The Potter journal. (Coudersport, Pa.) 1857-1872, October 22, 1857, Image 4

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    gp 9 -<9~- !■!
fc Jr f.ud sit aui walk gent 001*7,
To now :.h e.ire r.r>il grccr,
Jv in acccuts 3 ..ft tud maxly,
To waar a studic 1 face ;
Tr.i-.-.e aui 1 .e gocliy aaC. grace.
dr? Will ti.ougu 1 yva ;
£>„. .. nut we want ic tLs go:t r-ge,
L ipOU?, backbone,
j> hsi'.:; to fV.I, a rr.iad to think,
I/.xpiie e.„el b -3c co: tro!;
£ tongue to speak. r v i-ari to work *
T*— P.pCs'3 oi .he ca 1 ,
pv th:. i.i i cue: gmdly mkeas,
It may be .urciy kuo-wu
JS thi* or that, i*!;o-* h:u huiy,
Has bOiie ; b ■ ckfc or.e.
Biv qs a man Ant's ail s taao.
Wfio tands up =tr.< : ; i aud strong ;
Wno ioies iiie Jaia aad .-.unple at,
Ac'J wki not yield to wrc r ;
Who deals with or in, trureinbliEg band
To every one bio own ,
Pi ! a bleeped thing, in anybody,
Is -9a:, backb ae.
Tits Overflcivis^Cup.
A company of southern belie- werccce
4t ftsaeitiblec] in a friend e parlor, when
the conversation chanced to tura on or.rtL
lj afHiotioa K-eh had lit hi.ry of pa
ouiiar trial and bcreaveoieoia to rebt*..
cieept ouo p _io, .-"od lo An 5 w;. .u, whose
eye an I dejected air ehowed
that she Ki.< a prey to the deepest inoian
*ebo]y. Suddenly arousing her-cii', she i>aid
in * hollow voice, 4 \\*ov one o. you kuo-.v
what is."
"Will you pleasa, Mrs. Gray." c-aM the
kind voioo oi" a lady who well knew hr
•tory, 4 t*iU the ladiyf wuat yoa ov-li trouble.'
"I will if you deairo," she replied, itr
I have sctn it. My parents possessed a;
©oiupetonoe, aad uy girlhood w-s sur
rounded by 3.11 the ©emihrts of life. I
soldo in knew an a agra titled w'uh, ami was
*Jways gay and light-hearted. I married
u mast-ecu or.o I loved more than all the
w>rli besidt?. Gar home retired,
bat the otiubjt'iL never l-ll on a lovelier
one, or ou a happier household. Year.-
rolled oa Five ouildrea sat
around our table, and a Litla ourly heai
still nestlci in my One uigci
i-bout suu down onj of thoao us.O) black
toruia CAps on, wiiioh are to com ooa iu
pur southern cl.ajo to. For many hour the
raiu poured down incc#saatly. Munioj
dawned, still the oleuienfs r.v J. 1 u > :
wbob Savannah s .oaiod afloat. Tlio lie'.l*,
stream nur our dweiiiug beoamo a iky
ing torrent. Uffore vye w L ra aware oi It
cur houso wua snrrouiidcd by water; I
wsnigecl with ruy K.hc to rea.h a tittle;
spot, oa which a lew wide spreading tr.:o
ware standing whoa** dc.nao foliage- a ho: h d
protection, wade rnv husband and
f-vns strove to pave what theyoou'd ofou.
property. At !:ist a frar.'u! surge swept
away my husband, an iho never r.rse agaia .
Ladies — uo one lovfd a huobaud ware—
but tkit ?r<x; not trouble.
"I*reeou;!y uay sons saw thoir Jan go. ,
and th'3(truggw .oriiia banaue the otiy
consideration I o*y were brave, loving
boys aeever Moused t mother's heart, audi
I watohod their efforts to eroapo vi.b
suoh aginy aao-dy mothers can foci. Tacy •
wore so fur oil I could not spoh to taem,;
but I pee thorn closing □ oarer aiod nearer
to each other, an th*-ir ilttlo island grew
pmalicjr and suruler.
"Tho sullen river ranged rround the
bugo trece; dead branches, upturned |
trunks, wrecks of houses, drowning cuttle, i
masses of rubhirh, all went floating past
us. My beys evyvod their hands to me,
then pointeq upward. I knew it was a aud
aud you, mothers, cannot i
imagioo my anguish. I taw thorn all p.r j
i*h, and yet— thai teas not trouble.
"I bugged my baby ro my heart, an . |
wbon tho water roso to my Ibcfc, I cli ibio
into tho low branches of the tree, kept rv. I
Uring before it, till an All-powerful Ha n |
too wa* tuat they stiuum come I
no further. I wassavod. All my world
ly, possession wero swept away, all m\
earthly bopc6 blzgoccd—yet thai teas %o. |
"My baby was ?J] J had left on earth :j
I Ulored night ;tnd day to support hi i.;
and myself, and sought to traiu him in :
the right way; but an he grew older,
companions won him away from me. If*,
eoeccd to caro for his mother's counsels
he wou'd sneer at her entreaties and r. bo
niziog prayers. X]? left my humbio root j
that he might ba unr&strained in the pur
uit of evii; itid at lust, when heated wi.L
wine one nignt, ho took the life of a fel
low-'oeing, and ended bis own tn. 1
•wiffold. Heavenly Father had filled j
my cup of f.'i.'.r oour, but now it ro
pvor. THAT WAS thoublu, ladies, surb ;
T *.& 1 s■*;, Will :• rc yen fro.
vcr H*p©rieacicg."
1 n. j aut a <lry f-yc among her i
teufciso, and t 5 e wa
ejvpwc: ei for the be; eared moiJier, whes
t:i.a hut'jrv has uugnt tneiu a useful lv<
—' 11 - -
Ist). —We see by t.xo Missuuri paper
:h t r.Miln, iat • .J to pontes! the tloc
tion witn Stew rt. S\ c have no ttjub
but this contact will dliclose souie gran
£v. i.:CiiiU UOUt '0 pari of t|6 IC W: I i-iCJ
Fiociiou lVv.uka have now become tn< policy o; t.v? p >rty wuose cauii
date . e was. B-diOt-b u stuiiiug am
frauuwivnr j'ciUa* Lave be/joasc
weapons w tii '• .em. i-'u. they have go
a customer in /i vi.ij . .i 4 h
u: ly o .Ld e.
is a }ml iceman in every man
conscience evnu though you may no
ciivutj iiud ti.3 ].'*■ *-Ct:uau ou ms bout.
' - _r_. i Vi ~—■
I. f i' OA* i>A 1 n*
s LMai'.v i.S vr u t.i. i'.'... Or. 'w Uv/.u.v.'i
la., O-iwUt- .- *, i..i.
A .en,, An beua 2 Holbd w J e^sph
i\ .. tUwty OtwaCi Xl Ah .I*, *J * idfi
A3hoa, O. .Ar
Ai ca, il li-4/, -txk
A- .vCij l* *1 J
13'vll, o uObus.u. ju a
i.ii a c-o, v. C. 1. r., A iU. i.
al - •-U I*. I.vy, -k.Oul J
0 a 'u, d. a. ivkU.' -i*. )., J-J^u
uvu-, *V. P. i'sum..', oj.iU
C. y, J. . . lm. t. ;i .a.y
uifi'... C t.<r&. r, Eiij-u
.j_ ....: r, ...aii s i .rr.s, w .
vOU... uX' J. I'-<K; i, J...c
>, h. W. K-uUni, Jji-1 F. 2
iO.w, i. L. Kl' '.a. :l
Gvu'.ii. a, a. A. L- liiiii.U, X- . LO il. 4
cu'xxtiixa hi.oa y, i.
1 \.i..0i.., Gui* a Vivorje
II xi .L an i .vi.-a j A C U.'|: -(.i
!fv.kV.c, A xx'ande.:, r-. b.
. ii .Uv, 11. A. Tumor, Cyrus
J. D. V. elm,
Wall, "W.iA iin.
feyi-Feif as <: .;ii.jg fur lay of the abov<
.C.kvlX. > v i. p kHi ' 3-V 1 - Y A., ai tiUX-V,
j. A J i Lo , i'. ii.
C-xadorijor', Oc*. 1, 1:^/.——iu;.o at.
A ojuu mJivJ k vxid a kiio# Uat: ill,
VILII-i T:<ir.CE L Y. xs Urol issued as s Daif,
Js_ ou rue iuta of A i rii, ibii. Irs Weea-t)
euikitin wxj ou in in ucfcU iu aept inu-. r oi t.-.
suuic year; as rk'-.m-Weekiv iu H .y, ico. i
• Wit? t c Inst la Ai.ur.Ci. o is:U® a
.o ku.s ur >.' sae-.i at x lo -vprice, .uc
.1 li 'S u-;>t v. v it. e. Eva Wiia t M e turmaiusl 0.
Its r.vaia IX too xp iU.-io Jo ; h -w.-p.:.*:
.oi.. j r.xe, vuiCu tiie gruut is e Atoo of Anb
. 'JuGw | Uu'x uC A v • l/..t dii Out Oa Lii l • Ac iC b i • .ii.
. \.t hi li-Vc Arowticii xaio tacse ixSu vYgi.
v restiul yvuis. Hrger juoruol is aitor-iec
it do low u : ij any •{ i ol \vt nA
<u- iu America, no iu-'. ii; pr.;>e •
di d., p;.y> u tu iuul, wi waly or m intU*
1 r. tbr ia:iieciul i • o-jr. It em.uoya < >r;\c
j* ii7 hJ I 5 i< f . r.y i- Cv
i. *r -'j' t"bd ; 'ii J :Vy xlip ~ l.i k*. JKit-Übo Oa
.i~-> v*jm:iu.iiu } with ih l;i'ci ii oi writ^rfi
auu r€| iu.r> it ut'iiiCj
'V I - vlii .. ' iHiOriU i tit) ac L.> 101 J- b t 3
1 A per, ar-ri the (lui.Jv aud '
x/ k* _ . ' Y i.-*h '. -o . J'' ' i iLii x ito lidi
. -.or. -i.. iu x. .. i v, iiljj I i-vXi vr t. iii;
a u .idti ;vi:i coo iact.-u u;-. Utac ir.d
I ' •
r c. ..c.i_ii; J u1.5. ~JkU _C-v S j iis VI.
aI*.X:.C Ut lie - 1* 111 i.'J dX
k-xiii.. bco-iitl .h ,- Cd.r. Uk uttuui; t .u coautcl
a- ih i wrtu t:-c Aw V*orld oy vud mxgneUc
•V.lvf J'f uYc ; jcCd.v.v.l, Ho ClaJL+x v'u.y AC- Y
; iaC'lVjr ib l I v*> j Lh 'H ,f id, Ii 1 \) 7 -
J 1 - . 0 j.', u> Cif , jiliUi.f J
j t'H .1 12*ux
•bJ# o l'l-. Ui i t- wJ v— . *, A sv, .i vh tii"
.id il.vld. .*ud
I c
C 4 >ol to m. L-tr. Ha the Uljootwrv
iu i uif *o v ct.A cf iiichcr uufup c. a*j
j'ig'di -h 3 Uu.i'J) uij an; d-iji* j-.:
; )u brow uii> c. A.iic.i.-ri ia.ui.A er
1 ifim I i 'ViiDiU b dJZ;i 16 oi tii -s C i.'f tiny
ht'j a -idy t c;i cvoai.igj tiic oi tau
; v v.: vvorid Jat to -J <i iy ,
it Lur i j | wA.-iO.rJ iiid hUy Aj• V _
!v.) i• i r*. out c.; ixiiy cj'3 h-*jj b .
ailaxV v '-O chiv. : ;i x U ' - u-i V idlLubt'vl
c Hud iv or * il'xiy jou-uai.
' id-: .ux'j true axeufcur l'ly of tbo.e vmo
, lire idi._tr ,:iid. i; la , v..irj uia.lx Six
.j--* _i c iv. a kf.m.- v —.j, or evau a v\o.Lly
~• tpe., in -y s -m
i iiii T'iCli'-J.-E di a]j with qui s iou? if Fo
lut c.: w-.j-uiA x'ab.ic t' Ethiea,
I ria and wbateytr may affect tixa Jj
.'lilectUdi, al-jruj. toCkii aeu Fu.vt.e-x. weii
j ou.uj o: B&bkifid, The<-lxjy ai®as
x ii.. 110,. A • ixva io tue uodormc cj
, edict ustmi w.;a in v.m-tc' et r pat re
|, aad tao soasequxut elvVai-uj of ti.-c
1 ■ jOi'.. x eiufco .uk ju'i vjrme ni • n
i idla as. It ic nVcuao-ir iy Oosuta ;o
SUvcry u. ier ail ito a.- .tcta, to Lteuux-rau •
i ..i wuale-er .upod ur '.v.ia .U> vcueooO.
| r.cii, to War, .-uvo in Ac del.use of Country
; tui L.i)c:ty •lj'i.cst li-cioii :nv:isiua, liul v.
! .'Very i-<r:a ut g cibiirg. D-.orui/ to see
i Fruducrtou extended wLilc
[ -ii 'i Lp.c tlatiod mid u.-- Ic Ir:mc c ir*
' .xiied, U i ivur. t— p.-.iey ol . usiiiii.ur x..d
I !.i"cr ; .tying imm 111 j ;:A yj by a duCfibsid i
j * -rL— • f •>■■:.i.-.'j tiiu'Uo lo .B.rc-aae
; ix x price of'.run to the t r at:'- nmilu dr .iu-
I sbi g th tof dread to the . rtis: a, by redu
s.ii* in ell t .nice across wuieb ib .-irr-'sp etive
; prj'i icts iro exxa i< ged, and, of co :r?f, rcdu
\ iing 100 co.: oi tuxcir U lusfi:. Kog rding
> A.oust* r sa in -ip y .. r.xics, ui: i every form
| tnd device Oi .Vj'io :ui c xVfc cusnc. ?, vvixb tm
| qu it:.. -<i abhorrence, as tie banc of i'.p .bi-oi*
I ixui ia their triumph ih'* iv of £qua]
; rliioi in ikig-btu ; wo sock by every uit- iu: lo
i voo and wiu tit attention of our cuxu-ryaiou
: =f ora projccu cfapgr ludizoiuent.i broad to cu
torj n£ of development and nt
! uaiue. f-Tcmost wjj.cb -vij na< a Kafl.
i .-jr.. • .ir --.-j i be cf our tc r." rv to con
i acet the w.uirs of tie Afiintio with ti0.,0 ui
Lu i-Gcihc. L. ev:ng thxt the goods of mis
: are xu* vet i iriy uiatributid, acd uo
;ie :m. jy t *v .rk sisuiti s *ee ft-spiw-b ia ua
; .ii a.j .. i\ :eadu as open ear tn every
| J ' i iiy-y i-< ii LtK.a; r:. ■•emfnt -which de-c^
• • oo'th rv i.i tie d:ct t-es oi t-i- rnai jlorulity
a "* *' 'po . ts.t ua.;rai right of every oae
: -i • c > .;-k fairiy piO'luccl or hon
i w v <c ... *.c. >* ■ oi'.- dt J. ,1 i-.'ust inkin m
! - :ht • i-au i u-i uigiit of barbarism
: *'.< T U:i -Ox. b : a a prux. u:id Coa-
I l j ' ' ? -*E-r-, druak&r .iinr.a s
au>- . • g-- r . n xfc' cr :>e o bfc. ; ... ,h .
; .. .m, ta+ti at e-uv add r-'.---.-cu. t. Lo-us aioii
; o- XJt '*-**-2 tea: x'.c h-. .tcr „^aa
i P---s-ao-A>—A *i the child teaiaed op ia ta-u
I wry -e ssocld go, rarely ia alter -;c..r.
I lei-L it *-v j for tl'i ta or. y paiibx of 'Tim.
: ' ua>- ta .. a fa L'docutiau -i. ymy.
b w " 4J
- J p.-.'t Tp3 . : trial £- Will p*j
:s the most effective temporal amidate to th<
-*-" .-rrors and tvoet ot ocr r ice. Recogoiiziitg a
the most degraded specimen of Humanity c
divine spark which should be reTereujJ:
cherished, not puthieesly trodden out, --re ha v.
chariiv for *ll forms oi crij but those w):id
h" kp. -?enftl sid vantage through the dob ■■ Se
ra mem of oar fellow-beluga. luu obm..iou o:
no class or c*-ste, the devotee of no sect, wx
c ' w(> uid iUin be the Interpreter to oath o
j t general concord between L bar and Capital
j T. 3 among tuo?e tvii >in t TCutniUuces or mis
lu ap-ircbeaKou have thrown into unit -tur. 1 an
o. tagoiiim. A once observed tha
ho never knew a hard. grasping- rigg. rdh
employer, who did uot hat? TIIE TRILL NE
•- a,i a t enorous. lar/e-souled. kin Uy one, wul
j [v r vo live and let live, who c.d net Eke it
We ask ao high r pr.cae, no vfann.r attcsla
J lion.
jf i'he circulation of TfTE THIPUNE is at tlui
time as follows: D-.i:y C*2,000 cop*#
Y ttkly. 1'20,K4i0 copiey 6etui■ Weekly
1 ? si {"TQ copies; Calitoruia rui Luropvu
tsOvO copies; T.Lai £3€y&s*> cap'es
'g That of the Setpi-We k:y and Weekly we be
., lieTc to be exceeded b: a other uewsp n>ei
J pub ished in tax* world; that of the H i
falls behind that uf of or coiempor i
-21 rie. H-.d our hostility to IDnr.ia Siiverj
end the Liquor Trafiie Lk en m : • guard i an*
politic, our D i.y issues wonxd now be soup
3 " iu-:"- ads heavier and oar Advertising I' m
ur.>ru lucrative ; but of cur p Urea age goner
; ail/ wj have no recga*?, no wish to eouipl.i.t
Ufl es, a cc ircrteJ ciUrt h s bven da t<
dhnininh our rural circulation throuxh the in
fluence of the Poatiaabters s >ojc -f whom mi
b lit it eagerly, others under p >*l *•c •! c oo
s' r at; wb 1? a 1 irgt uumber, we are Lapp.?
for the t .ks of Human N iture to s; *.", ref-ist
|tc be dragooned into it at all. Still, we havt
beta made to fe-.l the heavy hand of fewer
I aud hare- (toubtles* lost thousands of subocri
b rs iuconsequence. Pretext.? t • which r.■> in
d.vid-; 1 ;,} h.x private capamty would bare
Uta-p.d h-tve been relied on to justify tilt
S 01 OUT p..; t'TS W iUitU I\*Cch Oi t c;I
s :b. : and ri /htl'ul owuer-i, and thrir re
; tentlort ia the Post-office till their rnluc w .
I dts-roved. P'.-tmn.-uro have been schooled
by rival journals—several c f them 11 zing on
their self-pro•;!■?.i:ned fthiiity to s.rvo as an
! aatidotu to THE TRlßLNli—r.s to their p >-
; litic I duty to promote at our expense the
i ffss'-ralaotlou ofgua.-ttcs of adverse politics.
We shall outlive thin varftre. but we do not
ahV t indiiTcrc-nco t > i*. Ia .he open held ol
a .iu 'js ioa we fear ucthing; but in the ten-i
of thousTiids of rural neighborhoods where
f e f o'n ist:-r ri-j induce many of b's quiet
neighbors to take? the jouru d he recommends,
wc Lave already lost some natrons, and e::-
p tto lose more as our s t'osenptioas for this
-yeor expire. We appeal, th-fr-foro, to too
; u.arty, faithful, fearless advocates of I ree
Labor and Free Soil throughout the land to
, take c-rj that this official warfro oa our cir
cula'ticu be z >t prosecuted without counter
' icticn. Wo employ no traveling agcat:-', for
we wiii not consent to have tip* public har
'. : ss'-d wi*h the sol'citrtio. s of strangers in
ur behalf. We str kc the name of each sub
scriber to our We k'r or Semi-Weekly from
'* our book" f-• FC'OO ;.s his term has espired, for
tve will o~t haunt cor patrons with (Inns for
* arrears which tUcy mty say th y uevtr in
*' tended to incur, for p'pers which perhaps
'j rhey never reed; wa rely for the renewal of
. our club subscriptions solely oa the volun
' tec red e.Jor s> of those who, liking our paprr,
poh v. its in-'i :cac3 sal ary and wor bp ia bo
extended ; aud thu a iir our rciiaace b-is been
jostled as we u u?t it rmy continue to he.
THE TRUI'MI i? printed oa a large im - shoot, bv at inches, folded ia
t • i i
, qu'ir o i rm, ana ui ulcd to 3uoscribcrs at the
■'; jilov* tug
Diitr TntorvK, p:r anuuru . . $3 00
rr-w CRLY TaiuuNa .
0 One Copy, one year $3 00
a Iwo topics, one year ... 6 00
- one year . . It L'j
t pen Copies, to om. wl>!rvs . . 20 uo
WR ?,4l\ TBUBrXE.
*'O tc C- py, one ye.i.r . . . $2 00 C3 i.e. on* ye r b 00
u Five Cop es, one year g GO
.en C"pi>s, one ye .r ... 12 00
Twenty C- p cts to on; niilrest, and any
I r "r number at th • rite of $1 per
f' annum 2J 00
a Tvvt niy Copies, t> a i. of cacA su?>~
f,~rv,?r ) ar.d any lar;<-r auoiber at tho
r rate of $1 20, each . . . 24 00
J , A3Y persia s :d. ng us a Club of twenty or
more v. 1 h. .Nt tic i to an trn copy.
1 L.ios rip. ons may c jcamcnce at auv time.
Tt-rui Jiw.iys c 'sn tn advaucc. All letters to
" i au-Lvbicd to
oCl .-..p. I. j f C Co.,
0 ' Tribune D ; l ii iga,
No I*:i 1> iSei s.roet, w Yor'i.
Nsw Ycatc, Svt. lib J.
„ i
lu. *L, viuli,
j Offers Great Ind t icements
r To I>L Y I.KS Oi'
c <RO C H RIE S, I" R O VISIONS ai c., at
- UT the store f jrmoriy occupied by I'. W.
rh iiXGSiI, ou c.'i titroet, N >ru side or i'ubiiy
'< A i *od assortcicat o.o .tuutiy uq baud, fr->m
' J waich I euuamrato a p?w of the ieadu.j
y articles, suca as
Sugar, vlu'tard, Oandy,
* Codes, Oianaraon, Nuts
Hola-sses, Pepper Sauce, Cracker?,
Syiupa, Catsup, Soap
' F'ippvr, Y?a t, Onodlos,
Spioe, Oils, Shot,
". Cdugfif, Tobacco, l^ead.
e , (Moves, So u if, *'G." Gaps,
Car."i. Soda, S '-gars, C. Tartar,
and E"j uy other ttjiugs too num*-r >*js to xnen
" toon, v "iL he tciuu*! in tms departajcut, which
* wdl bt so'd at a tvihing advance from cost
? roc ready pay.
Oonstnntly on hand, sn-*h as
•iiLi'LILS, DlilED I'LLAI.S,
; and icacy other articles in the hue of Pro vi
rions not necessary to mention. Also,
v such as Xircom-, "Wash- fnb c ■ nd Board?, ?Jop?,
■>: Oianer Boxer, Ac., which will b-- sold law far
- each or reedy pay. Cat?, Pctitos, Butter,
2 j Kggs, Cheese, and in fact almost everything a
- fhrmT'raises, will be taken in excuxnge for
-' G-odf, at their msa value. I invite the at
; fention of VJiagor.-q Farmers and Lumbermen
. who desire to make purchases in the above
i *rt'.lles, rad solicit them to call before ; ur
■ uhf.sirg olxfrwherc. K. K. SPiNCEiL
Ccudersporr, Jane S, 1537.—10.2.
- ■ lfaohf.D Muslims and a f-.r other
, &Jt Sicl3 in thu Use of ?t:q ' Drv Coo?"
ijioWf for ho*a at s. K. fIPKN a .
J D W.g.Ajt
Of jail dhs-ft-e ; the great, first .cauae
■e- Lorixg from negietl of NuturvD luwa.
•y Wlieii a illlii is gnaiaiilecti
• e ■ R y'-.1 , A g:\out jJoi/tu y, o / <-' /-as, s
jl (7,-avq JDiutcUij jAtciuc* 'J Hie otu
1 ' BUM ;-, Merrni aA &Cfi'jh
i .i the JJon and AnkLat, l/mecx* oj ...
i 1.• ns } TKroa , J,~oie a<-./ Bfc-s. t.n ujtou On
Li- i'i/'r Links, CiU t et:r.-- IHo if*., Ay cy.ic Jt. s
y ; N . l .'h j Dance, and oil dneuiii ui'ianij froi;
y : a d<rn'jcmnl cf 1/it Sexual Vrjonr,
1 O-PCfl us NerToas Trembling, I.o:s of Mem*
t. if; ory, i.0.-not Power, GonerU Weakncs.-
-1 D.ujness of V:- on .in • -pO- r.ppcnr
! ing b foro the ever, Lo - t SsigUi, V akti'ul*
i.fc .-, Dy.-pep - ?">, L vx D.see, E. apt up-n
; t the fact. '. ia in tt.e bac . ati head, f cm. h
r, j ,u .. i,.e And a no ( . ropet iiiaullSrgfsftott
1. C'• >.il :-b\ . I mil- -. 9 il' ■ i 11 tut C U \
5.! the 'iise.i.- 2 or; ,ina ■- -.5, ho w.Ve; io g vtaudii.e
"* i
>; or obstinate the intte, recovery b <. (-*<, and uiu
r a holier than a pertbanon: cm e an be o
' j feci -d by any othor u 'atm-it*, t.i alter tile
- Ji 11-::. has bhi -d the akiii ol it piiy i
y ! ei ins and resi.-ted ail :he..- motuuc ot cure. Tlji
d rued c nc-sitre jlea-*r.i witiiouto-ioiqcan In no
>ilkut*sa and free from m*rcu y ob 1 ia.
1 L iring t wen'.y yewiis of ptoctict, I h*Vt roscueti
l'r ;n the j iwi of Death m .ny taousanda, ito,
t. '.u the last .-rqau o. the .-Uo'.e mcntiouvd di?
o *a e-i h. d been <_-;ivo:i up ro d.e by their phy -
- ei li , war v a.its uie- .11 pro.uisii'g to >.fie
- . ih.ctfd. who iflJiy place litem wltea under my
- i a:-.- a p-.rfe-c auU most rptcdy cure. S ciftt
V i).iei.-fc.-; aro the gre. tost i to u a.t as
e* tLe are tiie fir-t cau; eof Con: uwpti acrof
e u and r.iar-y xthrr diseait'.?, and should bee.
r, terror to th< huinati family, As ape m-'-nertl
- is scarcely ev?r eilVctt-1, a majori y of the
- f lling into the bauds of in* ooij eU-ut
e pc.soii . who no*, only fail to cu o toe* di'-easvs
C but ruin the coa>ttutioa, tilling '-he system
r wi'.u toercury, whieb, villi tie disease, ha.-
- *::;•> the fuf tirer into a rapid Consumption.
'■> i) .i si.ot, 1 tr.c f -i case and the iti-atmc-nt
I. uot can e dealh speedily i.ud the vis im uiar
a lit.:, the d'scase is enuiie I upon ibe children,
a who are barn wi.! f.cLJe constitutions, ad
- t i\j cui'tcul oi iilc Coa uy u. Virus wuicu
0 be r.-.ys itself in Scrofiil , Tetter. Uite-rs, Erup
n tio'is an o'h-r aifcctions of the skin, Eye-,
■t Throat and L'.ngs, entailing upon t ota a brief
<> exis.cncs of suTcring and cou guing iueiu tu
-i an early grase.
a SELF A BUST ir *notur formid bh enemy
t to herlth, for aenhi ;g else iu the dreid cata
i, lngne of human diseases c-iu v s PO destruc ive
- a drain upon the sy t.m, drawing its thnu.-au ■;
s of victim through a few yea:.- of iuifvring
3 down to n nxti:ii<-ly grave. It *i .-.-troy.- the
2 Nervous -.v-.t.-nn, rabidly waste - away the cu
ts ergies of life, cause? niriital demngemen*,
- ;;• jVcn ■ tan p: ope-r developme nt of the sytcro
- iiiquiifie3 i r maiviag", society, b .si-u*. •
r ,-uJ ail iiappin *ss, ?• n i ie-ives the suf
* ferer wrecked in body and m'nd, predisposed
• to cot; amption and a train of evil- more to lie
- dreaded iha:i death itself. With the fullest
1 confidence I assure toe untbrmi-.ite victims oi
r rfeiGAbuse liiit a pcnn.ineai and speed/ cure
r can be affiectcd, and with the abandocoaent of
- ruinous practices my patients c*a be restored
t<i robu.-t, vigoro'i.-. Health
f The afflicted are &tutioned agniait the use
- of Patent Medicines, for :h ru are so many
i iuguo.ou* snares in the colnuus of the pubii
- lilts to catch and rob t..e unwary suiter..,
' : m liiom have iu ir co ls.itu.ious ruined
iby the vila couij Otiu 1? of quack do" or., o
- ta equally pot-, j.ioa.-. nasi:UM? vended a
r -p itent .M-*di iru-se' i brave qarefully auah %■-.
', many of the so clled Patent .Medicines .u
i iirt'i utai, iixi-triy ail of tnt Ui eoutnia Corr-juiv.
I Subiimatn, which i< our of c!>. strong est pr -
Jip er itionu of pii rcury and deadly j.oi-on
; vhicn i'lutead o " c . ring ih-e disease uD.hie
j tii'-' rV* * L ** l il
, 1 Tu;x- -tour it. of the ;a: *ut t*ostium* now
lin u-e me jut unprinc pied and : gu>:
, per. - " us. who do aa uau -r-t n 1 e\ u t..e a -
• pit .bet ot tho .'-il cm nt. ■ and i;-_ •n : t - -1.
t , as (ie.Stitutc ot ay k .o.ri d.-r O. .no
. ' system h .vi ig o io o -j--ct o 1. in view, .:ij.
taut i-o in iic ui'xtivv rc.i-tr
i • *
. ; CCS.
', T.-regu! '.ri its and ail ni'eases of miles: an .
i females tre-t 1 m prin- ipics nt d .-ii dby
( t vrnty vc- is of practice, an! s u tio-t* d by o tne mostr m. rciMi ,r.s. il d
j lain s w tii full diract-0.-is s at to any p rt of
. Ei- Uu t-d -St.t s or C-iu das, by puliruts
eaaiiuloicati ig t ieir syuipto aa by letUr
*.us .t'.-ss • oil opo.i't ii .1 lo.l.,ticna.. 1*
LIU jo A lj.ii F itbur d
(Clu r.vO. 10J } j
10:3—lj*. uiilow TWbfcrra.
P II i L A D EL i' if I A .
Lutv ■ifi'ii-A.'S h.uihy i'aj ,
Ai oiIAROA CENiuit.
i _
- r kpHE tSUBFC are offvfitig for j>alo
.Si. an cn cly xie.v st-iek. consisting of
; DRY fiUhhe, xiiiUCEuli-.8, HAiUfWAIUi,
LvjGKc. R j , G LAori WALE, BvMiß
s; ibUGijS, Hxl t . i A CAPtb, I'ii
W Ac.ii l'A:'i.R, READY
j j NO i'lONd, Ac., A-;.
Ip our sclect'Oß:. iiit, va xu of ; 11 have been
rx-motaocrvi. 'i!*. (r*.uileinco can hud in o.r
s i -. ;k ol ih'.idy M nie CL)lbix>g an elegant
| Fashionab c suit, or a sub:- a-jtial Buaiuc-ss
: su t, and we h-Vc ii-tto i CAps and Bocta a
j hho-.: wj luaicU.
Tu? Ladies c?iti find Fashionable Bonn-ts
j V.Adtilyily triptqacd, or hquuets i.pd trioimuig;
| a good .s.-orMiie'nt ol Lbcss. Goods, and trini
lui'.ig ; Glove.?, Mitts, Hosiery au J (iaitors.—
- Von, in.-u bui, not Knot, gordcii aod skejrtou
i Skirls; cj.o, Uiuaur, fikirt-WltaJebottC and
tiiass rikirt-lloope; beautiful Jet Necklaces
•ami Bracelet.-, t traL-:, Funs, and too many
I iitbcr things to enmnerate, —all of which we
. are selling iuw for n>k, Lumber, or spy kind
vl Traduce. I LOl'it, MEAL. Flßli Ac., coo
ttantly eg hand.
W. h A J. li. GRAVES,
Sharoij C-'rtcr, Potter Co., Pa., June 5,
' I CO7.—— 10 2- tf.
4 feRAVGES AND LEMONS juui received bv
10:2 W B. A J. 11. GRAVES. "
1 | W. SPENCER i? Agent ior many of the
ji f • most popular Medicines noav ia use, a
I f.w Ol' whicu he will mention :
Ac., A- .
i 86/* J. R. Stafford A Co;'s Olive Tar is ap
: plied nd iahuled by wearing on LNfi AI.LF.
around ti'.c uecu and o„ the bror> -t. IJis GL
j IVE ULL'TMBNT is applied where the skin in
,b- .k.'and . r. popular reacdy triicr? ku. *n.
'Goad far the- Whooping OotxgL. ;0.2.
j luijwbi-OiiT H£A2 QUARI'ERS.
fHATI£ subscribers tvkothis method of in-
JL farming their friends thut th. r nre In re
, of, aud are new opening, a choice aa<
desirable stock of
to which they mvite the attention of ail win
desire to uiake j uiclnbe Uur stofckularjp
. Ll ah en select .d v.i:li greet c:re, end is par
a ticuhu-jv adapted to toe wants cf this sectioi
. oi our country. Uur stock ol Diy Gouds ccn
it sists of
* kdißltOlL'i.UliS, I'AiLVSUi.S
MES'! life!,
" and a variety of other articles, too numen u
•e i... mention. \Yc have olio a Complete assort
o meut of
' .til cf which will he . < il'i uncc munody chee]
(> ,r rt .dy j-ay, and 1>: improved cnck oa :
rt-asvii; hie tonus as s-.t.v odsi-r estuhli-! ment
i M.i'oort. A-ig. 11, L-ijC.— lv.
0J ' °
T_> W, it-nv u -V. Suii,
i, 1* ATE NT
t!3.iIK 3I LAI i Aillßl NS,
I'-iS Broome St rot t,
. On-' l'-jor iCa..- u* i'.r.adw. y, [Lute -iui Broad,
i way. NhW -YUliiv,
[foMtu.'.cd A. V. 1533 ,1
■ f NYITi. i.u u.-.atu tuition of ihcii great T.ri
fi ety ami superior i sors.iT! Nt oi tilAi'e
t manufactured at their own estubl -L.IK i.\ ax.,
c ' under Us lr i mined.a.e obscrvatkn -cd dirt
t tn n, ia i uiing
1 INVALID CIiA!ItS, it . AC.. AG .
Embra Tug the moat complete assoriai* tt
j and < h liccst kinds for l'u. for*, l>r*u\n>j Rcamx
C-'iamLer , Gartle:.r t J.ic ran-~.s t Counting Uoutt*
C-y. : V' ", Pub!if /its Pu.-'mn#, Lin-.*.* , fijrbtrt, v.-
. t >£<: rt r with every ibsrliaMt sort adapted lc
the comfort, cmv.a-n.e tn 1 luxury of th.
. A-'-/-, the A j the .. L-'ttu and Lazy
\ la po'at of intensity of dt
I tin., h, tpialiiy and Lms., of r.a -r'a , fu;:h
--: I'ulacsd of ex- curb n, iTuruh.ii y and < h-a; n-> ,
\ these chairs are t u„urpa-*e.i. For theui, M
W. KING k hOX, wen awarded the lirtl an
ctily- p., e M <l-1, and th lacrVy rcccnjrr.f r.:
ihem ax ihr y l- ;.s .I- to iwits or concurs fo:
pu;itn<s alßicted v-idi Srinvl Aclhm-iAc oi
i , lironrhiil. ailed'on-:.
To cither arm of the cbxir tray be attach- i
t a convex!, nt residing or v. ng Dcsx, an ian
i .ji'.' aiii: :i desired wiil Fc tuaaufa- tared t
'' i
to ordtr.
,-f A Circular with explaaat.-ry cn*#, will b<
I ! sea! by ma IR* ieoue-.. <l, an*t unit r? [a ur
mittau 1 -.j forvaiu.u to any part :
i ihe wc,ild.
' i
IXXI'KY Fc economy:
I KiiM IS h It-V'n 0:: ill, ' f.i J'J JLi NO its
An Arm Chair, lleebnfng C , C -u<h an
iJcd.-t.Mi 1. (otMui.v !> iv (iv ,j tv vis.-cqitß ; o
; .. ,-lvfc dit'.cr-. n: posi J n> oi chaug- S, t# nice'
; its varied rco.nrem ess for • >rc. c awn
ncc, 1 iMiry and. e. n oy, [.u . ..a. c a- ws i
|as price. J W:n".her in A-. r.n fs or iiralii b
eelehrated CliAiit "AS tot' MK t IT.' e.\s 1. 11
many re-;:e<o-, any cha.r peihaj.- ' ever c.un
..A ...reii n .h,- or an cih'T cot atrv.
Th- j-ari - f m >'/*c to I ' .-'y D 1
■ ir- at rd ng to i ni-li.
T • Publc Institution.-, a< w II as t • iudi .i
'! al- h; GiiAlU i- a vry ai ltt ariicl
i as all b s •_ I d in any a tasbr . a -h
.v i.i ui it.ritif. -V,'i I'■ IT a idcc. c s
Ai. VV. !s?S<r X FUN,
'j tld i> ;OiUC ct. On : door Kv:l Ol H ' adv .c
! Nr..: V-'i ft. i L-rfeAUfi U • 9:4 i-1 v.
, i ; y _
H'r.W GOODS.—A Fine A>sortroe>t ."n
M s eniived at OLMSTED'S.
TSic l>wi Titflrapcul if Agent
t'i'Vfi* ! IJi t'hd tiCOiJ >
: S 5 \i~4- Ml JKETOEI E< -
I I ■ .... . i ,•*' y. j *f.. lit 10 M \CibN
I " -cvMbi g ;h
' Ly ixj '~g
my ; "•
r . V ' : "
men of the land. It is uow tlctrly dcm-i
str-tcd that the lancet, nsu. i , -u*s.J all.:!
• . 1 1 . ~ * t . T - .. .* ?
internal " drug a ;u •; " u "-.u .u-iu
•' w th pcii'ict salViy to tu ?'ir'.-1
itijj benefit to posterity. "Where*?! these in.
eh'lies have been introduced, ihey excie the
highest wonder and j>ra : T le apparatu
i is adapted to prcvem, relieve a.r.d cure even
disease incident to humanity,—nsorc p-irtieu
larly all those painful and formidable discus
1 ts which have for cT.iurics bar filed the pro
fKindest Icruin. - na skill cf physician*.
From whatevci cause there may be an ex
' cess or deficiency of the nervous flu d—pro
ducing au excess or delicicncy of the * cid
i- and alkaline seen tions—the magnetic p~ : .n<-.-
5 pies of the svst' in are deranged, an 1 can on
: !y bo safely restored to their u ..rnnal cooditi'-r
h-y an apnlicatiou of magm to-tlcctricitv. b
• ELECTRIC MACHINE. ThD apparatus will
positively prevent, and spef lily VIKVC and
- cure Coiisumptioc, Scrotul'. ilheumclism.
Fa Uses. Neuralgia, Splchl Li'- • and rii
■ otlicr painful uniladies. however hopcL.vs nnd
; of long staudiug. They are oniincntiy useful
in all sexual and urinary disorders, particu
larly where the Coaetitution has been broken
down anruined by unnatural solitary habit
to which too many of the young of both sexes
are so lamentnblv prone.
MACIDN'E is witho'it the d mgermis con.r ; .l : -
rationsof battel icsHioi void 4 - -which fact alone
renders it superior to all others on the score
!of neatnsss, clennlines. salcty r-n'l utility.—
It is. iu fact, a handsome parlor oru.iom-':
uiav be applied by a. child ; and will la.-i
life-time, to the great taring cf Doctor'.-
bil'r, Ac.
Ii will be softly packed and s>-nt to any
part of the Culled States. Sold wholesale
and retail at the Medical Office, No. 3b NORTH
SET'KNTI! Street, Philadt-lph ia. Add r e.-s,
L* Goods just received at 01d-.IT E. 1 "S.
* .or ijy •"ON-..;, ".J ANN X. j
Coudcrrpcrt, Juuc 11, 1851.- tf,
'The CliCope*t ord Ilwdtorirnt PrrioJ'
id co.L vti the icorLi
Circulation ICO,COO.
r-j MAGAZINE closes its lirst volume in '
> \ next. During tlie ft w britt Uicutls of iu . L#
a- tence it has oU.-.ined a popularity unecueu
in the nnnals ul the Press.
The lbli. hers huvh-g c trered liberal ? r ,%
miiuis for cl.ou e literaiy eiToru, the Ston =
Iloim.i ces, Evsays, Poetry, ul<l othtr . '
j liug and interesting residing was
| in January last, and arc being still public.
- ed in the Visitor.
The N> w Volume w ill be conm-.crctd in Ja
i gently in*pre v d ami -
L.xh i.'ruber will cont .m thsGv-two ?x'. a
t . ' ' ' r :- L ' i-D.ed i-'.-ja! octavo j ages. r... kii
| u.i i nt vols me of iifiii ly 4uu j. gi> 1> p',
year—cr presenting cn ; tm uut it the chiv.
; CC3 t ' -'.Lug on nil tnbjictu toustl to wba(
' would cut .a the book* store? at least fifiy
T>! cent?, payehle iablv in advatice.
S. me of :1, mo: t popular and buiiiunt male
t.; And I,'un.K* contributors we regular contF.
■>uto, j.. ...c| f ; 1 .. iiei -vv .! sju> rv no
or ♦'.vpen -c to render th.- MVt Jennie Visitor'
every way accent ble to a rtfiucd end intvlk
i gent n": ■.
leoplc—tin young and the E Id— AMI wh"rt.
j evtr so-n nci perus'-d, mc-cta with unv:^(,i
■ acceptation.
i s;' N. R i? the tlm to sr.bfcribc ta tn*
i Nc . Volume.
Thebaik numbers mrv bo hfid
■ cc.u.j.letc si >-) for 3 cents eweh. or the wUcle.
s.r.cj ol Id j- a..far nuw. -.i.t cent*.
Liberal induccaiviits to Globs aud Cm,
forr- mc rnbv r, our terms are Fifty recti
| for year, fi.r a sing!" copy or ihres OL.
SJS will hr; rout UMl'ronc cover cr address K.P
T j Ur.e Address,
r ,| Pub? : hcrv. Xo. Sd North B. vmth Srtiwt,
• 'upsfs-r*. I'hiladfilphia. l O:\-lv
r , lAAftMCRS VV AN • jsG PLASTER for Laafi
: S will fiail a silj'p'y nt
J T ONES. MANN' k JONr E. pny the b!gl,n
-, 1 C> market price for all kind", cf Frm's- ,
t sew snd sir.7 ila.rlr succcf -ful remedy fer the
cure of all Riliou*. uNcase? —Cu,tien-w>, InAs
■i . |7cst:on. Jaundice, Dropsy, RheumatNrn, Ff-vm,
• Gout, Ilumor?, Ncrvemsnrss, Irritability, InSammc
tlons, Headache, Pains in the Rreast, Side, Bark,
ar.d Limbs, Female Coin plaints, Ac., Ac. Indt-t-d,
j Tr-ry few .-re the diseases in which a l'nrgatire >l*4-
: cine is not more cr lt-s required, and much i*k
• rrss snd suffering might be prevented, if a huna
' | less but effectuul Cathartic ware mere freeiy ased.
1 No person car. feel well while a costive habit of
! body prevails ; besides it soon generates *erir.u *a<!
, i often fatal diseases, which niignt have he;i arthded
- j by ih timely and judieutus use of a good pm-gative.
i 7 bis is ?.like true ot Colde, Feverish sv-iptcn.*,and
j Bilious derangpßients. They all tciuf to l-e-.-otacor
prcdni-c the deep seated and formidable ditfempors
. whh h load the hearse* ail over the l.uid. Henct a
' reliable family physic is of the first U
j the public health, and this Piil has beta perfect**!
i with consummate *kil! to moo* that dia*and. ,t_n
extensive trio.l of itr. virtues by I'hx-jeians, I'rrfo**-
->r., and Patients, has .howri remits surpaxwtg
tr.y thing hitherto known of any nuiiL>.. Ca'vs
, have fx-en c!fei ti-d be- r>!,d belief, wivcthey ..ot xne
; star.ti; ted by persons of such exalted pcsKiwn and
; character is to foibid the eu*j>icion of untruth.
Among the many eminent gentlemen who t*i
i teetitii-d in favor ot' these Pills, we mny iv. h-jr.:
IM* . A. A. IiAYBe, Analytical Chemist,of Boatev,
*tid State A?-yer of Massachusetts, whose n-flt
pr >fcisi' n.d eh.iiacier is endorsed by the
Fox. Knw.tK IIVP. KBIT, Senator oi" the V. F.
j R.-njcJiTCAVirvTHKOi*, Ex-Speaker of the ft'
1 f Reptesfntati- es.
Annorr Law IIKNCE, 7-liri*!cr RIM. to Engi-sd.
+ JOHN B. FIT/.PA UCICK.Cath, Bishop of Sicstoß.
ALo, I)K. J. R. C HIT.ION, Practical Chemint.OT
! Ne-.v York City, endorsed by
HON. W. L. MATICT, Secretary rf State.
| Vt m. B. A STthe H-h-st men hi Arceries.
j S. I.p.i.ANI) A Co., i'ropr's of the MtrrepotKia
| Hotel, and other?.
Did tpHco permit, we could give manv hcrd-rd
, ,-errific.itfiom ail j-art" where the Ydlie b*.
be n used, but evidence even more convincing ia
! the experience of eminent pulHc ran i? rwur-l
; in their etfrctu ttpon Trisl.
Fills, the result of lor.g invertigstioa avd
" study, fifciid to the public a* ths ixrst 1
nvDit complete 'vhich the present of mishit*]
sveactt can siih-rd. 1 h_ - ire cost pounded not c-f
the drugo thcntFt Ives, hut cf the medicinal ntiu
' only of Vegetable rcci'dies, e/fr-itt-'d by shcsriccJ
proof sa in k state o: p ;ii*y. anil cow iru-d togsts'-r
ic sue ha manner a* to iu* ire the Lest results. Ik,:
sy-tcra of comd.-S: lion for medicine - has been ft-.*4
in the Cherry Pectoral and Fills both, to prrJiw •
more cihcient remedy than had hitherto h* ?a *t>
tain db> anv process. The reason *.'■ i rrfretiy oh
yiOTIS. M.'h-.le by il coM mode of composition, r -
ery rr dicAiC is burdened with r: re lcs of c;v
MhtiJhti? and in - .fiou* qualiLe?, oj ilti* tah nd-
Tid.. d virtue only that is dcfclud for the (uratv*
is present. AII t v .o in' rf snd r! ri r >AiG> ricil
ities -f each subetance employed are h :t hchine, v>
cvirathf virtues only being rotained. Hrncc it *
sOf'-evideiit the eMeets should prne as tfcey hx
proved mere purely remedial, and the l'illi a sursr,
more |Kjweif'ii aiw'-otv to 6. .... t tnau t. v J-b'l
mcdn iiic known to the wi','" 1 .
A* it is frequently cxpeditnt that tP.y tosaiciss
should be taker, under the counsel of an attending
rhvfiicinn, at.d as he could not properiy judgfi cf .
icmedy without it iow'ng it. cou<pmit>on, 1 >...*
supplied the accurate Formula) by which beth
Fectora.l and 1 ills are made tat..c whsle body cf
- Pr-i Ulieners i;j the L' nited rjt.itet. aud A.t
" ican Provinces. If hov.-evcr tn*T: should be
i one who has rot received them* tiny w*.d b
i promptly forwarded bv ma:t to hiv aucrews.
Of ail the Patent Medicine? that are of*!r-J.
few would be taken if their composition was know* !
Thr-ir life consLts in tho.r mjulery. i haxt r.u
• c'V'.-tcrics.
The composition of my preparations it laid opwv
to all n cn, and all who art- competent to judge <*n
(be subject freely atknowlfige their coiivictu/BS
iif their intrinsic merits. The Cherry Pectoral
pronounced by scientiftc meu to be a wonderfci
! otcdi'.irifc be:' its effects were known. Mmy em.
iticnt Physicians have declared the same thing of
my Fills, and even more confidently, aud are wvt.
tug to certify that thetr auticipatioyia wore owl
than realized"by their effects utn>r, trial.
1 hey operate by th*ir powerful influence on As
internal viscera to purify the blood and htiinclntr R
' into healthy action —remove the ohstructiur.* n
• the stomach, bowels, liver, and other orpins of th*
body, restoring their irregular action to health, 'd
bv correcting, whetc vcr they exist, such derange
ments as arc trie f.r-t origin of disease.
Being sugar wrapped they are pleasant tc take
and being purely vegetable, no harm can arbm hc*e.
their use m any quantity.
Fo: Canute ciirections, *-ee wrvi,,!r on the Boa
Practical and Analytical('hrmi*i
Pvioo 25 Cents per Box. Five Boxes for SI
SM.TH &. JO spe,
b. W. hPENOKtf,
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