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    A SiA. DEN - ft.—A Sea Devil was
caught on the coast of England-recently,
which, says the Groiwri:; - .Advertiser, is
anything,but:eaptivating.. It is flat, four
feet eight inches in length, two feet six
inches - iii , brcatith; its mouth,"in Which
there ii...tu-single row of cundated sharp
teeth, measures 121 inches lorizontal,
and, whiTu its jaws are fully opened, it
measures • 1.61; on. its belly, near the
lower part of the - head, are two hands,
.having fivefingers on" eachdistinctly ex
hibited, and webbed.. It has also two
anterior fins, and two lateral bags of great
capacity, with one of a triangular form, on
the belly. ! It weighs - about eighty pounds.
It is alinfiether a formidable and strange
'looking iish, and the mune by which it is
known is not inappropriate..
TILE liussian 'government has decided
.that hereafter, hi the public school of
Irkoubih, Where their principal commerce
4 with America, the German language
shall be suppressed, and "the .American
language', substituted in its place. "This
is the first time," says the Loudon corres
pondent of the N: Commercial Ac -
7:.:erti.Fcr, "that I have seen the English
:offielally called the American language.."
COL. - 13NTON ha written a review of
ithe Dred Scott decision. He takes,
..round with Judges Curtis and McLean,
:and against, the majority.of the Coutt.
The book is now in press.
Teacher's Institute.
On Monday the 16th day of Nov. next,
Teacher's institute will be opened at
Coudersport andcontinue. five days. The
objcet of the litAitute is, to give instruc
tion in the most approved methods of
teaching, and conducting the exercises of
the School room. Six hours of the day
will .be occupied in reviewing those
branches usually taught in -our Common
Schools, and giving instruction upon the
method of teaching. There will also be
A Session each evening, for the purpose
43f reading essays, and holding discussions
en subjects connected with the Advance
ment of the Common School interest.
The time has been limited to five days,
so that every Teacher in the County can
afford to attend. One week's board, and
satali charge of three or four shillings
tar contingent expenses, wil be all the
necessary expense; and it is-hoped, and
expected that the Teachers throughout
the County wake it convenient to at
tend. The undersigned will use every
cffort: to seeuFe, board on re:Lsonable terms.
Those who design to become members
of the institute, are requested to bring a
full s,et of text-books, of such as are used
hi their school districts. The friends of
education teuerally, are cordially invited
to attend. The services of eminent, and
K.Yperierieed Teachers will be secured to
instruction and lectures during the
f_.'esjon of the Institute.
Thnse who design to attend, should be
.in Coudersport Saturday evening, and se
cure their bt larding place, so as to be ready
c om :: : eti ce o n day morning. By coin
li.: in at a lAte hour on the first day of the
I::stitute. the whole day will be lust. A
mi', of iltc Directors of the County
have mentioned to the that they would
like to hare a general meeting for the
t:url2se of discussing. seine questions of
niteret relatin! , to ilteit duties. I have
therefore made arrangements that Thurs
day ercninf , of the week of the Institute
may be occuir.ied in discussing the Mlluw-
Finsfr : Thc importance of adopting (
P. I:I; r , j tux(-bwks, trot (mill in the
N 10 , 4 'Districts, but throughout the
ft, ,
S: , ,COND: The propriety ofpetitioit fog
car ;tote L#ytlutln•e tv iTcl:tre the 1111J71-
I.;'r of DireeiOrS
, from Sid: to three; and
theist a compenzatio.n far their ser
'Directors, by attending this discussion
e: Thursday evening, will have a favora
ble opportunity also to witness the elos
ing exercises of the Institute the next
day. _
Directors, and Friends of Education,
shall we have a general attendance?
Co. Supt. of Potter Comity.
COUDERSPORT, Oet. 7, 1.857.
Tu 'WINTER TERM of Coudersport
Academy, will commence on Tuesday
the 15th of December next, to continue
thirteen weeks. Grain of an kinds will
be received on. tuition, at the market
prices, if promptly delivered; therefore
the tightness of money need prevent no
cue from obtaining an Education.
J. HENDRIQK, Principal
eog3al•sj)o'rt etotzlit,
Corrected Weekly fin. the Journal,
Idc,,ders in Dry Goods, Groceries, Ilate 4- Caps,
Po u ts t Shoe:
. Crockery, Pork, Fiour,
Neql, Nohons 4-c.,
''Loin, cuparfine, LA bbl.,
" extra, LI
SALT, ."
CU RN MEAL, 1 100 IDS,,
Trxa, "c? lb.,
Luto, •• " - -
TALLOW, " " -
11Ams: " 4 -
t• z uot - L.routs, lb., - -
D1.4:1: SKIS, “ " -
MAPLE , St - Gl6, 3-?, lb., -
" " T. Bushel, -
1 4F.,
T on, _
Notice to School -Teachers.
The County Superintendent of Potts!.
County will be at the following places,
and at the times specified, for the
purpose of_ exannning teachers,. vizi -
ULYSSES, Thursda . k, the . 26th of
November neat, at the school-house in
Lewisville. • •
"HARRISON,.- Friday, N0*".27 - th; - . . at
the Cummings' school-house.
30th at the school-house..
°SWAY° VILLAGE, Wednesday,
Dec.- at the school-h;use. . -
SOARON, Thursday, Dec. 2d,- at:the
school-house near the mouth of the:
Houeoye.' '
lIIIBRON, Friday, Dec. 4th, at the
Crandall Hill schoid-houe..
. Saturday, 'Dec- sth, at
the kedschool-iluase near I£r. Weimer 's.
Dee. tith, at the
school-house near the mouth of the West
Bran(ih. •
- -
CCi LIDERSPORT, Saturday; Dec. 12,
at the Academy. •
• TIM examination at each of the above
place is to commence at 10 o'clock, A.M.
It is expected that all the teachers will
make their arrangements to be at one of
these 'places, whichever may be the most
convenient. Those, however, who attend
the Teacher's Institute during the entire
iessiun, will be bxamined and receive a
certificate (if qualified) before leaving.
Each Teacher is also requested to fur
nish ai reading-book of the kind ~, ,e uerally
used ;lalsu a pen and ink, together with
at least two sheets of paper, a.s h portion
of the,answers, In the different branches,
will be Required in writing. As ,there
are inCiased facilities for teachers to
qualify themselves for the duties of their
calliugy the time has Come for more
thorough examinations.
The Department of Common SchoOls"
has issued new forms for certificates, both
" Prov}sional" and "Permanent;". the
State Superintendent has also given in
struction. to the County Superintendents
.to re-examine those' teachers noWholding
Permanent certificates, and give new
Permanent certificates -to suck as are
worthylof them, and Provisional certifi
cates td others; also to annul the Perma
nent certificates of those who do not sub
mit to a re-examination-
These instructions will be complied
with, ,rid a higher standard of qualifica
tion will be required hereafter.
It is 'hoped that the friends of educa
tion, and Directors especially, will be
pre:‘entat the examinations. A Lecture
will be delivered at either of the above
places, on any subject relating to Com
mon School education, on the evening of
the dayof examination, if desired.
Counti Superintendent pf Potter Cou6t3
toutt.E . IISPOR.T ! October 17,
ttllf titst
V• - •
To pelinquent ColleFlors.
oricE is hereby given that the County
I. Coinini,siotiers Potter Coan:y tylil
niet at tle it Oliiee, in Coudersport. on MON
DAY. NOV. tiiil. Is: 7. for. the pnrposeir• of
niect;ng Delinquent Collectors, (for years prior
to '.a:,;, in order th it they tow pay up or
make Isfactory arrangements in the prem
ises: .11 - order if the Goorrti,;sioners,
L. B. COLE, Com'r Clerk
;rsport. Oct. 3N , 1857.
.-0 7— r?.: - .1 . ILI rtll - MII , A a 7: -- 1 - ..1
- 0, 4 , ,h(0, the premise's of the. subscriber, one
.Li_ mile north of Colesburit. in Allegany tarp.
Potter county, l'a., in kly last, l'01:1Z CAT
TLE. de'crilied as follows : ',
A bright red Steer. good size, no particular
111-:ths remembered now. Also, tt Heifer of,
same\ description.
A r,ed and white spotted Steer, good size,
one or iidth ears frozen, white hind feet, and'
white spot inlore-head.
A light red Steer, under size, one or both
ears frozen, and short - tail.
Any person bringing the dettld to me, or
too where I tan obtain. them, will
rewarded. • WIL PEET.
Aileg - any, Oct. 25,
~ •
ARPEIi'S WEEKLY" will appear
cry Saturday morning, ; and will be
sold at FIVE CENTS a cony, It will oo molten!
to Subsicribers at tOefoilowfmr r;iteS, payment
being invariably re'quired. [a - dvanee :
One Copy for Twenty Weeks, . ti $1 00
One Copy for One Year, . . 2 50
One Copy for Two Years, ' . . 4 00
Five Lopies for Ope Year, . ; .1 9 CO
Twell. - o Copies for One Year, ; 20
Twenty-live Copies for One Yehr, 40 00
- * * 4o : To persons getting up a Club of
Twepielor Tweiai-five, a Copy kill be sent .
gratis. Subs::riptions may commence with
atopNu Specimen Numbers gratuitously
'supplied. , ,
As afarther inducement, the rucdishers aff(r
.17arp-',l Magaiine and garper'sliVeekly for
Pour .114ars a year ,
kith'"Persons residing in the Britisir Provin
ces will redsit TW.MiTY.SIX addition
to the Subscription,!for theArtieritMU Pu,tug,e.
Numbers from the commencement (Jatina
ry 3) con still be supplied; • •
"Harper's Weekly," is well filled yeith orig
inal and selected matter. Its leading articles
are well toned and timed, and its illustrationS
are far ahead of any journal of the kind it the
country. Its pen portraits of distinguished
living men are of themselves Wortk the price
of the Yolume.—E-Y. Christian Advocate% and
- $7 50
8 00
- 30 00
- 3 50
. 2 50
We have had alew attempts to 'eStablish
first-class illustrated paper in this, country, in
emulation of the "I,,oudon Illustrated News."
But none of them have enjoyed the advantage
of an adetiuitte combination of publiShers' re
sources, with money capital, until ,I Harper's
Weekly." The pictorial mutter of thiS spen
did sheet is miapkoached, as a Whole, by
that oil any other atnong qs, and, perhaps, not
surpasied elsew EXtll3illif.
* *; The Pdstagelupon "Harper's Weekly."
when prepaid quarterly, in advance, at the
office }A;here It is ;received, is ,TIVSNTY-SIX
CENTS a year. ;
BARPBR .5; BRQTRERS, Publisher?,
Franklin Square, New• York.
Oct Ober, 1857.
- 12a,15
- 14@;16
- 10e,12
- 2 50
- 2 50
- 25€,30
.S l. G.' 8 00
. 370, etiAlit of
11.3 S4I.ND-Ooples are now issued of HARPER'S
NEW MONTIifX M.koiztsE. The .Publishers
have endeavored, by - Well-dirc:eted use'- of
the' abuildantresources at. their command; to
render it'not . onl,v,the cheapest but the Most
attractive and useful Magazine for popular,
reading in The : and the extent to
which their efforfs have been successful is in
dicated br the fact that it has attained a
greater circulation than any similar periodi
ever issued. • .
- Special'efforts will be 'made .to render it
still more interesting and attractive during
the coming year. The new Vol time will com
mence with: the DECEMBER, Number. 'No
labor or expense will he spared to render it
in every way, and in -all departments, still
More worthy.of the unparalleled favor with
which has. been received. .
The Terms upon which HARPER'S MAGA
ZINE is supplied are as follows, for Cush:
One Copy •for Oac Year, . . $3 00
Tw6 Copies for One Year, , . . 500
Three in , more Copies Gile Year, (each) 2 00
- And an Extra 6:o . in for every Clab
f 4 .7T-Persiiiikr::sirling• in the PritiSli Provin
ces will remit THEITY-SIX CNTS, in addition
to Sabscripton, American Postpze.
‘Flarpr - ,3 - Magt , zine aims - to give the /vxt
reading, no tnki.t ter where it-may coins from.
and' whenever its cuudtxturs can procure from
American authors hets,er literAry matter
they can find elsewhere, they g,t it; and they
pay : prices for it which would n‘d , utish some
of the English Magazines.—:Nl 1. 1 tilt'
This popular llaplzine, while it does all
that is lawful to court popularity, never de
scends to enter for it by nainisteri:q to opin
ions. or propensities injurious to good murals
or 'social 'order. Though not exclusively a
religious work, it is always auxiliary to Bible
trutit and sound morAlity.----N. Chnstian
AdvOcate and Jo:in.:al.
Each nuullr•r cont.tining a,F. much Matter as
a valet:Re 4i If aro Ili.;q iio•trri ql Engla;:il, And
Auld at the vidicultmAlv low price or twenty
tiv3 c,:nts.—Lowion
The rn0...4 populsr uud successfulperioaien.l
ever i,sued.—New
*** Tife Postage ppon "-Harper's
when prep-jd Auarterly, atlynnee,
,the office where it is receire4, is Tatart-six
CENTs vear.
Fraukliu Square, New York
Nov. 1, 1857
Administrator's Sale.
iN PURSUANCE of ,Ln order' of the Or
'. - pans' Court of the Count• of Pott7t4r, is!
shall ,e 1.1,3 3, to sale, at the Court House in the
I:orongh Couders'port Pa., on SATURDAY,
the 21ST DAY Ui NOVE,NIREI. A. D. 1657,
ort'e o'cloc::, I'. M., tin! (lescr - ,bed
real e.,tat.,:, .=ituate in Bwetien Township, Pot- -
ter Coal,ty.
.Houn:lod on the North by innds of S. Y.
Acker and unseated lands, on the F.,nst by
Lands of G. L. Catlin and lands of S. V. Acker,
on the Sooth by I Inds of J.:cob Herrington,
and on the West by lands of S. Y. Acker and
angeated land, ; being lot. No. 17 and West
part of lot No. 10 of the allotment of Haigh:lLn
Lands in said township. and being part of
Warrants Nos. 130.L . 1309, 2047 and 2002 ; on
athich is erected one Log House and gee
Frame Barn, said lot containing. about 13
acres, about 40 acres of which are improved,
with 50 Fruit Trees ,rowing thereon.
JOEL HENDRICK, Administrator
of the Estate of Win. Lyon, deceasci.
ICilliim Keniing,,
Ada.lp4us 13. Bone S:pt. Term, 1857, in
and the Commuu Pleas
Jatnes M. Wilcox, of Potter County.
Action of Eject-
Leonard AleKee. nant for the follow
ing d t •seelbeti. lots of land in F:114 county, the
first,omtaini::g two hundred and fitty-soven
acre , _ sizuat i . in Euln!iii W:lsh p. /1111.11-
ns : tinitig at, the south-west
corner of the Tuttle lot, thence N. be ‘•. - eitt line
of said lot 126 rods to north line_ of Warrant
No. 2129. thence west by said line 62.t3 rods
to N , : J. Mills' east line, thence/south 43 de
grees west by Mills' line 31 rods to center of
road. thence south 40.5 rods, thence west by
Mtlls' south hue 40 rods to a corner. thence
south 119 rods, thence east ISS rods to a post
iu the west line of Ahncron Nelson's lot,
thence north 49 rods, thence east 50 rods to
warrant line, thence north 69.5 rods to Tat
tle's south line, thence west by said line 92
rods to the place of beginning; being part of
Warrant No. 2129.
The other lot, containing one hundred and
thirty'-six acres, is.-hounded as follows :
ginning at a post in the east line of the Kwat
ing Lituds, being the north-east corner of a
lot surveyed to U. 13. Martin : thence north 200
rude, thence weet Iti9 rode. thence south 200
rods, thence east 109 rods to the place of be
ginning; being part of Warrant No. 2116, in
Sweden towc.ship, caunty, •
And now, to wit, Septelaber 221, 1857, oh
motion of John S. Mann, Esq., ::ttorney for
Plaint:lre, the Court . granr rule on Defendant
to appear and plead by third day of next
Thrtll or ju.lonent by default, and order the
publication of the rule according to the Art
of Assemble, in such eases made-and provided.
Ily the Court, IL J. OLMSTED,
Potter County, pr:
Certified from the Record this 19th day of
October, A. I). 1957.
tL S 1 Witness my hand and seal of mace,
at Coodersikort, the same day and year.
1 9:19 7 6t. H. J. OL.M.STED, VotlCy.
This mill Is now acknowledged to be the
cheapest, most practical and efficient lumber
manufacturing machine is the world. It is
the only portable reciprocating mill that has
ever met with perfect success. Its entire cost,
with fifteen horse power, warranted to saw
from three to four thonsand feet of inch boards
in twelve hours, the entire establishment com
plete, ready for running, is but $1,C50.
air which over seventy premiums have been
awarded in this country and Europe. It will
grind with less than half the power, and make
better flout and meal than am other mill. It
is the most durable and the cheapest mill in
the market.
Prlces range from $lOO to Slin. _
J. M. EMERSON & Co.,
Dealers in Improved Machinery,
No. 37I . Broadway, New York.
Send fox-Circulars. .
INK and ...*.tai; e articles in the Drugline for
sale by ' . 1 ;0 . 2.) E. K. S.
-..Prices Gx•e - a..tly IteduCe4,
: •
.Arti 333 Broadway, 11: Y. -
• limtstrintibutis.
rirtftE LargeStAssertment of Plano.§,,
deons; MnsiCallnstruments, and Musical;
Merchandise of all kinds, in the United States.
Pianos from Ten.-differcnt Manufal:tories, Om-
prising those
.lof every variety of :style; frOm
the plain, neat and 'substantial tll octaves., in I
Walnut or Rosewood Case.s,frota ..7 7 .1.50. to 5200,- , 1
to those of the Most eleirant tiui.4ll up t!..) One
Thousand X:J hoilse in the ; Union!
can compete, with the above in the uumber, , !
variety and celebrity of its instruments, nor ;
in the Extremely- low prices at which they are
PIANOS, with or without Iron Frames; lips
sussing in their improvements of over-,strings;
and action, a length of scale and compass of t
tone equal'-to - the, Grand Piano, undod with
the beauty and durtibility of f the
Square Piano. They tie justly p7onon:vn_al
tfie Pr.2ss mai by the first Musleal.MiQier, to
be equal to . those (,f any other ulditutoqur...-.!
They are built of the befit tool mos't thoroogli-;
Iv sem.nin4l material, go-,r , toll'i,t to stand
tae action of every climato. Loco inz.!rumet.:
guaranteed to give sulifnetion, 0:- purchase- '
' money refunded. .
SECO:sa.)-11AND PIANO:3; at great bar- 1
gains, constantly in store,--price from $3.1 to
perior Instrument . s in touch and durability oil
make. (Tuned the equal temperament.j Me
lodcous of all other styles and makes: .Pric."
$OO, $75, SIOU, $125, 61.1-o—do l ibk.
; Reeds mid two bnnks ef Keys, s2oo—ici- ,
hheroldis , couot. Clergymen nod CLurehes.
!an extra discount. GUITARS,
1 7 1.,UTINAS,
and Musical Instruments of all kinds, at lower
prices than ever before offered to the public.
A large discount to Teachers and Schools.
The trade supplied on the most liberal terms.
MUSIC,--One of the largest and best se
lec:edatalogues of Music now Published,
comprising ninny of the choice and most pop
ular airs of the day, and will be sold at one
-third off froin the regular prices.
Masie sent by mail, to all parts of the coati
try, post-paid. Particular and personal atten
tion paid to all orders received by mail. Sat
isfaction guaranteed in every instance. Pianos
and Melodeon's for rent and rent allowed on!
pnachase.• Pianos and Mc I aleons for sale on'
monthly payments. Second-hand Pianos to- !
ken is exchange for new. General and select
Cat.doues and Schedule of prices forwarded
to ail parts of the country by _mail.
inducements oll'ered to AGENTS
in all parts of the "uountry, to sell the liorace
Waters' Pianos, Melodeons, and C:ataloglie of
Music. 1 ,:4 G.
40,000 tiln,!.vibers lo $llO 31144!
The PulTdishers are happy to announce that
in the unbln of these - facorit: .31-ig-izines, the
best literal} - and artistic talent of both publi
cations hal, been secured. and. the MOSt, at
tracilve each will be retained in
the consoliliated work.
It will aiki to preSent in its pag , s the choicest
produrtiuni; of American thinkers:in& writers,
and the bel:t efforts of American arti4s.
NO. 123,
It \vitt be purely national iu its cliv.racter;
in its eviticisias it V.: aim to be 'just and
and will be careful to preserve and
euttn,:ite that wholesome mural and religious
tune so highly cherished by the
public, and so essential to the welfare of the
We shall endeavor, by a sagacious use of
the extensive resources now at our i ommand,
to make a Magazine that, in the riehucss of
its liter:iry contents, and in the beauty and
profuseness of its pletOrial illustrations, shall
outrival any publication ever before produced
in this countu . .
'the new issue commences with the (i):7 O
BER number, which is now ready. It is tilled
with` - the choicest productiOns of some of the
most brilliant writers of the dal - , and is em
bellished with forty-four splendid origh3al en
gravings. It appears in a new dress,.cmbra
cing an elegant classical design on 00.: cover,
and the entire - work presents the meat attrac
tive appearance.. , It is pronounc, u by.klllwho
have seen it to be the must beautitul specimen
of a Magazine ever issued in this country.
Pawl:, S 3 e Vtatt. Cece Palen, $2.
The Great Library Offer
The combined issue of • , EI4:IISON'S
$t art. wi Ow. circulation of over FORTY THOU- !
SAND copies, and we are determined to spare
no expense in any of its Departinents to place!
it at the head-of American Magazines. With!
this view, we now make the following extra
ordinsry offer: To auy person who will get op
a club of twenty-four subscribers, at the club
price, either at one or more post-onices, we
will present a splendid Library; consisting cif
! cieg the most popular works in the market.
;Any one, with the October number as a speci
men, can easily lbrim such a club, in almost
any section. A copy of this number, together
with it, list and full description of the Library,
will be forwarded on receipt of 25 cents. '
,Co., PtiblisherA ?
No. 371 BROAD W AY, 1N,2‘1," York.
VTH. OLIN & CO., of the Yates County
• 'Nurseries, hare for sale a large and
valuable assortment of :FRIMIT TREES
of all varieties usually cultivated; These
Trees are young and of vigorousigrowth— The
qualities are the most choice known, -and are
warranted dEtiLTINE.. klso, a fine stock of
for fall delivery. -
ordcrs:to C. BEACH?, Pen
Yates Co., N. Y. Orders left with ROB'T.
NILES; Coudersport, Pa., will be promptly
Trlfl;E:undersigned 'having honght out 7 all
I former owners of the Letristiiie Steam
GristiMill are now prepared to do all manner
Of grinding, as they believe, to ;the satisfac
tion of their customers, Come r!ind see.
i . 0. X. .
L"Vsses,' , Feb. 28, 1 E57.--7-9-38.'
1 3. 0121.17FLY' "
t ir es H in c o t n i nv u s n t g h s e Lin o
u ti g th h es t
h i e ° . I t tt
ges, and• coming in-direct-contact with the
disease; neutralizes the tubercular matter,
lays the cough, causes a free and easy expec
toration; heals the lungs; purifies the blood,
imparts renewed vitality to the nervous system,
giving that tone and energy so indispensable
for the restoration of health. Tu be able to
state - confidently that Consumption is curable
by inhalation ; is tO me a source of unalloyed
pleasure, It isas much under the control of
medical treatment its any oilier formidable
disease; ninety out of every hundred cases
can. be cured in the first stages, and fifty per
cent. in the second ; but in the third stage it
ii - imp6;sible to save more than five per cent..
:Or the Lungs are SQ cut up by. the disease as
to bid defiance to medical skill. Even, how
ever, in the last stagei. Inhalation affords el.:-
traordinary relief to the suffering attending
thiS fearful scourge. which annually destroy:
ninety-five thousand persons in the United
State, alone ; mad a correct caleolittion shows
that of rhc preset); population of the eartb,
eijoy mii1;011, ,:re destined to fill the t.'un-
em i dive-s graves
Truly the quiver of death has no arrow so
Lim! as Cons:imp:lon. In all ages it has been
tile great 01:111y of I;,r it spares toddle:
tg,e nor sex, but sweeps of "alike tile brave.
beautiful, the graceful and the gifted. hj
the help of that Supreme Bling f:oni whom
cometh every good and perfect _'l
lan en
aiibled-to offer to the afflicted a permanent I
land speedy ctire iii Consumption. Thu first I
cause of tubercles is front impure blood, and
I the immediate effect produced by their depo
siiiun tile lungs is to. prev(;nt the free ad
mission of air-inEo the air cells, which causes
a weakened vitality th-on i ,;', the int:i:e system.
I Then surely it is noire rational to expert great
er•gsod Mum .medicines cavities
!of the lungs than froni those administered
I through the stomach ; the patient will always
Bud the lungs free and the breathing easy, af
ter Inhaling remedies. Thus; Inhalation is a
1 local remedy, nevertheless it acts constitution
ally, and with more power and certainty than
I remedies administered by the stomach. To
prove the powerful and direetinduence of this
this mode of'adminiqration, chloroform
inhaled will cntirely . destroy sensibility in a,
few minutes, paralyzing the entire nervous
system, so that a limb - may be amputated with
out the slightest pain; Inhaling the ordinary
burning gas will destroy life in a few hours.
The inhalation of ammonia will rouse the
system when tainting orapparently dead. The
odor of many of the medicines is perceptible
in the skin a few minutes after being inhaled,
and mar be immediately detected in - the blood.
convincing pro if of the constitutional effects
of inhalation, is the fact that sickness is al
ways produced - by breathing foul riot
this positive -dvi ien,:e that proper remedies,
carefully prepared and judiciously adminis
' tered through the lungs should produce the
happiest results? During_ eighteen years'
practice, many thousands' suffering from dis-
I eases of the lutws and throat, 'have been ru
der my care, and I have effected ninny remark
able cures, even after the, sufferers had been
pronounced in the last staves, which fully sat
isfies me that constunaptitTi is nolonger a. fatal
disease. My treatment of consumption is
original, and founded oolong experience and
a thorough investig.aticn. My perfect acquaiu
tance With the nature of tubercles, &c., ena
bits me to distinguish, readily, the various
forms of disease that simulate consumption,l
and apply the proper remedies, rarely being
' mistaken even in a single ease. This famil
' iarity, in connection with certain pathological
anti microscopic discoveries. enables inn to re
lieve the lungs from the effects of contracted
I chests, to enlarge the cheSt, - purify the blood,
„impart to it renewed vitality, giving energy
and tone to the entire system.
161 - etlicines with full directions sent to any
pttrt of Cat! liaßed States anti -Camtdas.hy
.tients communicating their symptoms by letter.
But the cure Would be more certain - if the
patient should pay tne a visit, which would
give me an opportunity to-examine the lung: ,
and enable me to prescribe with much greater
certainty, and then the cure could be effected
without mrseeing. the patient again.
Office 1131 Filbert Street, (Old
109,) below Twelfth,
John S. Die is the Author.
Who has had 10 years experience as a Bank-1...
Cr and Publisher, turd Author of • r$
A serif...! - of Lectures at Bruatheay Tabernacle,
when, for 10 . st,seeqsive nighlg, over _
Greeted him with Rminds of A:•plause,
he exhibited the inani,c,' in which
Counterteiters execute their Frauds, and
the Surest and Shortest 'Means of
• Detecting them
The Bank Note Enyntiers all say that he is r ...l
the um:vat Judge y . Paper ..lbaley
• C
elaiillo etN(llltlkfeit '1344 , Tfoles•
Describing every Genuine Bill in ExisteLce,'.. ,
and Exhibiting at a glance every Conn-•
terfeit in Circulation !
Arranged so admirably that REFERENCE ;".(
is EAsy, and
13 . iFf•Switidex to examine] No pages to
limit up! . But so simplified and arranged,
that the Merchant, Banker and .Business
Man can . see all at a Glance. 0
Thus each may read the same in his own tr:
Afost Perfea Bank Note List Published. 0
- I Also a List of
A Complete Suinmary.of the FINANCE OF
EUROPE SL AMERICA will be publishedin each
edition, together with all the IMPORTANT
.Also • , •
From an ola.Manuscript found in the East. c 8
It furnishes the Most Complete- HiStory
of OrienthiLife, -
describing the Most Perplexing Positions in
which the Ladies and Gentlemen of that
Country have been so. often found. These
Stories will continue throughout the whole ii
year ; and will prove the -Most Entertaihing
ever offered tO the Public. . -
,LE t er Furnished Weekly to Subscribers on
ly, at $1 a year, All letters must'be.rid-R,
dressed to
JOHN S. DYE, Broker, (t)
Publisher and Proprietor, 70 Wall Street, g
New-York.. • • - 0
'43 - ENV GOODS—A large •lind Splendid As
rortment just received at
iliilo4l . pilhi iobeitiso). - dits : .
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At Merchants noteir North- •Ith'lSt.; Philatla.
TO THE Milt CHAtiTi - bf THE vas-r,
accessible, your,attention iO'ca
as possessing facilities and advitittig
of your consideration. -
Among its advantages may hei.en
its location; having shorter-lineS j of I
cation to the interior, its proxitmty t
and Anthracite Coal districts of Pena
the large and varied extent (If
tures, Lehr far in advance of finy
in the United Sidles, the Moderitte,
necessary for carrying unhusineSS,e
The tuarhet p , ,siesses
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No. 430 Market and -P2 : 5 I
7A 17.0 R. GILLESPIE - 4 CO ~V
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No. nil Market:and-121:i :Et. J,{rani
11. - E l'STt IN E S TIT E SA I 0..1F.
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ECG Mouths credit for approved _Note;.
e,merlcan Safety-Pages` I.Plazra
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Acil - York.
CAPITAL $500,000. •
President. • Otifee 10 IT
Perfoct Security against all niannar rf Traail,
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Photographs and Anostotic Coaninr-
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TOAVING purchased the Patent for the
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it is hardly necessary to say that the "Paper
n. , c‘mmaelb-ci by Mr. Kent, ..Issayer th,
S. MI or. Mr. Lynnin•of the NeM Yotli CK , ,krimr'
House. and Meade , J3rothers,: _comet's:ye slash
The lAtzQr saY that no imitatifin . can I n 111 , 1,! !
on a check or bank bole printed on the 54:1 . 1-
, Paper. Below is (Air list of prices :
Bank Choc. , ks, 35 ctA. 1-4
I Bank Bills:, $lB fir luau
Bills of Exchang . el $ . 25 for 1000-shect-•=.
PromisSory".Notes; 40 ets. ' t ! lb.
Sight S Time Drafts, $25 for 1 tug) sheots.
Insurance 40 eta. I? lh. . - '
Railroad Stocks Sr, Bonds, .10 cts: .
Bank and State Stocks, 4-0 ctq. lb. •
Bonds and-Mortgages, 40 cts. -
! Wills and Deeds. cts. "k;) lb. • '-
1 Fur wrapping Silks and other fine arq.cleS
it is eiceßout, as it prevents moths. 40 Qt. ,
I 11 lb.
For Indentures and Agreements, - 4.0 cts.
All State and County Records'shohld all y
be printed or written on this Paper, Ss the
chemicals inserted in the nip not only pri;- -
vent erasure or transfer, but make it lastihg
as time. • .
For Southern Climates it"ia excellent,
much superior to any other: as the tneistniais
of the Climate does not destroy it,—the prop=•.,
erties inserted in the pulp being a preventive.
In all. the southern! states, Cuba, the Task
Indies and the Central American StateS, - nti
public ivecords can be kept over gOyea r s,•writ;
ten on the ordinary paper, Ichile the oils and
other chemicals inserted inthis • Paper make.;
it indestructible by the ravages '()f time. • Rig
also proof against moths, rats and other ver
min, whie.h feast on and der:troall pi
' per now in use. .
The pompany have now 'in- operation
in Morris County, N. J. of about 3FiO hoial
power,;rma arc able to fill all orders' for Paper
at the l:lortest notice'. ..• . _
All orders for the Paper-mast be addressed,
to A. NICHOLAS, President" of
N0.:70 Wall Street. '
Q . I O:fE CLOTHINGbf Cheiricv'e TPI.I 1 - 21
onl, lia,i4l at E. K. fif'ENC . .",it'B;'
10:21' --- 11. W. S.,
b tiOntii-
11,11 to
I ,
Ls 1r9rt.:,.•!,
) the Iron
thrr ci
V., uLct.,
duk c,
tl,l tz1,01.1
bole. '''
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Pre, or
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