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    puse ur den.onstration. When an spate
iitaiK'~TiHi~Yo" serve a r ttitneir
fur guy length of time, he effects his ob
ject by keeping that organ in acessel,of ,
*locket From the soft pain s fitstance,
it becomes comparatively hard, but: the
inebriate, antiuipating the anatomist, be
giros the intferatfng process before death
••=itegios it while the brita.4emairis iu
fhe consecrated temple ei o :the
While W. delicate and gossamer tissues
throtr with the pulses of heaven•born life.
Strange intatuation, thus to deseCrate the
`lrentiTkef're'riible - enebantment, that
dries fountains of generous
' 4 ' 6 ' 4 17 rriftesail lawterder humanjties
Inctitteeasharlifiliot Ufa, leasing only a
Itir * 'fbeSeuitte the char of every. sin
that gentrills 'pabfi r e bug
"ilit.gir'iti'ffiebt by , ri-'ffenator•froma stave
'tfilditiegtaia,;lbitt is' what the fire opt.
Meiiti'hy:dc4ag jtist4:e . te the, South.
"Ibi-WO;Slareholdert -,nde the country,
eititted to or_tint by . tho
government, and
they will be - ionted. Nothing abort of
41fat Will satisfy tbom,- ,- -lioneakte Peitz-
• •
f)d-Friday, the 16th inst, at half past
- ten in,"the taming, Copeland and Green,
the two negrn prisoners at Charlestown,
-*ere executed, and 'at twelve and a hell
"Veliink Cork and Cop*, the white prts
-titt6l.- All cif them exhibited great firm
nee's: A large erowd..ef spectators were
The' evening before the execution Cook
iad~'oppie` made ab attatalit to escape,—
Viill'u - barlo* knife they sawed off their
Jiliinanfed and dug through the wall of
•lheir . cell. Mounting the yard wall they
Were . disecirerti titia fired et, when they
'teti* flair el l l end snit-tendered.
Ton teen-Aloe against Dr. J. C. Ayer.
of -f soil, for Stabbing R. S. Fay, Jr.,
the Treasurer of the Middlesex Mill, has
been Withdrawn becanse the proiecutor
foutid that
_no complaint against him
ittitained. T(e faet - is that Dr.
A - yer merely- defended himself as he
might. witlfa penknife he happened to
have in his hand, against a tics ardly as
sault made-on him from behind,.with the
premeditated - intention to dishonor and
pttnlsh him for the exposure lie has made
and ig making of the wrongs practiced by
thnofEcerititlOß Mir manufacturing cot.
toratione. This comm Unity not only up.
holds the Dottor's saceessful defense of
his - person, but it heartily approves his
course in publicly denouociu,,e the 'rite,
Barnacle Wittily management—the abus
tif ef'ottt''publin poverty for private ends.
Dr Ayer's medicines, however valuable,
are not all for which the masses of our
feep'e hold him in regard.—=Boston Her
'Cb . r lotter
4q11049 . V, 1850.
igiryiare-inclebted to the Hon Jas.
(3; fnr public tfOennients.
• The 'polarities for Republican
stlife Zaire in Kansas, under the Wy
andotte"Capscitutioa, .average about 3,
- •
: der The -legislature of Ilionesota has
cleated. Morton S. Wilkinson, Republi
Sr;Seriato. - Wl)hin:soP, 54;
5 .04 6 ;10 •
Mann, Esq., our member
of l issaMblY, 'accompanied by-his wife,
liaft,for lEfarrisbarg on• Monday last, and
Re: _learn that :Hon. Isaac Benson our
Senator, -yrillleire , to-day. ( Thursday.)
The Legialitire mints next Monday.
':.•051 - We ask •our friends to make sure
that the Petitions for the repeal or the
li4nOrlaw ofjBsB, 'apd: for a personal
are circulated thoroughly, and
good season: Let us work as if we
were in earnest, and we shall succeed in
saifThe Members of the Central R.epub
-litan'Club of this County are hereby
thilthe regular mouthiy meet.
itt4of the Club, will be held at L. Cash
(Over P. E. Olomted's store,)
nett , Tuesday evening at 7. o'clock. We
hope,there *ill. be a full . atteatiatum of the
preient i timliors, and : a large.number or
new iio,49r B :ProelarPd. •
- ,.*Er - :We nre glad to be Informed - of the
Rermbliean Club in
illyaits; tafsiuthip, with Ambrose Carey
for President, D. Baker for Seeretarvand
en'Oiaikie . g . 4epubliesns as Hon. 0. A,
Lewis,. Whipple, Daniel Olmsted
a4pthcrAwhose names we forget, for an
Executive: Committee. What' township
will r ';,tifgapite,iteit Now lithe time to
' .
z&- Congress-has noriet effected an
organivthou, tare
~twenty-firrt and. !sat
banOaninliOn Saturday, when Mr. Sher
man. !enjiy.laolied: bat two rotes of elec.
tiou;*ai.Meisis.-Raynoldi of N. Y., and
Dakii - -of both' ready to -vote for
hini4 . # l olii4j , i -,, Vitee,wo l elect,' .:So says
the - !0#4. 2 :1)P9.44 1 of the 7iiiiuntr, The
*publicans, are resolverlAo elcet.or4et
the South have no holiday week which
is right. ,
Sir 'The ears on the Western owl of
I the Annhury_ tic *fell. E. are -amt. itni-1
Out rlgularly betweenßrie eel Warren,
and - the eVeat, was tligy celebilted ow the 1
'stl+ inst, in the usttal manner, by the-,
eftlietts of vfxrand Warren. The Mail
publishes a full report of the' affair, from •
which we are led to fnreirffing they
grand time at Westing, speechifying' au ' lf
champagne-drinking,—'7the latter feature;
however, was strongly rebuked by Rev.
0. L. Requerehourg, in his speech. We
rioPta the balance of the road will soon be
ready fee *like general celebration—mi
nes the drunk." It is reported that Mr.
Moorehead, who went to Europe in Nov.,
has been successful in raising the $3,-
000,000 which will bo necessary to sour ,
vete the 'middle division ;• and that the
work,, which has been suspended far a
short time will be resumed in the Spring.
Tt is thought that the cars will run from
Erie to Philadelphia' by Dee..lst, 1860.
Seir A garrg of rowdies, well dressed
and holdipg. respectable positions in soci
ety, evderfook, a few evenings since, to
get up a riot at the Cooper Institute in
New York, for the purpose of breaking
tip a meeting held to raise money to pro.
videfor the family of John Brown.. quite
a number of them had lotig,tngs fre ate
Station houses all night, in reward of their
endeavor?' It is remarkable that north
.ern men, vrho are greatly shocked at John
Brown's violation of law, are ready to
trample on law to put down the expres
sion of all opinions. which are contrary to
their own. They want law for themselves,
and for thole who think as they do, and
rotten ego_ and tar and feathers for et
or)body else. They are the meanest
vagabonds that ever set op for conserva
tive gentlemen. We have a few of this
sort of thinkers here; but they have nev
er found expression because they have
not sufficient backbone to back up their
ideas , of free speech.
,They talk "won
derfully" at times.
ice'• The Republican National Conven
tion is nailed by - the Committee to meet
at Chicago, on Wednesday, the 13th day
of June next, at 12 o'clock, to nominate
candidates for President and Vice Presi- 1
dot. The Call is signed by all the mem-
bora of the Committee, nod embraces the
following generous terms. We agree with
the Ti ibtip e th4t the Convention ought to
be held a month earlier I
" The ,Republican electors of the several
States, the members of the People's party of
Pennsylvania, and of the Opposition party of .
New Jersey, and all others who' are trilling to
co-operate with them in support of the candi
dates who shall there be nominated, and who
are opposed to the policy of the present Ad
ministration ;. to Federal corruption and usur
pation to the extention pf slavery into the
Territories ; to the new and dangerous politi
c-t 1 doctrine that the Constitution, of its own
force, carries slavery into all the Territories
of the United States; to the re-opening of the
African slave trade ; to any inequality of rights
among citizens; dad who aro in favor of the
immediate admission of Kansas into the tritfon
undtr the Constitution recently adopted by
its people; of restorino. the Federal Adminis
tration to a system of rigid econdmy, and to
the principles of Washington .and Jefferson;
of maintaining Inviolate the rights of the
States, and defending the soil of every State
and Territory from lawless invasion; and of
presetting the integrity of this Union, and the
supremacy of the Constitution and lairs pass
pursuance thereof, against the conspi
racy of the leaders of a sectional party to re
sist the majority principle as established in
this Government nt the expense, of its exist
ence, are invited to send from each State two
delegates from every Congressional District,
and four delegates at iafge to the Convention."
Au Honest Democrat.
The species of politicians named itithe
caption of this article is .a-rarity of the I
most considerable value and character— I
indeed, they are.very much like the books
of th e seventeenth and eighteenth centu
ries, out of print, almost; there being so
few of them extant that they cannot be
bought at anyprice. But. there are throe
or four, perhaps five or six, of them at
Washington, one of whom we have before
noticed, but whom we introduce to our
readers this 'Week in propria persona-- ' 1
and by the words of his own mouth. 1
Hickman is the man; and a whole-souled
man hts is--eall him In politics what you
may. The administration has been great
ly plagued in the last four 'years, on the
anti-orthodox system of having its sins
punished as it goes along; In fact, its .
punishments have almost surmounted and .
anticipated its sins,;—but we think the
greatest plague it has ever
. suffered; and
which will last the longest, is the short
speech of John Elickman whiph may be
found on our first page. There Is no
vulgar, blattering., venow in the speech,
such as the miserable- followers of Bach.
anism (or rather southernism) aro daily
pouring forth in - Congress; but every word
of it is as a übedre in the being of Slave
ry, and a sure stub at the existence of
that great national - curse. It is vir
tually. death and destruction to all the
perversions Of goiermientif
Buchanan it convict. We malieno apol
ngy for giving sa math .spaee in our
Met, far *V are sure' We would by our
apology. incur nlore of the di/vie:sure of
our readers than late Will _by' mating' no
more than we have already done.' The
Sendai evidently aware now that "there
is a Hick;un.-14 the field," who canny t
be conquered by gold or by threats—a I
man - -whose backbone i.s-where it - shonld'
be,and mighty atiff at that. Would fw
likattew otff Congress Ilea could boast of
Mohr IrreliMulis. There would be nw
more "dssumbn' &tests ow Its -
Bat we-trust eVefybody o l) read' that
speech; even the ladies mist not throw
it aside without a careful reading,--=es
pecially those who are fond of admiring
a. truly noble specimen of manhood.. By
the-bye, leaks, we hope you will consider
shat much of the battle of 1860 depends
on your influence being cast for Rigl,
'Froth and Freedom;; and you cannot in
ignorance work effectually. Therefore
by a careful reading. Of sewn of theprom.
inept speeches in Cowen- We winter,
as they - may come under your observe=
tion, we trust you will inform your heads
and hearts for the great and good work.
Hickman's speech is almost a manual for
you in itself.
Older Lectures.
10 ae' oonianee with the announcements',
patlished in ottr paper, Elder of
Alfred, N. Y., delivered two lectures at'
the Court House in this place, daring
Court week. which - will not soon be for.
gotten by the many people, from all see•
dons of the county who listened to them.
On Tuesday evening, his. Temperance
Lecture was a complete success; and by
its sound Lee, ream:We arguments,
well-digested propositions, happy illustra
tions by anecdotes, timely and Wen-point:
ed witticisms, it carded conviction to the
hearts of many who were before indiffer
ent, and resolved them to use their influ
ence hereafter in the cause of truth and
right. To temperance men it gave-new
courage and brighter hopes. The only
°tendon Ire heard respecting the lecture
was, that it depicted the evils of Intem
perance without proposing remedies for
them. To this objection we reply, in be.
half of the Lecture, that to coy sound
and well-balanced mind the sentiments of
the lecture were in themselves a sulE i cient
remedy—inasmuch as they advocated
moral suasion to procure legal correction,
and asserted that popular education in be
half of Temperance, must overcome :the
legal obstructions to it through the bal.
lot.buz. To this we heartily respond,
/men; and ask all who heard the Lec
ture to labor sincerely and earnestly to
that end.
Op Wentinsday (the following) eve- i
ning, the Court room was again filled by 1
a most respectable and intelligent audi-I
once--a large number having come from 1
the neighboring. townships especially for i
that purpose—to listen to a lecture on
Slavery by the same speaker. This ad.'
dress was a dispassionate, argumentative,
earnest and honest review of the'moral,
Isocial and political aspects of the great
question or the day; and the subject
was , treated strictly from the evidences of
the past, beginning with the Bible and ,
ending ' with the times of Washington,l
Jefferson, Randolph and Clay. The speak.
pr admitted that Abraharn,hild slaves by
special Divine permission;ut the fact
that Abraham held slaves b-permission
of God, was no justification for the slave
' holders of to-day, who held them without
permission from anybody, - and against
both moral and Divine justification.- The
speaker convicted slaveholders on their
own testimony, thereby clearly establish
ing that their i , peculiar institution" was
peculiarly a moral evil, and must there-1
fore .necessarily be a social and political;
evil of the first magnitude. He made no
direct allusion to the most recent events
having reference to the subject, and which
! would have gone much further towards
confirming the correctness of his position,
preferriog to take the .evidecces of the
'past and dress them in arguments of his'
own founded on careful study of- the
subject. , ,
Mv. lull is a terse and •impressive
speaker, addressing:himself to the logical
more than the passionate sympathies of
his 'audiences and vindicating. his Posi
tions by evidences within the knowledge
of all who choose to read and reflect, The
audience, during both lectures, repeatedly
evinced their appreciation of the speaker
by applauding him, and many of them
have since spoken to us of them in the
most flattering terms. -
At the conclusion of either lecture, J.
S. Mann, Esq., announced that the Rev.
Wm. Homer, of Aublirn, N. Y., editor
°flip Northern Itulepeident, would de-
Itver'Leetiaes - on - Alie sanie
Tuesday owl Wednesday evenings ofii'eb
ruery, Court • It volunteer colleetidn' of
sl.34as taken - trir 'tbr - Mr. 171i114
-The 'Oder preached , to
' twice last;Bahliathin themernin at
the Nethodist,.and in the afternoo n- at
the-Presbyterian .
Peterson,' Aitthor' of "Fate Aylesford,"
f; Cruising in the last' Wne," UT3ve Vnlley
Farm," "Grace Dudley," &a. phitddkeipbia;
T. B. Peterson and. Brothers, 306 CheAtnu
street, pp):dishers. . • •
This story wh'e aftraete mdcli
t at
fentien while publishing- in 'Peterson's
Mighzine, has been republished in a hand
,sPloo volume, and will be, sent by I itle
foublisheys, free of Ipostage,. fo any par . t of
Che liniteti , States Fri receipt of the pre,
161,25'..! It is a welt constructe4 and in.
, Itcrestitist, tahey of Itltich the scene: is raid;
partly - ;at Phiiedeiphici and.. ptrtly at-a
jfashienable sea-side resort.
• -
1: • . Republiop Dleetini
At al meeting ofithe Republic4nElet
:fts of the Ctivaty.Of Potter,. held in the
['Court House, in Coudersport, - GEORGE
IESTES, 14:4'sry., tralap . pointed Chairsalvp,
`rod BENJ. S. GEOlrElt Secretary.. 1...
1 - On motion, HOLLIS. Es,
of Comlers-
Iport, was;-appointed, Repre.4eutatice Del
iiegaite to meet the Convention. to be .111eld
lett riarri.4burg
. bn the 22d day of Fehru
.ary next..
On'imotion, the-nomination of:Hon.j T.
4 1.,. Baldwin, of 'now County,.ai Seneto
lilal Delegate from; this senatorial.. Bis.
triet, was' ratiged. 1'- 1 1
. I.
‘6. Resaved, • Tlmi this meetlag eonenlin
j le On e le Pi p:i t o i :Of :. T. h. ‘ l:., .Willison, Of 'riga '
I• unnty, as Itepresentativ . eDel-elOtts..
On motion. - H
I Resolved, That (he proceedings of this
z eeting be publiihed in the :Perris
` On motion, the meeting( adjourned. 1 •
'I3ENJAMIN L. GRDVER, S r ec'll. _
w az , s
, .
ff ,
tilasDAY MORNING.—Just as We
ae ready to ga to press, we have reeei;v
-0 a espy of the Tuesday Even'g 7'rihmie,
At ;,. ' • • be PreMen 'S.
coml e dition, containing t ~. G ,
message. It occupies nearly seven cnl-
'ening of the Tribune, equal to about eielit
o the ordinary setting of that paper. kye
give an abstract of the heads treated.
After the usual opening, it briefly dis
cusses the Harper's Ferry raid -after•the
. n .. Mrs. Grundy,
anner of. Mrs. plundy, the gist of whin!)
a i , d th th at e t i tr or V th irg in in tt i s a t us no w t e s r c e a b re ad t l i y lem sca a r;d •
ore, The eountry' is next briefly cop.
g atufated upon . the happy (!) results of
the Dred Scott 'decision, 'The subject IA
reopening the African . Slave trade is th4n
treated to about a 4nin of deprecatory
nptice, in which he argues that the great
est objection is that it would conflict with
the christianizing system of Slavery at
home. • . ,
If The Chinese and raguay treaties arcs
then discussed ; the possessing of Cuba
more Strongly urged than before; San
Juan affairs lengthily disscussed ; Mes,i
eailn affairs more so ;. it territorial "govern
input recomended f 4. Arizonia ; ', Nicar
agitta and Costa . Ric a, briefly referred to . ;
planting the President conditional power
toi declare war without the pie-sane tion Of
CPngress urgently argued affirmatively', ;
po s tal deficiencies reyiewed ; the: build
ing of the Pacific Railroad by private golf
poration is again decidedly reconunended;
national econoniy(!) is urged, as ;are al•
sol increased appropriations; and ' fluait affairs discussed at- length.
Though the Kansas Constitution has
beren . delivered to . the President .by the
rmassenger of the Convention, and. Cori
g>l)essman Conway requested the Presi-
dent to send it in with his message, no
re erenee to the subject, is made by him.
T ere is evidently a " nigger in the wood,
pi c;" and on the whole,, we glean th9'
thb document is written more within, vie!
to{ consideration at Charleston than
Ire or Jolts BROWN--A Biography of s
. reMarkabl m ana is to he published at once, -
thelbenPfil of ids family. ThO author be Jams
Reipath, so prominent in Kansas annals,' a
int mate personal friend of Capt. Bronn,.an
a 5, irited and graphic writer. He is tirobtt r •
e ,
bl I better adapted for the task than any other
j )
*son in the country. The work Will ,con
tait an auto-biographical
,aceount of 0 - slit ;
Br wn!.s. early life. At will be published. b
Thhyer SiEldridge of Heaton, Mass., and
be nn elegant 12.m0. t olurne of
.400 pages;wit
engravings, 'and sill also contain.% fine steel
poarait.of Brown. 20 i 000 copies arealreadi
su scribed for. Its sale will surpass that of
'., ncle Tom's Cabin.", ,',lT'e understand, thatth
publishers, are in ant cif Agents toeireii
into it in this w
section.. i . - i
4e641 10fieeS.1 . ]
~ 1 ,
AO BITTERS for 1) apepsia,!Flatulence},
'Heaviness of the Stomach, or anyi other like
Imidetions, is second to none in America of
abroad. To,be able to state confidently, that
thel" Bitters 7 arc, a certain cure ftir ily_spepsh4
ant' like diseases, is to the proprietors a source
of i,nalloyed pleasure. ft remove' all Morbid
a ,ter from the stomach] purifies tbo . lbloodi
imparts renewed vitality to the nervous sys;
1 teni, giving it that tone 4ad energy, so indis;
peusable for the restoration of health; The
nutrierous acknowledgments of itsaiiperior ex!
cel ence and beneficent results, have assured
the .proprietors that it cannot but prove ft
gro t cure to the afflicted, arid impart vitaliti
to tie thorough system. , 1
Sec advertisement' in another colluttri. l
'l‘;f:tt'ii cfi
Sunday. Dec.. 11. 18.19,t;'y'the 51r; Wal
ker. H. D. CILLSR ,
Vietinft,_lll,, to 2ilids
'SABAH .A. 13LAVESLEF..' dattgiget.ilf Ale iter:
.names Blakesle,e, Ulyitse,V,P.enT%'.
Rivegviu RR ENT.
Corrected evetyfi. i leanesiiily, 1
.$y P A. STEU
-BINS, wbolesitie -- tina fetal! Dealer
cerics And- Provisidns. MaitrStreet, •.
Apples, green, V bush, --- „ $ 75 to 100
do dried, " ' . 1 75. 250
Beads, • - ,a : 125 •1 75 •
Beeswax, $1 lb., -.. . - . 20 2fr
Beef, -. " T' : • • 4,. .51.
Beef Hides, " - 51 G •
Berries, dried, le quart; . • 16' IS ,
Nuelarhelit, - V hush:, • ' '-- ----- -48 - BO
Butter - , WM., -.-". - • .20 - 2i.1
Clienscr ; ..." !:. :.• . . " 'l'o li2l
Corn,-%8 bush., . • -' ". IOO 11'21
COrn Meal. per cwt.,- - 1 ' 225 - -2;6'3
Eggs, 11 doz., , 15
Ftenr, superfine, "0 bbl., 400 650
do daubln eXtra, '" • - 650 *7 OQ --
nulls, qp lb., ! - 17 - 14
Hay,.ll ton. 10 00 12 00
Ileney, 1e . 15:,- - • - 10 12/
tail: "12 16
Maple Sagar, per - 11, ; 8 10 1
Oats`,-- II bosh,' - -- ! . 3f 50
Onions,' " . “-. is • 100
. ,
Pork, !4? bid., - .. 10 00 23 00
• ld'o 'il Ithi: :. ,- 10 123,
dn . id - whole hog,' 1 1120. 1 . 6' -71.
PotutoeS;ll bush,. - • ait 44
Peaches, dried' -11 161, • 25
Poultry,l4 lb, . - ; . . 5 7;
Rye, v. bush.,
.8:1 -1 eq . .
Salt, 111 bbl.,
- . 2 75
do 17 sack, • '25
Trout, 18 .1 . - -bbi., ' . en , . -6'50
Wheat, 11 bush., , 1121 160
White Fish, per.l-11131 ,: . 600 6 50.
Wool, per. lb., ; 28 - 3.9."
Fjri)x .31).5ttti5fintittz.-
- Notice.
TA, indebted to E. 5. SPENCEtt are re
spectfullY invited to eall and settle their
accounts, by payment' oiby Note, without do-
Coudersport, Dec. 27-, 1859-16:4t.
Public Sale.
Tr TUESDAY, Jan'y lOtb, 1860, will be sold,
at public auction, at the residence of
13 1 /SKER, Senr., in West Branch Township,
Potter Co., a lot of LADIES CLOTHING, con
sisting. of Silk Dresses, go., arid Jewelry.
ISAAC MUI,LER, Supervisor.
West Branch, near Germania Pa., '
Dec. 10', 187.9:
THE CO-PAILTNERSHFP hitherto existing
between the subscribers under the firm of
Kenyon, Wilkinson & Graces, is by mutual
consent dissolVetl.: The Books and Papers
Note's, &c. of 'the firm are in the hands 'of C.
C. Kenyon, Who t& settle the
°swap, Dec. 14th 1859.
-gar The business wllLbe continued at the
old place by C . : (kgenycni, Itherc he; of b's
saleman J. ff. Graveq, will be found at alf times
(Sunday excepted). ready and willing to wait
on customers.• Thatiktut,,fcrr* the patronage
bestowed upon the late &rot, Ire hopes by at ,
tention to his business to Merit a coctinuance
of the same.
.P. S. All kinds of ProNisions, Grote
constantly on hand, - eheapr for READY PAY.
_Lumber, Shingles, and all Idnd•s of Ftoduce
taken in exchange for Goods at their' market
price. Cash not refused.
Notice. ;
ipTlOSEpersons who hare itnsettled aueounts
it with the' firm 'of Kenyon, Willtin.son S.
Graves, or Notes not paid, will talland arrange
the same im.unntranur,• as' the business of the
late firm must to settled without delay.
A. N A -
- Duumps, CLARK & BRO., o
are Packing a very large
amount of Pork from the choicest Hogs of
the Nottlif and they =promise' to THiIARSELL
all others, for Cash.. They hale,
nise i a large
stock of Dairy Butter, Dried Apples, arid eve.
-Irything fn the line of Groceries, Salt, Boots As
Shoes, Rubbers and Buffalo Overshoes, for
Ladies and Gentlemen. From $l,OOO to $ t,-
500 Worth of
Staple Hatdware,
which will be sold some Viper cent. less than
can bd had elsewhere, to doge out the stock,
Straw and Root-Cutter.
A new patent. It needs only to be seen to
recommend it to all, as it will cut by a foot
treadle, straw, corn-stalkk and all kinds of
Is': R.—The ligheit :market price raid for
first class Rived and Sacred SHINGLES.
(Successors to' Clark. Phillips;) at the
Wellsville, Dec. 25085,9,-1G
Prepare for the:Great Political
Campaign of 1860 I
Tug. Ntar-Yaps WRINKLY TRIBUNE for this
week contains the .following:
: Inc Those Who Toe the Murk / and
Those Who Don't ; The Predominant
question ; the Afantiflictures and Tar
itfs After On'e E. D;Morgas ; The Ells ,
. organization;' , Editotial Paragraphs.
a condensed and conspicuous form the
latest and most important events that
have transpired In the City and Suburbs,
the United Stites, Mexico, and Europe.
HI-POETRY 'Samson •Agonistes ; A Bal l .
lad:of the Charlestown Hanging; Win
. ter Comet!: Near; An Elegy.
. respondence Of The N. Y. Tribune.
Sosubr: Proceedings in' the Senate
and flonse of Representatives.
- 'x it ILArr:sT NEWa RECEIVED tty
-EGRAPIf Prom Washingt on
- - Movement of Southern Studean.
Ctiarlestown, Ira.
The Academy of Musk
,• --.Speeches by Mayor. Tieuma i
Brooks, Charles O'Catior,Esq.,
Washington Rut. James 3,
Jot n A. Djx, Piot O. M. Mit (
Jim Rev. Dr. Bethune;
COrresPondence of The N. y.
ERY :'Preparafor The Ns . .
by% an-American IFlOuse-wife.
JAY :.:Meeting at the Cooper'
porta of the Stock, Money,Cotfr
- and Ciittle
• Markets,. specially
forth lr: Y. Tribune..
Tansts-;—s2 per annum. Three Cop
$5. Ten for $l2: - PiVebty Copies, to,
dress, $2O, and an Wain eoisy tothe
who forms the Club.. • • -
For Club of. One Hundred', lie. sei
Daily Tribune gratis;„
is publiabed every.llorning'iindEreni
alp!, by mail at s_l3 per annum
l's published every Taesday and Frid
Tenors—One-Copy for ono yen?, .$3,
Conies, one year;ss. Five Copies, ois
$11 . 25. Tea Copies,- to' one atittteBs,
For a Club of Twenty, we' send an •1
For a' Club of Forty, we send Tlie-Daily
bone gratis:
Address RORACE GREELEY .t Co.,
Tribune Buildings, New.y
Regular Contributor
- - TO THE
• Ito oldest Baptist paper in the lainl4.,
/Ns many. friends in this country who I
read his sermons - with 'profit,- will hail
pleasure this 'opporpnity fur holding nw
timate communication with him.
These letters to commence with the firm
per in January, OM'
Sample copies Q"' the paper sent bet
this and January. 1860,.,t0 persons who
order them for examination. .
1;P11.13I, - .FORD do OLUSTRAD,
131ackwobd'8 Magazin
British Rav:iews.
L. SCOTT & CO-, NEW YORK, conti
ue to publish the following leading
British Periodicals, viz
- The present critical state of European aft
will render these publications imusually
teresting during tire forthcothing year. 71
will oteupya middle ground between "the hail
ly written news• items, crude speculations,
flying'•rumors of the 'day Journal, and
ponderous Tome of-the future historian, vri
ten after theJiring interest and excitement
the great political events of the time shall hr
passed away. It. is' to' theie Periodicals
readers must took for. the only really inter
gible and'reliable history of current ever
and as Such, in addition, to their
fished literary, scientific, and theological el
aster, we, urge, them upon the. consideral
-of the reading public. , -
The receipt of Advance Sheets
the British publishers gives additional vt
to these Reprints,-inasmuch as they can
be placed in, the hands of subscribers abor
soon as the original editions. '
TERMS. (Regultir Prices.)
.Per al
For any one of the four Reviews,
For any two of the four Re - ciews,
For any three of the four Reviews,
For all four of the,.
Foy Blaekwood7s Magazine,
Fin. Blackwood and one Review, . • 500
For Blackwood and two Reviews, . 1411
For Blackwood and..three'Reviewa, 9
- For Blackwood and four Roviewe, 100 a
• Money -current in the State where iesauf ui 1k
received al par.' .
'ThePoSTAGE to any part of the United Sian
will be but Twenty-four• Cents Yu!
for "Blackwood," and but Fourteen
Cents a year for each of the Reviews.
Ptemium 'to -New Subscribers'
the Nos. of the same Pericidieals for 1858-will ,fr
be furnished cornplete, withoutaddj!ionot t_
flu) ike. the more ephemeral 3lagazines of the
day, these, Periodicals. lose little by age"
Ilence, a full year of the Nos. (With no omit
sions) -for - 1858, may bo regarded nearly, 13
valuable as for 1800. 1
Subscribers wishing also the Nos. for 1856,
1847, and 1859, wilt. be supplied attha
spkeriaio Offetv foi• 18,58, `,,57, ',50,
40 ) 60, logethei'.. •
For Blackwood's Magazine, the five
years, $8 00
For any one Review, ;the five years, 700
For any two Reviews, a a a 13 00
For Blackirood and one Review: . the •
five years,
Folßlackwood and two Reviews, the
five year,- -
For.three Reviews, the five years,
For Blackwood and three Reviews, the ,„
five years, 21 1'
For the four Reviews, • the five years, 2
For Blackwood and the font Reviews, •
the five years, -= 250"
- N. B.—Ttio price in Great Britain of the
five-Periodicals above_ named is $3l .per ea
num. '
Now is the time . teSubsoFibe
jar Remittance must, in all cases) be mslie
direct to the rablishers, for -at these Micas s°
coMmission can be allowed to agents
Addreis, ) •
No. 54, Gold street, New . York.
UMW. "(Liberal)
13 00
IT 00
17 00