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    'iiiiliii:4ll, , t(_:: . : -- -00414:4;:'-'.
foutt sits here• next- week, when it
_ cro wd is expectFd•here to!' operate.
. -
.ui rr ieil.--At Kidder's Ferry, N. tr.,
i he 31st ult., L. Rogers, Esq., editor
1, 8 . McKean, Citizen, was married to .
Li rla Goodwin. - Another editor
thus launched out on the - ocean of do
tic felicity.
r o .Treasurer's Sales were commenced
Montlay r at 2 o'clock, r. 3i.. and- er
,tract was sold before six o'clock, ex
pt a fel tracts for which 'arrangements
a b e en made to pay the taxes next
k. This was quick work, and Mr.
-our excellent Treasurer, was quite
..ry with his afternoon's labor.
Fe have receiVed .the first number of
'O3 Allegan published in : place"of the
;61 Bitil:get j , laje of Wellsville. It is
e cy.neat•in its typography, but its beat
,is that respect is-till covered over by
politics—the blackest kind of modern
eiiocracy: Thirdiek & Bray are the
uhlishers. . We wish, them luck in eve
respect but their politics; and there
sot much chance for luck in old that
Drowne(l.—A child of Mr 'John A.
lebals, of Summit township, aged 17
oaths, was drowned in the spring Dear
t house, on Monday afternoon last.
in. Nichols went out to a neighbor's,
Ting the. care of a sister of her
Dband, who was visting her, and who
ti two or three children of her own in
Large. Mrs: N. had been gone only a
w minutes when she •was summoned
owe with the sad Intelligence that her
y was drowned; he having been missed
od found with his head in the water,
nice dead.
,1 very slight frost was visible on Sun
ay morning last and also a little heavier
ne on Monday morning, - though nothing
u injured by either as tar as we can
to. The crops look beautiful in this
ction, and our farmers may truly re
.ice at the favorable 'prospects for a buun
fel harvest. The hopes of all herea
et are bouyant in iiew of. the passing
of the time - for spring frosts without
jury to the heavy growing crops. The
.ay clap will..bo_larger than .fur many
,pas!., unless some unforeseen :mei
.ol cuts It ofragain:
New Publications.
2l4—American edition, Vol.• mu. No. 2,
April, 18;O. Leonard Scott & Co., New
Torlq - Conservative ; per annum.
CONTENTS—Labourers' Homes; Sour.
irs et Corrospondenae de Madame Re
nier; Vicissitudes of Families, and oth-
Ei.says; The. Bar of Philadelphia
uhing"toti'B• Farewell Address ; Miss
:ghtingale's Notes ou Nursing; Fox
oiling; Recollections of Leslie; The
idrt.and the Reform Bill.
VIEW', No . 64—American edition. Vol. xxvii
May, : lB6o. L. Scott k Co., Nen-
York; Free - Church . ; $3 per annum‘.
Convirs—Redling's Reminiscences
Thomas Campbell ; Quakerism—Past
d Present ; . Sir Henry Lasyrence ; Ans
han Ethnology; Poems by Heinrich'
doe; Church and State; The Origin of
edcs ; British Li7hthouses ; The State
Europe; Recent Publications.
illE EsCARED .I.soGs.—Thousands of
logs which escaped from the Wil
aiport boom have been secured at dif
'eut points all along the river from this
the head of Chesapeake Bay. and re-
Is from the, bay say that other thous
is of them are still floating about upon
surface. Some drifted — down .to the
.nth of the Patapsco. and 'were then
rriell by ivied and tide up to the city
Bahluiore: Crews of "drivers" have
engaged for snore than a week past
seeunu g such as were captured, or lodr:-
themselves, along the river. We be-
TB it is the intention of our lumbermen
Put into the canal and bring back to
i lliamspart•all- the logs found between
re and Nuncy, and also. excepting
be of two or three companies, all re
meted between Money and Northum
rlaad. The balance between ituncy
1 Northumberland, and the most of
ce below the latter point will be dis
of on the best terms that .can be
°eared.— Willianssport Gazette.
speeißl ffatices.
!—One of the greatest remedies that has
been laid before the public, - for Fero.
Ine, and which have received the high
terniums from the press and the people,
•3. Hostetter's Celebrated bitters. Who
t endure the tortures arising from this
le disease, burning fevers and icy chills
'KY, when a remedy can be obtained .
titre trine.? And yet how many famt 7
lager out a painful existence under this
iblight, and do nothing'nut gulp down
ne, until it becowen as common as their
12 / 4 111 , and yet they are not relieved.•;—••
bat the foolish and weakwerild hesitate
•care these valuable 13itteis, abd save
''lets intense agony. Sold byliruggists
talers generally everywhere.
- 1 : '. :. ... PRIME .cvialtEsir. • - •
. .
Coriicted 6,44 VVedn - e:silay,-bi P. A. STEB
BINS, .whOlcsale - and retail Realer la Oro- :
- : ceries and Prorisione. Maim , Strect ir .
Apples; green, '1) bush.; '.' $l.OO to 125
do dried, _I" '•1 75 2ou
Been,- - " 125 15 0
.. ..
BeeswaX, - Ift lb., ' • 20 . ': 25
Beef, - ", •' - - 6 . 7
Beef Hides, " - - - 4 54
Berries, dried, _l9 quart 10 •18
Bockwheat, 'ili bush., 50 56 '
Butter,- - t0 lb., . 12} ''l4 •
Cheese, " 10 :12#
Corn, 1.1• bush., 300 _ 1 12}
Corn Meal. per cwt., 260 225
Eggs ; 14 doe., ' 17}
Flour, extra, • II bbL, . • 650 7 su.
Hanes, 1,1 lb., ._. 12}
Hay, 'l4 ton. : 12 00
Honey, IR lb., 19 12}
Lard. " 14 • 16
Maple Sugar, per lb., 8 10
Oats, 14 bush., 35 - : 44
Onions, " 75 - ' 100
Pork, ? bid., 19 00 21 50
-do :1-1 lb : , . 10 12}
do in whole hog, 11 lb., 7 8
Potatoes, V buili., 3l 37}
Peaches, dried, /11 lb., - 25
Poultry, to lb., 5 7
Rye, 'l•4 bull:., • • 100
Shit, ''il bbl., 2 50
do `'.3 saek,• . 20
Trout,.? }-bbl.,
~ - • 600 - ..6 50
Wheat, `f bush„ 1 12} 125
White' Fish", per. }-b131.; - .. 800 650
. .
List of Vendites . of Foreign liter 6
chandlse In Potter Co., for
the Year 1860. '
lames. Class. . License. •
F. T. Buhr k Co. 14 57 00
Chas. Heip 14 - 7 00
Chars. fissner t 14 , 700
Justice & B; am 14 • 7 00
Iliscowi. .
R. H. Howe & Co; 'l4 • 700
P. A. Stebbins 12 12 50
E. K. Spencer - • 14 . 7
D. E. Olmsted & Co. 12 . 12 50
N. Sehoomaker - I:s ' 10 00
Olmsted •& Kelly 14 . 7 00
J. B. Smith . 14 700
Smith & Jonetl 14 . 700
E. N. Stebbins & Bro. 13 • 10 00
M. W. Mann l4 3 50
H. S. Roberts 14 - • 700
Simmons & Perry 14 7 00
Mary Goodman 1.1 • 7 . 00
Wm. McDougall 14 7OO '
C. H. Siamtons 14 - 7 00
C. C. Kenyon 14' • 700
Colwell & Lyman • 14 700
Mann 14: Nichols 14 . 7 00
Sala Stevens & Co. 14 700
Edwin Wood 14 7 u 0
B. F. Jones 14 - 7 00
L. Canfield 14 7 00
P. B. Deatick 14 - 700
Henry Andreson - 14. 700
Leroy Crittenden 14 7 00
A. Corey St Son 14 7 00
D. L. k M. 11. Daniels 14 7 00
Larrabee,Lewis & Co. 14 - .7 00
llotarott-&:lliirt. • 14 - -- --7 oa
Barclay k Brainard 14 700
:k OTIOE is hereby given that an appeal
will be held at the Commissioners office in
Coudersport, on the 12th day of July next, at
which time and place all persons aggrieved
by the foregoing appraisenient wilt be heard
and such abatementi wade as are deemed
proper and just. P. A. STEBBINS,jr.,
— Mercantile Appraiser.
Conciersport Rms.& ISO..
BLACKSIIITIL . would inform his former cus
tomers and the public generally that be has
reestablished a shop in the building form
erly occupied by Ilenj:Rennels in Couders
port,• where he will he pleased to do all
kinds of Blacustnithing on the most reason
able terms. Lumber; Shingles, and nll
kinds of Produce taken in exchange for
work. 12:34.
Y VIRTUE of sundry writs of Venditioni
Exiionas, Fieri Facias and Levari Facias
issued out of the Court of Common Pleas of Potter
County, Pennsylvania, and to me directed, I shall
expore to public sale or outcry!, at the Court house
in Coudersport, on MONDAY, the 18th day of
June, 1860, at 10 o'clock, a. m., the following
described real estate, to wit:
Certain real estate situate in Pike Town
ship, Potter Co., Pit., bounded on the . North
by lot No. 14, on the East by lots Nos. 14,
22 S 35, on the,South by lot No. 23 and un
seated lands of the Bingham Estate, on the
West by unseated lands and lots Nos. 13 St 36,
being lots Nos 1l and 11 of the subdivision
of the lands of the Bingham Estate in Pike
township;' containing one hundred.and fifty
fire acres, about fifty acres of which are im
proved, 'with three frame houses, two frnme
harms, one saw mill and acme fruit trees there
on.-7ALSO--Ldt- N0..36, in the Township,
County and State aforesaid; bounded on the
North and'East by lot No. 14, on the South
by lot No. 13 and by unseated lauds, oa the
West by nuseatCd lands and by.lot. No. 15;
contitining•one hundrid and four acres, with
about ten acres improved, on which is erected
a frame liouie and a board barn.
SOized, - -taken in execution. and to he sold
as the property of Elijah Johnston, garnishee
of ..I.stron Lewis.
ALSO—Certain real estate sitnate in Pike
Township, Potter Go., Pa., - bounded on the
North by lot No. 14, on the East by lots Nos.
14, 22 & 25, on the South by lot No. - 72 and
unseated lands of the Bingham Estate, on the
West by unseatedlands and lots Nos. 13 & 36,
being lots Nos. 11 & 12 of the subdivision of',
the Bingham lands in said townsl t ip ; con.'
Wiling one hundred .and fifty-fine 'acreq, of
which' fifty 'acres are improved; on whi ‘ ch are
erected three frame - dwelling,. houses, two
frame barns and -one water saw mill, and with
some fruit trees thereon.
Seized,laken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Elijah. Johnston and James
Bump. 2nd. '
• ALSO—Certain real estate sitnate in-Eula
lia Township. Ports,,i Co., i'n., bounded on the
North by lands of .I,he Bingham Estate, East
by lauds of L. A. Spaflord ; South by lands of
John Crittenden .and C. W. Ellis, West by
lands of Jptin Crittenden and. S. Ross; con
taining one;bundred. acre"; of ' which thirty
acres areingtrored,on wbicb_art erected one
fratae_dlielßng bathe, two frame -barns and
out-buildings, said with some friiit..trees there
l'on.,-.4.LSOOtai-other lot sitiatted Au afore
; said; bouraied landx of E:
Starateeather cud L. D. SpAfford, E.L . bt by the'
highway; South ArylindEef LI: Spell's*
and - West by lands of - .L.113.
taining-seventy acres, of:which - abont sixty
acres ate Unproved. ' • ' •
Seized, taken - 1n execution and to be • isoid
as the property of Nathan. Woodcock.!. ' ,
,ALSO-Certain real estate situate in. Gen
esee Township, Potter Co.; Pa.; binlrided on
the North by lands of G. W. - Pieree,, on. the
East by lands of John Billings, South by !ands
of Mary Dawley, - and West by- lauds. - of, the
13inghatn Estate; containing serenty acres, of
-which forty acres ere•jmp - roved,im width are
ewe frame •dwellitig • house, *ante h arp,
one store house and outbuildings , and an apt.
ple and plum orchard thereon.
Seized, .and'taken in . exedittiod, 'artd
.to be I
sold as the property of S. S. Roberts.
• ALSO-Certain real estate 'described . as
follows: Ctontmeucing at the North East cor- -1
nee of lot No. 75, thence West along,the,Scith
line of second street, sixty-sit feet to a post,
thence South, sixty-six feet to the line of lot
No 14, thence East sixty-six feet to the West
line of West street, thence North eking the
West line of West street, sixty- sit feet to the
place of begineing, being the front half of
tot No. 7a ; -on Square No. 5; situate in the
botoitgh of Coudersport. Potter Co., Pa., on
which is situate one two story frame blacl6=
smith shop, and •one small frame -.dwelling
Seized, taken in execution; Ind to be• sold
sold as the property of B. Rtenells.
- ALSO—Certain real estate situate inHeti
so.n and Oswayci Townships .' bounded. and
described as follows: On the Nerth by Linds
of §.-1 1 ;-Lyreari, on the List by land.UtFOx
Read, G. A, Bradley and Lod Dwight,
South by Fox Si Read,. - and unseated lands.
West by . unseated lands, .lands of Lord. St
Dwight. and S. P. Lyman, containing three
'hundred and eighty acres, of which about
one hundred acres are improved, with three
frame dwelling houses, five frame barns, tWo
apple orchards and other fruit trees thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold "
as the property of George Estes.
••.-- A LSO—Certain real - estate situate-in Gen
isee Township, Potter Co., Pa., bounded, on.
the North by Nandi of 0. W. Hiekeox. E. Peet
and Amasa Robbins, on the East by Robbins
and unseated lands of the estate of S. 31-,
Fox, South by lot known as the 1-ligg,ins Lot
and the Annis Mill Lot, and on the West , by
land of 11. 0. Perry and the Highway, con
taining ono hundred and twenty-six .and - six
tenths acres, of which six acres are - improved
and nine' acres slashed, and on which are
erected one frame one grist mill, and
one board stable.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as ttfe property of George W. H.tcket.
ALSO.---Certain real estate situated in Heb,-
ton Township. Potter Co., Pa., bounded ou
the North by lots Nos. 39 and 73 Hebron Tp.,
on the East by lots Nos. 84 grid 116. Allegany
Tp., lot No 63, Hebron Tp., and unseated
lands of the estate of S. M. Fos deceased, on
the South by said unseated lands, and on the
West-by lots Nos. 81, 82 and 86 Hebron Tv.,
being lot No. 83, and part of lot No. 63, of the
allotment of lands of the estate of S. M. Fox
deceased, in Hebron Tp., and part of war
rants Nos. 1840 and 1841,. containing 214.3
acres with the usual allowance of 6 per cent.
for Roads ac., of which forty acres arc
-proved, on which is one log barn, one frame
barn, and one frame house, and some fruit
trees thereon.
Seized,', taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Albert G. Davis.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Gen
esee TOwriThip, Potter Co., Pa.., bounded on
the North by lot No. 31 of the allotment of
lands in said Township, on the East by lot
No. 32, on the South by lot No. 'lB, and on
tha West by lot NO. 28. containing 4fty-three
and siX tenth's acres and It 'being
lot No. 65 of the, lands of S. Ross, in Genesee
Township. of which two
,acres are improved
and ten acres chopped, on which are erected
ono frame house, one frame barn and out
buildings, and having some fruit trees thereon.
Seized, taken is execution; and to be sold
as the property of Versel Dickinson.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Slant
mit Township, Potter Co., commencing at the
North East corner . of William. 11. Ayres lot,
thence East one hundred and sixty rods,thence
North eighth rods to the South East corner. of
Alfred Ayres let, thence West one hundred
and sixty rods, thence South eighty rods to
the place of beginning, containing fifty-three
acres of land, being part of warrant 2128, - of
which forty acres are improved, with one log
house, one fraum burn, and an apple orchard
thereon. •
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Merrick-Jackson.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate" in Elila-
Ha Township, Potter Co., Pa., bounded on the
North by unseated lands,. East by lands of
Riley Ives.and Linus Walker,. south by lot of
land called Hargraves lot, and West by lands
.of Yates Anson, containing one hundred and
twelve acres of land, of Which about seventy
acmes are improved, with one frame house,
one Irame barn, and some fruit trees thereon,
one small board house. •
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of'Allen Jordon.
ALSO—Certain real estate beginning at a
;post in the East line of lot No. 6 of the allot
ment of the Bing'ham Lands in Pike Township.
Potter Co., Pa , thence North three-fourths of
a degree,' East one hundred and forty-nine
perches to a pine, thence South eighty-seven
degrees, East two hundred and six-perches to
a Hemlock, thence South tbree-fourths of a .
degree, West eighty-four perches and six
tenths of at pertib to a stone, thence North
eighty-nine degrees, West-forty-one perches;
thence South three-fotirtbs of a degree, West
sixty-four Percheti and four tenths - of a perch.
thence North eighty-nino- degrees
.end one
half of a degree West one hundred.and sixty=
five . -perches to the place of- beginning, - con
taining one hundred and-sixry-fiivescres'aud
four tenths. of an acre,. with the-usull allow
! once of six . per cent. for roads .3cc., be the same
-more or less, it being lot No. 3 of tbo allot
meat of the Bingham Lands in Pike Town
. hip, Potter Co., Pa., and part -of warrants
numbered 4310 and 431.7. - ulenty-fi•ie acres
of which are improved, with two frame houses
and two frame barns thereon.
Seized, taken in - execution, and to be sold
as the property of Isaac Johnston.. -
• ALSO—Certain real estate beginning at a
post in the'East line of lot No. 52. of the al
lotment of. the Bingham - Lands in Eulalia
' Township, Potter
. Co., Pa., thence East one
hundred and sixty-two rods and eigth-tenths.
thence South one fourth 'of a degree . West
along the West line - of lot N0..33.0ne hundred
and four rods, thence West along North line
of lot No. 19 one hundred and'sixty-fourrods
and six tenths of a rod, thence North one de
gree and .one fourth of a degree, East one
hundred and four rods to the place of begin:"
ning, containing one hundred acres and .fou'r
tenths of an acre, with the usual allowance
of six percent. for Roads &c., by the Banns
more or loss, it being lot No. 20 of the allot
ment of the Bingham Lands in Eulalits ToWI3-
ship,.Potter C 0.,, Pa., and" part of warrant
numbered 2114, thirty.of which are iraprored
with-ono frame house, one board barn, „iwo
board .4banties and 'some fruit trees thereon.
• Seized, taken in eieention, and to be aold
es the property of Sinnett B. Luce.
ALSO —Certain real estate beginning at a
.•• „ . -
PctstiCtattliifid heitittlie Sim& Vest etirzierl
of lot•No.-2Z of thaallbttrient ofthe Illngbarro
Larids';, In Svreftif ToWnShip,.PottefttiF,' Pa.,
theties.Solatt EdgEity;ilgiii•degivetVentt three
fourths of .degrtii -East' one •htitidred,- and.
thlity-tfifie" Welles and four tenthi 'Of ..a
perch! thdsVe Sauth - 'one,=degite , and three
fourths af : a:degree West gone hundred 'and
sixty-sil 7 perehes Ind 'one tenth - et a. perch,
thence Weat:along North , line of lotrNo.l7 of
tbe allotMent of - the -Bingham Lands; .one
hundred. pad:.tbirty-two pero.bes _and.' seven i
tenths ef . a pe rch, .thence North one degree!
and one half of a degree East slung the; road
One huitdreirandsixtyitine perches artd four
tenths ofisTerch_ to the: plate of beginning,
containing one hundred and thirty-one acres
and four tenths of an acre with the nand al
lowance of six per Cent for Readal&c . 4 being
lot No."; Of the allotment of - the, Bingham
Lands in Sivedert . Township, Potter Co., Pat;
and part of WArrent numbered 2092, of which
forty acres, are Improved.. with - tali fra me .
'houses, btia frame barn, `and One barn
thereon.: • •
Seized, takei In execution, end - to he ; sold
as the prepeity, of Nelson.
ALSO-Certitinteal'estate beginning at a
post in the„East line of,lrit, No. 103 of .the.-al
lutinent of tlle Adlum Lands in Hector Triumi
ship., Pottetr Co., Pa., thence - East .t*eniy-Bee
perches and four. tenths of a 'perch,. thence
South tWenty perches and three tenths Of a
perch,:tfaertee.East twenty-one perches and
threetentlis - Of a perch; thence South sixty.
lonaWaifs- - thence East thirty perches and
fire-tenths,4a_perch, thence South two him;
dra4d.ty..a,rity:Pix perches.and one." - tentl3- of
Eist *fifteen' perces,Tthettee
South- forty-six Perches; • thence West ;gong
lands of the - Adlurn estate.ininety-one perches
and three tenths'orri perch thence North filly
, !tine perches, thence 'West forty perches and
six tenths of l e. perch, therice North one hun
dred and ten•perchee; thcince Vest one hun
dred and one • perches and fire tenths of a
perch; thence North along line of the' Adlum I
Lands eighty perches; thence East.along line
of Übe Arthur) Lands eight' -three perches and
tour tenths of a perch, thence North along
Fast line of lot No. 103' of the' allottrient of ' '
the Adltirn Lands'sixty-foOr perches anti four
tenths of a perch to the place of beginning,
containing two hundred
e nd fifty-nine acres
and eight tenths of an aere be the same more .
or less ; it. being lot No. 107 of tile allotment
Of the Bingham Lands in Hector Township,
Potter Co.,
_Pa., and part! of warrants onni
'wed 1260, 1796 and 1797.—AL50••-One
other lot beginning at a post the South West
corner of lot No. 65 of the allotment of the
Adlum Lands in Hector Tawnship. Potter Co.,
Pa., thence East along SOUth line of said lot
fifty-nine perches to it beOch, thence South
one hundred and five perches and five tenths
of a p • erch, thence West ninety-nine perches
and five tenths of a perch; thence North -Six
ty-one perches, thence 1;00 forty perches and
five tenths ,of a erch, 'thence North for
ty-five perches and five enths of a perch
to the place of beginning, containing fifty
four acres 'and throe tenths ,of an acre
the same' more or less,l it being tot No.
108 of the allotment ,of the Hingham
Lands in Hector Town'ship, Potter 'Co.,
Pa., and part of ' warrants numbered 1259,
1260, 1797 and 1798, with three acres im- .
proved, with one frame ltotise, one log house,
one frame barn, one slab brirri, and one' saw
mill thereon:
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Atubroic. Corey and Pierre
A. Stebbins:
ALSO—Certain real estate beginning at n
post in the West line or Hector Township,
Potter Co., Pa., thence East one hundred and
thirty perches.and one ter:Wont perch.thence
South.oneliundred and forty perches, thence
Wi4i - atfing North line — of Atrium Ltindi thirty
perchei,•thence West one hundred and three
perches and eight-tenths of a perqh to the
West line of Ilecfor Township, thence along
town line North one degree 'and ,one half of a
degree East one hundred and forty perches to
the place of beginning, containing one hun.;
dred and eight acres and 'nine-tenths of an
acre with the allowance of six per cent. for
Roads &e., be. the same more or less. it being
lot - No.. 72 of the allotment of the Bingham
Lands in Hector Township, Potter Co., Pa,
and part of warrant 1790.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of David Hanes. • i
ALSO—Certain real estate beginning at a
post in'the last line of lot No. 18 of the al
lotment of the Bingham Lands in Pike Town
ship, Potter Cci., Pa., theitec South eighty
nine degrees and one half,ef a degree East
one hundred perches to a 'Hemlock, thence
Foutli'about thirty-two perehes, thence East
forty perches, thence Sodthiforty-two perches
then-East binety ! two - perches anti five
of a perch; thence Soutlr'ong fourtht of a de
gree West 'one hundred and .forty-four perches
to a Hemlock, thence West
. One hundred and
thirty-;three perehei and one -tenth of a perch,
thence North .one halt of a.clegree East about
seventy-nine perches, thence West, forty
perches, thence North twenty-five perches.
thence North.eiglity-eigt d..grees and onetalf
of a. degrees West sixty-one Iperches and five
tenths of a'-perch, thence Yorth one degree
and-one half of a degree East one hundred
and fourteen perches to the .iplace of begin.
ning, containing one Inindred and ninety-six
acres and nine tenths 'of an acre with - the
usual allowance of sit per cent. for Roads &c.,
be the setae more or less. it being lot No. 16
and 17 of•the allotment of ti*, Bingham Lands
in Pike Township. Pntter to:, Pa;, and - part
of warrant 'numbered 3885, 1 about forty acres
of which arc improved With two frame houses,
three frame 7 harns, one Saw ono black- '
smith shop, and souse rruit, trees thereon.
"Seized, taken in ex ecution, and to be sold
28 the property of > Stepen }J Martin. '• 1
A LSQ—Certain 'real egad,' situate in ilk
galls Township, Parer Co.',. Pa., bounded (in
'the'Neith..byl'andS oldie Ili , gham estate si...d
lot No. 122, Hingham Townihip, eat:fey-ell to
Rawson Harmon. On• the,',East. by. said lot
No, 122, lands of the 'estate' of Stimiel . 111:
Fox deceased - ,:and laticei'irt'pecirge -Fox and
S. Ross, ott.the South' tfr taynds of •Fox and
Ross, and cni - the %Veit by, Ands of Fox and
Ross and latlt - of the Tlingit= estate ;.! con
taining .230.4 - acres he the.eante mori.or lets;
with the 6010 allowance ofesix - per cent. for
Roads ke.:being lot No. i•t;of the -allotmetit
of lands of Sobieski-Ross in'Alle , r '? anr Town-
•• I -
ship, and part of warrants; Nosi. 1253 and
1254 Potter- 'Co., ; Pa., abOut fifty acres of
which arc improved• on which are erected
three frame houses, one
.- loa !barn one frame
barn, ode Jaw mill, and `-gems fruit trees
thereon.. •.... - .
.; . 1 • : r .
Seizmi, ;take* in execution, and to be. sold
; as the proVerty of R. C. Garnsey.
A1.40 = -Certall "real estate situate in Pike
Township, Potter C 0.,. Pa., bounded on the
North by lot surreyed to.Siineon Farman, on
the West .byliiiiii of Lim:Welter. and Oarlock,
on the South - by lotaurrered,to Jant'6i Rump,
on tbe East by lands of Flunsielter rpd ;Gar !
lock, etwasiaingttinety 7 sist aim, twenty-five
acres Of which are: :it:nor':lid, on which are
erected One keine bone, Tl 4, miermine !rm.. !
one bUtldingilesigne4Tor eStatgleAlt, and '
some fruit trees thereon. . : : - . • ,-
.' .8e taken in'exeColtion.; and; sold
as the property of Marcus V.Nearieg. '
'ALSO—Certain real estate 4iteate in AM ,
gam?: Townebir, l`ntter tf),; RA, eontiti..:ll 'er
the Noriliikasittitd-Sontit-by lindithf-tlearge
Pot. and the:gist ltty_htnes ofi
Fox and lot No. 50 of the "allointehti
of lands'ofS: lois in, Allegan); 7p.f contaiti
ing one hundred scree be the sane: More Or
less'. 'with - the WWI sllowance' cent.
for Roads kt., being lot N0.:49, ortke. allot;
trient olLands,of S.: Rose Allegany Tp.,
and part or warrants No..
,1191 . -; and .1217;
Potter. Co t ra,about thirty 'acres. of ethical
are improved, tin which - are erected oncrfratie
house, out fratne . barit, and some frutt: trees
thereon,' - • • •
Seized, taken in execution and to .ba
as the property ofloshua Baker. -
ALSO—•Certain real estate situate lit Ding.
ham Township,: Potter CO., P. 0.; .hounded
the North by
-lot No. fit) of the allotment df Genesee..TownshiP, . and unseated
lauds, on the-Hast by tins.ented lands, on
South lby unseated lands and, lot Na. i 1- rif
the allotment of Bingham Township, anti on
the West by
_lot No: 49, Genesee Townshiti,'
conveyed by. the Trustees of the
estate to Daniel Higgins; containing 100 nerds
be the same More or less, being lot No. 190
of the.allutment of lands of the estate of Sait*'
net SI. - Fot deceased, in Bingham Township,
and part of *arrant No. 1241,Potter do., Pa 4
about two acres of wh'cb are improved, oil
which is erected one saw=mill, and one fratne
bonze. • - , :n•
Seized. taken in execntiony.and to be sold
as the property •of Levi Aunts:..
re.d. " " estate situate in
den Tains:dup. POttar bounded on
the North by Ii t of Andrei!. and Michael (hod,
on the &ataxy "Auld& ;of de0..F0x,41.11.. ;aril
lot Of Ste. t hen Mitchell, on the Stinth
of C. iluntliedwarks and S. Y. Acker, and on
the West by hinds of Ouataf Neatfe..and Hip!
tuns Thicket and. Andrew and Michael.Orostil
containing one hundred and •fifty-seven aft
ore-tenth acres, about 'ten acres of•which are
improved; being lot N0.'39 of the allotment
of lands of Fox and Ross in Town i
Seized. taken in execution, , and to be soh
as the propelly of Daniel Snyder.' _ • 1
- ALSO—Xertain 'real estate. t)r
—certain 'teal estate, bounded oat
the North by unseated lands or the eslale ott
S. M. Fox deeeased, and of Geo. 'Fox and S 4
Rot's, and lot .1(o. 140 of tire alltittneut of land&
of S. Ross in - Ulrtscs Township, on, the ?fast;
by unseated hinds of Fox and Hoes. mid 'of
H. Dent. on the'Sonth by lot liro. IVA Ulysses.:
Township, and lots Nos. 123 and 114 Alle
gany Township, and oir the West - by lot N - o.
109 Ulysses Tp., and unseated lands of thet
estate of Samuel M. Fox, deceased, and •of
Fox and Ross, containing 311.4 acres be the. ,
same mare or less, with the usual allowance'
of six per cent. for Roads Am.; being lot No.'
118 of the allotment . of lands of Sobieski Ross,
in Allegany rind Ulysses Townships, and
part of warrants Noi. 1299 and 1300 Potter
Co., Pa., about 80 acres 'of which are ha
proved on whfcb is erected one frame house,
two frame barns and some fruit trees thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of David T. Hall.
ALSO—Certain real estate sittite• in Whar
ton Township. Potter Co., Pa., commencing
at the North-west corner of the upper Thial
lot, thence West eighty Cods to the line of the
lower Dual lot, thence Nor it along the line of
said lot fifty rods, thence East one hundred
and sixty-rods to a chestnut corner, thence
South fifty rods - to a rearh corner, thence
West seventy-eight rods to the place of be
ginning, being part of warrant No. 4725 in
Wharton Township, containing fifty acres of
uoimproved land. •
Seized, taken in execution. and to be sold
as the property of H. H. Foiter.
ALSO—Certain - real estate situated in Hell.]
ron Townsl4,• Potter Co., l',t.. bounded on
the:North- by ileta Nos, , 84; ittur It" of,
the allottnetftoff. DWI - 1U iii Ile:brOn Township,
on the East by lots Nos. '93, 19 and 42, and
unseated lands, on the South by . lots Nos.- 46,
143 and 104, and on the West by lots Nos.
104 and 94; containing 489 - acres be the same
more or less, being lot No. 43 of the allotment
of lands of the-estate of Samuel *M. Fox de
ceased,,and part of warrants Nos. - 1291, 1292,
1953 and 1857, Potter Co., Pa.. unseated.
• Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of W. •T. Jones, and A. F.
ALSO—Certain real estate si'unted in 'lec
tor Township, Potter C 0. ,; Pa., bounded on
the North by lands of C. P. Ki'bourn. on the
East by lands of Albert Wilber, oin the South
by hinds of John Havens. and on the West by
lands of F. O. Carr and Cyrus &marlin, con
taining:one hundred acres,. Ilftee,n of which
are Improved, on whirl' aro erected eve log
house, one frame barn, and some fruit." tt'Os
thereon: .
Seized, taken in execution. and to be so:d
as the Property - of Horace Dimond. -
j ALSO---Certain real estate situate in Alle
gany Township, Potter Co. Pa., bounded on
the North by . lots Nos.•lo6•and 121. of the al
lotment' of lands in Allegany Township, on
the East by lots Nos. 121 and 129; on the
South'hy lots Nos. 129 and 120. and on the
'West by lots. Nos. 139 and 106; containing
91,2. acres be the same witire or less, being lot
No. 140 of the allotment of lands of George
Fez and S. Ross in Allegany-Township, and
Ivan of warrant- o. 1302 Potter .Co., Pa.
' about fourteen acres of - which are improved,
on which is erected one log houSe, and one
board shanty. •
Seized, taken in execution . and to be sold
as the property of Joseph J. Raymond.
ALSO— .Certain real -estate situated in Rec
tor ToWnship, ,Potter Co., Pa,. bniinded on
the North by lands of Ocerge. B4rtlatt, on the;
East by lands of IL C. beach, oh the Sonth
briaods of Ounsieker and 'Oarlock, on the,
West by lands of ?iunsicker and •Oarkek
containing, My' nereti, about eight
. aeres of,
which are impro - red, on which is erected oriel
frame houce. I
Seized,, taken
as the property,
den Township,
follows beginr
'ter of coi
South eightY-fil
dred end eight'
- fire roda to the
part of WarracJ
ninety-eight ste.
are improved
houres and one
in execution, and to be sold
of F,indany.
in real estate situated in Srte.
Potter to., Pa:, bounded sue
ing at a post in the N. cot
; tracted to Riley
. Ives, thence
ed" and eighty - rods, thence
e rode f - thence West two-hnu
: rods, thence North eightj-
place. of beginning, it being
2153, one.. hundred and
; es, about sixty acres of which
''ith two frame 'barns, three
water saw mill therm.
Seized, taken in execution.. and to bo sold
as the: properly .f B. T. Hoxsie. • •
ALSO—Certain real estate sitinded in Gen
r sec Tovroship, Potter Co., Pa,, - . bounded on
North,bYlot No 55 Of the allotment °Ponds
of the estate of amuel M. Fox deceased, in
Genesee Tp., on the East by leas N'tis. 54 and
43, of aforesraid allotment, and on the South
and West by lands or the Bingham Estate;
containing 74.7 'acres be the. same more or:
less with the usual allowance of six per cent.
for Roads kc., being lot l i fe. 42, "of the' allot
mein of lands of the estate Of 4amnel M. Fox
deceased, in -Genesee Tp,,. and part of war
rants'Nos: 1281' and 1842, Potter' Co., Pa.;
slant thirty acres of - whias are improi - ed. otr
which ia:etected one frame barn, one frmehr
helot, and some frttit tre4s thereon. - • 1
Seized; trim - ht eternion and . Co :be. itvg 1
ea. the- ?mem ofaWnr. Bledsoe:
• --'' - wlf.'r. BURT. fiN , r;f -
Coulicrirtir?, Mly .13,_ 1860. - . -
• } ll FrOlg.thken the
fo - fmllyWocv.
two * nii;is North of Ondirsporti Pa.;
Chairs B:Clibittet•WEtpe#
• • an4WINDSOE ' • '
• • - MAIM;
• CANE-SEAT EttiVINPS - 110CE1104
SEWING on 4 TAtlis r,,aoss r
OrIfICEon4'EAZROOM 911Antif.
• ; - Crnslles,
Conttnett And
' - • 'caxule:Beit#lool"!44
'Repairing. dont, tikes
anti In the nr
most erlunantiltitnitiitei:
tr.u - ItNIN , O-- - ,‘
dcnie intalediately , sad to 'oedet. All eiders
prdraptly attended 'tco. Please
s ive stall,
and astatine far yourself. • - .
At ,
March 20. 1880.•=2$:ty. - Itaitit/aefFrer.
May,.a.. - .;::1860: --
(V. V a OblittEV l V. Ii:VOLWELi I A. 0.-TACIGAWri)'
A LaMar, gfock 'OP
adapted to the wants of thiesounty, ill e
which will be sold at the
Lowest Prices,
sor on T 1 M 1 to, prompt 1h ittg enstoineis, An
exainination of Goods and notliptilittn eir
;quality and ?rine with that of aitylrther
~ tablishntent in the County, is solicited: "
, - -
In addition to the usual dock of
Pry (froods,
- Clothing, : -
Boots io Shoes,
ittietly Of. at the starts of D. R. butsitu,
is offefed a full stook. of •
Clover and
Timothy Seed ! ,
Wall and
Window Paper,
Paints 41 Oils,
neatly every thing viatrterl
by the' people of the county.
Cntil bett - ei arrnngeinetits gait
Ifed, iron, Nat's, fish, and °diet
heirry attides will he -kept at the_ 2tore fig- •
inqrlY oecuplail by B. 34 etIIATELL. -
6irm . trs A. 'CAW,.
Ot-phan's Ccrutteale.
iny VIRTUE of
- an order- sit- th i;• ; tYrphanie •
ILP Court of Potter County. to roe- directed,
1 sell at public wendue or 'outcry. at tho
Coiirt Rouse in Coudersport, int Titesdaii-tho
19ih s day of June next; at I.o'clocle r .; the
following described real estate betotwting tt!
• the estate of Rufus A. Freetroui, Ditessett, - trs
wit: - A certain naessuage or lot al la ietalfttat4 -
ed in the township .of Jackion in the t'enrote. ,
aforesaid. and' hot:laded - arid desetlbed:rts -
lon t s . :"Begirining-at s IlernlVtis In 'dm ,tiertle ;
line of lot No. 8 of the allotment/or Mimi.. •
' lands in Jackson, lowersbit tixettier ,
wet along north line sof addled ; vas Istindreet
' and six rods and tarn tenths of a rod; atm*
north eighty rodsi Vottnee eastalong snot/Mow • •
of lot No. )2 of the Atillint lands one iterrolled.
end six rods- sod foto tenths of tpdtirnilieni
loelic the*ce sguTh eighty 'foils to the finie cif
6 egintirno..Ortafinlvg lifiryAjrrse 'tettes
one! tenth of is acre, and being , l6olo- 4 13. •
thelsltolitent: liftni3iitglairirlend*lo, , :e:
towyraltifiof.beksna, taw emit of *hick -
itn*ried; 'there is a trAllife 61* -
tk0,.3 . 011. • *
na),B* 'or 3At.g..43iii4itiatt Co -
- 14 - iii.ribetstlasee iu one 'itakiseta rot ' . -, t-.,,
curitl , hyludgrnent
lERRY FREEMAN: disfatip."-
trritet:. APr%l 18, fB4Ci.. 0"41f,4,•.
' •-• " - 1 ,4
_.A I* ==
o.iookery o .
and . in fitel.