Wellsboro agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1872-1962, January 03, 1872, Image 1

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(•'::'ce Cary (Tent her 1.
Imad, end. there El-0 Ve
0 Summer ray beautiful, beautiAl Blunviter I
Ic•:. , k in thy fayo, and I ong so - to live
1117. t, 1:1I 1 hut thou rootu - a- au idle now.ocuter,
With all things to take and nothing to Oro 2
Vilth all things to take of thy dear lovittgldndnesa,
The wino of thy stu3shirie, the dew, of thy air ;
w.th nothing to Five the deafteca and blindness
Becot in the depths of : utter dispair.'
A 3 if the gay harvcstr en • - , t but to sore= her, -
The blares spider sets in. her low loom and weaves :
A . h.--..eon of treat to the tx.z.der-eyed gra , mcr
hat bears in her brown arms the gold cf the sheaves.
The blue-bad that trillshsr low lay in the bustle
i t
Pr , ,colles from the robl , a merrier glee ;
.:wroge lays the one for his kiss with her blush
And rdi things pay VAIN to th., - ..—a1l things but 0 i
At even the tare -flice trim th their glirmiSeis
The wll-i, '..`.,-.. ,1:: skirts f the .elci and :he wood ;
At reornir.g, Mc ee dear id. - e yellow-winged swimmers,
The butterfiks, hasten to make their place good,.
The violet, elvfily so white and so saintly ,;'
The cardinal, y arming the frost with her b l aze i
The ant, keeping Lcu , ,e at .ler sand-hearth eo quaintly,
itt.prcaclies my rile a.nd indolent treys.
r: hen o'er the lAgh EFEt
cllictuz the tap:wr
The land of er.chentratilt
Is L.:lto rs t!
Azd rhea the low Wt at 1, 1
And loc.r.st and le-Val
7.'erce comet t.)=.y
I_ o cicvz 171,2i1
i , o red morblrg is breath&
starllclit behind.
r.7•CLI - .1 - 31,7„
r. - I.:lch I find.
tile =tat la flattered,
I,lng tlAlr fact,
bit wer a uz::6 to bo fluttered,
derlina theft toSt.
as LlE,..cri
sweet r.tgl.t to lire;
: _^.cl7l for a dr:ftraer,
:,17rian gtrs3l.lc,..ry
dzy out.
cr,r,st. thc‘t,
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.A r r;: p:_-..,..-!-,-,
The 91-,yingtl,l,l 2:
lowing reoicljng (.3
pc•ct. It wip
"In respe4t to 3ti
say that thitgetil , .. L 4i,
the English a(lmirer
The review in the h
pen of Mr Hirtribur
site summingAtp
wrltea in futute will
the inception of al
, trange thatn con.,
but may grew of r, ;n•
who profe.iz:v • to !,in
of the fresh exube
who malzes l tt pretei
such dim fol;:-Is ,
that tue
be cii,tincti; .inn
trapper:, aud Indian
6f Byron, Erk,-;,,ni•:,
*L3 :41,1C .1
tkleir r oei
erten-4-03 tc,
ti-n litc.,r
Cr I'l t .:Cr
uc,st r cf
St"):: .T:',1 1 1 ipe . •
letter i^ - 7 - hinh he
il3 '9 2-_-0111 , 11z,
ellce. LI Ml,lc:
I ,een ir_
fc,r Tiriker C,: .
FTesidezt of .I.o.N'er
dered his ccinir....N.r_d
_ 13:3 be f.labaled to be
Cs:lift:m.lEl, end, surrey-
13'....rtcn, to
ti. 3 :::Cdc'C'.l.l.3, in May,
one cf the p.sr.l.ne e
:12.1er with
to Canfo:mia lie
expedition.. rnd
163 , 1 Them
I , aali no bo7 e:.
;zanized I'he Mcarapa
Raele!o June,
on 1:!s. muster
her; ft wr.s no place for
l erthrua YU:era after
rccr.uta: T 770 of them
rr: 71:3 7 , .)11r.a.y.t1 at Ri-
IN:nslyy'lriiit attalion,
In Armstrong. If there
ly , y on WEF2korts,te.fr u
narr:C9m c:.,211), i t'aink
c e:i '.y~: _ .
es '•1111er
ha been a favor!...e
/•,/-n ,
'Miler atte:',7.-a to excusebigiNnciful de
_Tripti:',:i of ;7 ys
2 , lke , by asrting in his let
:e.r ' , iat v,:hen tlx 1, iter . l. mac PreAcient of
'_ , Tic. al . zits Ix. a(l,-)-
' tl,r2 mauncrs
ol_mtry: lie could do
lucli.:,Lrniniug. I bay
anir; tho.
Ell tliFtt
I , ;:fr
a.:l 11
1107 .I%IA
in the traclitional re
litulburt Pays, like
CT '1 . 1
he ilrc-ti of the
uclir class; i 9 our
f)tock cont,
„hive) neck-tie,
litrht 11001.4, Panama or
wsnn P . : tier 't
linrtt trove-,(•r , fold
im leaf v,l:
li 1 I ,
wear cont - 4,-nu , l lir
nifit:l :uidlrtdi. lul
1. Ir.
'1 he lower C1:193 wear
( hirti anti hito linen
eft. They nevcl
)2qrefvote;l, or use san-
II the I,oople of Cen
-1 lama, are, polite, dig-
Vicilker V. 19 totally un
.n!cr;:•al.>: he was a re
mac , Here 1 , 4 Mil
1;a ar.;
r!v• "'f.`
._.. _ ._T
.:11 Cuir,
• - 1
• . 1;
3 et 1,.
1.; -
r:2 , leemed from
':cat expreaqlc•n. lie was
L , onzalnents, v.^A
111: cor.ccaled'.'
ark? t'.le ge.:lc.nt
a Ar 2-1
oti.r:: ;Fie never wore
r f:):- serape - with
trrph was 9evcr seen ipi
op a w09919'3 ShOtldatB.•
(..... „, .1
tioa sent 115 Latr.
ier.o.l of cia9',llr.g
-aBsl of
hare cf Fold: Ev.cl
7Tniker I.r.
a hoop
7. 7 aricer r.c.. - cr Lad
a bocn Ivea.r
- tents (which
of this bluck-fivz hero,
G .71't t - I: t
.rai of Nicursgua have
er-CC aS the equator in
re inva , -inary mountains.
I .
Pacific to the lake,
wer.t, without see
rat. the line of tall, vol
tetschetl, anti rising sheer
a the north, between Leon
n the south the distant
Rion. 12,, regard to
" 7 !:e Corair.
about the st.me ea
Ectin(c , r. 'n:ey
One rat:: ride
vi!!ch i' ; ', ns far fI3
11 any r,lountnlns
concs., each
out of tho plainv 4,
and Segovia, and . 1 1
mouutains of
et wear/ arunszter in Now
etc the following beautiful
14 , noue
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A:: - ThRU:;!
•:•: - .f; `.: St ,if;
in - int 3 the fol
'icisin cif tlif:s
cr's po , try, it k safe to
is strain eaglit from
lia.l come to an end.—
' , F. , / from the trenchant
was a clear and deci-
•Ist him, and what he
carefully sif k t ,
imitation, not
a 110,y expect taut one
0% - s - n experiences
I}'c =tern life, and
c of haring dwelt in
.1 ' unc,ithonn.hle
iiNnor to him, should
ioan, and not treat his
dil'itcd imitation
mad Swirlurne'.
poetry are
an at all,
;ritt:n in e..iy part of
ea:y - 3 in st11)-
.;. 1•13 ver
t..tv wcv:l(.l stand
rhea he
P. at , the by al-
it 1 , (:,: 3:11Cti a C:114.
•, - ;r)ein `l.Valic
c - r,i,leied the
) be a per
.:lvar_.•? e a I::.ti:rip.cy with
:hie letter
f.libilatez -- '_.u.g ex - p 4-
• 77 . .alkei lien he was
' lie did, it
1 - 2 . 1 timJer ?ears,
crLia Cu tLe '3o:ors ex.
On Lis return
vy zip, 4 pill, or bandit,
t ti
• , C:
1,0 1e,2. the filibus
-•' -e feet four
re, thin
colne Mrs, ami rt
Tro ,, n tru:s
Luca Ccr..ll;i=cs.'
Walker's rellgion Joaquin is ght. 'Ho
m i l,
called himself a Roman Catholic, for polio.
cal purposes, but, as he was re ed a Rap
tist in Tennessee, be probably ad but 'a
dim understanding of the Ro church.
Every line of 3liller's descriptiori of . mid.
inf ._
cal scenery is false. Take for tance the
verses which have been so much quoted as
a favorable specimen of his style
coma to my attn-tand f come with me
To the land I leve; where the sun and BCE.
Are red forever; zahere palm and pine
Are Ailed with singers; whore tree and vine
Are voiced witlrproplicts I 0 come, and yon
Shall sing a song with the seas that swirl
And hiss their hands to the cold midi girl.
To the maiden moon in her mantle of blue
" This is mere alliterative nonsense.—
' Where palm and pinell Go to; why not
huckleberry and' banana, for t ey. are as
likely to grog together as the paland pine;
and as for being 'voiced with s ier3, l it is
well known that the silence -of t e tropical
forest is awful, or broken by luirsh voiced
birds that never sing. As for the seas that
swirl, why lettlem,, swirl; but I rotest sol
emnly againit any ' cold, white irl' In the
central tropics, even for the sake of rhyme.
The girls of Nicaragua are not hite, nor
are they cola. Now ' were lat strappado
or all the racks in the world,' I ould not
believe that Joaquin Miller 'ever saw - Wm.
Walker, or that he ever
. was in icaragua.
No doubt when the truth Is known about
this wild hunter, he will prove t • be a calf
fornia printer . ransquerading in Bilk sera
pe with bars of gold,' and sharp =tough to
make money at it."— Worcester.
What Wag in Hilda Hyde's
Miss Hilda Hyde. who &loci, in the
tl,o IMth instant, at the ago of 82 years, . •
yee,r... It ices her borne, and probably
Ah, ever clearly retheruhered. She was
ton:tant upon church services, and often
her to the m, ot'ur house a bundle, whi
the rtve by L. r 14::‘:, but /lever opened:"
Would you like to 'know? Ic;
about Hilda Hyde; for I have j se •
since I ws..a. Loy, when we first
°idyllic. You know that kind o
glossy, yellow hair, that tumbles
her faCe, and blue eyes that I
slantingly front under her deep,
and the yell of a red blush over I
It is sunny hair that loves the su
she would not be rtinning out so
it, or would •not so often let I
down ov.t..r her, back, or,-shake h.
defiantly in tine very blaze of sun
that she is often long in one plac I
es out from the dark porch over
or goes stooping among the cum
or tilts'back•her head with all it
she reaches ttp into the cherry
wonder she likes to be out in tit
hunting for violets in the epri
about the asparagus beds, diggin,
borders, tying up vines to the po
the windows, picking roses, get
out of her finger:3, or holding on
to find the thorn in it.
Is it Ili1J.: ITyde I am descrih
ki,l of :1t: 1' I hladly ;CISONV; - f i
saw Ifil,t., 7,71. , :u -he was a girl;
was ;:lx.ly
.) - eaz:! ago. But hay , gi
linc - ..7 licr raid she was telling m
anfl I, l lct.tt •ti.e color cf I.v..zr L'
CyC3, oh?. c - . - ctlirc:. And r;licri
mother tr..iltt',l of I_ll:cht, I tb.o
nette, 0.9 l:'_ I:Y.0. lecized that Lilt
.1/R• 1 cc rte horn
oxen, jl.aE:t , elc.re, sunset, and
our we ::n . to the bar= wlien
flushing cut of her house in this
Len is tic.' my t•rotheri though
t},;nk so He is my cousin—a
ter's r.,en. He MTV! to live wit
his mother (Led He was half a
t1.; , ,a.n I; that measures the
itli'een us tf..l over. And tog the;
Ithe care et the farm, worked in
together, and had the same bbol.l
And Annette had only been st
next house thla sulv - an , .r, and ahz•
beck in the autumn. She came'
sunse,t, a 3 I ter. you, up through
den. .11.1:a Ebf: c.c.rue through a I
in the hedges of currant hush
green perch in front of our
Reuben end I stood with the or. ,
'l2 there anybody who war
me over to Grantly this evening?
' Aunt Mary wants me to go
mesaagr-tolKate; and uncle tayt
`wagon, ii I e
Of course Reuben and I bot,
meet-her, when she came - to spe
" One at once 1" she said, 1
stop r. minute, I'll settle who sh
do she drew two bits of stra
the barn wind,-,NT
"Don't look, George," Ehe sil
'Or; for i could'nt help lookln,
itilig !I. mincing on Ay hair—t
round the barn corner.
" You lire not to bee which .
1 \
Ebortest, fliirthe one that raves
15 to go with me;" and hh held
her hands,with the Straw crush/
" Ton 'hall irticy,” said ill
drew thc short c.t, and I went 1
It NVZ.t , a Inl)ol,light even i ng
thin v rose the fell
An , l that evening that
children ricked granthaolhel
da. uctd to see her Fzeildf
next,StMclay I saw her, an old,
thin, v. ith clear eyes, looking f
she Call!C alv. - s.y6 into the pe
• 'nit .;et her bundle, down
It 'vs 1., aeon Gordon's pew;
of the 1 , 1‘.1 families; \ anti what
• li'.tiLta used to come to t
car :e still, even though it
• .e. Yon her mother's
be ric.:..t.110 the Gordon mansion
V:Pli a young girl, the
and et - of the Gordon, house a
were crie of the daughters. Int
()mica :always sent for her w
ce, to help her make t
cr_ke fur the evening, and raw
as through, to g
I.lf 1.14 t. her culls and come
pt;_ - "..y. iv: it trov.ll not =a p
Hilda ilyde
w cn
Cr'hi tie °or:ton - thought so,
Lia rabi L 2,1 2colq f
Ile of those tiS ho had
* CrYt:O( l : - . ; rand nobody could tel
.-, - ottzg, M:. Gordo ,
Orr:tat, tl.e young man . who
earper.ter'a trade, and 'had b
himself E. little Itouse by the m*
Christie Gordon bad left sudi
before the fire., that _rrihle fire'
reMemberi to this • ay, burn;
great Gr)rdon m' end th , l
belnegizlg to Hilda Hyde's mot
doctor's house, and indeed h
It is c :re that is net forgot I
ccuac t:1, , , - .re was loss of tfe Rs
property. If only mss. Gerd!
been Lame, ell might have b
Mrs. El end the servants
r.t the very beginn
took I,neans to rut the fire
the tluae help could come to fiat,
late. preEd to the outhol
Mrs. Hyde's. house. iii wee • I
and .the shock of it de he:
they tool: her straight to the
the night. , But Hilda stela:l
Vlies oho could doio luilp the P
LLSBORO, ~T10GA.,,,-;. CO.„ . Pki,
there was Martin Grant working harder than
any one. First he had helped the Ilydes,
doing all he could; then he tried to make
Hilda go to one of the neighbors to rest, for
ell this was in the middle of the eight.
F.. 0, whealie foundelleWcruldnotleaVe the
tire while he was working there, he • set her
down on the broad stone fence a little way,
opposite, in full sight, end gave her a hurli•.!
to;aold, done up In a bright colored hand
kerchief. This • grandmother saw; ,and ..she
remembers It so'plahily, as one of the thingel
that happened that terrible night, and howl
'BMWs yellow hair was streaming down I
over her shoulders r But Just then there was
a crash and a screaM; and some one sal
Mrs. Gordon had• gone back into . the ho
to save an old picture she had thought ;
and her daughters were for rushing bailt
into the Lames after her. . But Martinrcall6d
„ k
to them not to go. lie took a' ladder' d
mounted it to one of the windows of e
room to which *miens Qordon 'weal' ..;
And there was a stillness for a while;
then he was 'seem ti4,come
,to tite:Wleddii;•;;
and then came . a burst of flame, and t tbe
roof fell. All was 1.,,n a',l44e; and ,thatig.i
titc . terrible end; for these two were bunted
in the flames. • - -
Nobody paid any attention to Htlda
martin's mother was the first to be thoailt
snd gm Gordon's poor dattgliters.
they went away from the .town 'directly;
they could not stay in a place so tall of sad
teas to them; they joined their brother, who
was to sail, it seemed, •for Eurort , so they,
went with him.
=acme on
. been there
the only one
regulu at.
carried with
elle _laid la
Otdirille Oa:.
a tell:you
:a her ever
moved to 1
girl, v,ith
• owtrover.
ok at you
shady lids,.
er cheeks.'
shine,- elie l
often intd
er hat slip
r head so 1
ight. Not
, but flash. 1
the grass,
ant bushes,
curls, as
reel. No i
• open air,
Ig, poking
in flower
eh and by
ling thorns
up to you
But the next Fiunday Hilda WaS seen COW
ing up to the meeting house, walking slowlyi
with a bundle,iu ..her hand, 4,;k 0, 487. uxd
mother 'sny's,' - like an woman; changed all
at once from a young girl. • And just at the
moment some of the loungers on the step
read on, the publishing board that Marti 4
Grant and Hilda Hyde purposed parriage.!
And Hilda looked-neither 'one way liar "the
other, but went to her old seat the Gor
don pew, and placed her bundle at her side;
and that she did every Sunday afterwards
that she could e 0 1 4, 40, so everybody
understood Why-It "WaWilitit` Christie (Jordon
had gone away so suddenly, because Hilda
hail nettled
,to marry her poor over rather
than her rich one.
I asked my grandmother man
about this Christie Gordon; wile
came back, and what became of
thoprrht he did return, but that
stay. - Hilda did not recognize I
one knew whom she did recogn
she was seeing through her larg
And there was Hilda Hyde still sitting on:
Sunday in the Gordon pew, when I reitirtted
after my three,yearq' abseneein the:war; for
licul,La and I, of course, joined the •army.'i
'5 lint a day tlik was when our little band:
collected to march to the station on our way
to ca.a.p! not find Annette to say
good-Lye to us, when we went over to her
aunt's house "She says bidding good-bye
is too sad,' said her aunt, who had tears in
her eves.
v, or' that
r I Lever
I oti set , tliat
. t:bout hi?r,
Ir and ht/
•y grt.L
gilt of Zt..11-
Bur. at . the corner, jut where wo turned
to the zziltical, there she was, with harbauda
V.:12. of yellow and white crocuses.
" I thought I would bring you some
thlr.F." 511 c said; end a bit of sunrght stray.
oTer Lc: yellow curls, and uhe trted to
gi7e us a sunny smile for the very kat. I
With tLe
C were on
.ette cane
:ay. Feu
you might
• other's sia-
head udier
'stance De
1 ,, we had all
; the Sella
knew Reuben had bean with her ail 11%e r;?&•
ring Lefore; but there was nothing eliffore.ut
in Ler partltlgyslth ua two TOW.
_ . .
We kept together; in camp rand ont,
ben and L tiled to make him let me take
his place on guard and on picket duty. I
begged him, far Annette's sake. He was
here; end lie must take care of himself on
her account. Once I did prevail with him,
and I isave to take his post as a night
pick.et. But I had a shot in my arm, and
alter that he would never let me servo for
!him.. But in the field I could sometimes try
t hir—.^ Oh, how I wished I had
teen uar.rle tailor: He was so much-larger
than I that he 'was a fairer mark. I tried to
ompose myself to be shot at; for I thought
the chances' were, we should not both be
killed, end I could not bear that he should
be the one. I tried to be where the bullets
were, and get by his side; and I did get an
other wound; only a slight one.
Then came those September days, and
Antietam. ' I could not keep is front of
Reuben theni. tut wo fell together. I was
by his side 'When the shot struck him; and
then I, too, fell. J
ying et the
WE.S to
'out into the
a ?idle fir'
*ttt.e breel
into th
ear, , where
ts to drive
she sm • Ad
iver with a
Tinny have
and a dri-
stta - -ed to
: to us.
glib:l7,z or
'1 go."
out horn
But I lived to come homy—not he. I
haw , not seen'her yet. They say- she sits at.
the windbiv looking for Reuben still.
And they told tnethe other day that Hilda
was'dead. 90 the is clone waiting for
11:m- lo‘:( r. ' I • was sally -- they opened the
bundle; they might Kaye buried it withher.
The kc'y of the house he had been building
v,ls in it,:which after his death his mother
had alwt3 occupied; for Ilildn had stayed
et the almshouse ever since that night her
mother had been taken there. , Her mother
died n ,, t long after that night; and as they
Hilda had lost her mind, the allushense
mtvst It :ve been the best place for her. And
there were one or two letters tied up in the
handkerchief, and a coat that perhaps he
meant to be Married in.
d, reprov
t to §.ce the
le last ray,t,
traw i 9 !he
the longest
out both of
in between
when; so I
Pack to the
for z:s the
moon oppo•
!:ome of the
tatout Hil
ys; and the
rIII ward; 'tnd
I in front of
by her aide.
Ida wan one
They said Hilda had lost her mind: I think
she lu.d only kept it : ~ She -WU -living on
'always in that ei4iking in which she parted
from and all those sixty years she
Was whiting for him.. And who knows -if
the time seemed - long to her? She NVEIS. very
sure he would come back; and to her all
those years were but the few tnoments since
he left her sitting on the broad atone fence
that shut -in the lane.—Old and Nfte. -
she WftS a
s pew, so
as frzm the
I ouee used to
and, when
I 'Se d to be in
though she
eed, Madam
en she had
tellies and
ys told her,
home and
back to the
ty without
It 13 curoris how many of the incidents
andilethils o: representation elicape the no
tice of e audience. And her we - are re ,
ferriecless to mdrits than to mischances.
Good acting may not always obtain due re
cogaiticu.; but then how often bad acting
and acc;..lental deficiencies remain luadetec
tea: "We were all terribly cut, \but the
audience did not See it," actors will often
candidly admit. - Although we in front
sometimes see and hear things we should
not, seise peculiraity of our position blinds
and desieni u to much. Our eyes are be
guiled kto accepting age for, youth, shabbi
ness for finery, tincei for splerickr. Garrick
frimkly owned that he once appeared upon
the'stage so inebriate.d ItS to beseareely able
to - 'ext„iculato, but " his friend endeavored
to-stifle or co 'r this trespass with loud ap
plawe,l and tie majority of the audience
did not Irerceive that anything extraordinary
was the nie.t . .er. Yi hat happened to Gars
rick on that crenate; lisra happened tO oth
ers of I_lls profession. And our ears do not
catch miudi of what is uttered, on the Map.
Young,,te actor, used to relate that on one
occasion. when playing the hero of the
" Garnseer - to Devorbt7" of Sa
ns 51,110na," 'Le wo..s so overc4tae by the
paseA9r, cf _her acting as t0_1343 Vile Unable'
proec,lri with his prat. _ There o was along
pause; curing which the prompter several
tiznes repeated 'the wards which " - Beverley"
should teak.;- : .Then liirs.%Siddous, coining
Up to het fellow actor, put the tips iof her
tnge.re pou his - shoulders, aud.staid; in a.
/al? Val*, " To*, recollect *failli."
• rtainly, and
it; but Hil
smile for ev
whether she
or Martin
learning the
-n building
enly the day
that Oldvllle
- d down the
little house
• r, and the
the village.
- en r.ow, o
ell as 1033 of
n's sin iLaa
n saved; for
were so lo
g, that they
out; and by
-m, lt was to 6
, ses, then to
1 at the time,
I , " worse; and
I. -house for
ound to see
, • one. And
Curious Stage
et prehably from , the front of ;the how
Tibins. was seen or heard of Ude. In the
• wap the pAajtera will summtimes prompt
%Lev' thieughltole scenes' Inter
rota*k.S as to WM
e:4' atasiss=l4
itime•through, 'without exciting the etteattiGU
the audience. kean'a pathetic whisper.,
"I am dyir.g, speak to theta forma," when,
.laying for:the 104 time, he suds into the
arms of .10 is* was probably not heard
across the orchestra.
.+42. famous ('Lady Macbeth," " starring"
n America; had been accidentally detained
•n her Palmy to a remote theater. She
Arrived in time only to change her dress rap-
-and hurry on the scene. The perform
to were . all strangers to her. At the con
uSion • of her ilrst soliloquy, a messenger
ShoUld 'enter -to announce the coming of
"King Duncan."' But what was her amaze
kpent to' hear, in answer to her demand,
; It' What is yours tidings?", not the_usual re
ly, " The King Cotner here to-night;" but
-, whisper, spoken from behind'‘.,a
Falet,APhija P?', 4 . event * ,tii , S, *raii'ltr .4) 4.
_tang the:o'4%l'4 the' aud,.latice, "hush;
m ' Meebetisi'• We've cut the messenger
ut--go on, please!" • • -
',,`Anothe,r• distoncerted performer . must
awe heen, the ' provi4cial. " Richard the
.-- a" 1 9, 1 44ta t.he - Jtetelgfe, of the thee
• who ordinarily played harlequin, and
A.ul:l not enter - without something 'of that
pptr.g and twirling gait peculiar to pant,a
roo—broUght ' the information, long be
fore it st:-,i1 4 , - de, 111,4 " the' Duke of Buck
ingham is taken!'' _."Not yet, you fool,"
whisjiesed " Richard." "Beg pardon--
14041 h -he' was," cited Harlequin Ratcliffe,
as, carriedtay , by his feelings or the force
of Labit, lie i Atew N . , hat tumblers calb" a
catb.erine-wheel;,aod made a rapid 't._
4? V. Year Rdizild, .
loon Adams-on the Boston Tea Party.
.. . 1-.
Winslow Wattren writes to the Boston .illi-,
zerti:el; communicating the following inter
esting letter from John Adams, which hey
Claims lifts never before been in print : I
" BowroN, Dec. 17, 1773. '
T., , ,,ir - Ri?..-----The dye is east! The pen-
I plc fi .-e pasle.l the river and cutt away the
bri,i' • 1 I.aFt night three cargoes of tea
wr..-/ - emptied imp the harbour. This is the
i l :-?.41..1t Event which has ever yet happened
Since the Controversy with Britain; opened!
The Sublimity of it charms me! For my
own Part r cannot express my own Senti
meats of It, better than in the words of Coll.
B-ane to me last Eveding—Baleli should re-
Ipeat there-- -The worst that can happen, I
E think, says he in Consequence of it, will be
!ihat ihe Provincv must pay for it.—Now, I
thingthe Province way pay for it, if it is
burned iii welly at if it Li drank—funt I
think hLs a matter of indifference whether
it is drank or drowned. The Province must
pty f..i.r it in either Case.—But there is this
tinic.ience---/..,helieve It will Wit them ten
years t. get the - et ovineo to pay for it—if
se, :re 41,1 ? 4,11 . wgie ten :ear.; Interest c, the
'lot.. zy--whe.reas if it, is drank it most be ,
p4l for immediately. thns I3e--.l3owever,
Ele . ssmid with me 4a, tb.c it - Q . 714(4, would
ale: p.z.y fokit,-.--:unti also in this that the
19e..1 I.v.lin, of our Constitution of Govern
riot- and of , a.3.1 - 41,xasrican Liberties, wottld
bill: c ;nail C ' ciS 2qi tr. cf. , of Frafferin,g. it to
hi la:itled. I Governor Hutchinson and his
Fp.&y 1..e.d Frier.de tviii never have dens
.4.1. ',:,:ix good services to cvreat . Britain
:•.: 'tiP.l , :i - Z4-.V. "Btrt for lam, ' thrs air ,
tnght 'Lave teen saved to the East buil&
c*pt , a., -v , beroas this Loss if the rest of
tl4 Ccknies should follow our example,. will
turas 'ol.lnion of many Persons bankrupt
tl4 C,raer.z.z.. - . - Ltewever, I dare say, that
thi G z. - ;err...,rs cad Consignees and Custom
13.4.3 c, deers, in the other Colonies will
hare m...re IN thd,mi than.:-u1..0 have had and
treks;wl,,tl;..,l :,:t,; that their Tea .9141 be
e.t..t ba...il to - England untouched—if not it
t - ill . k.a stare}; be &a t,yed as it lx.a • teen
ixre. "i - lirc:..t,z, Phari oms, Bugbears, by the
MiiiOn will i.e invented and propagated
ayriv the, people upon this Oceasiork—lndi
vidiell will 1:e thzsatened with Suits and
Profcutiona, Armies and Navies will be
th't of military Executions—Charters an
e `l,—Treascn—Tryals in England and
. at-- -Bi;t--these 1 errore are all but Ira
ag4t.tiori .4. Yet if they should become Re
altits th.. , ... Lud better be Suffered, than the
gra Frinciple, of Parliamentary Taxation
give up--The Town of Boston was never
mri , still and ualm of a Saturday night
th.d it - wfls laic night. All Thin,..s were
criOacte.l c,.lth greui or3er, Deeenev and
41.44 • rihrni•i.vii-n f.) Civ , l.:l i: , ~ t. —No li ;OA,
Ile ell thought the A dmini oration in better
atel9 tle,n :t hail . t;c4i
- 1'1.."1 , e, to make L ltir.3. Adams Mo9t, re
sif..if,;ll t!olil pl bile TII 3 to Mrs. NV lIITCII, end
tni!,‘ t ..:n - ( , our Prlend, JonN Ar , tits."
her he-ever
him. She
he did not
im, and no
e, or what
' .D o
_at try to read eV try - thing. Were you
a seegit.i NI et Ituseliat, you could not read all
tluit Select the best-- the wheat
—hurl e Shit t•liAll
I.et literattlro alone. You
na.rt think (16e , , nn foes lt make
Lyttcr? the telt. Your
tin t e. Li lost, if ytAr reading (10e4 not bonelit
you in-p.ome way.
• I want to read 'some for anntseinent,"
hi the - exeLl_qe boys and girls frequentlY make
when reproved for if` ading dirno novels and
- stories Annosemards are to' divert
pe( f .ile from thought and cure, to refresh
ad rest them in a rammer • that will renew
the strer.gth and vigor tor work. Alter
read!nfr ti.e imposaihlc miventm - es of Kelai3-
to, 912 Schlr.er of the Baia, or of Blanche,
the Lily of the Dungeon, can you become
interested in History - and your Grammar
lesson its readily as before? The exciting
'trash spoils yOurtaite for study 'and your
interest in real life ar.,l work, just as intox
ieatlng hquor3 'Make th? 'Linker Lose his
reliah for pure ccht water
stortee or I-Let:at:3of pirate:3, h.lO
- Lanlaxa and muraerera. :Yon do
ay . ; .var.t ti bccr.tne P. pirate - c.r a robber;
spend your :time to better 11 - mTpc.34 tilan
lee.rclag Low tt: 'cam. 71 - ou sl.rirkot read
su.(l.f,,:"Ls luiinz Bcaue Gi yot's
4.uy it(..re • yr.s4 :az crawl into a
.3jrty 6.14,cce out dean.
iiare F. variety. in your reading. Read
hiitf;ry, travels,
,poetry, an4.l S;A:G.E.
fktiGt Lut. be sure -to rett.i the very best
regth. There bno use in open.
&ail Your time ocer Worthless looks, full of '
=on and 21;sit your teachers and
tiainiztcrJ to l 4 Sup to salect
Voi'..*“ L.' you :to not\ lite sAid reading
toid lust a little each day •.*.t
it e 22 . 1. sooL- t irt -r
teachers te.ll y that every re
I:o acquibaitsa with tie
I. T; lc gfx.l history of cat
(.10 - P 'al C. .I Wot . titi
1 werk cr. ith - a• 1.7rc.7...Tve health.
.the ; are making
history., Kr..,•-•. - ; TV Ot. going an In EiirOPe ;
l 4 t C-vogr.F.44 and your F.ztnte Legislatur.e
ravtietriter oecurreacei of , e);teh
year ; wt.] is President, snd who 00,ernar;
the aOtsg prciiiinatt maxi; what law are
riN410411,444;b4p 'die, or .F4ll,-
;111 y I .-. •, .
- ' I
A : •
AY, JANUARY 3, 1872.
Hints on Reading
deposed; what ware are deelaied; the hat
tlear Generals, causes, motives, and results
•of those wars. what, CliBCOVer43 and, 1m
provenients are made. Pile an these things
,away in your memory, and when fen are
fifty you will knovrthe Ingo* of your times
most valuable lgtowledge.
Have a system and an, ahs in your 'tea&
lag. Try to know what , you want to read,
what you need to reed. Boys and girls fro.
quently ask for something good to read,
without caring what iris, or knowing what
they want. That is a little better than no
reading. Learn to trace a - subject. John
sees Napoleon Bonaparte frapiently referred
to in the articles upon V.tropean affak t and
he wants to know more about that ous
Emperor. He reads the life of Napoleon I.
and becomes interested in the French revo
lution, and he reads a history of that, which
leads to a history of the Bourbon kings, and
finally to the complete history of France.—
That is so closely , connected with the history
of other nations, that John is soon interest
ed in and reading the bistory of Europe.
:Alm-, while trimming her winter hit, in
quires about ostrich, plumes. I send her to
the encyclopedia, and the article on the ea;
trich causes her to turn to the one 04 Afri
ca, and she to ins full of questions
concerning that wonderful country. I give
her Dr. Livingstone's works and Captain
Speke's; they suggest other books, and in a
few months Mary is well acquainted with
One of the best methods of forming a
course of -reading, is to choose a subject you
are intere and trace it thoroughly.—
Read understandingly. Try your utmost to
learn the eauing of every allusion, histo
rical or ot erwise. Read with a dictionary
and geog apical atlas for companions.—
Know the inewaing of every word, and the
lOcation of every place mentioned.
Lord Bacon says: " Some books are to be
tasted, others to 'be swallowed, and some
'few to be chewed and digested." Taste
first, look at the index, and read a little here
and there, to see if the book 113 worth diges
ting. Swallow books of amusement and
recreation, but chew an"' digest books of in
formation. At the end of one or two pa
ges, think over what you have read, and see
what it means. At the close of the article,
chapter or book, look it over, gather the
substance, fasten it in your mind, make it
your own. Read slowly, thoughtfully, and
doily.--,Hearth and Home.
Ezekiel Perkins's Hat.
The following story is told of a genial and
festive lawyer of the olden time, by name
Ezekiel Perkins—a well-to-do bachelor, who
was always made welcome at sociargather
ingl, and was very popular. HIS weakness
was too great a fondness for good wine.—
Now kir. Perkins had a few peculiarities.
Among them be had an 'enormous head, his
hats' having always to be made for him—
Than, having got one to fit his brimense cra
nium, he took the_very useless precaution of
putting a label in the crown thereof, read- -
"Eaticiel Perth's, Counis/slnd At
torney et Law," Eartfcird, Coml."
His peculiar social failing was, that at all
stag dinner parties be got—well, there is no
Use shirking it—td got rather intoxicated
early in the evening. rile however had the
faculty of knowing When he had got as
much as he could- comfortably -carry, and
knowing this, to'take LLB :le ave.
Perkins One avfsnit~ . :iii. wended U way
to '
one at the best M.ansions of Hexttord.-i-i
He was in full dinner dress—blue coat, with
gilt buttons, vvhAe vest, with black contin
'4ations,4 and spotless linen. Lightly he
step 'along, his hat a little to one side,
swinging his cane and humming an air as
he went. He was in high spirits, in view of
spending an unusually pleakmt evening—
enjoying the affair in anticipation; and how
often it exceeds the reality! ,Having arrived
and deposited his hat among a number of
others on the ball table, he in due course sat
down to dinner.
sow, a joker, knowing his head and the
propensity to indulge too * freely at these
meetings, determined.to have a bit of fun
at 1:11 expense. 'Bo during the time which
occurred before dinner was ananMin ced, he
managed to to - e the label out 4c Mr. Per
tins's hat, and affix it to the . crown of the
smallest hat on the table. He thy' retired,
and awaited eveids. Tho dinar was, as
Mr. Perkins expected, rime affair; so
that, what witli song, jest, 'it and wine, he
found himself, at - the end a capital story
by his host, " down to h bearings," as a
sailor would say.•• Main from Lis' chair,
carefully steatiiiig Lima if by its back, lie
nodded good-bye to the ost, (he could do
no more,) and, expatiating ou the good time
he had had and the excellence of that last i •
Joltc, he got out of the room with a slight
Inrc i ll only, and proceeded to get his hat,
" 'Pon me soul:" he said, as he craned and
mooned over the table, looking for his hat;
'pon •me soul, that's the bes' joke I ever
heard.' Flip utterance. was rather thick.—
" Yes, and the bes' dinner I was ever at."—
Here he gave a lurch, but was steadied by
the waiter In .attendance in the ball. At
last, after swaying about for some time, he
detected his label„ - and, pouncing upon the
hut containing it, read aloud, " Zekeal Per
kips, counslir
. urt—hiectip—itueny-a-a,law,
Harford, Conetedt4t. That's my hat."
• ~ 1 3traightenits:0, himself, he endeavored to
put 0.13, the article In Lis usual Jaunty - style.
It would'iut do. .hc bent to it, trie both
hands, lk.l it to his head, fairly try to
force Lis - bead in; swaying,a•ocking, s ag
gering the while: but it would'nt_ do; he
Wll3 hot and stupefied; he could'nt under
stand it. Tupiing to the waiter, whose gra
vity had nearly given way 'at the gyrations,
he said, witi..... great politenos.3, " Will you
'bilge-me b:,.-readin' what's in that heti"
" Certainly . , 51x; EzeMel Perkins, Coat
selor and - 14fOrne,y-at-Law, 13.artford, Con
" I knew it: I knew it: That's it—that's
my hat!" andimmedlately l•ega the same
performance, gut ith more energy. After
some momenta of staggering, pressing and
pulling, mitt was' 'once more at fever
heat, he again alixeskisd tLe servant, and
- with a atilt iar than 14:fore,
hut with a deter4dnatiott, :.e it r'ere, to
know the worst: •
" I keg . paidort, tut will you be pleased to
tail rae who f
" Certainly,_ 4.1 : . I k4ow you periettly
well. You...are Mr. Ezekiel Perkins, coun
selor and i.ttorney-at-law here in . Hertford."
"I knew it; I knew it: That's right;---:
that's me, and that's my hat; tut my head's
":3t r mertif
witacait in court, who had ticon
tioned t g 174 prscize acswot to eve . : ,
question, nrid not tr d about what he mighi l
1.1 i.7;kr. the queitiOn moitut, wa..3 interrogated
(11 ice c-wagor‘?" "
six, lU' not; "'S hy, 'air, did you not' tell
my Icarr.cd . tricad. so this nionicut';•" " I , To,
'sir, I did not." " air, I put it to you
on your o*n oath: Do you drive a wagon?'
so, air." " That is your occupation,
thenr = "-i drive a Unit:"
, 'Mud is the gian4c.st •s•erne in existence
!he V4l4,lwie.
farm for Bale.
(viz mine= ecatzt vitui castatr giCate h re 4 o
N., sota *Watt tttar trio Mite Bout, Ma*
pThis Ana oontatnes a omM'qLW two
Was att4 absety Mtn tram. It Ls well oloitted
datrylocsatl wricultun. Tertpl elm. 2 Inuit:o of
the ,
gnbso~3 at 2dLasborg i , Va.
lune LS, 7.8714 L— - ' .7. a:2O2CIP« ',
'New arevv'elry store:
Trig z ngroroVi a = 2=4:At
Jewelry Store
l 3 the building recently occupied by 0. L. Winces
Hie stock comprises a full assortment of
Clocks, Watches. Jewelry,
fSilver and Plated - Ware.
8. L. WARMER, one ditto best warlanin in icoritt•
ernletuisylvanis, will attend to the
;Repairing of Watches,.
Clocks, 'c., 4'c.
ekUtul doing of whir]; his arrant= goat
e.lipeatonca la 6111211clant guarntee.
WelLoboro, Aug. 23,
sad as astir. icar_Stara at
BOOTS of.rat SHOES. mi
U . E. MIT= & SON, having Just ontepisted their
LL* raw Brick Store on Main street. whinh ia g u n
the best arranged and'anost Inviting stores in the
!y, are now offering to their old customers mid thepub
lic generally a better selected stock of
than ever before presented in the bOrough of Tloga.—
Ladles' ware of Burt's make, constantly on hand. Al
so, Mason & Elamlin'a Organs, and a variety of styles
to select from. All are invited to call and examine
pr fl ic es gs, Jan and quty. H. E. SMITH; Sr BON.
o. I, ali
1874 -Iy.
For Sale, Cheap,
OhIE elegant, new, leather top buggy ; _one nice open
buggy, nearly new ; one two horse lumber ;
a good single harness. WEIGHT 8:
June 21, 1871-tf.
Farm for Sale.
HE Subscriber offers for sac) his farm. situated In
the town of Delmar, some eight miles from Wells.
boro. Said farm contains 75 acres, some 80 of which
is improved ; good frame barn 30 x 42, and a good log
house, and some fruit trees thereon. Said farm is um
surpassed for fertility of soil in this section. For per.
tictuars inquire of the subscriber at the office of
Merrick, Esq., Wellaboro. P. •
Aprlll9, 1871-tr.
Business College.
Alnstitution to prepare young men for business
The graduates orthis College ars tilling eoznassad
ing and lucrative positions in nearly every city in the
For circulars, containing full particulars, Swim=
of Writing, Ooliege lank Bills, real Dwrag 444, AG
tivaa teu coats, end wid.rees
A.. J.WARINTEIIi, Prins pal,
InAp.st 2g, leTl-6=
Piano Fortes and Organs !
SONS WAICTI2 , . let PIANOS 011 0.11126 ANS vitti
46 And it partly to their interest to buy of
.r. G. .1";q:147' at Co.
We are Nii. the beet bratramauts at /smut prlaek
as.". au the meet favorable terms.
v la
.e: ' a PLINO Nemeses all th e 11)Utreriag eafien•
Vale, ; the Mae le Caveat:Cl of all impuritea, a Ives
feet In tj? of vowel thrbas, boat the ezttee sells, ries
zee =1 duratea tlf tom
Tho touch is elastic, equal, easy aud respozsive to
eVery demaa4 of the Pagers.
-.44110t in *Ay cni of theta) rdgoits. y 43: taupe Ma.
vitae - -
We wearliat every Yiaosi fOr the term of Ave year*.
deuce promptly attended to by the most expo.
d Tuners.
Instroodon Bcoke of the most approved methods t
the nuso and Organ son i atantly on hand.
=Mod, Otoslta,
Dec. 18, 1911.-tf '
Real Road Notice.
MHZ, anniml meeting of tha stacklioMeal of the Walla.
J. boro ar_d Lawrenceville Railroad Company for the
elecaon of President and Director" will be had at the
office of the Fell Brook Coal Couipauy i rail Brook
Borough. Tioss Co., Pe., on Monday, the Bth day of
January len, at ova o'clock. P. X.
Dec. 8, :ern.--4t Jaa.t.zi Eralcv.
17 the District Conk, of the United States for the Wes.
tern District of Penni:7l=A. In the matter of .1 - 09.
1178 .241.12LEY, Bank:rap/-
To whom it may concern :- The undersigned hereby
pivca notion of his appointment an assignee of Justus
SL Bailey, of IbinatieU, Tiop County, Pa., within said
District, who has been a r gaa a bankrupt on
bin own
petition, by the Dist.riM.Court of the said District.
EFSO. w. If.F.EatICZ,
Den. 20, 1071.-ow. Astaiiimes.
NTOTICE.—The annual tooettog of the etockholdere
of the Corranesque Valley Railroad Company, for
the election as President and Direotore for the en
suing year, v. - 111 be held at the 0/1103 of the Company,
to Flkbuid, Pennsylvania, on Monday the Bth day of
Januarr, 1872, at 12 o'c.tuch .11., the election to close
at 2 o'clock r.C. L. PATIISON.
Elklfsnel Pa. Deo. 20. 1.871-11 t
For Sale Cheap
port CASH, or good paper _on short time.
all entirely - now. Inpuire nt this °Moo
_ IVZ 'Ma X.st XIV 2Z2 -5 2"
Ladies' Furnishing Goods!
iu the Cone House Store. A large stock of Goods
jest received and will be Hold cheap.
Dire. E. E. FIVELAT L will have charge of the
ery department, and ....111 be glad to see her old friends
and new ones at ell times. Drop In and see our new
Dee. 13, 1871-Iy. MIIS. A. B. GRAVES.
Mettoboro Agitator.
rain la wall stock,' with 1" .7 p!:, Frgseer.
I and tee every advantage , for dc!ag
JOB PaiiVrElliitG
In a aupari sr ta.a.anir, (4- in C.A.)11), tram a wed
ding card to e. cheat poster. Any ihitz3t-.1. et; le cf work
&MC, Ai this .5 k.12V•73:
Law Rooks, Pauirksi.t., • !TT: , :ttnti..... (2.10.4
!laudt-Ww4,r.tplzas ,a , I ch.: Ole- I L L1.1:41.111,
iSuelnase C... 05, Et: ...s1,1„ - es, fluter! Yle.ts Prirkticg,
Vf..te.ut Cards I ‘V..,!.tii.:15; . ,Car0.5, 4.:
Ada.l biAnks. nna.fteritly on hand r.ui for 640
Dv:A:43 ii'r.Tresn.tee : 2,:tv.:cl lavutracl,"
Deed 3, quit...ol4lm !St ==lons, Subposnaz.,
StatAna.ot andc4.7. , "5wi..:7. , , j Wtrrante, Execution!,
km.lcabie Actyrn; !IndemulfylngEt..)ndik,
Bcntig,Conetuble'a °el' ,4`..ttetchmerit:3,Judgmont
0ci1 , :ct..1' , 3 ;tole. ,__ l d:otc.+3 l'alt!on !VA EGO.
Nt.P.rriagvr..:taii..,..t..., . t . r lq.p'uarr...ll of r..,.::,..a.rtt10.y.
kr,/ v.Ly 1:1111 . gs ~ : nrarnavlt-A. will. Ca
pr , vtal ordar VL al,ort
Ptt6Jo6 serAing c:dera fcr '3d3 WORK u1:1 gut
their Rork prow.ptly done sod renurnxi, We ehall
spare no pains to r.lease our cuszomori in tb la depart.
men:. :boat LkendinE vrcrk, plottite eitato the stze of
Job, laild of ink ftel ;agar
V , tS I:::_r_,DEn a L'ARNES
Farm for
frat subssrtbsr offazs fcc sale ids tam of 65 acres.
11 , 43?..tt1y 1.1.• awarlesto,,,
hogs county, Fn.; within a..out War tulles of Wells
tiOro PlLet two Uttltis Talley depot- fkilcv:
house, t.lauch, mills, shops, n =a:9. Tutus
erAy. liAtulto on the prunionsi
:day 17, 1871-tf.
..„. ki71i0ti,..7,, - ' , :,,„7:,71.:
st i m
-- have estatlialg..l. P.
v . •
Liver) - Ilqr itliire,
At their Stabil) on Pearl 6t. ,r4sr.-a f te Va.:lBla 'A wag=
shop. Slagle or double rias iaruiiitted to older. /hey
elm to Itoop good horses cod a-o,;Ja 6 , aud intend to
Dictum Prloc.4 zoitootuatio. WA:tl3.l:.‘ fr S REWELAX.
C. O. Cf-Ti:
L" :.lls 1 , 1•411: Atli: :41
EIAM completed tut newtsbirmt. viVehogio op
man street, %%Mbar°, boa Moakspplitps
inietWlSllloll,64 stook of
Mamba Setts, Ralait, Ash, Nap*
4c., &c„ &,c.,,
gran $l5O down, end es &colts the ante geode con
be bought in the cities, freight added. .
1 0
Amit T r,
=M EL WICOLD/141,2
I tuatoattufacturtug as usual, and Wand to keep
fell stock of wire, bouts sad city trade at all times.-'.
hly Ware Eooms are spacious and neat, and aoss ,
tats the largest, costliest sad beat stock of laridtate
ova brought into the county.
dons to ardor at the
Jaz. 1. 1372. B. T. 94
ryiNE =umlaute. mums of a Portabla EZIIIO4
L with a Carding Web+ Ise, two Lathes and a ran sir
Preruah Burr Stones attached, are pcepezed to AU op.
den in their business at Eaat Charieston, Pa.
ilg"d=°ld6rl aaQ
will be so ld- st a air price, a nd on 1e
For particulars, inquire of Geo. W. Marrick. NNW
boro, or 8.L01(ZO WEGTNAIf.
Jan. 1,1812. on the premise..
TAM now building at my matulinotOrY. iD taWralloit.
vilLs, a superior
which possesses the following ldVExitages Met all OtieW
tutus :
I. It separates rye, oats, rat litter, BM foul sea% NA
obese, and cockle, from wheat.
2. It cleans flax seed, takes out yellow seed. and a
other seeds, perfectly.
S T It cleans timothy seed.
it! It does all other separating required of a tarn.
This mill is built of the best and most durable tics
bar, in good style, and is sold cheap for caah.,,,or pro-
duce. ,
1 will; fit a patent sieve, for separating oats tcOM
wheat, to other mills, on reasonable terms.
Lawrenceville, Jan. 1, 1872. J. 11. bLiTILEB.
a 71/ 11*134
hirli ;II l 1 r-
141rENTNG opened a first-class Hardwire Store 1p
11 ISltuasileld, opposite Pitta Bros.. on Vain Street.
respectfully invite their friends and the public in
eral to give the= a call. They guarantee '
is all CMG. Their stock consists of
i ti. , 91.
!:::. a. ~. .. ~_
acialcovrulta, ramataxem
=MX POWYS% 60.
ead agtamt Una of Goods, gacolad fto
soos4y, et the lovAist cub prlirc
Thecntre Lbw esauts fos_tha SIBDT WOMB, VII
W. G. Elrz, i
bUtzatid. We:.. 1. lan
, a a 1-
4."-• alisys
tiluocengor to D. P. acacias) DEA= r
I Stoves, Tin and Hardware,
A.ND 1101113 Z
A gOneral stock of Builders biatoriaki. WOKE.
P.IFFR. at tosoutiotoiors prizes.
larTerma Cash. and piiicas reasonable. First door
above Oorce House. D. C. Eta=
Jan. 1, 18:2
Life, Fire, ,c,nd Accidental.
LsszTs ovEr. $24,000.000
7Z.D3 or Co7a.ANv..4
Ma. 00., of North Atr.crina. Fa .18.050,533 60
Frenvir t fire, lans. Co. of FMI.I, Fa " C 81,453 25
nepublic Jas. c,. of N. Y., Capital,— $760,000
Andee Ins. Co: c: filter-nal, .. . . ..$1,000,000
Nlagare. Fire. 1,-+. ( * Q. Of N. Y ... 1 000,000
Farmers Mr.t. rit c ins. Ca. York Pa .....Z,..909,889 16
Phmuia Mut. I.'l. 1 .,- s. Co. cf Hartford Ct...5%;091,9T0 60
Pona'r. Cr.e 1 = c: ... I 1....0tt3T1.11th 1.: ' oow CO
.. T.'"A-1.,^—^9,517 61
by met or otberwloo, ,
on ell kind+ cf S.. Q::erty. A=l looses promptly adJustoa
ttttd. psla. 1;7: y. s 11..ar.red. s,trpluat Ere or
I ern 8.130 fo , 'the Andia Pio Insurrmce Co. of
Cinclnnat. ..:,c•.a.aa.
ttttne.cd to—Ofitos oa
11.111 Meet Enozykllo Da.
v;:.:". B. EMITS
Jan. 1,
1 4 7
Var 'V 7C.,
Ilatixte, ci :_ Y-- 4. titoc;,. of 714, Stovea
Hurtisvere, t• tele' pl-oaottre to announce
ttia; Le 1.2.3 to t.../9 canal attr.L•
of the oldt
cosec:: ci &elf:Carex:we, a calleh the
4.;i1:: .
'•., 1: 3 _ ..3, 1:11:10E4.
_ _
_3 ~L'3iFifi
vso, racac are bui, c Cave
LIL 4 of Ilardwezo,
i. theansoll.
0;9:23 in ray 11.12 ;
ay cal
a nave t
t.i.: tt. •
'I Sash, Doc7l.s, Blinds, at Fa
'iota Prices ,
•-Jaa. 1, 1851
No. 1.
Lraz a EOELZR.