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Coudersport. Pa.
Wedneoday. Jan. 22, 1862.
Letter from Itte-Eator
2 , 51 d., Jun. 7, - lbG.2.
In .traveling down the Northern Cet
tral froM Ilarriaburg, and !narking the,
_in wealth and prosperity OF
Pennsylvania as compared with that of
Marilaud, „one is luipressed with the
truth that there must have been a cause
which has keptlllaryland and her'peoide
froiliiitaking that progress so peculiari to
the farmers of :Peonslvatiitt.. The hne
hetvieenr Freedom and Slavery - is as dis
tinctly drawn ad energy and inddlehce
van drew it. /a Pennsylvania 'you find
every farnier,preudnf his improvements
and'iniinuS, not only to make money, but
also to build himself a home ih which to
enjoy it';'crosi the line and you will find
be new !Iptblea, no enterprise, the, old
huilding4 built in the times of their fa
thers still remain.
lialtitoore, from its location . to well
ciaPted fur trade, has been sadly crip
pled by the course pursued last April.
The.prineipnl streets are to a very great
oxtrit deserted; whole blocks of stores
being closed. COMmervial confidence is
- destroyed and 110 bIISIIIUS is done
but abet must be done. Tice election of
3fr. benison, ,Union, in .place of 2 , fr.
lot, Secession,, to. tAte State Senate and
the Inaugural of their new Governor re•
'rives the hoper of the loyal citizens, and
is tendibg gradually to strengthen confi
dence in the Governineii,t.
After you ( pass over the State line the
Railroad' is guarded by n Regiment of
York county -volunteer.s. •The Secejsion
fieliig'is yet sarong among the old Mary
aristocrats, and nothing but th fear
uf the Union troops stationed among tihem
teepki:them from making netive delllol3-
• iratione in favor of Jeff's party. You
are no secessiMi flags flying as 1 the
pricg. The bridges burnoil,at Coelzeys•
tike liave been rebuilt nod MabinM but
the blackened logs, yet lying along the
ituad,'Berve toTreminel the traveler of
latnis Many of the 11',
are deserted, their owners having ff
she South. The only mark of Sit
silt along the Vrad Vi2S 211 old Dar
one horse cart drthving rtlud
thing like the one Porte Cra)on t
about in bis "Yii . giniun Sketch:F.'
IVe leave to-morrow for Waghi,
Will write froth there. )I.W
CINCINNATI. Jan, 2'0,1863 ---A battle
took pixe't at Soarer et, Kent nelq, u Sat
urday, brtween Gen..Schoepra an Gen.
2ollicoffer's foreea. The battle lasted
from early in the morning till dark. Gen.
Zollienfrer .was killed, and his ail
tirtly defeaied: The km „I§ very!
— ea both -xide3
WASIUNGTON, Jan. -20, .1.502
telegram from `FortresW-Monroe,
day, reported that a rumor was pr
to the effect that Gen. WeAl had
Gen. Huger, at Norfolk, to - rem
women and eVildren from that el
inference being that it was about t;J
saute authority had
frigates Ni nnesota and Cumberl;
war trim, preparatory to goibg
Rljsaboth River. The rumor nee,
firrutition. Seven companies of t
York 2d, on the night of the 17t
a r4couuoissance from Newport;
drove in the enemy's' pickets, andl
ered his pusition nt a distance of
from Camp 13,itt.r.
Accurdio• ntot he le! ters of a et,respond. 1 Railroads—iies4r.s. M'Clure. ' Law. i ! Peci ktvi ) //,'" Co! :1'
-Fence, Ketcham, ; , ;, , ; ( 4,,,J., an d E m iii,,, . dead hytTly fiewaid, ato , l tie was the see-.
ent of the .W. Y: . .tribune,' with the ad• - . '
Ly el f,,,, Di str i ct „,_m es . srs . o unne u, and ruarr in the enemies entrenchments,
ranee of Gen. Burll's army, tram Arun- Mere
:, dith, Tou liter, Gl:az and Donovan.
and his rieeds of daring will live long olaf
fordseille,ttp to thel4th , inst., the prep.!! 1
Retreß chment and RtArm-31essrs.i l ter ;he bus trul° l3l " to dust.
aritions for en early advance ~rare cotn.l , !Rbin3en, Wharton, Dowry, -Meredith' :The "great rebellion", brought him into
pleted, but the weather bad been too un i Llud Smith, (Montgomery.) •. 1 , I the! field a second time. lie served as
, Lawreuce, i Lan- i Lieutenilnt-Colonel of the Fourteenth
favorable, and tit: roads too n 'iry for I 'I :
1 iidot, Bound, Irish and Stein.' 1 1 - ' R '
i ! , Penusy tante egitnent, Cot. Johnson
movement against the enemy. Rifle pits ,
.Ayricultiere and Domestic flicrint lac- iTbere iii. performed his eu.ies satisfacto•
and entrenchments were being _Made on tirics—lilessrs. Ha niiitou,
~ ~ to a l . eoricti M. , andshowed that he
6 erriii, Law- j ril ' t l ' - -cil
the South Bank of Green toyer lo pro.'lrenee, Kinsey and Iteiliv.. i was still! a soldierrof the first water.
sect the bridge in ease of need it was .11i/itia-lessra. ' Vi harton, Irish,,
i A-aid. ire find hid, in the three years'
M'ts:lure Lowry nod Donovan
reported that Gen. Thomas's division bad! ' . -, . , , , ke r vi e e las Lieue-Culonel of the. - Fifty,
Roads ant? .Drarges--.1.0 Mrs. 01 ere. ,' . ''.
been moved from Columbia, and ordered ( i . i t. b . 8 0 .611 , thwitha, to perfo m th e. thaws
Mott and Reilly. thi r d , e!'3l' read*
to siterit'ee for the
to cross the river to threaten tie rebels'', Compare Bals'—Messrs. Kinsey, 111, l''''''' i g aed " d willin g'
e ervation of this oiorious fabric—'.ihe
in the rear, but at last accounts he h a d 1 brie, Fuller, Sinitil, (Montgomery,) and iP r -6 . i - . „ !'' .
i Atherman Luton. llie boys, in conse
baited on the north bank of the river.!.' Nie , l ,!. ot s. , • i 1
~.. ictuenee 6f his age and actions, call
, : • , s ,
rice ((WI. ItninoraliYl —..nessrs. Jelin- ;
The rebel Maj •G en. Crittenden ; pad ar• l , ni . f. 'L a n don, Fnikr, Stein and Glitz. Ithe*Old War Horse "' Toes , esteem him
on • the upper Cutnberlatid, from) Prii:atc Claims and Daniell ! very Id4llly, and are ever ready to do
• 1
East Tennessee, taking
.eupreitic come; Messrs. Lowry; Penny, Ketehau4 '•,••
Lam-( honor the man of the third catupaiem
mand of Zollieoffer's army, and was tab
-1 hertnn and Crawford. ' and of many battles. •
I 1
—Meisrs. Hiesfand, 1 ,Captain Jolts S. 31cKIF.e.NAN. of Com
fog measures Of precaution vin tan ex-! Ro l b ;l i a n 6 s l o i n c , s it) n r i c i t i h an " l ( pi i ii a d e l ph i a, )
mottlpany D is another old soldier, though a
pented attack upon .his left flak. ' The 1 and Camels. I, - - .4 1 young Man. He served as a private in
rebel "Legislature Council" in the south-1 Library—Messrs. Bound, Penny and i Mesice l at. the age of fifteen :Jears, in the
ern.counties of R.entueltrbad mithorized I Lambert°n• !three months' service, as a First Lienten
the enlistment of 25,00,0 men, tc be corn-1 ?obi& Buildhls—Messrs. Boughter,lant mid. Quarterinakter, and is now
mandedly Win. Preston, ex-D1 mister to!
Robinson and Crawford. . In i Captain in the present campaign.
Y . C " 'an d Cou nty '‘.3!
i .:. gm °unites eats— In , addition, he was in three battles with
Spa . tn, who was recently made a Me j°r . ' ; Messrs .Niobels, Meredith, Clyte'r, Ben- the ItOiaris in California, lived five
Genera) by Jeff. Dacia. Of course tbesen and lk,ughter. monthS in . the mountains and on the
enlistment of such - st force in Kentucky is
simply isapossiblee The agents of the
'Provisional Government" are now std
lectitrz rebel taxes in the southern MID.
tiee, seizing whatever portable property
can be found, when the people do ; uotpay
up with, alacrity. bcra.stations on the
line of the Louisville and Nashville .R.;11-
read continued between Mnefordsville
and 13uwlint Green. A Union expedi
tion c. - p l the Cumberland nr Tennessee
River was feared by the rebels, and they
had tut:ally strengthened the garr6ons of
POrts Henry end Donelson to meet it. A
telegraphic dispatch-to .7'he Cincinnati,
Cotmercia/ says den. Buell's advance
; 'had reached South Carrollton. and would
Isoon occupy Rochester, wide]) i 3 within
- thirty miles rif Bowling Green. The dis
-1 patch farther states ibat the rebels are
t'preparing to evacuate Bowling:Green onj
t PPm
he a ach of our forces,TM , Intel
ligenee may be considered "important
!if true."
Deserter/4 report 40,400 rebels at Co /
lutubus, Gen. Grant made a heavy
conniesance on the afternoon cf the 16tI
inst.', aging within five miles of Columbus
bt.tno rebels were discovered. -A dis
patch froth Cairo reports that on Friday
night the expedition to Bloomfield return!.
ed successful, with 40 rebel captives, in
clothing one Lieut.-Colonel and one Aelji
tent and three Captains. A 'reconnoit
sake uri the - Tennessee - River by th
gunboat Cones'roga,had failed to discov+
any fokilications.
-A dispatch from. Ronal, Mo., sacs the t
the indications are that the troops tbett,i
nude: Gun. '.11.111 soon move east
ward. The pickets of the, enemy extend
fourteen miles from Springfield, where
Gen. Price is estimated to hare abotit;
12,000 men. Gen. Neliitosh svas.repo4-
ed n 5 mining to his aid, with large rei3'l-;
foreements, from Arkansas.
. The North Cart , liria•papers of Wedmis•
day, had heard nothing of the Burositlle
Expedition, which left Fortress 'Monrbe
on' the preceding SatUrday ; and up to
Friday morning at: 8 o'clock. no tidings of
it had reached Richuaond„nor had it been
heard of at Fortress Monroe up to tble
18th. Its strength and probable deltH
n was creating : great et - um:l3°oot
amour. the rebels. Roanoke kiand, rn
Plindico Sound, is_ said to have been
abandoned by thew, in i dread of an attack,
and the evacuation of Irorktown was re.:
ported as being prepared for.
ed to
.ere 1
Frotu Hancock, X1(1, the report is that
Gen. Jackson had di,iappeared with . this )
whole force, and it is believed that lie
retreated to Winchester. The weath
t e -,ton
inclement and variable, and "all is q
on . the Potomac."
The felleuing are the Stan' lug
Cti,utatittees of the Setiateuf reuncylvhnia
foi the present Session :
Federal Relat;onst—Messrs Ketcham,
Scilit It, (of Ph iladelphin,) Bound, Cl:oner
and Cowford..
my en•
l'inonce—MeFsm Benson, Co.
and Itubrie.
ducliciar.y—lessrs. Penney, Bete
Smith, (of Philadelphia,) elytuer
I I it rrt
it amt . :
ye the
t), the
be at-
' Accounts—Messrs. Serrill, Ilarn
Connell, Smith, Of Montgiunery,
Estat e s and Escheats—:Messrs.
BongLter, Lawbertun, Ina:,lie and
.Pensi , nts. and ;17 ra ttt ies
Landon, Donov:in and 0 1
i as—Messrs. Swith,(of
adelphia,) Robiusou, - Niclsols elyme,
1.,, wry.
Baddes--31eFsrs. Fuller, liie
Wharton, Mott and 'lrish. o I
Canals and itilaua viga
Ll 3 tine
',, con-
`le New
.1. made
d isco v-
2 miles
Messrs Lanchn; Bensun, Johnson, 'Ham
ilton and Kinsey.
WrThe fjllewittg letter taken front:
the Phila. .14uirer was sent us by cue
of "our boys" (requesting its publication
Letter from =the
Va., deo, 10,1562.
A biographical sketch of a portion of,
the officers ofrthe Fifty-third itegimen!,
will display the material of which it is
composed, and that Pennsylvania has in
it faithful men, and able to defend
the honor ofc the "Old ,Key4totte," of
-which:they ate. estretuely proud. Why
are they proud? Because she has always
stood by the hood old ship Union. •
cause she has furnished more:and better
Men generally than any other State in die(
13ccapsc, notwithstanding au und
fortunate circumstance in the three
taunts service in th e De-1
partment; she has furnished and equipped
her soldiers better, despite the'slanderous
letters and editetials publiShsti in the,
New York joUrnals ; the soldiers .of Penn-1
sylvan ia,.wh4ti pi:teed; side by side with(
the New York vollineers, are better I
clothed, better equipped, better drilled,
da more hard work, and are better ablel
to l i stand the brunt of battle. The Fifty-1
third is brigaded with three New York
COL. R BnooßE is a young mar l ,
and full of vlgor. He was born and rear
ed in lont l 7otriery county, Pa. Aftetl
receiving a ;liberal education.'und becorm.
ing dissatisW i d with the quiet occupation!
'of a farmer, ht the ate of eighteen yeah 4,
Le left his fither's . domicil and started for:
t ttah, wherelhe entered the army in the;
Quartermastes ' Department. Here he ! .
served creditably to himself and his]
friends. H rose gradually until he was;
appointed B,tigade Quarter Master of the,
Utah Army, and served during the mem-
()table trout) es with those deluded people.;
Mormons. Rem: fear vear.s
in the.mountitins-a - fid beimz expo,ed to all
kinds of wejther, it rendered his consti
tution ruggtid, and his powers of ender
:wee were astopishing to his .associates, (
who were ge'perally his'sonior6. every:
position in Which' he was placed, honor.
eruwtml actions.
A. short ttute before the breaking out
of the rebellion he returned to his hate
on a vt tt. } , ln the mcaniime the 1'0)0-
lion culminated; and he, seeing the ne
cessity of seedy action to save the Cap
ital, raised a company at once in his na
tive county tendered his services to the
Gove,ruor, which' were accepted, and his
company was among the first on the "sa
cred soil" tO uefeud the Constitution and
the linion4
The'three months service being ended.
'he returned to his home. Not content
with what be had done, lie determined to
raise a regiment for the .hree years serf
11;i ee , whi e v t he auenunplii;hed in a short
1 '
time, was commissioned by Governor Cur
tin as Colonel, and now we find Lint again
ua the .‘serpil impatiently await
ing an opperittitity to lead nis men to bat
tle and to Victory. His si ill and avility
as an ofiice i r is indisputable, and .his put
isate relatichis with his command ire in
deed envia6le. He is ever alive to th e
Icomforts of his men, both I,.ick and well.
Ha isl:ind and generous, yet a strict dis
cipli UZI riatt: The men love hitu, and when
it seemed:lj prndent to (rider hunt forward,
his regime* waif Pennsylvania
cannot boast of many men so well adapted
; t6 fill thd position of regimental cam
; (winde r he.' A bril.rht future is before
!hint. ;
going, energetic and active, he
nms(rise ito more exalted positions, and
wherever the Government authorities may
' place' bitn i he will du bouur to them and
Lieutenant-Colonel EwaAnD 3.1011-
! c i r , AE r, is t.rti,3 of the few good ieillotr,. that
'are thet in this world. heatit oi•et, fin•
everybody. Ile is everybody's friend, anti
!all Who 'know knew hint to apnreci-
I ate him. He is a native Pennsylvanian,
and -a tried. and devoted friend of the
Union. In December, 1816, he enlisted
!as'a privizte in a Reading company, for
', t h e S e cond Pennsylvania ftegiment, then
preparine fur the couqueist of Mexico.
At Pittsburg, tie teas appointed Sergeant-
Major; afterwards he was promoted. to b e
Second Lieutenant, and was finally elect
ed Majni of the re t tittteut. tle was in all
r and'
the .battles from the taking of Vera Cruz
to the taking Of Mexico. At Chepul e
';(.l of the coal ii
4 3 : 641 1e...
! plains, and wherever found is'aitvrifs at
his postl very fact of his prOato 7 ,
Lions prove•ltiat to. be a limn; et tactland
encrgy,• 1 As:a :disciplinarian ;be hits very
few, if any, superiors. As a coinitiander
he is ener,getic, quick; antl'full 'of courage
three-coneowitants not ottejr
1 the surn4 coutpOsition, and three very es
qnaltOcations.of a' soldier. 1
A rather singular coincidence occurs
with the Captain and stl'o'loriel 31031r
en ALL. Though living in different -Parts
of the ohm°, they 'Were it the same
inept in I .Mesico, the same regisueti i t In
the three months' sertice., and are now in
' the -sanie regiment, Since boys,. ithey
have been marehing-Aoulder to shoulder.
defending the; honor of the Starsl andl
Stripes, and licren'ing pace to the, int. 43 of
the .I(l , Klbt whether two 4ther
men can be found in the . ariny of
the Union, whose war destinies' have jthus
singularly associatedjhent. • 1
Captain 3 11. W INT.R.ovE,
C. is a eery worthy gentleman tied a' dis;
eiple of .I , :seukt,pius: He r has beenaprac
tising Physician. fur fourteen 'sears in
'3larkles,lurg, ; 13uutingtion county;' Pa.,
where he displayed great skill io the pro
fession.'• In 1854 he 'was eleeted a tuem
ber of the State Legislature; !,looli his
seat in Jatinaty, 185 G, Was re•elected iu
the fall ' ; of 1856 fur the session of
. 1 .857.
buringlhis regislative Course he wan al-.
ways alive to the interes.tskif 114 constit- .
'uents. The repeal of..the Maine Liquor
Law Caine up during his' terns IBeing p a
temperance titan. he took a decided tad
against ; the unconditional repeal o(that
act. and mude a speech at the nine, ItiCh
was published and lii i - A lity applaud, fur
* &
its just!' truths, limiest, a.Ssertiouand log
iett/ conclusions.• • , I
Lzrgl spring he was bitterly assailed by
certain! SeceSsion •sympalliiiers in his
emittly;hee:ins'e he sustained. the tlont,ii
mutat hnd lite:I; 'don. Taking the stuinp,
he cat&assed the count Ya..; a Uuion Man,
and I.)Y his concise reaiionittg and hottest
assertintis, Soon broke down the platfOrm'
that had heen'ereeted for the acconinital-a
lion of disuniontsts. Still, unsaiistied
with stistainim , the Union by hisiargu-,
''a a
nients, he raisecompanyn of volunteers
for 06 army, and hag them now'nticler his
charge, ready to advanee when ordered 1
Lieutenant ..I.Aalit'lliCE, QUal'lLiittS.
tt'r. is decidedly one, of the be,,t; tk.t in,
the artny.. lie feeds us well, and clothes
uS-in the best the trioverninent, alfords. I
Many;regiinents have been'in the service
double: the time that we have, and do not:
possess hull tc , cony enienties. ' He was
quartermaster in the Fifteeittit Regiment,
in the three month's' service, and has,
been a military- man "411. his life. At
home ~he held, the poSition of lieutienant
, .
colonel in the regi went ,ot I,uzerne ° l manly i
Captain S.'o. Buts, and Captain W. S.
PprrB are‘o:;,l Plain and Californift 'rang.
eis. 'Pores wa s associated for ti.seasoul
with ' •he celebrated .I.i it Carson,lof Rocky!
.31ttuntain notoriety; Both were privates )
in the three month's' Service. I They are i
iitood fellows, full of flits. full of gzit, and
gentle:m:l,lsond Courteous to their assn- -
i ciat e.s. Of 'the .other titlitiers I Sl4l write
' again . ' -, . , . •1
. ,
i There is.tio other regiment in the field
!that can boast of as ; Many officers who
i have seen service and been sucCeskful ad-1
i venwro eri.. Their Eves hAvr lwety spent;
l in enduring toil-of every description; and;
are In - tired' to hardships; consequently i
they arc bAter prepared to stand the. ex..'
nosures of .a cap life than. the itid•fin-fin
gere& gentry who are found in such abutr-:
I dance in t he army. It ()mint I u tile). offers,;,
;you May expect to bear a good report of,
I the Fifty-third .
We have' here a'rer , ular January - break;:
I up. 1 The ~roods arc becoming almost itti-,,
! passable. :Mad is .exccedin g ly Plentiful
;and 'prevents our drilling ;
Mr, Blair's plan 'of :apPrenticin . g, and
ilepOrtito , the' slaves of rebels, with or
without their consent; is perhaps as good
a phi!) as he could b;; expected to offer:
as •,t. represeetative Man, with a Missouri
cousitititeney. , But While we appreciate
the difficulties of his positiOn, we eannot
believe that anything short of the,n . ncor t .
ditiunal emancipation of tbe slaves of
rebels, meets either the Ucce'ssitios of the
case, or the &man& of Public opinion.
As re !. raids colonization,the NesideDCzi.
recoMmendation that provisiont be made
to as,,ist the emigration of such people of
color as aro, "willing to Tolerate," seems
to be going far enough in that-directiott.
I'ENNsTLvANIA. ANT:Ep;-4Lieuteri
ant Maury ; predicts that let - loyl l i vatiia svii)
go With the South. , She; brill have as
(ft iJIT of Prennsylvania as she'tvants; 1.00,-
000 l'ennytvaniatts•have :dreads. started
South ; 4,006 bade got as for as Drones'.
stile, anti are very desiiooi of coutiuuing
their travels. •
.ICenr York,,on Saturday, the diNeount on
(Noland Treasury 'antes was only hcoper
cent. The brokers, Who had 'eontri:ved,
at one ti!ne, to nit) up thediscount -to
aVe percent., are likely to be foiled
their scheme 4f talon_. great profits .up.
on the gold which they have been hoard-
DiVorce :Notice- . •
• ~
m.A.;RY A. di L /),:0.114 Sept„Tertn
!• r 1,861, in Co-ninon
GQ . Ir W.: BLANCHARP I?has of Co.
To Guy lir. Blaticllllill Respondent tkhoves
named: Subpoena and tinhpceua in pi
rnfee having been issued in dttis case, and tie-,
turned Nadi. You n • re hereby notified, 'that
the Court of CommuniPlenis aforesaid have
ti4d Monday rite 24th day; of February nest,
fot heal* the application of the 'said Mary
A.l Blanchard for a DivotTe fi•Om you, at which
tithe and place you,May att.ind arid make de
feiSce if you think proper. 7.51. F. BURT,
Jan. 22, 1862. , sheriff.
1311 OIL
Or .
blue '.Goods;
TO 31
:•*;, ?: ..4 4, - ; - ..':f
..-t •. : C 9
ki;. , law 9
I Sti . ..ttit. BE E\ ABLER
~ . . .
is - -
G I-V 1\ G
Good sheeting
12 to 14 in N
for 10 cents bow :worth
‘t, I o
Good prints 10
New Yoidc;
rt..s. worth 12 to 14 in
Sugar 9 cts
Good yourig!h)
80 to 05.
Salerßtu3 6
Flouf sl.3ilj!t
Fire brocha sh'
And all Otb
any one from a)
prices I name,d
ing thew !/,s
titae and eNlpen ,,
will be 'ke';ir : o .
leave of :ray I/
yehrl that]
and liberal 'pal
ing for ready
goods floiver
.50' per cent., le
Y., at the press
.r goods in proportion. And.
dietance wishing goods at the
inning 'won me and Mat find
iveitised will be paid for their
in ,Iso doing: -A Idyge'siock
hand at all times. In taking
friend. and enstomerslor tbg
Ink thOn for thelr priiinpt pay
tunage, and ps I am hoW sell
nay, 'r l exeluslvely, I Shall sell
han ever, and nianybods at
)ss thait can be bouglig for in N.
;brit time. •
Janttary B,
B LV i,} . .
EtTEAI ? IA LODGE. No. &It?, A.
STATED Meetings:on the tad aid 4thWed6ts..
dnya of each month. Also Unlock gather..
• isht3 on every Wpdoesday- Eveoing. for alai
add practice, atftheir Hall isi Coudersport.
Sirup. HAVEY. Seey:
I -
••• • JOHN' s* 1 1 1Alf.N,
C*rdersport, - Pa., 'will.' siteal/ the - sentat
Courts in Potter and 111;:ena Counties. Al[
business entrusted in his care will receive
prompt attention. Office corner of w eir
anti Third streets.
' ARTIMR• Cr: 0131STED
t"Oudersport, Pa.„ wilt attendbusintact
cntrusteci . to care, with 4iiontptneslabit
tick ley. Otlice on Soth-west corner of Jima
and Fourth streets.. .
A.TTORNEV AT TAW, Conde t risvort, P3.t wit/
attend to all tnisirres.3 cfarnited to him, with
care and protniAneas. i•l i p on second at,
neat the Bridget
ATTORNEY AT LAW,Couderkp . prt, Ai., will
regularly attend the Courts Potter and•
the adjoining Counties., •
respectfully informs the citizens of the
Inge stnd ricitiity tltAt•lte will promply re
spond to All calls fur professional services..
Office on Alain st.. in building formerly oc=
copied by C. W. Ellis., Esq."
S T 0
• - C. S. E. A_ JONES,
Oils, l' ...#tieles,Ststtiumery, Dry Good:,
Groceries, fie;, Main it., Coudersport, Po.
p., 4. OLMSTED, _
plothing,,CrobAery, Groceries, Lc., Main at.,
Coudersport, j'a.
'DF;ALER. in Dry GOods,Groceries,.Provisi on,
• Ilaidware, quecnswarc, Cutier3-, and &If
Goods - usuall}•.l"ound in n country Store.—
Coudersport, -INOT. 27,
AZINES 11 n d N. W corner of Zile
r.nd Third st ("(4tierzt)ort,
D. F. GLASSVIRE, Proprietor, Corner et
and Second Streets ; Coiidersp6rt,Pet
• ttr Co.,
,_..„.••1 Livery Sint,le /salsa kepfin conriec
tipn with this
(formerly Ccishingville.) Office
it) his Mora building. .
TAlLOR—nearls opposite the Court frobse—
Will make all clothes intrusted to him is
; the Lite,t best styles —Prices to suit:
the tittles---Give him a call. 13.41
- -
; TANNER:3 AND (1:11Il1ERS.-;--Ilides' tanned
on the sinlreis, iu ILlit best twanner. Tan:
.hery on - the i el..t side_ of Aitegauy river.
C. , , , Laer.-Tort; ('otter , I t.nuntr, /7:Cf.
: : : ki. D. SSLLY
0 .1.1\14. I Eli 4:
AvAr4;, si,. nearly opposite the Coon .
House. ConfleNport. - Pa. Tin nnil Sheet
• lr,,n Ware niatie to oriel. ir. good style, ott
snort, limier,.
Hotel' t' ventral', convenient hr
Pas,,enger car:: to nil' parts of the - city, and in.
every part.i , .til•tr adapted, to the n ants of O.
M.,"3-'"Terrns sri per ,irty.'lßgt
iias been sr.) fprtrinate: secure the semi
ces of T11OMAS.01:- 132,1;.E1Z, who is Makin;
and ruen , iing Boots and Sltoes 1.12 h!. 5
own unexceptionable btyle, w ith
Goo') STUCK•
~I Itsve conelnded to tell only for
• Itli iDY PAY,
from October 1,1 186 t.
buj• Aslies,llides,Pelts, and somi
in Brookland; .(formerry Cugliingvilie.)
Sept., 1801
M. W. Mc Ala rney; Proprietor.
4 ' 1 4 4 ' Peroted 'to the cause of Republicanism,
the interc.sli4 of.Aglioulture, the advancement
of Ediwation, 'and the best good of Potter
county. 'Owning guide except that of
Principle. At' , Nsill.!endeaver to aid in the work
of wore in y Fre'edoruizing our Country.'
AD}eteTlseuesrs inserted . at the COllOl4
rates, extnt where special bargains are made.
I . Sqnai 4 e ElO lines] 1 insertion, -- - 50
. • a , $1 50
Each sub Sequent insertion less than 13, 25
I Squittil. three months, . 5,
1 4 ' six -I . ‘, . 400
1 i 4 I: ,i r , a- 15 Ho,
1 " one I year, ---- , - - 6DO
I Column !six months, . 20 00 .
v . -" : 4 , “ .'lO 00
. ,
i ,
~. at.. d.: i lt .-......., 700
1 . " per year. 40,00
- a - :( a . $0 60
AiiThinistrator's or Executor's Notice, 2 00
Business Cards, '6 lines or less, jr year 5 00
I;pecial and Editorial Notices, per line,, I C'
, ,6‘, - e'..kll ,trunsient advertisements must hi
paidia adVance, and no notice. will be taken
of advertisehtents from a distance, unless they
are accompanied by, the money or satisfactorT.
• !liar Blanks, and Job Work of all kinds,at
tended to proutptly and faithfully.:
Adantnlstratties Notice-
V - T OTICE is hereby given, that letters dad
ministiatiOn on the estate ofj,lollS
BENNET, late of Bingham township, Potter
county, de:c'd, have been granted it, the oh
scriber by the Register of Potterieounty, to'
whom all debt due to said estate and claims
against the same, must be presented for set
tlement of payment. 1931. P. COOL,
liebron, Jan. 8; 1852.. Adisr.
r. W. KNo±.
_AND-REIT' S.I.NBERG tt: jiliCrb-;
UPTON b. NEWCOMER. Ptopnetor.
. .
6,V C.lE. l ?i i I.” RD,
R 0f,F.111 ES,
-Dlt Y-,GOODS,