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COUdesPort. Pa.
Wednesday, Apr.l, imp.
itkrOur news 'Aetna have beep crowd!
ed out this week. There have been no
important movements in any of the divis
ions of the grand army. A few skirmish
es 'with the success generally on the side
of the UnioniKts.
Volga from the. Army.
following resolutions were passed
q t 6e 149th Regiment at their" eairip;
Bell Plain, Va.. Potter county. has one
company and part Of another in thib Reg
want.: Its Lieut:-Col. is a citizen of this
Ida* and the Capt. Johnson, Who'was
among the - speakers Captain of - the
Potter ,compapy. We are,glad to inform
the boys that: there course is approved by
cyory- loyal =man in - thii County, and
wish them and othera :who have
Lhua nobly eapreSsed their devotion to
thol,Country from the-ranks of,the army,
a God•speed -not Only in their mission as
soldiers*but also as rebulsera of the vile
- H •
party 'who disgrace the f frce Nord' by
their' undisguised devotidn' 2 , to Treason .
aao 4ebellion
:AVREItEAs,.There is being nourished
aiod encouraged, anon. , a Certain 'class of
~, politicians' iit the North, a sentiment of
cippusitiou to . the Administration ; Acid
whei-eas, this sentiment; and such a course
as those who ttilhere to it are pursuing, is,
at this critical juncture, nothing less than
treachery to the Government and intend
tie_eucouragement to covert traitors in
tali front : therefute,
- Resolved, That. 'we hold a cordial sup
port and quick obedience to thelAdinio
istraticlit to be the first duty of all, and
the. - oaly doorway out of these troublous
titnesi. therefore ive earnestly entreat all
-citizens:and all soldiers to support hearti
ly and obey with: alacrity all laws and or
derscowing from those charged with the
admiaistiatien - of our government.
-Resolved, That we recognize the fearj
ful struggle the cpuntry is now engaged
in asa struggle of freedom against sla
ver. c y; right against wrong; of God against
-Satan ; and we hold those who are against
the Administration as againit the Gov
nrnmeut, against right, against the eon
atitution and -the glorious liberties of
which it is the guarantee; and we brand
them is traitors, while we assure them
-dour unmitigated hatred and.contempt. '
Resolved, That theEinancipation Proc
lamation and the conscription act—those
tnearsurei most odious to insidious peace
men; copperheads add traitors under . uther
titles—meet with our hearty approval, as
measures dictated by. the best administra
tive wisdom acid firmness for the honest
purpose' and in the earnest effort to. sup'
press.rebellion,'and save - to posterity our
noble;republican government: •
°.Resolvedi That the lying reports spread
broadcast throughout the land, that the
army of which•we have the honor to form
a part is demoralized.and clamoring for
peace; are but the- base-utterances of trai
torous tongues; cluing our gallant cum-
rades in the field the grossest injustice.
Resolved, That we are ready and will
ing to put forth erery.effort, endure every
-species of - hardship and fatigueda any
t hingand everything required to suppress
the accused wae•noW being waged ar , ainst
us ; that mil, have the- fullest confidence
in-the present administration and gener
als over us, and particularly of the head
of-the army with which - we are tuarneth
ately connected. •
Resolved, -That we will never give up
the noble cause in which we are now en
gaged until under the •good guidance of
kind Providence; treason and rebellion
shall be banished frOm •;the Union of
States, when the old flag, doubly dear
from its:double baptis - in in the best blood
of our-land, shall again wave proudly over.
The abave resolutions were offered to
the .149th Penna., Bucktails, by Lt.-Col.
W. Dwight commanding at dress parade,
March 18th, inst. and were unanimously
adopted by the regiment. Speeches, ap
propriate and becoming the times, were
made by. Col. Dwight, Cants. John C.
Johnson, Brice X. Blair, B. S. Osborne
and others, the greatest enthusiasm pre
vailing. - . ' .. •
The regiment, numbering 795 'rank
and file, is eager for the decisive blow V for
the nation's honor and freemen's
cation, at any; peril of life' or fortune.
Sergi. Major, 149th P. V.
The Chicago Journal notices a•cause
in the Illinois Courts wherein Fernando
Wood is complainant, and the heirs, wid.
ow and creditors of 'Stephen A. Douglas
are defendants, and where the amouut of
the money Claimed is over 880,000, on
property near the Illinois Central Rail.
road Works in that, city.
Eton.' Schuyler Colfax, of Indiana, re
ceived $628,34 mileage, just before 'he
"left Washington. .lle immediately sent
the whole to lndiana'to be devoted tt. the
I:r_elief of sick and wounded soldiers.;' r If
the other member . % mild follow his'exam
'.ple it would be a 6ne relief fund.
I Mn.s Koons of Centre tp., SnOer Co.,
died on the 12th 'inst., - aged' 1.134 years.
Wo think, we can safely, etty, thatehe was
tho Mat poroon in tbie station of the
The Bounty to Volunteers.
The following act, legalizing the pa.y
pent of bounty to volunteers, passed the
House at Harrisburg, March 25th, and
with the Governer's signature will become
it - ;
SEO. 1. .Be' it
_enacted by the 4enate
and House of Representatives,. &c.: That
all bonds, warrants or certificates of in
debtedness issued by the Commissioner
Or Commissioners and Controller of any
county.or the proper corporate authorities
of any township, city or borough of this
Commonwealth for the payment of boun
ties to persons volunteering to enter the ,
!military service of the United States no=
der any requiiition heretofore made by the
President be and the same are hereby
legalized and mado valid and binding upon
such counties, townships, citiei or boro's
in the same manner-and with like effect
as if full legal authority had existed for
the issuing and waking of the Same wizen
they were issued and made. .
SEC' 2. That all payments of bounties
to volunteers entering the service'of the
United States; as aforesaid, by the corpo•
rate"authorities'of any county, township;
city or borough of this Commonwealth,
and all loans Made by said atithotities for
the purpose cf making such payments be
and the same are hereby legalized and
Made valid. •
SEC. 3. That the corporate authorities
aforesaid are 'hereby authorized and re
quired to execute and complete all agree
ments and contracts heretofore made by
such counties, townships, cities or boro's
for the payment of bounties as afroesaid,
orfor refunding 'advancements made for
that purpose on corwition that they should
be relMuded,. according to the true intent
and meaning of such agreements and con
tracts, and for that purpose the said au ;
thorities are hereby authorized to borrow
money and issue bonds in the • name of
such corporations,with or without interest
coupons attached, payable at such, times
and in such wanner as may be agreed
upon, 'and to levy such taxes as may be
necessary to meet the payment of the
principal and interest of said bonds as the
same shall become due, which taxes and
levies shall be atisessed and collected as
other county or township taxes are levied
and collected. 1 • • -
St.c. 4. That all assessments heretofore
made of taxes for the purpose of paying
bounties as aforesaid, be and the same are
hereby legalized and , made valid ; Pro
paled, That no private volunteer. soldier
or, non commissioned officer nor drafted
militiamen 'actually mustered into the
service of the United States from this
Commonwealth' shall be required to pay
any taxes now assessed or hereafter to be
assessed and levied pursuant to' the pro
visions of this act.
SEC.. 5. That all 'advancements made
or' indebtedness incurred by the Commis
sioners of any county .of Chia' Cowmen
wealo for boarding or_proviltions furuisl3;.
yeti to velunteeri or militia when called
!into the service.o the United States, and
'all expenses incurred in the relief of the
familiesof such Volunteers or militia when
in" service aforesaid, and all contributions
Made by said Coin w issioners to any-beneii
()lent associations to aid them in furnish
ing with necessary clothing , and equip-
Monts, and all the expenses incurred . in
providing for the Wants of the siek and
wounded, are hereby- fully' legalized and
eentirmed ; the said • Towinissioners are
hereby fully autlioQzed to burrow money
for the payment of the name and to issue
bonds as herehefore provided.
'SEC. 6. . That all the provisions of the
14th section of : an act passed 15th May,
1861, which authorized the Associate .
judges and County Commissioner's 'of the
Several counties of this Commonwealth to
constitute a board of relief for the families
of such volunteers as have been enrolled
and mustered into service from their sev
eral counties, art hereby extended and
applied to the families of men who have
been drafted and mustered into the ser
vice of the .U. S , and all arrangements
made by the several cu ,, uties'of this Coin:
inonwealth for the support of the families
of volunteer militia or . drafted men 'flus
tered ,into service, arc hereby legalized
and confirmed, and the County Commis.
sioners aro hereby fully authorized te
borrow money . for..tha, payment df .such
expenies,, in the wanner horeinbefore
SEc. 7. • That the :Commissioners o
anynnd every county in which bounties
have•not been paid are hereby authorized•
to borrow such sum or sums of money us
may be sufficient to pay each and every,
person who volunteered from such county
and entered the 'service of the. United
states after the 26th of July, 1863, the
suit of fifty dollars; Provided however,
That in any counties in which- the Com
missioners or parties hiving charge of the
subject of bounty' to volunteers offered a
les sum than fifty dollars, and the volun•
teers entered the service in such county
with the understanding that such less sum
was to be received, then, and in all such
eases, no more than the sum so promised
shall be paid uiadtir the provisions of this
section. I
SEC. 7. That !the money so borrowed
shalt be paid over, to.the Treasum of the
roper county who shall 'proceed to pay
to each person why volunteered from such
county the . Rum to which such persod
shall be entitled Under the provisions of
this act. Providfd, That no person 'shall
be entitled to receive said sum, to which
such persons shill be entitled under the
provisions of thialant or any part theiof,
who was' not regularly mustered and
swornintu the service of the United States
and remainsin said'service Or has been
legally discharged! therefrom:
SEz. Tbat in Goy aiiaa'whera a part
of the bounty'anthorized by this act shall
have been paid,the•treasurer of any coun
ty; township or-borough shall 'pay the
difference between. the sum so paid and
the hill boudtyt• •
5E0.1.0.: 'That in any county where
persons have subscribed and paid to the
bounty fund .of, any county, township or
borough; said county, township tir bore'
shall refund over to such persons
the amount so-subscribed and paid; Pro
vided, That such subscriptions were made
with that agreement, understanding or
upon such condition:
Sac.ll. That if any soldier who would
have been entitled to receive the. said
bounty has died before-,having received
the money, the proper county shall pay
the same to surd person or persons as by
the laws.of the United States would be
entitled to receive the bounty of deceased
SEC. 12. That the Commissioners of
the several counties, when the same may
be necessary, itre . .hereby authorized and
required to levy, assess and collect county
tax in additioti-to the county taxes now
levied, assessed and collected, sufficient
to pay the bounties authorized to be paid
by the provisions of this act and to repay
the money borrowed for the payment of
'the same; Provided however, That the'
Commissioners .of said counties shall so
proceed in 'the premises as to allow to the
people of each county as much time for
the payment of said taxes as may-in their
judgment be least oppressive to them, not
exceeding however in any case the period
of five years for the payment of the whole
debt and the interest thereon.L-
71layonels Think . Now Days I"
In the thibking of bayonets, there is a
persuasive power of. rhetoric, and a farce
of logic. that isirresistable. 'When bay
onets think as now days ; let oppressors
and tyrants in, whatever guise or form
they may appear take warning that, "they
have becti weighed in the balances and
found wanting," and that their kingdom
has departed ftoni them, and will be given
into the hands of. the people.
The-great question in these United
States we are now "deciding by, our ballots
and by our arms; is, that of popular lib.
erty.and a Republican Government. The
dearest rights 'of' freemen are at stake—
equal laws,domestic trangaility,-aud per
sonal security !
"The South in . its blind madness to de
stroy even its own interest, by a 'wicked at
tempt to overthrow the beat government
ever instituted among men; is to be
brought back to duty, only by the power
of arms for there is no other Method of
reasoning with madmen.. In the North
the ballot is still the defence of civillib
erty—yet even .here there is a motled
race of copperheads—traitors who would,
sell theittirth right for "a mess of pot
age!" the lowest motivesof partisan and'
self-interest, swaying them against the,
country's best good. In secret sympathy
with armed treason ;
they clamor for
peace at any price, although it cover the
country with foul dishonor—nay although
it prostrate the .dearest rights of freemen
at the feet of the most cruel, wicked, se
taiaic, Slave Oligarchy the world ever
knew. And these, prowling, pawning
sycophants of a conceited aristocracy
while they would do all this well know,
that those whoill they would serve despise
them,- even in the abjectness of their sub
mission, and deciare themselves disgusted
with their very presence.
In refreshing contrast, to this class, is
that '7f the great .body of the people, ir're!
spective of party, who have determined
as with one mind, to ,maintain tins noble.
wise and good . , government of the old
Union ; against all, enemies at home or
abroad.. With a special- signifiCance also,
comes the voice of the great Union An
! tuies•now in the field, in indig,nant rebuke
of those at home, who love -the "Flesh
Pots of Egypt" better than they 'love
their country. It was a little - to much
to ask of the brave defenders of the coun
try who have spilt their blood like water]
and thousands ,of whose comrades have
laid - down their lives, as a rich soul
,lice on the altar of their.'country—that
all this should be in vaim—while liber.y
was betrayed in the house of its pretend
ed friends ! No, no . ! let us not forget ,
that the soldier in the field is-also it citi
zen, and that while he holds in his strong
hands the bayonet, he ,also holds a still
stronger, brighter ; and
,more powerful
weapon of thought; forged, in the bright
fires,of his,scu4..burning with ardent do.
votionto the cause of liberty. And that ,
when Our citizen soldiery shall, return
from the wars, covered with the.glury of
victory, and bearing aloft the standard of ,
the stars ! That for the coward,, traitor
and miscreant, who.sought to betray, there ;
will be no mercy found.,
Yes truly do bayonets thinktnow days.;.
The crowned heads
.of Europe hedge
around their despotic power and state
with a royal guard of bristling bayonets
Yet the hour comes (and is even now)
when it is a miosi, unsafe reliaoce. -Hu
manity everywhere is awakening to a
conscious knowledge 'of its glorious des;
tiny ; it cherishes an ever increasing
sense of the neuessity:of unity; to secure
the great cause of universal liberty,—
Greece and Italy-the lands of the most
ancient and. eminent' republics 'feels the
inspiration of the grand past moving their
people to unity, and-the flies 'of demo-.
cretin equality, now 'blazing• there, are
'swiftly spreading to 'sweep ' the northern
6elda of Poland, Pruseii and Russia.—
Poland poor. Poland- .the - spoil 'of the
RobbeeNations bleeding; torn, murdered
Poland l'noW with tha.elentrics touch of
the _spirit of-freedom awakes from the
sleep of the tomb, and nomnal oak! to
f o od Once more for the rthtl Of national
life. . 1
The masses of the peopleeverywhere
sympatize with her suffering.) And . God
speed I the honr, - when down . trodden Po
land shall again mica her rightful , place'
among the nations of the world—aoct
her new, life, a glorious free and Indepen
dent 400E01
ThiS new conflagration now 'firing the
East, May spread over the whole of Eu
rope, and sweep away all of its Crumblin„s , J
thrones. The harvest is fully ripe, "all
ready j white for the sickle" and why
should. it not be reaped,now ? , Despotism
bas bad a long lease ot'powerainder the
pjea of necessity, and '
the claim of the
sanctity, of the "Divine right !kings to
reicrn: But man is , made for advatiee
went. , He must develone hislfull powers
by progress. This great torc h' of truth
has been handed down the lines of time
from generation to generation ! , 'and it is
yet to be she full orbed light of the word.l
But while the struggling nations are con
tending for unity, add their people for,
the recognition of their just r ights; and]
aye looking to • America as the] hope of
Mankind. Let the United ! States of!
America resolve not to disappoint their
just expectation but to maintain our Na
tional Unity the prestige of our power as
"the Great Republic" and the nobleness
of our , example , for their imitation.
• •
From the, 513th Pennsylvania.
[MR. EDITOR.--I forward you a letter
which I think. you will be pleased to pub
lish, or an *extract from it, the writer,
Sergeant Hadley, was 'for many years a
residept of (ism'Yo. He entered the
army !from M'Kean county lii,bere his
fathers Dr. Hadley now resides: Sergt.
M. J.llladley's brother, Henry Hadley
was the soldier who killed the notorious.
Col. Ashby. Putter hnd Dlean ceun
ties have. furnished very Many good
soldiers. Yours respectfully,
H. H. Mossosr.
NEVBERN, N. C., Feb 28,1863.
Yon Will see by our Regimental Re
port that our Regiment has Iliad some
hot wurk since I left your" town.: One of
my recruits was wounded and is 'not on
duty at this time There has been great
gaps made in our ranks since lasi sprin g ;
hundreds have been sent to their last
long homes, and discharged on! account
of disease contracted in those stinking
swamps. As for myself I have beect on
every march and in every enpgement
our Regiment has had, and hive wet
with no casuality whatever.
• We were at Blackwater, Zdni, Wind.
and Falls Church. At Zoni we had
shell and round shot about as fast as we
could take care of them. At Rlickwater
we had rifle balls and cold steal II would
give something if you could haveheard the
shout of the 13th Illinois as they waded
the river, ana.have seen the long row of,
naked steel as they charged on the ene- 1
mies,rifle pits. I can hardly sit still as
i think of that charge. Wu l •are now
eight .1, miles on the advance and have
work, do. Scarce a day passes
without some casuality. A feW days
since a poor fellow was brought in badly
wounded. the surgeons went at ;hltu with
saw and knife; however, he will get well
it.tbey let him !alone.
W have cruel b!ood-thirsty foes here,
but we have found that our wors l t 4 enemies
are not in rebellion, but in the frm3 North.
At home the secesh Democratic party
rules,lor at least will soon come into pow
er, and expect to fatten upou our national
troubles; a gang of thugs am 4 gbduls who
long to destroy and feast. upon' the vitals
of our distracted country. For twenty
years they have plotted; planned ,and iu
tripe(' for, their own personal agiaotlize
went, and would teday, sell their Country
for less money than Judas got.,
If by recognizing the Confederacy we
could get rid of the whole broodlof pimps
and fawning sycophats, could drtie thew
all to the embraces of their Confederat
frientlic in God forsaken Rebeldbui, we
might!hope there was sowethion; better
for us, in the dreawY future"; but after
the war shall have passed away, and peace
swiles,again upon us, we still hatie those
most damnable ofall , traitors in our midst
to breed disunion, to countenance treason,
ever ready to sell themselves to Corrupt
.politioil parties, to mob, to bargain, to
plunder and destroy if their instigators
are not-perwitted to rule theroost.! Rule
or ruitt,,has, been their cry. .. j
No my friend it is ,not from the South
that wel have the most'to fear, bit rather
from 'the 'North.. ,Oh ! if we. only had
our enemies all together.we conld crush
this slaveholders rebellion in three
wonth4; but such is not the case, par en
emies-are not confined to any one Point-.
EneMtes in Congress, enemies id every
State Legislature in the Union, enemies
in cooly and in e% cry departmentlplotting
the ruin of our common country •
What avails all our hard fought and.
dearly gained victories, so long as our peo
ple elect traitors to wake and execute the
laws. We are ready and anxious to meet
our enemies and if it is required olose in
a death struggle for our country and the
cause of human, freedom. But for God
and our country's. sake, 'let us .be free
from thd atlas forged by our own State
Legislators. 0 I hope in God's name this
war will continuo until every • traitor,
North and South. "shall gu'duwn dim and
dishonored and fill a shameful tomb," If
itbe required let my life• blood flow 'oat on
the sterile pieies 'of the South, and let the
hand that guides this pen, moulder and
consume tiway and become food for worms,
but let merinos , or at least hcipe my coun
try is free from her enemies . who now cause
her to "reel as a drubken man."
W. J. QA-Din
g the I rec4Cpardo apt_grdb,
:Purchased dui
Goode is New York. •
Dress Goods.
ad 6 • Clothing,
and CAPS:
and SHOES.
Fancy qoods,
.7vviine. Wall Taper,
1 and
We respectfully lathe ft call, feeling confident
that i'e can .supply the Twants of all on terms
it. their satisfacti n, giving better Goods for
less MONEY than can ' , be had at any other
[ • • , I - - 1
House in Potter 'adjoining counties.
i • 0
- 1
' I .
We have also added to oar well-knowa stock
ot goods, a IIOW and complete stock et
Medicines. Chemicals,
Paints Oils, Varnishes,
Glues. Dye Stuffs
orks. Bottles
S i ponges.
Vials and,
&c. &o.
be sold
t the
~t ~:i+'~;~:4 ~ ~f=
Call and See I
Don't Fail
PA . : .. I.Tp3BINS, 4,vq,
9?irllßa - or MAIN 'AND &coin
`'; : Ct?~3~ER3PCI►2tT`~ P 9.
THE subscribers at their) .‘.• -
, 1
generally for Cash, United !State' Treasury
Notes (which by the way are eaten at Par, - )
Wheat, Corn, Oats, Buckwheat, Butter,Cheem
Aides, Palk Veer Skins, and all other kinds
of Skins, 'and) as Calf Skins &c., also, Beane,
Bens, Venik;op, and some other things iirst
coal be though% of,
fats & Caps,
Paints, OH s, and Dye Stuffii,
Together with some of the beSt
Far superior to the Oil Creek l 'or Tidioute
Also afew more of those Sup/rtler...
And other kinds of
And other articles which tim e alone for,
bids us to mention, all of Which will Ile'
sold as !or/ as the WAR PRICES will
allow-for strictly
And for those articles we take; the high
est market , price will be paid.
We are also General Agents for
DR. D.'JAYNE'S Family Medicines,
, Dil. AYER'S
KENNEDY'S Medical Diseovery,
And all the standard Medicines of the day
ici S. & E. A. JONES.=
N. B. The pay for the Goods I , muSt be etc
hand when the Goods are delivered, aiwe am
determined to live to the 'motto of 'P.Pay ap . _
Yon Gb." i .. _.
Just one thing more.. TheJudgmenbrmutalti
and book accounts which we-have on hand
must be settled and closed up immediately or
we fear they will be increased faster, than the.,
rate'of interest; Pet 11-
IN '
- I
Offer to their: old customers and the.pnblis
Iron, Nails,