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Coudersport. Pa.
Tuesday, May 22, 1866
Of Cumberland county
-I s ir A. New nai?in Lady bas a little - boy
abhut two yearn old;of i derk eoraplaida,wbo'
wag sent - into the sitting room to amuse him
self. :Soon hisltnother heard a crash, and'on
going into the room found afinemirrorbroken
into small pieces.' 'On •being aili.edwhat he
bad done it foi., be said be was not going to
have thatsurly headed "britck" - boy Making
up,•faces at. him.
ser no Copperhead papers are howling
Snelyabout the expense of the ireedmen's
Bureau and bablishing long 'colunins of sta
tistics showing the cost of supporling 'lazy
niggers." The real truth they carefully keep
from their feaders—which is that about one
dollar.,out of five expended by , that Bureau for
provisione in'the South has been given 1 ...0 the
negroes, the balance has been and is now
contributed for the support of the poor whites
who have been made destitute by the rebel iun.
Prejn3ice, with the ignorant, is more'etrectiie
than reason, and the advocates of a:bid Cause
always find it Ettore convenient to aPpeal to
it than to inform those affected lir it:
VW" 800. Gt,ensi: IV. Sconstn, the able
Ttepreiteiatative from the tyirild bit" 'Distil-let
made's speeelt in the Dona; on the 2Sth day
,April,. and which we publish iJr another
,This is:one of the'hest ()this many
able 'efforts, and all who have the leait deSire
to inform themselves on, the question now no
severely agitating the pnblic mind will read
It carefully and remernherits pertinent trial's.
We are glad to learn that there its a strong
feeling in farorcf his renomination. . Surely
the Erie District cannot afford to set aside
one who has proved himself so powerful in
debate, and so honorable, manly, and upright
in all his positions.
a The breach in the darn is at length
Closed up, and our town breathesimure freely.
it is believed ;bat we are now past all further
Inconvenience arising from this. source, and
that the water will soon re-appear in our
welts, and the mills he enabled to 'go right
pa sawing. The canal will probably be opened
for boats about the Ist of June. In the mean
while, the work upon the dam will progress
till that institution is restored ton respectable
conditign of, durability. There have been
'about 200 men employed upon this work in
the carious departmeqts of labor and rnochan
'Scat skill, and upwards of 20 : 000 perches of
stone hare been quarried and deposited in the
dato..—Clinton Repnbliean. t
]Regisier, edited by John Forsyth; Secretary of
the . Navy in .Preeident Tyler's Cabinet, in
praiie 0. Mr. Johnson's policy; .neclares that
the lifniort army was ahost of 'radical chnsoli
dationists the lbanner'
,tvhich these
fierceßepublicans trampled in lthe dust will
yet, "under Andrew Johnson's State: Rights
D.:weer:tile policy; emerge triumphantly from
its overthrow, and that luturet generations
will lire to bless those who attetripted the de- 1
attictioit of American niiticnality. Consider- I
Ilia fact that this disunion editor has been
4ep,riv , ed of ice for four Seers by that fierce
urilotissittical; Farragot, and has bad 'a hot
time hf it generally in Mobili, we , 'call the
above cooL - . '
A call having been issued to the Soldiers
rd Pennsylvania to meet in Convention in the
city of Pittsburg, on Tuesday,. the. sth day of
,Jane, at 10 o'clock A. M., it is desired that
the Soldiers 'of Potter meet in County Con
tention on May 31, in the Court-House at
Coddersport,*at 2 o'clock P. If.; to select two
Delegates to the State Convention,and trans
'Set Such other business as may seem to them
necessary (a pro:imote their iaterests, and pre •
aerie Unsnllie'd the character so bravely won.
11,is not .necessary to bold previous tovn-1
ship meetings for the' purpose of selecting
delegates, all who have been honorably
airibarged spill bo admitted to the Coni-en-
Von, and.can vote.
I,et Abe brave soldiers of Potter Make an
ef f ort to secure .a voice in the June COniven
ton. Nene deserve more credit—as none
more bravely battled for the right.
IWe pctliiished the State Convention Call
tot week.)
The Vialon 'State Central Comtaltteri
- This committee met on the afternoon o
hay Mb, at the National Union Club Rouse,
Philadelphia.. We dean i from the Press that
a large majority of theembers were present.
Coll Frank Jordan, Tlsai l rman, presided, and
E. H. Rauch, Esq., of Berks county, was ap-
Tainted secretary pro tem. , The usual sub
committees were appointed, and arrangements
made for future meetingsofthe principal com
mittee. On motion, Wm. U. Kemble, Esq., of
.n as' appointed treasurer, and
the Chairman was i nthorized to appoint three
sten/lanelst secretaries. Messrs. George W.
Haninsersley. of Germantown.A. W. Benedict.
of Huntingdon, and J. Reidy Dunglison, of
Philadelphia ,were selected as secret:, rie r s, and
the, appointments subsequently unanimously
confirmed. 1 • •
*The proceedings of tbe meeting were en
tirely harmonious, and the' repsrts from all
parts of the Eornmonwealth.of the most flat
tering character.. The members of the Corn-
mines are deterzidned, to prosecute the cam
paign with - energy -and teal, and - nreeingtuine
of electing our gallant standard-bearer Get,.
'Geary, by an immense majority.
10.1 Republican Illajorily.
: Major Isizei. It-Woo tedi.,
=The-firsttlectton for Citp ()facers! In Will
liatniiport foOkilace on,l edniidttir; cand scar.
sultenn a glorious victcryl for the 'ltepubli
cans. The opposition rendes most desperate
effort to retain in power the; men under whose
auspices the Borough had become bankrupt,
and the municipal affairs alloWed to rdn loose
and unsettled.._-: - _
In the East Ward a mighty effort was Made
Wasrry...thetzn4ols.a.:Wely,-loca l ;attok.secf„
tioosl basis , It wiiii - 6gb i t against the - piOs-
Perity of the wiste'rn':portiOn of :the city; and
thet . eOpperbiada Marla 'most of the feeling
they could stir up on this iubject, It'Rilt be
seen that their Capdidgite for Major obtained
very large majority in tit Ward e rrhich was
whittled down as it proceeded,westwurd where
no fusion ticket or, side' 'sues were allowed
to'distract the Itepublica votes.
'bir., CRASS hai l - announced that he RAS a
JOEMiON man, out and' out. lie, expected to
obtain the votes of (4? the Jonssos Repurtli
cans. How much that availed him, is seen
by the fact that this Year he is defeated by
104 majority, while he was elected by 27 'ma
jority when he ran as a pure •"Democrat?'
This looks' a e if ".11yIloli0" did not takelsvell
with either par'y in city —BuA2tin.
- ..Tho Nei .Yoi:k - 2171;t: of Nay '4; colts
tong review 'of the •aDinry - of. a rebel
Clerk," in which the.following extr4ct.o.
showing bat influence n' N6rthern. Dern ,
hnd in causing the hitiodshed and 10,
property by a prolonged !rebellion :.
' June 22, 1843 1 ,—T0-tlsiy,l saw the m ma
randum of Mr. quid, or the conversatioheld
with Mr.Vallandigham, for file in the are lives
Ile says' if We cal. only 14Id out this . yea ;hat
the peace party of the 117o,rth would swee Ile
Lincoln dynasty `out' of i tiolitical existence Ile
seems to have thought Taint our cans was
sinking, and feared we wbuld submit, Which
would, of course, be I rttiaous to . his phrty I
But lie advlses strOngVl against tiny in
vasion of [Pennsylvania, for that wouldiunite
nll parties sit the Iso,i-til, and so strengthen
Lincoln's hands that hey Would be able to
crush all opposition. (and trample .upo'n the
constitutional ricrhts of the people,
Mr. Vallnndighain t nominated by
Dcrnocracy'of Ohio for goreornor of thal state
and his monaination was!hailed with salutes by
his partisans in :other *l4tes, even here in
Luzerne. This record should make, them
blush for shame it such (V feeling is left to
them. Let Union men bear it in rulud,, 1,
Oswayo, May 21, 1866.
Eorroa Pfiri:EaJOTINAL : Enclosed p i gi will
find the nathes of fifteen new subscribers to
. .
your paper for the campaign, and.the Money,
80. • I like the tone of your paper—it has the
true ring. I hope it will be extensively pa
trotiiieddhe ensving season. Let every l Ealent..
ed, patriotic man and woman in the t hounty
(for we have many) contribute to it, columns.
atd iet every family take the paper.' I By so
doing Potter county will sustain the eputa
tion, which she So richly deserves, of. t being,
one of the most enlightened and -p trietic
counties in the State, ! I shall get EO e:more
subscriber!! and Will ortvard the names and
the money soon. '4ouvs, Vespectfully;
' M. lI..MUN ; SON.
[Won't others imitate - the example of our
) •
friend Dr. Munson I The success of or cause
depends upon the in;elligence of the' '
eople i
and all .car, if Wei hill, nintribute th that
lend. We 'must ,not it down
) witn , our hinds
in our pockets, hoping for. success, but 'refus
inglt to,Work. pigitcan only be . sec red by
conqt+ing Wrong. .!}:yi! is ctlways s rong, it
is only by Oneation that Good is secnred.)
It is not an env victory, but: it, can lie, made
certain, by using the •Proper. arms. It. is a
mistake to suppose ;that) boisterous meetings
just• befire' tin election are veryeffective
agents forbuceess. i They-perform th it work.
and are 'certainly tiot, .to tie disparn ed, but
i t i s th e i e , et tint study of the truth, at,d the
constant. and; iepeped presentation of indis
putable facts' concerning She great is+es, that
secures Victory. "A Printi3;k wtird jajthe most
potent iniltienco'on earth. The sitcePh of an
orator no natter how eloquent lie 172 i be, not
I ,' . • .
matter hovr much hiS music may"' el arm the
ear of those Iwho hear. bim;,dies TO 't" of the
mind. 'irou. ore 'delighted • with it i you re
peat it ;; yen chat!about it with your friends.
But time weakens theimpression. The words
begin to fail and to be forgotten); new sights
and sounds f crowd them out of retjoilntion
But a printed . word is snother thing. It sd
dresscaitself persistently, constantly and for
ever, to the; eye and to, the mind. f Children
read itolthough it maybe hut the 'rubbish ofn
library. /tlfastens its : impression •)n young
minds aid old, with a firm,shatp touch which'
is beyond the power of spoken wcrda, and
which, if it:begins to lath, can be i deepened
and renewed as often as you take up the fur
I "
gotten page. . It never dies 1
Caution to Farnsers.
The Pennsylvania llbusn of Ropresentatircs
has l passed a bill which is of interest to farm•
ers and drovers, and which it is well jt t they
should understand. It prohibits the sde of
any cattle or, sheep afflicted by the pi( uro
pneumonia, or other contagious or infectious
disease,'whether alive or dead, and also de
claresithatnny ether disposition of them shah
be illegal. So that it will appear that the
fart_er cannot either sell or give away his dis.
eased animals, of r slaughter them and turn the
Poisoned flesh lull), meat.. Furthermore,cattle
and sheep which have been diseased 'cannot
be sold or dispnsed of for two months antr
they liaie perfectly recovered. A violailen or,
this act rendersl the'OtTenders liable to a fine
not exceeding five hundred dollars, or to irn.
prisonment not l exceeding En months;
'vision 19 'ills° ;na ge in the ass that,cattle and
fan - at etirga
townships or bcironglia where any contagions
disease'ezists, and Such animals as are l found
estray;niftrary'to.this law, shall be sold for
the pityfiseit ofiosts, in the same- manner as
,cattle at large' under fennel. nets.„ , ,Tlie law
Travapplytolhefinderpest as to
,t e peurct-„ ,
, ,
ried:tents, abditt terms and penalties are
-Wortlly ‘'nf•.iittentiOn by our friends: in the
country. '
Two or three weeks. since, the Elk Advocate
contained a long communication Urging a I
union in'this District ofJohnson RePublicans
and Democrats upon.anandidatefor Congress
9 , l344uggelated:tlii paint, of o)l. l F:triton . B:
Cortis . Of Wrirrei3;iti ti suitalde arnalgination
nonshiee; - ! What political ground k Cul Curtis
of present protends_to stacd upon we know
not, but he is about the last man ere should
eipeet to find sailing under the "my :policy"
tag of Andrew Johnson., For the pasn-ten
years - he has traveled in the front ranks -of
radicalisui, but if he proposes to forsake his
frienOs dad companions in arms, and join the
crew he has knight so long and so well his
Friends (and lie has many) In this section . of
I the district are desirous of knowing it. We
I can assure bins that no companions will joifi,
him from the 17,iion ranks from' this region,
We haveyet to hear ofa republican in 11'Kean
county who is willing to trust himself on
Johnsola platform, and we must have more
reltabhlevidenee than the Elk Advocate, to
convince us that' Col. C,arlton B. Curtis Is
ready to commit political suicide just yet. It
cannot h , o that he is‘willin=• to sacrifice his
good name, politically, by following the lead
of a raiin who is proving himself so faithless
To his friends and wickedly treacherona'to his
party.--Jicir.cfsn Nincrr.
ms a
• I
Banner Store
Would respectfully inform the citizens of Pot
ter county that he is receiring, Treekly, from
New York, supplies of
EARTHEN and CHINA-WARE, &c., &c.
I Ile is determined
Highest Market Price Paid far Shingles and all
kinds cf Country Produce.
Feeling thankful for past favors ho hopes by
konett and fair dealing to merit a continuincg
of the same.
oswayo, May 22,6 m
Y'VIRTLIE of sundry Writ. of Venditton
Exponas. Ficri Faciai and Lerari Fscias
1 B
issued out of the Court of Common Pleas of
Putter County, Pennsylvania, and to tue
rec Zed, I shall expose to pbblic Sale or outer v.
et the Court „Douse in Coudersport,: on
MONDAY, the 18th day' or June. 18d6, at 1
~'clock, p. m.. the 'following described 'tree ts
or parcels of land to wit
.Certain real estate in Stewartson ,township
bounded 'and disci ibed its follows viz : on the
East by. warrant No. 5943; nit the North by
warrant No 5960. on the West by lands of
William -McDougall and warrant No. 5 Iso,and
on the 81:inth warralit No,
.:ti942, containing
one thousand and eighty one acres.with allow
ance of six - per cent. for roads c.'being 'war
rant No. 5963 with iabout one hundred and
fifty acres improved ob • which is erected two
frame Louses,three frame Ehanties,tliree frame
barns, one blacksmith shop, one saw.mill and
some fruit trees thereon. To ho sold as the
property of John S. Clark.
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of
land viz t• beginning nt a Hemlock Stump 'on
the Worth line of Lot No. 38 surveyed to Geo.
W. : Dice, and the South West corner of thid
Ibt,thence north a half degree west eighty-four
perches to a post, the North West corner of
this lot, thence South eighty-nine :degrees,
East::along the South Tine of Lot No. 40 one
hundred and eight perches to a post the
the North-east corner of this Lot, thence
s o uth a half degree east eighty fourperches to a
poi , t "the South-East corner of this Lot-on the
North line of Lot No. 38, tht nee North eighty
nine degrees • West one hundred and' eight
pei-ches to the place of beginning. Containig
84-three and fit e tenth's acres with an al
lowance os six ner cent. for Roads /Cc. be the
same more. or less being Lot , No. 39 and part
of warrant No: 1281 in Genesee township. To
b • sold as the property of Elizabeth D. Whit
aker and Chester
ALSO—Certain real estate in Sylvania
township bounded and described as fullowe
viz : commencing at the south-west corner of
-Cite: ter imieson's lot nu the east batik of the
sinemaboning creek, thence net 145 Perches
ton hemlock coruer.thence north 116 perches
to a beech core er. tht[nce west
,a 4 perches to
a - post corner on book of creek, thence south- 1
west along bank of creek to: place of begin.
ning. Containitieseventy.five.licre.,nndbeirig
part :of warrant No. 4760. on [which is erected
ono [dwelling Inns , one bar , two shanty
homes, with *Amu , six acres cleared with
some fruit trees thereon. TO be sold as the
property of William M. Earl.
ALSO—Certain real estate in the village af
Lewisville in the township of Ulysses bounded
and ;described ns follows : on the east by
landS nf - P. R. Basset onthe'smith by lands of
k. A. Gridley, on the west 'by the highway
leading from Leivisville to Brookland,and on [
tha north by the highway leading from Lew- I
isvi le to Heeler township. Containing three
acres and one hundred rods with one frame
Tavern hon - so, one frame Wagon Shop: one,
finale. Barn and senie fruit trees thereon being
the same Property deeded by A. G. Lewis to
P. C. Lyman. To lie-sold as the property-of
- ne Fiala rival eitate in
,ITlyisei aatri.
ship tiounded diseribed asfollowsa on the
north by lands of E. Merrill and Jay Cushing,
lon the (gist, month and west, hylitids:offt,H.
Dent. Containing twenty-five tieres.portOf
less being lot-N0..127 on the fitep„oriands
Dent Stiltilysses township; attApart ot
Wel rrADALScg..I.II,6S, 'nod 1814',Abont - ten a cres
of whic,h are ftnproyed 'with aneframe House,
and some othei outAnildings, and some folit
fries ttiereon:-1 To be sold akihe property_ of
Martini A
ALSO—A!l,those six -certscOr!kots or this.-
cels of land situate in the countr-of„Pottex
being Lottery 'warrants Nos. 5122, 5123, 5) 24,
5125, 512 t and 5127, and conveyed by patent
from the Oltnnionwealth of 'Pennsylvania to
John . Nicholson dated the 29th day,
1794 and the 99th day of April. 1794 and
named_ Pflrhy.„go,slien,St.Thonlas „. .Cuncord ,
Fairfix'and-Riehniohd; and
taining .one, t h outand :4‘ rok-fting.P . in
or six thousand five hundred and ninety-four
acres in ail. and beirtg the 'saript ni conveyed
by John Nicholson and :Ilacnali.,his wife.hy
deed dated , the;lBth • . 43r; of March- 1795 to
.I . ohn. Ashley and recorded , among the'land
record of Potter chuntE id Died Book B page
14.7,&c..,excepting - one,piece "containing thirty
And one-half acres heretofore conveyed to S.
H: Martin, and one piece containing seventy
two and three-fourths acres 'heretofore con
veyed to Wm. McDougall. TO be sold as the
ytroperty of Cornelius flunsicker and William
Garlock. John Sunderlin et'al tere tenants.
ALSO—Certain . real estate in Roulet tp.,
bounded and described as follows: Beginning
33 rods east of lot No.. 22 contracted to H. P.
Manning, thence west 186 rods, thence north
86 rods, thence east 186 rods, thence south
86 rods to the place of beginning. -Contain
ing One Hundred Acres more or less. and
being lot 21 of theallotment of Keating lands
in Roulet .tp., about. Seveuty-five. acres of
which are improied, with two frame houses,
two frame barns; one blaelksmith shop, and
some fruit trees thereon. - - 'to be sold as the
property of E. W-Schoonover. : .-,' .. ;
ALSO—Certa'n real, estate in Os.nrayo tp..
bounded and described_
- as follows : Beginning
Int the south east corner Of lot NU 26 of Sic-
Vicar's stfrvey and running south 11° west on
line oflots 13 chains and . 4s links ro the south
and most-westerly cantonal' lot No. 74 of said
**Names snreey, thence South! 88}° east on
lot line ten chains to a stake, ;thence north
ir ens eight chains and fifty five links to
the center of Higlivray as! it runs up and 'tic nth
the Eleven Mile creek,-thenee.north 851i° east
along the' center of tlie Ilighiny aforesaid
6 chains and-8 links "to an nngle in said-road.
thence north 63° enst along center of said road
7 chains end 19 links,toa stake, thence north
Ll° east 50 chains and 60 link ' s in the north
side of lot No. 24 to n rtiike;iir lot line, thence
north 83i° west ion lino of-jots 24 /e 23 40
chains to it stake standing in north line of lot
No. 23, thence south I]° west 28 chains and
60 links to a stake. standing in south line of
lot No. 23, Thence south: 881° east on lot line ,
6 chains and 80 links to a stake. in lot line,
thence soutn li° west on lot line 21 chains to
a stake in the south line of lot No. 26, thence
88i° on the line between lot No. 25 and the
Bryant lot 10 chains and 50 links to the piece;
of Containing Two Hundred acre
more or less, with aboutiSixty acres improved
with two frame.bouses,itwo fritme barns, and
some fruit trees t'sereon. To be sold as the ;
property of G. F. Bowlee,
ALSO—Certain real estate in .Wharton'tp.;
bounded and described as follows : Beginning
nen, Hemlock on the south bank-'of the East
Fork of the Sinnemahoiling, thence north 82
perches to a stub earlier, thence west 108
perches to the First Foi-k ofthe Sinnemahon
ing Creek,' thence north slang said' Creek
about 110 perches to the line of lot No. 21,
'thence West 78 rods to la post corner, thence
south 1.26 perches to a corner, thence in a
south-east direction, to the Sinnemaltoning.
'Creek. thence Eolith :Lo f t.' south-west along the
Sinnemahoning - about 90perches to the corner.
of Stephen Hortorn's fejt, thence east 105 and
5-10ihs perches to - the , north-east corner of
Stephen Norton's lot, thence north 85 perches
toot near the intersection of the East Fork
with the First Fork streams, thence 'east akin
the'East Fork courselB3 perches to a.stone
pile, thence east nernas the creek 25 perches
to the' place of beginning. Containing One
Hundred and Ninety-eight acres of land. with-',
the usual allowance feir roads act., being the
north part of lot No. 21, the west p trt, of lot
No. 21 and lot Na. 22 and - hartsof Warrants
4727 and 4923, with thboui Sixty sires itn
proved, .three dwelling i lmuses, one - Small
store honse, one horse. barn, sheds, land some
fruit trees thereon.. To be sold "as the prop
erty of James 11 trtron.
- ' ALSO-tCertain - real estate in Vithrtrtofi tn.,
boinided - and described as follows.: Beginning
at It post the south-east corner herrnf, thence
north 55° west 15 rodS to a post in the c riser
,; of the Highway on the north side of th -Estst
1 FrAlc of the Sinnenialioning Creek, t ience
north four rods to post in 'Said Iligi way",
thence n est 36 and 3 7 10ths rods to the reek,
thence north 25° n-esenlong the bank f the
said Sinnemahoning, Creek 83. and 4-iloths
rods to a Hemlock, thence north 67° e st 22
rods to a poet on the hank of said ; reek,
tlitrice north 7° east alistigsaid Creek 2 ,rods
tort post, thence north 2T° west along said
Creek 43 rods to a post, thence east 65 and
2-10ths rods to a poSt, thence south 16. 1 p and
1-10th rods to the place of beginning. I Con
taining Fifty-two acres more or less, with
about ten acres improved and some frui trees
thereon. To be sold as the property 1 Dan
iel Bartron and M. V. Bartron. . .
IV. W. BROWN, She;
.: Condereport. Stayl
21, 1866. "
Registers Notices.
A LL persons interested will please to take
A_ notice that the following accountants
have settled their accounts in the Reo"ister's
Office of Potter County, and that the same
'will he presented to the Orphans' Court. for
confirmation, on Mundayolte ISth day of'Suue,
1866, at the Court Huse in Condersport
Felt: 7. 1866. Account of CA. B. Gomlsell
and Norman Dwight, Administrators of the
estate of George Ingraham, ;luta of Hebron
township. deed. l -
Feb. 14. 1866. Account of E. W. Chappel.
Adthinistritor of the estate ofAmbrose Corey,
late of Ulysses tp., dec'd. ;
April 19, 1866. Account of Ann Maginnis
Admitostratrix of the estate of_kennis Magin
:nis late of Genesee tp, deed
;lay 15, 186 G. Account oPliary B. Smith
'and WM. Dexter. Aritninistvitors of the estate
!of David D. Smith, lot: of o'lWal 0 tp., dec'd
May 15, 1866 Acrnint pf Wm. *Dexter,
(Administrator of the estate of John Brizzee,.
late of Oswayo tp., deed..
I May 19,1866, ;Account of H. J. Olmsted,
(land Wm. 11. Metzger, Adtninistrators of the
estate of N. Schoo maker, late of Coudersport,'
May 18, 1866. Account of Abagail Strong,..
;end Wm. IL Mrtzger, Administratore!of the
!estate of Luthur Strong, late of Hebron tp.,
deed. DAN BALER, Register.
Coudersport, May 19, 186
• Auditor's
TLfE under-ign-d Auditor appointed by The Court
of the County of l'otter, to distribute money in
the hat - di of the Admliti-trator of the gatatu. of
Carson Wilson, late of Goiteene i township,- ilee'd•rte
end nmonlit tho.e.leg.illy'eutitied thereto will meet
nit purtioA intereeied, nt the Iteginter's . Ctinne in the
nor':4l7h brcondereP4irt, on TUPiIII/1 V. the Ibth Any or
Jun-;186+; ,it 6, Welocit" p. it.. to att , M d. to the duties
of laid appointment. - 'DAN BAKER, Auditor.
Cuodoraport, may 19, 1866.
1 - , i A l uditorPt, Notice. i —,--
' O
- 1S undPrsigned, Auditor appointed tTitia COurt
Of the County of Potter, tistrtbuto irtormiid
1 .-.hands of the . Administrators of Abe: Estate of
V ;Ad D. Smith, late of (1. A•ao tosrfi , lllp-deo'd, ter
An, 'atitong . st those legally eltltled thereto -, will meet
parties interested, at, the Regtster'si 081Oe in the
-80 .112 h of Coudersport, on Tosstlay - thel9tlt dayof
.1 1 di , . 1666, at 2 eic)oelt. i'.ti.,lttattrlid to the ' , talks
of Ss! 4 appointment. ; . ....1) vtUgAltEit, Auditor: , •
:,.: '; atiersport. tiny 19 .1866. 1 ! 1- , • ,". , -:.
• -
da-301•7 1 T49 • NTT
FOR 01.11 W:,;,
g pips i !DENTS
EROIC, Pbtriotte, Political, Romantic, Rumo•
ouft. nod Tragical.
dplentliclly Illustrated with over 300 One Portraits
' th llita o. ;r t Oi n ilf a u le n r . 4 :e b l i n i l l a isi l t a h l t r e n ,an tit i " E d or a ren . a r t l' en 4 vi d ta i e lg e r ". . txx, pii itt i loa . ih . , ii i t ia - t ni..;' ,
II gginterestrand'atimetiventeninty t . stand*••-.p!ii_ ;eon;
a ditlane- ameig - iill dui. corrrpeifters' !I'lli , ..X.Sient
a d .trave Hearted: thelleturesque and Drnmatte,
t la Witty and Mgr eloneolie Tender and Pathetic.
'the Roll of Pain ' 'a nd. Story,' Camp, 11:ket, Spy,
eau% Bivouac, at d Siege ; Startling Surpriffite;
onderfnl , Becupee. -
.piintone -Worde-and. Leeds of
Orrien,rid.the whole , Patientini Of the War is tiere
t rillingiv and -rtartlinely, portrayed in a master ly
tanner, at °nee historical altd'rotnautic, r.ndering it
ar has called forth., • . .••.:: ' .
Disabled °Move and eoldiere, ,tenchers, energetic
bong men. andeli in wang'of profitable employment,
ill thin tliteihe best chance to make moue!. over
.et oliered.. Send for ch.-Jut:lr'. -n.. see our terms. ,
may I—.lm] Nu. 507 Minor St reet, Philadelphia; Pa,
n the •C,Ort of Common Pleas of Potter
County at June Term 1866.
ouse vs. Mallory et al
ole use of W. T. JOnes, vs. H Nelson
Nlercereau & Weston vs. Dpdrick & White.
Mills vs. Bartlett •
Crane vs Seeley I :
Schaffer vs Barclay A- Bailey - •
Watrqua vs Daggett
Goodrich vs Monroe•J: Cobb's Admr's
Plymett vs Dearing, '
Gale vs Fox, Graves et al ,
Swain, assignee &c. vs Graves,' guardian f!,.
Stepl , ens Nichols vs Beatinan
f.yman vs Clark I -
Patterson vs FraneiS '
13. F. Burt vs rtonlet township • -
Cole 'es Gordon
Booth vs. Hamilton
Hackett vs Cleveland , •
Dean' vs Graves, Stark Weather of al
Dodge vs Ives & Salsbury %.
Same vs same
Alien vs Flynn
Ensworth vs Flynn ji
Thatcher vs Peterson
Billings vs Pye .
McDougall vs Beattnan Sr Edwards
Tyler vs Grandy
11. J. OLIISTE/D, Prothopotary;•
April 19, 1666.
Court Proclamation.:
EREA.S the Hon. .Robert G. White,
President Judge, and the Hons. C: S.
Jones and G.:G.
_Colvin; Associate Jude's. of
the Courts of Oyer Terrniner,aild General
Jail Delivery, Quarter Sessions 'of the Pence,
Orphan's Court and Court of iC6tumon Pleas
for the, county of Potter,. have issued their'
precept, bearing date the twenty-flurth day
of Feb'y in the year of our Lord, bne thou
:till eight hundred and Sixty-six.'end to me
directed, for bolding a court of Over Ter
miner and General Jail Deliver.V, Quarter
Sessinns'4 the Peace, :Orrltan's Court, mid
Court of ;',omition Pleasiin the Borough _ ' of',
Coudersport, on MONDAT,,the 18th day of
junenext, and to . continue one week :
Notice is therefore hereby given to the Car
onerir, Justices of the Peace and Vonstatiles
wit'ain the county, that they ie then and there
in their proper persons, at 10 o'clofk. A. M.
of said day, WWI their rolls, records.,
examinations. - nn,d other remeni
brance3, to do those things which to their
offices appertain to be done. And those who
are louud try their. recognizances to Prose
cute against the pri3onCrs that are of shall
be in the jail Of said cOunty : of Potter, are to
be then and therb to prosechte against them
as will be just. - ' '
Dated at Condersport, kay I,i 186 G, and
the 89th year : of the Independence of the
United States of Arnerica.
IV. W. BROWN, ShrrilT.
Uandel and Ilayden
. •
Eighth and Spring .Garden Sts.,
ThomaAMay . Pier7ce,, A.
President and donsultiniiAcciinntaui.
Novel & Peinianent ArFange
meat of Business College
Terins, 1
From April . I to October 1, 1866,
LIFE SCUOLA RSUIPS, including Book kceplrig',
Business correspoptiente,. Forms and Customs.
• Commercial Arithmetic, Busin-es Penmanship,
Detecting CoUnterfeit lloney,and Commercial Law.
BCTIOLARSIIIrS, including the same Sdbjeets se
Time Limited to Three Months,
PEKMA , SIIIP, Three hlnntite, $7
Patownintr and Alll2ll3lElle, Three Months. $lO
The Raring of ciall and rine in the summer months
is an adventage of suchl,impertaneo as enables the
management of this College to make a coneidetable
reduction in the aummeniratea. '
Prom: October 1,1866, to April 1,1867.
And succeeding years, R . B before. •
Life Scholarphips• ' . ,
• $35
Selv.ta.Pllll Fr, 3 rn ,, ..ths, • i : • r 25
Penmnilphip, 3' month.,' 4 1 1 °
renni... k p Lind A,lipmetic, 3 monthd, . ll2
Speci•rt Terms Ar'alq6s. Sadiers. aud. 1
for the Sons of Ministers and T achers.
Day and Evening Instruction
for both Sexes and all Ages,
In Thinking, Sloreiceep'ng, BookA:repine, Penman
ship, Pen Drawing, Phonography. Arithmetic. Men
ie , Algebra. Geoinetry A nnlytimtl Geometry,
Thal Caold , Icaviciation . gurveyii g, Ilimineerinte
Gunging, 3fining, Mechem cal Dr.mlog, Commercial
taw,. German, Telegraphlng,, and the English
Erauchee rboderate prices • • •
Eridnrsed by the public :lathe most successful Bit -
ness ;College of the, countryi . rut is evidenced-by the
fact,' that I .
have entered in the •
Fins's. Six Mo:mis of ITS Ems-reser
Principals of Departments.
Supported by an able Corps'of Anista‘nti..
C3II or send "or a Catalogue, College Currency, and
• Pierce's Practical Educator: '•
Apr!! 2i.-2m
Auditor's !Votive.
talaned Auditor appointed by tk e
nt of Potter, to distribute 121
. 6 , - 7.
hands of the Administrators of the
an o ri e e j l o n . gral h a o zu se ,
lne•a n of
, d eed— 7
all d pa n e ot eeeted, atythetßegith ers to,win e „:
Rataindi of .Coudersport. on Tuesday, the ie t h
dne.4.81,38;•at 4 o'clock P. a...t0 intend to the ile%l
of siii/tappoiinment. DAN' BAKER, Auditor.
Cdiiaersport; May 19, 1865. •
Scorer Goods!
1170L'R atttention is ineittd to the lair, . 14
attrtietive stock just received, and k r
saie low as „ the m
same qualities can be b ou g ht
anywhet e in the county.
We ynye on pinto: ft iitrge and varied .
sort rent orm
DoestiC COttbni,- as
COTTON FLANNELS, on whir), we
cannot be undersold.
We.purchase our goods for pull and ore
them at a very small advance
Prom Cost.
IF you want to purchase
BLUE, or
At °busted's...
Dl:comm., and ,
a full supply
- .
At oinistedPs.
• ..
DON'T fail to call before purchasing 011
see the assortment
At aimsted's
von. lien Women dc.CbJldrea , in great at
-1 :wt.,. and cheap
For Molasses, syrup, Sugar, Tea and Caere*,
in fact everything in the Grocery line, call
A full nscortment of almost everything lbotio
kept in, a country gtore on hand. =Ws /moat
to keep Goods that will give satisfaction aid
sell good articles at the lowest living profit:
Grain of all kinds;
Butter Wool , I
Sheep Pelts, Furs,
Deer Skins-
• Also,
To-nsbip and School Orders, for all
of which the highest prices will b. paid':
At Olmsted s B,
Coudersport. Pa.NOv'r 18, crisi
Railroad through Potter county.
News Depot,
ME undereigncrl 1-coal.] annonnce to the people of
Mater county that they have bought out the
tern stock ors!. W. Mann of this ph ice and ell herr
after ht op on baud ss full aseortment of
Including Writing, Tissue, Per
forated and Blotting Paper, En
velopes, inks,Slates, Pencils, Cray
ons, Inkstands, Blank-Books °fall
Writing BOOKS, Pocket DIARYS,
Drawing Materiak,
In'cludlng . the latest Staadard
ALSO nll of the Standard •
A fine lot of
3pect4 attention given tit orders for
Tinning rand° the necon, wry anWngements in
Tre!k we are - ennbled all such orders on shott
,t'olice, Rg prompt and cotirtPona attention to-a r
rmtrona; with fair and honorable dealing, Ire bore
merit and reoolvii a large ahttre of the pstroceP
those ensiling articles in ourline.-
'lnn 15'66 tf • '
At Olmsted',