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Coudersport. Pa:
Thursd.ay;'Junkf2o, 1861.
:1 - IcAT:II2NEII EDiron;
fe''The dtslalD ition of
so many Southei ;r1 from
the Army and : ;Caltinn•
out of the slave I 1 c.a., ._,_ght the
North z lesson from which they should
derive much counsel, and station guide
posts along the road ot government •pre
fernacni`,,whose hands, pointing out a (11f-I
ferent course from that pursued by Pierce
•iind Buchanan misrule, would avoid the
difficulties under which the 'government.
now labors.. Men who have been suppli
ed, from their youth, with education, pe
cuniary support and the. advantages which
"lore acquired by high civil and military
positionS, have, when the time of greatest
need come upon the 'country, - proved
[ thenfselyes to be open,tr?rors, or seeking
refuge behind
.the-Ilimsy veil of "not de
' slang to-fight
,against their .friends at
home," have resigned—thus aiding and
übettieg in the work of treason.
This has been caused. in a great Inca,
surti'by their fealty toslayclry —the curse
Lto themselves and their country, the great
miasma that has floated over their States
preventing their advancement in civil!ia
' lion and internal- improvethent, clogging
the wheels of emigration, laying waste the
I most fertile of soils, snd fur which they
aze now - atteqpting to dismember their
country. fut, let us the causes
!which have produced this great majority
lof Southern officers.
,Wherever slavery
exists, laboi..l considered disgraceful ;
hence, young men, especially of the mid
dle classes, who have not the weans tb
establish themselves in a business or prii-
Ifession,seek offices under the government,
land for that end their education is a( the
(particular kind, best- suited for such posi•
tions. ! From their childiMod up they sre
wade to understand that such is to be
their life and . that the - better the preparit- -
lion the greater the probability of being
-promoted. Acting Upon this principle
ff the. South has become one great nest of
office seekers, and We .are sorry to say it
is a very successful one; and as shivery
-is ever suspicious, and or laic years been
xnuch alarmed by
. the :progress of free
principles in the North, she has been
tinb into the hands. Of her children the
best positions,--and we Jr the
result; The Northern youth whose life'
ts labor and who .delights in the excite-
.inient of carving for. himself a naive, has .
heretofore looked with somewhat of
tempt upon the '•blue coat and bra'ss but
ton': positions, choosing rattier thnsuposi : ,
tion S which will bdist qualify him for
efitingks fellowmen and gain for hiMself
an honorable position in the civil world.
By•these means the South have here
t4fure held the Majority - i;f offlees, altho'
lief ei!nal to the North in Population. The
,new is, shall this state of things
cont4.ib ? Will not the North endeavor
hereafter to occupy those-positions which
in jbatice , belongs to her, and fur whielr
her' sons can easil'y qualify themselves.
• Thus, the' North, übt from inability,
but for lack of desire 'for such puirsuits,
Las been giving into the' hands of the;
enenties of her country the very advan
tages she should improve and use for the
preseriStion Of her liberties. • —ln the
future Would it not lie well for every Mem
ber of Congress, from
.the. North, to sec
that his district is represented in . b4ll
Akiny and 'Nayy, and by thoie who•will
make the • proper efforts to successfully
compete with those of the. Southern, sec
tion of oartnion. iSuel young men can
be .found. .Let thew not be taken; as
they ttogatly are, from wealthy families,
but let them come from the pc i ople.and
he those who have to look to their'oWn
- individual energies tor ,a liveli'aoodpand
we, will soon Bo a different state of af:,
fail in our country.;, we will' then have
mert - who will pay some respect to their
oath of allegiance, who will not'saCrifice
their honors for the spread of slavery, but
-who when the time comes 'for'ttotion iviu
be found true to:the: principles ,of right
and humanity . , and true to their Cciintry.
• -
.IZcZir'Aa the Fall Election is approach-
tog and . licretofore_ there has been sonic
trouble in regard to the men nominated,
*would , it not he well to adopt the system
`orneminatinz by hallot - , and at the time
f voting for candidates vote also for or
gttinst the system; and see 'which system
eitsuited the great mass of people in
,the county.
The 'Mode is -thus : Candidates give
notice to the people of the county ortheir
'desire for promotion to certain offices, 9e
County Committee meet and appoint a
sa the peoplil of the different districts
appoint officers .to hold I nc election,-anti
they go to the polls and:vete the same aS
they would at anfother, election.
.111.4 system has many features that .
commend \ rit to the. con . sidei-ation_.of the
thisl„system the' fecliiv,of
the viliole county is - ..known
woulei be' most popular at,:tho
there is no jugglery practised whereby
Men who are eminently unp3pular can ,c
nominated, there is no -"nominating ittl
men from one particular faction Only:
there is no foreirg of Men, into voting for
-.hose they think weictuOminatedunfaifl?
as it searely probable that •my tinfahri
ness - 1.12 exercised; there into littor 1
ing dflhow or for whom L urrytriC — dast th
done defeated
ndeiluildent el i tuiidate u
not run zu
the plea t.. 1735 by unfair means ti
he was deprivedof the neMination.
It might be well forthepeople of t
county to tcy this, sy4em and see whet
It has: I not virtues that should comnien
to the. consideraii , ,m of evor3- one who
sires to avoid much of the strife aMitf
ble that follow-in the with of Can
Conventions. It has been tried in nt,
counties of the State ard. ivhere a
trial has been given it the people are
no haste to get • back tv the poli,ticiap's,
. mode; of nowi , nating.ll If prevents,
°Teat measure the necessity for "olecti4n
ecriu 1 " for the reason that when
the eXpressed wish Of a ,iitijority of the
part.3lthat, a certain man . have the ofTlee
it would naturally fLi i llow that .The. whole
, partylwould seek success. Mostsef
the -cifrices arc not north I the troubleiof
seekiu . g for, and if they only .be
tain4d by a large expenditure of time 49 ,
money they had better net be sought
ter. Of course . no,ae bit Republicit : n4
would be expected o'l' v 46;
We therely suggest this and would 1114 e
to have the opinions of those who inf
ence such wafers. n)
. _
, • .
Va - reotinT Pricci:Lpilm3.—L-Very iit.i l
tie business has bee' done this weli
most cases having been c(intinued. So to
18 or 20 parties hiti.e tan the - benfifil
of the new Stay Law, ec'fo,ring some Fq
judgruents,athounting to S4eral thousand
11114 s. But one civil action will reali
the Jury and that was not called at thiS
writing. ,The critnival business is abduf
t t
as follows : . ' .
CUM, vs. Jain II ..:1/is on—.A.etiou rot
forcible entry and 'detainer. 'l'ha prope
tutor not appearing, the Deft. was (lis . ;
Charged nlhe Jury directed'the prokt
cutor,• . john B.PorgUs, tO pay the costs.!
• .11 - 0//4,15r - oseguis were! entered in tine
following cases : COni. vs Moll: ell.cllle
et al, assault and battery; Coro. vs-. 1 1
MeGsaire et al, assault anOlbattery ; COI
vs. Darius BrOwn; assault and batte6-
Com. N:s. Geo. Edwards, obtaining go3ds
wider false*pretences. 1 • i
Co ns - -v s.Gotliel.,Lehtnan—r-JnoScli ni4id,
proseentl. Jury trial; 4ctio:4, tuan,lo l '
uhstruction . of bighway..ilTerdiet—B*.
found guilty and and costs. l.'
. • ..,,, .-.....:..--,..-- •-.1
. :
... . --. For t, Potter fournai i
I Mn. EMT:DR.—Is t4re going to
any " Fourth of July" in Couderspott 7
irso, it is- high tiMe that a cornmititee
I- - ' • ' .! ..
I were sent out afrerit ? ilire are invaria r
lily eleventh.,liour folks liu this matier l y
, - and under, ordinary. etreunistanzesj 1
would not at this late da , y,.urge a eeleli - ra•
tion' l tirion our citizens- ' .. but now: wliei
, • , • when
h e principles- founde€l ulith that day are
being severely tried; and! patriotism i 4 so
valued whatever rimy' beLthe furin'of fit
t •
oxpressiou, .1.. think the Patt ithe pe4l l
. , .
of 'tliis place, aria
. can, do isi .to
celebrate, the anniversary, oft their na4n . -
ality., I would. thdrefoidsuggest. atriOet,' ;
ing at the CoUrt room next — Nonday v 4e',
i •
ning•at S o'clock, for the purpose of niiilr'-,
ing preparations for a Olebration . . ' Lel
ladies and gentlemen
.both come out to
the meeting and• there •i 011• be. no need
for extra eointnittees or future Meetingi• 4
the liusing;ss can all be diine at once. ll
have plenty of native Oatcirieal taint
equal to a plain; •ohl-fashioned Inlcie' ;
1 ,
pendence Day. • o : r .
June 19, IS6I. • ,
In the congressional Election in Mtliy:
land, the Union men had: no • formicl4lo
opposition in . three distilets. : In - lhilit•
More, Ilenry May is reported. at 2,'44
maj. over)Yinter. Danis `Both repres4nt
ed as Union -Men; but ay was prefer4ed .
by the +S. eceSsiutais' ts.• 'Pieston,'Seuesston
ist, reported 'elected: in itlio. other 1341ti
more district. :- - -• ' - . i
The Presidebt's )4ssitge to•Cong,rk,
now soon to meet, is approaching cilM
pletion. It will take strong ground in
favor of the most 'energetic '•ineasuresi in
order that the war ma:y Ihe.concludedihy
the *next Winter. Ilalf a millkm men,
and two hundred . MillicPs of money' M arc
of as likey to raised,. i
LtCy. The following is a certified copy
of -" Ain Oct Supplementary to an Act
to Consolidate, revin and amend the Pe
nal 1 - iris of Pennsylvania," and;read by
,fittige White in his charge, to tlie Jury'
at the latelsession of Court -
8E01 . .1 . 6 xl. Be it enacteq* the,;;S:tin •
ate iiiiltiiil:O/ise of Rrpresentir tires of the
Comni9nicOlth of l'ennsylcattia in, Gen
eral AsseMbly met, and, it is hereby en•
a ct e d by 14 authurity,qf the same; That
; if any rerien - or persons ,belonging to or
residing Within this State, and under-the
protection bf ; ,j,ts shall takea'_cern
mission or:couituissiona from any person,'.
State or States, or other / the enemies of
his Sate; or of the' United States of ;
America, Or who shall levy war against;
this State; or GoVernment thereo — f, or;
11:nowing4 , ;and willin ly shall aid or as.
asst any enemies is open war against this]
State or tile:United States, by, oinine•
their armies, or by enlisting, or 'ordeal ing,
orpciritualingctliers to enlist for - that pur
pose, or by; furnishing such enemies with I
arms or animunition,py any other articles;
for theh. aid and comfort, er by Carrying
on a traitorous edrrespondence with them',
or shall form:, oribe wise concerned
in forming - any 1 combination or plot or
conspiracy,; for betraying this State or the
'United Stales of Awerica into the hands'
or powerj.of any foreigu • enemy, or any
Organized Or pretended government en
gaged in resisting the !laws of the United
'States, or shall give Or send any:intelli
gence to the enemies of this State oref
the United States of America, or shall,
with intent to. oppose,:prevent or subvert
the government of this State or Of the!
United States; endeavor to pers - uwle any
;person or Persons frone entering the ser-
I vice of 'this State or of the United States,
'or from joinine. a any volunteer company!
;or association of this. State about beingl
mustered into service' or shall use any I
thr, - ..ats or Persuasions 'or offer any bribe,
or hold s -out ; anv hope of reward, with like!
!intent to ititluc - e, any person or persons to!
abandon said i 'service, ;or withdraw, ftotn
lany volunteer company or as, - ;?ciatiion
/ ready organized under tlie.laws Ibis I
1 Commonwealth, for that purpose ; every
person so'offentling and being legally con
victed thereof, shall be guilty of a high;
misdemeaner, and shall be sentenced to
'undergo solitary impriSonment in the pen- ;
itentiary, at hard labor for a term not ex
ceeding ten years,' and ' be fined in.a sum
not 'exceeding five thousand dollars • or
j both, at the discretion' of the court : h•o- I
Ividid, That this act 'shall not 'prohibit 1
any citizen from taking or receiving civil
Icommissione for the acknowledgment of
deeds and other instruments of writing..
SgcTioN 2. That if any person or per
sons within LliiS Commonwealth, shalisell,l
build, furnish, construct, alter or. fit out,l
or shall aid 'or assist in, selling, building,
constructing, altering, or fitting out any
vessel or vessels, for the purpose of matt
ing war er privateering, or other purpose,
to be used in the serVia of any person
or parties whatever, to make war on the
United States of America; or to resist by
; force or otherwise, thq execution of the
I laws of /the ;United States ; . such person!
or persons shall be guilty of a misde
meant, and 'on conviction thereof shall
be sentenced to undergo solitary impris
onment, in the. penitentiary, at hard la
' bur,. not exceeding ten years, and be fined
in a sum not exceeding ten thousand d,o1 ;
tars, or both, at:the diseretiun of the court.
SECTION That every person hold
ing a commission as an officer in the red=
unteer or militia forces of this Common
wealth, shall within thirty days 'after the
passage of this aet, be required• to' take
the oath of allegiance to the St.ite and to
this Uuited States; end in'ease any per.
sou holding sack cominissiou, Shall refuse
to take such. oath, the Governor shall
have authority to revoke and annul' the
commission, of such person, and supply
his pile(' by appointment, until the va
cancy thus • created shall be supplied,
provided for vacancies in other cases by
existing . laws of this Commonwealth ; the
said oath of, allegiance shall be adminis
tered by the Autant'General; or any
Judge of the' Court of' Common Meas.!
and may ke:transmitted to 'the several
b'rigadeinspeetors-of this Commonwealth,
who sliall in turn .administer the same to
the officers 'embraced wit hin Abe bounds)
of their respectiv6 brigafles. • I
SECTION 4. 'No civil procees shall
sue, or- be enforced against any person!
mustered into the service of this State - or
of the United States, durin g the term fur
which he shall be engaged in. such-ser
vice; nor-until thirty - days after :he
have been discharged therefrom : Pro:
sided,. That the operation of all ktautes
of limitations shell be suspended upon all
claims against such persona during such
term. - . .
- A ?prayed, !be 18th day of April, 1861
Philadelphia (,the old City . ) elects a
Member of Congress on the 2nd of July,
to take' the place , of Edward J. Mcrris,
who has resigned.. The names of many
good many mpu are suggested in connec
tion with the *post. \Ve beg leave to add
that of ILENn.Y-C: CAttEY to the. list.
A desperate effort is to be made to
break, down the new tariff, and Pennsyl
vania should' send her strongest men to
to resist ir. Need We-say that,lieury
Carey is -oue of them: --Tribune. .
. .
A, propeller which, with:a detatchnipt
from the Oth•Reeituent, wen': from Anal).
olis the other day with stores for Wash
ingtOn, was' while returnieg, fired into on
the POtotnae;•bY rebel batteries.. Several
shots were fired,- none of which-t-e9i&ffeet ,
The attao was promptly, and probably
effeetively- ' retnrned; reeult not
-- •
. . •
• • :
Extremes Daillgii' iiinp: ..
1 --
The American Pea . * Scietir . ..;eccritly
hold its thirty-third Attneual.incetitig in
Pork Street- , ehuin4: &skin i-liion,-• : .A.
Whiffet in the .chair.^,'-‘ -, - .I( 1 '......._.........
....-:- 'llic•Directors , . shy that . 010) , itaud'in
an unexpected position—face 01/1
rebellion i They are ailted43i4t• ceirsn'
should be[ pursued ? :--The Justver. is,
" Under the peace system stich evils'
could never have oceurred.' They would
have every peace -man stand by!the Gov
crnwent,. ib every way corfststnnt with his
peace principle's A series 'of resOlutiolis
Avere_thenlpiesented, of iviach'ilic follow
ing is the sub3.tanee: -. , I < • -
• - That the couise of affairs, in ,Europe
'end America shows how necessary it is
thalthe SOciety should tnal,:iii reamed es,
lertions; that the rebellion ;4 tliis country
and the attempt to suppresS if . , calls furl
the' Society's most earnest atteutiou; that I
had the principles of the :Peape : Society I
been heeded, much. of
. this silistraction
might have been. prevented ; - f
. that the]
adoption of th . e,war policy Will 4ntail upon
us 'evils berodd . 'mortal imanimition; that
more confiilence than ever is held in peace
principles, that until suelf principles are
'adopted tberci can be no ;sect that
true peace principles ate euro to *ale
the existing difficulties. :•. ' 1 ~ ' ' '
- The'abdve is the milli-and-Water post.
tion of the American Peace Society—s
societY•that has :dwarf - .taken the ultra
ground tlia all war is iri,tiful; and that .
• has requir. cl its mcinbers.t.o„ - phidge them-j
selves not ; o bear . arms in ans tver " for
whatever 1p •pose;' declarddi: waged Or
'iri - aintiiined.'! .the time has t) . oree when
' the Society must either • tibißdon its arti
cles of faith, or the GovernMent which
has protected it. It does tlie.'ltitter. I Its
language is "Every peace an should
'd by the Qovernment in ' , every way
consistent !with lis.pcae,c i prig ciPles."--
These arq that all war, for whatever pur-i
pose, is sinful; hence, trip:Present war fur
the defencle of the Goverunien6: is: sinful;
consequently no peace Man is. idle - Ted to
stand by the
,Govermucutl Without aban
doning .the Society. ' , 1
If the patriotic sense lof'putliC scnti . , l
ment detests an avowed neutrality,. what
ought to be the feelino-'4abhorrence tod
ward a society claintinz the principles oil
peace as its basis, and yet wouhi„ quietly I
acquiesce in the foul plot's' and 13.'cids of!
treason, surrender 'the . - Pi decalovern-
went to traitors, and -ye - Cstolictly regret'
that the principles it advecates leould not
have been heeded ! ' ' ~ : .E
News Items from OitAer Cioucagles
NORTII6IBERLAND.-411e milpia start-,
ed for Ikarrisburg; on last.,:atiitiday.— . —
TheY are making extensivei4arations
fur the celebration of the etiming;Fourth.
—The weather is warm', and The crops
are &big, Farmershave izr'erit' hopes
for, large And good crop.s.--• Sha
mokin Register appears tinder the control
of DANIEL I.3olvEz, formerly of the Will
iaruspciA Daily ':Times: l attend
you'Dait:f—Tlie' Milton land •is to pir
uish. musk forthe 4th Itecitnent'. •
. IP
UNtos.—G..lde_Megarty, aged 24,
was drowned in the ricer near Mundy
, Dam, on the 11th inst. His body was
taken to Lewisburg for bu i rial.----There
were'hut four graduates from the l'em+
Departmentof Union Seminary. F - - Dies:
Hayes, of Lewisburg has been appeinte
Register in the SurveyOr"eofEuie in Phi).
I adelphia—Chas. M., Hall, Igif LcwiA
burg, has been appoitited Deputy Survek
I or of the Port "cf Phitadelphiaj
M'Coy 14s orgaik
ized a Mile Company inTarmell.'s
The ladieS have presented the Con - Tani
with a flag.--There ; Was al - tneetink
held at the Court Houselin Smethporl
for the purpose of raisinftaMilitary CoMi-
pang.—Court' there next wee k
'LITOMING.—A lad named gayer had
his fingers cut off in a sawmill near
iamsport.----A . man named' W. Count
sefof Bush Creek, was accidentally sb
by his brotherginlaw Janies:Claik, trhil
outhunting.--Severah etternids• have
. beeri.made to fire the 'house of .or. Lyonil
iu illitunsport, and a younglgirlihas beeti,
arrested on suspicion. --:—The
pert Legion has been accepted anti started
for Harrisburg.
LUZEllNE.—Entbusinstic Union Flea.
meetings throughout the count i y. : -:-.
special election for - metnber' of Pongres
(in place of Scranton, dec'd,) onoe 22nd
day of Jtine—Keichem i 3 spok6 of as a
candidate:--There haslJeCit damaging
frOsts in the county during the past wee
'ln the, hee t aug Conventiorf yeste
from the Basins CO4
'thittee, reported an: ordioance ivacatinz
the seats 'of all State officers v?lb.3 are now
in rebellio9 against the Vial States,
providing for a' Prorisiorial GkVerninent,
and for the 'election of offiecrsi,. This or
dinance was made the 'special - Order for
Wednesday, icslebate,took plape on the
policy of dividing the State,. - against
which,Mr. Carlile took *rongiground.
I,oursvlLLE, Jnne' 14, 1861.
The. Courier says thelmajoitty against
separation in East Tennessee ip estimated
at from 1n 000 to 72 tioo.
-F_-_-7 - __ 1 ,
:ibunst of Sal a rday.
1 , , , , oe .„
oroN, 'tl one ito .i.p . y.t.."-i-;- ,
, I pnt his rewired - aisi);!t 411-
that Atrpet'4 .Yerry 43
esacuated."4.thl thq trogPs
Fienz the 1!
1. WAsti,i:
T, he Governs
es which state
to Earias4iii 4441
but[others relyi
zieri of the Hari
tliai they will: 'd
the rniare mffro
y that at n11:0
31a0assas in nn
aetiye, operation:
the' s truo state 61
The retreat:
fers? 'the itnin l ol
to 31 - anassas
els 'Will inak
. •
our lines berei
live, or will is
and!await attael
er (iur eolurn4,
the et
ontittanked and
at a disadvania
enable. Beaure'v
tnoralized;as Lit
are juuons on
Bu e9tisiderin
'point:Arc oit:tl:uipreli
nct ieedo kit.4ck upe'n
vet , ;hi epaibioPti Jorco,
uuetiog the - Tad condi
ees I? . erry ic14,31i believie
ispersc in - ti cure
Winchester to( St,rashurg.
cuts 'they will! Arrive At
f condition to ecinitrictice
_Vie last iis Prubably
t 'ease.
• I i ' '
oth . Harper's li'ertv,tranS
, 'ate' centre of t oPerations
etidn! 'Whether (lib 'Rel
it desperate assault upcin
s soino_ still, !een-,i to bh
.treligt hen „thnir i pOsititin
at the Jtutotion 4 wilali.:
4al';:q Unto asifyabeefroin
orth,,uirtitftL Rebels a 0
forced 'to reire4 c or fight
re, - or.will viiiit awhile to
'rd's force to bpoonie de
rse at the ferry? hate beep, ,
whielt nien may (iiffq
the carcityi of food and.l
pffeetiwn, we eat t
.ebels . will soon feel oblig
,n actiton or retreat. We
ely to utoye !until thol.-
think: that ~ tha
ed brimi ot - 61
'shaft- not be .hl>
oug readYSl I
The" report
Feri ; s'is-not,lo
by military Me
that 1 large Ito
bave btien,
con4ttlerable lr
Thal Governmett
s'av that
Lett to. day.
G i en. Setitt:t
night in the 'et''
evacuation of :I.Tarpers
e'veC, altog ether, ereditCd
. ?lave dout,tei
ion of the force,s theie
rawa, but think that, a I
ison tie place.
t h;:s dispatekeg
stith some I d0...4t of tlie
1 , .
rapresed his belief las.t
,(:.uattiffi. : :
liatiOn man fee
the Southern ie
June • 12, 180-4
9 V fleeing
In oil terror, who. fir!irPt.l
in tllia city thi4
Test hecouut
,Liorniiig. gives the g-iotim
ttgairs to the 01(11)6-
,samn.ol). 1 • 1
Ile left Lye liluirg on the 7th, his
:plan'tatiMi beixi , time wiles' east! of that
, , ,
place.. Lyucliii rg was couipicity sur
f rounded by oath is, and looked like a place
besiegeil...Tlie e is the caen of instruct,
tion.'„, Among: he ranks are to be seen
bearqless buys side by side with the'graY
headed. As a amberal . thing they. were'
welll 4a . equippc ,- id priivisions were plenty.
It is true the la ter command exhorbiMet
pricesims for iii tance, beef 20 cents pc.r,
pound, barn :',15 cent's, flour! 81.9 to :32.51
per barrel—otlir articles in, proportioii• I
In ekryilireetinn the! planters wcre:inu*
disconraged at ; te ruin before them.
On' ? inforMa l t pssed within',' fifteen
miles of !".I.lanassls Jupctiou, and says that
therewere ati nit rm.nt not, more than .
15,00 trooPs,, - ho'tiaily expected ap al.-_ - _,
tack by, t lie 1.74.1 ertil - foices. -. C en. I.l..aur i
re , mid was teliave taken tire cdminand
there,: but it,:ir l as thought .he would be t
sent;toorfoldr l .: and Gen. Lane' left in'.
charge. The,:lfirginians hav i e every con
fide rice iu thnniiiitary skill and juilguiept
of fl)elatter o.T!cer, Hut Jeff. ;Davi:s e m - 114-,
eneec:Uhy tlie;:,qputh !Carolinians, prefers
Beauregard. Jan. B. was tolissuc a proe
laniatipu;to : Ord troops on 3londay lait.
l i
He had givep!,i as his advice toeVaeuate
Ilanr's Ferry and hold the Junction
The TeLinforcedtut Would enable them tb
with4arld any;, ttackl the ilunders mi g ht
: i,
There were( about,' l l l ooo men at Lues!-
Passinti through Fredericic,•.Mdl,
he 4ned the ]Secession clement; to his
surprise quite strong, as it Was curreatlY
reported in V.,iyginia. i that Maryland 641
beencomnletel4 Abolltionlzed.
'.l%.lany -ilielWealthiest planter.; of the
Old 'Pominion:dre.antiously awaiting the
apPrOch of the! Federal troops, that, they
wa repew their allegiance .to the Go.i
ernucient . of their fathers; As it is
.:suelta . shouglitlexpresSod .. would be their
,deth seutenee.i . - Ail who eau, have left
Orr the North, vet_ verk Many are coin pcbt
ed Ithrough necessity' to remain their
prpperty to tPravent mniiscatiou
which, isiteing.parried,,out l in
erous ustanqes )there, the:owners 'of
I .
prop e rty ; to turgid . ' conscription, have fled
the State,
.• .
the.Secietary of the TreasurV has tel ,
elraphed to I.l.4rrisberg that the Federal
Gevernmht is ready to pay, the troops
mustered into the service of the country.
,is able to pay her otu
troops, and will do so if the Administra
tion] will Meta,l the pay,masters.
Gcivarpor is wciling• to•second any e.ifcirt
onObq part ofithe Federal Goveranient
for this purr 01!,.... Not a single -State has
thnsifar been tilble,topay, or at.least, has
not paid, her .;lit t 'oltiiitccirs. At any tine
IPeprisylvinia . Ould.r. have liqUidated this
indebtedness. sand ail she now asks is far
,th 4 Proper authority and legal officers : to
make the payrtient., •
Cuitinlhas appointed H. D. Mat
well,lof Easton,l - Pay master-Gen - dal of this
State; Mr. Ml 'is one of • the most truSt
wcirthy men ini . this Commonwealth, and
4ppoi.utardit will be a deservedlyfiSdp
ular one. - .1 • ' • j• •
From MisS.uri we 'darn that 2,000
State (Rebel) troops Ure tt Boonville,
that ;others ai arriving., and that they axe
preparing for' determined reSistance• A.
rawer of-a skirmish at IndePendene , r in
whicili the National forces were defeated
prevailed:at-St. Louis, but as the tele
graph was in: the hands of the Seeesaion
is4,: authentic _information , ennuot be
aniuM. • IJ .
1' ' . • _
4:,o1. Anderson is to be
The Government proposes
a iub:trarine telegraph be,
LOOkout and Fortress 3lonr•
frielzs, of Diarylo:tadi
Callid - on by the. Leaislatur
thcal with copies of all pa
clearly his relatiCus with the
erument,lie replies in.a sh
stating that he has already s
ail necessary'docApleatsi and
is in Oe. , natut:e uf an-insult
A strange. , and unfortuna 6 . - affair oc
curred at' Si. Louis vesterd y. A regi-
I .
meat of troops' was passing throogh the.
city, When One company s denly fired
nt the windows of,a. court- in, killin g
fourMeo and wounding two thers. The
cause of the firing is u not
,cle r. One no':
cOnnt.says.thet :Cabot was fi - ed from the
Court-ro An upon the troop; ut tit he truth
is not known. _
I: .f• •
. The preparations for an i•ance upon
Richmond seem to be goin,,"ein steadily.
The concentration of troops r ! and about
' Washitlgton,continues, and nr,rny ofTicers
are confident- that the grand'omovernent
of the campaign Will be made within
fortnight. There. are said to,ibe not more
' than 4,500 rebel troops at Richmond, and
2 9 ,0.06. at Manassas 'Jiin t etiO The rear
• •
guard from llarper's Ferry i had reached
Winchester. A-number of.the 'retreating
I •
r,th;ils arc said to be at Fairfax Court- -
tiousevhere rciinforcerue l n s from Ma
nassas Junction Note arrived, prepared.
to make a stand. They feared 'to retreat'
further lest all their Men, should desert.
l'trap has been.set italic moods between .
Failfax Court ITouse and Alexandria,
according to infortnation furnished. to the
Gov'ernnieut. , It appearS' that a number
of sinall.batteries haye been concealed
the purpose of the i.'Obels to make -- a
feigned tack, upon Alexandria, draw out
the N.itional troops, lead them into an
ambush, and there :El :ugh' ej., them.
.001. Stone is in .Posse
reeedily evacuated b,
Gen, Patterson u moving with his col-
: of 2:2,060 men to Washington. It
is thought more probable than ever that
the .11ebels Will continue to retreat; and.
indeed, we have a rumor that they have
really ,fled froM :Leesburg. After Patter
;son ireacheS the.. Capitol there rill be not
loss. than .75;600 National troops, and if.
I 'en. Mcdlellan, with his force. also comes
t Washington, we shall have 100,000.
She plain -policy x of
. the Government is to
•-coneentrate there a great army, probably
fdr:anadvancer on riichniond. It is said
j that the relielS at Manassas Junction num
ber.2s,ooo, iiteluding the_
llarper's Ferry
body,- the last of whom have left that
I place. - AV - Richmond, as the same au
thority':states, there are 40,000: They
are 'represented as Tieing tolerably well
armed, but Inidly Clad, provisioned and
drilled, and as mdcli dissatisfied • with the
' appearance of things. jeff. Davis is at
ltichniond, Personally superintending the
operations of his army.
Last'evepipg it was known at—
ingtOtt that a- forward : Movement of our
' pickets was niaffe on the Virginia side of
the river,-but toward what point and for
What purpose ont correspondent was'not
at liberty' to - ,,state.., , It appears, however,
that the rnovemeritlwas important.
A slight -skirmish occurred yesterday
at Seneca Mills, a point on the Maryland
side - of the Potomac, above Wailtiugton.
200', of:. the District, volunteers, under.
Lieut.-Col. Everett, Were 4itaekedfty :
company of-Virginia cavalry. Shotirwere
`exelianged fc r souielime. No one of our
men was hurt; but the commander of the
cavalry, supposed' to be a Capt. Shroves,
was killed, atid,tlie rebels retreated.
' 'From FortreiS Monroe we. learn - .that
preparations are-,Making,. - for an advance
onitielimend ;-bOt - no particulars amount!
municated.;- , •
• Ter ty ti es atii repTesetited lir the
Union Convention now in'. see
situ at Wheelinc , • - I •
Loss of the Ste. ever Canadian.
. ST. J.ortN's, N.. F., June 11..
The - Montreal -` Steamship Comf4xil t 's
screw-steam-ship Canadian, Captain 'Gra
ham, which sailed from Quebec on Sat
-urday morning, June . 1, for Londonderiy
and Liverpool, struck on a field of sunk
en ice, eight miles south• of - Belles!lsle fr .
on' the
,4th inst Wand Sunk in thirty-five ,
minutes: . •
One hundred and eighty-Onb 'perSonav
were Eared in boats:, anci - 2 1anded . 'ioli -
Bauld, from whiclilhny were brought in
to:this port, - this 'morning, by a :French:
barh. • . .
Fronitwctity - to thirty 'lives were lost,.
including six cabin, passetwers, but as
the Fit i p t .q. papers went downin the sink--
log ship.' it is itnpos • to tell the'exact
number,drown . . . •
A. portion• of ,the mails Were saved.
Amting thog drowned were the .offi--
.eer and th second officer of the tteemer.
Canadian struck the ice liin / der her
foremast, and her three !compartments
were all broken:in ar„once, whereupon
she filled rapidly and — soon went dowp.
The lee field did not attract nittoit'aften
tion when :first diScoVered, is it looked
small and was scarcely abOTe water. The
.steamer Was'going -at .slow:speed qt . the
iii»e she strucif ' .
duinted a
to establish
Ween Cape
having been
to furnish
' rs shorting
.enerai Crv.
rrp MCSSage,
nt copies of
hat this call
on of Leesburg.,
the Rebels.