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    * '"tut. c*. ui—
fic~v* V.b*SiMMMIiMMB ip 'i inua<fci^^
ilkfeOiU i\lltl if O(Ilk j
7 v'i-WIJ-0 TO WHO ! •
iTljc f. ; nou't(: rcry ch-ver Jim was "written by i
T'.,rrv h ••*. Editor of the Knot.'' '
" "i'-va* oil C'.'iu big'ut, j,
Adj.- tu 'l one to view,
i J>:v': i lends .'•.■ji-urcd fair Venus' light.
ii'lti .; . -?:-r appeared in -'ght, i
As t^it ti-.i/fc lorest tiu... ugii
ilagyxn*., 'blu*', 1
Jtent b'■*>•** . 'taokitiu'" h ft and right ;
jVlitrii uli lit o'ice 1-o -brougbt op' right
A'ratu;;t an ol d dead y<- vv ,
At which lie -rounded t"
And 'squaring ofi, ns I; to tight,
Kail, ii i,!i in. ©aft- , -hant indite,
•_ Internal scoundrel. uju !
Iff Jit —an i iiiiclv you bUtk or white.' j
jus.t I'.r.'A above him "flew
An oyj, pa a Lram !i aid light,
A lev: feet o'er the boozy v. iglit,
And then commenced, To tv.'.o- —
fo v. ho—to who—to i- ho '
QuG'hMu-.igi£i3, 'I : ni'tyou think to Light j
A feddiv of jr.y t. right and height
With your t-r u ho, ! r who,
\ on cursed I
ffe.u ifyyu-'re Kci/übuh. it's quite
Guip.c - mry yt u should 1 ijz 1 ■--
For Mugg'-i? tun l your 'due.
lor mou'-y mailers :-.r : all rnjlo !
Thi i-'ti 1 "/ —"nor I. r':jht
Then a; the Uwi withdrew,
And Muggins mizzled too —
Ilut there are < thx-r chaps who might
I>a caught out late some dismal night,
Who havnt I I'Uid vi a!'* <!ur!
The;, know— (o tcho— to who ."'
4 ltcautiiiil Picture.
lion. Edward Everett gave an elegant ;
address before the .N. V. State Agriuur-1
jwrr.l Society, 011 the 9th inst., at Buffalo,
li is description of "a 11 <> L> 1<- iYnn'' cannot
be surpassed; and it wilt attract little k s
r.ttcntion in the city than in the country
\>'e give it below :
is there on earth which can mure ,
pntirely charm the eye, or gratify the
tiusfe than a uablefariu .' itstands upon
a southern slope, gradually rising witn
variegated ascent lVum the plain, shelter
ed from the northwestern winds by woody
heights, broken hero and there with inoss
ui'overed boulders, winch impart variety,
and strength to the outline. Lite native <
forest lias been cleared froui the greater:
part of the farm, but a suitable portion;
parefullv tended, remains in wood for eco
nomical purposes, and to give a pictu. ,
esquc effect to the landscape. Iho eye ; :
j-anges round three-fourths ot the horizon
oyer a fertile expanse —bright with the
rippling waters of a cheerful stream, a
generous river, or a gleaming lake dot- ;
ted with hamlets, each with its modest
spire; and, if the tarm lies in the vicinity
of the coa-t, 3 distant glimpse from the
tush grounds, u! the mysterious, eveiktist
ing s< a, completes the prospect,
it is siiualed oft the high read, hut,
near enough to the village to he easily ac
ces<ihle to the church, the school-house,
the post-office, the railroad, as cii.ha
neighbor or a travelling friend. It c- n
:i-ts in due proportion ot pasture and li.-
laere, meadow and woodland, fieldand go
den. A substantial dwelling, TVilll every-"
thing for convenience and nothing lur,
ambition; —with the titling appendages'
of stable and barn, and corn-barn, and
pthcr farm buildings not forgetting <■
soring-huuse with a living fountain oi
water, —occupies a gravelly knot!, a posi
tion well chosen to command the whole
estate. A few acres on the front, and on
the sides of the dwelling, set apart to
gratify the eye with the choicer form ui
rural beaut v, are adorned wi.h a -dutc.v
avenue, with noble -solitary trees, with;
graceful clumps, shady walks, a velvet
lawn, a brook murmuring over a pebbly
ted, bore ;\;id there a grind rock, whose
cool shadow at sunset str mis aer >ss the •
field; all displaying, in the real lovi lines,
of nature, the original of those landscapes,
of which art in its perfection strives to'
give us the counterfeit presentiment.
Animals of select breed, such as Paul
Potter, and Moreland, and Laudscer, and
jtosa Bonhcur never paiuted, room the
pastures or fill the hurdles and the stalls;
the plow wall:"? in rustic majesty across
the plain, and opens the genial besom of
the earth fo the sun and air j nature's 1.0-lv
lv sacrament, of seedtime is solemnized;;
silent dews, gentle showers, and kindly
sunshine, shed their sweet influence 011
the teeming soil: golden wavelets, driven
by the western wind, run over the joy
ous wheatfield; the tall maize flaunts in
her crispy leaves and nodding tassels ; —,
while we labor and while wc rest, while
we wake and while we sleep, Pod's chem
istry, which we cannot <Ae. goes uit be-'
neat!) the clods; germ and stalk, an;! Icaf
and flower, and silk and tassel, and grain
and fruit, grow up from the common
earth; —-the mowing-machine and the —mute rivals of human industry
—-perform their gladsome tugk ; the well
piled wagon brings home the ripened
treasures uf the year: the bow ot promise
fulfilled spans the foreground of the pic
ture, and the gracious covenant is redeem
ed, thai while the earth remaiueth, sgm
nier and winter, beat and cold, day and
night,' seed-time and harvest shall not
Qt'tuK Storv. —We take the follow
ing from T'ho It a hull a ( Kla.) Times, of
th- llili October, and give it for what it'
wort h
" *v frfrnd informs ua of th rt following
occurrence, which is reported to havje
taken place recently at Atj.apulgus, to a.'
A gentleman, who had received aCo'isid
eruble sum cf money, was -compelled to go
from home, leaving hi- wife aLuie in the
house —situated some distance from any
other dwelling. Toward evening, two
negroes entered the bouse, and denitouted
of the lady ti.e money, ov thev would tike
her life. Being a woman of great e<Xi!-
uess, she Saw at ouco tiuit it would be
useless tor her to attempt to evade the de
mand, so she produced the money and
gave it to them. The negroes then re
marked tint, a- supp-w was nearly, reaily,
they would stay aid cat with her. .Sue
:old them to be suited until -lie. got it
ready. The woman hael a vial oJ stcvt-li
■iinc in her cu;i ;o. r 1, and, in stv.-etefiing
their Coffe ■, Tiianagcd to puf a d.-se ot the.
poi.-,.ii in their taps. 1 hey drank, tw.J
:u a few inoiiient,s were dead. The
•icignbors were (.tilled in, and the negroes'
discovered to be white uy ti in dlsgui m—■
tiear neighbors and fViem.b' of !;or hus
band, who had known of ius i ; e(,ai.\iug
tiic money, atiu o. lm ansciicc.
-TitifE. —AVlnx ver \ycot" tlie foHowlng
paragiaph, understood something about
iiuitiau nature:
" When a man finds a rreat deal of
fauVtAviih a newspaper wiiicb lie never
• ails to read, jt i- a dgn tliat lie lias not
pai l for. it. i'eoplc never picic flaws with
liicir own pr-'pcrlv. Acv-ii'ip'":' b cn.\v
•"rs also come tiu'd, r the head of f'mlt
iuders. Too uieau to subscribe for a
icwspaper, tin-y proy {heir 'jiticnc-- oi
•oui bv abusing it and tUo manner of its
mauaireinent. '
<XB> .♦ . j
Ti\t .vfJiivn an vci'ics. —a wor
thy eh igvuiau in \h w Vork city, foliow
i 11c the practice ministerial bretlua
rec -nil', p.vac lied a very earnest discourse
m the hard times, enforcing the duty of
retrenchment and economy, immediately
alter eliu.oh t!*;' .amgi'i gi.tioii took htm at
bis word by holding a meeting, at which
nis salary was cut down tiro-n unc thou
sand to six hundred <1- liars.
7TSIIE TKlFJl'N'it %va- iiest i-3uesl ns a Hail;
B on iiie 1 otb oi" April, L- il. lis t-ckl>
cditiou was comnu-uccU in bi-ptciubi-r ol' tiic
same year; it- fcjeuii-'vVeckiy in May, ls;.">. li
was iirst daiiy in Aimuuca to issue a
double or eigiit-page sheet at a low price, and
It has kept at least even with the foremost c>t'
its rivals in the rapid expansio 1 of New-piper
euterprize, which the great extension of liail
ruiuis. and the establishment the Telegraph
svstem have crow-led into these last sixteen
eventful years. So larger journal is Afforded
it so low a price i . an; ipiarier of the worid :
none in America, no matter at what price is
sued. past- ag equal amount, lye-.-Mv or iiionth-
Iv, j'-r intellee' labor. It etnplo;s eorres
pundents regtilariy in the leading capitals or'
Eurojie, ana at tin- ujost important points on
tliis coaliu nt, wpii a liberal spiff of wrilei s
and reporters ot home, regaiviii-j full, early
and accurate iuf-irniation as pic first object of
a Newspaper, and the liiu- lv and thorough
elui'i lation piereof us tfle chi- f;pl of its lyji
toriala. la that spirit, Tlil. i'UIIU'NE has,
! been and u i'-l be conducte d exteudiiig and
; perfecting it - corre-pon i ijce so t n" the
, increase of its pattonnge \>ill ju-iify the ex
pense. Should the cm rent attempt, to connect
the Old -with t he X > w Wot Id bv the magnetic
w ire prove successful, we shall very soon, at a
heavy eOst to ourselves, and. we trust, a cor
responding advantage to oar readers, publish
each morning a s_> nopsis of the preceding
• lay's occurrences tiirougliou; Kiirope, .Noitii
•cm Africa, and Western Asia, v. iih regular,
report- of tile markets, the uiom tary asp-; - l
j ami liarveu jn-ospects of hither Europe. With
a good atlas beside him, and bis d iily papt 1
on his liresiue tabic, the A.ncri an farmer or
.rtism within a day's vide of the city tuny
. then s(mly each ovetiiug the doings 0 f tlie
ei\ iliz --1 >i !-l ; lirougho-t! tredly pi ece lir.g ;
•ni l it seems imrd'.y possible that any man
: wiio can read, but esp'-ciaHy one wli > lias
CihiJdr. a t-i educate will longer denv himself
Id he pii-asu't and protit of a daily jo-irnii.
i'i'..; s tine is true measurably of those who.
'■ ii re further inland ; though, here until.-, are
i i'r pient, a Semi-Weekly, or even a Weekly
' I'.tp' may seem sutlieient.
i 'I HE TitllH'Mi deals with qucstious c f I'o
iitieal Econoiny, Public I'olicy, Ethics, }.J •-le
r* P I'rogr, -and wiiatcvci' may aifcct the In
tellectual, Moral, .Social and Physical well
' being of niankiud, dogmatic Theology alone
■ excepted. Its lea-ling idea is the honoring of
aoucst, useful work in whatever sphere or
.capacity, and the cons q'lr.e elevation of tie.
Laboring (.'lass in knowledge, virtue and g- n
j eral este-ui. It is necessarily hostile t
\lavery- under all its aspects, to Intmapcran a
iu \viuitever form or degree with its access!>- ,
ri-.s. to War, save in ilto defence of Country
and Liberty against actual invasion, and to
"v-ry form of Gambling. L'-siring to see
Production exteiidc-i and encouraged, wi ib. ,
wild Bneculatiou and useless Traffic are cur-j
taiicd. it. l'.ivors the policy oi' ssustaining and
i aTrersilying IJ mu- ludu>lry i by a disrrim-ua- 1
ting Tar.ff—;i policy which tends to in ronse j
the price of Brain to the farmer w idle dimiu- j
iohing that of ilreail t > the artisan, by redu- ;
; ring tlis distance across which their v -hective j
; pr muctS ;• r-r exchanged, and. of 'course, r- du- j
• lug the cst of their transfer. K gar-ling ;
Filibustcrissn in all its phases, and every form
rand device of National covctousne-s. wiilt 1111-
qualiiii d abhorrence, as the bane of Republics
i and in th'-ir triumph the grave of Equal i
• Ilgtuau Lights; we seek by every means to
woo and win ihe attention of our countrymen
from project? of aggrandizement abroad to eu
t'rprize? of dryei'pmeut and bcm.licence at!
himr". foremost among which we rank a Kail- .
road through thole art ot'ottrterritory to con
nect Lie wafers-of the Atlantic with those of!
the Pacific, .'pvbeving that the goods of this
life are not yet fairly distributed, and that 11 - ;
--ui- ready n-i work kboulil ever fairish in u"n
wipiug idle ties-, it lend-- an open ear to every
suggestion of Social improvement which does
iKu-ec unt< rvaiHhe thel ites of eternal Morality
u-ar war upon that natural right of every one
t-i w hatvo'-rer has lafrlv produced or hou
e-tly aefjit'i*• t, wliose dciibii must sink nun
kinc. into the chars and ni-glit of barbarism
. and -universal .->jnah->r.' iih a profound con
sciousnest that idlers, drunkard s , libertines'
and {-rofiigwtes can never lie other (in the
, tnaiu 1 than needy and wretched, it bears aloft
the great trutii that Prevention i* better than '
Punishment- —that the rhihl trained np in the
' WHY he should go, will rarely in after years .
, dcatrt that way for th> tn'orny pith* of Vice
stiff Crime -that a tru Educatiou- KHigiou#
Moral tuul Industrial as wail as Intellectual—
ii the most effective temporal antidote to th
arrars and woes ut our rate. Recognizing Hi
the most degraded specimen of Humanity a
; divine spj.i t vjrbich should he reverently
< herished, aat rolbtcsaty trodden out, we have
charity for all forms of evil hut those which
seek personal advantage through the debase
ment ©four fellow-beings. The tdjaaipiou of
: no cla-s or caste, the devotee of no sect, we
would fain he the interpreter to each other ot
_n;iierHl concord between Labor and < >ip;tal.
ind iimoiK' those whom c.icunistances or inL
■ apprehension have thrown into unnatural an
iivtroui-on. A eoteropomry once observed that
he never knew a hard, grasping. iitjrgrdh
employer. vt ho did not hate 1 Iff, J KJil /K.
uor a generous, htrge-souled. kindly one. will
ing to live and let live, win) did not like it.
We ask no higher pfaise, no warmer attesta
Tiie eireulation of THE TRIBI NE :s at this
as follows: Daily $*2,000 c.'pK;:
Weekly. cdnes t Memi-Weekly.
copies : Giilifornia and European
conies : lid 1 "2150c0 des,
rum ot tiie Semi-Weekly and Weekly vvi be
lieve to ho exceeded by no other licwsi) tpcr
uuhfistied in the world: that of the Daily
folfs -behind that of some of our eOUmpim
ries. liad our hostility to Human Slavery
and the Liquor T raffle been more guarded and
oolitic. our Daily issues would now be some
thousands heavier and our Advertising far
more lucrative: hut of our patronage goner
allv we have no reason, no wish to complain,
tit hue, A concerted effort hat been made to
. diminish our rural eireulation through the in
hume e of the PestinasifcPi: some of whom < tn
hark in it eagerly, others under politic* coti
- ;iut : yhil • a large number, we arc happy
for the snktf of Human Nature to state, refuse
to 1)0 dragooned into it at ail. Still. wv have
been made to feel tiie heavy hand of Power,
and have doubtless lost thousands of subseri
' hers iu eons: qiicuce. Prcb vis Jo which no in
dividinti in his private capacity would have
stooped have lieen rcli'-d oq to justify the
.ii.uij'.vge of our papers within reach of their
mb-cribcr? and rightful owners, and their r. -
! lentioii i:i the Post-oflice till their value v. i
' les.roved. Po-tmnr.-lers have been schooled
iv rival journals—several of them living on
> their self-proclaimed ability to serve as an
antidote to THE TRIBUNE—as to their p -
litical duty to promote at our expense the
dissemination of gazettes of adverse polities.
We shall outlive this /warfare, hut we do not
attcrt indifference to it. lu the open field of
discus-ion wc Tar rothiug i hut in the tens
.if thousands of rural neighborhoods where
the Postmaster can induce many of his quiet
... iirhhoi s to take the journal he recommends,
we have already lost some patrons, and ex
pect to lose more us our subscriptions for this
rear expire. We appeal, there! ure, lu the
; hearty, faithful, fearless ad vacates of Free
I.ukm. and Free Soil throughout the land to
take care that this official warfare on our cir
culation be not prosecuted without counter
action. V.'e employ no traveling agents, for
we will nut consent to have the public har r
asjed with the solicitations of strangers in
ogr behalf. We strike the name of each sub
scriber to our Weekly or Semi-Weekly from
our books so soon as his term has expired, for
we will not haunt our p.itrops with duns for
arrears which tin y may say they never in
tended to incur, for papers which perhaps
I hey never read: wft re IN for the renewal o!
our club subscriptions solely on the volun
teered efforts of those who, liking our paper,
believe its influence salutary and worthy to he
extended ; and thus fir our reliance has been
justified, as wc trust it may continue tu Ic.
TIIE TRIBUNE is printed on a large im
perial sheet, d-A by 41 incites, folded in
quarto form, and mailed to subscribers at th
Dairy TaWXE. per annum . . §6 00
One Copy, one year , . . $3 00
Two Copies, one year ... 5 00
Five Copies, one year . . . 11 2.">
Ten Cv.pies. t" our address . . 20 Do
fine Copy, one year . . . S2 00
I'hrec t.'o ; ies. one y ear . . i> 00
Fivg Copies, otie year . . . 800
Ten Copies, one ye*r . . . 12 0"
Twenty Copies, to on - address, and any
larger number at the rate of .y 1 per
milium 20 00
Twenty Copies, to address of each xg/.r
srri! r . and any larger number a; the
rate of Si 20, each ... 24 00
Any person sending us a Club of twenty or
more will be entitled to an extra eopv.
Subscriptions may commence at any tiny?
Term Hwuy s cash in advance. All letters tu
be addressed to
Tribune Buildings,
No. lii 1 Nassau street. New York.
Na*.v Y UKK, S-JD. 1 8 a7 .
Oifferw Cii*e;) i lii< Uicoiaeni s
H *>. the store formerly occupied by I). W.
SPENCER, on bd Street, North side of Public
A good Assortment constantly on hand, from
which i will enumerate a few of the, leading
articles, such as
i .Sugar, Mustard, Candy,
Coffee, Cinnamon, Nuts
Molasses, Pepper Crackers,
j 'Syrups, Catsup, Soap
Pcqiper, Y< a-t, •> Candles,
I Spice, ()ifs, Shot,
Tobacco, Lead,
! Cloves, Snuff, "C." Caps,
j Call). Soda,, C. Tartar,
and many other tilings too numerous to men
tion, will i>e I'ognd in this department, which
will he sold at a trilling advance, from cost
fur ready pa v.
Constantly on hand, Kueh as
uid many cthe? ajfrvfrs. in tl;,e line of Proyi
*iunq not necessary to rqention. ADo,
-nodi as Brooms, \\ ash-i'vfr.s apd Hoards, Mope
Dinner Boxes. A'c , which will he sold low for
j cash or feady pay < ats. Potatoes, Butter
Eggs. Cheese, and in fact almost everything a
tanner rafres. will be taken in exchange for
Goods, at their cash value. I invite the at
tention c,f Villagers, Farmers and Lumbermen
who desire to make purchases in the above
i nrtielos. and solicit them to call before pur
chasing elsewhere. E. K. SPENCER.
Qoudersport, June 9, 1837.—10:2.
BLEACHED MUSLINS and a few other ar
tides in th* line of Staple Drv Goedfi
Tow tnr eftsh at E. Iv SPENCER'S,
10:2 D W S„ A^t.
Uf all disease : the great, first cause
Springs from iieglect of Nature's laws.
W lie ii a I'l'RE is guaranteed
.j* . -
: Self-. Louse, Xurvous Jjebiliiy, Utricivrer, Gt'.ett,
[ (J ret or!, ]Mul>etcs, Discuses of the Kidneys itnd
j Jil adder. Mercurial Jihruma'isin, Scrofula.
J'■tins in the Jioties and Ankles, Diseases <d the
. | I.urt'js. Throat, Nose and lives, (leers a yon the
liodi/or I.'Mb*, Cancers. Dropsy, Epileptic hits.
St. I 'ita's Dance, and all disc .set arisanf jroin
a dcrnyem&nt "f the Sexual thraflns,
OUCH as Nervous Trembling. Los? of Mem
orv, Loss of Power, General Wvaknes.*,.
■ Diutness of Vision with peculiar spots npjA' ir
■•. before the eyes, t.o<s of Sight. \N akctul
; i ue. s. Dvspepsia. Liver Disease. Eruptions upon
the face. Pah: in the back and bend. Female
■ irfegukirjtit-- and n!? iptni dis hargas front
both .sexes, it trdt from what cause
• the di. originated, howvar long standing
■ or obstinate th" ease, recovrtj i-> certain, and in
' a .shorter UHJC a permanent cure can be ef
fected ben:, other treatment, even ul'ter the
di ease has battled the skill of eminent physi
cians and resisted all their means of cure. The
I medicines are pleasant without odor, causing no
'' --ieknass and Ire® from mercury or balsam.
During twenty years ofpracticc. I have rescued
■ from the jaws of Death many thousands, who.
in the last stwvf'.'s of t!u- above ji"U'ion a ui.--
1 cai-e- had been given up to die by tlnir physi
cians. which warrants me in promising tu the
ad'.ctcd. who may place tiicipsep. c.-> under my
■ care, a perfect ami uuot speedy euro. Mecret
Disease.- are the greatest enemies to health. u>
' they are the first ctu?e of Coiisuiuption, fciyrol- j
1 u!a. and liia y otLnir diseaves, ana should b a
• terror to the l.uiijuii family, As a periuancut
■ cure i scare ly ever elVected, a majority ot tiie
eases lulling into the hands of incompetent
' pe;.; us. who not only fail to cure the diseases
' bu. tu a the constitution, filling the system
' 'with mercury-, which, with the disease, has-!
■j tens the su Sorer into .i rapid Consuuipticrtp,
j Hut should the disease and the treatnleuf I
; ! not C4IUSC deatli - j)' edily and the victim mar- ;
1 rie.s. the disease is entailed upon the children, <
who are ben with feeble constitutions, and
the current of lift corrupted by a virus which
i betrays itself in Mcrofula, Tetter, Ulcers, Erup
■ ; tions an other atrcotious of the skin. Lye-'.
Throat and Lung?, entailing upon tl-om a brief
'I cxi-ttuce of uuifjriig and cou*igui:ig them to
I an early grave.
': SELF A BUTE is another formidable enemy
to health, for nothing else tu the dread cata
. login- Ql human diseases causes so destructive
a drain upon tly s\st- m, draw -ag its tlionsr.nds
• of victims through a few years of suffering
down to an untimely grave. It destroys tin
Xervott- o'stcia, rapidly wastes away the eu
' e-gies O' life, ea tses mental derangement,
prevent.- the proper development ol lite system,
disqualifies for marriage, society, business
and all earth'iy happiness, and leaves the suf
' h rer wrecked in body and mind, predisposed
1 to co:i-umptiou and a train of evils more to be
' dreaded than death i'self. With the fullest
! confidence 1 assure the unfortunate victims of
.■Self-Abuse that a permanent and speedy cure
can be affected, and witli the abandonment of
• ruinous practices my patients can be fosiored
' to re-bin-!, vigorous health.
The afflicted are cautioned aguiqst the use
' of Patent Medicines, for there are so many
■ ingenious snares in the columns of the public
prints to catcdi and ro.b the unwary sufferers
' that millions have their constitution- ruined
by the vile compounds of quack doctors, or
' the equally poisonous nostrums vended as
1 ••patent Medicines/' I have carefully analyzed
, many of the .-o called Patent Medicines and
i find that nearly all of them contain Corrosive
i Sublimate, which i- one of the strongest pre
i parations of niereury and a deadly poison,
| which instead uf curing the disease disables
, ; the system for life.
, Three-l'ourtlis of the patent nostrums now
in use are put up by unprincipled and ignorant
, persons, who do not understand even the a!-
] phahet of the materia m di'-n, and are equally
as destitute of any knowledge of the human
system, having one object only in view, and
that make money regardless of congeqticn
i• 6 1
. C( ' s '
, Irregularities and all di-ca-es of males and
i females *reat d on principles established by
. 'twenty years of practice, and sanctioned by
thousands of the most rem rkable cures. Med
icincs with full directions sent to any p trt of
tile United fstate.- or Canadas, hv : .tient
) '
. communicating their symptoms by letter. —
r . Business correspondence strict!) confidential.
o£iceNo. 1131 Filbert fit-.,
(Old No. 109, j
run. A D E. L P II I A .
NEW aoop^
Low aiifii Ucadj Puy,
SURSv uIDER-S ~re offering for saio
r 5. an entirely new stock, consisting of
In onrselccti'.n- the vant-ol' all have been
; renn nibered. The Gentlemen can find in o-r
i stock of Ready Made Ulothtug an elegant
: Fasliionahle suit, or a substantial Busints
i suit, and we have llats A Caps and Bouts A
j Shoes to match.
j The I.allies ran find Fashionable Bonnets
: bcHutifully trimmed, or bonnets nd trimming;
1 a good assortment of Dress Goods, and trim
ming-; Gloves, Mitts. Hosiery and Gaiters.—
i And. last but not lea.-t, corded and skeleton
p Skirts : aDo, Rattans. Skirt-Whal-ilmne ami
Brass Skirt-Huups; beauiiful Jet Necklaces
; and Bracelet-, UoraJs. Fans, and too ntanv
! other things to enumerate.—all of which we
! are selling low for Gash. Lumber, or auv kind
. • <#f Produce. FLOUR, MEAL, FISil &c., cou
'' -V iat lv on hand.
W. B. k J. 11. GRAVES.
Sharon Center. Potter Co., Pa., June f,
! 1 $57. 10:2-tf.
OR.-. NCjFS AND LEMONS just received bv
10:2 W B. & J.'ll. GRAVES. "
nY\ . Si'ENi 'FR i- Agi nt fur many uf the
• mo-t popular Meui. ines now in use, a
r j few of which he will mention:
; Arc., Ac., Ac.
£k*fif~J. R. Stafford A Co:'s Olive is ap
j plied and inhaled hv wearing on INHALER
' around the neck and on the breast. Jiis OL
v i IVE OINTMENT i applied where the skin is
' bmken, and is a popular remedy where known.
Gvod f?r the
FETULK sub-criUrs take this mctjiyd of iu
-1 £urmiug their friends that tjisy are in re
ceiyt of. and are uow opening, a choice and
1 1 desirable stiick ui
to which they invite '.tie attention of ull who
desire to make' purchases. Uur atock is large
, has been selected with great e.vre. and :s par
i ticularly adapted to the wants nl thia section
. uf our country. Out stock of Dry Goods eon*
■ sists of
ant! a rnrietv ot other articles, too numerous
' to mention. We have also a complete a-surt-
I men t of
all of which will be sold uncommonly cheap
for leioiy pay, and for approved cr dit on :u
reasonable terms a.- anv > titer e.-'eMDhmcnt.
Millport, Aug. 11. l. j rt.—i:l3 Iy.
B'. W. KI3KG & SOly,
nSAIR t 'fc s riLTIRERS,
TSuoome Si reef.
On*" 1 Door Kn-t of Broadway. [Late Itifc broad
way.] NEW-YORK,
[lCituUishetl A. D. 13.13..]
g XVITE aa exnuiination of their gn at vari-
I etv and superior assortment o! L HAULS,
manufactured at '.heir uw :: cstabliahiueiu, and
under their immediate observation and d:;ec
tiou. inel.ul'rg
i Chair.
Embracing the most complete assortment,
aud choicest kind- for iWkri, Jhalting Jtootn->.
(■fiasiberg, Li aniens, AC yarns, L'\tvlwy Housn.
! Oipces, I'iibiic JiiiiUCu/UM*, R>trl>trr, £ •♦.,
tc.gether with every desirable sort adapted to
the comfort, convenience and luxury of the
SUk, the A yd. the J.nirn>, the Lame end Lory.
In point of ingenuity of de.-igu. elegance of
(itii.-h. quality and riehucss of material. faiih
i'nluc-.- of execution, d'uability aa ! cheapness,
these chairs arc unsurpassed. lor them. M.
W. KING k SON. were awarded :h>- first ami
onh l'riic Medal, an.l the faculty recommend
iheru as far preferable to beds or couches for
pati<nts a'Rioted with Spinal Asthmatic oi aileciio!)-.
To either arm of the ehair Tray he nttr.r], .]
a convenient reading or v> riling I > sk. Nad any
' combination desired nil] be luuuuUctured to
• to order.
A Circular with explanatory outr, "vvl\l be
sent by mail if requested, and order- [with re
mittances.] promptlv forward.d to any part of
■ j the world.
An Arm Chair, Reclining Chair. Com h and
Bedstead, [cumiuk o is on ,] is susceptible of
twelve di tier cut positions or changes, to meet
the varied requirements for comfort, conveni
ence, \uxury ?,;vl economy, [in space a- well
its prior.] Whether in sickness or heath, this
celebrated CHAIR -as you i.ikf. it." excels in
i; nig fly respects, any ehair perhaps ever manu
factured i)i this or any other country.
. | The price varies from Fifteen to Tnirty Dol
. lars. according io finish.
To Public Institution;, a- we]! r, c to indit id
eal-, this CHAIR is a very desirable article,
and will be stijj>l iei in any number ou the
i most liberal terms. Apph to or ;ddre- j
M. \Y. KING A* St >N.
438 Brocane St.. One door east of Broadway,
i New York. I Lair 4JH /{roadway. 0:4 1-1 v.
KNV GOODS'—A Fine Assortment jn.-1
il received at OLMSTED S.
Tlic SfvJ Theiapt'tiHf Atrcni
c j er Irlrcdtu't'ti.
. X>Xl. DiCmNSON'B
•' •_ •■;*• , ' yfe... is exciting the
1K Vr" C-iV- -'A ; , 1 a,,rl >ieg att.-n
i N? cal Profession and
•; f£-* huge jxirtion oi
>— / the intelligent lay
men <>l' the land. It is now clearly demon
strated that the lancet, mercury, and all other
internal "drug medication" may bo laid aside
l: with perfect -..Uivy o lb. patient and abid
ing benefit to posterity. Whenever these ma
chine; have been introduced, they excite the
highest wonder and praise, The apparatus
is adapted to prevent, relieve and cure every
disease incident to huny.vriky.— more particu
larly all fhose jiainfsil ai.d forniidalde diseas
es which have for centuries bafllcd the pro
foundest U arattw end ikif: of p.hvsicians.
I rom v.lmtcvei favrsc. tbvre maiat a? e\-
ce-s or deficiency of the nervous fluid,—pro
r ducir.g an excess or deficiency of the acids
L and alkaline secretions—the magnetic princi
ples of the system are deranged, (ir.d Ci'n on
v rv b, sr.EL; restored to. thoit i,urral eonwition
by an applfeation of magiu'to-'dectrieity. by
nfans ol DR. Dtt'KINSuN S MAtINKTc
' ELLOTRH ' MACHINE. This apparatus will
" positively prevent, and .speedily relieve and
cure ( <>nstuoption. srrojula. Rheumatism.
" Palsies. Neuralgia. Spinal I'gcaH's. and all
c>ther painful maladies, however nopeo-ss and
s of long standing. They are eminently useful
in all sexual and urinary disorders, particu-
larlv where the Constitution has been broken
' down and ruined by iiniiatural solitary habits
" ; to which too many of the young of both aexes
are so lament-aidv prone.
MACHINE is without the dangerous coinpli
; cations of batteries and acids—which fact alone
j renders it superior to all others on the score
T ~f neatness, cleanliness, safety and utility.—
It is. in fact, a handsome parlor ornament:
r . i may be applied by a child; and will last a
a life-time, to the great saving of Doctor's
i bills. Ac.
It x\ ill bo. safely packed and sent to any
part of the United States. Sold wholesale
: and retail at the Medical Office. No, 3* NORTH
"" j SEVENTH Street, Philadelphia. Address,
• I 10-I— lv.
II 1. xj Goods just roreiv, dat OI.MSTEI' S.
. i V for aW> hy JONES, MANN k JONES.
The Cheapest urnl Jiamkvmest
cal In the world
Circulation ItHI.OQO.
MAGAZINE closes its first voluuw iu J U!it
1 neit. During the few brief taosths of it*
ttnee it Las attained a popularity unqu ß jj t
in the ammls of the Press.
The publishers Imving o(Trrod liberal Pr t .
atiuais for < huice literary efforts, the Stonij
Romances. E-.- uy s, Poetry, and other spurk
lii g and interesting reading whs couiuaajced
in January last, ami arc being still publish,
cd in the Visitor.
The New Volume will be commenced 1b J*.
lv 157. greatly iivpu ved and eifiHrgcd
. Eaeii number will contuin thitty -tv.o ej-r
large si/ed royal octavo pages, making a lUa
| n.iictiil volume of nearly 100 pages far the
j year—or presenting an amount of the choi
cest reading on all subjects, equal to what
would cost in the book stores at iea-i tiiYr
1 cents, payable invariably in advance.
Lome of the mo-t popular aud brilliant nni! e
and female couti'imtor? arc regular eotr.ri,
butor and the publishers will spare no pi, ls
or expense to render the Welcome \ ieitor
every way acceptable to a rtdijuat and ujieiie
i gent eoin;uiinity.
The puldication is adapted to all classes <q
people—tlit- young and tlie old—find where,
ever seeu and perusal, meet* with uiiiveru{
N• xv is the tirua to subscribe ty t;w
Neu YOluhic.
, x .' t'lie tiaek numturp ruay he had q
complete sets! for J e,-nt each, or the wheit,
' series of I'.' numbers tor twi nty-fivk cent.,
I.ibcr ri inihicenieiitsJ to Clubs and C*4-
' va®scrs. -
Remember, our terms aj\! f;ft, cents
! for one year. f> ■ a -ingle copy, or three tup.
j ies v. Hi be seirt umkroiie cover or address/or
I One Dollar. Address,
Uubli.Thers. No. 3F North fw<en'.h
', |up stairs.) PhilavliTuhirt*. 10:1 Iv
i. \> ill liud a supply at
9:41S .IGNES. MANN k JOfiEl*.
i "fftt.NES. MANN JUNES, pay the Lighoi
C# market price for all kinds of I'rodueo.
P i L L S,
Titp.nt: has long existed a public demand frar.
effective purgative pill which could be relied on *
sure and perfectly safe in its operation. *1 ULs h
been prepared to meet that demand, and an exten
sive trial of its virtues has conclusively shown with.
! what success it accomplishes the purpose designed.
It is easy to make a pUYsionl pill, but not easy ta
i make the best of gil pills one which should hue
none of the objections, but all the advantages, of
every other. This has been attempted here, si.a
with what success we would respectfully submitt#
the public decision. It has been qufoHigu'.e !g
the patient hitherto that almost every pa.'gatht
inedieine is acrimonious and irritating to the bur
els. This is not. Many of them produce so much
griping pain and revulsion in the system as tomt"
than counterbalance the good toEc derived irmu
j them. These piiU pcoduoe. r.o irritation or paii.,
' j iiiless it arise from a previously existing obstniy
' tion or derangement in the bowels. Being purtij
vegetable, no harm can arise from their use in JUT
quantity ; but it is better that any medicine
be taken judiciously. Minute directions for ti<
' use in the several diseases to which -
pii.-uvle are given on the Lux. Among the ca
plaints whioh have b,s-.a gncedily cured by tliem. w
• rasv mention Liver fmnplaint, in its various forms
' of J sundiec. Indigestion, I.anguor and Loss (if A •
j netite. Listlcssness, Irritability, Bilious Heart:u'.v,
Bilious Fever. Fever and Pain in t'nv Sid*
and Loins; for. in truth, all these are but the eo:
sequence of diseased action in the liver. Ai
aperient, they afford prompt and sure relief iii Co
tivene-s. Piles, Colic, Dysentery, Humors. Sor
ula and Scurvy, Gokls with soreness of the bod'.
Ulcers and impurity of the blood; in short, tt)
and every case v. hese a purgative is required,
j Thev have also produced some singularly <>"
ccssfut cures in Rheumatism, Gout, Dropsy. Oro'..
Erysipelas, Palpitation of the Heart. 1 via* in '• *
Back, Stomach, and Side. They should !• fr**'
| taken in the spring of the year, to purify the h!—
and prepare the system for the change of caM
Ail occasional dose stimulatos the stomach -
bavvels info healthy action, and restores the
lite..ami vigor, 'f b'V pnrifv the Mood, and. by; i
■ -Gnmiaxxt a, Bc,n un the ciienlatory system ref ■
vate the strength cd the bod v. and restore t-'
. wasted or diseased energies of the whole organic
lienco an occasioual dose is advantageous, t*'
though no sorious deraiigemeut exists; but i...
licctssxry sloei.l never he carried too fcr.
: as evesy putative medicine reduces the streugj.,
wh'.n taken to excess. The thousand cases in urnl
- a physic is required cannot be enumerated here, b-i I
~ they suggest themselves to the reason of eve •
body; and it is confidently believed tms p'b
answer a better purpose than any tbing wla
hitherto been available to mankind. Vvber a/.
- virtues are once known, the public will no b
[• doubt what remedy to employ when rn need '
catirarlie medicine. Being sugar-wrapped tl |,T 1
. . pleasant to take, and being purely Tcgetsble,
L-rui can arise from their use in any quanta*
For minute directions see wrapper on the
! I*rc4ical aud AialytiYuH lu ' ,nW
P:*i,ce 35 Cents per Box. Five Boxes for :<
■' AY EE'S
For the rapid tint of
i iolds, hoarsened
i RROM'HITIS, \VHOOPI\(-< 0lt.
■| (OY&iAJP'HO\..
Tttie remedv has won for itself such
s from it* cures of every variety of pulmonary
' that it is entirely* unnecessary to recount l' f
| donees of its virtues in any community
' been employed. 80 wide is the field
fulness, and so numerous the cases of it- s . f
that almost every section of the country a" ■
::i jiersons publicly known, who have been . ■
.com alarming and even desperate (ii-ea-c- - ■
lungs by its ue. "When once tried its ■
over every other medicine of its kind is *' ■
ent to escape ob-ervation, and where its vita . ■
j 1 known, the public no longer hesitate what ; H
jto employ for the distressing ipnl dang> r>e ■
lions of the pulmonary organs which arc 'J ■
to our climate. And not only in ..T" ,-fief K 1
tacks upon thp lungs, but for the ni, ' <u ' r ',l :H
of Coins. Coughs, llovkskxkss,
| Chiluskn it is the nleasantcst and saa' s ■
that can be obtained. ,
As it has long been in eonstant use t. , si |
this section, we need not do more than • r , ( ■
1 people its quality is kept up to the best ■
Las been, and that the genuine article 1 ■
avn ij
j COCDF.RSPORT, Pa-. by C* nntr K
ichanH !to/i lVugyr? verywfaer* j;