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    K u'.z..``4'. ~, a t'n. r
Prami.nxianrA CoIIGIMSEMEN.
Brief S)cetettes of :the career, with the
4tistriet anti polities of the men who
repregent Pennsylvania in
the XXXIXth Congress.
Edgar Cowan—R.
Re was built in Westmoreland county,
Pennsylvania, September 19, 1815. After
spending one year at Pranklin College, Ohio,
lie graduated iat that institution in 1830.
While yet a more boy he was thrown upon
:bis own resoardes for a support,and until 1842
followed various employments—having been
st, clerk,' boat lbuilder, ;schoolmaster' and a
litadent of medicine. He subsecriently studied
law, and practised the profession until istii,
when be'was chosen • a Senator in. Congress
from Pennsylvania for the term ending, in
1887, serving on the Committees on Fmeig,n
Relations and lEnrolled Bilis. and as Chair
man pf the Committee on Patents and th e
Paient CO. ee.' In 1860 be was Presidential
• Charges R. Buckatew—D.
1143 . 168 borrL in Colombia county. Pennsyl
vanini Decentll:er 28,
.1821 adopted the pro
leitteiOn-of; Iftw,"arril was admitted to practice
In.lB43';.ivits prciseentingattorney (Or his ,:a
tifeCotinty- freim 1845.t0 :841 ; was a Senator
the State Litislature in 1850 and 1853., in
),854 ite. tcps al commissioner to exchangejhe
,iatifieritions of a treaty with Paraguay; was
ti Senatorial Viesidential elector in 1865 ; iu
1857 he 'ens Chairman of the State Demo
(fcatic, C.tourolliee; during the same year was
Te-eleited to the State Senate, and also 'ap- ,
pointed a commtssioner. to' revise the
. penal
cone of Peuns)lvanin ; in 1858 tie resigned
the two latteipbsitions, and was appointed
oy President 11tryfranan Resident Minister to
Eucador, retutining home in 12131. In
he was eleete4) aSenzitor in Congress from
Pennsylvauia,,by a majority of one vote, for
the term endiri;g, in ISO, zerring on the Com
mittees on Indian Agairs, Post Office, Pin
gone, Slavery
. Mines and . Mining..
• -
t. District—Samuel 3. Randall —D.
't . Vrti - a burn in Pliiiatilelphia ; in 1828 ; edu
cated in That city, wns brought up stinerelinnt
and has ever betin engaged in that pursukt
served four years in the councifs of his native
city, and in 1562 he rnS elected a Rettreseut•
alive from Pennsylvania to the Tbirty-elgbib
_Cougresii, s.millinis on the Committee on Public
Haildingu and Grounds. Re-elected to the
Thirty-ninth; congress,
D. District—Charles O'Neill—B.
Born in Philadelphia, March 21, 1821 ;
graduated ati:• . Dierteuscn College in 1E.0;
studied law and came to the bar In 1833 ;
1,850, 1851 and 1852 he was elected to rue
State I.,e;;islalure, and in. 1853 to the State
Senate,; re-erected to the Legidature in 1859
and in 1382 Lelected h Itepresentntive - front
Pennsylvank to the Tltirty•eight!
serving on the Committee on Contnwrce,
elected to the Thirty-ninth C >ogress.
111. District—Leonard Myers—R.
.He was hoin is Attlehtfrough.ltucks coonlY,
Pu., Novemb'er 13, 1821 , received a liberal
education, add adopted the profel,tion of l:tw
was solieiterl, for , tvo totnicip.ll is in
Philadelphiak revised and 1.14-ested the ordi
nances for the Consolidation of the city. and
has translattid several works from the Frenen.
Ire Was elected in" 186 - .! tt ReproS , ntative from
Pennsylvitruis to the Thirty. eighth Congress,
serving oc . the Cittnnittecs :on, Patents and
Expenditureh in the Post Oiliee Deptrtment,,
Be-electel q) the Thirty-ninth Concess.
.tt District-7Wiitiam*D. Kelley—R. •
Was horniin Philadelphia in the spring of
1814; re':nlited a good English edneation ;
commenced active tire as a re 'der in a pri la
lagmillet: ; spent seven years as an apprentice
In a jewelrylest thlishment •• rv:lnoved to 130s
ton, :lad fdllotred his trade there for four',
years, devqting Pont(' attention 'to literary
matters; toturned 'to Philadelphia, studied
hsw and WO admitted to the bariin 1811, and
CLid the office fur some years of Judge of the
urt or Comm Piet] in Pailadelphia. In
ntldition tialhis political speeches a number of
literary addresses have peen published' front
his pen. tie was elected a Representative
kin' Pcnrt?ylvanitt to the Thirty-reventh
Congres?, Serving as a memher. of the Coln.:
Mittees of Indian Affairs and Expenditures
on Publi!l
Buildings Re-elected to the
Thirty.4.ig l atli C mgress, serving uo tHeorn
inittees on lAgriculttire and Naval A ni i.. , ; and
te-eleeted to the Ihniy-ttinth (longress. - ' •
V. Dis ritt —NI. F ussell Thayer —R.
' Iln was m Peter.
:burg, in Peterurg, Virginia, Jan
wiry 27, 1 la; gradmited at the University
of PennsylHata in 1840 ; studied law, sod
was admitted to the bar in 1812 ; and trims
ihmted a Rept% tentative front Pennsylvania '
to the Thirty-eighth Congress, Ferving as
chairman kin the CoMmitivti on Private !And
Cutims. tle_receivell from his Alma Mater
tic two degrees of Itichelor and Master of
Arts. Re-eleeted to he Thirty-ninth Con
.gree.3. i -
Vi.) District—B. N. Boyer—D.:
Was horn i in Montg. winery volt lify, Penni vlv,k.
hitt,. Jan Miry 22, 1822; graduated at the
rniVersitY of Pennsytrania in 1311 ; adopted
toe profe4si4n of law ; was Deputy AttA•ney
Ileneral fir
.Monig unery„county from 1319 to;
1130, awl was elected a Representative 'from
Penusylvanin'to the Thirty-ninth Congress.
Dlstrict--John M. Broomall . —R.
Was born in Upper CAiehester, Jelaware
comity, P r enniylvabiit, Jana:try 181 . 0 ; re
c"Aved n corninon. school vdneation ; studied
nnctitits been devoted to.that nrult•ssion ;
has serv6l in' the Legislature
,of the State;
W2lB tt ISGO, and in 1802
vits elected-a Itepreseatative from P,nnsylva
,nia to theiThirte• eighth Congress, and Was a
rienthe6lf the Committees on Accounts and
^. 1 :0%, 11 , 3 r to , the
Tlarty-nintli Congress.
VIII. District—Sydenham E. Ancona—D
Ile was born in Warwieli,Lancaster county,
P. , tinsyl;cania, November 20, 1824, nun
, ovin b to Barks county was fur several years
eonneeled with the Reading 'Railroad Cont
i, .ny He was elected in lBi.lo n Reiiresenta
tive Pennsylvania the Thirty-seventh
i'ongrei.., serving on the Coalmittees on the
lkillttia and Manufactures. In 18G2 he tuns
r‘:•:-.eleeted to the Thirty-eighth Congress.
seining as a member of the Committees ou
Manufactures and on the Militia, Re'-elected
the tfhirty -ninth Congress:
IX.I District-Thaddeus ' Stevens—R.
.13ord" in Caledonia county, Vermont; April
4; 17,9$ ; gratlunied at Dartmouth. College itt
ra4 that year removed to Pennsyl
vania studied law and tiOght in an academy
stt thelsame.time in 1811; was admitted to
the bM‘ in Adams county; iti.lB?3 witeeleeted
tha t td State Legizlnture, Asa Also in 18i:4
11837 and 1841 ; in 1836. lie I•zts- elected
member of the convention to hltvisp the
Male lesiuslitukian ; 1a 183 Wl* appuinted
(Avil q In 1842 11± remorell4o
Lanevstrr, stud in 1848 wss.elected t Itepre
[putative from l'etitipylVania' to the V-irty-
Erst Congres, :also eleete'sl to the Thirty
secorid,'and in 1.858 was Ire-viected• to the
Thirty-sixth Congress, atnd,4tso to the Thirty
-8 venth, d,:tring whielii he lwas- eltaitinan of
t h e cd ul ti t attee of Wayis add Means, having
previously served on variou's important coal
-1341A665. 1n 1662 he vras ' ; re-elected to the
,T oirty-eighth Congress, agaist serving
Chairman on the Coahnittlee on Was and
aed also ns CMiirman of the Speeml
Conarnittee on the. Paci6c gzilrvl. Ile was
nho a delegate to the paltlinore Convention
in 1864. It l e-elected !to the. Thirty-ninth
I ,
X. Distsict-71Wyer, StrouseD. .
Was born in Germany, December 16, 1826
csime wish his father to the United States in
1 . 832, and settled it Potisville,gennsylvania
received an se sdeniic education and studied
law; from 1848 to 11852 Iseeditei. at newspa
per in Philadelphia called the North Ameri
Farilier, after whicli. he dev(hed himself
to the prnitice of his profession; and in 1882
I.e .r.a.s elecicd a RepreSentative from Penn
a% 'ania to the Thirty;tighth Congress,"serV
lug on the Conitnitteel on Roads nod annals.
Ite-e:eaed to the Thirty-ninth Congress.
XI. District-Philip Johnson —O,
Wes born in Warren county, N J, October
17, 1818. - In 1838 n 2 retnoved with his father
to Peum<ylvapid, settling in No rthanipton
c.osistYr. Ile tans' educated at LarayeheiCol
lege, where he spent two years, oiler which
he spud Leo ye:sr...l.-teaching school in . the
Sous 4, On ls,ls return !muse lie ktidiedlay,;
I.r• admitsinl to tie 'bar - in 1848, - and 'soon
It'telsv.trai elected Clerk °Mlle Court of Ses
lo ss, and of tile liver and Terminer. Its 1853
and 1854 he' %sag :leered to the State Assem
bly ; in 1857 144 'Chairman of the Democratic
&att. Convention:; in 1360 he WAS the-Reve
nue Commissioner for the Third Judicial dis
trSct she... State; and was elected a Reale
rentative frorn penwrylvessist to. the Thirty
,seventh Congrless 4 , serving on the Committers
en !loads and Gneals and , nu P.t.ent;: /le
wars re-elected sOtbe Thirs..,sl-eighthCongress„ , NV:15 ; 11 meinber of the -Committee on Ter-1
also a de
ctgo C.m% i 01) of 1864.
Xll. insTarc
It as born in Wyluning Va'
Jann.try 43. 181:8;; gradi,i;
Cotlege adopted ,
proleiiion :of law, and I,r l #
- .s , ltative 'froth I'ennsylvi'ii
eighth Congress, nervingi
on Indian lAtfAirS..llte-el'el
ninth Congregs.i
I ,
I lilt. utszates.--tmvss,cp, r.tElleCtt—rtj
Was born in 4. otranda,l Bradford county,
Penn-tivaniai :11;:,11 , ...t, 12, 1818 ; graduated
at Jeiferson Co, lege -in
. 'I .842 , Sp./died . law
coil,tgelant; came to the bar in 1843;
fetit: 'Presitlutfal elector in 180 ; in Marc),,
1.861, ilc tray appointed 'resident Judge of
the T:iirteetith district of Pennsyl
vania, and deer( d to'.the office in October
tellowing for a tcrnt of . ten years hut which
he resigned on Deis: elected in 18J4 it Repre
:entoti6e front Pcuasylvauia ;to the Thirty.
ninth 0un...:re5,.,.;
' • xtv. Dismer—aCeriClß r: MILLER—i,
Wai /inn, in Cnitii , q.iaque, iNnrthumberland
c,ninty, ti ; 1309;
'cveivel a.r at.t.,ernieli edat,ation, laboring.
o.:upj.:t Irimac ii tip v.icntions ;
law dan culla. ti)lbe bar in 18'33 , took nn ac
tive iiier pAitics, but Cr , fluently de
et.ineti fir coninty and State
ogices number of years Secretary
orthe U e
n;vr. , itY in Penn:ylr y)ia.
and le isGl‘,.lteeteil a ItepreAentativ e (zinc
Vaiii,,y-ninth Congress,.
DISTRICI- 1 — J. 'G6O9SIlltE.'!:NSItec:-13.
Iltrn iy Ildgtlrtoein, Maryland, August It.
1810 ; apt.t7ent,ted 'at att early . age to the
print tag,basit.pis, r.; which was:his School;
when seventeeil l years of age ;lie trat',eled ia
the West and lJerrva f:lrentan in the tidiee of
the o.i io Nis of the Iresf-'
era To!,vraplt 11339 helreturned to Penn- I
svivartia and sktled Yairs \chore Ile pub-1
ti3hed the 19/.1,..,, nail there heldrati
ons offices oft rnk and re.ip usibility. itt:l9o
ite:waS ch.:el •iergearlt.-a -A , tai of ihe Na..i
tioital ilutt.3euPo•pres.iatatives kr theT
m hirty4'
ti Congrenol!nd , wati re-elected to the .ante'
allh-e by the four 101 l iwi ii Congresses;. in!
18;1 It! was iirivate Becratary to President
Illehann ; in! I'.u:lbe bi i Tae one, of the;' of thi., Pliiia6lph ,t Age, and,in 1,8441
, m
tie was elected a 11 , ..prbsett.atire train Penn'
sylvanio to tie Thirt . Otinh con'gress.
xrt. ntsan T—W11.1 1 .1.%4 II ICOoIiTZ—B. 1,
[ln the li 't fern nide' livelt't he these bio.,
graphics. thatofColirorit i'i given as the Utep,.,L
resentative fitan this I),lstrict. This 'a a
mistake. lio'?n:r is . the tileeked Represen:a l .
tiVe, ,yid will of course be recognized. 4
Edi;or T,learop'l:]
XVII. DlSTaleT—laltAll4sl A. BARVCII---T
Born in tiovell, oxford county, Ma i
March :to, 1,31 d ; recetved a COMTIMA SO
etillellloll, and eng.tged in 71,g , letatilrill
Snits; tea; eaky a strOt tuns advocate of
iwran..e and iinti-slav l ery ; retn.,vpd to P
P.,1 naia in 1;'5I, and th:r ded himself ti
limber and tat reantil l e totsine,s ; was a
Kite to the chier , . Vonvention of 18GO,
in 18G I he was erectel a Representatirei
PeanstlVania to the. l'itirty-ninth Cottgr
1 1
xrtit: tos•rnter—s 4:eitEN F. WILSON—I
, I
Ile was born in Coi l ntubi.t,Beadfodr col
rennsyfraniii, Septc'tiber 4, 181.11" spen
boyhood on it firm. and s rect , i veil Ills ed
tint) ht - Aelute,wy, where be w,
assistant tt•a:4llter fir tne term;' he eimp
while ta,ll.ilitin a ietseltool!in Welki
stathed and•Jadoptidi the profe i ssiun "of
w.i: a tioroi i gh aiseztor o:w year ; a
director Ihr 'ilix year;; tvas a Senator
State Legishittire in {lBO,lBO and 1S6I:
in 166.1 he electl a 'Repro. allure!
renusylvatiiit to I herthirty-nintli Congt_
NIX. DISTIIICT—G d EN:: I W. Eicorip.lo-J-I:.
, ,
He w- 611
s born in Ph:(l4 coatity,' New
York. Marell 11, 1811 ; 4railit.ile+l at Hamilton
C illega in i,lB 10, and retnori , il to Warren,
i t
l''l'a, where he wa; admitted to tin ,
hafin 1843) In 1850 and 1351 hp was a mem-
Irir of the $ ate Assl•nibly, and F.-ean .1857 to
1859 he wa. at
in the Ste Senate. In 1 1831 he
was appoin eil President Judek of the
JuilOal di t ,trict of tile Stat, and in
Ititl2 he wits elected a Piepeesentit ve front
Pennsylelia to th. Thirty.elghth C ngress.
sating on he Con tnittees' ob Etect ous and
Expendits in :the War Departure t. Re
elected tote
elected Tltir ' j-ninth Congress:
Ile was porn in ,
,eignn. Obio, SeVernber 6,
1830; spet tholnOt of his Hie itetively en.
raged to blushieSs pursuits, and was elected a
Representiitive ':frotli Pennsylvania- to the
Thirty-niti f h. I - L'ongrqs.e .
XV. litil (tICT=IOI:I'.4 L. DAWSON—D. .
tle was
„ iiorn in 'hiontown, Fayette county
Ppnn , 3-Vaniii,'Fch ilary 7..1813; wa . : 'Munn;
te l l at Walhingtople , iilrge; adopted HIP pro..
fesidott °flair ; *Ai appoitceri by Pi teident
Polk, in 1i4.5, UniWtl States 4Ltornei for ihe
. . .
rT" -r , ” ~-DM!".
• • ; ' •
Wistern district.of Pennaylrania; was elect= ,
earn Representative /mini Peromylvania to the
ThirtY4ecovid and Thirty-third •;:tongressei.,
serving during the last term as Chairman on
the Cammit.tee on Agriculture, and iii 1862
was re , elected to- the'', Thirty-eiglath.Congress
and wil l s member'of the Committee on l'or
riga Affairs dud - 'also of the Committee on
Public Lands. He was the author of the
Homestead' bill which passed in 1854 and a
delegate to the Baltimore Conventions of
1844,1848 and 1360, and of the Cintianati
Convdntion of 1856; When, on the part of
Penusylvarta, he delivered a speerh ncknOwl
edging the nominati . un for President of 'Mr.
Buchanan. Be was appointed Governor of
Kansas by President' Pierce in 1853, hut de
clined .the i . t i ipnointtnent. Re-elected to the
Thirty-nint Congress.
Born on he Susquehanna river, Pennsyl-
Vanid, in 180 G; received a limited education,
spent the Most of his youth on a farm and as
an apprendee to a tan.ter; was . one of the
contramors for building the Susquehanna
branch Of t t6 . -Pennsylvania Canal; was the
criginaterrif a-passenger , packet line on said
canal. ln 1836 he removed to Pittsburg. and!.
there be took tteactive part in improving the
navigation i, fthe Monongahela, and ices made
Pre,ident o' the company bearing that name.
and established in that city the Union cotton
factory , . In 1838 he received the militia title
of ArdintantGerieral, and subsequently, tar-,
ing a great' interest in the basiness of tele
, graphiltg, became the president of several
telegraphic companies. In 1859 tie aas elect
ed a Representative from Pennsylvania to the
Thirty r sixth,C , ingress, serving•as a member
or the CoMmittee on Commerce,' was 're
electeod to iltelltirty-seeenth Congress, serv
ing asChairmari of the Special Committee on
sation'a , Armories ; re-elected to . the Thirty
e/glitit; Congress. serving as Chairman of the
Committee on Manufactures and ::1? a member
Of the Committem on Naval Affairs: Re
edected to the Thirty-ninth Congress.
Was born in GreMnshurg, Westmoreland
county, Pennsylvania. tigust 28 1805: grad
uated at Dickenson College. n 18'25; studied
law and came to:the bar IMI-28 : :et tied iii
Pittsburg, from which place he was sent as
Senator to the Legislature in 1833 nod the
three following years; in 18!.;0 he was elected
to the lower house i,f the Legislature, and in
18C2 was elected a Representative' from
Pennsylvania to the Thirty-eighth Congress,
serving, on the Committee on the Judiciary.
Re-elected to The 'Thirty-ninth Congress.
Was berm in Waaidagtan county, Pennsylva
,inl 1813 e his rather ' ditsrth- Lawrence,
havinglbeen in Congress before 11e re
ceiver/ a liberal . Or/cation, and devoted him
self to agrieolimul pursuits ; was elected to,
the State Ltigislattire in 1814,1847.1853 and
1859, and to the Stitte Senate in 1848,181-9,
1850, 1851 and 18(10, officiating as Speaker
during the;-last term; frequently served in
the conventions of the State, and in 1861 he
was elected a Representative from Peunsyl- .
runic to. the ThirtY-ttinth Congress
,evat.; to the Chi
lie- elected to the
' ey, Perinn9viinia,
tea id: DiZikenson
rand praetif,ed the
7s .elected a! Refire
to the Thirty
(in -the Curniiiittee
.ted tu'the Thirty-
170, 172, 174 & 176 Gtty.Eivicu Sr.,
Between Courilandl and Dry Strcet:,4Yeto York
JOAN PATTEN. Jr., Proprietor.
Pr : 4M Paoific llote4 is well and widely
knoWn to tile traveling public. The lo
cation Is especiallV ti'ttable to mcrchants
and linsiness men ;di. is in clue pi•it.xiraity to
the buSincss part of the t:ity—is o:t the high
way of.Suothern anil Western travel—and
a4ljteet i ti to: all the prthcipal Railroad and
Steamboat depots.
The Vacitic has liberal accommodation fur
over 300 guez.ts ; II 4.5. WA furnished, sod pos
sesses every modern improvement for the :
comfort and ester, Sinn:eat of its initiates
The routes are splei , ms and eel! vet:Waled
provided 1% int gas and water;, the attendance
is prompt and respectful; and the table
7euerously provided with every Oclicacv of
' the season.. t. I ,
The itibseriber, who, for the past few year's,
has been the lessee, is now tole proprietor,
and intends to hie:airy hirti,self thoroughly
with the interests of bi hoese. \V :h hyng
experiqnee a 3 n hotel-keeper,:. he tro:ts. bC
moder4te charges and tiltrritt pOiley, to
maintain the favorable reoltroion of the Pa
cite Hotel. JOHN PATTEN, JR.
1794.f'ehr?„7, 1794:
Oldest Insurands Company in America
Cash Capital and Surplus, over
ill -
o the
at a
SEVENTY.ONA Tears Stii , cesAftil BuMness
Experience, with rt reputation for integrity
ruti honorable iitialing unsiirpased by "any
similar inscitutioti. .
I,t/S6F.B since organization, $17.-
500.000.00, with )itt the deduction of a cent.
or a thty's attla).' I '
LIDERA!, ItA'fr.3 for all; the safer classe=
of pri)perly Insurance of L/NNiAlings and
(lontents. at specinhy.
MUCK or STONE I)wellingn insured par.
pro l any, if de:311 ,1 ,4.0. on lertiti of the grc:/
cconowy and safety to the insured.
It is Wisdom and Economy tft insure in the
hest; ttall there is nonl ,
the nild In.uratice Co. of North
Api‘ly ttr
' lnty,
~t Ilia
9 an
fur a
11. J.' 0 1,51 STE VS
St TORE can always be found the best t,
Cooking, BOx and Parlor
S T 013) E
BONS. Also,
,Agricultural Implements.
sacil. as PLOWS. S(.4,tAPERS, cuLtlv.\-
00G-POWEI;S, Sc.
15 well made and the material (mod. • Good
;nd substantial - I:. VES-TROUGHS put up II
my . part of the,Couaty . --Terins - easy. Reati:t
Par of all kinds, intladin,g Cash, seldom
refused: • . " I -
„ .
Store on Main Street opposite the Old Conti
liouse,.Couderiport. . Aug. 1, 1563:--50
Yon Want
TO purchase Cotton Oacicts,.ia - to'
M. e A
Agent for Putt
s mx p . „,
. - 4 -1
North-east ' Cotner Tonto ani Chester itreets,
- The moat complete and thoroughly appointed prmi
ne.s.. ei C, , turnerelai College in the country.
•Tne Only one In the city r assessing a Legislative
Ch4e ter, and I be , unit' one in the trnited Silite9 author
ized to eon fer 1b gree. f merit. - lAphnints awarded
to graduate 4 in the Commercial Courto under its cur
iporate sea) by authority of kw. ,
Comlucted by gentlemen of: liberal' education mil
oxtetisive elperiener In husineas, and utionfirtg , une
quelled stivAt,tagir for ibm'cluah theoretical and
ps, e tte a l ..dnenT.lon 0: young en n for tho varmus du
ties and ..mploy rueuts of bus nos+ life.
by a #3 eem of
orizionl and 'ring the stn•
dent in the AlLortrot time a. completes inAgla into the
routine, iletair- ' ciiitorite and forms m
of busie , e in
we-nem , . as coieluctrd•di the feet-regulated euturtier
14:fal ?old thoen , letlemahl ell.ments.
17I.On111:CAVI , ian. with an orizina: exposti'on of the
belrflee Ot account-, arrangt4 a.l rottlli).hed by the
pr4r etoi of t 1.14 I..ooltution ex..tu,..v-iv for his own
i:,fe one-ha: f theon , inary Nbor It? t 61 lid, zit.
end ;a a comp'ete knowledge of the pactice
of the be.t Iteconat.ufts. '
TUE com.nrr:ciAL COURSE
ilook-keeping, Cornmertigi tliithhmalie, Pen-
Itzt sin.syt Cwrtspontlenee, COM
mertial Lazo, I).?etteres on Buzinns
Af f airs, Cotricteicl Customs,
ForrnS, on • -Actual Xusi
n(33l Pracf
Algebra and ,11,11hensatic$, Ptiono-
geophy, Oro rm of r il'eOoorriehip, the Arl of
Detediuy .C.-vineerien
Surveyinv, Telearaphiny.
. ,
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The In tit f!on le located lit the ino:a central part
of the cl , y, and i!it accommcyntlime, for extent, OM
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(the' or Con, 11 , itt.ce, Telegraph
oSr:zee, : 4 tact err 9h, r, and a eira'ar
rupplled with ficc'_ enerairtt lithographic Mara
clreJi,tinst ne , il: um in the Department of
Actual Lum.t.eee.
Arlm de , •iro 11,e very . Ig,g e= for n Tragical
E 111C30011 for Do••'.nes.. w(r ota: fag a eoaro•of
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d Pta!‘w of the lontitniion among
bii t.e1.4 area endormerneaf tln,brat palo‘port
to 1•11C,1,1 :Vat ,Jr.l,Cf`tOelit. 131 x l vernionth ); :
•-nterlaw ayry Comtnirrial are invited to fiend
for an - • •
coht&iiin r. rornpletv inte;:ior v;elV/1 of the College,
and foil partiLulArs of the cottnie of instructlo:l
terrain, Ztc ;
T. C. SEAllf_slT.
.Speciod,'Tolt.ll.r (1!1 , 7 gyp,. nr nv.a;nrwt,
• - • .t• Ti , ~t • ,
• ' R1MP 1M11.1. 4.,;?......,. . , t .. .* * ,..ii,44: „.1 long and favorably
le,-..:4 4 ,1,,5'i11 - f,,..1 . 1"ie1f' known, I will thor
*/-'/.2:1...?.../›./....,7;44' y oughly reinvigorate
. , i4 . 1 :7: di -:‘ , :,Vl-1 . ..,74//*4- -
it•t v ,S* •••••-i-Ik .
. broken-down and
low-spirited horses,
..' If by strengthening
and cleansing the
' ' • stomach and fates
' ' ' •
yam -, vi ta .- --h`l4ktt'-tf tibes.
It is a sure pre.
~ .4 ' T .i• - 4 \ : ventive of all di5......
...... vi- , ••* • "' -;---- r- - - • case's incident to
this animal, such as LUNG. FEVER, GLANDERS,
0 7; • .
TER, H EA V i l S, 01; 1 4 .
TE3IP E 1: . FE- ' * - ,,X .
YERS, FOUNDF.R. ont . . - 9 S . ' '
I.OFirl OP APP.E- ~......if.:,,,gt. 4, ...
TITE AND:V/71 L ni . FAO, : -. 1. 7 r "V '
ENERfIY,I&e. Its , • - A' ....,,**4 ..'.
. US! 1 r1:11)r91 . 1:3 the . - -..- . ' '''
win d j Iperca, , es
• the appetite- gives . , ,
aaus o: t . li and .?...,, ~.,„40
.....-- 4 ? . -.4.
.kin--rand -k , .1.,..-I*/*O- , r 7 - I ;4'' ~ki„. ':. .4.: -
t-vi-torm . ' tt, e '.'r.- -, ---'...z.• - !.V.4 , -4 , =1: - --- • - -,,, • ..-.•
rms.:m:3la skeleton into a fine-looking and spirited
Loren. .
I . -
To keepers of Cows this preparation is Invaluable.
It inercases the quantity and improves the quality
t.4,.4 of the milk. It has
• r been proven by ac
• ''.',..--, ' tual experiment to
.r,4,1/.....,,,,,,r4 - /r2,7*;:.;,,,,,,,, , Increase the quan
-'''//AA;,f-.42.-iii,.•*, they of milk and
. ,l,it,i•• " r twtlle : . 4i 1•. e::andgze I%t.r,.ex_:butter
firm and
:,..,.., -- ;., sweet..ln . fattening
• ' ii.lo-s.:):, 1, cattle, It give 3 them
.<-•;,%-iv,* ii--Is .://;c7/,*t.-,a 1 an appetite, loosens
^ . :-..,. - T/.1.,1-., '..«-_,1....: ' . their bide,' and
..trici-c-ti s ,.4- ~......,.•.:, makes them thrive
1 mt7citf.t r stlier 111111111111L___. . '
In nll 11i . soase3 of Swine, such us Corm On! 1.14
the Ltins!, Liver, , ,_, , ,:."." 4, ~.
/re., Cog artiee 4P ; A r l `leiz . ,..ri .. , :•_l3 ,
net.: as a Freifie.
13). patting from ,:j.f:454:,.45,- . 7,_:-.Kr.
lt ..
one-l!alf a paver ti . ...,,r - .:.5. ,1. 74 -0 -,,: , -,.•':?.... . 4=- 4 9'"
to a paprr in a 7- Iy .. i t r-
barrol of swill the _ - - J , - -- ' ,---'-- - -- -77. 1 :T_ ..: - _ - -, 7-:-.
Aber..., dirioases
. *.. , ":"..- --, - , -1. -
_i ,- - ,,----- r ,- ..e.„:44. - - - __
will h.! eradicated -- "V" , " - •-• .2 ---
, or entirely prevented._ rt given In time,-a certain
pnr.ventive and care for the Hog .Cholera.
. -_
Prica f 25 Ceuta pec Paper, or 5 Papers for. $l.
ED Y •
S. Li*, - POE' i";?... :ono,
by cooniv
No. 116 Franklin St., Baltimore, Bid.
For Sale by Drugg 'sts and Storekeepers throult
• out the United States.
Sold by P, A. ST2.I:BINS CO.,Ciuders
port, I , : t. . I
i •
Tum izsttges on . the ry ellAnro an Pon
delgport Line will leave Wellsbor, every
Morlay , f and. Thursday at 2 o'clock IP, 31 .
.trrivitv. at Condersport On Tnesday and Fri
day resiective,ly. Leaves Coudersporlt every
WedneeMny; arriving in Wcllsboro on Thurs
dayl at.l2,o'clock 31., and leaving C odors
,oyt Oa Saturday, arrives in Wells oro on
Mouthy at 12 o'eloce M. •
This torte has lately changed proprietors,
tad the ithdersigned is determined to keep it
in goodiproer both with respect to teams and
drivers! Ample n:.comtrmdations for tray
ders atJ Vermilyeas. pENR,Y , CROPUT.
• Gaines, Aug. 2, 1865. 7 —[6mpd ~.
VOI/ c'an't believe vcbat fine BARGAINS
J. are to be bad at I OLMSTED'S.
F 0 LV T Z'S
ail DM Powfirs.
4t; •• .
,J . : ' • ' . ':. - . ...1:: - . . -1.4
. .
, .
'4 . " - -- -
, .i..- ~,,,....1
. ..., ' . . •7 : , .
- ~ , .- 7 ,
ec - 1- 1 - .
"Live and Let Li
r~ o.
Ton .. liffererit -DO:partriteti4l
r EA 4
A, T . S
• So that while others are marking up, we shall
t , ••
OM IV T ri- 01
, e 4 caIOODI 't
• !
Are now ready for wh - olesaleing and retailing. r The first department is filled :with
Nos. 2. & 3, Wholesale and, l
ov r 9 eed, iv 4 - 4 7-1m447-v-zles
1i,... i i A t.r_P i•so , C°
i I 1
Give us a call and save Fifty per Cent. We return you onr thanks for your liberal pa rot'.
age for the past year, and shall dontiune to sell i
N. Y., Oaf. 24, 1865.
,_ , 1
E". <
...„ , :,,,,
te',... fti 0 ;
1 te.
. r Eil, ,1 , ;4 1 :VI 0 . A 1 4 1
0. •._0 • ..
, •.. , .
Head4o4rtei o:.P4rgaih
agegarat Ssaasonabl
_rl7Et' . 47fi cor:al .- ± - fin STIWZ.E IrULL
2-771- 11.111-'"6111111-
oa 4 .
Dress an
- - 4
I kis
k 1 olli /
rit; \ Nil il 1 ,
kt'' et l', 4 1 , 4 :v„4,
MITOC.:OO:24M t&A , Maictes;
The 'Proprietors of) the POPULAR CORNER STORE are
determined to suppl3l this market with the best quality of
October, 1865
rt g
0 !
irA .
1 1
1 I
7 „it- '-•
a I. '
' f i
1 4-, ~,
• i
' -"
\ I
I, Dress Goods
E !