The Potter journal. (Coudersport, Pa.) 1857-1872, July 26, 1865, Image 3

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P. L STEBBINS , & Co,,
Are now receiving a new and complete
Spring Goods ! !
purchased since the heavy decline and
during the recent panic in York
Consisting of
D EL A I.Y E .5;
PA C.4' S,
Z Ll 2 G
13_11,...V0RAL SLIP
Full stock of NIEN's
&c., &c., &t.t.
Drugs 'and. Vatie,v .artici , as
Oils, Paints, and Dye Stuffs, White L-ead in
Tin Cans, Alcohol, Carnphene, Kerosene,Lanip
and Lamp Fixtures, Glass, Patent Medicines,
C4emicals, Botani63l Herbs, Perfumery,Fanc",y
Soap and Toilet articles, Gum, Hair, ivory
and Wooden Combs, Pomades and Cologne?.
and a fine assortment of Flavoring Extracts,
Pens, Ink and Paper, and Linseed Oil—raw
and boiled,
1 Brushes'
Cloth, ToOtb,lNail:llair,- Hat, Paint, tarni.h
and Artist Brushes
Teas, Sugars, Choice Sy-rap, Good Rio Coiree,
West Indic and Dandelion (*one, Rice, Corn
/Starch, Farina, Cocoa, 4:c.,
AL IVA rs O PA .217
Corner Main and Second Street;
• Coadersport, Ayr. 10, IS6ii
PIFiIeE VEirint . st. . -
orrected every 'Wednesday by P.-A...;STFAS-
BINS & CO., Betail Dealers itt Groceries
and Provisions - - -
opposite D. P. Glasswii re's ttotel i -
1 ,Coudersport, Pa. .
Apples, green V. bush.," $ 75 lot 00
do r dried,:. " 200 250
Beans . ;l it 1 aOO 350
Beeswax., '9 lb., I I • 20 _ 2.5
Beef, • : .1' " I - 8 9
Berries; dried, ^tl quart 15 20
Buckwheat, 1 , 1 hushi, . 1 4 00 115
Buck Wheat Flour, llj 3)0 375
Butter, 7D.1 1b.,. .1 i fl 20 I
Cheese ; - " ' II 15 20
Cloverseed 1 11 700 '7 50
Corn, i?1..--ash„
Corn Meal, per eyt.,i ;
Eggs, 7r? doz.,
Flour, extrh,, bb
do superfine
Hums, Ib•
Hay, a ton;
Honey, per lb.,
Lard, I • "
Maple Sugar, per IN,
Oats, 1 3 ibushy
Onions,! 44
Pork, bbl„
do- T. lb.,
do in whole hog, 1,1.
Potatoes, per bush., •
Peaches, dried, V. ;lb.,
Poultry, - 0 lb.,
Rye, per bush.,
Salt, 14 hbl„
do -•? sack,
Timothy. ee•l
Trout, per .1 bbl.
Wheat, hush
White Fish, 1;4 Ll•
P 11." TOBIAS'
.La. Aches, and: warrantNl superior to any
CrOnp it positively cures: relief is
6.bsolutely sore is used. Moth
ers remerril•er this, and n4un yourselves 'vith
a horde cthimnit !Mal. ;Creep is a disease
which gives . no notice; ft:et - meat:l - attacking
the in the dead hour of night i before.a
physiciuM can be sum d it tnsy be too
late. geinetrber, the tVenitian Liniment
never flats. Price 40 a ho cents a bo'ctle.
Sold; b_ jail Druggists.; •50 Cortlandt
rtS ,ei:t New York.
Comilosed of Jhizghly.concentrated exttac..ts
1 from :Jots an‘l herbs:of Xhc hiLrhes t medicinal
j value, infalliable tot. . cure of all diseases
[of the Liver or any derfnzeraent of the Di
fzestive Organs Temove all impuritit , s
of the illood, and are unequaled in the cure.
Dysppsia, Scrofula,
Bilionl:ness, Liver Cor.lidaint. Fevers. Head
ache, riles..7.+leri..-nlial Diseases, Hereditary
for ad :Its, one pill in the
itifs, children hail a pill. From one to
will cure ordinary cases, and from
three Loxe.s _
!cure any curable Ones
V. TALBOTT, :kl. D. k CO.,
'62 Fulton Street, Nen - York.
of u
is i art e...'effects, applEcable to the Tesuits of
rh la brought in c3:-. 3. ..re3t. hair Crt a n
Ob:loliepaS tint. Tire tninutes rentiies the
flu c'.esirdhle color ; replacing it ..vith the rich
est brown. \o.stain is left on the
daraag.e done to.the hair by this fine
J. C. 121.1111ST.2,1:;020. No. C Astor tiottse.
NC'," Sold by: Druggists.
iI hair-Llressers..
What, is health ? What is diseas? 7
ii - I, 2 alth is (when the, supply and esitndi
Hr.; ar um 3. • Diseas,e when. the suppl!r aad
pe•,diture nremneqn/11. •; f
lIIRANDIITH . Ii PILLS impart certain 'ex
pulsive pow6rs to all matters of he body
whose life is l l l below the standard of the s-ar - -
ronnding party, cr which have i remained
longer tliu nature designed. So in fevers
and all that class of cases aylliCh soon run
into rahnincation BRINDRETII'S PILLS
have Marvelous curative qualities: Our
chanzir. - z. had it is
this ch.lnge )Te E`n . ould . m - atter remain
in oqsans "neycir.d the time nature designed.
pain and inflimation set in. which is nothing
more than a preparatory effort for our good.
All Brandrethls Pills are supposed from the
results to 0.04 i , imply•
154,, SPV:
The interesting arid emeiting f000l;
cErr published, embracing the adventures. of
a woman in the Uniou: army as tiurse, 8( 1 ...0ut
and! Spy, giuing a most, vivid inner picture
of the war.
Teachers, ladies, energetic young rne4,and
returned and disabled soldiers in
w•l.nt of profitable employment, will find it
pectlicirly adapted to their condition, We
have agents elearrirz $l5O per month, which
we will prove to any doubting applicant.—
Send for circulars: Address
E.: Corner and. Minor 2treet3.
Philadelpeia Pa.
Ax7D7.,..1113_45, Illy us,ban,i, J 1 ms G.
N V ittiOTII ham left,
.the bed he, never
o'ivned, and; the board he never provided,
withoufjuit cause or provocation, I hereby
caution: aIT perschs against harboring or
trusting unru on my account, aS . 1. 1:r.11 pay
no debts of his t eentratin , r`afzer this date.
Pa., ,) • -
ColesbuTg, a., on. -i, b .
O,TRAYED or Stolen in Bingham
, May '46. 1565, from the subscriber, Six
young Cattle—two Light Red Steers and one
Heifer, two Years old; and three Yearlings,
white on the belly, and one red and
white spotted. Any person giving informa
tion of them will be liberally rewarded.
July 3, 1863. Dv:l
Tqarble Yard,
trim subscriber desires to inform the citi
zens of roller that Le can supply theei
with all . kinds UfMarble -work, as cheap and
as good as it !can be had any place in the
of all kinds fur : Aiished on short notice.
Conuersport l Feb 13 *s.:l 11 .
{ 1 .
I •
15( 200
375 400
900 10 00
9 00 10 00
' 10 00 :1
15 20
15 20
14 Is
75' 80 1
4 0I) 125.'
300, 3500;
18 20
b., 10 12
37 50
20 25,
S 10
• 1 50 ISS
550 00
250 350
09 OOA
1.z5 200'i
SOP oo
Greatest ictory Yet !
LOBS s:Taucx .f_i FIVE- Inbru - rEs.
cf 4 cecelat,
A GC7? cra .Assia - fant of _)-citurO
the 1.,
- _
'Pilifiersport,Wedzo-dayE, , Tnly 26, 1865.
I I Loa6l and G-e4eral.
The issue of the JorunaL has been
delayed this week in oonseoue. l se of Gal a -
set= from home:
W'fth see•by the Lock Miceli Rgnali
cau that L - 41i. James Armstroim• is recom
mended or the Senate this Fat
The F l ourth quarterly Iteeting of the
E. Church of.Coudersport 1711 be held at
this place oft Saturda2,- afternoon and Sunday,
the sth and Cth of August tkext.! Services as
usual Ott such occasions. The Presiding
Elder, Rev. A. P. Ripio will be in attendance.
The redot6talde Drownson, Iyho re
sembles the fat person,#i Pryor's Jingle, has
published a letter on reconstruction, in which
he takes the ground that State Rights is an
unrefuted heresy, and that the restoration can
only be ai:complished by the recognition of
that principle.
a„, The catafalAne upon which the re
mains of President Lincoln were placed while
lying in state in New York, and which was
used in the procession, are to be sold at pub
lic hnetion ' for the benefit of the Union Home
and School. The Union Home and Sehoo
for the education of the children of the vol
unteer soldiery.
The State seal of Virg nia has been
materially mitered by the New state Govern
ment. The device is the same, but the Mot
to, "Sic Scinper Tyrannis," has been es - pinged,
and the words "Liberty and Union" now ap
pear above the goddess of Liberty trampling
upon the prostrate form of Tyranny.
The Mavor: of Harrisburg 11.3 issued
a Proclaruatioa deciding that from and after
the 'ath inst., and •nrifil further notice, the
sale of all ittlonicatirfr Liquors, including
Porter, Ale cud Latterlßeer, is prohibited at
the Bars of all Rotas, ; Taverns, Restaurants
and other dritilting houses within the limits
of that good for -I.!arrisburg,
liss Mary Earrisi the shot A. L.
purroith;hs, , a clerk in the TrNt.sury Depart
inent at Washington, has been acquitted by
the jury tetcte :whom the was tried, Bur
roughs had deceired 31Iss Harris, for years,
by the strongesi pretensions of sincere affec
tion. and afterwards married another lady.
Younn men should take warrilmr, bS• his crag.
ical death, and not encourage hopes in the
hinds of their fernalt friends which they do
not intend to fulfill.
C-Fr The little slave-holding State of Del
aware iS rabidly earning the reputation of
being the meanest and most despicable of the
States in or out of the..lnion. The lower
'noose of the Leuislature, now in
Dover, last weeftpassed resolutions of respect
to the memory of President Lincolit, - ont the
;:enate refused to concur! The reason of
this is, that the, few shareholders' families in
that State have a controlling int - bleu:2e in the
The shrill voice of the steam whistle
is now daily - heard in the extreme west end
of the county, ftpd is quite a novelty to-man:
of the, old inhabitanrs, as well as to some of
the youn‘zer ones. Iforing for oil in Union
county is now a
. fixed fact. The "Sprice
Run Oil. Company" have their machine4T in
full blast and ere long will demonstrate to
the world what riches are contained in the
howeis of old Hartley . . Crowds of visitors are
daily thconginx to the spot to witness the
operation Telegraph. '
Pr... 2 really glad that among the
assassins latei7 hung, in Washington there
. _
a - as'one Sot that' we hate women,
but because we thlnalt- itbigh time that women
knoW their places.' During all this war the
rebel women in the South and their seeesh
1 friends in th North have been saying what
thcY pleased with impunity. -They imagined
that their sex wood shield them from all
punishment. Hence It.ter were the most
powerful alders of the We rejoice
that women alio must know' their places or
take the cousclucnces.
A-:2`r The '.;ew' York IT t-rold declares that
"the 4, never can be a pally successfully con
structed at present unless such men as Val
laniiii-ham and Pendleton, of Ohio, the Sey
ntouri, of York; poo,r Pierce and musty
old ilhcitanan, are left out of the ring. That.
may be set darn as a fi.sed fac:. This crovrii
-.rill kill any party." The Herald forgets that
If these old sinners a: - e "kept out.' there can
he no • as they are the lead
ers rind only exponents of ren2onracy who
h a ve survived the fall of slavery.
Alonzo Potter, P. P., LL.D., Bishop
of the Pirotestant 1 pisc opal Ci . ireh in Penn
sylvania, died on the 41.11 of July in San Irma
disco, Cal. Ire was born. , in Beekman, near
Larange, titcliF:ss Co., N. N. July 10, 1500;
graduated - at union Coiicge in ISIS, was tutor
in 1819,
.and Professor of Mathematics and
Natural Philosophy in 15 . 21: He was ordain
ed deacon in 1521 and priest in 1524, and
was elected President of Gez.exa College in
the fellowine• year, but declined.. In 1826',
he became rector co St. Paul's Church, Bos-1
ton, remaining there till Inl, when he was
chosen - Vice-President and PrOfcssor f Morall
Philosophy in Uni , in College. He was eon
secrated Bishop of Petnisylvania.S,ept 23,1845:1
and as a uianitai cf ti - te church sus.tained
alway - s an exalted reputation. Ile was n - ell
known also as a scholar.and an author, an
publishc,l -4 number of volumes l on science al
well as on matters pertaining to his profest
DEsriroorivE Fraz !--About. 1 O'clock. Yes- 1
terday morning, the Wool Carding and Cloth
Dressing establishment owned by Mr. James
L Jackson, on the, Charleston road ; half a
mile Cast of this borough, was discovered to
be on fire, and su a short ti c,was totally
consumed. The building and machinery
were valued at 1 ,5.3000, and being uninsured
are a total loss. There was about $1,500
worth of Wool in store, also a total loss.
The fire took near the sill:at the north-Cast
corner, and when first discovered hod not
rcach , a' thc inside 0.1 the building: This is pretty
conclusive evidence of incendiaism. Taktng
into account the Let that there had been no
fire in the building for many days previous,
there is no rock. for doubt.
• ibe loss fails With great weight and hard
ship won Jackson, who was just on the
eve of removing with his famil td the State
of Delaware. lie •had. I,atked his movables,
and would have been on his *ay to his new
I borne in a few hours. This calamity will
unsettle his plans, of course.----We learn
that 'Wells's large •tannery at Tioga, was
destroyed by fire Sunday night. We have nn
particular of moment, but understand that
the fire was the work of an inc.Oidiary.-77.-
0,741 .Igitotor. _
fiegr,o ; , age.,
qnestion being now beiOre the piople
In a very important shape, the following facts - - •
in regard to the privileges of the elective frari- ROXANNA CAMP.) Pleas of Potter County,
chise may be of interest Libel in. Divorce. To Roxanne, Camp, Res
'ln Massachusetts. Rhode Island, Connecti- Pondent above named. Please take - notice
cut, North Carolina ; South, Carolina ana l that a stibpcena. and alias subpcena. having
Gdbrgia, , all voters mast' have a property been issued and returned nihil you are here
qualification, and in 31:tinCraid 'Sew Ramp- tiy required to appear - on the first day of next
shire, paupers ere excluded. Court, the lfith day of September next; to
The negro is not allowed to cote under any answer to the complaint made in this case.
circumstances in any of the States which D. C. LARHABEE, Sheriff.
composed, the tniou in 160, excepting fire, Couderspoit, July '2 , 18E5.
and in only two Statetr, (Vermont _and New
Hampshire) is a colored person allowed to
vote without a ;property qualification. In
New Hampshire there were, ia ISO, one
hundred and ninety colored voters, and in
Vermont, only eighty!
In 3lrissachnsetts and'rennsylvania, every
voter niust, within two years, have paid a
State or county tam, unless excused, from
In Rhode Island, a toter must own, real
estate of one hundred and thirty-four dollars
value, or of the clear yearly value of seven
dollars over any ground rent
A colored person is not allowed to rote in
New York unless he has resided in the State
three years, and is , a freeholder in value of
two hundred and fifty dollars and paid taxes
Penn , A Agricultural Soclety,
The State Agricultural exhibition, to be
held at Williamsport on the last days of Sep
ten:her neat, promises to be en unusual dis
play. We learn that already more space for
cattle and sheep has been applied for than
ever before, so long Previous to tbe,exliibi
tion. The. State Society is exerting itself,H
conjunction With a committee of the ',yearn
ing County Agricultural Society, to make
complete preparation for any crowd that may
visit the fair or the beautiful town in which
it is to be h-ld. There .dre now in process ) of
erection stalls for nearly one thousand cat - le, 1
sheep and hogs ; a ball three hundred Let I
long for protection to agricultural
meats; a two story hail, two hundred Lai
long, for the display of embroidery, pietures,
statuary, piano and . other articles subjectl to
damage from the [ weather; and a eovtd
area overlooking the crude aniple gron s,
capablt or!' seating ft'cm tito to three thons,lnd
per Sons. A sub-committee' of the general
Executixe Committee of the' State Socilty;
consisting.of Messrs. Hamilton, of Harrisbt rg,
Kapp, of Northumberland, Ellis, of Lycommg,
Holstein ; of )lontgomery, Driesbach/of
zerne, accompanied by a number of member:
of the society, visited Willianispart a , few
days ago. They were hospitablytricce'ved
there, and after visitimr and e:xamining the
park,- they ddparted for their honies,laea-tly
approving of the designs and acts cfl the
President of the society. and Mr. Herdic l the
resident member of the Executive Committee
in that locality, to whose efforts in thifdi.
reation too Much praise cannot be namied
There of a fine display.l and
amp he made 'f,jr its
coin's Tomb.
e PrZs!dent's remains.
togeto, is little son arc pl i accd.
is kept ca t -Ir.:, tea with fresh flower;, and Ti.bout
and upon the coffin as they lie in viers. are
garlands aud cldsterz of buds and b:ostorns,
ever fresh r and fragrant, so that the fery
breath of tlie sepulchre is rendered redolent
and pur6. - I
Loeking nto the tomb the visitor ca r dis
cern nothing ofiefisiveno token o the
"damp v4t's dayless glooM7—but fie - ems
himself ga‘ing into some floral cave whose
tenants are the graces and surnmei. nymphs.
The taste which is thus' displayed in ren
dering the vault attractive is most conaiudnd
able, and vill. brighten thr.. , recollect of of
every pilgr m who has here gazed c.rar. the
dead. Mr. Vt lillF, in addition to tilik, ihas
also open 4 a book upon which every vt i si i tor
I can registe his name and append such) re
-I,naarks as t.lic scene may suggest to his mind.
1 Since the I-Ith of May last some two thousand
names ofsiters .have thus been registO:ed,
represents ives of' every Suite in the L'Von
and also tl e Canadas. One back upon every
day during the week, and two upon the 4ab
bath are itbpt imuning between the
the cemeHry for the accommodation of visit
ors, and all this has been since the remains
of our late President were placed at res i t in
this pleasdnt burial place, since Oak Rid g e
has held tie dust of this great man.. din
making this notice we V;culd tonclad , by;
adding thdt this is'not only, to be the resting
place of the President, but that bere is fo be
erected a pile :to his minor: whicli Shall
stand through all axes to - come. . ,
1 ma
rising gr i ound irarnecliateiy in the rear
of the tomb has been selected as the site of
the President's. Mon:anion:. Thre:c - es Upon
this beautiful &pa were. selected by the Mon
ument Association ; and here it bets been ide
cided to•build the shaft.: l'on beauty and
appropriateness of this site are such as Would
recommend it to the minds of all, and_ we are
pleased to know no agreeable a selection has
been mad e: =Sin-inzit.l'i (.111. - mi.s) Journal.
A CA11.16
To tic Union _lt en cf Potki
I have been for sortie ilme past eneourased
by citi7Snr of the County to be a candidate
for Representative. I announce myself a
candidate for that . office. hear of eandi- I
dates for other .offices, without opposition,
for thie :!teaser_ that they have been in the
Army fur the Union. I too have been in the
. Army—seryed faithfully in the ditches
and sr•:ampr: of South Carolina honora
bly discharged tip General Burnside, 1; rea
son of disability received in the - service., and
in the line of duty. My son fought in the
same l Regithent (45th P. V.,) uf,til he was
killed by Rebel- bullets. Still I air, :opposed
by gentlemen who were never in the service'
I—gentlemen, whb 11'pol - 13i:sated, Will rceelve
my cordial suppolq. If any one doubts my
' honorable record while In the Army, I refer
him to every officer and man belonging to the
-15th P. V. when I left it. ,-
If any other Soldier who has teen honora
bly discharged, deSires the nomination for
this office and inserts, his, name, I will with
' draw this Uard and shppOrt him..
_ L - B
Fike 3fais, :nly 25, ISG:..
irthE FA., July 7,5, 1E65.
DF:AII • Siz : Please aerionnce the name of
A. B. HORTON, late Capt. Co. 0, \,1.1 4 P.V..
for SHERIFF, subject to tho decision of the
Fall Genre Hon.
- - ,
117(CTil.P. AS my wife AIIRLIA Itad left nay
V bed l and be'a '
rd without just cause or
prcrocatio , I hereby warn all persons not to
hat'bor or gust her on nay account as I will
pa 4 - no debts of her contracting after this date.
Colesbur", Pa., nue 3Q, 1865.
33nrorten NOTICE.
ECCRILL.N CAMP, - 'No; 44., Dec.. _Terti
- 1564, in the Pommel!
MBE Pennsylvania State AbricultUral
ciety will hold its Exhibition on 'Tues
day, Wednesday, Th'ursday andFridity, Sep
tember `2,43, 27, S and 29, 1565, at
Any information desired will I be given
upon pereonal'application or by letter to the
iindersigned, at ~ Nbrristown, or A. BOYD
HAMILTO, President, Harrisburg.
The otZee of the. Society will be open at
Willie.msport on and after the sth of Septem
Norristown, July 24, 1565.-3 t,
phe Grovesteen Piallo Forte
1. still retains its precedence and great poi) -
ularity, and after undergoing gradual im. ,
provements for a period of thirty ycars, is now
pronounced by the ,muSical world to be un
surpassed hnd even unequaled in richness,
volume an rutity of tone, durability aced
cheapness.. , Our new scale, French action,
harp pedal, iron frame, over-strung bass,
seven octave, roserrdod pianos we are,selling
cheaper by; from $lOO to s'loo thart,the same
style and finish are sold by an,y , other first
class makers in the country. /Dealers and
all in want of good pianos are invited to send
for our Descriptive Catalogue, which contains
photographs of our different styles, together
with prices. No one should purchase a pi
ano without seeing the Catalogue. Medals,
almost without number, have been awarded
to the Grovesteeh Piano, and at the Cc!c
bratect TI - crt,rs,l c air,thotteh pat in competition
with others (from all parts ofi Europe and 1.
United States. it took the highest award.
• -
LEstablinimilig3s.l GROVESTEEN CO ,
/ 1:”3 Broadv:ayclCow York,
The Provide ure .Tour] al; an article
,dn Mason & Hanalin'sCabinet Organs '
of these excellent and now celebrated instru
ments ps follows : "For volume and quality
of tone; for variety and beauty of effects ;
for excellence in crescendo and diMinnendo;
for quickness of respons. etc , . the touch in rapid
stacato and legato passages; for the easeiand
entire freedom from fat'gue with which the
belloc - s is operated; for the stability of every
part of the workmanship and capacity o'f
stanti:ng• well in, t.ttue, the new Cabinet Or
l:ans of :liressrs.HMason b Hamlin—portabie
reed instruntent.' , .l, the lAgest of which are
• -, _mailer than than erdinrry piano-forter, , —ale
not Ouly.quite equal to the smaller pine or
gans of the best' Makers, but Much superior
to the generality of thole heretofore used in
small churches' and halls, and ibr private
practice." •
.VALCABLE MEDICINES, which have ',lei.-
formed such wonderful cures and given gen
eral satisfaztion lo those who have made
use of them can 1)6 elbtalued of Ern. A.
FitENCII, GCC'T,ERSPOS7`•, Pottet Co.,
Pa., wbo Willi examine patlehts, astertain the
nature of their disease, aid give-all necess
ary directions and advice to those who make
use of the qedicines.. 'Orders fror. abroad
will receive prompt attcnlica.
July 19, 1.1G5-.
J. W. ,ALL N, PlitNcinti, assisted b:r
competent 'Teachers.
will commence on MONDAY, Aug. 2E,
and continue Tn - els'e weeks.
Tuition to ;be paid at ;he middle of the
Term, froM s p ,oo to eB,OO. 'Contin g encies,
25 cents.' t
Teachers Mass will be instructed Fre:
of charge. _ '
Rooms snito„le for students desiring to
board themselfes can be obtained reasonably
,in and near Town.
For further particulars, address the Prin
cipal, at Coudersport, Pa.
fiAbinei Organs. and Clicker-
Celelprated Pianos for
sale by Jo'ln 13. Sliakspear.. of Wellsboro,
rioga co'nnY, is. Persons deg ring to Tint.-
chase can do so by applying, to. A. L. ENS.-
WORTU,' psi., 'at the Bidgbarn
Coudersport r -
_LI to' the memory of ABRAHAM LINCMN.'
the Martyr President, by Mrs. Park
,burst, the popular. ccmposer. The Home
Journal cars 'This is a flee composition,
well worthy . the reputation of in writer."
Very soleihq and imprenifz. 1000 copies are
issued weekly. Price 30 cents; with vignette
of the PresideutF 50 cents. Mailed free.
Publisher; ,111orace Waters,' No. 581
Broadway 11. F.
Idercdntile Api.iaisement,
List of Dealers in Merchandise in the
County of ROttbr, for ;the rear 18.35, with
Classification_, &e
,Tl4ice. Amt.
Allegany, 14 7,00
Coudersport, .14 7,00
Tracy 5, - .;0 4 2.7;
E. R. Snencar.
P.A., Siebbins Co:, " •/3 10,00
C, S. A: E. :Jones, 13 10,00
E. Olinsted, , " 13 1400
Collins Snii4bi " 14
Jbhn S. 30. r i 4 • 14 00
,blin _ .I.!mar.,A 1,,
Mason Ne4son & .
Cc.i ' 1 , 4 ' 14 ; - ,bo
< l.
11. . Oira 1
iteil, 14 7,90
j. j- 'W. 'llartis, Harrison, 14 7,00
grnsen&4luckpros,Efarrison Valley, 14 700
Mary A. oodman, ' " " 14 7,00
Cyrus Sunderlin, Hector, 14 7,03
Henry _34ftresor , , Kettle Creek, 14 7,00
Charles :11etisner, Germania, 14 7 ; 00
Inzustns!Hepp, " l4 7,00
H. Theis,l zg - , 14 7.00
Jacob KtilL . . " ' 14 7,00
J. Schwahrenbach, Brewer, " I 10 5,90
Fredetick Ooh, " " 1 10 5,00
Chappel Liz Bros., Ulysses, 14 7,00
Peterson& - Co., -" 14 7,00
S. 1V.,114r.r0e, U 14 '7,00
L. Bird, t
! - :` l4 7.00
Colwell 4: stbn Eros,. Ilculet, 14 7,00
I Chz.BroHerman, Germania,Distiller. 9 25 : 00
[IL S. Colwell, 11 Millnor‘• c , OO
~ _
- _
A. r. Humphrey, ,Shingle House,' 14. ,7,00
Mrs. Locke, East Shafoo, 14 7,00
GCE/. A. -Barclay, Wharton, 14 7 7 00
Joel Raymond: ; , 14 700
Harry Loril, Oswa„To, ' , 14 7;00
Johnson .1 - " 1 f '7,00
L. IL KINNEY, Mercantile Appraiser.
June 27, ISCS.
It having come to our knoniedge that ima
stations of iho American Watch hare bead
put upon the market in'great number s eaten.
lated by their utter worthlessness to ure
the reputation of our genuine produess to
protect our own interests and the public &re
imposition s we again publish the trademarks
by which our Watches may invariably ba
ernanufaetare four styles of liatebett.
The First has the name j
Mass.," eneraved on the inside plate,
The Set - ond has the name
".APPLETQS, TRACY R.: CO., NYtdtbarn i
Mass.," engraved on the inside plate.,
e 77
The. Th;rd has the rosme
• "P. S. BARTLETT Waltb Blass.," , etie
, I
graved on the inside plate.
.All the above styles hav the name Amer
lean Watch Co. painted the dial, and;o4re
warranted in every rev eet.
The /au- t tho name '
. "WPM.' ' , •Bosion; Mass.," engraved'
on the; and /S not named on the
All , Med watches are mad
Of:raril ire sold in gold or silver
cases, I ired.
It pi _te for us to accurately'
describe the numerous imitations to wlticli
we with
alluded. They are usually inscribed
Ivth names so nearly approaching our own
as to escape the observation of the =aeons%
tonled 'haver., Some are represented as made
by the "'Cajon Watch Co., of Boston, lins,o
—no such company- existing. Some are
named the "Soldier's Watch," to be sold aB
our Fourth or Wm. Ellett style, usually
known as 'the "Soldier's Watch." Others are
named the "Appleton Watch Co. ;" others
the P. S. Batti.r.yr instead of our "P. S. l3art-•
lett i" besides many- varieties named in suet*
a manner as to convey the idea that they are
the veritable productions of the AmeriCan
Catch' Company, 1
We also caution ithe phblie, and partlen.
-ZarlY soldiers, against bt4ina certaivarticles
. so 'freelyiaertised in illus. ,
rate - 3 papers as "Army Watches," "thlicet'S
Watehes," "Magic Time Observers," "Arenas
Watches," ize,. the 'prices of which are stated
to he from seven to sateen dollars. A good
watch, in these times, canuot be afforded for
any such money.
A little attention on the part of-buyers will
protect them from gross imposition.
Ants for the :American Watch Co.,
le- Broadway : New York.
fihe rises of this tratelt are an entirely nett
inentisni composed ,of six different met
tootaidm/M, rolimi together • and plan
prolueing au exact imitation of 16
carat rzold, called Arcana, winch will always
keep its color. They are ns as solid
Bald, iind arradbcded atone-eight`. the cost:
The case is beautifuilly desicned With Panel
and shield for naine with Patent Push Pin;.
and engraved in the exact style of the cele;
bated Gold glinting' Levers, and are really
hands=ome and deshrable, and so exact an iula
itatian of cold as tO defy detection. Ths
mcvement is manufactured t , y the tvell known
St. jimer latch Company of &trope and are
superbly finished,
.haying engraved ' pallets;
fancy carved bridges, adjusting tegulator.
with gold balance and the improved jeWeletf
action, with line dial and skeleton hantis,an3
is warranted a good time. keeper.
these N r i dtches are of three different sizes;
the sma!ilest being- fot gad are all
Hunting Cases. A case or six will be sent by
'nil or TlxpresS for 5155.00. A single one
sent in a handsome 7.4rcieco Case for $25
will readily sell for Puree times their cost. WS'
are sole agents for t'aiX Watch in the United
States, and none are genuine which do not
bear our Trade AddresS •
WI:AHD It . . DtirAtGH s CO.,
Importers, i 5 Maiden
1794. 1794.
Oldest' Thstdance Coinpany in Aitierica
Cash Capital and Stirl3lws, over
1, i 00,000.000.
SEVENTY-ONE Yearn Seeessful Basine:4.9
Experiemre, with repntrttion fcir integrity
nd honorable dealing unsurpassed by any
similar institmion:
LOSSES PAID sine organization, $17,..
500000.01 1 . with3et the deduction cf a cents
or a day's delay !
LIPP:RAL lit r ATE.' 7 3 far all the Safer classed
of property.. Insurantre of Dwellings and
Contents, n sPecialtY•
BRICK or STOIICE D74-ellings insured per=
pttuaffy, if dfsir6A, on terms of the greatest
econt.Yiny and safeil to the insured;
it is Wisdom and Economy to insni - e in thcr.
best Companies, and there is norm letter than
the old insurance Co. Of
Apply to' W. 3icAL I AESEY
Auent for Potter coanty.
Clothts Wringer
Will ITYing an 31.311:,.; from a siagm • ThrFad tot
I a lied-Quilt.
tricEs : $5.50, $6.00, and F,S;ON
P. A. Stebbins &
agents for Patter r.fOurity.—Jaft 9, 18C3
And oCaers out of employment, to canvass for
Just Published, '
fly, Frank Crosby, of the Philadelphia Bar t
comprising one large octavo volume of nearly
500 nag=s
This is the only work of the kind published
it is entirely - tier and original, containing. Lis
early history,lipofitical career, speeches;preC 7 t
lamations and other official docuMents idus
trative of his . prentfuladministration, togetli
er with the scenes and events connected with
his tragic end. It:will be sold only by our
authorized traveling agent's, towhom exclu
sive territoryls given, and liberal commiss
ions paid. Send for a circular and terms to
"American Publishing agency, Eon 217,1%;#7.,
600 chtstnut Street Plil.ladeliiaJ l 1