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5.4 whiskers. ..Whiskera
*lion WitiftliVbiskers or ifoustachee? J Our
oteclan tompound will force them to i;rqw
smoOtbeSt fabe or chin,. or, halt. on. bald
hAds, inSix Weeks." Price, $1.00; Sept by
uitil.anywbere; closely sealed; on'recelpt of
ice Address WARNER& C 0.4 - -
I can Box 138, Brooklyn, N.. Y
Tom different styles: adapted to sacra and
irciilar =sic, for $BO to - $6OO each. F e .
-018 . Gold 'or - SilOr Medals. or lath -first
plimit/ma awarded them. Illustrated Cilia
loiaes frO. .-Address, MASON &:„HAMLIN,
or MASON & BROTHERS, New Yoil.
Stormin g the Stronghat4s - -
otpreindice and misapprehension, and crriying
ell he re It•
i i
pv4ties Its march, of success.' Like *hie - of the'
iroion, its colors are the cynotLres of eery
eye, its victories
1, tarns thousands of heads, and charms innninerahle : 1
hAfait.,",•oo , 3tainiag no diulfireetnent 4 it cat,otlll.7
35ne!thot hair or blemish - the skin Mantifac red by 1
J, LiitiiiifAD - D.toc2l - 6 iflksto.r llonsri'lieut , York.
Nld by lirnit.riets. Applied br:all HairMittert.
By,,seliing 'Engravings, Card photographs
s t ni Stationery. Oar Stationery Packets ex
refs all other ; each Package contaihsA'aper,
t6'elopes, Pencil, P , ns, &c., and Jewelry
worth a dollar at retail. Price only 30 cents.
Wii will send ALients 100 Stationeryi Pack
ages ands, Silver Watch. for $l7. We also
publish splendid Steel Engravings and Por
tzw.tts,. Lithograph Prints,'. A-c., 'very popular
And saleable. send a fine assortment of
1010 for $15.00 that will realize $5O, or a $lO
lot that will sell for $3O or over. Will send
a Sample lot for $5 that will.sell for $ l5.
Send Stamp for Catalogne, Terins,k.c. to
- HASKINS C - CO., 3G Beekman St:, N.Y
I - 'Fifteen Years Ago
TIOS,TETTEWI3 , STONIACTI BI rrEus was strum- i i
gling into Ake agniaist the prejndices whieh, every
titling new,howeier excellent, is doomed to encounter..
I '
Itlstands et the bead of all the'tonic and alterative ;
preparations in existence. Its celebrity has evoked
many imitations L but so RIVALS. I'liysicteine pro- I t i
moats, it the osm.t safe stimuvint that has ever been
introduced. into the sick chanaher. In 1t:1 , 1 1 .'0. 3 'd
ci the Army and Navy, the Sur aeons find ik the very 1
bist tonic fo. - cenvalvseemit, and report it ium invaln-
at, e for stlnlal:,it , g the vigor of troops os the march. I
as . kanedy fur , scurvy and all scurtiutic lections,
and as the only specific fur sea-sickness. t ilifurnia
and Australi i hare emphatically indorsed it as the
ltinethi Mc liefimy rsnexitki.t.swz. amid id 8 oanisit
America anti all the tropical,climaite, it is considered 1
the o.ily reliable antldoie to elude:ale levels. . 1
I There In no mystery abort the CAIISC3 orilf_ , success.
p. is the only siii r imumis-Llc,and alterative in Which are
chine:l the grand requisites of a mild,ipure, amid
timivitis'ed vegytam de stimultist, with the ti meet stmlec
%fon ..r tonic, anti bilious, anti scor , utic aperient,
end depuratiye herbs, Oants, •roots, and narks that
have ever, been intyrinmied in a nteilical pzleparation.
I The titters have thltdist'octive qualit y l. which is
ant shared, 't le helievi , d, by- a my ionic, tincture or
esti-set in the w0...11; they dii nut. excitel tbe pulse. I
though: thry infuse . v... - .ll,rftll tleerce of irigor into i
the nervous system, and streagthen sad 4uzlsin the M
whole physical organization. II I
It is also proper to stite,the Slitters ere sold eiclu•
eively in glass ' and never curer amiy circu,' stances by i
the gallon or the barrel. Impostors amidira-tatore I
are abroad, and the only safezmiard thsf,putmlic' has
assail:met them is to see that th y Bitters thaly buy bear'
}ho engraved label and note of hand of Idlesses: HO4
Setter .k Smith, and the govennueut sta:rip over the
lurk of the bottle.
ii-- •
_ .
Lit limbs and hack, Coro throat, croup, rheunta
itism. rulte, Sr. A perfect family medieine,and.ner
ler fails. Itead I liesull l • Reza !I I
I.tvosts, WsYss Co.. Melt Juno IG, 1559.. i
This is to certify . that my wife was taken with
S•iro 'fiirrytt ; it c..i.milenc,l tO swell; awl
%was so sore she could no:. nn.l coughed..
lyiole.itly. I used y•iarilasde per
feet cure iu - cine week. • I firmly belieyk , •hat but fur
the Liniment she would-have loot her life.
•-•„• L JOHS 11. ItARLAN.
%ice 40 and S 0 cents. Sold by all Drriire l sts.
• _ • ()Mee, fit; Cortlana Street, .liewltirk.
Brautlreill - fa I'lllg. Itiartettif4,
Italia. —ln inflamm.oory aTectione, +V11 0 :11 tat) I , : ct.l , llng
Ii- permitted, s free tt , e of tnere rifle iml.m moiifies
the Ala - mine; aymy,ontl, end per.,evermlice, a,cord:
loz to The.. - direedm , e, uatielty qttir htv cures, end cer
fainly nothinz is rie;,ed iu near,; Brandreth's Pi 11 1 ,...
For cold, intleerr.n. Alii.theria pains in (de h-ad. d fr.
zin-el and apoplexy, no medic:lie eand4 companid
tai them. In eryslovlaa, fever end az:m.4' small'po = 4,
land in the direly of childhoo i !IS II ref.
St. speedy iecovirry of htedth. They pr allnce then.'
reanita .imUly by taking from the blood ite impuri•
ties, tent Inz
to ',WI a "lozaiity - to recover itiJ prtiper anu s .
11a-ems:try "-tetrad' or health.
• BRANDRET.II'S PILLS. have aflinl„, - for the
eked its - - I
Lyon's Periodzcal Drops !
The Great Female Ilem.etty - tar Irreg.
u!arit im Three drops are a scienfically. com
pounded IBM' preparation, and hewer than :my Pill',
l'ow.lers or Nostrums. Being liquid, 14 . eir action is
direct and positive, rendering Blew areßable, speedy
nen astaiia arecifia.for lheCUre of al/ ob-tcuctious and
suppresidorat or nature. ' Their "polnaliti-liVisludTented
by the fact that over 100,000 bottles are ',nuttily sold
and consumed VT the Indies of the II iited States, i
every one of whom speak in the strati est term - Vol - I
praise of their great merits. They are i filly taking
the tlaes o every other Female Remedy. and are con i
sidened by all who know aught of them, is the surest 1
safest, and Most infallible preparation I the , world:
for the ctire'of all Female comidaints, t e removal 01
all obstructions of nat are, and the promo ion of health
regularity rind strength. Ecplieit directions stating ,
when they may be ueed,and explaining when sad why i
thee should not, nor could not be used lwithout pro=
ducing effects contrary to natures chosen laws, will ,
be found carefully folded around each bottle, with
written sagnaiure ofslOriN L. LYON - , ctitbout which
none are genuine.
i: Prepared by 'Dr. J 01471: L. LYO N, 195 Chapel
Ptieet. - ,111 - ow liven, Cann., who clon4 be roasulte.d
either , personally or ey mail, (enclosing' stamp.) con
cerning all ivirate disease's and female Weakiiesow.
Sold by Druggists everywhere. I'rict $1.50 - pf Bot,
• • C. G. CLAR.S. & CO.,
lysp General Agts for United States and Canada. i
15 0 rerear
cell 1N nt
ur a:t.oe:vr,z. ere;o4. .r..4
t ,erivz .
hiaculnes. Three new Linde. tinder and
upper feed. •Wa . rranted five yearS. Above salary
or large cornm'is,lons paid. The osts saachines cold
In the United States for legs tnaa $4), w tch are iuliv
licensed by lion - e, Wheeler S. Wilson, rover Si: Da-
Yer,Sineer ..0.. C0...5=8 ichelder. ALL pt er cheap ma
chinestre infringements and the seller or user aro
liable t arreA, due, and Inanrisonnient , Circulars
free. Address, or cad opoa., Shaw Sr. I.:lark,. Blade-
Plea. Mane, or at No. 8M,Ntir York ; No.
$ Carter e3L, Philadelphia , Pc. ; N , 414 Lomba rdo Mick, Chicago:lll.: No. TiO West FourthSt....Xin
cinnati, 0. ; or No. S Bpaufding'kEzcbilage, t3Uffalo,
Do".. 28.1365. 'lslets.. _............
D.r: A. F.13,E,15T Qirs .
RE beComing the most popniar Medicine
.111. in circulation for the cure 4f
It is also gdining a great reputation in the
Principal Office, Pcindersnort. PO•ter en.. P
.Lf:Pft'Sl" fora
ufbele of the Moro
tinmirnsi.,Thed in Ilitlpmf.. B. El. ColirelL
4i/lkort, Nev- 14, OM. If . Area
THE ROTTEE•COUNTY 401:MN:IL Tug comwavazirs AND .irrp. mutaiabl ul?
, _
! ' i • • _ ! ' ,-"'', Abli4ied for, thn i tienett arid as a Marlon to Tonms
I • •
30, 1 -, - Men and others, eh° stiffer from Nervous Debility,
itypu, Ti k esday Eintaiw, Jaz, 1365. Premetttre Decay- of Manbood, &c., roupplying :alb.,
. ' - -,- - • : , • i . . • I ..nic time the me:inset Bslttlare: -By one wbo has
cured himself after nmlergoing considerable qoacery
By enclosing!a posbpaid addressed envelope, Single
copies, - ,fte ofcbance,rner be lad of the author.
Iyap33lo r r Inockly•n, ribssCa.; .N. Y.-
kcal lancl ,General.
1 . -
111/6r4q:13. &=E...1.-Jon'es began selling-at
cost..yesterday. Give them a call.
Court and other legal business will be
found oti the foUrth >4 ge.
Treasureis, and -_Com.
missioner's RepOrts will• be putllishedin oar.
next. •
1- , -By the recent lame fire at Titusville,
the Lycomina llotnal Insuran4e Company is
said to bare lost $50,009.
jam° Our redden will fid an interesting and
tastructice:Dialorte•on t e , first page of this
paper, ,well - tvvrtby of pe
MY - The re-organization of the armies of
the-Republic; isto be i accordance with a
plan' farnished by Gen. grant, which plan bas
been embraced in a bill how before Congress,
garqbe-§(xati....C)nception I.teld_at
burg agreed Ao memorialize the Lizielatare to
secure the Legislation i*cessary for the_yrop
'ngatior at-ill:44re the *niers . of fhacibrioe
henna and appointed an able and influential
committeee fur that purpose.
te4The Spring Election for the pursose of
eierting township officeo occurs inihis county
on Friday the.sec)iid day of February. Let
the- people 6enerally !turn out and see thati
good and competent men are selected. ;-
commend tol 'the special 'attention
of our readers; that very valuable journal for!
The household, the biilldren, the Garden, thd
Orchard, and tha_ farm, viz t the American
Agriculturie : 'Published !by Orange Judd
5..% Co., 41 Park 4ow, Ness York
coy, at only $1 5D a veer. It is fullof good
thing; useful lto every person,no matter where,
his residence,' or what) is occupation. We
learn that the! present volume (2500 - open.s
with an increase of morel than tweatv:thousand
subscribers. The paper itself, it hai
hitherto been, is grimly increased in size,ap
pearance, and intrinsic . value. , A dollar and
a half cast scarcely be
l etter invested. Send
on yohr subsCriptions to the publishers as
above. The first number of. this volume con=
tains -in pages. and ca be otained as aspeei-.
men, on'rewitting 15 cents to the publisheri.
The New York Weekly ;:tlagazine...
This new and popular magazine has taken
a nrent start in populth' favor. The number
for January 13th contains 'the first chapters of
6pvi- poptilor tale, entitled "How I Made's
Fo'tttine is Wail Streei, and How I Got Mar
writted by a gentleman-of long experi
ence. in the Vas- and oats of that eelebrated
local ity.l The Treat cli[trin of this story is that
it is a collection of facts, with only a change
of names- and it proniises a great deal of in
formatio i n that will be of thrilling interest to
the general reader, and of particular import-
ance to evert otto who wishes to know bow
fortunes ) are r m aide and lost in New York. This
• ,
Magazine has forty-eight handsome pages,and
cont l tius .4 great variety of popular tales, do
mestc stciriFs, pithy essays and sketches of
travel, 11/10 lensarkfibly cheap.
W,e lear nithat the news dealers already take
';twenty at'onsand copies- a Week. For terms,
see advertlemeat..
i ; Cocldersporl. 01.1 Well.
Ata mdeiing orate Coudersport Oil Com:-
I pan.y held kauuary'.3, ISCG. for the purpose Of
hearing report of Committee and transacting
such other [ business as might be presented,
!the folloWing action was taken :
' , 'The CoOmittee reported a failure in th'e
attempt to lease Bye thousand acres of land,
thereby redderingdiae cad arieles inoperative,
hut reporteld a willingnes on the part of pei
,,.011:5 holding leases 'and owning lands to-put
&hen into a Company that, would commence
bpetions at once, and suggest'ed, that thel
!Company appoint some one to procure the ,
Ileasl.s and transact such other business as
Would be necessary to put the matter upon an
active footibg. A motion to this effect was,
made be the Hon A. G. Otmsrso,and adopted.
The, following agreement was then drawn tipi
:,and approved by the wetting: 1 •
I ' ,
"The undersigned and those that hereafter)
hnbscribe tai this igreement,,hereby ngree_tn!
1 organize themselves into a Company for the i
Purpose of putting down an nil well or well,s I
lin or near. the Borough of Coudersport; that I
lall leases of land be taken in the name of yt : '.l
B. Gordnier, ,who is instructed to procnre I
teases of 5000 acres oras near that amount RS
possible, and to bold the sante intrust for the
, sulistrib . lrs hereto; that ,the capital stock of
said;Conopany shall be $20,000, divided into
, shat!es of $2O each—subseribers to be entitled
to an amount of stock corresponding with the
amount of their subscription , that when the
stock is all subscribed Or $lO,OOO thereof;
the i stockholOrs are to elect a President,
Tr4asitter, Secteiary lilirpl4-uperinttadant, ,
and an/ Executive Committee of 'Sri, which ,
qammittee, together with the President, to
constitute .a Board of G . im^ra Management,'
1 .,
and until the election of ..Maid o eers, the said
Gqrdnier to act as Superint ndant for , the
parties ' and the said'. Go is
thorized,to procure an engine and commence
the work ; that each shtre s all entitle the
'holder to one vote in beijrganization of
said Compani and the (subs quent manage
mCnt thereof ;' that the compensation of said .
Goranier for his:sCrticest i n be adjusted here
after by the donnany ; at the said Gordnier
is hereby itithorized to tie'ceive - subscript'oits
to the , Capital Stock abd receive payment
therefor, keep an accoul , t of expenses, receipt
and render the same h reafter to the Coin
pany ; mad that the subseribers hereto shall
not be liable for the paymentof anything be-
Sond their mmediate subscriptions-"- - ,
Another determined; and energetic attempt
is about to be made td have a well put down
at this place to test the question whether or
not there is oil beton- the surface ofciurcoad
ty.' Geologists and operieneed oil men have
said that there Were-More chiances in favor of
1 oil than against it—add if such is their opin
ion surely our p ople.lwill„see4hqt it. is.ti:).
thpr interest to have:the matter settled et
'u ce. _Now it is nOtithe province of one or
1 ofd a dozen men tndo 'this for the bene.!:t of a
community—all woull,iu case of success,rettp
of the benefits, add therefore •they snould see
and feel tbe justice 'ofjpartalzing in the risk's.
The present proitotltion ,plits it
. - t.r . itjai . h. , the
means of almost any one to help some. The
shares afre only S2Co. :hey can take one, or
as many! as they pleas. i but that they .shoold
assist islundeniable, tilat it will be their in
terest Cr6;11:10t. be gainseyed. Let all read care.
fatly time agreerneni,Yand decide 'that they
Will assist in the work. I - ..
• ; T130.54*130 su scrihed to the papers of the,
first:Coni4ersportOil WellCOMpany, and viobld"
have shares in' the present Company will
please fOrward their,; names either to W. B.
Gordnier, Esq., or . tO M. IV; MeAlsrney l as
seer tars , of the Company.
STAAIY~GE,;Btrr ittt
E , ery.s-4,upg ua k .4.4.getitletnan. In the. 'Limited
States can hear- something much to Their advantage
by return than. !(frea of . chinge,) by addresahig the
tudensigiacth! Those who hare Sear* of being burn
b.ged will iblige hy not noticing this earn. Ail
others will please address their obedient eervaut,
M. Broadway, Now. Tork.7—tly33l.
• The advertiser,-havini Nen restored to health in
a few weeica!by a very simple remedy, after having
suffered for several years with a severe long affectioh,
and that dreed disease, Consumption—la anxious to
make kot,vi n to - •lthrfellow-sotlerera the means Of
deetni it, he Will send a 'cell ctif the prf,
scription used (free of chargekwith the direr-001m
for prep:with; atal - ushig-the same, which they will
'find a SURE CURE fur Consurrption. lo•thrna,
Smuchetie,le•oughs, Cords, and all Throat and Lung
Affections. liThe only object of the advertiser in
sending the Preserfplion is - to benefit the afflicted,
and spreadinformation which It conceives to be In
vainable atilt he hors every sufferer will try his
remed?r,. ' ltif ft Will than nothing,. and may, prove
a blessing. I -
P‘rties wlshin, file prescription, rate, by retur n mail, will-picaftr address- . • • .
ED . VPARD . "..d.. WILSON,
• • Williarnsbar: Kings Co, New Yerk.--flyjvfl
Eguous,ar. VatTu...._
A Gentle Man who suffered for rears from Nervous
Debility, Prematute Decay, and all the. eidecta of
,youthful indiscretion, will, foe the sake of suffering
humanity, e-nd tree to alt who need it, the recipe
and directions for making the simple remedy by
which he was cured. Sufferers wishing to profit by
the adverthier's experience, can do so by addressing
JOHN a 00l EN,
No. 13 Chambers St., New York.—ElyirS
Reported every Tuesday by • . ' *
P. ZS/. iSliteklcslol.sust do co.,
Dealers in Groceries and Provisions,
.• ! 1 Conder..pd.t. - .
Apples, gieen, ' bush. $ 50 to 1 00
do dried, " 200 250
Beans, ' " . 300 350
Beeswax.,,V lb., " 30 35
Beef, ,' " • 9. 10
Berries, dried, V quart ' 25 35
Buckwheat, V bush., . 62 'l5 .
Buckwheat Flour, . 250 300
Butt - el l , re lb.", ' , 30 35
Cheese, '" , . .
Clocerseed - 850 900
v bush.,
Cortilleal, per cwt., 2150 .: 3 00
Egi.i,.g, V
, doz., - 25
Flour, extra, V bbl., '120014 00
do superfine " 10 00 11 00-,
Hams, V lb., - 25
Hay, V ton, ' ' - 800 10 00
Honey, per lb., 15 20
Lard, . " I 20 30,
Haple Sugar, per lb., ' 18 20
Oats, V bush y ' 38 40
Onions, " ' . 100 125
Pork, ';bbl., 30 00 35 00
to q•-,1 Ib., 18 , 20
do in whole hog, V lb., . .10 12
potatoeF l per bosh., . 62 75
Peaches,' dried, 70 lb., ,30 35
Poultry, V lb., 10 15
Rye, per, bush., lOO 150
Salt, V bbl., .• 473 500
do V sack, l5 20
Timothy Seed - 300 350
Trout, per I bbl., 800 900
Wheat, re bush., 175 200
White Fish,.-bl., . 8.00 900
1, ._
AVA .e I , ..t e D i A p G m EZTS, , slso .i r c Eß er )ld e
Ing Machine. This Machine will stitch, hem. fell,
tuck, cord, trail, bind, gather, quilt., and embroider
bPautifully. , Price only M. Every Machine is war
ranted three Tear's. For terms address or call on C.
BOWERS &CO. Teat's. : For
rooms N0:255 S. Firth
Street, Philadelphia. Pa. lm
4S Pages, 48 Pages,
L. published iti reasna to be received in nearly. all
parts of the United States east - of the Rocky MI un
tains, on , every Saturday of its date. Devoted to
Pop ulcer Literature, Science )
and Art. It will coatain The b ponplar Tales, The
best domestic Stories, The best sketches of navel,
The best paperaoti Popular Science. - The hest short
Popular h.ssays„ The best Poems, Biographies, &e.
. It Gives sore and Better for the •Broney .
Than anY other , lfagazine ever' published, Its zelec
tions embrace th'e best artizles irurn Dickens—Chaco
bers—'lla.C.7l.llll and other leading -foreign Maga,
mines, published fresh on the arrival of earn steamer,
and a great *rimy of original matter by, tho. boat au
thors, Was began, Jannay 13th. . .
How I. Made a Fortune in Wall St.,
1 KO
A nletto7,l, "rignisl and trnii story. written eepreselv
for the Nsw Your. Ws ekyr MAC kzixa,fiy a geniis:u:a
of great xperien,e, vrlik), knows all the ins and onts,
and who will Mve more. information shoat the straight
and croOlzed .va a of that celebrated street than has
ever ',gen published.. A c the Ma„Tizine la stereotypevl
back numbers mitt be sunplivi at ten cents each, All
newsdaalersbould hive the Magazine, but when they
aro ndt..,acaessible, 3,xe have the foliclvfiTig . =-cub fli
advance-- , • ! !:, _ , . •
. --• ~ . _
One cop , Ott e ' ' -
Ono cop , three m0ith5.::...t,... - ._ 100
Two c00eei0ne_year........4...... - ..—_. 7 00
Fire ropes, oneseat, and - one agents-20 0
Ezpeeitneii Copies rent by mall invrezeipt of 10 cents
liarlis - Ertes§s,—This Magazine has se -- -etactis .
met a great public 7t ant, that _
20,000.Coples atie 'norm - Printed
with every proepecrof a vatgly greater editirin .
as soca
as the iiablie is xenerally s i Ware.of its merits.
Address,, ci. BAILF.Y. de Co.,
Publlakerspf N. Y. Wpeley Mszazine.
No. 7, Beektniima at-, Nest Irprlit.
/17it dpenomcif,alth of Perms.Oraniatcrthe Shen:,
of Cameron County, Greeting : • •
We 'command you that you attach Cornelius
Kidder, late of your County, by ail and sin
gular his goods'and chattels, lands aid tene
ments, in whose hands or possession the same
may be, so that he be and appear before our
Court of Common Pleas, to be holden at Em
porium in and for said County, on the 12th
day oi r ‘larch next. there to answer James
Birkhead and Catherine Birkhead..Executors
of the list - Will and Testament or Hugh Birk
head, deceased, of.a plea, deht and also
I that you summon the persons in whose hands
the property is, that they beand appear before
imr.Court, on the saNd day, to answer what
shall be objected against then; and abide the
judgmeut of the Court therein. And bare
you tbgn stud there this writ.
Witnms.the Hon. R. G. Tiara, President
Judge of our said Costs, at Emporium, this
Bth day of January, A. D. ISt 6.
• , A. E. EELLY, 1 rotbonotary,
And maw, 'January Stb, 1866; it is ordered
by the COurt; at the time of issuing this writ
of Foreign Attachment, tb at tbesrime ,be pub
lished by the Sheriff of Cameron County once
a week Ifor six - weeks, in one paper published
in CanietonCounty and also •in the Pails
de*iiia inquirer. By the Court.
A. E. KELLY, Proth'7.
. : . litrobjepn 1866.
• Botikt -•
- ---_ -,7 -- -
1- ''. - 1 . .. zit:* a.' '' •
" ; Fox
,k . fps. giarrOlts
" • • Bisclas : k Baildy -- -
iC Potter Co. FOr.
" , - Monroe k Cobb` ,:-
" liars of L. A. Wood::
" Omsk - • i -
is Worden -
ii '• RottletTownslap .. •
"- ' - Eraniilfon . ' ' ' - '
: for ; tii
1 sing
Eismood '
Sivoirr arsignie
Burt •
bat: : • ' S SALES ,
FILLY VIRTIM of sundry Writ* of Vendition
Exponas, 'inri Facies and Levari•Facias
issued out oft e Court of Cominon Pleas'of
Potter County, Pennsylvania, and to nie (vi
reo:Rd, I shall : xpose to public sale or onto' ti;
at the Court House , in Coudersport,. ri
11010AY, the 19th day or Feb., 1866, at I
o'clock, p. m., the following described tracts
or parcels -of •nd to wit i•
Certain real estate in tlyisea tp., and iin
the Village o Levaisrille,..bounded and des
cribed, as.follo s.: Beginning in the c.enter'of
the tight's-ay' ethe !north: weal . corner, of lot
deeded'th I. :'Harver:by ElijaliGridiey,
z...) - -
thence east al ng north line of said Harvey
lot 11i, perc es to a corner, thence north
about -li. ro to south-east - corner , of :lot
deedeilto C r yton Levits by the said EA/a-id
le'', thence Wrst by 'moth line of said, CraYton
Lewis lot
_about_4/ peiches io the cerrer of
Highway before : mentioned; thence : son/li, in
the centre of said - Highway to the place of
beginning.containing about Fifty . square
perches of 1 ud more ,or less, tni whiea is
erected one frame wagon shop, and onehlaek.:
Smith shop.--f—ALSO—One other lot situate
in the tp.; aOresaid, bounded arid described
as follows: Qn the north by lands of Daniel
and G. H. 0 misted, on the east by lands of
L. S. Drake, on the south by the tot: known
as the Walk y Smith farm, and .on the east
.hy lands ofi.H. H. Dent ; it being the lot
known as the Elias lady farm, and being lot
No. 81 of the allotment of lands of n.u.Dent,
in said township. Containin:g One Hundred
and Thirty-fire and one Tenth Acres. About
Eighty acres: of which are improved, with one
frame hous , two frame bal .
rns cod a. good
apple orate d thereon: To be sold as the
property of Dan Baker and Elymus Hackett
ALSO—lnuit' real estate in Sutumitt tp.,
beginning a the south-east corner of lot No.
2 Alfred Ayres. illeitcd south 80rods to north
east corner . f lot No. 12. J. M. Floyd, thence
west by nor hline of lot N 0.12106 rds to soath
east corner f Qeorge Ayres' lot, thence north
by east hue :of said lot 80 xods to south west
coiner of to t NO, 2, thence-east by south line
of said lot 106 l rods to place of beginning.
Containing lFifty-three Acres, being lot No.
Eleven of Keating lands in said township,and
part of war4anrs No.s 2118 and 2186; about
Thirty Acrz of which are improved, with one
, bloek, lotus one frame barn and • some fruit
1 trees there* To be sold as the property' of
!,Merrick Jackson. . . . ' - ' •
ALSO—Certain real estate in. Sharon to., '
. Beginningt a corner on the north bank - oti
the Oaway4 Creek (where originally was a I
birch cornet) being the S W corner of a lot
of•land sold by the Lumbering Association to ,
Tho's J. BUrdick, thence by the line of said
lot northertt 68 and 5-10ths pbrches to a post,
corner in the south line of the public High
way, thenetl by said line north 73i° west 30
and 6-10thS perches La a post corner 5-/ Othsi
of a perch east of the eastern track of the Rail
Road thence south 27* west 101 perches to a
post cornerlon the north bank of the Oswayo,
thence up the bank of said Creek by the vari
ous courses and distances to the place of lie
ginning. qootaining Thirty one Acres, strict
measure, bqing part of warrant No.. 2176 of
Oswayo tp.; about Fifteen Acres of which are I
( improved with two frame hoitsss, one Store,
house, one Blacksmith Shop and• some fruit
r trees thereon. To be sold as the property of
Robbins Brpwn.
ALSO—yertainr real estate in Allegany tp.,
bounded and described as follows : On the
, east by lands of Samuel Peat, on the west bv
' the . FOX. estate, on the north by lands of
Samuel Pedt, on the south by lands of S. M.
' Mills iftid El Bishop. Containing Eighty-three
Aeres, more or less, about Thirty acres of
whichlare improved, with one log house, one
franaelgrainery, and some fruit treesthereon - .
To be sold es the property of Solomon Nobles.
ALSO —Certain real estate in Hector tp.,
bounded and described as follows: On the
east by Potter and Tioga line, on the west by
lands of Daniul Warren, on the north by
,of Jacob Bump. and on the south by
the Highwdy leading from Westfield into the
Township of Hector. Containing Twenty
one acres more or less, about Ten Acres of
which are improved, with one new log stable
thereon: To be sold as the property of P. D
Farrell. W. W. BROWN, Sheriff.
Coudersport, Jan'y 29, 1866.
Administrator's Sale.
virtue of an Order of the Orplan's
for the Cuuuty of Potter, the fol
lowing-described real estate belonging to the
estate of David Crowell, dec'd, will be'soid to
*be highest .and best bidder, at the Court
House in Condersport, on_
Tuesday. the 20th day of February next.
at 2 o'clock P. Mi, • - -
All that certain messnage bounded. and
described as follows: Beginning at a post the
north-west corner of lot No. 32 of the allot
ment 9f lands in Sivedtzi tit., Potter co.; Pa.,
thence south on the west line of said lot No,
32 160 rodi to' a post, thence west 53 rods to
a post standing in the east line of lot No. 29,
thence north on' lines of lots sos. 29 and 28
lco rods to a post, thence east along thesocith
line of lot No. 37 53 rods to the place of be
ginning. Containing Fifty,acres, be the sane
more'or less, with the usual allowance of siz
per cent, for roads &c., being ' lot No. C 3 of
the allotment of lands -in Sweden tp., and
part of warrant No. 1305 ; on which there arc
about. Twenty-are acres improved and a log
dwelling house;
ALSO--Certain real estate in the townships
or Sweden and Jackson, Potter c 0.,, Pa.,
described as follows: viz., Beginning at a post
the north-east corner of lot No. 63 of the al
lotment of lands in Sweden tp, conveyed to
Morris S. Carpenter; thence by south line of
lot No. 37 'of the lands of Geo.: Fox and S.
floss in' said tp. and - lou No.'s 109 and - 5 Of
the lands of S. Ross in Jaclson Ulystes
tps east one hundred and ninety-one percherS
to a post, thence south ninety perches to the
north-east corner- j orlinds of Fox At. Ross
aforesaid ia.4Jackson 0., thence by. line 44-
said lands - and north line of, lot No. 32 in
3weden tp. west one emitilredantl ninety and
nine-tenths perches to the east lineorlot No
63 aforesaid, and thence by said fine' north
ninety perches to the ,of beginning
Containing One Hundred and One acres ann
three4enths of an acre,-be:the same mare of
less, With the ustralallowance of six percent
for roads being lot No. le of the, allot
ment of lands of Sobieski Ross in Jackson - tp,.
andpart ofwfirra,nts Nos. 1304 and 1305, or.
which is about sixty Acres impreeted, with a
frame dwelling house, and some 'fruit tree!.
tbereou. C. B—ARMSTRONG, Adm'r.
Coudersport, Jan'y 23, 1866. ,
` Notice.
IVOTIPVie ,h by "given Mat the latder
eign_ed,..anaiudttar .apptlieted by . the
Orphatt'scAurt to distribute the foods arising
from Adininistratiirss 'Snle'of the Aeai Estate
of George-Ingraham, deed—wilt. attend to the
ditties ofhispoiattnentFehrnary 19th 1866,
sit V o'Clock Pitt, at the - Recorder's
Coudersport, where altpersons interested earl
attend if they dual tbinir
DAN BAIOR, Auditor.
Coudersport, Jatt'y 22. 1866.
Auditor's Ito ite
OTICE is hereby giien that the tinder-
LI • signed, an- , Auditor appointed by the.
Orphan's Coort'to distribute the fends arising
fiom .A:dniinistrator's Sale of the Real Estate
of D. D. Smith, deed, will attend to the duties
of his appOiniment on Monday the 19th day of
Febrnary, at '1 o'clock P. M., at the liecoro
- Office in Condersport, where all.persons
interested can attend if they think proper.
DAN BAKER, Autlitoi,
Tait'y 22 1866. •
'rim' undersigned 'wishing to ehauge their business
17...not• the people of Potterand soli& leg
counties tbeiularge and t e ll selected stock Or
Overcoats at $9,
Ten Dollar Shawls for Seven Dollars
&C. &C. &C
The IST to commence MON - PAY, the Moll day of
Jammu, and end the first of March. Come early If
yon want the first :Lance . • .
The BOOR.; of the firm will be closed on the,2ltb
January, and no credit given therunfter. , Those who
hare accounts with the firm will please call and seltle
without delay, as the Book must, be settled.,st once.
ea S.
. & E.A.E.-, -JONES.
1 Railroad throligh Potter county,
News Depot,
HZ undersigned crania annonnee to the peopie!ot
l'Otter county 1.11:42 they have bought ont she en
tire stock.of Nr. Mann of this place and will hate
after keep on hand a folk assortment of
Including Writing, Tissue, Per
forated and Blotting Paper, En
velopes, Inks, Slates, Pencils, Crar
ons, Inkstands, Blank-Books of ll
kinds. _ 1
Writing BOOKS, Pocket DIMS,
- Blaming Materials,
sus -itooKs .
Including' the latest Standard
ALSO all of the Standard
Poi \
A firm lot of
SpeciaLattentiori given to orders for
Havinimmle the necessary, ar r pn ~~
emenfefn Rem
-Vora we are oval:dad to fill all isnehrd e , p . 7. o n a i m-T.,
notice. By prompt and courteceia aittentlon to our
patrons, - with fair and -honorable dealt hope to
merit and,receirea-large share. of the patronage of
those wishing articles in our line. • .
jal2 ' 15 OS ti
ALL"persons ar&.atutiosted against p* r
.M. chasfrg a certain Judgment Nnte
rwo Hundred flollairs, signed by iMirew
aradford and Stephen Sherwood. and ria,y6.-
.)1e to William or Willard 'Wilson. Sabi
.vote was obtained by sfeand, and the matiort.
Til I resist the collection of the sane:
January 6, 1E166.
` l l l -4 37M TILSILES
inh4nner wat pay 3:4 uebta, vet'
.bushel frbrDiy: Alfa, and fiO teilts ptlt
barrgfolf:Astiei that htite toa, 29r,
CoatiersP4t, fa. Dec 19 , : 3laii4l
311. - Smirkums
wouid,i z tiforta his friends aid
customers that he is reAkrree
Oeirring large Stools of
pnicbaued 13:1Istei4 ?Orli andk
Bosfon t during the late deOlinef
aid isOepared to give hie,old
and nes customers the best Pi
bargahitr, Sinunons believes 14 .
keeping Pp with the times and
the latest - styles and &Wapiti;
for dol. tsrpoie he SlOSea onf
his 'Obi stock' tlde' a yesr: at
Auctioit i ts wake zoom fbr neW
Geods.l SatitEßS
1 5 14 1 # YOBYI PRICES.
The - Great Ifiventioe . of_the Age ht.
J. W. BkADLEY'S 'New P:neitt.' DUPLEX;
Inyention consists of Duplex for verity Elittitte,
.1.. Pure Refined Steel Spril.g , , ing,niously braided;
tightly anolfirmly toget her,edge to ea - 0,11141n; the
•youroasst, tit:raids, stistre apd. De 41 9,,, 1 4 1
Siete° ear need. They seldom DENO Or . sawax.tuce
the Single Springs, and consequeintY
,preserse theist
perfect and hese:hut shut) more as leant
as any Stifle Spring Skirt, that ever Etas or. Canby
THE wonderful flexibility. and great dothfirit tint
pleasure tdany lady:Wo-wing the... Duplex Eilipiiditkiry
will be experienced particularly in all crowded isseltit
blies '
Dorms, Carriages. RailrusA;Dars, Church Perirsi
I Arm Chair, for Prianenade and House Dress, as the.
' Skirt can be folded . when in use io, occupy. Santa%
place as easily and conveniently es, a bilk Or Xtrallit
Dress: .F, -
`A Lady having enjoyed the lileavrireicorntrirt and
'Grua Coriamience of wearing the Duplex' hilliptir
Steel Spring Sk i rt for a single day will neveraftewarda.
willingly :dispense with their use. For Children:
Minis and Young Ladies they are superior ito
others. • .;
SHE HOOPS are rcreered with 2 ply double twist.
ed thread and will wear, twice as long as the'Hil‘gla
:yarn coreting which is ted on ell Single Steel Wog
Stills. The three bottomfrixis en every Skirt are ilex
Double Steel, and tepee or double cityviedta orvirent,
the coveting front wearing off the rods When dr,giabk .
down 'tetra. stone steps, etc., etc. which they arc eon:
etanUy stilijoct to when in use. - .• • '
All aremade of the new and eleranf Corded Taper
and are the best quality In every tart, giving to the
wearer the most grace - ft:rand perte-t Shape poseiblei
and are unquestionably the ligheat, mustriirairablej
comfortable and economical Skirt ever made.,
the Inyeattoni and : . -10LE If A NUYACTI.I. it ERS, 'Yt
CHAMBERS, and M.& Si EF.ADE f97li.EETS,2tewt
FOE SALE In an SW-class Scots In thik City;snd.
throughout the Trotted State', and eZAIIA S. Has - atm du
Cuba, Mexico. South AmPrida, and the West indle►,'
FLIERS, &C:9 f &C
E undersigned ,weald respectrtily
nounce to the Merchanti and, beaters of:
Potter and adjoining Conntie , that they arts
now engaged in the manufactute of the abort'
named aracles, hnd ate reared to furnish'
,them at ; t • .
. r
Employing none but experienced workmen ,
and using only the best material, we are co:1';
fident we can furnish you wiW Goods that
will suit your customers.
Every Article Warmited to Givo'
Entire Satidaetion.
All goods packed in SHIPPING ORDER
and sent by Railroad or otherw'se.
Please address by mail; alien list of pricesi
CARD.--SAMPLES; kc., will be forwarded,----
C: 3i CraOd Oi-
SD : CO4
Montrose, Pa., Dec_ 30, 1363 na3
Aar" Ours is the !only establishment that
manufactures the celebrated -
Warranted to last 20 yenrs;if well
I take this method, to inform ion that I mil
now located at Efewsp, better known á*
Brindlecilleiviili t tafge 6f
001'S, - SHOES, if: ai
regardless of
My Store you win find in- the dSlturedit
Block where ltr. tAtt 'oils:telt till era
try ; to giie yoti drool 'ill-gait* And ftbfre tit
so doing to remit a abaft, of YotiriLtiottagits
hn early tail- is solicited.;
Osynyo. Sept. 18, 1885.
P. A. Stebbins &,Co.
4- RE AGENTS for the axle of
MACHINES for Potter County -
A. & Q, Jan.l6.3m.
CAl:'B #