utisttlt, he trove weptv,tarrl by the earitesonte
, whirl' he 1 ad last fall, traveled en foot, . 3 ..,- •
lie took with hint titreoiot her 'Beftilina
yietn, homestead hunter:i t 13001 with a wagtail
and his fat tilt: in
.1t.,., . , , , •,
--- -etle,arriT Ai in•Liotathi in de.m time, runlet}
a little - among -the , i4d . :AnisiNk,/,9NeitiOit.q.,
!for • biz . ang , rti aphrded gititpjtilusly , by, thy
'l3. and Al. Railroad 'Comp/it% :through the.
wito l o-soid si IteCw d
rolkii;.Frpst.,itli4vp t 4,,
Lint of March, in sPite of ttri entibmtlial,
siorni,set,„ his lace towat,d ils,, hoiapslead:
His jiatracy.thitheg j Oil ItarttlyirtlOye more
theta three- days; ' but'n la,,nintit, needs ho
there before the first day ;#l.4%Tril, or be
egregious] ) AM illrOoyti .by ~/Y,t:aleititig lila
ria l i l , he, rtsolveti, to 9titlie nsaitiiike,doybly
cure.. lie , 'ce lic.bas-takial .tinle by:the flue-.lock. 1
Nils Ny ten is 6‘.2 yeays qlti, though he
t.lO O -l'C'4lli,',lilAt wily 40—whou just shaved.
• •
Ipis example shows wlint others.eitu do. It
flint6l6 Many faint hearta Weeping
ilke , tvointitr for lack Of a fariit, trrtilch they
•havirthe privilege Of seizing like men, lied
they poly manly pluck. •
Nils Nysten'aliomestead was one of 9,-
80. 'which had'heen entered in the Lincoln
United I:ltates LandOftlee before last NeW
Yours.- The r number there entered sin e
New' Yearki iS Mi.
,The B. andTM-.' Biiilroad Company 'lia
soli' 84,70 acres to 8,938 buyers, , . on . ten
years' . credit end eyx per ,ceitt., ,interest,
Prgfe*i. J. D. Buller. °
Cyrtis D. Sill,
Foreign and Doinesiie 'Liquors
,•,, virrN..E§.
Agent kr, Fine' Old Whiskies,
Jan. lira. • eninnita.
'.11,13' 4 31' RECEIVED
t '“ AT
.1 1 irz“.
4 I t
l 7 li►gnraS and PLdu Colors. S 'Wineft 4l44l3 l:
ezy wo hive law offered. , Alter a new area of
Early Sliri4g, Dress Goatls, '
111 gßaftablel ety/e!. Alec,
Otngbano and Parbarts In groat variety
,poinostice of all:kituls at lowest markot rates
Fel). 1872.41.
THE at utual thostAg of the etoekhokitni Of' the State
Normal Sehool et the 6th District, 111:astiold, for
election or Thistees. Neill - be held in the &buol
ball4lag on llionday. May 6.18 t botrreon' the hours
of a and Sp. m.
• ' B. I.'BlllllllY,
" 44110, .1812-11 w.
Ptibflo s rencitte 1 ,3
fliHkunaorsigned . has sold Ws farm, and trill ollfc
11 far so/oat onatlpMat Me Meuse in (With 'Hollow.
on Weduesdoy, 1872, at ton, o'olook s, in., the
following property to wit' 8 cows, 151tead young cattle.
2 horse's, 2 bogs, 'Ow of„ bay strove,' I erralag too/a,
lummobcdd furniture, 4,00 bushels of bushels rats. buok
wheat Rotato4s. 'Milo other- amides. • Tornio;
ovit. te, One year's weft-with approved' seaurity.—
g peroont.'alsooont for oath. CYRUS OATLIM.
April 10. 1872-1 C& r
Buck for Sale,
A T the kiln noar the Academy. Alpo two or three
VILLM4E LOTH. Itiquire or '
April B, , ED. WETMORE.
Houghton, Orr & Co.
IlLoaullustdrer" of
a • -
Buggies, Sulkies'
L![innEß - 111ITAG4I1 iS,
Nvo,tre prepared to'do anything in onrituo on abort
notice and in the heat manlier. liattafo..tlOu 'guaran
tees. _ itoucurrox, Limy& co. •
HAST/NOS & COLEf3, Agonta Wollaboro.
Stony Fork, Jan. 1, 1872.
/ i iiP/.
• -
Ey AB uow in MAUI, and will keep constantly on
baud, at trip 'lowest market quotations.
Wool Twine, 2St 4 ply cotton jutotwine. Marlin 2,
sg 4 sound. linowl's patent Step Ladder, front Sto Bft.
. .
. .
A tali asaortivent, of Lake Ituron and Berea
- Men DOWN.
3cNe. itt 4 tra entitne oll: A complete aseertznOnt Of
Itle,chonles' Tools,
"Coins to and lake i look, get ate figures and sea bow
it It younialt, ea Mingo . J. ifillatrY27.4ll. Jr.
/att. 1. 11I1Z I •
Hoar mr,:enew
`I r . '
'. j ... ~
arVicew rocolging.tlireot from tho Importers a fall
t vrellaopefed stork of • ,
r • 4
' ' ' , ,
with ooli (ii:tutent of
i •
Table Cutlery ,& . Plated Ware;
1 • Also
2 1 414 e Ziitei2,Aect,pkins;ll
My ufnel: of
Dry Goods, Clothing:, &G.,
; 4
T will sell si greatly reduced pricea tc Make room for
, a full Uhl couiplete stock of •
liable-mid House Furnishing Goods;
. ,
51 V WO% 4 ftrlo!Lu hereafter to. keep .a fall and COM-
Octo ashorttneut - .
April 3, 1872.41
C. B. 8ZE41.57
, jioites and
1 find it oFtuitly to Um& Intoroat to
WO are tolling the beet Inetrunien
and on the wont favorable terms.
A first-chum 11A YO poneenee's LU tli
tittle; via : CIO ton.) ttivedied of all
foot equality of power throughout VII
resonance and duration of tone.
The fetich in elastic, Ocingl, easy a i
ovary demand of the finale.
A defeat in any O l no of these Yolata:
platti failure of the instrument.
We wariantpvery Plano for Of:: ter
afirTunini - promptly attorulod to
rloneod Tundra. r
Inatruotion Botilre of the moat appr
the Piano and Oren oonatantly on ..
111111ank Pa.
Dec. 18, 1871.-tf
. • wiLLsso
Door, &' ,Blin
cbufe wor k thTpte
tory whlebetOw In fuoperatL
couetrnlly on baud, or ruanuftiotu
• Planing aftd ran
done promptly, and In the beat mail
workmen employed, and none but tb,
lumber need. Encourage home Indup
Factory near the foot of
Jan. 1, 1872-tf. 13:
.' Deerfield Woolen
ViCHIAM ill/OTHER% Proprietors o
will inauutact4!o tie usual to order, t.
aro warranted every respect. Par
given to '
'Roll Carding & Cloth
Wiphrti.e a 'largo stook of Casslineri
eent Less Mau any , ownraititor.„ and w:
We tnanufac4nro to order, and do
.Cordlng and Cloth Dreeslng, and day 6,
We have as gOod an assortment of
Full Cloths, CaSsim
and give more in. Wool In exchange
establishment. Try them and satisfy )
Wo 'wholesale and retail at tho oow..
ranee below Knoxv,A3o.
Jan. 1, 1872. ' Dimwit
LadiSs' 'Furnishing
MAL' lu the Conallouso Store. A largo
just reeolved and will he sold
M. E. E. KIMBALL will levie char
ery department, and will bo gla,l to,ao
and now ones at all tlnira. Drop in a
Doc; 13, 1,11
_Now St o
, Lind nu entire new stock
BOOTS' .4.7tr.D S
rr-E. 8,41T11 .If. EON, having just .
.1.1.1 now Blink Store On Main street,
the beet arranged and meet slo
ty, are now otterlug thoir old ctultoi o
lie generally a bettor selected Mock of
than ever before proaented to tho born hof WWI--
Ladies' war
, 6 of Dart's make, cotu3tantl • ou hand. Al
so, Mason Ihunlin's'Organs, and a artety of styles
to soloet froth. An are invitott to ea • wad ouhuttue
prizes and qualltv. , ITH k SON.
Ttoga, Jan. 1, 1872.-Iy. -
SAWS, 01117,,ER,Y, IYAT
Carriage arid Harness T
fJorniug, N. Y., JIM. 1, 1872.
; fully inform Um
have eatabilatted
Livery for 0
At their St hi on Pearl fit ,oppoetto
shop. Eitutfle,or double rigs hirnlah ,
atm to hoop good homes "and 'wagons
ogee Ptleett retuionablo. • WATI4II , I-,
Jan. 1, .
Valuable Real Estat
TlLTuromnriulotfiu 16r
to Wedlatioro it $BOO each, ono-tld
hi two annual liapnionta. Ono house
bow, &roar df Pearl Street and the
hundred scow of Valuable coal ant
Monte and Oliarlcaton Townahilia
No. Mt: Fifty acres In Morr
of Warrant No. 4904. Addroaa,
P. O. 80x,1 2 022)
March 0, dei.
Ald now building at my mannate
I wills, a superior
whie.b possesses the'fbilowing advan
: r .
1. It siparatea ryo; oats. rat littor,
cheek and cockle, Prom %Own!. I
2. It cleans Ilan Need, taken unt pal
other anode, perfently.
8. It Walnut tiniothy
4. It dons, all other soperaUng requl
Thin will is built of t 1 beat and
raiYln good atTia , and is void vhehp
I will tit n.potunt etuvo, for eeptu
whisit. to (Abu inffle, ou muionsible to
14iwreiteeville..lim. 1. 1872. 1.
No Av Jewelry
N lindareigtted would reapectfally
lzenq of INhiboru and rhtlalty , that
Jewelry St
in the buildlug ruoutly ocoupiod by 1.3
RIR stud; c,odipitsea alullaesorttheut or
Clocks, if a tykes. Je
Silver and Plated-W,
D 4 WATtitINF.R., one of tho boat woritmota
ern Pennsylvania, will attend to the
. .
.??epairine of Mitch
. . .
Clocks 4.0,
Vot trio Antal &nig or t witich 11.4 'ilevente :
practical eieperioucc is sufficient guaratcq.
Welle1X):0, Aug. 20, 1871-tf.
I tgani
H Co.
et toyio.st 91:Inas
follwing osson.
mpuritioa, • pet+
outlre scalii, with
lid respously ti
will c.suao a cam-
of tivo years.
tho most onto
vod methodo for
Osceola. Pa.
furnish first
at his now tic-
( Itiegp
ed to order.
nor. The best
,beat neasoned
. .
an Street.
tho above Mille,
suit customoro.
&s.. 26 pat
tad sa repro-
kinds of Uoll•
any other
.quo mills, 2
E 721
Goods !
atook of Goode
o of ttut
old friend!,
ned,ow- !dew
u. CiIt.A.VEB
!omploted tholr
which is ono of
I S es in thocoun•
e ra and thopub-
ilia that they
hoolor's von
to order. 'Thal
and Intend Co
for Sale.
,0 uu, mom.,
d caal k , nalana . o.
wad lot it t . Walla-
Aram.). .Thren
tltabor land In
' art of Warrant
i s 'pownahip, part
Illtaxaspar!„ Pa
0 17. in Lawrence-
Ca over /11 other
na rout Rood, and
:ow seed, end ill
of amid,
tt durablo tlur
r cash, or pro-
ting oats Mow
)119. •
"ay to the elt-'
' n Wei opeuede
E 0
1• North
In years
Furniture and-U.ndertaking.
Van Horn -4 Chandler,
(thiocepeora to IL T. Van Horn)
HAVE now on ozhibtllon mid mite at the old piano,
.11 the largest and moat complete ate& of
• -• . ." i • ;
to bo Annul In Northern - Pounirglitanta, cOiutattrig of
FINE PARLOR AND 0.6114137211.M5 '
~, . ,
PUREOyA/iUARE mud: -
Ko. / Hera ALIT $.,
and a fuli stook cif tha common goods usually foutul In
a tiratolasa:eatabWilintraat. Tlio above a te fargo
iy of their own nautufacture, and, ' is rat
antaad o th na to quality azuiprico. They th
- i
oven, Wire Mattrasel
, , ,
tit° taostltt a ilar wirtukt bad sold; AL° tha an /lix
t had been on trial for 17 yearn
=venal satialaatton. Our
Coffin, Room ° ' i
is supplied with all sista of the AsoshdorGlosA a ASV
aud beautiffal style of initial case, oda
kinds of foreign lind•tanne DWI Wit.
*thga to toWttch They will make underialdng a iie l;
ti t t li atTerd l ito in i poo dlik m a Z a tL u tr i l Itatz lta `ar ru.
gel. Odd pieces or Furnltu;e made. and . Turning
all kinda dono with neatness andAdhipatoh.
Jan. 10, 12 , VAN HO= k ()HANDLE&
To smolt rr MAY Coucznir.-11s. ving o anal 1014 that
lam antic to a little rest after nearly &0 years cies°
application busbies". I have Peasad over the &M
tore busineis to "the Boys" as per above a 4
ment, and take this method of wading for maid
same liberal patronago as has been untaided to me.—
My books may be found at the old place for sealfswout.
Jan. 10, 1482. : ~ B. T. VAN BOHN.
. . .
. . ,
OR INd N. Y.
, _ ,
I _____
DDD(IB AND KENN Im . MTE4PPe 4pci Oz; 1., D
rums DAVitle• DINO :11' , M, 00tait • - t t-t tto
• ••r t
0 :
. 11.
I, 0213, WALL P • 1:
& 0013 :WD•TM Orr..
Sold at whalosala Mrleae Boyars asareneged
call and get quotations before gatag &raw Eatit
Zan. 1,1872, 1
R. C. Bail ;-,y.
(Buocogoor to D. P.-B.O'3EIUB) DV* rdit IN
Stoves, Tin, and Ht raware
A goneral stock of. Bulkters MatoriaLs. LOOKS,
PAPRR at manufacturers vices.
tier Tonn e cash. and wines renew:l4o.. Fr i L i t)or
above °ono }Lase. 12. C.'D
Jan. 1, 1814
gooRAVING °pea l o , 4 a Slat-elms liardware Store to
Marmiteld, oppoalte Pitta Bros., on Main Street,
tray Invite their friends and the public in gra
to give them a ealL They guarantee aatietholion
In all were. Their stook ()outdate of
NICTILI43, OTOVER. Tntsur • :
IRON, BERT •tr'.
CHURN PO .* , &o.
and a qonoral lino •at Goods, second to none In tho
country, atltho lowest cash pribeft.
Thoy are gao . aganta for the EWE iIOWEIR, ITU
• N. 0. Kurz,
FRANK Kontv.n. 1
Mansfield, Jan. l, 1.842
KNOXVILLE. 1100 A 00.. PA.
Life, Fire, and Accidental.
Assmrs °wart $2.4.600.000.
Anima oar COM;4S/nal
Ina. Co., of North Americo,' Ps 58.050,505 GO
Irmalin Fire Ina. Co. of Phil+►. I'a 2 2,007,414 AD
Itophblic tom. Co.. of IL Y., CA'apitol.• •i• • ••• ..... 8760 . 000
Andes Inc Co. of Ctineinnati, , $1,000,000
- Niagara Hire Ina. Co. of N. Y ' 1000,010
Farmers lint. ➢ire Ital. Co. York I'a ...900,839 1 15
Phomilx Mut. Life Ina. Co. 4:4'lin:rt.:kid Cs. :6,oeurro 50
Nara Cottle Ina. Co. cly Pottsville ' 600000 00
Total ' —.R24;329,84? 04
Insurunce , prompUy °Mote& by' mall or otharivise,
on all kinds or Property. All loosoi promptly Altulted
and paid. T.ivo stock Insured -agvinat death, fro or
I run also agent tor MO - Amtee VITO l giuraileO Co. of
Cincinnati. Capital, $1,600,000. " - • •
All communications promptly alto tl to—Oftlee on
Mw Streot 2d 44,,,r tYosn Mips st., Hun vine liar . '
W it ? $1 4 4.1TR , , •
Jan. 1. Id7E-If.
ZS now receiving from Now York, a fine asenrinnoni
of 1
alttyti Rho offarslci the public at
G low rates. Every
g usually toUntl in a
. , ' •
Fancy Sta,
ApALI be kept on hand mid wad low for cosh. The Wit
eec an. eltbbs sewing machines foraale, end to tent.
Jan. 1, um, BIDEI 4LX 130F/E.W.
NO. 17;
W: B. TEUELL & 00