The Potter journal. (Coudersport, Pa.) 1857-1872, January 23, 1866, Image 1

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Ve *
3L W. 3LeiLLAILIIEIr, Proprietor.:-.
J r" -
Fa -Devoted to-thetatie of-Republicanism, the ti s i. s .
terwitsof-Agrioriture , the advancenientofEducattoti,
sad the best-toed-61 p r ober Sounti,j Owning no guide
imeept thit Of Priiici pie, it wilt . erideaor to_aid in the
wiirk of more fully's''reedomizing Mir COnittry..; -• •
marAdvertptements Inserted at tiie following rates.
eicept'sinieie speolai bargains are made. A amplares
Isjlo lines of Brecier.or iltof . Nonparelttypeii
kiiiitee . 1 insertl'on:-.4 • • *O5O
1 iguana, 2,qx,3, insertions u 0
• ."rosob iiitin‘equent insertion less than 13 40 -
• 1 square, 1 yearlo 00' ,
Et:pines; Cards; 1 - year - 5 00 • .
AdmiMstrator's or Executor's Notices......— 3 00..
• 'Epic's] and Editorial Noticet per 20, . .
itiuTAil transient adcertlierneriti meat be paid in
sidvance,and no notice will betaken of adverti-ements
from a distance, unless they are accompanied by the
money or ecttisfactory reference.
k • •
mar •or, of all kinds, executedwit4 neatness
and despatch.
toblL .
'H. H. Cummin.,'
AVlLgii.vlrn.Ali.tiTTollV,e.tiorn.ein37,f„ensilspnees Sal
u a t t: t e , nt u loA
Itateitray.-randgalltelaims against tilt 'National and
Stile Govepmento. nor2lif .
Free avad Accepted Ancient York. 3171%01L4
U toaDat. N'n.Te: A.'6l. Stated
Meelingi on the ad and 4th "rednealayeof,vaeh
mcmtti.- ..11311, in the ad Story of the Olmeted Bieck.
L 11111413 EL;SeC WU. STIECAIt, W. 61.
. .
' t ' 'JOHN S. MANN,
IV 'Coudersport, Pr/I1 Vitt° lid the several Courts
la pstrer,..Canierou and McKean counties.- All-trust
.iees ;entrustedto his ears wid•reiseive prompt r.tten
tiiitt.',. Offi6e on' Mare street, in residence:
. .. .. .
A Tr _OR.SI.I AND C9l.7,lsEt...LEft. A.T . 1:41V,
Coudersport ‘ PA , will attend to all business en
vilisteti.dhlti e:tre with pr3mptness nod fidelity. Ofdee
1h the woad storey of the Olmsted Mock.
AA 7.% ,
T`ITORNEY-AIT-LAW,,CotderAiiort., Pa., will
1-1 attend to all btviiness entrusted to him Witt care
sad promytoess...4ittenda Courta of adjoininneoun
tills. Cline° on Secondat reet,near the Allegany bridge
-• - r.
Comiereport, Pa., will attend the . Oeurta in Pot
ter and the adjoin i ng conntiFs.
X ik
ous EYs-AT Leo.V, ii.nhtsutaa, Penn'a.—
• Agents for the Collection of Claims the
.nited zitatias and State hove rn in en ell as Pe nbi o u g,
nottnty; Arreins of Ps3i,&;e-Addrens'tioi 93 ~ t arrisbit rg
tir It. MILLYR, j 3. C. II'AIL.AnNST
N. W. IticAlAtn. EA
_ Land Bought and Bold Taxes paid and Talcs
nresti gated. rnsia res proper against tire in the best
companies In the Country. an drect‘onsagain-t Acci
dents in the Trsvelfrs luattraness Company of Hart
ford. Busin'ess,:jrstisintill prortsytly 17-t
P. A. STEBBINS d• Co.,
fERCHANTS—DeaIers in :Dry Goods, Fancy
In_ Goods, GrocerlearFnsFlour,Feed,Porlz ,
and everything rusnetly gooil countr2F . store.
Xrgitieci titilight and sold
. 1
j_ Rale and Retan Dealer In Dry Oooln, Faney and
~PleGoods.Clothing,trtdica DreolsGoodi.o.eocerim:
Floor, Feed, arii;
,Inaudlen sappily(' on liberal terms
;-- .
v.'s a E. .A. JONES
hirFl t CrlANTfs—Dealersitt DruzA.Medicines,rnints,
• - •121tIcillh icy - A tveleg, Sidloil6fy. - 136 , 13ix)i15,
.. oceriiii, Biz., Main Street, - Coudersport, Pa .
TERCHANtr —Denler In Dry Goods, Ite4dy-mnde
;01 :COthingcl.:rviekrry, laroceries, noir, Feed,
Fort, Provisions, &c., Main street, Coudersport, Pa
rt EliClTANT—Dcaler in Dry Goods, Groceries,
rruyisigua, Hardware, Queenaware ' Cutlery,
Wad u4ually fuund ins country storo.
IL 3. 012tISITriD, •
RDWA E,Merenant, and Dealer in Stores 4
"I-TAn_ Tin and heet Iron•Witre. Main street, Con der I
,port, Penn a. -Tin and Sheet Iron . Ware made' to,
order, in-good style, on short notice. - • •
rbicaahaeribe,rAcidms n form the cities nil of rot
: iSe ,,, o-supplylkertt--w , th ell kinds of
arle work. as, cheap and as srood as ii can be• had
in. plies in thiiconOtry, MO S tiMENTS n,..d TOM 6-
islotims - orall kinds furnished on short notice:
031itlerip3rt, reb13‘65 . 17 ' C. BitEITNIN.;•
tintimusPoirr HOTEL.
rR • Mainl),. l ';i,(l l 3imotidetree.t3.(foraniriaMrs.1 I. oPtetreAo.
Livery Stibleittisists kept In corinect lon with this
Hotel., :DAkly Stages !ct and from theJtoilroada—
Potter Journal Job-Office.
. _
trAviNalatelf. added atria 'De*: aawitclent Of
1011-TY I:Z. to Our alre.viy 'awe assortment.*re are noiiiiis,ipaied $e do all kiodi cif work; cheaply
pod witti:taisteand neatne*a,- Orde7a nonage& -
, .. ...
L •Pensions prise-12mA for .Soldiers of the present
sr who are disabled by reason of -wounds received
or disease ocinr.racted . wh I le In the kiervi co of the United
EitgeS ; and,peeilana ll bonnty,And arrears of pay ob
tained for widows or elm of. those who have died or
been...lEl4d while in service. All lettere of inquiry
iwtruitty answered, and On, receipt by mail ore state
;tient alba ease of.elainuint, I will forward-the no.
Tesintry. papers-Ihr their signature. Fees 'in Pension
.o2llll9l;as fixed by law. Refers to : gens...tesse Benear4
A.." 0 Glicisted,John S. gam, and F.-W. Knox, Esq
~.1 J
. . 1
r J anes ' , C 64 . , laim Agent, cundereport, ea.
186,5 i 1865
IP-hlisidelphia : ,4,Rrle Railroad.
THIS great line traeertrertheNorthern and North
-1." *Oat codattOo or Pennsylvania to the city of Brie
nttlakeltrle. - ; lt,htt. been leased and id eperatedl4
erpaseenger_trains at -
Erie „Moil A. X..
.I:taproot' Troia 9f1.72..m.
- -
s =- 4 Train - ----
t :pr0m0...... ...
POoseager cars run ,throngly en :the il . rief Hon atid
zootti.o tratne Without change Veal. ways, between
donads and Erie.
um"ATetp Trgrk at 0.09 T Y., arrive at Erie In
r e i ee pi:1 6 ,41.55 r. 4., arrive at Now York LIS, r.
1 A114 0 4.A.1511' f3l4c.F.P.llifq 10.3.48 op all' .Ifight'trait t i
I ply at Ceram. of ZSlth sad:Market streets, rhitodelphra
And for Frolgta - bOoldeati :of 010 CctioPani'aikgentil
ts. - tr;giirtittin: Jr,.tpdU.orket istrooto,
hio. - _ ' ! •
Aexpoldsdirio WxO :-. • ! '
Ilrown,rAiroil . t. N. C. R.:R. ,RilthaoTa.
, General
Ticket Agt. Pl:diode
TYLEs*General Elop't, Williamsport.
. " _ - ,
7 .'"* 7 7 &_ 111441 X ‘ "
7 I
, .
, , q
1 ,
. ._ .
591111N.i.1111U.1NC1 .A101ALIVIIS• - • -
)*Wool Poetical ipistlelo ists.trite,
norretivtident• hal - kindly furnished-the
PhiladelPhitizErienink Bulletin a Copy' of a
as'aist letter in' vetse, front the late Press?
i" , ,John Quincy 'Adams to his•wife, written"'. ,
ashingtan nearly sixty-"years agoi• wherfl
, .!
as - Safittior -.from , Massac h u s e tt s. The
i I
I cript -- says ' 'the! correspondent, "was
t • i , ,_
to me! 45 ,-, ye:art . -up .by .a." particular .
a •of Ifis::Allans t !`With an understanding ,
it should - not be giveia to the newspapers
Use; fifferscilopg 'iatiinters;al, the in-,
• ion, inar be consfpred. as ,dissolVeri.i i . -,
Ic - koow!' of few ! ilia pleasant 1 toelety.:
~i than theses they , give such a charming :
ere of the heart an r ho domestic -fealingt
ic -"old_ Man elciqtt'ppt, , when he was still
iriparaiiielyyoungtitan Clot we take great
! , I
;are in, printing- r them t... • I
I . I . • 1607..,.. - - I
FriendOf My bosorn ( woll'idst thou kis w
Ildw, far from thee, th'eldaytt I'ipendy .• . - .
And'howthe passing moments flow.. . . .
,To this abort , simple talc attend, .-, •. . ' .
I- mil
When first em =lug -ftte f East
The sunbeam -ashes ory my curtain,
I statt—frOn ,lusher'S ties released—
' Arid make tho "Weather% temper 'certsla.*
Se, ti r on my closetuthelf,!J. seek. -
2,15 pocket Homer and compell
The 'man of iinitiywoes,', in Greek, .
' - hif fabled trues to tell. - .
i f li '
lln . true be p, inte : tho sbanes life i
. ,
II vr sweet the!poet's honest prattle I .
Far weetcr thitrothe fierce Itlton'a .cafe; ‘ -
• Arid ridver endlog scenes of Lthttle. .
I • '
At n ine etimcsltlaskii to my door '
- . -
Bald down stairs summons toe with ease; .
Bat On my neighboX calls before .. . ,
At d knocks, "111 las Bitty, breakfast, please, "
• . ! I. I '
Again he'laudOr knacks-and stronger, .
TO, Citty aalsrvorh "touting, A10..e5."
And 'then in halilan homier longer,
tomes 'kitty:, Jody as breakfast closes, •• -
The 4 fourth I ally for the day, ' .
And, mush, politica or rhyme;
Take to the C4pitol my way,
- Tciljoio in collotply sublime. -
There ' •
with•tL fah thers of the land. -'
• r ,ii ii In sage deliberation i
(And lend Inf feeble voice and band, ' . •
With equatirs to bless the nation, . •
'The lahor• of e Senate o'er, . • .
Attain; with leolitat y pace, -
Dciwlyto Potorrnsc's glassy floor
My morning hiotsepa I 'retrace. - -
-Andoft, dejec, ed orelate
tti painful Or with pleased reflection.
In t ought renew the day's debate,
And can votes for retrospection. •
At home, I flild the ttihle spread, . :' -
Houd dinner's frazrant steams Invite; - ''.
rs,, the two fold stairs I tread 1 , ' , !
11' atmospheric tale to write. • •.. , 1
Thok, sealk'roend 'al l y, social beard, !
--.Wes resat; till "absent fdends7 are toasted;
Though sometimes ; my ,delays afford '
Tile beef or Mutton over-roasted,
In.bounces Johnson from his school
A f og's eared Wi:baterS in big band,
' Rep ate lila daily atudied rule,
Al d next hie mother takes his shied.'
. ,
Witt look of Pure maternal bliss
1,1. mi-nt says " wilt hive in apple I" .
i inif on his cheek imprits a kiss, -'. i '
i - lllscheek-whiCh rose and lillydripple.
I Soo! little lleryitoe, they bring ; . .
I Aal now WC pr.ctiO every wile,
And clap the hands, and laugh and sing,
Ttratch that heaven—an iefant's smile.
I I .
I Iles time anapple paring whirled' -
I- Thrice round the bead with mistic.ditty, .
And forthwith on the Carpet lieried,
Fo:etells her future lord to Bitty.
1... Ard c. l a m P u P nlt c f b ito es lit l ed " e c e en es d ne ; .. .
To l'A.iblic papersl I attend.
Oil write, mybosorrifefend to yeti ;
Gin 4 at the fire Withvaekritshire,
I Stispended pe and throw confrseted ;
Or,: iitarting sod .rt front my chair, • • ,
, I Tile chamber , co like -ono diStracted.
1 I see, the partner of triylsenl.' ,
I hear my darling dhlldrett play I
BefOre me fal,y isidnalroll. •
' . And steal Me I um Myself away. .
f' . i t' I Il .
Not lung thelarcly fount surroun d me ,
Reality retires at la * ,:- , '. - .
And all is so itude ertnind me—
. Tile W
e dream O blissful Bohn is past,
lily r leart a ell'ort depression feels, . • -
And strsi*way, throwing dOWn my, pen,
I take the volume Vint 'F el-mils" • '
Their duties and the; hopes to men.
7 - e,, .---IsterfOre,irhottla - t not confess I
This book of sacred iti•piratiott
Yields to My bosomin distress,
Blth fortitude and - ionsolatlorn
-6,tioh conies etipper 7 -iiital and eheese-i.
Brgi cm ivlthl grave ant- solemn' face.
Till ;silence, yielding' by degrees, " •
The festive spirit Joh as its pliseh, • . ' -
~ . ,
Good humor Comes, with wailed] Mien.
And stiakrs his sided -with latighter betirty j
And Satire's face isnditteeeti t - ' ~' --
ildfleeted,frim the,
• t, nisi:ire potty..
At I t‘t, diseeidirts, We Yetire ; " '-' • '
Again the.glasesstaieliearn,",
I Thee. for the night: compose my are.... , ' _
A l nd „to my r, lonely ep4eb return. , ~
..... ,
ITh' cre f or - my trife,myt tiovquirfrltuiss" .? -
Irhplo?lng blessings Without euixtber,
Et•ii- while the -prayer to heaven-weenies, - '
-11 Y sense dissolves ir
L.t peaceful slumber: ,
'Alan, hi succession pads my days, 1
Vilhile tlmeiwittf flaggint piniortfleil. ' - ..,. •
And wearies hope with long delays
Till thou; cute Moroistralt Charm "my eyes.
Loulisal thus i.emoto from; thee, • . - ' -I
I. Still Something ter each joy Is - wanting; - - -
While.thy dear - presence . can me - - - I
1..11.1tk0 the most drearpseene.enchantlng. i
*lie was engaged In a series of robservationtion „the
weaer,- to compare with! some taken at Boston at
a. co,
Sileih'Websteee Spellierilook.oras the ttniTersal
Instietdr for'lnds fifty yeire - 30.
Ij.t .11 7-- I
We are hap ly announce that the
forthe Williamsport; bI/
cha ter , city, of,as e
co i a law!' and that those Who have ' bieett
an4busly awaiting st,decision on this : point;
bid( pro:and con, niay. now:settle down,. dad,
if tile) , don't like.the, cbarter; - ansend it4lif
they can; ' The bill beisayne a law "by remain
-ing l ie the;qmPernor'S hands, nnvetoad, u n til
the cctsg4 l lo4nal limitation had expired. We
} tract that , ins ead of discontent, divhlion, nd
contention, : good , 'Citizens ,will' t tinitend
I eleilt Orir best, usinessmen-loittaugurat !he
.bnew city, - aeilh.,ere by,,-Aer.rtre.aupcononneal
but vigoroni niehicipr gdrefnniett: We sAy .
Plt_ 0 g P5!,4, 1 041113 a' CITY or WILLI d 11511 . 011 T. -1.
Williams " • lief
, .a - • u in„
pitio i too Ttliii,ll4(fs., - of lege &C11)0CliC2„ Qqa ille , :&inehtfli4Eol) -4na weths.
. _
. ' "Illeti.4 ine !- syhci, . Can that tte r' said
lq'cther'Serle. ' Mu' a courite here, at
sure as 'ycliirp allie I' , and her curiosity
'Caryied:her, post haste from the -pantry tp
the door stone and there she - stood shield
ing her e , i , ttlf from tint sun *lth one &bury
bad ' if Wliet - i can it ,be,?' said she, again
Vionaces and ,farbelows and- folderal
diddlet4 pink and: bluer 'and voluminouti,
came streaming energeticallY up the shady
lane that ledtc‘theSerte farm house. :rm.,
was - the rara-axis that had nwakened
MotherfSerle's curiosity: A. rare bird
indeed foi that old fashioned,sequeStered
country nook. : • .
' - "Lottie, Lottie;" said the bewildered
damein a loud whisper, to a rosy cheeked
.whoon the, scented shade of a clump
of syringa-bushes near by, 'sat busily at
work hnlling strawberries under the grave
ttrit'lllaiic'e, of a huge greyhound, whose
head and paws ,rested in her lap.—
"Lotttie, Louie i"—the girl's bright eyes
were uplifted to the direction of the voice
"Look ' here l'' clod with a jerk 9f her
head towards the approaching viiitor,lilrs,
Serie beat a hasty retreat intn her pentry
again, ancl with Tier elbow buried in an
outlying I l
,mp_of.doigh, peered' through
the closed blinds, anxious for the de
nouement'. 1 -
"Steel 1" The huge creature, at the
sound 9f - the soft voice deposited his full
length on terra groin. "Fur pity's aake,"
said Lottie, a little dismayed, as setting
down her bowl hastily', and gathering her
apron in one little brown stained hand;she
steed up, awaiting the pleasure of the fair
"Why, Lottie Serie ! Gimped a die•away
voice, , '•'lrying to make , believe you don't
know me ?"
"Serliphina Stubbs ! I never imagined
it was you!" :exclaimed Lottic,advancing
with otitstretcbed band. • -
"Why not?" asked Seraphina, with a
toss of her straw 'colored ringlets. "Yot
know that I've been visiting in the cityl
these three months. Of course it isn't to,
be, expected that I should come back as,
old fashioned and dowdy as I went away."
"Ofcourite not,".assented Louie with
an am used smile, taking io with a. glance
the ext:ruciatitieril,' , "ltlissSeraphina had
defined for 'her Ostensible benefit,, from
titterer of her brimless hat,to the toe of
her high heeled top boots,that ornamented
with a rosette about as large as a full
grciwn head of lettuce,peeped coquettishly
from beneath the dimity petticoat allscol
loped and fluted.
"Ye, dear, I just got borne this moon.
ing, and as 1 told , ma, says I, "Ma. I de
olare fly." Airy enough thought
Louie.) "It's so long since I've seen
Louie ,Serle. And ma said, says she,
"Well,' child, why don't you go right,
over there ? I know she'll be glad to see
you ;' and so I went, and here I am."—
And Seraphiva felt that, she had rounded
to in a most masterly manner.
"LaM always glad to see toy friends." A
sly' little dimple peeped round the corner
of Lottie's mouth, "Wen'tyou come into
the house!"
"OhCdear, no! I can't stop. I'll just
sit down here a minute and have a little
chat. ]lt will seem like; old times;" and
forthwith Seraphina so et apiece's , filled
up thtrustic seat that tiottio was fain to
establish -herself on the projenting root of
a neighboring elm, and knowing her•
friend 6f old; her shrewd !ittle head soon
settled the reason of thi4 sudden burst ot
affection that had torn Seraphina from the
bosom isf het family, after so long a saps.
ration;;and sent-her 'ever; a sandy half mile
of road . to the farm house, armed - thus
carwiTts. - I -
"And-you've been bur?ed in this dismal
hole eier since haveyou I?" said the affec.
tionatelSeraphina. "What can you find
to do with yourself r
g l uon you. would find plenty to do.
if you had such a very fine, stylish city
boarder as we have to take care of."
.'Goodness 'me`!" ejaculated Seraphioa.
the picture of astonishment. You don't
say sol i ".
"Noce can't prevail upon yon to stay
to tea 7" asked Louie drawing her own
idereni l ees. '
"Good Heavens!" dried Seraphina, in
alarming; distress, "you don't think I knew
anything about it before 'started ? (Louie
did think just 'that very. thing.) Ten
dozen'exi teams wouldn't have drig,med
me lrereilf'd tied-," con:iiiuedS'eraphina,,
bent on waking animpression.
.mOnly because that would hnie been too
slows said Louie to herself, turn
ing Steers soft,eir and then
as t.ie4vard of merit,
allowing ititn to hold
her .harid in his mouth. 2
--"Whe !site 7 1 asked. Serapitina,.reeov
ing a little from the,shoek.
did she knossi - itvr i as a he e
thought I.4ottio, as oho answered, Cole
gian,"l •
chlThw name ho bare.?" &irk robins pur
-1 ' • - • J r,
' lOdging from itiipearanCeP4l,;ottie
put,RP144,..114e,a1:14"t0 peeks grateful
e afteriat is.t ( g/c SI I PPS. 941 1 !.4 1 4.• SP".
va sty 'arduous deal* application. .
• -j
"How-does be speciti the time n. wai
nuestiou number three. - !
he is always fall of business.—
When he, isn't smoking. his, cherished
ueerschanm, he gen..raliy to be found
fishing for trout over iti.Clarles froppond
and then .he,.enjoys. gauping so very
niuclt _ I suppose his tenaer heart pre
vents. hioi how hiiting 'What he aims
_at ;
butte i"famous`fer killing, time."
"What does he look like 2". went on the
pursuer after km - Titled: i t°.
is tall; he` Lay li2lithairit is Part
ed in the middle; else ht: thi
owlier'of a moustache, withwised end 4.
that stick- menacingly like quills
•'f the fretful pereupine." volunteered
Lottie, with emphasis "and• deliberation,
and a wieked twinkle in her hazel eves.
La ' how aggravating you are! I only
hope he's round somewhere listening' to
gout' said.Seraphina. .`
uNonsense I" was uttered indifferently'
tqlc's.gane fishing. _Ram him start
ing off an hour ago, with this :basket and
pole long enough to reach across the pond
twice over, rubber rubber_boots,an umbrella,and
an oil-skin mackintosh over his artn."..
"lie roust.,e stylish" put forth Sera
philia, with.a contented s',gh.
."Qh, very ! He wears three seal rings
each one like a plaster in size."
"013,dear,I didn't know, I was so tired,"
Seraphina fanning herself with her
aPplogv for a handkerchief "I don't be
lieve I could get home if I tried. I don't
ease if .I' do take. off mY_things a little
while and get - rested first."
'iAs she rose to follow Lottte into the
hciuse she 'noticed for the first time the
gieyhound at her side.
1' Ugh !" drawing back a little. "What
a -
great brute. How can you bear him so
near yon ?"
'"Near me!'? exclaimed Lottie, putting
both arms around Steel's neck, and hug-_
ging hire desperately.l '"You dear: old
splendid ! don't I love you though ?" Steel
responded to this outburst by thrusting
his great rough tongue into her fact, and
roiling his soft intelligent eyes wistfully
at her, as though longing to ansvrer in
"He loves me better thank he does his'
own master already,",asSette4.l4ttie, tri•
'9h, he isn't yours then ?"
"No; Mr. Ayers'
Seraphi s na knew that was th city boarder
thonzh his name hadn't. bees mentioned
that ' a fternoon ' . -
that lal:ernoon.
`dog "3 l l ik e e r 7h l a n t w sa h i e d a s i b m el s " r d oVeZ lin f.L . v i e s
me, love my deg," you'kmil i v. He'd be
toibink of that—" "
4 , 1 . love his dog because of him, Ail
Well if he did he'd very soon Ind out his
mistake, that's all," said Louie, saucily.
cource I dont expect yeu to tell
the truth about it" winced,Seraphina,
-Fiddlesticks !" Louie stmil still with
a librbtened color, and - - then, turning off
her momentary irritation with a laugh,
- added, 'Veil, have it your own way, and
mu:muter if ever such an extraordinary
- thing Ault/it dome to pa•rs, you'll I!ave to
read 'the (violation this war--" Love me
do l g, lave ma." doggie first, you may be
sure of that," and the light laughing tones
died away as 916 two passed into the hOus.e
...Whew I" came a soft whistle from the
rippo-die side of the sytinga bushes. "Con
founded cool that, anyway 1" The owner
of the voice raised Itiut,:eif up from t h e
grass into a'trying fitting posture, and rubbed
his eyes as tryin to awaken, front &
a rani
" ‘Leirm my dirg, ' e . lov me,' is it 7 'Doggie
first"—it isult_human nature tostand that
Gad i I don't know how, though, I st.ould
object to such a hug as she gave hirn,even
if it was second banded. 'Seal rings like
;plasters,' she 'said," surveying, his out
stretchd digits. The little clipper she
raked the fore and aft without mercy.--
Smoking, fishing, gunning, dres%ing, yes;
evert:, this," twirling the ends of his much
abused and dearly prizeil mousiache,"she
dared to compare to quails of a porcupine
I - th nk that's-Whit it•wai she said The
minx Ihang me if slieshan't eat her words
Before the sanimer's out r' andthe'various
appirrtepadees of the piscatory art tb'at
lay itreem about hiui were gathered to
zether in a, rather', excited manner. He
bachi't caught any fish, but be had a bite.
The fact, was 3lr,,•Frank Ayers had fallen
asleep under the syringas, trod, awakened
by she voices of two young ladies on the
opposite, side and stupified alike by the
teuor of the conversation and, his own
sudden swaicenin! -lied overhear& all.
Seraphioa stayed .to supper, and as long
after as she possibly could. - But contrary
to her fond expeetations, no conquering
hero arrived, - and:finally.she departedfor
home, whereshe arrived in high dudgeon
land with dew-bespangled skirts, whieh -as
she found to her cost titer next day, over
Oe wash tub, sounded Netter when read
to poetry, than when fipgered to the no
compaohneat of 4he etwohhing - board.
"Fathee ; at last qya 314..Seee, a lit=
tie worriedes the torklight settled
Yei'hatel; jiktaific a look rsi t iod
the pond : and see if tor . tiles lispi3 - Detir
"I'ol I." said Fortner Serie; from
.riron doorway. 4 4The chap's all right --
Yeti Wouren folks are never satiified trah?ss
tour's right at you - lieels all the time
Eh; ?" and he pulled-horde's pink' car
as she sat•baside irioron the:eteir. .
Just at that luouient w door overhead
slawured, 'and a quickstep ttrotie through
tlierentry. I‘.
"I declare, Mr. Aycrs," said Mother
Iris '-
Seile,as that genthman wade tliA appear
ance. _Fru glad ymt're safe home.= - I
guest' you had good hick fishing this after
Well, I caught a,good"deal jtnore than
I espeeted," was the reply, and as Llttie
'o•.i , sed him his steaming cap of . l3ohea.
Mr. Ayer?. . eyes.pertinaeiously ' fastened. I
tlituSelves on her - • 1
Lottie 'flushed up a little, but it was in I
this way' she di,6overed that
. 31" r. Ayers. I
had very fine eyes.
And Mr. Ayers, when lie found him.l I
self in the rivacy of his nwri apartment
. 1 1
that night, after due deliberation bOlilo-
quized thus: 1 - I
"She is a tal4ins little thins,, and if she i
did,eut nie up right and left,l deserved it
i'ast enough. -I guess I'll just turn over a I
new leaf. It would be worth somethiti. I
to get, her good opinion,let alone anyrningl
else. Aud the dog shan't always be first
either." I
Frank Ayers, rich, good-natured,good
looking, had, never wanted flat terers.cven
for his faults.. Was it to be wondered at
then, if he had beecone soinething, .of a
eexcoulb,aud rather conceited than o:her
wise ? Indeed, it was on ac;ount of stone
wild freak that he whs then snfournini - , . in
. • •
that quiet country nook ; for the result
of his foolish caprice had been a tempo- .
rary suspension frotnlcollege.
IVeil.,the summer' months passed by,
and the 'young wan studied hard in his
pleasant room, that lOoked •;'over the bills
far away," and the fragrantcedar boughs
that eame tapping getitly at his window
!seemed like friendly voices of encourage-
e 'O n ' t. h, yes,' he tvo!uld take'his degree in
the winter, with S:eele for liis companion,
would keep bachelor's hail and if Miss
Louie would allow .hiat once in a while, ,
the pleasure of a run down to the old farm
house, he would be able to pass' the re
mainder of his natural life both profitably
and happily—at lessst so lie trusted. He
would conclude thes, and Lottie,listening
'and•snciling, and,itluslmw. would'assent
to everything, and render if it was on her
account he, had' dispensed With those
odious sealgings. She found herself los
tering daily a genuine admiration for the
silky, ttinb,.: inoust4elie, that fell now- in
graceful naturalouve over his well fornied
mouth, while she lilt tuosLunacconutably
a not get vver.abl c spite against poor.
Seraphina. But hen, as Wd all kuuvr,
folks Aim good'areriends take the stiaog
, • .
est .tiottoris still:li me.:
At la-t the hi ioltt October morning came
on which Fraiik . ' ;vas to bid adieu to the
dull old country town. But he seemed
loth to go, after all. and when breakfast
was over, wandered li-tlessly round "the
Itotp:e, and lounged away a half hour or su'
under thesyringa buslie4,whieh stood not - I
bare and 'eerie-8. As he cut hni - name!
elaborately' ori the rustic sear.he•wondered
Why 'Louie 'didn't come to bid him =god
by. She certainly knew that lie - wa., go
ing., and he lhad inteinded all along. to•tell
her, when he left ; what he had beard that
slay under the s4 2 , , ringas, and thank her for
saying it,; fttr it hatllspurred him on to be I
something better; wind he hoped that.she
would alway's bus good a friend to -;
and then it llus erailtins greatly to decide
whether or no. e had better ask her if it
i t
was the dog first no*? And the bachelor
establishment, y nit Steel for solo coin pan
ion seemed a vb.. dull and empty picture.'
be when he, fill iknprhe void with a rue} l .l
cheekralgirl's f Fe. with a smiling dim I
pled iloutlt an witehinfi hazel eves, - it I
was jillSt the t I;ng. “That'll be 'next!
1 .,
winter{; and I'll do it," said lie aloud, aud I
he sauntered down the garden - path with!
Steel at his heels. "It's all right if I
don't see her now ; I might say somethino
idllvJ and it Will be bitter to wait till next
winter. She will know then what I can
do,lacl it will dome soon';" and lie counted
lup the-months on-his finger.
I :Yes, &A
I boy; lwe cats wait until then, _can't we 7 -
But 'where was Steel ? . I
lie looked around him. sight before
him 'stood -the suinrner house; einbowerOd
in goroeous draperies of woodbine,rnsset.
and yellow and; erirnson. That was Steel's
low whine be heard. ,'Partingthe trailing
clustdrs, little Lottie was seett,,olasping
Steel tightly, and biding bir face in hit ,
1 neck. • -
"Good bv, Steele,gcod•by. Nice Steele
Oh I, don't want to let you go; lbut you
wi.l take good eare'of your muter, won't
you 7"
"For your sakg, Lottie 7" 7 .
She looked up, startled at the pleadi ng vcice, and feeling that her face ttightfic
tray her, hid it, again irt.Steelo:s Deck,.
But strong hands r,o.ww
and, conquering, herself, she Inked. down
hitalhe Taokcior
, .
eatelktti' s"aentenCe on iterio'niitii; Dante'
she tiould utter - it; li'ido*'itaidotitritii4yet
wit h lad 'eagert,tremble in Ps aPi'diF,
tttu tt e 'toy deg, love'me I . - Do you ? tett I
mew Cr! that T,'''
..- . - • - `' 't : •1-' ,l
" he re:Yeili',did hear me thatll:4ll4n !"
t io
• Sh e t fjed tehid - e [ter liree,bpli, liVrinind V
wore neti at her disposal; and w coafillevet
woutWilmild - her waist ittelotvdr lief
tati ß uet ~ tl - • 4.
. ` I .Will be: eorderit . to ttaxe if,' de/
since, 511reky now, yoti . wrill.iteif the ilea , _
rer is well - mor the dug. - Won't, you bid and
enotilby jut th - e'satim. '- way 1"-lietii4rt' ed
Frank deli ,, ltted at -her confosien '1 Aud
!Attie, looking swittiy,into the, billafing!
face below her, obeying an uneoßtrollable
impulse, flung both her army- round-hid
neck, and actually gave , him' tin energetid
hug;,then, - before lie had _awakened from
the delight fat ecstatic cleliri out cense:air' cb
by, presto. change I ite found - ItituselfAit ,
ting On the withered grass, gazing on the
empty' bench, before him, fur the rutty
bird had•flUwn. And up the lane sounded
the postmou's horn. A mosf, detnonstra•
hive hand shut:lug with Mother Surle; a
1 wave of his hat towards 'Lett f ids!wititivw
PI . •-
w ef
ucte a tiny nttarc orgossa er was units
h ou the wind, and Ito was ed.: - i i
1 e
As long as Ole faintest . uttcr i
Of- d .
1 litfleAtereloicf,could bc veil, Frank, kept
Ihis head •ont• ; of ,the coach • window, : up.i
windfill of sun or ; dust, and discolattoe la
collar bone; and • then, when., lt:was.,in•
tirely lost le view, he shut leis eye! up9n
the common things aronc'd him,: and kell
to work building fairy, rpse-hued, castles
fur the future. '- ! • - :t
A iteporieeAs hepertenee'oia the icdi
' ' One of our reporters visited Ihe, y.ciall
Skating Park on Saturday nigh On thus
gives the details, After hiringa pair of
sksies fora moderate fee;a friend assisted
him to pet them on, encouraged by' the
presence:of al grogp of'youngiadies; wile
watched the young wan with evideat:_ip
terest, he,' to use , his. own latiguae,
"st r uck out."l What followed willbe test
told in his own words.. fiesays I A siaht
to the right :With the right' foot,' a slant
to the left with the left foot= , -and just
then4e saw 'something on
ice add
steeped to pick tt ttp. 'On our feet again
:•:-- - -tore ilitots;,to..the tight and one to die
left, accompanied' with. tho lossipf cont
dense. ' • Anether slide with the right - feOt
and we sat &ire' with fearful i-apidifS.,
but with very little,-if any clegauee. What
a set deritrit was,' for we Made a dent - in •
the ice nnfl'imlike an old= fashioned Ctid=i
neetieufbotterboad ! Just then, one of
the ladies remarked : .oh, look, Mart,
that fellow with- -the bat ain't got his 1 ,
skeets oh Ilto right piSce !' IDitto that' i
irM• , Jest then a tamed little'devil sunk
out asohn passed us— , llello, fold. timber
legs.!' and we rote suddenly and put : after
him. 'twee % slides to the • right,- two CV
be left,land away went out legs / fine to
the ea-/!and another t`.l tha west, eausing
ari iineati t ose fissure in our-Pints, and a
picture, of a butter dish. in the euid."L 0 . 1 -
huw cold—ice. The Istlywe knew site
was one the-remark the.reark she intitl =a mid
, pz,lte and . said--Qh, look, gars, , : 'hat
pimp wiOl the,hat ou has sat down_oU his
handkerObicf to keep him (row tiikiog
euld I'
We rose about, as. graceful at • a -Draw: :'
fmr'iet w hen l - Harp said —`-'4uess iv . .liiiit
a handkerchief, Jane," aud-'Mare ¢was
fight., ye tiied it again. A .glicW, one •
Ray,a glide ; a nd a half. the other, When
whack wear our bump of phihiptogeni- 4
tiveness on the ice ? atol we saws militia
of stars _dancing orouoti our eyes, like
ballet girls at the Boary theatre low
the'shock went through our system, and ,
up,and down our ilpinal.eolunon. . Light.;
mos , couldn't have corkscrewed it dowri
.1 greased •apling with greater spee anti c\
more exhilaratirio-effect. Perhaps we had \
-kaied, tin our peculiar style, fifteen feet f ,
when a bluodering chap came
w up behind,
i i
when e sat dw
on agaiii, with o r tired,
head, pillowed in his lap—aod he swear;.
in_ .at us. when. - it was all his own tatilt-f;
how cold the ice was tliere,.too 1 Every
plaee Where, We made ovr debut on the ;
si ! - Ic'
tee—oh, bow cold_. i t .. Our li ears ill
draa-ers were no- protection at a!l. ..We
tried again,:tind down came °lir Romano,
t3reciari nose on the Mild julip Maierial f ,
and t fie little drops of driutson ran 'iliWO,
our'shirt boSoin'and Oil ihe cold ide. This - ,
Was too much for us,so We .taille for the
shore amid •Ittie sneers and laughter 4..
the'handreas iih6.lad ficlieised cruiwis; - .
hap. This-leis atir - first 'essay' en thiiiiers
.—need,we Say, after our desq'bodAb
eiperiertili ' that it will heciel Jasti,'Qii,
-•sesson tic ket" .W4l 'Joe- Othrtied in Ilfri r
Miller forthwith, and frog! this day,fer:
ifard-we 131'01 forsiefiiikates and skatilicr.
Jeff: turning :hl4 atteattod;
mord'tinin ;ever. to -tiltt.,6oticern of-his
iota. 1, Ile .bas redently been visite& by
_ •
{.l spiritual sctsigair,_the par,tur
Church Rialtmaadorildpasead atr
dayat bia "priaaa,ip
erbitteraisip, std
ate lutoraln eat:
his oi l
him 't
i . t : _.. _ "1t
_-.i.:isi 3s>}
• "Ft