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PEW YORK .E,,g0,21QN.
Spir4t .of the Press.
Ftots ,Pe ,Post, N073..3d.
:It is uur good fortune this day to citron.
ticlevAe r listr great triumph of the Repub-
Esau - 4;344y ; tit ;the state - of - New -A - Jet:
,Its candidate for the Office' of Governor is
tibiae/ by a very large _inajority,-alenz
With all the other officers. who take thefr
Astruntssion from the state at large. In
the Cinvessional districts, also, Strong as
?Pc were before, our strength.has been in-j
'figf:444, Ar,d se ,setpl_to Wasliiiituti ti :
Abwier number of delegates opposed to
. Ir. 1
litichanau's Administmliett. The
• Voice
- tiltNesi York is in perfect aeCordande:Wtlil
Illetof Pennsylvania and — that chorus_ of
ifigraf*Jwhiil2 three weeks since uttered at
otimpglisAteir ctindeut nation of the party
Wow in Polve. l :- . ..
. " .
hl. — . ereous one ,point "of view from which;
Ilieollo ash oar readers i.olOok'at the re
m*, of dila — election. '., Considered as -a',
'lntent question, and viewed in regard to
the eleCtien of Mr. Morgan and tITC can
didates nominated with him at Syracuse, ,
it is, a pure Republican triumph—a situ
-01 expression of . public opinion on the
,ssie§ili).p, l oe.tareen the prop aga 0 dis ts o f slay
ery and tAte peep the free states.—
Iliose' who 314,4ted tits wisdom of the
Atptse s tak, en by the RepubliCan Conven-,
.tion on that occasion, will probably be'
,now convinced that they should nut haVe .
Antibted. ' The Convention declined to
Amu_ any new ground; it allowed no'
Acw issues to be introduced into thequar. 1
rel between our people and the slave-.
bolded party; it declined to modify its,
platform for the sake of purchasing the
aid of those who desired to give other
questions a predominance over that of
plavery, and it has raceived the reward ol'
. sQuaaieutions and honorable austerity.
has Ise -tea ,the Admipistratiun and its
r .
.al owers in ,a. 11,aq-to-kind tight; routed
)11.3d Mnatter,ed glad driven them out ot' ti l e
fito. I T.t has secured fronPthe people a',
verdict in direct condemnation of the pol
icy.of Mr. Buchanan's adPiicistration fa
voring the propagator of slavery, which it
colud not have done if it \ had stood on a
nuulified platform, and connected itself
With a set of allies who preferred to re
gard that great question as of secondary
Of the vote of that party which raps
itself American, a very considerable pre-'
pardon was given to Judge Parker, the
Pucluinan candidate for Governor. They,
ce-operated to the - best of their power
with the Custom-house Germans and the
Buchanan Irish, forgetting for the mo
ment their plans for altering the natural
*Wm? 4 3 4 , 2. . •We have the` authority of.
s Nativiktournij for this. The -E.yress 1
Rtft*W 6 AggaYa ; - i
"The American party has been pretty well
ground down between the RetOthlicans and
she democrats—American voters often mak
leg their choice for Parker or Morgan, ac
:cordin to their ancient predilectious.asileta
krats or whigs - ."'
- Thus, the decision of the people -has
- Imp what it was desirable that it should.,
j)c—a direct expression of opinion on the
great quest:on so long before them.
Pumpared with the result of the elec
tion in 1.85 ii, this election shows again
f the Republican party. Mr. MiTrait
pbtains in this city a larger majority by
three thousan l than was given for Gov
ernor King, notwithstauiling that the
struggle for the Presidency then brought
put the whole strength of the Republi;
can party—a result which, if it does not
indicate a progress in pubic opinion, cer
tainly indicates the favor with which his
fellow-citizens here regard him.
rpm t 4, reibune, :Nov. 4th
This victory just Won by the Republi
isms of our State is one of tylliolt we can
pap feel proud. We ought to have tri
umphed by Fifty Thousand Majority, and
might have dune so but for culpable mis
leading. The State is hostife to the Fed
eral Administration by at least One Hon
fired Thousand Majority, and the Repub
lican party is the nucleus and natural
head of that majority. Had our late
State Convention at Syracuse been wise
ly aotinseled and led, we should have tri
gtaphed by at least Fifty Thousand Ma
jority. To this end, it was not necessary
to appoint Conference Committees, enter
upon difficult negotiations, nor halve tick
ets. What should have been done Was
PO; 1, fluid our Convention some
Weeks earlier than we did—before kinv
other party was in the field; 2. In that
Convention, take ground in favor 4 1 .)f a
Registry L aw, and of every necessary :)re
litutlon against party Naturalizations and
against every facility forfmuduleot Vot- ;
ing; 3. Nominate for -Lieutenant-sovl
entor some able and popular anti-Leccimp
ton American. like James 0. Putnam,
witiliPi;ts present Americap State,Prison
ihtli)ectof, or another good man of like
political antecedents; 4. Decide-to nonii
sate anti-tecomt m Americans fOr
Fen in three or four of the Districts
pat:ailing phe mot American voters and
so with regard to the Legislaturei This
done, let all other parties hold their 'eon.
Fantions when they would find n4mitiate
whom they pleased. Had the Americana
tylminated other State candidates than
hose thus presented by the Itepu,bliCans,
wedo not believe they could have polled i
twenty thousand votes for them n the
Instead of this, our State Convention
wail kept back to within eight weeks of
Itleetion,—it was said, to give oppor-
Pisity fir formal conference Utereat with
twr Avurricoss. This was just what
should hare bee:: carefully !avoided. It
was Our ,tnterest and duty toinave drawn
to obrseles,t.lii: greet hulk o the Amen-- i
can sarti by t4ndertaking and exepting: ,iturpcTes:l.of thOir, .
zatiori. other mode of , "insiote
Could not fad: be unseemly and ttirp+
Oar. - !• • t i t, • •
' Wl'fati Was badly planned was worse es- i
ecuted. he R epublican State Conven
tioit sho'rt'ild haye either'neccded frankly
to - tlin , cyertitres — ortlio - 1
Americtins, or it should have ruadly sad
courtcoUsly.dcdline4ftleuri - assigning
sons therefor. 'lt did . neithr. 'lt enter- d seemed-aboutAckeceede:to the
, eri n. g verf4ie:4', at - OfaCC't
!rero,rtof . tlie:t'onfercoee Connutttee; Was
lrCfer i rcdc and 'the' 1(op Ycnt . 4 proceeds 1 I
;iii windi r late•,caudidates, for: 9-ovicruor and
Lieutenant! • litat the Ainerieans, were
ineensed :at this . : reOrdingit Wanton
Was n. ot surprlsing..i have lis'-
te.n& te' a . ditrerent eplanatiooS. Of
t 1.6 waiter "froW . RePublieat.s.
<;mrod in it - bitt they did not , eithoes4:-
~ I
Orally dr. Unitedly,' convince its that The
proeceding. was propei , and justifiable.
That; if,.. aided tO send Thirty' or Firty
ThoUsind ~ Ainerican votes to Parker and
his Icollcagues, is very clear. — ;That -it
would have beaten our State Ticket, and
half a dozen of our Mewhers of Congress,
hit for the 'electrifying results of the
I),ENtisit.v.A . .§l.‘ and other October Elea-
Lions '
;we .ctuaiot doubt. Briefly„ New
York Was. thrown -Syracuse on
the Stb-Oth of last September, and only
regained, by 'virtue of the
. .wagnifieut
achievementsj of our brethren iu other
States on the . ,l2th of October.
The Illinois Election.
The filleCC.Ss of Douglas: the
elections is Made -oertain* - by the intelli
gence Of this' Mordiag. He goes back to
WaShington sure of another term in the
United : States Senate. goes back as
the conqueror, to look down upod
Buchanan and his the conquer
ed party; goes back with triumph . in •his
eye, to Meet brows lowering with disap
,PointMent and displeasure. perhaps with
tito.ea;, desire fur vengeance. rill hat
Mr. BUchauan has been laboriug fur since
he had,the news of his election in 184
I —the greatobject of his hopes7--theob
ject, for which he sacrificed the good will,
of many among his original friends, his
title to his ti,ivu esteem, and the fair place
he Might have occupied in his- country's
history—is at once placed bcyoud his!
reach by the result of the. IllinoiS elcc-j
I lions. ! lie cannot be the next candidate!
!of his. party fur the Presidency. The!
party whichl now holds the :o ces of 'the
• !
federal government, and desires to keep
them,! will' not set up . a man who is beaten
",4efortt the co ittest is begun: They fight
win, not to lose ; and- will. rally round
one who crams froth a recent' battle-field
bringing:with him the trophies of a great
victory. !.
We may expect, therefore, to see a
Douglas! party immediately termed in all
'the states, with its avowed champions and
recognized presses. It exists already : iu
ati embryo state at the Synth ' *as well as
tlie North. It has alreadY celebrated the,
success of its favorite by pliblic rejoicings;
I wider the very windows of the .President)
at Washington, greatly, no doubt, to the !
disgust of its! principal imp ' ate. Already
there are journals in the slate states., Which,
'from the iiNt, have expressed their earn-1
est desire that Douglas might prevail io
the Illineis.electious, and have done their!
best by friendly and ingenious explana
thins of his-opinions on the Kansas dues-'
tins'—explanations whieWhe will himself!
, probably now adopt—to make them accept- 1
Ole :to the South. Ilere in New York
we have federal' office-holders who . favor
the; cause of Douglas with.all their hearts,
and :look to him as"sure•ta be - the muii
, data of !their party at the Pharleston-Con
verition' Will Mr., Buolionan's
tration ' which gave them their places, and
with their', places :their importance and
their Laflamme,. atitldwhich well knows
what they are doing, leave them -where
they at'elt A few days will probably de
cide !' this question. The Tamtnauy or
ganilation in thiS city is known to be
friendly to pouglas, and i will henceforth
link itself th his fortunes._ _ _ _
For the present, then, .Douglas is the
heirapparent to the succession-. - Not only
the hupes of Mr.-Buchanan, but the hopes
of -a hundred others, tunbitious to win a
name 'in history by-fi g urin g as the Chief
Magistrate of our Republic in these days
of its :prosperity, -when, though so young,
it is yet formidable, and though great,
seems growing into a more colossal great
ness; are cruskpd by this successful rebel-
Domilas against what gasses for
orthodoxy at WasbingtonEve.lPost,sth.
Te . the'nbOve we add the following ex
tract from the Post of Saturday
" Douglas has yet to , gain Illinois; he
has the legislature, but not the people.
The course he has' hitherto taken has not
secured him the popular majority. Hu
must take his political creed to a Pew draft
if ho means, to satisfy - the people of- the
free states. ',They will hardly he egnung.
with the. haStard dogmas, by maintainiug
which the equivocal victory, over" tke Re
publicans;- of Illinois was gained. To
brave the Administration successfully, in
a part of Die country where it had already
wade itself detested, will tied was a
muell'easier;titsk than the oue he has-yet
VFWFIVE IShAyE ittrfpli,NED.-=—The
.41 , ,rcuiv of the, equing of the th
ultimo, says
_ " J.' L. Pavia, which &led
on SundliY, last for New York, returned
to ,the 'bay yesterday morning, baying
found a negro on board who had secreted
. .
himself-, fur, the.... : pUrpose of ascertaining )
lint itciriberti - fietki4o means. The bark ,
J. L:,Diti : is i6:4'llegt4ar Mobile and New
Yoil ifaidei . ,;antlAs eountiailded by Capt.
.Satuuel,o,,ljairchtl4. llte . lobileßelii,i- s. l
tii,reutiiii;SllVlztter or not Capt. 'Fair;
ebifd -, .,w,%11--a:444. - ve' .;tt reward . whielt is
justly:: dWnlii - tri - fr.orn ail slaVehold&ic-lie
still lta3ithe . Sati,4laetion of knowing. 'and!
feeling that-he : it:li. dime -all that was his!,
duty, and even more; for, instead, of land- ~'
--1 - ti4 . :tlie - nei' , "•li-ni - Key: West - in siiiii - e - other
point ,in southern, territory.ionveuient . on
his Tonto, 1:7111Cli : .13 II 11 - 111 L: laW required-of
lii ill: he: ttiolied3iiS.- bark - nnd,:lfeffistred to,
the port s ikuut,wheitee the fugitive -
tentpting7t.&;eseal:4 7 ; and 'hived :iiiiii 'in
hands So 'that; lief tnir , ht - be: delivered to
the'pro'per . a.iithoilties and returned tolls
owner.:: : -- .. - - '-' ' •--- ' -
.. - E . V iVe _p aiie the to llowin g
. extrtet
frOnittli:eDn - hutine (Yow.:4/;',.iiiteS Lti iter-:
. . • - . • .. ....,•
al 1, a 1-44. Democratic paper.- 'lt tells
its:'own Story l-: • ~: ~,... • -',
! -THE'IJAi't - STArE •Euterioists—The
tetiinis; he :reported by: telegraph,: of the
. elctioti in PetinSylvania,: Ohi o -and:DO ,
ana; - itiow that the mad course of the Ad
ministration, on ;its Lecoluptort-poliey,•has
met With ' Merited condemnation' 'at I,l*
hands of the pedple. . • '• • - •
It ir:s been lintniliatino to every lover
of true
,prinoiples, and Democratic doe=
I trines, to see an Acituinistration,l- which
I was elected upon those principles ann.
liledged to support theM, turn traitor; both
to*.the 'principles and the party which,
elected itAo polder: It was hard to wit- 1
Um this and yet this is the light in
which - thb mass' of the people now regard
the'Administration, and iu the late eleCi , '
tions the !popular seal of -condemnation
has been placed upon its policy. . .. -. , I
It is plain to" eyery observer that
Administration and its especial organs "are'
solely - to blame for the defeat. which the
Denitteratie party has Suffered now, in the
great States' of Pennsylvania, Ohio '-and
I Indiana. The' Washington L'a lan' itself!
has done more tb alienate from the Sup
t port - Of the AdininiSuration•and to dliguar
Ithe freemen Of the Northern StateS, - than
all the abolition howlers of the entire
!North could• possibly do. Ifs anti-Demo-
I eratie teachings of last November; its
!apologies for fraud and villainy in a neigh
boring Territory, its excommunications of
every one who.did.not fall down and wor
ship the idols iviiiela it set hp, its attacks
upon State SoVereignty, and its' devotoin ;
and subserviency to a miserable faction of
southern fire eaters, while, all the time it I
proelahned itself the special orilan of the
Administration, have gone far to destroy
all . confidence in that Administration. The consequence, is, that on an ripeal to
the balled-box, the people haveeotated
that they prefer the ascendency of ieetion
al Republicanism, rather than such'doe;
trines as have ben - maintained by the
Administratioh and its organs.
We do not regard the result, hawever, l
as a real defeat Of the Democratic party.
It is only a :popular, condemnation of Le - - 1
Democratic principles are still dear, to
the hearts of the people,.and it is becanse
they loye consiste'so and Dentocra4, that
they have thus recorded their verdict
against an Administration which has,, in
their opinion, departed front bOth.
Let the Adtiduistration return to the
principles; enunciated in the cineintiati
Platform, and the Nebraska Bill, and mask,
to proscribe and persecute Democrats, and
the people will again sustain it. 1
(At la ) ,oittr 4nutrat.
Timirs349 31)ccoilig, Ifob. 4, 1858.
Read the article which occupies
our first and fourth pages this week. It
will, zo,dl repay a careful perusal .by any
one—end iS simple enough for the cow
prehension 'of any•sane mind.
1,03 i. We would direct the attention of
our readers, to the Prospectus of 'the
rishurg Da 111 Telegraplt in another col
unit]. Those desiring the Legislative in
telligence of this winter's Session.will find
it an excellent means of Obtainirr it. The
Weekly and Semi-W \ eekly will also' be
foun4 worthy of the attention of those out
of the way of readying_ daily .t.o
Or In the Warren Ledger, of the 3d
inst. we find the following nandsome and
well-deserved .compliment to -Oar' fellow
.citizen and Member of Assembly
T 1
-7—.. kt„ ,
EE ' SPEAK F.B.SlllJNitnough . the
Republicans have a majority in the House
of . Representatives—and fairly spealtitig,
it is .none of our business—e would mig
gest the naine i of LEwts MA NN
Potter county as a fit person for Speaker:
Alf: MANN" :is : a new member, . but is a
thorough parliamentarian and understands,
the. fluties,Of a presiding officer, and i we,
doubt not:would excel in that position in
the next , lElousc, .
Snell compliments come with good grace
from a political 'opponent, and honor alike
the re4ipient . and thelotie who OM them.
There are putnerop Candidates in• the
field who are old roetilb6rs of the : H.ouse,
which renders the selection of Mr. Mann
, •
for Speaker very improbable •; - but there is
qq iniin named thus far, who, in our opin.
le% is npuo capable (aside from 4te fact
of his being a new member,) of piesiding
ore: . alarge sndrespedubie parliamentary
body than lie is and vie hape4he„fuptte:
will properly reward h'
is ability„an 5,
%the •„t'esults of the cl4etions,itl .31-assi;
cliwetB. New Toil; Jer cv lllinois
NVisconSin and Miciiie; t an—erea' in n i) - cla-1
ware-7orr the 2nd imft., are a skree-of
pride - 'andpietiso re—a folcen of confidence
in lthe'intelligence it d, firmiieSS
,imerican tea.:,-se - s
--:-t6 the heart • of` cry
•friend•_of Freedom - in its most modest
seusi3, in-the -World., l They build up, io
. with the October elections, e
funereal-pile for•offieill -prestiroptioo and
dictation that will maze 'even distant mo
narchical 'ty:ants it -the-power of
the people' feo, uneo L n one , Th' • fi n-
ish a pyramid of exultant Freedomll6AS
for i l.BsS- which- is, well calculated to over
shadow the puny opposition its dimple
rtiotr has met with from the central gov-
I Crnruent and its minions. '
. is a 'grand victory for the anti-
Slavery sentiment of, .tbe nation whiliti
leaves no walk (save'in l ian illegible con
dition) of the; espot's.polver----Which.blots
out every vestige of the dormer popularity,
of the man who has b4ught this storm
upon his own - bead by his cringing serv-,
ility to a presumptijus• minority.- . 1 Thi
is the victory just - achieved within the
last ninety days--cOmmenci lig with Maine
in September and ending with the noble
sig of.Nov.-2d. We annex a few of the
atest, footings on the State tickets in the
''several States:
-.NEW. Tonw..—Our table of majorities
is yet too imperfect to determine with
anv certainty the majority on the State
ttacti It will probably fall, short of
Allegany County gives_ a- majority of
2, 400 to, Morgap. ,
MORGAN'S' MAJOiLITY.—A/647:n.y, Nov.
s.—The latest footings here give Morgan
14;000 ta 15,000 Majority. The Assem
bly a ill stand abouti7O'Republicans elect
ed without any uniiin, 30 union members
and straight Atneiicans, and 2tS demo
itharraAN.—C4per's majority in the
First district is abdut 100 over Hoard,
Kepublican, the present lumber. The
whole Republican state ticket, as we pub
lished it on Thurstkay, is elected by front
6,000 to 10,000 nuijority.
li..l4sois.—Fiftpseven counties give
a Reiniblican majority of 25,800. The
majority in the state will rise considera
bly- above 5,000. Were thestate fairly
districted; Lincoln 'would have a majority
in the legislature, on joint ballot.
MASSACHUSETTEL—Returns oftheGov•
ernor's vote have been received from all
the towns in the state but Dightoe-i—and
show the following• result :
Batiks, , 67,013.6
Beach, ,
Lawrence, .•, ; 22,903
Baul't•s's plurality over Bea l clt, 29,142
liau:s's majority over all, l 17,239
_ .
The tienate 41 stand thirty seven
American Republicans tol three Demo-
house stands one :hundred. and
ninety-seveu Itopub twenty-oine
Democrats, ten Straight Atnericaus, and
four to hear from! -
We give in another .column the re
sponses of the two .leailing_ Republican
papers in New York -to the election in that
State. The 4 rcbune and Post took dif
ferent positions as to the policy of the
Syracuse Convention, and the policy ad
vocated by the Post was adopted by that
Hence the exultant Eitrain
of that paperin reviewing the triumph:—
and hence the scornful dissatisfaction of
the Tribune at the extent of the victory.
As to the corredeness .of either policy, we
are not prepared to give our opinion at
presest ; but we think the Tribune should
be well satisfied 4srith the victory of the
Republicans over the Slave-power and its
allies,for such }we deem those parties
who ought naturally to have combined l
with..4s strouge4 foe, and yet allowed
immaterial schisms to stand. between
them and a ei•and combination victory.
The victorysis a grand one, to give it the
least consideratien ;. but, in view nf the
combination against, our party there to
throw it into the hands of the Adminis
tration, we deeni it a greater victory than
any, which , lips ;transpired in the carb; ,
paw of 1858.
—Tho Congre.ssional Election in the sev
eral Stites on the 2nd inst., telulted . as
Buchanan Anti-Buchanan
New;York; ,
New• Jersey, ' -
Delaware * - `•1
Michigan, .
'Wisconsin, • 1
i 4
1, Total, • 7 • 59
The. total result of the Coogressional
eleetions this'
.Nlear, sta.nasslit c)pposltioif
to 36 Admioise i ration..—giving the Oppo.
sition, thin far e , a majority of 75 in the
next Congress,( with fourteen States, prin;.
cipally Southern to elect, whose del ,e , , , ,a••
dons now stand 65 Buchanan "and 19
: S yr
a nose
tpr:e: ---------.t,lifii-eetaetae.!eit.lvt.,,
Opposition:t--:: -. -:.,„ -.7x...=•-‘1: , .i.....,. ;' "•4",.".'...;t,:'" °- --...:—°.::.Z., i '•; . • - • , ‘;-.-- ,. . 4 • ' ~. ..; - ..-3;65, - .77.---...
. .1.1110A114 .
'result as before, - which 17 , 7 . -1 4. : ; ,,r- .
.9.; f k a: : :: : . .
4 -
, s , -,:.- .;
_....;,----..,, ~ .,.:.--;Sil.lDScribe at On.
bltcrtthe -next Congress will iitatt7:9p-!, • - ri - ii - o - i - t- - is, - Viito senate .°
ikisition 130; Buchanan 10.1; : , p _ ion, Etig\ogek 'vr. LIE vILLAG?. FlLACTslt i i n ' -.
l b itQiit '
i, oti
lultr"--Y ---• -'" ' l''' .- ---: 'i '' ------ nifttirlsOic 'mire and subscribe q's otter
'' ' ' '.---t Y 484. • -'• . e '', bcfore t t
15t, , 0
~, , In. Speckmen .copie\ o r - ,',,-
-,..,`, Ile - it AsPlllnPft..---',.1.1terti95,141:7..4513 above, 4as fuit .partienlar g' iven,ityL, - 1 ; 'I
tittil. at ,Ruch es. ! l er a yiiiih,g, mait'fill Tone, ; tO-RUC7II . YtjuNG, Coudersport, pit:lng
f .. ..'. ,. ;ee„ nclAntasement elsewhe
iky4;E s nlls, for the: murder den officer iy lio,
atte.mpted to arrest him. lt., was a fear- rem•uk'es 4x ' ,
ful'„eritne; and aggravated lly . _ innny-eoo7 . •
sideratiuns; but there ii *Eleason fii
suppose that - it had its origin in wnisky.
The - criminal:wasintosieeted'idtlie - dine
heiroutwitted the murder, and had been
I.4oxicated..fe - rnonths: - :::: 1Y hutahe :j dry
will do - with the case is uncertain; they
may cousin - Mitily: Locke ti:ttui gallows, 1
aud_he.may deserve. his fate,, but all who
knew the facts, must know that he is not
the tirstrnoirthe priimipUl- offender.
-drntikaril,.makers of lloneoye Yills 'are
the real Murderers - of Starr. They Mad
dened the loraiii, l and- nerved ;tile arm Of
him who wade the fatal' thrust: Every
grog-seller in . that - village'slimld be tried,
for his life, and if found guiltylof convert
ing an innocent young 'man intOapiirder
, er,.should share ; the..iuurderees. doom. 1
They 'are prineiOls-; Locke : is only An
ehiployee, :These rum-murders are of
constant occurrence allover the country.
It is but a few' days since, in• this city a
min by the natue:of Swift was stabbed to
1 the heart in a drunken row.', Who cum
. _Witted - the murder is plain enough. - 'Our
grog-sellersare the murderers. ....The fool
ish, beastly creatures who, gnizle the in
toxicating slops -of. our saloons -and ruin
holes, are only a.secondary agency in these
crimes.. It is high tinie.that': we took at
the real culprits —Northern Independent
'The "Smack " in School.
The Olowing poetical description of a
district school. incident, Writ. PITT
PAMETt, of New York, President of the
Manhattan Insurance Company, in an aa
6ss before •• The . Literary Society" in
District Selma mot far away,
'Mid Berkshire hills, one Winter's day
Was humming with its wonted noise
Of three-score mingled girls and boys—
Some few upon their tasks intent.
Bat more on furtive mischief.bent ;
And-while the Master's downward look
Was thstened on a copy-book—
When suddenly, behind his back,
- Rose sharp and clear a rousing smack
As 'twere a battery of bliss
Let ofr in one tremendous kiss 1
" What's that?" the startled Master cries
"That, th•ir," a little imp repliers.
Wath if you pleathe
"I thaw him kith Thuthammh Peatite
With frown to make a statue thrill.
: The Master thundered, "Hither, Will!"
Like a wretch o'ertakea in his track,
'With •stolen chattels on his back,
•Will hung 4;tis head in fear and shame,
And to the awful presen. e
. A grent,•green bashful simpleton,
The butt of all good-natured flirt—
With smile loppressed, and bitiph upraised,
The threatener faltered—"l'm Unitized
Thst you, ay biggest Pupil, should
Be guilty of an act, so rude;
Before the whole set school to-boot—
What. evit genitt3 pn{ you to't ?"
""r was she , berAelf, sir," Bobted thel% d,
" I did'nt mean to he so had—
But when Sthltinnali shook her curls;
And whispered I was frAid of giy,ls,
And darsn't kiss's •
I couldn't stand it, sir, at all, I,
Bait up and kissed her.un the :Ipol
I know—hou lino-r ought to hot,
But somehi,w, from her looks-t-hoo boo,
I awn& sheiciud fished 4.1 e
- B r tM. Slik:EllAß, Dentist, of Wellsville.
• Allegany 'Co., N. Y., respectfully an
'n,,unces to the people of Potter! and the ad
joining, Counties:in Penn a, that he is perma
nently established in Wellsville 'and is pre
p u perform the various Jopeiations in
Dentistry. Especial attention i 74 solicited to
his style of insertium ARTIFIL7AL TEETH.
superblr to any other style lino s‘rt, called
" Continuous Gum." Jlll 'work war
ranted. Letters of inquiry promptly answered.
Nov: 10, 1858. H. D: §I.IF.M.AII.
. LL tnOnner of persons indebted to the firm
'Of JONES, MANN k JONEkon book fie:
count will please call and settlelthe same—on
notes confess judgment—or on:Judgment, &-
range the same by the Fisrt bay of De
cember next,-or they will 'receive a call
from Sheriff Taggart or Constable Sehoomn
ker; as soon as they, can get to them after that
time, without respect to persons ;' as we must
have the cash to pay what wo 4ive.
ConderFport, N0v.16, 1838.-1 Ltd
Divorce Notice.
Charlotte 'Watkins. No! June Term,
by her next friend, Day- • 1 1853.
Hollefibeck; Ltco; u Divorce.
• _ i's.
George P. Watkins, Whereas a Sub
pcena and -alias Subpoena have ibeen issued in
this case, and returned Nihil,. the- said George
I'. Watkins, -'Respondent, i 9 hereby notified
and required' to-he and appea- in our Court
of Common Pleas,! at: the next Term of said CouderspOrt, in the county of Potter
to answer the Libellant's - conq .
A. C. TAGGART, Sheriff.
Couderspor,Nor. 9, ,I 858;
. . ,
Ejectaxien.i - Noooe.
Atilliarall. Keating,l . No. ii ,'Sept. Term,
Adolph E. -Borie; i'- • ' 0859: ' • --
..' and - ' 1-- , J In the:CO:ire Or Corn.:
James. NI Wilcox, }- twin •,. I', ens:. of a Potter
E. Fobes and. Seth f AcyiuN ozEiEcisithir
• •
Backus. .•. J Dir . i'l of - cif Lind 'in
Itoulet,township, Potter county, p:i., Contain
ing forty acres. and tiontided'itnd described as
folldws : Beginning atthe.n7th-west corner
of a , lot surveyed, to C. Knorrl op, being a post
in the East line of jot contracted to John Barr,
thence North by said line'Bo ..;oila to a'corner,
thence Bait; 80 rods to'north-ivest corneraf a
'lot SurVeyed' to IfAiet, than 6 South by said
lot 80 rods; thence. West 80 r ds to the, place
of lie.ginning; ',being part of Aarrant.Np.3o2l.
• And now; to wit, September 231, 1858,, on
niodon, oflolin S: Minn, Plaintiffs: Attorney,
rule' On . Defendanis to app'ear'and plead by- the
third day I' next Term, er•Jinlginerit by de.
fault; saidrule - to be lautilist.d.aceirding to
Act, of As embly,l By the Ct) rt., ~,
: ,
. J. OLMSTED, Protb' ,
- Conde ort, Isla. 10,`1854. ' ! -
seventy . .pagtzt , ettoice..nrtieleti-. 4 4,
potty illustrated-splend id Steel Eugrarinzt.
Price 50 cents.. Spot:linen copy scut,-ca re .
ceipt„of.lB.cents, iri stamps or vein. 3illre4
C. L. DEIZBY,iS-18 Brectlway, N.
fiUGli YOUNO, Iloncirarys.,Jecreter,
TrIO - CONSttMPTlVESTtle,ridv.ertl s 6hi t,
jt, ing been restored to health in a few wilt,
by a'very simpldrentedy, after having
ed several yelirs with g severe Luny :firrefia,
rind that : dread - . disease. Consomition,-4
anxious to malt° known to his fellow-snr,
the !means of cure, To all who desire it 1 1 ,
wilt, send a copy of {he prescription tutu 0. 1
of Oargey, with dirt etion:s for proparing
using the.same, which they Will find irit•
Cure for Consimption, Brottclith's,
The only object of the advertiser in tendin
tau perscript ion is. to benefit the aillieted,-as.
he hopes every sufferer will try his remedy, a
it will cost them nothing,. and unav p r „ vt „
blessing.. Parties wishing the presvripde
will please address
10-311 . 10.1, . Long
Teachers': Association.
The nest session of thus
be held in the Court House at Cuudet
on Monday, Nov-15t,
port, canarueneing
1858, and continuing five days. jb
ddys: of the -session- Will -be devoted t.
Tea Cher's drills, which will be eiiiidactu
by Teachers of known ability, while ti
evenings will be chiefly occupied
listening to Oratioue, Essays, Critical Ili
views, Discussionii, &c; Messrs. S. •!
Greenman and Harlan Bird will delire
Original Orations. Misses Caroline Ha.
ley undjennie M. 'Lyman sill read
says, Rev.. J.•ltendrick, C. IL Allen Etq
and Al iss Hawley will. read Criticid E,
views of Brown's neld's anti-Kenyon
Grammars. ArrangementS Will be nia
to render the expenS6 of those who MI
attend from a distance as light as possib!.
All friends of Education are cordiallyi,
vited to favor us with their presence aa
aid, and all welchers : oftlie A.sseciati
are urgently requested to be present.
- .W. A. MON R.OE, Sec'y.
ULYSSES, Oct. 9,112558.
Feve'r, like every otlier form of disease
which the human system is liable, is eons.
by impure humors:' This - heing calmed by n
more raPidiaction of the blood struggling tri
nature ; in endeavoring to cast out of the b
the corrupt matter which is deadly opposed
health. Hence the good and bail humors n
at war witheacb other, and the Comma.
Which -follows causes fever and heat. 1
symptOms of fever arc various; causing lint.
ness, languid, difficult breathing. eyes doll:
heavy, anxietY.„sighing and yen hiug. alteu
fits pf heat and coma After n hick the path.
touiplains cif pains iu the head and bat
thitl , t, nausea - and FiCifileSB, As
the stoinadi, and sometimes votuith:g biUe
matter. Dr. M Arse's Julian Root Pills :men
knowledge& to he astrengtheni lig and deligt
ful medi , •lne fer.all kinds ot levers. They I
only el eari,el the stomach and bowels froim
bilious neltier, but they, 0 th
. eCef , 4ol
ves F seis. causing them to T mtircooouseffudol
train the blood into the bott els, after
the corrupted mass is thrown ant by the IA
oral passage of the body. „All that i 8 mut
ed. in 'urgent roses of fever, will he to tol
large doses. In order to have them ore
thoroughly -by the bowels, take from three
live, night and morning ' until the biter
disappears. After which, from two to
every evening, until well, and you will lict
vineed that this is the best 3vay-, to
rer, he..a use they drive out all ihtlanm.ait
o nd restote the.hody to a stati of seawl btu!
And the blood and other fidaids hill he
thoroughly-purified that diSease in any fob
will be utterly iinpoi..sible.
Dr. horse's ludian.Root Pills aro sa
by all dealers in ;‘Medicines.
D. L. M..L. 11
From New YoOr,
Fall arid 'Wink
Crockery Glasswar e
Also, a good stock of MISCELLANEOUS
School Books
All of a-bich they will sell AS LOW AS C
They.crin belound at all times,
and Sunday excepted..) - at the Store furor'
occupied Ly_D.,BAKER,„
read.* to wait upou,cuptoaers.
f" • • - • • •
N.8.--:=-We have come to the copcislo n,
-- ":RE AD Y - PAY .r
is better Air and . we shall,tb:
fore•iO business on this system.:.
.:••• D. L. & 0. DAN
Ulysses, N0v . .4,•1858,-.4 6 tE •