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p►bltadelphi! Election.
Pum.imit.Ptuit.., Nay 4, 1859.--Th*
people's ticket was elected yesterday by
pa ayersge major ,of 2.500 vow., .erhe
t•stne *any bace a Estpr_it " both branch
re of the City Cannel a.
ZAN4trytt4,E, 1859.-4sek
-11013;1Ye rugitiro dare, was this morning
delivered 14 his Mister, to be taken hack
to - Virglo,is;,l A large erowft.followe4
tartiettlikii the' de'pOt; - bat there
;1141M:ottOmptitt a rescue.' -
iet;ol3,At4p, - 0, May 0,185 9 .—5 ix
nejite Ocerin .rescuers pleaded guilty
sentepaed each to
ss fine ottwentpnio dollars.,and twenty
four Bushnell, who
WV; convicted, under the Fugitive Slave
jayr,.is net yet sentenced.
'it * VAS= •DR OF Loos mt TIME
Mitiirsfitox;— Norcross, Saunders &
en t it 'big drive of-logs passed Plymouth,
N;11:, on - the - 30th tilt, with one hun-
Arid 'Men, - hound' to Lowell "and a mark
et'Hin charge: of N. W. Norerois son of
Nampa. tioreross, Saunders all helogs, this year, owned by
otheri,ineludirig tbeir own. They amount
to - ab0ut,10,000,003 feet, board measure.
Thi : lien are a smart set, - of professional
river '
.drivers fiorn Maine, and camp
. on
din bank of the river, in tents, moving
P,omMDamsn.—About one o'clock yes
ieiday, afternoon, the body of an unknown
. Mari was found floating or
along thishore of - tbe Susquehanna, about
tWoixiilesbelciw.this , borough. Ile was about
five feet.siminebes lit height, had black hair,
'tray:whiskers t (heavy tion the chin,);:had on
a fine ,Oack - ,elatli vest, mixed gray Monkey
jackeVivitli blittens, nlen's morocco
high shoes, and two combs and three pennies
in hii vest pocket: Also a leather money
purse, - containing - a. small lotof sewing thread.
After\ a-careful l examination of the - body
bYPr. C. C. Bombaugh, there being no marks
of violence tuien it, the 'coroner's, jnry, sum
moned by Dr. - Barr, were of the opinion that
hecnine to his death by drowning, but when
,what , manner, was undetermined.
ll'he body of the deceaSed was conveyed to
thettoor, Douse barial ground, for Interment.
..--Harii.tbisrj"Tdijilh, 25th nit.
Bioastrrli Dissasss 'aro the parent stock
*Om which_ arises. a large proportion of the fa
tal maladies that afflict mankind. They are
as it were a species of potato rot in the hu
man constitution, which undermines and cor
rupts slltheaotiFees of its vitality and hastens
its Ilecay. They are the' germ from which
springs, Consumption, Rh eumatism, Heart Dis
ease, Liver Complaints, and Eruptive Diseases
trltich. :will be recognized as among those
most' fatal and destructive to the races of
men: -130 dreadful ire its consequences to
Muslin life, that it is hardly possible to over
estitnitte.the importance of an actual, reliable
remedy, that can sweep, out this Scrofulous .
contamination. -We know then we shall pro
claim- Welcome news to our readers, - of one
from such a quarter as will leave little doubt
of its efficiency-rand still more welcome; when
we tell them that -it surely - does accomplish
tho.eqtltiesired, We mean AYR'S SAUSAPI.-
kILLA, and it is oeitainly worthy the attention
of those ‘ who are afflicted with Scrofula or
Scrofulous complaints.-Register, Albany, Y.
-14,0Eir - Dx.crus.— During the:last
fetsi:lreelis, there haS been au unusual
nabilallty,amongdistinguished men. The
folloWitig we at this moment, but
the list-is by no means complete: •
fornlerly Governor of
Alexis Do Tocquerillo, (Prance), au
thor of Democracy in America.
p r . W. "A.= Alcott, the eminent physi-
obest... '
Hallaro, au' bar of 'the: Middle
Bishop Doane, of New Jersey.
NiPb9 l , lB Hill, a lawyer of Albany.
'Dr. D. Johns, a noted ,Episeo
par Olergyman of Baltimore.
—Prominent among the reasons why the i
Iron• City College has tour times as many
students as any other Commercial School ,
in the
_United States, are the following:
It is the only College in Pittsburg that
gives three daily lectures' on Book-Keep
ing; three daily recitations and an . exam
ination in Commercial Calculations; the
only one, which requires weekly exercises
in'lCompoeition and Commercial Corres
poedcnce of all its studente • the only one
Which employs teachers whose qualifica•
tions are recognized by literary men, or
are experienced educators, and the only
Otte that grants Diplomas to those only of
its - students will) are coinpetent and skill
fid-acceptants.--Pitist?urg True Press.
-444 7 :4 1.7431i0474t , y , —The N. Y.
sitercafrepnbli - shes, under th e above head.
ing,the - -fellOwing query from the Bran.
• _
_. "What is-the difference between a Yen.
lee violating the Fugitive Slave law in
die NOrtb, r andli Southern man violating
the ',neutrality law and the law against
tliii-4,ifrian'alave trade in the
0)4 fashioned aaswer to queries of
Oda ased`ba be the simple , phrase
that two - wiling do not mate a right. The
difference-in. question,. however, is that
the-Yankee violates a law recognized =113 ,-
44dr:own made°, while the Southerner
onbYeaics -- 6 vecogmzed as` piracy by all. --
tf.-thellfitiidon 'editor wishes .to have it
be may .refer to
the idilei!of the populatiatidull min
dia. meetly Published at
Bli1101 . it; • • •
siinot prohibiting the license of any
the-assist -of: within two miles of. the
Es.ristera'.-RiOgChopl.--Tyrone Star.
Would itttot be 0.,"g00d idea" to palest law
prohibiting , the licensing' of itrog 3110P3 within
trodmiles of all eur . pnbliesehoeli? The pn
pils . these have Jest as much eight io be
Knteete4 from rum:leflence as" the scholars
in the Tstrinets' Bigh School7--/jarr#Lnegn
en e nd vot id ii
-• • ,
sq.44"f - ta Pess law prebibitinetheli
ceniitignf ettie,,hopa, within . J.wel - Miles "of
house within. the bounds of the Com
monwealth ? if "the scholars in- the
Farmers' High School," and "the pupils
in_aliour public *schools" have a right to
be protected from the "rum influence,"
(and,no sensible man will deny that they
,have). every. man, woman and, child _iu
the State have just us good a right. It
Would - Undoubtedly be: an - .advantage , th
sohillarsio haVeiliquor influences remov
ed from. the immediate yiciuity. of the
schools, but •*it , would greatly, increase
their safety., to bare it removed out of
their. reach thereaud elsewhere.—Jerso
SYwre. Yidette. - r :
Ten Steambents De*troyeid.
. . .
rrasuußa, Saturday,- May 7, 1.859. 7 --
At kquarter after twulye to,day, a fire
broke out in the steamer Henry Graff,
Which, quickly cominilnicated to the ad
joining: boats, - and in less than, five min
utes to steamers '- were' enveloped in
flames, •nd soon prayed a tots { icos. The
roilowiu are the names of the' boats de
strayed . The .Genry Graff, Panola, Jen
nie Gray, Council 'Bluffs James Wood,
J. LI. Cann, Potomac ; Belmont , rcmon-
la aP4 qaalnlaraet I . , i -
Thu latues apriaid, with terrific rapidity,
and the heat was, very great,i and fears
were entertained for the safety of the
warehouses on Waterstreet; the ezertions
of the gremon being principally devotcd
to than: •
The amount of freight en , the; boats
was . no; large, but souse , little ()a the
wharf was destroyed. ,
. i.reunslyaaia Railroad, with its
usual good look, es&sped almost acid. free,
Its shipments of merchandise fur the
West iOre pu Watt! the Economy and
South America, which eseapcid entirely:
The latter,
.fortunately having steam up,
was the means of 'esviog all, thq miter
boats ;souse thirty; note here- , --frow total
destruction. She, tools 4 fleet of four
boats nearest to.those on tire, andtowini
them away, left a gap which made it pos.
sible td save the rest.
. is; yet unknown how the fire brig
The; ipso is estimated at 8155,000, of
which 810,000 is on freight. The mount
of insurance, 89 far ascertained, is $50,-
000, Mostlyin Pittsburg .offices.
SiEr; The Bon. iWm. p., Bishop, who
represented ;.the IVth District f Con
necticut in the House of Representatives
until his constituents replaced him with
a better man and a sounder patriot, in the
person of Orris S. Ferry, has been ap
pointed Commissioner of Patent's by the
President, his
. claiins being considered
stronger thari:thoSe of any ether bleeding
"Democrat?? ,
President Buchanan's appointment of
Col. Wm. D. Bishop as Cuminiisioner of
Patei.ts, is not in,laccordance with his es
tablished rule in fuels cases. Ho ought,
according to precedent, to have sppoiuted
Col. B.'s late colleague, Samuel Arnold,
for he was, all things considered, much
worse thrashed in the late election than
Cul. Bishop was..i7-N. Y. TriAtine. -
May be tic's got a - fatter berth in reserve
for Arnold. I [En. JouftNAL.
Rothr jigurnat.
Ihti4aq9 ; 3.l3#l)iftg, 1)141) ft 18;59:_
Personal.-- , li ji. S. l ", N. Y.;:--We did not
receive your letterlof March /9th. Hare dated
back to Yegulai quartet.
are We are :pleased to learn that the
Hon. DAvtp WILMOT has been invited,
and will speak to the Republican:a of this
county, at this place, on die 4th'of July
4Eir.Hce. CiTtu. H. Seward left New
York for a trip to Europe, on Saturday
last. Ho will' be absent until fall. A
large number Of his personal and political
Mends accompanied the vessel down - the
bay, and speeches were , made'&c.
SURVEiOI3. GENERAL.—Before leaving
HarrisbUrg we heard the name of L. P.
Williston, Esq., of Tioga County mention•
ed as a candidate for the aforesaid office.
There is not amen in the that we
Would support with greater pleasure. He
is 'as true as steel to.the principles he ad-.
vocatei, and . the Republicans of Pennsyl
vaoia could nOt confer the' honors of that
position upon a man wore worthy-of
The North shOuld present a aoltd detega•
tiou for. him.:. .McKean Citizep.
Jam' The Wellsboro Agitator, a few
weeks since labored through a long col
awn to show that our idea of building tip
a.' third political party with Dcioocratic
finciples, was iinpracticable: We are
surprised that the Agitator should insist
that it is impossible to keep up more than
the: two parties now in existence; It
Inuit recollect that the party to which tho
1 4,91tatur now belongs only bad' a begin
; mug lt ver s f few . putts Sinn!), and in that
lieginpipr. it was.merely iii'third party,"
but now hO 4 O 40 . 14 an lnq pusi
titmi regards s length PatN7` "°t .
seen the old 'Whig party supported by
the Americans, and both supercede& by
the_Republidan Party? This baa all tali=
litin place since 1854; and yet our Tiota
friend has the-audacity to scout at the
Plea' of-:"ftbizia . "The first shall
be last;, and the , last shall be first."—
WarrenZetlyer._ -
We j think the Agitator is fairlyhit
this rePly, Every Republican ought to
_bare great,foitli In,third parties, 'for if it
lied 'not been -for! the third parties. of
1844, '4B 'and '52, the Reptiblican party
of 1856 would have had no existence.—
And if the scheme now on footi to convert
the Republican into a mere oppositiOn
party succeeds, we are in favor of_organ-
Wog another__Republican party,, though
It might ire a third, or even afuurth party.
See The Editor of the. Gazette has been
presented by Carter dr. Bro. with "one
bittle of ]3randy and two bottles of Scotch
pure and truly excellent in
kind!"_ Were it not for the known in
tegrity of the editorial fraternity. we should
have some anxiety -about our catettipora
.True American.
We were under the impression that the
editor of the Gazette could not be hoed=
winked into commeriding poison, even .
though be were : first a drugged" with it..
To fear that GARA is getting as conserv
ative in moral habits as he is to political
opinions, and that he finds ifas difficret
to keep down his natural depravity"
tastes as to smother. his old line Whig"
i'h i eltigh! Spirit.
.The Republican Convention of 'Beaver
county, at its recent session to nominate
delegates to the State Convention, passed
the following resolution ; and we trust
that every county in the State, yet to
elect delegates, will be equally emphatic
- and politic in their platform instrootions.
The Republicansof the State can do no
better than to reiterate now the resolutions
of 1856:
Resaped, That our delegates be, and they
are hereby instructed, that in the formation
of any Platform or Resolution that may be
presented to the State Convention, to adhere
to the principles laid down in the platform
adopted by the National Convention of.the
Republican party in 1856, and to oppose any
and all infringements that mar be offered
• ger The Rep iblicins of Ohio have
called a State Convention, to assemble at
Columbus on Thursday, the 2d day of
June neat, to nominate candidates for
Governor, :Lieutenant.° overno - r, Audifor,
Sebretary of State, Treasurer, -Supreme.
Court Judge, 31einher of the Board of
Public Works, and Commissioner of Com
mon Schools. The ratio of representa
tion will be one delegate to each 500 Tot
up for Judge Peck at the 'election of
1858, with an additionalslelegate for each
fraction over 250 votes. lu accordance
with thin rule, 'the Convention will be
composed of 361 members —N. Tri
That is the trite Republican system of'.,
representation. If gOod for the State of
Ohio, why not for the County of Potter?
I thought last, winter, and I mill think,
that something of tins kind should be
done to equalize the representation in our
County Conventions.. It is too late for
the next`one, but if those who think the
present system is unequal, will attend the
next County Convention, I have no doubt
they can. secure n reasonable reconstruc
tion of the delegate system of this courq.
J. a
Vir The latest news from Europe is
that war is inevitable—that nearly all
Europe, together with Great Pintail), is
going into the customary busi AM of butch
ering each others' soldiers. The Italian
States are now the bone of contention be
tween France and 'Austria, and will ulti
mately embrace a renewal of . the Russo-
Turkish difficulties. France cannot ad
mit of a continued peace without the
danger of local revolution,—Sardinia re
fuses the yoke of the Austro-Papacy, and
France-and England back her in" her re
bellion; while the German States come
to the aid pf Austria. , Russia hai form
ed an offensive and defensive treaty of alli
once with France. .
American farmers may now hold up
their heads for large crops and high prices.
We have no doubt that the agents-of the
belligerents are already in our chief cities,
mating conti'acts for rain &0., for the
war. The 2* Y, Tribune urges upon
American farmers the necessity of plant-.
ing to the, tullest extent of their capacity,
in view of the prospective .demand for
breadstuffs. We urge upon our farmers
to plAnt, because every bushel of grain
raised in our,ccunty now is so nluch cash
in the hands of the raiser—saved "from the
necissity of purchasing. Pl4nt, farmers
of, Potter, for yourselvet—nokfor the hum.:
gry, blood-thirsty soldiers of European
monarchiei. •
American State Cenrentign.
. The Pittsburg. Commercial. Journal
says the National Americana of Pennsyl
vania have issued tr oall for a Stare Con
vention at Harrisburg on the 25th of this
month, and remarks.that the call does not
state what this new movement is intended
to accomplish.--Harrisburg 2alegrayh.
We aro disposed to believe. that there
is another Banderient tnavetattitu:tadictit:
ed by,. the above item, • and.Atia . :_ a;:**
!iiiirgatta„iinti;*ale,`` "side;dont" : ",cipeittibit
is to beittitintad to nfloct,',=;ncitT.ther eke"
tiob 1859-tatt
,Wn, calf thit!sittention,..Of:any
Ainericatt-ItePubi,ieinii - ivhO WRY he r dist
• _ • , •
pored to give the wovetuent-'enceurage.:
went by' their conservative inactivity, to
the follOwinglront,a quarter' tinit should
at - _least• . caure, thetn to consider: before
they,gri.too far, • TVe copy (rum the Pitts
ban P4atcli: • .'-.• ,
'".The - Press is'-earnest and
wide' awake on the alaverrquestion.
.Feeiheit's _Fre:l7:4, of this oity,.quotes our
. cintnents nu .:thO Proposed.- scheine _ for
reitiun up .an "opposition". Nati'.ual Con
vention, to got rid of Republicanism and
the Slavery- int*, and - our
mark' that this (slavery) issue was the
only . vital element, of success. in a Wend,
dontiar struggle,•,anys!:
• • ' , licit; quite so. "There is another; issue; the
question of land reform of the Efoniestend bill.
Rut we trust thati the RePublicane not
lower the ling of oPPosition to slavery extensiOn,
merely for the. benefit of a few• office bunters.
.After all,
,the name-of a party, is not of greatimport, inasmuch as the party is sinc.‘arely _
votPd to :principles of-honesty and liberty, to
sound development of Public interests in
. the
[sense of true humanity. But we .cannot see
the necessity,-nay, even the expediency of re
nouncing the name of Republican:for the wel.
fare of a political combination, whose strength
IS to consist in the shrewdness of darrylug wa
ter on both shoulders.- Don't desert the Re.
publican standard I- It is the only ono which
I will carry us to vtctory." , •
The' SunborY to Erie Railroad
Located ontheDriftwood
BrancW - •
Our citizens will be glad to' learn that
at a recent - meeting of the Board of Di
rectors, the Driftwood route for the S. "S;
E. R.-R. .was finally adopted, after an
earnest and protracted contest between
the friends' of the different routes. Capt;
l Jarrett, reported to tLe
.Board that the
Driftwood route was much shorterand bet
ter, and that one and a half n.illion dollars
wouldbe saved'to the building fund of the
road by the adoption of that route. The
made of the Bennett's Branch Route is 95
feet, with several tunnels, while the Drift
wood route ha. 4 but 518 feet grade, and no
tunnels. .The statement of Capt J. de
termined the,action of the Beard, and
flintily settled an important line of policy
—the ;interment of an economical dispo
sition of the building fund rather than
the aceorutundation of private and landed
fhe eatire i fine of the road, except six
miles between BaenaVista and Ridaway,
is now located, and we learn that an en
gineer corps are now examining that por- . .....
Lion With a view to a final location ; and
Vera Horace Greeley makes the follow
announcement in
. the • Ttlibinie:
that the entire line will be Put under con
" I propose taking a trip Westward
tract in slew weeks. this season through -Kansas and the al-'
We learn that the road is now all grad- !edged 0-Uhl Re4en at the Eastern base
ed as far as the mouth of the First Fork of the Rocky Mountains, thence through
of they Sinneinahoning, , and it is ex- Utah and the Great Basin, to California,
returning across the continent or by the
pectedi that the rails will be laid to the
Istihnus, as circumstances . shall dictate.
mouth of the Sinnemalioning by the Ist 1 purpose to leavc tins City on the 9th
Of September, leaving but 12 wiles of the ur 10 of May, and to reach it on' my re- ,
graded road' unfinished at that time. From turn between the -10th and the 25th of;
the western end, we learn that the September. I shall try to look on the 1
track-layers commenced their work, be-
firstdistinctively ,Repub!ican Convention I
e -the Freemen ataniico o n t
f Kansas ,
h a hicli , meets
tween Erie and Wat f
arren, two weeks ago 18th of blay. and
last Monday, and that a locomotive- bad to start westward Trout Leavenworth or'
arrived at Erie and would beplaced on Lawrence soon afterward. I shall also'
the track 'immediately.: look at Oregon , if Time should serve."
This is glorious news for all Northern Speaking of -the, Tribune rendnds us
Fennsylvanid—ayis, far all- the Keystone that on the 10th of April it was nineteen
State; yeareold, and on the 25th it appeared in
Until this action of the Boafd we have an eutire maw suit of type. It iVaS start- 1
not fegarded the road as of much impor- ed on the
,10th of April 1841, and was
tance to the interests of this county or printed on a sheet
_3l by 21 inches in
size, (an inch smaller than the JoIJRNAL),
section; but the adoption of the Driftwood
route has given it a local importance which and had a list of one . thousand Subscrib
cannot fail to deeply interest our oitizehs ers—its weekly expenses being 805, and
in its welfare. We are eight miles near- its receipts $92, none but a daily edition
er it than we are to the . N-, Y. & B.; and being then priuted. Wnat it is now we
the enterprise is one which (even though will let its own • Commemorative 'editorial
'there were no local advantage) should tell, as follows : , ,
command the deepest sympathy of our " The Tribune Dow appeara on. a sheet
business men ; for the reason that it opens 44 by 331 inches in area, giving an ex.:
. tent of surface of 2,948 inches. ' Our ag
up to us a
.direct communication with the gregate consumption of paper is 818 reams
business of our own State metropolis,tiod (44,000 pounds, or twenty cart-leads) per
enables Us to build up our State interests week, mainly manufactured eipiessly for
without sacrificing our 'local advantages. us at the Niagara Falls Mills.- Our av-
We are also enabled to command more of crags weekly expenses have gradually
risen front $525 to 67,800; we pay 844 '
the attention of Phila.delphia in regard to 000 per, year to Editors , Correspondents
the.mineral wealth of' the county; and and Reporters; 642,000 per year for li
the road opens a market for OW lumber bur in the department of Printing, nearly
which is accessible at all seasons of the $16,000 in that of Mailing, average about
613 000 for Tele ra hint ,
year, without reference to the condition of ' . .g P ~,,
. . , hundred and eighty persons beSide cacti:
the streams. In the' event of the open- era, carmen, &c., &c. We, have used,
i leg of the Alleghary Valley. Road through during the past year. 60,049 pounds of
1 to eenee e t w i t h t h e s. i . E.-11f1t,, et Ria g . Ink, costing over $B,OOO , and have, din
' way, we will have a south-WeStern lumber mg that period.- employed 2,340 i pea*
of Glue and 11 barrels of tlie best refined
and mineral market Which' will scarcely C. Sirup ,: • ' f ..
Canein the menu active 'of'the
be'secondary in importance to that of the Rollers Whereby that ink is app ie 'r d. he I ' '
• east. Withal, a new impetus will be giv 7 Stearn Power-Vresses andother machine-1
' en to the itgricalturil interests of this ry used in the rapid Production of our ;is
county, and we artist that the completion sups have cost us over $70,0,06, and, we
pay . isbout 81 , 600 per autumn' for
'of the 3.4, E. R. R. Will rapidly hasten which those Presees owing to,the Meat
l the day whets potter- County farms will of our editions, rapidly i reduce to a de
• - 1
• provision Potter, and even Clinton and faced and inexprenive metal. , We hope,
lirKean county laiubering establishments. as we have already indkcated, to prue,
The bill providin& for- the building of by stereotyping , the average appearailev,
, -'. , • - without.increasing the expense of our
i a State,'Road conneetting this place with • - • a. " . 2 • c
issues, regrottiug that .tatr necessity o,
the Railroad at Shippen, ik.r Kean Co , ,putting pu i each edition'to press with the
) which became a law at the last Session, least possible • delai will not '(probably)
Rill be promptly responded to by the' en !
feiptisenf our citizen& t ' ;! ...737,
Venni. Almeria] Velson,
tied B. Earl .. theL'owmiastouent St,
nted to lay out
,thesoo, will
. proine4
to exiimine the different rOntasneiticreek.
and an early location may be expected--
The bill appropriates five mills on the
lar or tax on unseated lands for the
purpose of building the road. As we ex
pect'to publish the law soon, we will not
nctice the 'Matter further now.
Sickles vs.." Ulgher Law. 2?,
" Our pungent dotemporpry, the. -Erie
True Aniericon,As" after the - chaps that
do not belVeve in " Higher Law," exoept
for their own convenience., Whit do you
hi nk of hiSapplication of the case, reader?
" Sicit.i,Es:--Scnneimportant &Niue
tiops way. he .ratiorially drawn from the
Washington farce. The following thought
is not 'mpertune t In the first place we
see that the very class of won who have
been distinguished for' devotion to the
LETTER of 'HYMAN enaottuents, When
every prieciple of right has been clOven
down—as; for instance,. in relation the
bogus laws' of Kansas and the Fugitive
Slave Abtr—have, in this matter, been the
loudest aid most.nuisy deolaiuiers in fa.
vor of _the Higher Law.' The 'great
'point relied on by the counsel of Me.Siek
les 'was,-.that-human laws did not protect
the sanctity of the tuarriagebed, and that
the prisoner was, therefore, necessarily:
thrown - upon the law of self-defense; and
"Apply this principle to the Slave:Sys,
tern a - Moment. The Starutes of the South.
do not protect the sacredness of human
liberty ; therefore the slave is throwelack
upon the- i law of sett-presevation ; led, as
the DiviNt law is, he that stealeth i a man
and-selleth him, or if he be found lin his
hands he shall surely be put to death';
arid, as human Codes in the.Slase States
fail to enforce this penalty and to protect
the dove, he , may, nay, according to the
logic of Mr. Graham (Sickles' counsel,)
he is , bound to act the part of the execu
tor of the divine law and send } every
siave-holder, win, robs himself or his wife
and children of themselves, SURDOLY to
his last aeeount. - And not only this—
but, even waiving thii law for the protee.
sloe of human liherty, -every colored roan,
bound or free, whose wife or daughter is
delrauched by one of the dominant race—
whether he be his 'owner' or net—is
bound - to execute upon the transgressor
this_ same Divine law against adultery
which Is plead in justification of M Sick..; We want the same principle applied
all rouud. What is sauce fur the: goose
is sauce for the gander. What is law fur
Sickles is law for Samba. What say you
to nits, reader?"
' extend this improvement to
inatDally editions. - vat wheroer apos.
si*syal t presented of reducin g time
iatufenspOt the •vrorth of our journal Ai
stank ready to - embrace it, pnrided die
niireitnieie not absolutely ruinous."
iliffS FANNY J. YATES died at Dr
Seelre %ter Cure •io Clevelaod, Ohio,
Oir-Thtfiaday, 21at, of coneutoptioil,
the 28d year of her age. The Minded,
er soya ahe was the daughter of Dr. Chad
M. Yates,, of Meadville, Pa'., and the
nelee of President Buohauan; with whom
s he , was a great favoriteoceopyiog sh met
the ielatikoi Orin adopted
trait been at'the" Wit& Cure alSout a yigr.
m a n a bile -beartthat wool d baire‘cte le
back, like the 'love, yr the, ark, a ft er the fdit
transgressioith - Ints freedfrightened beyond ie.
call by the angry the taint,' the ne.
age charity of an tofeirgiting world.
Auditor's N otee.
11,TOTICE is hereby giien that the Andititi
II appointed - by the Court to make distribu
tion - of the - proceeds of the sale of real estate
in the case' of Wm. - /I'Dougall vs. William T.
Jones, et al.; No. 23 February
,-Tenn, 185 i,
will attend to the duties °Mrs *iutmentat
the Prothonotary's. Office in the :Borough of
Coudersport an Monday. . the 6th day ofJens
next, at one o'clock, P. 11. Those interested
will attend - if they think proper.
- • - - IL J. OLMSTED, Audifor.
Coudersport - May 1859.-3 t.
Special Notice to the Ladles,
MRS. GRIDLEY tendas her thanks to the
citizens of Potter and adjoining.eountles,-for
their generous patronage. She would say to
the public, that she has on hand a splendid
assortment of Millinery Goods, which she will
sell retail or wholesale at the lowest rates,es
perially to those in .the trade, at a small ad
vance from N. Y.. prices.. All orders prompt
ly attended to.
T. E. GRIMM' will deliver Bonnets to any
place ordered. Bleaching and Repairing done
up in the latest style, with taste. The large
quantity _of work to be " done over," will be
delivered at. the earliest moment. Ladies
please call or send in your orders. Shop loot
ted 3i miles west of Lewisville.
E. - 11. N. GRIDLEY.
Ulysses, May; 3, . •
WHERF,A* the. Hon. Robert G. White,
President Judge,'and the Hons. Joseph
Mann and G. G.: Colvin, Associate Judges of
the Courts of. Oyer & Terminer ,and General
Jail Delivery, Quarter Sessions of the Peace,
Orphans' Court and Court of Common - Pleu
for the County of Potter, hare issued their
precept, bearing
. date the eleventh day of
June, in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred land fifty-nine, and to me di
rected, for holdiiig a Court of Oyer and Term
iner and General Jail Deliv ery , . Quarter Sep.
along of the Peace, Orphans' Cohrt, and Court
of Common. Pleas, in the Borough of Couder
sport, on 110NDAY, the 20th day of 'June
next, and to continue one week :
Notice is therefore hereby given to the Cor•
oners, Justices of the Peace And Constable"
within the county; that they be then and there
in their proper persons, at 10 o'clock A. of
said 'day, with their rolls, records, hyoid.
tions. examinations, and other remembrances,
to do those things. which to their offices ap
pertain to be done. And those who are bound
by their recognizances to prosecute against
the prisoners that are etr -shall be in the jail of
said county of Phtter, ate to be'then find there
to prosecute against thentas will be just.
Dated at Cot:mansion?. June It, l8:4, and
the Bad rear of the Indepe ndetice of the United
States of America.
A. C. TAGG ART, B.heriff.
FOR TRIAL at June Term. 1859, in the
Court of Common*Pleas • of Potter Coup.
ty, Pa. . *
Purdy use Cooper & 1 vs. Dedrick.
Peabody, .
Jones, " Bradley. -
ilillyer & Bush, " Ellis.
Jones, Jackson & Rees.
Sheppard, " Lewis.,
Crandall, - ", Johnion.
Baskin use Platt J: Platt, " Ellis. - -
Jones, ", Bradley, ct. al.
Jones fr. Bro., • . " Lord.
S. G. .fr W. Lansing, " Hall.
Jonei, • ", Ives & Straight.
Jackson School Ns' bid'
, •ig,t - Ellsworth, Inn
Ir.- White.
, ,
Strait, .' • " seach .
Gillingham, use of Mills, "' Cone- _
Eldridge; -
Anson,, Bensley & Bentley.
Keating. et. a 1.,• Ayres.
" - - Starkweather. •
Jones & Bro.,
,Lawton Ludas
Backus, , - " Benton. •
Jackson Sehciol District, " Itobrabacher,ettl
Mattison, Jig
Mayard use.of Ives, " Wharton townsbiP.
Jones dt Co.; gs SaMe: -
Rounsville,.. • Same.
Jones, - • ' Stisjth.
' s Bei:ol4'4 Besslei.
Rooks, ; 41 Hopkins & Jones,
- • J Stevens,fisektti
White, - • et. at.
Will Cox,. ii Nillcoz.
U. J. °LUSTED, froillY
Prottiontitory's Office, ?day 4, 1859.
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