The Potter journal. (Coudersport, Pa.) 1857-1872, May 20, 1863, Image 3

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C. H. W...ARRINER'_i
Contitines to repair CLOCKS, WATCHES and
JEWELRY in Conderiport,
~and; keep_son
itantly on hand and for Bale a gocid-itsiort
• meat of •
Clock; _ •
'Watches, and
Of-the very best quality. Also,
Alio; a fall supply of .
Fishing Tackle • -
.which he is selling at the lowest price's for
cash 'Every article sold warranted to be as
represented. • . _
-Shop on lifniet Street, two - -ciders north of
T. A. Stebbins A Co's Store, at the sign of the
" Big Watch." ' "
Estray Mare.
AME to the premises of the subscriber in
YU:Hebron township mi . last Sunday, May 10,
a LIGHT,BROWN 141 ARE with a gall on her
back as though it had been done with a iaa
dle, about'three years old. The owner will
come forward, prove property, pay :charges
-and take her away, or she will be sold accord:
iug to law
Hebron,- May 12, 1863
COLLECTORS of County, State &c., Taxes
are hereby noliEed that their dolicates
must be settled up at the June Term, other
't Wise measures - will be taken to enforce eel
lection. By order of the
C01111.1.55M811N OP POTTICO CO trrY.
11) VIRTUE of sundry twits of '‘'en4.litioni
1.11 Exponas, Fieri Facias and LeVari Facias
issued out of the Court of Coombe: Pleas of Pot
-Ltir County, Pennsylvania, and to me', directed, I
shall expose to public sale or, outcry, at the Court
Nouse in:Coudersport, on MONDAY, the 15th
"day of 'June, 1863, at 1 o'clock, p. ia., the fol-
Joring de:trilled tracts or parcels of land to Wit:
A certain tract of land situate in Bingham;
'tp., Potter Co., Pa., bounded and . nese ribed
as follows: On the north by the
.State line
-arid-highway, east by -lot N 0.349 of the allot
ment of Bingham Estate its Bingham tp. and
lots in possession of D. Robbins and D. 0.
Howe, south bvlot of William Hill.: and west
by east line cf;f Crenesee tp., containing - 116
and,3-10ths acres, with the usual af/owntice
'''tfirsix per cent. for roads Sc., being lots Nos.
1 into 26 of the allotment of lands Of the Es
_ irate of S. M.: Fox dec'd, in Bingham . tp., and
part of Warrant No 1240, About Fn:ty
of which are improved, with one Erame barn.
lona frame house, ore log house and some
fruit trees thereon. To be sold- as the prop
erty- of Lester Stone.
—ALSO--A certain tract of land situate in i
the village of Lyntaitscille,Ettlalia tp r bounded
on the aorth by the Lycoming an'd Potter
TUre - pike road, on the east by the highway
leading to - Ayres' Hill, oh the south by Ltids
of Nathan Woodcock, and on the west by
leads of L. D. Spofford, containing 9 - and
8-10ths acres, more or less, all of which is I
=proved, with one frame house, two frame
barns, other out houses, a good apple orchard
and other fruit trees thert.on. To be sold as
the property of Jonathan Glase..
. ALSO,- 1 .4.11 - those six certain tracts, pieces
or parcels of land situate in Pike and Hector
:townships, being lottery warrants nos. 5122.
5123, 5124, 5125, r 5126, 5127, and conveyed
by Patents from the Commonwealth 'Ol . Penn
sylvania to John Nicholson, dated the 2.lth
30th dap. of April, 1794, and'namtd - Darby
.Goshen Saint TbomasConcord Fairfai 11dt:h
-i mond, and each tract containing 1099 Acres.
or 6594 acres in all, and being the same as
conveyed by John NichoLien and Hannah - his
wife by deed dated the lath day of Al4ll. A.'
D. 1795, to-John Ashley, and recorded among,
the land records of Potter county in Deed Bock
B, rage 14T &c., excepting one piece
ioe 1.00 acres heretofore conveyed to E.S.Mor
ton, one piece containing 30 and acres con
veyed to S. If. Martin, and one pieCe C'ontain-
Ing 72 had iths nitres Conveyed to Wm McDou
gall, upon which lands there ale several-im
provements; viz:
One of about 30 acres, with a frame house,
frame barn, blacksmith shop; saw mill, out
buildings, and some fruit trees thereon.
Another of about 20 acres cleared,,vvith a
frame house, board shanty and some fruit
Another of about 35 acres cleared, with
three frame lions* 1 saw-mill, 1 batrt and
other-outbuildings and some fruit trees thereon
Another of about 50 acres cleared, With 4
fraine house, I frame barn some frith.
• Another of about 85 acres cleared land:
frame houses, 3 frame barns, 1 saw-mil, some
outhouses and fruit trees thereon. - -
Another of about 12 acres cleared land, and
I frame house thereon.
AnOther of about 50 acres cleared land,with
1 frame house, 1 frame barn, I log hOuse : 1
board barn, and fruit trees thereon. '
Another of about 12 acres cleSred land.
Another of about 50 acres cleared Jand,with
r frame - house, 1 log house, and fruit, trees
thereon. •
Another of about 15 acres of cleared land.
with 3 Ipg houses, 1 log stable and other out-,
houses thereon. To be sold as the property
of Hansieket; and Garlock.
ALSO—A certain tract of land sitwate in
OswayolP. being part of a tract'of land cen
'eyed .by Phineas P. Morris. grantee of the
Bingham Estate, to the said Samuel P. Ly
man by deed duly recorded in the Clerk's
Office in Potter Co., described as follows:
Beginning 'at a stake at a distance of, 16
chains 31 links west fsom the south-west Coy.
ney,Ora lot ()fiend owned and occupied tis a
hi* by N. C. Goff; thence runnin g west; 18,
cit4ott 70 links to a stake, thence north 30
chains 56 /inks to a stake near the high -Nay,
thence. east - 18 chains links to a stake,
tinkteesoath 30 chains 50 links to the place
of beginning, containing Fifty-Seven acres!
and Fire rods of land, more or less. To be
sold as the property of Ernst Leo, Man Leo
and J. P. Kelts.
ALSO—A certain tract of land situate. in
OstraY6 - being part of a tract of land con
veyed by Phineas P. Morris, grantee of the
Binghain 'Estate, to... Samuel P. Lyman. by
deed duly recorded in the clerk's Office of
Potter Co., and described as follows : Begin_;
zing in the centre * of the 'Oswayo Village
Plank Road 3 chains ; 62 links west of the
south-east corner of the farm owned and oc
cupied by N. C. ,Goff; thence running south
3 3 ° 15 0 west 16 chains 34 links along centre
of-said Plank Roai, thence south 46°' 15'
west i chains 37 links to the junction of the
,Drageb of the Omer) Villege!
Elank.Road, thence west 26 chains 15 linki to
a stake, thence 04'14 chains 95tinks to the
Atnith-..west torneFofli,C. Golf's' Lim, thence
!etistkiGl - hainst 3 - links to the'fil4eOf hegin
-Ining; containing FOity-Sin and three quarters
; acres of land. To be sold as the property of
;Joseph Stevenkin v A.bagail Mevenson and L.
W. Stockwell; •-- 3 :.:: -. . •":- : :•-• :.,.
ALSO- -A 1,4 of land In Genisee tp ,'eon-1
mencing at a . post itr the S outh-east corner of,
lot No. 73 of' the allotment of lands of S. M.
Fox, dec'd, thence by south line of said lot
south.B7 and -3-4ths degreei:east 107 and'
5-10ths per'etii§ - thence easratiag touth line
of lot No. 71 137 and 3-10ths perches, thence
along west line of lot No 64 and lands of
Bingham Estate tenth 234 and 4-10ths
perches, thence by land of gingham Estate
i west 244 mid: 840ths perches, thence. north
Iby lands of Bingham Estate and line of lot
No. 73 233 and 3-lotlia - perehei to place of
beginning containing 331 acres with The .isual
alloviance of slit per cent. far roads,beinglot
No. 7'2 of the allotment of Bingham lands in
Genesee tp. and part of warrants Nos. 1842
and 1843, about Fifty-Five of which
are improved, with two frame houses, one
board shanty, one frame barn; two log - barns ' ,
and settle fruit trees thereon. To be sold as
the property of John Rooney. •
i ALSO—A certain tract of land situate in
Eulalia tp., bounded on the north by unseated
lands, east by lands of Riley Ives and Linusi
Walker, south by lot of land called Hargrave'sl
; Lot., and west by• lands of Yates Anson, con
taining One Hundred and Twelve acres of
Iland, of which•about seventy acres are ha-1
'proved, with one frame house, one frame barn,l
I one small board house and some fruit trees
thereon. To be sold as the property of Alien l
ALSQ—A certain tract gof land beginning
at a •post corner of lot No. 27 of the nilotmentl
of lands in Bingham tp., in the east line of:
Genesee tp., thence by said line - north .3° east
28.2 perches, thence by lines •of lot No. 61
Genesee tp. west 12 and 8-10ths perches, and
north i° east 137 pfrches to the south line of,
the State line of N Y:,' thence by said line
isouth 88° east - 103 .k4-10.perches to the N.W.
icorner of lot No. 349 coro eyed by Trustees of
!Bingham Estate to Jesse Lane, thence by lines
'of said lot south 49 and 24.0ths perches and
east, thence by lines of lots Nos. 123 and 25
south 109 and 7rloths to the north-east cor
kter ..f lot:No. 27 Aforeoid, thence by .north
line of said Int west 116 and 1-10th perches
to the place of beginning, co. , taining 112 and
:7-10ths acres more or less, with the usual
[ lots
of sixper cent. for roads &c., being
[lots NO 3. 1 and 26 of the allotment ot lands
!of Estate of S M. Fox. dec'd and part of war
rants Nos. 1240 and 1258, about Forty-Five
acres of which ate improved. with one frame
`ouse, one frame barn and a good apple
~,,,c•r!;Enenstirelof Cuuderspo - rt, on map
id as the-Puldic Squa do - Rod!et '''." do • 18 50.
;orchard thereon. more or less. being lot No 353 of the sub-di-,1 TUESDAY; JUNE 10, 1R63,• fl i rty-eight perches of ground r Cre or - less. I do '-t Sweden do 230
- t Stetvardson do , . - 900
of kmnsa .Robbins. ~ vision of the lauds of the Bingham Estate in Iat1: (5 clots. P. 31], tit.- following real estate, I ALSO- -Another, piece or. p rc(.l of Sandi , • • f lo
ALOA certain tract of land bounded on I Eulalitt tp. and mint of •,varrant No 2079. aboutidescribed as folloiv., to wit: situate lin the aforesaid Boron: li of (butlers- ; •do . Sylvania do .
point wn ere the putilicl do Summit do 10 00
he north by lots Nos- 36 and '9
of the allot- [twenty acres of which are improved, kith one I
. 1
A certain tract of land situate in Sweden port, beginning at• the
one table and some fruit trees , tp...begiuning at the south ease corner (do war- road Loadingding front Coudersport' to :Hebron i do ,' Wharton do : . c .. i. :f 475
client of lands of Oswavo tp. and lot No 8 of ;frame house,len
Hebron tp., on the east by lots Nos 0, 8 and . thereon. .To be sold ass property of Adelin i rant No, 2133, therce wept one litittiired and I . Townsliip intersects the Main - treet, thence! Tile foregoirc snms amount to two hundred
144 'aforesaid, on the south by lots Nos. 9 and; M. no \i '"rd- iseventy-six perches, thence northerly thirt y-
. ronning south or nenrly so sev nteen perches! and nineteen - dollars _and twenty-four : cents.
ALSO—.,I. certain tract of Lind situate in tir e perches. ther,',:e. vv,:„.terly twelve perches , ai'til fifteen links to :FL H
_Dent' • land. thence !scattered f ov e r twenty-three lArivniltifis'Oi
5 of Hebron tp., and on the west by lot No. 5
1 Aiteg.any tp.- hounded on the north by lands to the Potter and :Ls coming turnpike, thenei i cst, or, nearly so alotig said Dm Cs land eight I:tire:lily in the Collectors hands • ; one filial; i ds
6r Hebron tp. and lot No. 36 of ogw.3-0 tp...
Containing Otte Hun l dred and Twelve • an di of fia , tings Morley. on tile east by stone.' and I b..:
„, said turnpike Or highway north 'nineteen 1 p rcliesi , and to enty links to totie 'ta rner,!certa in, it is not paid-into the _Treasurer.- 11t
oa .- t h e
. s outh and west by lantlk of Isaac Quick ilidegrees west . fortyrfive and seven-tenths per ILI cute lorth fir nearl y so along. said Dent's, should be'chee/Ttilly'Pitill• that it may be dis
three-tenths acres nitwe or less with the usual i
acres. about twenty of Which
allow:tom of- sic percent: for roads &c.. beingtemit , tining F ir 'Y cites, thence east two hundred and seventeen ,e. st lint nineteen perches and fifteen. link§ to ` tributed Where it belongs, to the needy fami
lots Nos. 6 and 7of the allotment ofiands of are improved, with on frame barn, one logl,ind nye-tenth perches. thence , south ei ; 2"tit . l !it e firs. mentioned road, then •e along . sairl f lies of our neighbors ,now in actual service.
frui f t L tr il ees m thereon. Tbo b elnerelies to the place of beginning, Cont.; i i ,i ng r,ail on the south side. thereOf by its "seVeral ilt is. 'eonfickntir hoed that no furtberitt:tron
the Estate of S. M. Fox. dec . d. in Hebron tp-. 'louse nnd s"ine,
sold as the property 0 d . . metb A,..5 0 . I Nitiety•Eight find Nine-Tenths acres or thole-'t eight urses perches . , .._
and t•ve•l v l ati - s to the , will be necessary ta secure the prompt p.r.y_
}rid part of warrant No., 1859, about Ethyl
0 - 7 -e- 1 a °outs, about to acres improved and on I Mace of hegihning, .cantaining I ncre au d : ment of these gazes, ... - • . . - •••••,,,„. •••••,,,„.
licres of which are improved, with one fo r . : , me. —Another tract of ian .in sap.. or . . /
and P.l which .are erected one Small house , one f r „,„ ne l3 and I. tolis. pernli'es ofland,lon which are l' • •'-: : .INO. M. RS; KILIIOC
house, one frame barn, other out-building=,
on the cast by L. B. Morley. on, the barn. artl to:tit:Mg' water on the lot.
ion the north by hinds of L. B. Morley
,I e cted lone large two . story cl - tiling ho r se. I Prig,i(le Inspector 3(1 B 1 lth DP M
dad some fruit trees thereat/. To be sold as •S. Baker/
Isouth hy lands oil evi Moore an d
d tl4 , highway,l Al: (I. all that tract or hio. lieninning two !in e frame 1,, , rn, ont-IniilTl: • . fruit i r - - -- '
. ‘l , g..,,trees. ,ri , ede Ins ;• • 's Chen
the property. of Horace 11f. Rathhone.
. ~. . .• .1 tc.tor .4, , . : . ....c..
! ALSO—A certain tract of land hounded rts-1, and on llin west - hv ittilds•4lr Ste p h i prtrli"l l, l hundred and fiftylthree and a , half perch t .s I w tit running water thereon, i }Tie o.ltitre; April 2511'863. •
follows: Beginning in the east line or theleoTit!iining i i hout two . I.ll4ldresj and T‘rtmlYin ("1. of the south east corner - of nnirrnnt No. A I%St+---A lot of land, No. • 3 - "; on the nuip l . ---f •
acres, of which about sixty acres :lie inilirqved i 2133• thence west two I : ondredland,sixty .sixl of Lidalta Tp. Potter C.i., Pa,. ciont:/ining**Gn. :
TILEREAS the Hon.' Robert G. White,
Keating. lands iming. the N E turner of the lot;
with two frame houses, one log hot.i..3e, t/1"e, and live-tenths perches, thrice north eighty 111 ndied i r nd LW enty-threeatm.-s3brol six-tenths i 'i . .l.
stirveyevl to I. C. Allen. thence nor•li 97 rods i
frame horn and some fruit trees thereon. TO: c.Prclies, thence east three hundred and twoler:ln :te e, being Mat or.wg7,ltAtS cos 9 i154 ' 7 President Judge, and the . Hons. C. S..
Jones and G..G: 'Colvin,: ASsociate JuidOs of
to the Sparks' Lot now occupied by Austin
property of Isaac Quick- ; .
i l a n d five-tenths perches to the highteay.thence; al; 20e: of what
Alfeti.thence west 212 rods tog corner. thence i he soil ,'-', the
south by Newbold lands !.7 rods to the N' WI A LNO—A certain tract of land bounded az•••I sol ;t11 nineteen degrees east forty-five illsd !at: I :elm icres chopped.. • 'the CourtS of Oyer A: Terminer and General
.Ltil.Deliv,-iry, Quarter Sessions of the Pesce,
2 . 12 rodslfollows : Beginning, ate corner in east hide ca t . i ses- tent perches , thence west titty-two - LSO—A lot of lams in Keatiog Tp, Potterl
corner of the Allen lot, thence cast
to place of beginning, containing o ne H im _ t 6,:enting . /ands., being S E corner of lot sun -CO , Pa.,i t conbiining one hroolrecltacretl, beimil °4 ' l r a irs . -
03(irt and Court. of 'Cotnmon Pleas.
land t h ree - tenllts perches, thence'south thirty
dred and Twenty-eight and Five-tenths acres, I resed to M- Adnms. thence .crest 207 rods to !li ai s e
, a - n d t w o-tenttis p erches , to the place (4, p at of 1 Varrants Nos, 8000 a n d .1000, and:'
the County of Petter have issued, their.
being, Ina No 8 of the a
llottnent of pouting; a timer thence ~,- , ,,,t it 31 : 1° west 71. gods toi beginning. Conn, !Mug OnZ Ilundredand Forty tbo mired , and described a s f o n„ ws :' B eg i n , 1 nreccpt, tit-wring (Lite the twenty- foss plat pf ..
(ands in Clara tp ~and par: of warrant Noin post corner, thence east 243 rods to's. post.
i Six and One-tenth acres or ( this ini gat a poSt the r omit- east corner of a lot I Feb " in the }ear of our Lord 'one-thon
, 3440, :Mont sivy acres of which arc improved iin east line of Keating lands. thence north 60 lot is'sold subject to a Contritrt mole June 0, I so v0y1.4 to Stephen Store. thence east.onei -;:ind ei . C.ltt hundrnd and sixty-three and tome . '
• with Orme frame house', one frame barn aim ; rods to place of beginning. containing Eighty- Isnei, by 13. T. Hoxi6 in hi s lif e ti me t o John Ihu deed !rods: to :t :pest, thence soup, thirty I directed.for holding a Qourt ?fOper anti Tem
some frn't trees thereon. To be sold; as t h e j Two. and
, . .
property of F. P. Brooks. I 33 of the allotment of Keating lands- in Clara
:acres of whit:h./are improved. nit!) one .F: //all ;be eh, thence north eighty rods to a posy-
I stuns of the Peace, Orphans Court, and Court
ALSO—A certain tract of land _situate iti: ft- and part o fwarrant No 2208. about forty 1 ;
' (iWe'C'Pr t i o t isQ, one 1 0 , burn. add Is 'l3l2rilig o f! the Me 1 , 4',11 eighty rods' to a beech .... , ,,pri
1 .1. .... ., lof C•ynnnin Pleas, in theiloroughof Couders-;
Allegnny ip...described as follows : Beginning
, acres onwiliell are improved, with one frame' waiter thereon. r , 1 th , •nce north forty-six rods' to a, post. then:el port kon MC;NDAY, thet 15th day of June
I •
at a post titt.N E corner of" lot No 103 of the I lionse, one frame barn, and some fruit trees I Also, all that :certain tract of land, begi n - I welt onelloindred rods to a beech sapling in '
, next, and . to continue one week:
.. • _
allotment or binds of S. Ross,' in the south i thetcon. To be Edld as the property of I. D. l
, ning, in the centre of said h inliw:lY eighty per-litt the east line of the Story lot. hence sootlil ' :Ndtibe t.:3 l ,therefore hereby given to the Cor
line of lot No 93 or the allotment aforesaid ' $ l -"v2n• . 1 clues north and •.twd, hundred nod seventeen; it}', he ~- ,. .1id east line ninetv-six rods to the I ot:icrs. Ju.:tices of the Peace and Constables .
1 r r.. - .
conveyed to Isaac • Quick, thenc e by ti nes o n , :{1.,:•311—A certain tract of land -situate in I and five-tenths !tenches ,west of south east : pla t. of lieginning, , in i mpr, „..,,, L . .. I . ! w:th in the 'county, that the be then-and tit
said lot east 79 and 6-10thS of a perch and lEnbilia 1 . 1) lin(' bony' of Coudersport
. and di - -.1
, corner of warrant NO. 2133, thence west three - LSO+Another lot of land in. Keating Tp..; in their proper parse n 3 ..s. 't 10'01 . 061': A.lll'. of
north ?•,° west 47 perche.s to the S W co ner
etl,:ts 6 /Bows, to wit : heginning in the hundred and tiro and tire-tenths perches. i Pot er Co., Pa. , cu ntdittin:r eighty acres, „,,, I 1 s : iid day - . With their rolls, recfords in nisi
of lot No 04. thence by south line of said'lot ! main iron, Comb rsport.' to Lyananssille rit,.....c north nights i,live 'perches. thence east I hei, g alt of Wart:ant No. 4012 aed bounded-, I "'ns% ex"minntio si and other rerileMhtntes;
south 891° east 60 and 3-10ths or a perch to! the N E: corner of wit lot No 10 thence south two bombell and s2n ,, nty-t !tree pet ches to.s.tio las tibias : 13einning :it a post One hundred ito ti's those thing - Which to thei r offices tsp. ;
the N IV cornet i f lot No 107, thence by west 17t; rods 'to a Imst• thence west 81 find 0. 10th; hi•-h wa y, th ence , smith nincacen degrees east !and fortyl-nine rods so..t:, : , .1,(1 thirty rod- .
: pert:tin to he done.. ..'and those who are bound
line of said lot and by lots Nos 12 1 :Ind 1401 rods ton post, thence smith 43 rods to a post. , ninety perches to the place of begiuning.Con- 1 , ves. of the south-west ettnier f Charles IV. their - re.Ccigr4ances to prosecute against-f_
Of the allotment of lands of George Fox :Ind I thence west 40 and 6-10 1 hs rods to a post. I tekining One Hi/Mired am. Fifty- hi :...:nd Sine- , tnermim's lot, thence south o .c. hutt , l: rill the prisoner_ that are or shall be I . .the jail De.
S. Ross south 149 and 1-10th of a perch. Ithenedsouth32 rods to a post, thence west 50 tenths acres, 'or theieahouts..Thit•ty bores of; and sixty [rods to a post, thence :ist eight% I said count:. of Potter, are to be the e and there
Ihence by lines of lots \os 140 and 133 of hist !and 7-baits ro d s to
.o p os t, ~,,the nce north .76 which are itnroved :and on Whteit are ereetcd i ds' t , a htech sapling, th'ente no tit Ico rods Ito prosecute agAinst them as will be just . ' -
mentioned allotment west 140 and 7-10drs ofl rods to n post, thence west 62 rods to the_SW one studl dwelling house, one granerY, tind 'to ft pOst.ltherWC west 80 rods to tae place oft . Dated atlCouor.aseorrr. May 5, 1863, anti
a perch to the east line of lot No 105 atbre-1 corner of out lot No 15. theace north 42 ;mei ,• a iiiring' of running water and' some fruit Il' e:' lining, unimproved. ' Idle 84th Year of the Indept ndence of HI'S United
said, thence by said line north 111 and 6-1 oths I 4-10.ths rod? to a post in the main road,thence !trees thereon. . • 1 A ,Sit :'another lot of lona in ' States of Atuterica. .T • ', ;'''
of a perch to the place of beginning, c ont a i n lby the road to the place of beginning.con tain- 1
, Also all that tract of ! hind beginning at a he? , i n m, potter CO.. Pa.. hOTilltied , D. C. LAU...IEEE, Sheriff. ._
trig One Hundred s and Eighty rand Five-tenths' lag 117 acres and being part of wartstnt 2123.1 post Standing' one lintidred ned thirty-one Oa he north by lands of Ste - he
acres, more or less. With the usual allowance I .thotat 20 acre§ of which ore improved. with " i perches north ore it undin.d and forty 1 er- , che nlst by lands of Reubet; Z.
of six per cent. for roads Sc., b e i r , g . l a
.N„ifra me honse, one frame.barn. one frame horse e
, i,acs west of south east) corner or %%arrant N o .l the putt'lby lands. of WM V- I
106 of the allotment of lands of S. Ross in . harmand tied other ft "T
Sine buildings. I
"..''''onie ' 2133: thence' west about ninety-two perches' 6thdr,, .‘„ii on the ass, 1 by.lands 0
Allegany tp. and parts of warrants Nos. 12051 f; scat trees thereon. To be Fold as the property Ito said highway,thetiee N. nineteen deer ees 11: - .1baturli, containing sixty acres or ti
arid 1302. To be sold as the property of Ti.o,. I of Jahn Crittenden.
thirty-six perches, thence east oneloindred and i • tiati being part of Warrant 400 e,
31, Nicholson, Eliza Ann Nichol Son and Dewitt! ALSO—A certain tract of load situate fir, .ix and nine-tenths • p erc h es , th ence sout h that part Of said lot of about 16 :a
Nicholson and Orplia Nichol on, terra term utszl b - lyssts Ti, bounded on the north by lands of I thirty-four perche;to the place ~f begin n i,,,,, west side Of the Port Allegany a I
IA LSO—A certain tract of land situnte in I•W A WililieY, east by lands of Elymus Hae- I Ccintainitig Twenty Two Acres. 'about n;'el road, this' lot is sold subject to aco
Enlalia and Sweden ins., beginning at the NE I ket. S Hull and W Lyon, south by lands 1
nf • acres iropr')ved,' on which are erected o n , I by . Eli Peekc, in his lire-tiote. WRI
corner allot conveyed by John :Keating & Co. Benoist pearce,and west by the highway called! water saw-milt with 'good l, and ; ' water-pop- •• • d l . r t. on Which are ereeted orie l
to Jacob B. Vannatter, thence north 85 perches wegt street, etlntainiug, Sixty-four square,rods one small dwelling house. I kool mas the "Forest ilonse," one
to a post, thence east 106 perches to •e Nw of improved land, with one frame house. To J. W. BIRD, AdminiStrator barn and ion buildings.
corner of land conveyed to Beuj. T Hoxsie by be sold as the property .of Dwight Gennng. : of the estate of 13 T. llokie• deceased._ Terms made known on the day
J. Keating, & Co., thence south 85 perches to -
ALSO-1 certain tract of latnd situate in Sweden. May IS'. 1863. . , .
1 ,
the S W corner of said Hoxsie's lot, thence Wharton Tp, bounded on the north by landsl • • ILIA 11.IIIET :V. RE ES, i
in possession of Martin Bartron, east by
west 106 perches to the place of beginning. Innds
I WOO LC i RHIN Cr ' I the Estate of Eli Rees.
• A
containing Fifty-Six and Three-Tenths acres I iityossessiog of Bensleys, south by lot in pos-
Cotidersport. May 11, 1863.
more or less, being lot No 97 of the allotment se:sion of Stephen Horton. and west by the
of John Keating ,t,'; Co 's lands in Eulalia tp. Sinnemnlinning creek. containing 198 acres. _
and part of warrant No 2124 about eighteen with usual allowance, of which about 60 acres
acres of which are improt ed, with one frame are improved, %vitt/ one frame house: frame
hOuseopne log barn and some fruit trees there-1 barn, franici•shed. and fruit trees thereon. ' To
ori. To be sold
_as the property of Amos be sold as the:property of James Bartron.
Clark. ALSO—A certain tract of laud situate in
;ALSO—A certain tract of land commenc- HectorTp. _hounded on the north, east. south
ing at a post in the east line of .No 42 of allot- and west by lands of the Binghara,estate. con.
went of Bingham lands in Sweden tp., thence tainirg fifty acres, about eight acres of which
uctrtherly 183 and 2-10tlis perches. -thence are improvet., with one log Ifousethereou. TO
east along south line of No 83, 149 anti 4-10ths be Sold a the property of Sidney Abbott.
perches, thence along west line of No 50, 821 -
A.L A: SO— certain tract' of labd situate in
and 6-10ths perches, thence Moog line of road Ulysses Tp, bounded on the north by lands of
5.147° west 95 perches south 36° west 54 and Irene itolleboth, east by lands of Fred.Gridley.
5-10ths perches, thence by Bingham lands !south by tand-• of Asa Raymond and west by
west 56 perches to platerof be ginning, con- I the highway and lands of Asa Raymond. con
taining One Thousand Three Hundred and training about twenty-fire acres. with abb ut ,
Forts-Eight arras, being lots Nos, 61, 62 and ten acres improved. To be sold as the pro
-80; of the allotment - of the Bingham lands in Pent - of H. 11. Guernsey.
Al•SO I.certain tract of land situate said tp. and part of .warraots Nos 2052 and - • -- in,
2085 about - Fifty - acres of which are im- Harrison Tp, bounded north by the highway I
proved, with two log houses, one frame.barn leading from the State•road to Major Lattees.'
and some fruit trees thereon. To be Sold as , east by lands of Fred. Colton. sokth by lands
the, property 3f C AyieSWrth. . . - o f ,l Hiram Courtn - righl and west by 'he State
ALSO—A certain tract of land situate ini road, containing fifty-three acres. mote or less,
the Borough, of Coudersport and known on I about fort: -1 !tree acres of which are improved.
'the Town Plot.thereofas lot No 74 On square with one log house, one frame barn. one Felloo]
No!s, Bounded on the north by land of C. house. and some. fruit trees thereon. To be
Manning, on the'east by street, on the south sold as' the, property of P. P. Errnyi garnishee
bylands of E. Wright, and on the west by of John Pllis
land of!drs. Furman captaining 32 perches
of - I . ctund, More or less, on which are erected.
[ 9' .
one l
fratineouee and one frame barn. To be
cOl4 ai tile property. cf C, Aylervonts * .• • :
To be sold as the prop
D. T.ARRAdEE: Si)eriff,
CabdiTspork Pa., May 20: 1863. -
A SOAP Question Settled ! inquire :it
ALSO—A certain trnct of land situate in
the village of Sunderlinville, in He'Ctor tp.„
bounded as follows: On the' north. bi lattcht.
of Daniel' Stmderlin and Nellie Len It,, on the
west "liy lands of George Larrison; on, ibe !
- sonchlsy lands of Joseph 4.4nderrill and, on
die east by.,the highway running thrt).-th the
village of 'Sanderlinville, containing about
three acres improved land, with one frame
houlse, one frame bog-pen and onelog_stable.
thereon. To be sold as the property of C. W.
ALSO—A certain tract of land beginning at
a post cbrnerl:ratidingin the Booth line of W.
T. Lane's land and the mirth-east corner of a
lot sold by the OSWityn Imlnbering ASsocia=
tion to James H. Wright, thence by a line'af._
, surveys east two hundred and tafelve 'perches
to a post corner in the west line of Joseph
Knighers land, thence by said line and Wes- I
ton & Mercereau's land smith 'ode hundred
and seventy-sevin perches to a post corder,
thence along the line of Weston & Mercerean's
land west twb hundred and twelve perche's to
a post corner, thence along the dine.of, ;Tames
H. Wright's land north 107 porches to the
place of neginning. containing 234 acre's strict
!treasure; being part of warrats 5855 &-. 5878,
in Sharon tp. unimproVed.—ALSO—Another
lot described as follow: Beginning at the
south-west corner of rcter B. Deidrick's land
inwnrrant l No. 6867 in Sharon tp and being
the north; east corner of a lot awned by Fred
erick S.- Martin, of Olean, thence by the line
of said Martin's lot west 338 perches to a post
miriMr . being the corner of L. H. E.lnney's
land. thence by . said land and :other, lands
north 137 perches to a post corner. thence'
east 21C perches alonz . the south line of lands 'I
of M. -A.-Nichols and others, thence by the
line df M. A. Nictiols' land and' 'miller,- lands
north 148 perches to a post corner In the line
of the State of New l'ork,, thence along said
line oust 130 perches to ate north-east k.orner
of Peter P., Dedrink's land in said warrrint No.
aso, therm tby the east line of said Ic.f . south
310 perches to the place of beginnftigi, con
taining- Four Hundred and Fifteen acres.strict
Measure. hieing the same land eativeyeti to
dPeter B. Heidrich' by Ells - ha 3lir and others by
deed bearing, date Janpart C, 1844 in war
rant No. 5867, rill nnimprovedl To be sold as
the property of Peter B. Heidrich.
ALSO—A certain tract of land situate in
Eulalia tp. beginning at rt . post on - the'east
line of lot No
,272 'surveyed •to Syfvester
Wright, thence partly along said line ,north
110 perches to a post, thence east 44 perches
to a post on the west line of John lleed's lOt,
(now Samuel Thoinpson's),thence south along
said line 110 perches to a post 14 ,perches
south of the S W corner of said Jolla Heed's
tot, thence west 44 perches to the place of
beginning.contarning Thirty, acres and Twen
ty One hundredths of ; an acre strict mrensur
Divorce Notice.
EUNICE; JOIINSpN, No. 54 Sept.T,lB62
by her, n extfriend ' . Libql in Divorce.
EPHRAIii S. : HOWE,' •to Alfred T. John
v'a. son,respondent.pleas
ALFRED T.JOHNSON. J take notice that a
suttptiena ..and z alias subpcena . having .been
isiuedind returned ii ill ii , gon Allred T: John.
son, resp ondent , nit. notified to appear at our
niit term of getire'to ansiver the e'binniaints
of your said wife, Eunice Johnson, and show
cause why a divorce should not be granted.
D. C. LAII.I2AI3SE, Sheriff.-
Office, May 18, 1863.
Ditrioi - ca Natio&
ALANSON. HOLT, 1 Na. 80, Sept. T, 113q2.
t Libel in Divorce.
EDN AE. HOLTL .) Whereas, subpcena and
alias subpnena b4iving 13,en issued in this case
and returned nihil. You, Edna E. Holt, re
spondent, air hereby notified that libelant will
?nake•aliplication at ttie neat Court of Common
PleSsin and 'for; the rouaty of' Potter, for a
divorce a vincula, matrimoni, at which time and
place you can attend if you think proper.
'D. C. LARRABEE, Sheriff'.
Sheriffs' Office,'May 18, 180.
Divorce Notice.
JULIA E. BA.BCOCK., No. 58-Sept P. 1862
.by her next friend I .- Littel in Divorce.
SAMUEL G.*ROUSE, , .LWbereas; ~..übppena
mss.l and alias subpcena
BRAYTOND.B.ApCOCK . ..I having been issued
and returned nihq You,Bracton D.Babcock,
respondent, are hereby notified that libela:nt
will make application nt-the: next Court of
Confinon Pled; iii and.for the county of Potter
fora divorce a rincuto mafrimoni. at which time
and place you can attend if you ti ink proper.
11, C. LARRABEE, Sheriff.
Sheriffs' Office; Mii - y 18, 28G3.
Auditor's Notice.
subscriber having been appointed Au
k ditor to disiribitte the -proceeds of the
sale of real estate in tire case 'of Gemtnell
Creswell es. : W. T Jones and .A. F. Jones;with
notice to S. il.os'santi L. Stalfee. Terre tenants:.
No. 150, Jittie Term, 1862, will attend to the
duties of said appointment -on &mit-day the
13th day of 'June 'nexf; at theyrothonotaries
office in Coudersport. at 2 o'clock, P. Al , n - 'tett
and where those interested can attend if.they
CoudeniTort, 'ltty 14, 1863.
Administrator's' Sale.
Y virtue of Ali order issued out: or the Or
phan's Court of Potter county, Penn'a,
and to us directed, we will expose to I;uldie
sale or outcry. at the Court House in the Bon'
The subserihers take this methori to inform
their customers anti the . public generally that
they continue the business of t.
Carding and Cloth-Dressing
at their Old Stand at
WOOL sent from a diStancti will be carded at
the shoriett 'notice: Their work will be war
ranted co be done as well as at any other shop.
We would also inform the public that we hart
a deposit in Coudersport, where wool coin be
received for us to, card. Wool left there, will
be returned there iu rolls, in two weeks.
We are also prepared to manufacture Wool
by the yard, or on Shares. into CLOTH or
Perryville, Pa., May I gra.
Auditor's Noll Co.
'llhe undersigned ,Auditor to inal'te
but ioi3 'of the proceeds of the S t e of Real
Estate in the .case of George For. M. D..
Adtris'r Stevens, of Dee. Term
1862, No. 58, wiflattetid to the duties of his
appointment•at the PrJothonotaris 'Otiiee it:
LoudersPort, on Sattir'dn3., 'the 30th day of
May nt xt. at one o'clock P. 31. Those inter
ested will attend If they think proper.
J. OLMSTED, Auditor.
PONIFIER! The:nig-Thine on Sonp
for salg at STEBBINS',
tyr:crs BLUCLII OFIUSES.—foi• rite
jj dies,—at I - STEBBINS•
I• Iteglllit.ftrfit,
lOTICE is _het -hereby
Or 'named persons did;
taihelc names, tile the ace
,minilration,to the. estates
dec'd„t whOie names 'are
or cirpcb of the Register.
;and iran . tiii, gletters of ad
for the county Of Potter; a
will be preserttof,to the
said county', for
on the 15th day 'of- June,
Court Honee in said county
Se t.,17, 1862. Tile iitia
Itenttin Administrator and
t lAdministratrix of tile
Thompson, late of Jackson
Dec: 18, 1862. The part'
W. Bird, Administrator of tl
late of Sweden Ttntin
Jariluau 20, 1863. , The
W.lFreetnau, Aciniinistrati
.f Rufus A. Freeman;. late of
:hip. !deceased.
Janivary 22; 1863. The f
Viii* Rogers,. Adiniaistrat
:ento!): Administratrix. of -
?eorke A. Benton, late of A
hip, deceased.
Pebi 23. 1863. The. acco
• I
mats. Administrator of the
ilis, late of Harrison Townsl
D. BA :r
11 . 4.dtutpistkatoes
BY IVirtme of an order issu,
pilau's Court -a Potter
;1 tad to us directed, 'we . Will =
! ale o 9 outcry,at the Court U.
1 t Coudersport, on - • ,
, •• 1
it t 1 o'Clock,l". 31., the 141101
escrilkd as' follows:to 'wit :
i . A certain tract of land situ.
t ,nip of Eulalia (now borough
t .
i[ • ,
bounty; of ['otter and .state o
II egiuning in the centre of t
. ain street at the north west c.
!I t, tlnince east eight rods-at
11 eath's (now Hamilton's) lot
I' stone corner, thenec north:_
isiptle corner, t4nce west pa
'l# t of Heath (now Hamilton) c.
Is one corner in the centre of Ma
s uth itleng the centre ofsaidl.
I re pial,ce of beginning, contaiti
Ittids of ground, ba the same m
which are erected a large two-J
stop Wtth steam power, and on
ALSO—Anather piece or p
siltuateia the Llorungh of,Cond
t_lo., Phi-, being known and de„ , _,
lump of said !Through- as Vill,
'b and 1146, leitig east of the eq
.T 01j CAUSES for trial in tli
ion Pleas of Potter county, at
1.1 T.
ones t Bro vs Geo W Braille)
ooeeA Bro vs Bra dr:?e.
'erS:Strong adtnsts ufStrcing vs
ati2s I.q l Bra A's i M Kift)ourn
Sh.itter vs - Jt;ho Mason j• Ge
SlHarr vs 1.1 W IMay and W
%V Stillman vs Geo Stilluian
,kl:nrid vs John C Tanner
C:tril rs Demmer t Th , mps
es:tin kCo vs Georgo-lleiste
I & tvirnan vs CilitS Chandler
[neon :use of C W Gor.zna vs llrt
executors of.Jolin
Id Ts Frederick Brooks
rs P BDedrick '
‘1 V
! Luther
Gum. u'
tu Br
Tp. of
11 try A
limy A
• -
wer co. vi Woodard
vs Wrn T Jones . .
vs Chester Whitaker
la' vs CO. Or Potter
Wayne Bishop
Seherfor use v A P....n1i
stinct: Co vs S P Reyuo
truer vs John Burti.4 •
.vs Burtis
• Jonesforuse vs S P R
Joees for use vs S P R
Inca Glace and A A Kirh.: l
of °Smith vs S P Rey
I 1.1.4. r ,
I, Swee
vs J
;ea as
i the 'dates affixfd
mats, of, their
.0f_11240, keKsons,
cfe:ifiefitliined, in
proban of
Ministration . in and
: n d tlia same
rphaos!•• Court of
and allowance,
t 1.0. in. at the
For Rau., Mice, Roaches, Ants, Bed Bugs, Mothi
in. Pus, Woolens, .Co. Inseetis onPlants,
' Put. iltiO 25c. 5,45e:5p4 $lO6 R3xes, Bottles,'
21O,I.Flarssi . $3 , encl. $ . 54403 - 0 p Weis", Publi4
Justifiitilide; -
account of P.. W.
Phldptin. Thomp
.Est6.te Of , Rufus
Ipwlstsbiti, decd.
al .. .. - ieeount .. cf J.
e Estitie, of B. T.
-hip, de,csiied.
"Only infallible remedies known,"
°•Fme from iloi4ons."
".Not i'langeroos to.tbe Human Family."
"Rats come oat Or their boles to die."
nst nqcourit..of
r of the. Estate
* -7 -Sold Wlioiettle in all large cities.
* * *Sold by all Di'dg'i,ists'artd Retailers ovary-
nnl account. of
.1. and Lucinda
the Est.ite of
ilegiteny T.osi•n-
peware I 1 of all iT orthlesl ipitationi
* * *See that "COSTAR'S" name is on each Box',
Bottle and Flask, before you buy., ,
* *Address. . Henry it,..cantitt;
* * *Pentiik•al
- . tC o.,
. STE 1313' .
Whofesafe L Retail Agents, COUdersport,Ta:
'rt. of WoOk ey
state of ll?.tris
4E?.. 11Cgistor,
I s wi#Byzireo to delinquent ColleetOr4
Lit of Aliiittity Tiff that u — nless the amount
of sack commutations, now due by them, are
• paid over to the County Treasurer, by next
,:e . p,ten)ber : Cp typeetordittrtiklibitilqorillsi
'April: 185 s; so - that said , tionFei - Can be epplipd
to the Itglief Fund, agreCably to the stipple-,
tuent or said act, that it will be tby duty to
notify the. pistrict Attorney In writing of Such
negiCet, W base duty it - . Wilt Abell:hli tolbsißeet
the Ones And penalties itapoßed ; byr:lnm.l
The following statement show the ameinnt
due from the several townshipeirt this Brigade;
Collector' of Keating. for-1960-
~..2 1:.:51 01 00
do Wharton " 95
do Sylvania do; 7 00
' • Aci" Binghatn for 1861 ' 17 75'
do i .'lector,_ _ 14 92
Plvrit;autiilly do 3 22
do Boulet do . 18 53
do Stewardson do • ••• 47
- db 1 Sylvania - .dn
do Abbott for 1862 12 87
do-!Allegany do F. .1140
do i
.Bingliang •do 50
do ICoudersport do 660 -
do i Eulalia do„. 560
do Hector ' 26 83
ao Horner do . 2 31
do ; Jackson -do 35
• d out of. the Or
cu u u ty. Penh's,
.spose to public:
I •
use itt the Bore;
rig real estate
to in the town
f Coudersptirt),
Pert n syl va n
e road talted
Flier of Heath's
ng . the line;of
lenring north to
rour rods to a
!lel with said
,ght rods to ft,
n street,thence
ain st. 4
Ere or !Ls, on',
tory carpenter
2 board kiln.
:reel of- land
rsport, Potter
gnated on the
ge Lots Nos.
are known'on
containing I
the Tp; of
Stbri - , on
711FI4AS, letters of ndmininiAapoi c".;1
V V the eitate of Thaddu4
of Allegant- township, Potter Co.; Pa..
been issued to the due form of
law, notice is Lere6y td. air persous,
kur.svin7 tlieniselves indebted to ski estate . td..
make iina-fidiate ,payment ; and those having
claims willfreserit them, diii.fantlienficated;
for settlement.
Ilobert,s, on
eatin , 4 rttr'd
E. Flizell
!res on air
'A. G. PItESIIO,, f
Allegany, Hay 5, 1863 GK
• : .
. ' • '.; ids Wafite4i.
4 , 1in ,,.. 3 of . En the Co_iina..s of Potter, NlcKeatt, Tirt.,,,
Clip ton 11 nd Lycoming, good tillableYrtill-'
' IL
ing Lands; if suitable for Agriculture, nod
IPrices are lon% They Still be pnrchitscd . ROT
Cash, cr its equivalent., Address' With 'ft-fit
oculars.- locati.m. and character of Laltd3,
wit!, S•I rreyi with . brook or streams runiiitig
thrdukh cr near them, Its to title ‘l . c.
~twf 1
quantity of Land tt . e. For particulars addres,
I' .' ...C. ;A: N. HOSKINS, -. .
',, .P. 0 Box 10 1 7. Phil.tdelSk. '
Cotirt of
the Jun,-
F Jo./e.,..
1,13,745 ties Nichool District Anniiial
Statement. 1562.
.Rate of tax,! ' alu'lls
• Amount of fax, .. : ; ,- ..."54413 2d,
Received fr‘trt Collectora and no- •
seated land=
- 368 34
State apprpDriatioct, , - - c -: Ai , , 20q.
,•,.., =....
.I.7.farri !
Paid Teachei's Salary, 3;6 oil
• fotal paid foiS4/Iviir arta eontingeacits 4,25 .94
Paid Sarary 6f . Secrta2T, , 5 09
.• ' '
band SI 0,3
y Lore,
Due forrgiCollreetorVab9rl: ocr
G. A. Ire - poxira. Prem.
April 21. 1663. 7
A. 8r1,117,
- ••- Atidifor'99-NOliee.'
rphe urdenigned Auditor-ED rrialce:
bution Or the proceeds S':.4e of,
Personal'Piciterty ift alit tan' of Jo•hes"-
1.3 SALt Stevens and D. F. Nichols a June.
Term 1862, AWM. 4. 1 .1 1 ativia ept4P-3
of las nryinpintrneut at the Proth,i, , isiiy's .
Office:iniCnyideppirt, on Saturday
, lA}- of 31at 7 e:' zest »t non n'elork P.! 31
interested will attend if they.tilink prrn•-•e:e.
• 3. oLK.-4tED.
~tutell ,
l ords