Wellsboro agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1872-1962, February 07, 1872, Image 3

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A NEW STJ n4—NextlC eeit Mr, A. B,
Heine will op .n. ,la • no* Furnishing and
Fancy . Goods . stfbre in Sears' new. brick
buildnig on th south side of -Main street.
'Mr. Heine is coming to stay, and he will
b r ing with him a lino assortment of goods
in his line, which he proposes to sell- at
reasonable prices. We' ish him abundant
FARNIERS ' DONATION.—A donation for
th e benefit of Elder David Crandall will be
held atrthe Odd Rellows Hall, in Covington,
e n Friday evening,'Fehruary 9, 1872. Please
help those who cannot help themselves. *
CANCEROUS Ameriox.—Dr. UpDeGrafr
operated upon a young lady from Wellatioro,
pa., yesterday, removing a large portion•of
her cheek for the cure of a cancerous affee
tion.—Ebnira Ade. • -
• '
the Agitator.
Wellsboro Post Office.
1872, mails will . open and
On and after January_ 1,
close at this office.attho following hours :
14PALOPEN".• . •
•- - •
r(Dal ly)
Wally) 12,90 P. M. Coud'erpt, Mon. Th. 12 M.
6,00 " Cedarltun, 2'u., Fr., 2P. M.
ton York, Tuesdays and Fridays 12 7d.
Tioga. (Daily) 1,60 P. M.Cond'ept, Mo. 1.46P.M.
T r oy, 7,46A.11. I C'dr Ran, lito. Th. 8,30 A. M.
Stops Pork, Tueadays and Fridays ' M:
0, W. MERRICK,' P. M.
Wotslioro, Tan. 1,1872,1 y
Home Affairs.
-11r,liugh:Vol1ag is lTetttnif 14-Ititi itnntircFnb fore
the liew York Tribune. The Weekly comes at 'O., 11:1,
and the Semi-Weekly at $3 a year.
--LDon't forget George yandenhoff's reading - ab
Boren & Cone's hall to-morrow evening, Thufetitiy,
February Bth.
—We are informed by a Blossburg friend that Mr. E.
Ilussllman died. of small pox from want of medical
attendance. The doetors of that village are as well as
can be-erpe.o64l._:
Ltoent4 0n..!t0 • LicnNsE?—The Court
,last week granted license to sell liquor to all
thessa applicants in the county to whom there
was no objection by the temperance people;
but all the cases where remonstrances were
to be presented were adjourned -until' last
Monday afternoon. As we go to press early
Tuesday morning, it is impossible to givethe
result of the contest. this week; but we shall
print a full report of the proceedings in our
nest issue.
—The Repablips County Committee met
last week on 'lnc- say evening in this village.
All the meml+• - were nesent. Hon. John
Guernseyleiesupied the chair. Hon. J.
B. 'Niles was ap sointed delegate froni this,
Representative district to the State Conven
tion, and for Senatorial delegate the nomi
nation of J. C. Johnson, Esq., who had been
named by Cameron county, was concurred
in. -
Both delegates were ir4ructed to support
Hon. H. W. Williams for Judge of the Su
preme'Court. They were not instructed at
all as to whom they should support for Gov
ernor. We understand the coUnties of Cam
eron and M'Kean gave their respective dele
gates the same instructions.
THE MARI:RAU CAS - E9.—ln August, 18-
70, a building situated at Knoxville in this
county, and belonging to-Mr. Wm. Mark
ram, of that place, was burned,.. it was be
lieved by incendiaries. Afterwards Mr. S.
Markram, a brother of William, was indict
ed for the offense,Williarn appearing as pros
ecutor., • Samuel's trial upon that indictment
took place in this village last week . , and ex
cited great interest. A strong array of court
_ eel were engaged in the case, District . Atter- .
/ ney Strang, and Messrs. Seymour, Niles,
and Beach appearing for the Commonwealth,
arid Messrs. Sherwood, Elliott, Leach, and
Streeter for the defendant.
lite principal witness for the prosecution
was another brother of the accused, Thomas
Markram, who swore that he himself set fire
to the building at the instigation of his bro
ther painuel. He swore to his own guilt
with a stolid- - ettleoncerrr- and---indifibrente
showing little appreciation of his own posi
tion or its consequences. This 'Witness being
an accomplice of the accused, of course it
was impossible to convict upon his unsup
ported testimony, and 'tvv:43 brothers named
Styles were called to corroborate him. One
of theta swore, on the direct' examination,
that just before the fire he saw Samuel Mark
ram holding his horses not far from the
doomed building; but on the cross-examina
tion the witness broke down entirely, and
admitted that he didn't think it was the ac=
eueed whom he saw there.
This so weakened the case that the ques
tion whether a verdict should he ordered was'
submitted to the Court, and a Vbrdiat,' a itC
TIMM was at once entered Without the / ex
amination of a single witness on, the pert of
the defense. 1 i
The next day Thomas Misrkram / Pleaded
guilty, to the,charge of burn.ng his/brother's
building, and threw himself upon/the mercy
of the Court. He was senten7d to pay "a
fine of $lOO and costs and to be imprisoned
eighteen months in the penitentiary. The
whole case was certainly ont‘ of the most re
markably fraternal affairs that we have
heard of lately: • i -
tdacknowledge the eceipt of a letter from
Mr. Charles Yardley, of Pittsburg, telling
how he cured his cancer by drinking "wild
tea" which grows on "high land." We feel
- ii little slighted that Charles didn't write to
us before, for see. he has been sending the
same letter/ to a great, number of our ex
changes. /We don't like to print_ original
letters that have been already Published all
over the country, and so Charles must ex
a 1 s this time. We are surprised to find*
Charles's epistle so poorly written and badly
lcuyictuated; but the poor man probably
writes eo many that he really hasn't time to
* /
lit in the stops: f.
We thought at first that we wouldn't no
tice Cliarle,saCall; but when we came to
consider how much he must expend for sta
tionery:end postage, to say nothing of _his
valuable tilt*, ws thought it only fair that
. he should have some return for his unselfish
labor, and we determined to print this first
rate ,notice of him which We find in one of
our exchrinies: ' "We bai'e . rid 'doubt that
Charles is sixty-two years, old. His; vFriting .
indicates it. Of course 'the 'person' with a
cancer gets permission of the man who owns
"high land" in his vicinity to cut two or
three tons of "wild tea" onity , and lie fails to
find anybody who ever saw'the herb. So
the afflicted writes to Cliarlei Yardley, and
Charles sends him the name of his - partner
in Pittsburg, whe can furnish . any quantity
Of :' wild tea" at three dollars, pep ounce.'-
For " wiid:tetersubstitute.'!diy dock leaves,"-
and the advertising dodge is exposed."
Agitator: The third M. - g - , ..Church. of.Rin
larid; locaf at this ,place , was dedicated to
(ft3' with it propriate serviceA. )ter.. gr.
"Its 144 . IV. C,Huutinktots conducted"
3 11111 ctn...,
the services...assisted by Revs. ars. Taylor,
W eeks, l ßvarts and others. - It• hue. proved
it great success in spite of the strong oppclei
tiou of some would-be leading men.lbere.--
The trt;stees commenced the erection of the
edificeith A subscription of thirteen hun
dred d liars. The contraet for buildin svas
given t 'Messrs. rrutsman & Chapma g n
, is ,
Tioga for twenty hundred and- `Aft dollars,
about the 20th of Se aternberlast. • he build
ing was completed Dec. • 20th, ninety_ days
from date of contract. ' The buildink is 35
by 60 feet, with spire elovatien _ le -g6' feet,.
furnished inside .wzth. - alibi. end - oiredl: -The
walls and ceiling are- - kal - sotnined fmd fres
coed in a:plain but tasty-manner, being the
work of Mr. C. L. Bteiptnatt of -1Vellibof0;.
at 4 C 4 551t of one hundred dollars - The truss
tees loaned the money, and.mad'e their pay-.
runts:l4lln cash, Mid at the comPlition -of
the huilding were - : indebted in the sum of
twalra hundred and sixtpsir dollars, -whiqh
was consieved a large. aniquiit,tp:reiSel s,u.
this vicinity w,here 4mltoritlity ha'S' been W.
the eackadtzriz -•_ - ---
L; • - •
~ .
But the result was an: tl44.itionalti slibscrip;;'
of fifteen hund.red. and tift,:tr4.wo• dollars,
making witiohe orig4l subs.cpiptien over
twenty-idea 'hiliiidia" teed - lifts , 10u0r.'....- :
This'. .-P_:frellfor a place' as noted as this
• -
better day dawns ja,tf!is:difk, iofner of the
county, and the future looks' brighter. ,
Paul Smith, and Mr; W Hibbard 'dcaervo
.for, these results; ',but 'I will
iitioakof Weal at arioOlar titati,l4f I oithatist
your patience. - '• -
REAL ESTATE litov.ittxxxs. -;-'The fol
lowing transtra of real estate were filed ' for in the office-of D. L. Deane, - Recorder.
of Tioga county, last week.
Joseph P. - Morris and wife -to the Presby
teriin church:dr ,Mansileld, village lots - , on
. W . lsboro street in Mansfield, for $7BO.
Fliebe nnd Richard Hunt to Phebe-
Wood; eight acres in Brookfield township,
for $l. - -
A. D. Knox arid wife to Maiy A.
one acre and sixty rods in the Borough of
Knoxville, for $l,lOO.
L. M. B l ond and wife to P. S. • Woodburn;
1.8 aeres'in the Borough of Mainsburg, for
$l3O • - - • -
Peleg Doud, and Wife to`Philena S. Wood
burn; 3.5 acres in theßorough of Mainsburg,
for_slBo... . ,
. .
William Watrous to Charles 8,. Watrous ;
MO acres in Gaines township; for $350.
;Franklin H. Mallory to Williard Jackson;
25 acres in Chatham township, fots6oo. -
John W. Lucas and wife to Charles C.
Whiting; one acre in the Borough of Mains
burg for $640.
-LeWis Osgood and wife to Byron Bartlett
and Wesley Lewis; 105 acres in Rutland
and Jackson township t -for $6OO.
Elizabeth Tyler,.amLouisa and Freder
ick D. Bunnell to Stephen F. Wilson-;-- two
village lots in Wellsboro, for $B,BOO,
Nathan Stewart and wife s to Henry Gra
hams- 86 acres in Jackson township, fors7oo.
Stephen D. Stewart and wife to Sally
Stewart; .318 acres in Jackson township, for
Simeon J. Power and wife to Peter Case'; •
13; acres in Lawrence township for $3OO,
Alexander Ludington - and wife to Lloyd
Squires •, about 81 acres in Sullivantownslup,
for $3,000.
C offin . Con Calketand.wife to H. P. Kirkenda l llL
acrealn.-LativrEtice township ; for $240. •
Peter Ross midwife toCatharine Jennings;.
3 acres and 2 perchei in Lawrence - township
for $1,150. •
- Joseph Baker and wife to John O'Connor
25.1quare rods in Osceola township ' for $826;
Warren S. Walker to Nelson S. Walker;
-38 acres in Richmond township ; for $l,OOO
Philo Fuller to Frederick E. 'Smith ; -strip
1 foot by about 60 in- Borough of Tioga for
' JatrleS J. •Losekiiiid Wife and Susan Seely
to .Charles Bottum.. 88 square ,perches in.
Nelson township foisl•6o. '-• • " • •
Josiah Newell . and wife to Charles -B.
Ellis•, about - 109 acres in Union township;
for $2 600. .
Elijah F. Mott, and wife to Aleiander B.
Mott; about 9 rods in the borough of Knox-
Nine, for $350.
Benjamin Benson and wife to Olive Bur
lew ; one fourth of an acre in Rutland town
ship, for $875.
Anthony Haswell - and wife_ to Freeman
Updike; about 68 acres in Rutland town
ship for $1,200 .
Edwin Putnam and wife to Eli Dart; vil
lage lots 23. add 21 in Borough of Covington,
for $3OO.
George M. Bastian and wife to Nicholasl
Etter; 71 acres in Liberty township for $900.,
Nicholas Elter and wife-to Jacob Kimball ;
71 acres in Liberty township for $960.
-Robert-C. Sebring and wife to Jacob Kim-'
ball; blacksmith shop Situated in Liberty
township, for $6OO. -
Jesse Locke and wife to David S. Dough
erty; 7B acres in Brookfield township : , for
W 0 .
J. C. Price and wife to George M. Hall;
52 acres in Farmington township for, $1,500.
Amasa B. Cleveland and Vito to Hiram
Frost; 25 acres in Richmond township, for
Bingham Estate to George P. Griffin ;13.1
acres in Farmington township, for $3276.
Curtis Parkhurst and wife, to Isaac C. Bos
worth; 'two village lots in Blossburg, for
2 A. C. Jewell and wifeto PliebeJ. Nichols;
30 acres in Jackson township for $5OO.
' Arose-5 1 S. Baldwiii and wile to Robert W.
Ste.war , village lot in Lawrenceville, for .
' Ashael P. Shaw and wife to Xavier
Honser; acres in Liberty township for
Ferdinand Thomas and wife to Robert
Custard, , Jr. •• • 11 acres and 48 -perches in
Morris township for $283.
Ira Mudge and wife to Alonzo W. ttLudgo ;
51 acres and 4 rods in Covington township,
for $5O . O.-
'th,; 57.4 acres
R. F. Wilson to ,ohn Smitn
in Middlebury township, for $2,900.
3 \
— on . Pleas convened last
_week Monday in
t .1 afternoon, Judge Williams and associaie
Jut, ?es L. B. Smith• andjD..McNauglikon on
the bench. We print ,belOw minutes of the
proceedings during 91c week :.. . .
. . 1 • JA:Ny/A.iiv NTH. ,
Commonwealth/ vs James M. Sly. Case
continued and dal held to baill in WO for
ape at 'next quarter sessions.
- H. J. CharlY, for use of E. E. Bond vs L.
_P. Davis; et./al— BUIe to show 'cause why
judgtnent, shall not be opened, and ;lets let
in to defend. •
'kWh Dr • John - Donate. - On-triis-
- Elizabeth _iciatie vs John - Doa.,.
tion of plff's attorney, DaVid Cameron lip•
pointed commissioner to take testimony:
Com. vs. -S. S. Johns. Def't gave bail
$l,OOO to appear at next Quarter Sessions.
Com. vs. James C. Johns. Def't gave bail
$14900 to- appear at next Quarter Sessions.
/Com. Vs. H. C. Johns.- Def't gave bail
$1,1)00 to appear at next Quarter Sessions.
Com. vs. M. McCollum James McCollum
Charles Bollman. On motion of Mr.
Ellibtt; the def'ts were discharged by the
C ourt.
Com. vs Edward A. Lloyd. Grand Jury
find an indictiment against def't for bigamy.
Corn. vs. Patrick Sullivan. Grand Jury
return bill ignoring ,charge for assault and
battery; Corn. to pay the costs. .
E. E. Sill vs William G. Lutz, Frank
Kehler and George Brown. Rule to show
cause why the service of summons in this suit
shall not be set aside and suit quashed.' • • ' s
Wiliam H. Thompson vs Joseph Gee:
Rule to shovi cause•whyjudginent shall not
be opened and def't let in to defend, return
able at next term.
Caroline Bowen vs Lucius Mattison. Mile
to show cause why award of arbitrators shall
not he-set aside, returnable forthwith. • •
4.1317ARY 80234-
Com. vs Joseph Bailey. Indicted at,
vember term . for larceny. Tried by jury, ac
quitted, and discharged. I
Corn. vs Isaac Sutton. „indicted for mal
icious mischief at Noverulbsir term. Indict
ment amended and seconc. count quashed.
Del" t tried byjury . , and fond guilty.
Corn: vs O. D - Perry. (rand Jury find
indictment for setting fire to dFelling house.
. _
C. J. Curtis vs -.A. B. Grak , es. Rule to
show cause whyjudgment shall not be opened
and deft let in to defend, returnable Febru
ary Bd, 1872.
Com. vs Leonard Taylor. Grand Jury
'find indictment against def't for seduction.
Corn. vs. Gilbert Vincent. Grand Jury
find indictment against deft for ravishment.
Corn. vs: John Bergen., Grand Jury ignore
charge of assault and battery, and find that
the prosec_utor .John Frost, pay tl - .-kcosts.
Com. vs. Oliver Melaby._ On motion of
W. A. Stone, def't discharged.
Com. vs. I: C.,Priee. .Der tore bail $l,-
00(? to'appear at next Quarter Sessions.
Com.- vs: John Frazer. Grand Jury find
indictment against deft for keeping-.,a-.tip
piing hi:S e nse.
Conk. vs. John Frazer. Grand Jury, find
indictment against deft for selling to minors.
Com. l's, Theodore Grantier. Grand Jury
find indictment against def't for assault and
battery. • -;
Com. vs. Samuel Markram. Pert indict
ed at November term for burning building.
Tried by jury, .who find the deft not , guilty,
and that tlie , county..pay the costs of prosecu
tion. • -
Corn. vs. 0.-V7.Earnei. On motion of .11.
Allen, the def't and his bail dischszted.frotr ,
their recognizance.
Corn. vs. ,John Frazer. Rule to show cause
why indictm'ents against the def't" Shelf not
_splashed, continued until next term.
Corn: 'vs. Isaac Sutton. The court sentence
def't to pay a.firus cif $75. and easta_, of pros
eution•tind to start dn4 nritte_d. uift i I sent en cc
is complied . • , .
Com. vs. A. ninney.-- Grand Jury find
indictment against def't for assault and bat
'Warren Wills., survivor-of 0. W ells ys,
Charles Voorlies. . Rule to show causo why
judgment shall not -he entered -• for-I - WOW of
a sufficient affidavit, returnable at adjourned
qtabl. vs, "Sarah, Guild. Action
for divorce: Court appointed Walter Shet-'•
wood a commissioner to take testimony.
'Moines Afarkram. Deft indict
ed at Nov. - term for burning plea&
guilty, whereupon the Court; sentence liito
to pay a fine of $lOO #o the and costs of
prosecution an 4 t 9 itaprisonment in the East
ern Penitentiary of ode yelir atur six ci*lorldF
tnonths to be computed from this date. .
Itinnep_ X nal P tea ' r
sack and - battery; Pie ay:u)ufy. * a„ aa
def't not pithy, and acquit torn-7114! .the
'ground of insanity. .
VS ? p r P. Perry. Dort gave
000 bail
13.'43-raves; !!'3sef't gage saw
-hair rot: -bis:apßearanee next-:.quarter,,l9l;":
1 .;
COM.' VS.' Edivird A 'Lloyd.''
ed for biuxuy., Pleaded - guilty and sentenced:
to pay sine Of SKI' 'and' costs,' and-tir solitary;
confinement tn.Ettstern Tenitentiary tor, „one
year-and tvio' , ealendarinonths. - •
PridaY:ifternoon the Courtudjoarnedi
til-Monusiy, - the lsth: instant. -:T? •
brintr,V.oo: '4l.'s'l) 4E .
CltiEK ROAD.:-'-'Editot'Agitatov:—.llere
some' facts' bout those hills and that'roadl
First the hills: Going south fiorn •N•auil
the road leads upone, which, to
-say the in
is longarid tedious; This is followed , bY,,fi
smaller tilies'arith their i'nter'vening hello'
Not much .farther is the top •-of_ one fro
ivhich r there,is'apitelt'doWn, dolvn;ilFivin,
to a hole (I Mean place) called
Wm.• Stoddard of — Pine °reek, - having
passed through this place, and _reached the.
to of this liill, :hioked down and-reniarked
"That is the worst hole, in - the ground, that'
I ever Saw." measures four -hun
dred and fourteen feet lu height, and two
hundred and thirty-seven rods in leng - th.--In
seventy nine rods there is a rise of, two huff- ,
dred feet.
Texas is, three miles fromlivpa: 'The
road from here is along the banks of Zim
merman Creek to English Centro, frOm
whence two - roads lead out into the open
country far below. From Texas is another
road up a hill; long,' and in some parts very
steep, a distance of three miles ere the top is
fairly gained. Here are farms mostly new.
This section is called Oregon; and has abant
fifty inhabitants. At Nauvoo is their
_near- ,
est and they generally go out into_
Liberty to trade, thus being obliged to tralcel
up and
,down these enormous hills, which
are, "f or' the moat part, always very .rOugh.—
This is very ciggia*atizzg, because all unneces
sary. Zimmerman Creek, which is cro ssed
at-Nauvoo and again at. Texas, has along its
banks a road laid some
_eighteetki. qr. twenty'
- years ago ; but as yet it has never been open
ed._ Its length - is but a trifle, Hilly, greatzzr
than the bill road. •
•• , 1
'Midway on this line lives a farmer whose
prily road out leads up along, hard hill, -into
the'ether - rigid,'Making. for hini half a mile
farther to travel either way than by said new,
road, which can be made without anything:
Abielr can be iermed:Riiill7,./tt,'.:Atagaliig:
merely-the fall of the cceek.' .. .A. road reitaTi
ing from Oregon and
,intersegting this has
been viewed and reported, thus affording the;
people there a. road of easy grade . and no
greater distance ; also opening the ,w ay , fin.,
somefour neVL settlers, who hive at present
no road. They are but little way back from :
the creek 'road. Some six families hvingi
near the upper end'of the creek road have to•
.go to Nauvoo if wishing to go South, about ,
one mile farther for them. Who - sitYs' Is'
road is not a public necessity? .- It bits its t op::
z a
posers. The farmers along - -the hill - ad
have mustered all their forces agaiinit it, d
have even asserted that it should not be 9 en
ed. They got up a petition to have it , s , a at-'
td, under the plea of the town being in disbt.:
Many signed, those living on Babb's. C eek,
having never. traveled the - road and not ex
pecting to be benefited by it. ': n
Offers were made to build the road fort • ree
hundred dollars. 'Nearly if not quite !this
amount has been' expended by lawing.' ail
ing in the first attempt, is second paper for
vacation has , been sent to Court. - A year
ago about fifty lien came together and Made
oaths that "Said road was a public necessi
ty." It/being Saturday there were 4nly
about forty registered and sent to Court.—
These-were by persons most of whom lie in
Pine Township, LyComing county, an in
Liberty. •
Its oppo . 3ers convened and made oathlt;
but why enumerate them ? I - have implicit
faith that the Court will decide in favi,r of
the public. If the Judge could wall i . up
Texas hill, ride down it on horseback,
then make his decision, I am sure' it, would
be prompt and decisive for, the wants ef the
people. What rejoicing among travelersl
If poor horses could know, and shout i , - We
should ,ttll be startled by, their loud hUrrith.s .
at such an event. I shall then ' have .grew
improvements to write about. - ....
Lycoming County. I
The trial of Jacob Ricbhold, Pierson
Crawford, Hopetvell Walton and Wash
ington Giese, four of the seven young MO
arrested in Money, recently, charged with
the burning of property, during the fall and.,
winter, and held for trial, commenced at
- Williamsport, on Friday morning the 26th
ult•q was concluded on Saturday—eVen
ing, resulting in their conviction.
-Mr. Chas: -Edwards, :of 014 tyconsa
township, recently slaughte'red 'a yoX ,
bullock three years old, which weighed when
dressed 1,035 lbs. •
"Hair manure" is what a young
quire 4 for in one of the WilllAmspoit drug
stores last week when she wanted -a bottle of
Hair iienewer.
Much enterprise is exhibited in the estab
lishment of free reading rooms in William
%lion. The rooms are kept open by- irn
bets of -Trinity churcli; altd
.everybo y' is
cordially linvited to avail of the oppei
tunity; eSpecially working-men of the !4ty,....,
Litheran church, ifontooksville,•a
protracted Meeting has been condttete l 4loy
Rev. J. G. Griffith. The e until
also extend invitations to attend the we ding
of their pastor. _
By the Auditor's report, it appea
L 7 coming has paid during the past yer
sheep killed by dogs $1,72723,
,'LSonard, of- Jafferkik
died instantaneously on Friday mornin
26th - rift.', from the effect' of, heart disei;
On the evening of the lame Mr.
Jackson, atm* PO: years
_Of. age; died
sudnenly at his residenao No. g
He had been very lively during the ev.
but after retiring complained - of pain
soon after expired. I
'Scarlet -fever' is said to be preval
some places on Ly t toining creek. • •
The debt - of Lycoming countyis now . .135,-
110 27. , .:
i j -•;.. 7 %.r .. . ;
A. few :nights since the barn of - etttkk
Cofney in-Athens TownshiP was tin : teed ,
, with 10 forii of hay and several tons bfiiti*".
Jt was insltred•fer $3OO which barely c4ger'ed
the loss of Contents. It was undoubtely the
work of an incendiary. _ •, -
• .'' • .
The non-German Roman Catholics o .Wil
liamsport lia , ;e been holding 'a meetin ' and
passing resolutions sustaining Bishbp"
in tito. contro v ersy
_with -rather Stack. : r: , ,,
Mr: kaivaS diiiet; a tailor of - Wlianzt
I t_
pOO, -vui nearly' burntlo death by a ke ic :
eiploSioifrecently, " - _
There was a JewishWa wedding at Wi rn
sport laSt Sunday, week. , , - •
'Mrs'. Jane Atwood, relict of the =tat ' Ori
pen Atwood of S.alona, died xecently ~ t,,that,
glace, aged 71_ years. • -'• '"- • ''' -- '-'-i
. _
Last -Thuradtt - y• night Mr. John Bro ,', an.
esteemed 'citizen Of Willianbiport, died of
heartAlease: On. - Piiday morning 'Mrs:
Erode having,Prepaied breakfast, cal ed her
busbaLl- - No answer being_given, alt . .w*..
to his sleeping room and:was:shocked.
I#i're.e,Tipiktr ' lie hilt tayof IP" aims, ft ;,-
lieitlttx...previui kid.tha petsVinartezaz ,
nation of Drs. Smith and Alba shows=BitWei
died"a natural but sudden death_ - 6 - 40
ak4V .1 . 4rt.:7 -414 q!third;A"2-' 10 ::•:„ 1 •I'i alit
About fifteen years since, Mr. Henry T.
f l uteher, now living on •_the"- - south ala,-.410
an untoward aceldenhaad setrld ' 4 4 ilikere
thrust intoi , 4 - "ivrisi,, vitiieh, Strange t i c,' say,
remained there for fifteen „years, at iiines
causing,him no little Uneasiness. On- rida ,
morning'ait, he:dotal-14414, to:, I‘..ft 4i_
:troublesome- splinters, taken ; out:.; , - -Ttie il at‘
I),lroptiresulted.in relieving •hitn - lo£ -tiTlier,bo
[ a,"nether had so deeply penetrated: r e:4'l4
•thofiilifiltn's - afe to extract it. In -tli,kiftten-,
ing, bosii.:kei3ien'iled - iiii - a aci a iii - i ii i -a-m,
rnbecideci•wo - c4.4raidoly fatind'inii_xtract.
'eth-=--Sto - n2lO id. = '7-• ' - "7 - --' • --' -: .- :1 L.-2z) ,_,
s --Thekleallialnsport •?.§iignolarii.4liya:Abst,
0:1 1 . 0 - A. S q..P. i;l:r: 1r ,-)Ti iiilit , "; :PA: 1 5 14 1:4
ji'dialut - nther piominidt-getiewir,,4lauZ
"eiktNiiinta', , K l 'o* . gii4:Pi*:•l l fikiii4.44
pod spenilieveralilys, gnd.wernialtirellßl
with , - pe'cUlisir .pain's *ipd sps f 4ion#.•: %I t
kartiti, it Ogelilt, gas PilltiPiliarlY gfrPPieil;
and having no doubt that ha wasi poisoned,
immediately procured the proper antidotes
And treated hi - df to
boVSalltide Who is a - very solid man ,
also considerably depressedfor several da
At thailmO'of writing T; H. -Murray, Es.
- of_Cleitrfleld happened in our office' and:
US that,when on , his w_aY t 0.,. Harr",
burg during•therearly put' Of ',be t- Week
met Gait. Bigler, who told him of the gene
complaint that the 'Harrisburg water was i
pure, and adraoilihed 'din not ; to 'drink
it. Mr: Murray tells Ala that he. earefid
obeyed the injunction awl feels perfect
well. *Dr. Martin gives it its his theory
thji.trittitttif "istiddi4ioilltidsent
burg, that the'reservoir em which Ha
burg is supplied.with water ii 11111 of tit
and, decomposed matter. ,
. .
• . - , -Se • e
tnbenn n
~,,- --- -
n t,i -
James Thanft w rese.4y arrested in liii6
igen, and bra); # habil 0, filaig, iWhere
formerly real e t iilrkg4d ii:th,lAtill'olli
forged note i * - tiltA4ee,l4lt..a‘ ! yette ; a!!
The village Of irdiatn — brs, according
the reckoning of att :old ;bachelor, 100, wi
ows, 25 grass widows and 05 widowers:
George R. Graves, attorney at law of C
ning, goes to St. Paul, Minnesota, to pr' ? '
tice his profession. _
Tho ladies of the Episcopal church
Corning have raised, nearly money enou
to purchase a thousand-dollar bell.
Saints sod ':sAners st and on slippery Oa!
raltylit let Le : 0 4, 4 1 - 31414 ti:, a jewel
elippe on t i. 2 e
side-walk - 111e other day
/ fl
broke his leg.
Pete Murphy, of Hornellsirille y Who is
under $2.000 bail, on a Charge' of rape, ttri
dertook to commit a rapr on a squeal at Hem..
lock, near Salamanca.
Elias B. Hungerford, of Corriing, was Ss?
lasted as the Superintendent , ;fthe Chemung
Canal and Feeder and Truman S. Pritchard
of Corning, is ttie.-PolleetOr- at}that
But the Elinirr2lV?rliseratyg
eying of Elmira i twaiaPPointedSuperintend't I,
by the Canal Board,,in place of E. B. Huzi7l.,
gerford, who was appointed a week ago. - 0
Mr. David Presion, a fernier living abouti
two miles up the Watson Creek, in the to,4vn
of Lindley, N. Y. fell dead at the breakfast
table, of the heart disease. Mr. P. was abut
fifty-four years of age, and a good eitis
He leaves a wife and Ave children to moi
his loss.
Sam Erwin, of Painted Post, has
movod to Brownsville, Texas.
kr. W. C. Bronson is establiShint a la
plaining mill 'and lumber yard at Pain
On Sunday week, Mr. Tracy Seely,
Cooper's Plains hired fillopeisruKbuggY i
Bonham's Liveryin Paint a eid' teit a to go
Addison, and has failed to return it.
reward is offered for the return , of the p+
erty and arrest of the thief. •
• •
A successful revival is in progrese in Ithe
Methodist church at Addison.
:Thecgoatting Denim:at .says' that
persons in that`village have been fleeced out
of surnkyarying from $lO to $l6O by thremt,
ing dice with a gang of shaTers. .Served
'em right. . .
A. tire occurred at -Poieted POI filMt ,
Wednesday night, -
School House. The building belonged' to
the family of the late Arthur Erwin, tia . <l
was stored full of tobacco. ' I
The "Anti-Renters''' of Steuben oounty
hiiVerreeetitly, keen-worsted •byl the Sheriff
They uuderfo - oli fo 'Pitiierit his Selling t.liel
property of one of their number against
whom a judgment had been obtained by the
Pulteney Estate, but the SheriffaPpeared un
expectedly 'on thniTaiesiiva iletion'.with
company of of armed bidders, and the prop 7 l
erty was duly dispoied of according • to - law..
A serious accident occurred at Hornells.'
villepti,tl2eAltti, u / lt., at the house No.l 126
Csintste,li street, owned by Benjamine Ben_
nett s_ankused as, a millinegy . store and
11 . iiiiiiii4iiiiiiietliiitinder'cifiiiite
linery goods in progress, and -the weight of
the crowd was. o mych for .the strength '.of
the floor, Ale Toil was' ina ptcipi)ftto
all the people i thirxellni. — SeVtn•al 3n - i.- , --
sons were quite seriously injured, among
ivhom where Mrs-Benj. Bennett,,Mrs. 35iiietr
Hawley, - Miss Hathaway, _Mils ; P. M. Cr i ptili;.
eyle, Mrs. pi e w i jitia o tkok o yhoge . :ll tp % -
we have not learned.
Hiram Potter, of Cooper's Plains, died on
the 26th ult., of an apoplecticAtittaCk, - ,age4
about seventy years. He bad been in }poor
health for months. He was elected Sheriff
of Steuben county in 1840, end served." )
years. He was an active business man
his health failed him,
0 us*.nv*''it"::::
The 13451111/ 1 40eigEtayii:"At Ad.
Almon Bemates Horse broke loose fro
O Y 6 F—A- 1 ?91 3-81 9d
brols•A_its-tel'%v•-;-We , trust- that: unfelt
bob-sled's leg has been mended before
time. , , .
m 444 - etii a.l43Bl.
of Mr,.E.lNit 9atimAyin I/WM°, by Rev, S.
sue, Mr.
_Thomas L. Moore of 'Chariest/1., - 1 , 11.'
Min Amanda B. Avery of lanesbury, N. Y.
HOPKDIS—pRECR. , —At 'trinity church, Cleveland,
Decemberl4,-by theVither afilthe tickle, .assisted by.
the Rev:J. - Lloyd Brock, D. A, /O. 4 1 1,_ Lawrence Sop
kine,"son4f President Hopkins, I"Williams College,
and Mise Annals P., only=h rof Rev. Charlie
Brech t D, D. rector of the p
I /
I • ,z
7 Jantuiri 12t110
Effie, young t daughter of Edwin Wetmore; aged ri
years and 10 months.
- •
,r for
.116.1711.—Ai the month of Mill Creek, January ;27th,
1872, of cerebraspinca 'meningitis, George W., youngest
son of Wflliam .7:•-and Mercy B. Mann, aged /6 years,
~. ..
117 v•i_.-4.44',.;lTellstgiraiiiilliiii ialr, 11872,
Maria , Bfktherelged 22 eiziii', 8 Months; And 7 ,day e.
It Is With feelings of the deepest regret that we an:
nounce the death of one of our moat promising ,young
men. . Where was taken.igek January Tilthi with
tercbro4 (nails, and hip nt=a 3 r. r ,ii i ma
T .
rupted. He was a yotist esti • an of .
prospec s, and was much respected and beloved in our
village_. 1
,11120cfain fell, when think went ding, i _
rom eyekunused•Wwdetr; ' . •'-' '
. An lon_wdzestz.thothittlying,. '.` -- ' I
In *kr. tbrlethrtierf steep: • -.: - - ..W. o.
' :cif. ..zimailzweincia. - Milisap , the onlY child , and sow
of ildrcpard Kemp , formerly of Jackson, this county,
died at ratlitil'airAn Elmira, din. Sti, 1872.
Clarence was a young man of promise, possessed
excellent habits, en unblemished reputation. and was
hflatdifillaziatualactiKretatives - anithscquabstgaves. ,- __. 7 .
His m er survives the loss of a kind husband, and
• now, only child, and is thus left to weep over dear
ones =4 away, He was 16 years of age! His
filnereit a Teitity Church op Om Mat,
c itt
aglii. , - I.plidgpendelet MaOttres._ •
_No. 8, of w c a was a Membet; attendsti
the,fuiseral in a body. Thus anotber „young nie.n is
cut doWn in the morning of life. I
t INSCIIO.-.ln Knoxville, Pa., dap. 11, 1812 ~ 1174.
Mary Inscho, aged seventymine yeals, widow 6f the
late Moses Inscho, deceased. •
th in
e orB l fae ,• = '/ =Tt ri ll t,l = l :
ahe be ame a mOmber, ever evincing her love for the
Savion , and his cause. Her amiable grignmitiOu and
ehristi n walk grew to her a large circle cf friends,
who, th her relatives, deeply mourn tlzeir.lueS ; but
trust t their loss Is her eternal gain, • , it- *.• •
: the
• tang,
R. KlMEt)a'lfftaft , q4 . 9.44til :pr -
. ,
: 11 ,-- il '
WELLSBORIDAMY 8, '1871: - -,
d ,L.-t , .,. _
, DEALVIIS • -- P4l rEnt Bali AT
Flour,' r bbl $0 00 90510 00
,Buckw eat dour, per owt —. 4 00
'Wheat, white, per bushel ILO I
Vi, red . " .. ..... .1 40 . -r.-.
' 24%0 0t1,241: a;1.•:..z.V.40.0';', .1 , :i4;...1.: ,
;, - 4.4. CliOdag,iiiii'll':::./ . ii 4 fr 404 4 -. ^. i 4,1,411) .
!Mill, ells& •' . 90 )1
1 . - • g" i • vs , -,
=1 • 9 - ,'
`- " ' •
. .
4 1 9 e, - - „ . "•
t i ler ;0 i j gglikA,k• ;,..- 1 148_ 5(57;
r I •. . .4, _...41 , , - .4. 54-,0
_ „, ~.,„ ~, .. .... ~,, ,• ,
. r. - • i t.O f--
- t i rT,_ eid, per cwt ,- - 2 25-.
Teed: r cWt '
. 2 90
4' . per bush -- [ 51}
!Appleseoo Wilt, ..., 100 - - 11 20
610 P 0 • 410: cotubl.t..iiiltai..-r is Itta
. ..e, k we.:. r.• xv,,, va , - , 4..."1,
7Pork, per lb -" • - • ' • •"`• ' "''"' '77-,i - .: 7; 115'"
gams. perlb 12% I 10 -
13hcfal re, per lb •,. - 10' [ •_,32%
13u r r 1b... ~.,,, A • « 23, ~ - : .01
lb ; -' 4.• •44 41•14 5. 4 0 --z ' '- 4, ' , " kW - i
001 4
8 [ .16
Moue per lb • 20 , [ 20 .-
Bees lb
Vin ,i cegal:- tr:t1:0:;:nt3 , ...,..4.-: : 4 -iP ;11) .. ! ....1 f.%.
B . l•gp t er dozer - . [ , .
22 • 1 - 3,5':
Vrisd eil,Ornil...l. ,:•tf:• , • [ f • Mit , "le
pied beet PaiWrt i t•str 7 ,trtv - • '43
Dried erries, per lb' • ' . - j4O
m lic e :be pe rri r e i s t , 7 lb" :.' [ ..111 i l, ll . g'. il r,ll/41;4'4 ,
Pried berries, black, per lb.: .7
.; .23 ~- :J ,-: "1:6-..
id •pberrles-;^red, per lb - '2O . 1,- 28
----?'`-- 19 1 1aubes " , •pehipirfV.; P. 1 ..1! .L A ' 1 1
1 .
3 foot, per , II 1.r.A1l ya.,........ ---:: - 1 , • , e ;
'rd, per ton
‘. -
.11441 Fau
Per l§. , • 1
ygligw,tferlb... •;': ;I; .
brotvit, per lb
1, per.lb
11, 7
Suge ,
' ,-` ' -rJ
'Speen - 4,1 ces. -, I
• _
~,,314b);*opi piUticltiarly children, ainrar with tiui
tjkiOtbdAor tvAilit - pt inch We giVO It aura
ittalraldg inutedy. Pdt twn or thrpe chops of:fain:
Adollinl Liniment, stop 'the cizi• with uudrCaaed
tvtiol; Bailie the feet lu 'warm water before going to
bed, an keep the bead wain at uttibt.
s"!,,,Pharipl sitor,,Who-keol!.A.AVlzAltiatoek of
very hones iniertiana, I&e., intern:ell . us recently .
,t't'beditiii Aherldon's Catillry CondiVorili.a,lers reg.
Iniaily-taillithl l es, And that the eipepac id more than
*fi let by t Wished tunounfof grain necessary to ,
!kePP) 2l o,lAorses always In good order. - . -
~ `--, •
~ .:Art , .1. . .:___,/ . ' .
ggenta k / Cleo, P. Rowell tc CO., of
, Iceenrik; efe silks beiVrOttlie piemot,
po9P l l 4 4itruk ariiighffirivard. 2 --ijaairnai, Freeport, 111,
lirtipitteitlort dti widely dull-,favorably known its
A" fewewer, heeds fe
words of tirairi
,froin us. This compound his wan its
!way to the hi est favor in the public =WI; a m
"and ut.
, I tltudea,.whd ye vainly used other *Mates for the
restoration,iiitheir hair, beim, on trying the Sicilian
Renewer,;beeti madeglad by the speedy restoration of
their gray hair to Re natural color, mid the thin lorts
thicketed tipi as in the,days of early youth. It also
prevents the hair falling out, makes it soft and ossy•
and altogether the hest preparatiomfor its in tended
pmposes before the pliblio..:-Piitiburp Cronicla.
Dr. Joseph 8. !Are,. of so statepa l pylcirge ,t Irtitee
7 , tt4 260 a sitiC r Airiliiiiididiezi ot4
kidneys that had been treiteciliy one . of our moat ow .
Mont physicians. I saw from, the syieptoms that if
yoUr Mrearta's.ELiaa liirrsas was wlutt it was rep.
resented to be, would be the beet thing I could I pre.
iic*: l- 1 aid ski and With the'mdst gratifying restate.
The patient lied been confined to her room for wee
time, but titer 'it • few days, use of the Bitter, she wits
able to be about &rube itot ., doing her own housework.
I think very highly of yourpreparation- and Intend to
8109 0rT7112 ZODIAI3.-A, philosopher in the West
grown into admiration of the Cherry Pectorial, writes
Dr,' yer for instructions tinder which sign he shall he
bled, which blistered, and which rebated, and under
which he shall take Ayers Pills for an affection of the
liver : also iirider which sign his wife should cote.
nienoe to take the' Simeiparilla for her ailment. Re
Ods4 u l p ir. he already knowcto wean his calves:under
Tan change Lie pigs he'Scorpio, cut his hair in
sties WU/ soak.his feet in Pilices or Aquarius as their
condition requires. • -
fellocdralutters, start for. Wisconsin, and visit Mr.
Maniwhen yen get them—Lowell Daily Wews,
A victim of early indiscretion, Pausing nervous de•
premature , decay, fre.; baying tried In vain every
itclyertileP remedy: has diaoimered a simple means of
ftioiltotiretlivldch htt•irlif send free to hie fellow-suffer
ers. J. H. REENES, Naßau at, New York.
...Jan. 1, 1872.
i scoto
Forty years ago 11nimbi was as far West as most peo
-Ple wished to go, and journeys were made in the Ls !
- Sefidarg.!'Prairitgy.tuoiteri! bufin these-daya of pro
gress and iMprovement, the word - West has come to
mean lowa, Nebraska, Hansee, Colorado, oriels And
the Territories, and the traveler reach almost any
point' therein by a splendid line of .
' pits Line of rail*id lithe Burlington notate,, which
starts 1 =94 0 , 4)!F the Chicago, Burlington and
"QuinCy? ; Komi Indianapolis, over the Indianap
olis. Bloomington and Western Short Line; and from
'Tligansport, over the Toledo, Peoria and Warsaw rail
road; and running through Burlington, reaches Oma
ha, Lincoln, Nebraska city, St. Joseph, Atchison, Lea
veuwoith and Senses oity, connecting with the 6 Union
Pao*, -Katmai ;Pacific 'aria other:railia4dS
14 . dmith696' '
Always go "by way of Burlington," and you will be
sure to be right.
- the/4141E4t0n route has admirably anstrerdd the
q,liestiOn; " 49w top West," by.the publication of a
Ili2teres.inblacument, filled with facts in
regard to time, connections, accommodations, rates of
fare,AnA other interesting items, an& illustrated by a
large tiais;triathfully, showing the whole West, Watch
they distribute free of charge. Copies and additions
txfornigiou can be obtained by addrenittgi, general
•Paaaenger Agent, B. and M. B. 8., Burlington, /owe:"
General Insurance Agency,
Hv! tie garnpbel I,
BE prepared:to r *l firsuerPolicierftt Brat class Corn
prnies on all kinds of Insurable Property against
..Fireand Lightning at reasonable rites. We travel and
AII r oXIMO all risks -personally In the counties of nogg
and 'Potter. ' J. S. CAMPBELL.
Belson, 1872-4. y. J.D. CAMPBELL.
s Notice.
I ETTERS of adminisiratiou'on the estate vt John Cbamberlizr..kitg otolackson, Tioga Co. Pa., dee'd,
lus irk been granted to Me, all persona having 'define
against and those owing said estate are hereby notified
to gall for settlement on Mrs. Abigail Chamberlin, at
Ldwrenc'eville Pa:, or on the ndersigned at East
- . eld , B bedford Co; . , Pa. • J. W. CHAMBIIBLLN,
Pgb. 1872-6 w. ••- ' Adm'r. '
ptOr . CIPt.
Or „ 1ip ...,
J . ,
%IRE Shoe Shop and iixtuiea on Orafton• Street, op
posito Wagnor's Tailor Shop. This is a good
chgnftfar any-one.desiring toengaga to tho-bustinni.
Ihr :ate; W. Sears Shoe Shop on
Main street, Ist dour-east of Van Horn's Cabinet Shop.
;deb. /872-Sw. • L. SEARS.
I .
.grIV Elan 113.—Ali persons vvhb contemplate
making contracts S tith newspapers for the insertion of
' A t‘ v er tm eeß,ti'A l t li t ul 4 - . send t° •i.. v is •
Geo ,•&• ( 04. •
• •
for a circtshr; or inclose 21S centtrfai their`Orit Hint-
DEED PAGE Pestriftsx, containing Lists of 8,000 Newsi
et, and estimates, shoyaing the cost oratlertising,
alsomany.usefulAsintil.to advertisers, and some.sta
count.of the experiences of men :who are imown as ono.
o - etafal Advertisers. Title firm are proprietors of the
Amerman Newspaper eAvertising Agency,
'4l Park ' , Row, N. Y . 1 -
a ckaz fro resessee gs ysied lac:pities
111.1 d
klkrfiltaa n t
. . ; -'• -
.duditor's Notice.
THE Auditors of Dein= township will meet inzWells
.A• botn on the 25th of Feb.'-itoT r i,,aur,:thiellurpose of
settlidCl4 accounts of Gild tow nship,.; by order of
Sitfertr4 •
•" • KCiaglt.
Jan 21; 18 7 -ow: ' • • • Clerk.
ficiii's - e - a - rit t Lat for Sale.
TIME autracribor oilers for solo his house and lot on
Ltncolu,Street, opposite Jacob Sticklip, ...is. Welk ,
oureasopibre - teruis. Said holispla.tu,good con.
ditlon;al44_a'sbOice lot of fruit Apiee-oththilt wetnises.'
,F,,partiplara lusOtir.yof, GlErg.l - EjlAilitWAßT,
Jatt. S, 1872.4 s. •
- 1 r. .•
"z .
. hope,
THE thaderslgned would tespecthilty say to the (A
/se= of Weilsboro asidvteir.4ty, that tug bee opened a
• • •• • t. 44., -
. • -
14" building ting I
ti' mat plea :by O. L : WWcoL
flisen a issortmeiat AL
•_ U -
akhes A e
.;Silver an,d .Platea- Warek
lAtigratftr' r 'Attitlta'' 114 " 6
,• I:4'nth
• 4,, .
• Popks-
0 10 1411 2 800414100 ch oft:vent= yiarg
prfsPek, ex rIVIICP 12 Clalcielti guarnob,
ti0.1141)414),'AN. A 1017tf.
. .
. . ,
Il e
r, yipobscr!Per for thitftrst thie, Agar, hi it Ippv aw
~ loppts4pn the ,IFellyiNpro and Law:IMMO°
T 11'14.1W4lituttLterhOlp;Tftga Co., Flc., nine
. attfrotn . Ploikeighi from Wellaboro.anq on-2
map rim hiclidlebury De
and junerest: t i: ;
land. Ceivela and Xnorvilid.rhaft, coma' IN 1
N I tliiii to - Viiirsino p l / 2. lJrre c rl.l4.o9 , _tee4
iIF , e ,t: eel, gimp lin es ; rgoo pc Or.
I' ' @ fro a boos* and barn thereon. For further In
fo:mat:on, 'lnquire of the subseriberon the premises.
1872-tf. . CrciokedCreeh t Tioga Co., Pa.
77 .• #, • •
=a 104 -
- - 76001 _
- 1:, 1
. ... „ r-.-«,.,.,
J ~G
*r . '•!
O r , 1-,rf
0 a .5 ts
PE 2 gi
g a ' 4
P, i t 4
_ a 41
Orrin. We.
:Gpotii,i, - C,losiogr,:,Toy.t,•.;sale„,
I 4
J. A_.-Paro*s C 0.,;
Winter Stock of press Goods,
At "a great, reduction from
. their regular Prices.
Conakit. ha. 24, lON. -
Corning Foundry & Machine Shops
-immsr3a - ek 'cfc 161032.0,
• Manufacturers of stationary and Portable Engines and Boilers. Ocarftrg, Sha ft ing and Machinery required
lei Saw Mills, Grist Mille and Tanneries . Ovens lOU Grates, for burning Tau. Screws for moving I:duelled
andleached bark. Gestings,Bolts, Railroad Frogs, Chairs, and Repairing done at short notice. We have fa
cilities for shipping by. Canal or 'R to all points, and can furnish Machinery cheaper than Eastern or
Western builders of the beet quality. •,
`A large insofar of Colitis, and Plat!grin Spring and
oilier Wagon for sale. H. ,H. Borden of 'Doge, and
H. of Lawrenceville. agente. Call at the
above places, or my shop in Welleher% and eVasnisis
work before purchasing elsewhere.
Jan. 1, 1874. C. J. NyHESLIEIi.
„If you waat• ale, assortrneat el
: --: ,
If you want Dress Good of all kinds; - [
cell at DWEIf'S Shanty.
, .
i 1
/I you want Bra Alpaca, call for Oran Dutcbeaa,
at AL.DWIIiII Slauity.
U you want an Cottomatklbaw/. j...
1 - . i -• . , call at lIALI/Wlti'S Monty
a . 9, i
Lt' you•atant Ladies & Gents' ander were,
call at BALDWIN'S Stmaty
. .
If you want notions Aid trimmings, •
call at BALDWIN'S Stun . ty
If yon viwA'Fius:
i' ;-;,:,!.= k : •-• - 1.• -
If you wrest knit 4tooac
If you wait' Hato Mt Cape. ..
oall M BALDWIN'S Shanty,
If you Want BoOta and Slim,
call at BALDWIN'S Shanty.
if you 'mini* Set 44jIhniri.
Dti wacit iced 'remand orOol` sus relax • "« ,
wll _
If you wart a ready made suit of clothes,
call, at DALDWINI tatisaty.
Ryon wept 4 Vat 41 919t1M titittivar
• ,
- oxte -
. =
• -qU M BALDWIN'S Monty
If you wout Bufflio Robes, -
call at RALAWVI'S Shanty
waptpriwts that cant be
wizr 11.1
%it's whets the Matter,
... ::x t.
We are inslous to sell these goods bake* we leave the
Shanty. - I` , . L. 1161..tIrift
or CORNING. N. Y., ASE szturio Fpnt arzAzzcrE or THEIR
8 1 4414113, Cassimeres,ruis,
Cuatoluars'esu malts kiosuly by zudds*Absis puroluos of us.
EsT.A. - BiasEmb
call at BALDWIN'S Skmsity,
call at BIAMIN'S Shanty
ail at ILkLIMIIVII stwatty
i.i :: . ii.k,:..1 . -::;., i.=..,,.:•.,.. , l',:.:i ',;.-..i,-
as 00
Every year in ckg,ases the popidarity
of this valuable •'Hair Preparation;
which is, due to merit alone. We can
assure lour old patrons that it is kept
fully ;up to its high standard.; and
. isithe only reliable and perfected prep
aration for restoring GRAY OR FADED
Mtn-to ifs youthful oolor, making it
soft, lustrous, and silken. The scalp,
by its iUse, becomes white and clean.
It removes all eruptions and dandruff,
and, by its tonic properties, prevents
„the „Inn e r from fbiling out, as it stimu
lates 'and nourishes the hair-glands.
By it. use, the hair grows thicker' and
stronger. In baldnes it restores the
capillary glands to th irnormal vigo;
and *ill create a tie growth, except
in extreine old age. ~ It is the most
. 11.ein Daissrsa ever used,
.11.4 requires feivert'applications, and
gives the hair a splendid_,
M.D.lossy ap
pearance. A. A. Hayes, M', State
- Assayer of Massachusetts, says'," The
constituents. are pure, and cr:refid. ly
seleCtid ; for excellent quality; and I
consider it the BEST PREPARATION
• for its intended purposes."
Bold by ail D ruggists, and Dealers in Mestkoines.
' `,- i'ilco - lano Dollar. '
Buckingham's Dye
As our Renewer in many cases re
quiris too long a time, and too much
care, to restore gray or faded Whisk
ers, we have prepared this _ die, in one
preparation; which will quickly and
effectually ; accomplish thiis
T ‘c esult: It
I ;
is easily Applied; and= prodn aolor
which will neither' Tub nor wasir off.
Sold by all Druggists. Dice Fifty
Cents. 1
Mardifaotured by R. P. HALL & CO.,
, -' " NASHUA, N.B.
Jan. 1,1652. '
you tried l the latest and greatest medical dia.
covery of the age P • ,
It cures colds, diphtheria, cramps antt i pains -in the
stestuselv jnitigestlon.- CUarrhes, dysentery, -summer
complainti, clioreiairiorbus, Cholera Am' br.rasgiv.
As an external application' for frost bit e ,
sprains, bruises, felons. rheumatism, k- headache,
toothache, neuralgia, pains in the side, back and loins.
in a practice of six years,, it has been found to be see.
and to lipprepamtion elyer offered to the public':
Tee proprietor of this medicine falls warrantal in
=guaranteeing be the beat remedy for the above
s i es in the market.
MlllUfeCtUred and put up only by Dr. M. L. Bacon,
Dloiralmrg, Pa.
Wholesale agonta—Hallett, Bearer Ikr Burbank,. 149
Malabarstreet , Ne w York ;W. D. Terbell & Co., Col ,
ning. N. Y. Jan. L 1872.
Houghton, y Orr & Co.,
• •
:Buggies, Sulkiest
~,:: : .117.301113 AND. BOLEILEDELe.-,,
We are p repared to do anything in our I ► u@ on short
notice an in the best metr iki r 'McCort guaran
tee& Witti
lidifT*lkiraii.AHATeitti Weitsboro.
Stony Fork, Jan. 1, 1872.
TEE BEStitovia la the COUNTY.
Room, largo and well ventilated. Ao
rthtiomaalthrsla=l.by.eny Ant claas
, Ellis Imo higher
than at second andAllirll nit hotets. - 4,ocatioe, corner
at and!Waln streets, Wellsboto,
A good table, good
n liquors, awl orAps, and a goof
oodle , Art pari,a4 'AUG MUD,' Prep r.
Theirabeeriblekeeps constant* Ori lad
Pare Dregs and - MealcinesATheartgadai
Paints wrath% 'Amps, Eastranery. Tea-
Icee Nottonp kc
Its camstruar COMPOUNDED.
' , 1• .
Manufacturers of
r ~... ~
Change." of Illase.-1
i BRANDI y ,
Stook of •060/141
if' itrimPaigtisr Wan. PA.
BOVeRT for oak ad lo bow fold ror cook at adudi
prices. Orodit ortoca sidlyed o V t. • , r
rat gar to a trite obi maaisa,,aulk - Id=
Wed up to, Uts*ao Clootrto• torlx4h Wise mod bow.
Wood to 'AU goOds at "nag prolll4 8:8
I reepeotAtily moat a hut teom oil 188:11tot
AUclose others who with to buy foottlas iwing a loodo
at Agora.. A. W.
hunowy 8, 1872. U
For Sale.
faave,_ l libont lie
skaoat ,
s baggy Ix a
vitt , maul taa
abtrak datadbod,
, tbar agati
we i ltiar• — Ta a Was. barn: aro;
4 : 11 444* .a . mite
thabiag to mobs*,
.421 Latia WM. has
Mitchell on ea pr ass at AtlmaAara Orric.
O. U.
/mi. 1. 1i9,464.,
• . - i
• TIOGA I 0017V/T. . • . • '
. ---. •
lAM how bonding 114 my . LoiltaMe•
vide, a superior .
• ,
which possesses the fallowing ad , over IQ other , •:•=
• , -
: • .
*l. It separates rye, cats, rat Uttar. Wad foulliesd, sn it
ohess; and re froth wheat. , • 1 - -
2. It cleans flax seed, take. out seed. atuVall ----
other seeds, perfectly. = '
8. It cleans timothy seed.; : '/- -
• 4. It does all other mending leg of a diill. -
This mill Is built of the best and rust donna tim
ber, in good style, and Is aohl cheap tbr ash, or Para 1
I will ilt a Patent - sista, ran soriloodbil ado from
wheat. to other mills, on reasonable taros.
lawreacevide, lan. 1, /872. J. IL BELTillirit.
F Os 4
opened a dret-eless iferdistek littercla
Mansfield, opposite Pitts Bros.* um Win t,
Write their friends and the plan h ut =
to give them a call. They gutrantee
in all cues. Their stook ooziest* of
: CI :_i tiTti :i
t , ,
t i
- j ON; NEST WOzras. aPOKIA,
4! M
Acquouvruzia, umartufm.
i- I CEUBN POWIZEte, /to. , '
and a mend line of Goods, second to Ilene In the ,
country, at the lowest cash Ones. .
The are also agents for the KERBY higLITW.
• W. 0. Bllaz, . . LUTZ li SMILER.
,Fustur. Itomme. fI ,
Max:afield, Jan. 1, 1842.
R. C. Bailey.
(Sucoestor to A. P. ROBERT* DEALER RI
Stoves, Tin and, Hardware
BUTS; A general LA stock , of
a lrea : Blaterialt .
R ae
PAPER at manniticterers prim.
WI - Terms cash, and prices reasonable. Brit door
above Cone House. - B. 0. BAILEY
Jan. 1, 1872.
Life, Fire, and Accidental.
Assrrs (nu E 24.000,000
tEL (p., of North America, Pa $41.06‘6115 GO
Franklin Fire Ins. Co. of Phil , Pa .1,507 QM SIG
Republic Ins. Co. of N. Y., Capital,... 5160.000
AnAes Ins. Co. of Clot. naafi, .. .. • •••$/.000,000
Niagara 'Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y Him
Farmers Nut. Fire ins. Co. York Ps.va•• ,. /5
Pkceills Mut. Life Ins. C0.,0f gsrlarr4 Ot .5, 970 50
Perm's Cattle Ins. Co. of Puttsville 000 . 00
Insureme promptly effected by mall - or otherwise.
%ell kinds ,PrOperty. /cues promptly Wasted
Ana paid. ot
Ltv)e stock - lowered spinet death, ftre or
lam also agent for the Andea Plre Insunatioe Co. of
Cincinnati. Capita/. $1,600,000.
All communications promptly attended to—Ofilea on
Mill Street 2d door from Main at., Knorttllo Pa.
W5l. B. staTa
Jan. I, 1872-t1
, 107=13
POTENT razximarsa awl:menus Platiu r
di CO'S REFINED 011,
Sold at vrtioedsde Prices. Bums anta
call and get quotation, beltire going farther
JIM /, 1872,
. ,
Ts now isoetvlog from Row York, a flue assortmant
1. of
which she offers to tke_pat•Uo ,at. km - rata. -Very
thing venally ftnillB la a ,
Fancy Store,
will be kept on 144 mut etl/41k1W tit ealeh Tbeo
and Gibbs sewing macibbiee for Sale, atul to rant
/an, 1, 1872. MRS. A. J. SOBTSLD.
TWOldindred aad eighty-two wend of bin 4. to the
of 'No= Om, Ps., Th e place la"
T three b apple tress, threw
frame barna, and a comfortab le l gne thereon. The
above pro twity will be sold for hl,ooolaaa then the as
sessed. cub value.
Also, the Colb= Preston farm new Troy, Bradford
Co., containing 15 Wee, 'with six Om fu timber.—
These farms - are mall adopted to dairying =3 vricut•
turd purposes. Inquire for terms on the 'ham In
lAdou, or address I Wenn . MECUM
$2.229;Var Cit
Farm for Sale.