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X. W. XcALAKVDV, Pr*|kripfor.
B-y Devoted to the cause of Republicanism, the in
tercsUof A ,'rio dtore, the .idv inceraent of Education,:
Vid the best i{ocd •>) Potter couirtj. Owning no nuide
%*.-,ept that of Prtnetple, It will esdesvor IsaM in U.r
Work of more fully Freedomizingour Country.
By Advertisement* inserted at the following rate-.
Except where special bargains ire made, A "square"
10 line* of Brevier or 8 of Nonpareil types :
•1 -q lare. 1 insertion I 1
1 square, i or 3 mse tions...------- --•
K tch subsequent insertion le* than 13 40
1 square, 1 year ™ <*
lfM o*rd#, I year % 5 00
Administrator's o* Kxi*c itor'a NVVIWJ6*.3 00
Speoiai and Kditorial Notices jxt line...v.. 20
All transient advertisements must IK? paid in
IdvanCe and no notice will be taken of advei ti-ements
fYO.II a distance, unless they are accompanied by the
Ynoney or satisfactory reference.
IV#~ Tot tv,,rk, of all kinds, executed with neatness I
**nd d.-spatch.
X'ree Hitd Acm*|4ml Ancient York Masons
lIUI.AI.IA LODGE. No. 342, F A.M. Stated 1
I j Nlee ing< on tlie 2d and 4ih * v eduesuHysoteach
Giouth. Hall, in the 3d Story of the Olm*tud Bl<>ck.
o. r. I:I.a.ISDN. N.i.„
resnectfully informs ttie citizens ot the village and '
Vicmity that he will promptly respond to all calls lor j
set vices. < filter on First street, first d*or
V- si of his residence. 17-40
Couder-port, 1';.., wdi attend the several Court* j
In Potter and Cameron counties. All business en
trusted to bis care will receive jjtompi. atleuiiou.
Office oil Maui street, in residence.
\TT<>RN'KY3 AT LAW, 0-dderspert, I'tMin'a
Will attend to all business ew'rHstsM to their
tcat'o with pr unptness and ti leli'.y- *.* dl al-o attend
the several cottrts in the- adjoining tioaiitieS. Office!
in the eeeond storey of the < Mm-ted Block.
\TTORNEY ,\T LAW, Coiider-frOrf, Vt... will
atten I tt> all business entrusted to him will; care j
■R'ld prof* pi rn-ss Attend-. C*ui ts of adjoining eonn
ties. GlttceouSeCo dst reet,near the Allegany bridge
I'. W. KXOX,
Couierspori, I'a , w II attend the Oouits in Pot-
Vr nnfl ihc sitijoinu'tr count <l*.
F. 1 RITTF.B, M !>..
and Surgeon would respe'-'fully In
form the citiz*ns of t'oudersport and Vrr nity
that he ha* op-ned an Offiee in tiie t oudetTport .
Hotel, and Will he read v a! a I t riV* to hiak.- pro j
Yes*, nat calls, lie i- I'regHlaf erfidetVe of Buffalo
ile iical CO !e_'e of 1860. .Lin 1. 67.
DEALERS in Drug*, Medicines, Paints, Oils, j
Varnishes, Lamps and Fancx articles, Book- ot
an kinds—School and Miss'-llaireousi. rfurionery ,11 ks,
At Iu Mannings old Jewelry Store*. Jan-1,'67.
MILLER .V tlell.AltMiV.
VTTO'.I > KYS-AT LAW, Haw frt s*Y" R<j, Penn'a.—
Agents for the Collection Of Ghduisagaii st the
1 inteJ -talesand <tate.overiil*ent-,5,-h as tensions,
Bounty, Arrears of Pay, Ac-Adiress B**x 95, larrishurg
JIV Land Bo Iglit alld Sold, Taxes pail', and 1' ties
4 nvestigated. insures propel tv against file in t le- test
companies in the Cou try. and Persons Aeci
dents in the Travelers Insurance Contpany llart-j
ford. Business transacted protnytly 17 29
H ARDWARE Mercnant, and Dealer in Stove*, j
Tin and Sheet Iron-W ire Main street,! ouder
* t oit, I'eni.'a. Tin and Siieet Iron Ware made to
• rter, in good *'yl*, on sle-rt notice.
MERCHANTS— Dealers in Dry Goods, Fancy
Goods, Groceri-s. Provision-,F'.our,Feed,Fork,
fcnd everything usn illy k-pt in a good country store
Produce tougiit and s*id li 29
* de and Retail Dealer in Dry Goods, Fancy and j
a pie Goods C.otliing. Ladies Dre-sG"od Gro-eries.
Flour, Feed, Vr, R tailers supplied >n liberal terms
M ERCH ANT—Dealers in Drugs Medicine*, "aint#,
Oils, Fancy Articles. SiatHjnefy, Ifry Goods,
YJrocpries, Vs., Main Btr*-et, ' rrs.der-iiort. Pa
I*. F. (ILMSI'EI),
A | ERCII A NT—Dealer in Dry GIXHIs Ready-made
y 1 t'l i hing, Crockery, Ore ceres, Fl nr. Feed,
Pors, Provisions, Ac., Main MLx-t,Con 'ersiio't. Pa
M ERCHANT Paler in D v Goods, Groceries,
Provisions, Hardware, Queensware, Cutlery.
Vid all G''s n-ually found in a country store, n'til
HC. VERM I LA'EA,PnopRtKToR, C<-rner of Main
, and rf-cond st reets.Ooudei sport .Potter Co Pa.
A i,i*ery St tble is also kept in connection wilh tins
Daily Staves to and from the Railroads.
Poller Journal Job-Ottir'et
H AVING lately added a fine l*fv Assortment of
JOB TYPE to our already large. a- ? ortmeht.
vrr are now pre pa red to do all kinds uf work-, eheapiy
and with taste and neatness. Orde s solicited
Lewisville, Potter conty, Pennsylvania.
HI" RTO\ I.FWIS. Preprielor,
taken this excellent Hotel, the proprietor wishes
o make the acquaintance of the traveling public and
eels confident of giving satisfaction to all who may
all -en him. —Feb 12.66 tf
' i Monuments and Tomb-Stones
MKT of all kinds, will be furnished on reasons
VHjOks hie terms and sliort notice by
4'. Itretmle.
jw Residence' Eulalia. mile* south of
I^Coudersp l Tt. Pa , on ihe SiimeinHhwuing
Road, or leave your orders at the Post Office. feO'ii
I Pensions procured for Soldiers of the present
War who are disabled by reason of wounds received i
or disease contracted while in the service of the United
Slates ; and pensions, bounty, and arrears of pay ob
tained for widows or heirs of those who have died or
been killed while in service. All letters jf inquiry
promptly answere !, and on receipt by mail of a state
ment of the case of claimant, I will forward the ne
cessary papers for their signal ufe. Fees in Pension
eases as fixed by law. Refers to Iloi s. Isaac Benson,
A G. Olmsted," John S. Maun, and F W Knox, Esq
JuneS 64 Claim Agent, Coudersport, l'a.
Itcli ! Itch ! Itch !
XVill 4'tirc the Iteli in 18 Hour*!
Also cures SALT RHEUM, I'L' EKB, CFTIT.-
Price 50 cents For sale by all drnggists. By send ng
60 cents to WEEKS St POTTER, Sole Agents, 170
Washington street, Boston, it will be forwarded by
mail, free of postage,to any part of tile UuileJ SUUs, ,
I, sp.aoUe© wky lyr. A
| \ XTHEKEAB the Hon. Robe Hi. White President
IVV Judge, and the Hons. J.P.Taggart and Wools*
Burti*. Associate Judges of the Cimrtfc of Over
Terminer and General Jail Delivery, Qaarter Bes
s'rens of the Peace, Orhans' C mrt and C<dirt of Com
rnon Ilea* fOrthe County of Potter, have issued theii
precept, bearing date the Twenty-third day of D cr
in the year "f our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundre<
ami tJixtj Six, and to me'lirected. for holding a Couri
of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery
Quaiter SekSfOns of the Peace, Orphans' Court, and
Court of Common Plea-*, in the Borough of< ouders
port, onM'iN AY, the 18th day of February next,
and to continue oue week •
Notice is therefore hereby given to the Coroner*.
Justices of the Peace and Constables within th
couniy. that they be then and there in their prop.;
persons, at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day, with their
ndis, records, inquisitions, examination*, and other
remembrances, to do those things which to their
offices appertain to be done, And th"*e who ar.
bound bv their recognizance to prosecute against the
prisoners that are or shall be in the jjiil of said county
of Potter, are to be then aud there to prosecute
agxinst them as will he just.
. Dated at Coudersport, January 10th, 1866. and the
&oth year of the liidepeuden e of the United Staies
| f America. W W HRO'VN. Sheriff
Trial Fist for Feb. Term IStit.
! Russell oral use of Ennfs vs. Luke Stevenset al
! John Krouse vs. Martin, Mallory, et al.
I Fuller and Card vs. Dererner and Thompson,
i John M. Dean vs. Robbins Ilrown et al
D. T. Swain, assignee, vs. Graves, Guardian.
: Allen vs. Flynn.
I Ensworth vs. Flvnn.
! Patterson vs. Qnimby.
Patterson vs. Keeler et al.
Funis use of Kenyon vs. Luke Steveus.
Rose et al vs. Brown et al.
Burt vs. Kimrn.
11. J. OLMSTED, Proth'y.
Coudersport, Jan. 29, IS(>7
Axiiiiiiiisttalor's Sule.
N'OTIC E is hereby given tbat the undersign
ed. Administrator of tie e-tate of ABEL
G. CARD, dee'd, by virtue of an order of tin \
Orphan's Court of rotter County, Will expos< -
to public sale or outcry at the Court House in
the Borough of Omuelspovt, on Thursday.
February 21. 18G7, the following described real'
estate, to w it.:
All that piece or parcel of land situate in
Itoulet township, boundeti and descrilied a- j
follows : B< giniii :g at tl*r> north-east corner ot |
lot No. 161 deeded to J. fl. Burt; thence east ,
fifty-three rods; thence north two hundred!
and one-tenth rods ; the.Te west fifty-three i
rods to vorner in e?.st .in.- of lot No. 27 deed
led to J. R. Burt ; thence south two hundred j
and seven and one-tenths rods to the place ot
beginning. Containing Sixty-seven and eight
tenths acres, strict measure, and being lots Nos
20 and 7J of the allotment of Keating lands in
Roulet twownship and parts of warrants No>
i 2103 and 2225.
To be. sold to the highest and best bidder.
LYMAN BFKT, Administrator.
Roulet, Janmry 17, ISC7.
r) V VI RTUE of sundry writs of Vendition
) Eyponas Fieri I acias, and Levari Facias
issued out <■<( tire Court of Common Pitas of
Pottrt OotrntY-, Pennsylvania, and to me di-|
recle.l, 1 shall exjtose to public sale or outcry,
at the Court House in Coudersport, on
MONDAY, the 18th day of Feby., 1567, at J
o'clock, p. in., the following described tracts or
parcels of land to wit:
Certain real ( state in Hector town'p bounded
on the north by Bingham lands, ea-t by lands
of Eliphiilet Blackmail, John L. Gibson and
Bingham Lands, <>n the south by lauds con-1
traded to Ai Bobbins, aud on the west by Bing
i ham lands. Coiiiaining fifty acres, more or
loss-, with about ten acres improved, with one
frank* house and one log barn thereon. To be
[sold as tin* pt*>j**r. v of James (1 Allen.
ALSO—CertftiN real estate in Sweden tj>.. i
bounded on the north by lands contracted to j
J. and J. A. Nichols; on ihe east bv lands ot
David ll liite; on the south bv tands of David
White and I). B. Martin; and on the west by j
Keating lands. Containing Seventy-eight and ,
Six-tenihs Acres more or les , all unimproved. I
To be sold as the properiv of Leonard McKee I
ALSO—Cer ain real estate beginning at a
post in tin* mad. being the south-west corner
•>t h>t No. 2i of the allotment of Bingham lands
in Sweden tp.; thence south and 3 4ths de
grees ea-l 133 and 4-lotiis perches; thence south
1 *nd 3-l'iiN tlegttu® west 166 and 1-lUih
perches; thence west along north line of lot
No. 77 of lhe allotment of Bingham lands 132
and 7-lGths j>erches : thence north 1 degrees
cast along the road 160 ami 69 and 4-lOths
perches to the place of beginning. Containing
One Hundred and Thirty-one and Four-tenths
Acres, with the usual allowance for roads Ac.,
being lot No. 5 of Bingham lands in said tp.,
■swd |rt of warrant No. 20i'2. of which Kortv
acres are improved, with two frame houses, one I
frame barn and one log barn thereon To he
! sold as the property of William Nelson, with
notice to Cephas C. Nelson and Win. J. Brown,
as Terre'tenants.
ALSO—Certain real estate in Hector tp.,
! bounded on the north by Bingham lands ; on
the east bv lands contracted to Edmund J.i
! Cotie -; on the south by Bingham lands ; and on
the west by lauds contracted to William Enway.
Containing Ninety-six and eight-tenths acres
i more or less, with about Fifty acres improved;
with one frame horse, one log house, one frame
barn and some fruit trees thereon. To be sold
as the pfnj**m of Thomas Lannen.
ALSO—Certain real estate beginning at a
posj on the boundary line of the lands ot the
Bingham estate and being the south-east corner
of lot No. 77 of the Allium lands in Hector tp..
thence north along east line of lot No. 77 and
unseated lands of the Bingham estate 212 and
i 2-10ths perches; thence east along unseated
lands of the Bingham estate 74 perches; thence
south along west line of l<t.s No. 109 and 79
214 perches; thence north 88' 4 degrees west
along boundary line of Bingham lands to the
place of beginning. Containing Ninety-three
and Nine-tenths acres more or less, with the
usual allowance of six percent., it being lot No.
i 78 of the allotment of the Bingham lands in
-*aid township, and part of warrant No. 1738.
Fifteen acres are improved, with one frame
house, one frame barn and some fruit trees
thereon. To be sold as the property of Henry
Johnson and Hiram G. More, Terre tenants.
ALStJ—Certain real estate in Eulalia tp.,
bounded and described as follows: On the
north bv Bingham latvls ; east and south by
lands of John Wedsworth ; and on the west by
lands of Harry Lent, dee'd. Containing T.v en
ty-five acres, more or less, with about five
acres improved, and one log house thereon. To
be sold as the property of John Crittenden.
ALSO—Certain real estate in Bike tp„
! bounded on the north by Bingham lands ; on
the east by Tioga county line } >o the west by
Bingham lands; and on the south by Isndioii
tracted to William Swar wood. Containing
Fifty acres, more or less, with about four acres
improved. To be sold us the property ot
Hiram Knickerbocker.
[ ALSO—Certain real estate beginning at a
iUetioUO to tfye of Jri<e |)jrr}OH*qeji, 30? ti)e Ihssetyinqboij of Jlitilrpturo
birch tree the south east cbrnef of warrant No.
1391, it being in north line of lot No. 14, Pike
tp., belonging to RobinSbn Lowry and Wm.
McDougall ; thence west along Worth line of
-aid lot 92 and 4-lOths perched to a hemlock :
i hence north along line of the AdlWm lands 30
►erches ; thence south 88 3 Y degrees eiist albng
-outh line of lot No. 40 deeded to Wm. Mc-
Dougall 93 and 2-lOths perches ; thence south
30 perches to place of beginning. Containing
sixteen and Three-tenths acres, more or less,
with the usual allowance of six per cent, for
roads Ac., it being lot No. 39 of the allotment
<f lands of the Bingham estate in said tp., and
part of warrant No. 1391. To be sold as the
property of John M, Kilbotibn, with Wotice to
Oriel Kilbourne, as Terte Tenant.
ALSO-Certain real estate in Hector tp.,
bounded and described as follows : On tne
north by Bingham lands ; on the east by Bing
ham lands and lands of B. S. Wilbur ; on the
south and west bw Adluin lands. Containing
One Hundred and Twenty-one and Six-tenths
acres, more o**less, with about twenty acres j
: improved and OiiV* ireW hg house thereon. To j
be sold as the property of illiam CfitliW, {
ALSO—Certain real estate in Hector tp..!
bounded and described as follows: On the !
north, east and south by Bingham lands, and j
on the west by lands contracted to James C. j
Allen. Containing Fifty and Five-tenths acres, j
more or less, all of which is unimproved. To bej
"old as the projiert} ofElipfa'alet Blackmail and
lohn L. Gibson,
ALSO—Certain real estate in Hector tp..
bounded and descrilied as follows: On the i
north, east, south and west by laiids of the
Bingham Estate Containing One Hundred
and Fifty acres, more or less, about Seventy]
acres of which are improved, with two frame i
houses, one log barn, one leg stable and some j
fruit trees thereon. To he soldas the property j
o John Cleveland with summons to Henry j
! Youngs as Garnishee.
ALSO—Certain real estate in Hector tp.,j
i bounded aid described as follows: On the j
i nor.h by Bingham lands, on the east by lauds
jof Samuel Einbree, on the south by Adlum !
| iands, and on the west by lands of Thomas j
j Lanneii Containing One Hundred and Nine
| icen and Three-tenths acres, more or less, with
ibout ten acres improved. To be sold as tne
; property of Edmund J.Cane.
A LSO—Cei tarn real estate in Pike tp.. bound- 1
jed and described as follows : On the north bv
Bingham lands, on the east by lands of 1). B.
■ Martin, and on the smith and west by Bingham
lands. Containing Fifty-one and Seven-tenths
! acres, more <>r less, about twenty acres of which
are improved, with one block house, two board
stables and some fruit trees thereon. To IK
"old as t!* property of A* ion Whit more.
ALSO.—Certain tea! estate in Piketp. bound
ed and described as follows : On the north,east,
j south and west by lands of Lemuel Sherman i
! Containing Two acres, all improved, with one '
; Grist Mill and one frame house thereon. To be,
: sold as the projicrty of L. Sherman, William
Ansley and Seili Daggett,
A L.sO—Certain real eslate in Pike tp, bound*
ed and descrilied s follows : On the north bv ?
lands of O. B. t4u<*d , ii4n, on the east b'v Bing
ham lands and the llirain Knickerbocker lot, i
and on the south and west by Bingham lands.
Containing fifty and One-tenth acres, more or
less, w itli aliout ten acres improved. To be sold'
as the property of William >wartwood
ALSO—Certain real estate iu Genesee tp.,
hounded and described as follows : On the
north by lands of Elihu Cole, on the east bv
! Bingham lands, on the south by Bingham lauds,
j and on the west by Bingham lands and lands ;
if Chaiincev Kenyon. Containing Thbtv-sMen
and Six-tenths acres, more <>r less, with about
>ix acres improved. To be sold as the property
' of Eims Goodeiiough.
AL^O—-Certain real estate in Allegany and
] Sweden townships bounded and described a>
| follows: On th-c north by lands of Collins J
j Ga dner on tlie east by Bingham lands, on the
-outh by latids of Aleam Kimball, and on the
; west by lands of Coleman Vanhortt and Datiiel
Wamb. Id. t'nn ftining One Hundred and Thitr-j
teen and five*tenths acres, more or less, about
•' Fifty acres of which are improved and some j
fruit trees thereon. To be sold as the property j
of George W. Wilcox.
ALSO—"-(.Vrtain re'Al nutate in K*fiting tp.;
lieginiiing at the north-east corner of lot Niv. 9.
occupied bv Miles \\ hite, thence ea-t 46 perches
to a post corner in west line of lot No. downed
by D. E, Olmsted ; thence south 8 porches to a
post corner being corner of said lot No. 8 ;
thence east-along south line of said lot No. 8
40 perches to a post corner ; thence south lAO j
| perches to a hemlock corner ; thence west 80
perches to a post corner; thence north Isßi
1 perches to the place of beginning. Containing
seventy-five acres, strict measure, more or less, i
and ls*iiu r b"t No-. 10 of the allotment of Keat
ing lands in Snid township, and pa*t of warrant
No. 4000. Tti be sold is the property of R. Z.
w. w. BROWN, SherilT.
Coudersport, Jany. 21, 1867.
Register's Notices.
\ LL persons interested will please to take !
re it ice tlrat the following accountants have |
settled their accounts in the Register's < ttfive of!
Potter county, and tl at the ,-aiue will la* jire
sented to the Orphan's Court for confirmation,
on Monday, the 18th day of Feb'y 1867, at the
Court House in Coudersport :
The final account of Ruth Hackett, Adm'rl
of John Hackett; late of Ulysses tp, dee'd.
DAN BAKER, Register. '
Coudersport, .Tan. 12, 1867.
1566 1^66
l*liila4lol|>liia & Hi ie liailroad.
'PHIS rrat line traverses the Nortliern and N*rth
* eountie* of Pennsylvania to the city "f Erie
on lake Erie. It ha- keen "leased ami is operated bl
Time of pa-senger t * ain* at EM PORIUM.
Erie 7ifa'l Train - 5:10 p. M.
Erie Express Train...; ...12:24 A.M.
Erie Mail Train ...12:00 A. MI
Erie Express Train —-2:17 A M :
Passenger car* run through on the Erie Mail and
Exprc*s irain* without change both ways between
Philadelphia and Erie.
, Leave New York at §.OO i. M ,arriveat Erie 10.00 A.*l.
Leave New York at 5 00 P. M , arrive at E* ie 4 40 p. M.
Leave Erieat 530 p. M., arrive at New York 4 40. p v.
Leave Erieat 9.10 A.M., arrive at New York 10 10 A. .M
ELEGANT SLEEPING C RS oil all Nieht trains
F**r information r*Bpectimi I'a-scnger hn-ine**,ap
, ply at t'oi tier ol 30t'i d Market Ph'tad-lpliia
And fir Freight business of the Company's Agents
8. -t. J*., Cor. 15th and Market streets.
. Philadelphia.
.T W. ! feynolde, Erip.
Wm. Browi. Aktent. N. C R R . E.liimore.
11 II HOUSTON. General Freight Agt. Philada
n' w. OWINNER, General Ticket Agl Plniada
A. L. TY LER, General Snp't, Erie.
More fires occur in the month of March
than anv other one month ot the year. Be in
bured in ti inc. Cull al tlic JOI'XXAL Office Agency.
A correspondent at Elizabeth town, Ten
nessee, gives lis tht particuiars of a terrible
feud that has been raging for twenty years
between two families of that couniy, and
which was brought to an end by the bloody
deaths of the sole surviving males of the
warring tribes, in the streets of Elizabeth
town, on the evening of the sth of January.
The histoFy of the affair, as detailed by our
correspondent, is as follows:
Iti the fall of 1840 a family named John
stdiie Eeriioved from Wantauga county, N.
C, to Tarter county, East Tent), and set
tled down in the neighborhood of another
family named Rogers Johnstone-, who ap
peared to be an euergelie, industrious man,
I immediately went to work at clearing up
I a little farm. He felled trees, -grubbed up
| under growth, burned stumps, and split
rails to fence in the ground lie reclaimed ',
from the wilderness. In this labor he was ,
[assisted by two sons—both were lads. *
I While the three were engaged in erecting
.fencing about their patch of land, Roger.-j
; rode up to where they were at work, one],
day, and laid claim to a pile of rails, about
i a dozen in number. This claim Johnston*-
disptiled*, and finally, or. Rogers applying
to him the epithets of "liar" and "thief," j
the North Carolinian pulled him from i i
horse and administered to him a severe
chastisement with his li-ts. Rogers went
off vow inn vengeance, am I in the course ot
c? j
; an hour returned to the spot armed with
at itle, the contents of which he di-chatged
into the laxly of Johnstone, -producing fatai
consequences Rogers, who was a man of
f ...
wealth for those primitive times, and un
possessed of considerable influence among
his rough unlettered neighbors, was acquit
ted on the charge of murder by aßexamin .
ing justice. This was the beginning of the
terrible vendetta which has run through
the yeais that followed, cutting down the
males of the two families in the pride of
their strength and manhood
The two Johnstone lads vowed vengeance
upon the murderer of their parent, and one
of them, Thomas, worked night and day,
; with hut one object iu view, to accumulate
the nr?ahs to purchase a rifle. At length'
lie became the owner of one, and one Sab-,
bath morning, with his gun upon hi- 1
shoulder, he approached the house of Rog i
ers. ""The latter w,i* sitting upon his porch,
andj as hn Say young Johnstone approach
in£. probably divining his intention, aiose
hastily, and started toward tlie rack where
. his gun was Suspended. Rut the avengei
of blood was upon Ins path, and ere he could
reach his weapon, he fell upqn the floor a'
corpse, his heart pierced by tlie bullet of
his foe. Rogers left behind him a young
wife and three Children-, ofle of whom v\a
a boy. Among the rough backwoodsmen
of Carter county, young Johnstone s crime
was looked upon with sad satisfaction, if
not favor, the Indian law of retaliation be
ing looked upon by them as the very cream
of justice. Afterward Johnstone married
and as the j'cars passed by, lie became sur-,
rounded by an interesting and numerous*
The bov, Wm. Roger*, in tlie meantime,
had almost reached manhood's estate-, when ,
one morning, without divulging his inten
tion to mother or sisters, lie left the house]
with his father's rifle upon his shoulder, a>;
if he were going out to hunt, and in less
than an hour a grief-strcken mother and
children were weeping over the corpse of ai
slain husband and father. Young Rogers,
in his turn, ha. 1 become an avenger, and
Ihomas Johustonc had fell beneath his
In time the memories of these three mur
, ders died away and those who were children
i then grew up to be men ahd women. Win. j
Rogers had tak n to himself a wife, and he
came the head of a growing family. One
morning he rode into EKzabethtown, and
as he diu not return that night—a circum
stance that neve*- occurred before—his wife
became very uneasy, and in the morning
induced her brother to start to town in search
of her missing husband. About three miler'
from the bouse he came upon the body of
I his brother-in-law lying in the road, stiff and
cold in death. His brain had been pierced
by a rifle ball. Although his murderer was
never discovered, yet the community quiet
ly accepted the belief that Henry John
stone, a son of Thomas, who was slain by]
Rogers, was the perpetrator of the deed,
j Some years afterwards, in a drunken mo
; ment, in Elizabetlitown, this young man :
acknowledged he had slaiu Rogers, and
gave as reason thifl. the latter had killed hi.-
father. Johnstone tvas a young man, and,
only a few months before the murder had ,
i been married to a young girl in the neigh- i
* borhood.
Again the chart of time was unrolled
and at least ten years was added to the
past, when a young lad; son of the murder
ed Rogers, engaged in an altercation iti the
court house at Elizabethtewn, with John
-1 stone, who was then a middle agbd man,
and inflicted such wounds upon him with
a knife, that he died the following rnora
.. °
! t fig-
Thus it went on for years, now a John
| stdie falling by the hands of a Rogers, then
a Rogers falling beneath the avenging hand
,01' a Johnstone, until the war intervened,
and for 3 time, at least, tlie terrible fued
appeared to have ended. 1 lie cessation ot
hostilities brought the survivors ot the war
ring families back to oc-tor county. 1 lies*
survivors consisted of Randall Rogers an*!
Robert Johnstone, both battle-scarred vet
erans and both unmarried m *n. On th.
evening of the sth these two men met in
a grocery at E!izal>ethto\vn, an 1 s<xn b. -
came engaged in an a'tercalior*. By stand
ers interfered, and for an hour or two a col
lision wfis averted. They were seperated
uv friends and taken off in opposite direc
tions. This occurred fibout noon. About
3 o'clock, as Rogers was going up street,
he saw Johnstone down. As they
neared each other they drew their revol
vers and commenced simultaneously firing
upon each other, continuing to advance a
tliey fired. Finally and when about four
feet distant from Johnstone, R g rs sank
to the pavement, and as he lay, the last act
fff his life was to fire the last ch in bin
pistol into the abdomen of Johnstone, whose
last bullet, fired at the same instants, pene
trated his antagonist's brain, causing in
stant death. Johnstone reeled and fell
across the body of his foe, and, when the
bvstanders rushed to where they lay, he,
two, had passed beyond the reach of mor
tal aid. Almost at the same instant .1
time, their two blood-guiltv Souls ha* 1 gone
to i -iu the gory gK - ■ tlieir ancestors.
Thus ended a fued that had existed fot
twenty vears, in the course of which four
teen men have died violent deaths.
EEOSI. 44eorjre louulon Isr I uiicd ."State-
Seiiaror in SiXUit.
The jvnple of Pennsylvania having ju-t
decided who shall be successor of Edgai
i Cowan, it is not out of place to begin t<
1 lopk about for a proper man to succeed M<
Buckalew two years hence. Tlie candidal*
belongs to Northern Pennsylvania, an*
among all our leading active Republican?
We know of tie oue more able ami worth\
I than Hon. Ueorge L indon, ot Biadfor.
I county.
George Landort is a member of our Stab
Senate, and is one of the ablest men ii
that bodv. He h.-cs always been a R.*pub
I lic-an. Ho has never been a nlere jioliticiar
; going to-day one road and to-morrow an
j other; but he lias alwavs taken a bol l an
j manly stand for the Right and stoo l tr<o
to /its ff>hi lie was a Republican whet
'as a party it was weak, when to advocaU
! it< principles was to invite opposition, ob
loquy ami abuse. He was a lover ot I ice
1 dom When it cost something to champioi
| its cause. By his matchless eloquence, hi
won.h.r ui courage, his unselfish devotior
to its great principles he has contribute,
as much as anv one man in so educating
the masses of Nortliern Pennsylvania as t*
roll up the tremendous Republican majori
ties of the past few years. He is a remark
able man As a bold and fearless leader
clear headed thinker and thorough dcbaiet
lie has few superiors iu the nation
It is such a man—a man of ability—?
man of back bone —a champi nof I reedon
an*l Protection that we desire should sue
ceed Charles R BuckaleW in United
Senate. Brethren of the Republican press!
what sav yo\l ? Will you second the noin
inatioii ?— Columbia Republican.
in Independent I'iat tiiionri.
{seine Yvare ago there lived in the city
] of Boston an author of distinction whowa
not without certain eccentricities of wore
and way. One dav a Iriend asked him
"Professor A., what physician do yot
employ f
"Not. any," replied the Professor
! "Not any !" echoed his friend, iu surprise
knowing that he had a family of some ha!
, a dozen children.
j "What do you do when yotfr childrei
are sick s "
"Well, I don't do any thing for a fev
j days, and then if they don't begin to ge
better, I give them Calomel."
"Colomel! what, for every disease?"
' Well, yes, for everything," returned tin
Professor in his moderate way. "Year:
ago 1 always used to call a docter whet
the children were sick; and I found his m
variable method was to look at the child":
i tongue, feel the pulse, and shake his head
look very wise and prescribe Calomel —i
; always ended in that. So I thought
might as well give the Calomel myself."
"Well—but" —persisted his friend, hesi
tatingly, "how do you kuow how mucl
Calomel to give?"
"Well—l give a dose; and then if tha
is not enough, I give a larger one— and, i
it is too much, nature generally disposes o
j it I" _
Ao Licenses.
We are informed, says the Sharon Jhr
all , that the court in session last week it
Mercer, did not grant a single liquor li
ccense, a fact which will cheer the friend?
of temperance not a little. Some of tin
venders of the article also received some fa
vors in the imprisonment line, besides pret
tv heavy fines. Among these were Wil
liarn L Prindle and Mr. Gold rod, of Sha
lon, the former being fiued ¥SO tnid Costs
and the latter about ¥l2O and imprison
ineut thirty days. Indictments wen
found against several of the dealers in tha
place i>ut they wue not brought to trial
! iC-fT" The following article from lf*S
t Philadelphia L'dger contains a great den!
of information in a small space; ih£
Ledger says :
! It may he interesting to marly Feiidel?
i to know from what sources the Urge tx-ve
t utie of the State of Pennsylvania is deri\ed*
t now that the State taxes on real e>4;ff e atx'
- tbi !i>hed. let us take a few items from
one of the latest reports oti this subject 9ii<l
place them in the order of their magnitude.
1 rims for example, the tax on corporation
stocks yielded last year. £ 1,258,989 \ t.t'e
i tax on tonnage $410,741; the doiiimuta
. lion of the tonnage tax, $3G0,000 ; ret.ail
,• ens' license, $14.37,191; collateral inheiit
nice tax. $281,724; tavern licenses; $250,
. ;402 the tak on loans, $278.482$ tafc ort
J emoluments of offices. § 1 G3;250 ; tuX ort
••'gross receipts, $132,572; tax* on foreign
, i isiirance companies, $128,758. Froid
i these few items are collected the largo
, amount of §3,(524,033. Balance Ol the in
come of the State last procure'!
. from a large uumb<r of other items, Jllcd.
as taxes on wills and deeds, on hank divi
! i deiii's-, brokers, auction duties a..d com mi s
. sions; from licenses for eating houses, bil"
•, • liard rooms and bowling saloons, peddlers'
brokers, patent me licino dealers, and rt
f large variety of other .-o tree-, including
§15(1 from ''cases of conscience." Fruit
.. all thes£ sources tlte large sibd of about live
i and a quarter millions of dollars was col
•- lected during the year 18GG.
It will perhajrs, be equally interesting ti
notice Some of the large items of expendi'
" ture to which this revenue Is devoted. A
| few of them, ranked in the order of their
mag litiido, are as follows: Interest O't
1 loans,§ 1,892,105; expenseso! (7 ivernmeut.,
SGG7,O4U; relief of the Chambersbun* sut
'ferers, §4I)7,G(JS; for charitable iiisiitutions;
I §474,G tG ; common 5ch0015,§324,308; pen
sions and gratuities, §1 04,53 1; Slate Cap
i itol and grounds, $121,785; House <l R t
\ uge, $91,50'4; penitentiaries, $4.1,085:
Following iliOse are A variety of et her -'una
expenditures. The total expenditure-;
however left the large margin of $ 1 $(57,05 •
of surplus to be itpplied to the reduction
t!ie State debt.
l * Ti'iiiiiCinaci* ia 53igh SMarri
1 The temperance movement at Wasniiig*
' ton has been tiotdy seconded by anoviici
" somewhat <iifieent, but quite as commend'
i able, at Des Moines. Last Saturday even
' ' ing. as we learn from the fh'gisttr of that
city, the Outgoing and incoming St.-lteofli-
" cers and their deputies bad a social meet
l> ing at the Capitol, duri* g which tln.-e wh f
" were present, twenty live ill ail, signed the
'! pledge:
- • "W'e the State Officers and Tlepty State
Officers t f lowa, do hereby pledge dur.-elvcrf
1 not to use as beverage, nor cause to hi
used, any intoxicating liquor, an I in sur
r ' able ways we will discountenance its use irt
" our respective coiftm initios*
The action of the State officers of Iowa:
'' including, as it does, all except the Lieuten
" ant Governor, who was not present, but
who is a strictly temperate hiaii; deserves*
special commendatiort. It will, it is to bd
' Imped, prove the beginning of a long Scries;
The Legislature now in session can do nu>r4
for the cause of temperance by this means
than by direct legislation; What sty oi.f
v members at Harrisbitrg ?
" AN* IMMENSE FORTUNE. — it h'tsbtgn as*
' certained beyond a jiosstbility of a doubt
* that an immense fortune has been left t
" the Grove family of this country t>y certain
parties in Holland. The intelligence has
been corroborated bv Ids Exec ieiicy the
'• minister resident at Hague, who lias 1
1 written to, and who has fully continued the
■reports in circulation in tefccneo thereto:
15 The fortune amounts to §75.000.000. T<?
'.his import a circular has been issued bv J:
11. Ewing, attorney-at law, of Haiti more?
' with a view of thoroughly investigating the
I case and securing the interest ot parties er'
: titled llicfeto.
" s; jpfFTt is reported that in Constant itirf"
" hie a war between Russia and Ttirkev i-*
i- regarded as imminent. The Turkish Gov*
' s eminent has vailed out 159,090 reserves-
I. and Russia has ordered that all military
0 furloughs liall end on the Ist of March:
1 As a general rule, it is well not to rely
much oti tiie Cable dispatches; but a waT
1 'between Turkey and Russia is mi l-mbtedly
h much more probable than the sflppieacioit
of the movement in Crete.
if —The President said; to a p'rorftin -wf
>f physician of Louisiana and to oth -rs, in re'*
cent Interviews, that the worst thing he , \ *
er did in his life was to pardon Mayof
Monroe of New-Orleans, an<l then susta;r*
him in his wicked career; IJ • indicate I
" much sorrow at the course things have'
' taken in New Orleans, without having ,-x
--■* pressed any regrets at his o'wff cniiecliorf
ie with the crimes committed there.
i- - m
l- EriF" In the United States Snprertfg
1- Court it has been decided that i*V.
t- • liceuse to sell liquor under the act ot C S"
s,' grass d !BG4. mrr A gftecixl la\ un !er u, v *
i 'act of 18GG, confers upon the part) lie im'•?•
*e or who pays the lax, authority to carfy
it the business contrary to the laws
1.1 State.