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Tar Minere Jhurnat strongly rocaranitantis
Pon. ;antes H. earqpbeil, of that district, for
r eskter of the next et:ingress.
fißm Kansas -
Le.4,vernmavu, K. T.,Jnlyri :1859.-4The
Comlitutional Convention assedeie at - tryan-
Atte en Tuesday nest. The epublicans
claim a majority of twelve, but as the certifi
cates will
_not be issued until the day of the
fionyaution, its absolute character
7aTtnotTbittnithil: -
Jt is diet in any erent a Consti
.aulitutakill fpuned /nob' bi I nalavery, and
I , lll4lo7:altart AvillAkeinaide to „eriorsft aprovi
sioti4iiclildliteneOnes front the 'Statel also.
. I !Sinvita atbstitteorpotittiOn' of banks
_pfissaapted that. action, will_be taken.. in
':ivkierte€tNifie chiiirl4.or the Riifferuii during_
*raft; tittsetitiiithleslit ibe '
t4.lTheprolidsitidn toitinties•Southern Nebras
*kb° 1,00;5.1 4 4.4.1•9 ba;tonsidared. and . dele
„Aatca-froryt..lcbrp,l4, present. The
rfiePljiq fltr-TaToral/ly,recieved. _
a:4MM itcLtAir Or iniuit.tirthi io,,Sai-E Pao=
--IPitirr.k:-7TiCe following; passage from a letter by
•itniil Its =lliad 'announce
phange of Opintort.:sets nt'ren the report thrit
~i'n!4l 4 ,4l ‘ ..nted 99 1 1girsiorial :legislation to
j!irbirerty 4,:terifortes . ,
1 44. 8 , ,, - - 13V4411g.1V.Pn
'4 4 tfitt' itineiptes.'ol" Crinstituti on, as . , they
I:44l+e'?kEert•liidiehilir settle di" 'the frep states,
miilefrition;..!vigilarree 'and &airless, may
,slyeTent•the j e;tetislon „of Slavery'. to the, free
' t rri!e,tilAtely Annexed.. Withopt,
ean , irci,:igere;,,C4ist in a
tertitiiiiy-tliari a mari'cin brenth`e withont'air.
: - Shive's'Are itot - prciiieirty wheie 00 are not
~ rosde municipal law— The legislti
;.ftmetrfta,territory can exercise no gatver:rrlsich
. is-
.. not. Onferzed an it by "act ef . congress.
'Wall' the highiet . iesjteet, ern, grntgraily,
siiiwnti,' • <AVM DicliEAN."
;LOOM , Enwey!s Pros&
:Doctor - Bailey.
We cntd the Wattogat Eoa of this week,
, tirmatialt snit:oK etir eschaiig,es: Viefpa.
per weWtse pre the day before the Pet ,
lid brought' t lie. intelligence °Ells editor's
41eathi.en board the 4rago on his way - to
EnWatid.. l - Accompanied- by eldest
son g be-irrtt -- abroad to 'recover the . l - ast
fiessitle; 'bolo . 4kePeos of
lireily and friOnds; . . whose itatlii.6 'it is to
fibileigniiig hope:induced lifirt*to tin
derta)te;the'yeyage, and ihiS:i&the end !
Ike° 11 return to them no morel_ .The
shadow of Iftle sonnw hasfallen heavili
lilto`ft - a'rettratude''of 'titue-tried
stnd4be linhint life - IM4 gene:Cut in the
ItyMeSteati - of it - bereaved family:
We were never personally ttegnakted
withrtifiEt deceased;: politically we' have
ever.tieen au opponent. ; We believe that
itielitire:neier, held ail opinion. or, adve-
Oitidett single public measure', in ' common
trillaiiiil i .bet - *o have never . Underval=
iiid'hii'qttalitie&;worili:or work, He es:
anti-alavetiplior in: Wash;
ir+gtgp u ore Tian f*elo,years age,, - when
OcifieCti4Sien ertlie_qnfistion. lpaa ;pray
Ntr l 4. — Wboa
Ginntnas 'irericthe only rep=
ituteetatirei , or hiS party' *the , HMIs eOf
.Viiiit*itentivee;* and 'when Ef4i liadnot
.to'oPietitt .11/ o cia O4lifaiT - earOOr
the_'Senate: " . He liied 't,ct - tied the third of
tbatie,tlat.e:tAtatl a inajoritiiirh t Heeie,
faint t gg to their daces Abe, - ,o o 'ot.rittes
14 h 47 "ithipb lie taro:dated. • Im par
fiat 1 7 4 1 R0T.Vd 1 . 11- reeciril ibts ga a. iiioloPbt
- tad; impa#iial jkiiee. will , goknowledga
- ilte..abltieveatent
ll i'VatiM'm thing with either friends
or foes in AayingAat:_the* Era' h'as for
tain ic..4malecaLthenhvg: :conducted
weekly paper of thituttehv other country.
The: tithvo employed . , in itaiiterarr-de
tlrtTe4,ll°-°. 0tr4,11... bee.l) .qf Op. boat
grideT it - leiat had i*eozen yolurups
have beep republished ftv6its'ealumns,
agd liothe -I.hena. hold O. high* rank' in
the of the , times';' the
news and elingressioaal reports which
trpi „ illboliderned the party for which it
. ay'
iniblisted have al3vays• becia steh as
• viiiAeutitledteipeimanent too:ord.. The
nitiollitiebaS'and general depaiinie,nts of
e pipe?' belt :the:Marks' of :care
fattifOristoiti itad'ireid 'well and sera-
pito - usly irept - the twin' , of the high
-4.t er jouroliani: In a ,iford;
ditts - ide;ef therediterial columns was MA;
l,iunilp we 1 14906: abiding. such
tts 7 Otalisalf•read thiongh LtY its aubscrib-,
err, atdirell'yepaYS Itteiime dwioted to
fti perusal.
Alf I the , Dectoi's own 'articles, it. would
saying little toeall then'', well thought
tilit Jut d - effectively presented; say
efi'-gierat deal inere, Yet norteU much,
thatihey'were mi'ca's go. - His E leailers
Obrifieally' entitled to the name.. They
it*tnibiej .-- and idirays 'pPeneti
their subject = se that dissirtitintS felt tfiey
*tt ai 'best - authoritative array hefore
thetn j 'afil l y if we : tes t y lUage their' ac
tittlf!mci in their (Ism ' flit* Elba
lraid ifftetratt - the hightst et; e
10a*":ever aPald; cautious; '
fullylopytecedind even as Mod
erate as his* 'enure* liUd'eencernitatits
could recollect to havt
attm .,him charged. with.reekless
nuawin statementior disengenniiisnees
4 1 . 1 44: 48 in f i'f bo ;89 1 doubtlegi , tbo:*.ob
rlrtladed th e rtgit" and tinth of hi;
pijailtteri, • Mid be was certainly too :well
furnished , with. the ability and with the
judgment-required for its dtreetieo, tt
fall' into the commonyicip 'qf partisan,ed
itoraltirt• The_OXilaittß,tif 1114 condu ct
the offlottoofjmtrualist and advocate could
not` ail torpintgand the respect of thost
ahu held klut'tn be in 'the *Jong and re
kl#ol could be
ullet t Aittilietatat:Cot 3 ittnPttties ;res pectful.
and just to epponetits; so deteruuned and
avail:embittered testis wer' lAtt Abe
-1 tie - nide* bad much to bear and feibear
in his (lair - • Th4'evislence of his courage
and prudence, of, his 'skill and force,
abounds in the history of the leng.strug-
glttstehich-lur maintained-minii4htsila
success which has crowned it. ii is wis
dom was especially shown in the fact that
he never
-so far made his paper the organ
pf his party as to enslave it to party lead
en, Ue.kept himself wejl-frpe.ofinflu
enclii hetavoided patip . risgol and his puk
lie supported him bravely and Oral Spo t :.
chtinges , i)f-lintel-and
movements, without askintrin return the
I sacrifice of his editorial freedom. The
man who works out such a plan of public
life, with such success, must he in -char
acter, as in aim, far above tnedloority:
Ms friends, personal and political, we
doubt not, will have much more and wor
tbier,thicigs lu•-saY. 0 f,him; bOt tbis , Muel)
is due to him - from a persistent opponent,
and 'we would - not witlinglyWithhold,our
*Dill 'sorrow for' his 'early 'delitli; of
sympathy with' thcise who must hence
forth feel it as ap irreparable,loss,
' •
We aware 'that -illis: 7 BATl,ki . " bsi
been long acettstomed tp tim management
°Utile cpneelns And the condact 4 the
paper in' all its departments except the
etrictlyeditorN. Ifthat place.oattld be
as ably filid` as it hits been" heretofore,
the Erdmight Still,- in her hands, hold
the position in the - party and"with the
public -)tvhildh it'has so well earned and
maintained. • Mafthe chance; Which has
fallenlupoi her and her little' ones 'spend
its force without touching their future
well-being—with no loss hut that• which
is -inseparable front: widowhood and er-
.0jt,..1111 . 0t . t . .:11',14t.1ia1..
covHEßspouTi` PA.;
~Tklopp4ll,4llqil7 . i)g; ith 7, ISM.
Ad0P, ) ,,11e411 sigte r 8.59.
• Fon' Auinto.:GEl4,4l.,
.T.HO-VAS.E. COCHRAN, 'otrark,
" FOE GENOA:Li ' ' l . ':
. ,
ler Penree, :formerly:,Meraber of
CongressifrOm tl!is . Distriet;ljas hien 'Apiwint
ed-Pre.siding Elder of the 'awe& District in
tlheitryorning Cenfeiertee of the M. E. Church.
ger We lOarn: from the Philadelphia
Bulletin of Satuittly l that4he lion. James
Burnside, President Jndge of the Centre,
Clearfield and. Clinton (25th) Diitriet,
was thrownifroin his Iniggy at Bellefonte,
Fridn7, evening, ppd instnntl7 _ killed.
Ere was about 45 . ,yeare old, and.was. elect
pa in 1853, widotuis a daughter of
Hori: .Sitann` Cameron;: aticl is•left
several smell - '
!tom .Cassius M: Clay's ieeent4etter to
the Anti.Ftigitive:Slave-Lai'Conientiori,
at Clevel O d beatsof the . cliseolution of
the - 17010 as fellows • ~;
”.When ; the. slaveholders say, if yon
eleet,a Republican President, we Will dis
solve the,Unton don ' t- want anyone to •
put:off the, evil :day which, ivould..follow
such event by saying,.'•Let it slide!" but
some ime; whe'). would stand by the, tomb
of::Andrew. Jackson,
and become infused
to such extent:Yzith the spirit of that old
patriot and. hero,
.that: be ' Would be ready'
to cry out in the fullness:of inspiration;
g 13- the Eternal,!the ;Union fshall be pre.;
served!'. -.I would have no incur-trod pre
eipitatci bandy: noluird words; be by no
means (fussy; '..but:.standing:.tipan the
great neks..or:State.-Sovereigaty and.Na:
ttonal Sttprerancy,..lwmild defy the emit- ,
ing•traitci6•lo Liberty , :, Civilization; 1
and .Humanity! That'S.what I mean by
eskinryon, !are' you ,ready to , fight ' It
you .have got-your sentitnents. Op . to - the:
pitch,:l am' -With. you all through
to the, end! -„; Rnt if have !none
of your Couvetallls, an more faroicali cam
phizna,, no more humbug, no ulorePoprth
ofluly oration/1i; more-. Declarations of
dependeacc,. no :.more platitudes, !. no
more, :rights of. Mat;_ no. more , glittering
generalities, no more liberty,. equalityiand
fraternity." -: ,
*Pi -11 ; 1 4'0 1 1 cOudcrsOortf -
` Was pla and sorfiewhat : patriotie—that
is,;4 pie Die; ame 0ff . ,10 the midst of gun
pewder - demonstrations of thomost enthm
siastic character, commencing at 12 o'elook
Sunday night and - ending at .10
. o'clock
Monday night: The tannic, Which came
offing:in the, Court House was the
.." get
up" of the ladies, the first. movement' to;
ward which was made on Saturday morn=
log, an was, a much more pleasant and
p',enteousi'aitair' than . Was . a nticipated ; in
view of the eircumstaneo., /About 250
Persian partnika;tlM feast, which Was:
both `substantial= and •rieh 'proyißion:
The Vatlicn- des'eii7e'ireat'oredii . fer lheiz
tg:°r# 4 !t94 , :E4Cces.soP:ii4s;f:k . ' ' ea ' fan ' ti. .• ,
After. all were dot, 0, eating, !.A G.
Inman, unbounded Volun- .
tPer Taniti es in Prder, 'and Vet: Tenr, l 4' , ;
of the Ttoe .4grtator, gitve the dai we,
celetnate," *Vial Napa responded to !vibe
Band--(ours own this year)- r -with 4 Hail
Coliubia:" [Here -we iiosild
. tske woe
sien to say, Oot have. :heat' cis
gitnted Briss pandit in this section, 'god
tunehave_ not been in operation - more than
tune or tea.nlonths, but play with great
precision :and•rneledy A.tiogen or more ot
excellent tunes. --,,Vhey' deserve a great
deal Of 'prime' for their profiCieney and
energ,ylu learning.] -
z- - iteti4l-lielittrie . then'rearthetted:
l i ar:alba of Independence, in his usually
happY' style,„tind was followed 'l:ty 'the
Rand with Doodle." . Rev. M.
H. Rice then made some appropriate'lind
happy remarks in honor of the day, . fro ;
afterXe htni 2 ,4oished, offered ‘as a
"Piitteirq ouyityl" which was responded to
by' Ratid-: with the "Coudersport
Waltz." L. F. Maynard then offered two
toasts, which we. do noir, retlieinber; and
was called upon for 'a 'speech, am 113 We .
soni,e,apPropriate remarks, after which the •
proceeding eloned and th'e'peoble- went
th it respective ways.
.evening there. sas" tripping
of the li g ht fantastic•toe" by our young'
folk, which bated till midnight—and thus
ended;" our Fourth" for 18'W.
The Foirth - Or Jttly" announced 'in
our paper two weeks since, went by 'de-
fault,,for want of sufficient public epirit
to carry it through.: We could just as
well have listened to a speech from Hen.
DavicliVilmot as not, and a letter_written
by him on the 30th' nit.; stated. that he
would-be herel - but the Committee of Ar-1
rangements had written to him not to
come,' and their letter would reach him
about the Ist Inst., and ,chdrg.d his in
tention: It would have afforded him great
pleasure to have come; no doubt, and our
citizens would have enjoyed his presence
very much. - Its near as we can get at the
I Matter, the cause of 'the low degree of
patriotism, bore, was the fear that 'Mr.
Wilmot, might, -. possibly, all* to polities
—lie ;night Say. 'that Slavery -was incon
sistant with the, professions:of our nation
miglit say that Intemperance was a
sin, that crime Was on the increase in
of it. Indeed, he not
Confine iiiinself to the iterreetyped 4'K:tread
eagle" 'Oratory, which. only the sensitive
nerves of milk-and-water men can. bear.
These men do not profess hunkeristn ei
ther. In our opinion, the anniversary of
AmeriCan Independence could not be
more, appiopriately celebrated than by an ;
eloquent eiposition and denunciation of
the tendency to-tyrannize over 'and, con-1
troVert the' rightti then established, as
Llinced 'every year with more intensity
by our unnatural rulers. We trust, that
thell weak-kneed" fears of our conserva
tive frimids may be Overcome before there
is occasion TOutiother exhibition of them.
Wo regret .tho_ fOlpto ,to PrOP.Urct ,
speeeh from Mr. Wiltubt, trio, for thereo
n]) that a large' number or :persons came
here from alma sections of the county
for the.purpose of hearing him, and hun
dreds more.would have come if there had
been.any measures taken to get him here,
even at the late day at which the first ef
fort was made: •
.the Potter Journal
. .
• 1 11 r. Editor.-1 - dpsiye to make
,a cor
rect statement" regard to the accident
that happened, on eaturday, June, lath,
wch resulted in the death of my son,
Wilson Hammond Gustin. •In the' first
itlace he was fishing with two other:boys
in the Mill-pond, standing 011 a tree that
had fell in the. water near the head of the
pond. I had teen sawing all the foie,
neen; the water had...drawn down about
eighteen inches. About noon I started'
for dinner ;.1. told him to come to dinner;
he said " well," and started. I stood un
til. I saw him safe off the tree that he and
one of the other boys was on, then I went
on home, stipposipg that he was coming
right along. I live about half-a•mile from
the mill. I had not been'home more than
one mingte,before h• ueighbor's . boy came
nit door and Said that Wilson bad sunk
in the Mill-pan& I mn.all the way down
to the could not have been over five
mit:lutes, going; Almond Chesebro got
' there before I did. When he went thro'
the mill he.,heisted the gate; he , then
went to tq,get him out, but the water was
deeper t.ltan he dare go in, he .not being
a swim mcr. As soon as I got there I went
in and got him .eut i. He
,was standing up
when I first saw him, the water was about
twelve or fifteen it his oVer his head, his
feet were not stuck iu , the mud, but his
feet touched ground. It could not ,have
been over fifteen or twenty minutes from
the time he fell. in until
.he was got out.
Ile went out-on a two inch plank, about
12 inches wide and 16 feet long. He
steed,upon - the middle of. the plank and
shaved himself aloniv with a fish vole.
hews Reins.
. •
Chas.''umner, writes from Paris 'to 'a ,
friend di hoine as follows :=-="At' lest,
~hoppy *hen) th, which; if not 'entiee'-'
tyussured,' ? yet 'such its to ellow', me,
to wallit4turallY,'unconSeiOUsly, and With
out Oda,' uPless ' whep 1 'strike: into rri~,
otd 'gait,',whiehiYini may remeinber; Was
always the fastest of the faSt. I, hope'l
not lest' this so that' r cannot . g ,et it
hook sipiti, 'must 14,0.1:keen for
three years pp itivalhtto know the hap,
pin* in in pew .foUnd strength."
APPIPEita 1 .-`I4ACLARA'.--71445t Ti 6 4.
a man fell:off the bank of Niagara'Rever,
on the. American -side, a short distance
above SuSpetiSinn , Bridge. - ! 1. .f1e. was a
stranger, aq4 spas tottef
the accident ' . osourred. 'Alien falling
nearly !mie hundred' 'feet he lodged ava
place inaccessible by ariy - path. A rope was
tri - tht tN!M --- 1
where the injured man yrt s. lie hadsilf
feted great injury andut*Mitettsible .
After some little time agent !W,tiiakitig
preparations, hawas drawn up aud-fakee
to a hotel:; to. lakprope'rlY. - -attended `-te.
.He was alive' htst acconai.4 - -,` ; brialtia
recovery l tkar* ezpvited,,Sy.-;the
'physieiatis 111 attendarts:4 y
TOB.A.CCO VERSUS Bourtsine..o fun
district school teachers says; that after
SctlioQl has.l been open.for nearly-two weeks
this spring, she called _ upon one of the pa
rents of the ohifcfraU and tolcf,htin that
_children ,then.-attendiug
sit4l4 boat betWeeirthitfter; err.
if - they -weretcinglecdnAte' ,.. atrattli ,, ,
tage.frois the:summer .sehoorit was nee
essavy. fpr them, tcf have books.: !Ther•fa-
Opt mourned over .bio . poverty, over the
destructivenesi of the rising , generation,
and-conaluded !by saying,- that he-no - aid
hardly get money:.eirough.te buy his to
bacco; that if;the chiidrenconldn't learn
with Out booksi,: they ;need' not• go to school
and he. took:lhem Put; quite indignant
that. the : teacher :shOuld! preaume to ask
him :fotsuch- a thing.- , - 'Warren! %Nail.
THE - :feat of walking across Niagara
Yells on a tight! rope!, was successfully ac
complished by Mons: Blondino French
on-the'3oth-ult. !* He'blanced'hini
'sqlf on the middle [of the rope on one
foot, laid down on 1 , 111. back; and drew a
bottle of-wine up from, the steamer "Maid
of the Mist," with mope, drank the -wine
end threw the bottle, in the 'fiver. " The
feat, was-a great era in the thitonging won
ders: of the day. ' I
Another great:feat was performed on
the Ilst and sa 64., beil3o the ixdloon
voylge - of Professor t John • Wise, Owen -
pamed and assisted by, Mcssi-s.. La.MOun
tatn and Gager, and Mr. Hide; lcseal ed
itor of the - St.,• Louis_ Rept/Wean; Who
sailed , inthe air ship ' l A.tlantic". front S:.
Louis at 7:20 !on-liliday! evening, -and
were terrifically •landed: during a heavy
tornado, about noon] Saturday in the tops
of some: trees on the' farm. of Mr. T. O.
Whitney, near:Henderson, Jefferson Co.,
N. Y.—having a !few moments before
touched the water of Lake Ontario: None
of the voyagers were severely injured,
though all- expected to' be,-killed. when
they became conscious of the !Inevitable
disaster in which their voyage must end.
The balloon is 'to-be 'rebuilt for another
trial, and if successful a voyage across the
ocean will be attempted by Messrs. Wise '
and LaMounittin. !!!'
" "We hive no confidence irr si man Who
broke his. Presidential oath, - who is without
principle, other-than` success, and without
faith, except in his ow destiny." i.
So says the •Patr'-iot and Union; Speak
ing of the Emperor Nalio!eon.. •`lf our
eotemporary would ;Win . htspnwerftil bat.
teryL in the liireetien , of :Washington'
stead' of Paris' hi niiiht: divteriiTale , ete
oution--:.for what is ithedifferende between
breaking a "PreSidttial.siath" ipreak
ing, “litesidential" pledges. With a loan
of lemur, a pledge I.S as sacred as an.bath—.
and it, seems to us that having "no conk
deice" in the Man'who,"broke his Presi
dential oath" and fall qeanfidenee"iin the
man who violated his "Presidentkar
pledges,. is very n4olt "strairting at
&gate ' and , swalloviTug'w
,State Sentinel.
Corrected every ,Wednestlai, STEP.-
RINS,. wholesale and retail - Defiler in Gro
ceries and Piovisions: Main Street,
ApPles, green; • '75 ito 100
do . dried, " „ 250 ' 325
Beans, .1 25 .2 00
, ,
Beeswax, Ti th.,, . • - 20 , '
.25 .
Beef, - " • ' '' . , 1
"8 7
Beef Hides, " - , - ' 6i- - 8
Berries, dried, 11 quart, 10 A 18.
Buckwheat, /,1 bush. ? , 100 1 50-
Butter, `-"t1 lb., I 13 16
Cheese, " - ' 8 125
Coin, V bush•i- [
1 00— , ' 1 124
Corn Meal,-per cwt., r - 250 ' 300
Eggs, aoz., . ..10 - 12
Flour; extra, • 850 0 00
•do double extra, " 600 .9 50
Hams, ift - 12 • - 14
HaYill ton. ' • lO bo ' 11 00
Honey,•V 1 • . 10 ' 124
Gard. , " : . • 12 1 . 16
Maple Sugar, per /b.i -• . • . :...10
Outs, ,1•7. bush., I .4 50
Onions, " '-1 00 1 . 124
Pork, 11 - 21 50 24 Oa
do .' lb., • -I • • - - 10 , 124
do iq whole hog, Vlb., 6 ; 74
Potatoes, bush., • 75 - 100
PemMica, dried, 25
Poultry, 1.,? lb., ' I ' • 5 • 6
Rye 'bush:, • , • 1.00 •• 1 124
Salt,? bbl., i 3 Su
do Tt•l sack, : I ' . • 25
Trout, IR
~ 6 001. 650 •
,r bush., l5O 175
4-bbl:, - I
6 00 6 50:,
1 37 40, per. lb.; / - . 28 • 35
'FOR. ISRE IFFi • • ' • •
To the Elector,' of Foltz:. County
Fellow,citizeps—,ll!tving long, been,a xesi
dent of your county] (being among the 'first),
I offer mYSelf 0 . 1 indepCridentcandidate
for the office of Sheriff,at the cnsuing . election.
I do not offer myself through the solicitation
of person - , but liecaitse I desire ilbe office.
I lase not the, me4ns, nor the disposition to
to hire any one to canvass, ifie. county forme,
Or to'do so foi 'itl-Yrs6lf, desiring rather to rest
my claim with thel unbiased feell'44 . of - the
peopl e ; • 11'. ' WU: CROSBY.
Homer, Juste 28,
- ' -
• ' s 2 o_ "REWARD
1. 4 1,?,0.4.faE4i) frOtti the 'CiientY Jai} of Boger
,LL County; chabe isight -, of litly.
nst:, JAHN§ %11.0358,.. a It/gag ineb,, atelut
feet, tr - oi inch . es in- bOighttli eyes
old 'Nylnskers ; a kind of. sivaggernag gait in
Uiallaug';,.iff of Gerinati'descent;'and'bis pro-,
nunciation of , English ie tilittl(kbrbked; 'wore; left ; a gray - coat and pantaloons, and
black bat; TireokyfFive I/oilers Faverd will be
given for hi q , iippreliensinolupl deli very, at
county. JOI: • • :A. , C. TAgOART; Shertft
Coud&sport,,Pa„ July 6R 1,653:
p E . , e, cr „,, mi .
- DR. tr 11A*44X.P4V i inattli
[,' . geon, "rould reapectrolly 4nforrit A
habitants of . f.londersporf 'lnd ;Ws .
he has rocit. ted biros:elf at theVoose of D
F''. Glassmire, the*hoitillkiipleased-to!'eat
4ra 1
I nt cases incidrth , thltt nOble , animay,, the
II .e. Nort3ei: tail pot,npin thtlhileitt'and
the most appv • principles ? Datti:‘ ,, ithin
Wildly performed. . ,-.,. -,- -
Refers to a it Mills,.lXY. Glashoire find, ?r,
.Y.- Mills. 1 :',-.. 1464 f.)
1 - . ....
1,14 t of Letters..: I
EigilAWNO in the Post Office at Cou.4ersr
It fort, for the Quarter endingJaty
Ames Elisabeitt • Lowrey, David
B liter, Hannah Madeury,,A, R. • ;
Baker, galins;' , . Nelionrabb
B eac h, Jahilf;., , Nelsen,: Sitti'l I
Ball, - John_N. H. Noe-tits, Jobia
Bell Luidau ,Olriey Sarah
mos • Parish, Elmina
Chase, Delila R. ' Parks, Mary
Churchill, persis ,Pradti john B.
Cobb,. Chauncey ,Redson, Polly M.
Corey, A. , Rinehnls, Cornelius ; •
Cashing, Chloe H. . Owen-2'
- beppin, G. 8.1. Sehreiber, Gottleib
Dual, Hiram : Sherwood, Norman,
Gorum, G. W: smith, Wm:
Groesbeck,' Wm. Stark weather, Henry
Hunt, Louisa '.Thatcher, David
Johnson, C.W. ••Tillotson,'Aaron .
Johnson, Reuben Trueinain, Lyman •
Rilligan, J. N . Tyler T. B.-
Leonard, W. Voorhees, 0. •
Lestner,'Sophia White, Adaline
- . ' Wilcox, George • .
REY - Persons inquiring for the above will
please say they- are advertised.
4g JOHN-M. JUDD, P; 111.
Tik E. Oita'MISTED has removed ono
Jl5 • door North, into the store formerly oc
cupied by Schoemaker & JaCkson. ,
Thankful fpi past favors, I would solicit a
continuance of the Very liberal patronage here=
tofore hestc.Wed t whieh I shall etideaVor ,to
merit .by fairidealing and selling good articlea ,
At I:iesiasonable
My stock, Consisting of the ulna]. variety]
• I -;
BOOOTS . 81,
- HA:TS: 81. CAPS,'
CROCKERY. &c., 1
is now large; and my Intention is to sell
GREAT REDUCTION on Lawns, Chitlle del
Lnines,. Mantilins - Parasols, Mitts and otheri
Summer Goods.
..Prices reduced to CLOSE ;
I.SAIAH BLOOD'S well-IttiOwn
Scythes, of German-steel, 'Ctist-steel and il-i i
.ver-steel ; also, Smiths, Forks, Itak&r, nd I
raany other .Farming Utensiti, ll
at the 10. es;
prices, constantly on hand. 1
BOOTS 4T., SHOES--;1130 largest. stock]]
in the county.- -EsPecial rare taken in selecti v
ing to get those which are good and- , durtible.r
is well stocked, and prices_will he made sittis-I
Itictory. • : '' -
BUGA li,' TEA; ` COFFEE,' , , 41i,
sorttrient of Groceiies, BrOoms, Pail! Ike'
low prices. • - ••••••
James , Pyle,'"s Dietetic Salefa
• Ca anti •Si t
tbe Goa(l6 in my XEW .QIET A 'tE.R
Ready_ Pay, t!tid 64"Ci•edit to
payirig- custorilers; I shalt Isejl At.low fign
' -•! ' D, E. OL3ISTE
Coudersport,. July 6, 1859 —46... .
• ' - . SPECIFIC ". ,
• • No. 562 BROADWAY,
:No. 562 BROADWAY.
• No: 562 • BROADWAY,
Of this aerie's of Domestic RemedieS is that
e • ch.particular medicine is . a E cirie'fOr•the
F• rticular disease or class of diseases whoie
name it bear's, and May be'relied upon for the
cure' of that.particular affction. 'Hence, pei
ions-stifferiuk from a chronic disease or'loni
standing.ailment, in buyiiig:a case of Hpatetr
itEYS' SPECIETOS,; obtain the particular, one de 7 .
sired in; their case, - and thus
a core which otherwise would costthernlmaay
dollars, and no small ainonntnf time and Medi
cal attendance, if, indeed it could be obtained
at all.. - . • -!!
Thas maltitndis Stiffer from DvsriPsta, Btr r
En ToscuE and DEBLLITY,:'Vrhieh is, rieEfEtty
controlled and Cured' by the 1
• 'irksitrksui SPECIFIC.
There is scarcely a phase _or form of this
diseas:e mlklllS not . promptly controlled and
ultimately^ cured by the. use of this Sliecifie.
Thousands who hare suffered for years -With
this "Bilious Condition" having_ purcliaseota
caperof these Bpecifigi n lutie obtained a;perfect
cure.anOrotnunity,frmn their old comnlNintL
which so frequenty . lead to -
. . . ,
.axi) .coNsumprroiv; .
J i . • , . r I
are'ell in their early stage secured by the il
COUGH' PItALS.i,, . ,
... .
Many cases' of long standing B,ronchitts and
irritating COughe have been perfectly cured
by , this specific .. But More I Many Ipersetis
have.a Eipecfde Ilabilitrto colds and take thern•
from thaleast esPosure: - • This 'will he entlre
ly relieved , by the use; of, :the COUGII I f ILLS;
as agoras can testify; from •e:tperience. I So 1 , I . ,
„A,C A. , i ls,A•ali, 13. 1. I t .
is one of our common and mostitrouble,
seme IliseaSsa, agaiostivhieh the:Old: SchOol
Medicines Itttd gv'ett, iloutceopathic, prescripr
tion.s, arc very little use, 'o
' ytt iltiAtalfe4Er
persons 'hve imen.turea' of not ril regent
and treshrbut eVeti.long sMhding an 'otttin
ate ::cased 3Of,CATARAiIi,by-the ,us ' , of this
_,,,, • •—, . •; ?•-..; i:• 1
One aged lady_in Syracuse ; was tii
us . ,per t ,
featty ' , Mired .Of a Catarrh, :which had! annoyed
her all tier life.' ' A sitting* lady at one' of,eolT
: . '. ; t
133 boardi — niachodli, wh wayso aMiet.
tVirith, this disease as to require more a im
fOrilandkerchiefs a Week, was entirely cu red
a sipgle week by this Specific. •
bleeding and blind, is one of those eoiruno z ,
and obstinate forms of disease which are to
'difficult ko cure on the ordinary methods, bu t
find an entire and fundament) cure
in the. Iles Specific.' time is required;
brit thesSpecific pleaSenl to take, requires
'Neither diet nor restraints and, being followed
lip a perfect cure is the result. Hundreds of
pe_rsons,, in purchasing a case
_ofs pee i Ges,
have obtained a cure for,thkemost trying and
obstinate • fortis of disease, Which has -been
worth to them ten times the cost of the entire
Cneee •!of ;over Pi,en_tt learsr,etanding,
fieeneiiie:4°i_iitti this simple Specific, and
; Theicasq-;co'tiAine;theibeti.t?,,
kn0wn..,A , .111 1 7,07 wiglcUttany deleterious
or. putscmoos ,sunstances, which not only cpres.
the ague,' and old, :Mistainaged eines, bat
;May be relied 'Upon, •its a prevntatire when
Itfersonti the reiidiiiiaraleveloand
trio - It.preveutamr.protee.:ta.ripen the same
principle that,vaceination preventrsmall-pox.
or belliptonna prevents eearink f ev t r ,, by pre. ,
'occupying. the: system with true Specific..
Hundreds have been thus protected and cured_
r The Ophthahn3r Specifio
ties proVed a most invaluable remedy tie SORE
EYES - and EYELIDS. and for, WEAK sad
SLURRED SIGHT: One lady. hi Indiana, }rho
bad, been a sufferer - from Sore eyes for many
years, and for tiro' Years . ivds' entirely blindk
was cured perfectly bytbe OPltthahuy Specific
to which-so many are subject, =finds a curntiie•
in the case: -There is a specific which relieves
at the time efthe attack, and also , one which.
corrects the condition - of the system uliott
which it depends, and-so destroys the predis
position to return. • •
The Speeific•.for ple_ various formsof
have proved invaluable. Old long standing
LEIICORRWEA,_ .114.nna, are attended
,with debtiit,y, or, exhaustion, and fec,which
;other forms of tue,dicine . are of little valne, are
fully controlled. eywdl"cuted by ,the FEMALE.
PILLS, while the specific for, irregularities
control alptost every .form of scanty, painful.
or irregular menstruation, - _
in adults-or children are-controlled like mag—
ic by the •.Diarrhate Pills, : while it may be•
averred without• the I,possibility of successful
contradiction, that the . :Dysente; sr Pills nre ttie
most perfect Specific - for that disease known.
For the' earions forms cd• •- • _
and Other . diseases of children t ,tbe Fever Pilir
may be safely sufelyit`pliedlupou.
These Speeifieb are the prescriptions of Prof.
HIIIIPAREYS, used - foryears:ln ig,estepsixe
t# thepeifectionlofhiph he has,
aevoted the resources ofextelistvo4owledgg,,
experience and study; -
The public may, rOt assuredl
the life-time 'of Dr. 'IL . no one, has. beets ; ea
-hall be intrusted svitb the preparation, of, his.
Specifics, • and he offers the guaranty of'his
professional life and reptithtlen that they shall
be just as he represents them.: "
The,y, have now beeit beforo . :tho„puldie-fgr
fire years, and have every here won golflea,
'opinioits'froni the many , :thotisandst who Watt.
used 'them.
Simple, fib fromintricacy r technicality, ort
danger, they have beciirne 'the retidE:recourse.
and aid of the pare . nt, traveler, or in
valid, and have become the family,physieise
and medical adviser ef,theusands of families.
Nowhere havelhey been tiled Ny,ithOnt having
been approved, and their highest appreciation
is among those tvho have known, them longest,.
and most intimately, • ,
Env Family will '-find these Speelfier all
they have been recominerided : prompt, edia
ble, simple antl.efa* . ! „ ; often 'a feiszid acrd
and a friend indeed.. -
No. 1. FEVER PlllS.;—'l 7 or Fever 1 Congestion
I For
ropt i,
D. I
and InHanuttion .of all•kindit. • --•
No. 2. WORM 'PILLS—For Vorm-Feirer,
?\Conn-Colie, and - Wetting•the Bed. •
3.• BABY'S PILLS- , —For Colic, Crying,
Teething and Wakefulness, and Nervous-.
mess of Adults. . .. • .
No: 4. DIARRHEA PILLFor Diarrhoea,
.• • Cholera Intim Witten d Summe . r.Coniplaint.
No. 5. DYSENTERY PILLS..----For Colic, Grip
ing, Dysentery pr :Bloody. Flux -
No. 6: CBOLERA PlLLS—Fortin:4mA, Chol7.
era Morbus, Vomiting: ' -
No. 7. COUGH PaLS—IFor Cciughe r . Cold"
Hoarsenes's, Influenza and Sore Throat.
No. S. ToorirAgn PlLc.S—Fur Toothache;
Faceacht,'and Neurdigin.
Vertigo bent and Fullness of the Head.
NO. 10. DYSPEPSIA PILLS—For Weak and.
Deranged Stomachs, CoMflivation and
Liver Complaint -
Seanty, Pniaful or siappresk e .a periods.
No, 12. FEMALE PILLS-I.For. Leucorrhceii
Profuse Menses and Bearing' Dowo. '.
No. 13. CROUP I'ILLS 7 -For .CrOup, Hoarse
Cough. Bad Breathing.-
No. 14. SALT RHELII . PILLS;—For Erysipe
las, Eruptions,Timples on the Face.
No. 15i, RHEUMATIC PILLS-z4or Pain, Lame.
news or Soreness in the Chest, Back, Loins,
or Limbs.
A.—For Fever and Ague', Chill Paver, Dumb
'Ague, old mismanaged Agnes: " . •
P.—For Pilen t :Blind and Bleeding, Internal
or FA - kraal.. ' '‘. • • i .„ . , . • -
o.—For. Sore; VP‘alt - or. Inflamed Eyes ltad,
Eyelids, Failing,lyealt in Bletrrecl Sight.
C.—For Catarrili'Oelong standing or recent,
either with obstruction Or p 'oinse'disehaigi.
W. o:—For irVhoopitig Co gb,'atoating_ils
violente and shortening its. mem. , , -
Full set '2O large Voroce N o 6 . 48
and 800k:,56 00'
Full set, 20 large vials;in Plain Castr!
Book .„ I - , 400
Case of ninbered:lioxci-nad'gd k,_
Oise of any 6' numbered boxes er:ll36Al 00
Single nurnberedlkiiies, withsdirectlens 25
Single lettered holies,, with directions' ' OO
Lirge plantation;' or physician's 'case, 1
and 2 Oz. vials 'l5 0Q
"OUR . R.VI.4'DIES' . 1 47 MAIL
OUR `REMEDIES BY .11.41b. 1
Took over the UP'ecese of what
kind you choose; and enClose, the Boil:Ant In.
u . current note or stakqps,!hzanail,:rp, our ad
dress, at No: 56.2'BrOadwit_b
' the medicine wlll:l4.doly..retiano tgac r
expifss, free of charge. "Address
'NOir,s63lPcoadyt New York.
Sold in Coudersport by D. VirJ SP&NCER
911P.fugyrists. - [46-41nol