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Is the paper published in Potter county,
circulates among an inielligent' class of peo
ple, and is thus an Pscellent mediuth few both
City and Country Advertising.
Transient Advertisements and• those from a
distance must ho Cash or tiave responsible re
.. •
All communications, to receive attention,
must be direeted tokho Editor, and contain
the name of the wfiter. No attention paid to
anonymous communications. ,
TEPIS.--70ne copy,one year, $1; Six: copies
$Ei ; Twelve copies, $10 . ; Twenty copies, $lB,
with one tc the person raising the Club. The
money must accompany the names.
tpudaoll., Thursday.tturrAng, Juno 13, IS6I
. ,a—Subseribers who desire tiering the
paper left at their .homeo in the Village
will 'please inform us daring the Weolc7
go , -Sharpshooters , see tato notwo •of
Lieut..Weich. Yon' will there havO
chance to test your at;a"lon' , v shOt."
ta2.lVe hear they are organizing a new
Idilitary„ Company at Hebron, in this
'county. At last accounts they numbered
iover thirty men.
rr There• will be a Concert given in
'the M. E. Church on Friday evening, by
-Miss KATE DEAR, the celebrated Amer
loan Frhon. 'Yonne. She comes . , well,re
'eouithended by the press.
.Our yoang friend .E. N STEBIiINS
has been appointed - Paymaster in the
Navy—a life office—by, President Lin
coln. We congratulate him upon this
well-deserved promotion, and hope . thatin
the nevOmme to which he', bas gone he
may find friendS as trueaS those he left
Vir:iVe publish, the Cards - . from the
Harrisburg paper and another Communi;
cation in regard to the difficulties of the
County Volunteers. The stories conflict
and•the trouble gets very little Clearer by
this frequent re-telling; in the future we
shall srofuse to Publishanything in relatiori
to it that is not decisive and
.ity of some responsible eiflcer; 113oth have
had a fair hearing , and to pursticit fur
-ther. can not help either party but will
only serve to engender bitter-feeling.
j2EO•At the last t initual Meetind of the Ag
. riculthral Society, held at the Court louse,
the flillowing, list of Officers were elected for
'the -.ensuing year t • ;
'Preiiidmit—JNo: M. K.v...nonx.
. Vice Presidents—S. ,M. Mills of arc,; any,
ba‘iid. Conn-4 of Abbott, laaac P. Howe of
Jlinghais, W. a. Gord4r of Coudersport,.Sala
Steven of CliarE; Seth-Tag;art of Eulalia, G.
W. Hackett of Genesee; iTauab Bartle of Harri
'sun, Edwin Thatcher oflifomer, Cyrua Sunder
lin of 'llector, W. 14. 11 Zorn of Ilebron, Jere
miah:Baker of Jaeksoniljason,Lewis of Keat
ing, Jerome. Chcsbro of )sway, J. Q. 'Merrick.
Rolierts tif Pleasant Ar,alley,dl.
F. Siier ofruitage, SolLa Lyman, Sen. of . lton-•
iette, Leroy Crittendeniof Stewardson, Edwin
of Sweden , Sweden , Rol t: R. Young of
nit, 0. C. Warner of Saaron. Duiek Whipple
'of Ulysses, Daniel 8eM716,y of Wharton, Eras
tus Cripped of West Pqatich.
Committee—G. B. Ovortol S. Foss, D. P.
Glasemire, Almeron Nelson, Jultunacigart.
Treastirer=P.. 110Y.1..
Iteeordin"g Secretary-S. D. rrllr.
Corresponding Becrefarc—JAo.Nl:: liamiltou
The Board bf Matmgers •will meet, atNYie.
new COurt House, on Monday the 17th of Jun
MOTHERS, READ Tm.s.L.The following is an
extract from a letter written 13y t i e pastor of
a Baptist Church to the ." Journal and Mes
senger," Cincinnati, Ohio, cud speaks volumes
in favor of _that world-renowned inedic i ine—
Mits. i ‘Vt:zsr.ow's.Soorztrin Svaur FOR CHIL
DREN' TsEntrNr:::..
" We see an advertisement in your eoltfnins
of Mrs..3Vinslow's Soothing. Syrup. icb NV . we
never scid,a word in favor of.a patent.medi
eine before in our life,j but we feel compdlleci
to sai to y ! olyi.readers,l-that this is no_humbug
wn "rearm IT, .'Ni) liNoW IT TO I.IE ate IT
crews. It is, probaldy,!one of the most suc
cessful medicimls of ttie day, because it 13 one
of the best. And thOse of your.readers who
have babies can't do etter than, to lay in a
'WHEREAS, IcitM* of administration on
V the estate of RU 'US TflOMPSON,dec:d,'
late of Jackson Tp.; Pottei .Go. have been ,
.granted"to the subscriber in . due form of law,
notice is hereby givcri to nil persons knowing
themselves indebted to', said estate, to make
imtnediate payment; itna those haVingclaims
will present them duly authenticated for .set
February 25, 130 . 1.6 w
Notice to sharpshoOdes •
CTIVE able bodied Young Men, between .
.V 1 '2l, and 30 years cif age, tif - 5 feet 10 inches
'Jr over in height,' are ' wanted, in Rantiey's
ItegimAt of Light Infantry, to serve for the
Avar as Sgrts for thel Ahoy, on the advance
or flank of the march. The best of marksmen
And woodsmen arc wanted: Here is a chance
:Tor hunters. The wea - i on used will he .the
latest improted. rifle in k the service.- '
It being intended to employ this command
in the advance or outposts ofthe army,where
. great exposure add Much fati,gite will be en
countered, and constant activity and rig - II:Ince
in the, field 'will be required, only picked men
att'be taken, and therefore the regithent will
form a distinct corpi oC area of the service in
itself, in which the perils and hardships .ofi
the campaign will be!.reWarded by any spe-
Mat favors,
such ,as promotion fromMeranks,
the careful vigilance•lof experienced senitir
officers in providing for.their healtlfand cont
. fort, with extra!: pay Ohen engaged - et work
, ing parties., Men et4istinm.:Will )41 soon as
I possible be ,sent on to, head-quartprs at New
York city. .
k will be at the follo*ing places at the times
set opposite for purposes of enlistment
S.methpork—Saturday, June 15th.
Port Allegany—Monday, " 17th.
Coudersport—Tue'sday, " 18th.
la* in Rams4y's Regiment Light Ttrant#:
,TVOTICE is hereby . given, that tllse follow- i
-13 lag accounts have been exlinctined and
passed by me, and .
tiled n• the Pr)-
thonotary's Office-of Pditer ourtty„ for the
Inspection of beirs;,legatees, ex/Alums, and
all others in any- way intereited ,a.n.n.'d will be
presented to the next Orpbares•thiurt of said
county, at the COurt House in the Bordugh of
'tlauderSmort, -on Tunday, the h:l3th day of
.4isne, A. D.,.18d1, for confirm:lln and allow
Account of .ISrm.. T. Leach, mirainistrator
tof the estate wf Ifiram Leack, /ado of Irectar
'township, deceaslaL ,
... . . .
• Account, of It. W.: Benton and Ail:dine S.
Hoge, , administrators of the eltate of Eri
Hower, 111te of s ., -illegeny township deceased.
', DAN BAKER!, Register.
Comiersikirt,.May,l4, 1831.- I
. _ sirEfugrs . b-Ahh.
0. Y YIR.TUB of sUnLiry wefts cif Veuditioni
11.1 1 11xpotias, Fieri Facies and Bevan Facias
issued out of the Court of ConimonlElcUs of Pot
ter County, Pcnniylcaiiia, and to tpe directed, I'
shall cxpose to public rule or"ouleryi at the Court
•House in Coudersport, on MONDAIY,,the 17th
day of June 1861, al 10 o'clock, 1
I : 7ft:, the fo-t-
lot:Yinydescribed real est.,te, to wit
: 1 -
' All that certain:tract of real eistate situate
it - a - lector AdvenshipzPotter county, Pti., bound
ed and described as itaoNl - 3, to it:w on the
north by lot No. 63.ancl lands of I the,Bitigham •
estate, cast by the Binodiam°.e.3tfite, south by
lot No. 80 and lands of, the Bingham estate,i
and west by lauds of the Bingham estqte, con--
taining about fifty acres r about twenty-five
acres of which are improved, with on frame
house one frame -barn and some fruit trees
thereon. Seized, - tak•id in • dentition and to
be sold as the property orMaritle .4.100rr1.
ALSO—AII that'nertitin tract DT real estate,
situate in Allegany township, P,itt':tr county,
Pa., bounded on, the north by 141ds Of David
Raymond, on the east by lands kif J. J. II .; ,v 1
mond, south by lands ,of ] Geore A. Benton
and West by lands of George .C. Benton, eon-'
laintag• sixty acre=, about filt,en acres of
Iwiti,eh are improved, on which 43 erected one
frame house. Seized, takeo. in Ocecution and
Ito be sold as the property of D. L. Pintail.
ALSO—AII that certain tract I t of real estate'
situate in'Genesee township, Patter county,
'Pa., hounded nortin by lands of D.W.llicknot
and lot No. 138 Bingham Tp ~fast by lands
of the estate of Satin 11. Fox, south by lot No.
83, Bingham townShip,•and lot (Nn. 49, Gen
esee township, and 'west by lot N0..106, con
: taiding one hundred and tivonty•l2.••ix acres and
six-teutho add' an lallbwituce, ic., being lot
No. 50 of the allottannt of landlof S. :11. Fox,
' in Genesee fo,iviiship, of whichsi l ixty acres . are
improved and nine acres nu whiph are erected
one frame house,:one grist mill ;kid one board
stable. Seized, taken in estecu4uu and to be
sold as the property of G. W. iLicket. and Elj
nate llucket. • ,
ALSO—AII that certain tractiot real estate
vie : A certain plena or parcel or land situate
in Sharon towhshiP r Potter countv, Pa.,bo nail
ed. and described, as follows, [icing part of
warrant No. 21.73 ;. beginning aq a beach cor
ner in the north linti•of said wariantill6, l per
ches west of the N. E. curlier ofpaid warrant,
thence soutli.o.long the line of land lately in
iiiossession of Thos. J.'ur,lio, titanic farther
ip ß
south across 'the U3l ayo erccli in all 207.4
perches to a post c•iiner, thence clist 51 perches
to a post corner in -the. line of! the warralkt,
thence north crossing the Oswayo creek 2 )7.-
4-10_ perches to a post corner is the line of
the v::arrant, thence by said warra at line west'
54 perches to the Place of begitinrof which
:tbotit thirty-five acres are impr veil, wills one
frame house, one frame burn ; onP shingle mill,.
ither out buildiags an orchard bf apPle trees
and, some frifit trees thereon. tie;zetl, taken
in execnticri and to - be sold as the property 0.
Thomas IL Don e /1: , ' .1
A certain lot of land in laarristn:Jp., Potter
Co.,ya., bounded I ,and de - serial' as fOHOW:i.
viz i: boginning at a certain postiat the south
west corner of a kit su.vercd for:Seth Graves
thence east 161 3 , rods, thence I south 4 rods
to a post, thence Oast 33 rods aid 7-ipths to
a post, thence ,s.o•ath SO rods to a post, thence
wesr2o4 rodsi to , a beach Iran, !thence north
84 rods to a post, the place of b4ginuing, con
taining 100 acres, iiirtre or less, dud being part
(Awn:rant No. 1100, about 50 iticres of which
arc improved, with one frame hopse, one framebarb,
barn, and other out-buildings, haul an apple
ore!tarli thereo ;Seized, Caked in execution
and I to be sold Ss the propertyqr. E.12..4,:,tii,
. • ' 1 NV:+i F. BURT, Sheriit
Coudersport, HaV 27, 18.31.
- • GOODS, AA n
T t ,
tcz ryl 's\lps
p Lap PZ
THE F 01 3 rtiliTuit I!AS
,TustßoothvOd from New York
• • THE •
Largest and L Best
Stock of GoodB
P 0 T TE
Tile assortment cousis~s oP
. and Caps,
Boots 4- Sle,oes,
I. am deteriiii;el4tos — eic lic;ckails low ns'l
they can be - p rchascd in Wellsville. Hay-
1 ing purchased or. pash,' no rents iir interest
to pay, luid sellpig s alarge iinaouitt fo'r IiEADY
PAY, I mit enOlecl tol - 34carip Oe Usual
Proills Ivithln3Y. caitomers. i
.1 , .
: Having made :arrangements With some of
'the best houses inJlic city,goolls will be
iipinD fo Nc, ibee r iiiili
ennahUng me conS,tantly to offei the LATEST
kept on hand for sale. Pedlari supplied on
reasonable terms. - I
A'Y'En 9 S
And- for the speedy cnro of the folliming complaints:
ScrOftilia, and Scrofulous Atfectlores,attehl
as; Tumors, Ulcers, Sores, Eruptions,
PLusisles, . Passttales, Blotches, Boni,
' Brains, and. all Skin Diseases.
—• .
. OAKLAND, Ind., 6th June, ISM
.I. C. Arch .t ,Gente: I' feel it my duty to ac
knowledge what your Earsaparilla has done fur
.11avIng inherited a Scrofulous infection. I have softens] I
from it in various ways for yours: Soinetimes It burst
- out in Ulcers on. my halals and arms; sometimes it.
turned inward and distresied meat the stomach. Tejo
years', ego it broke Put on my !lead and covered my scalp
and ears with one-sore, which Was Fulani and loathsome
beyond description. I tried many medicines and severe]
physicians, but without much relief from any thing. In
fact, the disorder grew worse. At length I 'was rejoiced,
to read in the (in...pel Messenger that , mitiaid prepared'
an alterative (Sarsaparilla), Mr I knew "'from your repute=
thou that any thing. you nuale must be good. I sent to- 1
Cincinnati and got it, and used it till It cured me. I took
It, as' youpulche, in small doses nf a teaspoonful , over a
month, used utmost three bottles. New and healthy
skin ,soon - began to f.ant under the scab, which .after a
. while fell off. 31y skin is now clear, and I know by my
feelings that the diems bas unite from icy system. Yon
can well believe anal Ant I am saying when I tell
you, that I hold you to be one of the apostles of the ago;
and remain ever gratefully. " Yours,'
t. Anthony's Vire, Bose or Zrysipelsub,
Wetter 'amt. Suit Rhetun, Scald Head,
Ringworm, So'rn Eyes, Dropsy.
Dr: Itaberi . M. Weide writes from Salem, N. Y., 12th
Sept., 1950, that L's lia.s cured an inveterate case of
Dropsy, which threatened to terminate fatally, by the
I persevering use'ef our Sarsaparilla, and also a dangerous
Malionant Erysipelas, by large doses of the same; says
he cares the common Eruptions by it constantly.
Bronehocele, Goitre or Swelled Neck,
Zeindon Sloan of Prospect, Texas, writes I "Three bot
tles of your Sarsaparilla cured me from a Cottre —a hid
eons sweUleg 6n the neck, which I'. had buffered from
t)TCT two yeatTa'-'
ietteorrlicen orWhitex, Ovarian Tumor,
Uterine Ulceration, Female Disease*:.
Dr. 3.'11. S. - Cliamilng, of 'New York City. writes;
most, cheerfully comply witli_the request of your agent in
yittg I have found your Sarsaparilla:a must excellent
t tea-Mire in the numerous complaints for which r we
employ inch a remedy, but especially in Female Diseasea
of the Scrofulous diathesis. I have cured many iuveteir-',.
atecitsea of Letworrimea by it, awl some where the com
plaint was caused by ulceration of the uterus. The ulcer+
atiou itself was soon cured. Nothing within nay tio.irl
edge:eittinle. it for these female derangements."
Edward S. Marrow, of Newbury, Ala:, writes, "A don•
gerous ovarian tumor on one of the fernalesin my fanitlyi
whidiflind defied all the remedies we could employ, has
It length been completely cured by your Extract of Ear
tamtrills. Our phyalcian thought nolliing but extirpa
tion could afford relief. but be advised the trial of your
Sarsaparilla as the last resort before cutting, And it
proved effectual. A fter_takingyour rimmily eight weeks
so ayes tom of the disease remains." •
typhills and Mercurial Disease.
New OILLF.ANS, 25th August, ISM
Da T. C. Area: Slr, I -cheerfully comply with the re
peat of your agent, and report to you smiled the elects
I MU.° realized with your Sarseparßia.
I have cured with it, In my pinches, Moat of the corm
plaints for which it is recommended. and have found its .
!Recta truly wonderful in the cure of Pewee , / and Deri
aerial Disease. One of my patients had Syphilitic ulcers
.n his throat, which were consuming his palate and the
top of hie mouth. Your Sarsaparilla, steadily taken,
:ured him in tire weeks. Another leas attacked by sec-
Dndary `symptoms iu 1,11 nose, and the ulderation bad
eaten away a considerable port of it, so that 1 believe the
Jiiiorder vollbl-scon reach his brain and kill Wm. But it
yielded to my administration of your Sarsaparilla; the
ulcers healed, and he is well again, not of ,01111,0 without
tonic disfiguration to tile face. A woman who had been
treated for the, same dieurder by mercury was suffering
from this poison fit her bones. They had bacomeke sen
sitive to the weather that on a damp day she suffered ex
:ruclating pain in her joints and bones. She, too, was
:tired entirely by your Sarsaparilla in a few weeks. I
know from its Connate, which your agent gave me, that
this Preparation from, your laboratory must be it . kreat
remedy; consequently; these .truly reutarkable results
with it bare nut surprised me.
11 - Lawfully yours, 0. T. LARDIER, M. D.
• ,
Rheumatism, Gout, Liver Complaint 4
f:iDEVENDENCE, Preston Co., l'a.;f.flt July, 1559.
Dn: J. C. Avon: Sir; i. have been afflicted with a pain
nil chronic Rheumatism for along time, which baffled the
thildof physicians, and iittick to me in spite of all the,l
retnedieslcould find, until-1 tried your Sarsaparilla. Ono
nettle Cared the in two wedhs, rind restored my general
wealth so !finch that L am far better than before I was'
xttacked. I think it a wonderful medicine. J. FREAM.
Jules Y. Cat-hell, of St. Louis, writes: "I have been:
afilieted yeale with an affection of the Veer, which
destroy t ed tried every thing, and every thing
failed to relieve me; aria I have been a broken-downthan
for some years front no other came than derangement sf.
the Liar. illy beloved pastor, the Rev. Mr.Espy,"advised
me to try your Sarsaparilla, because lie said he knew yen,
and any thing you made was wcith trying. By bless
ing of God it has cored me, and its, so purified uty'blood
rs tolmitke a new man of um. I feel youne . again. The
hest that can hp said of you is not half good enough."
Seitirrus,Cdpeer Tumors, Enlargement,
Ulceration, Caries and Exfoliation of
them ISoarcs.
A great variety of cases have ben reported to us where
cures of these formidable complaints have resulted ft om
the use of this remedy, Lot ow' space here will nut admit
theni. Some of them may be found in our American
Almanac, which the agents below named are pleased to
furnish, gratis to ell who cell for them. .
Ileart Disease, Fits, Epilep
sy, 'Melancholy, Neuralgia.
Many remarkable tires of these affections bnTe been
made by tine alterative powlir of this medicine. It stimm
itites the vital functions into vigorous action, and thus
'..ivercentei dieerd,r:i which %you'd be eupposed beyond its
teach.„ Such a remedy line long been required by the no.
:C9iitiC9 of the people, and we are confident that this trill
to for them all that medicine can do.
flyer's Cherry Pectoral,
Coughs, Colds, In4l - 4 , enzrz lio:Arsebeffity
Croup, Bronchitis,,lndplent Con..
touloption, and Or the Relief -
Consumptive 'Patients
'in advanced Stages
- -
This Is s remedy se 'universally known to surpass any
other for the cute of thrcat and lung .complaints, that it
nsrlesshere to publish the evidence of its ,virtues. Its
unrivalled excellence for coughs and colds, and its truly
wonderful cures of pulmonary disease, have made it
known throughout the civilized nations of The earth.'
Few aro the 'committal ies, or even families among them
who have tot some personal experience ofi its.effects..-
some living trophy in their midst of itavictory over the
subtle and dangeroui disorder. , of the throat and lungs:
As all know the dreadful fatality of these disorder?, and
es they know, too, the effects of this remedy, we steed not
Is more than to assure them that it has now all the vir•
toes that it did have when making the cores which Lave
wets no strongly ~ 3poti the confidence of mankind.
reynotl by Dr. 7.0. AY Lo CO., Lowell, Mass
Bold );,' 0. S. & E. A. Jones, CouderSport ;
Mann &,I:Jichols, Miliport ; N. J. Mills, Coles
burg ; Colvrell & Lyman, Roulet ; A. Copy &
Son; UlY:sses ; A .B. Horton, Cushingville ;
and b • Dealers generally. • •-0
- .
WiIEREAS the Mod . : Robert G. Wh ii . e
Y Y PresideueJudge, and the lions. Joseph
Mann and G. G.•Colv in, Asoeiat3 Judg,es or
the Courts of Dyer .t. Terminer and General
Jail Delivery, Quarter Sessiou3 of the Peace,
Orphans' Court and Court of Common. Pleas
for the County of Potter, have - ; issued their
precept, bearing date the seventh day of
January, in the year of 0u.7 Lord ono thou
sand.eight hundred end sixty-toe, and to me
dirc.etcd,for holdin! , a Court of Dyer and Term
iner amk,,Gcner.Ll Jail Delivery, Qmirter Bes
sions of the Peace ; Orphans' Court! nod Court
of Com Mon Plea , , in the Borough of Couder
sport, on MONDAY, the Vith day of June
next, and to continue one week: - '•
Notice is therefore hereby given'to the Cor
oners, Justices of the Peace and Constables
within the county, that th.ey he then andithere
in their proper persons, at 10 o'clock A. M. of
~a id day, v -,, h their rolls, records, inquisi
• tions, examinations, and oche r remembrances,
I_to dO those thiazs which to their offices ap
pert:llh tube done. And tr t s,pse who are bound
by their • reeiignizances'4O -prosecute against
the prisoners t'mit are or shall be in the jail of
said 'county of Potter, are to be then and there
to-proseote agaiut them as will be just.
Dated at CUM'S:W.:TORT, May. 27, 1861, and 1
f the Slth year of thelndependence of the United
States \of America.
.. • , WI!. F, BURT, Sheriff.
of the' Dlseixse
11 ' 4 - PIIIICE cirtgENT. - ,-, 1
Cbrrected every Wednesday by E. N. 'STF..
'BINS & BRO.. Wholesale -and Itatal
11- 1 Dealers in Groceries and Provisioo,
opposite D. F. Grassmire's Hotel,' l .
1 . Condert3port,lPa. • ~'
Aiiiples, green,' bush:, ;$ 140
Ido dried, " ;1 1 100 2
Bans, " '' : - 100 t 1
Beeswax,ll lb„ •, 1 . - 2 2 0
Beef, st
Berries, dried, 1:1 quar t
Buckwheat,, s 1 bush.,
Either, 11 lb., ts ,
Cheese,4. .• .
Obrn, ‘tl bush.,
COrr Meal, per cwt., ,
Eggs, tl dos , 1 • -
Flour, extra, 1,1 , bbl.
do superfinQ • "
Ilams, `3l lb.,
Hity, 70 tont, ' ; -
Roney, per lbi, ; i • .
Lard; .
ample Sugar, per l ll.i.,
Olits, 11 bush.,
,: •
Onions, . ",„ , ~ -
Park, qll bb-12 - , !
Ido V lb:, . '
Ido, in NthoTh bog, V lb.,
Po a ta c i h o e e s s , dred
, pe i rbl lb .,
, 'p altry, `ll lb.,
e, per bush.,
Slilt, Ifl bbl., -
do 11 sack,
1 Tr9ut, t p; t u b s b li l.,
IVie Fish, `tl i bbl.;
TBlq ,
176 , giSt
cop 1 1 11
- 1 1, pooDs
: s
18 I. I.i
4 .
, •
. s.
• g
. ,
Just ...4.lRpeceit - irt
I '
1 1
1 , And for talk at thn
! , It
‘.\-1.. .
I • , I 1 I
,„... ,
. i 1 • [1
41'11 1
1 1 1 I
L.N9p1.14E OR
.Couderport, Feb. 18
w. c i f
has now. on hand .axid ova
sale, la larger and Vetteil
\Cate and Clauits.; ; tharth:
in this section of.the Co
, His stock of common equalled. Havin i g
to his assortment of
he , liar now on hstil - Plai
ble top Bureaus, Card tab
and Cen i tre'tables; Vruita
Marble top Wash stauds.l
now and beahtiful
Cane Seat, Nahogany, Ba
,Sce 4-. e.
Inflict every thirig,in tI
FURNI___ _
Can be found at his' estalidishmenti, tfaving .
thel)est facilities for manufacturing anepur
chasing big stock for cash,
. , •'' I
/Jo will not; be Underpold, ~
, 1,
Tlioze v.ishing to buy,. will sivre et! least
twenty-fire - e ent, by calling On Wi. H.
Coats. ' I - i. -
t constar
all sizes ke
tonal attendance with he
isep .
4 tV..V'.',-7.lfki",
''',, Atioalkie 7 ' 14 .' 4it
• ' i.\) . .'SkY.Y . '
SO_ „,,,,p i .4VP, ' .
1 ,, No-- •"tr-dr.., ,1. . , ,
.. 1 , ' A SLIPEALATIVt '1 ; i ',,
4,4, 1-1: - I tip'
. . ..., Il
INYlNecie 110111_
~ ..,.i
To the ptr o
i ens of 3eto Term/ arid , e.trisylecatict.
kiptlt°caries:Druggists; Grceers dad '
2 ,
;r' ! 3thvate Par..i4es. 1 ' N
Wolfo'4 P Cognac Brandy. 1 ' I
Welfe's Piro Maderia, Sherry end Ptirt Wine.
Wolfe'] Pi -eZamaine and Bt. Croix Bnin.
Wolfed Pa:e Scotch add Irishlr.elsky.
1 • ii
lve lot call Oa, attention'of the chi
p Unitta States to, the jtbove, WINES
itris, imported. by lidolpbo Wolfe, o'
tt, whose dame is familiar in every
is country for the purity of his cele
cutr.nam SCLINAPPg. Ml'.! Wolfe, in
to me i ! speaking of the purity of his
d Liquors, says : "I -will _stake my
das a mart my standing as a mgr-.
thirty years' residence, in Lite City ef I
k, that all the Brandy i And Wines
ottle are pare as !imported., awl of
uality; and cNirhe relied upon by
Every bottle lifts tile pro
dame 'on the wa,,and d, foe simile
aabirel on tbe certificate: The-ptib - :
pectfally invited to call and exam-
Inselies. , For sale at pciail by all
ries and Grocers in Philadelphia.
H. ASIITI)if -No. 832 'Market sty Phil.
. I Sjle ' .).l gent Yer Thilitifelp/i'a
Read the follwv incr front the New York
Coutier : 1 1 1 , ; -
Excintrbes 13ustNiss von Otili New;Tonic
Mna'cultS .—We are happy,to inform our fel
low:el - Liz ns that there is one pla i ce in our city
whereith physician, apothecary and country
merchlint, chn go pad purdhase t pure .Wines
and Liquhrs, as pere as int',- orted, and of the
best gunny. Weide. not mtend to give an
elaborate description of this mdrehafit's ex
' tensivo b mess, although it. THIL repay any
;stranger r citizen to visit, Udolpho Nyela's
extotaivwareLhOuse, Nos. 18.; 20 an 22 ; ,,
Beaver;S reet, and Nos. 1i,"10
and 21 Mark
etfiehl street. HiS stock of Schnapps n hand
'readyfor shipment could not hi&e, con less
than thirty thousand' cases; the litrirgy, some
ten thousand ewes—Vintages o'fiiS3l to 1850 ;
,and tenttlecusT - Melt di case's of Madeira,
Red Port Win , Seeteb and ,
; nd S. Croix Itiutu„ se, .
ine very old
and equeil to any in this country. lle also
had three largd cellars, filled. With, Brandy,
Wine; itt., hi cask, Under custorn-liouse key,
ready, ;far *frothing. 1 Mr: Wolfe's sales, of
Schnapps last year amounted tol l else hundred
and etgliity thcersand dozen, and we hops in
less than two years lie may be 'equally suc
cessful•with hiS Brandies and Wines.
His, business' merits the patronage' of every
lover :of his sifecies.l Privet), ;families who
wish pale Wires and Liquors far tnedicaliu se
should' Tad their orders direct Ito Mr. Wolfe,l
until It y Apothecary in the hug make up
their minds to discao the poisonous stniffrom
their 'shclvos, and replace it with Wolfe's pure
Wines awl Liquors. 1 . , ' ;
We understand Mr. Wolfe, for are siecom
modatioli of saran dealers in the country, puts
up assofted eases Of Wines and Liquors.—
Such artine.n, and such a mere' t, be
sustained against, his tens of thousands of op
ponentslin thelThited States;tir ho sell noth
ing hilt imitations,, ruinous alike to 'human
health' mg happiness. - 52,-6rxi*
I ,I
t 5
1 00
IT 24 /
t 8
,1 beg 11
zens of th
and Ligro
New YOrN
part of tlil
bratO: SI
his letter,
chant of ti
New " . 1:10
of his Eigh
lic are; res
ine for ti
5 .
i 5
6 50 . 1
DO TO :1
~ 1
, 1
s t;
they bl.;
now en.,
the jib.'
Is prep
to brinN
I ~.
aws•sz.' Bro..
in frdM
the 061 .
and in
It is
upon tli(
cure 13%
of the.
RED dr
to its,
and fle
'and aft}
any CoLI
"• Thb
tiers ptl
URE 1 1 ,
efitted his WARE
1-114 - Ei
Lheep constantly for
iariety, nf, Cabinet- .
vo ever been offered
try.l - .
.ork has never been
I ester sivEi :aadition-s
guent "!
will be
:Mahogany Mar
ks, M a rble top side
and Toilet stands,
. . .
rt itilt giatitto 4011.-t
...„,.,1 •
Itir, tmdereigr.ed would reipet, !Illy inform
tll surrounding corarauniti.llit 'lle- has
taken:the rooms formerly occuvled,hy ~ A . G.
Olinste'd, whei - c he is prepared pa t : do
1 A;lilkinds of Harness Work'a i ghort`eit notice. f , . ''' l l,,.
l obo iiit.coilltfitio on hand. These collars
are al perier article, aid r...ted , htit tiiiial to
nsure their success. i: II: • :
I.Repctiiing doi,e in goodlsfyle :
Stir4gles,l Martingale-rings,,itiames, and
Ifaß:s•S raps, ISze,„Lkeft constantlY, on . hand.
The4`hblic ;are invited to call; and examine,
before I &chasing elsewhere. ', 1 .1 ' .. •
4. ;P L . 'kINAFe.
rspoit Oct: V3th, 16160:: ir .. ,
MEE ig
0 line of
on hand. Per-.
se - when tegnesied.
W.11.` COTS.
Cm:d i
• • •'•
T•Al'•iT j« HIS
.. • I i I
. 1
I .
.:' ! CI.i,BRATED ,
theWhisiters at td Eitallr..
.iltscri ' hers take pleasure i n announc
he Citizens "of. the United States, that
e obtained; the .Agency for, and are
bled to °Ter to the American public,
. ju P stly celebrated and world-4e
article. • •
by clan
fik''D .10.,P. BxrpN t rtriksr, an cm,
by:sit:l4n of London, and :is warrtMted
out a. thief set of , •
II• ' '
biOrers cr a 'Mustache,
1 _ ..
three' to six r weeks'hi.; article is
one 9£ thhl kind used i.y . ,y the French.
1 ,
ondort and"Faris it is in
t unirersal use.
Lbeautiful, economical, soothing 4-et
ipg, compouud, acting as if by magic
ic morals, causing a beautiful growth of
ht hair. ?f:appliedj to the scalp, it will
'osnsg, and cause to iprlttg_all In place
nld spots a fine growth': of new, hair..
according, to direetioni; it will turn
iowy hair taos, and restore ray, hair
iginal color, leaving it soft, smooth
ible. The'; "UtiouEN•o is an indis.-
lie article in every gentleman's toilet.
trtr one week's use they Would not for
sideration be without it'.:, '
subscribers are t onlyAcrenta for the
en the United Stites, to I - thom all or
st be adilreSsed. \, •!
One 1 Dollar a hax—fo'r, sale by all
his-and Dealers ; or aboi t of the "On
'warranted to hare the desired effect)
sent tp any who desire' itk'hy mall (dt-'
L ( ,
urely packed, on receipt Pf price and
i, :pit& ,' Apply to or address
1 „ t DRUGGISTS, de..
I ' .24 William Street; New York
, s u e v
4440- Cl'j (16)F
Vie' . / '
49.- CURE 4
._ • : . -,,H.C . pil, E
_.--- ,C,' , .. - ..
li tl y
, • ._ .
By the tto of these Bills the periodic attaclo .
of ,Nrrootto . or Sick llcadoAe, may be- prevent
ed ; and if taken at, the commencement - efari
attack immediate Telief....CaMi pain and sick•
oesswill lis obtained,. 1 \ ~
Thry - seldom• fail
,in reintiviug the- Yitusci
and Llctoiaohc to - which feM - ales are so sub
jest. . - , -
, ...
Tlie act gently upon the bowels,—remov
ing Costiveness.. • •
Fim, Literary . Men, Students, Delicate Fe
males': and all persons of <.(lentar- habite r tl4ler
are Valuable as a:Lai-alive, improving the eri
petit l, giving lane and 'vigor to the dikestiil, Or;
gani, and restoring tbe natural eiesticity and
- strength of the wholestem • •
' The PEPHALte, , PILIA are the result ol
long Investigation aid carefullylcondueted ex
periments, having been in use many years;
during which time they have prevented and:
relieved a Nast amount of P:tidand sufferi4 .
from, Headache, whether , originating in the
eeruous sysPient or from a deranged'itate of the.
a mach.• -
They are,entirely vegetable in theircon:lp
'sit op, and may elalren at; al Os with per
fect safety with at makin , any changeo . f
et, and-the, abie re fan disagreeable taste ren
deF; 7t easg to ao ..tintztfr Own to children.
os,enuine haVe five Signa.tures of fren i rY 0
Spaldirig on, each Dox..
Bela by Druggists and all other Dealers in
- _
A Box will be sent by mail prepaid:on re
ceipt of the • • '
c----AU orders should be. addressed to
48 Ceder Stieet, !slew-York:
TUTA - •
it! , theqe • TestiYathihrls Uere unioliciteii
Sf.ALDING, they afford' vnqueirtioiuzble
of (he efficacy of this, scientific discovery. •
, ;-• ~.' ". Mismivii:Ln; totta., Fch 5, 1861: ,
lre.. SriLniftn. . -• [
. . -
Illare triet ra ynur Cephalic Pills, and Ilik4
them so :cell that I want you to send utatwo
dollars worth more: . • :-. -.••- . ,
• Part of these are for the neighbors, to whom,
I gave a few out of the first bo.**l got think
Yorl; - '
Send the Pills by mail, and ob, Igo
1 1 ; Your ob't Servant,
—. . _ ~
I. l. ..Aver.roin; ri .•:: Feb S , 6,186 g
Ma: SPALDI'f“i: . '-' ;',
, ... Slii : . . f
I you to senttuie one more box ofyoiir-
CelibOe Pills, I hove received 9 , grecy deal of
- bencitfrom them. Yours, respectfully.
Spaccr Ca Ertc., Huntington Co.,
. • 'January 18, 1861.
Ir. q. SPILLDINCi. t
.• . _
ton will plea - se rne two intros of your
Cephalic. Pills. Send-them immediately.
itespeetfulty yours,
• - • JNO. R. SIMONS.
P. S.—.t h , ire itsal one bra of your Pat, and
'lna them" excellent. - ,
DEttE_Vcitwoy, Ohio, Tan. 15, 1861.,
Please find.: inclosed twenty-flee cent a a, 4or
scedino niocher bokof jour Cephalic
y •arc Snit the loter'ill, Mare osier
Direct A. STOYER; P. _
belle Vernon, Wyatt(lot et?„0.,..„
A single bottle of PALDING I S . ,PIie:
PARED GLUE:AriI, save ten times _
its cost annually, €.
• SAVE TE.P.:PIEC.Dit,. .• -, . z
yn • . DisPATcri -1-
As accidents will hut n. e' en in well rev
Waxed families, it is very desirable to liave.
sonie chenp and convenient way for repairing
Furniture, Toys, Croe!:cry, • '
_meets all.sucli emergenctes; , a,nd no lismse4ol,d,„
Can afford_to .1)„e 3vithont. it. It •is - 14waya-_,
ready; and di - ta ti)c• sticking. Point. • - •
. _
"USEFUL Di EVERY n0t7.5%."
.• N. 8.-,A Ifinsh - aCcompanies each Do #l4l.
Price, 25 - Address,_ • 7 ,",
X0.•48 'CEDAR Stre,et
AS dertninit nprin ei pled p arson s n ren t tempt" .
ing-to palm off. on the unsuspecting puldie, L
imitations ofqny.PREPA . RED wonl&
eautton MI persons to exn.mine, before purelms : ..
ing, , Mid' see tb at the full name,. ; - • -
Is on • the outside: wrapped; othets
swir.dlipg, counterfeits. • -