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.J i4i XVIII.--NUiaßEa36.
M. W. MeALAESEV, Proprietor.
to the cause * Ret.obHc..Um. the in
tr-*i-of A <rie ,, Uure,the :dvineementot K-niciiioti,
, c,Mj'l l P'ttter c.iuiitj. owning no jrmde j
.xcept ihvil of Pri .ctnte, it will endeavor to aid in the
work of m >re tutl> Froedomlxiog our Country.
■ar VlvertUe ne v> "m-erteti at the f.A Sowing r a,e- |;
exept Wirr.- it... A -qu.t-e
. 10Un-of Pr'vierorß-.1 >'*np eilt>p
1 ir, 1 ns-rtion ■ —•— * * >oo
1 *quvr-. - 2 r 3 >ne lions- -- --.L " 13 " "40 • b-equent insertion l< * ..,1000
1 -quvre, 1 yetr *"* **"*_ „ 5 00
uHMnI .<d Editorial sotic-n per line 20
rn-y VII tra-mieU HtJvert'B.' ma.i he poa <n
*d™ei I !r..0 notice wilt h.- t,k-n of adve4 o-*nu!
fro n * dist .nee, u .!•• they * e accompAiihsU by U.e ;
Ha., tev or • r-*erece.
r<J t, fork, f itll kind*, ex.-cuted with neatness
%n i •! •*o-tch.
T ree an.L Accepted Ancient York HMOII
LOIKiE, No. 342. FA M >3'*<;'' |
K Mee i..g- on the 21 to I4i . ' eduer my^.O^c 1 .
ifcfnth. tl .11. in .he 3d Btoryofh-Y> :
\\ M q'IKA *
o. T. EI.LISOX. M. !>•
PRACTICING I'UYSICiAN. C ude (.port, l'*.,
rMiwetfaHv I .e -it tUewlllwreind
-vie n.tvthHt he will pr-iiiptly re-pon tto nil rjrfl- for
iprof -*rion .1 Bet vices. <>ffl ••on t iret street, UrM dor
-w *t of l.i residence. 17-40
A Cuderporl, IV, WII :t e-U the several c-uria
etl'otirr and C*nienu counties. Al! business en
nrasiei lo '.U cure w.d fecei.e p-omp. aUeuoon.
•office on Ma... street, in re-id'-nce.
TTORXKY3 AT LAW,, renn'a
A *'. i. ,te " J aU e 'w\Tafo attend
W iu, ..r .mi* less nd h i.-liiy. XV " '-o •"j*' 1 *
rScourt. io tl.e -dj ini rouut.ea. utfcce
iri tlic s-eo.-d -t..rey "f tne 'Mm-teJ Block.
p. W. I.SOX.
A Coo -erspori, !•., wII attend the • -ou. u.. I ot
• r and he n ii. n c """' '"
r. BirrEit. i>..
TVIVSICIAN and? i .'eon .v . id n-specTutlv In-
P f.r.u the Citiz .S of Coud.rsrort und vcouv
tha he ha. op ne lan O llre ' l, f.te Coude.n s.rl
Hotel, oil will Ih* re.d. a.a I f .!■o md; V '
f -i nal calls, lie i< • r.-qu'.ar gra lu He ot L•"
Ms J eal Co lege of I 86. •> "' '•
EI.EISOX A 1 tAi )..
DEALER-, in Drugs, Medic nee, l'aints, D!l,
Vsrin* .es, L in. - d Eo.c . c es,
tn. Ki "da and vliss 11. ,eou, Si .r-oiier. ,1 ks,
W lu M. . ings >id Bewe.rv 3 Ja I <>'
\TTOH ■ KY3-AT LAW. H .Hul-etito, IVnn'n
~ tor tne Ce.lootioii oi CI .mi- >k "• el le
lu led -lalesand -a.e - .overnw.- ut v-n -.e ensm.-
ou-ny. Arr.-arst.f I'iy,Ac-Ad-tees rfxV . SKY
La .d Bo.ghi and 3d, Eax.-s pod and I .Her
Inv -stiit .ted I si.res P r T " 'J'
Ctapan e* in the C . try. aid 1 cisr.n nIA Cl
de .Is in tlie i'r .vVlers I .ur .-e Com pa'<> til l
fa d. R i.-in- rr-.tis-.C'-d Ii""ntl y 11 —'
l. 11. AUHsIBOXii.
HARDWARE Mere-ant, a -i i .IKmSovci,
Tin and 3 ,e*t Iroo-W-re M on st-eet, - oudrr
r-11 a Tn at.d 3ueet War to
§f ipr. ! tfiVhi A yj , till m'i ri nt C*•
A r A NTd-Dealers in Dry G.aela, F;tney
Al Go 'da, tiroceri-r frovis-.n ,F our,heed.l ok
* ustl H> k pt io a g-od rou iryst e
pr'Flttfr Unu£*i! in! * •!
c. ii. sunio^
. lie and R t til De .1- r n l>r. Goo /.Fancy and
Hi aai-000 I* C othing.L t lies Dre-s * od- Drn eri. s.
K'OU-. Ke...J. .-c. K t liu-rs r inn le I II I '-e u !■ rm-
IDT- fliers in ll'tics M die'nes, uints,
<> Is. Fnicy Art cles. 3 >' OII.t. , I/ G0..,15.
Or .-eri'-s. "c.. Mai 'Sir •t. mid -- 1 '
I>. E. OI,XI.VrEI>,
ME tCfIAST-1).- Her iii Dry Cnds. Hea lv-ttiad**
Cl ilii g, Crockery, Grocer es. Ft nr. F''* d,
J>or-, Provi-io s. V.e., M in sir et. C -n t.-rsno t. I a
MERCHANT-D aler in D y G-K> !S. 0-oc-r'e,
Proris OIIS, e, Q lee s va e. Cutlery,
xul a'l G •' sn II Itlv f -D'l I ill a e-.n'i* V s''"e "'HI
HC.VERMILYE.V.P oeai TOK. C--r erefllain
aud 3 cond si r-a-tr Co de snort .Potter Co Pa.
A . *ery 3; Aile is ilso kept in oou ec ion tins
Hotel. Dai I. St. es -lan I fmtn ''-e U
Potter Journal J©l-OHice.
HA VI VG lately ad led art w new asso tmnt of
J'HI I'YPEtoour a'r a'y la rue a sortin-ni
* e .re : ow prepared t„ do ail -Ituls of work, eheap.y
un-t vvnh ta-te in 1 ■-eal ne "r er* tc.'-t.
Lewisviile, Potter cout y, Pennsylvania.
t) ERTOX I.EWIK. Proprietor. II . in.
1 taken t?ii* excdflleiii I, uie |npri lr .n*
o make t'e acq -ai la.-ce of Ihe traveling pub ic u;*
eel' conft l 111 •' kf'V ng sHiisfuction loatl wuo in .
all on him. F 12 W
Monuments and Tomb-Stones
of all kinds, will ie fu nig ied on reasoiiu
hie terms aud short not c • •>>'
Reg dene. : Eulatia. mil s sotuh o'
Cou-lersp -rt. Pa .-ai ih 3i oienialiO -nr
Road, or leave r mi-or 'er. -It ill- P-> 1 <>lhc f,art
I)AX liAli EIL
TXEV3JON, B >U T and .V Alt I.AIM AO-N'A
x Pd-.sio IS procur d for Soldiere of I-e present
War who are i-s.bled hy reason ,if w muds >• Ceive.l
or disease contracted while 111 the sorv ce of t e L .oie
States ; and pensions, bounty, and area s of ..ay ob
taine I tor # dows or heirs of ih-ise who have die t or
been killed wnile iu mv ce All !• tiers if inqu ry
promptly answere '. ari-J *>i >e""eipl by rnuil Ot a state
ment of the of cl .i nant, I wili forward the ne
eesstry pap-rs for their si iriist tire. Fes in Pensio
cas-s a fixed by law. Refers to 110 s. l*a--c lieiison
A G OimateJ, John 8. a id F W K-,ox, E.-q
JuneS 54 Claim Agei-t, Couders|Mirt.
Itch.! Itch ? Itch !
Will Cnre lite Ifcti fn 18 Honrs!
Also e.res SALT RHEUM, CI. KH". O'lll.
Pr-Oc SO c-nl* F-> sale >> a ! l-Irnuif sjs By send
§0 ce <ts t-. WEEKS t P<> TXR. 3,ne Age is. l"ii
Wash in ;to street, Boston, ft will Iw fo vir ed by
mail, free < f postage,to any ptrt oi i'uO UuiUKi6MC.
fUt I, iWb," pm ao'.iot T>r 1; r. ,
It is now many years since I first visited
Paris, but if I lived to bo a centenarian, 1
am certain I shall not f.>rcret thai first j uir
nev from London while I remember any
thing. 1 was then young and inexperi
enced, but sufficiently vain to think myse f
a paragon of widom. Like m<st London
ers, I thought that wonderful city the very
heart of the world, and all outside of it
mere sulutrlw and comparatively small
plaoee, among which, of course, Paris was
the most respectable. I had not been
overburdened with education, and my read
ing ha I l>een principally confined to Eng
lish history and English g'ry Ofcoiose
I was jtisl person who had vet a great
deal to learn hi-fore I cofiMknnw much.
Well, one fine morning, which happened
to be the twenty-first anniversary of my
inottal finding mvself the lordly
proprietor of a tliou-and jH.un L I eonelu !-
ed to c-'ehrate niv freedom bv running
over to Paris and astonishing the native"
with the distinguished presence of a highly
intelligent and enlightened traveler from
foreign parts. So, fitting myself out in a
stylo that would have made me the envy
!<>f a Pawnee chief—far more brilliant than
a rainbow aud with quite as many eoh-rs- —
I procured mv passports an I started for
Calais, as full of confidence as a little eher
up in his first pair of new boots. There
were a great many more persons going
j over than I Had extie-'fe-l to l.n' I
c ns led tnvself with the probability that
; very few of I hern were de-lined f # -r Pari
-1.,,| fh-'t riot "| .1'1.r1.. nil., t* '• 'V;lsq.|it.'
as well dressed as my wrrthy self.
In all the pompous iuqortince of a con
ceited ftol—lor s.n-b I n .t t*.i"■ i-st • v •.>'-
fes- I was at that time—-I was pacing the
4 >ieck ol the steamer, some two hours later,
'admiring th- pi nit>—oiio
ha .-l, as we glide-? "V,"ft'v -'-''.vn whit I
then regarded as t!;e in fj'itv Thames, \Vlien
I fe't a light lap on my shoulder, and heard
a ver\ I'lrHH-lUt M.'Ce Sftv:
u Par.l.n me, my lord ! b it nnv 1 venture
to ask if you are destine-1 for Paris?"
Now I was iu reality very far from l>cing
a hud, or the son of a lord, or even the KIII
of a lord—my father in truth l>eing only a
J rest Mailable tradesman; but there was >•.•!>■
thing so very agreeab'e in the title, that 1
| felt no special anxiety to disown it T turn
ed to the s]H-;*ker, and behe'd a rather<koine, well dressy I voUng man. ofjer
ti.tjs five Hti-1 twenty, with black hair an !
eves, moustache anil ioiperi il, who smiled.
RiM held out liis h.aml, adding:
*'i ii WAGER R chatnpague supper, Vis
j count, you are at your old lr. k-again,
traveling incognito, an 1 leave it to \..-r
a-sport to decide. v e'l he ('olllitfed,
heartily shaking mv hand, "well met, 1
trust - a-: I i.>,i are lin Lord and L.d
\l!>. n V
I -fi.m' I, ,y . bee*, -h
--lighted at that time to have passed for a
-.r I utc-gnito, I . . v l a-*-irang i ktl*w -o
tunc s ! ii.-- faintly of tin* MoU'eman for
v .: :ch he lot 1 mistaken tne, to make it < fe
r 11ie t.<i i. tt'uie ;*i i that deception; an
li.tu |.g unset ii|\ii!i an air it,tend-
Me breeding, at least, I s.a : ,
very stiffi,-:
4 You are mistaken, sir, Albyn is not mv
family tiame
"A tho i-an l pardons, mv l->r-l ex
claimed the other, in surmise; U I see my
j uiisiake now: vmi are not mv oi l fri-nd,
- h- .Kcomit; out so hit- him, that R-tter
eyes than mi*ie migh' h-ie ?>een deceived.
Pardon me again, if I seem to trespass
upon your go i nature, mv lord, bv intro
ducing ni\sell to your notice as the Hon.
Rob ri Beaufort, youngest son of Loid
| Cawdale."
'•\ erv happy, sir, to make your acquaint
ance ! returned L, with a very stiff bow,
intended to be verv dignified. 4 Rut \vh\,"
I pursued, feeling internally more fiaiti-red
t-ini li. is-e I to have iipjM-ar, an I read*
delighted that I had conic in contact with
one of England's proud aristociacv, 'win
do you address me as if you knew me to
; be one ot the nobility
"Because, iny lord, your whole manner
sh His Lu an experienced eye that you are
not a Coinm-.tier,'
"Very we I," whispered mv vanity; "if he
will mistake my position in this resject, 1
>ee no rcasaiwliy 1 should undeceive Itioi."
"Yes," he Contitine-1, glancing a Inuring v
over tnv person, "even were your mr-lslnp
io deny \oiir rank, I should—pardon me
for sating so — still b-dieve you were only
endeavoring to conceal your true j*sitioii
' though, of course, I should hate too
in itch rcg ,r. I for g. *il breeding to leb you
I so! Do not think me over Ldd my lord,
for again vent , ring the offer of a chain
iagae supjier, tliat von are down on your
passport as a plain commoner !'*
"Y.ut are right!" ML) I with a smi'e,
iuietnl - d to onrvey the impr- ssi-m that his
shtftwdneps ftal [>enetiate>l my disgokSe.
"I knew it, my lord!" he triumplraotly
exclaimed; "1 knew it!"
I did not caution hiirr .iguinst a-Mress
tig me according to Ins sup|x>se-l rank, for
besides the fact that the tlaltering souu I
was very agreeable to my ears, I counted
ou ltd hung disclosed to, or ovcrUcard, by
ileboufl to the of £ri(e R)e of fyoi-qhiii, fivbg.
C 3 JJiSASPJAT, PJTrfiA COUNTY, PA., lUEfcDAY to aaACU 6, tool.
i others, and thus being mysteriously eleva ,
; ted in their estimation. i
Long before we had crossed the chan
nel, the Hon. Mr. Beaufort and myself had
become very intimate. We walked to
gether, we played together, talked much, ,
aud com men led on everything. He had
traveled a great deal, and of course 1 was
in luck to fall in with him on this account,!
to say nothing of his being the son of a;
lord. He was agoing to show me Paris
and French life, and I must leave all to
him. He knew how to save me all trouble'
and bother from the |*liee officers at Ca
lais, and he would. He would lHk at my
passjiort, to see that it was in perfect order,
and also overhaul tnv trunk anil tell me
the exact amount of duty I sli ul< 1 have to
I pay This he did, and then oltserved:
"Oh, a'niatter of ten guineas will see
'you through at right, my lord! Yours is
a mere trifle —1 wish mine was as little
It will cost me a cool hundred: but I sup-j
| pose you left at home ail except aioluie
; necessaries, as I ought, to have done. By
the-wav, as we are Hearing Ca.ais now, you
, I mav just hand me the amount, and I will
[jarrange it without giving your lord-hip
any trouble whatever. \el slay?' he im
, mediately ftdde 1, with a wxCu expressi. n;
. j '•confound it what am 1 thinking a!oiit!
talking money alftirs to your lordship! A
goo 1 j<>ke, though, in its way—ha! ha! ha!;
, j—only you must uol tell it on me in the;
. I saloons of fashion, my lord! No, I'll tell 1
you what, niv lord! I understand these
1 things, an 1 i'l! arrange al., put your bag- ■
'gage with mine, an I we'll make it all right
, at the end of the journey."
1 began to think it was going to c<>st
ime something to keep up my title; but
then it was high life, might not ast iong,
iaud perhaps 1 never come ag in, and so 1
j resolved to see it through while my money
1 lasted
As we drew near Calais all was excite
I nient and basile on b >aid our stea iier, 1
J! each one anxious to look out and get pos !
session of his baggage and oiherwi>e ar
I range for getting ashore at lite earliest
i po>sib!e moment. As my fiieud liad s
kind v volunteered to take ail trouble an i
C responnihility off my hands I f*di very easy
1 uid contented, and was aunising myself
: I with I lie ft-et of little hoats t hat ha I g tlh-l
■ •red aroun.l u-, H le i witii Curiously dressed
persons, a!! eager to gain the patronage ot
ilie passengers for themselves or employers,
1 when ill.* Hon. Mr. B -au'brt caiile hurrviag
■ tip ami drew me apart from the others.
'I fin.l," lie said, "l have not gold enough
• to pay the duties ami g"t us to Paris.i
; Could you oblige me wjth char. ge for a,
five hundred pound note if"
''Unfortunately," 1 replied. "I have not
r : more than fifty guineas in my possession,,
• the rest of my fun is being in a draft on
I JJeless rt fc Co., Paris.
"IT w iiufor'uiiate! What is to be done ?
By the bve, vvih \uu let me see your draft,
! my lord >"
1 produced it.
"Stay a minute, ti l I speak to the cam
' tain!' lie said, "I think I can arrange it."
He hurried avvav % with the draft in his
hand. For the first time I felt a little
suspicious of some trick,and waited his re
i! turn with some anxiety. He came back,
however, in about ten minutes, and ak<*d
me fo- my pa sjmrf, saying he thought he
(could g*t tllrough without any troui<|e.
-As we hal not vet reach-0 the pier, I
i' handed him that, but with the resolve of
. having it back lafforu going ashore
' hen, some ten minutes iflL-r. he r<*-
• 1 turned with a cheerful suii e, and, fol.ling
- up tily papers, put them in mv halt I, with
the remark that ah was right, 1 was so
ashamed of my late suspicious that 1 foil
! myself blush.
"i'lie clerk," lie said ''has changed mv
- note at a fur discount, giving me ha f'gold,!
. and the rest bills on the Bank of F ance.
By the-l>y e, my lord, suppose you t ike a
I t.-w—you ui iy vvant to use tiieui before
you get your siiiall draft ca-lied "
i i declined at firsi jh t lie insisted so
strongly on my taking and canning them,
> even though I thought I might n a want
1 to use lliein, that at la-t, learmg longer re
' fu>al would hurl his feeling-, I consented
• to pill thelll in in\ jKickel-lhiok.
Under the management of my T frieti I,
' who spoke Fr*ucl l as fluently as Lnglish,
I feveryt.ling got . n smoothly,- an I I soon
foun I ntvhe f (tH .sjrorle ' from the steamer'
to a fine h >ie!— without, as lie sai 1, having
' anv trouble whatever. (Jar |w-*p ri,-j
J u>*atilinie, had l>eeu given up and sent on
t Paris, and tein|Mrary ones,as is tliecus
-1 to it, ha i !>een furnished in the phtce of
' ilieui. We Boeiil one iU*fr\ li ght in t'al |
1 aia, and to ik tile diligence for itie Oipu.d.
I will pass over tlw t ire remainder ot the
' journev, with the simple rem irk that eivrv
r m >iu-lit more and unite endeared me to
:my agreeable and aristocratic friend, and
. lite only regret L had was it: tfte fact of be
s|tng iu a taise juration, which somcr in
kier he iu ght discover io my grief an 11
B!I tale.. 1 C.MH-IU le I, li >vvewr, I woit leu
joy itfe fr once, air I trust to luck for
i ria l lv escaping from i disagreeable dt ioiie
r meat.
1 On final y arriving at Paris on- pass
I ports were again de Handed; an I no svnhr
wtu oxatuutwU Lawu Luc vilLcrtuLiwu- j
e*l tne that I was utt ler arrest And must
come xvith him. My French was no-ie of
tl# lest': but in my surprise and consterna
tion, I made the l>est use ot it I coul.t, and t
deuvinded what was meant by such pro- I
ceeding*. _ 1
'•You will find that out at your examin- i
ation," was liis sharp reply, as he tlragge-l I
me from the diligence an-l con lucte-1 me I
info a ch>se carriage, where a coupie of
offii*ers took their seats beside me. |i
\Vlt--n awav we Were wlt trie-1 to the I
office of a ina-jistrate> R'.d I was itncer- <
! etlioiiiously hurled into a small, close MOIII, i
half til H* l with ]. lice officers s-rg -ants.
and lawyers. Ou the Is-neh sat a small, i
wit here* I specimen of humanity-, with a i
wig on liis hei-l and spectacles on his f->r<-- <
i hea l, q.iiet'v engaged in the undignified i
emjdoyin-nt of seeing how much situfi he '
could geL up his little n >se in tlie shortest
possih'e tiniM.
"Wei," hesAid, jerk ; ng d wn his sp.*c-- j
tacles and taking a gool stare it me, "wind i
| now ?"
As I cou'd un lerstan I French much
better than I eouM sjM*ak it, I was able to
make out w hat was said; an I to my utter
asloui-hment, L now liear-1 eyseli accused
of being a tiotorunts swindler aud c t.mtei -
"What is your name?" demanded the
I Commissary.
"R ilpli Ho lg-%" sa 1 I.
"An aha"," said one of the police offi -ers;
•'on his passport is R.t?M*it B-*.-iutovt.
4 * A mistake then ! ciie-l 1; 4 that is tlie
! name of the gent'emau that came over
from London with me; lie t-x.k mv pa-s
--' l>>rt. and must have changed it bv inis
i- 44
Tlie officers smiled incredulously, an-?
'exchang— I glances with each otitr*r an 1
the, an I the latter shaking
his h-ud, sai ! it wo'ildn'f d-.
4 Mr draft on Del-sxut A C->., will prove
if!" exclaim-I 1, In-thinking my self of that
land producing it with tremb tug eager
The CommissAty g'.tticcd over it an 1
tYo.x tied.
"Another mistake, perhaps!" he sail,
i with iroiii-a! but-rn-ss, poiiiung out the
'< nam- of R -Ivert R-a ifoit.
Tne tiutfi now fltshed n|K-n me with
siieh su 1 f-tt tbi'co ti. .1 I- Avas >blig.-d to
gi a-j) s< I,.'iliuig to ke-p inxs-ll front fall
mg. c-tinpanioH **as then u : Other
than a professional vidian, *v Lo he 1 pin. - !
, ujon IIIV f-iiish V unify - and made me his
scape g'at. lie ItA 1 g--i thy passport a:i I
j-lraf., an I sn 1-1 od nie witti iiis i*xn name
| and iniquities Secretlv cursing ul f. >l
- i"!i stupnlny, I fried to m.ike the magis
trate COinpteh-ii-1 the true sial- <>t
case luit lie either dt-1 not or would n >t
uudcr>tati'l me. A -cnc'.i of mv person
j brought to igiit the bili* on tin: P ink of
France, which c r e pronounced counter
feit-: an i alter this, an aitg- fr m il -t -n
j might have pleaded my innocence in v ain.
, Ail Iso I, vvlt-> had come over to Paris
;io a>ioii:sii i..e natives, a-.d wiio an Liiei
I va. hillier had IMS-U hnggutg m-.s-'lt wish
lie idea ol creating a fa-hi-m d!e settsaliou.
f .un i ;n\se f. ou l!ie vvrv ij.av of lin
; arrivah hxlge-1 in prison, anmttg fhi-v—
--and mur ler-rs, accuse 1 of a oriole w hich
would probably send me to the gadev*.
After a g-xid deal of trouble an I d-Tiv,
however, managed to g-t lltu Bniislt Em
bassy interest.* I it* tin - case, aud m course
of tune tin* truth came, ..ut, an I I was set
iat lib-rtV; Mv ill utey hi lad l.—n i:a *-.
thougii long; and the vi lain who
It id ro'-be I an-l gull-d m*, w IG safe a TOSS
Lite fr. niter, cltuckhitg o*.-r the oil on .
arts I) v wliicli lie ha I de rail l--I a f > >l.
As soon a- 1 could, 1 g >1 ba-k to Lou
d n. t-i tin 1 my eit a general laughing
But I had learned one valuable le-s-.n,
at an expense ot sutf-ring an I money, thai !
1 haw not forg lieu t-> this da\ ; and ll
any other sit rp *r tl itt-rs linn-ell lliat h -
cut ill ike an .tiler fooli-lt dujKj of me, ju-t
let liiiti Come an 1 try it, that's ail!
WMJCI tl Faxlibn.
In one of the c .unties of K -itiucky, som<-
jot ill i voters have albes-e-l a series or;
quesii >ns t- one of lh'*ir candidal es forth-
Legislature, among wiucn are tne follow
lltg :
Are voif 'II favor of the n ;Xt war'
Do\ou believe the Irislt cane over in I
the smile botl with Noah ?
D> you U'he*e thai Eve's eating the
f irb.-ldeii fruit c.iuse-1 tlie knot lit man -
neck cal c 1 " A la it's apple
Are \oi a "j' udual I nnjln itionist
Do you liquor t
If eh*.-ie I, -Io uiu pledge yourself not tu
yo to rraok/ort/
N-it being; catrcuseJ on Jt yau plo lg -
yourself not to be crooned -fi but run un
frl the "..t-i day in lire evening —going
throng tlie polls l:k * a " :•-* of sails.
! A C instable pur-ue I a thief, who to.k
refuge ut a siirurp in a swam , an I p t le i!
up tin* rail afi-r uiufon which he went out. j
The constable made up lite following re
turn: "Sigliia??e—coiiv.-r-abe— N MI es
coithr-al able —in swampaiii—up stuittpum ,
—xaiio! - '
The LI 1116 Huxitian.
i uisance!"
So said a young school-girl next
to me iu the city cars. She was out of
humor; jierhaps she had ah impcatcct lesson ;
at school; |erliaps she was weary of sitting
in a close room so many hoiits; perh jts I
her hea 1 acli *d la lly, and she was flint
for her dinner.
"Little nuisance!" Who was a little I
nuisance? It was a jxxtr litile boy, who
ha I first pai l his five jxmnie* to the con
ductoi, and had cmnuienced playing an
accord< >n, in the hopo of getting some s
money from tlie gent em-n and ladies in
the car. Some scowl-d, some |H>ute l an-l
some, like the voung la Iv I have iiientiMi
ed, loudly called him "a nuisance." Still
the hov j>!a\e-l on, though with a weary,
spiritless look in his voung face, as if to say
"I know it is poor music, wry jio-.r, to cars
vVhich are used to op-nt or c*niceH singing;
but have pity on a jx>>r b->y, who would
earn a few honest pence for liis Ureal-,who
Will not steal, and who dislikes to lK*g." It
was of n > use-. The gentlemen were lulsy
rcading ih-ir newspajiers, tlie ladies iu tak
ing care of ilt-ir hoop— 1 skirLs and fioim
ces. "Lily Do e" charm-d them not, ti f
"Aid 1 Lang S.iie." There were diamond
pins fi ishiug iu the sunlight from geiule
m-ti's shirt bigouis, rubies an-l emeralds
from ladt<*s' fingers, an-l a massive gold
bracelet C ap—l a snowy arm thai was nev
er pinched hy crUel Want. L'.ttie purc-b
to-> the la lies had, from which peeped cost
ly purchases in embroi 1-T—l law an I mus
has. Little bovs vwre with them, so un
like the little m tsiciau, ill tiieir silk-velvet
j ickels, fr.lied Collars, an I plump faces,
that one could har-iiv beiiuvd both to be
long to the saute hum iu family*.
Still the boy payed on, with the old
vvearv, Sj.iiitless look, with his soft eyes
fixed upon those iinsvmnathiziiig ftces:
silver an 1 gold glistued thro jglt the net
work of dainty purses, but not fu him
One more time the child plave-l; then;
.'biding his a.*c-tr*le-M up un ler hi 3 arm, li
st jp—l fr-nil the car, an 1 was out ol sight.
Wh-re? in the great busy city? Di 1
he sink down fainting fio.n hunger an I
fatigu-*, fee ing that. >o| and his g-i..l
;aug*;s ha I left Lint ? Did lie stand b-tbre
some broker's sll-.p-wind w, as t ha.e-s'cii
id in v a In tie ragg—l chil-1 stall I, counting
the shining pile* of dollars ha t .l.d .rs, and
qu .iters, an I the great mutt I g >!• I pi-ces
-miv one of wh.eit woul 1 tu tke his weary
feel to leap for joy { Osl he p the 1:4-1.
Did he look at them, with hungry eyes,
an I count the n over an I over, l.b wr-utg
se*mel t-> him to !e right an I the little
hail 1 never was etaiu-*-: I*' dt*h-Mlestv
iiecame with crime? No—it were
sa I to be hungry "And lionseles** hut it
were sad ler \et to he shut ilj iu prison
a bad conscience keeping him tormenting
\N here di 1 he g >'—the "little nuisance"
.viiere.' The papers toid me u.-xt
in >r u ig. Listen:
"A little boy who was accustom e 1 toplay
i!:-* r'-.a-o-ii ->n in thessleet-cars,i leet-cars, in stepping
fr> ii tli- Full- it f-rry boat to ill- pi-*r. la*t
evening, accidentally io&t b:s fooling, aaJ
was dr.oviie-l."
No m re fault-finding voic-3 tal a*k why
don't, the la l earn his loing, or call hint A
nuisance when h- trie-! the only lie
coa >1 d, an-l failed; n - more returns ;ti
nightfall with lei-1 -u t'*ei, an 1 empty p vk
-Ls. The b.ats p!-)Ug!i • m just as nl*rrily ;
i he water dances and sparkles all ihe Sam
as if the ligln in his hue eyc3 were not
-jlt-ilch-e! f.reVef.
Where is the little nuisance? Wh-re?
A*k ihe II wh , through itiuclt trilni a
tioit, have wasiiel tiieir tobes whit-, who
tn*illi -r thirst n -r hunger any more, and in
wh-ise s-uig is no jarrliig-Itscord. Ol sUcli
is ihe little iii -*:
Tiii; < ut - 83 i iu.i.i *i.
Go l ma le man iu iii" own image, in the.
filing**of (}o 1 create Ih- linn. Wn >, with
: iiilpious an I "p.hutiiig It in I;*s tlie
| image an 1 s.ijierscripliviti of lis in .k-r, and
"lamps him with the counterfeiting -lie of
die D-vil ! Alooh l! Man, by n il.tre,
walks erect —lifts lii* ibreii *a I t- tlu stars
—j>o\*er an 1 douiiiiioit aave L—II gtv-u to
to In ii over all the creatur-6 ot e o tii—li
is nature's King! Who t.i ii breaks his
sceptre of aultt -ritv, lakes tiom hint his
imp-rial crowti, a l degrades linn below
the brute t Aloho ! WHO destroys |JI>
I reis-.u, lit les her luigllt beams fii inysiic;
clouds, tn at roll ar-niii 1 the rfiiatlered tem
j.-tf ot the soul, c in intdmght!
; Alo-iliol! Who HI ik'-s lu .it a ina liu iu, an ij
then lashes and hal 003 • n the mt-l pack ofj
i ais vilest passions i lio fi Is our jans
•villi feion*, and hangs you trembling'
w retch on tbo gallows.' Alcohol J Wit >
cr. \v I* our ahiCv-liouseS wt fi ptupers,
Hospitals with diaeas*, aud oir grave-yard*j
.villi dea 1? Alcohol!
L)os ai.v t \ou want to le H f •'—iav
vors**, b-:cme tlie jibe air? <lerisi-ii o'
fools? Let hi-n drink liq i-yr. D -s any
f \oit (I -I ui l care It >w prolt 1 anl virtu i
• is you ar-*,) Ts-s any of you want to be j
a rascal, witlr a hang gallows ook, or l>e
'come a iow, vu gar baokgaardi D'l ink;
| Liquor!
it you arc u lutuor, do you want to see^
TEREiS.-.%1.50 ILK AIvKUiH.
. - i
\MiT Children nlgge I all I I*sll .rant, gTdW
"P > can li-hites for the ]eiiiteii
tiary and gallows ? Drink
are a S*>h, and y>u wan I to plv With Ma k
mgratiunlv the debt \<mi owe V'oiir parent
an I bring il'irtt; their tevereoA gray haiia
with sorrow to the grave, drink liqudr. If
you are a hn-bart f, and want to steal nl!
the l<eaulv lr >t \ our sweet wife's fiwoj
la-eak her heart, make her wretched and
supremely miserable, —dimk Liquor. Di
! a v of yvu want to |.Se the property V>u
have jjatheied bg-ther bv the Sweat ot
your l>r<w, as a home fot yout wife and lit
ile ones, and a retreat in old age? If
drink liqtlor.
If you want to pay a high premium for
l**ing poisoiie I, think Inpi.w! Ifvou want
to la I an eternal farewell to youk freedom,
an I Income a greater slave thatl was <Ver
lashed at night to his dungeon, drink liqtior.
If yon want to exchange a healthy U'Oy,
so "'fearfully, wonderful y made," foV a dis
eased curae I frame t hat a demon would
SCOMI to iiiuabit, ami the son' quit in dis
'gu t. .'rink liqu r If Vol! walll to blast
with disease your b sly from ln*a lt foot
sweep every line where ma ly beauty lin
g*r*. ami early heap the clay UJNMI a foul
1 ii iss of eoiruplioi., in >re disgusting lliAii
the leprosy of Naiilaaii, or the sores of L;ii
ar .s, drmk honor! If von want to go to
1 o
the g' f•• "uiivVept, tiiillohored, and un
sung,'* and let infamy there Spread her
>able plunii*, an I fling its blackness o'er a
drunk nil's tomb I link b sly-blighting,
spirit blasting liquor!
Raiina.) Incident.
A cominunicaiion in the New York OLe
s la t fill, contained the following:
1 Now that we are OH the ears-, will y *u
permit me to tell a story of the railway,
which I give as 1 heard it on the road.'
N >t t nig si 11 ice, an old lady ait In the car;
lan I, as the conductor came hi id 10-ik at
her tick.-t; <*he tdio niiii id be Sure and l-t
tier out at*idurh'm. Every time he can
tlirongii tin* train she give his coat tail a
gentle twitch and reminded him of l:-r
vii to aught at Durham. He was a kit
hearted an I excellent man: so he assured
h-r iguii and again that lie would uot lor
■ get id put her down there. A benevolent
r ] in ! vi I in', who sat in the next seat behind
j her, i| -teriiiine l, mentally, to watch the
stations, and b-ar the ol J ia iy's case irt
mind Pretty soon ill! train stopped:the
brakesman culled out, Ist DurhAiri;" but
j the East was given in so hnV a tone that
| few heard it, wliie the L)irham went
echoing through the ears, from sieutonai
ungs. Tiie kind hearted man rose, anvl,
lurmng to the !al\, said: "i'lliS; madam,
is L).niton; may I help you to alight J"
She look iiis arm, and o<>ii she was on
terra firm A. Coming back to the cars
Ngnn just as they were begitinitlg to move
■ lie saw two parcels tying ou ihe old lady's
seat. "0 she has forgotten her bundles,'
lie exclaimed; and, raising the window ai
he spoke, he threw theui out after her.
He resume*.! his scat with thatcoulfortab'o
fee ing PI tus heart winch usually fOlOviS
Ihe doing ola bene.vo eill action.
A few mies farther on they stopped
again, and the brakesman bawled out,
u lJutiUAit" Then the benevolent man re
allze.| me mistake lie hal made, stud very
sorrowful he felt I catl assure you. The
c uidin-tdf just then tame in, looking for
i the old lady. Seeing his expression of
disappointment, tile gentleman said: "I
l>eg \our pard'hi, sir; but I helped the old
la ly out at the last station on the suppo
sition it wa-: Durham." The conductor,
in return, was so ungenerous as to read
I liiiii a >eciure on the propriety of minding
j his own business aud leaving it to outers
! to attend to theirs.
Wtiile this colloipiv was going on, a
gi*ntl.-m in, in great haste, came rushing up
looking fir>t ne way and tilt u the olhet,
exclaiming: "I left two paiccls oil tliis seat;
wh it can have become ol them f" 0m
hen.oo eut frieli I, again awmtuihg au aj>ol
og,-tic face, 8HI<I: t Sup|>ci"g, sir, they
tielonge I to a.i old lady Wiio left tiie train
j at the last station, I throw llieiL out alter
her. 1 r.'gr a exceedingly tllat i should
1 lave rita le such n mistake, but 1 will glad
ly piv til 'i r va u i *
-Pay their va ue, sir; that is simply ina
p issj.ile. Ttiey are valmole ctsis, tin.:
c tiiuoi te renewed in litis country, aud uo
doubt they are broken to pieces."
"i'lie accommodating individual might
excann with Paul Pry : "Ble>s niysoul! I
never Wilt try to O'b' rge £t p-rsoii again."
"Vegetable Pills!" eiclar 1 &} an old
la Jy, "don 1 hi.k to me of uch stuff; 14.0
oest vegetable phi ever made Is git spp,i<-
diimpiirig. For destroying a gnawing ac
LUe sUmiacll there's nothing like It."
Whekev er you flu I an ignorant jieopl ;
rely upon it, out few are laßeti
Aien Ciildreu are wed informed
Wlieli werl suppiiei' v\lb newspu jiers.
A Teaclier to a nine girl tnat i<
it sciiiKrt, "if a uaugnty gill should In. "
you. like a good girl you would forg •*?
I uer, wouldii t you t "\es, uiaiui, it £
'coutduT catcu nci," was the reply;