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Ai the oply paper published in Potter.EOtinly
circulates among an intelligent , class of peo
ple, and , As thus an exeellent oteditam for both
City and, country Advertising.
Transient Advettisements'and th•ose"from
iistance must be Cash .or haVe responaible
ference. . - •
All communications, .to receive attention,
must be directed to the 'Editor, and contain
the name•of the writer. No attention - paid to
anonymous communications.; ' •
Tl•:ll3lS.—One copy,one year, $1; Six copies
$5; Twelve coides,:sll9 ; Twenty'copies,slS,
wiith - otte the.person raising the Club. The
money must accompany the names. -
-Condesspert, - Wednesday Evening Dec. 3,•1382
wwal and =4bilene,rsa.-.1.:
reade•s will excuse ihisniall
smoutit of reading matter, to day. .‘litl
rertisetneuts Crikvd Our Collanind.—
.The 'Council, on IMondaq nt , ;111,
'rail - proved the Odivance againt;i fi r i ng
guns or'pistols.within the Borough
' , One Dollar fine for the fir.t offence, and
Five Dollars fur the recotid. Matkinnen
had better retnett.berttlii4,
c,.11, n. Jas. T. Hula will Please'tic.
cept our ileaks fur valuable public &au
11PeirThe pro•slavery p l apers are- filled
with the tearful tletairi of McClellan's
parting from the army of the - Potomac.
It is well enough they sh l ould know how
the rest of us felt when the then potent
voice of Slavery recalled the Pithtintler
from the face of the fue,antl fro•u the army
which clung to him HA never yet soldiers
have clung to a Commander.
tel_Congress assembled on Monday of
this week. The President's message was
sent in, bustaittinn. n the Proclamation, ro-
comthending African colonization, and
favoring the organization of banking as•
sociations under a generalHct of Congress.
Our foreign relations remain undisturbed.
wa_Gen. Scott's letterlto the Old Pub
lic Functionary has creaied quite a sen•
sation iu England ThO, London Tinits
pronounces its author tha “Wellington of
2s.;The Philadelphia !publishers have
had a uice!ing and will reduce the size of
their papers or iticrease the price in con•
sequence of,the, increased price of paper
ter - Gen.,Sill tuatOing upon the
Rebels in Tetthessee. They w.ll find
ilia' a Nortberp.,Niitl•Sill about this tithe
of year not lough . to their liking. .
Burt du don't Bragg much
but you needn't be,...turpr6ed . twee him
Hunker or Itielt.iluvk ill good eurnest..
ciz-The colored 1311,k:tile under Gen . !
Saxon, in atili,-Oeorgia, has re
cently met with brilliatueees.. 'flit
datkies• have been in (Via battles, ann
whe.e 'Lei are said to tare
,tuu~ lit hke
llttirThe official figures the_ New
York election ehow a uhijority for Scy
niour of 10.613. The whOlellepublicats
vote falls off 66.156 and Ithe Demucratie
vo'c 5,724. Yet the beatuerets talk
about great - gains !
WY-J. P. MeUoiltuu Iraq been arrested
and held to bad in 82,5t./0, to answ e r a
charge of causing to be 'fored or...euuri
terfeited six thousand ce'rtilicates of the
denomination c,f twetity•five cents each,
similar to those issued by the Commis
siumirs of .Lycoming county, Ile bad the
certificates engraved and printed in Phil
adelphia, and Was arrested as soon as
were delivered to hint at Williamsport.
Ire said, by way of exetise, that he got
them to wrap pill box'es tin !
t: 'The Philadelphia and Eric Rail
road is opened to the mouth of the Sinne.
malioning, 16 miles . westl of Northpoitit
391 miles from Lock Haven. and 105/
miles from Sunbury. 14 the, 25ili nit
the track was to be laid to the finks of
the Timm4ta. 12 wiles eiist of Warren,
and 78 miles east of Eriepity. It is ex
pected to lay four miles 'of rails cast of
Tione•ita Forks during this month.
Ifterlnexcusable blundering—the,Me-
Mean county papers publo i .hine: the names
of our Senator and Assemblymen as F.
Arinatead, mid C. A Brown.
'lip here we think we have lelected Stephen
F. Wilson, A. G. Olmsted and Chas. 0.
re—lmiac N. Morris has been proposed
fur t h e United States Sei:atorsbip, from
tll6nois; to occupy the seat now filled by
Mr. Browning. Aly. Norris was a Dou
glas Democrat, and is sail a loyal wan.
aft. thirty years' rei , r ' .n, the peo
ple of Greece have driven King Otho
from his throne. There is :-onio talk of
Balling the great Garibaldi to the throne.
air The Iltoperor Napoleon. proposed
to,EngiAnd to unite with Russia ; to an
offer of mediation in tho civil war in
North America. England declines, Ru.,-
sia refuses, and neither the Union wen
nor tbe . ROols a_•k any interferepeo.
E®'it is ' , tared that Gen. Robert C.
80enek, -of Ohio, (ci , hoia elected to Con.
greys I n place of Vallandighan) is tip.
pointed_Military GOveruo'r of Maryland,
at Battitnore, in - place of Gen'l Wool.
We hope the change is wade.
TEB_There are about fifty cords of wood
'owing to us from the fanners livioc with
in-au hour's drive of tbe village. We aced
it. 1 5 i - ease remomber shit.
Stir Gerrit.SinithUsphown his accustom•
ed tiberniity, by paYing ..525 extra boOnty to
each of the fifty, two volunteers from where be
'restdes,Peterboro, New York.'
E®.The ereabyteriatreburch In Blossburg.
Tioga - comay,was deStro.ed by fire on Sunday
evening of week before last. There was an
insurance of $2,000. u
That the-American people are appreciative
of any substantial service rendered them, is
seen in the result of Dr. Axkr's enterprise.. It
was something of a venture fora chemist of
his splendid reputation among the literati of
the World, to risk it in the production of Pills
and Cough Drops. But he boldly threw him.
self into the gap. where his talents could best
subserve the publie"weal, and it is now easy
to see that he: did not misjudgethe temper of
his countrymen. Throughout this nation and
sotoe•foreign Istads,.lllS name:is foremost . aft
:the bedside,of sickness—while in the good. he
scatters, be is seecnd to no living man. 'De
vvr , t3 the brightest laurels man can wear, and
enjoys in untold measure the luxury of doing
g00d... [Observer, Dubuque, lowa.] , •
TII3 SATURDAY EvEsl,o.PosT.—The pub
lishers or. the .POST , take much pleasure
in announcing that their literary arrange•
merits tor the moiling vear are cif a character
to warrant them it promising 31 feast of good
things to their thousands of readers.' Among
the contributors we May mention the follow
ing distinattiiMed anthers: Mrs. Ellen Wood,
Marion ❑arland. Edmund Kirke, and Virginia
F. Town:49ld. During the coining year the
POST will .en.leavor to maintain its high rep
utation for Choice Stories, Sketches and Poe
try, and special departments shall abo be de
voted to News, Receipts, Markets. &c., &c.
Timms: 1 copy, 1 year. S 2; 2 copies, one.
year. $3; 1 copies, 1 year, SG
319 IValnut Street, Philadelphia.
The Atlantic Monthly for 11463.
The Xlth Volume commen:tes in Janna'ry,
and the present Lilt, is the sixty-second num
her of the series of this Nia;;azine. From the
!commencement in 1157, the ltlantic Month 'y
hits rapidly increased in circulatien, and it
now has the largest . claSs Of readers since its
beginning, five years ago. 'lts prosperity.
steadily :Lugments and it continues, amid all
the dangers and llocinatioias incident to our
national crisis to gain ground in the estima
tion of the public. At a
_time so pregnant
with events which touch the future destinies
of America in every. vital partfealar, the Pub
lishers and Editors do not deem it necess ary
to promis . that its pages will never swerve
from the honest paths of loyal Patriotism and
univeral freedom. Its ()potions have always
been on the ride of Liberty, Progress, and
Right, laid the course it first
,adopted in its
early career trill ever he fitithfohy maintained
The Stall of Writer; nigularly contrillutiog to
the Atlantic Montlity" embraces all the be,t
knitwu authors in American literatii're. Forth
coming N tuabt rs will contain Stories - by Na
thaniel Hawthorne. the Author of • Mar g aret
Howl'," Miss CIIIIIIIIiIIS. Miss Pre.ciat. Rose
Terry. MISS Hale, J. T Trownri lee, Mrs. II
Stowe. M's Gbitd, 11. T. S. Lowell. T. B. Al
drich, J. P. Qtiocy, Ba:tatti Taylor, and other
popular authors`: Essays by T. W. Higgins( n,
0. W. Holmes. It. W 'Emersini, "The Catistry.
Parson!! C. C Hazewell, J. G Whittier. if P.
WhiPple. Mrs Julia More. C E. Norton. G S.
\Vitro!' Flagg ; henry Giles. M.D.Conway.Gail
Hamilton, iValter Mitch, H. D. A. Was-on. 11.
D. Tho-eau. E Derby, 11. T. Tuckerman.J.
It. Lowell. Edward E. II the. Loris A4as-iz.A.
A. White, George W. Curtis, Theodore Win-
throp, Dou;ihl U. Mitchell, George E. Ellis.
John Weiss. .1. Elliott CA but, and other- :
Poems by Whittier. 11,1ines, Longlellow. Em-
L.,ttell. Mrs. Move. Mrs Wh'tney. and
other ettairoatt writers. The January untidier
will ca,nta.n at Christmas Story lay the Autlfor
or - , :alargaret lirwtla";-atn F...ssay by G ail Ilarn . -
ikon ; -Toe record or at girtel wontau," by
Nathaniel I' awthorne ; the half Wav
!louse," by J. lt. Lowell : Poems by Oliver W.
Holmes and J. G. Whittier; Letter to the
Women or England," by Harriet Beedher
Stare; A l' iper by George William Curtis,
and other contrih”tions front always weleonie
American Authors. Published by Tichnor Sr
Fields. 135 Washinatun Street,
Price ;, , 3 per :ton aril
is Tit El
Ikressrs.-Harpers .1 Brothers have commenc
ed the issue in Numbers of a complete History
of the Great Rebellion in the United States.
T.lie work lois been for many months in vourse
of preparation, by a, writer every way qualVi‘.d
for the tps'e.
The riitroil fiction contains a clear and suc
cinct account of the forma.tion of the Confed
eracy of the. States; the form ttian and adop
tion of the Constitution of the United States,
and the establishnientof the National Govern
ment; the origin,: development and progress
of the doctrines of Nullification and Secession,
and the various phases which they assumed
until their final culmination in the Great Re
The History comprises a full account,drawn
from the most authentic sources, of all the
Events of the War ; the intrigues of the South
ern :coder: , at home and abroad; the.gradooll
defection , of one section ; the great Uprising
of the People for the maintenance of tie Na
tional Life and Existence; the rapid creation
of an immense Army and Nary; and the Bat
tles by Land and sea.
The Ilhistrations comprise Portraits of all
those who have borne a prominent part in the
' struggle; Maps of tie different localities;
Plans of the leading actions; Views of every ,
scene of interest, and of the most important
Battles. TheSe illustrations are mostly from
drawings taken on the spot by artists deputed
for that purpose to accompany every division
Of our Army and Navy.
Every facility at the command of the Pub
yshers has been employed in the preparation
ud execution of this work ; and they conti 7
dently believe it will form the most trustwor
thy and valuable h•stoty which can be'pre
pared of the Great Struggle for the Amer an
Mode and Terms of Publication The Work
14be issued in Numbers. consisting 61 24
pages of the size of Harper's .rcekly. printed
from &ear type; upon fine piper. and will
probably be completed in Twenty Numbers.
The numbers will be issued at intervals, if
possible, of OhoUt:three or four weeks._
The .price of each noinher, which ceMinins
matter equivalent to on ordinary volume, will
be Twenty-five Cents:"
The Illustrations in each number are alone
worth the price asked. Men Tout of employ
;main. especially Sick or Disabled Sold ers.can
find no other work so sure of ready sale and
good profits.
For further particulars apply to the;niblishers
Franklin Square, New York.
say-On. the night-of the 20th inst.., three
romps in lerr's Hotel, Harrisburg,. Were en
tered rnd the badgers robbed:. It is believed
the burglar stupefied them w.ithitilorofaruh.
:> .The Continental Mosithly.for December
has heen,ticeited and is filled with very able
pipers from very' distinguished - contributors.
Hon. Robt. J. Walker and lion. F. P. Stanton
are political e. itors, and both contribute in
structive and timely articles. Mr ‘ Leland,well
known as a literarfmth, and Mr. Kitke, au
thor of "Among the_Pbres.' are the literary
editors and their pens are noticeable in many
good things in the Monthly. Ilorace•Greeley
is also. a regular contrP,Uttor vath otherk of
like distinction. Altogether, the Continental
is one of the leading publications of the day.
or As the winter 'aliproaches our renders
will be making their arrangements for their
periodicals for. the coming year. As usual we
are prepared to furnish all the leading maga•
zines to subscribers of the JOCRNAL. et reduced
rates; to -be paid strictly is advance. • Read .
the following offers : • .
Harper cud the Journal one yenr•for $3 00
Atlantic o : 300
Continental " 1! 300
Godey's 3 00
manufacturers can establish a durable, int en
viable reputation :for their products, is .by
tanking a superior article, wanted by %be pub
lie,,and then by scrupulous care in, kee ping; i
up to the laivbest standard of excellence -This
reputation the firm of D..ts. Delotnd k. Co.. at
Fairly„xi, Monroe co., New York, establ:shed
for 'clie manufacture of Chernicalleratus.
Intro as the snow flakes, and 'just the article
fur. light bread and biscuits. And this repu-
I teflon they still maintain, as their Saleratus
is always the same and Owes approved. They
sell l itt wholesale to dealers. nad it is sold at
retail almost everywhere in the United States.
Corrected every Wednesday by P. A. STEI3-
13INS & CO., Retail Dealers in Groceries
and Provisions,
opposite D. F. Glasstnire's HotA,
Coudersport, Pa.
Apples, green, 11 bush., $37.1 to 75
do dried, " 160 200
Beans, 14 100 150
Beeswax, W. lb., 25 30
Beef, . o •• . 3 4
Berries, dried, 11 quart 6 11!
Buckwheat, fii4 bush., 31.1- 44
'Nan heas Flour, 2 00 - 2 25
Butter, 70 lb.,
Cheese, ,'•
Corn, 14 bush., 75 85
Corn Heal, per ewt., 150 175
Eggs, 1 7 ! doz , 12
Flour, extra, V bbl., 700 750
do superfine " 606 6 .5,)
limns, ^t! lb., 9 . 121
11ay,.70 ton, GOO 703
Honey, per lb., 10 124
Lard, `• 10 124
Maple Sugar, per lb., 10 12, 11 bush., - 44 Fro
Unions, " 50 75
Pork, - 0
bbl., , 15 00 17 00
do 11 lb., , 8. 9
.do in whide hog, %Mb., 5 6
Potatoes; per bun., 25 371,
Peaches. dried, V . 11?.,' 25
Poultry. "-i-1 lb., . 5 7
Rye, per.hush., 63 75
Salt. V bbl., . 4 50
do ? sack. 20
Trout, per 1 Uhl., - 450 500
Wheat. 1 7 1 bash., , , 100 125
White Fish, 14. bbl., 450 500
In Lymansville. Nov. 20. ordiptheria.FßED
MILE only son of Otis and A ugit , ta C. Wood,
aged 2 years. 6 months and 23 days • ~
Also. Nov. 30. BOSE ETTIE ; daughter ofo.
and A. C. Wood, aged 5 yrs, 10 mos, and 3 dys.
Once they were little pilgrbas here,
But they arc angels now ;
Their eye once glistened with the tear:
But now, around their brow.
Their Saviour hinds a crown of light,
With , jewels by Ills smile made bright.
Thus. thus are they; and when we laid
Their co ffi ns side li,y side,
Fur what we loved no grave we made,
Their bodies only died.
Bright spirits now animal the throne,
Sweet children, ye are still our unn 1.
E M N.
ungunummut numunutuaammum
Wanted, on account, at this Office
The .Rochester Straw-Cutter.
kt.msTED & KELLY, Coudersport. have
1..7 the exclusive agency. for this celebrated
macho e, in the county:' It is eovenient. du
able, and CHEAP. Dee. 1, 180.-12
For Sale or to. Let.
MHR Steam Saw and Grist Mill at Germa
nia, Abbot township, Potter county, Pa.
Wig an excellent business ; n first rate stagd
fir an industrious man with some capital.
Those reit, cting must apply soon to
WILLIAM HAMM, 300 Broadway, N. Y.
Or at the Mill at Germania.
August 27; 1862.
z w
A carefully selected stock of
Just arriving from New York, such as
Cheap for Ready-pay.
10,00 Bushels ASHES and 50 bbls. EGGS
4 r 4 51 0
p. 0 o 2
/kookland, Pa., Nov. 17, 1862. .
Orphipures Court Szilo: -
Y Virtue of an Ordei issued out: of the
~ Lll Orphan's Court of litter enmity, direct
ed to Wm. P. Cool, administrator of the estate
of John T. Bennett.' late_ of Binglotni;ownship.
deed, the following described piece of land
will be sold at the. Court House in
CpIiDEP.SDORT; TUESDAY, Ncembei-113,
1812. [Corirt .STeek] to-wit : •
Beginning at a post the south-west corner
of this and the south-east corner of lot No. 2.
thence north one hundred and fißy-sift perches
to a'post on the State linethe north-west ctir-,
ner of this lot, thence south eighty-eight:and!
one-fourth deg:7es; east along the State line'
fitl,V-five, perches Ifitd Seven-tenths of a perch
to t at mist the-north-east comer of this lot,
south 'thw the west line of.lot No. 4
one hundred and fifty-four perches and two
tenths of a perch to a post the south-east cor
ner of this lot. and the south-west. corner of
lot No 4. thence west fifty-five perches and
seven-tenth'of a perch to the place of begin
ning, containing FIFTY ACRES and NINE !
TENTHS OF AN ACRE, w;th he usual allow
ance of six per cent. for Roads, &c., be the
same more or less, being lot No. 3 and part. of
warrant No, 1239 in Bingham township,Potier
comity and State of.Perni3lvania, on which
is some five acres improvement.
WM. P. COOL, Admsr.
Its -
IVIIE.REAS the lion. Robert G. White
President Judge, and the lions. C. S.
Jones and G. G. Colvin, As , ociate Judges m
the Courts of Oyer & Tertniner and Get eras
Jail Delivt.ry. Quarter Sessions of the Peace,
Orphans' Court and Court of Common Pleas
for the County . of Potter, have issued their
ptecekt, bearing date the eighteenth day of
Sept, in the year of our Lord one thou
sand eight hundrt d and sixty-two, and to me
directed.ter holding a Court of Oyer and Term
iner and General Jail Delivery, Quarter Ses
sions of the Peace, Orphans' Court. and Court
of Common Pleas, in the Borough of Couders
port, on MONDAY, the 15th day of [ Dee.
next, and to continue one week :
Notice is C!terefare hereby given to the Cor
oners. Juitices of the Peace and Constables
within the county, that they be then and there
in their proper persons, at 10 o'clock A. M. of
said day, with their rolls, records, inquisi
tions. examinations, and other remembrances,
to do those things Which to tii:.'ir offices ap
pertain to be done. And those who are bound
by their recognizttnees to prosecute against
the prisOners that are or shall be in the jail of
said county of Potter, arc to be then and there
to prosecute against them as will be just.
Dated at COUDERSPORT. 4, 1862. and
the 84th•year of lndept udence of the United
States of America.
15 1.1
t 7 lo
In pi rsuanCe an order of the Orphan: l '
Court for the County of Pover, the under
zigned r Administrator and Administratrix of
the estate oftieorge .1. Benton. deceased, will
expose to public sale, on Saturday the
29th day of November. A D. 1862, at 1 o'clock
P. M. of said day, at the Court House in the
Br rough of Coudersport,t he interest of the de
cedent in the folloaing described real estate,
to wit: Bounded on the No-th by Lots Nos.
93 and 105. on the East by Lots Nos 105 and ,
139, on the South of Lots Nos. 108'
and 120. and on the West by Uns;aited Lands
and lot No. 123, containing 109 acres and 6
tenths of all acre beim!. part 43 , Lot No. 108
of the allotment of lands of Dr. George Fit;
( Trustee, air. 6 situate in the Township of Alle
gany, in the county of nut , r. and Common
-wealth of :Nona, on which one Log House.
one Frainef.B.rn with about 110 acres improved
Land ai,td :Mute Fruit Trees. 'fermi otie-litilf:
Cash, and one-half in oneyear with interest.
WILLIAM 11. 1 IGEILS, Administrator.
LIitINDA BENION, Admiuistriitrix.
Oct Ath 1882.
The snbscriner having been, appointed
Assessor of Taxes under the act of Congrc •
-To provide Interest to support the
Government and to pay interest on toe Public
debt," aprroved July Ist 1892. hereby gives
notice that he has d.vided his assesment dis
trict, being the 18th District of Pennsylvania.
into the following sub-districts and has ap
poiked the following persons as Assistant
As-es-ors f v said sub-districts, to wit :
No. I. All .hat part of Centre county in
cluding the Boroughs of Bellefont. Mdesburg.
l and Unionville, and the townships of Sprigs,
Benner, Boggs, Liberty, Howard,Curtin,tinow
Shue,Burnside, Walker. Marron, Union,Worth;
Taylor and Dusten, Assistant Assessor R. G.
Durham, Postollice Bellefont.
No. 2. A.l that part of Centre county in
cluding the toWnshipl of Furguson. Harris,
Patton, Haltmoun, and that part of Potter'
township lying west of the Lewiston and
Bellefout turnpike, Assistant Assessor Thomas
Dale, Postotfice Boalsburg.
No 3. All the remaining part of Centre
-county including the townships of Miles.
If:tines. Penn. Gregg. and that part of Putter'
town-hip lying east of the Lewiston and
Bellefont turnpike. Assistant Assessor
4. All that 'part of Clinton minty in
eluding the Borough of NUB Hall. the town
ships of Alison, Beech Creek, Bald Eagle.
Liman, Porter, Logan, Greene. Crawford and
Wayne. Assistant Assessor IL G. Iluichison,
Postollice. Mill 11411.
No. 5. All the remtining port of Clinton
county int:hiding the Borough of.Lork Haven.
and the townships of Fine Creek, - Donstable.
Woodwa . r,l, Cold Brook, Geergun, Chapman,
Leidy, Keating. Gallagher, Assistant Assessor,
\Valiant Fearon, Postallice Luck Haven.
Pi 0
No. 8. All that part of kemning count
ling on the !west side of Lt coining Creek.
also including the townships of Mistress.
SuSgnehitnit, - . Limestone iind 'lNippenose,
AssistSitt AsseSror t Daivid Showers : Postoffice
Newberry. , •
No 7. All the iemnining part of Lycoming
county including that p.irt lying east of Ly
cumin.. Creek. ;Aso the townships of Clinton,
Washington, Brady and Armstrong. A:sista:it.
Assessor, T. P. Simmons, Postoffice
poi t.
No. 8. All that part of Tioga county includ
ing the Bo: on,. of Tioga, the townships of
Ward, Moss, Libe"ty and Union, and the
Miroughs of Mansfield, Mamshurg and Cov
ington. Assistant Assessor, S. B. Elliot, Post
office .
No. J. All that part of Tioga county in”lnd-
MI, the Boroughs of Lawnneerille, Elkland,
and the townships offackson, Law, Nelson. Osceola. Deerfield. Farmington,
Broliktield Westfield. Assistant Assessor,
C. If: Goldsmith, Postoflice Elmirale.
10: All the rem.ining part of TiOgn county
including the Borough or IWel6boro, the
ton-oships - offdiddlebury Chatham, Charles
ton, Delmar..3lorris, Elk : Shippen, Gins and
Clymer. Assistant Assessor, N. Bullard, Poet•
office Wellstwo.
of risw _., e. J .9 s u is . tarit
No. 11. The county
Assessor, A. Rounsrg,trli , m osso e r. (;° 4 ers -
port. (l 'iroalsbarg, Centro 00.,Pa.
Nor. 15, 1862
and everything usually kept in a couirry store.
We are prepared to sell at nearlT the old
prices, notwithstanding the great ris of goods
in New York. Our facilities are such
that we are prepared to furnish all Loose in
want of .goods at less prices than can or will
be sold by any dealer in this section. Below
- we give you some of our prices, and also the
prices the same goods are sold lor-hy most of
our neighbors
timid Shea tiugs, 12 to 14 eta.
sold by most dealers for 16 to 22 eta.
Very n;ce bleached Goods 10 to 14 15 to 20
A large lot of Sheep's Gray and Cus-
W.ll. F. Buirr, Sheriff. G m
sinr from alets.
Ch k
o pron heck an Check
Administrators Sale.
5010 15 per cent. saved, on every
Dollar. by buying your goofs at
Oswayo Village. Potter Co.,Pa.
We are happy to inform all those in want
of Choice and Domestic goods, that 11 - e note`
have a *stock of some
Worth of all kinds of
Good Girghanis. 12 : 1 to 13
Beautiful DeLaines uud Poi de
Clievre4. 12 to 20
N;ce all Wuul Mel inos,C3 worth $1,25 to 1 : 75
A large assortment of Black Silk,
88 to $1.13 1 . .25 to 1,78
Fine Black Silk Shawls, $6.00 8,00 to 9,00
And a large stock of Black Silks from 75 cts
to S 1 Oo wortfi from 51 50 to $1 75.
Good Spragmes, Merrimacs Domicils and
many other grates of very nice Prints, new
styles. warranted fast !colors, Harrass Checks
and others. for 11 to 12 ,cts, nothing over,
worth 15 to 20
Good enameled briots, 75 ets,wortlisl.lVol. so
Good balrooral bootees, $l,OO 1.50t0f.75
Woinen's gotnlCalf boots, 75 to 1.00 1.00t01.C.7
Men's do $2.75 - 4.00t0-1.75
Warranted Kip Boots, home:lnatle,
9 •
We call your attention in this line. as it Li
from 50 to 100 per cent. below most other .
dealers—the Jews, so much noted fur selling
cheap, not excepted.
Ws, will sell you all Wool Fine Black Doe
skin l'ants for ,$3,50, worth $5.00.
Good Suits of Black Clothes : Cone, Vest,!
Pants, 114 t, Sucks, Pocket Handkerchief, d;c„
for $10 ; Worth $lB. •
In the line of Groceries we offer a choice
rariety of Teas at 50, 75 and sl.oo 7 and our
Dollar Tea can't be heat.
Good Sug»ir fur 10 cts. Coffee Sufzar 11 cts
ailaratus 7 t 9 5 cts. 13ar'SJap S cts
Coffee 16 al.
.We wonldliit.o inform you that we hare go
established in our
the largest in this section-zand
. fdled from
cellar to garret. Also the large bi•ildings .
adjoining are used by us for storage rooms.
and other Produce, that can readily be con
rerted into Cash.
One wort! more, A; Ihe transportation on
our Goody from Wellsville here.costs only 121
cents-per hundred, and our other erpenses are
small, we do not need large profits.
°swap, Village, 99..1" 113-0 .
- .
-: •
." - . /" .•-•,, c „ , ..1. : 0‘ .
.1 ,1
,-,4,,), iaz . .'S.
.. :, „.. 40. a. / ,
try ., o ,
_ 1N•...--i.
• ,
ThO BiagraloliTebantilepollegs
Ts an important link in the itreat-cluitin sC
rated iiti-the . foltowing cities, via
A Scholarship issued frcm 0 . 4 liuft4i;
lege, entitles_the holdeC to attend Obit:oral
the Colleges for an unlimited time: .
TheDe*ign of these tolliti ats
to young men and ladies, 1 thoritgli„pissd
cal hUsiness education,
These Colleges are organized and eondues
ed upon a basis which ' must' secure . so each
separate Institution thei. est possible. faeilities
for imparting a thorough mercantile educa
tion, and render it as a whole, the most:
prehensive and completesystem in thiseonntre
Book-Keeping in all its 'department, Cons
mereitil Law.Comtnerclal Aritlunetictlind'Pest
manship, are Ought in the most thorough anti
practical manner.
The Spenceriait System of PenntaitShip, is
taught by competent and experienced - tenet:era
Scholarship, mlyable in advance, $49.'
College open day at d evening: no cockiest ,
Resident Principal at Bufjaro, J. C. BRYAN?.
Foe further information, please call at the
College rooms; or send for Catalogue and Cir—
cular 'enclosing letter stamp. Address t.
Buffalo, N.Y.
At Jay k ooke & Co., Bankers,
The undersigned haring been appointee
Subscription Agent by the Seeretury,..of the.
Treasury, is now prepared to furnish, at once,
The New Twenty Year 6 per cont. Bands
of the United States, designated as "Fivee.
Twenties," redeemable at the pleasure of the-
GoveiMment, after live years, and anthorizedi
by Act of Congres , l, approved Fetn'y 25.1862.:,
The COUPON BONDS are issued in suit's of
$5O, slou, Ssou, and SlOOO.
_ . m su—
sloo, $5OO, Slue° and $5OOO.
Interest at 6 per cent. per annum Trill com 4
maim° from the date of purchase, and is
16 to 20
16 to 25
20 to 31A
Semi-:annually, which is equal at the present.
premium on gold, to about EIGHT per cent,
per annum.
Partners, Merchants, Mechanics, Capitalists,
hod all who bafe any tuoneY to invest,should
know-and remmemlier that these bouds,,are r
in effect, a First Mortgage upon all Railroads,
Canals, Bank Stocks and Securities, and the
immense products of all the MattaacturesAc.,
in the country : and that the full and. ample
previiinn made for the payment of the interest
and liq•iidhttion of principal, by Customs Du
ties, Excise Stoups and Internal Revenue,
serveS to make these Bonds the
Best,: Most Availabl6 and Most Popular-
Investment in the Market.
Subscriptions received at Par in Legal Tedder •
Notes; or notes stud cheeks of banks at par iu
Philadelphia. Sub , Tribers by mail will re
ceite pramrt attention, and every facility and
explanation will be afforded on application at
this office. A supply of Bonds will be kept
on hand for immediate delivery.
JAY COOKE. Subscription Agent.
Noe. 9; 11, 13, 13, 17. COURTLANDT STREET,
Near Broadway.
This old-established and favorite resort of
the Business community has been recently re ,
littetli . and is complete in everthing that eau
minister to the comfort of its patrons. Ladies
and Families are .specially and carefully pro
vided for.
It IS centrally located in the business part
of tne,city, and is contiguous to the principal
lints of steamboats, cars ; omnibuses„frrrPett,
In consequence of the pressure causedby
the Rebellion, prices have been reduced to -•
The table is amply supplied with all tkr
luxuries of the season, and is equal to that •t'
any other hotel iu the country.
mple neeonnuodations ere offered fur OP"'
ward of 4UO guests.
Do not believe runners, backnien.and cam*
who lay Say .•tlie Western lintel is. fu"
•: D. D. WINCHESTER, Proprietor.
Thoi. D. IVinchater. fvl9
H Ayr: also established a •
Boot and Shoe
Manufactory, opposite J. F. Glassinire's Maid,
in the room formerly occupied by J. B
They offer their Boots acid Shoes at a '
And they will have nothing, but the best work.
men end the best stock that the country will
produce, and money and labor cnn proetirs.
Sides, Calf Skins, Sheep Pelts
'Liken at the Highest Market Price.
Coudersport, Pa., Mareh.l9
Noti.4e is hereby given that the Partneahip
heretofore existing under the name of Houton
and Burtis. is this day dissolved ht mutual
consent. The business will be conthaurd-by
J. W. Bouton.
'White's Corners. Sept. 30. ._
it i tv.o ire, MARY ANN. has left my hell hot..
11/I, , ,lscard,with?trt. proroca on,anil I hereby
Caution, all persons not to trust her on tny
hemsitntfis I will pay no debts of her iitintrit.Cl
- unless compelled by law.
• ! The Partnership •
EXIWNG heretothre ultder the firm Of
Garrett. Baily A; Co. is this day :
hr the wittuiraw,il of the midersiguett.
Philadelahia, Nov.
Payable in Gold;
New York Citst
Tanners and Curricrs,