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    it anti &unity.
T. Burt, Esq.,-the Sheriff elect,
la-family and goods into the jail
our first page be foctua- a very
:sting article in relation to the early
.ment of this county - , written, we pre
by an old citigen of . ibis.county who
in Tioga.
member the Agriculture meeting
evening, the Teniperafree mem
wsday evening and the .nti-Slave
eeting on Wednesday evening •of
week.—and be there, toe.
desin to can the attention of or.r.
rs to the. new prospectus of the N.
donne Journal—in our opiniou the
paper of its kind in the country, and
ihlly adapted to the bonaccirele for
Inother's.and daughter's reading.
cannot make his wife a bitter New
present, than to furnish her with
Home Journal for IS6O.
,e have an arrangement with •Peter-
Illogazine, by which-we are enabled
rr it-and the Joutism, together for
) year. This is the cheapest corn
ion for a Magazine that we have ev- .
m able to offer, and those of .our la.
faders who wish to avail themselves
will do well to call immediately,. as
fret number of the new volume . is al
• issued; and itself worth half of
we ask for the, year..
Coleridge well said There are
which no wise n an will treat with
leFs r .white there is a probability that
way be the refraction of some great
still below tbe.horizon."
The British iteyiews,
. last week promised a lengthier no
df those excellent publications, the
d announcement of which will be
: in our advertising columns; and
pressed for space, we cannot fore
hat object now. Combined with
brood's llfagazine, they form one of
Most complete compendiums of cur-
English literature that can be found
same space, and for the same amount
tiny, in the world. In order to give
•eaders some inforthation respecting
and at the same time effect our ob
in this notice, we make the follow
copious extract from the - Congrega.
list, published' at New York. We
it it for a careful perusal, and urge
our young men to look 'favorably
i the good advice contained in the
paragraph : .
Our advertising columns contain
irs. L. Scott &' Co.'s, announcement
le terms on which they supply Amer
subscribers with their accurate and
dui reprint of the four great Eng-
Reviews and Blackwood's Magazine.
readers are,we pfesume, mostly fa
ir with the distinguishing character
and great value of these reprints.
North British Review, the Free
_ _
m Organ—which had wandered
that from its first love, has"now, we
:a to say, got back to its Orthodox.
ins, and bids fair to be all that the
there demands. -
--Westn A inister Review, under the
if Mr. John Chapman (the Amori-
Anion bookseller), is the "Liberal"
progressive .organ,_ fighting a great
against Church and State in favor
!e Trade, and, to a d 2gree, of free
ing also. Its - literary character is
Indy able, and it utters great truths,
' sometimes with dangerous errors.
Edinburgh &view, edited by Mr.
-is the old Whig organ, started
arcy, and Brougham, and Sydney
:h, and still mighty in maintenance
principles. A good notice of a book
morc in its columns than any
else. •
London Quartor7,, under the
Igenient of Rev. W. Elwyn—was es-'
shed to fight the Edinburgh on its
.ground, and with its own, weapons,
was carried on =by Southey, Scott,
'cart, &c., &c. It now defends con
&tire principles, and upholds the Foe
acl.•uood's Magazine, Tory to the
sme--has, in England, a circulation,
iid, of 40,000 copies. And, though
(iits itself," its corps of contributors
such vast and varied ability, that it
Is at the head of the Magazines, of
ea is the price paid in England' for
grade of writing which appears in
Periodicals, that the cost of the five,
said, will average to theirpublish
-825 a page, or an aggregate of near
) ,000 a year. The English public,
‘over, have to pay f3l per year, as
abscription price of the fire. • Messrs.
314 Co. furnish them—:-aa finely print
in every respect—to AtueFicans, for
he beginning of the yearis a favora
tirie to bubscribe for these fruitful
important works. It would be a wise
if a ten tigllar bill—the gift of one,
(en or twenty, or even forty 7 —in each
ish, to make iCcertain that every pas
}las the,reading of their pages for the
lag year, The congregation would
hear from their, investment in thcquiek
ened-intelliU'enite,:and stimulated thought
-the . pilpit:", • •--
villages—it would
bo agood:thing-,tlone, for. ten or twenty
reading young - tri*nto-club tagether;- and
procure these reprfixte .fir their own use
and benefit:- .They WOO. from
them, than Troin thrice the money invest=
ed in oysters , sleigh ridesipopujarfieti*,
or pictorial pcciodicals. - . .
COMMON'SENSE . ruIes the alass of the:peo
ple, whateVer the misnamed ancrmisanthrope
philosophers may say to the controry.: . Show
them a good thi , ng ; let its. Merits be clearly
demonstrated, and
.they will not hesitate to
giye it their most Cordial patronage.. The
masses have already ratified the judgumiit of
a phySician, concerning the virtues of HOS
TETER'S BITTERS, as may be seen in, the -
-imMense:quantities of this medicine that are
annually sold in every section of theland.
is ncry recognized as greatly superior .
other remedies ye..t derked for diseases of the
digestive organs,
such as diarrha, dysentery
despepsmi, and
for tire various fevers that
arise from derangement of those portions of
the system. llostetter's name is rapidly be
coming a household word, from iltine to Tex=
as, from the shores attic Atlantic to the Pa
cilic.Try the article Lind be satisfied;
Sold by -all druggists in the World.
kErS'ee advertisement in another &Lamm
'Like all other intiammatiOn, is caused by
impurity of the blood: which causes alt erup
tive diseases, as Salt Ithenny, Scorvy, Foils,
Sores, I.7lcers,,te, The blood being unhealthy,
and of an impure nature, also occasions Drop
sies. The blood becoming.obArtmted in the
veins, the watery part of the blood in conse
quence is tlirori•n out from their extremities,
and dropsy is the result. Many times it
occasioned by improper treatment of some
former disease, and the ve,;sels being filled
by serous humors lostead ofblood. Free evac
uations by these pills, open the passage into
the bladder and carry off the corrupted hu
mors, and renew them with.pure mid healthy
blood, which will drive out of the body all
inflammation, together with eruptions of thr
skin, and all dropsical tomplaints.
be a siteild to every form of disease to guard
and keep yon from the cold grasping hand of
death, and cause life mid strength to remain,
and the countenance to brighten with the
bloom of beauty and health. -
Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills are sold
by all dealers in Medicines.
Blackwood's Magazine
British Reviews,
L. SCOTT it CO., NEW YORK, contin
ue to publish the following leading
British Periodicals, viz :
.The present critical state ofEuropean affairs
will render these publications nn•isually in - -
wresting- during the forthcoming year. They
will occupy a middle ground between the hasti
ly written news- items, crude speculations, and
flying rumors of the day Journal, and the
ponderous fume of the future historian, writ
ten after the living interest and excitement of
the great political events of the time.shali have
passed away. It is to theSe Periodicals that
readers must took for the only really intelli
gible and reliable history of current events,
and as surit, in addition to their Well-estab
lished literary, scientific, and theological char:
aster, we urge them upon the Consideration
of tlitrreading, public. -
The receipt of Advance Sheets from
the British publishers gives additional value
to these Reprints, inasmuch as they can non'
be placed in the bands of subscribers about as
soon as the original editions.
TERMS. (Regular Prices.)
• • • Per ann.
For any one of the four Reviews, . . - ~93 00
For Any two of the four Reviews, 5 00
For anv three of thefour-Reviews, - 7 00
For all . four of the Berle , cs, 8 00
For Blackwood's Magazine, 3 00
For Blackwood and one Review, 5 00
For Blackwood nud two . ileviewx, 7 00
For Blackwood and three Reviews, 9 00
For Blackwood and four Reviews, 10 00
Money current in the Stale where issued will be
received at par.
The PosTtan to any part of the United States
will be but Tsventy-four Cents a year
for " Blackwood," and but Fourteen
Cents a year for eachof the Reviews.
Premium, to New Subscribers,
the Nos. of the same Periodicals for 1858 trill
be furnished complete, without aarditiocal charge.
Unlike the more ephemeral Thigazines of the
day, these Periodicals lose little by age.
Hence, a full year of the Nos. (with no omis
sions) for 1858, mhy be regarded nearly as
valuable as for 188 o;
Subscribers wishing also the Nos. for 1856,
1857, and 1859, will be supplied at fhe follow
foi-1856, '57, '58,'59,
419 co,' logethei-.
Forßlackwood's Magazine, .the five
years,' - $8 00
For any one Review, the five years, 7 . 0 u
For any two Reviews, " . " ]3 00
For Blackwood and One Review. ' the
five yearS, - • - 13 00
For Blackwood and two Reviiws; the •
five years, - 17 00
For three Review's, the aye years, 17 00
For Blackweocl and three Reviews, the
five years, 21 00
For the four Reviews, the five years, '2O 00
For Blackwood and the four Reviews,
the five years, 25 00
N. B.—The price
. in Great Britain, of the
five Periodicals above named is $3l per an
Now is the time to Subscribe !
par. Remittance must, in all cases, be made
direct to Me publisher* for at these pi ices no
commission can be'dlowed to agents
No. 54, Gold F - f
tier ; NewNork.
Tun Rev. N. Y. HULL, of Alfred,-Allegauy
Co., N. Y., will deliver a Temperance Lecture
in the Court Houstin Coudersport, tniorues..•
day Evening, Dee. 2011i, Lying
Tuinduy eve'ning;of Decembef Court. -, -
Let. 'every ono who wants to hear good
speaking, and every body who desires a RE
VIVAL" of the Teinperance Cause in this
County, attend'this meetit. • -
: - —JNO. S. NaNN, Contniittce
' . A.. F. JONES. , • ig .
3. HEM/Mehl. Arr4w/gftn'ts
To sv.tpzivrs.
111PKRT.M.; 1:,T51V , 1s will .13oArd, and furniA
go - od roorw, lights and fuel. for SIX
YOUXer:GENTLEMO to attend the Winter
Term of 171v.ists Acidemy; et the rate of One
Dollar and FArly Cents a Wed:. '
Lewisville, Nov. 5, 1859.-1105.
1.11! S. COLWELL will pay C h fur FEES
ID • and SIIEEP PELTS. A1. , 0 for OATS.
Condersport; .
TONS near Brookiand.
4 ( 9 Tons near West Pike, S. Brown, Azent
. .
5 'Pons oz -11101T in !lector, on he,td-wnter.:
aril - A.lllx Creek, J. 1,. Wilber, Agent.
Brookland ; Pa.. Nov. 14, 1851.—1 IL'
Y VIRTUE-of sundry orals of Venditioni
Exponas, Pieri Faciml and hevo•ri Pacins
i.q.ssoui out of (lie Gnarl' of eninnian Pleas of Polk,-
County, Ileitnsbanania, and (a inegireclerl,
e.eporc to public sale or oaten!, at Hie 0,4,-1 Ilease
in Caudersport, on MONDAY, tt. 19th day. M .
Dt.Tenrher, -1859, al
.10 o'clock, a. rn.,ilde glow.
ing described real estate, to wit :
evrtain 'real estotfu.' Syivanilt-town
ship, Putter Cu., It.,
bounded a-3 follows to
wit: On the north by James CAnspey Culu
Ims Rees. cast
unseated lands, south by
McCrade Earl, null ivest hr Joseph Hail S. - Cu-
In minis Rees, con ta Ming' iifty-eight a.cres•
which about twenty acres ore imProved, with
one frame house, two log barns, and some
fruit trees thereon: -
Seized, taken in exeention, end to to sold
as the property of Thomas 31. ',tees.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Eula
lia township, and Boiough or Coudersport,
Potter Co , Pa., hounded on the north by the
Jersey Turnpike Road, on the east by
Nathan Woodcock and east line of Warrant
2123, south by Lots of W B. Gordinier cc: A.
V. Junes, and west by hinds of tiobieski
containing one huno.,ed and sixty-nine - acres.
of which twelve acres are-improved, and upon
which are erected one frame house, one frame
barn, and other out-buildingQ.
Seized, taken in execution, and to 1..? e sold
as the property of John Crittenden.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in FMJa
na township. Putter Co., Pa., Beginning . at a
Beech tree :I2 perclre:; West to the north-east
corner of Patent No. 2124 in Dislriet No. 2
and being part of said Patent thence south
40 degrees Cast 18 perches, thence west 1 , 3 n
perches, thence north - fifty-three perchei,thenec
east; 107 perches, thence' north IGO percheQ.
thence east 53 perches to the pines of begin
ning-, contsiniitg one hundred acres and allow
ance for roads, &c.—ALSO—One other tract
adjoining, beginning at a post 212 perches
west of the south=east corner of Patent No.
2i24 in District No. 2, being part of soh! Pat
ent, thence north link perches 113 . 1 links to n.
Beech tree, thence west 79 perches 12. links
to a Beech, thence south 10G nerd C 5 11.11 links
to a post, thence east 79 peaches 121 links to
the place of beginnjag ; containing 50 acres
and allowance &c., of which IA acres are it'll
proved, on which arc erected one frame hoase,
and one frame barn.
Seized, taken in execution, awl td ho sold
as the property of Yates Anson.
ALSO—Certain real estate ,itunte in,-
son township, Potter Cu., Pa., bounded north
by lands of the Bingham Estate and lot No. 2.
mist be lot No. 2. south by lands of the
ham Estate, coil west by tot No. 4 and lands
of the Bingham Estatc.'beirglot No. 3 of the
allotment of lands in Jackson Township. 'Pot
ter Co - ., Pa., containing ninety-seven and font--
Nabs acres, of which thirty-five. ores are im
proved, on which are:erected one frame house,
one log house, tar frame barn, One old frame
barn, and with an apple orchard thereon. .
L Seized, taken hi x un , and to be sold
ras the property of M. Clinp-1.
2- I,sO—Certain real e,tate situate in Ulys
ses township, Potter Co., Pa., bounded north
by lot No. 170, the lands of S. Ito:i.s and land
of IL 11. Dent, east, south & west hy lands of
AL 11. Dent. hely.. lot No. 121 of the allotment
of hinds of,Sobiesli Itoss in the township :Libre -
said ; containing fifty acres and allowance, ke.,
of which twenty acres are improved, on which
are one lug house, one lug barn, and solos
fruit trees.
Seized, taken in execution, anti_to be sold
as the property of-Norman 11. Rogers. -
ALso—CertAin real estate to wit: 'Situate
in Ailegany Township. POtter Co.; Pa., bound
ed north by lands of the ll;ngharn Estate, east
by lands in the•Bingltam Estr.te, south by land.
of Henry Nelson, and west by lands of Satnael
M. Mills; containing sbventy-nifie- and three
tenths acre?, or which twenty acres are itn
-I.roved, on which are erected one frame barn,
and nne log house.
Seized, taken in exectition, and to be sold
as the property of S. 1). Goodrich. '
ALSO—Certain real real estate to wit : sit,
nate in Keating township, Potter Co., Pa., Be
ginning at a post the northmwest corner:l)f E.
Ilinchbanglis lot, thence north 100 rods to a
post, thence == IGO rods to a post.; thence
one hundred rods to a post, thence west one
hundred and sixty rods to the place of begin
ning; containing one hundred acres of which
eight acres are improved, on which arc erect
ed one log hint, and one log house.
Seized, tplten in execution, and to le sold
as the property of Samuel Stow & Stephen
Story.. .
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Harri
son township, Potter Co.. l's.; described as fml
lows 4o wit : at a post the north
east corner of Wm. L. Lattris lot No. 4, thence
south 89? . ,° cast by the-south line of lot No. 6
159 percheti to a post, thence north
.89° east
by the south line of lot No. 7, 49.2 perches to
a post,- thence south 30 west 41.6 perches to a
post, thence east 8.2 perches to a post, thence
south .1° west by the west line of lot No. - 7,
72.5 perches to a post, thence north 8815' west
by the north line of lot No. 43, and partly by
land deeded to James Boric, two hundred and
seventeen and nine-tenths perches to a-post,
thence north 1° east 111 perches to the place
of beginning;.containing one hundred and
forty-three and two-tenths adres, with the
usual allowance of six per cent, for runds,, &c.,
it being part of lot No. 5,-and part of Warrants
Nos. 1103 & 1106, about-sixty Sc; es of which
are improved, with- two filme hous'es ' four
frame barns; one frame store-house, one lilack.-
smith's-shop, and some fruit trees•thereon.
Seized, taken: in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Harrison Itosa & J. H. White.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate : Et/I:Ilia
township, Potter Co., Pa., bounded north by
lands of the Bingham Kstate, mast hy. L. a
Snafford, south bylapds Irf' John ; t;i•itlenden
. C. IV.:Ellis, and west 13 . :-I.Ands ofJohn.Crit
tenden 'lt S. Ross"; co.ntuiniug one hun.'lrt.l
I acres, of which t wentY-li Ye acres o,e.lutprov-,
ed, on which nre erected Dine 4* Iliug
1 house, one &nine barn, mid other imt
i and - with some fruit t i rees
I SO—One other lot situate i EularkiltOwtiship;
1 bounded north by lands oflE. Shit-BIT-44er
I Ti D. Spaffnrd, ez -4 ,st by theihighwa:i south. by
the lands of L. I)! Spaflbrdk and we t by hinds
of L Spalford ; containieg seventy acres;
I o*u-inch-fifty acres are improved..
I Seized ; taken In execution anilAolbe sold as
the property of Nathan Wdodeock. 1
ALSO—Certain real - estite situate in Sum
mit township, Potter Co.. Pa., coniMencinq at
• a post in the north-west 4orner - o4 a lot in
possession of George .A . yrett, and in the south
line of Wari-ant No. 2125, thence no 'th eighty.
six rods and. seven-tentlm! to -n.p St in the
!south Llue of Matthias IlVeils lot; t cues east
by lands of Matthias: teed 4 D. r. Tiffany, one
hundred and seventy rod ii to a post, thene.e.
!south eii.(aty-six and seven.denths !rods to a
post in - the south line of iVarrout ,NH), .2118;
; thence ast by snit! Warrant fifty-tivkn4d
tfn:ths rod,: to a post; tlien l cn south 1 one huu.-:
dred and forty four rods 16 . a post in the. east
line of G.iorge Ayres lot, tlience by lands
or (-1,:..01' g ",2 - 3yret3, one hundred n'od fortpsi/
rolls and three.:tenihs to a: post, thence west
!one hundred and six. atO.keve.i-tentlis rods to'
the place of begiliniug ileOtailtinf.,two bun
diva ores, of which tilirty ere 3 arL, an.rovee,
!and one frame here thereon. .•
Seized: token in execution, and
as - the propett . y. rif
AL following qeserib6l
to wit :'sitintie in Purl:tee townsh
Pa., being tai thnt 6f WI
(5!29) fire thotiand four hundred`
ty-nine, lying north of the swab lin
County ; containing nbc,44.six taut
the same nnimprovcl Lund,
,talon in el:ention, and.
i'as the prOttl!rly of John Br'onks
!. ALSO—The folloWiug d'rscribeit
to wit : sitciata iu Ithlghapl taWll.3l
Cu., Pa., buunde4 oo; the, north 'by .
Liao, east by of H. Kibbe, so
1 - Nos: 19 iz I t)3, tut.l. west by lot N
ha. No. 13 or the allotment 'bf the.]:
estate of Saol'i M. Fox inßinglolm
containing Qight2. - -nitte acres autt au
of six per cent. for roads, of w i
acres. arc improved andac>•tizefruittt
Seized, taken in exec...Uttar?, and
us the property of Isaac Il Image.
Al,:Bo—t,lertititt real estatie situat in Sharon
township, Potter Co.. Pa., Bounded . s follows: a post Corner' standin ' nineteen
, degrees west twenty-nine reds and th 'cc-tenths
front the north-east corner of L. \\• oiri lot,
thence south west lifteen.rods flnd eight
! tenths to a post .caner at the north ide
road, thence be the north) side of ~ aid road,
north 751' vic:t twelve rods to a pYst.corner
ttear the e.tst of the ritil.rond, thnee.tarth
28° east, sixteen and three-tenths 'rods to a
post corner, thence south east Tighty and
two-tenth: rods to the plate of begihning, be
ing part of \Vat root No. 21,76; contitining ooe
acre of I.tud strict measurd, on whidh is erect
! ed one frame dwelling hoc se, one fiturte barn,
and one Store house.—ALSO—Onel other lot
situate in Clara towitship, , Pottell Co , Pa.;
continencinit , at a post corner in the District
.line betweeryDistrietsNoS. 2 Sc 3, thence south
one hundred ajid one and dwo-teatlis perches,
; to a po-t corner, thence i n cest one hundred and.
I seventr-ono and seven4enthe -periihes to a I
i post, thence north thirtYi•one degrees eau one'
hundred and eighte , tn ai d. one teeth perch(
to a post corner, thence elst one hundred•abd
ten anti nine-tenths perches to the place of,
beitiuning • containinreighty-ninc'acres and
forty-five nundredths ; of which thirty acres
are intproved, on which are one frame honsn i ,
one log house; one log barn, antl,orne fruit
; trees,
Seized, taken -in' execution", hndlto be sold -
as the property of W. B. p raves & J.ll. Grar,es.
ALSO—Certain reiti 4:state situate in 'Vintr
;on to wn , hip, Putter Co,, Pa., ho4nded and
de-teribetuls f , tllows to wit-: eginaing at a
in CIO north-east corner of a hit contract
ed joules thence:north o 4 hundred
and tifty-serca rods to - a, t'itenee east
tweaty-nne rude to a pusto hence nprth to the
it: oh of the i-_ , lntietnabOtiag Creek, thence
along the west bank of the 6ifinO . rnahoning
Creek Ly the several enitl . ses tlierlpof to the .
\Varraoc line, thence along „the Warrant line,
west five hundred and twfuty-fivel rods to a
po=t, thence south three hundred and thirteen
rude to a po-t, thence east five ltuittlred aiid
twenty-five rods to the !dace of .11 , ;,' , initing;
containing Si 7: hundred and twent3 - 4thie aeres.
wore or less ; toil being Hirt of Wprrant No.
4927, the same being uninkiroved.-1
Seized, taken in exert
as the property of 112nry
ALSO—Certain real est4 l
ses ta3wothip. Potter Co., 1
by lot No. 1 . 73, east by 11
south by lot No. 67, west
being lot No. 101sof the at
li. 11. Dent in Ulysses Poi
lifty-svVen aad seven-tend
ihirty acres are improved,
frame ‘lwelliog house, one
fruit tt'ees.
. .
Seizeil, taken in executpu, and4to be sold
as the property of Benjamln C0re.7,1
. ALSO— Certain real e4ito situcite„in Pike
to wnsh in. Potter Co., Pa., - Bounded , north by
unseated lands, east by unseated la ids, south
by mist atcd lands, and west by lot 'o. 20 be
longing to C.llunsicker; cOutaining, sixty acres
it being lot No. 32 ethe allotment (f the Ash
ley lands in said township, and part of War
rant No. 5127.— r AL.50- 7 0ne other lot 'situate
in township and:county aforesaid, hounded on
the north by lot No. 3, belonging bi Jos.:Sm
iderlin, on the east by unseatbd lat4ls, on the
I' south by unseated lands, 'and on ta l e ivest - by
lots Nos. 19 & 22; containing one hundred
I and twenty-six and seven-'laths itcr'•s, it being
1 lot No, 10. and part of Warrants NO9. 5122 &
3127, o r which ten acres are improl .11 and five
acres:chopped, with one - i)Ver-sho Saw Mill,
i orni frame- dwelling house, one frpme barn;
and one log house th ereoh,—A LSO--One other
lot described as follows : il - lounded north .1.)-y
unseated lands and lot No. 29, on the cast by
lots Nos. 17 -,k 19 and ieMseated lands, on the
south b y lots Nos:. 22 & 23, and or the Weil,
! by lots Nos. 21 & 27 '
• codaining 100 acres,, it
belog, lot N0..9, and part' of War•ants Nos.
i 5123 & 512(1.—A LSO—Ohe. other r t deserib
, ed as follows ; Bounded iin the n rth,.eaSt,
!-south and west by unsnatel lands of frunsicker
& Garlock; containing fof v acres, t being lot
INo. 33, - and part of -t, Varmint No. 51 (5.
1 . Seized, taken in :teciitton, and to fie sold
!as the property of .lonatha i Steven on.
lACSO—The, following described
.cal estate
to wit: situate in Sylvaniti townsh p, Potter,
Co., Pa., Commencing at the south West cor-
I ner of Chaster Burleson's fot on theieast batik
of the Sinneinahouing Creek, then? east one'
hundred and forty-lire rOds to a Ifemlock,
!thence north one hundred4indsixte,en rods to
a Beech ., corner, thence nest sixty-fnur rods to"i
a„ post corner on the bank Of the Creek, thence
!south-west along the bankl of theTieek tothe ,
place of beginning; 'cont. - lining stqventy'-five
acres, being part of Warrant No. 4769,_0f ~ vhich•
five acres are improved ; on whichiis erected!
; one . smail frame house. 1 ' , • ' • !
' T 4 i - 1
i - Seized, taken in execution, am ~, o_,e sold.
as the propeity of W. McE4rl. 11 '
A..' C. *TAG GA BT, rSherty.
i Coudersport, Nov. 2:: !859. I I
i r ry-:
NTS the - Thiition for a ' ftlit co
City Colle.rd, thelnigest,most
ronized au7l it organized Co
in the United statt3.
FOUR 1.;A:11GE
Fur Wiitiog,_Copmerchil
1:411:11 tituo to eo - inpleie' . a ill
6 to Itt Weeks.: PveryBtuden
ting, is ititirtinteed to be'comp'
the Pook - 4 of 'any Business, -a,
"salary of from • : .1
.$500 , 111 0 819 I
Stadents; enter at! any time
Review at plefisu're
! First Preminpig for Best
-Awarded this Tne
es t .i-,,iriety,of Peninkinsh!p iu
the . 1::nion. fonndl liere.
• ••
vv._Jlm erf sotis receive
rot Circalcr and !Specimens
close two letter stamps, and a
obe sold] 10:9-1y*
1), Potter
t i rrant. N.
nd treen-
red ttcres,
0 & sold
, e
Main Street„ , k . wro . rp ely)
tV Bros.' (Troevw.) . Wel
ghqiiy Co., N.
• •
eal est Ate
,it?, Potter (
. 1. Sulu.
th Us• Hits
. lichr.r.
.ids of the
tllow nee
hid' (hill,-
1911 TIE Proprietor Of the ahoy
!would respectfully inform )
of Coudersp o rt, and Putter cot
thatlhe roli.:prepered to suj
FLY IHN'4,IS, of 'very dest
cot which .cannot iidl. to suit)
hand, afid arc coustantlY recet
Yorh,- the fittest assOrtment'ofl
be found in this pcirtion , -of th
will !sell the same at priees . -wli
k.s them.-
PEGS, N,l I f,S, AWLS, and Pi
cry 4c;cripticn, in 'quantities
All-g.uods sold at our estab
thel&est and out be
•T i eieins Casli Only. -
Toll:51.111e, May 19, 1859.
r.:_3-or4ers sent by ; Inafl 7 !
Joints AL Orrtco, COudersport,
lc aiid carefully attended
01 ... , 3, --- !F'' - g.,
, . 1, •
Including a View of Mount Vernon,
In the Engraving of Washlngton. These
splendid engravings are! frofnloriginal 'paint
ings by Hicks, andl,are rnyravi•d an steel in the
highezt style of Art. They nee each 25135
inches, each contaitg sir squaiie feet. So many
coarse, miserable pictures ha '6 been palmed',
upon the public ai, works - ofart- - --and es e- i
( rally in cheap. bhick• nod anl
ddy engraVings i
—tliat it -is difficult to -etanvincer persons of!
taste that they are 'safe in orderity , what they i
have not first seem' Ire hark paid the first!
artists their own prices, amounting to u.vcr 1
TiwitsAsn DOLLARS, to produce e ograr log; really '
.l,, , antiful, as well as M best . partraits, and that
Slitql be splendid ornaments to any parlor.
055—Opinions tlitit can be :pied on: -.-
The Editor of the Brie York 9Lset'eer says :
' I TIOS'e engravings! are gennir a works of tirt
—the lifccuesses are admirable. The portrait
of 31r..i Everett will take pre2edencc ,of all
others." ' ' 1 . . to be sold
The Kew York Christian dracate
" Tlicy are anong the finest enirarin,,e-3 we
hare ever l seen,anii TFiE Pli LISRERS ARE
te sitnatp in Ulys
'a , lionfOed north
ts. Nos. IG7,
by lot and
i lotment f lands of
13 - acres,l of which
on wilidh are one
log barn and sonic
Terins, Al ost Gratin,
Nlte will send, securely packed in
! !
111111er Engiav ing and a $3 Maga
zine, one year, fur I ' . ; $3;
'loth Engeravings;npd a $3 Mr.:l
-zinc, one year, for 1 i - s4°.
f.":3-Atir,srs whO remit $3l at a time, will
have an . extra copy of each engraving. The
Afag t azincs are I.I.4:RiII:ICS, THE KNICKER
By special arrangement, the entire
year's subscription to the -Magazines is paid
ureif 1 , 1-• to Lheir pulis.liers,!and subscribers
receive their supply f r' the year direct from
theii respective' puiilidation offices. The cost
of the engravings is paid • only by the
once between the loWeSt whidesale. and the
tegyar price of the Magazine;
&ray - Engravings sent once, and s,ubstrip•
tioni3 to periodicals Commenee with current
issue, unless otherwiSe._ ordered. Money. at
our,i•isk if proof I . s. retained - Of haviw, been
mailed. First impressions arc best, therefore
send early. AddresS - •
_ 11.11i i iaLEY &CO.,
,(At st.; _Thu .& Music Store.) No. 543
11-110ADWAX NKSI :YORK: - [ll-10tin.
LL those indebted to the sub Scriber, either
.111.} by Note or by. bpok account, 'will sliVe
FIFTY PER CENT. y calling, and paying
their indebtedheis bef re the drat day of..faia
nary'. next. - "can this sav
ing be'iriade?-"" in ccsts for You and'me to
pay we fail to PAY UP by that
11; 11.=:Goods.sohl t cost. i f • - • .
• ' , • JOFINII. SMITH. •
COudersport, NO-. 15, 185t.+12:1 l-ly.
Yrou want to get 3mnr,Wate
es- or Clocks put in good run
ning Order, takd them to DA YTON'S, You
will Iliad .him. on hand in do yotir work on
shol notice, and inia l Workmanlike ma nner i ,at
.Vo. .
oppwite Parmetee's Drug and: Book Store.
Jewelry' neatly repaired; and, work done On
short notice; cheaplfcir, cash. _
• .10HN D.'DAYTON.
A ellscille, jtprll I"
.:. 1
131 1 , A ST Ell for silte by,
• • r. ST
~ ~.
rse: in the 'lron
worcial 'School
littions' ,
dicepino and! Lect'
1 conrae r Trout
, upon grubia.
teat to mAnagt
d quulitied to
" r i m i n g.
best and irst!at
,liv one Hall of
at half ririec.
of Writing, in
. dress
tslyiargh, Pa. .
~ rr
I ! A ,
site Baldwin
the inhabitants
ntr . generally,
ply them With
ription. nt pri-
V We have on
vino. from New
goods that can
e country,- and
It will
rar srchvs,-
rNS, (gen:taw),
NDINGS, of er
io snit purclia-
li.shment, are of
Give a Will
or left at the
will be prouipt-
tirreenti etery V'ediieself!Y;bir"P.
Blei**liotesal2 and intgi
ceries MY - rislons.
'CCOthligits7l:fillt, .
Apples, green, 1.3 bush . ,
dried, "
Beans, ic
Beef, "
Beef Hides, "
. .•
Berries,' dried, V.quartj
Buckwbeat, `1•1 bush.,
Butter, '
Cheese, " _
Corn, £3 bush:, •
Corn "WA per ewt,
rams doZ, ,
Flour, superfine,
do double eitra,
Hauls, ? Pr. ) "
Hay, 7 81 : - •
fouey, te. lb.,
Lard. " .
Simple Spg,ar;.per
Oats; 14 b 05.11.,"
Pork, ? bbl.;
do 14 lb.,
do in whole hog, lb:,
Potatoes, ? bush.,
Peaehes, dried, ? lb.,
Rye, 14 bask,
Salt, '?
du ? sack:
Trout, -bhl.,
Wheat, 11bush.,
White Fish, per.
Woul, per. lk,
gi,ttro•ti:ti,li.iiii,* . '.,o'ff,
a full anti coierplete"a@sortniettOSt
Which.they will sell vv., be - bought
in the county.
.Also,'it good stock 6f .
They sell fcifllllADY PAY only, soil can.
sequently can afford to sell for . •
thaw usual. not being obliged to make for
losses on bad debts.
All who wish to get tho
3t E
will please gire ng a ca n. .
ALL .KENDS or PRoniipt - '
;TAIiEN' AT A GOOD pitte:s.
N. 8.--=We carry on the business.oi
:1.3 usual:at the - old stand of B. LBWl:t.where
all kinds 'of • •
. .
Matring and .Repairing
will lie done, froirt Mill trOns . irlOt
Tongs, a Chain Link. Good tind=eattfut
-1-IORSE- SHOTTtS' - ' , •
trill ;Wed& to that branch of the. basitterss, Q
J.enistqlle, Nov. 5, 1859.--,.11t2M
QUAKER CITY PUBLISHING •if011;f1 Catalogues,"
- SuPerior Inducements to thelqu'lilic!-'
gar A new and sure plan Tfor obtaining
GOLD and SILVER, WATCHES,., sy i t 4ther
valun ble I Prizes. Full particulars giten ; im
Ca ialogtifs, which will"itil . tiii:
on . : I CJ" r.
Valuable Gifts,.worth
GUAR. - TEED to,each pnrchaser. - ;sl4 - 13;p0o,,
in 'Gifts }face ken distributed tn'tiii'pl.trOittir
within. the past six: months-$156;060 - ,pilitilitt.
tributed tlitring the next six months. ,
Ths indtittrients 'oefermi: ityls;Tapris
liberal th'uu those of an; other house in the
bilsiness.l ' • , • I - -
Ifavinl4 hOn in the Pulishiug and ppolssp,l,l .
ling business for the last eight",,yeara, my ex
m.rience 'enables me to . condlictthelfrifs,
teipeisa the greatest - natistsEtloViiiiill
Akx,sTs WANT i ED in eterY-'l`iiiA
and Comity,
For full 'particulars addreSs • ""
Quaker. City Publisbini house,,
33 South Third Street,
Philadelphia; h"a:`
. .
.Olt tRIAL at Dec. Term,. 1850,..ft.tbs
I 'l
Cum CommodPleus, of Potter ecnn
ty, Pa.
.• • •
Pnrdv. for use, vs. Hedrick:
C. Evelyn jr., -" Bartron..* •
W. T. Jones, " Shehl,en-Bradlee f
" , " Jackscid& Bees.
Sheppard, " Lewis. 1 °-
Wm. &Mt S. Ennis, " Staysa. .- • ' •••
Starkweather, " Sherwood.
Hoskin, fOr use, " Harry EIRS. -
Jones & Brother, '‘. Harry Lord.
Kilbourn,for use, " Rufus Ricca .
Canfield, "
Jones, • " j: W. Smith. :
Willet; "•Kinney, •
White,-• " Stevens, et at,'
Strong's Adaiinistes," Wm. T.-Er
Don - us, ". " Wood,
Owen,* " Maynard - '
• Parker,- " " Baker.
Perry Wilcox, " Wilkinson .I;',Mattlinii?
IT. J. OLMSTED, Pro - thlt.
Coudersport, Oct. 34)839, ,
8..-,:.S .c9LWELTi
Flotu - '
Ql - iettper
. .CASH, • t Oat
and will take in iiayment•all.kinjis . - sitkiif .
• .
. I wilt 'also Pliy Cash for:LUBIBICIL:
Also, willipay the highest - going spricte
Store the building formerli.,:citeg..l
pied by L: F. Apynard,--T FIE E!EOPLE'S CASU
STORE no*, mere than ev,r hefpre:
Comtnsronr, June 22 1.859.-44-Gmo.
o•-• I's
.10 , 1 oct
1 26 '”‘1 5
20 ' = . 1 25
• 4 - • 5/
6, 1 6
-10 • :18
481 50
20,. , ; 22
225- .2 63
5 1 00 ASO
650 rye -
• _ 12
fo - -, -11go
11. -441
21: - Li*
1000 ,1!300 .
10 -121
• 25
600 , 6.50-
.1 42.1. , 1 50:
6.00. 6.5 e
-28 . -35--
• r .1
WILL ppi