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    IT . 'I3E T172;'...132E1ENC4,,ct ir. D.7.1:11...Wr.:1 7
(man Fa w ro c i u •e i d d with p.rolv i
I T 4 - 9 ..o i i n c t i c i
t rr u n p n t i l d
s ,
e s i u t %e ff s i s ~
leient, end perhaps„ impious enough to iii?,,
agine himself aqtr4glity. A month of
cloudleSs skies Would - be likely to,beget a
forgetfulness Of falling , fweather, and moo
millit be °retaken:bpsterms while total•
iy unprepared) ; Twenty successive years
of plenty, wonlchdostroY all the habits of
economy and fragaiity which are lat prey.
critr`i-the world's best defence, against friti,
mine: If men never received phys ical datii:
age from tralisgression of natural law, tl' f ,e
world-would be 'swallqwed 1:11.ila t - tecs,s,
virtue would perish Mit of the 'race,
society would.fall in ruin. !
• So i reit for thel use%of adversity.
A gre t military, and nasal' expedition
set sail or Wilmington a.. few ;weeks ago.
tl t tire. many great ships, many great
guns, and 10,000
„ men... Elated by bril
liant sticeesses the public rtg,arded the
fall\of 'WilMingtori es'a foregone result.
, .
Not.innY, even of the les.s sanguine among
loyal men, thtr•ht failure probable.
A feW\days - Ivetit , by, and "then came
rumors of 'the .
abamidtilient Of the expo
ditiori, and \the return of the troops to
Fortress Mon,roo. ', The loyali.were filled
with anxietylMo-rdnet. I The disloyal.
, ,
press rang the cliati! , ,es upon these rumors
and made nolceneeahrieut of ;its joy..'.
I'M eelellan paper, no.,"l,yin'g before us pub
lishes the ruiner, allijfic an jedetori,il says
- ,that our ttoopg were Veateh haek - with
The following is a copy of all ad d ress great slaughter. Tile firct",was, that no
issued td the people of t " Pennsylvania,
by a .'strnadAy Our troops, amithere
^ i • ,- 1' o ilawdi.
Major - Dodge, A. A, Provost 3
.I :t ribal:tore tocre was no repulse, an- sn ,
• • ter front tile! eneuiv'.s. fire. *The precise
Gen. Our-readers-should give it a car.; fact
scents; fine!
thectilein ,.. tern.rtistit
fuhperuial, and act riecordingl3. Every , The fleet tinder Ailmital+Purte rat'cl.: ,
man is interested' in the matter,
nod; id 'Fortl.'isiier, and i!ileneekl its. giunS.—
hhould assist in fillips quotas in the 10 23 . ; under the ti k e a . the fiQet
,cien. -1
uer .inentiontd : ; A
, madea recor nOisrinee• iiiLlorce to lviiiiiinN
. .-
ATTENTION .--T he President has call- 50 yar ,l 3 o t: 2 A i . ; Port, riAired.unnjoiesteci
ed for 03-00,000.;iret,:ps, to he raised 14 harim- , savail ed • Liintleif that 'tliti place
Noluntecring or di-4 . the. 15th of Ft as impre-ri :tile to h auy force at his cam
arc. 1805; has been fiSed upon as the and. As ter losti:s. !•:stained they per=
of f draft. ,If y'ilvir quotas are not t ined,to the I.:et, and do riot exeeed'six
by volunteers by'lliat time, the dof.c:eney tv, .. a 11 , e, r .„,,,j,{ ..
y alil from the, bursting of
Nrill most certainly he' made up .i.y , 4lelt, s. - ceral : - .v.ns., • I.
, .
Ward and township commi[tces are i N ow the Wilmin , tc:n expedition
cal nestiv invited to commence \York . at • ed. I l i p o ;ti ng; the' b o ls i o f , - t hi s war i:, :
°nee. The longer - you *Any the" moreltrill i
, be set o 1 to Pri.:fit and - Loss. But
difficult will be your task. I.the failure is to bd deplored,i'S no cause
The attention:ol . tir"secominittecs is also ' Sr„ ii,„ st „i r. \l'it t i„ , ,,t„„ „ill fail into
invited to the oece'6lt'. , dad ProloilY of ::, , ,:r harlots as Sayam2ali did, in good time.
delivering up to the Di , ,triet Provost Mar- The failure to caf,ture it ouch: to: :each
shals all cleli,,24!;;Lt:Vior:a,l% . .rnzer clear:..:.. us.wil,d. - )111. We ii ,, l'it to have learned,
It is impo z .ifile for the United* States: ere this that the sli l i.vation be d'.e repul).
, ntliorities - to fi:nd ir ca -s , e p!ed, as lie is to be work , d out ‘71:11 fear and
they are by tHii'lli.ilds and by. persons ' treinblinff.• - 1 1 .'e are to des'ervo a rl. - .'depti,
hostile to the cleverarocnt. ' ,ed and„purrhed nm
atu through great ft p
. Corrimitteo,ljnitel ".:', rate` s and - County , ulation. It ivied tis to knoly that pertna-
Officers, and all koDd citizens ;ire requeEt• tient pQaCe, when l it comes,: avid come as .
ed to arrest these men, and. deliver them It he wages of fiddlio to truiE - iind justice.
- .
to the Provo-t,larshais. • i and not as•a rm..4tiiit v. 'We have not yet
,EVery man so arrested 'and • put into I COMprelleudeddid nature; of this--strug.
.ervicd by the- B.ard of linrolement , , de,. as a people, dlow many of us recog
coun i ts one towards filling, your quota ! nize in it wore Oin' a paskige, rot ,
Information by l e tt e r - or, f , t l .lerwise , !'rWc. , ,:ti two , sce i lien4 of''the republic? Yet
A:re . ..shed to District ProvOst Mnrsh:ds or . s .,
i t i s
~ y . 4 „-
„,..thing - vastly Were,
..liton,:mto6 , :
the ~ w heri!abipits of 1 1 .e:=0 delin‘illeat!F. still. It IS the 614 quarrel between light
will . be thankfully received and promptly Land darkucts renekv i ed in open field. :One
acted upon.. , must succumb. , Itis . for the Thoph... , to
Provost Marshals will .ause list , s utde- say which shall 'rule.; It is not to be set
Itnio'cuts from -all fornic diafts to be rAierl . by 11 1 .3 : fortnitous. happening whaler
inade a i the end' that ad; eh W
~. e are tol p.,., ,.,, re,m t
e>penee at a cost
anal e,
disposed iturdin.7. l :i , 2 S - -i'`l which shall rendc!r us jeal'ous of ever at
in forcing the , c •deanqu ,- _dits -to. polfurrn,ienipt to inaugairri . te war for the. ourpose
their duty to their cuuntip and to their
t,o'f u.itioual an ,,, randizerneut. The sears'
own,people. e .• . : '
,: this Wallop is to bear will .constitutc, not
Bring all your delinquents -,.(:xert yeur-'l, Th iy an nr Ca page of 11.1,L;tdry, brit glow as
selves to p'lt in volunteers., and the , tiec.•• a warning m-aint-t. criminal compromise
ess'i_ d tY of n• draft; will be. avoided'. -” . ; with wrong in all dine. to
.conie. •
U4r armies an itaviN ore'. ecciTwhere This intolerance of defeat, however, is
virtorious. The dawn of near:" is at hand.,:,b, no means to be unqualifiedly condemn-
One powerful blow nor: given, v:ill be fir I e ll, . N ol i e b u t pat riots, w ilt ~ , ,: i c , ,,, 0 , 3 ,:
tel to the Rebellion. Let Ili all, its, our itho defeat of our arni. Failure there
aeveral capacities' and as far es in us, litls j fore, twice profits uS,.—once in teaching
unite to 'make-that . blow .:effeetive ,and 8 -, us wt,o sympathize. with treason, and once
nal. 1116TAIID'I• DODGE: - .-
,': lin imprcst..iag upon thean.inds of men the
Major 12th infant, A. A. P. M. 9:fact ihat'iman is not;:altni , -lit.y. -If we'
Barrisburg, Pee, 22,18 . 61. - , defeat • this lash:
1 I thus temporary in
j the, burden. will not seem 8o heavy. Cor.-
l tainly no ratio is
_competent to judge of
Ithe merits 'and demerits. of any military
disaster, - sittiog in his easy chair
and ildiev away. Whqeser else we um;
bc i few - of us arc tuilit r ary critics: And
when we_ take it upon Us to say that this
might have been done, ':pr - that avoidecl,wc
untie: take to Speak upon points of which
we are entirely iguoriit.
ii,c.t norie re'.pinc,‘ Ip:cause . .. invariable
succes does not aqendl r ioilitary and navhl
enterprise. We elust i bc, content, ho en.
dure the yarying fertuk, of war-as other
nations have euddrelilefure: ,''The wide
space overe . Ejriion arintes arc
operating i tinititerrupted 'success
impossible. :ngl,at, any given! point
no man cal : •iie eddre arena of
War and :cot) prelieni4lie mainittide, el
the strug ~,lii Tile r •o!plc -eau afford to be
patient.. Thdy can aard•to w.a..t.--z.,[it
tutor. ,
.. 1, - 1 • , , .
.4. e-Lust iii`fc23, DDEcovered.
--------0.1.•• torrespondent of the London Times,
writur ' , - from Columbia. Sent!, .Carrolitia
on September 22d Bays, in discussing the
prospect of the fall and winter campaign:
' "But siippose -the confederates
t were
driven front
. both Virgitiia•and 'Georgia,
.nod iu their last efhwt either conquered
or dispersed in South or!II:orth 'Carolina,
there is still the tnagniflecitt' clothain
, of
Testi, Looisana,..Athansas, and Missouri, ,
in extent vaster than the whole Austrian I
monarchy and the kiugdokm of Italy and
Greece combined; now lilkewise almost
free from .federa invasion an4 'full of re
sources; to tvitic)ll,the 'Con! &Walt :Gov.
.ernment i. ittli4 deicrin i ined ti-,re:pair,
shoidd,whtit is quite inipAboble;itsforces
Le overwhelmed east-of. Lie :Vi.ssiszj
Thfs'is•ill be pleasant news to ih,
pie of the South. Does Mr. Davis
to dragw'ith him the Virginians,,'CarOlt
liens; Georgians, Teness.eans, in his armies
when lie abandore. stafes- and flies
across the Miss ji iippi to try to set up his
th!ono at Littlo Bock, or' Shreveport, or
Anstin? It is..surely a somewhat stupid
jolt to tell the fln ,, t ,lisli public, as this
writerdoes, that 'Missouri is ''almost free
from federal invasion." Re ought to
have included lowa, Minnesota and Ken
sas--they too are like . Missoktri, "almost
fen from, federal invasion" 330 t so is
Ohio—;could not Mr. Davis 1il:o to go
there ?-='—_,V. I'. Post. - • .
officcr recently applied
for a furinugli, stating that if it was not,
granted he should loso fiftyMic. , osand dc;l
- This attracted attention at head
quarters, and the officer NV:ti desired to
.forward a statement of how he would lose
ttJ He did.soto the (ft . :a that he had
been in the arniy. without a leave ab•
senco for two veas,; that he was crigafged
to a young lady worth fifty thousand &l
iars; that there:till another. fellow. after
her, nod that Ae
,had written to chat
if he did not conic and marry tier right
iway.fibe - would marry the other man.
Mrs. Riply of Concord, .`Jas, is well,
known to the nattiralist on acc‘inot, of her
raluablo collection of lichens, and t. - )
. 1112
Cambridge professors..on , account of her
success in training men for the
noive:sity. It is said that a learned gen,
tleutan'once called to sec this ladg, and
found her hearing at 013e . 2. tlic !e . ,zon of
one litn4enl Sophet les; and teat oE, an
otlierin Differential CalcuF,nt the- same
.tinic rocking her ' ,, randchild's cradle v;i:li
one.foot and blielitng peas. for dinner. •
A - E 3 hCtograph of • old Julia. - 1 . ;•own
wreathed in laurel i 5 now ban7in- to tIIC
pnrlor formerly 7 to H. A. \vi e ,
who hung the orriginal t.n atiotller part
of the Stae. Thu etiate, •&ituasti abnut
eight miles F.Olllll of Noifulk, Las been
enntisicated by tlie Goterunient. A plan
of Secegdon dr,ityn up by 11'ie in 1557
nod npproved by Jcli. Davi., svtis found
in to house.
Daniel, S. N;rton (I:nien) of Winona
Cobnty tas an elected TJ n vcd States
Senator from 3linnLsota, to : - .•neeed
- ton S. Witkinso:::, and serve fur years
from the 4th March , ne:a.
I Geo. James IL Lane, Un:nn,.liap, Leer ,
rkeleeted . to , the 'tlnited Mates Senate
frOm Kabbas, for its y p earo frt,to
4th. - '
f -'..--... ( 1. 1Cr ,- ,t (2 , 1 from 'Washington state:::
; v ' -1 .
t' it ::•enator Henry S. rot)t, of the 11 b;:. i
C.LmgreSs—;-.7 iii is ail unsuccessful ..11.1
temp. to. c.....apc. %....1 16 lthe, freer _ le;
Ci.cmiedelacy. Mr, Pot wai taken bads'
t.) I.l.iehmond, iliirs. Foot being left at ()e
cocitian, whore .she , ;, - ai sent for, by au
thori.y from V.'ashington, arid bfo'ughtL to
Willard's Hotel uniler the escort. of See, ;j
retary .1-I:eward. Hi
lie President., it is'
: , aid, has threater.ed retaliatory measureb
if ';'...!: r. root shail,l;o ,Subivetedio punish. 1
went. There are., Ina) thi,usands of 1
.`.;,0111,.. , ra peDple. ;1 1 .-11(A.? - r:iends hay , b ecu
niurdcrolor;are z n't:w 5,:ar....1 , * i 6 Sbn . l.i.rti
eharaei htmsosm L
, \-..40 *ill "rvjuice tliat tli 1
007ertielit has '. - ictil aroused to a..cusc
of the nro-ie•y of sw i ne elrnest at t‘l.pll4
to put :0 Stop 10 S , ' , .;utlicrn outrages, i
f1.,11/ , 11 it begins %Fit i l l tile ease of an Cl'
retie and repentantll'kubd.
is i'
eke New 'York'.
EictKittleet In 215:431 =nell 11l ISG-3.
~, badx-
'to et have ear ears ringing ever
I,,leez i r'
since the first gurPlvas fired about the
' l r. 'a b• ' '
impossibillity of' lubd, mg an rtnging
;the rebels to terrnsi They and their allies,
the Copperlteddsc_Were eternally asserting
that " You can't'conquer them," "They'll
• ,e.
die before they Aurrender," "You babel
gaining an inch on,thern, .they are only
fallin ,, back for the purposo•of drawing'
r 1
your army into the cotton,' States, and'
there annihilating it." All this was lisi,
teaed to by intelligent Unionists with as{
much piety and patience as dOuld be ex- t
ipected, confident that the time was not ,
far e,ff when thee& traitors' 'own mouths'
would .condemn -them. That time
'hand. Our army instead of beim:entrapped
has marched straight • through the heaQ
lof !the cotton States and out At Ll* - titer I
Iside 7 without finding an l y lanni' ingl
host Lying itOwait for them. I
And now', let us cotnpare notes, and
see hew the eldrally carry out their
views. The followine' paragtarhs show
how they intended arranging, matters :
1 From the Savannah Itcpubl:can. April, 1',3111. 1
"The people of the iNlonumentel Cit 3
'were tight in arresting the pie gress of an I
army raised to shoot down their Southern;
'bretherro We hope they will keen tir
:the good work, and ever' Istiik a„. - at Ito tie,
fur their• honor and independence. Titer/
•are slumbering fires not only in .‘Jall'
laud, but in the States eertli of ice,, tio
await only an opportunity UN/et:et / forth,
and when they eppcar we ,may look cut
fur a revolution that the well(' now little
expects. Thank Goa the time lies nr•
lived when these minien, of A le_lition
can never plant o foot south of the Pet°.
"iVe would as soon confederate with
the ea s lielbals of the Boeth Sea or the
f hugs elsltolia as wroli thee] [thePiatik'
ces. , ]. 'I Ite`y \ have forced us to the separa
turn, and now, we eay, let it le!, „ for ever,
and creti beyond th.o tHe, Shia Id God 1 ,„,,, 0r
in his . pre:oldie-, pt rtnit. 'V,',e want , S,L,rinelianna
ootilitig to do V. itl%cuch a people, either, rol• . 1 53 .-•
in time or etein'ty.' \ 1 I
The "1" r a p er g kes 6 ' 4 ' p resent I One 07 . eLcry 9 t • e?e e - ..; is in Lee Armyi -------- , ---.-------••--- , --4---
InC.o. of cerlEderating with tl - ,t r e "eanei., • 1 "e ` • li. Lieet Commander - frown if the
in toes,: 1 'la aunties.
oils of the South Sea or the Thugs of, Now letlus ay as many counties i n f,States gunboat 1 tnsea, 0 1 l i ` i n ' q
India" in preference to akseeiating with' the o!'le't :''" 37 '''" 24 '1 . " 'lt "' the .-State :F --"* " . ' ` - '''' s, rfe neat" ti at on '''' --''''' i ' l a
j 11,, 'w ‘,,to _-iris Note Plopt,: 1.:0, N her he chased dud run a ECllleller
or b.ine. eover nerd b\ Vanhetes': '
e, n .13 0: s 13.1%3 :,../) 49 to 1:tof about one,l: nroleed tune, told
l'rern , tl4.•*,' , .tt comb ll , i , nr liln Dc,-... ISt: '. 1 1'i1,'.1.,1,..1,. 1.. t 03, )08 0_125 1 , 51 to ilqueittly so dieebleti her by s hell,
, i'
. ,
"By the fortunes co tne war - ,ve ‘ tcrolav Del°
\\ld' e :.'
„..,".”: 7 ° 1 1 has beer) disimintied nud tiltanitti
, Ountoomery 1 1 2., t 3. 5.3'3 :..,.,1 to 14 '
pms under the ioet-t-ority of the Federal' ,' • _
rasO:ary forces.-... W- desire toAour ell, • ~
12.1360 7,307 17; 1 to I): tuieu the gab Come lean-. w
~ , _ I
t i. , l l: r et t o t a: f lic ou a r rl cit a i l z l c,i r l , i ro a p n e d r'i rv ese e ,e > elt 61 :pres n s teL i o ne L - 0 ~,i- r a t h c A nall to rp i at k erne tetr,pting to violate elm blockade
< , •et
belief ;het their ptotet ty ,"and persons,tile in these lout eduritit..; • Te,us ceaet. On the morning. of.
In r rth n topopulation, the reinco , of Deoe4r 0 ' 1 . 3 Ita,`Fa i , ""ed
hill be respected b) oer military ruler
L e t cur , tanduct. be such as to , the
, win a d - Inien as those who ate more exposed aud ',She could not fic haul( a oil- lie
guilt:::: c: a u1,. ,, nan. , :, o.t- foe :mit - , ire , , ,
no gr,,uthl foe enoi l. Mt or tint:ll tila.ll•.
in l'etee r ceatitv, add VO ,1 01 ' 1 . at sr, -nlltio ca and the e10. , p destroyed.
areal on the part of hint who will l for an ._ r - 1, I - -1 , • I
i , 1., .1C:11 . 4 . 1110' 11C0:2..3 -- in .I.,th. - county., -.-.--=e-----e, r .,..
lei; Unite pet led hold possessiou of our , wic 0 ,,,, 11 oat G i jc •,,0 . " : ,3 , ,,t,• er i s s pe e ,e ' 'lt is said t telt cletey of Leyithn i a
ell),' -, ,---- ' - iI • ec.te•l d n 1 're rot —Bite' -is dons 'c ! fiuut thin to‘nal to mein t e pra3r
"The fc'ar'exPrt'X.Td JYrr:lll': that (''''''' u eel' aid, end in mco-t-ly wealthy.Thect.l.Pre , idout of the United Siato:•.i
, _ral ‘l,et mae ,rill r \tl'''t. °I" 0-'1 ' , - - ' -.-
, `l, " "- , ' ' " es. licher cenet les eau easier spate men, than , Shern.,..n IA I oported to juice salt
i td.,i,q, licin our ,10-nres whlea no cat,,r , ' ' lo u r ftl e, .eh-di , ' i;' , !.1,111 (led il
toe ooeier Can. ' 0 le , ! it,.. , a/ [ - .. ,
cud '''";l'n't. the eiIiZE\ T S C ' f. A tl " !-Ita , vv : The , :e. th , r(l.:n couittiei Lace filled, in 'ed OPOO I, i l O l to :1-•oottoit i lf'Lc , ‘ .
Link to be without fouodatieti It Ibe part,, the quotas ut the lower c•moties, I allitiVell to pray fo, Jell., hivi , :
heuves all to keep within their Itousc ; and also their owa. They should be in :Jell Davis, willy.• certainly 1 - Yet
ti ritl G eneri Sherman sbal rea
I have on , 5 ,,, n
~ e
way It„noted and , tecotlrnOnSed for . to ore': furl him\ eVary day for JO
Iz ` ' i a prosest ~.Ys tet e , zl ` l , 811eli f i , t. '' l ' let' nue turei-lied that rifest precious ar.d tana the d ---
I need nta)ing for Vcr
will ensuresattty tq nelson as wellr.ezl
' importnt of tole-et LN . I I , I , ••- .- .... ••—•.-- --
prt , pel ty,
\ In a /wit/ puha. of N;InV, there. is thel ' War. 74 . 425ys
‘• Let our conduct be such,s to win, , . - •,, , I , , ~,
',tone iti , luant. vor an e.X._lll.iplt..--'
the edmiration of a ruagnaulineu4)e" i,Th e e „,,, B enue' . meci e le m Num .
, ,
very different .angu age trent taet in'. tiee—bci it,,, Ole field, Lehigh,
1861. Now, instead of eatreiror out tlit irr Greene, Monroe urtha.npton, , ,
13onitastes Furlises sit down meekly and l ' i ' ce— g ave 'o'l'o votes °3,0 : 1 3 atl
and of Army r ote, 2,260—0n1y. 1 Army
the feet of Sherman, and counsel others vote to •2.31 at. home. , 0 4'ut '
to do the same, net withstanding the way iethe seven • Banner 'Line du coun.
iv nide open to the Smith See aud Thug, tiei:,'Bradford, Indiana, La v
country. • ' I tedies . Lancaster Erie Tioo
end•l'etter—eave Home votes 58,122
The same parer—we quote it because
and of Army voteq, .1,816 -being 1 Arrn'y
it liar long been the most influential jour- vote t o i• - )
at home.
nal in Savannah, or the State of Georgia. Thesit appears that the counties liar
el- . , , e
eithercontains the proceedings of a, tug tne proriortio,n of Republican
Inore mectine. 'Mac influenetial citizens ;roar in>n \ _ , W6 I'' "
• -- t-, 'IL ibice as 'IMP . / Soldiers
tile 111-e oetrow - r" Democratic counties.
who assembled at the e ill of 3lav or Arnold l as - ' \ '' c
. In 1_ nione.teunty, 1 voter out of 10 is
to take into con , idetation matters relating in the Aten,V :in Not tlild, 1 out of 17i..
to the preseut and,fute re, welfare of the / Theee fuels are good leasons why every
city The . 3layor prtsiatl, and the reso- , soldier should be medithd, vs here eurolled. i
iutions following were uutimia,ousl3- adop : Average l or Penn , 3l;ania-1 Army to I
ted one votes —Cico te
, 1
: i . 13 llc
---o-_.- --
• .\\ .
Wl,c,cLis, ,
Ily l tlie fortunes of war mid', 4:^a- The following ere so,ne reeeteue
the surrouder of the city by the civil! born to Vat rans vr'.o*:l3 , voluntaiily
aulhoiitics Saveenah ,asses onee more ' enlistin Haneoe".'s, new- Y.2oeps : e
ender the authority of the, United State:, : , 1 All C.llll`-t Olen ts and musters inl are
and whereto-, we •liellei ce that the inter. to be. made in \Vashine-ton. Li 1 .
gists of the city will be Lest subserved and , 2. Any. Necnau who has screed hwo
pier:treed 1,3- a full atil lice epression of ; e Carq, hr; boeu
b onorably discharged,
, ner views in i el, :ion to oar p.e,..;eie efoi- , and ie pity-ieelly quelified may enliet in
diticali, we therefore, the peep.e of ;', Ivan . t i l e Cores fo: cee,' two, or throe pal'''.
nail, in full tqc:iug ass enbled,do heetby J: Those enlisting vvill'iceeive front
11 , , solve, That weecceet the position,' the Gone, moeut a bounty of 8300 as soon
. .
, ,
r end ie the leneetege of tee I resident ot ' a , , mustered ie, acid in addition, the reg.-
the United Siites, seelcite leave opt ace lit tiler. iusod.nents Jrurn the Gavel nment,
le3inee down uti,sims and submitting to in pier ortion to the period of enlistment,
die natio.nel ant hot it} tet,der the Con , :titu- a s follows : c‘loo i for one year's service,
hien, leavink all qoe.-tions which reeoelo 1 ontothird paid on enlistment; 8,200 for
to be adjusted by the r,eateful tnepns of tw-o'',yeele' , c.v ice, one third on enlist
, legi-lation, confetence and votes.", ..' .', ti c, eet ; 8 ..',OO fr three service, one-
Resolved, That la3ing aside all dith.\if. , t hird on puli,tinctit.
I epees and burjing I)3e-ones in the eiave; ~ .„I. They will be credited to the quota
'of' the past we will h.e o n ; be e t enthavoi:i' of the district in I:16cl' they or their lam-
I 00( , , toore to bring back the prosperity' ; ilies may be doeleiled, and will, therefore,
land commerce wtv
eof erljo , ed. . i b e entitled to Jec,4 bounties.
11.ceolved, Tilz , t. we do not• put our- s.Free transportation furnished them
-- .i
sot iree in tit_ pe•itton o, a conc l uded City ,to Washington by arty I'rovost Marshal.
asking ter is o,f the conqueter, but', we 6. On errivimeat Weshington they are,
cid* the i uht l unities end prieilegcs con- I to repert at the Solders' Rest, Baltimore! , ______-...-.-p
t oinctl al the proclan ation endlues,nee of: and Ohio PLainad depot. i A Large number of
. cotton
the President of the Iruited State , , and ' trll 7. The best arms
all the leeislat ion of Congress in reference Governmentin possession of the,ec,trlators are be-A:ceiling, the,
1 funiished them, and th er par / intent. for passes to go to
to a as we are ; an d while-, will be allowed to retain their arms when !none, however are granted,
we owe on our part a sttlet obedience' to i honorably dssebt , .?zed. ibe for some time to come. 'attic
now bold about
the laws of ithc linked' States,we . asit the -Gen. Thomas'ila a dialiateli,date
ptotectionl - lOver our'persons; lives and 29, says: "From 'ire best info - fain
property ree ,, nized byAhOse laws.- '-; - bare at this time,.llond's losses, sir
Resolved, That we respectfully request. invaded the State of Teutinssee, sun
his 'Reell,..nes-, the GOvernor, to: call a follows: Six general Officers- kille
on.vention of the people of Geilirgiaby . any Wounded, and one taken prisoner at
tTonstitutional means iu his power, to give lie
.thirteen in all; and about six
them an OpPortunity of vottuf , upon the and men killed;wounded and take
question' whether they wish the. war be- peers at the same battle. On the St
tween the two sections of the country to, at ,Murfreesberongh, he had orie ,g
to continue. -
„,) , loffieor-woundell, about'- ne thousan
Resolved, - That Major „ -General Slpir- I killed and younded,and two l:unde
man having placed, as military Command- seven taken prisoners, and loosin
ant of R
this nost,rigadier Gencial Geary,' pieces of artillery. In the two bat
wllo' ha's by his; urbanity . as--a get:ilman, :dm 15th and Nth inst., before Nas
and his uniform kindness to our citizens,: he had one lieutenant general s
done, all in his power to 'protect them andzi Wounded, one majer general- and
their property from insult and inkirY,,,it ;hi igliciler generals,With fous.ilimrsa
is the unanimous desire of all present rhat i hundred and sixty two Oteers an
he be allowed to remain, in his present 'made prisoners beskles.loosiOft
position, andl that for 'the reasons above pieces of artillery and over.tliree th
stated ,the thinks of the citizens are here -'stand Of small arms: „During his
by tendered to him and the'olfieers :Hider l we bare captured fifteen more gut.
his conirnand., / .. from fifteen hundred ,to two th
Resolved, That anoftical copy of these prisoner s ; and 'a large number 01
resolutions be sent to/the President of 'arms have been picked - up ,by •the
the United States, the Gorernor.of Geer.' ' 4 -4.-4214.. ~.._
gia, Gen. Sh ind to the Mayors 01 . lltinniir's BAEDAIIITY.- (
Aur , nsta, Ct Macon and Atlanta; Ebert M. M' Connie; of the.7th
- Tilts has' all alone.,. The quiet ; Cavalry, and Acrug Brigade Ills
i was killed on Thursday of . last wee.l;
but determined and tremendous lo7:o ori was one of the three sons 'of 1 - IQ'H
touriircozs not only subduei our bitter' i i i Cormie iesillitio• in this boron h, t
, f o e__,,_ ~
nsi. !, 'Jab it:acmes tam to yield graCCII inaiuin<. two, as ri:l3 the Captain, are
fully and re:incettuify to the, magnanimoul fighting under their -c•autry's flag. It
ruleof Abraham Lincyln. The eitizeni I appears that the C-aptain and John S . .
f Savanna are among the most intelligent :Sheri:, Surgeon of the:ith Pean'a lialrj
lin tint eet..en States, mid they well 1:nul left camp at Rardstown Ky.. for tl e. par
'that thtdr'eit-; 11:25' ,- la4scd from (F r.
under tliose!or;i.tiiting the fatuity of:Ar C
1 rule 'of t -Jeff. Davis to th,at of the tinitecton!.3. anti a half adies frimi to i wn..
;.States; Own.: to tetnain for ever.--(..'hroill; tha two 1.7,,1nt1..tu1 . en .were s„itting
pirlar cow:Tr:4ll;z tEc
llitcr leg or .. , •31•1 - q..e, ,
- 4 • they were sr.rpriseu 1.1:e SIAI.erN:
The duty or def,ticiing one's countrA :Ince of Sue'Mundv, tlt the licad 61.
Is mora;,:, and legally . ..ol.ll42:l:tory - alii:,n,„ ;,f.thiii eon . de,- pc l ;. o .,lues. _ _
upon 'ALL her cityz,:ns, each as he bc:lst'':' findim; reSistanen usele., ittini
il.. ~ ~.,. , < -,,, „,,„ ~.. ,
, may - - , • - , ~., slit leituuteu, I,lle .4 , i 3 k.i4i) ‘V,I:: 0 ,
1 But 11:e returr.s,,of the late Eleetleq of 11;e) fact ii pee of ',tr.. Gr,
sho-,vthat talc t 3
e ewer and poorer portions%tj ou ,d i t ers , Ncho bc; , 2gal h e; to s p: l
;of our State bear an unequal share... I,,tp lives (.:f t 1,3 to;1
i tut:n.
.S.llO :10.11
us take Viiiin.l,(ti old district for exaniple4 cursing her, and told Ler s'.e ric
I - itm - ,e vote Allay v,,:e. proport.un;,.linr, own Juogr,, at ! Inn stune. tve n
8rta1f...,::1 •. ti L'7 • 725 ' 12Z to 1 ' f.,! tip Ito Cunt:till :.%.I.cCorkpie., 3 . 0(.1. yl
Putter ' IIG7 G'IS 7 to 1
.?.. ili ,,, throu „ ll t. ,, C heal ~,,; ,, , 0 oict
Str.,(itiehanue 11,41 421 - .1,t; it& 1 : . 11:, ". c ., , , - • ~L I, ,I
c:::% , , 9' F„, 1 ,;4x)r. ~_:.ient• lilr011;111 Int: ureoSt.. ~,t,
Tiov.. '
'PI d it-1 almost in.:„,-tan'ti v., Ille gts.
fl e d .--21illoitiun. • ' , ,
-.2. u
9 to 1
A severe pine.e,neaf Jy
Colorado, wi: . .en a party
acs attacked the nail train. Ti:;..
burned' tile stage Station, hut we
driVen Offand 390 f thvin
tilt; head chief. • .. • •
Gen. -Butler has been relieve
, command f tlie army of the.
Gen. Ord has succeeded him in
The reninant 'of Efood's arMyl
ly caesse'd The Tennessee river
about 250bC} 'nen leftwithout
provisiong.l , • , ,
Gen. Slferman is on the may in South .
Carlina. The rebel 'papers sta e that he
is marching Branclivi'.loo st
tantl point pf railroad conanu4ation.for
t he rebels in Iliehmond. •
" At the fa'st accounts, figiltiti
lug un'neai ".%Luble,land- we inn
the talint , of t:u; city ber.•,ro, no
S.he.ftn:ln aud!;. 4 ..taff
Or .
'l 4 wo . ciOzens, of altiinere, cot l
tnillitary C3niltmissii 0, on the
aiding soldier: to desert, have
teneed to_ three years iln,prise
hard 'labor in the illb.any Peuil
'fic new Confoderate (!ns;;r
exempts one cditol; fur •e:.keli
which4as published at
pa3sage of the act, and such - pra
tern and ptessmen as said editui
tify on oath . to be indispensa
publication of such paper., Pay
to. the fraternity than Fa
The Euip:..zror of •Chi l na has i
with tle . - Order of _t.'4 Drag.
French offteers,lwho look part i'
tune of Naukiu.! This decorat
lis susPended to a' yellow ribbt.
1 i
seals the lira clawed Itnnerial d
! haS.l.thc following inseripti4 is
eh:lit:eters : "liefo:e it 'the li,ort 1
and the tiger is -silent."
co tic I
I up as
a men
fi and
4iles of
Recognized iq the Mate Authorities; in
• • ifecenzber , 1862. •
- Stato Normal School, • -
And Annaily Opvic-t as, such in Sfptcnaber 18.63.
The School is at,length places_ Upon a se..
cure Sta,te•appropriation of the
current. year enabling the Trustee to extin
guish the greateriporiion -of :the outstanding
liabilities, and to make extensive improve
ments upon the buildings and grounds.
Tlzc ,Fpring Term will'coptnience ttlout
..11arch 10, 1805.
- -Prof. P. A. AI.LEN; for the Past six years in
charge of the Chester County (Pa.) Normal
SchoOl, hos been elected Principal, nod Prof.
J.Strlilt, of the Edinboro 'State Normal School;
Lion, has been appointhd to theTrofessorship
of flinguages awl:Mathematics.
Phd. Allen is well known throughout the
State as. a gentleman of accurate seholarship;
possessing . a plaNtieal •experience of fifteen'
years as an educnio - r of teachers, and a thor
ough a'equainonce with their educational"
wants; acquired from his connection with
' Conntyqnstitutes! in every section of Penn
as well as in other States.
Competent and thorough instructors will
'be provided for the other departments of the
The building has been refuel throughout
and provided with furniture of the most an.
proved style, together with an extensive cui- 1
'eerie n of tnaps;charL , .,and *orks of efereace. ,
Exceih.nt Chemical and Philosophical ap
p.:rat:is will be in readiness at the opening of <
the School. • • '
To keep pace With the improvements in ed
oration, a gymnasium IA iii h i e erected, for
which a v;•la:11.1.e npparatus for the heavier
and li:;l.ter tx-iTises ha al.eady been secured
Tie .3chord :%e,:r is divided into three terms
of thirleen' weeits vacation, ex
ccnt woek'`of Christmas Holidays..:
Ftudents should enter at
tis c . ..:ntinotceinent of a term, and fora period
thitt,,en Weeks. Tufaiion'..
- - :ilcuiro- per ECV G. 0 . Nu cxtrh
the. 1:1 ! rua:-e-s. or I he higher matli
ematics., Tett', Looks riinted at reasonable
mi 1 instrumental music dt
I:::arding in the hall ; $39 h 0 .
In ley:: : fur winter : ,t-73 00 per term.
room rent, $1 r.,0.
• atra:::.temenis no:,- stile are of such
a natute as to warrar't tie Trustees in raring
that no ~il:. ,r .it:titittron in the State_allords
hcttcri.:v'Ed'ne:iticn of Te tellers,
nt - far - the prt:.:ll-ation•of..lentsfey
~ aitio::lar, " add ress the Princi
pal, :it connly, Pa.
'tC. C. 1;I1 I.EY, Pres. 'Board of Trtistees._
ud four
cr wen
, and
'en n'a
. Ile
rt M.',
:le re-
ia, , Ly
11 hile
he two
r, the
u'd be'
" dui-C.).,' - 1 -- 1 I QC"'
7,!. - 1(tTIC1 . 1 , is hereby trtren that<harles
shnr, u:"-:r or I.t.ter ut this count'y, holding
the telicwing prbperty. ha; not yet
p. 11,1 any. halever filr the saute,
and al! pers.wns nre hereby mirned not tot pur
'lte4se stir of e•kl•l ,, rot - terty of the said I3ushor
hyf L ire the d4citi:lll -sf the Court is given in
this.t ,, e and C. dl , il:ltor has paid to we the
tn Inctrtcy therefor.
`cone Thu,, is the prol,erte . • •
I Ist. s Certain tract of land iThar.the Ger
; mania id warrar,t,so7:, Abltriocruship,
!Potter, county - , I's., containing 100 neres.--
. 3ef - in n - a - zrant 5075 and adjoining
the :1,, , 07c. . A
In I. ti
a ci r
of the
he Szb
l ud ru❑
I .
to If o
...rant 7:)f 11-itll Mill and
t,lprove: , .e•f ts thereon. 11.2ar Kettle Creek, in
S:ewartFun township{ Potter
Torint v. I'd.. runt.Linitt, - ; about 21)1-acres.
•1 on.i'
for the
holtis also irn truce Nv a n t 110.
12101,in G,tint:s to%Ven.;llip, county,.
6.1 ktidinglr'orn Germania 1.0 Gaines,
for' l To I'Llul - LsioN.= n Cite,A.vrt AND 111 Z
,11.1211 V ).1;:$1(2,1.1, Pr:ll,lC (3 r,:a:rtAl.Lei.
= 1
. ,
I r. iTC4lil & Diil,foi,lli:ll 1_01313 AlNiiillV:,
i ''• S 2-1 LlEoadiiiny:
I ILivin.e% on hand the lar, - _-.est - 'stoclil of Fekh - 2.n
Mush; in :‘"ev. - ' Yo;li, 'thick lie intoLilx from
Eerope (-7 - .Pressly to Meet the taste rtivilri
rainmentsiof the American lovers of Mn3ii.—
rLsi-ectfiilly calls. attention to the fart, that h' - .
i- , new inipplin,:.; Mush; of Evely ;s*.le rt. a
Iledpetion 'pr tl7C.:i!y-(11.: to fifty per cent ;lass
tia.n any other I.o.ise ia•the 'united Statc
Prikate 1.-- . .onlles can he supplied {post trt c)
1:y torwardiwz she 1 . 3,11 to- the aloove addre.
;t 4 hould the amount of cash forwarded eared
the cost of the Music, the balance will be
promptly r!eturned in postage cur chey. l ;
Dealers and Procee.sors should mr gleet.:
this opport a pnit,y ; :they will bb, lib';- ay l ticalt
N. Ps.—Ane and every piece of M . , - ,sic(voral
, •
or instramental) published- in Europe- or A
merica, will bc•sappiied to (track if axe:era
-eat:led by the cash. - -
1 . v .. 1 Remember the — Address, •
Foreign and American Music Ware-house, •
, St•l. - Ernaclway, New Fork. 23°3
of hh—
;• Indians
a of C 0..-
inc.;, Mid
lbas final-
I Ile less
Irtillary or
lielr of
next i 5
it tit, al
v i d b y .
Ira rge — 01
t at
'ew:l - )aper
ca . the
Cheap for Cash
All tri - Lock of Mdrehantlise
Cor=4tinfr, of 7- •
BOOTS, and
ttlfty c,er
-1,1 to the
is more
Tier Abra:
. ,
tltc - cap..
• TOOLS, &c.,.&e.,
1 good worse and
3 Wagons,
1 Cutter, 1 Stake!l;
it: .
iirge of
,a good Ashery i;4.lcont
. plotc working order..
15 for good ASIXE.S.
Brooldand, 1864. • .. ' ,
3zon, an 4
urns pale
1 Ste 1;77);
. War . De.
- _
BT .10M or EOSES.—for the to
thea,—et STEBBINS'
aS JO a •:rc3
tiro. E. A DDE!
P. A. - Wundermann,
l_rsons Lac;ng• open •account
e Cb.e2.11 and settle iaintediately.