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    his voinan ! There nothing but folks'.- ler, and in half an our the room was
She not la man'a hat on, and a turkey filled. ,
wing e n ,
in the front of it ; 'and his nose is "Now, elder, "/cried the bridegroom,
just like dad's—crooked as a: cow s horn "drive ahead! /want it done up shott.—
?quash !" . I'm able to pai for the job—do your best.
Alas for Mr. Morrison's aquiline nose, I Come, Fathef Burke, trot out yer gal."
:of whidh he was a little vain': I But sallitlefused to be trotted. She
' "Sam !" called a shrill female voice' would bnatirlried where she was or not at
from the interior of the cabin, "run out ail. 77e arg ed, and , coaxed, :but she
and grab the rooster;
i and I'll' clap him_' was firm; ,an it was finally concluded to
into the pot! Sall, you quit that churn let a -her have ler own way.
sweep sep the florin Kick thht corndode. I //Mr. 'Morri s on stood up- , e-The happy
er under the bed! Bill, you Wipe the tal- a touple Joined hands through a rent in the
ler out of that cheer for the minister g I coverlet, and the ceremony proceeded
_ _ . I wife, and be spry about it'' / {Just as Mr. :Morrison was asking Lemuel
an 1.3 ?
'Further remarks were cut short bY our i"will you haVe this woman, etc.," dawn
--- 1 t
-- - entrance. I/ i camethe coverlenenvelet the bride,groom,
-- - I Mre. Burke, in calico short ge , wn,blue and pastor,and filling, the house with dust.
. _ . !petticoat, and bare feet, came%fdrvrard— Dick bad been up in the loft,and cut the
- - -
- --
wiping ler face on her apro . I 'string which held it. 1
i "How do you do, Elder . hotel d'ye dot Mr.! Mormon crawled out,llookingli..
_ ,
1 Imam Must excuse my ead --I4in't bad i cidedly sheepish; and 'Sally was obliged
- 1 • '•
[ no chance to comb, it sence last week.ito be Married iopenly. To the moms tons
3 (301 - Work taust, be did, u know- Powerful !question, Lemuel reslonded. "To e sure
"one stands and t'atui... ~. sharp air. haint it'., Shoo, there ! Bill. I —what else dr I come I here f ?" and
, calmly'•
Cad, the
,ieree 4 -' re "- drive that turkey tit of the bread trough ! I Sally. replid, .. Yeas, if you st know."
!Sal, take the I y's things. = Set right up I "Salute your bride," Said r. Morrison
Ito the fire, : arm. Hands cold? Well, when all was over.
just run 'e in Bill's hair—we keep it;"l'm reddy to do any' ing reasonable,
I long a ota pose." , I Elder," said Lemuel, 'but skin me if I•
Bill ,presented his shaggy head, but ' I , know about that air/ Jest show me how
I decli ed with an iovoluutary shudder i 'and I'll do it, if itsiiiis me." • ,
I " sawn, if she aint actilly a shivering !" I My husband drew hack nervonsly,btai l
led 3 rs ---
Borae••brin.oain some more !Sally advance ,threw ber arms around hts
' wood. Here, arm, take this hot corn ; neck, and g. e him a kiss that made the
.1 1.
'dodger into yer lap it's a good as a soap. ! very' wind(' .s clatter. I
stone." ! "I yogi if I don't do ditto! cried Lem -I
. A fateful shall announced the execution .uel,laud hastily taking a huge bite from!
• 1 • i t
of the ',poster, and shortly afterwards he .a piease of maple sugar which he drew{
his pocket, he made a dash at me—.
Ott ILLIVOiS WED i ;LNG. was bouncing about in,a four pail kettle !fro
.hee is asked my collar,broke my watch guard
hung over the fire, Sal returned to
At the aee of eighteeu married a into a dozen pieces, tore my hair down,
o - churl], but the [extraordinary visitor/
minister. -
, oust have wade her careless, for she op. ! and succeed in planting a kiss ten my nose
Eu , so‘e. More iet a we my first and last
gat the con . cern, and butter and but 'greatly to the delight of the company.
love ; iinal• fi at I iuet in truth ._
that the life of a 111 tl.ter . .s wife is a sort ' .
- , milk weOt swimming over .be fi00,..-/ I Then turned to my husband.
, "Now,Eider,what's the damage?, don'ti
-Grab the ladle,Bill !" cried Mre'Burke.
si rebut:d hil:vvrt" '-rlllll. have never fur a ,
, r , , .
,:,.,,,, n.,,, u ,...,:. , !my comee and help dip it upe Take ke / er, don't
1 I be afeard to speak."
s 1
"Whatever you please,"smd lir. Morri
i put thalsnarl of hair is. &range how I
1r after our marriaee.
011 I
I Biuoilboro—a ,ii -elks will be - so naeta , l., Dick, do you keep :son
, ' , Lemuel produced a piece of fur from
your feet out of the buttermilk—it wont 1
. f Eltiesis , • -a; •
-De fit for the pies when the butter is teith• ' t its pocket'
hems. art ~rocs, but I had I' ' ~• - e` ' , .
ered Drive that hep out, quick—she's I "There, Elder," said he, "tbre's a
stir me .IiaLIV lusutior, from the and out in the shed is
reeked up a pound '! of butter already .' muskrat ' s 'skip ;
F? ith wele voauo nod hope.
• . There, Sal, do try a ind churn a little more two heads of cabbage,and you're welcome
nat. unp.easant to us " area I f , / a • I
_ of ...s. ... you are a a wme to be spliced Ito the hull of it. 1
luntered the trials
ter worr'er, you needn't run crazy about! illy ten-bated bowed his thanks—the
..n. I was. critici , ed
it " i young people went to dancing. Mrs.
.h unt i ii I wondered - if: l ' , .
it e ii.carnatiOui of original sin ' I d advise you to dry up '.", remarked Burke went to getting breakfast; and at
elect, thumping away at the;' mny earnest request, Mr sMorrison got oaf
.set;; and I Ir quently had - doubts : 1-he ' bri q e
w hector'. an ants buds in the world was to be' churn/ , , horses and bade them adieu.
By die time I had ;sot' fel:ly thoraed.! 1 never could have lived through anoth
' 1 I.
ita d respes'ethle for their ili deed but air-I
all,dinner was read-' and you may er meal in that house.
be ewe !
If. May theeleo- wes very dubious
his ti
„Ha. ,td
. Ili ;,., l . iith freouen k iv went t / did not is injure myself ba,,evereating,. at I have since heard that Mr. Lord said
_ • II I Night came on early, and after a shcial 'if he had seen the Elder's wife before
dawn beioWIWN ivt.ter walk'.
chat, about the event of the morrow, 1,, she was married, Sally might have gone
Mt parish ismer , : tttere ore edinoly 'lto the dickens.
io p
j:e.lti ,,
„ui the i3ea,lit, iu
,tizii,dect i my desire to retire.
c . ) -1,,, i f tver a aolaaa Lad laset i ttres to Sal lighted a pitch knot, and began Alas! "It might have been F.'
a ladder in one corner of the; ,
refOrra in the .3drice 'of frieuds,th •ri I had ; ' diw b iz- 4 , '
heekated. ' , l a
rot a dhr passed but I- was ad oniaheti ' `s -• " m- 1 -1 I Si;RFACE INDIL,ATIONS--DANGEROTIS.
; I ‘ . •Cutne!oa," cried she—"don't be afear- —Two men, th6i other evening, were,
in come way , 1 :
t . 0
mtl . b.. ed. Sam, and Bill, and:Dick, and all the; talj;ing in the oil exchange in this bo-
Miss Split=xood bald I dressed
rest of
,y, duck yer heads while the El- tat eh Said one
• 1 t'
AseMinister'e wine ought to set a better
D. E. OL)ISTED. •- • I J - 1
es:autos; oef a re tne younolinos of er duck e,
der's wife goes up Look out for the Mosel •aa - ell, Jones how, are'you ?"
boards. unarm • and mind, or vou'll smash I 'II• •
atEaLER IN DRY GOODS. READY-MADE'' I laid her adinonisieu to .he - art, a d took . , - in anything but well; lam terribly
d • your brains out against that beam. Take ' troubled with bites. Do you know au
Clothina• crockery. (.3-rccerle- - , Ste.. Main st.. : . .
the trollailti^e•off my bonnet,an wore it ,
- keen of the 'sole where the chitably conies; cure for them r Y
Coutler. , port. Pa.. "
- ---- - ,f with nothing but the cape.. Th a Nr.
COLLIN'S SMITH, d •••.; 'through-" I
. Hale calledto tell me that I rasa is,. . I - ;
...q,vliy, yes : I have heard that crude
DE_ILLER. in Dry Goods,Groceries.PraTtsions, ' .
to the panto. wearing suet' 4 dread I
~ Her warning came too late. callow. - on is good. That is, an outward applies
Hardware, Queens ware. Cutierv. and all gracema toot . in the cad of a board—stumbled tion.l"
Cotter. uauany found In a country 'tore.— tut helmet. ,People would think I was
and tell headlong through what appeared i "}Veil, it's simple enough,and we have
• of the Quaker ot.rsuasitio. 'SDI put 'lse Coudersport. NOV. 27. 18t31.
:be interninable space, but it was on] ' '
"----- • ,-. , - , , trimming on at Then old Mr 4 Stan- o •If
5' plea y of the oil here- . I shall try at.
COL D a laaaPOlsl HOTEL, - i t the room I bad just left where I was, At this stage a third party steps, up
ly met we in the street, and said so much 1 0 •' . '
D F. GLASSMIRE, Proprietor. Ccrner o- by Bill,who and whispers : 1
a saved from destructton '
Slain and Second Streets, Coudersport, Pot- blue ribbon tsar unbefitting the Wife of
ter Coe Pa. , preacher of the gospel. so I i d id , the caught mein his arms and set me on my . " out do it stranger; for these oil:
A Livery Stable is also kept in conned e l - c i d d • b
t i• I ,
feet, retnerkiwa coolly :
ue est e. an anpeare in row , , ' - ar . ,srnel era going around will have a pump
"W Fat wade you come that way ? We' on t e place. afflicted before three days;
tics with. this Hotel. - -
Aunt Sally Lane Called the nazt day : , '
use the ladder."
Et. S. OLMSTED, , before breakfirt to know who of iits folks g inerall :' •
:don' do it."
I was duly commisserated, , and at last . •
DEALF.B. L\ STOVES. TIN .s: SHEF.T IRON were dead''—'she had notified that Inv'
!got to bed The less said about that:. &
'N'ARE.,, Main EL. nearly opposite the Court b coast was trinimod in mournino
' h,they . night, the better. Bill, and Dial:, and
House, Coudersport. Pa. Tin and Sheet If I called on a few of our pari day
fron 'Va: , made to order. in czood. style, on .
,- p our ' four others, slept in the sane room with , arid
Enid I was gad:ding. and Riffled
short notice. , us and made the air vocal with their snots ! plied
, Mr. Morrison, dreadfully ;" if I staid at
RM. H. 111LLER... . . ..... J. C. I,CALI,::SEI.
home. I Was "teo stuck up to vislit poor, ing- I fell asleep, and dreamed I was '
MILLER & ItIcALLARNEC, , , HI-- 7, 1 , just being fired from the muzzle of a! A,
e as.
ATTOR:F.YS-aaT-LA.W. a tat • s , supplyin my lard ' ,
Coluinbiad ; and was awakened by Mn rid of
cast as sure as
HAR.R.ISBURG, PA., -. er ran loa - ITrout!di - - --
Morrison, who informed me that, it was lO.wi e di
~ ias•e an influ.x of cow -
GENTS for the Collection of Cloit s
_ pany and treat ofßrook born was pecal- ! W0rn03,7. I
..71.. against the United Star; and State Go
iarly favorable to the; growth of appetite.' The marriage was to take p ~ . a . ,
lace be•-elel "s 1 BIG THING ON IcE."—One even
examents, such ?..E Pension. Bounty, Arreat -
of Pay sc. Add es: Boa 23. Harrisburiz.r.. All the strazahno , ministersaract agents, i breakfast and ally was already clad in her ' lu.g. in the second dog-watch, we heard
berroars andvaeabonds came- h ' bridal robes when I decended the ladder. Fin Buteerfield, an old Greenland '.blab
Pension Bounty and War Claim ' - ' -1 ' ' = -tot - ,
parsonaoe • and we acre obliged to enter her bunter
" spinning one of his hawser
, , She was mageikent in a green calico . ' "a. .
Agency. vain thew, because Eirene said, by thus' gown, - •
over a, crinoline full four inches laid !yarns, and we I li stened Just long
, -enough to 'bear of the best time ever
. of ti dome- we eniolit entertain angelsr
white apron witt.
DENSONS procured for soldiers rile , 7 ' .‘m unawares-1, . - - . " ' ' [nada on any course in the world.
1 present war who are disabled by reaEon o f to endeavoring - I to obey this command,' red strings—Wile stock „ va b • . , b -, •
a s . see,s out nay miles clue
wounds received or disease contractraFted I e shelter to a man who called him 111 71 gs—a yellow neck ribbon, and white:
while in the service of the United St.ttes ; and self v. •
colporteura and Wh , , 'rov'ed his' cotton gloves. I Her reddish hair was west from lippernavtla,down there in the
enionE, hOUnty, and arrears of ~ac obtained sigh to wear rines bystealing P :1 , fastened in apug behi •
~. a dozen • , p na,an welladorn
for widows or heirs of those who hare died - ..
a...ilve napkid rings and a', butter knife, !with tie tail - I and the old lubber instead of Eakin' dead
feathers of the defunct, . , -,
or been kW ed while in service. Ail lette ofi to win ard, as a strum:: whale ors r, he
ineniry promos. answered, and on receir 'Jr give nue sister., , rooster before mentioned.
When it was announced that Lem Lord. I *s•raioht to leeward
went r
ea , toward a bigfloe
mail of a statement of the ease of•clairnandl , But I didf not intend to write my own I
will forward the riecesi i ray -.Pipers for they:: osrsonal bistorc—l wax , oitiv t ice,-,. , the groom Was coming Sally dived behind
, i h o f e t k e . 6 r, s ' a n i l a i s e a s . aeroSs ' and
a big
signature. Fees to pension Cases as fixed
, a coverlet , which bed been bun" = across, ° •
by. a a inip , e_ot an Illinois wedding .
law.( r• -
~one en d of the room to conceal sundry; ... le bull took as .in end forty-three
Rsreassmss.—Hon. is&AC BESSov Hon. A.' One tide day ,in early whiter, my hus
pots and kettles, and refused to come' mile an hour, and went slapunder the floe
4. 01•11.5r1110, J. S. .M.a
ns, Es q . F ; 'w, Kx „ . ; band received winromons tc Burks settle .'
E sq. DAN BARF,R, - I meat, to ;unite a couple. in the bond= of forth. Mr Lord lifted one corner of the
that; curtain and d ' b ,talAn the boatlunder after him."
! "And all hands in her, Fin ?"
Claim Agent Couderoort Pa. 'Wedlock It was especially requested'
peeped in, at quickly retreat- i
"Thunder ,
Jane 8, '64.-Iy.: ; nR. D'ye s'pose we were
his wife s ho t ild a c c om p an y hi m , an d we ; eel with a stew pan following close beh i nd; 1
in obe drownded to lease that old
HOWARD ASSOCIATION, , shohld be expec
[ led to remain all night, and l a few shay words from Sally, advis- t° what.
1 r When the boat went under we
PZILADELPHIA., PA. . and,- partake of the festivities. I !km him to mind his own business.
1 =the ice,cut • ht across it
!all jumped on leo -
DISEASES of the Nervous, Seminal,rrina- I It was twenty wiles to the settlement, I Lemuel was dressed in blne,with bright ' w . N I w
,I got to the other side first and
ry and sexual ssstems—sow an d reliable and we reached the log house of Ir Burke! ; buttons. The entire - suit had been macie! --- -
treatatant—in reports of the HOWARD AS-! the father ot the 'expectaut bride about ' for his orandfather 'ffi'l ' , when the boat popped out. all hand's jump-
SOCIAION--seot by mail in seald.letter, noon. , t 1 doze , ,
~ -
.m On ast tar occasion., fe adaist, hauled up to the old Inbber,and
n tow hatred ch ldren were i His hair was well greased with tallow,and , •-' d h i l
eavelopes,' free of charge. Address, Dr. J , b our lances r
skin; turnq mup wit
SKILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Ass•ciation the d
,at oar waiting our arrival. They : his huge feet encased in sheep
la _____l
/to. 2 South Ninth Street, Philadelphia, p,„,,. !telegraphed the news instantly. pumps. ' . I The Shirt or
la jf IU4. it ‘ •
i, Nana , maim 1: here's Ole Elder and , Very icon the company began to gath.l or's. i
1-11 - i •
I/. W. MeAliarne,y, Proprietor.
' * * *Devoted to the calve of Republicanism,
the interests of Agriculture, the advancement
id Education, and the best good of. Potter
county. Owning no guide. except that La
Principle. it will endeaver to aid in the work
- of more fully Freedomizing our Country.
ADVERT/SEME.*S inserted at the following
rates, except where special bargains are made.
1 Square [lO lines] 1 insertion, r - - SI 50
<I ti 3 kg - 2CO
Each solcsequent insertinplessthan 13 ;
1 Square three months; - - -
1.'," six U
10 CO
12 00
30 00
- - - 17 00
10 00
50 00
I cc ' F.O 00
:Administrator's or Executor's Notice, 300
usiness, Cards, 8 lines or less. per yertr 5 00
:Special and Editorial Notices. pek tine. 20
' -1- ..k.11 transient advertisements must be
amid is advance. arid uo notice will be taken
f advettisements from a distance, unless they
_are accompanied by ties money or sati4factorl
**Blanks, and Job Wcrk of all kinds, at
tended to promptly and faithfully.
" nine
• " one I year, -- - -
I Colamn six months, ----- -
If If 11
- Lt
" per year,
Tr.ea and Accepted Ancient York Masons:
13131. 7 ;AAA:A. 1.01)G - E, So. 342. is' AM.
STATED MettingEon'tne.2nd a;:,]•4lll9:.,lnei
days ofeach month.
Hags on eery Eve•dr.r.. wok
.a.nd. Frac - Lice, at their H -in.C. , 01e:9 - I)rr.
L.A.HtiIiEE. W. M.
M. W. Sec
.TOILN S. I . A.):N.
20Uderiirinrt. Pa. / will anent: the sereni
.7 , 3 arts a Potter
eatrusttql is his care
F.nompt. HlttenC. , Ja_,
r.-ad 7:3ird stmet?!.
A. TIT Li (- It ' G I
'louderT7.ov_ Pa.. will e 1,41
t'rustei - Cto his t.-".re. wizu ..n
Office 6rt Seth-we-t c.):;ler
and fourth streets.
I..TIORStY AT LAW. Cqu'ders:port, Pa.. will
attend to all basinesr. entrusled to I:im,
care and promptness. glace on S'ei.ou..l
near the Allegheny
F. W. K\ OX,
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Coudersport. Pit.. will
regularly attend th Courts in Potte-: -
the adjoining Counties.
11.17SICIAN:Coil , lercinort. Pa..
respectfully informs the oitizens of ihe vil
lage ar. , l ricinitv that he will, prornpl,7 re
spond to all cal; for pref i i, ,, icinal :services.
Office en Main in builtlincr forzuvrly or
cu,ied by C. lc. Ellis,
C. S. 4: E. A. JONES,
0115. Famcy Arti , •les.Sta . .ionery. Dr- C,r•od:
Graceriee. kc., Mair se., Condersfort, Pa.
W' _ AV.
o I
• ‘ 1 4 ° , 1 1 1 , 4
• , •
• ~
, •
When`raging earthquakes bury to
Or fierce volcanoes lash their m
Of bottndlesi, fiery ruin round
The groaning hills and shriekini
The world may fit,ting emblems fi
To speak the hUrror of its heart,'
In cities crapedi th-banners furled,
And ail solron show of art. I
But. when a Hum n Hand is turned
Into a ruthless . 'fiemon-power, I
And smiles a natinn in its Ghief,
Eren at his triumph's crowning huur,
What emblems shhll Man fittin ,,. find.
Mint types sad, grand enough tol . show
The-hoiror shaking continents,
4 00
i CO
And their infinity of woe?
Alas! l alasi! weildly feel '
Thereshouldstill some outward sign
And so, we furl th shin:ng flag I.
And darkly cid' d the glowing shrine.
How vain! .At la t the Nation lifts 1 '
Its naked hands ie. Heaven, and owns
, ,
The impotence of every type
Before the awful Throne of ThronL.:
Then silent stancs and thinks' of.hirn
The swerveless Good, the eaholy Grsa
;la wonder would the reason pierce
Of their Beloveds nivslid fafe.
Was he too dear; an.ldoi here
Too rtcr f .-liu. , for thin dread time'
Did riearen tiow will a sterner hand,
With j:i.rlice mailed, to guard the dime?
0 Gad of Naticns. if we sin
rinestioning. forgive, for we
Are Ir,. our \roe liven on to seek
1:4 meaning Eterni:y . .!
forgive. ant i 'make its feel
lq;at Thnq love, watch. save
Thougt) eveh the best pf rulers die,
rkpagh earth should siali:and I luny
orn - ,r..; ',7t,,
I,u 2c4•::,
pia 1 . 11 .;
Dry ute
acid life wz:s
I ut cuurt.2 eue
uatii t zer
- ,:dag
,ote to lip fitiqoipits of Itqa kitliocilog, 4110 lip issztqlOtiog of •Wohlil, ifetvs.
!. plains,
I !
Boozy: faow was observed the other
a riving a pig, holding on to its tail
lien asked what he was doing, re
that he was studying geohography.
your surplus cash. Marry a small
iy" with a large family.
f Happiness.—A
The Sympathising Wein U.
If wo were called upon to descr* .e Mrs
Dribbs, we should, without hesi lion, call
her a sympathizing woman. • obody was
troubled with any malady she had not
suffered. "She knew all about it by ex.
perience,and could spit tbize with thew
frnm the bottom of 12- heart."
Bob Turner was wag, and when one
day be saw Mrs a obbs coming along the
road toward hi f s/bouse, he knew, that in
tbe absencez his wife, be should be
called upon/ entertain her, so he re
solted tollay a little on the good woman's
abundant/store of sympathy.
• Hastily procurino a large blanket, he
yrra ped himself up in it, and threw him
.on a sofa near by. •
"Why, good gracious ! Mr. Turner
are you sick ?" asked Mrs.-Dobbs, as she
saw his Position. •
"Oh, dreadfully , !" groaned the imagi
nary invalid.
"What's the matter 1"
"Oh, a great many things.
toremost, I've got a conga
"That's dreadful I" siggld
"I came 'pretty near dying ofl
coming spring. What else 1'
"Dropsy,", again groaiied ;
"There I can sympathize, •
was troubled with it, but
over it."
"Neuralgia," continued Bo'
"Nobody can tell, Mr. T'
I've antlered from neuralgi
awful complaint." . I
"Then again I'm very muc
by inflamation of the bowels'
"If you've got that, I pity you," com
mented Mrs. IDobbs; "for three years
steady I was 4ifiicted with it, and I don't
think I've fully recovered yet."
"Rheumatism " added Boh.
"Yes, .that's pretty likely to , go along
with neuralgia. It did with me,"
"Toothache,'' suggested Bob.
"There! have been times M. Turner,"
said thel Sympathizing woman ' "when I
thottc-ht I should have gone distracted
with the toothache."
"Then,' said Bob, who fraying, tempo
rarily ran out of his stocklof medical
terms, resorted to a acientific game, "I'm
very much afrai4 that I've got the lethg
"I shouldn't be at all surp
the ever ready , Mrs. Dobbs
whet:Limas young."
Though it was with grea
that, be could, resist laughing
tinned :
"I am suffering a good d
sprained ancle."
"Then yon can sympathiz
Mr. rlarner. I sprained mi
was coming, along."
"But thatVsn't the worst o
"Wht is it.?" asked:Ars.
clammy,. •
"I wotilkt tell any one but You, Mrs.
Dobbs, but the fact is" —here3ob groan
ed—"l'm afraid, and the doctor agrees
with me, that my reason is affected—that,
in short, rm a little crazy I" j
Bob took breath, and won ered what
Mrs. Dobbs would say to that.
"Oh, Mr. Turnzr, is it possible," ex
claimed the lady. "It's horrible ! I
know it is. I fregweutly hatl i e spells of
being out of my head myself"
Bob could stand it no lOnger; but
burst into a roarl of laughter, stihich Mrs.
Dobbs taking for the precursor of a vio
lent paroxysm of insanity, she was led to
take a hurried leave.
—A poor creditor, wearied otti, with con
tinued calls upon a rich rogue' of a debt
or, and being told repeatedly that he was
not at home, at lerigth hit upon a way to
get rid of him.
"My master Is not . at, home,7 said the
servant; as usua l.
"Is be aware that the debt due me has
been discharged?" said she creditor.
"What is that?"i said the 6btor, dart
ing suddenly oast of an innerpartment,
"food-morning L, I am not aware that my
debt has been discVarged, sir l'
"Nor I sir; here it is, and a, I hare
at last found, you at home, I will now
thank you to discharge it."
"Um—Oh certainly; a—i i es, yes—
walk. in and yotrahall be paid.'
"tIELLO, Sammy, what'i, thti matter?"
"Nothing, only mother's a defaulter.
She's took, and ran away with all father's
funds and run for ] Justice of the Peace,
and got beat by two votes an a police
man's club, that's all."
"Is that all?"
that enough, 'sides, Sister Sall
caught Moll Biddies' beau and the mea
sles, and married 'em both, :and killed
one big cat cut she couldn't come up to
the scratch, blast 'em."
The Vermor4 Mr/in-ide s a
paper, thus puffs a brother edi
Noble is a gebtleman of rare gi
and beautiful as a maiden's dre
President Johnson has itssued a Pro&
lamation f _ this morning published,offering
rewards for certain accessories to the mare
:tier of the late President., ' These are
Jefferson Davis, late of RiChmond, Jacob
Thompson, Clemment C. play, Beverley
Tueker, George N. Sanders, William C.
Cleary, and other Rebela and traitors
against the Government of the United
States, now harbored in Canada. For the
arrest of Davis the reward; offered is one
hundred thousand dollars.; , for Thompson
Clay, Tucker and Sanders, twenty-five
thousand dollars each ; and fOr Cleary,
ten thousand dollars. The Provost-Mar
shal of the United States is ordered to
cause a description of these fugitive crim
inals to be published,who must be arrest
ed within the limits of the United States
so that they may be brought to justice.
"It appears,' says the ,proeamation,
"from evidence in the Bureau of Military
Justice that the murder of the late Presi
dent,, Abraham Lincoln,and Ithe attempt
ed assassination of the Hon. W. H. Sew
lard, Secretary of Stare, werelincited,con.
certed and procured by and between"the
persons for whose arrest th6se rewards
!are offered. It will be observed that the
rewardse ate offered for the arest of these
Imen , not as traitors or Rebels, but as ac
icessories, before the fact, tolmurder ,and
attempted murder,and it is to be presum
ed that the evidence in possession of the.
Government is sufficient for conviction.
None of them, except Davis, are now
;probably within the boundaries of the
I United States, and these, if taken at all
will be secured by demand, probably, un
derl the Extradition Treaty. Davis, if
l-we may believe`a dispatell'from Washieg-I
ton which we publish, and which echoes I
to us from very high authority, is penni.
less as well as a wanderer, the train .con.
I taining the treasure, which he carried
from Richmond, having been set on fire
land the specie—amounting to only about
'8200,000,—5t019 by soldiers and citizens.
The large reward for his capture will
stimulate an eager pursuit, and, unless he
is beyond the boundaries of the United .
States efore tl-is proclamation shall be
promulgated ;tithe South, it is not im
probable thatila may be taken. Such, is
the end of the Great Rebellion; its head ,
and chief a fugitive from justice,a house
less and impoveristied wanderer, hunted
of men, for a reward, as an ae - complige in
assassination !—Tribune.,
First and
tion of the
itt ten years
ith yon. I
finally got
rxibr, what
ft's an
used," said
'•I had it
Bob con-
Red s ncing the Expenses,
Oar people have patiently, patriotical
ly, nobly endured the measure of taxation
necessarily imposed by the Governmedt
in sustaining our c•allant Army and Navy
a rt
in reducing , the Re r 'bellion. Our ji ncial
victory over the . Rebels, prece ed ottt
victories by force of arms, and f vorably
aided in the great work. Buch.anan,when
he quit a diriped Union, could only bor
row a small sum at twelve per cent. LIN.
cot s leaves a restored Union, when he
could porrow hundreds and thousands of
millions at 6 and 7.30 per cent. l'
from a
e with' me
ne when I
obbs, with
The subjugation of Lee's army kills the
very brain of Rebellion, and we are glad
to see that the President, hie Cabinet,
and Gen. Grant, 'are already entering up
on the work of cutting down expendi
tures, No more men are enlisted—vefr
few arms or supplies are to be purchased
and' thousands of civil officers as well. - as
tens of thousands of military officers and
soldiers,.are to be, discharged. It is esti ,
mated that, already, the National expen
ses are half .a million dollars a day .le,s
than they were when the- People, by re
electing Lincoln, pledged themselves to
put down Rebellion, no matter what it
might cost .
Reduce.—retrenca-reform,istnow the
motto, for the rulers and the people.- , --e
Lewisburg Chronicle.
The Sii Months are. Ended
pario g the last Presidential campaizn
the more candid and prudent speakers,on
the Unita' or Republican aide, expressed
the' confident hop'? and belief, that the t ea
election 0/President Lincoln would prep:.
Hoeing dose the Rebellion in six month..
This they said and argued, in ai; sinner.
ity, ' '
The "six months'? are now about closed.
And what do we find ? The Rebels hold
only one seaport (at Galveston,) and the
Rebel Governor of TeXai is the only one
in his Capital. Ttee, Johnson, and all
the larger Rebel armies, are prisoner e of
war. Their seat of GOvernment is taken
and the Presideot and 'Cabinet of Rebel
dom, are all fugitives-- running away
from the colored soldiers and those late
ly their slaves. There are a feW
las, and a 4mall army in Texas--but the
Ribellion,:substantially,is dead •
The Copperheads prophesied four more
years of war.with riots,bloodsbed at home
and a worthless ourrencj, unless M'Clel
lan was elected !!!!!!r
ts, pang
of man
Who are the true and Who nre tLe false
prophets? Let History tell the fact!,
Whose was the
isburg Chronicleil
4 1-