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• Couder4iort,
Tuesday, Sept. 66.
-{ I (EN'L J. W. GEARY,
Of Cumberland county
.39FIN S..IIANN, of Potter.
inlay J. OLMSTED, of Coudersport
JASON -W. STEVENS, 'of Harrison.
DAN BAKER, of Colidersport.
WOOLSEY BURT'S, of 151vsses.
JOHNI P. TAGG.-I.ltT, of Failalia
SAMUEL NosrtoE, of BingL•am
A. qID.XEY LYMAN, of Oswayo, 3 years,
'S. U. MARTIN, of Pike, 't years.
:va.,\Ve feel sorry for.the Potter county
democracy, they feel so hadly over their(?)
meeting. They have our qmpathy. One
of them told us that the speech %, as nothing
bat a "batch of Republicah lies."
tm.lklontgotr - , , ry Blair told one truth in
his speech. He said the Republican party
crushed the Rebellion and preserved the
Nation. Democrats , make a note of that
gm,.lllr. Montg,oinery.p!air spokeof the
newalof peace with Great Britain in 1812
having been telegraphed. Will soniebody
tell us what sor(of a thing the telegraph
of that day was f
2.1 V ho can tell why '.tiarsit Chaniplin
cas not present at the great copperhead
butpoi l irinzt Was it because his favorite
bevetage has been reduced to ri cents per
n* that the war has chled, or was
it because he thought it foolish to tight in
a hopeless cause!
JUT We don't thank Mr. Blair for com
paring a Potter county audience to his
southern f audiences. They are no more
Alike than day. and night. We have an
institution in this county Which is unknown
south of Mason and Dixon's line—common
schools. No snuff chewing comparisons if
on wish to make converts, •
- /VerOne thing was particularly noticed
in the meeting of Thursday. At the men
tion of the names of Grant, Sherman, and
Meade, there were no cheers, but when the
hero of "send me-reinfbrcetnents" was men
tioned, he was cheered. The difference is
significant. "How *e you, Gunboat Oa
IM - Tax-payers, remember that Stephen
F. Wilson is pledged to strch aa, .amend
ment of the Coestitution of the United
States as will forever prohibit the payment
of the rebel debt,, whilO his opponent, T.
P. Wright, is the . repreOntative of a party
composed largely of late rebels, who are
interested in having the rebel .debt made a
part of the national debt. ' •
Afar The Detnocrats did not nominate a
candidate for Assembly : . It was stated int
Convention that there: would be an inde
pendent republican 'on the course, and they
'lad better support , him." One of the
+delegates thought tliaot would be all right
if he.''wasn't a nigger republican, if he was
they could n't cram a nigger down his
throat." , lie
,wanted to let the people
luow "where we be." •
Ma.'Enrror.:—l attended the Johnson
Mass Meeting so-called, together with bun- I
dreds of others of our friend-,'on the '2othl
inst., to hear the son of " my Father" and
brother to '• Frank that eminent General!'
speak. Some of us came to the conchlsion
thlit it vasono of 14 "cheats." and oil& of
our number offers to Let $5O :that Mont.
gomery Biair is sent out under the auspices
of the Union party and for its benefit.' Who
talus the bet?
Our readers will excuse us while we!
tell a little incident which occurred in the'
history of this wonderful Blair family: At
the time Tremont was removed from his
Western command Mrs. Jessie 'Fremont
r'ent.„ . to Washington to interced in behalf
df /ter husband, and, among others, applied
to the .Senior Blair-the " my noble old
father" of I , lontgornery's speech—for his
influence. Ho replied to her in a very fin
ptuient tone, "Mrs. Fremont, you
will please remember that Ihere is w w
make and Unmake. men."' She imniedi
ately " Yes . )kir, Blair, I have seen
some ;of your ; making and if that is the
best you can de, I advise you to gait the
business." No comment is necessary to
tbooriWho heard
, .
The Maes eeting 1 ' 1,
- .:
We cannot do I . .tter thati copy the fol-1'
lowik- acconnt. our mass mewing from tli‘d,
Trcishiitgtort Chroiticle, 114win p 'ff t,lint ;14
readers will be more interested in thiit whie
- -
a stranger says of us , than any thing w
could - say: J ,
, •
~ .
‘•Tihis has been algrand and glorious dap
and ''ill long be renteinbered by the resit
dentS.of this borough no,lithe pil4ilatio ,
of Potter county: It, had been announce '
'farr and wide over the County that colon I
.J'obp W. Forney i would address th i
peolile of Potter, and the furore and
excitement were intense. ' As j early as,
! yesterday theitown began to fill up with',
I citiiens from the inhre .distant sections off
:, ~
'the county, who had taken time by thej
forelock, as it Were., ,Suelt . was, their dete l r-1
urination to be on inind ittslhe great meet 2
ing. Teams were COns . tatitly arriving, the
sturdy farmers thoughtfully .bringing their
families wi.h them, lso earnest are they in
the gaud cause. and so anxious that every
member of the household Should hear the
speakers—the wife that she might receive
new inspiration, acid so_ be beater fitted to
!discuss the issues cif the day with her hus
band, and the little ones, that into their
young minds miglit be inStpl l ed the senti
ments of true - republicanisin4 Last evening,
'it rained heavily, i.Cducing iltlie ,surface of
the toads to a pasty Condition and sadly
impairing their , .fitness to hear the wear and
tear of constant travel. SOll 'the ardor of
the peoPle was not dathi;ened, and they
(continued to pciur ' into t.le town. This j
morning the skies Were rattherebrieliter,runi
there was a prosp et of lavlin4 a clear day ;1
i but the hope i
lout as not destined L . to be fu- 1
i filled,, for about; the middle lof the fOrenoon I
it commenced to drizzle,and i lshortly eh aeged
into what • appeared to lie a settled rain
storm. Ali tneryenin;
m s.t. ute the rain'eP-1
peered to increase in vibleriCe. The inpun-1
!tacit tops appeared ti, collect the eloutk
I already sureharei. Iw' f • ' • ' •' •hail
,A 1 e .I,q netts ‘apoi,
I then poured their conteut into the vimey
! Not w itlistandi»gs all these drawback's, ;
I which would have entirely put a, stop to
anything of the kind in t he j city, the pie-' i i
'cession -
was formed. A li"'no• iilielloi veili- ,
, eles of all descriptions, ilifed With iin fi l i iij
IwOin en;, and children, walfornied, and, im
m -j!
der the arslialship of d, &Mel Kilhorn , , , all
brave soldier of the ,war fOr the Union, thell
Icavalcade teas set in motion. , A flue brass i
band furnished tire naisiei for ~the OecasiOnd
• . i l
I and acquitted itself in .the best maneer.l.!
!Its pet formance would by no '.i nouns beve l
I cast discredit upon any e: y orinizathin of
la •like character, and alth T
OwTh their r,per••
i • •
• icm'e ~..•
.. I, t not be :is fall as that of their I
confreres olinore popmous neighbOrhodds;j
what th 6, did was dude Well. i I
The. Court-hoti'sef, as is e irenerally the cash
( with these interior townsT . was selected .41
! the place of meeting_;;[lt hail been th4,l
I original intention of the eommittee to hold j
the ineeting!bn the :opdn ispace iii &tint of!
: the building,:but the storm) pi'.ecleded such i
arrang,ements, and the '„ , ...r.:thering Was , hold
in the interior. The liot,r for commencing
the exercises of the dati. 'gas fixeil at two ,'
l ' o'cli 4i, but as early as - 1 nben the c(owdlb+
Igen to pour into tlielmAing,and in a verV :
! short time every al ai)allleseat il.vas (Nen pi 4 j
while many were f, , reed to Sta n d. Unlike
1 ..
the noisy crowds of gre cities, the assem
j binge was orderly and quiet: - IV hiie wan.-!
ing for the speakers, the men for Med litciel
I knots, and 114ruSsed the issues of, the "(14 ; I
while the' feu l eile partied of the :audienCej
chatted with! each! 41. on tlta lie ndr4l
I I topics which women ii can discuss.' !
* To ward ? o'e lo,k, the rain ahate u d „ ins vio. !
:, crc_, :and t 1 ,.! lien vtis 111 a to call li
l as were outside,, andto 1 reify theta that;
I speaking was about tri be , in. i . They irmne-1
diately acted upon- the il,t7vitlition, : and; it'lla ;
' few initiates the 1:1 n. 0 , -e.' hall was I,lll6ditoi
overflowing, every foOt i)f room beinki pecit- ,
pied, .l lothers' stood 'h ~--'' . ' 1
wht le , )11 t le i assagesi or
looked in at the Iwindo4-s, eager to see add j
hear what was goingl clb.: -1 . l 1
1 The appearznice of; tlle.Orafors of the day j
on the stand *its the'signal for a prolonged I
burst of appliins, Tiler.! ‘l,•-e Cot .blitin.,
W. Forney; lion. G81'11;11.1' A. Gro M
' r
-1 i
I merly Speaker of the ![louse of Represen- j ,
, tatives; Col. , Carleton' B. Curtis,nf Warlren,j
a prominent 'limber! 4 (lie it and ex.;
1 member of congres.:s and his Honor, JUdge
Williams . • I ' !
The meeting was 'termed to order by
Judge WillifMtrilio!,:ii notinced tliat the'
services would ;be .opelied with prayer by I
the Rev. Mr. I,Stevees, That gentleman!
thereupon came forwsid and addressed thej
Throne of Grace in at> earnest and impres-J
sive manner, asking' the diviue blessings
upon the object' of the meeting, and be,
seething the Almighty not to kt tht war
fur human freedom td have b ' een fot'ight in
run. 7i.
The reverend kentlyer retired and Co!.
Forney, Mr. Grow, and COL Curtis, Sever
aly addressed the enihnsiaStic . crowd : l
In the e%ening i . (.lilresses wore again,
livered by Messrs: Vorndy, w,! Cintis,
and Judge Willianis.i I I i
(We will publish the skeebes ofillassrs.
Glow and Furnq hdOOrtiext) . i ':'
soniebot)v tell us Andy
Johnson's policy m e., e g otists of its ad
vocatesl A. ffentleman told'us that ine•
,I• . 1
and-my-trave-wiothey-r rank-nn(, ,
old Futher," used 'tle pronoun "I," rio less
than one hijodred and serenty-four tine
in the first, of his speech. .
'Mfr. Blair does not like. Bo: fails!
Ho snys they laugh :[tat blin. Pitiful! Too
bad to laugh al.'"lnWl
jr:TTIle Port
not appear, last wei
were no cheers for
i!he times aud places appeiut
ed for-the towastkip ineeting-3.
''A number of new advertisements
appear tlis week.
13.emernberJ :w hen you'vote for T.P.
Wriglit, you vote for Jeff Davis' candidate.
'l 4 'here is not
; 1 .,
the , ltest,' , doubt but that
lie and l every (*thei.' rebel Would sustain the
eopperhea candidates if they could..l
! „ ,
.M6—Remembet', that by voting for Hon.
Stephen F. Wilson, you rbte to sustain the
Union Plan Of Reconstrnetion. Read it,
loyal men, and ask youtstlires whether it i$
not very fair, and .very inhch hiss than jus .
tied might,req IT. _ II
rriemeinber, when noting for Wtight
I I •
you vote to assume the rebel debt. Ro
gers; of 'NewiJersey, a leading copperhead
in Congress, says; the rebel debt is as much
the debt of the nation as that incurred to
I •
suppress rebellat.
1 7
te-Retnemb'er, that Theodore Wright
is the candidate of the Lock Haven copper
heads, the most' open 'alad, blatant rebel
I ' • .I
sympathizers, who made themselves notori
ous daring the War by their avowed 'love
of traitors akl 'treason.
Reineniber, that Hon. S. `1 nnon
l ! has supported jeveryineasure tpding to
honor and rew4id the brave 'men who per ,
fled their ices] for the salvatin of their
('country, w~ilk ithe party which supports
(Wright declared the soldiers to be '• blood
hound:," "hireling , ," and said,time
after .time, that "they deserved death it'
they vent south to fight our brethren."
II&As theledl for the Meetinfr on last
Thursday, did lot state in whose interest it
was assembled, as the speaker did not Men
tion Mr. Clyrter's name, but did mention
the names: of. " my-noble old father," and'
,`hrave-brothemFrunk," and "myself," some
of the backwo&lsmen would like to know!
which of the three are running for Gover-i
nor? If either, they would .like to knoww!
why Clymer as withdrawn
" my brother Frank's lire anct
doings"formetift he staple of a recent speedi
in this place, Will sonic ( : ,.f• the frierls tell
how such' a 14 1 .ivci noble, heroic,courigeous
generous And virtuous youth came to be
rdiered srutii command in the army for
drunkenness ?t
i tzfr•Whert M r . Kn ti. made his forcible
remarks about the increase pay of Congress
men, he should have told the wliole . truth.
The propositi m was made in the House by
Niblack,a co )perlteal froin Lidi:tila, and
!in the Sertatel by Ridille, a rebel front Del.
aware. lii the -House all but two copper
. j.,linsons noted` for it, while a Majority of
", republicans 4f:cc] ag ainst it. When it was
passed Andrei! Johnson signed it without
objection. . , : , i
Knox in his dvia
ent hara ngue said that the ne: - _ , :ro so'diors $3OOl
and white soldiers only $lOO. Will Mr.!
Knox, and th i e followers Nlllo, belc,ve as he
does, note'thi-se filets, 11101 can be proven!
by the Co: fd'essional , A law was!
passed in 1S tll going,soldiers $3OO bound
ey, but which in the opinion, of some cop
iierheads held to includoyhite soldiers I
4n!y, and tol i 'remedy 'this, Cengress at its j
fast se , sion ilassed rwhat was called y'ena- I
hilog Act" istructing the aecret:try of the)
reasury to :pay the 5300 bounty to the
hegro"soldh2r, the same as had been clone
to the White soldier two yealls before. This,
'%vas no special bounty ; no additional bowl- .
ky, there is' l nothinr• in Ole net which can
by any possible reasoning be construed into
F. r '
a discrimination in favOi of the negroes.--
[At? the same session. Of ConLtress there was
l'a law passed 6614 PlOO extra bounty to
white Soldiei's ' W who entered 69 army during
( the emlier part of the war.
de4.. , g;tt.:011
12k. • Therefore, there
Jeff. David
Such is the truth about , the bounty ques
tion and any intelligent person who states
that it tlisctiminates in favor of the blacks,
tell* awilfTl lie.
ftg - Mr:"George:A. Barclay is out in a
c tvd, this jA ek, as 7n independent candi
date for Afisembly. lye think this a very
unwise co:f i rs - a for lt:In to p ur su e . O ur
laicals with Mr. Barclay have always been
pleasant, lie is a good radical republican,
and if he had the nomination of his party
we wiwCill suppfrt hint with phNtsure, and
we are sorry that different counsels did not
11fluence him. There is no necessity for a
di.cession of the point at issue, our position
is so well loabwn! that 'it would only,be reit
crating what we have said before.. Onr
advice to i•epnbliCat s is, stick to Your ticket,
do not scratch a -single name, either for per
sonal friendship 6t private spite. You
Made yo'ir notni4tiens and you are in
honor bol ml to support them.
th e cor r oW of the Per t locracy was great(q.
I than the joy of the Republicans, on the
'evening Of last Thursday.
few lune
rions democracy ga
ther in the Court
last Thursday, and i'
tern dimly burning,
preparation for the
For Associate JP
Coudersport, and Z
rison ; Treasurer,
lalia; Prothonotary,
bot ; Commissioner;
gang; Register and
4 Bingham; Audi
Personally we
against any of the•l
lieve them all to be
i2ens, arid there a
rlicl like, to vote.!
stances, and with
principles. As it
zatitm; and with n.
that these gentlei
another sacrifice
deem it necessary II
'Tile follow
Potter county's
lost both his legs
country, and lie s
all true soldiers:
EDFrOft Th
I would write a
your sheet, to sl
pat ty'tbe kind of
fr e t,. Th9v will
t :
never saw an at:n i l
saW,a battle; thy
in time of need ;1
Mier vote for Clv
Rebel bullet in q
up by the flaig
but. one soidi6r
Clymer : u he
himl who nevc
When such a so'
the war he ma
Linn if lie reeeiv
and his ans‘4er will he as follows:, 'No, but.
I had some d 1 d close calls. I had a
number of balls' hot through My dlothes."
That is the - kin,: of soldier that will .vote
fur Heisler ' Cl3aner. Does the Clymer
party think tha l the soldiers are blind ?. if
so, they will fin themselves as much mis
taken as when George! 13. McClellan was
defeated in 181'4. They will learn that
the soldiers do tot fear!'a party who would
try to 4111 every, one althea' if they could.
The Pennsylvilis 'soldiers are well ac
quainted with i aj.-Gen. John W. Geary:
He is well kilosl n to them as a good soldier
and a friend to the enli;ted man. He will
get my vote, at d the Not es of all soldiers
Who were soldil rs. This is from a soldier)
who always dic his duty and stood up by
the flag of his
Country , till the bullets of
the Rebels brut C .both his legs from under
his body, so tit: I he could not kill Rebelsally
more in the fie ll; but he will try to do so,
at the ballot-I) 'N. ' ReSpectfullv yours,
ILate a met er of co. H, 46th Pa. Vols.
i -..••.... 1 -...—--,____
I. ./ . I
Union Mee Jl
lowing places
add resietb by
John S. iliarn
Isaac &mop
John S. Man
Julia S. Ma I
Olitisted, M,
PIK,E. Sher
Isatie Benso
- I
HEcTon, S
John S. Mal
QI I msted,
:And othe
Olmsted, 11
and oath
ELusturtG i
H. J. Olin
How oftei
i ,
fairly fadirj ,
have no sp 1
and Langno,
tion, wcalzti
food, 47c., ' I ,
DyPpopsiri. II
- Coe's Dv
such caze,
a ls., a h
morbus, Cr'
Bowels. N
.. -- - - -
ars of the o we 1 1 l e l - •„4, Qou , tbe foolish."--You . can MEOW Si;
. ' . . Donors from Fifty
ti C,
i ered - themselves togel- Call "and ex ine
"'by l3 I
1 1 • '-b
om on the evening to Inrentton ureen r needed" every, (y.
of r a sample sent free by mail for 5G cents, that
retails easily for $6,, by R. L. Wolcott, 170,.
the shade of a " lani Chatham ' square. bjea , t ork .
I• made the following
lictolier sacrifice:
klges, W. F. Burt, of ,
mon Robinson, of liar l F 1
Immo Nelson, of Eu-1
Charles Mine,' of Ali-1
Charles Coats, of Alle 2
Recorder, Jerome Leet,'
or, John M.'-Lyman, of
I ave nothing to say!
e gentlemen. We be
honest and worthy cit
o some for whom we
under different circutn :
ightlY different political
is only to keep organi
e*peetat ion of election,
. .
len concluded to make
Pt this time, we do not
o say anything further.
letter is from one of
brave. - soldier boys, who
ghting the battles of his
leaks the sentiments of
PA Sept. 21, 1660.
FER JOURNAL: l thought
tter to be published in
ow the Heister Clymer
Soldiers' votes they will
as follows: Those who
d Rebel; those who never
„.3e who always 'an away
those svho were out of
ey never see a Sol
liner that has a mark of a
s flesh, or who ever swot!
his country. I know of
io would vote for Heistkr
s one of the domdt-face
• saw an armed Rebel:
lier gets' to talking, about
eA a frreat; wind, but ask
_ .
wound while iii battle,
up will be held at the fel
t the time specifie d, and be
lie speakers named and by
ling of the 26th Sept
and Seth
Evening of Sept,
ld M. W. McAlarnev. -•
or. frousE, Oswayo, Sept 27
and Sal? Lewis. •
II Reed School'House, Sept 29
and D. C. tarrabee.
I.nNERS, October 1, Dionday,
111.W.MeAlarney and &Lewis
NTRE, October 2, Ttiesda:s - ,
ll'klarney and Lewis.
;an School House, Octcber 2,
, and John i S. Mann.
S. School House,. October 3,
lAlarney and Lewis.
nderlinville, October 3,
,an and Isaac Benson. i•
'''ALLEY. Afternoon & E•ening
ay, October 4th,
Inn, Benson, MeAlarney, Lew•i
, Afternoon & Evening,:Oct:. 5
inn, Benson, McAlarney, Lewis
Saturday, Oct. Gth,
ed, D.C. Larrabee and others
. we see men and %emelt Nel l () are
out of existence. They seem t o
disease. bat general lassitude
; no ambition. iro energy, indige , ii
es:, total inability ti, cat and rel sL
:e..,—a1l of which is nothitig but
pepsia.Care kill sorely care even
) matter of le.w long et)fldttlq• It
st excellent remedy for Cholera
mp, or Colic, it) either Stornao' h or
e advise all auflering,, to try it.
SERIOUS ACCIOENT.-011 Monday of last week,,
Mrs. A.M. Benton, of. Port ikliegan,y, was serf:
ously injured, by behig thrown from a baggy._
She was riding With her daughter, about font'
miles above het residence, iii-.the river road,'
when her horse became fri. btened and ran to
wards home. The daught..r was first thrown
from the buggy bun not seriously injured. Mrs.
13. clur.g to the horse and buggy for sor6 dis
tance, but was thin* thrown against a load of
boards standing in the road. Her shoulder was
badly broken and she was seriously injured io
ternally. Dr. Freeman, who is attending her,
informs rah that he has hopes,of her recovery.
~ — ,3fcifcan Mincr. - , •
NEW Music.—we have just rece/ved from
Chas. M. Tremaine, 431 13roddwliv,1 N. Y., the
following pieces of tie* Music : "Be:autiful form
of n' dress" by H.P. Danks ; "Banjo Galoe
by Mrs; Parkhurst ; "Bells in Distant Lands."
a soup by Henry Tucker,- all excellent pieces,
at 30 cents each. Mr. Tremitine haying pur
chased the Sheet Music, Music Bcolc, and gen
et al MuSieal Merchandise brthich of Mr. Horace
Waters business, • respectfully solicits a contin
uance of the patronage extended to Mr. Waters
in his department LI business, as he Las e.m..
duc'ed *for the past five years. The! latest
and best music RIV.aN'S on hand., Address.
Charles M. Tremaine, 43l Broadway N.
- .
'LION' is the title of a handsotn . volinne, just
issued by the National Ptiblishing CoMpany;
507 Minor Street, Philadelphia, l'a..! The au=
thor has delved most industriously aniodgst the
masses of curious incidents which have marked
the late war, and has grouped and, cllissilii:d
them under appropriate heads, and is a very .
attractive form,
There is a certain portion of the Wm fiat will !
never go i.!to the regular histortei,tior be em
bodied in romance or poetry, which is n very
real part of it, and it will, if preserved. convey
to the succeeding generations a better idea of t
the spirit of the conflict than mans drvlreports 1
or careful narratives of events, , and this
, cart
, may be called the gossip, the fun. the pathos of I
1 the war. These illustrate the character of the
leaders, the humor of the soldiers, the deVotion
1 of women, the bravery of men, the Nock Of our
heroes, the romance and hardships of 'he ser
vice.! From the beginning of the war the .
thor has been engaged In eollee4 fig all the- an-
ecdotes . connected with or illustrative of it. .1
! The volume is profusely illustrated with over
200 enctravines by the first artist', which are
really 11:, , azdVal, worths of .examination as spec- j
miens ,of toe art. ' Many' of them are set; iliac; I
the body of the text. afier the porlar style of
Lossing",t Pictorial Field Book of the Revolu-
1 tion. Tile book's eon tents incl ode reininiseeneet
of camp, picket. spy, scout, bivouac. Siege
and battle-field adventures ;. thrilling meats of
bravery, wit, droll,ry, comical and ludiCrots
adventhres. etc., etc. . ~-
Amusemeat as, well as instruction Hay be
found in every page, as graphic detail. brilliant
wit, and authentic history, arc skillfully inter
woven in this work (if lite - fary art.
;The book is compilod hy , Vrazar Kirkland,
the well known author of the nCyelopaedia of
Commercial atill lies ness A Wedt at cej ' who has
brought large eN4perience and great talent to the
work. It is the prod Net of vaA ;labor, in travel,
correspondence and per,ono observatipn, and
is in every way complete. r
Isaac - Pierce, of 0.-wdyo tOwitship . ,- will can,.
yass the county for this work.
Irt• were friend;: I said no word •
When they bum her, weeping; i
To a little, silent house; "
Turned Mid left het' sleeping i I
Made 170 sign to those who ninurn'ed
That my heart was l greiiing,
That her absence, in mv life
Any void was Lcavimn !: • ;
But I said to Aatamn, "Stret
Thy bright leaves above her !
I have not so lunch to give,
Yet,—l love her !",
And to Winter, "tier low couch
With thy white snows cover,
I can brin, her nothing. VONVI,
lovc her '
And OeSnring T as"tted tviti~ tears,
“Whei:thy birds,are :iii ding,{
Let them watch above her rest,
Sweetest bloinins Si;ringing!
And let Summer liever fail,
I T ,;--
hough the-years grow dreary,
With her greenest leaves to make
That moundlook cheery
Thou wilt keep calmer. Grave,
Than my arms,entild fold ber!— .
Loss nor anguish;shall not make
Her still heart grow colder. 1 - •
Out of death in Heaven's sweet4i-ght.,
:The with' joy is waking :
L, of Earth. can offer her'
Nothing worth her takiug.
Yet, dear friends that love; us both/
Think not we are parted,—
Often will she . me •
If t live true4learted i • . •
who sorrow in yonr rain ,
Whose sogui-li cannot ; move
Also smile with her new joy, . • 1.
For I love her ! , EVA
To tiw Voters of Potter Coittilv •
I hereby announce to the voters of this Rep
resentative District ;that I' am and independent
Candidate for Member of Assembly, and I
pledge myself, if elected, to discharge lily duties
torthe benefit of thd people at Dirge. and shall
be governed by their . u , isbes in all things per
taining to my duties as legislator, and shall not
aqempt to pass special bills unless requested to
do so by the people. G. A. BARCLAY.
Coudersport, Sept. IS, 18613.
DIED: . 1
In Ulysses. on the flab iinst., WILLIA2iI
LEW! S, in the Bath year of his age.
11Ir, Lewis was one of fie pionceris of i this.
enmity, Lavin , : settled in Ulysses marl Witty(
tears ago.' Though at an advanced age lie boreris
full share in the toils incident to the settlej.
inent of a new country, anti coMinued to labini
till he was upwards gh
of eity. *e was reau
w irk.l
able for industriv and tenverance.. ag
'level) known to be idle. Thogigh edncated
a time when Strong . drinkwas thought lo be a
n cesi;ity, he was for ihe la i st ttvedt firth ycar
f l i fe a c „ us i s i cot de;:iit er: t.talbstinen , :e..
He Wit% :L Jac k sonDeltiocr:LL, but believing in
the doctrine of the. WiltUot Proviso be remained
steadfast when the party under the lead ufGen
Ca. , :s forsook its free will principles.and he ever
after acted with the. Republichn party. He, was
a firm believeT in the tbiettine of universal sal
vation, but.ret.a-ding alpure heart rod an up
right!life to be more important ilium a correct
b e li e f, h e ma de no drop; to secure converts to
his faith.. Ills patient ornity in.hts last sick
uess vVils wonderful. The close of a long and
useful life may well lie tranquil.: There was
nothing terrible iu hisi . last hours.l for the ad ,
vance of the King of T •rroM was like the deep
ening of tWilig,ht, and he seemed to gather the
drapery of his couch about him .to lie doNirn 'to
pleazum dreams. i i CON.
- Ayers Pills.
,i, RE you sick,' • feeble iniNmplainingt Are ye t i
LI out at order—your yetem deranged and )o er
lettings uncemfartabh, I Thee° symptoms are ert en
the precursors of serious illness. Some Et of sickness
is creeping upon you, and should bo averted by e '
timely use of the right remedy. Take dyer's Pills,,
and drive out the hum re—purify the blcsal;end let:
the hurtle move en aunt structedly, in health. They,
60mill:de the organs of tl.
oe hotly Into victurulLtactivitri
putsu' the sy,turn 'pont lie obstruetioll9 AR hie), ma.
dii-ease. A cold , ettics Lomewhere in the body and
der:m:2l4 the intim n 1 tiporntimis of that part. . Ti, i i. i f
not relieved, win react Upon itself and the Carr oUnd
in¢ organs; producing , iteneral agglavation, colleting
and derangement. Wl.ile in this condition take
Ayel'e , l'ills and sco bow directly they restore the
iiiitneal action of the system, and With it the bee
f,„pi„ z or hellith. what is true nod so op p i,„ ~,,
op trivial - and common c' mplaint lent true in many
of the deep eroded end dangerous diseases. Th e mne
pn r gli(jVC expels them. Caused by similar [Astro,
lions and dcralogonents, they are surely titui m a , o ,
them rapidly, owed by ti some means. Noe, A,C,
.know llio Wrllle of these. Pills will neglect a, re , plo
them when sittlferime from the disorder. thee cure
such as lien , aclie, FciulSlomaclo, Dyse:ll.y. 11 1;0 4
comphonie, liinigest ion. Ileritilgelnent of me Liver;
Co•tiveness, Constipicion, Ifeart.bura,Rbecinstiam.
Dropsy, Worms, and Suppreesion, When talieu in
/awe doses. ' •
The, are sugar coated, eo that tl,e roost sensitive
can take Ultra easily, and they ure surely the beet
purgative int l dicine yet discovered. , r i
- Ayer'.4. Ane Cure. 1
For the speedy and certain 'ore of Intermittent p...
. Sr,, or, , :lnlls and Fever, Remittent Fever Chill
' . Fever, Dumb A ens.l'erivii cal I lea , lache or Milano
Ileaditche,ai d Bilicius FeVeis; indectl,for the whole
e li t , ofoti t ielses or 4i ria t log . in blliary derangement,
cart-ed lic.i the malaria of miasmatic could; ies. 1 ,
Till, remedy has inrely f.t'iled Id euro the severest
cases of Chins and Fever,and it has this great advan
tage over other Aguc I4idieines. that it subdues tits
ebniptient ‘viviout. injury to the pati.ot: It cyn•
tains no quinine or other deleterious substance nor
does it produce quiniem or ally Injurious effect t;hat•
ever. Shak ing brother sof the army sod !be west try
it and you will end , rse these ip.sertions. i I
Prepa iet by Ds. J. C. AYER dc Co.. LoCrell,?Sise.
and sold by oil Druggists and dealers in ' medieinw
cverrwlicre. Alec, by C.S.S. E.A.Junes, Conderspart
000 A Year made by nny oho Ttith sl3
Sicheit experience necessary:
The President,. C.shiers, and Treasurers of 3 Ban kis
indor,s the circular. Sent free with hatutiles. Ad
tires, the American Stencil Too! Works, Springfield,
Ettnotts T,OIUTiI.
A Gentlrroan•nho .Elltrered for year.i from Nercoas
Debility, Premature Decay, and all the etrectii,of
yo,lthful iiidie,,netuot., will, fur the sake of suffering
1.1..1 to all who heed it, the recipe:
at,d threetions for emking the Simple reYncdi
Nt'll•fell lie trio Suili.;rers xvi?iiit!.; to wok by
the adverti..4erhl eltpetienev, eito do so by nddre..ging , •
JOIIN B. IDGE. , ,s;,
No. 11 Charnl , 47i.s New . York.:—llyjy3.
. 4 41 ; 11:ANGIE, BUT TB.E.TE:
lady nn..l geirlee:ril . in the United
t.aes heisr tnt....111 their
.11dr:in:ago I
rvturii 1.1.01 (ii , e of clrrtrge;yl , 7 es=in;
Thosclrlia h:trc. :tears of leis; hum' by Trot. noliCinE,. this card. All
utiiers will p'.e.taL wltire , s 11•7eir
'l'll4 F. CHAPMAN - ,
D...ead‘v:ty, eNy, York. -112 jyg
•• • •
LY01). !. 8
ler/od/a/ bi‘ops
Mho Great. Female nell]elly . for Free“...
Obis. driilie rout.
pounded Raid nt eparation, and r , etta, than ahy
Powders sir Nostrums. lieinz thtilr action IN
01 , vet :toil positive, renderiier tiltari a reliable,
and certain iire:itic fur the cure Of all ob•tructions and 01 nature. Their popularity.isimbeated
'by the fact that over 100,0i:91.001,s are :taut:ally sold
consuinial i t the Indira of the United Siattsi
every Due of whom eliealt in the ii.trohgest feints ot
praise of !bell . great . inerii,. Tiny are rapidly
the o every other Fernitle Lietnedi,tind :tierce
.i..lered by all who booty : u gh: oi them, as the surest
,sittiist, and mo-t iiivaih the preparation in tire warld..*
for the cure of all Female eon! the removal nt
ail tilistrinitions otitiiiiiire,ari.l the promotion of health
rei:fillarily and strength. Exi,i'icit directions stalks;
tiny may lett-nand tibr
they Should not. nor could not lie used 11,1(1101ft pro.
during tillecia contrary :0 nature's laws, will
e a rt i fudy folded around each aittle, wait
icrittca re of JOAN L. LYONovi bout wiffe i .a
it,. as are -
e n„, Iby Dr. .1011:t7 L LYON.' 195 Chapel
N-Nv 11, , von, Caen., who cm be cobaultei
rather per,onal!y or kamp,) Coq
centitig all. private d:6,11,13 and female NNieakawsNec
Bold by m u,gitE, everywhere. PriCii*Liiopr Bet.
C. K& CO.,
irm General Agts far United States And Canadas
1 , 0 c9Nsax3zionarEs.
The Advertit:er, havinL!l'ecn itc,torc health in
al It.
a vs:T t,itapk• trooedv; :filer haying
suihred tor svrr.tlyottr , with a severe Itctgaillnetlon,
and ihrt dl end d,coe, tttot,noption—itts anxious to .
make R.:,. Wt to his Ic:l6w•satirrrrs the means *A
To an who ,1-:•ire he wiil Bend a co :y of the pre
otr trthos t i,el (fret; with the directions
for prop:who, and usinn• the trtirrat, wldch they will
Lind a t t tl: Clilt q lt: f r Constunpttlon. At.thmni
Br.t tl ei t otie, etnr_tlot, ectd-t,-and till Threat and Lrhtt
Ant o ctlons. The only oltject Cf the Advent:ter in
ctltrilic: the Prescriplion is to benefit the Afflicted,
and spread info: toatiO3 Arbia is conCgi , ives to be in
valtrthle, and Ito hop•s evety , tifFerealwill try his
rcnted.. - ,.ns it will coat the in nothing', add Inn,- provel
titel tt: , `•in_ the pros.cript!on, Frig, by return.
mail ; .!
tiamsbu. gh, Kings Cu., Nen-
rroo Young S. en. Jcvc rcattsmen, in a Sealed
Etl , elope. Price Srx Centt.
.A on the Nature, Treatmen`e. and Radical,
Core f Speruotolicrlioca orSemlnal yv - eukmzes,
\miu.::ry lwia. n, Sexual Debilttyi and Imi.edt
menu; t., mart m cenerally. Nervomites..,Const
Epitepsy and 'Fits ; Mental 'and pqsicAl lace-
Pcity re-mit Inc from.Self.Almee, By Boaster...
Ccurtawm.t.,M. P., author of tim Criten Book, &c
The wo. Id renowned author, in thin admirable Lee
tut e, cieatiy prove,' front LI: own ex:ldrim cethat the
axete, eaensequonees of self-abuse may lib CaCettlally re- -
moved without ined.cine, and withoutlelangerous cur
gical operitions,botoziesomgo,instrune§nts,occnedials,
pointmit out anode of cure at once certain and effectual'
by which every sufferer, no matter whht his eonditinie
mny Le, may cure hiniseff elteaple,! privately, anfi
r.tdicna c. Tbis lecture wt!l pfove a boon to tliousanas
and thousands.
Scut, muter ocal, in a plain encelope4to any address,
Post ptid. on receipt of :ix canto, or two poet stamps.
Addees- tha publishers,
H :F
127 Bowery, New York, Poet Office box 4,686,
Publl.bed for the benctit and as a Caution to Tons;
Men and, who suffer from Nervous Debility,
Premature Decay of Man &c., supplying at ibik
iime time the means of Srlf-Cure. By one who bat
cured him , elf after unilergthrgensiderable quackery
By enclo,in,i . , a post-paid addressed cn[velope, single
eoPea, free of charge may be bad of Me author.
lysp.l3 Ntooklyn, Kings Co., N. 7",
milllT remove nll Uinds of Grease, Tar, &e., from
the tincst cLovr, without stain, and deans KID ,
LuVES without marring them.' 'Sent, postpaid,
for 50 coas per bottle. 100 bottles $2.5. 50 hottlea, $l5.
mylotti3 llarilsbuig, Penna.
TTnttl flu ther notice, the Office of the Estate fff
Coudersport will be open only doting Court
weelis ; at ulitch time li. Enswotth will be there.
Re e. tCI,O he in Smttl r iPcirt during the *oche Of
(..out t itt McKean Comity, ,
Persona who buNiuess with 'the Estate are re
qu,,ted o meet iirrn at those times.
letters on bus'nesei adds essed to the Office at 'Wells!
bow, will promptly answered.
May 1, ISGCS. it LTidErt.
$9O 11 l'i,lonth I— AGENTS for six
eni ',rely new articles, stst-out. Address
0.1 ARE V., City Bufidiog.Biddeford,Maint.
c,. .
attend:to the Collection of. Bounty, under
I the Into act of Congrees equalizing. Bounties, for
nil who may applyln me pt•rAonitllv or by
Addio , e, SOUS C. SOANSON.
Airy at LAW, lEmporiuM 111..
.61:17,116t (1. - 1660.-4 ,7 '
Administrator's Notice.
NiTny.itEAs Lehera of Administration on the
I.6tate of at tSIT II r) i.:`• GEE, 'atO Of Sent'
towin.Lip, 11,Cl'a,Cti,•have born grnnted to the
nial , .rs:aued, all PerSOlif; illdOlited to said estate are
equest.,i to make immediate I.nyment, . and these
bayingjust olaiins again.t the IMMO should rreseal
them, dilly antbentirsted,for settlement, to
Jrtly, 24, V 543. CHARLES DING EP,