The Potter journal. (Coudersport, Pa.) 1857-1872, September 12, 1865, Image 3

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Corrected every Wednesday by P.A. STEB
BINS & CO:, Retail Dealers in Groceries
and Provisions,
opposite D. F. Glasse'slliotel,
Coudersport, Pa.
Apples, green, 70 bush., $ 50 to 75
do dried, " 2002 50
" 300 350
Beeswax, Ilb
1 ~' 20 25
Reef, gg 8 9
Berries, dried, 11 quart 15 20
Buckwheat, v bush., 1-00, 125
Buckwheat Flour, . 300 375
Butter, 11 lb., 25 28
Cheese, " 15 2O
C 700 '7 50
Corn, Z?busbl, 100 1 50
3 00
Corn Meal, per cwt., 3 25
Eggs, 13 doz., . 15
Flour, extra, - 13 WA, .. 850 000
do superfine "„ 9 00 975
Hams, V ih., 25
Hay, y;? ton, 7 00 800
Honey, per lb., 15 20
Lard, is 15 20
Maple Sugar, per lb., 15 18
Oats, 11 bush., . 50 _6O
Onions, " 100 125
Pork, 70 bbl., • 25 00 BO 00
do 13 lb., lB 20
do in whole bog, v lb., 10 12
Potatoes, per . bush., 3T 50
Peaches, dried, 7.e lb., 20 25
Poultry, 13 lb., . 8 10
Rye, per bush., 100 1 V
Salt' V bbl.l. 450 475
do 11 sack, 15 20
Timothy Seed I' 250 300
Trout, per A- bbl., 1
; 800 900
Wheat, 13 bush., 175 200
White Fish, -v. i bbl., 800 900
Dar Eorroa OF JOL'ItNAL..-..-DEAD. : With
your permission I wish to say to the readers
of your paper, that I will send, by return mail,
to all who wish it, (free) a Recipe, with full
directions for making and using a simple
vegetable Balm, that will effectually remove,
in ten days, Pimples, Blotches, Tan, Freckles
arid all Impurities of the Skin, leaving the
same soft, clear, smooth and beautiful.
'I will also mail free to those having Bald
Ileads, or Bare Faces, simple directions and
information • that will enable them to start a
full growth kif Luxuriant Hair, Whislters,,or a
Moustache, in less than thirty days.
All applications answered by return" mail
without charge. 'Respectfully yours.
S3l Broadway, New York.
.To CONSUMPTIVES.—The undersigned
having been restored to health in a fete weeks
by a very simple remedy. after having suffered
never:al years, with a severe lung. affection—
is anxious to make known to his fellow-suf
ferers the means, of cure.
To all who desire it, he will send a copy of
the prescription used / (free of charge), with
.the directions for preparing and using the
same; which they will find a sure cure for
_Consumption. Asthma, Dronchetis, Coughs,
Cold., etc. The only object of the advertiser
in sending the Prescription is,to benefit the
cifilicted, and spread information which he
conceives to be invaluable, and he hopes
every sufferer will try his remedy, as it will
cost' them nothing, and may prove a blessing.
Parties wishing the prescription,will please
address Rev. EDWARD A. WILSON,
Williamsburg, Kings County, New York.
Whose tintdy tozde! Providence
has oftcrt' sawed life
These celebrated. Vegetable Pills are no
new, untried remedy; they have been used
and tested in the United States for thirty
years, and are relied upon by hundreds of
thousands of families as almost their sole
medicine when sick, . go care or expense is
spared in their preparation, and it is certainly
true when I assert that no King can have a
medicine safer or surer than Brandreth's Pills.
'they produce a good effect upon disease
atin' ost immediately they are taken. By some
wonderful power, perhaps electric or nervous
influence, the progress of diseased action is
arrested; where watchfulness l and pain have
been present, the system becornes quieter, and
the patient soon obtains refreshing sleep.
The genuine Brandreth Pill Box has upon
it a United States Government Stamp with
B. t BA.NDRETH in White Letters it♦ the same.
One Flag, One Destiny.!
This is the motto of our Government; and
its champions
are writing words of fire on the
It the meantime, throughout the Nvlnle land
is winning its silent victories, changing ' re
bellious reds, grays and yellows into
rich blacks and browns, and con
verting, in a moment masight
liness into beauty:
only will eventually be recognized in the
world of fashion, viz : that manufactured by
J.' CaRISTADORO, No. 6 Astor House, New
York. Sold by Druggists; Applied by all
'Hair Dretsers.
Has given universal satisfaction during the
fourteen years it 4 tas been introduced into
the United State After being tried by
millions, it has been proclaimed the pain de
stroyer of the world. Pain cannot be where
this liniment is applied. If used as directed
it cannot and never has failed in a single
instance: Fer cough:4, colds and influenza,
it can't be beat. One 40 cent bottle will cure
all the above, besides being useful in every
family for sudden accidents, such as burns,
cuts, scalds,' insect stings, &c. Itis perfectly
innocent to take internally, and can be given ,
to the oldest person or the youngest child.
Price 40 and SO cents a bottle. Office 56
Cortlandt Street, New York. • Sole by all
Composed of highly concentrated extracts
from roots and herbs of the highest medicinal
infalliable in the cure of all diseases
of the Liver or any derangement of the Di
gestive Organs. They remove . all imlf urines
of the Blood, and are unequaled in the cure
of Diarrhm, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, SCrofula,
Biliousness, Liver Complaint, Fevers. Head
ache, Piles, Mcrculial Diseases, Hereditary
Humeri. Dose, for adUlts, one pill in th
morning, children half a pill. From one to
three pills will cure ordinary cases, and from
one to three boxes will cure any lurable case
of no Matter how long standing. Price $l.OO
V. MOTT TALBOTT, M. D. & C0.,1
62 Fulton Street, New York.
T S U. .
11J S,—lor th 6
dies.—at STEBBINS'
g I UItN.ER STORE-constantly rcetwillg
fine azooltragtz ji GQOiia. .
Conde:iotrt, 12, 1865.
L t Dcall and -
The`Senatorial Judicial, and liepre
sentatz e Conferees meet in this place to-day.
• -,?.; ;COUrt COMMOIIO..s next week, when
we wily have bills made oOt for those owing
us and will ognet theft. paytent.
ear General chneek,in a recent speech in
Ohio said tgAinebel is a cotrageons Copper
headl and a Copperhead a Cowardly flebeL"
That is just
- ter A fine new assortnient of Fall and
Winter Goods of every deieription arriving
at Olmsted's' this neck. Call in and see for
yourselves. 3
Jai••;The mail from Nevork did not
arrive Saturday night in I consequence' of
a part of the Erie Bail Way having been
washed away by the i late rains.
iter Angeline Hall who• is a daughter of
Obadiah Hall who moved to Ohio about 14
years ago will learn something of great v4ne
to her by addressing a 1e to CoL 1. N. Alex
ander of Van Wert, Ohio. !
SErTne Philadelphia Volunteer Refresh
ment Saloons closed last week, after havipg,
during four years,and threeMonths,entertain
all soldiers passing through the city, number
ing 1,200,000, without expense to the soldiers
orThe Government.
M. We failed , to notice in our last the,
Advertisement of the Pacific Hotel, New Yirk,i
to be found in another column. This is one,
of the finest and best furniihed houses in 'the
City. It charges are reasonable, and its
accommolgicins for merchants excellent.'
j' 2 ' Maj. S. 31. Mills, 7111 be in Potter
about the 18,11 or 20th inst. for the purpose
of disposing of his Fartn at Colesburg.
is one of the most 'desirable Dairy Farms in
the county and can be purchased at a fair i
bargain. We commend itto,the attentio of
all desiring to purchase land in this county.
W"Capt. KRESS, Chairman of the UniOn
County Committee of Clinton. has issued an
able and well-timed addres.sio the people of
tbAt county showing themlt e importance 'of
the county election—The Captain will make
a strongl fight—hp is able 'energetic, and
thusiastic in the cause of Might,
We see t y a report of a Democratic
ConventiOn held n Wellsboro last week that
our fellow townman P. W. KNOX, Esq., lis
nominated by that county' for Senator of the
Distrit. We hope he will excuse ns if we
express cur profound sympathy for him in
this new calamity, and further hope he mity
Wear his "bitishing h!onors"(?) as becomes a
representntire of the unterrified. of Potter l il
- " -
Will open oh Monday October 2d, underltht
charge of Itev. J. C. Stevens,
(late of Lima).
Tuitionjin common English $3, in Acadeinic
studies is.l. Rooms can be rented and botird
ing obtipined with good families in the
at reasonable rates. •
By Order, of the Trustees.
ger•The4ollowing persons bare been elect
ed to Congress in Tennesi,ee :
Upper East Tennessee-7; ,, i. J. Taylor,
Knoxville District—Horace Maynard, U.;
Chattanooga District—Asa Faulkner, C.
Nashville Distriet—W.B. Campbell, C.
Clarksiille District—D.l3,l Thomas, C.
West Tennessee--Colonel Hawkins, IL
Memphis Distriet—Dri Letwick, 11.
Shelbyville District—Edward Cooper, U.
IlViThe Locality of the "last Ditch,', in
which the rebels boasted they intended to per
ish rather than Yield to the accursed Yankees
has been discovered to be, situated at the foot
of the stair - casel leading ;to the President's
bu Mess room in the White House. Hundreds
of ebel officers and civil ;officials connected
with the confederate governMent,can be daily
seen In that ditch, where they insist they 'trill
die, unless Andy Johnson's pardon is forth
coming to cleanse them of their treason.—Ez.
.Pittsburg is a queer place: Bating
noses and ears and chewing fingers is a very
common amusement there. But some of its
citizens have a more delicate taste. Last
Week three men went into a lager beer saloon
arid two commenced, cat 'hing all the flies
therein while the third te the insects as
fast as caught on a bet tha, he could eat them
quicker than his companions could catch
them. They were arrested and fined three
dollars each for the fan.=-Ez.
ter Zoe have received the first copy of
The Citizen, published at EMporium County,
by Messrs. Young .k Stacy, at $2 per angum.
It is well edited, neat in appearance,) but
neutral in politics, which we 'consider a area
Mistake. I eutral papers, excepting the yen.
ers of dish-water novels, are of very little
account in any community and we ipect
to see the Citizen soon take sides on t issues
before the country. But neutral o not, the
publishers have our .sincere, wish for their
success. , I , /
111S-The'Union State Exeeitivei Committee
Jobri Cessna, Chairthan—inet at Phil
adelphia on the 31st, ult. / and eleeted George
W. Ifametay, Esq., Secretary. The attend
ance was ,large, and/all appeared confi
dent of sncpess in. October by an Overwhelm
ing majority. -. Ammo . those present was
3lajo General ifartrau ' ft, the Union nominee
for Auditor General. Among other items of
business transacted was 'the passage of a res
olutiOn for a grand Masslieetingat Williams
port during the holding of the State fair.
(Thomas M. Key,' la° has been nomin
ated by the Democrats of Ohio for the Su
preme Court, was formerly Major Key of Mc-
Clellan's stafT,who,it will be remembered,was
ignominiously dismissed the service by Pres
ident Lincoln for asserting, after the battle of, that it was not the policy of the
Goiernment to suppress' the Rebellion, but to
allow it tacontinue until the people would be
compelled I to ackowledge the necessity of its
terminatlon . by compromise.. Re is a fttrep
resentallve of the lrallandigham Democrats of
Ohio. i
to List of Lett6fs remaining in the Post
Office at Coudersport, en., Sept. 1, ISO :
charles Blackman, Elizabeth Clinton 2
WarrenN. Duel, Nancy Elliott, George Fran
ces, John! Helligass, liManah Howe, Harvey
Hurloert, M. A. Knowlton,' Sarah liaimard,
William E. 31irrel, Cb rles 31cNessd Rufus
I Myers, n'obinson Nelson 2 George Nichols,
Harry I. Nichols, Celestia S.I Reynolds,George
I -
t•trong, C. Stephens. i
JOHN . P. M.
BlLteisl - •
Brooklyn, Y , .4/4 281/41863.,
Gentlemen—l have 'used your Bitterl during
the last six weeks, and feel it due-to you and
to the public to express my hearty approval
of their effect upon me. I never wrote a "puff"
for any one, and I abhor every thing that
savera of quackery. But your Bitters arc
entirely removed 'from the level of the mere
nostrums of the day, being patent alike, to all
and exactly what they profess to be. They
are not advertised to cure everything, but
they are recomended to assist nature in the
alleviation and nitimate healing of many of
the melt common infirmities of the body,and
this ihey will aecomplish. I had been unwell
for two months, as is usual with me during
the Spring. Iwas billions ' and suffered from
indigestion, and a general disease of the mu
cus membrane,and though compelled to keep
at work in the discharge of my professional
duties, was very weak, of a yellow complecl
tion,no appetite and much of the time confin
ed to my bed. ' When I hod haul taking yoir
Bitters a week my vigor rettirned ' • the salloW
complection was all gone, I relished my food,
and now I enjoy the duties of the mental ap
plication, which so ecently were so very irk
some and burdensome to me. When I used
your Bitters, I felt a change everyday. These
aro facts. All inference must be made by each
individual for himself. ;
Yours, respectfully,
W. B. LEE,
Pastor of Green Avenue PresbYterian Church.
Whiskers I! Whiskers_ !
Do you want Whiskers or Moustaches? Our
Grecian compound will force them to grow on
the smoothest face or chin, or hair on bald
heads, in Six Weeks. .Price, $l.OO. Sent by
mail anywhere, closely sealed, on receipt of
price. Address ,WARNER & CO.
lysn Box 138, Brookly'n,
Fine Dairy Farm
The undersigned otters his Large Farm
situated in Allegany township, Potter County,
Penn'a., on the road running from Couders
port to Wellsville, and only seven miles from
the County seat, at Private Sale, ON A
-Said Farm contains Four Hundred Acres
of the best farming land, with 'good fences,
and has erected on it ONE TAVERN STAND,
THREE BARNS, and other fine outbuildings.
The undersigned will be ion the premises
If not Sold it
for three or five years, for a cash rent.
Tiinsville, Pa.,'Aug.'2o, 19435.
An Estray Horse, !
Came to the enclosure of the undersigned
on the 13th day of August, 1565, a DARK
BAY DOME, short mane long tail, and
about three years old. The owner will please
come forward, prove property, pay charg,es,
and take him away or he will be dispozed of
according to law.
Harrison Valley, Potter Co., Pa.;
Sept. 1, 1335. - [3wpd
170, 172, 174 & 176 GaOwicu ST.,
Between Courtlandt and Di:y Streets,Yeto York
JOHN PATTEN. Jr., Proprietor.
THPacific Hotel is and widely
I n inown to the traveling public. The lo
cation is especially suitable to Merchants
and business men; it is in close proximity to
the business part of the City-is on the high
way of Southern and Western travel—and
adjacent to all the 'principal Railroad and
Steamboat depots.
The Pacific has liberal accoMniodation for
Offiee - inlibe Store of C. S. 6. E. A. Bones, in
CoudersPorti on FRIDAY the 2nd day of
September next.
VeN. Taxes must be paid in Government
To all who neglect to pay, miler Ten Days,
a Special Notice will be issued for which the
law provides a fee of Twenty, cents ) and Four
cents per mile, arid Ten per cent penalty
after that to be collected by distraint.
GEORGE BUl3B 4 Oollector iStkliist. Pa.
E. A. JONES, Deputy Collector.
Auditor's Notice,
THE undersigned' Auditor : appointed
1. by the Orphan's Court of Potter county
to distrihute the funds in the hands of the
Administrators of the estate of SAMUEL
CARLIN; dec'd, among the heirs and legal
representatives of the said . deceased, frill
attend to the duties of his said appointnient
at the Prpthonotary's Office in the Borough
of Coudersport, ion Thursday, the 21st day of
September, at T o'clock P. IL, where all per
sons interested in said fund will present their
claims or be forever debarred.
.• IL J. OL3ISTED, Auditor.
Aug. 22, ISCS.
J. W. ALLEN, Purscir.u,, aisisted By
'competent. Teachers.
will commence on MONDAY, Aug. 28, 1665,
and continuo Twelve weeks.
Tuition to be .paid at the middle of the
Term, from $3,00 to $B,OO. Contingencies,
25 cents.
A. Teachers' Class will be instructed Fru
of charge.
rooms suitable 'for students desiring to
board themselves can be obtained reasonably
iu and , near Town.
For further particular:4, address the Prin
cipal,- at Coudersport, PA.
IlitrOU can't believe flue BARGAINS
gre to be lad at 11,5TgD-6.
H Y: "VIRTUE of sundry Of Veriiti6n
Exponas, Fieri Facias and Lerari Facias
issued out of the Court of Common_Pleas of POl
tet County, Pennsylvania, and to w difected,l!l
shall CROV to public sale'or outcry, at the Coltri
House is Coudersport, on MONDAY, the 1814
day of Sept., ISGS, at 1 o'clock, p. tn., (helot
lowing described tracts or parcels of land io.u•it
Certain real estate in Oswayo Tp bounded
north, by lands of Patrick Doyle, east by
lands of Edmund Morley, south by Highway
leading from Oswayo and Wellsville plank
road - to the Irish Settlement; and west bz the
Wellsville and Oswayo plank rose; contain
inn. Fifty-Seven and Six-tenths Acres more
or less about fifteen acres of which are im
proved, with one Trame house, one log stable
and some fruit trees thereon. To be sold as
the property of James McNulty.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate partly
in Hebron and partly in Clata TliS, Beginning
at a hemlock tree for a corner being the north •
west corner of a lot originally sold to Weir.
den; thence north 352 'roils to a beech tree
being the south corner of C. Byam's purchase,
thence east 232 rods to a corner-in the east
line of Ridgway's land, thence South on said
east line 352 rods to a post corner in said
east line, thence !west 232 rods to the place
of beginning ; containing Five Hundred and
Ten acres, being* part of warrant 5864,' of
which about Forty acres are improved, with
two frame houses, one frame barn, one cannier
saw mill and some fruit trees thereon.
sold as the property of Foiter Reynolds. I
ALSO—Certain real estate in Allegany 'Pp. ;
bounded on the north by lands of J. Miss,
on the east by lands of G. Kelly, on south :by
unseated lands, and on the west by landsiof
T. Dagget, being lot No. 5 on the map; of
lands of W. S. Johnson, dec'd in said tp.,
and part of warrants. Nos 1849 and 1874,
containing One Hundred and Fifty-Two and
Sixteen-One hundredths acres, about ,ten
acres of which are improved, with some ,
fruit trees thereon. To-be sold as the prop
erty of George W. Kenyon.
ALSO—Certain real estate in Abbot tp.,
known on the maps of the Pennsylvania
Land and Farm fitsnociation as section In.
48 in warrant No. 5078, beginning at ithe
south-west corner of said warrant and run
ning thence north 24 and 4-Iotb.s rods to a
corner; thence east 90 rods to a corner,thence
south 24 and 4-10ths rods to a corner,thence
west 00 rods to the place of beginning; con
taining Thirteen and One-half acres more or
less. To be sold as the property of William
Niehaus. 1
ALSO—Certain real estate in Sharon ; tp.,
bounded on] the north by the State line of
New York and Penn's, on the east by lands
of Samuel Howe and lands of W. Jones dec'd,
on the south and west by lands of L. 11. Kin
ney; containing Eighty-eight and One-half
acres, or thereabouts, about thirty acres of
which arc improved, with one frame honse,
and frame barn and some fruit trees thereon.
Tone sold as the property of IL S. Carrier.
ALSO—Certain real estate beginning at a
post in the north line of warrant 2122, being,
the north-west corner of lot No. 12 of Keatingr
lands in Eulalia tp., surveyed to L. D. Spaf..'
; ford, thence south 150 rods to a post corner,
thence west 52 rods, thence south 14 rods,
thence west 4.0 rods to a post corner, thence
north 164 rods to a warrant line, thence east
92 rods to place of beginning, being lot No.'
71 of the aforesaid allotment and part of war -!
rants Nos. 2122 and 2123, containing about
Ninety-one acres more or less, about Twenty-1
fire acres of which are improved, with] one
frame house, ore frame barn and some fruit
trees thereon.--ALSO—Another tract lying
to Enlalia tp.; beginning at a post corner
standing 106 perches east of the north ,, tvest
corner of warrant No. 2122, thence east by
said line 106 perches to a post corner, thence
south 150 perches It a post corner, thence
west 106 perches to a post corner, thence
north 150 perches to the place of beginning;
containing Ninety-itind acres and Eighty
perches strict measure, more or less, being
part of warrant N0..2122, about Seventy-five
acres of which ate improved; With one frame
house, one frame barn with shed attached;
one frame granary, and some fruiti, trees
thereon. To - be sold as the property of
Nathan Woodcock.
ALSO -L-Certain real estate in Sharcia tp. ;
bounded on the north by the Fisk lot, east
by land of F. Donovan, south by land occu
pied by Elder Torrey, and west by land of
Americus Wood, being lot deeded by Lewis
Wood to I. M. Reynolds; containing Fifty
acres more or less, about TwentY acres of
which ate improved, With one log house; one
log barn, -other out houses and aotne 'fruit
trees thereon:--ALSO—another lot adjoining
the alaye, bounded on the north aid east by
Mercereau & Weston hinds, on tl4 south by
the Donovan lot and the abote 'described
fifty acres, and on the West by the Green
containing about One. Hundred acres !noire of
Forty acres of Which are imptoted, yssith
one frame horise One frame barn and sotne
fruit trees thereon: To be sold as the in - op' ,
erty of I. M. Reynoldt.
ALSO—Certain real estate in SylVahlit tp.
bounded on the north by lands of Andrew
Burleson, on the south by lands of Wm.
Keeler, and on the and west by tittsiated
lands of the Sunbury Conipany Containing'
Fifty Aeres 'snore or less, abone'ren acres of
which ate improved, with one log liaise, one
frame shed, one water saw-mill and ,;some
fruit trees thereon. Tube sold as the prop
erty of Lewis Payne.
C. tAliltAl3tll, Shad. •
Coudersport Aug. 21, 1665:
Auditor's Notice.
TErg undersigned, an Auditor, appointed
by the Orphan's Court of Potter county
to idistribute the funds lin the hands of
the Administrators of the estate of ELI
REES, dee'd, among the heirs and legal
representatives of the said deceased, Will
attend to the duties , of hiS said appointmtnt
at the Prothonotary's Offiee in the goiough
of Coudersport, on Satniday, the lah‘day of
September, at 10 o'clock A, M., where all
persons interested in :said fund will ptesent
their claims or be forever debarred. I
W. B. GRAVES, Auditor.
Aug. 21, 18G5.
Administratoes Notice.
w ri t E h r e X es AS tate Le o t f t p er A s l oi AdcmßionlivstatL late
no t n e
of Jackson Township, Potter county, ;dec'il,
have been granted to the undersigned, all
persons indebted to said estate are_requested
to mate immediate raymenti and those hav
ing claims against the same will present them,
duly authenticated, to the subscriber for
Couderspoit, Aug. 19, Mil Adrus'r.
Ad in in ist Noticti.
WHEREAS Letters of Administration on
the estate of SAMUEL ROGERS, late
of Hector Township,Potter county, deceased,
hare been granted to the undersigned, all
persons indebted to said estate are requested,
to male immediate payment, and those hor
ny! claims against the same , will present
th - era, duly authenticated to the subscriber.
SUS.AN ROGERS, .I.oPin;statrlx.
.August 15, 1E65,
Guardia' es' Safe
o 1 Real. Estat e.
'NOTICE is hereby given that by virtue of
an order or decree of the Orphan's
Court of Potter County, made on the 20th
day of Jane, 1865, the undersigned, as Special
Guardian of Mary A. Johnson, Sarah John
son„an4 William Henry Jehnson,..minoti,.
owners of saidarig Will expos% for Side at
Pubfic.t r endue to the highest 'bidder, At the
Court House in ,Coridersportr in said County
of Potter,
On the 19th day of SeptenzLer 1365, -
at 1 o'cl'ocl: P., th 6 foriewitig, described
Lands : Sitnate in the Township of Hebron,
Potter Co.. Pa.. viz. Lot No. 120 of the allot
ment of lands of the Estate of Samuel if. Fox,
deceased, eontaining 1357 acres more or less.
Also Lot;No 134 of said allotment r in the
same Township, containing 54 2
and -10ths
acres of land more or less. Also Lot No. 122
of said allotment in the same Township con
taining 125 and 8-10ths acres of land more
or less. Also all that part of Sub Lot No. 9
of original Lot No. 115 of said allotment in
the Township of Allegany, lying west of the
highway, containing 61 and I acres of land
more or less. Also Lot No. 25 of /fencer's
survey in the Township of aswayo, in said
County' made for N. H. & W. S. Johnson,
contairantr 80 and 24-100ths acres more or
less, now , occupied by Mrs. Andrus.
Aug. 10, 1565. Special Gu. dian.
.A.aministrator's saki.
111 Y virtue of an order of the Orphan's Court
for the County of Potter, the following
described real estate belonging to the estate
of AMBROSE 'COREY, late of the township
of Ulysses, in said county deceased. will be
sold to the highest and best bidder at the
Court louse in the Doro' of Coudersport On
Monday the l.Sth day of Sept. next,
at 1 o' - .lock P. M., all that certain messnage
situate in the Township of Ulysses, County
orPot er and State of PennsYlvanis, bounded
and described as follows, viz.:. Beginning at
the south-east corner of the. 0. A. Lewis lot
in Said ToWnship, thence north 24 perches to
a post thence west 10. perches to -a post,
thence south. 24 perches to a post on south
line of said Lewis' line,thence east 10 perches
to a post the place of beginning, Coutening
One and One Half Acres of land more or less
and beiag part Of a Lot of land No. 359 con
veyed by the Trustees of the estate of Wil
liam Bingham to 0. A. Lewis on the Bth day
of February, 1836, and being situate in the
villain of Lewisville, with one store house,
one granary, one dwelling house, one barn,
other out houses and some fruit trees thereon.
Also another lot of. land situate in the
Township, County and State aforesaid, and
bounded and described as follows : Beginning
at a post the sonth-west corner of the . above
described lot, thence in a northerly course
along the west line of above described lot 20
perches to a post, thence in a westerly course
at right angles with the firstcourse 4 perches
to a post, thence in a southerly course paral
lel7ith the first &Scribed course 2,0 perches
to a post, thence in an easterly course along
the 'Highway 4 perches to rho place of be
ginning, Containing One Half pf an Acre of
land, and being the.east half of a lot of land
Conveyed by H. H. Dent to A. Corey Feb.
17, 1857, being a village lot in the village of
Also another lot of land situate in the
Township, County and State aforesaid, and
bounded and described as follows : Beginning
at. a pest standing, in the west line of lot No.
15 of the sub division of H. H. Dent's lands
in said Township, how id ttf
drew Gee, 30 perches south of the south line
of lot No. 13 conveyed. by,H. Dent to Ma
hala Baker by deed bearing date April 9,
1855, thence south I. west 173 perches to a
corner, being also scrath-west' Corner of lot
No. 15 aforesaid, thence along the north line
of a lot in possession of Abram Waggoner
west 77 and 2-10ths perches to a Writer,
being also the south-bast corner of lot No.
168 contracted to be sold to J. Nelson ,Crowell
by H. H. Dent ) thence north I° earl 173
perches to the south line of lot No. 14 eon ,
veyed by H. H. Dent to /dab ale Baker by deed ;
bearing date April 9, 1855, thence along said
south line east 78 perches to the place of
begbining, Containing Seventy-Nino Acres,
with the usual alloWance of biz per cent. for
roads, &et, being lot No: 16 Of the sub-divis;
ion of the said H. It ,Dent,s s lands in the said
Township of Ulysses, about Forty acres of
which are improved, with. Otte fhOrte hotte,
one frame barn - and some &tilt trees thereon.
• Also one other lot of land situate in the
Township, County and State aforesaid, dies
cribed as follows, viz: Bounded on the north
by lands owned by button Lewis, on the east
by lands owned or in possession of Benjatnin
Baker, on the south by lands in possession of
J. D. Leet and od the *est by the highway
leading from Lewisville to Brookland, Con
taining about Eighteen Acres of land be the
same More of lest, about Four acres of
which are improved.
E. W. CHAVPItt, Abitt.
tlysse§, Aug.l4, 1866. '
Administfithes 'Baia
LPY virtue of an orderof the Orphans Conti
. for the county of Potter, the following
described real estatd belonking to the estate
of nlit FLING, late of the toftlhip of
Ulysses, in said connty deceased, will be sold
to the highest and best bidder at the Court
House in the Borough of Coudersport on
Atonday the 18tts day qf Sept. next,
at 1 o'clock IP: if:, All that tract of land be
ginning at the north-west corner of lot stir-
veyed to AVgnsta B. Whipple in the centre of
the Highway, thence South on the line of
said lot 72 rods, thence West 15 and 5-10ths
rods, thence North 72 rods to the centre of
the Hightray, thence East by the centre of
Highway 15 and s.lsths rods to place of be
ginning,, being part of Lot dont - eyed by H. H.
Dent to Dnick Whipple by Deed bearing date
Dec. 19, 18C, and containing Seven ACres.
ALSO--Another Lot bainded as follows :
Der_rinning at the sonth-east corner of Lot No.
- - -
104 east part conveyed to Duick Whipple,
thence North 72 rods to Highway; thence west
15 rods, thence South 72 rods, thence East
15 rods to the place of beginning,' containing
Seven Acres. ALSO—Another Lot bounded
as follows : being known as east part or Lot
135 of, the allotment of Bingham lands in
Ulysses tp, Potter to., Pa., containing 56 and
2-10ths acres, being the same lot which H.H.
Dent contracted to D. Whipple,Jr., on the
Ist day of March 1860. 'ALSO-Another lot
being west part of lot N 0.135 of theHingham
lands in Ulysses tp, aforesaid, containing 50
acres and being the same lot width H.H.Den
contracted to Wm. Blakeslee on the Ist day
of March 1860: I
ELLEN FLING THIN% Administratris..
Coudersport, Aug. S, 1865.
Marblp Yard.
fill.IIE subscriber de4ires to inform the cid
zens of Potter that he can supply them
with all kinds of Marble work, as cheap and
as good as it can b.: had any place in the
cf all kinds furnished on short notice.
CouilerJport; Feb 13'05 ' ly
MARTIN, Proprietors,
This Motel has been - much 'enlarged, refitted *
. otherwise improved,iwith excellent sta. ,
Wing, making it inferior to none in William*
sport —Aug 19, '65 • '
forined such wonderful cures and given gen.
eral satisfaction to all those!who hare made
use .of them can be obtained of DD. A. 1
FRENcji, CQUDRILSPORT, Potter 00. 1 1
Pa.; who will examine patients; ascertain , the'
nature of their di:sease, and give.all necess•
ary'directions and advice to those who make
use'of the gedicines.- Ordeen teem - abroad
will receive prompt attention. 1. 4.
July 19,1865..'
1 Administraterse Notice.
1 - 47 HER B AS Letters of Adminultration Bs
VV. Boriis non to the estate - of i'TilgODO•
SILTS CARPENTER, late of Bingham 114
dee'd, have, been granted to the Subscribe/
all; persons indebted to said estate are re
quested to make immediate payment; tut
those hating claims against the Bame;lrnt.
present them, duly authenticated, for settle.'
meat to , ALVA CARPENTER, Adms'n
Ulysses, Pa., Ang. 25, 1865.
Court Proclamation. •
UTHEREAS the Hon. 'Robert G. Whitbi
President Judge, and the Hons. 5.-
Jones and G. G. Colvin, Associate Jadges
the Courts of Oyer. Sr Terminer and General,
Jail Delivery, Quarter Sessions of the,Peace t -
Orphans' Court and Court of Common Mena
for the county of Potter, have issued their
"prcept, bearing date the tWenty-secOnd day
of June in the year of our Lord one thou...
sand eight hundred and sixty-five; and to nia
directed; for holding a court of Oyer &Tern&
ner and General Jail Delivery, Quarter Sego
signs of the Peace, Orphan's court,and cond . :"
of Common Pleas In the Borough of Couderi.••
port, on MONDAY, the 18th day of September
next, and to continue one 'week:
Notice is therefore hereby given -tithe Car.
Driers, Justices of the Peace and Constables
within the county, that they be thenand them
in their proper persons, at 10 o'clock, A.M. of
said day, with their rolls, records, - ingaisi4
tions, 'examinations, and other remembrancesi'
to do those Lthings which to their 'offices ay.
pertain to be done. And those who are bound'
by their recbgnizances toj prosecute againott
tho prisoners that are oration be in the jail oi l
said county of Potter, are to be then and there
to prosecute against`them'ax will be just. •
Dated at OondersPOrt, 1865,_ and;
the 89th tear, of the Independence of the. United
States of America. ' • •
Trial List for Sept, .ernr.
D Lewis et al vs Mclntyre k Mahon.
Shaffer vs May and Smith.
Dickson v 3 Jones. . - - • •
Dickson TS Barleson.
Wood vs Chandler. ,
Colwell & Lyman vs Chandler.
31ills vs Bartlette.
Burdick vs Fay Bradley & Wright;
Werth ve Radde
Ives is WillettA;
Nelson vs Benton et al'
County t 3 Reds et at ',.
Blackman ts Fos & Pot Gaittiaheet
Crate vs Seeley !
Smith vs ROSS •
tdo Fa Haven
Hopkins vs White
Busher vs Potter Co Forest Itip CempOnt
Let. ts . kebyeit
Brotat vs; Ludingtdtt
tidbit 'vs Clatk
Stevein Niebbls Batetaset
Hill T 9 Datris & lElbourbe
Suininit School District t Pbtter Comity
Roulette " " t's same
Abbott ec " Vs setae
Whbrto.l " 41 TB same
Ithaving come to our blowledge that hl2a • •
itstimm Of, the American Watch have been
put upon the nunizet in great number, calcu• - , ,
lated byl.their utter worthlessness to injure
the tepu atima of otir genuine profit:ism, to
Prated oht own interests and the publid front .
imposition, we again publish the trade mark!
by which our Watches May invariably be
liVe manufacture four styles of WatchelL ..
• The First has the name
Mao," eti,graved on the inside plate;
The Second has the name -
"APPLETON, TRACY it CO, Walthattl) -
Mass.," engraved-on the inside plate.
The :Third has the name _ I •
"P: S.-BARTLETT; Waltham, tiassiP
graved on the inside plate.
..All the above styles hive the name Amer.
)Can Watch Co. painted on the dial; and srel
warranted in every respect 4
The /myth has the irate,. ,
BLIIERY, BottOn, Masa. engra ved
on the inside plate ; and Is flat Mass., "_ Ur!'
dial. - •
All the above descnted watches are midi
of:various sizes, and are sold in gold or sdive
oases, as may be required.
It is hardly possible for ns to aecuratelf
describe the- numerous imitatloti.4 to wine
we I have alluded. They are Usually inscribed
with names so. nearly approaching our owls -;
as to escape thi observation of the unaccus•
tomed bnybr. Some are represented is mada
14' 1 th ir ° "Unioa Watch C 0.,. of Boston, Mass
—no such ` company existing. Some and
trained the "Soldier's Watch," to be sold - ai
our Fourth or Wm. Eliely style, Usually
known as the "Soldier's• Watch: Others are
named the "Appleton Watch Co. ; " otheri)
the P. S. liazhvy, ' instead o 4 our "I: S. Vartz
lett;" besides many varieties named in such
a manner as to coney the idea that they are
the Veritable productions of the American -
Watch Company:
We also caution the pubrc, and partieu ,-
laxly soldiers, against buying certain articles-
CALLED watches. so freely advertised
trated papers as "Aiirir Watches," "Officer's -
Watches," "Magic Time Observers e,
~" "Arcan
Watches," ke,. the prices of which are_ statM
to be from seven to sixteen dollars. A goad
watch, in these taxies, cannot be afforded):
any such money. I
' • A little attention on the part of buyers will
protect them from gross iMposition.
Agents for the American Watch Co.,
-182 Broadthry, New York!
CAILE to the premises of theisubscriber itt
Hebron toltnsbip, ratter county,o
Sunday August'llth, ONE WEITE HO on
with red spots, about' ten years old. The
owner will please come .forwad, ptove prepi
erty, pay charges and take bun away or be
will be disposed of according to law_
A. TILL-01'5ff:
Augut 29, 1865.: