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    [Corresymdence of the _'otter Jourrkl.l
• Letter from the Capitol,
HARRISBURG, July 30,48643.
I DEAR. jourtast : TheGnbernatarial Can
vass has fairly opened in this Section of the
State. The copperbea s are putting,forth
all their energies for Clyiner: ._Qn the 18th
cif July thei_cCorivention at /leading Prov
ed a compare fizzle: True;--Clymer,-.Pen
dleton,Vaux, With a few (lesser lights spout
ed to their hearts" content but failed to
achieve much. They e,xpected fifty thou
sand but - were crest-fallea at "the deep dam
nation l of their taking off." There was a
crowdlof five thonsan4ersons and many
of these Republicans whop went to see'ttie
4 'elephant." . The spea era were bOld
thew denunciations of congress,, and took
Tarticular pains to join lhands' with:the re
bek4... Their, case in thi section of the'state
is indeed Thefirst "great" drama
• proved a decided fizzle. Last week the
• . curtain of , the second scene' was raised et
, ISechanicsburg, when Clymer ,dispensed
lood to the political bietbrea, but as fate
would have it, disappoibtment came again,
and only a few of the cl4sen could be found,
after : canvassing the, surrounding country
for two weeks and distributing passes over
the: railroads to all wh would promise to
attend. This closed the second scene and
. . . ..
„ the.curtain fell in der6ess., The opinion
is .gainieg ground : a 1 ong all intelligent
classes, and acknowled ed by honest leading
.democrats, that there is not the faintest
erospect of Clymer's e ection. Gen. Peary
vill be most triumphantly , elected.. But
the more violent of .the copperheads are
.determined to give battle as long -es they
can.,..lConseguently they have appointed
next Wednesday as tb time for presenting
the free under the n Imo of the: Soldiers'
Convention. They'r . U.e pettifogging and
holding County Meet ugs for: the purpose
_or selecting ddegates for this . third fizzle
. upon the programm . , But a very:great
obstacle beta. arisen Which they cannot avoid;
! viz,: They cannot Eng soldiers .etioth for
delegates. In this e.xtrernity they have re
sorted , to a very honorable practice, and get
deserters and bounty jumpers, who they
pay a regular salary. i They have learned
, by exnerience Thai, the soldiers would ra
ther fight under Gear , --who is a soldier,—
ithan•under Clymer, Who opposed the sol
dier, as a Senator of .Bennsylvania, in every
conceivable - way. The soldiers of the Key,
' stone State have seam too many battles,
and undergone too. any hardships 6) de
sert a hero like Genj Geary, and yoin the
disloyal ranks of He' ter Clymer, Clymer
„is at_heart to-day opposed. to the soldier
and in sympathy with the late rebels: But
the intelligent sons of Penrisylvatiia will
:not be deceived, ind the October Election
will speak in tones Which Mr: Clymer wilt
never forget. 'ours truly,
, ; • • • Pormicus.
AO'The_Choleia e learn by reports in
the daily papers oon f inues to pursue its in
cipient. steps, and the ,number, of cases is
steadily ,;increasing. The fact that this
dread visitant first.seeks certaM localities
Lich are most favorable to its develori
mentand that it ia most fatal ; to persons of
depraved habitr, is conclusive.', proof • that
much cantle done: to prevent its spread.—
, tet all be adreonisbecl,,therefore, that "one
,_ounce of prevention is btAter than a pound
of cure." Letpch citizen : give . particular
attention to all the,sanitary, measures cal
culated to promote lis general health. Keep
a clean house and cellar, don't spare the
lime in white washing; remove all filth or
decayinf , matter fr your yards or, prem
ises, live plain an abstemiously, take at
•least two or three.b the weekly to keep the
skin blien and in, realthy working order,
'keep cool, don't ge frightened, have a good
conscience, vote the Union Ticket,
need not fear the olera,
T------;- . , •
rh eids have be - en severely
ion of Tennessee in rat
utional AMencimelit. . If
'he 'same sPirit In' *Copt
f:cion,gress,and were as
rebels from ,Office ex- 1
',the freedmen, establish
Otaiien ; . our internee-;
`'ost' inStantlY cease. It
hat keeps the rebellion
of. Tennessee foreshad-1
th. . . . .1. .. 1
rebuked by the ae
`ifpiria the Coa'stit.
t hey would show ; t
ing the legislation.
',willing to exclUde
jnst basis, of rep
ene strite'woula aC
is copperheadistn
alive. The antin.
ows the fate of a a
.10 11- President ohnson objected to cer
tain congressiona . bills.because . they:con
ferred.on the; Executive -too. gi eat power.
is it, notsingular that, one. Filo
..claim* ,40
feel so much con rn for tile cause of liberty.
should make , su, h dcspptic use c..f his au
thority. I .B.ut,an =suited Congress and an
Outraged nation are; watchinglaini. le-"my
policy" means to turn the govcrnment ovier
into the hands o . rebels, it is evident/that
the Executive is; ;hedy invested,yrith:too
much, rower. ~; . , , ,
larThe mass}ve new bridge, Which wig
being 'constructed across the i iiver at: Ilay,re
de-Grace, for th u s e of:the p,hiladelphia,
Wilmington and B4timore' iatlroad, And
nearly complete ,w7troyed by a storm
which pacmil s ection on Wednea
4. • evening last - It is said the wind blew
feet hurri e, and the haveemadehy
storm was rrible and cothplete.
;Ur / The. abs raet of crop returns dust
issued; is more vorabie thart , the June-re:
port, and shows a year of ,average.truitful
uess. Wheat it a little less in quantity,but,
//of )xitter quality than last year's crop. The
oats and corn dop are in. most .States un
asually good. be prospect lor apples is
net so good; a d a poor show forpeac4B..,
Potatoes prom' well.
2,0" A Jer. -• n Democrat:: one who was
lowly to sari his life, to secure his prin
ciples. •
A Johnson l emocrat:. One who secures
Lis living by dewing. his Principles.
, Tuesday, July 1,1.866.
M. lir. licAfAliNEYi di;rtiut: 7- -
':-.• , FOR GOVERN , 'ft':
Of Ciimberlaild cininty.
"Regovrize, !By the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United States ofAmerica, in Con
gress assembled t*o•thirds Of botliHouses concuring,
That the following article b4.proposod ID the Legisbs.
totes of the.several States as an amendment to the
Constitution of the United States,. which, when rati
fled by ttrree.fottrtlis of the said Legislatures, shall I:ie
valid as a part, of the Constitution; namely : i
4 •Article-cSsovvbir I,i All•persetne born or natural
ized in the Unite& States, and subject to thejur,isdic
tion•thereof, are citizens oi theUrilted States', and of
the State wherein they reside. Np State shall make
or enforce any law 'which shall abil•3ge the privileges
or humanities of, the citizens of the United' States.
Nor shall any State deprive any person of 1 ire, liberty.
or property without due' process bf Yaw nor deny ,to
any.person within! its jurisdletion,the 4 1 lairtoteq
Lion of the laws,
'Sim - Row 2. Itepresentativei shall be apportioned
among the aevera States according to their respect
ive numbers, vomiting the whole inumber of persons
in each State, except Indians not taxed ; bat when
over the right to vote at any election for electora of
President and Vice•President' 'or for United States
Representatives in Congress,! executive! and judicial
officers, or,the members of,the Legislature thereof,is
denied to any of the rattle inhabitants of such States.
being twenty.ona - years of, age, 'and citizens of the
United States, or In any way abridged, except for
participation in rebellion or other crime, the basis of
representation therein Shall, be reduced in the propor
tion which the - number of seen i male citizens ihall
bear to the whole number of male citizens twenty
one years of age in that State. .. • . . -
'ilsortolv S. No person shalt bo a Senator Or repre
aentative In' Congress, elecitor of President and-Vice-
President iir hold any aide, citill. !or military under
the United States, or , under tiny:State, who, having
previonsly.takeixon oath as a member of Cnngrese,or
as an officer of thOtrnited States,'or as a member of
any State faegislaturei or se an executive orjudicial
officer of tiny State to support the Constitution of thit
United 'States, shall have engaged' In insurrection or
rebellion against the same or given aid or-comfort to
the enemies thereol;' but Congress may, by a vote of
two-thirds of each House remove each disabilitY.
"SECTION ' r t. The validity of !the public debt of the
United States apthoriked by',lttive, including debts In
curred for the payment of,. pnusione and bounties for
service in, sappressing insurrection Or rebolliort, shall
not be ones - OM:XL but neither the United States nor
any State ev.tissume or 'pay any debt or obligation
Incurred in dof InsurreotiOn or rebellion against the
United States, or any Claimor the loss or emanoipa-.
tion of any Wage, but all such debts, obllgations, and
e 'aims shall be held•illegald 'gold."
• ! ..! i I. • ' • •
InrA n34.l.acre of Irt occurred in
New Orle l anS)yesterdziy. The Union Conven
tionwas broken up, prominent Union men shot
'dawnin the streets , i Rebel ',flags hung out, the
Mayor and 'police ehe'ered the rabble, and
rebel soldiers again pe i rtially , appeased their
appetites foli. blood :I.The minions who have
been, sehoole4 by Polio -" are working
out the legitimate fruits of theii' teaching. If
President, A l linson escnp thr:respousibili. responsibility
of these-murders, Islf.o's, name will be honer
able. - Vie Will publish a full account 'in Our
,The' :Preacherit' Meeting of the ' Olean
Dist,rictof the:Methodist Chitral will be held
in - this . place,' commencing with: a•sermon
Tuesday evening next; a usmess meeting
WeritiesdaY; . itild 'sermon the everting ; a
business.ineeting on Thursday and Centenary
Serviees in the evening.: Tolail - ttf theitemeet
ings . the pliblic 'are invited! .
. ..The,' Centenary
services willibe very lriteresting: Iliese meet
kip have been pleasant
. andiprofitable 'hereto
fore and • WC"haite no - ,ffoubt the"present will be
peCtiliarly interesting.`' , • '
• • 1 1 , " •
The Atlantic jeable tompieted..'
, „
Science Nas at last accom p lished the grand
enterprise of Connecting thO l Old World with
.the New,:gO that thought dart be transmitted
from the oije to the ?other 4ith the lightning's
speed. The vessel bearing the shbre end. of the
•Athintic•lxibie reacbed eaips Content on Sat
urday morning last:lama ?thus was perfected' the
great worirtwhichrhad go long 'baffled al/ hu
:man efforts:and which seenled to many beyond
tle possibility of aceomplishment.' 'By astrangs
coixtcidene, the number ? ot miles of cable laid
iseysegy'qual laid exactly equal to the num
ber of,years in the Christian era.
? • +
resointiona affecting the L eap•
tured an 4 arrested Fenians bave passed the
House Onel urges the -release Of
the Fenian pris6eni isganadit, .and the
other asks that the piosecution of the
alma in the couris,be abandoned
ital; BY their deedsye shall know
them.'! one,of the Tennes
see deleetes . who' 7 - as, svforn into office,
~ finiiate4,,shaking hands • with
the, pea.)ter when li*mute..was 'called to
vote on the bill toindernnify loyal Citizens
ofTemessee folipioperty•deStiovd daring
the , reb and he voted "No." Wile
I Will Say ;what hi r i ;vote, would .have been
bad,the:Msolutiqn been to.indemnify the
rebers . arql guerrfilas, the men• who filled
East Tennessee ,with graves? Such acts
are only the outroppings of "My. Policy,"
he preliminaries of the Pnladel
phl iebel C I venti nao not prophecy
very, peaceful Ones. The Copperheads
and violentrebEl
', t allies in•the !north' seem
telthini . that tliei are t thi,; ---- proper persons
tot dispose of tbe.qiiestiOns there te-bepre
twitted, ; ; and ,are packing it with , men of
their . Orinciplei. ,Others who, have not
been solviolent, , feeling that the country twill'
net . submit to fir'ilatferm trained by prom
intent/ rebels, atel,endeavoriogso shut the,
dos' upon, ttli ' , At # meeting of tlite
.10finson Nationa Democratic Union Mehl
a vote Was emit requesting yallandigharri
not to iiresent Ihim.selfat thetioniention.
It is stated , thee the Ohio Patriot 'resents
the preposition . ith indignation,_claiming
drat the people ho.sent him are entitled'
to repnientation in the Orison of their cboice,
'-' 4Doks dekbt to' bark and bite, '.: 4 1, .
For 'tie tbeirmatnre--;- : = 1 --nt i I t'.
WignmaTos, July' 24, 1866.
The House to day met at 11 o'clock, a:..d
commenced working in earnest, preparting
for adjournment. Most of the flay' : was oc
cupied on Deficiency Appropriation hilt.
At 211-o clock, Col Cooper, the PreaidenVis
Private Secretary,lcame on the floor of the
House and 'presented a message from tile
President, l titating that he had signed, un--
, der.protest,! the joint resolutiOn admitting
,the State of Tennessee into the Union.
Rumors had been, afloat ally the, morning
that the President' would either: •eto the
bill outrimht or allow it to.become a law
without his signature by letting it remain
over the necessary' ten days; 'consequently
the members were all on the qui vine
about Tennessee's. fate. : Accordingly, when
Col. Coo Per made his appearance, a Mini
berof members:gathered around hini to
hear the, news. When, he announced• the
result, ;lie was- heartily congratulated by
[ those around him, among.whom were some
of this most. Radical :Onion members. An
outsider in - the galleries would :have
thought, from . the scene below, that the
quarrel :between the. President and Con-,
gress had been' settled, and an era of good
feeling was folloWing. Speaker Colfax re
eeived the ineesage and, not being in the
Chair, al number of members gathered
around 101 to, knew. the exact Words of
Mr.. Johnson,.:.. Mr. Bingham, in particular,
was very.anxious. It, washis and he
evidently felt. that he bad the first right to
see the message. Accordingly Mr. Colfax
surrendered the rnanusciipt to the gentle
man froixidOhlo but before Mr. Bingham
had time to read it to the grouP around him
the Committee on the Whole arose, and
Mr. Colfax "relieimd Mr. Dawes from the
duties of the 'Speaker's Chair. - Down
went the little , mallet, and the Speaker
announce& the message from the President., there Was.a dead silence, and
the Clerk, • Mr:t-McPherson i "commenced
reading the message. ':When: •Mr.' Mc-
Pherson, reached , that part of the message
where. Mr. Johnson stated he affixed his
Signature to .there was loud clap
ping of banda and. applause _by .Members
on the floor—Radicals, Conservatives and
Democrats joining in. Then again, further
down inthe message, where the President
stated that he did • not ;wish Congress to
construe his signing the Bill into an ac
quiescence of their policy, there was loud
laughter by Members. The reading of the
message consumed. about 10 minutes.-
IWhen finished, there was applause from all
quarters: There were very few in the gal
leries, however: When matters bad got
quieted ) ] Stevens rose! and moved that
the. Committee;'on Reconstruction be dis
charged from further consideration of the
Tennessee question, and also moved that,
as Tennessee.was now State in the Union,
the ,credentials ;of. her Representatives , be
referred] to. the Committee, on . Elections.
Onthesemot_ D S , f Alin h
mot_ DS, that
the Heim had no time! to spare for debate
and unnecessary talk, demanded the previ- ,
ous question, but, as a matter course, the
Democrats must say . semetbing., Mr. Le
Blond thought the members from Tennes
see should be sworn in without their cre
dential; going IM the Election CoMmittee.
Other, points of order were ,raised but all
were overruled by the Speaker, and the
first motion Of Mr. Stevens, for the dis
charge of the Committee was, adopted with
, out calling the yeas and nays. Then,
i the question of referring the credentials of
the, Tennessee members to the Committee
on Elections, several members straggled
into a debate,whee Mr. Wentworth rose and
demanded the regular order.. After sev
eral, pints °Corder had been disposed of,
a vote was taken.. by yeas and nays, the
motion beieg adopted by a vote of 89 to
28 Mr. Dawes immediately proceeded to
get a Aroma of his Committee together,
and ,hatl au examination of the credentials
of the Tenne;see members present. They
were Air. Maynard, •Col. Stokes and. Mr,
Taylor._ i'inding the credentials correct,
Mr. Dawes, at:about 4. o'clock,: moved that
the above-nained members from Tennessee
be sworn in,lwhich was, carried, and each
member then took the required test oath.
Messrs. , Maynard and Stokes took seats on
the. RepubliCan side of the House, and Mr.l
Taylor on the Democratic aide * During a
part of the above prec,eedila Messrs. b
, Bina.-
ham, Schenck, Kasson and ..Raymond.
fOrmed a grhup, in the center of which was'
that: firm old Radical leader, Mr. , Thad.
Stevens. . Altogether the day ba§ been
one of rejoicing in and out of Congress.
This evening a salute of 100 guns, in hon
er of the event; was fired at Judiciary,
square, • I • • i
said that Senator PattersOn'ef _Ten
nessee take the test oath, and that
Objection will be made to his being sworn
in until his antecedents during, the Rebel-
Rion are examined into.— Tribune.
4Xr, 'The, special ,Washington , eotrespon
'dent Of the INew - Tork Tribune teligraphs
Ito that)onrnal, under date of Ail* 19th:
"I have anthority fOr 'stating that at ,the
Philadelphia Convert tionon its organization
ti resolution will be offered 'that 'no one shall
be' admitted as a delegate whd inky have
borne arms against the Government,' and
that James' Brooks and Pernandd, Wood
expect to commit the New - York delegation
against: the resolution."
The total contributions in New. York and
Brooklyn in aid of the sufferers by the recent
great fire at Portland, Maine, bat; reached
the magnificent sum of $109,558. Other
cities are dOing equally as well. Large nuni-
hers'bf the inhabitants are yet destitute.
I . IA. joint resolution introdueed into the
; ,Senate, last:week. by Mr. Fessen
den, authOrizing the suspension of the col.
leCtion o internal taxes in Portland,
piOmptly ',used that body. , ,
WesutivoTON Ju /
•- • -
Mr, 'Harris; offered a 'violation fdr: the_
appointment of acornmittee_of two, AO 'join
A committee of the House, to wait I upon
the President' and inquire_ if he bad 'anjr
'further,' communication to Malta with:
Congress. • 1 ` The resolution was adopted,' - and-MessA:
Harris and Nesmith were appointed said
committee. 7
At 4.50 Mr. Harris, from Abe comittee tb
Wait on the President, rePOrted that the
President had noturther communication to
Mr. Buckslen , offered a resolution Of
thanks to Mr. Foster for the impartial-man
ner itt which. he has presided dunng !the
session. Adopted unanimously.
• ,Mr. Foster :briefly fetnrned 'thanks
to the Senate for the tonipli men t eon'
in , the resolntion, and then, deelat
Senate adjourned .sine Vie..
The House at 3.20 took anothel
till 4 o'clock.
There being nothing , before. the
Mr. Ancora offered a restlution, ji
for the appointment of a select cot
of twenty-one to inquire into thee..
andßction and detention of members fru_
the sessions of the House when important
measures were pending, with powetto send
for persons and paper., and sit during
and , report to the Philadelphia Convention
on the 14th of August. [Laughter.]
, Unanitnous consent •was given. ,' j
Mr. Wentworth said his remarks•rthglit
I extend over five minutes, and he' would
therefore wtite thern out and have,thern .
published in the Globe. [Laughter and
cries of "Object."] 1 / 4
Messrs. Morrill and Flack were appoint
ed committee on the part ef the House
to join the committee on the part of the
Senate to notify the President that; Con
gress has concluded ita business, "
In a feW minutes subsequently Mr. Mor
rill reported that the committee bad so in
formed the President, and that. the Presi
dent had stated that he had no further
business to . communicate. • I
The hour of half-past four, having ar. ,
rived, the Speaker 'delivered hii farewell
speech. He said: ,
SENTATIVES-1 cannotspeak the_word that
announces' our separation until I thank you
with all the warm emotions of a grateful
heart for the unanimously adopted resolu
tion you have placed on your journal.. Un
usual as this is, at the close of a first session
of. Congress, its value is thereby enhanced;
and I
. prize it- because I believe it to be
you sincere . , endorsoment of MY, endeavors,
to administer the duties of-this responsible
and often trying position with' an Barnes
impartiality to maintain• the just rights of
a majority, to protect. the even., more nec--
I emery rights of a minority, and yet to hold
the Scales so fairly poised that every
, decis
ion shall
. stand the 'teSt'' of 'ieason and of
parliamentary law.' -Watched as a presid
ing officer always mustbe by scores of crit
ical eyes, this is never, less than' difficult;
, and he is fortunate if he can impress the
body over which he Presides with the con
viction that his constant aim has been to
render justice to all. Meeting he iv amid'
the frosts of early winter'and parting after
such a prolonged session. amid the torrid
heats 'of summer, friendships, have --been
formed which will brighten, as yeir 'after
year rolls away.. , " Discussing' some of the
gravest questions ever submitted to ,a de
, liherative body in this land; the.attraction
of mind with, mind,- And the conflict .of
thought and action have left but feivstings
behind; and despite all differences of senti
ment, no Congress within my experience
here has closed its session with more gen
eral good feeling amongst. its, -members.
1 1 gci back as our institutionsivisely :pre
scribe td, submit to our constituents , the
issues which have divided us here, and, to,
cheerfulljr abide by their verdict, as a,eourt
from which there is. no ,rightful appeal.
Wishing ,you ail a safe journey to your
hoines and a happy. reunion :
and friends;; I do accordance with
the concurrent resolution of both Houses,
declare thet rst session of the thirty-ninth
Congress adjourned- sine die.
~'; ,
The ball of the House and the galleries
were crowded with spectators, watching
with interest the closing moments of•a ses
sion that will be so memorable in history.
The Speaker's valdictory was listened to
irr l deep silenee, and as he spoke tile: laSt
words there was an outburst.of :applause;
one of the Democratic members [Strouse]
crying.. out vehemently, "three cheers fir
our noble Speaker." The:call ' was resi•
ponded to heartily., The parting of Mem
bers from each Other . ..was of the -most
friendly-Mid eventishing charact,er., Thus
clOsed the first session of the Thirty.ninth
COngress. _
itgrAs the. Democracy
~have been very
much in love with Horace Greeley lately,
for the reason that it was reported that he
offered to become one of Jet): Davis'. bail;
we ask their attention to his opinion, of
them, given in last Friday's Tribune:
!, "We say no mare than every observing
man knows to be true when we assertthat
Ignorance and Intemperance:are today the
maul pillars of the swindling. fossil which
miscalls itself the, Deinocratic party. We
mesh precisely this— , that if all , the . voters
were intelligent, while nOne were intempe
rate, the so-called Democratic party would
stand no chance. Take any city, county or
ward you Please, and single out: those
among its voters who can't read and. will
get drunk, and nine-tenths .of them are
Democrats, even. when *the:great mass of
their neighbors are Republicans."' s.
The Itepublicans of Potter County lire`t : equestiii
meet tile usual p hout the County, o n
Or -holding their:Aiwa;
ship n througn'Tnesdiy,„
the:l4th day of ,Angust, between the houranf 4 and
te. )6, to elect Delegate* to represent them in CountY
Convention, to be, held in Coudersport:oh:Thursday.
tbp'lBth day of Anittel, at 2 Worockr. m., in nominat e
a - Vona). Ticket to : be supported by the; paten zn.n3
of,Potter county at themezt election, and to choose
ongreeslonal and BePretoiltatiiv• Confereei; and
ttnosict auch'etherlou.6ness - as may
. coitnii. brfore the
,ConVention. ! •
•• The Vigilance Commltteee of the esvprat Town.
- ships are hereby requested to post tip kfitices•of the
time and place of bidding the meetinglC - Ithd IS Se
present to organize and act atr',Board of Election of
said meetings. The number of Delegates to be se
lected In each Town is as follows :
Abbott 2, Allegany 3, Bingham 3, Clara 2, Conders
port 444trIsida 2, Geneses, 2, Harrison 6, .Hebron 3,
Elector 3, Homer 2, Jackson 2. Keating 2, Oswayo
Pike 2, Pleasant Valley 2:Roulet 2 Sharon 4, Sweden
2. _ Summit 2, :Sylvania 2, Stewartison 2, Ulyssee 1,
West Branch : 2, Wharton 2. .
order _of County committee..
Cots dersport t June 27, 1866.
•! r.
Committee; or•. • Igilance.
A bbott—D.Conway, J. Schwartzenbacb,J.SandbacU.
Alleitimy.-.0. , Ml:a:Judd. Albeit Presho: Blackman.
Bingham-4-E.Miltvey,Trank Coi in, N. Spencer.
Clara—Leroy Allen, Sala Stevens, llohn Brooks.
Cedhlors S ntt-W. W. Brown',lL
34.'-Larrabee, X. J.
Enlai ia --Jasper 13 paftord, Job n Yeomans, W.B. Lent
Gcnesee...-J, C.:Oavanau,gh, Perry, C. C. Allis. I
Htirrisen-11. Dodge, G.,W Stevens. M. It .swetland. 1
Elehron—S. Si : Gireminzan,'lsieison Vaninwigen, Geo.
W. StilltuartC' - ' I • .
BeFtor—C.,,l,'.:;; Cyrus , Sunderlin, Stephen
thuner—J. IT.,Qulmby, Dennis Rail, Jacob Peet..
Jackscin•Rtiiiben Perelog, E. lloreacamp; William
Smith, , ; . • , .
F.eating-7llenrrilarrle, E. G. Cranti, Geo. Learr.. •
Otivrityo—H,Tl.-311inson W Dexter W L. Shattuck.
Pike- , ,P. J. Q. ?terrier. liattheW Yonnz,
Pleasant Valley—Ernst Wright, Daniel .Batlttiood;
J. J. Roberta . • -
Roulet- r 13., B'. Burt Orrin 'Webb. C. r.nowlton.
Shaton-Ransom Stoat, W. L. Starkwetber, :Nelson
Parmenter. • • • •
Summit—Albert Rennals, M. Larrabee, James
Reed. ; I
Sylvatda—E. G. Austin, R. E..
Stewartsrin-11. Andreson, J. rrancls, B. Dawns,
SWeder—Ain•Toanabs, Edwin! Lympn, John Brown.
Ulyeses- , •B D..LeMity•K L. Gridley, H.Tlßeyrtolds.
Wharton—li...l.Brninard, Perry Duvall. LW. Sounds.
Wait Branch:—A. B. 'Berton, 8;31. Donable,A.Trask.
. •
WOlll4ll OF NATURE—In I a state of health
the intestinal coma may be compared to a river whose
Waters. flow over , the adjulhing labd,. through, the
channels nature or art has made, and Improve their
qualities; so long atilt runs on smoothly the channels
are kept punt and healthy; ifthe course of the' river.
Is stopped, then, the water In tlie canals is no longer
pure, but soon becouies stagnant. There is but one,
law of uireidation in nature.) When there is a super
abundance of humbtial fluid in the' intestinal tubes, I
and !costiveness' takes place, it Ilnws • back Into the
loodfiessels,and I ntil terat es itself into the olrenftition.
To establish the free, course of the ' iver, we must xi
move the obstructions which'step its free ,course, and
those of its tributary streams. With the hody,fullow
the. same natural principle--remove the obstructions'
from the bowels . with BRANDRETII`S PILLS,
'll4)lcP never injuie, but are always effectual for the
perfect' cleansing of the system from foulness pr dis
emo.Remember, never suffer a drop of blood to be
taken from you. 'Evacuate the humors as often and
as long as tioly . are deranged, or as long as you are
See that B.DR.ANDRETEI is in white letters in the.
Government stamp. Sold by all Druggists: •
purchase no remedy equal to Dr. Tobiaa':Vene.
thin Liniment for dysentary;.coiic, croup, chronic
rhetunadant, pore throats, tontlactio, sea sickness,
cubs, burns ' swellings, bruises, of d sores,l headache,
mosquito bites, pains in the limbs; chest,' bank, am.
If it does not give relief the moray 1111 be refunded.
All that to asked is a trial, and use it ccOrdinglo the
;directions c . 1
Tonitia.,--Dpaik Sir: I have used your Vcnetian
'Liniment in my fondly for a numbek of years,end
neve it to be remedy for whit it Is recuramen
did'that I have'ever used.. Tor sudden attack of
croup ft is invaluable. I have no hesitation oi moo
mending,' t for all the uses it. professes to core. I
hitie tiold'lt for Many years, and it' gives entlie sans•
faction. k CHAS.:ItZItITtriER
Quakertown .
1,1". J May 8, :1866:
Price 40 and 80 Cents: Hold by airdrnglata)
53 Ccirtlandi sireet,'Ne* ,York. l. . 1 ", •
000Yenir . rnade by 'any ono 'Watt ' sls—
Stencil Tools.-,
No experience necessary.
'rho Presidents, CWshiers,andTreasnrers of 3 Banks
indorse the circular. Bent. free with samples. Ad
dress th 4 American . Stencil Tool Works, Springfield,
, ,
• A Clergyman; whqe residing in. South America at
- missionary,.• discovered 'a . safe and simple,' remedy
for the -Cure of Nervous Weakness,: Early
Decay','Diseases • of the Urinary and Seminal Organs,
and the whole train of disorders brought on yy bane.
rul and vicious habits. Great numbers have been
already cured by thitrboble remedy.' PrOmpted by a
desirn to benefit Our afflicted and unfortunate, I tVili
Wend the recipe for preparing and using thii Medicine,
in stinted envelope, to anyone Who .neede3t, Fast
or CHARGE. f?leze incloseNet-paid envelope,
addressed to your elf. Address, •J '
SStationD,l3o2io House, .
trnar2Olyspl . . • , New York City.
• • Elia ORS •OF TOUT EC. •
, - Gentlemin wbo suffered for pairs from Nervous
Debility, „Premature Decay, and 'all the effects of
Youthful indiscretion,*lll, for .. the mike.of sathiring
• hunatiity, send tree to ail who need IA the recipe
and directions foi Making tho simple remedy by
whictfbe 'weir cured.: Sutlerere wishing:to 'profit by'
the advertieeee experience, can do so by - addressing.
No. 1.3 Cliamlicis St.., New York.—jlyJyS
wilisgErtsr , 'WHISKERS !.!* •
Ms.:wear? Oorrol thegfreatest stimtilhtor
In tho 'world,; will rorco Whiskers
,or Mustaches to
kitiwon the sncoothet PACO or chin ;never known to
fall.;-satoplel for trial fret to any ono .isirotts of
leafing its merits. Aild.ress,RsEvEs St ,S Nassau
',FAL ' - ' C 0. ,, JEBni3
• • I fs •
'Lyon Dropq !
Trie Great .Femalek. BemedT for Irreg.
utatities:' These drops aro a scientifically corn.
pounded fluid preparation , and better than all Pills,
Powders or pfostrums. Being liquid, their act on is
filreet andposltive, rendering them a reliable, speedy
and certain specific for the cure of all obstracttouS and
suppressiOnil of nature. Their popniarity is indicated
by the faq that overloo,ooo bottleS are' annually sold
and consumed by the ladies of the, United States,
every ono of whom speak in tho' strongest terms of
praise.of their great merits. . They are rapidly taking
the place.ot every other Female Remedy, and are con
sidered by all who know aught ot.them,as the surest
safest, and most infallible preparation m the world:
fdr the cure otall Female•complaints, tho remora] of
nit obstfactions ofnaturb,"and - thls promotion of health
regularity and strength. . Explicit directions stating
when they•may be used,and explaining when and why
they. should not, nor mould not be need without Pro
ducing effects contrary to nature's cbosen!Jaws,
be found barefully- folded around each bottle,. with
written signature ofJOUN L. LYON,:without which
Mine are genuine.
Prepared. by Dr, JOHN L. LYON, 195 Chapel.
Street, , New Garen, Conn. who, can •be consulted
either. personally or by mail;(enclosing stamp,) `con
earning allpdvate diseases and female weaknesses.
Sold by Druggists everywhere. Price $1.50 pr Bot.
, C. G. 'CLARK & CO.,
•sp • General Agts for United States and Canadas
Every young lady and gentleman:ln the. United
Statest can hear something much to their advantage
by , return'mail (free 'of charge,) by addressirm the
undersigned. Those who have fears df being bum
bilged - will' oblige by not.noticing . thlS turd. ' Al!
others will please address. their .abedient servant, • '
' 831 Broadway, New York.—tlyjyB.
TO' CON -UflirinvES
The"advertiser, having heen restored" to health
*few weeks by.a very simple 'remedy, after having
,shtferod for several years with a severe lung affection,
and that dreadiltsease, Constmiptioli=is anxious to
mike 'known' to Ws fellow-sufferers the, means of
Told' who desire it, be Will send a copy of the pre-:
turription used (five of charge), with the directions
for preparing and using 'the same, which they will
And, a BURR CURE for Consumption . Asthma,
Brenehetia, Coughs, Colds, and aa Throat and Lung,
Affections. The 'only object of the advertiser In
sending the Prwription Is -to benefit the .afilicted,
and spread Information which h. coneelyes to be In
yalitable, - and he hopes every sufferer will try' , Ids
remedy,- as tt will cost them nothing, and may, prove
blessing., "
Parties ishing the prescription, raii, by return
mall; will pleasr address .1
- - 'Rao. EDWARD
Williamsburgh, Ships Co., New York.-----(1yj7,4
- -
The World's Opinion ofßostet.
let's Stomach Bitters.
*ranching these Bitters this grand tact is class.
Their fame:fills all the Western Hera larephers
Sawn In 6)llw:ids, Washed by its oceans twill:.
RealtbFhope and vigor follow in their snarl.
riniTETTERT BITTERS sham the coratamikie
cr all things good—lmpostors Imitate.
Ottbese beware—discreetly use your eyes—
Front tomcat houses purchase your supplies.
. vas GOVIIIIMINT 111D01.11111XX?.
4m a rd e er to guard against dangerous ltopositlone,th
publio are requested' to take especial note of the be n ,.
tiful engraved proprietary 'tamp, thtough tableb.tho
Government of - the United States officially at:abet:au
entea every bottle - of ROP3TETT-EfeB BITTERS'
This shield thrown by the Government over the pro-
prietors and the public fur their joint protecti on is
placed conspicuously across e cork and over t o
neck of 'gob bottle and cannot fa ll to strike the epic f
the-nrsoetcwittel ohm vett, • N thing that purports t ,
be Ifoetetter's Bitters can be genuine unless thests co
Is there. ' . ,
.., P
It is also proper% statethati the Bitters are sem oz ,.
elusively In glass m
, and never nhder any elm:unet,
g}be gallon or tbarret illipolitolllll.lo ilnitat t n i tn .
rrntol, and the Or4antfetruar4 the public' ai * mad
thorn to to see that the bittern . they bey bear the en
graved label and note of hand p rof Messrs. Rattner Ili
Stnith, and tho.atamp above znonip.m* -,
. _
• , . ISVALID. . I • 1
Published for the benefit and 'as a BM:aloe to Po n
Men and others, who Rafter from Nervous Pettl)ty,
Premature De of Manhood, dtc., supplying lim e
dame time tho n means of Sdrettre. By one who ERs
cured himself after and - arguing considerable qabekery
By enclosing a post-paid addressed envelope, sieve
copies, free of charge, may be had of the author..
lysp,lf 30 Brooklyn, Kings Co., IS. T.
. .
The- superstitions of an tiqUity, are only "foal
for laughter" at' the present day,,and yet :hi,
is an age of , I •
accomplished with the aid ofscience.' For
example grey, :sandy or zed hails -
Changed 111 a Dia eat,
to the richest cOnceirabla black or brown, by
a simple application of
Cristixeloro's Muir D3;e,
Manufactured by J. CRISTADORO, 6 Astor
House, New York. Sold by Druggists. Ap
plied by ell Ilair Dressers. [June 19.
EROIC, Patricitic,. Romantic, Humoreas, aad
JUL • Tratrical. • - • -
lipletididlyllitrefrated with Met* 300 dna Portraits
and beautiful Esgravings.
Thin Work for genial humor, lender pailans,
Ling interest, end attrantire beauty. stands peerless
nd alone among 'all its comphtitors. The Villein
and lirave Hettrted, the Pietureeque and Dramaac,
the 'Witty and Mari:Mira* the Tender and Pathetic.
The Roll of Faille tend Story, Camp, 'Picket, spy,
Scout. Rivolnrc,, and Siege ; Startling. Surprises;
Wonderful Escapee. Famous Words and Deeds of
Woman, and Um whole Panorama of the Waris here
thrillingly and startlingly portrayed in a masterly
manner, at once hiatorical and romantic , rendering It
the meet ample, brilliant, and readable book that the
was hria called forth.
This work sells itself. The rieolile are tired 011.7
details and partimn works, and want something la
mototis, rourtnhc, and startling , . hare agents ,
clearing over $200) per month. Send for circulars,
and see our terms and Moor of the at assertion_
July 27—=„I .No. 507 Minor Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
• -
1566 1866
Philadelphia dr. Erie Railroad.
THIS great line traverse& the Northern and Nsith
west conntles of Pennsylvania to the city of Erie ,
on yoke Erie. it boo been kissed and Is operated by .
the P11321313.CAN11 Earticoan COXPANT.
,of passenger tralns at kid PlanitV.
Erie Mail T. N.
Erie Express Train
Erie Mail Train . . ... 11. lt:
. .
Erie Express
Passenger care ruff through - on the Erre - Mail awl
Express Trains. without chant', both 7 10 Pir bairetr'
Philadelphia nnitErie:
Leave New York at 9.00 arrivaxtt Erie 93916..
Leave Erie at 4.45 P. x., Arrive at New 410, T. a.
ELEGANT BLEEPING CARS on ail Night tralar
Fur information respecting Passenger brksiness,sp--
ply at Corner of 30thand3iarket streets, Philadelphia - -
And for Freight business of the Company's Agetita
S. R. Kingston, Jr., Cor. 13th and Market- streets,
.1. W. Reynolds, Erie. . 7.
Wm. Brown, Agent, N. C. R. R , Baltimore.
G. 11. HOUSTON, General Freight Agt. Philada.
H. W. GWINNER, General Ticket Agt. Philads.
A. L. TYLER, General Bup'l, Erie.
& 77 T. Ayr somr 4:k co.,
• Nanufactureis of Photographic Materials; •1'
wooLEo•us •ND ItZTAIL,
501 33ioadway, iSrew "York.
In addition to our Inain business of
GA 'IMO MATERIALS we are ßeadgaerterie for
the followimg, riz, . .
Of. American And Foreign Cities and. Landscapes,
Groups, Stitusry, etc. - ; •
'Prom negatives made in the various eampaigns and
forming a complete Photographic history if the gnat
contest. , „
Adapted for, either the lifaile Lantern or the 8(.4
oscopo. Our Catalogue will be
_maul to any address
ort reocipt of stamp• - •
We manufacture more largely than any ether house,
abdut 200 varieties from 60 cents to 00 each Oar
AL/417616 have the reputation of being superior la
beauty and durability to any others.
Card Photographs of Generals, States;.
men, Actors etc etc .
Our Catalogue embraces ocerllVE THOUSAND
dlffereot- subject, Including 'reproductions or th - o
most celebrated Engravings. Paintings, -Statues, etc.
Catalogues sent on receipt of stamp. ' -
Photographers and others ordering goods C. a D.,
will please remit 26 per cent of the amount with
their order. '
Car The prices and quality of our goods cannot
fill to satisfy. - dmo [June n,
. . Executor's Notice.
been appoi n t .
AATELEEEAE,the undersigned billing been appoint. A
V V ed oxecutora of tbo last will and testament it
Ed ward A. Dond, late of Harrison township, des , d,
notice is hereby given to those knowing themselves
indebted to said estate to make immediate payment,
and thodu having claims to preseet them dairsdabldr
Heated for settlement.. Mrs. E hi. DOUAI _
June 2t, 186 e. A. - A.SWETLAND, Zee.
Administrators' , ltiotioe.; " •••-,, .
A . XTBEREAB Letters of. Administration di the
VI , 'Hetet. of EDWARD BLANK, 'sterol' Abbott
, township, deceased, have been grantetto the linden
eignedi all persons. indebted 'to said 'Write- are ne
queeted to make immediate payment, and Shoed hal , '
Ingjust claims against the same ehonld prinxit,theia t
duly authenticated for settlement, to
July 24,1866. ,L - •
TITHEItEAS Lettere of Adminfetration on tbp
Estate'of JOSEPH a: DINGEE,, fatetif Sts
log tovneldp; deceased, bave - beea.grantet to I *j:
undersigned, all persons indebted to said estate"'
requested to rot/kola/mediate payment, :and Mo.
halting just claims against the same abouldlgenst
them, duly authenticated, for settlementdo ."
'July 23,1866. CHARLES EHEG=I;,-,
and Lime,
ersigned desirev to,inkry ,t?
dersport and v icinity fr"
• The nn
tens of Co
to furnish
ID At 1,11V1.V •
i ce& Keeps a Stoele on hand, mu*:
P t.. Jul
at 'fair p