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Vfplll3TlTA•Gotrii i ilt .TOEIRNAL
disport, Wednesday Apr: 3;1861
L•oeal arid! General..
,116..Thaftitt; to, iteptesentiitiv : e 01n3sted for
fnittir_id,fayors. . •
Kreioael's corcauuniT.ation wiii ap
pearzext.week. -
Mar The Union State Convention will Mee
at Pittsburg on the ;srof
SiirGold is quoted at sl.4*. in New York
and at $8,50
Illici;W.e.l!tre• ; l indebted to Seyg't Charles F.
Barclay, for mcopy of the Resolutions pasted
by the 149th Perinsylvarthkltegimeat, at Camp
PkainvVit . ; :
zerThis the Ist day of April,lhe
„ „
ground is covered with snow, sieighin pas.
.aable, and the_ thermOmeters haviSit. twelve
degrees aboie zero.
,Apri,We'.have a copy of the Resolutions
Offered in .. the House by the copperheads of
Fennsylvpnia which we will publish and no
, i n - ~ . ... . • ' .
toe eit week . , 'i _ .
Atigi;ei.:large.fitre occurred in Aiontroaa the
20th nit The Engle Foundiy owned by S.
ILSnice 4 Brothers, was entirely consumed.
Loss ibOut $60.000..
• .ICo . pperbeadisin is getting into a terri
ble lir! about Union League's they are de
el.dedl too. popular with the people to Suit
them.' There are,soo Union League Clubs in
Itsi‘The safe of the AdaMi Express Corn
iontaing aliont . $50,000 in money, was
stolen 'from the !iat /train on the Northern
Centrai Railroad, between Baltimore and Har
risburg, last,-weeki
' Se:revery man ought to make it a rule to
support his own county paper before he takes
atiy other. We have no objections to a man
taking l as many city paders as hd pleases, but
he dois not show the right spirit if he fails
to patronize the local organ of his County.
ierWe find from the Report of the Revenue
Commisdioners the following facts in relation
to the taxes in this county: Population 10,467;
taxable inhabitants, 2,853; area of acres in
the county, 530,500 ; and the amount of arer
age State Tax paid by each taxable inhabi
tant to be 69 ets.
B aru has been decided by the 'Supreme
COnit of Pennsylvania that the legislative act
of April; providing that no civil process
shall issue against a soldier, during the term
of enlistment is constitutional, and that pro
ceedings on mortgagees-executed prior to the
act, are within its forms _
••`The Democracy of this, District are
"pitching into" our Representative, Hon. Jos:
gale. Good—it is a high compliment to a
man in these times to bare thee copperheads
denounce him; we would rather bare it so
than otlierwise: Judge Hale's course gives
pretty general satisfaction among loyal men.
TED_Lieut. 0. D. Jenkins of thelst Penn
sylvania Reserve; Bucktail Regiment, who
was caper' rad at the battle of Fredericksburg,
has been!paruied, after having been in Libby
prison, Richmond, sixty-nine days. lie ar
rived at his home in Pottsville, a few days
isince . .—Polauttle Journal.
IL Simmons of the Oswayo Regu
lator wishes us to inform the Dairy bids of
Allegany and Potter, that he has 3 000 yards
of checso-cloth sheeting, that he can sell from
twelve and a half to 'fifteen • cents per 'yard.
Alao, all other people, that he has ten tlion
sand.dollars worth of other goods equally low.
• Call on him at Osway-o,
I 4.0 . 11 9 .:,witl prove it so•o.
ler The Atlantic Monthly, for April, con
tains the following interesting, articles; On
tha Vicissitudes of Beat's Farde, A Spasm of
Sense, MY Ship, Befinthal:by Prcxy, Resigna
tion, The Flag Wei-Weather Work, Golden
Wediltng,The Silurian Beach,Coralie, Sujotir
npi American MortiCulturP, The East
and the West, Personal lterniniscensea of the
lite Meng- Thomas Buckle, Cavalry Song. No
Failue for the North, and its usual Reviews
and Notices. It i 3 eminently the American
Magazine. .
SWAB the season fOr sales of pioperty is
approaching, tcheja large numberi of promis
sory note& are executed, it may be interesting
to - the public tb linciw the scale of stamp du
tie'iirltiCh.thelaW of 1862 imposesupon such
notes. It is as follows: . :,•
From $2O to $lOO
, • "" 'lOO tO • 200
"• 200 to 350
" .350 to ..500 ' 20
" 50013 750 • . 30
" 750 to 1000
" 1000 to 1500 . 60
" 1500 to 2500 ' 1 00
" 2500 to 5000 • , 150
The penalty for violating the law is sso,and
tbiltistrament is rendered invalid and of no
1111" The Spring Examinations of Teachers
will be 'held by the CoantySoPeriutentleut at
thelollowino• times and places, commencing 10 'A: 51. ° Writing materiels will be needed.
Voorhees School Hopse
.. ' ' 'April 13
Oswayo " 14
Hydorn School House - " " 15
Coudersport, . - - -
.ii 16 i ..
Roulette''' - ' ' " 17,
Mr. Israel Burt's * - " 13
Mr.,Stephen•Horton's I U 2 0
Ilr;•Wm: Burleson's " 21.
Bird School House " 221
Germania- . " ' • ' II :
-123. *
Maj. J.. 51. Kilbourne's . • ''• 24
Sunderlinville . 2 --. ..: ." 25,
Andrews Settlement • . - - " - 27 1
Genesee-Forks " 28
Bingham Center . ". 29 .
'Unison Tilley" , , '3O
LiWisTille''' • • . May 1 . ,
*** The' Postmaster G eneral : author
iced Postniastera to frank all official coming
nicationaof Collectors Una 4ssesaiiiii of Inter
mil Revenue with their dc - puties and airsigirite
16.Fropi, the State Superintendent's re
port, we learn that Tioga bounty hits 236
school houses; male and female tenchere, 336;
schiilars, 9,762; , average .cost inbuthi . 40
cents ;,amount for school purpose®; $18,539;
for building purposes, $4,184; State appro
priations, $2,793; from collectors, $18,456
cost of instruction, $l-4,525; for fliel etc.,
$2,256; school houses, renting, building, etc.,
$7,144; temporary debt, $1,680; balance in
band, $2,161. 1 1:ioga Boro' pays the largest .
amount to teachers, and Wellsboro next=
the fcrmer $33 per month, and the latter $32.
In our-next issue we shall publish the Annual
Report of the County Superidtendent.—Tioga
the Kansas Senate has voted their "un
feigned regret" at the course of Representa
tive Conway in Congress; but the House went
further, and by a• vote of 60 to 2, resolved
that they beheld Mr. Conway's'-course with
I the! deepest shame and indignation; that he
I has betrayed his constituents, by counseling
submission to the rebels, and they call.upon
hhit%to resign - MS seat..fliartin has been one
of the bright and shining I ghts in the repel,-
Heap party, and protege of the Potter Journal.
As that paper teems almost every line with
ab.,se of Vallandigham, we hope our neigh
bor I will give us his opinion of Martin, in
connection with other "copperheads."—
Wellsboro Banner.
We uphold no man, whether he ,elongs to
our party or'to the copperlibmis, i further than
we believe him to be right. Mr. Conway's
vote against tb&'Conscription Bill we con
sider wrong. 'What do You think of Cue ma
jority of your party voting against that same
measure? and what do you think of the:pa
pers and. men who are counseling resistance
to its enforcement? who are passing resolu
tions' contrary to the best interests of the
Government in most of the Northern Legis
latures ? and what do you thjsk of the
•'voice from the army" against your copper
head 'party You will have a hard time to
reconcile your conduct with loyait± wtien
the ;war is over and the boys come home.
stir Our friends across the line in Tinge
county have preached consideraly about Pot
ter morality, but they hate at the present
time a cast that "caps the climax" of rowdy
ism.; About two weeks ago, so says report,
a party of men on Pine creek met together at
the house of a man named Matteson for the
purpose of drinking and gambling; after
"spreeing it" fur several days, $2OO in money
belonging to the - family, were missing. The
theft was naturally charged to this party.; it,
was a majority of them, who, how.
ever, accused a young man, a stranger—but
who was a member of the party—with haVing
the money in his possession, he denied it and
in order to make him confess they took and
hung him up to a tree several times;, the last
time it -rag with' difficulty they'brought him
back to the life they nad almost choked out
of him in his frequent introductions to Judge
Lynch. Becoming frightened they set him'at
liberty with the injunction that he leave the
country immediately. Fe attempted to do
this, but was arrested, taken to Wellsboro,
and lodged in jail. Warrants were issued for
the arrest of the parties engaged in this "bor
der-ruffian" demonstration of Tioga-Pine
creek morality. One we here has escaped to
KanSas I i the others will be arrested, bailed or
imprisoned, and tried at the next term of
Court. The young man who was lynched has
since denied taking the money, and says the
confession was forced from him with threats
of taking !his life—which appears quite evi
dent from' the mode of procedure in the case.
ma.Thb tenoning is the act passed in re
Intim to 4:r side-walks:
• Sari 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and
Howe of Bepresentative3 3c., That to enable
the Burgeis and Town Council of the Borough
of Coudersport to keep the sidewalks of said
Borough ill good repair, the said Burgess and
Town Council are authorized to require the
owners ofl lots or reputed owners in said
Ilorough td repair the side-Walk in front of
their respective lots or parts of lots, by a
specified day and in accordance with the reg
ulations and specifications of Council.
—Wellsville Press
SECTION 2. The Secretary of the said Bur ,
gess and Town Connell shall give persohal
notice to each person whose side-walk is re
quired to be repaired, or the reputed owner
or tenant of said property stating therein what
repairs are to be.made, the kind of material
to be used, the grade of the side-walk, and
the day when the work is to be done, which
notice shall be served at least twenty days
before the Work is required - to be completed.
SECTION 3.. Should any property glacier
neglect to make the repairs required by tue
said Burgess and Town Council in accordance
with section one of this act, on the notice•re
quired by section two having been given, the
said Burgess and Town Council of the BorOugh
of COudersport, are heieby authorized to di
rect the .Street Commisioners of the said
Borough. to make the repairs so required and
a duplicate of the cost of all such repairs
shall be made charging each property owner,
reputed owner, or tenant, with the cost of re
pairing the side -walk in front of their respec
tive lots or ports of lots, and lidding twenty
per centutu 'to the amount of said repairs,
which duplicate shall be placed in the hands
of the Borough Collector and collected the
same as county and State taxes are now by
law collected,
SECTION 4. If the Collector shall be unable
to collect the amount so charged to any prop
erty owner, reputed owner, or tenant, he shall
make return of the same to the County Com
missioners who shall enter the amount on
the Treasurer's duplicate; stating the number
of the lot, the 'name of the owner or reputed
owner, and the
. charge against the same for
I the repairs aforesaid. and the Cciunty Treas
urer shall collect the said charge the earnests
unseated taxes are by law collected.
Sscricom,s. If there is no person occupying
any lot, the side-walli - ln front of whirl) is in
need of repairs, and the owner or reputed
owner is a non;resident, then in that case the
notice required, by the second section ,of this
act may be served on the agent of the owner''
Or reputed 'owner of said lots, or, if neither
the owner nor an agent resides in the said
Borough,*then {notice may be .posted np on
the lot or lots witb'the same effect as if per
eoaal notice were given. .
seL,The 'Wharton township bill, reported
in our lastaatis t ying p9Med, . was an aet an
thprizing the School Directors to return an
unseated 'Scnoal Tax to the County Commis
sioners for collection, . which they had neglect
ed to return within the time fixed
A lasiWoao.—A . good . matroti, who made
her nice light bread her boast, lately bade
adieu to *'favorite daughter, just married,and
going to a distant State to settle. The last
words of advice the:kind lady utteied in con
fidence were, "Usti DeLand's Cheihical Salee
atus, and you will have good bread. and nice
light biscuits, and your husband Will love you
the more as a good housewife I" The mother
was right. and if her advice is heeded, that
match will doubtless prove a happy one.
In Hooduras,invalids afflicted with Scrofula
visit the streams that have drained' from the
wild lands where Sarsaparilla grows. • It, is
foubd that the waters become impregnated
with the medicinal virtues of this orug, and
the natives drink it, bathe in it, and live on it
for weeks. 'Whatever its effects these "water
ing ',facia" have a - reputation not inferior to
our Saratoga, and great numbers surely ob
tain relief at them from the eruptions, ulcera
tions, Ana sores, which are so afflicting always
to a half civilized people. Yet I find all classes
have more confidence in Dr. dyer's Extract of
Sarsaparilla, than in the impregnated Waters
or any compound ..of the. root that they can
make. Those who can afford 'to buy it, do so,
and it is in very general use here, curing them
surer and quicker than they can get relief
without it. Not a feiv of our staple products
go thus to foreign lamb are there manipulated
by scientific or artizan skill, and then come
back for oar consumption and use.—Corres
pozdent of the Herald, from Traxillo.'
Corrected every Wednesday by P. A. STEII.
BINS & CO., Retail Dealers in Groceries
• and Provisions,
oppasiteD. F. Glasstuire's Hotel,
Coudersport, Pe
Apples, green, bush.,
do dried, •"
Beeswax, sllb.,
Beef, "
Berries, dried, 11 quart
Buckwheat, q~l bush.,
Buckwheat Flour,
Butter, l lb.,'
Cheese, '•
Corn, 11 bush.,
Corn Meal, per cwt.,
Eggs, 'l-1 doz ,
Flour, extra,l bbl.,
do 'superfine "
Hams, lb.,
Hay,-`? ton,
Honey, per lb.,
Lard, ig
Maple Sugar, per lb.,
Oats, q 4 bush.,
Onions, "
Pork, bbl.,
do 11 lb.,
do in whole bog, 331 lb.,
Potatoes, per bush.,
Peaches, dried, C - gl lb.,
Poultry. q? - lb., '
Rye, per bush.,
Salt, bbl.,
do l sack, •
• -
Timothy Seed
Trout{ per
Wheat, e bush.,
White Fish, '1 bbl.,
To Nervous Sufferers
OF BOTH SEXES. A Nervous Gentlemen
having been restored to health in" a few
days, after undergoing all the Usual routine
and irregular expensive modes of treatment,
without success, considers it his sacred duty
to communicate to his afflicted felfow crea
tures the MEANS ot! emir.; Hence, on the re
ceipt of an addressed envelope, he will send
(free) a copy of the prescription used. Di
rect to De. JOHN M. DANGALL,
186 Fulton .-treet, Brooklyn, N. Y
Have just received a
. '
Which they are
March 21, 1863.
Administrator's Notice.
AITHEREAS, Letters of Administration on
1 V the estate of Charles Warden, dec'd,
late of Bingham tp, Potter co., Pa., have been
issued to the subscribers in due form/of law,
notice Is hereby given to all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate to snake
immediate payment, and those having cleims
will present them, duly authenticated, for
CLA RISSA.A. WORDE+)I . , j aialmar's.
Butgbam, Feb. 21, 1863.
The greatest Sosii=makerr eve
known l For sale at
Wanted, on account, at this OlEcc
All Kitchen Grease can be, made into good
SOAP, by using Saponifier
'Soap is easily made with it, as malting
- a Cup of coffee. •
Manufactured only by the Patentees.
;SHWA SALT mANTlFAcrimme oniniTy,
• • No. 127 Walnut street, Philadelphia."
Toby. 1;1862. ly
tali not to read this Cdii fl
- through and profit thereby:
9 • 9
- .
$373 . to 75
I'oo .2 00
1 50 - 2 00
25 -' 30
5 *6
6 174
60 75
. 2 75 300
20 22
10 12
7 00 , ' 7 50
88 100
225 250
AVM formed . a connection with some l
of the best jobbing houses 'M New York
we shall hereafter keep a full stock of Goods
and on most Goods *ill save you', fiftyper ct.,
and on many, much more.
10' bales Sbeetings and Skirtings from 18 to
' 22 cts., worth 30 to 40 •
3000 yds Sheeting fat IlCheese Midi for 121-
cts. worth 18
300 pieces best Madder Prints warranted fast
c010r5,.16 to 18 worth 25 to:30
100 pieces Hamilton, Pacific and other gciod
Delaines for 16 in 25 worth 25 to 35
New styles of double width Alpacca Dress
Goods fcir 31 cts
.yd, old prie o Cents
' worth now 63 to 75 . '
Double width SaxonY 3lerino, half Wool; 31
cts. worth 75
All wool Merino, 63 as.' worth $1.23
A large stock of wide ;Scotch Gingimmi drily
3 cts. yd advance from old prices
Good Tweeds and Dettims for 25 cts. worth
35 to 40 i '
Good Sattinets,Cassimeres and all other goad§
equally as low I ' / I
In the.line or Silks we have, and shall keep a
large assortment; good Colored Silks
for 63 cents
Black Silk from 88 cts Ito $1,50, now worth
60 per ct. more even in New York
800 900
700 800
9 11
12.00 14 00
10 12
10 12i
10 12
60 65
75 100
17 00 18 00
• 9 10
,5 6
• 37i 44
,5 7
88 1 00.
3 50
2 59. .2 so
450 500
100 125
450 500
8007 1 1
spfozs; and
In this line of our trade we can snip' yott a
large per ct.
Good Suits Black, Gr 6, and others : Coat,
Vest,Ponts, Hat,.Porket Handkerehief,Cravat,
and Shirt for $lO to sl2 i worth $20..
Good Calf Boots for 52.50 •
Good Women's Shoes for 75 cts
Go-K1 Gaiters for 63 cts •
And all other • kinds of fine shoes equally
as low.
' 1
We can also sell you Groceries at a saving.°
at least 25 to 50 per ct. Good Tea of an ex
traquality for SI worth $1,50. Other good
Teas from 50 to 75 cts.
Good chewing tobacco from 35 to 56 cts
In the line of Yankee Notions we can am
you a handsome profit.
ton or load at Wellsville prices.
1 ,
Now, to save answering the many inquiries
as to who furnish us goods !in New York. en
abling us to sell at these prices, we would re
fer you tq,
Mr. Jason 11. Bookover. connected with the 1
firm of Messrs. Clain, Melldn & Co., CIA. st.
The largest , house in' the world for Dry Goods. 1
Also, Messrs. Howland iilandsley, 80-k 82
Chambers at., ever so famouS for selling Cheap
and giving their friends good bargains.
And the reason for our selling yod Clothing
so lowove are supplied from the extensive
establidhment of Messrs. Lonistfeet, Bradford
& Co., 348 Broadway, and from the new; firm
of Messrs. Baldwin, Starr & Courtland St,
two of the best cloohing hoctie l S in New York.
Yankee Notions and Fancy Gootis *on] 5.
Henri Smith Payne & Co., 34 Conertiandl St.;
who tire noted for giving their' friends good
bargains. H
Hardware front MOrgon,Quacir enbnsh &
20 Courtland St:
Ciockery from Mr. Oscar Clieekaan, 145
Duane street.
And the reason why we can always sell yon
Groceries so low -and pay youithe, Hewitt
price for Butter, Cheese, &c., iSfrcnifour Con
nection with Messrs. Ahrens Mahnicen,Gro
cers and Commission Merchantr, 255 Wash
ington St. Now all you that have butter to
send to New York, or any otherproduce, take I
my advice and send to them and yon will
always receive the highest price.
Do not be led away by any
.false reptie
froinjealous neighbors. All tie &skis tak tome
and examine for your self and you will be
satisfied thal what we say we perform.
Yoar9 Itespectfully, _
Co lio SinlatonSy
INwayo, Much, IBM
IkORTH 0?!
Mbolanalt itetatt
• S W
• .. .
.' -.
Garden ,Or Fruit :Fermis,
' Suitable for Gisißgi, Peaches, Pears;, Rasp
berries, Strawberries,. Blackberries, Currants,
Am., Of 1, 24,.5, 10, or 20 aeres` buil t :at the
following prices for ibe'present, viz : 20 acres
for $2OO, 10 acres for $110;..0 acres for Sixty
,Dollars, 21 acres for Forty Dollars. 1 acre fo
Twenty Dollars. Payable .by one .
.dollar a
I ireek.
1. Alai>, good Cranberry lands, aria Tillage lots
iio CHET,WOOD, 25 by 100 feet, at . t eri - Dollars
_payable by one dollar a week.' The
abovelland and farms, are &mated at jChet
}woodilWashington Township, Brtrlingten - C0.,,
Nil, Jersei. For further information, eiffilY;,i
livid& a P. 0. Stamp, tor a Circular, to
No. 96 Cedar Street ? New York, N.: Y.
L i t FOR SA IE, • '
NEW ENGINE AND FlXT URES—eighthorSe power, with flue boiler. Thia en
aine ii6lOW in a Tannery_itt Bienville, 'ine
r,. Co., N. 1% , and'has never been used.
his Tannery is in a' good . location for busi
ness, tibth as to market and bark.
I The engine will be sold separately, if de
sired, or Tannery and engine together. ;Will
r bk, sold very cheap. For terms and further
irlforniatitin coticerning the property apply to
, Coudersport, Potter C0.,-Peim l 'a.
- Sib: tl, ism ' 1
.To the Public.
1 y M.FH. lALLMAN would inform the Ha
' vbling public that he his rented the
Eagle Hotel opposite C. H. Simmons'
Blink at Oswayo Village, Penn's, Which has
been newly refitted and furnished, where he
intends to keep a First Class Hotel. Parties
of pleasure and Wishing a quiet home
.over Sabbath, will kid ibis house equal to any
itsjthis vicinity • The bibles will always' be
supplied. and thelzlai;ns well furnished
with hay and oats, and no - pains spared for
thd comfort of guests. ,
b • • , Wei H. TALLMAN.
Oswayo, Pa., Dec. 25. 1862.
Steleptrt, Stevens 8c
Atiorneys-at-Law and Sollcitori;
1 •j TOR
411 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washinten, D. C.
Tbis firm, having, a thorough knowledge of
the 'ensign business, and being familiar with'
the practiUe In all the Departments of Govern- I
ment, believe that they can afford greater fa-1
citiees to pensionbounty and o'therClairnants,
fort e prompt and successful abcomplishment I
of b siness entrusted to them, than any other
firm iin Washington. They deiire to secure
such' an amount of this lifisiness as Will enable
them to execute the business tor each claimant,
very jcheaply, and on the basis of their pay
contingent upon their success in each case.
* *Their charges will he Ten Dollars fat
Oficip anti Five Dollars for. Privates, for each
Pension, Bounty, or Back Pay obtained, and
ten per cent. on arnounrof Clairn.l far Military
Suppßes, or Claims for Indemnity.
* * *Soldiers enlisted since the Ist of March.
1861, in any kind of service, Militaty or Naval,
:Who are disabled by disease or wounds, are
entiiird. to Pensions. All soldiers who serve!
for two years, or during the war, should itl
'4?orte'r close, will be entitled to $lOO Bounty.
Widows of soldiers who die or are killed, are
entitled to $lOO bounty. if there be no widow
then the minor children; then the father;mo
-Ith er, sisters, or brothers are entitled as above.
, Waihington, D. C., 1862.
*,lApply at our.ofFice, or to our Associate
at Uswayo, Potter . county, Pa.—JAMES G 1
GRAVIES, Esq ; who has just returned from
Wastukton. D. C.; and is supplied with all
the latest bl.nks issued under the late iastnie
lions, aludwill fili them np for all vi-he have
been so unfortunate as to require eri applica,
Bon: ,Office in "Regulator Store"
Just pin
A leci
ness, In
and Int
Mental .
able Le I
abuse Inc
tine, and
tions, bo
and effec
ter what
lebture . to Young Men
dished in a.sealed envelope, price & cts
Lure on'tbe Nature,Treattnent and Red=
fe of Sperrnatorrbtea ozSemin,lWeak-
Ivoluntary Emissions. Sexual Debility,
mdiments to-Xlarriage generally, Ner -
a, Consumption, Epilepsy and Fits;
ud Physical linapacity,res tilting from
se, ect, by Roar. J. Cut . Viselrn.u. ; 3l.D.,
rothe Breen Book, &e t
ild -renowned author, in this admir
ure. Clearly proves from his own es
that the awful consequences of Self
y be effectually used without medi
-1 witlibut dangqrons surgical opera
linstrunietits. rings, or cordials,
out a anode of cure at once certain
tual, by. which every sufferer, no mat
lid condition may be, may cure him-
Self cheiply;irtitely,And radically. This
lecture pr i ce a boon to thousands and
thousands. Sent under seal,to any Addresila .
a plain, sealed I le ncelope, on the receiPt Of six
ceuts, or I ivo postage stamps, by addressing,
,' !Dr. CHAS. J. C. KLINE;
'7, Nevt York, Post Office Box, 4536'.
127 Bowe
Adinildstral . or's Nonce: - ' •
11FliEASdletters of admininistiatton o
VV. the estateof Boeings Marley, dec'd late
of Allegady township, Potter liaVe
been issued to.tbe subscribers in Co.; due- ford of
law, notine is hereby given to all petsons
knowing themselves indebted to said estate to
make iintrediat& payment ; and Mode having
claims wild present them; dull authenticated '
for settlement.. I, • • 1
1. R. 3fORMY,.
• NANCY MORLEY f Admsrs..
• Jan. j3O, 180 Uwpd •
Adtitinititratotott Notice.
WHER4AS, Eaters pf Administration oti
the estate Of O. A. Lewis, deed, Late-of
Ulysses towinship,. totter co., Pa., hilve been
issued to the stib4eritiers in dee formal Yaw,'
cotice is hefeby giien to all persons. know*i
tbeafeilves indebted to suid °stale to make
immediate payment ; and those luting claims
will presentthem, duly auenenticated, for
settlement i 1 •
E. D i : LEWIS, Admen. -
Ulysses,Feb. 76,. PM.
• •
50/11:` AIAKER! !!
Admit itlies Notice.
WiERF.A6, Letitia Adrainistesden
the estate of kt.. a Balms-Ear* dared,
late of Coudersport, IP.otter h ate Wm.
issued to the Saboaniber in due forint et' hoe r
notieels herehy givin to all patrons kozne , bg
tliemsseiree inflated to
,said estax- to make.;
immediate ria2unentlanti them hovimgefaiins
will premet ux, I duly antheutikate4 fere
settlement. B. J. erLSISM)P o Stinek:
Cooties Feb.. Elea.
, e4wasidvartal
i /
The Buffalo Mercantile Colleg4
la an important link in the great chain of
cated in the following cities, fiti d
A BaMlarstijp issued from the Buffalo Cot.;
lege, entitles the holder to attend either or all
the Colleges for an unlimited time. " ,
.TheDesigh of theso Institutions,is to hal art
to young nicri and ladies, a thoronglif practi
cal business education. •
These Colletes are organiied 'anti ebiiduct- -
ed upon a.basl4 niiicb most secure to each
separate Institutioh the Lestpossible facilities
for imparting a tbOriitth mercantile educa=
Lion, and render it as a wbolObe 'most coin;
prehensive and romplhlesystem in this : con n try-
Book-Keeping in all its department, Vona—
therein! Law,Commercial Arithmetic and Pen
iilariship, are taught In the meat thorough and
Praetical manner.
The Speneerian Syitem of Penmanship, is
tatigitt by competent and experienced teacher's
Scholarship, payable itOadvti4ce $4O.
College open day at d evening: it; vacations
Resident Principal atHuffalo, C:flavettr.
For further information, please call at the
College rooms, or send for Catalogue and Cir
cular enclosing letter stamp. Address
Buffalo, N.- T.
The '.l32.igia Time Observer,
BEING d Hunting and Open Face, or Lady's
or Gentleman's Watch Combined.
One of the prettiest, most convenient, and*,
decidedly the best,and cheapest timepiece for
general and reliable use, ever offered. It has
,within it and connected with its machinery;
its own winding attachment, rendering a key
entirely unnecessary. The cases of this Watch
are composed of. two Metals; the Miter one
bejtig tine 16 carat gold. It has thelmtrcived
riitiy action lever movement, and is warranted
an accurate timepiece. Price, Superbly en
graced; per ease - of a half d-serv, $204.00.
Sauiple Watches,,in neat morocco oases, for
those proposing to boy at wholesale. s3.slsent
by eipreSsr with; bill payable on delivery.
Soldiers Must .remit payment in advance. as
we can"ot collect from those in the Army:
Address HUBBAB.D BROS. & Co.,
Sole importers,
`Con Nassau & John Sts., New York.
. Of# 3 ;
This great line traversesd the Northern and`%
Northwest counties of •Pennsylvania to the'
city of Erie, on Lake Erie.
It has been leased by the Petn.rgivarrici:
RitilrOad Company, and under their auspices
is being rapidly opened throughout its entire..
length. -
It is now in nse for Passertglr and Freight
T tnetsßcaa'to Driftwood thigi
Fork, (177 miles) on• the Eastern Division,
and froni SbefEeld to Erie, o the.WeAerrs
Division, (73 trdlei).
2310 P. .1!1:
Expres train arrives
Ehpress train leaves west,
Cars run through. l iiirtrott. ertizcsr_-. both'
ways on these trains . between Philadelphia
and Lock Haven - and between Baltimore anti'
Loci: Haven.
Elegant Sleeping Cars on the ExpreSs Train::
both wads ,between 17 illismisport.and Balti
'niori and IViiii:ll23sl.lorti and Philadelpdia. •
For information Jespeetierg.Passengei busi-••
ness apply at the S. E. Cora 11th and Market
Streets, . i
.Arid Freight busi,riess of the Company's:
Agents:- -
S. B. King,ston, Jr., Cor. 23tb, and Market
Sta. Philadelphia. 1 - • ..
' J. W, lleynoldf, Erie,.
• J. M. Drill, Agent N.1.,C. It P.. Baltianoils. -
H. IL HorsioN,
, 'Gen't Fill's/At Agt. Para.'
LEWIS L. Hoerr, .
Ger.'l 2Tchet Agt. .Phit'n..
• Jos. D. Phrrs, • ,
Gin't *merger, liiiiianurnt:
At . 9tly Coolie
114 SOCTII Tntnr, Slart:T,
Phandelahia. Nov.l, 1862.
i .
The. undersigned haling Leen appoinfel,
Suliscriptiod .Agent by 1 Itte Secretaty of the
Treasury. is now prepared,
The Rem Twenty Year G per mat Bon
• the United States,. tlesinu.tted ins -, ire-
Tsr - , ties," redeemable at the pitasurn of thet
Governmtmt, after fire years, and authorized
by Act of Congress, approved Feb: 'y 25,12 , ir.
The. CO'CrPON BON DS:lare lis ued in anntt- of
$5O. $lOO, ssooyana sl , ltoo. _
The REGInER BONDS in artlk•-i of f';so„
$lOO, $500 , ,. slooound $5OOO. . •
Interest at 6. per +mit. Per annum-381 com
mence from the . date of mirth as:e. and
Payalite ilat. Gold, -
Semi-anatu,. which rs,ertnalat the . t:•tme_te., -
tied:aunt on golti, to ataXtt EIG,EIT per attat. •
per annurti. . . .
Fanners, Merchants., iliethenlezt.,.ca-piikillor,r,,
and all who hare any nacraey to harestohouid
know lad retcomember Mgt. llatse• ZA' - vi, rm.; ...
in effitt,-a Fiiit Mortgage*pco 411 Efwi 7 roads.*
Ganalv, Bonk Stogi....s. arid --t - trzitici-,, and titer
immense prodnetsortall the Manual ctrtrta.,ta•-..
in t copntry z anti that the fell stladl
proriaion made fortheptiyitaent of ~*:triilf, • ?•tst
and liquidation of principaL r , hy t.; . 0..:0r...4 , 3 Du
ties, Eicise Stamps. and Iterinal: Ric : ea:ie.
serves itt make these Braai: like . t
t L ,
Beat, Most Araiialiid ana Moat Pat e ar.,ar
lineament i,., illi' Itark:r.a.
Stamitltioti s roes tied at r2742Lzrlit
Notes, Or ne4es oe.:e3 eh, erf.s. 'err tea &. - n2
Phitadelp.l:u' Sul." , ariter2a. by . azeil
eeive prekapa tOtemtieo, Rte. eTe72: ibeit - Z7
ea-phut: on wilt be a:Tented sai 2pSaifsiii
this Mike_ Al ropt-.43- car ..80ir.13 - ari . ire kept
oat tatorZ Voir fromediate delietes:„ . .
JAN' C 00414 Zab - i' , Friptien Agent_
A 8 11:Bc8.:
WIGA..L..* Stitt*, .144 . ti.)tei-L4q1 . 7,' .7;
A. 7 sa . 4- all !Fr .4.lhts tartraNy 1.114 ^ere
fancailtr't. ..' siaM • •pes 3:2 i 1 ,33
baAel t litega gerftft'ed. svy
Wail Akita Rani) sad Aye.
- LT:Mt iik*.