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Condenrport, 'Wednesday Evenl4, Dec. 14, 1864.
Lcical and. General.
yam- see the advertisement of State Nor
inal School.
ler Mr. Colwell wants Oats at his Store
in Millport.
Sao* is plenty, weather bold, and
sleighing fine.
There will be no paper !vaned froth
this office next Week, it being "Holiday
gey- We see by the Wellsville Pries that
the Genesee Valley Semtnary, Rev.
Oriel, Principal : opened on the 6th of De
14a:there has 'been another call for
300,000 men to make up deficiencies of the
present call. Sub-districts are given until
tie 15thof February to fill their quotas by
volunteeiing; if they are not full by that time
there will be a draft. First correct your en
rollment, then fill your quotas, which we
- presume will not be assigned until after the
correction of the Enrollment Lists.
ger Feta(Eas.---Yow are required to report
to the U. S. Assessors all tattle, hogs, calves
, and sheep which you slaughter for sale. \ The
tax on each head of horned cattle, n4O cents ;
en each hog, 10 cents; on each calf, cents,
and on each sheep 5 cents. Reports must be
made during the first ten days of each month.
Persons failing , to make returns as required
by law, subject themselves to a severe pen
AFB DlLOWNED.—Margaret, Thomas and
henry W., aged respectively 8, 6 and 4 years,
children of George Lloyd, of Newberry, were
drowned in Lycorning, Creek, on Sunday last.
The supposition is, that they weni upon the
ice to play.whilo the mothdr was absent at a
neighbor's house.
Mr. 'Lloyd is a soldier, and arrived home
cn furlough just as the bodies of two of his
little ones bad been recavercd.— Williamsport
gr. ASSIST THE Poon.---Winter is at our
doors. Fuel and Provisions 'are dear, and
there are those among us that have not the
means to buy. There are the families of our
brave soldiers, many of whom will need as
sistance without being regarded as subjects
of charity. There are whole families whom
misfortune has overtaken, and who, in the
-struggle of life, have been driven to the wall.
'These should receive assissistatice from those
who have a competence.
The Wellsville Press contains several
rich and "original" illustrations of the man
•"Marsh Champ," *ho some weeks since
headed the invasion from Mcliean county.
From the appearance of one of the "pictures"
it would seem that he ,has not received his
regular rations of Democratic doctrine lately.
By-the-way, we have frequently been asked
by men from different parts of the county,
whether this man Champlain said in his
speech here that if McClellan was elected
. "Democratic prices would take the place of
the present high prices, and whiskey could be
bought for 17 cents per gallon !" \4 e! can
assure all who have any doubt about it that
it is true. We heard him say it—and was
not very much surprised, as people ,always I
speak of that which "runs in their head."
}fig?,, At the last Election there were two
'votes cast in Sweden toWnship by a couple,
'ho from the formation of that matt of their
body generally supposed to carry the brains,
ate not responsible for thetracts. Of course
they voted for the illustricias 'gunboat gen
eral.'" Ono of these, when asked with what
he teas assessed, replied, "with C—Tv's
cow," but when the taxes on C—:---NV's cow
were to be paid, the "cow" had disappeared
and the texes'wbre this week presented to the
Commissioners for abatement. We . were
present at the time anq are happy rtb an
nounce that in the opinion of the Commis
sioners, the "cow' ) or her friends' will have to
"god-mother" the taxes. Take, this matter,
hold it up, and let the light shine upon it so
that it can be seen in all its bearings, and it
presentsa significant picture of the necessi
ties of a party, who, in the words of one of
its members, have "exhibited their wax fig
ures for the last time in a Presidential con
test." Tive la "C----w's
li_We find the following going:the rounds
of the press, and while we will not vouch)
for the story we will say this much t "It
mignt have been."- (The description of onr
really beautiful little' village' is not consid
ered by its denizens as strictly true.]
Were you ever in Coudersport?. Here is a
description of the place. It is a village con
taining two hundred souls (i. e., if every hu
man biped has a soul), - and is situated be
tween a clump of alder bushes, and a noted
frog-pond, But to my' story. -
in times of old, there resided in said vil
lage a hotel-keeper, who, for convenience,
we will call Sam Mills. Now Ham was an
excellent landlord,. Many miles l have trav
elers gone out of their way to stop with Sam.
His only failing was his love of city style.—
Having returne from the city, his little ons
horse tavern was dull. He was on the point
of closing, when, horror of horrors, several
'city gents drove up to the door. Having no
!waiters, Sam was nonplussed. There hap
pened to be an old rum customer, known as
Puts B—, lying around, and to; him, Sam,
In this dire necessity, applied, telling him, if
he would act on this occasion, his whiskey
kill for the next month would be nit. Pus
readily consented; and dressed, in one of
Sam's 'caste off suits, he presented himself at
the dinnen-Lable. The guests were -seated,
when up steps Pus with :
"What will .you have 'gents? We have
ham cam, lamb, sheep, mutton, Codfish and
Suddenly in cornea Sara, with :
J'Here, Pull, you go to the bar."
The joke was too good to keep.
If you want to start fun,' aak Ss
likes to keep city hotel.
We - published - last Week,:fhithe bet
the Enrollecl:p the order : .61,11ajor - Dot
referenCe to Horrecting,the..gnrollmem
we this week have the pleasure of am
ing that the. Commissioner and Surge
the Board or this District will : be in
the 116th and nth days of Jana
1865—t0 carry out the provisions of
order. There is no need of our repi
the order this s week. We have__only one ad
ditional item in connection with it, to wit
Copies of the Enrollment by BorMigha and
.Townships still be placed in the hande of the
Enrolling Offieers of the District in order th
citizens may have access to them prior to the ; the same angle in an oppisite three-
Examinations contemplated.
' . - : •Bach stroke should be slightly
Here is the Opportunity so long yearnedi (iJ and as long as possible, as_ the
for by thtipeoPie ; now let us see.hovi they '' aim in skating is, while moving, to
will improve it There has been a great-deal t . CC the body on one foot at a time•— i
of fault-finding by persons who were 'igne-,
equally with each . ,
rant in relation to -that of which they tom- I must be taken to
plained, a hundred theories have been •ad-j
I e arms should not be swung, but
. iawkwayd motion will be acquired.
winced by as many' ifferent persobs as to the ,-, , - • the feet,
' 1• o raised alternately with
reason of our Enrollment being so large., and t d, ' .
charges-of fraud , and negligence have become
1 : Some of the best skaters keep the
. . „ even then as imperceptibly aspos
so common that. it is oo longer. considered I ,f . .
08 folded in front of the body.
worth the trouble le, refute them. _ But here ..,,s, -
IT o do not believe that any more direr
isthe panadea for :your ones, here is the ,-1,...* .
~ are necessary; for after the feat of
'physician that will !teal you, here - . is wham go , oas all is aacomplisbed, the best
for tour wounds and a cordial for your fears ! tructors
Step up to the Captain's Office and proclaim 4" of goodskates, and, the attraction of
c' in the world are smooth ice, a'
your deplorable condition, your utter inabil- fiitatiod.
ity to support y ourse lf, t o u r family, or-your ~.tklo exercise can be more delightful, or,
country, and you will be released from your pensibly indulged in, more healthful
nightmare pains. I itifn skating, or better calculated to make
It is so freOhently the ease that fear of the 4ng America broad-chested and strong- 1
Draft raises in the mind of the earoned:per- teed, and to turn to teh girl-phantom
son a very_ exaggerated belief us to his,own,.,,the day into graceful, rosy. And well
physical weakness ; and, under this impres
the art which has served
sion he presents -himself for exemption when It the use of.
it .
Ovelotied woman. It is tlie=n - buse and
there is no real cause for his bhiitg, 'exempt Fil, create a
either before, or after the draft. He is dig- A prejudice against in the
Ist.ds of ß e s o
carefulm any
not parentsto havean d
arpointed anclangry, Mad - iv many-cases goes 4.
lips, raps too long, for they are apt to slip,
i l awaywith eliarn•es of fraud, &c., on his .
wn; after a while, and in this case will
iToi- is foolish, ° and while -we are anxious . i
evtabtly get under the runners, and tell
that every -man who IS not able to perform
military duty shall he stricken from the rolls •.' ' 1
:he tee one of those secrets of which we
'rolls, tiere speaking.
we are equally anxious that every man who
1 2d. Dress warmly. Boys' clothes gen
is able shall bear his share of the burden }ally
afford ample protection from the
i with the rest of us. The - Order says : "Per- :bid jbut girls should never go upon the
manent Physical , Disability,"—manifest,—i 9
e without wearing Turkish or gymnas
that which is not only for a day, but perma- m trousers.
rent. Every one can understand that. There
,i 3d. Never kneel or sit upon the ice,
are many who can not have their mimes ippecially when warmed by exercise,
erased, who, if they were now drafted, wOuld*ithbut, useing a cushion or some inter
be exempt; whilb if they were not drafted lining : substance by way of protection.
for six months or a year might be just 11S: 4th. Keep your mouth closed as much
able, when drafted, as the mast robust now. ifs possible while in motion, breathing
The injustice of exempting them now, is very ;through the nose only.
r clear, when looked at in this light. This is ii 5,
Do not sit down immediateyl after,
not simply a theory, but a great many in- without having an extra garment ! !
' stances of this kind have occurred and do oc- ',hating
cur daily. Let 'some judgment be exercised ride home, beforLare to .
6 th oi row :li a c h ip ou u t your shoulders.
in this matter and so not occupy the time of '
Jr.& bi TE NORMAL Stan'.
the Board when they do come with cases that -
can not be allowed.
I?edognized by the State Authorities , i
Cases or Alienage.—The papers should bei
• December, 1862.
made out, with the proper witnesses, and the I
Prothonotary's certificate that the person has -S - Normal School,
not been naturalized in this Court, apd elsoAnd forMally Opened as such in September 1803.
accompanied with any other papers that may The School is at length places upon a se
have a bearing upon the case, 1 i cure basis—the State appropriation of the
Persons Overage.—Should bring the Family eurrert year enabling the Trustee to extin
greater portion of the outstanding
g the
Record, if they have one. The parents testi- liabilities, and to make extensive improve
mony is the best in these cases, where it.can meals itimn the buildings and grounds.
be procured, when it can not the oath of, the I The Spring Term will commence about
person' himself, and that of tr.° witnesses Ai reit 10, 18(33.
that they believe his statement to be true, i s Prof. - F. A. ALLEN-, for the past six years in
nccestiary. charge of the Chester County (Pa.) Normal
Those who have been in the service shOuld School, hat; been elected Principal, add Prof.
S.Strai - , of ;lye Edinboro Slate Normal School,
bring the proper papers and also be able to - thin,l.4 been appointed to the Profes . S.J7ship , I
testify as to dates of Muster and discharge. of Languages and Mathematics.
Of course, the proof in relation to deaths. Prof. Allen is well known throughout the
non-residence, and of being in the service of State as a gentleman of accurate scholarship.
sea years as possessing
a educator practca of
t e O f .. i l l •
e l L r ,
the United States can be tarnished by-third l ; ce n n ° d% ti g e o e r n
parties, and Committees should have the , pa- ough acquaintance with their educational
pers propply prepared before the tine of wants, acquired from his connection with
meeting. Let these papers he properly I sylvania,
County Institutes in every section of Penn
as well as in other , States.
stamped, Ccnipetent and thorough instructors Will ,
We presume there are in every township be provided fur the other departments of the 1
persons sufficiently acquainted with the forms 5ei1,!001..,
tai undertake thethe iibilgling has been recited throughout'
position,(3f emthittees:l and profided with furniture of the most qp-,
Let such persons -attend to, it immediately, proved style, together with an extensive col- 1
remembering that according to' this order, tection of maps,charts;and works of reference. ,
there can be no relief for them after this 9p- Excellent Chemical and Philosophical ap
porthnity has gone by. We believe it is the paratus will be in readiness at the opening of
the School. I
desire of the Board that thelnlollment shall To keCp pace with the improvements in ed- 1
1. o fair and just, and that all shohld bear like ueatioM a gymnasium will be erected, for'
burdens. We have believed and do believe Which a taluable apparatus for the hoarier,
Tire lighter
Schoolex e . r e c l i r s e i s s
d hasiv
withalt Vy t been secured,
that the Enrollment for this county is.reuCh
too large. and we are anxious to see it reduced of thirteen weeks 3 each, no vat! three a tio
n ter e m x s . ,
to something like troth, and now we - will have cept the week Of Chrirtriaas holidays.
no one to blame but ourselves if this is not • It is desirable that students should enter at :
commencementt a h r e noltimn
i, o t rat l erni l , and for a period
carrected.- Let there be no delay:about this.
Let the Committees go to Work:, immediately i n a d vance p er ite - rn . i, v ; e 6 c .o . o sr . u ig f eTr i :),
and make it a just -and thorough correction. charges' for the laguages or the higher math-
We hold that Potter has sent into the ariny-,ematies. Text books •rented at reasonable
more men in proportion to her population .rates. Vocal and instrumental music nt
than any other county in the State. Oar teachers' prices. Boarding in the la:lll,Sb° 00
men have filled the quotas of adjoining towns per lerm ; wood for winter, S 3 CO per term;
in New York, in Tioga, and other Counties in washing, $3 ?5;. room rent, Si tie... ,
this State, and if we cannot get credit for The arrangements now made are of such
them we can at least have them stricken from• a nature as to warrant the Trustees. in saying
the rolls. ' that no other institution in the State affords
. Reader, this article is addressed to you, better facilities for the Education of Teachers,
persomilly. See that you do yoUr, duty !, - or for the preparation of students for college,
- "molt.unalsosso or for general business.
For furher particulars address the Princi- .
-- I pal, at Mansfield, Tioga county, Pa.
W: C. RIPLEY, Pres. Board of Trustees,
ALBERT CLARK, Secretary.
Mansfield, Dec. 20, 1864.
Suddenly, of Anoplexy, In L'ymansrille,
Dec. 16, 1864, MATILDA M., wife of H. A.
Nelson, aged 53 years and 8 days.
"None kneiit her, but to lore heir;
None named her, but to praise."
ywill pay 430 ttS.. CASE!, for OATS
delivered at my Store in Millport:
I Dec. 19, 1864.
TRAYED away from the subscriber,
1.3 about the first of DeCember '
SHEEP ; one White EWE with it bell on ; one
Black EWE, and, two young WEATHERS.
Whoever returns them to the .Subscriher,
Hying near doudefsport, shall 'receive the
shove Reward, JACOB JENKINS.
'Pec. 20, 1864. -
in how he
E. M. li,
meiple,s of lie Detweileij, pq3 ffte
French Burr Mill -Stones.
Manzifactory Liberty St. near the Cotton Factor;
ICI nnlei•sioned announces to the trade
I 'that he continues to. manufacture and
import direct from the most celebrated quar
ries in France, the best qualities of
French Burr 71111 Stones,
which he offers_at reasonable rates and guar.
antees satisfaction to the purchaser. Also,
every number in use, of the celebf•ated •
°Hers by mail promptly attended to, and
goods fornlarded by railroad, canal, or express
if desired.; t',ll. H. KEPNER,
3M23. • Is.o. 10. West state St., Harrisburg.
C.) g '•-• 0. „..._
mul ti]
_ _, .. a 2 •,e ..
0-1 2 •
-. -P. • • . q
I wish all persons 'having open accounts
-with me to call and settle immediately. •
will sell •
Cheap for Cash
All my stock of Xerchandise
Consisting of
BOOTS, and
. TOOLS, &0., &c.,
1 Good HOrse and Hantess.::
3 Wagons,
1 Sleigh, 1. Cutter, " 1 Sulkey,
The privilege of a good Asher) in cora l
' plies working order.
a' S
?) Y 5 Cents pUidfor good ASHES.
. Brookland, Pa., Sept., 1864.
P. A. Wunderraann,
TazigilkpliWicin Yule, ligheiNtise,
. 5:2.4 Broadway.
4 Havino- 9 . on hand the largest stock of Foreign
Music in New York, which he imports from
Europe expressly to meet the taste and re
quirements of the American lovers of Music,
% respectfully calls attention to the fact, that he
ttt is now supplying Music of Evely Style at a
! Reduction of twenty-five to fifty per cent, less
6 than any other house in the United States.
A Private Families can be supplied (post free)
11 by fol-warding the cash . - to the above address.
Should the amount of cash forwarded exceed
sitho cost of the Music, the balance Will be
E iprcnnptly returned in postage currency.
Dealer's and Professors should not neglect
q this opportunity; they will be liberally dealt
e, with.
ti N. B.—Any and every piece of Ilmie(rocal
. or Instrumental) published fu Europe or A-
ornericai will be supplied to order, if accom
iparded by the cash.
Remember the Address,
Foreign and American Music Ware-house,
' 824 Broadway, New York. 23c3
i Just published, - a new edition of Dr.
,ICulverwell's Celebrated Essay
lon the radical cure (without medicine) of
SPERMATOP.P.IIOEA, or Set - bin:ll WCP.)IP3C33, In
voluntary Seminal losses, IMPOTENCY, Mental
I end Physical Incapacity, Impediments to Mar.
riage, etc. ; also, CONSUMPTION, EPILEPSY, and
FITS, iiftioced by self-indulgence or sexual
extravagatice. .
in a sealed envelope, only 6 cons.
The celebrated author in this admirable
essay clearly demonstrates, from a thirty
years successful practice,-that the alarming
.consequences of.self-abuse may be radically
cued without the dangerous use of internal
'medicine or the application of the knife—
pointing out a move of cure, at once simple,
certain and effecutal, by means of which ev
ery sufferer, no matter what his condition
: may be, may cure himself cheaply, privately
and radically.
Lecture should be in the bands!
of every youth and every man in the land.
Stmt, under seal, in a plain envelope, to any
address, poet-paid, on receipt of six cents, or!
two post stamps. Address the publishers. •
127 Dowry, Now York,Post office b0x458 6,
GERMAtiIA, Potter Co., Pa., Aug. i, 1863
OTICE is hereby given that Charlee
shor, now or latent this county, holding
the following deseribed property. has not yet
paid any consideration whateVerfcr the same,
and all persons are hereby warned not to pur
chase any of said property of the said Bushor
before the decision of the Coutt is given in
this case and C. Bushor has paid- to me the
consideration money therefor.
The following is the property
Ist. A certain tract of land near the pal.-
mania Mill, in warrant 5073. Abbott township,
Potter . county, Pa., containing 100 acres.—
Also 25 acre's in warrant 507 S and adjoining
the above.
2nd. A certrin tract of land, with Mill and
improvements thereon, near Kettle Creek, in
warrant 5810, in Stewartson township, Potter
County, Pa., containing about 204 acres.
G. Buslior holds also in trust warrant no.
2301, in Games township, Tioga cOuntt, Pa.,
on the road leading from Germania to Gaines,
containing 850 acres.
tf IVit. ItADDE.
State .Medical Board.
Headquarters Pennsylvania Militia,
Hospital Department,
Harrisburg, Nov'r 10, 1864.
TIRE State Medical Board of Pennsylvania
is now in session in this city, and will
continue until further notice, to exunaineman
didates for the post of Medical Officers ih
Pennsylvania, Regiments.
The appointment of a number of Assistant
Surgeons will be required immediately to fill
Vacancies now existing, as well as for others
constantly occurring.
Physicians of Pennsylvania, in good health,
furnishing proper testimonials as to moral
character, &c., will be admitted to the ezam-
By order of the Governor:
Surgeon General of Pcnnsylvnnin
subscriber having located in Len is-
B_ ti•ifle is prepared to do all kinds of work
in his line, on short notice and in the best
Making and Repairing
of all kinds. lam enabled by the aid of ma
chinery to do work in the wagori-li'ne better
and cheaper than any other establishment in
the county. I am also prepared to, Make
Ulysses, Fenn'n, Dec. 1, 1884
The Rochester Straw-Cutter.
OKELVt, Coudersport, have
the =halve agency for this ,celebrated
machine, in ibis bounty. It Is covenient, du
rable, and CHEAP. Dea.l, 1860.-12
50 r•gR CENT. Sit ITE j, D
YELLOW CITIZENS, Friends and Custom
ers I return my thanks `, - to ybit for th§
iiberal pritronage bestowed upon' me for the
past teu years, and my business having so
much lucre tsed, found it necessary to estab
lish my healquarters an the railroad, harp
selected Wellsville and hereaftei may be found
at the
Empire Store
at the upper end of the +Hinge, where I shall
be pleased to see all .my old customers and
as many new ones as may feel dispOsed to
favor me with a call. We are now opening a
large stock of
Ix. ' and shall ever try to give all customers:
good bargains. To my frienda and customers
at Whitesville, I sineetely return Yob my
thanks for your liberal patronage there, and
visit me at Wellsville, I shall try
should you u Tor it.
to repay co
Good Shirtings and Sheetings for 30 to 60
cents, worth 50 to 75.
Best grades of Prints from 31 to 35. cents,
worth 45.
Good Deloins 25 to 37 cents, worth 35 toj4s.
Good Plaid Alpaccas 28 to 30 cents, Worth
'5O to 75.
Ex . tra Plain Alpaccas 40 to G 2 cents, worth
.G 3 to 88.
Extra all-wool Detains 31 to 50 cents, worth
50 to 75.
Fine Mozambignes 22 to 25 cents, nortli 33
to 45. '
Fine all•wool Mcrinbs GO to 80 cent; north
$1 to $1,50.
A large stock of Cassimers. Kt. Jeans, Sati
netts, Bro&dcloths, and other goods equally
as low.
CL 0 TilifeleGo7b.
branch of our trade We call your atten
i on to in particular, as we can and will save
you 25 to 50 per cent. Fine suits from $l2
to $l5, worth $2O to $25. Good black pants
for $3,75, worth $4,50. Extra Doeskin $4,17.0.
of the Best rini Latest Fashions, very
Fine Merinos, Thibet, Wool, Brocha. Stella,
and most other kinds.
Toots 46 Shoes.
A largo assortmeot very low.
Fine French Calf Ladies' Shoes for $1,5
trorth $1,75.
Men's Fine Calf Soots $3,75 to $4,75, worth
$5 to $6.
Pais and Cops for
Crockery and ga,rdware,
gaitu 4tititlts,
at prides far below the present market prices.
.Wtoceite . awl ,ffilattt:lec; tz:
Flour, • ..Pork,
Sugar ;
Pepper, B . pice,,&c.,
as low as can be bcinglif in the State,
Wellsville, N: Y., October, 1864:
Nos. 1 &
Ladies and Gents, vera9
Fish, Sa ms
Fall and Winter
P. A. siVogris 4. 004
Have just rectieed from New Ye*, é !argil
stock' of seasonable Goods wbk that' ni
sell as low 113 any house in the Coast/
slating of . .
pig Gulls
to. *n 'rkiaties vis 1
PLAID Pop.r,lPs,
-257,21 at SILL%
ir ull stock of Miles
&c., &c.; &c.
Tea from cts. to! Z 2 per. pound
earner Maio and Socorid-Streits.
Oicdersport, Sept: 91,.2664
"ONT.& GS*
i \