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50[1ilt :11.11iiitti.
• il„ us eofvur subscribers whOhave•pioni
,3 us WOOD on account of subscription
do us 3 great favor -by • bringing it
s• i m mediately:: We have a bnin:neW
and no wood to put in it.
Y.177;4-411 Independence, N. Y.,
27th. by the Rev. Henry Robertson,
1 1 : Enks L. NELSON, of Middleburo,
. to Miss EMMA, eldest daughter of
.of Independence.
Jf j rprr's Mvcrzine for November is
,ticed-full of gooll things,ope of which
.1 p)ein, on our first page- .The leading
in the number—" Life in 'the
fileeenth. Contury"---possesSes
:Ind literary merit Which rarely
I ts way into Magazines. We Will
oar readers to a part or the whole of
. 15 soon ag we get room.
IL/advertisement of the Sheriffs Sales
.Cmisford county for Noc. 6th embraces
) -iracts," 41 of which are directed
- :24 the property of J. Porter Bran - ley
:c'l km - an in the political circles of
;i-burg, and late Surveyor-General of
state. The entire list embraces 39
Hard times, we guess, iu " Old
IFyou wish to keep your sons on the
you must put more intellect into
farming. A bright boy wants food
mind, as well as work for the bode.
`:rerouting will not satisfy him. :Ile
waling to work when wind directs
:ad. Otherwise you cannot keep
Luc. lie will be off,, e re y ou are
Therefore, read and think,. acd
out Four farm. your boys will stay
call art_ e a .
tlie.l'th inst. a valuable barn with
belk aging to H. H. DENT;
Coudermpurt, Pa., wa.; destroyed
.tite , wurk of an incendiary; lass
two tl.,,,usaul dullars. In speaking
iNemliatickt, the Potter Democrat
: tli act caniat effeet - pceuniarily,a
tuensesceal t as Col. DENT.'
rzlpase that mean•s if a man is rich
no great harm tita destroying his
ConSoling r i: Waf ran
are too . cruel .on our nekhbor,
JAMES. You should not foret
his hot baste_ to got in a big do-e
1 1 ,aany - he f.arg , )t to put any 'sense"
Ld;ine from his paper, '26 it appears
week. cre droalet very much whether
ni any of the latter tai furnish * to his
We trust you will make the
ai:owance in future, de wit.
:7eare within ::ro weeksiof Thanks
and Lever a Turkey or Chickin
us. We lust our turkey last
ntiSt! we were impolitic and fot fish
to anurtu:.e,2 our bac helorie forlorn
] plaintive strains of defiant depend
ju.,t a few weeks previous to the
o..iia:ouwmlth feast-day. Thisyear
tot: t bachelor-any more. That is,
Ifter Thanksgiving. So, don't be
ie send " hub" to town with that
, bbler you have been fattening up
editor's thanksgiving dinner—the
iathurizes the devil to inform the
generally that he will not feel
with the offer of a thanksgiving
If you (:anuot give him one free,-
for-nuth ing, why you can send hiw
2 account of sti'hscription—at, all
send its a 'turkey
orio}L's nnterftit Detector and
.tote List is corrected by Dream
the well known Bankers and Brok!
I is the best Detector of Counter-
filtered Notes, published in this
'7. The November number, issued
T, fully describes Eighty-six New
ffehs, and contains a fac-simile en
of a bogus Bank Note that is be-
Ted to various Banks all over the
. and which is being put into ex
eireuration. It also contains Bev-,
tee of other valuable information
thing appertaining to Bank Notes.l
;e no hesitation in pronouncing it,
complete, reliable and best pub.
of the kind in the United States.
Id be in the hands of every store
in the whole country, and we would
:11 auah to send One Dollar in
for a.. year's subscription, to the
`ll , , and thus subscribe for it at
It is published by T. B. Peterson
hers, O. 306 Chestnut Street,
. Conference Appo Ailments.—
'Wet Session of the Genesee Con
, held in * Perry, we learn fiom the
.kivertaer that . the following ap-
LS were thade for Olean District':
CIIAIIBERS, P. Canmtdea,
,Reddy; Olean, P. W. Terry - ; Rush-
G.hiller; Allegany. W. Gordon ;
Jrille, A. Mclntyre;. Pprtville, S.
cr,r.lond; Ellicottville, 8.. Cooley;
140 , G. G. Roberts; Bradford anti
tte, T. W. Potter;• Cc,uclersport,
Lice; Otto & Mansfield, N. Jooes
& Liberty, E. ‘3l-..- Set-leek ; East
L 11,- Jrusby; linneoge, J. Miller;
), edambvrlayne ; Gowands and ln-
dian Mission: D.. Brooks;; sJltvar,
Wc„lii4rdi FriemiShip, U.; W. .Annis ;
dolilus, T. W. - taton ; 114-
kins; "Cluideti;' , , It fAilfield ;
N.' - Hudson, I II;•-rarristsMili; Opring
vile. A. P. - Curry •,' treffast/j; ;
of Siariiierille
Academy. • • -- _ _
. - -
Machias is:* taken into the Wyoming
District.- C. D. Burlingame for the last
four; years Presiding elder of this 'district
is appointed to Pekin; Niagara Co., N. Y.
We learn that Dr. J. "WINTont, who
has been travelling much for this purpose
lately, proposes to treat our citizens to a
Lecture on "Burns and his " Idnr
ing the first part of next week. ,Some
thing of this kind is much needed to while
away the long evenings; and the - Dr.
conies among us highly . recommended is
will be seen by the following notice from
the Wellsb:Ao' Agitator.
' Da MCINTOSEL—The lecture of this
gentleman on "Burns and his Poetry,"
given iu the Court,', Mtednesday
evening of last week and repeaitell on Mon
day evening last, gave unbOutided satis
faction to our people. The lecture
es not only literary ability of a high or
der, but fine analytical powers joined 'to
that subtle discrimination which invaria
bly characterizes the true Poet-Soul. (The
Doctor enriched the : lecture (if that be
not treason in a Shalisperiiiii sense) with
some of the sweetest of-the poet's lays—
singing "lliudatict.Mary" and "Willie
brewed a peck o' Malt," with marked, yet
diverse effect. He - concluded, with; a re
citation of "Lord Lllin's . Danghter," the
which was received with prolonged ,ap
•, On the succeeding.' evening he'recit ed
a satirical poem entitled "NaPoleno 'Le
Grand" to a good audience s .ot viiielit ! as
is usual in Welisboro, the largely
contributed. The poem is racy with sat
ire and rich in 'that wit which does • its .
work upon the risibles of the Inner, rath
er-than the Outer Man. It,- shioild be
read in the drawing-room, of a winter
The Doctor is an admirable reader.
On Saturday evening. at the titcnt
solicitation of friends, •the Doctor read
Macbeth, and to a full house: The high
est praise we can bestow upon the per
formance is, that it di closed, more of the
animus of that great drama, to our 'per
ceptions, than the vaunted acting of
est. It must be rememberedAhat to ?earl
Macbeth, is to take upon tac`iThands; not,
only Macbeth, but the labors of a compa
ny of Star actors. With these facts in
mind, the performance entities the Doc
tor to high praise as an artiste. • •
He will visit Corning, Addison; iTor
neilsville, Wellsville and 'Coudersport,
next week.
...We bespeak. full houses fen.'
him wherever he may ge, and •ean'a.ssure i
our friends that they will find him ge-1
nial and kindly in soul as the best lays of
his illustrious countryman are genial - in
sentiment and beaming in inspiration.
The Doctor will deliver his entire
course of lectures•in this place, if our
citizens desire him to do so. We
I rust
will be greeted with a - full._housei r tbe.
first night, due announcement of which
will be made by handbills.
ana man was travelling dowm the Ohio, in
a steamer, with a mare and a,two-year-old .
colt, when, by a sudden careen of the beat,
all three were tilted into the river. The
Hoosier, as he rose, puffing and blow;ng,
above water, caught hold of the tail of the
colt, not having a doubt that. the natUral
instinct of the animal would carry him
safe ashore. The old mare took a " bee
line" for the shore, but the frightened
colt swam lustily down the current, with
its owner still hanging Cwt. " Let g of
the colt, and hang on to the old Mare,"
shouted, some of his friends. , "''Plit*e,
boa I" exclaimed the Hoosier, spouting
the water from his mouth, and shaking
his bead like a Newfoundland dog," "its
mighty fine, your telling me to let-go the
colt ; but fur a man that can't swith, this
ain't exketly thetime for sicappiizgliarso."
—State of ..Ifaine, Oct. 6.
~peaitjf L•
rro CONSUMPTIVES.—The advertis!er bar=
lug been restored to health in a few weeks,
by a very simple remedy, after havine
ed several years with a severe Ludy .4ffectfon,
and that dread disease. Cousumptionl- 7 i-is
anxious to-make known to his feliow-sufferers
the means of cure., To all who desiie it he
will send a copy of the prescription used (free
nf charge), with directions fur preparing and
using the same, which they will find a sure
Cure for Consumption, - Asthma, BroacAitia,::Sc.
Tae only object of the advertiser in *ending
the prescription is to benefit the afflicted, and
be hopes every sufferer will 07./1/6 retetedy i ,!es
it will cost them nothing,, gad may pre
blessing. Parties wishing. the preSsription
will please adiwess • -
rtsv . . EDWARD - 4k , IMSON,
-1.0-3 mod Willtamsburg,topg Isiah
- ! !
Teachers' Absoclationt
The next session _of this Society will
be held iu the .Court• House•at Couders
port, conimeneing on Monday, Noy. 15th
.and coatilining. five •days.;. The
days of the session will be devoted to drilli,"which will be condueted
by Teachers of known ability, while the
evenings will :chiefly 'Seen - pied with
listening to Orations, Essays. Critical Re-
views; Discussions, &c. -
Greenman and Harlan Bird Will ' i deliver
Original Orations. Mises Caroline Haw
ley -wad Jennie M. Lyman will read Es
says, Rev. J. Hendrick, C. Hl Allen Esq.,
and Miss Hawley will read Critical Re
views of Brown's Weld's arid Kenyon's
Grammarl. Arrangements Will be wade
..,. . . .
. .
. . . ~, .
' ,-- ---....T,P..4-.1.. 1 _ -7.7.,,-.1----.,. 1, ,,,, • -.,,,,.._, .., ,;,.., ,
~, ~ N. ~,,,,
,I . , ~,,,,.„,,s . ,
...,,,,, , ,,, 4 „, r ,„ .. .„,"„ z4 ,.. 4;7., , A... „, am00r • 31 . t. ,, ,,, , i , . z.., ,,, am5etcAu,..,
, 4 ..... w. ,.. 0ir0w,...
. , - ...
-7 1
to renderlho 7 extiensei:of-thp..4e...whirorty
I ' attend d' '''' ' - 'll — ld '
, from ii istaireaslm t . ,a, pops; o r
All frienk!of Editatiop are - ordiAt t init
rited .to favor tis.viitlkt their presenee.ana,
taid ,' and all _in eiaberg of the' Aisocia iron
arei - araintlirequested to'bo niiment:' .1
' •
..: -.. _ W. 'A. M()ISTROE, svy.
ULYSSES, Oct. 9, 1858' -1 ' '.., , E.
i 1 ~ • , • . ,
. ,
Like all ' nther'irdlammatioti,;is,natil ,-- ed hr inf=
purity of tbe:btood: which' causes all eruptiye
disease's, as sale Rlieurd,'Seurvy.• polls, ri
ce*: &c. The blood being unhealthy. and of
an linninre tiatnre: . also cc 61 , ions Dropsies,
The blood becoming obstructed in the - veins;
the', tinteryl part of the bland in consequence is
thrown out frourtheir.atrimities, and dropsy
is tho result. Many" times iris occasioned by
improper treatment of some; farmer disease,
and the vessels being tilled by Serous huniors i
instead of blood .. Free evaeuitions by these.
pils, open the pa ssage into the bladder and
carry off the corrupted. humors, and renew
them with pure and healthy blood,'which will
drive out of the body all inflammation, to-
getiter witlyeeaptions of • the, - and all 1
dro;mical complaints. • They will be -a shield I
to every form - of disease to gwtrd and keep !
you from the cold grasping hand of death, and I
cause life and strength to remai n ; and the I
councenaneb to brighten with the bloom oft,
b6auly and health. i
i Dr. Moises 'lndian Root Pills are' sold
b y all deal ers in Medicines. I . i 1
ti u( gb4olshuptts.
Working Right !
" HALL() DAN ! - dotArrun
iover a fellerl %1 hat's your hurry ?
Where pin going?" "Why Doci
I am going tip to the GREAT
I EBRO on Main. street--=-
! riean—=to 'get some Dry Gdods
land a few Groceries. I can get
!good Print that never'll fade; for
10.cen4 per yard ; good sugar for
10.• cents. He keeps
. everything
there. :It beats all now cheap be
sells fOr cash. I reckon he'll do
the thing up - about right..
Whol, Sale or Retail just as you
wane to buy--comeiip Ir, " Well
I guesS I 1. want a barrel of
flour and a few tuitions. Haa be
gOt a bicr '' StoCk ?" " - yes he's
got the ; best aisortmen( of - Dry
Goodsj, Groceries, • Hardware,
Crockery, Boots 4. Shies,
CapS and Ready-Made Cloth
ing in the country
All kinds of produce taken in
exchange for trade. ''
P ; A. ST 11: BI3IN S.
Coudersport, Oct. 1858.
fje ei-friN 1)304 Ilimbigifek).
"All young persons should have a standard
DICTIONARY at their elbows, And while you
are about it GET TO: REST; that Dictionary is
SOAR WEBSTER'S—the great work, unabridged.
If you are too poor, ease the amount from off
your back, to put it into your head."—Phre
noloyiea6 Jourzuzl.
From FrOfe.tior, Hamm, of ,the .Univeraily of
If called upon to sacrifice my library, volume
by volume, the hook which I should preserve
longest, except the Bible, is the 4131Enicax
DICTI9Nekr or• 211E'EatiLL9.11 LANGU4OF, by Dr.
Webster. . E. 0. EIAVB.N.
"Every farmer should give his sons two or
three square rods of ground, well prepared.
with the avails of rrhick they may buy it. Ev
ery mechanic should puts receiving box in
some,conspicuous place in the house to catch
‘the - stniy - pennies for the like pnipbse. - Layit
upon your table by the side of the .Bible ; it
is a better expounder than many which. claim
to be expounders. It is a great labor saver;
it Luis saved us time enough in one Year's usC
to pay for itself; cud that must be deemed
good property which will clear. itself oaeo a
year. If you-have any doubt about the. pre
else meaning of the 'word clear in the lust sen
tence, look at Webster's tairtecn definitions of
the v. t."—Maseadhusetts•Lfe Boat; .
'Nearly every State Superintendent of Public
Instruction in the truion, or Corresponding-of
ficer,- where such a one exists, has recommend.;
ed Wearren'a Dfcrios.tuir , • the strongest
terms. .Adong-thern are those of Maine; New
irompshire, Venuont,_ 4assachn4tts, Ride
Island, Conneetient; • Ncw. York, 'New Jersey.
Ventisylvania,' - Kentucky; Indiana: Illi
nois; Missouri, 3lichikan; 'lowa,-Wisconsin,
Louisiana;' California, North Carolina Ala
bama, Minnesota, and Mao Canada,—TWEN
TY-THREE in all. '
• ,
New York has placed 10,000 pries of
Webster's Unabridged in as many of her
public . echools. - • - •
Isc °Ran, 3, - 300-nearly every Erchool,
New Jersey. 1,500 -=-nearly every ech'i.:
311ehigani 2,000, and made Fovision
fur as her schools. • •
Massachusetts has supplied 3,580
'gore thtin fen 'times as many; are sold of
Wet•iter's Diaionaries, as of any Other series
idthis ceau.ti,t.;
At lest 2ur -gas of all_the Schoul-Boolt
published ia this . -country own Web - Aar as
their standaid, !idd of the remainder few ac
knoWlyclge afiy standard. • •
Published by G. Jr. C. MEARLOl,'Spring
field, Mass.
• -
Mit { 3 SOUTUNVORIt, ,
;GEO_IIGE'ARNtiLD;, : •: • _
V,111(41.NI VAUGHAN', -
Mfts: DI: VERNON, , : •
rpLey . :JOHNSON, ' ' '
Write only for the, ,
101 D2l 571
The Nett/ York Weekly GOLDEST PftlzE
k one of the- largest and hest literary papers
of the dayan Imperial - Qtta - rtn,- coamlning
right jidgce, orrtg colnnzn4,. of the mot ipter
estiug and fascinating reading_ matter, from
the very first writers of the "day,
WORTH FROM 50 CENTS TO -..5.500 00,
Wilt be given - to each subscriber immediately
on receipt of the subscription money: This is
presented as a Memento- of I:*r!etitiship. -and
not as an inducement to obtain subscribers.
. I •
One copy for 1 year,lF,:•.:o? and 1-Present.
(too copy fur 2 fear:,3 30 ant 2 Present)
Olio copy for 3 years, bO and 3. •
Onc copy for 5.N-eta's,
1 . . AND vo CL1.11.3. , • 1
Three copies', 1 year, $5 00 and 3 : 0 - - I
Five copies, 1 year, SOO and 5 ''"
Ten copies, 1 year, 15 00 and 10 0
Twenty-oue cop's, 1 y'r, 30 00 sad, 21 g‘ . /1
1 The arti - des to he given away.are comprised
in the following list :
2 Packages of Gold, con- .
tabling 's3oo 010 each.
5 .do do do 200. 00 each.
'lO do do do 4001)0 each.'
luPatentLevertlinttingCas- 1. ' '...
1 cd Watches. - 1100 00 each..
20 Gold Wt.:tulle.% i 73 00 eacb.,
50 do do ; 60 00 each.
100 do do - 50 00 each.,
300 Ladies' Gold Watches, 33 00 cavil,'
'5.'00 Silver iluntiOg Cued . 1
Watches, 30 00 - each.
500 Silver Watches, $lO 00 to 25 00 each,
1000 Gold Guard, Vest,
and rob Cholas, .$lO 00 to 30 00 each.
Gold loekets, Bracelets, Brooches, Ear
Drops, BroaSt Pius, Calf Pins. Sleeve Button~;
Rings. Shirt Stud's, W.itch Keys, Gold and Sill
ter. Thimbles.:and a variety of other articles,
Worth from 3 0 cents to $l5 each.. '
We will present to every person ;sending us
!ICI subscribers, at $2 each. a Gold W.a.c'a,
Worth s4oi ta'any one isending . us 100 sub . ,
Scribers, at.s2'each;:t Gold Watch, $99. Ev
ery subscriber will also receive a present:
! Immediately: on receipt: of the - =Joey ; the
subscriber's name !will he 'entered - upon our
hook, and the present will be forwarded with
in one week. by mail or eipress,post paid.
' All communicatious sboitl4 . be ad-:
dressed to 'DEAN Si. SALTER,'
-Proprietors, 435 Broadway, Sew York.
A:beautifully lliustratei? .Monthly shed,
and a Paper what- is a Paper,
A budget of Wit, Flutnor.• Pacts; and Scenes
drawn from here you are, right away,
right away, Brouduiy, firoaixay„ right up!"
Only Fifty Cents—jump in nod take a ride.
Once seated in our ...01INIC CS." we will endeav
or to:both amuse and instruct you,
end give
you, in the course of the year,' at least lifty
cent's worth of Fun flail useful; informaticin.
We' , will show you up Broadway, clown -ihe old
Bowery. through Chatham and tbe other prin
eiple streets, giving you ranple time to see the
Elephant and get a good peep -at the Peter
Fun's, Confidence Operators, .k.c. &c. We wit
show you the city by day light, by gas light.
by Moon light, by cai.dle light, by star light.
and will 'drive the - Oltsiscs '-to some parts of
the city where there is no 1;011 We .wiil en-.
dearer to on all. the tricks and ; traps
of the groat metropolis,.and also amuse Many.
an hour ; with interesting reading mitater.
" Throw physic to the drigs." lf you have the
Blues, the Dyspepsia, Gout,
.Rhe,mnatisu, or
are unfortatnatelytroubleti with. a scolding
wife, we hill gua Mee to tnakeiyou forget
your troubles, laugh almOst against your will.
and grow ra. Everybody should suhicribe to
the "Ousters' at once.• he " -
Oumans" . vill make its appearance on the first
of each month. filled with aniasement and in
struction for all. Price, Fifty Cents a year,
in advanc6—three copies to one addres; One
Dollar ;.the cheapest paper in the Stites! Who
will get us two .subscribers nud receive one
copy free? All corumnaicapons should be
addressed to CHAS. P. BRITTON,
Ectitbr "BrotlP.4-ay Omnibus,"
10-nt.297 Pearl Street, ti. Y.
, .
efuvi Received,
A Large ancli Compl.ete
Fall Anti- Whitet
DRY 10018 i
Hardware, Cutlery,
'4;l. arga S
Coutierspott, fiaptt - 14, 1858
have rtm the well-kr.orm
fur Ric last tiro years, taive rade
a general fitting, .up omtsidt! and in, and
filled it up to:overflowing with , - ,
OR00,1111117S:k PROVISIONS
BOOTS 4:S : 11.0 E S , a gepearal tariets - o
Harai,vare& OWt.lerv..
comprising all 'things necessary\ foFamilies,l
Ntill3, Mechanic - 3, fartnert. .we are
hound not only tit Regulate ; but to( beat the
crowd in the -
in thie town_ anil,olean.Otte - of the firm Inv
'trig lind OVEII 20 - YE IRS'' R.,.,PEP.IE,'NCE in
ry facilities, we, inow , ll-e' eau- ' - '
B::•A'-JGK.- . : 'ill - - P
our statemeuts, and everybody is invited to
test•the truth of the same..
farniFl Orefebants and Pedltirs CHOICE
STYPEEFINK FLOUR at 54 -141ib1. ; SALT at
:51,753 Tine YOUNG-111'80N. TE:, 374-ets.
ChoiC:e. WHITE FISH and TROUT 3-4,50
BEST NAILS $4,25-' l 4. keg,—other
(things in proportion. We can do you good,
and expect to, receive pay for our labor and
I Investuc•nt by selling large amours, in the
wholesaleway, to 'Merchants, Note/6; ?rail:::;
We. are -a ware that every Picaniuni
;tells the aurae ; yarn; and udyertise. tra _times
more than. they hare or can do • but coup and
,see it.:, and you will sac,.'. .
E. P. c3..411E--one of the firm—bas
built a.'
8 OU ani 5- 4'
• •
Banking -i)frace
adjotninb the storei and i%.prcTured to furnish
for this country, Englund. TreLual nrol . Scot
14nd, make Collections A' iteuilthnces. all
014 ?, E : 11 3110 if E. H
at its value,.furaisii Gold and Sdrtr; Sc., and
other things growiug out of th'ultdshics..
LOCATI4)N—F , mt of I'L.INK.-itOAD ST..
on the Rail-Road Track.'
Wellsville, July. 7, 1838.-19:31:tf:. •
3lrs. MtiNTAGLT. for many, years atirciteil
trith"nruA Of the 'diseases that are con inon to
fmsles; spendiag a largeesfortune in ten years
idtrying tae ditierent means of treatment for
ter relief, to no avail, wns pr4Vailed upon - by
Many of her-friends to visit cOba, :Deem:Ober
'33, for the purpose of regaitiiitg ber
health. He- there,she obtained a preimip
thin from a Spanish Physician-- -
"Whose Silver locks
Were tending to the griare." • r' •••
'Fith which, through the -merry of God;, she
was'restored to her youthful iiie;;lth.. . .
After her return site mtde 1 knowri to htts'•
dreds of her female sufferers tfm cifeets of the
remedy with eqoillf great success.
- - This eitraordinary medicfle is offered to the
public for the relief and cure I f all the painfil
and dangerous, discuses to women
and root the.femile corOtittnion is subject to.
To those suffering frolin "F',rolapsus
Lticorrhoeli—Artriio:rhoea. Melorrliagia, Dys
nienorrhoca-Chlorosis, a 'speedy care can be
Tothose suffering frotr.FalUng of the Womb
or t - terinc-IVeakness of aoy ltiud. the Female
Cordial is especially'recamineit led. It is war
rinted'to cure this -painful disease . if perse
vered in. .
' , An all spinal anctiona, in - the region
of the Paris, LorrneSs of Spirits,,
Sick-headache. and Ml tiles& diseases arisin_
from the peculiar of'women. the
Cordial will be found o: an immense value:
This - medicine moderates ail excess, and re
moves all ohstrurtion ; it invigorates- the de
biliated constitution for the duties of-lifc,n
when taken in tniddle age
.pro'ves. a blessing.
Modesty fo'rbid.:".us. in a tlublic -daverise
ment, to make full the details; but the,wrip
per around each letter will fully explain every
case. • •
- Merchants. females. or others, by s , •_‘r ding
three cen:t stauip; can'itave,any
respecting the operations of the raed -
Agents *anted la every vill.Tge in the Uni
ied States." Put up in half pirttbottles; $2.00
per bottles; 50 per cent. off to tile troJe. t ali
orders Moat be addressed to
-_ • Dr. J. D. STO.IMROAD,
-I • .
Dg. 0. mars ipowitr, • !
- was for Years so badly afflicted by'Dy'spep
sia, that: fur a part of the titad he watieruthneci
to his , bed. 1-fe : Aras eventithily cured by a
prescription furnished him' tv_ h young -cla,r
voyant girl,
..This.preiCriptiOM.givbn him by
a mere child; While in a state of .trance, bas
cured' - everybOrly who has-taken it, never hay . ,
lug filled once: '.hilt equ;lllr..a. - sure iri:ea scS
of Fersas.o.f.Dysprests. , . The Lig.redients .. -maY
be found in any drag store. „'I will send this
valuable prescription to :tiny person oa tho
receipt of tine stamp ,to• pay povtaite: 2 .A e
dress -.;•". - DR. - 0. PIIELP:i DR CAVS, "''.
. : ' No. 21 Grandstl,'Jerrey - Oityfli. J.)
i-3 mos., inside.
22. cuff Street, New-York.
st.ouTaGrene. 4•17 •
.01:1:s.5",,Wlite Toe Chernistz, Drtizeist, Pes•
furners,lThOtographer , i etc. Green Gl:tss sate
5y the ri - aelthrgts.. A literal dise-ount- made
- the tr:ade. Prde.rilronk Conntry Drugg,ist3 and 4
Dealers solicited. f. Price Lis s.ient appli-
F OR TH E 4, porrEit JOURNAL.",
A, - , - 0...-V.f , ,..11.:' : ..T. - :1 N..'
1 1
- 1 r-P
-. , - .1... •.- -1: __,,-,.,'
PV . /7 . 00,3P.GU., PA, - -..•- -,.
.c iaßp ., RED ,l"_,46.3t.
• . 300 Studer.ta attending January; 1,4*....p1a
)".../Wllle larke3t, and most thoraugh:,;%4-
, alercial School of the I.7Mted State 3, Youpg.
men pierared 'for. actual duties of tli4 05.fun1...
lag Rama.,
J. e t S..arrn, A. M. Prof, of Dook-keeplug' , dit;d
_ Science of Accoaut3..• -. - , ..t. 4 . _4,4,-
..3,.. T, pournErr, Teacher of - 2k.riihraetl44tnal
Commerci4 Cakelation, •
J. A. 113..yaracc. sr .1.1 T. C. •JENIKINS teFlirs
of B4A-kcepiag. "..,
- A L10v.: . i..1.--c nod w. A. Manta Prof3, - Of Phi
SINGLE AND - -11100 S.
, KEEPING, • • ',": 40 t3
. • s isetl in rery department of,buslie4-4 .
• - couNTErs.Err •••
Are . tatight,':ind subjeavtit64
sary fo,zithe success ayiti l frioroughecip,c4 ., *,
- of a practical p,a.thless:ll - air,,. ~8 11 .1-
1 P.ll E 5.4
Dr. 116 all the prentlums
the post three ye,r3,- also
:n l;as:cruttncii}c~-
tern-Cities., for
tri:ORTAITI" IBTFOtiqkTldtit.,
Students enter rft any tinp--No yaqat,i9l. 4 L-
Tinie unlirait6 - 1-frneview ztt
ztsiisted i 6 obtaiaiallsituatiOds=Tol
(ion for fell Cianrrieicial CoirspiSs..s. - tio;
craze tiinc 8 to 112. Boht.d,
week ; Stationery $6,00--Eutire
to S;0,00.
Sene received at half
-Fur '1!1' - ZIA;
neis and °mai:lentil' Writiiig,--inclos4 1 - 11 A
Stalllpff, mid 'ti)
. ,
W.[JENKINS, Vittsbur,;l4:F!er-
10:0-41 -1
A. 'Card "1e roro Dr. .11:tim U
.Ifarret of the Neu - Voril" Lting
nikfirinary.4..)iyconnectiqn f' t!refiis'3t.
-eight veers with !the above Institutioil, althlef
and al twelve
,years' coluseof-steaalir
devution to the cure of ruhrt mary C011 . :i1J11(4•
1 ,1:11d• . its kiidred, diseases, togetfief-7.ith
ntr unritithed oihlortunitles and advaritagisZf
pstholeglc..l earvit—.laided not a Ilftl. -4 -b? . it,
perfect system of 11.•c/teal
;.,bled me to art-l i ve at ni decisive,
.qirce.t,llned .
successful course of tre.atment for. the posititao
and radian-1 core of ail diseases Of 'tlieri;c;tzi,
Lls.j.r. and Inhalathm„l'lltp,
vapor an.l curative properties of Medielhei arra
directlf addressed to the diseased org,tuts - abt..
the inteaments• Ido not advise •the ,yee,•
Medical - Inhalation of any kind_ to the etciuc
sloe A,fieneral treztmen(; And althowillt recat ;
eider it a useful adjuvant in the props; m+n
agement of those fearful and ofteri'.fittardisie
eases, yet I deem it very neees.4ary: that 'each,.
patient should have the benefit,of, hoth getto-fd.
and local treatment. The success of nry l treat;
met inane above diseases,
neter of the Instltution over
hin,g had the lltinor to' preside:,. tirequo. l 4--4
known to need :any eulo - .or coialficr:t•fiaro%
toe. At the solicitation Of. nrtrty privu.itaettitt.
pr..tfessional friends, ,througlipill}
taro; is aid the 'above ciaarity'laio
and liberally supported, and after
T have col:eluded toTtittlk with` 4‘tili
rargements as will bring...the benefits..of
e:rperiettcertnd treatment within the Teaela . 4
all, and nut confine .myssf,,es beretofore,,,9-,,nly who entered the InfirrnarY,..6l-IWh
`, were -.hie to visit.' me at my - ofileet 'rpao
.liereforc that - the a rrqn velment -kill:give
iarisftction, both to my , profnesioriaddliethraiii,
and the public. I would respectfullyNariont4
ist con,lasion, that /can F?;.):r be ccilgtti?driez:.r,
.ori . or kv lef!;:r, od, diseases:fie 'ab6ib;" -
nod . thatthe meal: bars; the s:ime 'esS
thelastittien, prertered'io suit enehin?.ititill;
cal case. Ali:zit:lg i r dpors,l-VviicallihtticrejAc4
Stc.," W.ll be forwarded by express
the Uinited States ur the Catiatlts„,Tzmis F ae
ternis'of trtlatmv:A letter are as
2 pair raouth for: 'each patient,i:ti-liii'
will inclodh medleincagtolicient tor one trhirillilit)
. also, InhelLig Vapor, and en rnh:tijtt '
Apparatus. n . tyt.'ldn foliows • $6.- to 144-
paid toExpress Agent on receint,the
of Me.lichie., and thedialar.ce. Si tci h'e'paiitkd
the expiration of the montli..if the - patititit±b4
cured or is'. entirely 6.tistied•with.:the:. tre2.o)
rnent. Patients. by 'giving a fall - liiitent94
their case, and their : s3.-mittoms infair t nap s l24,
tre,-.trd as well by letter as by iiirsoonl. ea ra
illation. Patients avvillin . ,r= tif.,l4-
,Thisett's treatment rosy rely
awl pert:its:zeta CitirOnli :has , *
tieat a case over. thirty days.,,z, Letters foritrit l i
prompt:3- answered. : .I'or further. parfie l .,
ulars address
ti .2.() Brnaiwas, cor. T*6lfth.'SC,N.-1:"€
P...3*- - :—Traysi:lans'an4 dthere Yrs;ling the
city ere respectfully invited toedit bridle
tirmary. where inaby interestink. caFes ; cacti°
witucs ,, ed, and where our improved _ up:un:ll,44i
for irthal4tioa of 'medicated ralidr
seen and in-pected". ' 11:2-:Cmci •
-O NT .IVI A Nl4 Q.O_D L . :Lz
TORRH(E.i, 4x.,. WITHOUT .
THE - A-,
CBS. Pttrmaram, the 6th random,. in - a". se4e4" •
eveloPe, gratis and mairel to any ticitire - sa;:l
post-paid, on receipt of twcistataps' - ": , :14
This little work, emanating froth-a cejtabiii.w
ted member 'of the 'medical profession,.:givit.'
the most important informatitin ever putt:Wtted;
to all persons entertaining_doubts of', their,
pi l ysi,cal condition, or rho tiie -rains - CiOns="43l,
'taring hazarded their hetdth anti ha : ppineit.r..L4"
contairam; tho partirulays of an er.tfrely
and perfect remedy for :Spertriatorrhea
Seraimd 11"eakedss i Debility, :Feryousnr:pn,'De:4'
preseioa of 6pirits, Lev' of Energy;
lavoltintary Seinifial Dischaige:Tna-.
paired Sight and Memory, Blotches mad •
ple.3 on-the Face, l'ilei,i-Indig'estion. Palpita;' , -
don of.the Heart, end I3pdily Prosirettion.:2ot
the whole• induclitg
mental - am.: physical ineaitttri;-y,-b}• ine:anss%
evc Ty orm.may enre himself privntetz,,
pt net cx.prme. • •
• Ad.lresY DR. C. R.LIN
enue, cor. 19th street,. Nev York; Po:st:Baztit
N o . 45sG. , [?-'4 mo., inside.]
AftRANGES AND LEMONS-jug receltid
10:3 NV /L.& 3. IL GRAVES.
Et 23