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    Not Flatteriug.put too True,
We find in the Harrisburg Daily Tel
egraph, of June Bth, the following short,
article which pictures a large
.class of
,xnen to be found in every county and ip
: all parties. We trust the press generally
will follow the example of the Telegraph,
and refuse to lend its influence in sup
part of men who never remember the news
per except when they are candidates for
This Journal has always had zeal
ous and liberal patrons," most of whom
never held an office, or desired to. Lit
here is what the Telegraph says :
'lVe have receivea a communication
from Middletown, suggesting the name
.of-a gentleman of that place in connection
with the nomination for Assemblyman.
We feel .disposed to oblige any of our
friends, political or otherwise; but wel
.cannot - lend our columns or influence to
: the furtherance of any man's political in
terests who is too penurious to patronize
'even a journal of his party, altlitingh both
- avealthy and ambitionsj There is too
; great a disposition on : die part of politi
tcians•to make of journals-stepping-stones
to political favor, without a thought of
the patronage which •is necessary to give
rower to the influence they invoke. - In
deed, nine-tenths of those who glide into
position upon the waves of politics, do it
'through the influence of their local jour
nals, to which they have scarce contribut
ed the pittance of a year's subseilption.
They seem to think it is a duty which a
,journal owes to every individual consti
tuting a party, to further their claims,
.without a thought of the reciprocal obli
gations which the assumed position of
each imposes."
Squatter Soverety.
We had supposed the fruits of the re
peal of the Missouri Compromise had sat
isfied every sensible man that the pretence
;of popular. sovereignty claimed fir that
measure was a humbug. But, as some
very good men still claim that the prin
ciples of that bill were right, we as):: cur
•readers, and we ask the editor of the,Phil
-adelphia Press to look at the following an-'
nalysis of the popular sovereignty of the
Kansas Bill. We copy from the Lawrence'
,1? pub Lica :
"With real genuine Squatter Sovereign
ty we have no fault to find, but, on the
.contrary, believe that its dominant idea
lies at the foundation of all free govern
ment; but that the-Squatter Soveteignty
-established by the Kansas-Nebraska bill
has proven itself an unmitigated humbng,
no one conversant with its practical work
ings can deny. When we enamine into
Lhe real amount of sovereignty vested in
the people under that bill, it becomes ap
parent enough why this should be the
-case. Every complete government is poi,
Aess.eil of three distinct functionsthe Lee
islative, the Executive and the Judicial,
:and though separate and distinct in them
selves it is necessary thst they be harmo
..niously combined to form a complete gov
prnment. Now let us see over how much
;of these three branches of our government
the people of Kansas are the sovereigns.
" The first or Legislative )ranch is com
posed of the Governor and Legislative As ?
sembly—tbe former appointed over us by
the Administration, the latter elected by
: the people-.-.and in all matters of .legisla
tion the will of the former ,can only be
overcome by the united vote of two-thirds
of the latter. The people are therefore
only partially sovereigns in this depart
ment of their government.
" In the second or Executive Depart
ment, the Governor, Secretary, and Dis-_
fdiet-Attorney are the principle functions.,
ries. - They come and Do at' the bidding
of the President, and are made'luere tools
to carry out its will. The Governor is
Vested with the power 'of enforcing the
execution of the laws. He is Command
of• the militia, and is vested
with the high prerogative (practically su)
of pocketing or suppressing laws at his
pleasure. Sovereignty, then, in this de
artment of,our Government, is chiefly
exercised by:the Administration.
" The also true with the Judi
dial Department, the head of which, the
:Supreme Court, is composed of the ser
yile tools cif the Administration, whose
itenure - of office is dependent entirely on
its will.
"It would seem, then-, that instead of
placing all sovereignty with the people,
:our organic law gives but about one-fifth
.of all sovereignty to them, the remaining
four-fifths being confided to the Adniinis
tration. That such squatter sovereignty
should proye a humbug at the outset, and
gontinne so until the end, might well be
pspected, Whpn, therefore, we speak of
squatter sovereignty as a humbug, we do
not speak of it in the abstract, but of that
particular kind vested in the people by
the Kansas-Nebraska bill."
.National; Slavery,
The New Yoik American Tract Socie
ty, last year; gave very deeidedpermissive
directions to its principal Committee, to
publish tracts showing the duties of mas
ters to slaves, and designed to counteract
the moratand religious evils of the sys
tem, but having no reforence to it polit
caily. Slavery, however, growled, and
the Committee timidly withdrew from pub
lication a prize essay on the Family Rela
tion, w hich had been prepared and design
ed y them for the press. At the May
meeting of the Society in New York, the
merchants of with the pro-slavery
and." nationar cotton ministers all Over
the Union; rallied •in large numbers. to
sustain the Committee, and succeedediti
fassing resolves to that effect, after many
disorderly attempts to prevent the.large
and able minority from being- heard;
Daring the diseUssion, it leaked out that
the ; Society bad, dating 'the past year,
sold at : its...emit:lyr anew tract inculcating
the duties a f servants tp„masters ;
,but they
refused to allow the " duties",of the other
I branch of the relation to be inculcated !
It thus places itself emphatically on the.
side of Slavery, and is. not even neutral
on that issue of the day.
The Boston American Tract'Society, at
their meeting, subsequently, denounced
this backward step of the New York.So
eiety in decided terms, and took incipient
measures to sever all connection with it,
as it had insulted the feelings of the Bos
ton Society and .violated an agreement by
refusing them the'man of their choice on
the principal . . Committee, and pat on a
man they wanted nut; This Boiton Soci
ety was the principal auxiliary of the
New York American: Tract Society.
Thus, in effect, this great - National So
is sundered by the overbearing de
mands of prostituted to its
support—and must Ihereafter rely upon
the aid of the active or subinissive friends
of unre uited toil for its chief subsistence.
The ,sRejected Tract" has since been
published by other IMnds, and is receiv
ing and should have a wider circulation
than if it had been ;issued by the Tract
Society as directed and designed ....,.. And
so "agitation" increases and must ,increase.
—Lew sburg
6Di1,111, an ettinttg.
The largest timber raft ever floated dowri the
Susquehanna river was landed at Wrights
ville, Pa., on Tuesday - of last week. It .vas
floated out of the Sinnemahoning creek in 5,..c
-tions, and rafted at Lock Haven. It is 313
feet long anil 22 feet wide.
Ar P irlicicild Letter in
the Home Journal, notices the numerous
presence of orioles, and other birds of
Southern plumage, at the North. The
" scarlet songsters" are very numerous In
opr woods. •
• ilYe this week publish the Premium
List and Itegulations for the County Pair
this Fall. It will be observed that there
are no very large Preinituns ; but all are
put down according to the pecuniary abil
ity of the Society. We hope there will
be none the less competition for them.—
F,very one should preserve a,copy of them
for refemine- - in the interval to the•Faii.
The severe illness of Judge White,
(who has for some time suffered from In
flammatory rheumatism, but is now much
better,) places our legal friends here in
the dilemma of not 'knowing whether
there is to be a jury court or not next
week. It is however, confidently ex
pected that Judge GalbrOtb, of Erie,
will be here to preside.
Arivngentriits have been made by the
Union Sabbath School of this place to
have a Celebration and Pic-nic on the
3d of July. A cordial incitation is ex
tended to other Sabbath Schools in the
County to oarticipate in the exercises.--
Able speakers are expected from abroad.
The celebration proposed by the S. of
T. Division, is, we learn certain to come
off—the preliminary stops having been
takeq by the Committee of Arrange
liac ,
Tfc are indebted to a fair yi,unz i ' nd
in a neighboring State, whose friendai s
here are only limited by hcracquainta . rice,
for the following touching, and beautiful
tribute to the memory of a cieparted sister;
also for an excellent poem, which shall
appear in our nest. She haS our most
sincere thanks for these contribUtionsond
we trust they will not be the last she may
fa . vor us with
True, indeed, it is—
t_,That they whom death bath 4iddtM from our
Are worthiest of the mind's regard ;
With them, the future cannot codtradiet the
Mortality's last conflict .is unlergone "
A sisters grave ! Loved spot; sacred
indeed " to memory and to tears!' We
cherish it, and perceive it not, be it ever
so bleak, barren and wild. No tablet is re
quired to tell us who , reposed: I there.
Our yearning hearts know full well, thLt,
there sleepeth our hearts', loved treasure.
And as we kneel by the low mound, a
thousand recollections crowd upon the
sepses, and we live an AO- in thought.
The past flits before us din:, shadowy, and
dream-like. But more dis:tinct than ought
else, is the form of that eldest sister. :So
kind, affectionate, and ,Syrupathizing in
all our childish joys and sqrrows. But,
0, the grave ! the gravel Thou bast rob
bed us of our treasure; and we: would fain
look into thy dark recess and behold again
the form so dear to ns iii life. We see it
still lovely, but the speaking eye is closed,
the moving lip is now silent, that ever
varying smile lingers satily . there. But;
hark! some winged spirit kindly whispers:
"Arise, thy sister whomthou seekest is not
there.; it is but the broken vase thou be
holdest. Her spirit has arisen. Fear not;
she sees thee, loves thee still, 'and her
spirit even now is-hovering about thee, to
'keep then from evil. 1 But look not for
her in the dark and silent grave; but look
ratner to yon bright world where all is
pure and lovely.: Behold her there in the
heavenly choir singing praise to the Lamb
of God." .
"'Twos thus we thought at twilight hour,
The angels lay came down, •
Like dew upon the drooping flower,
When drouths of summer frown;
ktow richly o'er the ambient air,
Swelled out:that music free.
I .when the pangs of death I bear,
Sing ye that 'song for me."-
JOSE .10, 1858,
Th . & stomach is the most liable to get oat of
order. Hence how important that•no diseased
matter clog its operation, which would cause
nausea, and distress by our food. It also
weakew+ , the brain, destroys theme:3lm . y, cre
ates pain and dimness, and various affictions
in the bead. It produces great difficulty in
breathing and swallowing. Sometimes faint
ing and tits will ensue ; also bad breath, rest
lessness and great loss, Of strength. If not
immediately attended to, the blood will carry
the disease through the whole system. and
death will end the work. FroM 2 to'fiof these
Pills a day will keep the digestive organs iu
healthy condition, and unclog, or-carry away
all impure matter, and thoroughly restore and
cleanse the stomach at the same time the
Pills will so purity the blood, as to drive all
',manner .qf disease from the system.
•In a quardits of corrupted matter, there is
always to he found. a nest of worms. They
cannot. neither will they stay anywhere else.
Weak stomach and bowels are subject to theaL
as they have not sufficient power to digest
their food. Hence a large heap of matter-is
%lodged, and worms must be the result. A few
doses oPthese pills will disturb their nest, and
drive them out of the sy.stem.
It should he remembered, that an occasion
al dose . when in health, especially after taking
cold. will prevent the disease from forming in
Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills are sold
by all dealers in Medicines.
Iter' These :Vac:lines are now justly ad
mitted to be the best in use for Family
Sewine, mal.:ing a new, strong, and elastic
stitch; which will NOT rip, even if every
fourth stitch be cut. Circulars sent on ap
plic,,tion by letter. Agents wanted. L 35.
`43rfill Zitiurti,sfinfltb.
Administrator's Notice.
TIATHEREAS, Letters of administration to
V V the Estate of ISAAC PHILLIPS, late of
Clara Township, Potter County, Pa., deceased,
have been granted to the undersigned, all per
sons indebted to.said estate are requested to
make immediate payment, and those having,
claims against the same, will present them
duly authenticated for settlement.,
N. PI ILLT_PS, Aclafx:
Clara, May 29, 1858.-10:48—(q..
Administrator's Notice.
LETTERS of administration on the Estate
of G.tuatm, BMCNES, late of Sharon Town
Potter County, Pa., deceased, having
been granted to the undersigned, all those in
debted to the said estate will tualte immediate
payment, and those having claims against the
will present them duly authenticated for
settlement. A. T. BARNES, Adiu'r.
Millport, June 14, 187,5.-10:48-6t.
THE UNDERSIGNED aroma. inform the
citizens of Coudersport and vicinity that
:be has engaged is the
Butchering Business,
• and will keep on hand
at the old store of J. M. Juno le Co. •
Coudersport, June 1, 1858.-I.o:4i—ff.
11 1- 1 1 :r li c E •I t nt l-e il
J l titlg ° : l l er
nd llo •l b iello G ds . . Joseph Uh7 i
Mann and G. G. Colvin. Associate Judges of
the Courts of Oyer & Terminer and General Jail
Delivery, Quarter Sessions of the Peace. Orph
ans' Court and Court of Common Pleas for the
County of Potter, have issued their precept,
bearing date the twenty-second day of April, in
the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and fifty-eight, and to me directed, fo
holding a Court_ of Oyer and Terminer and
I General Jail Delivery: Quarter Sessions of , the
Peace, - Orphans' Court, and Court of Common
Pleas, in the Borough of Coudersport, on MON
DAY, the 21st • day of June nest, and to con
tinue one week.
Notice is therefore hereby giyen to the Cor
oners, Justices of thc Peace and Constables
within the county, that they be then and there
in their proper persons, at 10 o'clock A. M. of
said day, with their roll_, records, inquisitions,
examinations, and other remembrances, to do
those things which to their offices appertain
to be done. And those who are bound by
their recognizances to prose - cute against the
prisoners that are or shall be in the jail of said
county of Potter, are to he then and there to
prosecute against them as will be just.
Dated at COUDERSPOUT, April 22nd, 1858,
and the 82d year of the Independence of the
United States of America.
A. C. TAGGART. Sheriff.
THE subscriber would respectfully. inform
the'citizens of Potter Co., that I will fur
nish to order, Pianos and 3felodeons from the
best manufactories in the Union, rind upon
reasonable terms. All letters •of inquiry will
receive prompt attention.
• Address, C. D. BROWN,
Ulysses, otter Co., Pa.
Ulysses, ?!ay 25, 1856,-45-81.
-Notice ofApplication.
it . - rgrfcg is hereby given that an applica
tion will be made to the Court of quar
ter Sessions to be held at Coudersport, Mon
day, the 21st of ;Tune next, for a Charter of
incorporation for the METHODIST EPISCOPAL
P. P. STORY, Pres. 1 of Bo . ard of
H. H. - LYMAN; See y. f Trusters.
OswAvo, May 21, 1858.
Y VIRTUE of Sundry writs of :Venditioni
_LP E i xpanal and Fieri Faciaa issued out 'of
the Court of Common Pleas of Potter Co., Phi,
And to me directed, I shall expose' to public
sale or outcry, at the Court House in the Bor
ouelt of Coudersport, on 3londay the 21st day
of - J
u n , 1852, at 10 o'clock, A. M., the
following described real estate, to wit:
Licari Facia& •
All the trio undivided one-third parts of the
following "described tracts of land, Situate in
'the - toWdship of Pike, Potter county, and state,
of Pennsylvania., known by the mime of "Pike
3.l 4 and the Cobb Lot,'? containing,
together, three thousand eight hundred acrd,'
more or less,. bounded and described its fol- I
lows to wit: One tract in warrantee name ofd
D. Kilhourn, one thousand eight hundred add I
thirty-ono, containing two hundred acres mo're
or less, bounded:North by Cobb i Crandall,
East by Crandall and Tioga county, South by I
the KilbonriCS: Mill land, and West by Cobb 1
—excepting, however, the small neck of hind
adjoining the county line, being North by the
Losey farm.—ALSO—The Babcock lot, direct
ly south of the above and west of the Mill lot
bounded by the Kilbourn -_warrant, West by I
Tubbs & Johnsons, South by Johnsons and
unseated lands, and East by the Mill lot., con
-1 tabling seventy-six acres more or less.-ALSO-
One other tract, called the Kilbourn Mill Lot:',
Beginning at. a stone heap, tthence West one
hundred "and sixty perches to a hemlock,
thetice South one hundred and 'sixty-four,
perches to a white walnut, 'thence East one
hundred and twenty perches to a post, thence,
by the western boundary-line of S. M. Loser's'
forty-seven perebes.ta a post, thence East by
the same Il3rty- perches to a post, thence North
twelve perches to.a post, thence by the south
bank of the creek - Smith eight - degrees, East :
twenty-twn perches to a post, thence North
eighty degrees East eighteen perches, thence
North eleven perches to a poet, thence. North
seventy-three degrees West twenty-six perches
to a post, thence North - five degrees West six
; teen perches to a po,t, thehee South six de-
greed West by the road fottrteen per'ehes to a
post, theuca North by S. M. Losey's lot to
the place of beginning ; containing one hun
t dred and ninety-one acres, one hundred and
fifty acres improved, on which is erected a
saw-mill, four frame dwelling houses, one
store-house, one barn, two sheds' and other
buildings, and with sonic fruit trees thereon.—
ALSO—One tract beginning at a .post in- the
dividing line between Potter and Tioga cnun-
I ties, thence North seven hundred and forty
. five perches to a black oak, thence West three
hundred and one perches to a white p;ne,
thence South three hundred and ninety-nine
perches to a white pine, thence East one hun
dred and sixteen perches to a black oak, thence
South two hundred and ten perches to a post,
thence East (eighty-one perches to a post,
thence South one hundred and forty-six pereh
es to a post, thence East one hundred and five
perches to ;be place of beginning; containing
one thousand and eighty-eight acres and two
tenths of an acre more or less.—ALSO—Three
other Exacts warranted to A.. C. Crandall by
Warrants dated Jaunary the tenth, An no Dom
: ini one thousand eight hundred and thirty
seven, containing - . severally, one thousand und
' fifty-niue acres aii4 two tenths of an ecre, four
hundred and fourteen acres and five-tenths of
an acre s and four hundred and twenty acres ;
Beginning at a white pine, the northewest cor
ner of the first-mentioned tract, thence West
five hundnd and thirty-five perchesto a white
'pine, thence South six hundred and eleven
perches to a post and stones, thence East one
hundred and ten perches to a post and stones.
thence North two hundred and twelve perches
to - a pitch-pine knot and stones, thence East
about one hundred and fifty perches to a post,
thence South three hundred andninety perch
es to a post, thence East one hundred and
seventy perches to a hemlock, thence North
three hundred and ninety perchess to a poet,
thence East one hundred and five perches to a
white pine, thence North three hundred and
ninety-nine perches to the place of beginning.
—ALSO—One other tract, bounded North and
West by lands warranted to A. C. Crandall,
East by lands of said Crandall and lands for
merly owned by David Kilbourn, anti S!,,uth by
lands of said Kilbourn and part of Warrant
four thousand three hundred and seventeen,
(4,317); containing about three hundred acres
more - or less.
NV. E. tt
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the properly of Chester Robinson k. James
Barber, F...xecutors of 0. B. Goodman, deceased.
and Charles G. Osgood, Guardian or Robert
F Goodman and Wm. A. Goodman, Heirs at
Law of 0. B. Goodman, deceased.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Eula-
Ha township, Potter county, Pa., hounded
North by lands of ,E, Vanenwegen, by
lands of the Bingha i m Estate and John Weds
worth, South by lands of the Bingham Estitte,
and We.t by lands of :d.orris Lenti containing
sixty-three acres and an allowance of six per
cent. &c., of which thirty acres are improved :
on which is erected• one frame dwelling house,
one frame barn and one frame shop.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of harry Lent..
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Hebron
township, Potter county, Pa., bounded on the
North by lands of S. P. Reynolds, on the East
by the highway, South by George Stillman.
and west by lands of F. W. Knox containing
teu acres more or less, on wihch is erected one
frame house and one frame barn, and with an
apple orchard thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and tosbe sold
as the property of A. R. Stillman.
ALSO-Certain real estate situate in Gene
see township,. Potter comity, Pa., hounded on
the North by lots Nos. 22 S 24, East by lot I
No. 21, South by lot. No. 24, and West by lot
No. 25 of the'allottuent of the Fox . Estate in
Genesee township ; containing eighty-three
and six-tentlfi acres of hands, of which forty
acres are iraprdved, on which is one loghouse,
one frame barn, one grainary-house and an
apple orchard.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold •
as tlie property of Asa Downs.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in the
Borough of Coudersport, and being - parts of
lots Nus. 203 & 238 on Square No. '22, bound
ed as follows Beginning at the north-west
corner of lands formerly occupied by L. B.
Cole, thence North 5° East two perches to a
post, thence,Sonth 85° East by the south Tide
of Fourth Street sixteen perches to a post.
thence North 85 0 West by the line of said
Cole's land 10 perches to-the place of begin
ning; containing thirty-two perches of land,
with one two-story dwelling house, one frame
barn and other bet-buildings, a well of water
rand some fruit trees thereon.--ALSO—An-
I other let, situate - on the North side of the Pub
lic Square. fronting the Square forty-six feet
end extending back to an alley, and on the
East by lot occupied by D. W. Spencer, on the
South by the pulnie Square, and West by lot
now in possession of A H. Butterworth ; on
which there is a frame building occupied for
a store.
Seized, taken in mention, 'and to be sold
as- the property of L, F. Maynitrd and W. T.
_ ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Eula
lia township, Potter county, Pa., bounded on
the North and East by unseated lands, South
by land of W. Crosby and unseateli lands, and
.West by unseated. laude; containing about
. •
400. - acres more or less, acid beingloti
Nos.-26 1 St 40 of the sub-division Of theliling-1,
ham Estate in said. township, of ;which about,
45 acres - are improvedoviill one frame house,
one frame barn, other out-houses,.-and some
fruit trees thereon. l --ALSO--s-One other plot&
or, parcel of land situate in the township and'
county aforesaid, bounded :on the North bk
lands of J. IL Hamilton, on the East by un
seated land, on the South by l lands of. J. W
Smith, and on the West by unseated lands
1, containing thiriyreight and. 4-10 acres of land,
and being ldt No. 45 of the sub-division of the
1 Dingluturlauds in - said township.—ALSO--•
One other piece or parcel of land bounded and
described as follows : Beginning el-the north-,
.cast corner of Sipiare No. twenty-lone (21),0tt
the plat of the viltagdot Coudersport, Potter,
icounty, Pa.; being. the north-west ;corner here',
of. thence South by the east line of Square No.l
I twenty and a..10t in. possession of Abiathar:
Rounsville eighteen rods to a post the south
! west corner hereof, thence north-easterly eler
len rods and two tenths to a post, thence north
westerly sixteen rods and eight tenths to the
south line of Second Street, thetice westerly
by the south line of Second Street six rods to
1 the place of beginning; containing one him
i dred and -forty- , seren square rods, l all of which
lis imprOved. with some fruit trees, out-houses
and an out-dot's cellar thereon.
, Seized, taken in execution, r and to be sold
as tberproperty - of Crosby W. Ell s.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in the
Borough of Coudersport, in the-county of-Pot
ter, wit : Square No, twenty, containing
one acre and six tenths of - an acre, on which
is one two-story frame house and several fruit
trees.—ALSO—Lots Nos. 126 S 12 'on Square
No. 11, on which are two tn - o-store frame
store --iiditses and one frame barn.
Seized; to - on iu execution ; end to be sold as
the pi.operty of W. T. Jones :cud A. F. Jones.
ALSO—Certain real estate, to wit: Situate
in Allegany towns . i)ip, 'Potter county, Pa.,
bounded on the North by the lands of DeWitt
Nicholson, on the East by lands inr possession
or S. Rice, on the South by lands of Henry
Rodgers and Charles Lee, and on the West by
lands of Daniel Raymond ; containing ninety
one and two tenths acres, of which .ten acres
arc impnived, With one log house thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Joseph P. Raymond.
ALSO—Certain real estate:situate in He
bron township, Potter county, Pa., bounded
on the North bylands of Olcott . 4: Matteson, on
the Lars, South S: West by lands of M. Matte
son, being lot 47 of the allotment of the Bing
ham lands in Hebron township; containing
seventy-two and four tenths acres, ten acres
of which is improved, with one board house,
one frame for a barn and one log tarn thereon.
Slezed, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Phineas Goodwin: •
ALSO—Certain real estate Situate in Pike
township, Potter county, Pa., bounded and
described as follows: On.the North by lot No.
14, on the East by lots Nos. 14, 22 33, on
the South- by lot N. 22 and by unseated lands
of the Bingham Estate, on the Wett by lin g
Heated lands and by lots 13 and 3t5, icing lots
Nos. 12 s il of the sub-division of the lan/Js
of the Bingham Estate in*.iaid ; .con
tiaining, one hundred and fifty-five acres, with
about fifty acres improved, on which are erec
ted three frame houses, swo frame barns alto
one saw-mill, and with some fruit.trees. there
on.—ALSO—Lot n03 , ,f, in the township, coun
ty and state aforesaid, bounded on the North
and East by lot No. 14, on the South by lot
No. 13 and by unseated lands, and on the
West by
,unseated lands and by lot No. 15 ;
cOntaining one hundred and four acres. about
teen acres improved, ten acres chopped, and
with ,one frame house, one frame barn and a
lop house erected thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as' the property of Elijah Johnson.
ALSO--Certain real estate situate in Pike
toWnship, Potter county, Pa., bounded on the
Edst by the Tioga com-ty line, on the North
by; lands of 0. B. Goodman.S Co., on the West
by, lands of 0. B. Goodman, and .On ;the South
by lands of Samuel B. Losey ; containing two
hundred and twenty-five acres of. land, on
v.-hich there are eighty acres improved, two
frame houses, three frame barns, two bee
honses and other out-buildings, apple orchards
Seized, taken in execution, and to - be sold
as the property of A. T. Losey.
ALSO—Certain real est.te situate in Eula
lia tliwnship, Potter county, Pa., 'bounded on
the North by lauds of N. J. Mills and Keating
Lands and J. M. Tuttle, East by J. M. Tuttle,
A. Nelson and Keating Lands. South by A.
Nelson and Keating Lands,"and West by Keat
ing Lands ; containing two hundred and forty
seven acres and four tenths of au acre, the
same being all unimproved.
Seizet4 taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Leonard McKee.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate-in Homer
township. Putter county. Pa.: Beginning at a
post at the north-east corner of a lot of two
hundred acres conveyed by John Keating.
Co. to J. J. Sr C. 11. DcMowrille, thence. East
one hundred and sixty rods to a lot in posses
siOn of ILtrrison Edgecomb, theme North fifty
eight rods to a post, thence West - tifty-two
rods to a beech, thence North twenty rods- to
the southeast corner of a lot conveyed to
Harry Lyman, thence West one hundred and
eight rods to the south-west corner of the last
mentioned lot, thence Sohth seventy-eight
rods to• the place of beginning; containing
seventy one and five tenths acres, fifteen acres
of which are improved,
,on which is erected
one frame house and one frame barn.
Seized, tahen in execution, and to, be sold
as the property of James Blauvelt.
ALSO—Certain real estate, to wit : Lot Nos.
16 & 26 of the allotment of the lands of -So
bieski Ross in Allegany township, Potter Co..
l'a., on the North by lot No. 11 and
by lailds - orFox & Ross, on the East by lands
of Fox k Roes, on the South by lands of Fox
4: Ross and by lots• Nos. 27 St 114 and by lands
of the Estate of S. M. Fox, &ceased, on the!
West by lots Nos. 8,
.10, 17, 20 &. 114 con
taining three hundred and fourteen and 5-10
acres and allowance of six per cent, for roads
&c,,-of which one hundred acres are improved,
on which are erected one frame barn,. one
frame house, one frame store-house, and with
an apple orchard thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Franklin. Forsyth.
ALSO—The following described real estate,
to Wit: Situated in UlysSes and Bingham
townships, Potter county, Pa., bounded on the
North by lands of Cyrus ornish, East by lands
of F. M. Stevens, South b. lands, of Lester
Fling and H. B. Dent, and' West by lands
IL 11. Dent; containing forty-fire and nine
tenths acres, being lot-No-103, of whiCh five
acres are improved and five acres chopped.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Ezekiel Montgomery:-
ALSO—The following described real estate,
situate in Harri Son township, Potter county,
Pa.: Beginning at a post standing iu west line
I of a lot of land now in posSession of George
Gilbert, thence North fifty-Seven-degreeiWest
one hundred and twenty-eight perches to a
post, thence South two degrees West one hun
dred and forty-two perches to a post, thdhce
North sixty degrees East: one hundred and
„thirty-six perches to the place of begitining;
I supposed to contain fifty acres more or lees.
• six acres slashed.
-I -
Seized, takers - in execution, and to be sold
as the property Of Fredeeck - flolcomb. •...
ALSO—The following described real estate,
situate' in Hebron township, Potter- county,-
Pa.: Bounded on theNoith by lands of Joseph
S: k Joseph 0. Riley and by lands of the FoX -
Estate, East hY lands Of the
.Pox Estate,- "Jo
seph Stone and Post, Sontleby lands Of
Jesse it. Greenman, West by lot, No. 64. and
unstated laud-.of the Fox .Estate, being let
No. 62 and port -of Warrant No: 1296.3.'cort
taining onellndred and fifty and 6-10 acres
with an alinwance of six per cent. for roads,
&c., of which fifty acres _are imprered, on
which is erec4ed one frame dwelling house
and one- frarna barn and apple or+
chard thereoni.
SCized, taltd,n in execution, and:tO be sold as
the property of James A. R.- Greenman -and
Charles S. Jones. : ' - .;
ALSO—Cmj,tain real-estate situate in Whar
ton township,lPot ter county, Pa., bounded on
the North by !rads of-P. Cowan, East and - West
f E
by lands o. Foster, and South by Archibald
Logue; containing G 4 acrea,.of whiCh there is
about twelve !acres improved, 04 which are
one log house„One lag shed and some fruittrees.
Seized takeh in, execution, and' to bO sold
ns the property of4olin Joi:dan,
. .
Couderipori, 'May 25, 1558.
Auditor's .. iN 7 Oti.C ; I I
XTOTICH is :hereby given, that
.1.11 signed, an Auditor• Appoint(
Court of Comthon Pleas of the Coui
ter to make diistributiqn of the prod,'
sale of real . estate in the case of E:
r.s. S. H. Marriii of February Termil
ll;1, will attend to the duties of his ay
at the office of the Prothonotaryy
port, on Tuesday evening of Court
22, 1858, at eight o'clock, -1 3 .. M.
terested are requested to Attend..
Coudersport; May 21, 1858.
Prices Greatly Reciuded,
tiOgiAttE MITERS,-
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Pianos from Ten different Manufactories,Cont
prising those of every N : hriety ofstyle, from
the plain, neat and substantial 6/ Octaves, in
Walnut or Rosewood Cases, from Slrio to $2.00,
to those of the most elegant-finish up to 9ne
Thousand Dollars. No house in he thaw
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PIA.Y.OB, with or without Iron in toes, pos
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Sonic Piano. They are justly pro °tweed by .
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perior Instruments in touch and th
make. (Tuned the equal temperam
lorleons of all other styles and tea.
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L. -Goods just received at. OL.3ISTED'&
E ti s K ale nn b fl y tap , ! o ar , ti ) cles is the 15.
' '` I M bf P
, &airs
I •
the under
'ed." V the
ntY of Pot
eeds of the
L- S. Tracy.
,1 1 . 855 i No.
in Genders.
ieek, June
TED. •
rability of
Ce. Price
104 ---less