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    1 17 H E JOURNAL.
Coudersport. Pa.
ju - ne - 13, 1861.
tra„,Adin'the change orAdministratins
lit is a custom, and indeed anecessity, foi e the
~ ...,Rear man to give his coustitue4ts some idea,
no matter ,how general, of the course:he intends
. to pursue, bo it is expected of one who takes
'upon himself the responsibity of conducting a
public journal—rand both for the same reason.
The influence ofanl i tlclrainistratiort can change
the whole policy acid feeling of a nation ; and,
knoWing this, tire' people ,claim it as a right
tho - they . shoulfibe - appeseil . at its comr9lnce
'meta of the coui se. to be pursued, in ordV that
they. may bettiir understand the printlpfes
upon which futre acts will be hued. if This
is right. The jogrial, although of less im
portance, hai a great influence, in the forming
"of opinions, for it is upon intelligence received
through it' that people base their opinions.
Feeling this to be the ease, we have - thought
it well to given slight indication of the gen
eral principles that shall controkk it, retaining -
'the right of expressing our apPl‘oval or dis
approllal of any act, measure or policy of any
party, clique or. club,lind of persons so far a 3
their course affFet thi , people
As regards party, we are epublican—un
compromisingly so—and thos who know what
Republicanism means need no further expos 6
of the principles to be supported by the Joule-
NAL. Although; at the present time, there is
not so much 'need for,the' - drawing of dividing:
]tries. yet it is always policy never to forsak'e,
for a Inzment, adherence to principles which
we believe are founded upon truth and justice,
and,to have no affiliation' with men or prindi
ples that are l oppositc—avoiding the doing of
evilhitt good may result.
r Being a stranger jiq the -place, we have no
persnal or local prejUdices, no cause for re
kenge upon any onc,"and shall not attempt to
influence the vote of any man from personal
considerations, but shall always do that which
will best serve to advance the principles of the
Bepublican'party. '
—Republicans of Potter, We desire your to'-
ope i ration inithe work - of putting into the hands
of every man .in the county a copy of the
Joun'kxt: "Little Potter" came up nobly to
vindicate her appreciation of Republican prin
elides at the last - election, and we desire to'
. have 4 always thus. But, difrinithe peculiar
excitements now raging, papers, who have
given to those affected by love forA.S.outhern
rights" all the,aid and comfort poSsible, wilt
make-use of Elie vilest means to embitter the
people against the'ruling men; and, RS they
represent the principles of the " Fhb Union
Party," !those principles will. suffer if there i 3
not some counteracting inhuence, or some
clianrml open' through which! people Mai learn
the truth. . •
Fellow-Republicans, what will-you do for
the cause? You claim to love the principles
4.1 f your-party, till you show' that you are sin
-icere in your professions by promptly ans We t,
lug with your own name and that of your
neighbors. We are unacquainted with the
people of the county and we look' too you for
much. Try and sec if you cin notraiso
Club of ; Ten or Twenty in your district, the
price is small, Qniy One -Dollar, there ismo
one so poor but that they.can well afford to
take their county paper. Try it.
—lt is a custom for Editors to promise mneh
id the beginning, we will be more moderate,
and perhaps; as you are generally disappoint
ed one wafer the other, we may he able to
tlisappeint yon in au agreeable Manner. * We
'will endeavor to select good articles for every
'department interesting to our readers, git-e
them a synopsis of everything of -iMportanee
or interest that t may transpire, and in fine
Five all that can reasonably be expected of a
i couutry newspaper.
—The credit system is carried to en alarni
mg.extentin our country, aiul it has caused
etnne . :nelter best men many hours of anxious'
studyinrittempting to devise a phin that should
do away witlrit. They ha e not succeeded,
i. and it'is left for the indieid al to adopt his
own rule of safety.. Of all classes wh'o have
•suffered.most from it the printer is chief: for
' • the - re:Qom Plat his business relatconsare with
:so -many:, fo u r so small an amount comparative
-- Iy, and with' individuals as a general thing,
,with witbm he is unacquainted and never ex
' ' Teets to see. The smallness of the ainount
causes subscribers to think that it Is not so
,itriport:ant that they be regular in their pay
ments!' This is a-great mistake; the printer's
- income is, in a. great measure iderived froth
'these small 'amounts, and 'unless he receives
them he must •Gease to pUblis.h.
Believing-the principle upon which this
system is based to be wrong'we have conelud
, MI to adopt the;ready,pay system to all those
out of the villeze'e - Tcept'some with whom
have other bushaess—and our village subscri
' hers we will endea*or to sec at an early date.
When we say ready-pay wedo not mean to
require. Cash payment; exclusively, but tha't
whii,h serves as, an eqaivalent. All kinds PI
produce Zvill lie taken; ns their are • many
• - things which we need that will require cash'
Ook• to purchase if We do _receive there in trade.
..- , w r
ill-send the paper until first week in
_July 61111'w1w are on the List whether they
• - hare paid Or npt,, and then cross off all who
: • do not pay or , make some arrangement
w:hieliw c e will be secure. We live changed.
• the price to One Dollar; it being a sum.much .
more conveniefft to send by mail, and for
Nir h i s ell we can better afford the paper Ulan at
the fdrmer price and take our pay whenever
oursubscriberi "feel the stings of conscience."
—Those who have paid iu advance to the
former proprietor, will receive credit therefor.
Advertisements and Cards will be continued,
unleis ordered-out; :contracts fulfilled, except
:', in one or two.easee of doubtful:character
During these peculiar and tryii3o,
times it is mortifying fu see the aitempti
or a portion'of the Northern : press to sow,
theseed of dissatisfaction amouithe trOop.
by charging fraud upon the l officers of!
both State and National- Go ornmanfill
The Editors are generally of_the Opposil
lion party, disappointed.offie.'e•lseekers, or
worn•out politicians, who haVaall at once
become strangely conscientious as 'regal - di,
the disposal. of ' public funds.! Those
them who have had 'office, have no
, been so corrupt as to loose all faith in the
integrity of public men, and •ilive eon*
to think that they all are of tiscessits
dishonest."' They think they will steel ; t. ,
- march upon the present offeOlolders bY!
boldly charging theni! with ;fraud and
eludlenging arr, investigation this is foli
losied by a idler from some irresponsible„
person.hbiting'at some fraud , he Chi.*
he has partially 'discovered,' AR this:,
bearing upon its face 'some show of bon
-esty of purpose, causes people I fo look with
suspicion 'upon the administrOion and pro
duces fear of and clack of sympathy. with
public measures *hose tuecesa-is peceT
spry for the best interests of the coitntry.
The last charge started, is that Gilt.
Curtin is connected with the clothidg
contract frauds, and•that during the wir
l ezeitement he and his Administration
'tended pocketino• ° a-sundl fortune of tile
1 States' spare changc. Several papers,thit
think wore..of selling . a few extra copies
thin of being honest to t lel+ subscribek.
aid their countrY,.carried this story all
over the. State, heaping ontlad accusations
'of fraud, without the Yeast regard as fo
their I,rutb. It
- .appears pretty eVideqt,
from all accounts, that thelk has be4la
4 6 '
1 fraud practised' in the purchitse of cloth.
ing for troops, bat whether the Govertihr
was corinecte'd with or bad control overt,
i ts not eo evident, and it is unjust end the
course of cowards to adjudge 4 tuna guilty
until proven to be so—the butiden kf'
proof always rests With the accuser: The
Gogernor has appointed Cotnniissioners'rf
investigation to see if there lids been frand,
and if so to have the peipeirators'punisihj.
ed. • The "Commissioners are men' frcim
both parties who have heretofore held
honorable positions with etedit, l and frchn
their report We will no dobbt find wt h
whom the fault lies. . The appointing of
those Commissioners evidences a fearliis
spirit on the'part of the Governor, e'd
it would' be well for the cause and the
honor •of the State if a certain classlof
men would keep their evil
surmises to themselVes until their is soric
tbrig authentic published.:!
Viokir the Tribucie of: illOnel4y.
The,movetneut on Harper's_Forry liar
f~ Fly hrgun, and will, soon:he heard of
through its results. The geheral plan of
it was gi.;en 'on Siltunlay ; it includes inn
! •
a'dvanee fret three • direetehs upon ; due
Ferry, and is assisted by : the °heel:dna
I. ; t
rpref:A - ince Gans. Buller and McDoviell
tiia sitibus where they uist_prevent the
enemy from uniting its scattered for4s.
Scveral regieents word on their way fipm
V6shington yesterday, n i udOthers, iudlu
ding the Rhode Island regiment, were to
break up their' eamps . in the night and
rapidly move on. INlrj.-Gen. Bauks. - isl to
day to take corntriand at Baltimore. G6u.
Cacrwalader. whom he relieves, is to don- 1
duet'column from the Relay Housl to
support Gen. Patterson, who movesiby
way of Hagerstown and Frederick. i! •
The - Rebels have fuinedithe laridgepat
Harper's ,Ferry and IShepperdstewii, od
have I destrayed thatiiit Paint of, Rocks.
They are clearly in expectation of an ka-'
mediate' and: formidiiblo 'attack. 4 1*e - v
have .been xoyihffm - uch upon their knew
ledge of - the-.o79eccalel treason iii pPy
land, which iliey intended a make Os'Oful
at, the right momenti and they confident
ly believed that thel.AdministratiotYbad
that faith'in the professions of loyalty
from, the Maryland SeCessionists that they
would leave them to plot ;unnieleded ,•
they waited.too long before calling onthe
traitors 'of Maryland to rise, and now they
_have no hope. of takinies unaritres.
Therefore, thong the explicit details
of this advatice mov tuent cannottl be dom.:
tntinieated, enough '• known to . show dial
a long Stridi„..wiil soon be taken toTard
the recovery of, the propertyof the ITtited
States; and Atilt a rersible ; bloyi will' be
struck upon ihe forehead - of rebellioti.
WASHINGTON, June 1.0.--Thereiwill
be 10,000 Fe - dei-aPtrpops is Daltimoie in
thirty-sis. hours. -
The :city is in feimehtation, and lin.e
parations are being made for a- t'ritdrous
'Arms are stored_ hi; Orivate houses; and
nightly drills have been going
At the first sym - ptonfpif uprishig the
- city will be bombarded frbui Fort Mellen;
This igs on aithority.
, . .
TEE w. Y.: Triune thus closes an ar
ticle in relation be CoL 'EllsWorth's mur
inalexandrin: ..
L"The poor.wretch_ by whose murderous
band Col. Ellsviortli fell, probably was
not aware Whose life he bad taken. He
saw only a soldier - 1)f
. the United States
Who bad pulled down the visible si of
riot and insurrection, and, obedien o the
savage instinct, Which
. governs ine as
well as his masters, he shot him , own
when sure there ;Was no time for def se
and no possibility for escape. The kind.
ly rains of Heaven have washed. out the
blood of the MasSaebusetts men from the
streets of Balthnore, though no Massa
chusetts man who bears a musket in this
war can.ever forget those crimson stains.
'Do our New York Firemen need a visi-
Vie evidence of the ,manner of the death
of him who! Mustered .and trained them
and led" Mein out, for this war ?. We are
!sure they do. not :need it, and yet we beg
them to cherish Sacredly the traitor's flag
that is filled with his blood, and let. the
South learn to tremble and grow pale at
the"sight of its damson folds when they
go:to hattle with the war-cry of REMEM.-
The following filial and patriotic
letter is the last knovt. , to have been writ
ten by the laivented Col. Ellsworth : ."4
IVAETIINGTON:, Mliy-28, 1661
the Ihegiment is ordered to move across
ilhe river to-night. We have no u.ed - ns
Of knowing what receptiOn we arc to n,eet
with. lam inclined to the opinion that
cue entrance to Alexandria will be hotly
-contested, es .I am just infoimed that a
-large force arrived there to-day. Should
this hipper, MY dear parents, it may be
my lot-'to be injured in some manner.
Whatever may happen, cheriA the eon
sedation that I was engaged iu a sacred
duty . ; and to,rda-ht thinking over the
probabilities Of_t4Torrow, and the occur
rences of the‘',past,lam perTectly, content
to accept wha4.v,er my future may be, con
'fidont. that he 'pho-noteth even the fall of
a sparrow will i liave some purpose in the
fate of onedin Me. My darling and e'er
loved parents, good bye. God'bless, pro
• test and: care for- you. Etz,nErt..,
eGreat disaffection exists among the 1
'ebel forces and, daily desertions occur.
Those coming from the Rebel camp say
that 'the men are 'dissatisfied, and are wil
.to leaVe their arms and fly to the
North the first chance they. get. Every
day brings us news of.the continual es- 1
cape of slaves- from the Southern States.
Slaves in the I3otder States not being
worth one-third the money that they were
Some six month's since. Those who take
'refugeinTuited States forts are held as
contrahand — goods..and the owners w r ho
come after thenr,are made prisoners of war.
Every -man who offers his services to
his country hi the present crisis, and is
mustered into Service, will' be entitled to
:land warrants in addition to his rezular
pay, even if the war is closed in flirty
days. Privete§ will receive HO acres
each.; officers larvr tracts in proportion
:to the rank they hold.
, .
.Tennessee' and North Carolina have
both seceded, coming out boldly for the
!traitors.. The linion'men in the eastern
!section of Tennessee . .refus6 to act with
.the secessionists and they will prbbably
lertuse trotlblci at home. The Pine Knot
I State. app(ears to have no care for either
tarty, if they cat be undisturbed.
Mr. Prentice, of the Louisville Jour
nal, to his brother in Washington 4
expressing the opinion that Kentucky will
go out of the Union,. and asserts his de
termination to die in his tracks before he
will surrender 'his • position as a Union
man, or desert his business. .
Fort Pickens is considered.safo.' Gen.
Bragg has tv'ithdrawn his faces, 'and the cQkctual and perfeer. It was
ilionzht posSible that Gen. Bragg might
bring up tl:6 forces
. and attack the fort
which could but result .in great 1,2 S to
the Rebels. 1 •
The POstinaster General has issued. an
order suspending all communication with
the seceded ',States on and after the 31st
instant. Wheeling, Va., and - that section
of country, arc not included in the order,
and the mails thence will be dispatched
as usual. , .
Hon. Anson Burlingaine has been re
fused acceptance as Minister to Austlia.i
by that Government. Austria does not
wish to have one who has been so closely
identified ?with the cause of freedom'
watching her deSpotic course.
Col. Kelly, who was reported as mor
tally wounded at the rout of the rebels
at PhillipO, Vu., has partially recovered
and is considered out of 'danger by his
Gen. Harnev has been recalled ,frern
the command Jr Missouri and Geri. Lyon
1111)1)1 - anted. This gives groat joy to the
Union men there and :Will serve. to
struigtheri the cause.
A Union 'ConVeution was; to be held
Wheeling, Va., on Tuesday of thios
Delegates from all the western counties
'and some of the eastern.hadlbeeeelected.
Three handred German Turners, a few
days since, left. Mississippi and Louisiana
to join the Federal troops'at St.-LOuis.
The transportation of provisions to the
seceded States has been stopped by the
Government., .
--Peifeet confidence is felt in the abil
ity of the , Federal troops, under Maj.-
Gen, Banks, to prevent a union of the
Baltimoreans with the other itehels,
. ..
The Voillutteer
- • 1 illy
of May 3Pth, an a;
het from which .. , torii
ing" I iisli to . first brand' tho Whohe
forty-nine 'as deserters, traitors! o !their
country and their countly's caUle,;'nex i t
to pronounce every story and C r dmptaint
of hardship aud*abuse, as .antitb4olate
•• I 1
falsehhotl.' . ,
What bright visions of fame rh,ist, have
floated before the in..rinationtof! 'h©writ
er as be contemplated those' Ski- nine
descries atinihilat:d,tand cousigubdlto en
eternity of disgimee bit that 'sinkla dash
of denunciatory elorptene.e.- t'.l' . lil.null of
excommiudication that Pio Ninplburled at
Victor. Enbabuhl sinks jut.) inaig • ificance
in comparison.: All, true patrt . ts must
:egret that he i choose.; such `an ignoble
foe.] :Each he aii•c'eted his sitar the,
leaders': of, th 4 'Southern Corl reancy,
Scat's' oct i mpation would have b, n gone,
the incipient I.aurds would liatie, .been.
plucked fin) his hoary locks;:ito Have
. 4
matured oh the :Youthful brow of he great
extirtuinator, 'and concealed thi modest!
blushes as: lie Toceive - s . the athilietiona ofl
a grateful! people. But itutna beings
are apt to Mustake their abilitie.S l sn with
our hero;. 1 s :diffidence preyC tcd ;him
. .1
from clvaoslng an antagonist itv::titliy! his
alight • his Ewvcrs were expended. on an
insignificant enemy, and the ticl4.of crim
son sir still roils - ou. Alas, : fol- human
errors l nut leaving cur 14) 14 his tau- 1
refs "that ,lye, and that 'thigh t lap been," I
let us turn to the'consideratton: 6f the ar- 1
tick under consideration. • t ! 1 -•
Of tliaf.l have only tc say that it de- . I
serves notice only because it apiedes in a
publicjoarnal. It9,pre N tended htmouht of
AdiMculties in the Company, is , gai•bled and
untrue; its statement of 'the rhasonsiirhy
the Yol'inteers retained, i,.tet'ally:faise; •
while its denunciations of indliquals ate:
too conte4tible to excite any other etaU
tlon than :that of amucemenq I 1 I i •
I In the same issue of the Joziital is an
at tiele entitled FOur nisgracei'l over ,
initials of a promiuent citiaen .of Pon
dersport. 1 In :this article, iri bl i ssful ig-
IlinalaCC of did Leta; we are ii laded as •
deserters,; and the people of Platte i• are
told:that they are forever
they disgtheed un
less compel' us to return tO, vlidt, the
writer is pleased to nail, otir "h tcA du- I
ty." Under most: eircumstaiCeis; - chose
flirty-nine dcserti;rs claim to:. h•-Ve sufil
cient intelligence to deterrniUe wit:erh the
"Fest of duty" is, and with' aril _tide lin
formation, we could obtain with sui6ject,
we Could not, for the time heiri.., diseover
that mythical support to be in, a
. Y Oier.
place than Potter county. ; 11`. I tlowE, grintle
awn, what was•the oneasion of:brrug, thus
frighteue4 from youi' proprietyl add. 'of
calling hard naives ? Is it' trect„lssary to
the keepibg up of Your patriotilint,l that
You call Some one. traitor, etc.,' it, tsfi. fire
- 1 , • •
away. ,
But here is a simple .sta:etnel,tot the
facts, I lit:H , w.
ere, iu ignorance! of l•!hich,
those charges were• made : • .iks• isl well
known,. npar a•hundred piing nieni from
Potter rOponded to the ea:l of the Presi
dent for Volunteers., We arrived Han- •
risburg just: fare the three,montlis' , rerf
quisition !was fall, and were' told' almost '
immediately by Cal; ;Kane that live were
-accepted by the Governor; yet- we were
not taken into the Ithrce wonthS' iregi
ments. ,1 We then supposed that our
chance. was good for three years, and.Wheu
we read the letter of See:Caincrou to; Gov.
Curtin, i+questing that in making up the
two remaining regiments for-three years,
the preference. be arson -to Alloghea c y and!
other western e'en - ales the!
Wild Oa" district; we felt tuoraTN ecr-
taro that Ire should haeeja chapee
but.the three years' •.•pie'ta was made .up
and we Were exclnded. Notwithstanlng.
weiwere told from day ,to day thatl
we were to he Iswo . rn in., immediately ;
that all we were' wasting for, was the ar
rival of itimustcringseneor froin
ton, etc. ',I We were th'us throWn entirelY
on't of cid; U. S. service, a b Were h•sked
tO enter !the service of the State.',l Wei
Were, indignant at not having 'heen:receiv
ed•into the national service as we had
been led to bOlieve we should be ; we i
wore aware of - the treatment of-the Penn . -
sylvania Volunteers, and -under, all ithose
circutristancesii/itymjiraiiio in the; Siate
militia was not in 'accbrdnniewith our
. „
At till juncture Gov. 'Clirtin; visited
the , -called 1.1. t i'v..lli‘ -cp. 3": around
liiin,,andiafforicxnlaining' the, mature ofj
• this Stateleei•vice ) im'coutinued nearly in
the folieWing words : 'Vou:'havel done
yOur ditty, and now' under 'the ',,ciretitn-
I stances' :if any one wishes 'to return ho me
he can haVe an - honorable discharge, and
I wish iyistinctly understood that; in no
case 'can ,any disgraee al.tach to - any for
so doing .)1 ) •
. .
We stipposed then, that Gov, qurtini
I was' goo;11 authority in this mattell l ;, and
Otwithstanding, thennatlienias that have
us through the .7 - durii.a/j
and 4i•liowise, I am inclit - led to thO same
o/piuicni yet' Perhaps tliose forty-nine
pen w•'cowartis..but p par of them on-'
listed' t !Elmira because -therinuird, no
opportunity thee , by whialcitheY ivculil
have a chance to meet the SOuthein relk
els; and ntlters @.e. talkie= ;
not as a dire necessity - to proVe trieir fora
very, anal escape the tauats ofitreasou..and
cowardice, but, bccalisc they Wish to serve
the' country. •
We. y *to any who may Ife.o disgraced,
by our- condiiet,, that we did all4,hat we
thought our duty. required Of;us,l that we
alone are responsible for our nets, and
that we are will ng to accept! all 'the dis
.grace that may .attach to We act- .
cd upon our individual responsibility.; wo
fear no censure, and will 'submit to: no
dictation: . S. S. GIiEENI4AN.
.. . ;
1.701/ofir. '
DI. reque:
°aid and ed itor , ;
D airy fi l elf{p;:titit„ , _
, I. • . . .
Illuvroa: TELFAII2hPLI tr—Beitig arniangi
those 'who. have 144 rthe -i..& Potter Rifles
for acme; rwc . wish: 6 quakea plain: statcli
merit of the factsi.thnt littye to takel
thisJstefi. . SoOnitlftlir the; call of the Presd
;dent ftir the first,;tii`tota of IFtell from ! . .ouvr,
State, We had an Opportunity Of enlisting ;:i
bellPvillEt :that the flag of our nation•wai l
etitingi.rred, we ijc:atily rushed to its snpi I
port. ;We,:tvere toll, to ffi.!:l.l no elothingi
with ug, exceptlng'sbehas we wore, as th.-1
G 4 iertiment would i ltupply us iMmediate l l
Iv. on bier !arrivali i, camp.
~Our inarelij
fdriseventy•five•tin.s was through a i newl
ecintitrY; over roiigl road, rendered mull,
di yr r eent and he vy 7:1111S. We litri `ii
ed'iat thel;railretid, .;tatieu covered with!'
IT , i
111:11, Nl 4 ,Ct.i. wearyi awl foot. sore , nearly inj
tlils - coinlition we e i ttered Camp CravitaT
We bsipocted. on bar arrival here te'be i
inclulrzed,lnet with the c4in forts of home, I
but at least witiv"eiCan clbtires and a .sufil
fteihnt 'suPply efiltealthy f 'kupd, and to be•
ttinteredlinto service ail placed uude
tiii.l. I We lined been here :about three
welcs,, and no me Ober Int' our company ,
has reOeiVed a siityle arqele of clotiiiiivi'
ttUd during a part o: that!, time, ninety-si.
niern have subsisted ou the rations of selil:
eSIfy . S. .' V CR. • Ntirp - werc 'enlisted „ forthree'
nicinthki! servieej wit: came before that re ;
qUisltiOn was full ; we were rant received:,
IWenty-one of oar, men then went hoinq
nio4ty Of us 72 - i&i indignant at item for 1
titit course, helieviog that true policy rd' r '
eikaireilus to enlist for the war. A full
c'alp,Hiy : expreser our - willingness; to
f - that Ci
s rye, p.r ne, i yet iir:e we re still Ziejii.
i r
out ()lithe serv(ve abut iiEPT IN li.los. ' 1
• I 1
All this we' 4ouirl bear; hunger, cal
au4 fatigue could Us endured; but wp had,
Inv:eta out-Stele Us we did our mothers l;
ate;: were proud Of her reputation and jeai,
MIS of iher hotiot., and when we receiVer
neWs from IVaailirigten, and tire Camps
I, i i , -- -• •‘,
,Llrow lls, 0/ I he Situ :Iwo ,:e. oar - alcuthcre,
4 die jeers • ziLthe , i ragged artily of
- e,u'risylvania "'IVO deter.7llll:Zed. that r- we
vireuld not b'or.tlici ,, passive instruments
Whereby , that lion i r via: 'to be fart her
firestratetl. We aLci ready to serve. oar
cr,OuntrY for the :wa —wd, are heady to :ace
the enem on any tattle field—and we are
y •
ready to submit) to' ell the necessary e.t.i
nosure and p . tivat ons of a soldier's lifd; .
11 , 4 Ny',c... 11.0( 1 11e:4-H aye, I demand. —t o be
t 'dated with decent v r-atiti as is cu. 1
rVo . t. the *ladiFs 'Cf 'llarrisbu ' rli . i'i,,,l. :41
Otlier places who 'flare manifested an in
t in our Iv:11101re, vri tender our.sin
ere thanks; their!pfilivtS have been alii,k
bindiric , us to Ole :home's we left behlncl .
i• • •r= ' 1 i
sncl preventing, us from forgetting that
sVe, - were ~yet 'stitirounded by the liasuries
of Civilized se-efetyi , .11,
I With this statement of faefs we are wil
lini7 tai submit Furl actions to the iinoar
tial judg,incnt o, tee pe i eple of the State
and of the nation: POTTEI COUNTY'.
' !,..' I
IiOING I-lo:4 l,, LThel l'Oes 'a
1,. 1
of , ,r"; 1 Putter •7 ....
e f (inipany ilne-lorina , r , able bodied au,o ,
iintellikent . men; v.lto arrived here sonic
dlik . ce.!Weeks agli, Land have remained in
amp Curtin ufr til, thistiMe ia a reg , rid
And st' 4 irvingcotiditlion,i,lesterday o.b,rhai:d
-cld;„ ewing,to their omapceptance Ly the
(J'tvernor, and abti t flfdy bf them - cletel•-
mined to returil hi me, I We print in an
ethcrleolumn alwill-wri ten and patriotic
eard 0 -em the l'ifi?,s, az'plaliator:,- of their
aortiort, and cleaerlptivel of their life :lee
Qautpl which speaks for itself.
,It is'to
Ipe regretted thilt the country has, by the
injudicious ccruysti of the . powers. that
be," lost tlie_ seriilices of "abody 6f weal
'vlto are not st - iripaS ' sed m gallantry or pat
..; . • r - . -
iiiotisto by alit , titocips in t.lie volunteer
a l i t,
4e:rvice. . • :i.
r,.. r
1 . -, I . 1 - 'l.
1 4 ,'And., also• th r ls 411uwin,.., ,, pubiLlieu' •in
1.,!e Eable paper ibf!ll\lay f.).: 5 Ei
Iri CAMP (1U ' IN, Slay 25, 1831. i •••
The unil2rsigne't ineMber.•S of the Pot-
C9wqy Iliflbs :pave been anpointecl li'v
, •;
their cot - des ~nit to , rerre”t'tne
Irr ;1-- 'r ~:
uns:statean.. is lot - , card which aupearefl
,;your pap 4 ok•y 'sterility:,
ri It is true that . e bad a, weary' marc'h.
ati-d sufferedtrid,ny hardships both on the
Sctventy-five inips, l: wals. over the;;,mouri
fat ns spoken 'of; ; :uild'eornin 4 down the tiyL,
, ,.1 . , -•
et on tte rafts; not it. is n 'ot, true that 01
, ~ ..i . ,
a y time since our arrival iu camp ninety.-
I .
.1 men have sObsptedfon ',the rations of
S i venty-seven. '• 14 is s eise untrue emit '
;‘,lnot a single aillele. of
, t elothinglias tiepin
fUrullite.lto an:Auoinher, of :the coin patii - i"'
On the' contrarY ever'y Minn while bet,
who desired it, iwas furnished a cliange.hf
anew and supeirior flannel; Shii4,ll;inalt
P esefited by otir r.
tltant cOnmauder,
e r •
cartnnts in haiar
upplied rey tho-patri t-
one of.these shirti was,
on the: back of deb
Each,was• i furnis,lipd.
rxival lei eati;
shirts liave also!
State An abundant
- )ns lae
iasen iedeiv'ed
Lsee'n" inslariably of the
lo?:.lcl..lition, tic
cksy previously
lad es at lioro,
en to bb eariie
Ur.n *bo Teturlleq
a„l4aliketion lii e l .
cut,- .gray flaTilieli
61;.. - -tt ibutc,d„hi til
a ' I.N.
,sTIPPIY of Pro, ll - 4 1
dility t obd/it hits
hbs.t ciublify, i - el
.:'..IVe dolnel ,{ibuf
sUboiit t 6 soth i c li
hiour[ of our. Cuti
think it to be 't.lli
iirell th&burdCn ,
We can a:pprco:it:
i4)petle the action
ties, 'and we ex'pro
hhvol . done the se'
tbc - cir au!nstar,cc
i'4 cLuip. 7 - 7 .1 - 61
tu'Uu, eciudersfici
uittyci; Patric:ll
ih tit-t We hav6 bad ltd
il 1".
I4a t r . idslupa, but n'this
itsti'spe'ecl we;
,do ttc,t
e- part'ot patriotism ;to
of . cOmplaitit tit'?j 11S I. 1.7.'1
.0 the difficulties wliily 1
i of the State nutlicni
qss our ()pillion that they
`t in their power. untide
to make us comfortable:
I\rentz, Ell4in !try;
• A:j li. ' Chapin, ;Os.:
:.aino; CI ettesec). Jolui
'lm l : .:ir.S: A.llen, Ple4s.,'
zt itTrA: 1
- 1
en, Sharap
, 4.3iother S irmish.
Acirs. , 2
the fullowAng:
!the riarrisb4rg
Our :Liis '75, hillod. R, Wonneld4
There lare rumors of a battle at Wll,
• i
The seessionists claim to have 15,000 \
troops at' Harper's Ferry. • . .
The ":2 ' d 3lichigau_Rogiment was attack
ea when ; approachinLt Baltimore, with no
loss tb the' soldiers. No distutbance oc .
eurrid after - aetting within the city.licaits..
1 '..
An Cugazement occurred at little Beth-
I el, near . Hampton Creek, -- between Col.
Duryea'S, Cot Voivnseud's and Col. Ben=*,
clbi's I Thigimenta and isome 4000 of the
1 Rebels Who had batteries - c,rected, and ev,
1 dvibm in arranged for a hot contest. Tt - o
Federatitroops charged upon the batteries
! but 'their. ammunition giving out th l ey
were . rfureed. L to retire. . The* lot's On our .
1 -------) - A , , . i
side is ,estimate d at . i D.. n killed and
I Wonu'ded: - . -- ..
the Rebel's gtincwere silenced with'
the exception of one add gun.
Lieut: Grade is amoOg the killed, hail
-the back 'part of his head shot away whet?
iu the act of spiking one of the enemy's'
It is feared • Col. Whathrori is among
tl:e killed.
enemy's loss is supposed to be vcrSr'
..Oar Alen fouglif bravely and well.
Neves Iterus from oillee Counties'
Tr.ouA.t—They have a youthful military !
0r4,-ranizatiqn. iu WellsborO' called the
WcPshor:6 Cadet:,'` of which George W.
But terworth is
,211 Lieut. It is composed
OS boys from twelve to seventeen years of
ago, and numbers about- sixty members.
Their uniform is black pouts ' red slitrts
Mid glazed caps. They - go through the
evolution§ of good
There will ,bo but one week of county
Court.-The Democrat is crying fora
Ticket," as they all do is count
ties ;wl.).re.domocraey is in •the tninorityl
Didyou ever b6ar of suelLa thingin a hem
oeratic county Therd wine a meet
ingiu Cherry Flats, on Saturday - June
2, for the p.urpoSe of orrranizin ,, a mili
, tary, company:
Lock Haven Batik is
now issuing small notes.—;4to Friday
night, a fineThek mare. was stolen from
the stable. of 'Phillip Rover,' in Putter
township; FAO ;reward for the horse and-
I :raddle.--in unsuccessful attempt was
'made tO rob the Llowards' I;l7press taco'
I in Lock Haven, on the night of the 29th
ult.—B. Rush I', ha- been'an
pointed C,'clouel in the tiegular Army by.
the President.' ,
WAYNE:—The Honesdale Guards have
started for the field.—A barn of Ed:
ward ''..i urrayls, en Clherrpßidge, was set
on fire by a little nepli t ew and burned to
to the gronad.--,The Honesdale Band
t•rol: : 1 4 tip to'',zerantnn, and surprise the
Serantonir.iis.,With their-;good 1111.1ge.
' . lON.--1:11( An u aul Meetinc. of the
- Teacher's Association wilr be bold
at I etsidourg on •the Gth 7th and 81.11 of
~\.ugust next.---The • i Slifer Guards,"
the second company from Lewisburg start
ed for Howrisburgthe morning of June
,sth.-.---- 2 .l7liey,ba•ve formed a female ,Mil
itarl' company in Mifflin : burg, called the
''.‘. Mrs. Lini.."'oln Guards."—We gee by
the St‘ri• LC , Clii'cliz Oa . that a large limn
her of the Unicu county people who 'set
tled in Missouri some years since and who
haVe been improving the land, building
.houses and barns; slid' settling the coun
try in a christian mammrwithout the aid
of slaves, have been' compelled to leave
the . State.—Such is a curse that the
present war has been inaugurated to pa.-
poetate. . . , •
.. OT.UBS.- --To - any one who will send:
us-five subScribers and B.s—and - who will.
also act as /lint and COrrespondett to
send us any item of news from their disl-
Irldt,' and to receive suipacri.gtions4—viefa:
will send a copy of the Jolernca free - for
, yea - r, or as. lOng. as: he, emit:inn - es to
act:as Agent; - We',desire to have erery
part of the Conn tylrepresenttd in our . 1. •
'Columns, .and we can only do this throughl
spine one at the_ several Pbst:. Officers:
What we want is a short letter givininity - ,
item Which may be of interest to a-major--
1 . 4 y of our readers, notices of deaths; mar;-
i•ri ages f -AF,:e. , avoiding all personal allM3ions .-.
1,. •_,c -.- --- To any ono bringing. us Two pub—.
.seriht.srs and .2, we' will present a-well—
:cagelll.A steel ,engraving - Portrait Of Pre&-
lincoln; .1. • . , ..
41 qST OF OALSES for trial in the Court o 0
Co4 - nnion Pleas of Potter county, at pTuntr
Arta. 1861. •
C Smith- for - rise, vs S P Reynolds .
Joneß, Mann it JOnes, for use,'vs S P Reynolds
. .-Al , • it -
./.4,8 -ft
Potter it: Brooks vs S. C Lewis . •
Plait & Platt vs IVT.lones . . .
Duienbury, Austin & Co. , vs S P-Reynolds'.
I BY4 - un and fanny his wife
.x s J3Lann & Graves;
Asa Downs vs • Coe ,D Wo od.
Roswell Owen vs DI? Maynard" - • .
PAStebbins vs W T Jones -A F. Jones & CSmith
Crittenden & Langdon vs Stephen Dorton .
S W Payne & CO'. v 3 WTTortes and: A- P Jones ,
James Shaffer vs -15chry IV May
'S P Reynolds & Benj. Rerniells
M Mattison vs 11-Lord &,•John Dwight , ---.
S Hull vs D S &EW Chappell & B Lewis .
t.f-3.1 Lyman vs J B Davidson S; S S White
3-S Clark, vs Stewardson ToWnship .
John Flay vs AtnoS Newton .
G W Ircillenlqedt ati al vs, J W Rounds'
L 8 Cole vs. Ilenry•II Dent : ~
Joseph Stone jr- vs Dolly &11.ktiams
lyeter 8 Detitiek vs Wm F Burt - • - •:: .
-- • lI.J. 0131;3T i
ED Pro ~.;