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    '~4maid'ecikiffv2fl~.'.~'~.3Meia~i,:m. , ~akr~,a»Jsc>)'T+A~:4'z?s~:~:~ t:-.
MAY, A 862.
L -7 '=3:,• J.
klrLfe s•J'' : ,
4 . 1 I 1. I
NVW - !"*'6o6 - os s
gi. * ...;:,:,...: i ..) ~.....).,.3:: : :‘, ........:2...
im 11 .
~I .:k. U
s ..
Wilk* the.lptileek ;
. here givefl. -
TAKE. pleasure in - informing my friends
and dastOmers -- ihnt I ani - ,just- receiving
a fine, fresh assortment of Goods and that all
those who arc in want ofany had better giye
nit an early,dall—. ; -
I keep - •
~ri~ everything usually
kept in a Country Store.,
_ hhav t e justreturped from New
'York with one - 'beef, and .
largest stocks of Goods that was
grepbrivght into . this county ; - I .
propose to sell these • GOODS
FIFTY per et..lower than! can
be bought in this vicinity, Wells
ville cis ; Olean not excepted. My
Gooils have been bought for.
.f..14..W : fr0m.a large'. number of
175 - dieslliat nad failed,in the city,
titlftlini:s[rto - -75 1 ets. on the dollar
tlao)riginal cost. Therefore I
qn. a prepared to 'give all great bar
gaini'lliat thoOSe to give me a call:
Very nice Sheetings from Bto
11 cts., sold by most merchants
at the present time for 14 to 18.
Good_ cotton bats. for - S cis roll.
- GOOd.' Prints . for 6 to 11, worth
9 toll& =Fine Delaines from 11
to 20 cts., worth 15 to 25 and 30.
Good Tweeds crOm 25 to, 38 cts.,
worth 44:• and: 63i GoOd Black
Silk from 50 cts. to $l.OO, worth
75 cts. to Si 50.
Good Suits; of Black Clothes : Coat, Vest,
Pauts Calf Boots, lidklifs., Cravat, for
$lO, worth $lB.--
N -, G 7 tcieerioo. have a good s sweet
pleasant Tea for 50 cts per lb.,
and upwards: Good Sugar for 8
cts., `white' coffee sugail Sal
eratus for 6 cts. Codee 18. Soap
8 cts...bay.cWolasses: for 45 .cts
per gal. Best Kerosene oil, 44
ets-gallon - Flour at "Wellsville
pric - ex?.'l2 . .ln , the line of Boots and
Shoes we have a Ladies Enamel-
ed Morocco Boot. for .50 cts sold
try 4 'dioitAlbalef'S for- S 1 to 51.25
Heavy Kip Ladies Walking Boot
75 ets. :Fine Congress Gaiters
and et& -rs frr CtS. tO S 1 00
others rote 511 ctb.
worth 6 to 12 shillings. Fine
..1300t5 1 f9r,2 59; ,Tine Stogey
boots for 16 shilling. Fineßroehe
Shawls for 20 shillings anti
ivards. ' LadieS „Stella • ShaWls
`from Sto 22ihilling§: Woolen
• shawls for 12 shilling and upward
Red Flannel froin,2 shilling§ per
yard. Fine .- ainiliains for ten
cents. t,'ambries for 9 ets
111 e n%j Heavy'Working - ' Ribbed
Jacket Coats for S shillings.
And now I intend to keep my
stock full to supply those who May
choose to buy at
WHOLE `-;A:-IE.ff)r.'.ERETAT.L,
And all Families of Volunteers
will .receive Giqods -at-the first
cost in New York, regardless of
transportation, and I still hold
my offer good Ip pay any one, thg
calls= upon, not findit
Goods at the prices given to pay
them for their time and expenses
in COPlingi. . :
OS Wkkr->
May In, 18(;.1
C. .•
,Tewen,er. and - 'Vratcaniakeri
LCiCATElfroil Main St., opposite the Ccnitt
House, Coudersport, Pa.
'Clocks, Watekesi*Atc.,
Repairect on short notice and warianted to
give satisfaction. .
'A good assortment of
. WATCHES, and '
on hand... Cheap for CASE and warranted as
represented. As an even exchange is no rob
bery.LwilL give
.Von_time.for Money.'
Coudersport, Dec. IG, 18G1
Main above Third St..,
M. W. MANN, PRorairron.
Greek, Latin, French and • German Text-
All School Books used in the Countlli
kept on hand, or ininzecliatelll yrocured
token desired. I .
Magazines or any Periodicals supplied when
desired. I
A good assortment of Paper, Eurelcpds, I
Pens 'and Inks'. Also, of Wall-Papers, Draw
Materials, Water Colors, &c.
PRAYER S HYMN HOOKS, of various kinds
Slates, Rulers, Back-Gammon Boards Chess
Men, &c., &c. PRODUCE of all kinds taken
in 'exchange forßooks,
STORE can alwa}fs be found the best Of
Cookii:4, Box and Parlor
S T:.ol' V •E S e•
RONS. Also,
is well made and the:material good. Good and
substantial EAVES-TROUGHS put up in any
p:trt of the County—Terms easy. Ready Pay
of all kinds ' j a cluding Cash, seldom refased.
Store on Main Street opposite the Old Cou'rt
"flotise, Coudersport. Aug. ], 165.9.-50
t ,
4 1 .X 6 1 1.1 a g
tilt 455 rill •'!
• A.
91111Wundersigned would.respectfully inforin
.1_ the sufrouuding community that ho has
taken the rooms formerly , occupied by John
S. Mann, where he is prepared to .do
All kinds of Harness Work
on the . shortest notice.
also kept constantly on hand. These collars
are a superior article, and need but a trial to
insure their success;
Repairing done in good style. , •
Sureingles, Martingale-rings, Humes, and
Hams straps, Sc., kiTt constailly on hand:,
. The public, are invited to call and examine.
before purchasing, elsewhere.
Co,..dersport Oct. 16th; 1860:
The Great Cause of
.tint pnblished in a slealki envelope. price 6 et.=
Lecture by Dr.Cur.vtatwELL, on the Cans,
and Cure of Spermatorrhom, Consump
tion. Mental and Physical. Debility, Nervous
ness, Epilepay ;:ImpairedNutrition of the [bi
lly ; Lassitude ; WeakneSs of the Limbs and
Back : osition, and incapacity for Study
and Labor ; . DulloOs of Apprehension; Loss
of Memory; AYersiOn to'Seciety ; Love of Sol-
Uncle ; Timidity; Self-Distrust; Dizziness;
Headache ; Affections of the' Eyes ; Piniples
on the Face , Involuntary Emissions, and Se.i
nal Incapacity; the-Consequences -of Youth-'
ful Indiseretion, &c., &c.
This' admirable ideettire clearly proves that
the above enumerated, often self-affficted,evils
may be removed without medicine and with ;
Out dangerous surgicaloperations, and should
be read by every youth and every man in the
Sent underAeal, to any address, hi; n
plain, sealed. envelope, on the receipt of six
..teitts,- or two postage stamps, by addressing,
Dr.: CHAS. J. C. KLINE, _
- 1-
127 Bowery,'New York, Pnst Office Box. 4588
CV. to exchange for Horses, Wagons, Stock
11.. r Good Notes or Judgments. A valuable
Farm situate in Harrison township, Potter Co
Pa.; lying on the old State road, l&ading frorn
Spring Mills to Harrison Valley and Westfield
Pa. - Containing about 110 , Acres, tBll
Acres Improved and in a good state of culti
vation, on which is, arected a large Frame
House, - good -- Barns, Corn' House ttud ether
necessary 'oilt-bnildings, a good Apple Or
Thard containing some twenty different kin+
'of Grafted Fruit. Shade Trees, LT. The above,
Taita : lies'about 1 mile fn . = Harrison ValleY,
7 miles from 'Westfield and 6 miles from Spring
Mills, and is;e got:4 Stock and: Grain Farm,
and Will that any one that can make
payment of,a or 4 hundred dollars .dol
can make ti e farm pay for itseg. : wjth his I -
bor. Nice, 82,500. forpar,tio.nlars inquire
of Peter,Simpops now . p.ccupying said farm;
Or C; H. Simmons, Oswayo ,
C. H. SilikONS.
Jan, 15„18r.
pie Zitle Calla 1; Ill) haslltgipti A War
of Extonninatiaa' Teeth, - ;Bafi
.' lireatl4.Pleeased Gums, Toothathe, Ear
; • ' -ache; and Net:wale&
" ' ,
'l. Ali complete; set of Eteniedies for
~..:.. a
. ,
Dr: Hurd' q celth rof,cd• NOUTHIVASII,I boille.
Dr:Ettra's,taziguirlal TO 07 1 .2 T POWDER,IIdoz
:Dr:Emirs 4 ' 71 allie TO OTHACHE DROPS,I . 6oz
Dr. Hurd's ATA.NUAL• on Ma Ban Neana of
Preservir:g the,Teella, :inducting Direction.? for
the Proper Treatment of ,Ohildren't Teeth.
FLOSS aLk." for cleaning between the Teeth
TOOT.IITIOES, etc.; eta.
Prepared at Dr. Hurd's" Dental Otice,
Fourth St., Brooklyn, (E. D.) •
ONE DOLLAR; Or, SlX . fO'i $5..
The Dental Treasury Inultes.a package . eight
inches by five : and is seftt by express.
Full direction for use is on each article
Th"e following ` ittleles *PlO'can - send separ
ately, by mail, via:.
,The Treatise,wz Preserving Teeth sent,.post
paid, on receipt of Twelve Cents, or four
The .I• 7 o7a7gia' Piesecr, for Nedralgain the
FfiCC, Nervous 14"eadacila and Earache, sent,
pcw'sfpaid; on recc , ipt of Eighteen cents, or six
The 'Aretrrai l iPr(rnef kieziirtatic Plaefer (large
sir r e,) for pains in the, Chest, Shoulders, Bach,
I or, any part of the body, sent, pest-paid, on
receipt of Thirty-Seven cents.
Address Wm. . laird & Co.
Tribune Buildings, New Yori:.
DER, and TGOTHAOHE DROPS cannot be
sent by mail, but they can probably be obtain
ed at your Dp,g orPeriollical Stores. If they
cannot, send to us .for the Dental Treasury,
piice, One Dollar, which contains them. ,
The Veit:evidence that they are is, that their
firmest friends and best patron's aro those who
have used them longest. Dn. WILLIAZ B.
Bunn is an eminent Dentist of Brooklyn.
Treasurer of the New York State Dentists'
Association, and these prenarations have been
used in his private practice for years, and no
leading citizen of Brooklyn or Williiunsburgh
questions their : excellence, while eminent
Dentists of New York recommend them 'as the
best knoWn to the profession. Withont the
aid of advertising, dealers have sold them by
The Editor of the Brooklyn Daily Timer, says :
~, We are happy to know that our friend, 'Dr.
Bord, is 'succeeding beyond all expectations
with his Mouth Wash and Tooth Powder. The
great secret of his success rests with the fact
that his articles are precisely what they are
represented to be, as we can testify from their
long use."
The well-known P. T. Barnum writes
found your Tooth Powder so good that my
family have used it all up. We find it, the
best Powder for the teeth that we ever used.
t,shall feel obliged if you:-ill ill send meanothei•
Supply at the 'Lluseum at • your convenience,
with the bill." 1
Bat their cost is so small that every one
may test the matter for himself
Beware of the ordinary Tooth Powders. Dr.
Hurd's Tooth Powder contains no acid, nor
alkali, nor charcoal, and polishes without
wearing the enamel. Use no other. . .
Dr. Hurd': Mouth fl and Toot , : Powder
will give young ladies that finest challn in
woman—a sweet breath and peariy'teetli. Try
them, ladies.
Dr. Hurd's Mouth Wash and Tcoge Powder
will cleanse the mouth from all foul exhala
tions, and if used in the morning, will Make
the breakfast taste sweeter and the day begin
inore pleasantly. Hundreds of persons can
testify to this. Try them, gentlemen.
Dr. Kurd's J 1 1 "
1:116 ira4l, and Tooth Powder
are the best preparations in the world ibr cur
ing aLo BREATH and giving firmness and health
to the gums: Hlir.dreds of cases of Diseiv.ed
Meeting Gums, Sore Canker, eta..
haVe been cured by Dr. Hurd's astringent wash.
Dr. iTurd's hash ai:d Tooth Powder
give an additional charm to emirtship f and
make husbands more agreeable to their Wives
and wives to their husbands. They, shotad
he used by every person having ARTITCIAL
TEETH. which are liable to impart a taint to
the mouth.
Dr. Hard's Toothache Drops cure ToOthache
arising frOm ezposed nerves, and ale the hest
friends that parent: , can hare in the house to
save their children from tortue and themselves
from loss of sleep and sympathetic suffering.
Farmers and Itlechanics you cannot .well
afford to neglect-your teeth. For a trifling
;sum, you can now get. preservatives, than
which Rothschild or Astor can get nothing
[ I better. Remember that Dyspepsia' and f2on
sump ion of the Lungs often originate in Neg-
Ilect of Teeth Send for the Trcati:.eon Teeth.
.Ind read Dr. Fit,:h's observation on this, sub-'
ject. If too late to arrest decay- in your' awn
teeth, save your, children's teeth.
Ne - asoigia PiasleTs
Dr. Hurd's Ncur.aigia Noh Pl>isterB
arc the most pleSsant and successful remedies
ever prescribed for this painful disease: The
patient applies one, soon becomes drowsy,falls
asleep, and awakes free from painac•and' no
blister or other unpleasant or injurious con
sequences Asue. For Earache and Nervous
lieadache, apply according to directions, acid
relief will surely follow. Nothing can be ob
tained equal to Dr. Hurd's Compress for Neu
ralgia, Try them. They are entirely a novel,
curious, and original preparation, and Om
derfully suecessful. They are' of two sizes,
one small, for the face, price 15 ,ents, and the
..thee large, for application to the body, pripe
37 cents. Will be mailed on receipt of price and
,ize slamp.
The American people are intelligent enough
o appreciate preparations that contribute so
much to the happiness of those using them,
and they want them. Every mail" brings us
letters.- some ordering the TE.EATINE ON TEETH,
some the NEUR.A.LOII:PLASTE2S, and not a few
enclosing 3 1 1 cents for the Mount WASH, to be mail; but to those we are compelled
to reply that it is impossible to send a half
pint bottle by mail.. The people want these
Remedies. Who will supply them? Now is the
Chance for Agents.
Shrewd agents can make a small ;haulm in
carrying these articles around to fhinilies. The
Dental Treasury ii the neatest article that
man or woman can carry around. Send f
one and see or, better, a dozen, which we will
sell as samples for $7. .WNI. B. HARD &CO.
Triblnie Buildings, New York.
,That retnittaiie' es may be made with e 04-
ilettee; Co. 'refer to - the 'Ara - ytir
tirooklyn ; to G.W. Griffith, Preshil - Farmers'
and Citizens' Bank, Brooklyn, and to others.
•• ' PROSPECTUS': : •
i-Weeklyiand)VeklyNeW kipet.
• -"
•This well=knowri journal is now in tile silty
first - year efits eilstence:/ - tiehatialWais heett
a leading journal of the city, a k in.; tart in
all the discussions of the clay,p - i4 uttering its
"sentiments with candor, fearlesSness and 'int.;
dependenee. Freedom now and foretiol,llii been
and will continue to be its motto. ' ,
The Principles by which it is gui4ec4 Are
A striet•co_netntetian of the. ;
1 Economy in Goiesrnment, 9
Political Tobbow„ .1
Ho'nest Men for Office,. ; • L
The SnAvre_rsiOn of the Slare;Fiineer,
Free Soil and Free
and the prosecution o f the war against ireason
until the last rebel has laid'dow_n 'hits firms:
' But the Evethsu Posr, svltile it is tearless
in the.,espression of its opinions, uiths cliiefiy
at being a good newspaper.
,It will 4ontain
accounts of all the inlerestingocdurrence
of the day. embracing '
Ist A Uomplete History !of the "
'2(l. Political Documents, Reports of ; ; Meet
ings. Speeches and Proceeding's of Leg
• islative Bodies.
3d. The Latest Niaritets, Commercial 'lntel
ligence, Reports and Liste. of ,Prices.
4th. , European News.— advices by the foreign
steamers, letters from our, own bcrres-
poiadents,and extracts .froxiEngiish add
translations from continentabjournals.
Gtb. Miscelianeors ' Reading; Poetry, Book
Iteviaws, Tales, Anecdotes an:d Gossip,.
In shOrt, it is the deli ;n of the editors' to. make
the 1 4 NEN:NG POST the.
No pains Of labor and no expense in money
will be spared to accomplish this end.
As lthe 'Daily Evening Foal circulates more
largely, perhaps, than any other city journal
among merchants, capitalists, bankers, bro- '
Item, lawyers, manufacturers and busihess
Men gene'rally, it has alwayS been a,most eli
gible :advertising medium.'.Bet, since ,he war
its circulation has enormously increased,:
which fact offer> additiona). inducements .to
those:who wish their business made; known.
The ,3, - ;nti-11'":. - dr/y E+eniiq Post, published
regularly on ;Tuesdays and .Fridays contains; :
all the reading niattcr of the Daily Eveningl
Post. aud the latest news, by telegraps andl
mails. •
The 11 7 e41y Evening Post. published every!
Thursday.; is edited with estiecial'reteron.ce toi,
tha wants of country i:emlen;, and
the articles of _general interest ptibsii.•:i in
the DUilyi Evening re;3t, etiiitaim4 a lemnitiett
digest of the sews of the day, and!an
cultural Column, devoted to the intsre-3t ::ndij
instruction of Harmers.' It con:alas irony Lae;;;
columns of nadicig matter
Single copy, one year, in t:9 0
Three copies. itodvance -
i 95
Single copy, per rnovtli .
seimi-Weekly E.vening POst
publishcf„' every frltesilcy and'Firiday:
Single copy, one year, iii vjhunce ; 300
Two copies, "i, . - '
_ • 5 00
Five copies, " ' i ,
Ten copies, " " ' 2O 00-
; I ;Ceekly Ever.ingj Po=t
, :I- • ; ever.ri.T.'tu.r.Vey.
Single copy, brie vtar, in advance : 200
Titre° eopic,., ."
4: - 5 00
Tire copies," , " if SOO
Ten conic, I . " ' " ' 4 i 12 0 0
Twenty eGpies, " , " ' "0 00
Any large: nurnb.e: at the rate of Slier year.
Subscriptions'may commence at sry time..
Pay always in advance. Any person sending
us twenty or more subscribers fall 1:t• entitled
to an extra copy for his services ; or fqr ten
subscribers he will receive a cos y for six
months. yilien a club of subscribers has
been forwarded, additions may heauade . to it
on the same terms. It-is pot necessary that
the members of a club sheuld recc i ire their
papers at the saute Postoffiee. Each sulg:e.ri
ber's name is printed on his paper. i Clergy
men are supplied at the following rates : •
Daily, per - annum ;$6 00
Semi- ;;'wkly, per annum 00
Weel:ly, per annum • 1 00
Money may be formirded at our ti:c,c. Spe
citn'en copies sent free to all who desire IL
O. BRYAN CO. • •
Office of Ibc Eveaing P.L4,
41 Nassau street, .corner Liberty, "\fewYork
E. Axthcay, sdl Broadway,
is row publishing,, ill addition to other por
traits, the i2elelA•ated conection lidown in Eu
rope and America ae •
Lfettly'R Natiarial .PitorographicPnefilii. Gallery,
in which is included Portraits of heatily all the
prominent men of America, not excepting Jell'
Dacia, C ea Beauregard, Floyd. :did y host of
other confederates. Price of Politaits, .53,00
per do.:em Can he ant
Scenes of the Tar for the
are published, card, size, and id Seercoeopic
form. Also,
views of scenes in Paris, Lon-'
don, and in other parts of England and France,
in Scotland, Ireland, Wales; Llol4nd,lSwitzer•
laud, Spain, on the Rhine, ityAtlien, F j `,7,ypt,
Turkey, the Holy Land, China, !India, Cuba,
&c., ad injiafiam„ •; •
Our instantammus Stereoscopic Views are
The Greatest Wonder of the Age.
These arc taken in the fortieth pdrt of a second,
Ind the rushing of Water,themovlng Ofleaves,;
or the march of an army, does net in, the least;
arca the taking of, ihesd ',They aro.
:mid for $3 per dozen.
We have also on hand an d,thanuflitture the
!a:gest assortment of St:ere.ose'opes; Photo 4
graphic Albums, and Photographic 31aterialS
in the. United States, and perliap`in the world
Catalogues, 'containing lists of our Porl:
traits, Views, Stereoscope's, sect tree bY
mail, on receipt of a stamp. ! ,
E. ANTllONV,.sollioadway, .
.jyly near St: NichClas 'Etotel,Ne*York.
:Ind equal to any Kerosene. , 1 1 • .
FRY buy an explosive 'Oil, , vvhen a feW
cents 'more; per gallon will fnmislt you With 4
•,rfeet Oil? Made only by:.
Pr..NN'A. SALT "ff.ANIIFACTITitnici 6dILTAIri,
No. 12"/ Walnut Street, Philadeiphia.
F4y. 1.'1862 -ly i
The' 'llikhester 'Bttatr-C
ALMSTED. & KELLY, CondelspOrt, have
the exclusive agency for this celebrate 4
machine, in this county." I covenient, 41*,
able and 011EAP. 1500.12
ler Sub!icribe for the JOURNAL. i
Dally - ,Evening Pi -t
:. IfighlY4 l PPertet4 te! the .T.14 10 e1
Fox. * '
Ts lust the thine fer*all who*nse*the
his.remarkabig and novd,invintien
On-half-#:01E00 of hand-sewing, as it eora
„pletely protects the_ finger from , the point ' of
herdneedle, and 1 makes a neat and uniform
herd Whlle the' operator is sOwing.,
It is cheap, siniple, benntifnl, and useful.; Alm
• anther and Shield will be of chit*
.st receipt of 4, the price, 25. cents.,,
! Enclose stamp for ciesthiptive eireular: and
erns. . " • •
IDOWNER'S It di.l I 1..
, 1 . AND -
1 ~ *:FiViFiiig=Blrd •Costasistied:f
Ils an article'of se a l merit. It is used fOr the
purpose of winding skeins of Thread,',Sillr,
'Ciotton,Yarn, FlOss, Worsted, &c. It is readily
bidjusted' to the work-table, and.will be found
ihdispensahle to, all using, the, above, tkrtt:cles,
being a useful l ,and invaluable appendage to
'the S'ewing-•Bird. :i
i!riee so btii.-toU iedettling to Style and Finish:
$3:60 'tier '.' Igoath - ean: be 'lta -
. - f.I
liited. by enterprising A:,g' (wanted in every
'town and Courifithron out the United Slates
;ind Canada;) selli
~, the above article's; as
,sales are rapid, 'profits large, aud.has no cora
lietition. A to the trade.,
! . I Address . A, H. boWner;
442, Broadway,,New York,,
I. Patentee and Sole Proprietor: , j
14 . .. S.—General and exclusive Agenpiei will
be granted .on the niostliberal terms.-ni.l9:im
Sabbath School Bell, No. a.-
Twelve Months of its publication. It is !lin.
entire New Work, of nearly 200 pages. Many
Of the Tunes and Hymns were written express
ly for this Volume. it. will soon be as popu
lar as its predecessor (Bell No. 1) which has
n up to .the enormous number of 575,000
Opies in 36 months, outstripping any Sunday
S t -heel Bcok of its size issued in this country.
41so, both Volunies are bound in one to ac
commodate schOolswishing them in that form.
Vritei of Bell, No. 2,,paper covers, 15 cents,
4'12 per 100. Bound, 25 cents; $lB per,loo.
Cloth bound embossed gilt, 30 cents, $?2 per
00. Bell No. I, l paber, covers, 12 cents, l ,!slo
per 100 Bound, 20 cents, $lB per 100. Cloth
hound Cmbossed gilt, 25 cents, $26 per,l.oo.
Bells Nos. 1 and 2 bound together, 40 cents ,
per 100. 25 copies furnished at thei 100
pries. Cloth bound embossed gilt, 50 cents,
$• 40 per 100. Mail postage free at the retail.
price. HORACE :WATERS, Publisher,
No. tBl Broadway, New York.
i now ready., It contains' about 200 pages
of choice Songs; 'Rounds, Catches, Duetts,
Quartetts,'and Choruses, many of them
written expressly for this work, besides 23
rages of the Elements of Music. The Ele
ments are so easy and progressive,that ordi-
L nary teachers rill, find themielves entirel7 -
s r iceessful is even young scholars
tp sing corrcctlviind scientifically, while the
times and words embrace such a variety of
lively, attractive and soul-stirring music and
sCntiments, that no trouble will be exberi
enced in inducing:Al beginners to go on with
213a1 in acouiring, .5'4011 in one of the most
hcaith-giying, beauty-improving, happiness
yelding,land order-producing exercises of
school life. In -simplicity of its elements, in
variety and 'adaplation of music, and in
ekellence andtetimber'of its songs, original,
selected, and adnpted, it claims by much to
eked all Competitors. It will be found to be
tie bet 'book' eVer issued for 'Seminaries,
cademies, and Public Schools. A.fewsam-
Oe pages,of the. Elements, , Tunes, a td SOngs;
at-e given'ln eireular: send and get one. It
is compiled byEs'
"Sabbatli-Sclicol BellS." Nos. 1 and 2,
1) 1 ; which hale had the enormous sale 'of 055,-
0r.,0 in 3d Lontlis: Prices, paper coverS, 20
cents, $l5 per 1.96; Bound, 30 cents, $22 per
IN) • cloth bound, embossed gilt, 40 cents,
$l3O per 10fi. 25 ;copies furnished at the', 100
price. Mailed tree at the retail price.
N0..481 BnaclWay, reNV Yorkrk
S I I FOR . THE TIAIE,9 ! ! !
4 - rneric'all , Cinaent,,.. Gl - 0,
The strongest Give in the World .
.1/for Cementing : 'Wood, Glass,
China, Tdarble, Porcelain.,
Alabaster, Bone, Coral, etc..
only artielel of the kind ever produe
whiehwillwiths'stand Water.'
1 •
17.71LACTS • ,
"Every housekeeper should have a supply
lo 'Johns h Ciosley's American Cement Glue."
1- 7 -New Yorie Tines.
1 "It is so .cOnvenient to have in the house."
!-+New York, Express. T •
"It is always ready; this commends it to
leterybody."—l-N. Y. Inlicpenden t:
"We have tried it, and find it as useral in
o.rhouse as '7,eater."— lirake,3' Spirit of the Times
Price, ',s.:Cents 7,)er ISottle.
ler' liberal rednctions to Wholesale Dealers..
M,For sale by all Druggists and Store
;:epers generally throughout the country.
(Sole Marinfaetnrers,)
78. William Street, New - ,tror::;L
Dormer of Liberty Street.) .
I •
ITORAC-7..' TtATErit3 PI 4,74165:
qt. CtILBERT 4v, CO.'S, celebrated -1;01MAN
PIANOS are the finest instruments for Parlors
and Churches now in ,use. A large assort
ment can be seen ; at the new WareroomS,4Bl
ROADWAY; between Grand and Broome
tr.eets, which will bersold at extremely low
T, 'lce:. PIAItiQS addl
d iELODEONS from sun
ry znakers, new and second hand, ,to let,,and
r nt allowed if purchased, as per agreement.
. onthly payments received for the same.
Iso, secohd-band Pianos and'ltlelode.oriS at
47eat bargain's, in:ices from $25 to $1.00:
Rheet Music,
Music .Books, arid all kinds 'o . f .
3.fusic Mereizandise at War prices.
g i n 1
istititceek 'Mince. '--
ETTERS Of Adniinistration on' the estate
of S. S. Wnirs, , late of Whitestrille,Alle;
. y county, N. - Y.,lmiiing been granted -to
tbe undersigned, ;all I) ersone, having_ clahms
arinst..ssid estate , are requested.ito pre,sent
t em to'bim forli r qUidation, and all • persons
or - ing said, estate . are reduested to 'Mike? im-
Mediate payment to him. , . . :
1 . H9y 7
. 2% :M9l,i . , , I
gale at. STEBBINS.
~._„.......„ A YR'S
._.7 -
: satgaarilis'
- ,-, Vim plan ritz 3Loor• ''
,d fox,.tpe Ajpee . (ky etIN Pr. flllOWing,e4plo...
BertiftilaandSercOlciiin-Affeetl e iiw'- ”
' •ae WartiOrnittleerai Sortie, "E,r t i.gueh
. Pizappisi. Xruntlif ereCcallotti kes _ el:Iola, .
illains, and ol.l r Slain Aldepaa aa :_7 ., ille
: -.! ... .. 4, , --, - • 6 , 4 t 1 . 1 4D, Incl., Bth dtrni,j'i ts •
_ 1.V. - A.t.tte de c o: -geiis :: I fesd It tetildtd - g. t." 7- .„_
Yetowk.dge 'whit- yiint- alirsaParilla".hat demi fai,..'" -
litiving.inhatiteal el , ..4:rOfnlona infection, Lharn iv=
from it in various yap ter yearn: Somena l p, it 1 ,- , e
out in Ulcers On my hands incl• art* sometime,tn
turned. inward andelistreSsed me at Me etemi c h t ,:iL!
pare ago it buke out on ivy head and covered sa 7
aneeassiveith ona_sore-'
whselnisailialohiland 1044
, heyond.deScriptiOn., I tried manyrotalicipetami i m ,.. i
r . phyeici' ant, but without nshih•rellef from any thin v -i i .
ha., the disorder grow.wose.,. At length. was lejele t i
to redd hal the "-Gospel liesiletigerthat - yol t hailig n ,„ 4 "
an alterative (EareapatiliAlfor I knew from your e ivu
dm that :any thieg yoirmade must bqtea t i . ,l iint ..
Cincinnati andtot it, and Used it till it cured ma ft:
.If, es yonradviso; its, shialq doles of a t aa , 9 , 390 , 1, " tr !
month; and used almost three bottles. New asl h.ii t b:
skin soon began to form snider the scab, which A t om ',
while fell oft - .31's skin is Mow clear, and I know by t i, - ,
' feelings that the alevesahite gtine - fronim± - sistem. y c ;
can well Imill:ratted I fealliwbut .111111 Vaying.#4eza ui
you, that,l hold you to be!'ono of the apostles ;du n a „,
and rimainturergratefulli i i Yours„ ~-•-•"'
. . . I ALiItED II TALI,ry. .
St AnthcairictrireTtobe or Vryalnetal
Wetter and Snit lahetun, Scald Read!
Itipiwortn," Sore IlEyea, Dropsy, • - '
.tr. Mert..M..Preble writes from Silent, N. yot oi
Eept,7lBl4,i. that he Las Inured- art;inveterateessi of
Dropsy, which threatenedl to terminate Wane, 4 et.
persevering use of our •Eariaparlila,-and also a dan ge b i ,
2(augngut Erysipefas by large doses of the some; Sip
he Cum the common IrnOorts bj it con'itantly,: „.
Bronehocele, Gottre, or
,Swvellee4 A te *.
"Zebnion Sloan of Prtispe4;Texait, writes i "Ilwea'bet.
ties of your Sarsaparilla cured me from a . •Cega l _,,,ct id .
eons ;swelling on the nes*, which fluid suffenalliam
over two years." - ..1 .;
_. .
Zietteorrheen iiiWlettiets,, Ovarian Timo r ,
• Uterine ,Clepral,loraii .F'cneale Diseases..
' Dr.: J. 11: S. Chaiming, etr New' York 'City, writes ; -.1
boat cheerfully comply 140 the requestolyom'agestla
*vim"; I have found yang' Sarsaparilla a most•etedleat
alteratira in' the.. niunertats complaints fur sidetusi
employ such . droMetly: but es!ieelelly in Tniuile Piieaus
of the Ecroruloue cilatbesls I buys cured ninny iIITIAP
It eases of I:taconite:ea limit, and acme where th e vier
plaint was caused by totter, of the mew. The slur
atio.n itself was soon euredi ',Nothing within my 1:40jel.
edge equals it for these rentals derangemeote
:Edward B.3larrow,:of N wbury, Ala.,. writes, "Ade* '
leroos ovarian fusser on o e of the females in my fear,
which had defied all the ,i mediae we. could employaes
et length been completely; sired by your Extract of Su.
isparilla.':. Our' physician bought nothing but extirpi.
Lion could afford relief, Ito , be advised the trial of year -
Sarsaparilla ,as the lest sort before cutting, sad it
proved effectual. After taltiogyourvemedy eight isos
no symptom of the disease remains." . . • ..
1 1 Sr niel/ls and. Mercurial Dloorine. -
, I NEI' 041.2Arra, :nth Alfges4 'lBB9.
Dn. - J. G. Air.— : Sir, I cheerfully comply with then.
nest of,Your agent, and report to you seineof the ante
I bars realized with your Sarsaparilla.
I hays tared' with it, in my.prr.etice, most cf tliet ni.
plaints frit which it' is recent:net:deb and have tined Its
)(recta truly wonderfnl frith cure of Venereal and En,
atrial DiVa-16. One of my prelim ts bad Sychilitic ulcers
xi his thisist, which' mere consuming .alatennithe
lop of his mouth. I Your Sarsaparilla, tenthly takes,
:cared blot in five weeks. .Another wee attacked byes*.
'salary symptoms in his peso, and the ulceration had
eaten away a considerable part of it, so that I Went%
disorder would soon reach his brain and kill him. Bath
yielded to my administration of your Sarsaparilla; the
ulcers healed, and he is well again, not of course without
some diahmtration to his face. A woman who had beets
treated for the tame dieor&r. by mercury was suffering
from this poison in her bones. They had become so nn.
sitira to the weather that on a damp day the suffered en
=notating pain in her joints and bones. She, totores
oared entirely by your a few weeks. I
know froth its formula, which your agent .gave ine,that
ni3 Preparation from your laboratory must be a grad
remedy; consequently, there truly remarkable remits
with it have r.ot surprised roc. - - • . •
aVraternally yours, 1 G. T. LAMIMEd, M.D.
lititermantisam, 43 ont', Liver Complaint.
• Isnnerzrostscs, Prestibis Co., Va., 6th July, 1859.
De. J. O. Atom: Sir, I hae been afflicted with a pato
hi' clunnieWhcumainn,f3r ' long time,whiCh baffled the
skill of chysicians, and atolls: to me in spite of all the
remit:lei I'could find, until ' tried your Saruaparilla. 3 Ose
'iota° cured me in two wee , and restored my general
cealth to nitwit that I am er better than before I was
'attacked. .1 think it a wood .ful medicine. J. FILL'AIf.
Jula.i MI Getchell, of St.pouts, writes: "I bar. been
afilicsod. Par.. years with no 4Accelion cf Ma Liter, which
1,,t1o;;;m1 nay health. I triad every; thing,andre4 thing
failed to rclieve me; and I there been a brolten-down man
for come, years from no ,oP4ir cause than derutwenientg
Mr Lire?. I.My beloved Pastir , , , the ltev. Mr. Espy, advised
mo to try your Sarsaparilla, cause lie said he know youi
and any thing you ntralew,*4 worth trying. IBy the Weer
ing of Cod it baa cured ine,taid has r.o purified my blood
as to mite a new man of iv. I feel young again., The
best flatcars be zaid of you is not half good enough."
Solt Zrrtta.Cancer 'rein ora, Enlargernerit t
Ulceration, Calleil road, Exfoliation of
.1.1.?,43 Resets::.
A great' arivly of althea M o ve been reported tons where
cures of ;hos: formidable co'nplaints have resulted from
the use of 'this remedy, bat ' in* Epee here will not admit
them. 'Some of them ma' be .found in our American
t i
Almanac, which the rgen bel ta
ow named are pleased
furnlica g,cat:s to all who ca .:or :or thern.\
Dyepeala, Beast 'lJil
r l elait re,4 'ta p r.pilep.
- . ay, Iraelaraciantly,* hie. algin..
Many ,rilmerhablo cures i , f thaie affections here beta
elude ily rho aftoreraoperOr of this no-dicine. It etkew •
Innis the vital flinctimis iit4o 'rigorous action, and thus
3vorcoufos el .orders which Would to supposed beyond its
reach. tab a rennely has Ilona' been rolnired by the as
e"'l'im °I \ the people, :ma e are confident that this will
to for then; all that media; n can do. '
- '‘ --,-. . , i_
aye - fis' .ells 'Pectoral,
Coughs, Ceida, In enttn, Hoarseness,
Croup, I,trozzolsit s, Zuclpieset Con.'.
, .- sn:tt p t fon, an ;!. - c .7. the Relief
. r e r Innanann,l.lve Patients
, '.. Its - raiikorl Stoges
' r cf tine 'lll,/lsonse.
This is wrecnody so unit ally known to surpass aer
other for the cure of throat* M 1 lung complaints. that it
is useless hero to publish titheridonce of itsairturs. lts
unrivalled er:celleuce for congl4- and 'colds, and its truly
wonderful caroi of prilmenary siii.iesse,, have! , maile II
known througho'at the eivtlizod 'r.ations or the earth
Few ore the it•oalninnitieo, or even families, swung thew )
who have not some piirsonhi experience of Ito effects- ,
some living
-trophy in their Imidst of ith victoryarer be
subtlaand dangerous disorders of too throat and lungs.
As all Imair the. dreadful, fsd,ality of china disoNersoind
as they know too; the erlbcts of :his reniedy, we need Sot
do more iiiin ' to - rantre their' that - it Las now all the VII '
tees that It did have when making the cures ithlclr lan
Iron'so ctror.gly upon the coitfideuco of mankind. ' '
Rreprzed by Dr. J. C. AYER fetvell,ldass.
Sold by C. S. & E. A. Jones .Coodereport;
Mann & Nichols, Millport ; N.Y.Ccdes•
burg;, & Lyman, Roulet ; A: Cdrej k
Son, Ulysses; -A B. 'Horton, Cushingville;
and by Dealers generally
1 ' .' wtsTnAtT- HOTMLi' .
• -' --
I Nos: 9„11., 13, 15, 11, C01132.1,11.11DT ;83133t12,
;Near, Broadway,7 1.• . . .New_York Dity., - ..,.._
ThIS 'old-establisited!and - favorite resorti'of
the Buiness community has been reciiitly re
fitted, :India complete in ever;thing thatAan
minister to . the comfort of its patrons..' Ladies
and Famiiiei are specially arid carefsllylirci
vided for . • - : -. i : . ,...,
~ .1 :._,,
ii 7..
it is centrally locatedi in the . ' bueide'ssrit
of the city, and is contiguous to the principal
lime of steamboats; cars, printiqmsesifeggies•
In cooiegneuce of s ths pressure caused by'
the ilebejlion, prics lisli . 6 been' redrie'idib
ONE DO 'LIAR 'AND 11.1"17 , 0E11T3P.E13111At
The- tahle is useiply ,siipplieg, iTitii All the
luxuries of the season, and is equal to that - of
anv othq-, the country.. - - •,-
Ample q.ccommodationg are,,offered for up
ward of 4PO guests., '.l_ '. • . ,
- DO not believe riinnerqbaclritienUtisd otlier9'
who may, say "the yestinp .15o,tel L is fp1,1,,','
.• D. D. WIN CHESTER, Proprietor, •
•D. ,
27;as. Trin"ch r . ester. 1 , • fyl9
,for Educated Hew
•L -•
, .12in0., inuslin; poe.e:#o cnts:r.PaPgiri .1 00-
ers, .25. „cents.. Copies , of f this ; book
sent by' tnnil of the* piido;•111 ; 186F 4
ege status. Please addroial; ,
J. C. GAIaItIGIIES, Publisheri
148 Sooth Fourth Street, FhilodoVhitt