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ii?;_ ... :,''‘iitli'r:t iiiiitit_.4;
AY ADDRESS gill be given : at the Court
House thts.'(Wedecsday); Owning in be
half of the Slate Society engeged in the
Saila of the young folks of our village
are - tnaking:preparations to have a grand
Independenee .Ball an Friday evening
July - 2nd . , at the Court House. This will'
afford:an eicellent opportunity to those
• I
who - are fond of." tripping the light fan
tastic toe," to, exhibit their proficiency in' :
the •art:: _ :
The Sons of Temper . ance of this ; place
are L. oing to celebrate our, 82d National
birth-day in good style. They have .en
gaged' a Brass-Band_ for - the occasion ; al
so, a first-class speaker Wm- Nicholson,
Esq., of Philadelphia. . The Sabbath
School celebration and picnic comes off
in the forenoon, and the - children are to
he addressed by a Speaker from abroad.
The Committee of Arrangements of the
S. of T., have fixed upon 2 o'clock, P. M.,
*s the hour to listen to the °Address' of
Mr. Nicholson. The general arrange
ments of the Committee not being com
pleted, Weihre not able to publish the pro
gramme of the day, as we desire. A hand
bill containing the programme will be
posted in due time. We were near for
getting to mention that Saturday, the 3d,
is the day on i - shich the Fourth of July
is to be celebrated in this place.
Youth - is' a glorious invention. White
the girls chase the hours, and you chase the
girls, the months seem to dance :ivy
" with down upon their feet." What a
pity Summer is short ;—before you know
it lovers become_ deacons, and romps are
grandmothers. And just so it is in the
mechanical arts—Change following change.
Ten years since our sewing-machines were
livingonoving, adhizate things, (begging
Goold Browne's pardon,) done up in calico
and rags; and having necessity fur a mo
tive power—now, the thing is different,
the machines being lining, moving, bum
imqte things, done up in iron: and wood
with mahogany finish, and-having a deli-
cately molded l and,gaitered pedal motive
power. The choicest machines being
those manufactured by the Grover & Ba
ker Cu., of New York, See card.
Hole to fell the Weather.—Some one
writes to - a late' AnTicultural paper as foi
lowi, in regard to weather-seeing—the
only difficulty With our comprehension of
it being this: Suppose there were no slouch
at all in sight, what would be the result
of an observation after this writer's fash
ion ? But here it is, for what it is worth:
" When you wish to know what the
weather is to 1:), go out and select the
smallest cloud you see; keep your eye up
on it, and if it 'decreases and disappears;
it shows a statei of the air which will be
aura to be followed by fine - weather: bat
if it increases in size, take your great coat
with you, if yoU are going from home, for
falling weather will be not far off. The
reason is this :-Wheu the air is becom
ing-charged with 'electricity, you will see
every cloud att6cting all lesser ones to
wards it, until !it gathers into a shower;
on the contrary, when : the fluid is
passing off or diffusing itselfithen a large
cloud will be seen breaking to pieces and
dissolving." .1
On Wednesday evening of last week,
we attended a re l eeting of the Literary As
of the Coudersport Academy,
which is compos;ed of the students of both
sexes, and at which Essays and AddresSes
arc read by the Utembers. We were much
gratified bj . the [exorcises of the evening,
and listened with much pleasure to Es
says by Miss Tore and Miss Ensign, and
to 'the following Address of Mr. S. S.
Greenman of IlAron township, which we
solicited for publication in,urder that the
people of the cotru - tTyv may have au oppor
tunity to judge of the Academy by its
wiozks. We defer until next. week, any
further remarks, for want of room; asking
that our readets will give the address of
Pr. Greenman a carefUl perusal ;
In the for wards which I shall say to you
this evening, I do not expect to convince you
,of the falsity of this saying, "There is no new
thing under the Sun ;"for,. - whatever of ,origi
nality there niny , yet be the world of ideas,
izi..s6 deeply ',Tilden in the labaryriths- of
'Thought ; that'ivy not hope to trace it out.
pence, you will lint be disappointed in listen
ing to a few dull and prosy ideas upon an old
Aud dry subject, wiz.:
In bringing this Earth and its inhabitants
into being, the ereator saw lit to establish cer
tain conditions and principles, and between
them to institute certain - relations so that giv
en_ results should follow. These conditions,
principles, relations: and results, are called
T ;Tim_ .I.'Acriirdirrg:_to : Webstdr; hj'irnth, is
rear facts or: just principles ; the real state of
things." This is -- the abstract quality; and it
is one of the grandest - subjects of .thunght—
extensive us the Universe; yet capahle of being
swilled in the minutest fiarticips of-created
matter. Present in the'Worivings of the might
jut intelltAls,and equally pice t ent hi the feeU
jest 4 affOrt:s'of milid'of the untaught infant,
t pervades The'Wheole, tinehanging and atn4- I
ing as' the Source from'whiek it emanated.
But; Theory/however grand and sublime
it may be, is .ever useless :"until it is
brought down froth the giddy heights of Ideal
ity, where:lt had its -birth, and 'domesticate&
amidst the dust and toil ';of loWer world
and made to lend its aid 'to those who stand
in need of it,—so - l'atTvM• 'which • includei all
correct: theories, is devoid of all practical Im
portance until. it isexempliEed; and rendered
a living force, • in' and . by the lives of men,
But I see that my subject is too indefinite,nn&
I will amend it so that it shall read-31coaato
By moral truth, I mean the: facts and rela
tions of Moralit, Ad Virtue ;! in other words. 1
those relations which Man !sustain's to mat and
his Creator; and_onelives brolight into con
formity with those relations Will be their ex
emplification. As truth, in its. largest sense,
is practically worthless so king as it exists
only as a theory, so moral truth existing only
in idea is - - not only', worthless but practically
dead. But Ciampi dead, it. spe.aks to our con-
science, and with illeut accitsdtiOnS, reprdves
us fur not giving if life and vitality. ..
In Seience - and . Art, the practical measure
of every discovery and invention is the results.
produced by it, and the benefits flowing from
those 'results ; and with equal justice we can
apply to moral 'truths the same measure,—
I hence, they must be judged of according .as
they snake makindlbetter. But, as Truth of
itself has no living force; and , receives anima
tion only through ourselves,' it follows that
ixstead of appiyidix;this measure to truths in
the abstract unly,.ive mast also apply it to that
troth exemplified by our lives, and, - conse
quently, to ourselves as individuals. A per
son may. have the: clearest views of ideal :myth
.--be eloquent in advocating it, and-work him
elf into cestaciedoter its grandeur and beau
ty—yet, if that truth does not speak to his
conscience in such a way as to effect his every
day life, the moral 'measure of that. man is be
low what God will require of him.; - •
It is not a ileasant tiiug to point out the
fillings of humanity, yet it is impossible to
shut our eyes to the fact that massy, very many,
belong to that class of Whom it has been writ
"They see the• right, ;;-and yet the wrong
pursue." .
Of such characters history is-full—men whose
I clear perceptions could dud did see the evil-of
their lives, hut whom the love Of that evil pre
vented from forsaking it. I will hall your at
tention to one instance, of this kind in connec
tion with men of our own country,
and beg
your indulgence while am personal.
14:member three of the greatest characters
in our history, namely, WAsitiNuTo,
i and .11.:FFEaSUN. Tii(• first said, "1 long fur the
time to conic when slavery shall lie abolished
by law;" the words of the second 1 cannot
reinemher, but the sentiment was that he was
convinced /Atha juju Mice a:id evil's of that in
stitution ; while Ji..FrEnsox records his convic
tions in such words as thee: "I tremble fur
nth country when I. remember. that -God is
just." luil yet, these three ,e. - reat men lived
and died tSiave-hullers, thus airing to the,
world the powerful effect of their example Id
favor of that great sia ; for the Bight a jC ( l.v
empty words—t,r the 'Wrong their7 - ing
deeds. But they are not those of olden imcs.
or the great of our own country onlyorho are
found in this class. Far from it? ;ft nth has
its delinquents in every age, and i/every sta,
tion of life.
But all are not equally deft tent who fall
below the mark. Take those whir live and
act according to the best of their knowledge
as the unit of our stand:l4 and we shall see
some whose truths exeiinilitkdo will be ex-
pressed by onc-juurdi y , solue by onq-lialf, and
some by thic,4l.oardo,; yet, who among us can
say, "My measures is Ontf‘vaY in which
people.often fail tO e:;emplify what they fi.el
convinced is truth, is by mksively approving
of wrong performed or advocated in their
presence, thus cbuntenancing the evil, and at
the same time ignoring their own individuali-
ty An evil deed should alWays be. reproved,
and wrong principles sliozild seldniri be con n-
tenan , ed by our silence when advocated in .
our presence—especially when that advocacy
it intended for our particular benefit. The
man who feels the dinity of the existence'.
God bas given Pint, will be not merely pas
sively, good, butt living , moral fiwce. lint e
do not always know whit is; Truth. We can
live to the best Of eur knowledge, yet, in so
doing, we may e,Kemplity falsehood instead of
truth. Yet it is tlir better to err on the side of
Relson than Coiscience. - When the former
leads cstr ty, the:consequences may, indeed, be
fearful; yet, the; wrong done being uni2ten
tional, leaves the moral perceptions as clear,
mid the moral feelings as , sensitive as ever.
But when the latter is sacrificed, our moral
natures are bentimbed and deadened: Renew
this oTering to sin hut a few times, and that
warning-voice is hushed, and that mysterious
light, that was Wont to voids us through dark
places. goes out 'forever. We_ must purchase
truth dearly, but,'having once found it; we
must liCrid to it its the sailor does to the spar
that keeps' him from dr.Arning. geed, ever:
heed, the smalle.4 whisperings. of Conscience ;
" Its slight6 , t touches, instant pause,
' Debar all side pretanses, .
And resolutidy keep its law, '
Uncaring consequences.."
Follow its guidance'in the 'exemplification of
Troth, and he happy.
495 11110ADWAY NEW
..: — '2.?" These AI 'chines arc now justly ad
mitted to be the best in use fvr Family
sewing, making anew, strthig, and elastic
stitch, which will Nor rip, even if every
fourth stitch be cut. Oculars sent on ap
plication by letter. Agents wanted. 1:33.
gfilx 'abinitisfmtittes..
HE citizens of ULYSSES and'yicinit3'-n ill
meet on th 6 sth of Juiy, .htst., to
Commenizuorate our Nation's Birth-day. Ora
tion by SETII LEWIS, Esq.,--Masic by the Juv
eniles. ULYSSES.
TA •W. SPENCER is Agent for many attic
most popular Medicines now in use, a
few of which hie - will mentinn :
Sc., cicc.
ta=',l:ll.. Stafford ‘t Eo;'s Olice Tar is ap
plied and inhaled by wearing ,on INHALER
around .tho neck and on the - breast._ His ()L
-ITE OINTMENT is applied where the 'skin`
and is a popular remedy where
(1.09 - tLEar:thiklYhooping Cough.;
Rii . le:4 . , :6 l tid.-R - gt.11..000.5.. 7 :- .
. ,
patter Cri. Agadir rat pattruit rat ,t7riecittli
Wednesday and Thursday, October 1393. ez 14th, I
. . .
I. All Animals,. to be ehtitled . to.compete for PrOniiiims, shall hay . been', kept
and owned in the County, by.tlie persons presenting. thein,;,`at 'leaS four months
preVious ta the Annual Fair, and all animals, excepCbreedingitock shall have been
bred and, raised in the County; 'but when Working Oxen - .or Maiched Raises or
Mares,are enteredfor.Prenduins, they shall be eligible if ;he Was raised' in the
county. .
11. No person or persons shall be permitted to compete'' ,i a Premium on any
article of Domeetic Manufacture, or Butter or Cheese, - unj -.3 the same shall have
been made or manufactured by such person or persons, r his or their family or
families, within the year that it b hall
. be offered far a p • emilini. , - .
111. Exhibitors must become members of the So lety and have their articles
and animals entered on the Secretary's book on or afire the day next prece.ding
the Opening of the Exhibition; and all articles an animals must be brought within
the enclosure as early as noun of the first dayo exhibition, in order that they may 1
ifbe suitably arranged. The Managers do not), tend to ASSURE any exhibitor who'
' NEGLECTS these requirements,.that his artiOes can be submitted to the Judge's
While every effort will be made to secure - lie examination and proper notice,of ev
ery/ article on exhibition, justice-to - those who comply with the rules of : the Society
requires that they shall in all eases fir receive attention.
1 lii. Articles or animals removed r e ceive
the - close of the' Exhibition (except by
permission of the Pre3ident) can n receive a - Premium, though awarded. ..
V. Should any individual en ran animal in any other name - than that of the
lunka fide owner, the person in ing such entry shall not. be allowed a premiuiu
should one be reported by th Judges, and shall be precluded from_ competing at
any future exhibition of th Society.
VI. Persons entering lock- of the age of three years and under, shall furnishj
the Judges evidence of e: time when the animals were dropped, to be filed by them
I with the Secretary; a d the ages Of animals above this, to be given on making
i their entries. • .
, .
VII. The Jul esshall in all eases withhold premiums where the animal or ar:
tide is not wor47, though there be no competition., .
VIII. No pi•eininins are to be awarded to Bulls, Cows,- or Heifers that have
been fitted fthe butcher—the intention of the Society being to promote the rear
ing of superior animals for breeding purposo.
1.X.-. Whenever it shall appear to the Judges that articles of superior merit have
1 •
been presehted, not.noticed in the Premium List, they
,shall make special report
thereof ° the Board of Managers. . .
- X! It is particularly desired that no persons shall be present while the Judges
,:are ,/ ekarnining the Stock referred to thew, except those taking•eharge of the mil-.
!dais, unless by special request.
, ,
CAT 'l.E.—Native and Improved Breed.
Best Bull, 3 years old and upward, of each,
do 2 do do do
do 1 do . do do
do Calf
Best Heifer Calf,
Best Yoke of Oxen,
Second best Yoke of Ox.en,
Be,t Yoke of Steers, 3 years old, • -
- r3est Yoke of Steers, 2 years old, -
Best yoke of SteerS, 1 year ola, .
Best Training of Steers, in each class, by Boys under 16 years pld,
Be,t Mach Cow, - -
2nd do do do
[To be kept. on Grass \luring the experiment and for two weeks prei,
trial—each period to be of 10 days, and at intervals of not less than o.
6tmenient furnished to contain—the„ Age and Breed of Cow ; time of
Milk in both weight and measure, and also the weight of Butter, 11110'4
Batter made to be exhibited at the J'air, and also the Cow. Statemen
affidavit of the competitor and at least one other person having a knoiN
Best Cheese—nut less than 10 lbs., . -
lIORSES.—Thorovh-Dred—Draught—Rr All lro
Best Stallion, of each, - - - - -
Best Brood Mare, of each, (with foal at her loot) 4 y'rs old and
Best Gelding, of each, 4 years old and upward - -
Best do -do 3,2, and -1 year old, etiOli, - -
Best Mare, - do do
Best do 4 years old and upward,
Bea Sucking COD; - -
Best Span of Carriage-Horses, Matched,
Best Span of Draught-horses, - •
Best Span of Mules, - - - -
.• , , 'SHEEP.— Long- Woolccl—lfiddl-Wooled—lreritios—Saxons
Best Buck, of Caeb, 2 years. old:and upward, • - - -
Best do •do under 2 years old,• - - : -
Best Pen of 5 Ewes, 2 years old and upward . - -
Best Pen of 5 Ewes, under 2 years old, . - . - -
Best Peu of 3 Buck Lambs, - - - -
do ' ilo, Ewe • do ` - -
Best Samples of Wool, not,less than 5 Fleeces, -
[Samples of each to be deposited in Museum of Society.]
Best Sheep Dog, 7
, . SWINE. :.
Large Breed, which will weigh. over 350 lbs.l Sraalll3recd, which will we
at mature age ' at mature
Best Boar, 2 yeais old and over. 1 year old, 6 months old—each
Best Breeding Spw, 2 ytetrs and over, 1 year old, 6 months old'
_ 1
Best Sow, 6 motiths and under 1 year old, - -
Best Lot of not less than 5 Pigs, under 6 months old,
Best Cured Ham, - - -
[The Haw to be cooked and broug,ht to the Exhibition with the skitto
with a statement of the mode of curing.]
Best Lot, (not less than 1 Cock &-2 Ilens, j Native & Improved
[Of Dunghill Foists and Guinea liens, a lot of not less than 6 will be_rbquired
Best Display, of Pigeons, . , , .
Best General Lot - of Poultry owned by one person, . • 1 •
Best Farm,
2nd do do
3rd . do do
. . ;
(Condition Cultivation and Buildings will be considered by the Judgesiu their award, and
a statement, of the M,thagenlerit will be required ofeach competitor. The are-alSo requested
to uotify the Recording Secretary at an early date, to enable the Judg4s o visit their Farms
during the growing-season.]
.. .. ;
• Best 3 Acres of each, - . ,
2nd •do do ' do - . . . ,
Best and most Timothy Hay, from 3 Acres,
do do Clover do do ,
Best I- acre of Potatoes or Turnips, each, , -
Best i acre of Field Beets, Carrots; White Field Beans ) or Peas,
[Competitors for. Premiums on the above must exhibit a sample of the
furnish a statement of the mode. of cultivation, and also a certificate o f
neighbors as to the product and tueasurement-of the ground.] .s: • . 1
' . TIMOTHY, (Large and Small,) CLOVER AND.l.l:.A.i'[ SE
~ .
Best Bushel of each, - .
Best:Assottnieut of Vegetables, •. - • ..--- . - -
Best StiuipleS of each )
. .
. .
du do do • ••raised by youth not crier 16 years aa;
Best Specimen of! Maple Sugar, not less than 194b5,,
ions to each period of
.e month apart. • The
Calving; quantity of
' the period of 10 dt6s.
t to be verified by the
hedge of the facts.]
- 1 00
3 00
1 00
1 00
2 00
3 00
ass Breeds
1 00
2 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
2 00
1 00
igl less. than 350 Ibs
age. -
1 50
1 50
2 00
accompanied also
•eeds, each,. 1 00
5 00
4 00
3 00
3 00
1 00
1 50
1 50
1 00
• ch,. 75
crop fdthe Fair,
• twO, respectable
1 00
. ,
-Best Specimen of 110 y, not offer G - 3 . 1
bees, a state pt of ManaOtne
- ~ , i
_onet.LtßD A
',.. est Ass4tru nt 'f each, .: • \
Best ,SAmplea each Variety, .. 1, 1
• •- - - •
[Not to r e..' In oved
,until close of Exhihition. Prdiautions will be adored to
, , •
[A C raitte of .Tudgcs, composed of Latlies,•will be appointecl, with. instrnc
coinco d nwar • lc; tlre, most der<eryinc . , not exceeding in any case $l. 00.3
Discretionary Continittee will he nptiointed, with ine nt
trailions to recoinen
fo the hest art;cle of any kinds that may be exhibited, not exceeding $1 Tro..] ,
THE Anqvf: PREMIUMS will be paid in Money, or, at the option of 't
tor, in .A.GRIOVI I TURAI., BOOKS, furnished with a
A fi e l tti# -En, ° waved - Diploin
in which will c inserted the name of the person to whom the Premium i
COUDERSPORT 'June 15, 1858. - . , -
Lis - Merch tantMe in l'otter County, for the
year 1858.
F. SalmCo.,' :-
Andrew Jackson,
Amos Raythoni.:,, •
Benjamin Morley,
S. NL Mills,
L. F. Maynard,.
J. B. Stnith,
Smith 4 . . Jones,
P. A. Stebt)ins,
Olmsted Sc'
D. E. Olinstol ,
K. Spelfcer, I .
-J. M. Juild &
M. W. Mann,
S. E. Darfow,
Ebenezer 'Fann r, /' . 14 • 700
Mary Guodinanl, ~ 11 7 00
1 .. I.IECTOR.
Francis Sirang4 , . 14 700
' 0:0TAVo.
C. 11. Siannons ... ll 7 00
Wm. I.l.c.llougall, . 14 - 700
Mann .1,-„:Sicl - iol, . • 14, 100
Charles Canfield, II . 700
W..13...i . J. H. Geaves, • 14 700
Reiiry Anarcson,
Thos. L. Young,
D. J: & E. W. 011:ippel,
Lumber ,k; Lewis,
A. Corey,
Wni. F. Btirt,
A. 11. Dorton,
WI Lt ftTON.
Clark White, 14 7 00
Barclay & BrainniA J 4 7 00
Daniel Sr John G. Beasley, 14 . iOO
A COURT OF Al-TEALS will be -held nt
the Commissimiers' Wipe,: in- Condeisport, on
TttCnBn.l Y, 13TH 1).11.' OF JULY next, when all
persons considering themselves aggrieved can
be heard. W. B. GRAVE..S.,.
Nercaneile Appraidtr.
Couder3port, June 21, 1838.-4 t.
Administrator's NOtice.
AVIIEREAS,, Letters Of administration to
the Estate of Is tAC PURIM'S. late of
Clara Townshili,, Potter County , Pa., deceased,
have been grahted to'the utn.lersigned, all per
-OiOllS indebted to said est.tte are requested to
make immediate payment, and those having•
claims against tlitt. saute, will present them
duly authenticated fin. settlement.
Clara, May 29,
Administrator's NOtice
ETTERSadMinistration motile Estate
1.4 of -Gtrur,r, I BMINE?: tate Of Slitiroll Town
ship, Potter County; I a., fleePaSeil. having
been granted to the undersigned, all those in,
debted to the said estaie will make immediate
payment, and thote.havisig claims. against the.
same, will pre aunt their duly nut!) entii..l ted fur
settlement. A. J: BARNES. Alltn . r.
Millport, June 14, 1858.-10:46—GL
rvirE: subscriber would. respectrully inform
the citizens of Prilt , s-'(l , i.. that 1 w:ll fur
nish to order, Pianos and ,\lelndeonl3 from:the
hest, manufactories iri the Union, and 1:1..m
reasonuble terms.. Ail leiters of inquiry kill
receivc-prompt attention-1
'C.: D. MOWN',
hlti s( Potter Co., Pa.
Ulveses, May l9 s. '
Z. 4. TH9)l.p§o'N,
' PAIIZ ER, CoOdersport, Potter Co., Pa., takes
method of informing (ht. put,- ,
• lic iia p , ilerat that
to do.all work. in - his ;with ,pionmtness,
in a workman-like manlier, and upon the
most accommodating tvms. Payment for
Repairing in6riably required on delivery of
the work. All kinds of PRODUCE
taken on acermilt of Work. 10:35.
• '1
ger' TO CUt r iSTIII",.3IE.R.CII.n.,NT6. .
Having removed to' the spacious lofts in 'the
103 and 107 CHAMBERS 131:111.11iiT, and 89
01 HEADII'. STREt'4.,Nf \V YORK,
Is now offering *i3r ditsh or i onapproVed credit,
a large and yell-a.ssorted•Stock . of. •
Of all the styles, qualities and materials' usu
ally found in market. -Having one of the larg
est sale-rooms In-the - -City,l (50. by 150 feet.)
with Ample facilities, and an ,experience , of
neer twenty years in the husiness.i , purelf - aSer
mayrfeel assured :or being as. well served. a
this house as at any other in the trade.
Orders from the country filled "sith
care and promptness.
rrHE BEST FILTEn, KNOWS 'for Family
use; has given the highest satifactionfor
many years ;.is scientific invonstruction, port,
able, durable and cheap;
.It tenders rain wa
ter, perfectly pure and invent, making cisterns
more economical than !wells ; and avoiding the
diseases arising from the ligrd . icater of-bmc,
stone regions. --Five sizes,;, retail from $8 to
$l2. Wholesale to:thtrade at the usual dis
count.: Can be forwarded Safely any distance.
Formerly made by J. 4..Cheuey-& Co.; made-
now only by TEiIRY at the old.
staitt:if. &C4,'State_Strect i jlioches,
ter N. Y. For desetiPti Ye, circulars address
[LI 01.--17-Bm.] JII3IE.S:TERRY & CO. .I
lbLit; 1 ";o tiirer;
ent and kind of hives fo nuoishelf,
!PIANOS, kW:saI:MONS - .ll'EtSiC
Prices Greatly ;1-teclueec.l4%-
. . : •
Ku. 333 Broudecus,
1.4 Si 0.0
14 " 700
7 00
7 00
7 00
1111.1 E •Largest AssortMent.of:Ptanos, Melo.;
-A... deons, Musical Instruments, and Music±il
Merchandise of all hinds, in the-titedSint , .. , S.,
Piauos from Ten different 3litnafa torfes, eotri
priSing those of . every variety4Xl style,' font the plain, neat and substantial,'63 octarps,tin
Walnut or Rosewood Cases, from ..- I AI 5p tus'2.M
to tlio:e of the must elegant linis . t up to Oito.,
Thousand. Dollars. NO house 'il l the -Union.
Can compete with the above 4he - 1111'1111)er,
1 variety and cel,brity Of its instr IMMItS, nor
in the Extremely low prices at }Odell they are
PIANOS, with or Without Iron Yroures, ivo,-,
fcssing in their improvements of pver-sirimi , 4'
and action, a length of seale . an 'compthzs . of.
tone equal to the Grand Piano, 'united witli
the beauty and durability of str eture.of thei
Square l'iano. They are justly p onouneed by
the Press and by the first Musics Masters, to
i be equal to those of any other i .anufacturer
-1 They are built of the best and uv. st thorouttli-;
7 1)0
7 'OO
7 00
12 50
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 u 0
7 00
7 00
ly seasoned material, and guar4.teed to starof
the action of every climate. Eat lnstrumen tl
guaranteed to give satifaction, or purclx;ise-
Money refunded. . . .
111511...1 CP: ATIMS" TF:T ? ( - ) / EONS.—SII-•!
j , erior Instruments in tonelhand durability o 1
Maize. (rune,d the egnal temperament.) Ate-!,
lodeons or all other styles and niakes, lirieo,
$45, $3O- ::;75 '
$lOO, $125, 1-,,,, , 140—du1th1u
Iteeds nml t)vo banks of Keys, 0200—lest s'
liberal diseonnt. Clergymen
_and Chnreltes,!
an extra
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
I.ll;:rrYs GUITARS.
. .
and Musical Instruments of all kinds, at lowei.l
prices than ever before offered to the public:.
A. large discount to 'Teachers and 5ch001.4.. 1 i
The tram• supplied on the most liberal .terms. •
SECOND-HIND 'PIANOS : at great bar- ]' '
gains. constantly in store,—price from $3O to
ilireSlC.—One of the largest and best se,
lected catalogues of Music novr publis:Lted;',
cbmprisin g many of the choice and most pop- !
tilar airs of the day; and will belSold'at one- V
third ofe from the regnlar'pricesl
Music sent by, mail to all parts of the coon
try. post-paid. Particular and personal atten-,, _
tout paid,to all orders, receive lb}' Sat-'..
isfaetion guaranteed in erety imqttuce. Piano;3
and Melodeon:4 for rent and rent alloWed on' •
puachase. Pianos and Mclodeoris for sale ort
Monthly payments. Liccond-haMI Pianos,
ken in exchange for new. General and select
Catalogues and Si hedule of pric'es forwarded !
to all parts of the country by
Itc-2 - 0 - 'G rent inducements ofTerefi to AGENTS
ill all parts of the-country, to scil the Horace
Water,,' Pianos : Melodeons, and Catalogue of:
2.t. 8:46 •
A Dearrolent establisled by special.
chiluirment for .the relay of the s
. tressed afflicted with Viral al aad . • '
- Epideaiic dienises.
• w i th
Frio all persons ntmete,l -Sextut
41...• es, such as SPERMATORIIRCEI, SEIII-::
lIIREA, (LEwr, SITIJILLS, the vice oF. i;
ONANI:-;1, or SELF Sc. •
. .
• The LIOII - .Altll 4SSQ,CIATI .N,,in,rie.W..")r."
the awful destruction of Munn: lite; eftn-Se4
'hy Sexual diseases, and tl:e 'de' eptictiS -Kee- •.
:k ;
'deed upon the! untbrtunate vit l tims. , of such
diseases byQulcks, several yeaFsagodirected ..i
their Consulting Surgeon, as a C'lfAlllTAlll,}] , r
ACT worthy oti i their name, to (pen a Dt:spen....._
vary for the treatment of this ch s. of disease's,
in'all theiri forMsi and' to give. 3 'Epiesr„,-..0.... , !
V I CE ut - ATTs,! to
. A il who ni»ly by letter;:. - .;
with e descriptic.n of their cotaditict,:(ilge,:d
occupation, habits of life, &c.., and. in cases. .;
of extreme poverty, to FIINIS I MEDICINES,:
FREE OF CHARGE. It is u Mies...! to add - 'l'
that the AsSocliation commas s the highest- 1
Medical skill ()tithe age, and wilt furnish- the .
most approved 'tnodern treatm nt. . 2 : -,, 1 .
The Director on a review o the past; feel :
: assured that their labors in.thi • sphero'of,be- . r.
nevolent effort, .I;tve been o f great beilefit" to " the - afflicted; esVcially to they imirg, and thei'''.
have resolved to devote theinselveSi with: re=
newed zeal, to this very impnrlant bitt , much..l
'despised cause.l .. • . - . .. ..': --, tii
Just Publisittil by the Asso
port on SpermatOrrhirs, or Sem.
the Vice of Oulinism, Miisturb
ant othgr Diseases of t]
an-, - by the Consiiting Surge l (
sei:tbp nail, (in a sealed
: tr receipt
for postage. • •
- r C. _A for '
k -Report
Howard ..1:-ss'ocitdion; N&. Sob
. ,By order.i) i the Directpra;
, . EzitA. I)..BEARTIVE:
lIE DER*GXED 1 - eeiJ
citizens-of poud F sport a
heitas engaged nn the •
Butc,b.erip.g Bu,
and irtil keep
VEAL, xiai• I
at-'ttte otd store OfJ. 11. June,
CoVcl6i,slipV, 4'ane 1 . , 1658
Ooolts ju.A.lrc4ivso•P! ! : :
prevent in-
ons to.-ref.
,d an award
1 -
lust rumeuls:,
'nft . l '.l-enknes,s, ;.
lion or . Self-';
]le Sexual Or
n, .n - lrili WM::
ielop'e,) ruEt; ;
'\t7o STA:III'Sr;
eT t ,-.Prcsident._
'a„ inform the?
. • -
; .=
10:47z-if: ';
1 00,:.