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ire locitresticles in this de
tpaN.ttiterit,-ibeljerinir:Atiitt, the publication s of
i i ,blettilitiors and experiments in regatiltiS Elie
Writ ult4iti. Ad Horticultural ,pUctilarities of
kis i mitts - mutnaVy ,iienefit our farmers.
Or it, fanner; puitet.--'go. Jocasn.3
: - :-1,11-111a0bie 1111rdtt - po.
(*mew, reid pvar 1.143 h 4 given be.
Jai- of what a few. families -of birds are
loing every day? for the public) good, And .
say bnaestly whether you don't
Jrnow,, , ,rreral fellow))) in your neiglibor-
Y, 4 t e soing ab. 44 vit)). their gins who
) :70 rripg the uomm.onity as
as the little feather ed families,
lfria , e'd'hy - Mr. C. M. Clay, of Kentucky,
the fii ll Ocingstlicle, whi c h - he comma.-
pleated tp the Pountry Gentleman of Al
.. . • .
tpany,- from pinc4 we take it. Twenty
five' billions of caterpillars and insects'
destroyed in one year on a single farm of
"thirty Items is a pretty .good year's work,
- - 1 1 . 4 miply wed-kapwn men, so
from doing any , public) or private good,
Pally spreading mischief ILir their
es- me tre they not 7—quite equal in
...ant to the benefits conferred by the
'`-given igstlncts the beautiful and
!"1.11 birds —En. JOURNAL.] ]
{At daybreak I estimate that four hun
.ad songsters break fortb into one grand
bastion' of tninglecl song or} 'my thirty
of frgit and pleasure grounds.—
Among: tbese I note the catbird, the
Phrus h, the blue, black, and re birds, the
elt martin, the dove, , the
'sparrow And horousiog 70 . jay,
t,he house porch and r e wintry- adjal`c)
T rian Y varietiel erfitorya -to-be cal.-
Wsuckers., f,k 4 . , intentiori is ta apply
ping upon 131 Q.Alfol of eongress for recog
fation about f l erritorid
Government. ' z
pc) ;APIP
},Weelltgat LEY AND SLXVE DEALER.--,11,912C0
qte,oey,4:79. at eciieilTiegit Met
a ia . iitetritt *hit eireseed great, pleasure in
see - 11308 - stingttished-p.'philanthiqpist, and
tairicibing.bbastiecess. ,••.• - •
t impdeoo,,itrelaied Mr, f'l, intppy
ftPM fu.ce3e4tlFoppowid Pirsee such men as
yourself anCtol. where I did not
'intiectittaeaii - s*Vait'A this 140 iv4Te
the fniquitY i satio'it id sir lintity rooted.
Godhe4aised, the' Work:goes bravely on:"
; _".lViA,yppr 24," returne4 "slave
ry wit oon cease to exist in idissoltri. The
numl:er of slaves is now fast decreasing."
(ffel_ k fili.-?l•.:aftgrnpfed to withdraw with his
fitt'ortlbuttfifricind from observation.) Mr. W.
edntinned, "I am myself doing something
tewimAl•; glem a Only Last week I
tPokastlY-thlrte-c!O - . •
E' fy good riciid, how . ? Where to 2"
"•: - " - GrtittiOcur t"..• etejsioadd -Horace, tfwhat'
-14mileaferlinlbannin soulsr , : • ,
Zirallt.-14Cit4.4at,i 1 . 11 what Ton. call
?our negroes• /Am indebted to you
s prpfitiofisylniineas, Slave holders
iteibAlUttle-thoig slaves fqrhalf their value
fir,flielSoutly tb ifecp your disciples frolip
kits,iit t ,Tlsusios.-The Richmond eorreipon
ifeb t'efthe,altratithi*, Expreas says; ' , There
loins' tit" joyful 'Meeting - under an humble roof in
Siddey,Aireiluesday. :•acycling Man who has
been absent front hvgie . for nineteen years,, and
Irhurai.4Ong attie,e:reerarnettas. s deads, • unexL
peetedlY)thopked afi hid father's doer while
the tamilkiere Partaldng of the usual *loin
iiiiiiiiekh-; "-111-beautiful sistef,- - , ju:st• attained
*e.tdrishingwilmanhond, answered the knock;
but of,coerse -Aid not, regognizo : the brother, l ag,a mere ladrwhen he, left the.patental
iT]itl"' Irethetilsltelfferlli. K., and the old
zentleinan quiekli ., Appeaied; but did . not
recagnizethe fag loits,drf: l •Tlie mother now
Mailelhgnippearapee,..nhd , semining the fea
lakOt 4fAlt!4 - 4. l fanV.r.Put fgrA:Plifints: . sud 4
.long apart d
49,4417„rfAPA 1 2.0 Ve : . a I,i . e .i? o 7,
~, , gy. sun tt lu s t:ionl her, warm heart
1 , e ff lt i l i t rite ranee, and . sile n s o co i me r d .
st #
..ittitifinfortnimtih&iiini the commotion - ,
tdd.htitittteyting- the eause, rushed. in. ' Th
- Minima& ind4erihable and paigfully affect : l
Mg' Thi!- 11 / 9 ther still r..p.04D4 iinpqnsciQusiY;
iii - Alii tire,id of liti. temp mourned serif, the fa-1
fl4',s eyes were suffused with tears; encl . o.ol
sister, with two or three yoUng ••aneinbers . of
thelamily,:.Soblied. aloud: :Ascertaining. the!
cause of this joyful weeping, a• sympathetic
copd,4nstlie.visitor's heart:was touebedi
YOi.'a',biter petiod . all were Cotepletely ^over-
WO. ‘4....H that'i-is lost id found!' 42 - •'.
. .
. tiliAlikEddit•ELMT/011 : 11t ME SICKLES
airafitiSS§lONAL DlM:pan-4R is undori
atainbAlts.# npoix cerMintonditinns, which
IfdttleelLtlitlylMusldereaby his 'person
' Ist'frinnclskj4r: "Sientvit; wfli:..volnntary
- , - , - ,;einus donna° fepresentrthe Third
ATM application
;Ajaftwactati must baxeferted-to a commit,
abio to decide upon
.of-a..elermal error
in- the endorsment of their ballots; no (ler
been issued to glean.. :All the
sera mill be report
lackibaciktvhis ease *He - Venda
did l harp hpoima whether _to resign .or
4mintha4n - thelatteresse,ithis vete sof cer
pavarner'i Island and
Tithit*isgabtritlethspl -he put- in issue.
411 fit fiketathat'A r iliiainson , has: Idled to
Sickles of hie-intention to
nenttaiiilcomplicatematters, but
siderotioni Ofsia agimiment on the part of
Siekles to resign and of pertain other high
• 4inlitracdnOittiort4nt arinnti-Leemp
tapitimocratinina#44tion foithedistriot,
. ithotoltenris 241110 to bold: ti special election
in the- third Conftressional
-.. •
.W011 , 111'4; fAiirr-rjfft/A- Alen
11YPWOY09 2 314P - f-Tigr4tlead; : whei owns
Oil - - cif : lUvqk
cemlft Sof.aktroOfrWilMcM bad
:WARTMd „An :adopted
f)riizere of ..the`
ioggMg firm ofii . gatab,4 l -Qrse " 4 310T
tau; OialtififtY, 41L-11114447.0 1 4e_,C 1 9wit
and =found's dam
- -visti4d4sAf theirZaipatirkionoonn
rkti a • • • — a-itel
y sitimo :whit ,
shouldthinkg4wortby ofattentnin from
those dispaeil to grow-whe.4 iu a dlstriet
where wheat-growing bas beep intermitted
for trieny years, under theiniptessior(tbat
the wheat-pro,decing quality of 'the' 'Soil
was - exhausted. But if Kelt ti soil as the
One described wiji -Proguce:;forty bushels
per acre, it is certainly worth 'While for Qom
nectient farmers to try what -eau be . dotter
at raising crops of wheat upon better soi" cr
WrsosOttrittE, goon, TOY 25, thew
.g I send you a small sample of %ra.•-•"' ,
raised this year from imported s7 ra ,,
over forty bushels to the acre, oti) t Mead
nured or opy fr.rtilizers used—eatraling _ some
poleon - tvhead.
- wont(' hare been wore satisfatiffilitindi
Mr. Ellsworth had - stated whether -..heint,
was Spring or Winter wheat. It loo4).
like the latter. - • . fit
WISHISO llonses LEGS.. It is quits a com
mon custom for carmen and hostler to "foun
der" noble Horses, by the erroneotm practice
of dashing of cold water on their legs when
they are dirty, Ii regard ha this 'practice Sir.
qzorge St4atins the eminent veterinary sur
geon says, Wherever it is necessary to wash
horses' legs, do it in the morning. •. Most
grooms, acting on a different priheiple,‘wash
them as soon as the animal comes in. lam
Convinced this is a bad practice. When the
roads ire dirty, and the weather - wet, and the
)9gS alrevly sgtikpl, wasbing can do no harm;
but to deluge the legs with - water the moment
a horse enters the yard, heated with exercise,
is to my mind, as unnatural and absurd as to
jump into -a "shower-bath after playing au
hour at cricket. My plan is, .rnbbing down
with straw and a dry - brash, and the next
morning wash as elean'as sonp.and water eau
make them. Pick and wash the-soles as soon
es the horse comes in." ~ . .
Wg publish the following for the en
couragement of our farmers. It is ex
tracted front a letter to the CleVeland
herald from Turearawas Co., Ohio, re
specting the condition of the crops id that
k eetion. Ile says s. . .
saw yesterday some wheat, as good
4 , 1
~_ r grew, that had been . killed by the
• and -b pt blossomed agailt, , prOtinPing
the ins in a row, of fine plump I;er-
In. n fl. r grew, yielding, it is supposed,
't ,..
ing Jibe to forty bosbela to the acre."
scribers : , } 5 . ,„ 09 RYg.:-.-.l3nMoel Ew-
TO ANY; P . uffalo Valley, joforms us
- . -1 1 4 11r 66 4 ,25 1 n Pb a r s ' thered on his farm in
lar BOok, or a ,vel one kernel of Bye,
paper. - -
FOR A.CLUB Op , - e_ ea grains 7n rwitp
$12,50 in cash, we' . head, tho 'Aetter-up
of the Club any Th an d t uagamne pub
lished iii theilrelted ...4; or 'aro; Rooks
he may selecz tot of }bun of $2,50 i or he
May teak' that amount fr . at the:sabserip
' tion money, sending na $1 . - -
wetwill - seo4the person gettin
$5 worth or Looks or Magazine
„leeliort, or ha may fetaia $5 of
sending us $2O.
rgat scriuri tfirtillit, gotten 0
Will give' the' getter up of , Ott 'ON
1 - wgrth of Rooks of his s4ectiott, or 4.
retiiiii $l/,50, .oending qrssll;
1 ItepWeal)iki.t!der the .V. o*i from e Gift
Book Store of G. C. Prigit's . Pikitt.4ol bin, if
requested , by those eniitleti,ttihem.
o any 1141 T getting nip o. club
, or I'WENTT StlbsriOers; and sending
us $25, we 'will . 14ye pi: of - Bartlett* $6
SEWING KAOHIns, (will do all ordikary i
plain Sewing), Or-she unty'retain $6 of be
subscription money, _ sending us $l9. ;,
• ../aP•In all cases where TEN pr. mare per
ions, club together and send .us the money
without the interference of a clabagent, they
can hate the paper tit'sl each, per annum:"
- another column will be found
the announcebTeiii Of ; the ninth annual
exhibition of the State Agricultural So
ciety., 'lave we ntiy, farmers amopg us
who desire : to be. present? . . •
- Igii*The present nrouber closes the Elev
enth- 'Volume of the Jourtrins q , and Am
thirdyea; of our cerrrfeption with With
the next putuber will be an excellent time
to neiv.subceziptions,
_and we would
call the premitno offered in
another place. f e think that $2,50 a day
and'the goad o f the party should; incite
our, friend's to action: ,Try it= now
. .
naiTe would all atteli
~baniciatim: lit 42 f;e r poivimed
if THILEi ddegatei *mu ach district in
stead of two;--the :Committee: having
iuierloolled the erroitprevions to the first
,ef their
_CSII. ;The alteration
was raade,last Weak . , bu, 'we neglected to
call especial attention -toi the:fact then,
and do so new.
- .
REir Our Senatonal nunnintit . in will
probably be' held In limethpprt on the
gat. of . September. Me are informed
that is the - thoe tidked of by the . other
Countiea r llblEeani Potter and Tina, . in
which - weahall: e4ented tg • aoliartr•
Warren Nail. . ,
bur friend of .. sbo -Matt is mistalten as
to the Vitc*.i!the tune right `dip
.14 ?Keitil.,009iti - Ol 0 1 001? Ik° l 4l ll g
the : Copfereqee, at: . this pities, . '
• - ,
sahseriher. 'req uests :ne•ko pig).
lish , sterlidi _Weight4CaPoollßrig
to law' goa.- Ay-eat:3e :tl ere.
tiottittliftkpqr,v.eilt edybotiy from. buying
anti selling x tie ere the
,weight 44—
Wheat; (number of-pounda.te the bush.
el)- :60; t Birekwheat,. 48 ;-.43ats, , (aet,
1859) 80 k/hAeji, 48 F Coal; shelled; 50;
COTIVOR ;; Beans r 60; . Bran,
201,CloveiSeed, 695 , Timothy, .45, Flax,
SO Grass; 14; :Wed Apples; 22;
Dried Peaches, 28; Hemp' Seed, 44; Po
rithaetr;,-.60,-;:taitijr 13=23,-464 80rd;.56
I f t kr, th
e , ik . •
..,,,,.- . own in
Main -- a lio 7E' . 2 titexpectedi,y, in
COUP eel
- Logno,qteri b
5 ‘
ream __ tnew €tate t -" on-
'' t- ;1 / 4 4rinnRitity according tov i a
d ' af*Otii (War ill ' - 0 and no More l
' - - ..
eontitiOS - to---heat from. The result was
_as, nne;pneted, by hall -friends _ and fnes,.
as it...was- gladsome.. ,Lilo California, , nhe
scorna . itieterfitOrlil intridaers'iiir fedc:
rat p4tronagCllo Alefl .W.19431,44....45 .
fig Freedom-am1.Right....,...,,,..:„..?..-4,,,...,
A' Weittiiiialn4- - qiunty:lttVar."
licanl . apnethinka flint wlttflourf ete=l
BODE in - thb-teldler love nor end igen
ator CA:mstunt- fer 'Prnindent, the Oppo;
eerteinly 'aneeemtin
, thernisidtogethm- too
!zeAnh , ardif abont eandidates t thit
when"..-' early
:When:the p r roper time :wives; the
gagaz\.9:,.th 4 if gifprelMl 130 1 pyasee4(l,
tgebt . eleettd_..iß . etter 4 . ,( t ße_s . -
. A good
As tn . pattenee . and "wa tt for
Pens and Inks:
ing *Aerials, Iv*emning:"-,,—'.E:10
BI OLE S, 'skid, as 00L We
PRAYER & HYMN. Boo.we t il4 opp r ,i4o , 6 T A
MUSIC-BOOKS AND SA;;, ` than, the 490.
Slates, Rulers, Back-Garatur s
Men, kc., ive the
'3,nlatiote that
DLO_J. ouscittr.prr i tor
ONETFI N - • ,
I G itiallesEt
Is manofactured from commeretitr to the
and is prepared entirely dif
front other Saleratus. - the lo Ti glut
eterious matter ettaeted in skaoh.. o u r
manner . as to produce Bread,
and all kind . of Cake, with° , 'e.u .
tainingn portialo of Saleret . •
the Bread or Cake is bak T i or the:lnt two
by producing wholesorrkf ra . c ho n ,,_,N . ono
Wery particle of SalOrietherr—whi4,ll4l%.
to gas and passcp throt a iiro l i a emigrants
or Bicuit while Bak . iti eir m i nisbedi . failing ,
ly nothingremaiw i d rea d far 'mon ths ,,
/,.?...qd noted hytitonsands ; bat:
Water: An , d.
perceive . l2 liiitt• worth; 1 .2 P; One
tos titot3se shot the traders, the herdsmel,
0uter., 9 67 or EiOniit other residetits this re
.Ooialddeem tifese'ehititti Worth
"theydo'not. -1 bad alrOsidy becibme ae
aStomed to the sight ,of wagon.Ura, wagon,
boxes,.&c., rejected and spurned ip this_way;
bid:good; new chains thus begging for own
cis f biro Only noted, thii side of ;be -South: .
Pass. ' - They are said to be still-more abandi
ant farther on:" .
Mir imbroglio "
..1 11 4 nosi
creating an, intense excitement the
PTO ident-making circles of this ."glorious
union." We will. state the prineipallea ,
tures of,the affair brieflyr It seems
Oharleitnn Rona:nation,: iina,,,,Means, to
have it. , Ono ratney. Donnelly,. of, New
York, having notbing , else to do, lTnt .tO
Saratoga, and While there' wrote:4oEoer
I to' Gov. Wipa; . hO: made .. B Ottid
flatteringitswancegtlaitt"t l APt eminent poi
iticiannot statestaan_,L. mluld either have
the vote of, or nnutrabse, the - Nei, York
delegation'. Goy. Wise—very unuisely,
nii aoubt he noir tbinkswrote him; a
short letter, (an unusual eirounistance,)
the pith of which - is 'in. the followinvx-
up tbe,Plob
of his .o.
!ers, we
is may
* * have apprehended all aloni,
that the Tammany Regericy would carry
a nnitcd dele ,, ation from 'New - York to
Charleston, w • ° Per whom ? Dounlas,
kno, is' confident,; btit Yea may rely on
that Mr. Buchanan is himself tk eandi
datO, for re,tionaiitation; ' pat
rona,g-O anti tyWer *ill; be 1# . 64 to 'disap
psiirtV,DoriglAs aifother:iispirants. "Oar
only. ,ohanee is - to Organlite by, distriofs,
and either' whip 'the enemy or send
delegatioils;" , • •
. .
Now, Donnelly tool tfie iitertiof
exhiidting this latter tObir, friends
at aineeting.of New-:York State Cep•
6i-al:43onitnittee, in Albany,. Simi:by some
means it was copied end published: ;'On
seeing the loiter in print, tile' friends,of
Dir. ,YSse proclahned it.!".l . ..forsery, or
prnetAing ,toorsc."' -:l3# .not.43o.did,Nr.
-Wise--on the contrary: he:came-.but with
tr letter five 'times 'as- long, 'in = Which he
did deny that he'reatii it, lint explain?
ing -the triatinet * ifi _which h ` e. got into
print, therebYastonadingglib his , ftiends
And Pile 11 14;• nka4srli"
created an intenie
his iltildratigAS 1 1 46 -lettor
ThetlitrarreW”jadmir” IsniFog.
The. Douglas Democrats are,over4mx
ions to show that the 4epubliesoit havo
changed. grquna:on the repeal of the
Missouri Comproniise. : ar4iotts that
they can't 'tell the - With. when talking
on tlle ittllieet; 1L iesolutiou 'passed at
the last State' CooyOntiotil . tif:rhe *id),
Hanna Maine 1'04 5 0 felionit ;17 • .
Resolved, That weliold . ofientdiocalii to
thedoetririCotgennine Pcrptiluar Sovereignty,
at a t e right, of the peoille every State and
:Territory eaWdish their own ,instiAtioes
in their own way,, slibje9t:444 , to the copeti
tutieloal'po,wer el'Oessrap 954
. ti t o cosnyant
of a part nioriaitif,
1 14 1 . 0 " (1 94r 1 °P - qf l vdrY'.true B 1 3"
a4a,: qiumi.lo; The
reiotarion, are our& They
point the' resolution with a prineiple
which etur:friend.iatthei AV - firma Ledger
(im-not seem tc understand. In his idea
of Popular. Sovereignty nyigh; is tho 1307'
test 'or cietiofe; RePO'
thei,lsre some w f±'4/7 1
the rfoon•3t-l e .egOthis t;jitiol.*:„!tild
* cr. iirimeoez/070 act
itielr-Za jet. on4ity „tea utiiiiv*iN
Elie nialaritt'frOn444,Viffife l;
‘ , r-i • -
§au and a parag,raph Im r attilteinViAin
speech, newspaper or platform Of 1:06,
• • • It* a
incoomstentonth tbe, reso u ma_ _un er
; consideration, it will be some excose for
using the following.coarse and outrothA/
larigua. b e-Cdpted - from_;thab paper of, Au;
What a ,speitaeld is new presented
brthis party:of , fraud- and: hunibugri; !ty:
rt Nitsluilt. up entirely, upon the.idea, Cf
liostitity. to the grest-Dernooratie doctrine
ofTopulariSotoreignty,',and now:werQed
itlsolemnly stewing , its entire audiatne,
cpiivbeal :devotion `to that: identioal,-/an T
kaitge employed by the PedlOOrapy lq their
orig.ufal declaration of.that:principle
The Li4e;.. knows, as Zees its'
readers, that. tbe RePiibliCan i Par 7
ty *as built up by :the people to oppose
dtp.:eztensiOu Slavery. ,` , Itlnovii there
is• not the shadow 'Of,trutli for asserting
that :‘beitility::to the 14enobritie doctrine
of. Porilar i .Setereign4" - ferined . a;Part
of the -Republican. creed. For there , As
no such dototrine, , and-never was,, as was
I pitted hy !early ever y 'mortis:od' Dania:
cult in. C.° l3 gresiyotii lb,* an' olr
notions:Cpwtitatioi: on OS ...people
. ..Of
Kansas;- and eueri of 2 them. mating
against' the Ccinstitutien *Molt the peo:.
ple desired, and the' 'Ledger defended
tlim in, this tote. j - •
If there. over waited a.htunbag party,
it-is that. of. the 'Warn Ledger. • The
only Aliing that saves it from being a
hopeless' nonentity, is the brillianttalents
and ,n9thoing energy (If its only sincere
adherent, Ron. John W.'lilerney.
now Buoitstanan_ was =voted..
The New Orleans Delta ) under the cap
tion of "An American Character," sketch
es thn history-of Iforaee TI Day, the great
India-rnbber manT—Aat is, the man who
has just acquired tl3e sole title of the
Goodyear India-rubber pateets,—and in
the course of; the article makes the fol.
rowing candid soknewledgenieni of the
manner in which Buehanan's election was
secured 1
" As evidence of this lavish tendency
of the great Ifidiarubber Man,' we would
state whit we know to be true, that When
the prospects of Frement began to' look
very threatening for, the South - and the
Union, bay 'turned' aside froth. his law
suits 'and his vast business, and threw
himself with all his ;energy into the can-'
vass to prevent the success of Prernont in .
Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and ex
pended for that purpose the sum of fifty
thousand dollars." 11
The Democratic enders and presses
throughout the country, until within a
year past, have been loud• in` Proclaiming
that Mr. Buchanan's election was a pop
ular endorsement of the Nebraska Bill,
the Cincinnati Platform and the other
pro-slavery conservatisms_ upon which
theyfeught-the namintignof 1856: They
olairoed that the pe.ple approved the ten
ets of these measur s, and that Mr. 80.-
ohanan, with his ennservative, record of
the past, was the trim to 13ar7 out those
principles, But new we have it from the
very best authoriti that the real cause of
Ancivinudo aniceas wa tt t 44, 461dba
ties) ef 440,000 ef thisaudiwivbbnr man's
money among the 4oters of Pennsylvania
and New •Ters'Orin (4110 r word g, ek.
pended it the tiansportatton of _Mall rail
.l •
road laborara from pu s to another in
order that they might •exhibit „their pat
riotism by several Notes in one , day.
_The Pelta, is Mr. .litichanares• South-
ere mouthpiece, and 4,6 mlitorr - of the
Delta says he kitaws this :to he, a fact.
Mr. Buehanaireheuld• have been able to
Oftionilthe interven,.
.o?P.i9f DY t l 4 it. seems..even
,with, that intervention :he was unable
'come out Of. thi*lititit: with an ether
than a very knhignens endorsement of
Oiettle**mei hnr erm ent4 m. l 4
VPonal.PoPillarj4, . , .
Mr. •
.Buohanan.end the Mouth are un
der ereilastini ohligatiOtie to Horace' Et:
Dn7-:ibt_t4. brief Toitinisition'of - their
patent nr;Pnwei f 4 ; 01 .! 18513 i:04 .itet gene
*36* 14184 6 eatiefeiltioli of kligWit.%
that the principles arid actions ef the mop
and`party he, thus_ -placed ' t in-powq are
true the genlitil.which iaTii.thnt i ) Pwer
esistenco 7 r.tho bifyelieeatistremely
tic ijo ll eiridiq *4' Itoish.fir Pio pew
Oe's money._ ::,It' is no Innger:a wonder
that ;the . psitplo-democratie 'administra;
Von 'Lai . beep 'll. contemptible lailarei and
a hail' upc4i - 'illaraOcr'i?g4lle
Amen n ' ve?'n ' n/ - e're e" —
turn ef.mouns all i itsf policy, has mon
itSbirth-right. existenbut for
.. hdi=t4id -401! ile . tiitunphentlyheried
in 'merited' 4)1 1 0 6 ' 11 9 0 P in
Ig6g. "i': , I ."."1
Ilt4ye'T • !,.t?
1 1 14. Comilsteickatt..?,l - a* 41,
'r.FTstinistoek is j'u;l -, .beli• FLT
Jar 1
o cnsu
A. :.. hp Ninsteel,. .. , r _..., .
*ell *ioVtita:i(illr .''.citiPiis:4 4 -`9 l Unin,t.;
.00/ 4 i,00k; .4047 fit. rii -;i6rjoa -bn , oil w rif
I A !• hiiiiicittufkb ,44,4-A#40.44'. - r-1410
~ r :iti. C'cle:v49ixikilig'Aft***,
and.... e v6 eci i'it . llii-bdigia.i'i*OrOfv;i- ,- ;
i ifliter - Cei: ./'d.) 4igind( 7 1,. : A.,
tar. ,; -. 1 .'-
l i
It' or - us k oba to'kielt•' - oror !the
'pages, of, t, ~ e; - Jou' , na&-'-r9calls: .0111 land
very pleasant' recollections of the toast.
Ilow we Util' l terea'ph, the little ."speckled
fellers: l: re
i ni thiongh the woods with
the girls and dut, pp all Sorts of ill:lidos."
In lOokinglefer AWii&reitliementi,l: We
notice' but; 4,!,4,lninges, since:Jour I devart
tire"; theja "ii ;•Oldi firm it ir(estiq 'doing
haziness; a 4 _Danl. Glassnaire SIR: 4ceps
the Coudersport Hetet the model lion:Se
of Northern F . 'enn,4ylvania. If you . are
a. 4 youiry' Mew brother' Chaie, just! kiss'
- f ' d' fig '
fliegiibl for 'us- i not, , epu e.'Shiley.
',-n-jraiiill.o. le:ig.p.: , - :: , i' -., ,
serejtAII:LEY 9;:imsTook, Potter Omni
ty isn't' "titsywherc.". .. If you, want to see
anything of - Perinsylvania,justtraveleist"
into Old - T.loa, where are the liandsOmist
coprty'Scat' the Prettiest .girls, be.Stllgf,el
lers," and Most Ifetinblidans of any .cop . n. :
ty in, t e Keystone State. :The - , Senior'
"we"' o this-papr,' while conducting the,
"Tioga Banner, ' at 'Wellsbero, pOited
the first nniabec.of the F " Potter COunty
Journar for Mebotaall—there•beingat
that tithe only
_a - alf-horse'printinintfice
at Coudersport. : :
Potter meaty is quite
a aplice" now; b t . nothing ter trrngf of:
Tioga would reSent`that mode of testin g
the fleeter of Iftii-lips.—Bettifgbahl do
it inprop ri4persOna.-- . Wairsirara(Wis,)
•,4r,914,9•1 . •I , " ~' 1 .
XiffirlVp are gateful to Bre,. Webl4for
his good opinionOf mold_ TiOga," but , we
against his bringing our girl's iiiito'
the "kissing scrape ,"'at all. Whatever
they' used to do t lin that line" when • the
'Loge - Banner was , printed here, vreknow
that th ey ' ,iclon't do' sich things", now. I
As forotristeck and Chase and Helley-, 1
1 theu mst riot c o me here to kiss the girls l
Webb niay-Lif he- can. - Tioga /.9 . 4-
tater 1 I " .. . , . 1
Air The reminiscences of the past, so
I. 1 '
_pleasantly reealled in the above, are well
I i
worthy l
of preservation in the tiles of the
1 Jount4r.., therefore we give -them tiplace.
1 • , . 1
Our • friend Web is truly loyal to Ins,old
flame--aepublican Tiona—the Banner
county of the State; and made so in a great,
measure, we learn, by his able advoca- -
- cy of Truth and Right—yet, we claim for
our " tittle Potter," the henbr.of being an
and 1 • ' - '
agile true flag-bearer to noun s letrions.
1 ,- c 0
we are only weaker in numbers and " not
in faith : we give two-thirds of our votes
. 1
to 'the Right, and Tioga does not do much
_ - I "-
=more: The contest of 1.860, we trust,
will make us a ii' i' ht except,
Tim. tree and aie:
more of his kind. ,
I 1 pr i nt i ng . That half-ha V
re o ffi ce,C. B.
Cotter t 1
still at itS head, is here again, and
maintains• a sickly existence by begging
'from !and levyiiin- tributes upon the party
I " i
leaders, Who woUld give- anythirvf almost
I I a '
to be rid of their liurden: Blackg,uardisin i
is itsj most
distinguished characteristic;
and it,hai been carried to an extent that
disgusts '.eVen I the lowest and 'meanest
.1 '
" de m ocrat " in the 'county. .
. Onr friend of the Agitator is hereby
notified. that 'We have better kissint , here
l 1 ; 1 ;•• ,
thrall Tieoa. cad afterd;
,and 1 e need not
i i r
be alarmed abut our coming there. He
come§ lte,re Wheu he wants 'good kissinc;..
Republicalizism itt Kentucky'.
Below we g i ve an extract from a recent
speech of the distinguished I southeru free
soil orator, Cassius M. Clay , of Kentucky
delil .
fared- to a large and respectable audi
ence,ai Covington, in .that State. The
peoPle,of scutbera Kentueky are .begiu.
otnn. ;
.to wake .op on the free-labor. qtzes
non, no doubt owing to the fact that there
is, al free-soil paper published at Newport,
. 7 -the Free soutli. ln Missouri, Frank
P. ~B 31air,, - backed by .one of the ablest
nelspapers i n o the ..West, the St. Louis
De soci f itti ' aad aided by a galaxy of first
"class, piipulari speakers is mowing -wide
swaths in the ranks of niggerdom, with
. I I
the scythes of free-labor and free-speech.
We kW: them all great success and an ear-'
ly oonsamtnattonl -:. = - - • -
4 J ',MZ ..clai pai d :the people of these
8 40) - IffIT'rilagO
~1 1 n° Heir tleptroiar
shi4,4,.. itell Lo'r 66o gnirte the ifee
turo of a - struggle as 'Old as the world—
the atruggleibetween the 'olasa in;possess
ioU of illegitimate, power; and 'the •people
whir would=be free:of that poweti. The
possessors 'arc conservativ--tonserva
tiiie o t,mt i pt i rbhigal perogatives, Or priii-,
ieges of caste, of the ,material , advantage
of the day, derived ,froni - the ownership
of the; laboring Tnea,' Vapoleoh I. ex
pressed his view of he conflict of princi
plby declaring that Europe was bound
to be .Cossank or. Aepubliart, - to here
in America, .it is inevitable that las a . na.
til a
n we Finstlie the riropagaUdist,o lof
'elaverand that Ili its!vo , c , ,rst .fp n i.... 74 : 1 .
I to freedord. I.- - -— -— : ' ' - ..': '. l - ' • '
' To‘thottion of Kentucky 'ha Ivielied
. ,
prasepr 44.1iTii3g issue '; 'WO6Id they • a Coinmeuwealt.h . in.: which labor
Sits'liOderaliler ' It..was 'ate ',aeontble
fature of hnothniltivery.thatit4egrOded
ci ihe*ricui; but, cOuorrro.N ot 4 LA,
ito . i.':l - I`llo idea of - thO iiiidepitidence of
I:o:ie'Stateti . iai the' eitablishniaittof 0 4
-- - '-. ! : ''.-- '• 1 - . '
- funion of - States,ln - W e t
gtfiknptli'raert te - lche'sweet rewar ! ..efri
;*, - . 42hea1t,14 1 -ideep, , propesty, and the
,C:fif,k# o l o iness,' AAR be naivete
4 1 .1Vecbgtuzed- - 1111 faiheri of the - R e ..
- 01147 to? lotidly*oped this recognition
i* Eme ti r ed. by. the war of independence:
3311rinZtlielPonvention that framed t he _
Itenstitntion. the atnvE Powza,wn e
iieteartdelf - the indireet recognition: - - of
slavery, and the legalization _of . .the slave
tin& for, ft-term'ef years.,.... The fatal epic.
it of the -one.coir%promise.. prevailed;'-an
rather than go hick He glisb
ald taxa:tit:ln iiitkput - `rop,ese4tAttoßTTlie
ffamors'oL: that ' inetratnentqe6lfiell the -
slnve trade::: - TheslatepoWerrewnistto
Ken lucky; alltiMeggq.- 8 4 4 ,and, fattamn,
and , Louisiana Acre .grAnek i '‘lRoel the
campromisn of .14?,0 carried.plavery we s t
Of.thellisiissippi cotagtanilo-of
1250 .contained still treater conceifti .
Were the. people - -of-aentunkY fvq--
parCil to by. and ,belooinmitted to
the' support:of filavery , -Propagandisusto
the.smaltniinority - Who bad hitherto rep- -
resented the State .. ?
a He:repeated that fite,4ndlltion whielt
m ost of all interestedto
,atY-ilfolt, p 9f
every t h irty _Pe op lo WU -
whether the condition ef labor. &MAW
honorable2WoOld the non-slaveholdei'd , -
of the Sotttlibe forever retiring - With theli:
/Craggy hors& and iickettyWnggon.s frog:
the baleful influence of a slave-11°1E4 -
oligarchy; under-whose cold shadesntthe
ceud be no common sphcale-- - 7thy taint
equality --- . 4tro ownership of ffit valei
alete'thtie iherilieuthelies `field. tbe'
plou g h.. Weald- 'the non-slaveholders t
who iul'tunfed first to then ,
Missouri, and now to Kansas, Consent tc?
continuo this .Westward reerehtu-**ir
at 'dvety tetdotte=4titit *itre tVelndlatis;
`they , finally &appeared en the Paci4e
s i e parY -
- spreeiqt ifotiees:
• , ; GRAVEL. AND ! STONE: • • •
By this we tinderitand a collection of sand.
like substance having been .lodged in the pas.,o .
sage of the urine. i -When the system isle_ ar
healthy state, this substance is carriedoff by
the natural passage of, the body ; but-whew
there, is a weakness.of any : organ, especially
the kidneys, they become. mapable.uf;espet,
ling such sandy concretions, and consequently
they are lodged in the kidneys, firethm,or
•the.,bladder,, =using great- intlatnnuttionlo .
those organs, and:great pains .and
and great'ilifßculty in Voidip,g urine.: It has,
been atl mitte dby many physicians, that Morse's
Indian Root Pill s, aren*de opt, ofserne particu l
lar plants which haie a irtiaderful charming
influence indissolvinuthe substance w,hicli
bai clogged the 'passage, and by their coaling
properties, they expel all inflammation, Oat
leave the water - passage in an 'active as
healthy state. Front three to 'four of "these;-
Pills night and morning, frond - One to, two
weeks r will decide how this dreadful - disease
is to be treated; an as they remove the cause
(if every kind of, diseases, it is atterlyAropos
iible for them to fail in outing Oh igravelao
they Unclog the passage, and leaye the parts.
in a healthy and lively-condition. • -
Dr. Morse's :Indian „Itopt pi* ore ,sold
by all 'dealers ia-:Needaines. - .; •
••. . , -
. ?ofitieli almottrpehlelits..
Announcements of candidates, till .Co. Con,.
rention, $1 each ; Independent Candidates, till .
General Election, s2,each—in all cases, to AD—
VANCR. - - • :- . , _
ELYMIT,,S HACKETT, of Ulysses, offers - self as a candidate for Sheriff at the ensuing
election, subject to the decision of the Repoli
FOR -gtERIF'F, -
To the Electors of Potter" County: - ". . •
- Yellow-citizens—Having long been a zest.
dent of your county, (being among the, first),
I offer myself as an independent candidate
for the office of Sheriff, at the ensuing election.
I do not offer myselt thron,gbAie soliFdation
of any person; botheentise I 'desire the dike:
I have not 'the - Meting 'nor :the disposition' to
to hire any one
. to- canvass - the county forme,
or to do so for myself, deSiring rather to rest
my claim with the • unbiaied feelings of the
people. .; • • 'T • WM: CROSAY:.-
hlomer, June 38,1839. •
- -
Rewthitcali 'couit;y convention
The Bepulilican Electors itr . _the several
election' districts of Potter County ; snri4Tin•
ted to =met pt tftensnarplaCes for Wogefee
lions: Partar, Tim 26rn Doi ArVert
next, to choose Three Delegates-from cochirs
trict to meet in - Convention at COUDERS
SEPTE3IBER, 1859,'to'.belect. candidates for
the folleniing offices, viz : One person forD:r
trieit. Attorney; one for High Sheriff; one for
'Coroner; one for Connty Commissioner; one
for County. Auditor.. Also, threalieskotoo.l
and two Representative Conferee's: •
The follow ing. Committe es . of•Vigil once hat*
been appointed.% their respective Townsbigt
and are repiested to act proinptly and vigor.:
ously ; to provide to that; due notice of Oct
primary meetings for ,the election of delegate:4
may be given, in order-that eiery
be represented in the Convention. - -
- Clfai.rnian of County Ex. Cm.
OctlAersPOt; _ivOt 3 0,18*
ymn,ool3 ootirr . T* . vo l t 185 o;
Alleggny; A.
.W.l D. Judd; Albero, Tfeft o 4
Abbott: Davi!! Conway;
Bin.oam : Walter Leonard, M..D. RAM.; .
Clara W4l:'Graires, J. L. Allen. •
Cciuderspo* - A. Stebbins, ; Jr., Z. J.Thompson. • • ,- •
Eulalia : John Taggart, Jasper M. Spofford,
Genesee :15. IL'Perry, Patrick Kane.
.Isr4l.Do4go,'lsiute ThraPsPe:.
Cyttv,§iiiiiikclin`-W. T. At 'N.
.IfoFteri Eilsvinintcher, POUDIS
iledrd*i Elijah Cli c tnberlin,-A.K.Ntilim so.
.1 - 46-49 n: 'David Crowell,. Rufus Ttuimpso4;
Osieitiio - r Jercinie*Chesehrcir J. , -
Pike Teary Martin , John " arriel.
L.•Thiligu. • '
Blouson: Yak, D P Bob Lewis- LP
Rents/ , J John Lynum,ln, Seneca Parser*
I :Steclarchon: Henry Andresen; -Leroy Cr it "
tonden.„ •-; . .! -
Bylonnin; joins Rees, -Robert K. - •Yentilf.,
Sinnitip Alfred Ayres,J. id: Bassett:
Stades i Sain'i. Y.- Abker, Sylvinws Jones.
' &faros: Rodney L. Nichols, A. L. Batton!.
Ulysses:- .Dpiek-Whippli. Lucian Bird.
West .Nrartchi 'Braitus'CripPen - , 'S. 14.0 m :.
Nikon: "George Parclat 'Sethl
r 101::