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24R .1 0U R NAL,
310,11.AHNEY, Proprietor.
.! the canoed IlepublicatilBn), the in:
. wioi•lture, the advancement of Education,
i coed 01 Potter county. fist - Win; uo gutde
l Of iliociple, it will endeiteor to old in the
•re fully Freedoinizing oar Country, '
rttsemento in4erted at the following mop.,
re Speol* 1 barzaill a xri, vusio. • A "oquaie"
f Rreefer•or Bof .iNibtipti , ell type :
lin ion • - , $l5?
2 or 3 113131. 1 /WIN_ -- - - ..... .- . ..... . _el
-equent insertionlesia tan 13 4) '
• 1 yeAr - 2_.: .... . ......... . _ .... __-_ . __ln of)
. CArds. 1 year ~...- 5 On
tratorto or I.:xt•cator's Notice-..---- 3 04
nil Editorial NOLiCtil per line__.__: 2.' , ,,
ran4ient tolvertiserneuto meat be j - iftiti in,
d no notice will hr tolten'ofl,aceill , fonehit ,
iiic'e, uoieee they ate accompanied by khe
at isfaCtdry reference.
- .. •
Di. 111
Cer.•etriof A
and the bee
except that
work of tn.
Wir . ."1, (1 t
'ere-pr. wit<
li I's 101ines 4.
l i I eu ' tre
V.‘`'t ;' ~r e
1 , 1 teptuel
MI ine6
' Admint.l
Mir _1!1
t , dv.ine,.. at
~rout .t (.2
Money or
.Vork, of all kin&, exuentecl with rieatol'oos
Wit 1. b I
and d • plti
AtreptetlAnclera York Masons
, 1
.1. 1.01. k: E. N. 342, V. A. M. 'Stated
tie, on the 2,1. :till •4th 'etiller+ 1,q , 0t elle!,
311, in the thl Siory of tie. t Ilth-tet 4 l 111. eh.
ntih,See. : WM. SHEAR; N.M.
Vree an
mo b. I I
D.C.!, nn
0. T. ELII.ISA,N., I
101 SG. NI Y81.C1.1.:c. Conde •fport,
.Ifulty innwirig the.,it.T.Cll , 011.110 VIIII I I I - ^1 411. i
1,01. be will promptly ret.p•ind to all (ital.:lt .
0111., on Virtt btrecti first di•or
rco.icterice. 17-10
.1 . „ • re.m,
v.tonitt th,
prof.,. tot
F. D. ill'inVED. D.,
llA's :04Sa: re soul l err•re!nlityltr,..-
(2 , ithlerisi.iirt
nnevmd itiithe Co .let
will lie re'tily :it il•i , 0 11,61 1.
lie j.; ret.iuliir iit .
Jai n 1 10.
[ZLLER ek r MclirdlD.NEY,'
Tl rr si
r f rt
2H:ai ha )
Mu lie d
1• . Ell'8-AT LAW, 11 iintitt.hctio, Penn'a.—
nt• for the Collection of Chihli's itgait E..ti Ihe
les artil7nitte i.overntri-ht. , , , th•li as l'en*lon,
Irrears of P.ty,&c-2ld Ire..i. , li. , x i) - 5, lirre , bilre
: Etc, .• J. C 11 itA,jNi.:l"
United St.
Bounty, I
Jl/lIN S. MANN. , !
[d..rAix,rt, 1',., iv.llatle..ii the serest l' , l turt:-
awl CAMerOtt c-,t s'ilitS. M! ioltHittes4 t•li:
hie C:lre.:Will rve,i , e" I.ollli, :ttivilli , .
tam Ktreet, ill re-i.1.-Inee.
In 1' tt er
tru "to 1 11
office on 1
L'IILSI*3I) t ;'t 11(1 1. A Ilt 1: .111 E l:. 1
tNEVS At - F,A.W, Cu , / iel Pplli . t s l'ulinim
II :Maid to fiII. lii7i , iiii_“iiii cu tr Li. l' , / b , 011
pr liniit t16: , .F iii.ndiiil luitly, W I II til-ii) atliiiiti
at curt ill 04(1 ..4dj dui if CAW , 1111 . .. 0101.
Cl' id store}' iif the , um-tud ilidcit.
N TT° ,
the weve
in L'l, r••
R\ 1..1T. LAW, C.,11,1,r prrt, Pa., .F. - ii
1 ..4 to ..!1 i.n.i...., .•,tru.,1, , 1 10. , 1,in N:lt - ie'll ,
IltrieSS. Attend. C , II to lof ndjo,,.iu_ tlotio
ce i). Zi,e...1.,41 , irv , ,,t,neaN . 1.11 A , A , ... , .‘ , .y Icrido.
F. W.
.1.157E17 ASP cou xsELLon AT LAW
4ersport, w au.,:nt.lll.w tS,
q• :la 1
ELLISON .t •ii:omrsoN.
1 E.ll-; in Drugs, iii....iicints, tact=, o',l ,
nik.n., I.3men ntni rant, artic .es, tio.)1:- •n
-s,h oc ,l, i i-,1 NI i.:4-11, ,rune, iii.ll-,,n,r; .1 1:-
.?n,nilyz. oi.l Jewvlvy 5",..r... Ja.- 1 •67.
:UI kinds
Vie. Iu
1.. M. Iki". Ate.A.I.AItNEY.•
1.'5T.A."11 , , atia .1 Sl'll • NCE. A I:EN'T
,d Cu ~;4t :ina • S,sl4, r,,,,,i,,,, , ....‘t . 1',E1,.;
toi. 1.. , 5 , 1re6 lirop , • , ty :tgninnt. ti till th. I),',
iii OP CCl , Shitry. :lnd l'ertan , . , a:za I: -I ACC]
the Tr ,ve'.,,, I.t-ttrol, 0 , 11ii , , ,, y „i li.irl,
q-ill.•-s tran=•i ,,, •.l r,,,,,,,,i,ty • 117.2, 1 '
lit TlE.t
tuv, ti,.cumpouti,
rd 1
C. 51-. Aftlist:to:N(,;.
and Stitiet IroitiiW ire. s rtet, 4 o Lid,
Anna.'Nl ait t i7i wet. Iron War • na.idu ij
u.,,,1-oyl-, 61% = i.rt
H A T ,
5 rr, 1
or It
1.. •.t. STE A. f
~\ NTS —P0!‘..,•1 - 5 in Dry Goof , Rle)
o ruceri-s.rrovi&oti-,Foil r, k.
1.110 tor win .ily 1;. - --pt in a good eon wiry -.t. , 1(4
17 '29 '
it of.•vf.
Prod tic .1
l'. U. SI11:114)30.4. , • .
CITA`:T --WEI.I.SVII,,LE N. Y., Wilole- I
%0 .4.01
la and 11.,•;:til in Dry G00•i,,, F.tnnv and
,1,01,, Clo:liin,2:.f.,•krPeF.l):'••-• 0 i , Ix 1,•• (sort 4.1
~,i, 1 / 4 ,•,,, It•,,,•:•ij•nili••cl •t 1 1 ,1••• al ;.• ~ i
yle I
F o•I .
I !S,
fiaVT—Dcaic•f'f In nrnns
;Is, Fancy rtLeles, S atiour•ry, Dry Ci0,:1 , -
&c., Str-r•t,
Gr cirj
RCIT ANT —DoaCer in D• y Crrort•riel.,
i• nl t !) •Uu) in
t'OUDEI3SPITIIT 1116T2-3.. • •
YFIIMILYA , N. r• , 0r'1.' , . - o l ii Car ,or cf 'Mail!
rand zi-colls(rtet- , 0, ..., 5f,,,71,1'..,ttvr C.. f':.
~ .• 0,10 is al., Ika•pt in COli r VC 1.01 W r lth tli * lrr•
r r t
):61, S r !,,,e r , !O :M./ frool ri . lo Rlilro.(tit!.. :
A I v
• Potter Jot:rat:l
111., 11 , 1 t i;lt%7 assorlra•Ht of
TOR-TY - PE. t o our alr,v'k"larze It-r,trtnprrit
!oily 1,re110r.2,1 to do AUL:11;1a I+l . work, clit,apty
a nd (1,1,
and Scii
:yille, Potter counts, Pennspiaitil.
reps LEWIS. Proprietor.
:en Chic c:ccetlvot Ilw id, the propri.
• the ocquai: tiler or the traveling pub!icolid
,iitideot of alt' !v.; ,at.i,•:l:letiou to all who 111:0
him.-- F b. 12.11;1 if
Lewi 1
B tt
.c. ttt.,,,
co, c.l
:I, ,t,
~- * ,MARl3, , Liiii WORK
lonuments 'and Torah-Storiei
will be fL7r l ed ab remimm
terms and &bort notice by • I
Brenttlt , .!
I mil,: south kyf
..111 Ilin
~. 111" order_ tho nol,, ft•G'i
D.t.lir BAWER, • . .
BUU sTv and.W Ali. i'I.AIM ACD 7 ',Nd'y
I procmr, ,, d for- Soldiers of the pre,e,Hl
J a
ilipabled by ro,on.of wonhdd r , evi•ir
a,ecintriteted while in the'iierviceofthe tii,ite 1
;and peu.iiinii ' bounty. and/ :t eel Irf vay 4.,! _
for widow, or heirs of those who have died . r
killed 'While in i;ervce. • All letterslf.inqu •
tl . c , answered. rind on revel pt. by mall of a ,tat i-
of the Ari arse of el3imant, I will for Ward the 1 .6 .-
y p-re 3 for their si•inl F-
es es in Pen-lei. ,
:.s fixed by !awl •Re ferii to L10• , 5.11, , ,,e I.l , bsbn.
Olmsted John S. Mann, And F. W ji.,r, .', tri g :
Claim Arrant. C00d ,,, p.e1. I.i.
or di.=
bt It(
C 4306
11 -
nEMI ES for imlfens:ot tl 11 (la “rerpils
C-E3 ,LD's ExTic.ter But:Hu asp Lu
-1) ROSE. WiSII. I I"
,Itch`? Itch ! Itch.
vutcure the Itch in AS Hours!
g AA'
I,,re. szki,rr RitErkt. ur..,:Enc,.. .7rt i j .
NS, and alt it:IIUPTIII),N7S t/F Tril: sK is.
1.,0 cent.. Fl‘r , ale by al drur.u.b4,4. 1',.,24ei,di0 g
nt.A to WE6.117-S , 4: , fil'r ER. role Atzenit , , 170
il,gt.)n, 13, - rlion, it 'VII L... ~ e.wat<ted by
fr'a of I , b!ugt , 7y , ally r.r. 0. th...1;.1.c.,16:s cr.
el. 18S.I. fp, 7.1::::.c. wk: , Irr.
4 13 L..
WI j
; k .
' .
. -...,,,............._ z_
, .
• ~
. .
. 7
I . 1111 .; 0
1-4( n ....
4 a
2 • (~ ri 1 '
I IA ' ;
; N N
?))\ D 1 I ' I . - a 10 I -
leirteSlV • , :
''.r. I
. . .
- 7
. At --- a N. ' -- 9 • -
e ,
';' . - I LI. •-I • - • - ' .
—Though i there is a heavier force of men
and teams at work on the California_ end of
the Pacifici railroad than on this, the prb
gress in diltance is fat' slower; for while
here the Nth lies along an absolute • plain,
there it is up and over the grand Sierra
Nevada chitin olMountains, , About 12,000
Chinamenjare at work on the road-bed in
California,tand an-additional- 10,000 have
been contracted- for. to be pa upon the line
next spring!, When the contractors ‘vill be
gradit.g on this slope of the Sierl'as, and
beginning stretch their labor out on to
the plainsiand into the valleys of Nevada.
Now the track isroompleted to within 16
miles Of die summit of the 'lnonntains, ano
the fol!oWing table - of - statistics,
and altitules, from Sacratirento on; to the
summit, shows how the' iron pathway is
mounting rthe greathills of the Pacific
slopes of the cow.inetit, .Ait Cisco, which
the completed road -has now reached, the
Incomotiv4 screams on a spot as 111 ,, h, as
Mount Washimr,ton, the higoest our New
b:unland inoun'tains:- , 3
Di - stance
.ttscadc, • -
:met ;cm,
',A 1 litm,
loch Flat,
ul - whir ; _
Sdine of the structures of tile wok on
rilel!t,-,t section of the rohil are grandly
A California Ji!iurnal stn's one
the crossing of Canyon creek, is
;i t ti isle piece of solo masonry tw e nty-eight
W:'l- to high!. and fift, -fout feet in breadth.
?TI T Ifore•ts of towerio trines—tire-tower
itain peaks and yawning rifts and
iravered failroaii between
AU/ en I Clii•co, lire-eat a sublime pane
h elm is d,....4ti1id,d to be a favorite
for the art-foyinlr toari-it, t only
oit:r day,: but one which will be con
late 1 (Might by unborn
a-at ions.
TRIANG ' LE, Ilropn.eleo., N. V, 31lzir. 'GT.
AR. F,l3lTelt i - 1 thorlit p' leaps a word
i i the 14:nljure titatt might be accept:i
d,. lito tifr! rt•it , kiS tie l 11 . 1 Q. JOHrivii. \\ . e
laxj been bless'ed iittila severe Winter her e .
Th I ' ,'l hest iiiliii , bitlint4•unite in sayints• that
if ,
i i. i
they race ??, , f, ~iflOt% 11 I SO severe Ti ;' inter in
litai)v years: I .ln n 4 3, places the- roads ,
iron } been drif etl so. liadly as to be i iniel .,....
-.Ail ".Cold Cold we:tiller ! trominence..l t•i e last
~114yeinhe r, , v end: it lContinu'ed cull and
iiluiteriniri midi the first day of Fehrum v.
Then the icy titters of winter were melted
away, our reads beemine pastille again,and
everybody seemed ileli4lited with the change
About' the fifteenth 4February it sudden
! ~. n r
iy c hanged, four or ye I nc hes , c of r.:lory tell
and we are now ehjoyinir the best slei g hing
, Tie season. 'rile farars art iirejwing
for early sluing, ati!il expect to comineure
inaliiis L i• maple sug:4 'vers. siion. Maple
s n ! ar, is made in conliiderab'e quautities•in
thq clOwnly every ; season. This county has
!p ee n l tettled severity or eig - rity years and the
t)t4ite'fs are in better circumstances g oner
alll tJhan those of` northern Peimsyl'va d a
Theyotre an intelligent and enterprisinir
clas c s bf people; and judging from appear
ancesf 1. should say they are the right. kihd
of in4n in the ri.iiht place. Politics do riot
run el:erc- high here at present, but the pee
p:e of this county rolled up. quite a beir-v
majotitv for Peer, last November • 1., , 1is
far. 4 I can learn, Andy has been very easy ,
with':the Postmasters in this vicinity. reis
likely he found no tbigs here that would
harkfoi - hims. There is one thing at Idat,
or N' , liiell the'peopie of Potter may ] Ibe
proud—and that is ' tht it school hiriiijs. l
They are tar ahead of New York in that 1
rospect. I del not svish .., convey the [deal
that they have ghee reboot houses, but that i
they have betterioncT. To have large'irei
w e ll ventilated school. houses speaks well
for the intelligence of any community.' I
-tlitnlt if somelpetsple who are always afraid
of building them too lar)"-e:and•acraid 0
expendinir too much money on diCtri, could ,
change places With , the teachers, ;nil b ei
shut up in a little house with twenti• on
thirty scholars for three or four months, al
eliang,e itiuld conic over the spirit-0f their]
illeams., - yours Respectrully.
• . .1
' .1.1 U. IfroLLENtiEcK.
....-.........---... , ~ i .
lirset i:o A. QrACEf ES
Hi „ l le
. h it . t
[Bush ii4ed to tell this sto ry of a biothel
I lianister:—As
the coach was aboutstart
inn; beftire breald'ast, the Modest linib 01 I
ibe law!Approacheil the land ady, a p[•etty 1
Qiiakeiess, whij, was near the fire and said
he could not think of goins? without: grin_
.her a kiss. ."Fiiiend, - said slie,'"theelnins.)
not do I C "Oh, by heavens. I tvidr re
plied the' barrister. "Wellorriend, iis: thou
bast sWOTI), they may id(' it, but thee IntiSl.
not make a piaCtice of it." •
; ...c.'":11. w: s.:l :Scoteh ‘vorlthn who s: ,; ( 1
, wat the butcher of tier town only; kil:et;
1 ati it a beakl at a tulle. i T . I
Denoted to fhe ?Evil:lW of Imp DaiT)oeile9, aka the AissiiiiiiAtiol) of r..iteilf(tre aqa ffztrs.
Plevatß)n (Feet )
1 .1
6 '
1.1 . ;7 , .5
i . Q., i• 1:
. 3.2 15
I 1 . 3,6:15
1 ; 5 !+' i
ti 9
coinriaspoßT, POTTER COUNTY
314110.1111CVS CHARGE.
Thus saith the prophet of the Turk :
" Good Musselmen, abstain frOm pork.'
There is a part in every sivine!
No friend or follower of mine
May taste, whate'er his inclination.,
On paiwof excommunication."
4,Such was Malmmet's Mysterious charge,
And thus lieJeft the point at. large. '
; Bad he the sinful part expressed, •
They rui4ht With safety cat the rest t
;But for one piece they thought it hard,
I From the whole hog to be debarr'ed,
jSd set their wits at work to find
The joint tile grophet had in mind.
I Much controver,:y straight aros . e,
These choose the back, the belly those ;
By some 't was confidently said
Be meant not to exclude the head .;
While others at this doctrine rail,
And piously prefer the tail.
Thus conscience freed from every clog,
3fahometanr, eat op the ho;;,
Ton laugh ! 't is well! the tale applied,
' Might make you laugh on V other side :
Renounce the world ! the preacher cries,
' We do! a multitude replies,
But one, as innocent, regards
A snug and friendly game at cards ,;
And one, whatever you May say,
Can see no evil in a play ;
Some love a concert, some a rare,
And others shooting and the chace.
Reviled and loved, renounced and followed,
Thus bit by bit the world.ts swallowed ;
With sophistry their sauce they sweeten,
quite from tail to:Mout 't wa.s eaten,
9; , 0
Ain A.stosiislied Old Lady.
An old lair whose home is in the coon
try, and who hadtilt been in Cincinnati for
o:erai years,- came in yesterday to do some
trading, her principal business heing one of
few incidents in her life—the purchase
of a new. bonnet. She hadn't had al new
bonnet since she was in Ctinnati the last
attcl that was seven y g OS ago, no had
she seen any of the tiew-hulLrled contrivan7
ces—"triiies light as air
-which the wo:
men wear now days in place of bonnets.
i IF, a new bonnet was the engrossing theme
:in her mind on entering the city, o(Coursc . '
she was on the alert at once to see
the fashion was. Imagine her const:lrna-
Lion, then, in standing on Fourthitreet,
watching the people as they passel l t by.
FOr a time she was pet folly speech4s, amp
then she was observed to, throw up her
hands, and exclaim:
"For the land sakes are-the women all
crazy, gad I in' through th i l estrects with notb
ins on th,ir blessed :heads! What's become
of all their bOnnets?"
She went into a infllnery store ant'l 'ac
costed a "gentlemanly and obliging" young
lady in attendance:
•- •
:'You see I come the hull way front
rnriunt county to buy a bonnet. I've worn
this one ggiin' on !It's a little
out of filshion I reckon, and I want nine
thnt is right in style I itidu't IL - m.oi'; what
the winunin was weurin', so I stood tint
hOrs a blessed hour to see 'em pass, and I
leipe never to sce my uld man again if I
saw one with a bonnet on durin' the hull
roue 1 Some- had a doll's handkeher laid
on the top of the head ; others. had what
lokiked for all thO world like oyster patties
trimmed With blower! glass, and I declare
to, goodness if one woman, with a big ru
tahaga turnip oti the back of her head in a
14 n e t. w ore an y ceverin' 'copting a yalier
circus ticket tied! on with N string, 1"
When infortnid that the styles she had
seen Were the latest - thine- in the bonnet ,
tiro old lady's 'astonishment increased!
a 4 she was thoroughly bewildered by the!
One she had examined each of the varie
tie=s embraced id-the- mildner's collection,
particularly when she learned the acconi
pitnying prices.
• •
She looked at her old bonnet, whielt hail !
been preserved so- carefully (Loring the
changing fashions of seven years, and coin-1
pined it with the fashiOns of to-day, when
the old lady forty wept. She declar
ed it was enough to drive one'craty to see
such vanities as the wOmen'are running to I
n 4 iw days "Twan't so when I was a gal,"
said she. "Women wnre: bonnet.s in th em
days that.dovered their heads,!and Lied 'emi
tinder their chins insteA,of frist - n 7-ein to
the back hair,'' She left in (*mat disirust
and said she Would go right tuck to Claird
Mount and wear her old bonnet till 111:11i
tiers got to making bonnittS again. • --
"Ml' Boy DRUNK !"—"Dru tik l—my bol€
drunk l" and tears started front the tooth
efs eyes, and she bent her heal in unut
tiirable sorrow. In that, moment; theivis
iims of a useful 4d honorable career were
destroyed; and olno of woriblesness, if not
iiti:iiilute disliurn'ir, presehted itself. W e l,
dia she know that : intemperance wa ks hand
in hand with pove' rty, slini»e and death;
and her inother-Weart was pierced as with
a sharp pointed steel.
A WISf: LA'NDLO-D.—l HO Illity a
....., ,
I Ali, you'll!' !nand if the holy feeling of! j0dc ,.,, , ii military' Officer, and a pries,, all
love . for her who L ore yout . is not d ea d w i t h applied for lodaitit - ,r at. an inn Where there
in von shun that which gl . yeE , . her ain;
here to that %%hich gives her joy: d l'l
p was but one spare bed, and t,l lo _ I,, i „Jd or d
r f :he! was ‘..alled upon, to decide who had the
is with you en earth, she does ll"ti f"" "` t. ! best claim of the three: . 'I havti tam 61
le"ire to w- I lLr'E" ii a l ' . "" k "' I it. l ' shl l ' s , teen years in the aarrison at IV said, the
;ivith her Father in Lleart , !ylliin Iliat.coqtF.o 0.1E04. 'I 3
•ilavti sat as itl4icre twenty }'gars
4 life while 1 .sli"tF; the g ates “ f lie ' t `' er ''
L ir , i: ii " v_ s ti a ‘ ii . l e t ‘ l .e le ii: j;t : l i g t e. ;., :il s it i t it h i to ti :7:eave.
i.urainst von : - nd, debars 'you fruits lier su- ;.. t
0 - entleinim, I hate stood in the Ministry
eiety forevt r,
The (11 n Ikard cannot inherit the king
'Lloln of God.
eminent physician has tliseo.ver- [teats; you, Ju.igto, htote sat twenty
the nightniate it) nine. tttl , tt. , ) oitt of year:', hut the ag..l pa , l,lr Atto , ,d fiv e
ten i , .itiotitice.) by oyiin2 ane o ws- and tw , eov so he, has thu Lest, right
paper, ana the best cure is to pay up. to the 1.p.k.i."
PA., TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 1867.
Penns3irania in-Congress.
PennsYlvauia has reason to be proud of
her representation in the Thirty• Ninth
Congress. Thaddeus Stevens, by his stur
dy devotion to abstract right, and .by the .
pre-etninent ability with N I llicit he has, coin-
hatted error and inspire the friends of
liberty and •justice with confidence and
courage, has raised our Si...rite to a position
in Congress which it has pot enjoyed since
the days of Benjamin Franklin. But Much
Of the distinction acquired for the Old Key
stone during the pi.esetlt I Congren is due
to the extraordinary ability of her entire
Radical del(Tation: .Ancf we are glad to
see this fact appreciated and candidly set
forth is the. Washinfi,ton torponaence of
the Manchester (N , . H.) 'Xirror. It will
be seen that Our representative ranks among
the most useful ) if.not the mo-t
of the body •
" You. must not for a flionrent imagine
that Pennsylvania can only boast of 6te
vens in this contest. He is in ane and ex
perience her le'ader. Honored as he is to
day, Kelly, Broomall, Willitatis, St 2 otield,
Wilson, are brilliant stars in her pnlitieel
sky Mr. Kelly ()ripe visited New limp--
?•hiro and his voicl is Well tememlered
there. •Mr. BrOomall is one of her stronn
est men, with a canstitnency that New
England might be proud of, and although
but in his zecOnd Nun, has gained a posi
tion that few may Soar to reach. He is an
able lawyer,l governed by precedents that
lean Co justice, of pleasing address and in )
pressive eloquenced He has no sngared
words for treason and rebellion, and speaks
boldly. what he Lei eves. In debate hei. is
forcible; makes his : - upints well and clinches
them with argnment rarely ex,eelled. His
voice vote or initnence is never doubtful
Wihiams and ScoOld frequently engage l l in
debate. The foriner is slassk, while the
latter has gained imneb applause:by his
well • thried speeehr. Mr. Wilson rarely
if eeer speaks in debate, yet uses his influ
ence in a way equally potent, and is in his
first term. huts IPennsylvania is leading,
us-. This Week will make and .unintake
men in the politield wo4l, as it . has corn
ruth :ed." 1 i
Irox. G. W. SbOFJEL-D.—S 3 nie - ot ire
most prominent fleirubficans throughout
the Sate are speaking out very decidedly
in favor of ..Tolge Scoli q M as a +n.lidate to
succeed Buckalewl . Judge Syr now
reprcsents the Erie district irf Conrrre*ss,
where he is distinknished as a nmf,
of corn
rr.anding ability, rind where he has been
instrutnental in accomplishing much good
to the State and . t i he country. It is very
eel fain' tbat the honors of the Republican
party belong 10 srieh Melt as Judg a s, S.
has al wri,s been al fearless exponent
publican priniplel, and afaithful worker
for the RepubliCan cause. In hiblition to
all this, his expe4nce as a legislato i r is very
great. At present we have no personal
preferences to urgk but we cannot ref , aio
from recoguiing the claims of Judge Sco-i
field to Senatoria honors its being equal to.
those of any •Republican yet rnentione I in!
connection 'the Senatorship../tcry-!
r Lint rg Tdejrnp7s.
rP;`•The black man has voted in Virgin
ia Only think qf it! in ari , toeratic and
regal Virginia— , -Arliere an F. V has
dee t in men's fah as other men de,al in
dogs and horses . ! Never teas a g,lorions
feet more grating ) than this:on the heart,
and the delicate sensibilities of tyrants ..If
he tennen progresses., and . loyal men are
thus awarded their rights, we may soon ex
-1)tlt to see traitors punished in Virginia.
Jaqit6 Is always po,=,=ib!e.4
A dispatch rec l eived in Petetstairg', .Va.,
last, tveek. antioulided the arrival at Ali
napolis, Md., in a condition of hope'ess iii•
sanity, of Rev, qeage T. Williams, who
was arrested somh, time since in New York
city on a charge I pf picking a lady's pocket
in a Broadway sta L ,re: i -
I .
AE:>r} - s:tEAd
At the corporation election of Williams
port I wilthe 7th, th e h ea l s
fed the Burge,,, Assistant Burgess, and two
Commissioners. Two Copperhead rum
Inissjoilerzi wore alsti eleCted: Last year
Oopperbead hat a majority The
vo:e was the largest ever cast on such an
n. ie. priest.
-That s , Wes the di , plite," sail the !awl
lord. ``Y ,, O, Mr Captain, have leia fifteen
It .
li 4
—An Af al itringl Good Wtit
or /or r Ike af
house, removes his shoes but not hisl'lntt .1,
lie Mounts his horse upon the . rightlSide,l .
While his wife milks her cows on the leftt DURING TIT?: WAR; ',
side. With him the point of a piw is its
From ttu• Load.' to,:inph Dec ,15. i •
head, while its head is male its lieels. H c is •
head must be wrapped up warm, etim in I A. :highly inuiginative trans I •Atlantic
tuenirer, wh i le • hi, f e et may 1 .,„11 0 , 0 , 1 ,1 4 ,1 1 1, , Irongnipltvr iizm lately inferMeti the world
naked all winter. Every artic'e of i 1111+; that Aznericii is, or sli.utiy wil it. la •-c.ezo
chanclise which is liquid hL weighs,' but. try hounded ore the' north by the Asiatic
measures whelit, barley, and a few otlierar icircle, on the smith by eternity on the
tic:es. .He reads and writes from heft to east by the ri,ing srin., and on the!west by
right.: He eats almost nOthim.„' , :it. breakfast the 4.l:iy of judgement. There ttrel a set of
about as iota at dinner, but idler thd tv-t-It ' bitter anl,l bEii'"l'l4""ti , Me" 7 chiefly ofaid
of tile .day is :lone, he ..sits down to ;h hot -, tory perzMasion, to whom it; ktild• of Mo
nica! swimming in oil, Or, better pz. the I agery is gall and Wollllll'oo4. They nre
b o il e d bott l er. His sons eat with hint, but miserable ts , t - America. is Vag; and be:
the leinale4 of the house wait. ti I his lord , - I cause she uses these laughably bi-xpress:-
ship is done. _fie rides :his donkey when' i ions. The real re:ison why they Init - e'her
traveling, his life walks behind. He laughs is because her government is so free, and
at the idezrof walking in the street with ithe•suecessof it so wonderful . bill since it
his Wife, or ever vacating - his seat f o r' . a wo- d, ? es, not ..lo to confess these facts, they are
• . ~ always girding at her faults of manner, and
style—a practice which is alsmt as useful
!, ns to rail at the Allegheny .rnountAs fur
1 being litige and cragvy. ' For our pih:L, we
„ experiend e no
.more surprise or vexation at
ki ze . 1:y1)6 4 004a5. - of our dec e n,Ltmt s bc-,•yond
the Atlantic, than we should at seeing a
likely lad split .his trowsors in• growit t;. or
la fine, healthy baby reach his plutiip AIMS
llout fur the moon. The: thing is natural
a i d even satisfactory with the yoting,gizint
that ire bate bred; and En4-land, the - MO.l'-
ler of empires, d•:ght to beleartilv.plead.
and amused at the glorious ga.scobades of
her mighty child. Is she to be an elderly
cm.oette, and vex herself because .her sons
otitstralo•lier, and her ikughters shoot up
With a beauty and vigor that ref - 11MA tier
how she ages? She ought, if she wer• limi
est Mid . heartY, to be glad arid proM4 of
youngstersthe like of whom history lav- .
er kneW—to.knit them to herself in hotels
of firm love, and aim at making out 18f
them an Anglo-Saxon family' of empiits
which should girdle the world- with Om
language of SliakeSpeartt, and the happy
influence of that little matron island', W.
like to real , these ridiculous sttlimitie;
wherein' our imperial 'ct.ckerels crow the M
- well-nigh off their legs with instine - S;
roand the old Britanic hen what d. hi:•1
the American chicken will be when all thit
tatters cote, it' it can scratch and Vi-o
and il ,, nrish its spurs like this in an epo•ii
when it is but'iliromr s .h the barba l :--
. going
sin of a new civilizatiom'and has the bttst
eirtmf its hackles to i shout. l And if 'big
ies. j'ishti.- big words, we 8110111,1 liki. to
- ' ,ll i ° w lv ery wi rat i rio st t o sh b , l3 H r is any these'l 'o nV tlze en r natii
i n
Ay millions of squriie acres of fat 'e. ofh
n.„u!,,l fo r a back---ar
, d, Which will giow
, .1
Ix quarters to the acre, as long as yen kike
Lo prow the old 'crop;:in? Has any tither
' 'iatiop a mountain of lsolid iron to mitike
i tlowS of,.like Pilot:. Knob, in Missouri; or
ie s id' t e l folder the ground Mid 'shortA of
1 5 0 .1 , e" ! ,,,,, r alooz the Lakes!' 'Does ;any
1 other nation double': its populatiOn Attire
twenty years and suelt in the ethigratidil of
E•irope w ,mom u. tinting it? Or thrill
ear!! te: 20ff I.n il , • • alone one river I Or
venture onthe impudence of a Mcquroe
doctrine? or tight a war I with -a Million
soldiers and ItztV9 :them 1111 home ii'g-,ain,
;hike boys 4-titer ,se..hool within a year? Or
what other 114orie Oullcats a revenue of
i£118,000,000 sterling, and with ,t 20,00-
1 00 t oi 2 ; •.1 at a time ill its excite pier,
'lam his at a debt of 4 . 504,;000,01/0-; and en-
Igages to wipe: it out in 1 ten year? sir.
Arteintis W,ard sir- lie never knew a Yan
kee who didn't talk about the [Lucky
'-Motiiitains except
.Sine,l i tchi he .Was deaf
and dumb; but even:he wrote a bookalmitt,,
them. who is ptypia 'enough to 10; ‘ ,411
lat that? It ial'fii i etiature of the - f ie4fllle
the young I:iaer,-trinst
. haVe gi.: ; i t itici Lop
ice, words, policies, SoliuMes, :AA sayings;
aud if we laugh; letlit ',. with hearty' 41 . 10 d
nature, and as old Iplks do at the f'e'int' iii I"
bizneomb of the young ones, whOsestremit q
and health'are so 1 eautiful and full of iiid
promise of noble 41 iys,and Works.
clergyman who was in the habit':
preaching in ditil7ent puts of thy`eonn-.
lily, was not, lon, sibee in au inn,
I,,bserv e d a horse jockey trying to ialce 'in a
simple countryman, uy imposing upOn him
a broken : winded hoise for a --na.l pne.:-=
The paison knew the bad character,Of the
j , ,ekey, and •taklng the man aside, tohi him . ]
to be cautious of the man he was 4ealit , :4!
with.: The man deeh , i,l
chase. and the j ockey, quite netir?.d,
served I. .
`.‘Parson , l had much 'rather liriai •, it
.1 , .
than se o von privately intertere:m
barfrains between man and man, ;in till
• L. . ,
, . .
4 Well,";repiied the parson, "if y l ou
been where you Might to have be«4l,'. last
Sunday, ybu might have heard me preaeln'.
"Wheri) was that?" inquired the pokey "
the state prison:" retorted the ;eler:
gvman. ;
• • :.; I
Din Yórt EvEn SEE=A regitwetAh.4t,
wasn't the best in the service '
A captured battery that hadn't fired:
last round of ammunitions before it was
A regir&tit, brims_ de or
' , ;:tsn't the very bast to leave the field %when
a "retl•eat was onlerc'd ?
repiinent, briade divisiort,.a coin
piny or battery,. this didn't lose more .''in
each I.att?o , than any other rerirnent, Uri
(rad e , division, bastery, or coinpani ?
Abriaade ; vitVision or coil's thitt hadn't
the very bpst commander in the army : 1 ;
A .livision that didn't save tile :inn%
from n ilat'ion ?
- A lino, that , lesetive to be
tt I,a , t t 131-i2sadier General? 1
A re, , ziment-that didn't gi, futther "on: a
chi rge kill more of the enemy ; and capuire
more tia ,, a than any othet'. .
A entlenian, who Wanted to make a
takinm speech to a 'Sunday School, thou ht
he wofild adopt the, colloquial style, and
this is what. happened :
`,Now, boys, what does:a man want when
he goes fiAing? •
A. shrill voice went dirutly to the point
Witli—“warits n bite!" -
gentionan sat down without further
A. coarse, ill-natured fellow - died one
day, and his friend; rKseinbled 'at iiiS funer
iV, but no one had a 'rooll WOrd to 6:IV
ahont the deceased. - Even at the grav l e
was . silent.. At len,rth a L.:OA-hearted
man, as he turned to ilro home,
b e vas a good Sehm4)ket'.7'.
The iNiitor of the Man e Farinei•
the folowing thoughts in refnual in h
that huve become a,blieteil to crib - biti
Cribbing is undoabtedly a hithit r
than a disea&-: - it . won!!! see
proved by the I . :tel.:that A yono‘J'horse,,
tined in :t stalle next, to nn oil itor,T;
is a erilibdr i soon, acquire theliabi!
is very voinirmil among horses that are,
status y .kept in - the-stable, I] be c
bv tli animal selzlip, upon cri6, birin
solitary pa , tmie, to while away rheldresome
hours of stable 'hie,' Or the ethistatit . diet
of hay and (tilts - nl4;ilerang,e tl e tliestion,,
causing-2as We ourselves ihnow— no
easiness Or.idie long continued inhalation
of close and impure tor may di,stirder- that .
part of the entire system, and t h us give rise
to the habit •
"Crib-biting may be preventEd if taken
in ,hand during the eilrly stage. , ?;. • Fin.q: at
tend to the atmosiih'ere of the fstable,. ren
dering it pule by careful ventilation. Place
lump of rock salt in the ,inan7er. This
acts as a stimulant to the stoinneh and will
often enable the horse's digesti4n to reciwH
er its lest tone. If this does tiot e fleet . a
cure aid •to it a large piecq of chalk.
Should this not prove 6 40.h00d, damp:
the 'eel aryl at eacli tittle of feeding,, sin Ink
le magnesla up on it. lifityhewlals-o reconrr litrae han.lful of ground oak bark
to be
,given a
with tch feed of grain. Slionl.l -
none of th , above me ;isures prOe df belie
fit, W e should eoirle tO the> conel sion thi'u
t h,i Ira s r was 4 ,' r a more obstinate natal-,
be treated as in caiie of chroni.
ords 4
'ltSt. , 11'
R hen a young Man is e'er:: In a
and. dress like 3 "Mince, srnois 4 foitr; su
gars," drinks "nnich! tn andy," at teitA thea
tres; darieesand thle t like, regularly, We Won
wh•ther he does it all on the ..pi*:.eeds
of his clerkship.
When a young lady sits in . the Whim'
daring the day, with her lily-white * ' - rigers
covered %vita' rings drains - on the 'piano,
and reads yello‘i-eavered no=els, iee won
der if her mother do , •en't wash the dishes
and do the dirty"work inThekitehge:
When the deacon of the chnith sells
strong butter. riv i orninendirt it excel
article, we whnder upon whin h i he re
lies for sAlvhtioh.f •
When a gOM three tinies: :a day lo
;et a drarti, .we wendel• if by-iridsby he
wort% go four times;
NVlren a lady Id* her waist ii - third leaS
than natero nia , le it. we wonder it her pr , t-
iy figure Will not Ohorten tier lift: a dozen
~bars Or more, . besi.les making her miser:
:We whpe.she doel lve:
When a man receives- a . tiewTailei• of
perio,.licill weekly, and takes great delight
in rentii ig it, bat neglects tb pay for it, We
wonder, whether he has a stful or a eizzard:
1 ,