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    - Panders. Theme, "'lmportance of Men
tah Cultum." Exercise 3rd, specimens
of Elocutionary skill by Prof Sanders.
4th. corn) limentary resolution to Prof
Heiden: fnit, Yrof Cooper again called
to the mind of the audience the project of
securing weekly Lectures during the win
ter, and solicited aid for thaL purpose.
Adjourned to Friday, 9 o'clock-A.M.
'FRIDAY -3101tNING, NOV. 23
The Institute assembled at 0 o'clock.
Readil' the Scriptures and payer, by
Prof. Sanders; = Singing, by the choir. i'rof.,Lewis, in which was es.
plained -t lin.uo m pmit ion of the air. watcr,
t u sCreiSe Ayi6n) etic,
etaiduCted by Printentitiee' Several lang
eolumns of figures were given to see how
'quickly they eould be added., - They 're.
commended that 'teachers drill their pu
pili in this .exercise, and ; that they aiso
-practice it theinselves.'_.-Recess. Drill
odthe'sounds of letters; the analysis of
worth ect.;'conduetcd by Prof. Sanders.
•Ail otrbned until half i•ast - one , o'clock. P.
- aramuar, Conduet,ed, by Prof. Lecri.
spoltenl the different st).lat,244uctrv,
and,,explained. the: nonstrJetion of each,
.fle ,gave examples of Janbie, Tr°.
ehee, Anapest and Dactyl. The analysis
oi . gvainnuar was taken into consideration
Several sentences
,were written on the
blackboard and analyzed by the teachers.
Geography, conduetedsby Prof. Coop.
er. This exercise was highly instructive
and entirtaiuing. He said, the Western
Hemisphere is elsogated, and the East
ern of nn Oval shape, America is the land
of plains. lie spoke of the animals of the
two continents ; those of the Eastern be,,
a far more.ferocions character than
thoseof: the,WeStCrM. 'Ili& New Wend
was more simple in its s'truetures. The
animal's - of Suutl A.tuelia, 4ftica and
AuStralia:were very different ; while the
anitnahi; trees, plants, ere., et North
Awcylea, Europe and
. Asia,' were neatly
the same. He also spoke of the men . of
,different countries. If we were to visit
the Arctic regions we would Bud animals
and 'Plants of an inferior. °icier. The peo
ple inhabiting the regions of the Caueas
slat] Mountains are the most beautiful On
earth, &c. Recess.
• Lecture by Dr. Graces, on llygenia
and totictevity. Teachers should, of all
peapie, possess good health; and in order
to pm•sess . :.this inestimable quality, they
build understand the laws •Uf nature.
*.iekness is not the natural state of man
It is brought on by thsoly2dienee of the,
laws of nature. Teachers were in a Man
uer responsible fur the health of their pu
pils. Tobacco is very injurious to health,
and any who Were addicted to tt= use were
setting a bad example before their sehol 7
mi. Pupils Would imitate 'lair teacher.
Ile then spoke of the school houses. They
ate not sufileleutly ventilated. There
should be a free circulation of air. The
seats were constructed in a manner. to
promote the ill health of the pupils, etc.
The report of tile C‘mreittee on Res.o
lutiuns'Wn then : listened to, niter which
the ILstitute adjii-nrned.
Speeches of Lincoln, aud Truro
On the occasion of a serenade on the
21st. inst.; at Sp v ring,fnAd, 111., Mr. Lin
noln.appearedand spoke as fwllows :
Pleaso.eseuse me on this occasion, from
making a sp.eelt. I thank you, in own
'mon :with - nll those who have th.m . .vlit tit.
by their votes, to endorse the Republi
can cause. [Applause.] I rejoice With ,
you in the success tchich has so far at
tended that cause. [Applause.] Yet
iu all our. xejoicing let us neither express
nor cherish any.hard feelings toward any
citizen who by. his vote has differed from
us.' [Loud cheering.] Let us at uli
times remember that all Ammican citi
zees are brothers of a common country.
sod should dwell together iu the boud,
of fraternal feeling. Llumense applauSe:j
-Let ma:again beg you to accept my thanks,
excuse me from further speaking
at.this time.
Scnatcir Trumbull followed with a lone
steech, the following synopsis of which
is given by telegraph
He said Mr Lire°ln although the can.
didate of the Republican party, as - Chief
Magistrate will neither belong to that or_
any other party. When inaugurated he
will be the President of the country, and
of *the whole country, and I doubt not
will be as ready to protect and defend
the State in which he Ins not received a
solitary vote against sty encroachments
upon its constitutional rights; as he would
the one In which be has received the larg
est majority. , I regard it as extremely
fortunate fer the peace of the whole coun
try, that this point upon which the Re
pnlidicans have been so long and so per
sistently, misrepresented, is now to he
brought. to a practical test. and placed
beyond thc- possibility of . a doubt. It
should be a of rejoicing to all true
Republicans that they.will now have an
opportunity.of demonstrating to, their po•
litical adversaries and to the world that
they are not for interfering with the do
mestio institutions of any of the
. States,
Mr the advecates.bfnegro equality or of
emalgaination,.with which political dem
agogues so often have charged
Secession i'S'ap.imprapticability ; or rath
er au impassibility ;. the Constitution
provides: no way by • which a' State may
withdraw front the Union, * and no way
for the dissolution ,of the - government it
creates. The general.governmens inter
feres but little with the individual rights
,of the citizens, ezeept for protection, It
is chiefly Mt in its betteßs 'and its Less=
ins, not its exactions:,. If every federal
tofcer-itrSouth Carolina was to, resign.
!their offices would retnain vacant, and its
i legislature. declare. the„, State . out of the
acid ii.tvoilid dttioun(to
rcpt to - . .inconvenienee • the - eltizetis of
the State., SO lorsg`as the'Stite did 'not
interferetsitfi the collection of-the reve.
nee en the scahtitd, the people in the'
(other portions of the Union would anti
be in the least incommoded. .
'II - 6.-Iluttfll ;Tounr
- , -L, - -
Ifigrsh(jiiirohling, - Dec. 6 - , leco,
Pioniums /,r Kew Seibscriocrs.—Tu
each and every one who will nest court
week, or- at the February Cetirt, brinftus
the money for ten 'new subsenbors
50,-sr,e will .send a cop} of either, the
Atlantic Ninthly, Harper's • _Magazine,
.Goqfy's Nagazine, the Kdzickerbocker . ,
MiTgqztne, or Blackwooil's Magazine for
one }ear free. The paperS will be sent',
to -riy the clUbber may de
sire.:. Try it.
t:-"J`• The Secession movement at the
South has made no particular progress
since our last, except in South Carolina,
where a word in defence of the Union is
the signal for the- banishment of its ati
thor, with - even wore precisiOn than that
of an Abolitionist. The Convention to
take nicasurcs fur secession meets ontthe
17th inst., (a week from next Monday),
and it is now generally Conceded that
South Carolina will pass a secession or
dinance,- un-animeusly, by the lSth at
furthest. Her Members of Conztess
of course then (juicily walk'-out of the
house at Washington, and the agony
will be over, as her:Senators Uncouth.
tionally resigned a month ago nearly, and
are not expected to take their seats at all.
Let them tro, pe wefully, we say, though
;•with the understa:.tling that the Govern
. meat property in the State shall not be
molested, at the peril of a bombardment
of her entire coast, and a war with. the
• Government which . shall crush her at
The Georgia Convention will meet on
the 15th, but it is thought that the p) es
once of Mr. Stephen., and other circurn.!
btances will prevent extreme measlres in
that State. The fact that her Senatorsi
and Members of Congress would resume
their seats last Monday, is good reason
Co believe that wise and conservative
counsels will prevail in Georgia:
As South Carolina, Georgia, and Flor•
itla arc the only States that have cssum•
ea a really threatening, it is rea
,sonable to supple that, the -rupture will
be confined to.these three States at
utmost, and . posAbly to South Carolina
alone ; and, hence, will be of short dura-
Ition, and final diz.•posit:on. If it fails of
!success now, it can and will never be at
tempted again._ Therefore we -ay let it
work itself uut-no great loss will be the
rez,ult in any event.
COllle and near KR
People . of Coudersport and
will you come and - bear the Rev. J. 11.
P.utsoNs plead for Vi.tue, Innocence,
Peace and Prosperity, next Saturday eve
ning? Will you give a few moments to
the cause of Temperance? Will you turn
out in such numbers as shall show those
who are violating the law for the sake of
making a few dollars in selling whisky,
that the business of drUntard-making is
odious to, this community ? Each one of
us has a personal interest in this Matter,
for if the Sale of intoxicating drinks shall
again become general in this county, then
all of us are certain to be severely injured
by : it. Most of us will have a near friend
go down-to a -drunktjrd's grave. If you
so desire, you may easily banish the dan
gerous poison from this community. nic
he sentiment is now on the right side—
strike before it shall be too late.
J. S.
,This is' great word just now in the
Southern vocabulary—in fact there are
now but two words it; that vocabulary—
Secession and Retaliatipn, and these have
but one root, which isiTreason. .We re
cently discussed one Branch of this cum
mon sort, Secession, and we now' propose
te.examine the only rcmaining branch of
the So&hem vocabulary-.
Retaliation is literally returning like
for life, b,ut as applied -by
.the seceders,.
is used in the place
, of resentment.. In
this sense a wrong-is implied or pre-sup
posed, and now let us inquire what cause
there is for.retuliation Or resentment on
the part of the-liouth toward the North;
or, to be more ezplicit, what, has the
North done to require-retaliatory meas
ures from the South. The seceders charge
that some of the Northern , Slates
passed laws` inttinging upon 'the Nlitionaltlectures are ;under the direetitikof ' Prof.
fne,itive:..sti4e ltiw. That is, they h ave I John A. Porter, who' may be addressed
• : -•' - • for„fdrther infiirtuation at-.'Neiv :"Ilavenrs
p.assetilaWs to relieve their citizens from Gunn .—a . „ '. ,-,, .. ,- •-•- • --__-_'.'
%.,utt , t - .-11.ruerzcor , .-ifmcweivrisc.,' . = - ,' ...:
the. necessity...!:)t. acting as blood-.hounds - _ _
to reclaiin a.Spcies of. propeffY, .held by -.: 7 ' - atire.a.l. l 7FlS SALE. - .: .- "'--..
the Sontll,•wfi'ieli is not recognized . hy the: 11 Y .11RICIE 47, aunrlrtt tvrP2 of Vernlitioni
,-,t• ,-,. , :..11.9 ..Expomis. Fieri Facias'aindLevarirTaCias
Constitution;-and is the creature•ozsotitor , *,'issfied Cut 0 . " - ilie Collet
. iil Comp* Ilea s-of Pol , •••
ern local la*.• Disregarding the primart,' I tcr Couwg, reamytv;:flia, and. to Me directed, i
• I , tall expoze tb puth'ic sate oi oriiiil.7 at - thL'ecinil
cause, they now attempt to frighten the; ftuade in C.aater'epcl, on MONDAY, the 17th l
locriny fir7ri- ,I • • I
North into - retractory measures by threat- Ida: , or Dee_ iSuo, at 10 o'cloc,'r, a. or., the fat- I
cuing-to resent, the fact; and in daing,so, -- 'bed real e• , t de to wit •
. - • • ' , • • ••• •r: , ' -•-•, 1" Ail those certain pieces ' parcels,"or tracts
they are also irconsistent, heoPse they lof land situate in the ToWnship of Portage,
resent . the : doe( rine....Of State-rights'" for iPotterCo.. Pa., 'described :is- fotfowg:to=wit:
i Wiiirlint numbered I:l43s'‘''fiic thousand four
which :they have so long and loudly. , con.h iud d re d: " a -othis,;,,,gli.i.; "beginningf l i t , a
tended. If the South has State-rights I Beech the North ; east,cornee of said warrant ;
so also has the North ; and if the protee.ll.tfo'h"B"iriritli_ three hundred twenty
: perches
, thence East live hundred mghty
tiOn of unconstitutional. property IS a re= three perehei to a- past; thence North. ttiree
. ..._.
sen .. e d ri,,,ht how infiu t ter , ; ,. iiiiie h i tio L v e hundred to perches tail pOst,
: thence ittast
: a ;0 ... tive Hundred eighty-three perches to the: loc.
- .. • .
so is. he protection of the: natural Tiber-.,;inning;; oolitalula! s ' eleven hundred acres,'
ties and ri.rlas of. citizens I. But we Can and allowance-of sik per cent. for Roads. etc.,
• - , !.I.e' the same morti•or or less - . - A1..80--,War
see no cause for retaliation -on the paw rant numbered (5430) five thousand four hun•
of the South, even if Ave thro,w a , idti en: .dred'and thirty-nme f beginning at a Birch
,'• • ' ;', .the• North-east aorner of said Warrant, theneei
may the:doctrine of State tights, There s.' .b three ~ - i ,m,. tun it( twenty_perches to. 1 . d••I • '
has been no aog,ression by.
t h e
,Northern ` Lynn.thence West five hundred eigh ty-threel
- herche's to .'post; tldrrCe Ntirili three hithdred
States ,-they have only taken measures to : i
i twenty perehea t,:ithe post. - therice East five
-relieve themselves of the onnreisive re. liniidred eighty-three perches to the liagin-,
I • •
- .• . :,
.. i , , u ;ming; containing eleven hundred acres; and
quircments of. en uncunstuntionat, iin -1 - • . . l, •
, allowance., of els. per cent. for Treads etc., be ;
roan and su.perlatiVe 'law enacted by the the S.IIIW. more-or-less. ALSO—Warrant 1
inunthereil (54-0) (iv.' thousand four hundred (
Suutlr with aggressive spirit and intent. , . '
- . lanutorty : beginning at a v Bite pine, thence i
Another 'charge 13 that the North have !North three hundred and twenty.perches to a:
elected -Mr. Lincoln Presidentity'spitel wi'lte pine, thence cast five hundred-
• - ; three.perches to a post, thence South three
)f their secession and - disunion • threats. Ihundred- twenty perches tit . a post, thence i
f ract i oo o f I West five hnadred eightv-thr'ee perches to the !
This= they re. , :ird•as an in
their;• beginning : containin. , . l:.•ren ha . :-. , 27 . ;.:d' acres i
action an'd ailow.inee of sit: per etiat. for Itoids, etc.'
rights which calls for retaliatory
on their part. But how can they .retal. -1.!..50L-tinier_..:•at nmebered 0441) fifty-four
. . , hand:edit:id forty .one : beginning at a Maple,
[iate upon tins constitutional
act of the .
thztice North three hundred and twenty per'-
. . . , . .
North—they havelneither votes, nor law, elms towhite pine, thence East five hurl-,
- • 'tutt .
0n,,t0 base retaliation upon. •
fired ei,..,4hty•thrce perches to - a post; thence i
nor constl
South three hit shed twenty perches to a po - St,
113ut this charge is ten silly foriliscussion„ then-6 West five hundred eighty-three perches
• Ito th , . be ,, innim , . cir•te:ll -, . loven hundred'
for oven pacing thought :and:we leave tt aci ,' ea- and all:witim - e . ,.. - e . ci which is erected!
here in order to enumerate'. some of the one large steam saw-mill, one blacksinithl
a ,,, re"ive acts of the South 4 hich have ' shop, , four frame, dwelling' houses' and one
iT...... . bhrn ; =also about: two miles' of plank-rend,l
i never linen retaliated, by- the North, ex- and about s'o acres of improved land,. ALSO 1
ceps in a peaceful . and constitutional roan- —Warrant number five thousand four hundred i
and forty-two: -beginning. at a Lynn - the '
nor. Among these are, the suppression North-rustcorner a said 'warrant, thence
of the circulation of northern newsn”per, South three. hat: red twenty perches to a
i - • ' white pine, n
e, thece •West Rite hundredl
n eighty-
the scourging and driving northern bust- three perches to a post,
.thence North three;
. ~
ness men from their States, the murder l huudr . cd twenty perches to a post, thence 1
:East five hundred ei , htv• three pe.clies to the l
luf nun:crow, citizens of the North while' b„l eu i„„ 1 containing eleven hundred acres,
peacefully sojourning or . traveling in i and allowance of sip -cation,
cent. for Roads, etc.
I anthem States, the obstruction of north- Seized taken in visecution, and to be sold i
las Pao property of Walter W. :Updike, Pen- i
ern commerce by local embargo lasi's and 1 denee . 1.1. P. Updike, an-I Louis Ji Doyle, with;
I .-a
l the annulment of national laws for the;
1 notice to Chute- 0 Devolin A. C.Fuller 'lnd'
1 . •
O. W. lloyla'n,'n ' s Terre Tenan - t . s. . . • '
protection of commerce, the nullification' ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Whar
b.:giunin,g at a
act of South Carolina, the fugitive slave 1 t" "d Portage T"%vagliP- 3 ,
I Ilea:lock in the East line of warran , No. 5131,
law, the repeal of the Mksouri Cent prom- i thence East by hints of Julio E irl, Jr., .2401
i -
. Ise laiy,the attempt to force Slavery. into' Perch''s ti it p.)st, thence North by lands of
I IW. Willink, warrants Nos. 1931, 4033:and '
. -,-- . _ ,
I c...ansiti,, the destrUetion of printing press-14031.701 and G-10 perches to a post,. thence
es, and tbe murder of citizens of • the 1 We'i by lauds of John Earl, Jr , 240 perches
I to Ifen:lock. thence South by lands of Ge'orge
I North for uttering the senti"tents of 'lib- Mead, warrants No 5133, 5152 and 5131
crty en the cotnaton territory of
1 \ the na- ios - and 6-10 perches to the place- of begin-'
uing ; containing one thousand acres of 'land '
pion, the brutal assault upon
. Charles tic t
1 tae same` more or less, ALSO—Begin-
Sumner, and the repeated exhibition of ning at a post or hemlock in the East line of
'fire arms in the halls of Congress frith with a '' arm. Ear-1 b • lands of
j 'N' o a h r i ' i g E l irl t N .
a dr, 5 , 1 2 :; 4.; perches to - a
post, ) thence
view to intintidate Northern - members North by lands of W. Willink warrants Nos.
while addressing the House or Senate.
These and hundreds more violations of
northern tights have never been retali
ated by the North, though forbearance
had alitost ceased to be a virtue. But
now that those acts are constitutionally
rebuked at one fell swoop by the majesty
of northern franchise, the South claims
cause for retaliation and reprisal.
Fur our part, we say let the North stand
by its proteetiva acts; make - not one jot,
or tittle of -concession within the Coasti
tuttun and the laws, come what will.
eltase— Dear Sir : Lot me,
if you please, state afew facts with Which
I am intimately aequainted,:—an old man
in this town, of silty-lice summers, fur
nishing bread (nut to speak of threshers,
and other tollers,) to four goner
ationS,—Eirst, to great-grand-mother of
days and years anterior to the American
litolution ' —second, himself,--third,—
a widowed daughter of forty siitniners,—
lastly,—grand-children down •to the age
of six That same tid marl has
raised, the past summer, from a new land
fallow, one hundred and twenty-tire bush-
els of IV heat,—the chopping, clearing;
fencing, sowing- and hartcsting, being
mostly the product t uf his own labor.
'SWEDEN, Thanksgiving day,186.0.
rale :lgriculturul Leetuies.--,-The
public will be gratified to learn - that the
novel experiment of the Yale Agricul
tural Lectures of last Winter was su sue
eessful as to induce itiCrepetition this
Winter on a more complete scale. The
course will commence Feb. 5, and contin
tie through the mouth. These lectures
which arc of great value to the whole
- country, and worthy the attention of
every cultivator,- are given under the
auspices of the Yale Scientific School' or
Scientific Department of Yale College, as
a supplement to its newly-instituted
courc of practical collegiate education,
and for the benefit cf the public at large.
A new and important feature of this
course will be its complete illustration by
specimens, drawings, models and animals.
Life-sized paintings of groups from cele
brated herds will be included in these
illustrations. The lectures on training an: -
breaking horses are to be decompanief
by practical illustrations, The lectur - ths
of- last year will talc.: part in the course„
and other eminent names, with a variety
of new ....Injects, will be added to the list.
The expenses of the course are provid
cd-for in any part by s.ubsertption. The
40320n.1 4031, 44 an,l ' .3-10 perches to a I
post, thence. \Vest by lends of JOhn Earl, Jr.,l
249 perches to amaple, thence South bydan , ls '
of John Barron, Jr., warrants. Nos. 4622 and I
4(123 and by 1,111.1.4 of George Mead, warrant I
No. 3133 7I:'; and 0-10 pr-relies to tli.. place of i
In ; containing one thonsAnd acres . bei
the same more or was, the same being all un-
I '
Seised, taken in - execution.. and to be sold
as the property of Jolui E.irl, Jr.
ALSO—Certain real estate to wit : bounded
on the North bi- lot No. 57 conveyed to Ros
well Adams and No. 114 conveyed to 11. and
W. S Johnson, on the East by lot No. 114
nod lot No. 40 now in possession of W. ll.'
3letzg - ar, on the South. by south part -of No:
113 conveyed to It. Ingraham and lot- No, 98;
and on the West by lot.s NO. 93 and 44 con
-'eyed to Was. 31cDoug - all and 3lattisen and
dot No. 47; containing one hundred and thir
ty-five acres and seven-tenths of an acre be
the same more or less, beirg 'the North pan
of lot No. 113 of theallotment of lands of the
estate of. S. 3f Fox deceased, in Hebron
Township. Potor tlo., I's., and part of war
rant No. 1291 with one frame. house, and two
board shanties thereon, about one acre in
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
al the property Of M. Mattison.
-. ALSO-Certain real estate situab.: in idlysseS,
Potter Co., Pa., bounded on the North by lot
No. 170 .of the lands of S. Ross and lands of
11. If, Dent, on the East, South and West hr
i lands of 11. 11. Dent, being lot No. 124 of the
:illotiment, of lauds of Sobieski Ross in the
, Township aforesaid ; containing fifty acres
atIG aIIOWLOCO of which twenty acres are im
proved, on which are one log house; one lug
barn and some fruit trees. '
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Norman 1 - 1. Rogers.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Ring
i ham Township, Potter Co., Pa., hounded on
the North by lands of 11 Curdy and lots Nos.
151, 50 and 59 Of 'the Fox estate in , ping,ham
I Township, on the 'East by lots Nos. 59 and
I 6,1, on the South by hit No. 6t and unseated
;lands, and cn the West by lot No. 163 and
(lands of if. Curdy; containing 10(1 acres with
ithe usual alloWauce of six per cent. fora-m(ls
kg., being lots NOs. 57, 55 - and -60 of the al
lotment of lands °lithe estate of Samuel M.
.Fox deceased, in Bingham Township and part
of warrant Na. 123(1 Potter Co, Pa.. about
79 aces of which nee improved, on which are
erected two frame barns, one overshot, saw
mill, one granary and other outlotises;! and
some fruit-tress thereon;
Seized, taken in'execation, and to , be', sold
as the property.rof J. H. White and liarrison
Rosa. • ,
. ,
ALSO—Certain real estate bounded
on the North, and East by.lot-No. 2Q of
the alLtment of the Fox estate in Genc•
see Townshiti,on the South by lots No.
7 and S of the allotment of said estate in
Allegany Township, and on the West by
lot No. 4 late in possession of Sauiuel
Rogers and lot No. 23 of the allotment
of the in Genesee Township;
containing oue hundred and eight acres
and eleven-tentlis of an acre more et' less
with the usual allowance of six per cent.
for lidids &c beinn. lot No. 20 of the
_ ....._ _
..,,..,_ ...,.
-, F, , _---- , ?-4--,,- , i . , , , ! f v-,„., ,, ;, , -.-,c ,, :::44: -, ! , -- t 4 , .. i
- iiitOtilfent: W. inDligi Of t le •os "estate'..; e ci
. .• .
said Totrushiref, Genusee and - Rao*
. . .
• Warrant' No.-. 12.80 Poker - A..!mi gis,•7Avtlt.
abOut thirty_ acres improied;'.: - -mas oter-,.,
shot saw will, frame hoge,-unpfr4 q •
barn and some fruit trees ibeicon. : 4A , `.
Seiacd, takertin; posseSszyn: • and_iko' ,. ' , Se
sold as .the iiropati.j ot lieety . .:Seeley,. f. -.,
~;;A.l:Bo—The folloWing 'doAeri.Vdd Feat - '
estate situated in Allegany VOW.trs-41ci:''
Potter County, Pa; boon 6.1:1 on the Nt4th •
by lands of Cr: , Kidney, on. the .
lb -
lands of Wm., Nelson, on ti..c r Soutll 7 ..*
liMds ' Of - Ames Raymond and on- Ilse. 1
West' by Unseated hinds; cobtainitt,gpimi.
hundred and • twenty two acres, atiout
Ofiriftieres'otthe Wile .tuitirbYintl' - ' - ' f l '
Seized, taken in exedation, and to 3, be •
'sold as the-p . roperty of Nathan Brown, '
property .of
' ALSO—Cerbil'a tiro story 'frame building
situate- in the , -Ailluge 'of 'Lewisrille, - :iki the,
Township of LIIj - sses, Potter. Co , ' Ph., Isaidl
building 15 OcMgon in 'shape, and - eigt.teen
feet-across each lof •the eight said sides,l said)
building being situate upon a certain lbt ' of;
land in said - -thwat-hip, formerly owned .- by I
Burton Lewis and• lir unded on the 'EaSt by
lands of'Bttrtcni Lewis, an the North byJttusd
of Barton Lewis,' on the West by village hots
owned by Thothas Parker, Richard Eaker;
and lairrahecti Lewis, and on the South ;by
highway and lauds of Burion - Lewis. caMMin
lug about threelacres ' - • •
• Seized, taken in execution, and to
. be sold
as he_propertr of 0. A. Lewis,. Dan Aiker,- 1
Charles Mont*, Lucien Bird,. Cyrus Sander
lin, L. S. Ruhertsmu, Elijah Gridleni A.: B.
Bennett, LeaVitt Cushing, Willet Lyoni D; C.
. andlSeth Lewis.. Trustees lot
,the •
Ulysses Academy Joint stock Company.
.ALSO—Ccrtlain teal estate situate ih Jack
son TownshiP4 Potter Co., Pa , loomided - on
the North by htudi of the Bingham Estate and /
lot No. 2, on the East by lot No. - 2 ' ion th e;
South hydandS of the Binglram Estit .i.
e,- and i
on the West :by lot No. 4 and lands; of the
Bingham Estate, being lot No. 3 of 14e allot-I
meat of landsl io'Jaelcron ToWnslii,•-Potter I
Co., Pa. ; eontaialog ninetj-seven apd four
tenths acres; lof wltitit thirty--fire aic6s are
imr:royed, oaf whielt are erected one frame
house, one frame barn, one old fraine, • barn,
one log houSe; and hn apple orchord thereon.
Seized, taken in eXecutioh, and tt ,be sold
as the proper of 31: Chapel-
ALSO-J-Certain real estate bounder:: and;
described aSI follows: beginning nt •na • post!
comer of lift No. 2:1 of the allotmeht of the
Ashley lands j in Pike Township, Pbtter Go.,
Pa., contracted to W. & A. Kilbotiii, thence;
East one htindred. and six perches, thence!
South one hnutfred add sixty percljes, thence-!
West along north line of lot No. 22t and Ash , I ,
toy lands one hundred and six perches, thence /
North along-I:hies of lots Nos. 21, 27 min 2.91
aforesaid ode hundred and sixty Perches to
the place,Ofdlegintting ; containing' one bun-
' dyed acres With an allowance of sic per cent. I
be the smue , More or less, it being)otNo. 9 of
the allotment of the Aildey lands - in Pike
Township, hud parts of warranty Nos. 5123
and 5120.- ; ALSO—Another lot , bhunded and
described aS,fullows: beginningla.the South- i
' West corner of lot No. 3 of the allotment ,
:tforesaid ip Pike . Township, contracted tot
;Joseph SuPderlin, thence ,East one hundred;
and fifty-110 perches, thence Sbuth ninety I
' perches,-thence West one huudrc{l and twenty
perches, thence . South fifty perches, thence,
West one huodred perches to thd!last line of;
Lot No. 22;contraeted to Calvin dirriebtlienee
North eighty-three perches and - ;.-C.-, tenths of;
a - perch, thence East sixty -six perches, thence
North fifty; one perches and sere-it -tenths of ~,
I perch to the place of heg,inning .c , containing
I ;
follows: beginning at a maple gee being the;
, , ,
izonta-west corner of said warrant, thence
North ten !chains and twenty-frO links to a ;
corner, thence East forty-nine lchains to a ;
Icorner mitthe West line of the Ward 4: Dean I
lot formerly called the Maxsort lot, thence i
North along said line thirty-fite rods to a ;
,• corner; thence East twenty-eight and one half I
rods to the North-,west corner If Israel
. P.en-
; nolds' laiid, thence South twenly-six• - idds to;
corner o'il.the section line, thence West along;
said linttwo hundred and tt4tly-four and
lone hal f; -cols to the place of bekioning; : con-:
Itaining sixty-three and one bib If acres; tire;
above frescribed lots containing in all - .two I
I inindredland eighteen and one; half acres of;
Iland. strict measures, about tw i enty-five acres
of ...-Inclt are improved with one frame house ;
I and one; frame barn erected tlqrcou. . I
ISeized, taken in execution. and to be sold i
as the ti'roperty of Lewis A. lotl.
1 ALSO—Certain real estate ,o-wit: situate
in Genesee Township, Pot ter q!.., Pa., bound
ed on the Nortlf by lands c f 04 W. Eickex., E.
Peet and Anmsa Robins, Easttby 'Robins, anti
I unseated hinds' of the estate l of Samuel M.
Pox deceased, South by lot IlinoWn as- the,
" iliggi;os Lot" and the - 4 Annis Mill', Lot,l
l and om the West by lands of EL 0. Perry and!
; the Ilighway ; "containing ott!e hundred and;
1 twenty,;-six and six-tenths amps of land, about i
six acres of which are improted, about nine
acres slashed nu which are•cretited one frame
I house, - cue grist mill, and on hoard stable.
Seied, taken in ,CX.:.c ltioni and to be sold /
as the:property of Geu. W. Ilneket.
ALSO—The following deleribed
. property,
one hundred and twenty- six,acres and seven-
Itenths -of an acre with an allowance of six ,
per mint. be the same more im less, it beiugl
lot Nd.lo of the allotment of the Ashley lands'
in Pike Township, Potter Co., Pa., and part
lof warrants 5122 and 51275 about 25 acres i
impreved, I saw mill. 1 Triune house, 1 frame •
barn; aod . l blacksmith shop thereon. '
ISe led, taken in execution, and to be soli
lonas the property of James-Brimp. - ..
ALSO —Certain'reol estath to-wit: bounded I
land of Sohiesk
the North by lot No. 0-1 Of the allotthent of;
i Rbsi in Ulysses TOWnSilin, '
.1 _ 1
ja- , al lands of IL IL Dent. of the East by lands!
I of 111111. Dent and lot No. 115..0f allotment
• •
, atorqsatd, on the South by,otNo. 115, and on I
I the West by lands of Goo- and . S. RoSs 1
I and Ilot 05 of the aforesaiWallistmentl con
gelding oue hundred and three acres and two, ,
!tenths o' an acre with the Atsual allowance of
Isis Per cent. for.Boads &cl, it being lot No.
90 of the allotment of lands of Sobieski Miss'
in Klysses Township, ('otter Co , Pa., And
part, of warratts Nos. 1821- and .1301, Potter
Co.,:Pa:, about thirty acres of Which are' Im
proVed. 4 •
. Seized taken in excettqou, and to be sold
as the.prciperty of Win. Al Gorton. ,
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Shot.,
on Township, Potter Co., IPa., it being a part
of Warrant No. 3853 of ;the Bingham lands
hounded as follows: - beginning at a sugar
maple tree being the Nortlt-west corner of said
warrant, thence South one hundred and thir
teen rods to a hemlock Fortier, thence East
two hundred,and twenty; four and . One half
rodS to a pine stump corner, thence North oae
hundred and eight rods it; the North line of
said warrant to a corner}' thence West along
said warrant. line two ut:dred and twenty
foar aria mie half rods uctite place of begin
ning; containing one hundred and fifty-five
acres of land. •ALSO4-Piece or parcel of
land situate in Township and county above
mentioned and being alpart of wtcrrant *No,
5857, of the Bingham h e ads, and bounded as
th-wit: situate in Hector. ToWnship i Potter
'boilitaed !coatirittFmittliflitifd; of
trejlingliarn Estate. Smith by landi' of. the
i3inglittni.E . State and landsvf Ira Surdam, end'
V t * kv hinds of Jicistph Persitag , I:Outdoing
:CM& hitt - f ared and . twenty-tieven acres and
Min-tenths of an 'acre' .be the;stime.more or
letitilming lot No. of the. allotment of lands
,cif Ilector Township and part of
'-,reirrant No. 139G,' about 10' acres of which
eiroprived With one log house : out build.
iti,r'ianti' some fruit trecs...tocreoh, •
—.Seitt . d, taken in execution;' and to be soli
.as the property . of Joel Dickens and Steph ot ,
E. Dickens. ..
ALSO-;-Cerfaiii teal' eAlite situate. it
waro xx xiih C*;; Pa;;' bounded on
the North by lot, No. 21 of the 'llinghara.E s .
t:ite.o Osx'asti, To - NY•Oltip and ppacatO hinds
of 66.6 . 11de:0f: SOmutt , 3l.:76±. deceased, oli
Abe ..Eltst,by.Abe-_umseatediniis‘ aforemidoni
the South by lot-NM:IB.X the, Pox estate id
'llebechr Tov:nship,'on the'West by lot No. 17
of the - Fox' estate in.Oswayo Township d o ,'
21 aforesaid; aontatuing 5G and one::
tenth acres With Alie 'usual allowance • of si x
per cent. for Roads Em.;• being. lot No. cp of
the allotment of lands of the estate of Samuel
11. Fox deceased in OswNyo" 'l l Oiership, anl
part of warrant No: 1850 ; rimer Co- Pa.
- Seized;:taken in execution, and to be sold'
as the - property of.Frankliti Gale. • •
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in ttl ys id
Tireinship,- Potter 'Co., "Pa.; bonded on the
North by muds of Gen.,llarmou; on the Eut
by lauds of George - S., Alva .Carpenter, on tie
Soilth -by lotb . nown as the Samuel Gibbs.loti .
and West by lands of Swifts; containing ono
hundred acres, abbut,eight improved, nbu'ut
eight acres slashed; with - one frame bease,:
one log barn, one frame barn, and some fruit'
trees thereon. • .
Seized; taken in exottitioit, and tt is Eala
113 the ,property of James Kibbe. '
ALSO—Certain reel estate situate In Whar
ton Township, Potter Co:, Pa., commenting ,
on. the West side of the Sinnemahonivg as:l-*
posite the saw mill formerly owned hy.Care,
running up the -hill including anertain spring,
then its a southerly direction along - the-01
to include the lifty acres running — to slag
east hassle of -the Sinnemaboning: (at
taining fifty acres strict measure, being pint
of wairannt No: 4685, abcut six acres of which
are improved, with three frame houses thereat.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sail
as the -property of Peter Westbrook.
ALSO-4--Certain real estate situate it Alle
gany Township, - Pt tter Co., Pa.,- bounded on
the North by lots Nos. r.,4: and 55 of the allot
ment of lands -in 'Allegany Township, en de
East-by lots Nog. 61 and Ci ~ and unseated
lands of the estate of Samuel M. Fox deceased.
and on the - West:by lots Nos. 65; t3-and 54
aforesaid i , containing= hod 3 tenth's seats
on the same more or leis:With the. usual al.
low:ince' of Six per cent. 'for Roads Sze:, Erin;
lot No, 33 of the allow:Cut of lands in Alla..
gady Township, and part of warrant No.ll:',J
Potter Co.; Pa., one hundred and twn+ise
acres •of which are improved, on which at,
erected one frame house, one log house, , en,a
frame barn, and - some fruit trees thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to he salt
as the property of:lathes A. Lynch -
ALSO--Cerfain real estate beginning at a
post iu the EaSt lane of lot No. 20 of the a -
lonnent of the A,:hley lands in Pike Town:hi?
eontracted. 'to John Carricl, thence that is
perches; 'thence South 120 perches, thence
West 80 perches to east•line of lot No. 21
aforesaid, Wake along said lino North 1:i
perches to - the plate Of beginning ; -co at:
sixty acres with en allowance of six per att.
for 'toads &c., he the same-more or lei', i; 6
ing lot No.- 32 of. the . A shle:. 4- lands . in Pat
Township, Putter Co., Pa., audparforwarr,tt
No: 5127. ALSO—Another Totbegionhaz an
hemlock 154 perches West and ninety-nin`eoni
eight-tenths perches South of the oidis4te:t
corner of lot- No. 31, thence South eiglaiy
perches, thence West- eighty perches to
birch, thende North eighty perches to a be.
lock, thence EsVst 80 perches 56 the place e:
beginning - ; containing 40 acres be the tam
more or less, it being lot No. 33 of the.alh.:
meat of the- Ashie'y lands In Pike Township
Potter Co., Pa., and part of warrant N0.51f ,
&lied, taken in execution, and to he so:'
as that property nflonathan Stevenson.'
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Illar
ton Town - ship, Potter Co., P,,.., beginnings
a . post in the North-east corner of lot cot
tracted to James Ayres, thehre North a:
hundred and fifty-seven rods to a post, fiat:
East twenty-nine rods to a pest, thenceNar:
to the west bank- of Sinnemahuning eta
thence along the said creek hr the sect
courses, thence North to the watrant la
thence along the said Warrant line - West t
hundred and..twenty rods to a pest, tott.
South five hundred and twenty-five rob
the place of beginning; containing sic ha.
dred and
acres be the same ac
or less, and being" part of watrant No. g:
the same being alLunimproved land.
Seized, tuLen in execution, and to be i:
as the property of IL W May. .
- ALSO—Certain real estate situate in St
on Township,-• Potter Co., i'a., bounded on:
'North by lands Of L. H. Kinney, on the E.
by hands of Adams & Holly, on the South
lands of fra 'Canfield, and en the \\*ea,
' lands of .I,lenta- Pearce, Calvin Lund,'!
Lund. and L. - P. White ; containing ones'.
dyed sores, about forty-five acres of ast1:1).
improved, on which is erected one lo:: la
lone frame .house, one frame shop, and 5
fruit trees thereon.
seized, taken its execution, and to be f
as the property of E.. White, Jr. ,
ALSO—Certain real estate situate lab
rison Towashlp, POtter Co., l'a., boaalo!
!the North by lands of John Augbod, co,
East by lands of Benj. Corey,,on the 304:`
lands of David Baldwin, and du the 11'taI
lands of Wm. Corey ; containing. about,
hundred acres, be the same more cr
about thirty acres of .Which
_ore .
with on: frame - house; one log . h!-rah
I some fruit trees thereon.
' Seized, taken in execution, and to
as the property of James H. Arnold.
ALSO—The following,described reale
to-wit : bounded or, the North by` "",
; s[t.
!lands of the estate of S. If. Pox dar i
I the East by-lot No. 134 conveyealhY.l he
I tees of BinghamEstate'fo E. M.- ills'o?
lot No. 135 of the allotment of lands 0 ,,
Estate, on
.the South by lots Nd 5.13.3 ,1-,,
81, and on the West by lot O. 81 lar-'•.
seated lands of the - Fox Estate; osII7
one h it ndrethan d twelve acres and four,,,a
acre be the:same more or less with tII': ,.
allowance of six per cent. for-Roads x :
ing hits Nos. 70 and 79 of the al.,n„
lauds of the estate of Samuel M. Fox o - . ;
its Allegory Township, rand part of
',. 1 ,
INos. 1832, 1836 and 1831 in Poinar4- , '
about 50 of which are improtri ,
oneilog house, two frame harp',
fruit-trees thereon, • -
Seb.z.d, taken in excciition, and t" It
as the property of L. Dike._
ALSO—The following described r , ;:
to-wit S -bounded on the North, So uth
Situate. in Jackson township, Potter ts t .
and West - by lands - of the iliugha, ll "..;
containing fifty Ores, one acre (q . ''''
improved,-on which is erected one la;
Seized; taken in execution, and to
aS the property of Joshua Baker.- , _:.
-. centicrsport,.Nny. 1:111, ji:3.1711.