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Th e re will be a Itublican lafeedXeet...
h e ld at the E L EVEN $1.1,E, in
° Township in a grove near"- the
ono ,
-ideynce of I..leezer Lyme, Tuirrt istuy,
0.13 th., commencing at 11 'o', (
61001 c.,
. from--Contierspori'
• -
ellsville, and other places, areexpectecl.
e e xpect the band with good music an d
h er s with good speeches in the Cott
,rsport deleption, and perhaps in etheris
~--Let us have a great turn:cett .
By order of Co mmittee.
OSIPATO, SEPT. 2, 1860. ._ -
To Ei t sbando. ---Ersry husband haying
>d to his wife's. health and comfort,
tiould lose no time in getting an ":Erie
si n g Machine for her: Write,tli Mr.
N. B a ypn, at Iklilan, Ohio,, and -get
211 particulars. • .
Th e Farmer and Gardn#,- for.' Sept.
. on our table, filled a 9 usual- trith• inter
t'og agricultural, hotieultural, portielo ,
:cal and botanical` matter.---This' work
essentially a Peimiylvania,_periodieel
,d should receive the cordial support of
try Pennsylvania farmer. It _contains
;2 pages of reading matter. monthly; and
afforded to single subscribers for sl.a
,ear. ,
The Gedesee Former.—The Septem
,er number of this old and well•known
nicultural paper is receive& --We notice
he, the publisher offers . to serid the :pri
ers for the three remaining
a month's off
his'year free_ to all who subscribe now
or the next year's volume. the Faun- ,
is one of the best agricultural papers
p ublished, and is decidedly the cheapest.
t ply half a dollar a year_! By enclosing
eventeen three cent stamps in a letter to
OSEPH HARRIS, Rochester, - N. you' co
ilget the remaining numliers of this
ear and the entire volume for 186L—
,ts is a rare chance. -Fifteen months
aiding for fifty .cents ! Who. Weed be
about an agricultural and horticultural
loan:1a! ?
Additional Impronemen ts.—Wenotice
me building improvements overlooked
by us week blfore last.
D. F. Glassmire has purchased the
, nilding occupied by J. B.; Smith as a
store, and has fitted up several .very nice
bed rooms in the second. story, 'enabling
him to accommodate a great many more
than heretofore. .lle has also added sta
bling and sheds to his barn to, the amount
if about $6OO.
G. C. Manley and John •Ilkebhow have
Ltd. up. a.,eatamodiona-Wngon-Shoprop
posite Manley's‘Blacksaiith Shop.
Several of our citizens have built kitch
en additions to their dwellings and some
six or eight fine barns have been built or
are in the course of erection.
We made a mistake in .giving the length
of D. E. Olmsted's store—the entire
length of the building is 90' feet—sale
mom 70 feet. E. N. Stebbins & Ero: add
32 feet, making entire length 82 feet—
sale-room 70 feet.
We are indebted
. to Dept Marshal
White for the census of several, more
townships, which we add in the follow
ing table. They are Hebron, Pleasant
Talley, Sweden, Summit, Homer, 'Sylra
eia and Wiiinn. We expected to add
Allegany, but have not received the
urn. We learn it will reach - ab Out 800.
1840. 1850, 1860.
Enlalia, .348 283 • 431.
, Coudersport, , 234 , 447.
Homer, ' 140 156.
Wharton, 174 230 - 376.
.Sweden, • • 154 254 389.
Stewardson, "54
- Roulet. 152 223 482. -
Pleas'nt Valley, /3 168.
Ulysses, 371 699 '
Bingham, 453 $B4 C9B: -
Geneses, _ 127- • 301 - 692.
Portage, ' 34
Jackson, 51 ----
Pike, 139 202 '
West Branch, 93
Hector, . 119 214 Lr--
S.llegany, 238 331
;Clara, 61 • 89. • 172.
Aaron, 259 • 502 1069.
.o.swayo, 101 . 244 62-I
-:Harrison, 497 720 . 1100.
Hebron, 142 337 620.
:Summit, - - 138:
,Sylvania, • • 203.
%ray° Lincoln Club.—At a - meeting
of the Repisblicaqs of diweyo township,
held at the Eleven Mile, Aug. 18, 1860,
Vm. Beater was oalledsto the chair, and
1 . F. Lyman, appointed Seoreteri• -
A Lincoln Club was dies) formed, and
the following permanent office - us: were
duly appointed':
- Pusident,lf H. itroz Vice•Presi
dents.—Jerome Chesebro, E. Lyman,
Orson Abbott, L.D. Estes.'
Secretaries.--11. F: Lyman, N. C. Goff,
G:Wells;. Corresponding Beoretit
q.—H.-H. Lyman.
— Ott:mine° of Arrangerisents.=—Ww.
'Dtzter, blaitin Zohnsoli, Renj. R. Goff,
4 lidrew Killen, Immo Ctiesebio; Obasj
4 d.3. W. G. Wells, This. iliittenden,
'atrick Baines, P: P. Story.' '
It was moved atul.
.earried :that Ihe .
- committee theet at the hot ` 1 " Ch'ese.
110 , Tuesday Aug: 21st .1860:
: Moved
111 'carried - that the ; committe e 'lave
Plitt to fill vacaiuties office. novela
- ,,a64.,19,rt1ed' that the - Club, meet at S,elw6l
11(itise „T"?.eel . f4e 4, P.
- ;
A, THOMAS' L. , YOUNG, or- Cineinnal.
::Efamilion - COnnty,"Stati:ornble, hare , . in
die fertd:of Oonstitntid iind: -appointed
BOitaar IC. , YousS, gig., of Sylvan ia, Potter
County, Pa.-my Attorney for .me
,aud 'ln my
dame; and for my use; to colleetAy suit or
otherwise, and upon payment to him tip re.
ceipt for, by release—under seal—or -other
wise, all debts or demands -whatsoeirerAue
lifbatsciever tny Said Attorney shall lawfully
de; id' the pretnises, I. do beret?! coOrtn„the
same as if I was personally preseni and did
the same., • - YOUNG,
1.1 ° T JOE T S Q N desired td Annenpce to
citizens of Condersporrand cicinity t
bat he • • '
• his late quarters,,ithak,pitice, Tasas
,cr, FUtr2r. 3 3th.i andiretnain through Court
eek 'and pritil , after-the :,County' Fair, Oct.
' And 3d ; War., giving - to all who desire an
opPorrunAy twobtitin.' - • •
oAheinselves or frieude. - lie will warrant his, and put,them up in good 'cases
el aper thatt.ever befOre known in this place. -
El. refers With pleasure : to his recent sojourn
h : • - [Sept. 6. 1860.
1, - -N . :,: - '£`Aj.S.-It
I '
fp..i!.; Meal, Feed, '&O.,
~ tiiOll hartd . aad for sale,
at fair_prices. - ..
. upon, Sept. 4, 1860. —6l
Y IRTUE Sun ..ry write a ' en: 'Loin
F ones,. Fieri Facias and Levari Facies
.ecla of the Court of Common Pleas of Pa!-
rC' Pennylvania, and to me directed, 1
dean at to pub . lie :sale or outcry, at the Court
* House • Coudersport, on DIOND.:111,. the 17th
day of • pt. MO, all 0 , o'clock, a. m., the fol,
lowing ibed real eState, to wit:
Certa4 real estate situate in Sylvania Town
ship; er Co.. Pa,,.bounded on - the North
- y lands f J. M. Tuttle, and Keating lauds,
andsoit East South and West by Keating
ands.; 5. twining. -fifty acres,: one and - one
alF.acr-z.f whieli.are . iioproved. . I
Seize* :ken in execution, and to be sold
es the pr. erty of Emanuel Starkey.•
n •
" ALSO' ertain real estate to wit: two cei- I
tain lots situatedln the boron& •ufl
Coud • ..Botter-Oei,-Pa n -katown , ais-Lets I
Nos. 134 a 135, on Square No. 13;_ bounded
on the Nor by Lots of L. Cushing, East by
Main• Stre- South by Fourth Street, and
West by Lo belonging to the School District
of Coudersp t,-and lot :nowin possession of
L. B. Cole; ntaining sixts-four perches of
and, ",,on w h is erected one Blacksmith
Seized, to
as the proper
North by. the • ,
by lands Of Je •
—Morey, and
taming tw6 hu
twenty-fie itcr
'hopped, on.wh
.ne shingle lion
Seized, taken,
- the property':
ollows: comote'
.1 lot No. ll,'th
ine of Second St
hence Smith' sii•
:o. 74, thence Ea
ine of West stree
West li•te of West
lace of beginning
'o. 75•ort Square:.
.f Coudersport, Po
situate one-two sto
:nd one small tram
s the property 01 4
. _ _
in execution, and to be sold
of Samuel Haven. '
in real estate situate in Clara
r Co., Pa., bounded on the
ds of William Person. - East
• Coon, South by lands of--
st by Keating lands ; con
red and five acres of which
are improved and sixty acres I
I are erected one lug. house
I and one log barn.-
execntioa, and to be sold
bodes Chandler. •
real estate - described his
g at the North-east corner
e West along the . South
t t sixty-six feet- to a post,
six feet•to the line of lot
sixty-sjx•feet to the'Weit
thence North along the
eet led to the'
eing the front halt of Lot
5, situate in the borough
r Co,r Pa., on which. is
frame blacksmith shop,
welling house.- •
ecution, and -to be sold
tennells. . •
estate situate in Sec
Pti.,"bounded on fuel
Morton, on the West]
corn, on the South by
ring, on the east by]
fining about ninety-,
y acres of which are
me house, one log
es thereon.
tion, and to' be sold
Hanville - • -
ate situate in Sharon
~ bounded on the
ay, East hy- - G. 41:
. Dedrick and \Vest
Jones, and heirs of
about eighty, acres
are improved, and
, with two
ma, and some fruit
ALSO--:Certein .it
for Township, Pintiq
North by landsof E.
by lands of Abram Is
lands of Maro s ~".' "Ik
Unnsielter lands; le
seven acres, about tsv
improved, - with: one'
house and some fruit
Seized, taken in-exe
as the property of C.
ALSO—Certaln real
Township, Potter Po.i
North by-the pubite , bi,
Brightman, South by P.
by the heirs of Willard
M. R. Masson; coctaini
of which about eightl
aboot tea acres - chop
frame houses one shank,
trees thereon. •
Seized, taken in °seen
as the property orWtillia
ALS - P--;Allthe interns
the following real estat
on the West and Nort4 by
ham estate;on the east
lands ofthe estate Offilatat
anti on the South. by lot
therruitees of thi "aingha
Viporman; containing one
acres, and three-tenths o
same more or Less; with the
of six per cent. for Boadsi 45;
40 of the allotment oflands,l
ship, and part of warrant No.
Pa. ' ,
Seized, takenfia.axedution al \
es the property" ofVanor.
ALSO—XeruLia rearestate
Lot No: 102 as laid down or
,Bingliani Lends in,:flyasesTa‘
ed Oil thellorth . by Lot No. 1 - 0
No. 28 - of _Clark Crnrct; - :Oioth
No. 109, West by 'lnt No; 209.
Perkins, and itart:otwaiiants..
12524 .dontairdng sit# . otte
acres be tliesacce . more .cr leVI;
n, and to be sold
r. Sutherland.
N..Yanorman an
,to wit: -bounded
ds of the Bing
said . lands and
11. Fox 4eceased,
39 coiveyod by
estate to Isaac
rdred and six
acre, he' the
stud allowance
being lot . No.
:lanes : ea Town
ittl, Potter co.,
,pd - to be sold
wit: It behie
to " Map lof
N ii)," bound
-1 ast: by lot
: Lind' I,ot 1
Ballock dr 1
4 '1251 andj
, ein ram's,
lot cooirticted by li, It Dent fo - Ccorge' 'T.
Sterensiabantaiiiiiiissaltitich'itri, improved
on which areemetedlone,fratne : hoitseone log
house end one" Tog bitin;antaiikelruit trees
.Vel r e. o l4.
OXidithiP sold
Its thelproperq=4.GeWaT:Steveni.,'
,AT-I§9 7 Vertaiti rearestate to wit: 'sitnatid
iii - Csnoyo yound-1
ed'or(theiNorth , by Johri Wells; On the. Bast
by Thordailietiyon; - Bonth and Wein by S. P.
Lyman ; coattithing ten ...acres- of which for
acres are improve*, with a frame house, frame
tiarri„and sorifkfruit trees - thereon.
-Seized. take in execution, arid to bif• sold
as the ploperty - of.S: R. Miner.. -:?
ALSO—:-Certain real eatate_to.wit Sitnaja
in Summit Township, Potter Co, Pa.: com-,
mencing, at the North-east ccruer of- Wm. B.
ASTOI lot; thence East orielfundred and sixty
rodaiithenoe North eighty rods to-the'Soath
east corner of Alfred-Ayres' thenci-West
one kundred anC sixty todt„ thence South
eighty`rods to the'. plate of beginning; con
taining fifty-three acres of land,%being part of
warrant No.-Z'l26, of which
,forty acres are
Improved with one leg'honse, one fro:Mei:mit,
and an apple orchard thereon. .
_Seized; taken in'execntion, - and to be sold
as the property-et' Merrick Jacksen r and N. V.
Jackson. •
ALSO:—:Certain real estate to• wit: situate
in Sylvania Townhip, corn- .
mencing at the South-west - corner of Chester
Burl esons lot .on Eait banlr of : 'Sin Items h
ing, thence Mist Ude hundred - and_ forty-five
perches to bemlock, thence 'North. ,ouer'litus
dred.and perchei "tti* beeek, cerner,
thence •Westisisty , fouipeith Co - cotter.
on - hank of creek, thence Sonth-west along
bankof creek - to place of beginning;
taining stsenty-five acres, about two acres'of
which are improved, on which ieerected .one
frame house.
Seized, taken in - execution and to be:sold
as the Property Of Wm. M. Earl. "" '
ALSO:-.Certain real estate to witi sitnUte
in Wharton Township, Potter Co."; 'Pi:,
bounded on the North Batt and South -by
Lands of the Sunbury Company,' and 'on , the
West by lauds 'of G. & J. Bensley; containing
fifty acres; .aborit three.acres ot which . :are
improved with -one frame hoine, and some
fruititrees thereon.' - "
Seized, 'taken in execution, and to be sold
as the proPeity. ofAroos Belden. : _
_ .
ALSO--Certain real estate to 'wit: situate
in Wharton Toythship:Potter corn
4Lencitta fin the West side Or the Sineemaho
ubitr oppoiite of, the • SeW3lill . owned
by Cards, running up the hill; including
certain spring; then in a Southerly direction
along thelill to include the fifty' aCres ruu . -
ning to 'the East Bank: of Sinnemahoning;
containing fifty acres strict measure;; being
part:oflitarrant Ne... 4685; about siz :acres; of
which are improved, , with three frame houses
thereon. • . •
Seized, taken fit execution, and to be sold
•as the property of Peter Westbrook.
ALSO-Certain real estate situate in Ffar- I
rison Township, Potter Co., Pa., bounded on
the North by lands of the Fox estate, ,Bust by
lands of Milcox and G;'S. Brawn, South by
the Highway . , aud West by hinds • of Alfred'
Shelly • containing fifty neres, about eight
acrYs f which is erected one log house.
Seized,. taken in execution,'and to be sold
as the property of Richard Rowley.
ALSO—AII the .interest of Hiram Prouty
in the following real estate to wit*: situate
in Sylvania Township: Potter Co , Pa., hound
'ed on the East by lands of —Prouty, and
on the .North, South and West by lands*of the
Sunbury Company.; containing one hundred
ucces about. forty acres of which are im
proved; on which are erected one frame house
- U(1 analog house. ' * •
as the property of ninon Prouty. •
WM. F. BURT, Sheriff.
. 'Coudersport August 29..1800.
ViTTIEREAS the Hon. Robert G. White,
President Judge, and the lions. Joseph
Mann and G. G. Colvin, Associate Judges or
the Courts of Oyer & Terminer and General
Jitli Delivery, Quarter Sessions of the Peace;
Orphans' Court and Court of Common Pleas
for.the County of Potter, haie issued their
precept, hearing date the seventh day.of
August, in the year of our Lord one thou
sand eight hundred and sixty, and to me di
rected, for holding a Court of Oyer and Term"-
iner and General Jail Delivery, Quarter Ses
sions of the Peace, Orphans' Court, and Court
of Common Pleas, in the Borough of Couder
sport, on MONDAY ; the 17th day of Sep:.
tember next, and to continue one week - :
, Notice is therefore hereby given to the Ca.;
'niters, Justices of the Peace and Constables
within the county, that they be then and there
in their proper persons, at 10 o'clock A. M. of
said day, with their rolls, records, inquisi
tions, examinations, and other remembrances,
to do those things which - to their offices ap
pertain to be done. And-those who are bound
by their recognizances to prosecute against
the prisoners;that are or shall be in the jail of
said county of Potter, rue to be then and there
to prosecute against their as will:be just..
• Dated at COUDERSPORT, Aug. 7, 11160, and
the 84th year of the !adept ndence of the United
States of America.
• WM. F. BURT, Sheriff. •
Spring Hills, Allegany Co.,
THIS INSTITUTION, • commencing a year
and• a half ago as a first class SELECT
SCHOOL, has now become a • flourishing,
Academy. The Fall Term commences Tuei
day, the 4th of September next. The Faculty
consists 4f six Professors and Teacuers :
Rev. WM. IL 13.0GERS. 8., and Ds•LAN,
CY FREEBORN, Associate Principal; Miss
MIRANDA .L. Corm,-Preceptress - andTeacher of
Spanish, Freach,,&c.; Mrs. Emma Conn Fags
eons, Vocal and Instrumental Music ; Miss
Artois Conn Oil Painting and Embroidery ;
Miss RaODA:B. RATHISOr; Drawing and -Pri
mary Pepartment.
The abilities of Miss Cobb, as Prcceptress
and Teacher,. are of the highest order. The
opportunities fUrnished in the, department of
Vocal and Instrumental Mirsic are also very
choice. Its accomplished Teacher, 3lrs.fred
born, having spent. the past. season at the
Geneseci Aeadetni of Music,' 'under the in
straction of .the best Musicians of this Coun
try, will enter again upon her duties with ad
ditional assurances of the best success. Of i
the, Rev. Mr. Rogers who started with, us at I
the begineing, and of Prof. Freeborn who has,
`since been' enegeL their Own noble"success
constitute their hest commendation. - The
other teachers are equally able. The - Atade.'
my will be, chartered; its apparattis and libra
ry furnished; and more new roams for- stu
dents prepared. ' •
Tartos .$6,00. Board, per week
o'r good rooms forself-board.:
' • " .
- Sir Ali wishing to attend Behr:point one - of
the healthiest,' most 'Pleaitint; arid' moral Id
calities in the'cOuntry;Will bere realize their
wish.., "For farther particulars address either
of the . Principalior the undersigned.
COBS, President 'Board Trustee's
fi. G. COLVIN, Seiretary,
3.111 h; 1360
- r.
n w anneg .
s.y. - I
- FOR CCIUDITYI/t341111,E1t„-: H
C. 0. LY3ll4;4if inyeseSelll be esiTSDI
'PEIpENI_` .01,010A.78:',ItsrAbe office Qf
ConutETreastiterl.-Elnit' tit*ther tiitai, nor
money_ to: spend for eleq ititieeelug purposes;l
rest my . witlilbeltilfof the People to
be fsprestietizt-tps general election in Oeto,
ber;-- Sag. 1,;1860:1
.7m ta . , .- y --:-,:;: :4 - ii .,,.. : -::„.r.. , .,z 1 - -:660,.::,::
(D - E
! . -- :6.n:,:pa . 1; - •'•.'yi:'oo:ooi . t,
. ,
ttidaptekte the- wants, .of -this
;- . • ,=. , which will beksold at the
9r on 7LIAIE to proinpt pnyinicustmers.,,
exarnirisitinn'of Good - and courpurition 'of t
quality and price tiitiOhat 'of any other e
ta,blishmeS in the County, is sOticited. I
. - Ia addition to tlio asital stock of
Dry Goods,:
• Boots
• . • PrOCkein.:44
I'Fri:wily kept at tile stcirti of DI E. OLYS TF.
is offered a full stbck of
Iron a'Nail
Clover and
Wait.:.nd ..ii.-
--Whitilow - Pap
Paints & Oils,
.-, • I
nearly every ,thing wanted
by the people of the County
Until better arrangetnents - can bo made,
Provisions,- Feed; Iron; Nails, iFisb, and of
heavy articles will he; kept at the store
merly occupied by B._ S. COLT ELL..
. .JOSEPH A. COOPEEL.A .B. Principal.. ,
I •
The ULYSSES ACADEMY, was commenced
in the spring Of 1859 and opened to students
the following September.- Its object is to af
ford to the youth Of its vicinity; and to others
who may choose it, as, a place of study, the
requisite facilities for obtaining a thorough
and:practical education: I
The school is in a neat, .two-story building,
beautifully "situated on - a nentle eminence
commanding a view of the village and. coun
try• around. The- ; adjoining yard contains
about-three acres. The upper story contains
a single room ; and is used for a chapel, reci-1
tation;and study rooni. • Thiwroom is lighted
by 14• large windows; furnished with seitsfor
150 scholars, tables,' I black-boards, maps,
charts, clock, thermometer, and , Library I of
Reference Books: Tha.lower story containsl
two rooms - for recitations, one for library,' a
dressing rooni k and'a ball & by.. 44 feet.
The students . private families and
study in theiviswn rooms. • Nearly every ft
ily, hi the village opentheir houses to board es..
As several . : new houses are being_ erected,
there will be no lack •of .accommodatiOns ;
and i i4 4 Prifiift•-fainiliesrstuderits - 'ban ienl by
the:comforts - 0r borne.. ' - ' • ' .
; Bar This Institution is better furnished
with maps, charts and:Referenco'Books than
any similar iristitution'in - the country. The
Library of Reference contains over 40 yell
umes, costing About ;$3,00 a iiol. • Aiming
CYCLOPEDIA., 9 vols.: THE HOME crpo
- 6 vol‹, kc. There is a general Ili
brary under the care of a Librarian ; and. a
Teachers.Libriry containing 25 v 015.,. upon
• ..
DIDACIca. , • '
There Ere three Sessions a year - of Fourteen
Weekifeaeh i Commeneing as follows: .
• ..
Ist qmtem-Tiesday Aug."2lst" i 8 6q:
, . )
- Nct -." , "-- Dec. 4th, ."1
3rd " - it ' -.March 26th,.1.861.
-Ids - tiLritetomvien&s - Nov: '- 12th, 1860:
.._ . .
. - Tuition i)er Term.. '
COllllllloll.English--embracing Reading,
Writing, Orthogr4h7, GeOgfitiphy,
Qraninter, and Arithmetic $5
TowtOn is added for,eacichigherctodi 1
Incidentals, Littrarb4c., . • • '
Institut!), ' • - - •'
&era - ; IdOM, fhildtc4 - sl,sfillaewe
aciews -Vit1 1 :014 board s , --$
7 2 prp, per .te
t : ltor.; v. W. SAD.Vat'i..,lll.
The author or SANDERS'-REAtIBRS, will
rreviiit - Ati fist ivrb' welts of tie Te
and in fact
toe Aidool4or
,ckzS.ll9-oii•PeAttd prOkbly.-I,kr thof§ii."
perioteodeoti thit''aidjoirtirfit ,
try lettsOiloittlhit
the:ivitintiendOnent,s4ltt • - rentobi*4l
itheCloseitittlititterni;; , :k I Wetted. Otesett itii
itiri4tteti*Mooll-It• TeraViel;
-I: '
IM::ls•rad i rofe44
beaiWfaliafMid* ihorofisikpittifioi
and', syrideiteltreli atitiry t crick
grelq--Attiettigitkiatientlieil# 6 ' ittajogit*ae
kwmFisilte 44 oMPOOMo 4 . 4 /fV 4 4 4 le id * ,
terstittrsy tkesitittbAilatitli.tach tither and
with ditiltottfutbits 6:*eiied confOriiiist
ivictOrbitia of :Ocitit'st*l
society : ,
and enjoYthent so:
cre4,coatractoti-Ait*lotrAriAoptly ie. ob
serve itslNoilativvii. copy Of theli
nisb ed to etieli stiidentilidethitoiinity ffithetti
is itidispensibbilti cddLinnaiicF ibthetnstitu-
For fuitber iirothiwou Addiefit - s
CIPA; Mime* _
• A.11.-R-I V A L
T.ltz 1 .
. - ~. ......,
JUST zegqtriug!tit'.etttg l2 4 l74 stoPkor „
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at less pro' fit thlat at any otbei store in- Wait
will de-well to, call at. epruicms,
• . .
, .., PORIC, M EAL
and any other article ia.thiline of. PRPVIS;
lONS constantly on hand. '-Diditctions made
to those that . buy at Wholesale; . '-- .
of all descriptions; : Also •
&c.) &C
Patent Medicines of most all kinds. Those
wishing Dr. Doland Kennedy's Medical Dis-
cover' , will find it at
. .
rjrIIIESVAIEDICINES hare nail. been Wore
,JL the,public.for a period . of Titter , / Vr.anS,
and'-during thattiMe have inaintiiined.n high
character in almost every !part of the: Globe,
for their catraordinary..and immediate. Tower
under nearly every kind Of disease to which
the linmati'frame is liable. --
The following are anions the .distressing
variety of hotaan diseases in which the T '
Vegetable. Life: Medicines
Are well known to be infallible.
DYSPEPSIA, by_ thoroughly.
fist and second stomachs, and creating a flow
of pure healthy bile, instead of, the stale and
acrid kind; FLATULENCY, Lois of Appetite,
Heartburn, Headache, Restlessness,
per, Anxiety, Languor, and 3lelannkoly, which
are the, general symptoms of Dyspepsia, will
vanish, as a natural consequence ur its cure:
COSTIVENESS, by cleansing the whole
length of the intestines with' a solvent process,
and without violence ; all violent purges leave
the bowels costive within two days..
FEVERS of ell kinds, by restoring the blood
to a regular circulation, thrUngli the process_
of perspiration-in intik cases, and the thor
bugh solution of all intestinal - obstruction in
others.. • •
• The Life Medicines, have been- kdown to
cure RHEUMATISM, permanently in "three
weeks', and GOUT in half that time; by_re
moving local inflammation from .the muscles
and ligaments of the joints. '
DEOPSIES, of all= kinds, by treeing and
strengthening the kidneys and bladder; they
operate most delightfully on these important
organs, and, hence have ever been found a cit.%
tarn remedy for the'worst cases of GRAVEL.
-.Also WORMS, by dislodging from the tura
ings'of the bowels the slimy matter to , which
those creatures adhere. ,
BCURftY; ULGERS,,and INVETERATESORES; by the',perfeet purity ' 'these
LIFE - AIEDIOTNES give to the blood;land aII
'the hitaiors. ; _ • . •
.PLEXIONS, by their altenttire eflectupon the
fluids that feed the skit andtbe morbid state
of which oieisinns 'ltlereruptire • complaints/
sailor; eloudy, •anct*her - disagreeable - . emu
.• • ;• • -„- 2
The use of these fills for every abort time x
rill effeet.nal entire !cm, of SALT ,RHEUM;
and a strikinii.mproreinent• in the clearness.
of - the - skin;! COMMON COLDS abti ,
ENZA will-ahniiis be -eured by one dime, -or
by 'two in - the worst eases..
nriginnl proprietor-of these,
Medicines, rns,oured of• Piles .of 36 years
iitanditig;by.the use a ti4IFE MEDICINES
FEVERAND AGUE.—For this scourge of
the - Western country, thesolifedicines will lee
sound a'safe, opeedy,. and. certain-: remedy. r —
Other medicines' bare the system :subject to
a" return-Of the diseasta cure bithese god
ielne.s Is periniiiehtir teas, se se*thineN
PLAINTS.,-"GeneMi Debility t Loss of APPe
lite,Msd biasses of Pcmsles—the Medicines . .
hove been used *Millie Most -bexieficict
ISulta 'ln 'caries of - this" • disiriptl6U
Evil, and Sentfhla, 1111 M-worst - forma, yields
Mahe mild yet - powerful .. .action' ist
piarlmble Medicines. Night _ §weats,rNervistui
Deability, 'Nervous ,tomplaints_pr kinliti
Palpitation; of the' lienTt,-srainteif ate" speedily inied. -
MER(TUftrAL DISEASES.':=PerteMS: - Whoti
Constitutions Imre -become impsitVir by the
injudicious use - .orupayo, 14nd, Mese .
Medicines a perfect.cor . q t ap.they . 'peyer felt to
eindicale from- the the of
infinitely" omier than ifie'tOst pOsir,
oriel prbpsimtlernti of Sarills'r
Prepared lind - solct by , :I'f.:-.IIQ 1.1.00 4 1. T,
335 BsnAinvsT, 4FriTosif:s
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Itilitifi'litid- , Caps ,
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wiler a .0031P4ETE _ GFidEIiQL _' AS O 1 T:
constantly kept on hand:
OitiVolAprit 2; 180:=-4,e4t:.
Ty Tg LIS YOU draw tip P,artnendnil
, • Pap* and givesgenetal
„ forms forAgreeinensofall
; kinds, Bills Of Bali, Leas-.
"1 es and Petitions.
IT T'LLS YOU flow to draw Bonds and
'Mortgages; A ffidntitsi
• '1 • - • Powers ofAltorney,'Notes
and - .Bills ; . lachangei
‘. :Ilceeipts and Bel - eases.—
IT T&LLS YOU The = Lars for thii Collectior!
- of Debts; With _
- • 3 - iifeC'of 'Limitation; arid
• 1
• antriOnt and lana.of prop:
.. 4 „ eity - Exempt fromgareona
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IT TILLS YOl3 flow tri,inake toz Alagninent
propeily, *lth lbrdlS
- Caitiff/Sitio - 1Y tirlilieredit::
•a = 'ors. and - the Insolvent
, Laws of every: Btate.
IT TELLS YOU The legal,relations,e4sting
: between Cinardliin
Ward; gainer and Ap
' • - preiitiee- And Ls - milord
. • . and Teniiiit.' _
ITTELLR YOU- .What constitutes. Libels nil
t • Slander,; and the Law as
to Marriage - Dowet, ;an
- *Wife's Right liaTropertyi
• - 'Divorde and'Alinidny;
IT TELLS. YOU The Law:-far • liecbanice
• , • • I.,lens ikeyeq'Statrii smd
the Naturalization - l.tawg
of this eiiiintry, and how
to compti with the saiiie;
iT T LLS'YOU The Law CancernittePen:
•••: sions and how. tai. obtain
;•,'•oue,l4o3 l iff Pe. O ,. E MR.O °/ /
, , Laws to - Publi9./. 412 "1i
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IT TiiLLS YOU -Tee. Pletkning 9f - AALIT.7 4 =4. IO '
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