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    Minutes of yesterday react and approid
Critics report being called for, Mr. B. I'.
Crosby presented clear and coneiSe expo
sitions of yesterd.,y's errors. ;Jigs 11 . . M.
Nelson followed with a situilailrepolt, and I
the excellent feature of criticism on de.port.
- Mr. 11. L. Smith and Miss:lLM. Jones !
were appointed critics fir to - -dar. The''
following members were appointed to act !
as committee on resolutions: ;Messrs. Gil: :
Eland, Brown, Maynard and Colcord, and
.B. M. Lyman, A. E. Lyman and
1. Merritt. A short time was then oc
cupied in an:wering promiscuous- clues-
i fions which had been prepared by Ptof.
Sanders. lit regular exercise, Pi:min:al
Arithmetic, conducted by Prof. Cooper.
lie said that pupils were generally too
- : - anxionsrto get throigli- the book. This
was wrong. Pupils were prepared to.go
on When . they thoroughly - unclerstood the
ini3ject they were studying—not before:
Drill in- - Multiplication, and explanation
of subtraction !with cocci - ate numbers
-- Criticism by the class. An intermission
• was then bad, fullos;;Thy - singing.
2d.. SiereiSe, Phonetics: --Prof. Sand*
said; that in Phonetics as in-music,-flats
`gerivith flats, and sharps Witysharps e. 7.
anbvoirels are flats, ospirates are sharps
and when an aspirate follows a subvowel
it will be changed to its subvowel cognate,
—in bags the Sharp s after flat
,q becomes
flat z.. He then ililstrated the difference
between the 7/ante and the; Forer of the
letters to which he attributes the clinical
- ry, of teachingcliililren to spell. Ad
journed until 2 P. i.
. AFTEItNOON SESSION. ' 7 o le /1
Ist exercise. . Grammar, conducted by
Supt. Lewis. Mr. Lewis said he was not
understood yesterday ; he would devote
a short time to explanation. He then
took up the prcnoun, and gave his ma
tions for calling the relative a conjunctive;
. also for calling the adjective pronoun a
.pron,oniinal - adjective. He then explain
_ ed the objective case as the subject -of
the infsnitive verb._ Moved that we have
a session to-morrow. Motion lost.
2d. exercise, Geography. The ques
don, why does the sun shine into the north 'I
window in summer? was then called up I
Mr. Lewis gave an explanation, followed
by Prof. Sanders, both ascribed it. to the
rotundity of the Earth. Prof. Cooper
then gave an explanation, assigning as,
the cause, the rotundity of the Earth and
the inclination of the Earth's axis to the
•• plane ut the ecliptic. how many coin
_ piece revolutions dues the Earth .wake in
a leap year ? Class could not answer.
Prof. Cooper showed by the Tulitnialt
that there were 3 1 37. How long does it
take the sun to revolve on its axis?
• 25 days tS hours 9 minutes.. What makes
the Earth revolve around the sun ? The
force of inertia and centripetal force.'
Prof. Cooper then spoke of Geological
formations, and exhibited specimens of
the different rucks. Below the surface
scout 60 feet there is a utlifo.rm tempera
ture, and descending froni this point 54
- feet gives one degree of heat of the com
mon thermometer. From this fact we
suppose the interior of the Earth to be a
molten mass. The proofs of this are : Ist
volcanoes all over the surface oft he Earth.
2d. Warm spring and welts. 3d. Trop
ical vegetation ;tiPolar regions.
. Be would now speak of the oceans.
The Antarctic is joined- to the Pacific,
Atlantic and Indian. They arc all point
ed at the northern extremity. Tile At
lantic is a valley, the Indian is a 'triangle,
and the Pacific an oval. Recess.
_ 3d. exercise, Elocution. Prof: Cooper
conducting die exercise. The members
of the Institute were called one by one to
the stand, and each read a short extract,
and the elocution was criticised by the
• - class. Adjourned to 61-o'clock.
. Mr. Davidson elected to fill the chair.
`- Discussion of the question : How can pa
tents be best interested, in the schools ?
Miss B. M. Lyman read an essay on the
subject. The discussion was then con
tinued by Messrs. Lyman,. Clark, John
son, Leet, and Styles and Misses Nelson,
Clark, Racket and Fox. Recess.
Singing by the Choir. Prof. Sanders
then delivered a lecture on Education.
He said it was a great word, one of very
comprehensive import. Children are soon
to fill all the responsible posts in the world.
The teachers vocation is an important oSe. -
- Teachers should treat their well
- for they may become nature's-noblemen:
He instanced Sherman, Ilmorf, Robert,
Hail. Teachers should encourage their
pupils to be somebody, and they will be
come so, and vice versa. They should,
love their employment, for unless they
do, they will not succeed. Pupils sib
imitate their teachers 14 their examples,
Teachers who love not their employment
will not benefit themselves nor. their pat
GoVernment was the next subject to
Which' ho would call attention. The teach
er should govern himself. as well as his
• school. Begin right, for the school will
- take its character front the first three
weeks. Vocal music is important in good
government and for moral influence. if
teachers canna sing they should learn.
:Children will sing when happy.-us they
sigh, when unhappy. "Let nie make the
songs of- a nation, and I care not who
makes its laws." This is forming our na
tional-character more than we think for.
Let pupils sing when • they are discour :
aged. Punctuality is very important; but
the teacher most set the example. Thor
-qughness is necessazy. , Dig deep and-lay
the foundation- sure. The mind is im
mortal and should be carefully trained
New' fashioned modes of-past teaching
will be failures. There is no royal-road,
-; nor railroad to learnirt. Genius is up"-
.plieation., The
_lowers of. the wind, are
r of little - sro - r).lrU - nless — ty ---- leYre Culliiited: :
Everything must be cultivated. • Nature
i is a great instructor,—the beast is in
-1 sensible to the beauty of the flower it
feeds upon,-z -the rainbow knows not its
OW . tr. ra d i ince, 7 — th e's tin - is i b einortint of his
snlendor,=;--liut man,;the crowning g .. loiy .
'ill-creation, _tercels.* zit ibesi beauties,
and receives instruction. -• -Education - is
1 the distinguishing - feature of civilized life.
ilt cultivates the field, and controls' the
i work. shop.-_ L et. teachers do their duty l
till the great - Teacher shall,. say. :" Well
done:thou fiord and faithful servant enter
linto the joy - of - 1116 - Lord." - Ile_ would
call teachers to no warlike fields, -- but to .
1 far greater ifonors.. - Ancient- grandeur
may crumble -into -dust, but the nionn,
mews which' tile teacher shall raise, shall
stand till the angel .half set his,seal upon
Itno worliS of men, and proclaim . the end
lof time. . . •
Prof. Sanders then read a short catr;lct
of Poetry in his usual felicitous
4-m- MONDAY; NOV., 19.' 'tetv .4oll
Devotional exercises: Hymn by the
choir. Reading Scrinturi; and prayer
-by Prof, Sanders. Critics report was.
then ,read by Miss 11. ..31..-gonesi,Mr.
iSmith being abut on account of 'ill
• health - Secretary being_- abseu Mr.
ILewis read an abstract of Pridafs pro
ceedings. After some slight amendments
lit was adopted. _ Mr. J.. W. Cosby and
Miss Mary Corey were appointed critics.
'Mr. D. L Brown and Miss L. A. Kil 7
bourn were elected Secretaries. Ist.
Exercise Prof. Senders explained eu
phonic changes in subvoeals and aspir
ates e y, c d often am aspirate will be
come t. After tord is will -be fully
sounded. Adjectives cudiug in d are
, somelitnes fully sounded.
IRecess followed by singing.
2nd.. 'Exercise in Arithmetic. Mr.
!Gilliland mentioned the different kinds
lof Aritlimetics'and_ defined the scale.—
I Contractions - in multiplication explained.
Examples in mental putation. Re-
I.Cess and singint,.. co
3 m d. Exercise in
conducted c by Prof Sanders.—
Ifeshowed that a knowledge of prefixes
and suffixes was very necessary in learn
ling. the meaning of words. Adj.. to If
;0'C:1-Jett P. at.
Prof. Lewis takes Grammar into con
sideration. 'Commences by giving the I
Teachers a short lecture on the propriety
of making no unnecessary noise them-1
selves in the school room. Explained!
a preposition, said there• were as many'
luepositions as there are personal verbs
in a sentence. Told how many kinds of I
speech in the English Language, and
closed by saying that a teacher should I
decide what text books his pupils should'
use. 2nd. Exercise, Prof. Cooper con
sidered for a short time . the relation of!
Geography and Astronomy. He then
argued the iMportance of map drawing!
in our common schools. Said that pupilsi
should commence ii very early,• also said !,
that pupils when drawing should always
Iface the north. .The following questions
were then asked. Which way does the,
Isun'turn Ans. from West to East. Bow
much would a man weigh on the sun if
he would weigh 100 lbs on the earth ?
1 fns. 27 tiMes as much. What is life?
Ans. a mutual interchange of relations.
Ile then proceeded to speak of the differ
ent slopes of the land and, articulation.
which are of three kinds, Ist Land lock
!seas ; 2od. Island seas; 3d. Gulls- Next
spoke of the two kinds of Inlands. Con
' tinental and Pelagic. The first or large
islands resembling a continent, the sec
ond.stuall, generally round and of volcan
ic and Coraline formations. Recess. 3d.
I Exercise in Elocution, conducted by Prof.
iS.twiCrs. Adj. to 6k..
[We are obliged to publish small por
tions of the report is each number of our
paper in consequence of the pressure of
Ii 1t gotta,uniaL
igehiirtg, ifeb. 29, 1890.
•ECX-The money crisis which has caused
the city banks to suspend specie payments
will nut last_two weeks. They adopted
the measure of suspension to prevent a
general suspension in business two
months hence, and have acted very'wise
ly in the matter. As a consequence
they do more discounting now than ever,
and money is much plentier than it has
been before. •
uta- The Secession movements at the
South are still absorbing the attention of
the political word, though the excitement
is quietly subsiding - Saudi Carolina
has cacinded to await the action of a
convention which is to meet some time
next month, while the Georgians are sub
siding- under tbe genial influence of A.
H. Stephens noble Union speech in re
ply to the firebrand . of Toombs.
The President will no doubt _take an
anti-secession position in his message to
Congress, which • meets next Monday;
though it is .not•espected that he will
take any very decided Steps to suppress
the active operations of the seeedet:s.
There ate rumors that Cobb and Thomp-
son will be granted leave to retire from
the Cabinet, in consequence of their open
avowal of secession sentiments. They
sould be solicited by the President to re
tite,,and kicked out if they dont resign.
-- -railed-States. Frettwitts.
We - observe - the Republican Presses of
the . .Nbitliern.tier are nearly unanimous
in rea'tninnending the election of Hon:
David Wiltiiot: to the U.S. Sittaie. The
follo r wing;papers * which have come under
our notice.'Urge his election: Shit''us.
bUrg; (Huntington Co.) Herald, Union
Co.; Vress i : Columbia Co., Republican,
Bradford Reporter, Honesdale Democrat,
Willi.tmsport Press, Jersey - Share Vedette.
Montrose Republican, and Tioga Agita•
tor. West of this we. have . .seen no ex•
except that the Erie papers are
out for Hon. Jno. Walkei of that
'• With the -Nortitern-Press -.thus united
and unanimous in his, favor, we think
Mr. Wilmot'S chances are good: No',
othcicandidate in the field haS thus far
been able to - muster - so' many friends,
while no other has as-strong claims upon '
I the diatinctibn °flu": election: Locality,
Italent, party fealty', experience in public
I - affairs; statesmaniiiii,iiiitiinial Ili pitlar ity
fall these are justly claimed for Mr'. Wil
mot:ly his iriends, and. now is the time
: that they should have due 'weight in
imaking a selection . for so important a
post. Above all other considerations,
Mr. Wilmot has the Lackbon.e necessary
Ito maintain the proud pbsitien of Penn
sylvania in the national council; and the
i energy to advocate her .principles and . in
' terests with a due se cse'of their import
ance. Let us have Wilmot in the _United
States Senate and Pennsylvania's honor
and integrity will soon recover from the
!blight of Buchanan, Bigler and Black- •
Fur Ihe Puller Journal
AL Free Pulpit.
FRIEND CHASE.—I have just - read
sorue good remarks in the last JOURNAL,
over the siguiture J. S. M. respecting a
"free pulpit". The idea so exactly ,
agrees with my own, that .1 wish to - re
spoud—A free pulpit, and a free people,
are synonymous. Where there is one !
there is always the other; and
. when the i
pulpit. is trammeled, the hearts of the
people are trammeled also, and
The minister is the exponent or organ of;
those to whom he preaches. Perhapsl
few consider the nighty influence that I
goes out from the pulpit. There is noth
ing in Heaven, there is nothing on earth
to compare with it. It has revolution
nations, stopped. polygamy, and will
(I hope) put a stop to divorces.. "The;
hearts of the children of men aro in thel
hands of the Lord, and he tnrneth them
as the rivers of water are turned." The
true spirit of the gospel and republican
emanate from the pulpit, our souls ig
nite, we obey the heavenly mandate, we
rush to the polls and with our tiinple but
powerful votes, we crush, or change "the
powers that be." What Garribaldi and
Victor Emmanuel are doing in Italy with
their bayonets, we have done with our'
votes. And who has been foremost in
this bloOdless fight? Who has formed
the van?. The answer has already been
freely given, "the farmers have brought
round this great change "; permit me to .
demur—it is the pulpit. The thunder
logs of Dr. Cheerer, and the responses
' of U. W. Beecher, with thousands more
Ihave done a greater work in putting a
' stop to "baby's stealing,": and will to
Hruniselling, and the u,e of tobaceo,"-
' than spade or hoc. The pulpit is always
the pioneer is stemming . the torrent
of vice. - The occupant goes forth wj,th
his "theme divine" and lte• bears not .the
sword mu vain. And like Rev. Mr. Itier-
I Dont, be is persecuted, and expects it.
Bat scourges, (for some thirty years ago
Dr. Cheerer was severely flogged by one!
Ham, for attacking Deacon Giles' distill-1 .
cry) imprisonment, nor the fulminating 1.
breath of the South, can't stop them. I
The faithful Paul could tell of stripes and;
stones, and what can't the faithful preach-'.
er tell of now. Sometimes a member •of
his church withdraws, sometimes a ma
who chances to hear him speak against
the sin of holding property in man say St.
"I will
. never go to hear - him again, I
.will go eo more to his church, for he has
made it a political shop; Twill withdraw
my support—l won't stand it, I can't
bear to hear my good friends at the South, i
my gcod nigger-drivers, so vilified; ifl
he would mind his own business,. and
preach the gospel:A - IRpa - 1416 alon - e;
I would pay my $25 a year, but as it is
shall not pay him one cent." Now it is;
said somewhere in the goad book, that
the heart of a wicked man is like a cage;
of, unclean birds ; but I should think
that in the heart of such a man, was
something worse than unclean birds.—
Most likely those unclean frogs spoken
of by the Revelator have a' lodgment
there. B.
Sweden; Nov., 10th.
Ile - •We are at last in possession of the
official vote of thiS State, and will give a
table of the vote by counties as soon as
otn. columns get: little relief from the Id
gal presrure. - For the present we only
offer the following figures :
For Lincoln,
" Fusion,
gc Douglas,
" Bell,
Total vote oast, 476,606.
Lincoln over Fusion, - 93,632
" " Douglas, * 252,717
" " Bell, 257,313
" " • all opposition, 63,528
Lincoln had 7,685 more rotes in No
vember than Curtin had in October.
-Petinsytvania is tle.:l3anner:State.Ol,Free,
dew, built in tnajority and,. plerelity. •
' Yliciuta goe s for I.lull-by 306 inajority
with litelistr, a new county to hear from.
Ketitueity and-Tennessee are lils:ewise fur
'l3a ; - -
LPY i'df ?dry trri:r .of Vpnditioni
E4tponas, Fieri Facies 'and Levari Faeiae
issued out of the Court of Coo . Ilion - Reim of Pot
ter Couhti, Pennsylvania, and to :ne, directed, I
shall-expose to public sale or outcry. at the Court
Hoae in'CoUderyori, on 3fONDAY, the 17th
day of Dee. 1860, at l 0 o'clott a. 74.1,the fol r
to:dui:7 di-scribed real e f llite, to vie:
All those certain. !pieces, parcels,. or tracts
of land situate in the TaWnshin' of Portage ;
Potter Co.. Pa., describerPas!,follows .to-Wit:
Warrant numbered (5435) five thousand four
hundred. and thirty- , eight beginning. at a
Beech 4,he I , forth-east corner of said warrant;
Thence South three . hundred twenty perches.
.to a'l3ll'6; thence East aVe hundred' eighty
three perches to
,•a post, thence North three
hundred twenty perches ,to a post, thence East
five hundred_eighty-throe Perches to .the be
ginning;. containing eleven' hundred acres,
and allowance of six per cent. for Roads.. etc.,
be the same more or er less. ALSO—War
rant numbered (5439) five thousand four bun.
dred and thirty-nine : beginning at a , Birch.
the North-east corner of said warrant, thence,
South three hundred twenty perches to a
Lynn. tbenee \Vest five hundred' eighty-three
perches to a post, tliCll6o North three bundredJ
tweufy perches to the poSt: thence East five
hundt•ed eighty-three .perches to:the
ning; containing eleven hundred, ucres,, and
allowance of six per etMt. for -Roads etc., be
! the Sortie more or less. ALSO—Warrant
!numbered (5440) five thousand four hundred
and forty: beginning at a him pine, thence
North three hundred and twenty perches to u
[white pine, thence cast five hundred eighty-1
I three perches to a post, thence South three
hundred twenty perches to a post. thence
West five luindred eighty-three perches to the
beginning: containing eleven hundred acres,'
and allowance. of six per cent. for Roads, etc.,
ALSO—Warrant numbered t 5141) fiftY-four
hutltlred and forty .one : beginning at a 11aple,
thence North three' hundred and twenty per
cites to a white pine, thence East five: hun
t dred eighty-three perches to a post, thence
I South three hundred twenty perches to a post,
thefiee,West five hundred eighty-three perLbes
to the beginning: containing eleven hOndred
acres, end allowance rou which is erected
one, large steam saw-mill, one blacksmith's
shop, four frame dwelling houses and one
barn; also about- two mi!es of plank-road,
and about 50 acres of linfroved land. ALSO
.--Warrant number fate thousand four hUndred
and forty-two: beginning at a Lyrin the
North-east corner of said warrant,. thence
South three lium:red twenty. perches to a
white pine, thence West five hundred eighty
three perches to a post, thence North three
hundred twenty perches to a post, !thence
East five hundred eighty three pc. cheS to they
beginning; containing, eleven hundred acres,[
and allowance of sin per cent. for Roads, etc.!
Seized, taken in execution, and to. ho sold[
as the property. of Walter W. Updike, Pru-!
deuce 13. P. Updike, and Louis J Doyle, with
notice to Charles - O. Develiu, A. C. Fuller and'
G.' W. !Boylan, as Terre Tenants.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Whar- I
ton and Portage Townships, beginning at a
HeMlock in the East line of warrant No. 5431,
thence Eat by lands of John Earl, Jr., •11401
perches to a post, thence North by lands of(
W. W Mink, warrants Nas. 4534, 4,b33 and I
4931, 705 and 5-10 perches to 'a post, thence'
West by lands of John Earl, Jr , 240 ipetches
to- liemloek, thence - South by lands of Georges
Mead, 'warrants Nos. 5433, 54:1'2 and 5431!
705 and C-10 perches to the place of begin-1
ning; containing one thousand acres) of land I
be the same inure or less. ALSOj—, Beg,in-
Ring tit a post or hemlock in the East line
whrtant N0,'5433, thence East by lands of
J6lin Earl, dn. ' -240 perches to a post; thence
North by lands of W. Willink warrants Nue.
4932 and 4931, 705 and 6-10 perches to a.
post, thence WeSt bpi:lnds of John Earl, Jr.,
240 percheS to a maple, thence by lands
ofJahn Barrow, Jr., warrants Nos. 4622 and
4623 and b) lands of George Mead,l warrant
No. 5433:706 and perches to the place ofj
FA:ginning- ; containing one thousand acres he
the same more or less, the same-being all un
ed, tar. :ecution, and to be sold
• Sciz-eu, taken in ext. .tion,
as the property ofJohn Earl. Jr,
ALSO—Certain real estate to wit bounded
on the North b.,' lot No. 57 conveyed to Ros
well IdMos and No. 114 conveyed to IL and
W. S Johnson, on the East by 114
and lot No. 40 now in possession of W. 11.
41etzgar, on the South by south pa i rt of No.
113 conveyed to 11. Ingraham and JOE No. 98,
and on the West by lots No. OS and 44 con
veyed to Wia. McDougall and It tttison and
lot. No. 47; contaiaing one hundred and thir
'ty-five acres and seven-tenth's of an acre be
the same more or less, beirg the North part
'of lot No. 113 of the allotment of lo, i nds of the
estate of S. II Pox deceased, in Hebron
'Township, Pottm 110., Pa., and part, of. war
'rant No. 1291 wjth'pne frame house, and two
',board shanties thereon, abotit oue acre in
Seized, taken in execution, and 10 be sold
at the property of M. Mattison.
ALSO=Certain real estate'Situithiiin Ulysses,
Potter Co., Pa., bounded on the NOrth by lot
So. 170 of the lands of S. Ross and lands ofl
H. H. Dent, on the East, South and nest byl
lands of 11. H. Dent. being lot N 0.112-1, of the I
allotment of lands of Sobieski .Ross in the
Township aforesaid ; containing I fifty acres
and allowance of which 'twenty acre's are im- •
proved, on which tire one log boile, one log
barn and some fruit trees.
Seized, taken in execution, -end to be sold
as the property of Norman H. Ro , ,iers.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Mug-
hem Township, Potter Co., Pa., bounded on
the North by lands of M Curdy and lota Nos.
51, 50 and. 59 of the Fox estitte in Binghatn
Township, on the East by lota ;fns. Si) and
61, on the South by lot-No. GI and unseated
lands, and cn the West by, lot No. 168 and
lands of M. Curdy'; containing 19,6' acres with
the usual allowance of six per cent. for Roads
&.c., being lots'Nos. 57, 58 and Go of the tfl
lotment of lands of the estate of Samuel M.
Fox deceased, in
,Bingbani Town Ship and part
of warrant No. 1236 Potter Co t Pa.. about
'7O acres of which, are improved, bn which are
erected two frame barns, one overshot saw
mill, one granary. and ether outhouses, and
some fruit trees thereon:
Seized, taken in execution, at:d to be sold
as the property of.J. H. White and _Harrison
Rosa. -
ALSO..—Certain real estate boUn,ded
on the North . and East by lot No. 20 of
the allotment of the Fox. estate in Gene
see Township,. on the South l:)y lots
7 and 8 of the :dicta:lent of said estate in
Allegany Townspip, and on the West by
lot No.' 4 late in possession' of Samuel
Rogers and lot No. 23 of the allotment
of thii Fox:estate in Genesee Township;
containing one hundred andj eight acres
and elererptenthe of an acre -more or.lesa
With .11,41isnalltil4sYP.O.ofs six_per' Opt,
t for Reads, $e , being lot No.' `..40-of -itti_
' allotment of lauds! a);..lte.,l?o,t.'estntel':iii i
'said .- Town Ship efi Genesee. and part, of
*arrant No. 1286 Potter o.';', - P.sii, - *Uhl
thirty, acres unpFev, , one_ 9. et'-
tshot saw - Mill;' , Or4frante house, one, frinie ,
- barn and dome friiit•treeslhereon: '-,' . . -1 .,
' . :Seized,. tatercia :po;Asession and to. be
„sold as the property of „Heery,SeeleyV= . .
1 ALSO-I—The following . deseribedircal',
!estate situated in Allegany Towntillip,l
IPotter County, Pli;-bounded on the North'
•ilyi lands of G. riethey, on the East byl
lands of Win. Nelson, on the South b}•b}•
.. i
lands .of Autos !Raymond and oni the]
West, - by unseated lands; contatrauo onel
hundred, !and twenty 'two acres, - about. . r
thirty acres, of the same Improved. 1
:Seized i , talien in execution, and tu be,
• said as the property 'of Nathan Brtrnin.
ALSO,4'ertain'two Story 'frame building
situate in'tlin- village of Lewisyille, fiii the i
I Township of Ulysses,- .Potter Co.,' •Pa.,i said
building is Octagon in slittpe, and eieltcen i
feet.across each of! the eight said sides , said 1
building being situate upon A certain lot -of
land in said -township, formerly. owned by
Burton Lewis and 'TA untied on the Etis.t by
lands of Burton Lewis, on the North bylland - s
of Burton Lewis, on the West by viilag,e. lots '
!owned by Thomas Parker, Richard Baker,
I and Larrabce & LeWis, and on the South by',
Jllighway 'antilandS of Burton Lewis, etintain
lug, abbut three notes ' '• I
Seized; taken in execution, and to he sold
as he property of O. A. Lewis; Dan p i tter;
Charles Monroe, Lucien Bird, Cyrus Slander
klin, L. S. Robeition. Elijah- Gridley - IA. B.
Bennett; Leavitt Pushing, Willet Lyon, Et a .
I Larrabee, and Seth -Lewis. Trustees 'of the
I ClySses* Academy' Joint• Stock Company.
ALSO---Certain teal estate situate ill Jack.
!son Township, Potter Co., Pa , bounded on
Ithe North by lands of the Bingham Estate and
lot. No. 2, on the East by lot No. 2, :I!'in the
ISOuth by lands of the 13ingharn 'Estate; and
on the. West by lot No. 4 and lands ;of the
Bingham Estate, being lot No. 3 of the allot
ment of 'lands in” Jackfon Township s Potter
Co., Pa.'; containing ninety-seven aud four , L
tenths acres, of which thirty-five acres ore
improved, on which are erected one frame,
house, one frame barn, one old frame barn,
one log house, and an apple orcherd-thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property 4.M. Chapel. 1
ALSO—Certain real estate bonndhc: and
described as follows : beginning . ut in; post
ecrrer of Ipt No. 20 of the allotment! of the'
Ashley lands in Pike Township, Potter Co.,
Pa., contracted to W. & A. Ealborn,l thence
East one hundred and -six perches,' thence
South one honored and sixty perches thence
West along north line of lot No. 22, and Ash-
ley lands one hundred and six perehei, thence
North along . .ineii of lots Nos. 21, 27 land 29 '
, aforeisaid one hundred and .(tv.y peliehes to'
Ithe place of beginning ; containing one ham-
Bred acres with an allowance of six per cent. '
' be the same more or less, it beingloti No. 9 of '
' the allotment 'of the Ashley lands lin-Pike '
' Township, and parts of warrants Nos. 5123
I and 5126. ALSO—Another lot boniiialed and
I described as follOws : be g inning at tile South
west corner ofj lot No. 3 of the allotment
aforesaid in Pike Township, contracted to'
Joseph, Sunderlin, thence East one hundred !
land fifty-four perches, thence South ninety,
percheS, thence l'est one hundred and twenty
Iperches, thenee ;South fifty perches, thence'
West One hundqd perches to the last line of!
1 Lot No. 22,contraeted to Calvin Carriel,thence
North eighty-three
.qefelies and five-kenths of
a perch, thence East.'sixty -six perc+, thence i
INorth +fifty-one Perches and seven-tenths of a
iperch to the place of beginning; cOntaining ,
, one hundred-and twenty. six acres u.hd seven
tenths of an acre with an allowanCe of six '
per cent. be the Is:true more or less, it being
lot N 0,.. 10 of the' allotment of the Ashley lands
in Pike Township, Potter Co., Pa., and part
of witrants 5122 and 5127, about ,25 acres
improved, 1 saw mill. 1 frame house, 1 frame
barn,•and 1 blacksmith shop thereon.
tik2n in execution, and to be soil
as the property'of James Bump. • ,
ALSO—Certain real 'estat-. to- wit i bounded
on the North by lot. No. 94 of the allotment of
lands! of Sobieski Ross in Ulysses q'ownship,
a ttlihnds of U. 1-1. Dent, on the EaSt by lands
of ll.i U. Dent and lot No. 115 of !allotment
aforei:aid, on the South by lot No. 115, and on
the West by lands of Geo. Fox and S. Ross
and lot .95 of the aforesaid allotment: con
one hundred and three acres and two
tentiis o' an acre with the usual allowance of
six her cent. for Roads &c., it being lot No.
96 of the alicitment of lands of Soliieski Ross
in Ulysses Township, Potter Co.l t Pa., and
part !of warntcts Nos. 1823 and 1401, Potter
Co.. Pa., about thirty acres of 10lich are im
Seized taken in execution!, andlto be sold
as the property of Wm. A. G'orton
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Sitar- !
on Township. Potter Co., Pa.; it
.Ming a part
of warrant No. 5833 of the Bingham lands
bouhded as follows: beginning ht a sugar
Inn Ole tree being the North-west corner ofsaid
warrant, thence Shuth 'one hundrCd and thir
rods to a hemlock comer, thenee. East I
twoliuntired and twenty four - arid one half
rod to a pine 4tump corner, thence North oite
huhdred and eight rods to the NOrth lino of
said warrant to a corner,
thence (West along
said warrant line two hut deed and twenty
four anu one half reds to the jilmie of begin
ning; containing one hundred and fifty-five
acres of land .1 ALSO—Piece Or parcel of!
land situate in, Township and county above
mentioned autl being a part of - ivarrant No.
5847, of the Bingham lands, andi bounded as
follows begidning at a maple !lice being the
South-west — cOrner of said
,warrant, thence I
North ten chants and twenty-fiv links - to a
ce6er, thence l East forty-nine drainscorner on the 1 Vest line of the Ward ,4k Dean
lot formerly Called the Maxsoir lot, thence
North along
S aid line thirty-five rods to.,a
corner, thence . East twenty-mglii and one half I
rods to the North-west corner of Israel Rem.'
nolds' land, thence South twenty-six - rods to
corner on the!'section lincithenCe -West along,
said line tworlaundred and twenty-four and
ohe half rotl, to place of beginning; con
taining sixty three and one hlalf acres, the
above ,descrite'd lots containing itt all two
hundred and eighteen and onoihalf acres of
land, strict measures, about twenty-flee acres
of which are improved with onh frame house
acid one frahae barn erected thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Lewis A. Wood.
ALSO —Gertain real estate fo-wit situate
is Genesee ; township, Potter (.10., Pa., bound
ed on the North by lands cf 0 W. Eickax, E.
Peet and Atnasa Robins, East by Robins, and
unseated lands of the estate cof Samuel. lIL
Fox deceased, South by lot , ktiowri as the
" Higgins Lot" and the "Al i is Mill" Leh,
abd on. the West by lands of. G. Perry and
the Highway • containing on 4 _hundred and
twenty-sii and six-tenths acres of land, about
qx acres of whiet are improvd, about nine
acres slashed on which are erected one frame
house, one grist milli and one ;Ward stable.
I Seized,- I taken in execution, land to be sold
as the property of Geo.:VV. daicket.
iii , iiiii'iltUatb:Trillectoe TownshiP:,Pa4
Co: - rpo., bonntled North ninl East by liif i thr
twenty-seven acres 1 ,41
! the Estnte,,SOuth by lands of
rebete same mere Cl
tEstate.and lands of Ira Surdam, nll,l
West by fandS:of Joseph Persing , containiii
o b iz in ele, ,t h e u n. t i l b d s re t. i l l f
a n n nd a ' e
le'iiitieing lot No. 28 lifithe allotment of lands
of IL H. Vent in IlectOr Township and punt
warrant No. 1390, about 10 acres of whi ch
hro-Itilpioved with one log house, out build.
ingfouid some fruit trees thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, :and to be s o ld.
as the property of hid Dickens and Stephit
lE._ Dickens: . _
1 ALSO—Certain - real. estate_ situate i r 03.
I warn Township, Potteito., bounded i r e .
1 the • North`by lot - No. 21 of the Bingham
LIM in oii4b
of the . estate. of.,Samuel.3l, Fox tleceitso,, oa
the Eaif tip the unseated laridi
the South .by • lot No.ilB'ef the ,FQX (*talc in
Hebron-Township, on the Vest by lot No.- i;
of -the Fox estate in Ostrayo• Township an d
llot Nu.. 21 aforesaid ; containing 58 and o ne .
tenth acres with the usual allowance of s i t
per cent. Lot Roads Sc.; being, lot No. C 9 of
the allottnent.of lands of-the estate of Sal m i
IL, Fax deceased in Oswayo Township, le d
part pf.warrant No.-1850, rotter. Co., 1"), .
seized, taken in: execution, lindTe be soli
las the property of,Franklin Gale...
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in rigs !!
Township, Potter ..Co. f Pa., bounded on tit
North. by lands of. Gen. riartuon, on the E a g
by lands of George &Alva Carpenter, on ti,
South by lot known as the Samuel dibbalm,
and West by . lands of Swifts; containing on
hundred acres, about eight improred, rtt'o,
eight acres slashed, - with one frame lion:
one log barn, .one frame barn; and some frii
trees thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, audio be Set ,
as the Property of James Kibbe.
ALSO—Certain reel estate situate In Misr
ton Township, Potter Co., Pa., commen c i c
on the West side of the Sinnemahoning o
posite the setiv mill formerly owned by Ca
running up the bill including a certain-Ipi.
then in a southerly direction along the hi
to include: the. fifty acres running to
east bank of the Sinnensahoniag; ra
twining ,fifty acres strict measure, being pa.
of warrant co: 4685; about six acres of all
are improVed, with three frame houses theree
Seized, taken in execution and to be se'
as the property Of Peter Westbrook.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in
gany Township, Pc tier Co., Pa.,' bounded
thallorth by lots• Nos. 54 end 55 of the Rik
moot of lands in Allegany Township, on '
East by lots Nos. 64 and 87 and unseat.
lands of the estate of Samuel all. Fox deem
l and on the West by lots Nos. 85, 83 and
aforesaid ; .containing 2G3 and 3'tenths ec
be The satne.fuore or lest, with .the usual
Ilowanee of six per, cent. far Roads de., ;
lot. No, 58 of the allotment of lands in A
gany Township, and part of warrantNo.ll
Potter Co., Pa., one hundred and - twstan.i
acres of, which are improved, on which
erected one frame house. one log house,
frame barn, ancl' some fruit trees thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
las the property of James A. Lynch ' • •
ALSO—Certain real estate beginning
post in the East line of Iot.NQ. 20 of the
totment of the Ashley lands in Pike Tons
contracted to John Carriel, thence . Fist
perches, thence South 120 perches, the
West 80 perches to east line of lot No.
aforesaid. thence along said line North
perches to the place of heginning; =tit
sixty acres with an allowance of six per t
for Roads .te., be the same more or less r it
ing lot No. 32 of the Ashley lands in
Township, Potter Co., Pa., and part oftra
No. 5127. ALSO—Another lot beginning
he - unlock 154 perch es-West and ninety-nine
eight-tenths perches South of the Niutnii
corner of lot NO. 31, thence South 6.
perches, thence West eighty perches
birch, thence North eighty perches to a
lock, thence East 80 perches to the ph
beginning; containing 40 acres be thes
' more or less, it being lot N 0.33 of the
ment of the Ashley lands to Pike Tow
, Potter Co., Pa., and part of warrant lie'
Seized; taken in execution, and to be
as th property of Jonathan Stevenson.
A LSO--Xerta in real: estate situate in '
ton Township, Potter Co., Pa., begioni
a post in the North-east corner of let
tracted to James Ayres, thence North
hundred and fifty-seven rods to a post,
East tWevrty-nine rods to a pest, thence_
to the west bank Of Sinnernaboning
thence along the said creek by the
corners, thence North to the warrant
thence West five hundred and twenty r
a post, thence East five hundred and t
dye rods to the place of beginning; ca
tug six hundred and twenty-nine scree
same more or less, and being part of w
N - o. 4927, the same being all improved
Seized, taken in execution, and to b
as.the property of H. W May.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate is
on ToWuship, Potter Co., Pa., bounded
North by lands of - L. H. Kinney, on the
by lands of Adams k Holly. on the Sae
lands of Ira Canfield, and on the ire
lands of Henry Pearce, Calvin Lund,
Lund, and L. P. White; containing one
Bred St cres, - about forty-five acres of trti
improved, on which is erected one leg
one frame house, one frame shop, end
fruit trchs thereon:
. Seized, taken in execution, and, to t
as the. Property of E. White, Jr.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate;
rison Towa!hlp, Potter Co., Pa., boom
the North by hinds of John Augood,
East by lands of Benj. Corey, on the
lands of Baldwin, and on theV
lands of Win. Corey; containing abo,
hundred acres, be the same more o
about-thirty acres of which are koi
with one fradie house, one log by
some fruit trees thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to
as the property of James H. Arnold.
ALSO—The following described re'
to wit : bounded on
.the North by
lands of the estate of S. 31. Fox dec.
the East by lot-No: 134 conveyed byst
tees Of Bingham Estate to E. 31. Bat
lot-No. 135 of the allotm.ent of lands
Estate, on the South by lots N 05.1 35,
81, and on the West by lot No. 8 1
seated lands of the Fox Estate; te a
one hundred and twelve acres and fo.
acre be the same more or less with th
allowance of six per 'cent. for Boads
ing, lots Nos. 'l6 and 19 of. the RIO,'
lands of the estate of Samuel 31. FoX''
in Allegary Township,. and part o f ;
N05.,1632, 1836 and 1837 in Potter
about 50 acres, of which are imPre
one log house, two frame barns,
fruit trees thereon. ' •
Seized, taken in execution, and to
as the property, of N. L. Dike.
ALSO—The following, descrihed f
to-wit bonnded on - the North, Sou
and West by lands of the Binghae s
containing fifty) acne, one acre of '
improved, on whieh is erected one
Seized, taken in execution,: and la
as the proPerty of Joshua Baker.
CouderisporOov..2l, 1860.